1. How to Configure Office 365 Account in Outlook for the First time in Latest Windows 10
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How to Configure Office 365 Account in Outlook for the First time in Latest Windows 10

hi welcome to my youtube channel,i want to show you this video how to,configure microsoft outlook for the,first time,if you are using office 365,so lets say office 365 we have been,installed on your on windows,10 laptop or desktop or your device and,you want to actually um let me go to for,example let me go to excel,let me just show you my excel file,so here you can see that jennifer is the,owner of this device,so jennifer has already been logged on,to office 365,on this device if i go to my file file,here on account,you can see that this account is,actually configured,by jennifer astra she has a license to,use,office 365 apps and you can see this,product contains,word excel powerpoint outlook,skype and access as well publisher as,well,so what um jennifer can actually do if,you want to configure outlook for the,first time,it was the following and also jennifer,has also logged on to microsoft,teams with her accounts,with jennifer astra because she has an,office 265,e5 license so if she if jennifer opens,outlook for the first time,let me just show you how to configure,this so jennifer is trying to open,outlook for the first time,outlook has not been configured on this,device and she wants to try to,configure outlook on it so lets see,what happens if jennifer opens outlook,so you can see jennifer is open up im,trying to open outlook for the first,time shell be asked to actually create,a new profile to give a profile to give,this profile a name,so im just going to call this profile,um let me just call this jennifer,actually you can also call it outlook or,anything you like it doesnt,really matter so you just click okay,so its trying to search for an account,to see if the account already exists,but the account does not exist so it,will try to create,one for jennifer you can see that the,email address has been entered,automatically because why because,jennifer has already,signed in to excel and to like teams,for example with our office 265 account,so what you just need to do is to click,connect,so you can see that its adding trying,to add jennifer astra,profile right now and you can see we,have accounts successfully added,theres a microsoft 365 account and,i dont want to set up outlook mobile,app so you can actually add another,email address if you want,but we also have the advanced option so,let me set up my accounts,manually but for jennifer she just only,want to set up,her office 365 account and as you can,see,jennifer was naturally requested to,enter,um a password and do you know why,because jennifer has already saved the,during the process when,um jennifer tries to enter her password,uh email account in excel,she was requested to actually enter a,password,which she did so by saving that password,um it all becomes comes into a kind of a,single,sign-in single sign-in which means that,when jennifers trying to log into like,microsoft word um powerpoint,automatically you will see that jennifer,name,is going to appear there just like in,outlook if you will so let me just click,done,and you can see that the profile is,trying to load her profile its trying,to create,um a new profile for jennifer,so you can see that outlook has been um,have have,been configured for jennifer estrella,so let me show you something you know in,the previous version of windows,10 um the password or the credentials of,outlook like outlook uh microsoft teams,skype for business,its been saved in credentials if i go,to credential manager,and its been saved in credential and,here we have the web credentials and we,have the windows credentials,so in the previous version of windows um,your credentials if you sign in to um,outlook and you saved auto office and,you saved your password,its going to be saved here but if,youre using office 365,it doesnt save i mean credential,manager anymore so what happens is this,when i when um jennifer signs in what,happens,um profile let me go to my settings,i go to settings and im going to go to,my account yeah,and in my account when if i go to email,i can email an account,so you can see that an account has been,created which is called jennifer,dot star is called a walker school,account definitely is actually a work,account,so what jennifer can do actually to,actually manage our account she will,need to go to,when she click manage shell be,redirected to,her office 365 account so the,information,is actually being saved in jennifers,account here so if i click manage,automatically ill be redirected to,office 365.,yeah i have the option to actually sign,in so let me just sign in,with the account of jennifer,ill just keep this for 14 days,and you can see that um jennifer has,been signed in,to this account so jennifer have the,option to actually change has changed,his password here,to this security info review terms and,sign out,everywhere,so thank you very much for taking your,time to watch this video if this video,is,if this video has been of any help to,you please dont forget to subscribe to,my youtube channel,like my video leave a comment or send me,a personal email,and ill reply to you as quick as,possible thank you very much and see you,next time goodbye

Outlook Email Tutorial -2020 | outlook sign in | outlook 365 sign in | outlook email sign in 2020

[Music],friends handling different different,mails or a multiple meals in one time is,possible in Outlook meals of the,Microsoft and in this video I am going,to discuss all about the outlook mail,from sign up to the operation of the,Outlook mail so please watch this video,till the end you will get all the,information about the how to mean dear,friends lets go and check out how you,can sign up for the outlook mail id so,if you have no email already in in the,outlook then first of all you need to go,to the Chrome browser or any of your,browser and just go and type outlook now,look in the search bar and you will get,some some of the link and here it is,written office 365 blogging just go and,click on the office 365 blogging so you,will go to the Microsoft official site,and here it is written signup actually,the outlook is the me is the part of,Microsoft Office and if you want to,create an email id then first of all you,need her email which is to be registered,in the Microsoft so for so further if,you have no email already then go in the,right side left here it is written sign,in your account just click on that when,you here it is the sign in for if you,have the mail ID for the Microsoft then,you can put here the mail id or any,number or Skype and then go ahead if you,have no email id then just go and create,one this create one if you want to,create a new email id and in this here,it is written create an account suppose,suppose or you have to another option,use a phone number if you want to,register with your phone number then you,can,give the phone number or here it is,written use your email address so here,you can give some suppose I am giving,suppose I have given technology my,youtube channel name and going to the,next here it is showing that please keep,your password so you can keep your,password according to the Microsoft,rules,so yeah I have given this some password,you can also provide your choice able,password in that and then go to the next,when you go there here it has created so,now I create before proceeding we need,to make sure that a real person in,creating this account or not so you need,to give the CAPTCHA here after filling,all the all the process you just click,on the next and you will go to the mean,here it is written that you can use if,you want to buys Microsoft Office and,then you can go through it right now we,will going to treat now after a,successful creation of the email id of,Microsoft Office 365 you will directly,go to the dashboard of the Microsoft,Office and you will get a different,different option of Word Excel,PowerPoint and outlook ok and so what,you need to go to the Outlook email ID,you need to create an email id of the,outlook and it is directly accessible,with the help of the invalidity of the,Microsoft Office because both are at the,part of the the how clukey mail id is,the part of the Microsoft Office ok so,you can entitled login by clicking on,the outlook option so we will go to the,group option just clicking on the,outlook option,in the dashboard of the Microsoft Office,so here we just directly login with the,help of that email into the Outlook,email email dashboard so here it is,Skype also connected with this so these,are inbox and item although all the,features that we get in every email ID,so the main importance of the hook is,that you can add or different different,email email ID with with the single,outlook and you can accessible so all,the email ID that you have suppose you,have a two email ID in the Gmail one,email ID in the yahoo then you can just,do some setting in that Im going to,show you the also the settings and you,can directly access all the emails in,box and and you can directly send the,email also so this is the dashboard you,can add a multiple email mmm with a,single single this outlook okay so just,I want to show you just go and click,here and here it is written my profile,my account and sign okay so these are,the settings we will see later on,here it is setting option so just go and,click on the setting option you will get,some options so just go and here it is,they give you all outlook settings we,are going to add some gmail ID with this,outlook and then we process further okay,so he in in the setting option so all,setting when you click on the so all,setting you will get these options,general email calendar and when you,general you can set your date and timing,also and in in the option of the email,you will get some some settings we will,see later on but here just I want to,get email so just create on the click on,the synchronized a synced emails and in,this email you will get some option like,Gmail option is created and hotend when,you click on the other you can give us,um Neiman or suppose you want to you,want to add a yahoo email then you can,go through this option just now we will,add a gmail option okay so we will,create a gmail and suppose I want to,give a name display and name as a tan JK,and just here it is written connective,Google account so we can import your,email from Gmail and the gmail ID which,you want to connect with this outlook or,want to add with this how-to you just go,and click on the connector and here you,can you can add you can click this also,connect your Google account to send,email from Outlook using your Gmail,address so you can click this also and,so right now we will going to import our,Gmail Gmail here so click on that and,okay please click on the ok you will go,to the mmm here choose an account here,the sign in with Google and suppose I,want to that I want to connect this,email id I have already given that,thats why it is swaying here so just,click on that or you will bless that,Gmail ID you want to meet here it is,showing that,to yellow just click on the log button,and you will be redirected to that email,Heidi idiot is written when you click OK,you will be taken to the Google sign-in,page so here we have just successfully,signed sign-in,this account and yet is written open,pupae settings and lets let the device,app use of pupae so you can use this,also it has already taken hi IM AP,settings he here so if you want to set,set the pupae option then it is given,yes put the yes and pupae setting now it,is done successfully,now just go and refresh that,to the outlook we will just look after,that this mail in the inbox that it is,80 successfully synchronized or not here,you are saying that Kieran j10 to at the,ready gmail.com is just synchronized in,this o clock okay and you can also he is,go in that setting and save it it will,automatically synchronize okay lets go,and check in the email here is the,outlook inbox okay and yeah it is three,email in the main Outlook email inbox,okay so lets go down towards and see,that here you will hear this gmail ID,which we have just now synchronized is,is displaying here okay so just go and,click in the right and left side this,arrow and you will get all the email see,if we inbox is also same craft is also,send email it started although all the,parts of the that email is synchronized,successfully in the outlook okay so just,click on the inbox and you can directly,access that email address and email all,the email which you are coming in that,you are getting all this so you can,access is here and you can also reply it,from forward reply everything and this,means suppose you have want to send the,email to someone suppose I want,suppose I want to send this email ID to,this Gmail then we can just put the,email and we send it to this email id,lets see before sending any email ID,you need to verify your account with,your numbers so it is just just a,security-based question so Im going to,say inter Im in India you can place,your country code or whatever will you,is your country and then put the put,your phone number that code will be sent,to you in that that mobile number and,you need to verify that so you have got,the code access code you just click on,the verify and it will get verified with,your mobile number and here you are,sayi

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How to Fix Outlook – Microsoft 365 PASSWORD Problem in Latest Windows 10 | Solve Outlook pwd problem

[Music],hi welcome to my youtube,channel in this video i want to show you,how to update your password if you are,using,um office 365 in outlook,so lets say you receive a message pop,up to actually reset,your password or to actually,entered your new password and you keep,on receiving that error,message in the previous in the previous,version of,windows um the out the password for,outlook is actually,saved in in credentials,credential manager so here if i go to,credential manager under windows,credential,here you will see that um outlook office,365,will be added to windows credentials,but in the latest version of windows or,if youre using office 365,your password will not be saved there so,how do you change your password so,let me give you a tip on how to change,your password if you are using office,365,and you have been requested to re-enter,your password,so what you need to do is you need to go,to your start menu,and go to settings,in settings um click accounts,in account you have the option to,actually go to your your info its just,your info,you have your email and account,so im using actually im using a,windows um virtual machine you can see,its a vmware workstation,so im using windows 10 enterprise,because you can see,here theres this let me just minimize,this,thats my way im using the enterprise,evaluation so the windows license is,expired,so thats why im receiving this message,yeah you need to activate windows before,you can,personalize your pc so let me just go to,my assets work accounts,as well i have the options to actually,do either email account,or assess work account so you can see,here we have the work account,for um jennifer astra,which has which already created an,outlook,i would have already signed into office,365 in outlook,so let me try to click email account and,see if im get if i will get that,option to actually manage my accounts,so in email an account when i click on,the account of jennifer,so here we have the option to actually,um manage,so if i click on manage you can see ill,be redirected,to the microsoft office,homepage to actually sign in with the,account of jennifer,so click jennifers accounts and then,let me skip this for 14 days,so here you can see that after im been,redirected to the office 365 portal of,microsofts office home so,here we have the option actually change,um jennifers password so im going to,change,the password right now and see,so here so im being required to enter,my old password so let me just enter my,password and then enter the new password,and i click submit,so let me just actually,just save my password here as well,so let me just save it so for the next,time i will not be requested to enter my,password,so what happened is this so after,jennifer enters her new password or,changed her password,automatically her password is being,changed on a device,as well because you have access to the,internet so everything is being,synchronized,automatically so here we have the option,to actually edit,our security info which of course is,going to take me to my,sign in just try to sign again signing,jennifers second im going to enter my,new password,yes lets keep this for 14 days,so if i click overview let me just click,overview and show you some,info let me just keep this for 14 days,and here you can see we have the,jennifer astra info we can as well,um change our password here as well we,can as well of the,update and info we can see which device,um manage which device jennifer has been,logged onto so when i click manage,devices you can see that jennifer has no,longer logged on to,this device here which is the windows,10 strip zero one is windows,it is active whichever is active right,now so we have the device object,id as well i can as well disable this,the device,that says jennifer cannot be able to log,on to this device,anymore but im just going to leave that,for now so we have some other options,here,which jennifer can as well use but let,me just go to back to my outlook,yeah let me close out look and see so,im trying to open that click again,so lets see if its going to request,because ive changed my password,so lets see if ill be requested to,enter my new password,in outlook so its trying to say its,trying to reconnect,and you can see that it has been,connected to microsoft st,without outlook requesting me to,actually re-entered,my password because for me going to,settings under my email,account im going to manage im trying,to,change my password there automatically,so long as i have access to the internet,and im still logged onto that device,everything changed,on that device as well so if i go to,excel as let me just try to open excel,and file falcon excel okay you can see i,will not be requested to actually enter,my password,because everything becomes a single,sign-on,as well you can see that jennifer has,already been,signed in to this device,thank you very much for taking your time,to watch this video my name is kelvin,johnson and please if this video has,been of any help to you,dont forget to like my youtube channel,subscribe to my,channel as well and leave a comment and,ill reply to you as,quick as possible thank you very much,and see you,next time bye

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How to Set Up Outlook 365 from Microsoft Office

Welcome to another InMotion Hosting video  tutorial. My name is Arnel Custodio and today  ,we will be showing you how to setup Outlook  for Microsoft Office 365. If youre setting  ,up Office 365 for the very first time you will  first get a loading screen that may last a while  ,depending on what youre loading and the speed of  your internet connection. When office completes  ,installing you will see the applications in your  start menu. If you have already used Outlook  ,to set up an email account you can always add  another. You would go to the Account Information  ,page and then click on the Add Account button. The  setup will still follow the manual steps that we  ,will be describing. Before we begin the Outlook  setup we need to do one step of preparation  ,first. You need to get the IMAP or POP server  settings for your email account. Note that your  ,email account or accounts should be set up before  you set up Outlook. Outlook is an email client  ,designed to open an existing email account and  allow you to manage it from the Outlook interface.  ,You will need to decide on which protocol to  use, IMAP or POP3, Outlook can use either.  ,IMAP allows you to organize mail into folders  and mail is saved on the server, POP3 cannot  ,organize mail into separate folders. All new  mail is delivered into the Inbox and you get  ,an option to save a copy of mail on the server.  Otherwise, mail is delivered to your device and is  ,not saved on the server. I will display the IMAP  and POP setup windows when we get to that point.  ,You can find the email settings by going to the  cPanel selecting Email Accounts and then clicking  ,on the Connect Devices button to the right of  the email account youre configuring Outlook  ,to use. The email settings will be the same for  all of the email accounts in the cPanel account.  ,Wwhen youre looking at the mail settings you  will see the option to use the secure settings  ,under the blue bar and the non-secure  settings under the yellow bar.  ,We recommend using the secure settings  write down the username, password for the  ,email account the incoming mail server URL  and the incoming and outgoing port numbers.  ,Now that we have the configuration information  we can finally begin the actual setup.  ,To begin the Outlook 365 email account setup  click on the Outlook application in the Start Menu  ,in windows. If you have already created an  account and you just want to add another  ,account then launch Outlook, go to the Account  Information page, and then click on Add Account.  ,If youve never set up outlook before it will  give you a window asking for your email address  ,and here there will be an option for manual  setup. Type in the email address for your account  ,then click on the box that says  Let Me Setup My Account Manually.  ,Next, click on the blue button  at the bottom labeled Connect.  ,If you dont see the option to manually set up  your account you need to click on the drop-down  ,arrow for advanced options. The event setup menu  includes the POP and IMAP setup options. Please  ,select either one of these options so that you  can fill in the configuration information that  ,we saved from before. You can see both of the  setup screens for these options as follows.,When youre using secure options you will need  to make sure that the encryption method is set  ,to SSL/TLS. The option for require logon using  secure password authentication SPA will not need  ,to be checked in incoming or outgoing settings.  Remember that the port numbers will be different  ,from the default settings. Once you have the  correct settings in place, click on Next.  ,Outlook may take a few minutes to  update the settings but when its done  ,then youre ready to use Outlook. When you open  outlook you will see the email account listed  ,in the column at left. If you need to make changes  to the account right-click on your account name  ,then click on the Account Properties and select  the drop-down arrow under account settings.  ,The server settings for your account  will be under server settings.  ,That wraps up our video tutorial on setting up  outlook 365. If you like the video please make  ,sure to click on the like button below and  subscribe to our channel. Thanks again for  ,watching and have a great day. Check out our  InMotion Hosting Support Center for help with  ,your website. We provide thousands of step-by-step  guides, videos, and much more to lead you towards  ,making your online project a successful one. You  can find us at www.inmotionhosting.com/support

How to add your Gmail Account to Outlook Office 365

[Music],hi,welcome back to my channel do info so,in this video im going to show you how,to add gmail,into your outlook 360 365.,even you have older version of microsoft,office,its not office 365 it will still work,for you,so its easy peasy lemon squeezy,without wasting our time lets jump in,and start our process first of all,i will open i have a outlook,365 here i have installed microsoft,office already,so lets open this one,[Music],it will search for your account i can,put my,gmail address here,and here you can select this google,and it will ask you imap account setting,this is the setting the one you need so,i have that setting here,and i will add this in description as,well,so you can copy from there so lets add,that setting,so incoming mail server incoming mail,server imap.gmail.com,lets type in here,and the incoming port is,993 lets type in here,993,so encryption method you can type,ssl tls,you can click that one as well,so ongoing mail outgoing,server is smtp.gmail.com,smtp,and outgoing word is there are two,perfect we will try,587 if it doesnt work then we can try,465. so first well try 587,usually it work with the both port,number so,587,encryption method again ssl tls,require login and click next,here i put the password for my email,address,so,once i put the password lets hit,connect,one account all of the google it will,show my email address,hit next,it will ask the password again,we add the password it will ask,microsoft,app and services so google need to be,added on microsoft services,gs allow and adding,do info yt gmail.com,into my outlook 365.,so something went wrong we could not,connect to the outgoing smtp server,using the specific,encryption so we have a,problem here we will change to the 465,port now 4 6,5 and then we can click next,well show our password yes lets see,know what this is so account has been,added so,sometime if you add 587,it will work but sometime it does not so,try with the both port numbers so first,try this,and then try this one or vice versa,so account successfully added,and now uncheck here because i dont,want to set up my,cell phone and yet,it done minimize,you are here in your outlook,so this is,when you set up your outlook from the,scratch,if you already have email,address here and there you need to add,another gmail address is still the,simple,you can go to file,and then you can click here account,then click account settings,in account setting you can it will show,your previous email addresses here,you can just click on new,and here you can add the new email,address,so as soon you will type the new email,hit connect and then you it will get to,you,the same page where you need to put the,incoming server,and outgoing server so i hope,that helps if you have any issue,or concerns or if this one is not,working for you,please let me know in the comment,section,and we will try to resolve that issue,for you

20 Outlook Web Tips and Tricks | Microsoft Outlook 365 tips for Email, Calendar, Teams & more

ill be showing 20 tips and tricks for,outlook 365. outlook for the web,includes boardview email calendar and a,whole lot more so lets get started to,get to outlook for the web im on the,office.com homepage and im going to,click on outlook here the first tip is,the new outlook board view,first go to the calendar in the upper,left here next go to the upper right,drop this down and youre going to see,this new board option,click here and this is going to let you,keep everything in one place boardview,is like a nice project management tool,built right into outlook so click left,start,now by default i get a set of parts so,ive got a calendar part tasks a note,and some tips and i can move these,around the screen so if i click here,maybe i want to move this over here i,can go and remove this one i can drag my,tasks around maybe i want to resize this,right here make it a little bit bigger,so its like this little project,management board whats also nice is you,can zoom in and out so down here i can,zoom out a little bit and now ive got,this canvas by which i can click and,drag stuff around i can also add things,to my board so maybe i want to show all,here i want to add a clock i got a clock,here well add a city,in bellevue and well zoom back in a,little bit you can change the colors of,things so maybe for note here i want to,change the color and make it purple like,one note and maybe i want to go over,here and add one more thing to my board,lets add a goal,so heres my goal finish this video and,i can set a date and all sorts of fun,stuff now im not going to go through a,full demonstration of the board view but,if you want in the upper right ive got,a much deeper dive of how the board view,works and whats nice is this just,overlays on top of any of your calendars,so if i go back here in the upper right,i can go back here and choose week and,now im back to my normal week view the,second tip is one of my favorites and,its called snoozing your emails so,theres a bunch of mails from bill,lumberg here lets select these and you,know what hes kind of annoying i want,these mails to disappear from my inbox,at least for a couple of days so ive,selected them here and if i go up and i,choose snooze i can say you know what i,want them to come back next week now if,i choose this theyre going to disappear,temporarily and then monday at 8am,theyll reappear so i can have a more,relaxing weekend so lets click this,now all those bill lumberg mails are out,of my inbox and they are snoozed away,another nice thing you can even choose,custom dates if you want on when you,want those snoozed emails to reappear,now if you wonder gosh where did those,snoozed emails go what if i want to get,back to them dont worry theres a,little folder here thats called snoozed,and if you go in here hey theres all my,bill lumberg emails,the third tip is to delay sending of,your emails by a certain amount of time,so lets say ive got a new mail message,here now i have a mail here that i want,to send to bill lumberg i want to,impress him and make him think that i,was working all weekend and its going,to go out on a saturday night so im,going to go here and drop this down and,choose send later and im going to,choose saturday and were going to set,it to,10 p.m so bill thinks that ive been,working at 10 p.m on these tps cover,sheet updates now when i click send this,is going to basically delay this until,10 pm and then deliver the mail to bill,so lets click send now that mail is,going to sit on the exchange server in,the cloud and only get delivered at 10,pm so lots of options for delaying your,emails the fourth tip is using emojis,and animated gifs in your emails now,ive got a boring email the bill here,about our tps report off-site and i want,to spice it up a little bit so if i go,down here and click the smiley face,insert emojis and gifs so well open,that up,now maybe i want to add a nice gif,choose the spot where you want to insert,it and im going to search here i love,this gift from saturday night live,freaking amazing now ive inserted it,its a little more exciting and maybe,ill add a little emoji as well so click,on emojis clear that out and lets give,a nice little hearts on the smiley face,okay close this and my mail to bill is,ready lets send it the fifth tip is the,immersive reader in outlook for the web,the immersive reader is an inclusively,designed tool that can help all people,with reading it has many accessibility,improvements and things like text to,speech and other options so ive got a,message selected here and if i go to the,three dot menu you can see this show an,immersive reader so lets click this you,can see we reduce page distractions,makes the font much bigger down at the,bottom i can hit play and read it out,loud we are thrilled to announce that,the immersive reader has fully roll you,can also change the voice speed right,here faster slower male or female voice,some people want to read with not a,white background maybe i want to make it,black or theres other colors that i can,choose lots of options here you can make,the text size much bigger i can scroll,it up like this i can also do things,like line focus so maybe i just want to,look at one line at a time theres,various reasons that people need some of,these extra supports when reading the,other nice thing is translation so ill,make the font a little bit smaller here,lets say i want to translate this mail,to another language click on reading,preferences drop down translate and we,support over 111 languages so maybe i,want to go here and choose spanish well,scroll down and then choose document the,entire mail is translated and now when i,read out loud,so all of this is built right into that,immersive reader go back to original,here and then i can close this by,clicking the little arrow to exit the,sixth tip is enabling teams by default,for any meeting that you create in,outlook now im going to go here to the,calendar,and ill go up here to the gear drop,this down and then choose view all,outlook settings now on the calendar,what youre going to do is go to events,and invitations and theres an option,add online meeting to all meetings turn,that on and then click save and then,close now lets create a new event here,give it a title,my status meeting invite some attendees,and as soon as i add an attendee youll,note that this turns on teams meeting by,default so i dont have to always,remember to turn that switch now im,ready to send it out with the teams,meeting enabled lets go and right there,is my status meeting i click here and i,can immediately just join that teams,meeting from the flyout if i need to the,seventh tip is shortening by default the,start or end times of your meetings,especially during remote work or remote,schooling having back-to-back 30-minute,meetings or hour-long meetings can be,rough to do this were going to go to,the upper right click the gear down at,the bottom choose outlook settings then,go to events and invitations now go here,and check shortened duration for all,events so for example i want to end,events early maybe for an hour-long,meeting lets end it at 50 minutes,instead of the full hour so i can set it,by default for 10 minutes maybe i just,want to end five minutes early,less than one hour so for example 30,minute meetings i can choose also lets,say five minutes i want to end early you,can also drop this down and say hey i,want to start my events five minutes,later that means by default in this case,if its less than one hour when i create,that meeting its going to start it five,minutes later so lets see how that,looks click save and then close so lets,open up a new event here now look at the,start time for this 30 minute event,instead of starting exactly at 11,oclock it starts five minutes after the,eighth tip is teams meet now built,directly into the outlook web calendar,in the calendar here in the upper right,youll see this meet now and if i click,this,it takes me immediately into the teams,dialogue and im r

How to login to Office 365

Welcome to Office 365 for beginners.,My name is Elliot Munro, I work for GCITS on the Gold Coast of Australia.,Were an award winning Microsoft Partner who use the cloud to help growing businesses everywhere,get really productive, really fast.,Office 365 works best when everybody in the team has an Office 365 account.,And your account is everything to you in Office 365, its your identity, and when it comes,to working in the cloud.,Your identity and the security of that identity is really important.,It doesnt matter if you share mailboxes, or files, or responsibilities with another,person, because that can all be accounted for and easily configured.,But having your own Office 365 login is essential.,So lets assume youve got a login, and were going to use that to login to Office 365.,Now there are a few different ways to login to Office 365, though my personal favourite,is via portal.office.com.,Because that takes you to your Office 365 Portal and you can get to everything from,here.,Now Im going go over this once, but its really important, because this could really,annoy you,Now this actually doesnt happen when you log into portal.office.com, but you may occasionally,come up against it.,Microsoft provide two types of accounts.,Theres Personal Accounts and theres Work or School accounts.,Unfortunately these arent the only two names that these accounts go by.,Personal Accounts are also called Live IDs or Microsoft Accounts.,Work or School Accounts are also known as Office 365 accounts or Organisational accounts,or even Azure Active Directory accounts.,But basically, Personal accounts are accounts for consumers and you use them to log into,consumer level services like the regular Skype, or Xbox Live or Outlook.com.,Work or School accounts are accounts that are given to you by your work or school.,And youll primarily use them to sign into the Office 365 services.,The tricky part is, these two accounts can be used to log into the same applications,and services, and you can have the same email address associated with both types of accounts,which is the case with mine.,I have signed up for a Microsoft account, or a Personal Account, with my Work or School,email, and I also have an Office 365 account.,So when I put my email address in, occasionally it will say Work or School, or Personal account?,And If youve signed up for a Personal Microsoft account using your work or school email and,you also have Office 365 for work or school, youll probably see this too.,So you need to pay attention, is this particular login screen asking for a personal account,,or a work or school account, or is it asking for either.,It can be confusing, but this the world we live in.,Now Im going to choose work or school account, because this is my Office 365 account and,this is a series about Office 365 using a Microsoft account would not let me log into,this area.,So now that Im logged in, lets have a quick look at everything we can do.,Because where we go from here is up to you.,Now Ive got some stuff here that you may not have, and you might have some stuff in,your portal that I dont have, were going to go through a few things that are common,to most people.,Now Install Office at the top here – This one may not be common to most people, but,if youve got an Office 365 account that gives you the desktop versions of Office, you can,install it for PC or Mac by clicking Install now.,These first three tiles Mail, Calendar, People and this one called Tasks – these are your,email, your calendars, your contacts and your tasks.,You can work with them from here through the browser, or through outlook, or on your phone,or tablet, and well go through all of that later.,Next is Yammer.,This is a social network for your business.,Its just like an internal Facebook.,This is your Newsfeed.,Its a newsfeed for conversations that you have on SharePoint online.,SharePoint Online is under sites.,SharePoint sites are places where your team can collaborate on projects and share information.,OneDrive is called OneDrive for Business and is your personal cloud file storage.,Its private to you, though you can share things from it.,Delve is like an Office 365 search engine, it also helps you discover whats everyones,working on in Office 365.,Video is like an internal YouTube that you can use for training videos, meeting recordings,or any video material that needs to stay internal.,Power Bi – this ones usually an add-on, though if understanding data is important to your,business, its absolutely worth it.,There is a free version you can sign up to as well that does quite a bit.,Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote.,These are the Online versions of the Office programs that you can use to work on your,files over the internet, even if you dont have Office installed.,And Sway, is a new one.,Its kinda similar to powerpoint, use it to present information in ways that look really,nice on all devices.,So weve covered logging into Office 365, the difference between a Personal Account,and a Work or School account, and weve touched on a few of the common Office 365 services.,If you think thats all you need to get started, you can go ahead and dive right in.,But if you do want to dive a little deeper on some of these services you can go ahead,and check out some of the other videos.,Thanks for watching.

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