1. Connecting ProAdvisor to QBOA login
  2. QBOA: Workpapers | QuickBooks Connect 2021
  3. How to Change Your QuickBooks Online Sign in Email Address
  4. Add Team Members in QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA)
  5. QBOA | Add a Client (the right way!)
  6. Setup a FREE QuickBooks Online account
  7. Accept Invitation Select Password and Login to QuickBooks Online

Connecting ProAdvisor to QBOA login

hi Im Valerie heckman Im a product,specialist at into it and today Im,going to take a dive into adding your,team and managing proadvisor,certification and the new quickbooks,online accountant right now Im logged,in as the master administrator Im going,to go to the team menu on the left,navigation to get started in here Ill,have a list of anyone i have added in so,far and i can review and make changes to,their access im going to add a new user,type in their name and email address im,using a sample email but you may have,something like elliot at your firm com,the title is optional but it might help,you keep track of everyone the next page,will allow you to set permissions for,the firm administration and books I can,give full basic or custom access and can,change these levels later if Id like to,then I get to decide which clients I,want him to work on Im going to remove,access to this client once my new team,member is added youll see that hes,invited and this is the email that hell,receive to accept the invitation your,firm when he accepts into it will,recognize if he has any ideas with that,email or he can create a new one if,desired we are now signed in as Elliot,the CPA at her firm and in the new,QuickBooks Online accountant he can,become a pro advisor if he is not one,already and manage his proadvisor,account from here if Elliot has a pro,advisor membership he can sign into it,and connect it this includes being a,desktop provider as the certifications,are all managed in one account if he,only has this customer account number,and license number he can enter that,instead and he can get assistance if he,is unable to access his account if hes,not a pro advisor he can skip this step,and a free membership will be created,automatically here is the new pro,advisor dashboard where one can manage,their account and access all sorts of,free resources and benefits from this,main page you can go through our,certification tests for quickbooks,online in advanced certification you can,review training modules supplemental,guides and take the exams once youre,certified youll be able to download,your badge and your certificate from,here in profile you can add information,about yourself and your practice,us and make your profile public and our,find a pro advisor website when you are,certified by switching this on,additional training videos can be found,here and from here discounts on into it,products for yourself and your clients,theres a full page of resources for,your firm with articles and videos on,moving to the cloud growing your,practice and here you can see into it,news in our notifications tab under this,menu you can get certified you can add a,new client can buy a desktop bundle to,become a pro advisor for desktop and if,you forgot to connect your existing,proadvisor account early on this is,where you can return to that sign on,screen to connect it youll want to do,so before you start taking any new exams,thats all for this video I hope it was,helpful and thank you for watching and,being a quickbooks online customer

QBOA: Workpapers | QuickBooks Connect 2021

hi,and thank you for joining this session,on work papers my name is rochette,obrien and im a product manager at,quickbooks uk,work papers is a brand new feature,available in the quickbooks online,accounting product,it was released in the product in,february and youll find in the,accounting tools,within your clients books and its,available to you at no extra cost,work papers in quickbooks is the,beginning of integrating more of those,tools into one,area making the whole process smoother,with better workflows and ultimately,saving you time to set yourself up for,success you need a seamless,reliable solution for bookkeeping data,and work papers,all in one place its also increasingly,important that team members can securely,share,information when working on the same,engagement but not,physically in the same place,lets take a look at work papers in the,product now,im in my clients books a client called,bridge builders,i go to work papers by selecting the,accountant tools in the top navigation,and then work papers,work papers is divided up into three,sections,documents review and adjust and grouping,in statements,just below you can see that ive made,some changes we will look at each,individual section,and the changes shortly but first im,just going to show you the options,across the top,beside work papers and beta you can see,the tax year,you can select from different tax years,you can also see the date,and you can switch the accounting method,from accrual to cash,there are a number of tools in the top,right hand corner,they include download to zip carry,forward data from previous year,and lock which works in the same way as,the closing the books options in your,advanced accounting settings,moving down into the documents section,the documents are divided up into two,areas,general and accounts the accounts,section,the folder structure comes from your,chart of accounts,whereas in the general section you can,add folders as you go,you can also add folders from a template,for example,from one of your other clients its,really easy to upload documents from,here,you can either click add in the action,column,and select from where youve saved it,locally,or you can drag and drop,all different types of files can be,added csv,excel pdf images and you can see that,its really really quick,even if you need to copy a large number,of files,theres also an option to add a link,therefore if youre using google docs,this is a really good way to collaborate,with your colleagues,ive set up a couple of google docs as a,sample,i click into my google docs area click,on the link,and the document opens up for me in a,new window,its really easy to add your document,and this document manager area gives you,an unlimited cloud-based file storage,option,which can house the entire range of the,client engagement,the next section is review and adjust,this is where you can review the balance,sheet and the profit and loss which is,down at the bottom,it shows your current year prior year,and the variance,it also has an adjusting entry column,any documents which you added in the,previous section will carry through here,you can also add notes and you can tick,the accounts off one by one,as you go through,these types of year-end tasks dont get,done all in one go,so its crucial that youre able to,track where you left off,or where your colleague is finished up,im going to scroll down to the bottom,now and look at the profit and loss,if i want to make adjustments for,something here for example prepayments,or accruals,id use the make adjustment option in,the action column,it opens up a journal entry with the,adjusted button ticked and i could,create it from here,thats actually what ive done to make,those changes we saw at the very top,what happens when you make the,adjustments is that they are essentially,in draft in terms of your work papers,in order for the change to be reflected,below i have to accept the changes,and then theyll be finalized i can view,the changes first,if i need more information i can click,edit but if im happy to accept the,changes,i make that selection on the previous,page,the main advantages i can see from,completing the review and adjust stage,here,are having everything including all,relevant documents in one place,checking things off as you go so you can,keep track of where you left off,when youre not doing it all in one go,and collaborating with colleagues,because you can use the check marks and,the notes section to communicate where,you are with the work,the final section is the grouping and,statements area,these are your financial statements but,here they come up more customizations,than before,those customizations include reordering,the line items,and creating groups,ill click on this drop down to view all,the accounts,this icon on the left with the dots is,called the grabber icon and thats what,allows you to reorder,those columns,you can also see that ive created a,group again the notes and attachments,are carrying through from the other,sections and i can review them here,there is an additional column of a,reference code which can be added to,each line of the accounts,all of the sections can be exported,either individually,or if you choose the zip folder download,from the top right hand corner,thats something ive done in advance so,i could show you whats downloaded,as you can see ive got all the,documents and the financial statements,that includes my account attachments,anything that was in my,general folders and the financial,statements,im opening up the financial statements,to show you what is contained,there are five sections to these,statements it starts with a cover page,followed by a notice to reader ive got,my balance sheet,ive got my income statement and then,finally ive got my lead sheet schedule,this includes the reference code that i,added in work papers,ill return to my work papers,and just show you some small,customization options within the,grouping and statements and review and,adjust,using this settings icon you can remove,some of the columns,to make it a little bit neater or if,theyre not all appearing then you can,add them from here,this is a new feature in quickbooks as,you can see in the top right corner,underneath tools it is an accountant,only view which means its been made,available,for accountants and bookkeepers within,the books their clients,but its not something that your client,is going to see,and thats everything im going to show,you today its a powerful tool and i,wanted to give you as much information,as i could,but the best thing you can do now is,click in there yourself,and have a look around you will find it,in the accounting tools within your,clients well,i hope that you can start using it soon,and making the most of having everything,in one place,please give us any feedback you have so,we can continue to work on it,and make sure it meets the needs of our,accounting and bookkeeping partners,thank you

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How to Change Your QuickBooks Online Sign in Email Address

hello and thank you for watching my name,is Rachel Barnett with gentle frog Im,here to create videos for you to help,you understand QuickBooks slightly,better than you currently do if you have,any comments questions or suggestions,please put them in the chat box thank,you,hi my name is Rachel Barnett with gentle,frog in todays video I wanted to show,you how to change the email address that,you use to sign into your QuickBooks,online account,weve all had situations where we,thought we picked the right email,address and then life happens and we,change our email and you want to be able,to change the email address that you use,to sign in so lets do that together I,have a QuickBooks online account that I,set up using the email address Rachel,training at generalfrog.com,this email address doesnt actually,exist and so I want to change it so Im,going to go ahead and select sign in,Im going to type in my password,so what I tried to do initially and what,you might try to do is I tried to change,it in account and settings,and this definitely does change my email,address but it doesnt change my sign-in,email address you saw just a moment ago,that this is not the email address I,used to sign in I want to change my,sign-in email address,so Im going to go ahead and close this,what Ill do instead is click on the r,in the upper right hand corner they are,representing Rachel,Im going to go ahead and select manage,your Intuit account,so over here theres information about,profile Im going to skip that Im going,to ZIP down to sign in and security,because what I really want to do is,change my sign in,so right now my user ID is Rachel,training my email address is Rachel,training lets go ahead and start with,the user ID Im going to click on the,line and Im going to change it Im just,going to replace it with the word,training so it just says training,so thats updated and now down here the,email address Im going to go ahead and,change that,the training email by the way is a valid,email but if you want to get a hold of,me my email address is Rachel,gentlefrog.com,all right thats it so now when I go to,sign in Ill be able to sign in using my,um,my email Ill send a verification just,so I have that for later but let me sign,out and sign back in just so we can,verify that this worked,so it remembers my old id Im going to,say use a different ID,and fantastic it worked I hope this,video was helpful if you have any,questions comments or concerns please,leave them below if youd like to reach,out to us for help we offer bookkeeping,as well as Training Services and we can,be found at generalfrog.com thank you so,much,foreign,[Music]

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Add Team Members in QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA)

hi everyone this is kathy grosskirth,with bookkeeping clean and simple here,in austin georgia near metro atlanta and,today i wanted to talk a little bit,about some important considerations when,youre adding team members in your,quickbooks online accountant portal,i noticed this when i had someone try to,add me,into their quickbooks online accounted,portal as a team member,to give me access to their books so im,going to actually break this down into,two steps the first step is that i want,to make sure that when we look at,inviting someone,that we do a couple of things now ive,already,took the process,in inviting this particular,test user setup,person here as you can see i have them,indicated as invited because we havent,responded to the invitation yet but if,you click on the edit button here,that will take you over into the user,setup and of course you would fill out,the name the email and all that,and then if you want them to have access,to firm administration and books this is,real important,instead of having everything,under,custom youre going to want to grant,full access,so thats one thing that we messed up so,were it says view only the,i cant show you from here,but you have to have everything under,full access,this also gives you access to their,subscriptions and billing but then you,wont be able to look at the chart of,accounts you wont be able to view the,reports that you need to view if youre,actually doing a file checkup on a,firms books which is what i was doing,with another person who has,qboa,access and using her books so thats,whats very important,the other thing is if you want to give,them client access then you would,actually,go in here and,check everything in here or you can just,assign,in you know individually these each,different ones,so for for now im just going to leave,it like that,if we go back to,where it says cancel here that takes us,back to the main screen but let me also,show you what happens on the other end,when youre looking at it from the,standpoint of receiving the invitation,okay so were in the email of the,invitee and if everything is done,and correctly then they should receive,an invitation,showing that they are invited to join,that team so if you click on that link,this is where you would actually accept,the invitation so once you accept that,invitation which were not going to do,here then what shows up on the other end,shows up as them being active,until they accept that invitation its,going to show up as that theyre,inviting its just going to hang there,so,thats real important to understand,and so lets go back to the other list,and ill talk about a couple of other,things that that you need to understand,as well,in order for this to work okay so were,back in the team page and like i said,were still showing this as being,invited because we didnt respond to the,invitation,but,its real important to understand that,when you actually are going through the,process to add the user and im not,going to actually go through all of this,but its very important to understand,that when youre putting the email in,here its probably,a best practice to go ahead and copy and,paste the email from an email that you,may have received from someone that,actually works because what happened,when this person tried to invite me,initially,to her team,is that she had typed the email address,incorrectly so i never received the,invitation so if this is done correctly,youre going to make sure that that,email is correct because if you try to,go back in there and correct it after,the fact then it its just going to hang,out in limbo and its not going to do,anything so what we ended up figuring,out is that you had to actually go in,there,and,edit the,incorrect entry,and show it as being invalid entry,invalid entry so that way it wouldnt,conflict with the new request that went,in so,its best to start off with the correct,email address and even if you have to,copy and paste it in here,to make sure its correct and then you,would just go in here and,do the firm administrations books and,everything like that,so and make sure that you grant them,full access lets see if itll let us go,to the next page without doing anything,now you have to put all that stuff in,there but again you want to make sure,that if youre providing them with full,access that means theyre going to have,to have access to the subscription and,building the way its set up now i find,that,thats problematic and thats because,i think that there should be a little,bit more granular things so i in in the,settings for that,so um im going to submit my feedback to,intuit to let them know that i think,that thats kind of flawed but,and i hope that some of yall will too,if you find that to be problematic as,well i think you should but anyway,thats basically all i have for yall,today so hopefully this had some uh,things that helped you uh let me know in,the comments if you have any questions,and you know ill try my best to answer,them as best as i can otherwise i hope,youll have a wonderful day yall take,care and we will see you soon,thank you for watching,i would love it if you would subscribe,to my channel and share it with others,my goal is to publish at least one new,video per week on quickbooks desktop or,online topics the occasional,motivational video and a few surprises,thrown in here and there,i would love to talk to you about how to,help you optimize your knowledge and,usage of quickbooks desktop or online my,cowley link is in the slide please use,that to reach out to me to schedule a,free 45-minute initial consult i would,love to talk to you about your,quickbooks desktop or online training,needs again have a wonderful day and,until next time well see you soon take,care

QBOA | Add a Client (the right way!)

hello my name is Robbie Randall and Im,a senior product specialist here into it,today Im going to share with you the,top three reasons why you should add a,client using QuickBooks Online,accountant let me preface this talk by,saying historically whenever a business,client raises their hand wanting to use,QuickBooks Online weve just pushed them,to the web what Im finding is that,successful firms whove adopted cloud,have turned that idea on its head the,other ones who first set up the account,before doing anything else and they do,that via add a client tool in the,accountants edition so lets go ahead,and hop into QuickBooks Online,accountant first and foremost what Id,like you and your team to do is a pulse,check look over on the top left and,always make sure that you see accountant,spelled out now this says QuickBooks,spelled out that means youre logging,into your clients books as a user youre,not getting any of the accountants tools,that were going to show you over the,next few weeks and youll really be,missing out on a lot of features and,functionality that you need to do your,business so quick pulse,make sure you see accountant on the top,left now of course whenever we log in to,QuickBooks Online accountant we always,land on the clients list and just for,some housekeeping if you ever want to,sort out your bookkeeping clients come,over to this drop-down menu here and,select bookkeeping very easy to do now,when it comes time to add a client,remember historically what weve done is,weve said look client go out to the web,purchase your package and then invite me,as your accountant or bookkeeper what we,want to start doing is getting ahead of,that process in inviting our clients,using the add a client tool simply all I,need to do is come over on the top right,and click the big green button that says,add a client see up there on the top,right once you click add a client you,then come in and add your clients,business name information lets call,this Robbies business email address,Robbie at,we column and then of course you want to,continue to fill out the business,information now for the sake of time Im,not going to do that Im just going to,go ahead and move down thats step one I,will say one thing about step one if,they are already an Intuit customers,specifically desktop or if they already,have used QuickBooks Online before make,sure you capture the same email address,that they have used in the past okay we,identify you and your clients by your,email super important so thats step one,enter the contact information,step two come down here and if youre,not sure which edition of QuickBooks,Online that place your clients in click,this compare icon here or hyperlink and,its going to open up a matrix and then,you can sit with your client and go,through this information or just do this,after your client interview and decide,which package is the best one for your,clients now Im gonna go back into the,add a client tool that was step two pick,the package,step three is you need to decide which,way to be billed what I mean by that is,if you want your client to be billable,just click direct now if they go through,you direct they get a 12-month discount,if they come to our website theyre only,getting a six month discount so theres,some additional love there to go through,you direct your team will not be built,directly goes directly to the client the,next choice is wholesale discount what,this means is that the firm is billed,the bill comes to your firm typically,this is included in a bundle pricing,tier some folks in the industry call,that value pricing I wouldnt,necessarily recommend that you use this,as a discount lever some firms do that,its just its meant to complement a,bundle pricing offering so and then of,course the third is if you have clients,who are not using QuickBooks Online,lets say there are individuals or you,know theres scenarios where youre just,not doing the book store client attacks,only maybe you can now add a non,subscription client to QuickBooks Online,theres no cost associated with that,theres no bundle to be concerned with,youre basically capturing their contact,information,now at the very bottom you can decide,who and your firm is going to work on,those particular set of books so you,could come down here and check these off,and be on your way now I get asked a lot,look if theyre a particular you know,team members that I always want to be,included on boats we do have the ability,to add those defaults within the team,settings so there it is two three four,easy steps to get your client to add it,using the add client now what Id like,to talk about with the remainder of our,time maybe a minute is talk about why,why do firms do this and like I said in,the beginning what Im finding is,successful firms opt to do it this way,probably if I had to pick the most,important reason that Im hearing out,there on the road is that you become the,master admin this gives your team,control access and functionality in so,many different ways first what Id like,you to do is imagine your team finally,cleaned up the books youve closed out,the period and youve moved on to the,next client only to find out later maybe,even months later that your clients,going in making changes after the period,thats because theyre the master admin,typically when we send our clients to,the web they maintain the master admin,rights which can cause a mess of the,books later down the road Ive met no,one ever who likes to go in and do that,low value cleanup work lots of times,were not able to build for that so when,you use the add a client tool you do,have the option to maintain or reserve,the master admin rights second if the,small business client ever wants to part,ways super important they ever want to,end the relationship with your firm they,will have to contact you to relinquish,those master,right this gives your firm an,opportunity to speak with that small,business client maybe theyre just,moving out of your territory maybe,something went south in the relationship,that you can use for future,relationships lots of good reasons why,we would want to have that conversation,third maybe most important the master,admin induces better collaboration and,communication throughout the client,relationship I think that value that Im,speaking to there is pretty self-evident,if you ever want to have that,conversation were happy to now the,number two reasons to add a client is,that your firm is in control of the,process from the very beginning you set,up your clients account correctly from,the jump I cant tell you how important,this is,usually when we encourage our clients to,go out to the web and do their own setup,its typically a mess by the time that,we get the file this scenario also,creates that low value non-billable work,that none of us enjoy lastly it creates,bad habits for our clients we dont want,them going in and just trying to figure,stuff out Ill speak about that here in,just a second,what are we talking about being in,control Im talking about setting up the,chart of accounts the bank feeds the,bank roles and so on so important we,also know that in most cases small,businesses do not set up their own books,correctly we usually end up redoing all,that work not fun plus once you convert,the desktop file set up the online,account including bank feeds chart of,accounts and etc and then invite your,clients to their new online books its a,fantastic time to extend some training,to the small business now we have a,website with tons of resources for,training for both you your firm your,teammates and the small business and,their employees if you want to talk more,about that please do reach out to your,account manager let us know when youre,go ready to go over those resources we,can walk through that together now the,third and final reason why you should,add a client inside of QuickBooks online,account,it is the billing and package selection,now roll these two into one because they,do go hand-in-hand typ

Setup a FREE QuickBooks Online account

hi folks im hector garcia and im going,to show you how to create a free,quickbooks online account no credit card,required now before we get started im,going to give you two caveats caveat,number one this video is only for u.s,audiences if youre not inside of the,united states,nothing in this video is relevant to you,i do not work outside of the united,states i do not know how any of these,things work outside the united states so,if youre not in the us sorry this video,will probably be one big waste of time,caveat number two quickbooks online is,not free it will never be free it never,has been free im gonna show you how to,create free accounts and depending on,the context of who you are youre going,to be paying different amounts depending,on what youre doing in quickbooks you,can be one an accountant a bookkeeper a,consultant thats going to be serving,other,paying customers of quickbooks online,im going to show you how to create a,free account for you so you can access,quickbooks and connect to your clients,so you can serve them if youre not an,accountant bookkeeper or consultant then,you are probably a small business owner,that wants to get started into,quickbooks im going to show you how to,create a free account no credit card,required thats going to be a free trial,for 30 days and then after if you like,it if you love it you can sign up and,pay whatever it costs because theres,different subscription levels and well,discuss that as well lets jump right to,it,okay were going to start with the first,scenario that you are an accountant a,bookkeeper a consultant and you need to,create whats called a free pro advisor,account so you can log into quickbooks,and access your clients books now im,going to put links to all of these,things in the description below that way,you dont have to try to figure out,through the video what link i am in or,what page i am in i will put that,put that check out the description for,that now,i went to the pro it was called the pro,advisor website and again depending on,when you watch this video whether its a,month from now a year from now whatever,this website might be slightly different,but what youre looking for is something,called the quickbooks pro advisor,program thats what youre looking for,and then youre going to look for,something that says sign up for free so,something somewhere in this website,there should be a sign up for free for,the quickbooks pro advisor program the,next page tells you hey youre going to,put your email address your name your,preferably a cell phone number so you,can get text messages for the um,authentication and a password now im,going to go ahead and start putting my,credentials here,and i want to add something if you put,your email address and it says this user,id its already taken that means that,you have already interacted with,quickbooks with intuit in some other,capacity you created a free account the,paying account it doesnt matter that,means that that email that youre using,its already in the quickbooks database,so youre not and if you know that,username and password you can sign in if,you dont know it just click on recover,your account and follow the prompts,youre going to put your email address,again youre going to get an email,theyre going to give you a code youre,going to verify who you are and youre,going to log in using an existing login,so you dont have to create a brand new,login lets say that wasnt the case for,you lets say you clicked on sign up for,free and you didnt get any of these,errors so im going to continue and move,forward and then ill click on continue,the next question is going to say what,is your accounting firm name remember,this is the step where if you are,an accountant a consultant a bookkeeper,youre supposed to have a firm and set,up the account if you dont have a firm,name just put your name im gonna call,it hectors,accounting firm that is okay even if,its not a real accounting firm even if,its aspirational even if its going to,be like that in the future whatever it,is you can make it up of course if you,have a real business a real consulting,business a real firm you want to put,that information in there because your,customers will see that when you connect,to their books and theyre going to know,who is the accountant or the accounting,firm interacting with their books so im,going to click on finish,[Music],all right beautiful we are logged in as,an accountant and the way you know,youre logged in as an accountant is,because in the top right of the screen,youre gonna see the little circle,quickbooks logo and the word accountant,right next to it im logged in as an,account my the context of how i will be,interacting with quickbooks will be as,an accountant as a bookkeeper as a,consultant and thats what we just did,no credit card required it will never,ask you for a credit card now where,where the payment paying part where you,pay for the accounts thats when you add,your customers now if you already have a,customer that pays for quickbooks on,their own theyre going to invite you,to log in into their quickbooks as an,accountant and you have to have an,existing quickbooks accountant or pro,advisor account for you to be able to,see that customer in that list now if,you dont have a paying customer already,and youre going to bring a new small,business customer into the quickbooks,online world you can add the client,straight from here and then you can,choose if youre going to pay for that,company file or if your customer is,going to pay for that company file,either way your accountant access your,consultant bookkeeper access is free and,for for the time being seems like its,always going to be free which makes,sense so im going to click on new,so im going to click here it says add,client in the top right of the screen,and this is where i can add a new,account again if your customer if your,client already has a paying account,theyre going to invite you youre going,to accept the invitation you dont have,to do any of this this is where im,going to add a new client into this im,going to add a new client called,garcia,foods,corp okay lets say this is a,new client of mine a food truck whatever,it is im going to put,my clients email,here that way my client gets an email,saying hey we have a quickbooks online,account uh set up youre going to put,your clients mobile phone number,whatever it is youre going to put a,number in there and then this is where,you choose what type of payment,structure you would like to have do you,want to give your customer a direct,discount basically discounts 30,off quickbooks for the first 12 months,you create the account your customer,needs to log in and put their credit,card number youre not going to pay for,that your customer is going to pay for,that if you click on pro advice or,discount thats where you the account,and the consultant you get a 30,discount for life of the account but you,the accountant the consultant will be,paying for quickbooks out of your pocket,so were assuming that your monthly,services whatever it happens to be that,you charge your client monthly annually,quarterly should be enough to cover,these costs you have to think about,these as sort of the cost of doing,business and then theres this really,cool one called uh revenue share and,its a little bit of a sign up process,that you have to get through to be able,to do it but revenue share allows your,customer to pay for the quickbooks,online account they will pay full price,theyre not going to get that 30,discount for 12 months but you get a,kickback you get a commission for,bringing a paying customer into uh,quickbooks so you get to choose from the,three options here uh pro advisor direct,discount and revenue share now just to,follow through with the process here im,gonna click on direct discount where im,saying that my customer is gonna pay for,the quickbooks online account now youre,going to be given uh four options four,different versions of quickbooks online,to choose fro

Accept Invitation Select Password and Login to QuickBooks Online

greetings your accountant or bookkeeper,has invited you to collaborate with them,by using QuickBooks Online,congratulations youre about to,experience the unparalleled freedom and,functionality of the worlds leading,cloud-based accounting software so lets,get you started,you are going to receive an email from,your accountant or bookkeeper that looks,similar to this inviting you to use,QuickBooks Online open this email and,click on the accept invitation button,this will take you to a website to login,to QuickBooks Online if you already have,an Intuit ID the system will simply,display that ID and allow you to select,it and go directly to the login page in,this video Im assuming youre new to,intuit,so you will click on the create a new,user ID button at this point you simply,enter the information thats requested,pick your password and confirm your,password when youve completed that,simply click on create user the system,will now go and create you as a user for,this QuickBooks Online account when its,completed you will see this screen and,simply click on sign-in,this will take you to the setup screen,and QuickBooks Online this setup allows,our systems to configure QBO for your,specific requirements so you simply are,going to enter in the information on,your company the address and phone,number if you wish all this information,can also be entered at a later time when,you have it entered simply click on the,next button at the bottom right and,enter in these details on your company,its going to ask for your industry,simply start typing the industry youre,in so for instance if youre in real,estate I start typing real estate and,youll see the system automatically,comes up with several options so Im,going to choose real estate rental and,leasing Im going to say I sell services,so you can select products services or,both your company type Im going to say,its a cooperation or cooperative for,these two options you can leave them as,no and for the last one select how you,like to get paid click on next at the,bottom right and now is where the magic,happens the system goes in creates all,of the options for your company and gets,it ready for you and your accountant or,bookkeeper to use you can also see how,many people are using quickbooks online,worldwide how many people are in real,estate rental and leasing in this case,as well as how many businesses are close,by that are similar to yours once the,system has finished and you have this,youre good to go displayed click on,next at the bottom right this will take,you into the main screen for QuickBooks,Online youll see that it drops down the,create menu just so you know what is,under this,plus sign at the top the last step that,you need to complete at this point is,entering your credit card information,for billing to do this youre going to,click on the gear icon at the top right,and select your account on this screen,you will see that youre currently set,up as a trial so you need to subscribe,to QuickBooks Online simply click on,this link and the system will request,your credit card information enter your,credit card information as asked and,click on continue thats it you will be,set up and good to go,and your accountant or bookkeeper is,already invited to your account so,youll be able to collaborate with them,easier than ever before thank you for,using QuickBooks Online and all of us at,Intuit wish you great success with your,business

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