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QVC Credit Card Makes Purchasing Quick

hi Im here to share with you some info,QVC credit card makes purchasing quick,lets go shopping to visa credit card if,you want to get access to the QVC credit,card you will have to be a registered,shopper at QVC this means that it is,good news for all loyal customers and,people who are already registered while,the card might have a very high APR it,does offer a highly convenient way to,pay for all of your QVC purchases card,details the primary benefit that the car,provides is that it is highly convenient,for all the QVC chauffeurs and members,while there are no benefits on the card,with respect to rewards the regular,customers can find their shopping,experience with the car to be much,easier you can get your application for,the card accepted provided you are a,registered shopper QV c you have a good,credit history for have not submitted,your Q visa credit card application in,the previous three months and that you,are 18 years old or above shopping and,travel benefits q visa credit card along,with making the convenient purchases,this card also gives you deferred,payment option you can hence make use of,this card to purchase expensive items,and then pay the balance either over,time or all at one,another benefit of the guard is that the,grace period is very high and you will,not be charged any fee for going beyond,your credit limit these if you do not,have any previous balance on your card,then you will be receiving a grace,period of 25 days which is great any,return payments will be charged at $29,late fees will be charged according to,the following conditions fifteen dollars,for any balance is under the amount of,twenty-five dollars twenty-five dollars,for any balances between the amounts of,25 dot forty nine ninety nine cents,twenty nine dollars for any balances,between the amounts of 50 dot four,hundred and ninety-nine ninety-nine,cents the APR out of the card is twenty,two point eight zero percent which might,seem high however if you compare this,rate with the rate of other cards then,you will notice that it compares well,with the other cards while this card,might have a few cons attached to it it,is a great option for all those people,who are loyal customers and QVC and,purchase from their stores or outlets on,a frequent basis want to know more about,the card QVC has amazing customer,service representation and you can get,in touch with them directly for more,information,however if you still feel the need to,get a few of your questions addressed,that were not answered then you can give,us a call or comment below we are,experts when it comes to view visa,credit cards and would be able to,provide you with all the information you,need related to the card,thanks for watching please click the,link in description for more information

Tips for Ordering from QVC

good afternoon today is a beautiful,sunny day here in washington state,so im happy you find youre always in a,better mood when its nice out,i do well today,im going to attempt to do a little bit,different kind of video im going to,give you tips on how to order off of qvc,now,i need to get disclaimers out of the way,first i,am not an employee or have never been an,employee of qvc,all these tips or ways that i do it are,all,my own personal,habits or ways whatever you want to call,it you know that i have found works best,for me,so im sure you know everybodys got,their own way of doing things so,this is just how i do it,i had been watching and buying off of,qvc,before it became qvc it was another,acronym forget what it was,i want to say cvn something like that,anyway,so ive been doing it for over 30 years,and you have to really like the pro,products to stay,you know a consumer of somewhere like,that for that many,years and this has been since before it,got,so normal to be buying online,like everybody does back back then,i think back then no i didnt do it,online i had to do it just strictly over,the phone,so there are lets get started there are,a couple of ways that you can find,or look at qvc items number one is just,to watch it directly on the tv,now you can go into the site and let me,get my little assistant here today,i dont know how this well this is going,to work with the glares and stuff,yeah showing the glare over there,what what i do first off,i go into the site called raccoon that,used to be ebates,and theyve changed their name rakuten,and what that does is once you go,through there,anything you buy you get a certain,percentage off it depends on what the,percentage is that day like,most of the times qvc is one percent,itll be three percent ive seen it at,10,so here heres my screen get started,now down here,is rakuten so it goes into rakuten,come on baby come on up here i go up,into the search area and see it already,pops up the things that i look at the,most,so heres qvc today it is at thirty,percent now,one percent,then i hit shop now and it takes me,right into,the qvc page okay,see that now you can get just about,anything on qvc you can see right now,christmas in july sales,so in order to,watch directly on the tv you can either,you know get your guide for your tv,click on it,punch in you know at my house 692 for,for the qvc 650 for qvc2 and then,theyve got a qvc 3 also,so i go in and i open it and i i just,kind of click across for the day to see,whats going to be on to see if any of,the products that i like to buy or the,brands that i that i love,are going to be showing that day and,then i just kind of remember to watch,them however,if i happen to not be around when,theyre showing something,heres the other way this is ipad,and shes my constant companion,so well go down to here,and you can see theyve got all kinds of,ads or different things going on,different bargains things like that can,you see that okay,hold that up and uh when we get down to,here it shows whats on air now,what is that bakery biscotti,i always like to hit,shop current items,that have been on i think needs to be,back for,um so then it comes to this page,i need this up heart what can i do to,put this up hard,maybe this box lets see,or maybe this side,i might add this handy little,contraption,its from qvc and i can see it and,look at my my ipad,without having to hold the thing i can,put my iphone in here,i can even have it at more of a lean,back position,doing a sales pitch here its just been,great i use it all the time,so anyway back to this so this screen,came up,and over here to the side its got,listed everything you know,all the different all right the right,screen,yeah the different programs spit on like,um you know leia,leo loves christmas holiday,uh home by valerie saturday morning,holiday edition so lets hit the,saturday morning edition here,and all the items that theyve had on,that during that show,come up pretty good huh,so you can still go and see and you can,go back there before,uh lets see up here weve got qvc,two which is their other channel and,most of the time qvc2,are repeats of what was on qvc but,a lot of time they are new live programs,so i always check both,both of these programs like today lets,see,they always have a item of the day what,is it,theres problems i think its today its,yeah todays special value is something,with,it cosmetics and and thats all day long,that particular item,will be on a very special rate,so anyway thats how you can find it the,other way is,just go up to search,or excuse me oh you can search or you,can say like if you already know the,brand she likes like say if i liked um,quacker factory i could punch in quacker,factory it comes up i can,say whether i want tops what size i want,itll all narrow it down you know you,get the picture,otherwise you can go up to menu and,lets see,program guide and heres the program,guys you can just go across,and ill tell you whats on today like,see today there arent really,any items on that,well isaacs on at six,but there arent really any on today,that i particularly you know feel like,ive,got to watch so,thats the schedule of the day another,thing you can do,with your your uh ipad or probably a,computer too ive never,tried it on my laptop here but lets see,lets go back,to well dont want to go back to,recruiting lets go back to,uh,this page where it shows,so say if i wanted to um see what what,this item here,is i can go into todays special,todays special value and see the little,screen over here,so you can watch an actual you know host,or hostess doing a demonstration,you can click up here turn the volume,off which i do,a lot i use this feature a lot like when,say,were watching tv and golf is on,especially sundays because sundays,around usually around,three or four in the afternoon our time,you know pacific time,one of my favorite brands quacker,factory is always on so,what i do is you know usually golfs,still on sometimes its over by three,but,i just go into here have this on,and watch it that way easy peasy right,nobody gets upset hey i wanted to watch,nothings out you know,so thats thats what i do that way,so so,looking at my notes here to make sure,you want to forget anything i,demonstrate oh now how to order,lets see im going to go in,lets see if theres anything that i,want to maybe wanted to order im going,to go back to what was on like yesterday,and see if theres any because as you,know clothings my favorite,yesterday yesterday come on come on come,on here comes,luminary christmas i do know oh here we,go,one of my brands is isaac miss rahi so,were going to go into isaacs page,that was shown yesterday and lets see,if hes got anything that maybe i want,okay no i didnt order that i did order,some yesterday,but its not on here but lets go in,here,and heres one of his short sleeve,t-shirts so i just click on that it,comes up im going to pick a,second favorite thing i can just turn,the ball it would begin with turn the,volume off right,now what i do is ill go back to my size,which right now,is and in isaac brands its ive gotten,to know this,extra large so up here shows what colors,are still available in it,so lets check out this color,you cant see that one that well,um maybe so here,here it comes up and theyll have,different views down here of it,you know so you can see that so we just,uh like i said you pick your color,lets pick this one the navy extra large,says its in stock hit add to cart,and its in my cart simple so if i want,to,you know think i might be wanting to,order more things ill go back and,watch the rest of the program maybe add,to it or i can just check out now so to,check out now,i would hit checkout,i see hes got my my address my ship my,billing address my,card i use the item you know check it,out,um this is probably a good time to,mention the,easy pay that they have and what qvc,started doing which i think is just,great because it enables you to buy more,in a month than say if you

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I Gave My Credit Card To Random People

– سأمنح بطاقة الائتمان الخاصة بي لأشخاص عشوائيين.,تفضل يا سيدي.,- حسناً.,- لا يوجد حد للبطاقة في الواقع,ويمكنهم إنفاق مليون دولار.,- نحن في متجر تارغيت والذي له تاريخ في طردنا.,ولكنني مصمم على تجنب حدوث ذلك هذه المرة. هيا بنا.,مرحباً، إليك بطاقة الائتمان هذه.,يمكنك شراء كل ما ترغب به.,ولكن هناك حد أعلى للصرف ولا يمكننا إخبارك به.,وإذا تجاوزت الحد المسموح,عندها سنقوم بإعادة كل شيء.,- هل أنت جاد؟,- ما هو الحد المسموح الذي تتوقعه؟,- لا أعلم، ربما 200؟,- أوه، لا.,- أعطهم بعض التلميحات؟,- هل أنت بحاجة تلفاز؟,- لا.,لا يبدو على وجهك ذلك.,سنقوم بوضعه هنا.,- هذا سيرفع الفاتورة لـ 400 دولار.,يجب أن تكون على ما يرام.,- ماذا لو اكتفينا بهذا القدر؟,- لا!,ماذا؟,إنهم يتصرفون بحذر شديد. ليس هنالك حد أعلى.,وأنا هنا أفكر أنفقوا أموالي.,- انتظر، اممم.,- خذوهم. ثقوا بي.,- كلا، لن نأخذ اثنين منهم.,- كلا، لا بمكننا أخذ اثنين.,أوه!,- يا إلهي، إنهم في السلة.,إن الآيباد رخيص للغاية.,- وصلنا الآن إلى حدود 4800 دولار.,- لا بأس لأن البطاقة غير محدودة.,- هذا كل شيء.,- هل أنتم بخير؟,- نحن بخير.,إذا تمت الموافقة على هذه البطاقة، سأصاب بالإغماء.,- حسناً، إن إجمالي المبلغ هو 5915 دولار.,- سأقوم بإدخال البطاقة.,تقول الآلة أخرج البطاقة الآن.,- يا إلهي.,ماذا حدث للتو في حياتنا؟,- كانت البطاقة غير محدودة.,- أجل.,- حقاً؟ – أنت تمزح.,- إنه مصدوم.,- ولكن، كل هذه الأشياء.,- أجل، لقد حصلت على العديد من الأشياء.,لا تبكِ، لا تبكِ.,- هذا جنون.,- كان هذا أكثر موقف مجنون حدث لي على الإطلاق,- على الإطلاق.,- والآن حان وقت متجر الليغو.,كريس، حان الوقت لاختبار قلقك الاجتماعي.,- إنه فظيع.,- هل تحبون الليغو؟,حسناً، أتمنى ذلك لأنني سأعطيكم بطاقة ائتمان.,يمكنكم شراء كل ما تريدونه من المتجر,ولكن هناك حد أعلى للبطاقة,وفي حال تجاوزكم لهذا الحد,لا يمكنكم الاحتفاظ بأي شيء.,- إنه سيء في تفسير الأشياء.,- كان هذا جيداً.,- هذا سعره 350 دولار فقط.,- بالضبط.,سنأخذ كل شيء أو لا شيء، ونحن نختار كل شيء.,- أحضر تمثال الحرية.,أعتقد أنك بحاجة المزيد أيضاً.,لا أعرف ما المبلغ الذي وصلتي إليه، ولكن تفضلي.,- أوه، أوه، حسناً.,- ها هي مركبة ميلينيوم فالكون.,- حسناً، سنأخذ هذه أيضاً.,أتعلم ماذا؟ سنأخذها كلها.,- يوينك!,- [المحاسب] 3494.90 دولار.,- حسناً، إنه مبلغ كبير.,دعونا نرى ما إذا كانت البطاقة تعمل.,أدخلها. حسناً، تتم المعالجة.,- سيتم رفضها.,- أجل!,- أووه!,- أجل، أجل، أجل! يا إلهي، أجل.,لقد قمنا بذلك. أنفقنا 3000 دولار ثمن الليغو.,لقد توقعت أن يتم رفضها.,هكذا هو حظي دائماً،,ولكن عندما رأيت أنه تم قبولها، سررت للغاية.,كان هذا ممتعاً. يا إلهي.,- الآن نحن في متجر مصمم,ويصل ثمن بعض الأشياء هنا إلى آلاف الدولارات.,سيكون المكان هنا جنونياً.,ما الذي تنظر إليه؟,- جميع الأحذية.,- مرحباً، إننا نصور فيديو,حيث أعطي بطاقة ائتماني إلى أشخاص عشوائيين،,ويمكنك شراء كل ما ترغب به,ولكن إذا تجاوزت الحد المسموح، سنعيد كل شيء.,- من أجلك؟,- كلا، من أجلك. – من أجلك أنت.,- من أجلي؟,- أجل، من أجلي.,- يا إلهي.,- إننا نعرف صاحب المتجر.,هل يمكنك إغلاق المتجر أيضاً؟,المتجر كله تحت تصرفك.,- سأختار كل ما يقول عنه كريس.,- أوه، هل يعجبك ذوقي؟,حسناً، كنت أتمنى أن تطلب مني ذلك.,- يجب أن يحصل على محفظة ثانية.,هذه محفظة بقيمة 500 دولار.,- نعم، أنت بحاجة محفظة من لويس فيتون.,- هل تريد كنزة بقيمة 850 دولار؟,- أعني، أجل.,- دعنا نرى.,- أجل.,- هل أعجبتك؟ – نعم، لقد أعجبتني.,- كم تعتقد الحد الأعلى للبطاقة؟,- 5000 دولار؟,- من الممكن أن تكون كذلك.,- ربما.,- حسناً، أريد الحصول على هذه.,- إذاً، ما هو ثمن هذه الأحذية.,- 330 دولار.,- 330 دولار.,- نعم سيدي.,- أعني، لا يمكننا إخبارك بالحد المسموح,ولكن أتعلم، محفظة أخرى لن تضر.,هاتفي أيضاً بحدود 9.999%,- حقاً؟,- حسناً، أبق هذه أيضاً.,- إذاً، هنا قميص قيمته 600 دولار,وآخر قيمته 300 دولار.,احصل على كليهما، من يهتم لذلك؟,- أعتقد أنه 9.999 لذا سنأخذ كليهما.,- يعتقد أنه بحدود العشرة آلاف.,- حسناً، أنت الآن على وشك الوصول للثلاثة آلاف دولار.,- قد ترغب في صرف المزيد أيضاً.,- جرب أحذية سكوت. ثمن هذه 1100 دولار.,- ثمن هذه 1100 دولار، ولكن كريس،,أعتقد أنه علينا تحذيره قليلاً.,مثل، 5000 دولار، والبنسات هي..,أجل.,- أين نحن الآن؟,- أوه، إنها مناسبة للغاية.,- إنه يحاول البقاء تحت الخمسة آلاف.,هذا قليل التباهي.,وهذا شديد التباهي.,- أجل، أختار حذاء ترافيس.,- قليل التباهي.,- سآخذ هذه أيضاً لإكمال التنسيق.,- المبلغ الإجمالي هو 5013 و 94 سنت.,- إذاً لقد تجاوزت الخمسة آلاف بثلاثة عشر دولار.,هل ترغب بالمخاطرة؟,- كلا، سأتخلى عن هذا القميص,- أوه، أوه، لقد أحببت هذا القميص.,- حسناً، المبلغ الآن تحت الخمسة آلاف دولار،,تتم المعالجة.,- التقدم يجعل دقات القلب تتسارع.,- تمت الموافقة عليه.,- يا إلهي، يا أصحاب ..,- يا إلهي.,- أحب كيف أن والدته متحمسة أكثر منه.,- أنا فقط عاجز عن الكلام. ليس لدي أي فكرة.,- إنه يتوهج من الداخل. انتظر حتى يخرج من هنا.,- لم نخبره بالحد الأعلى بعد.,هل تريد معرفته؟,- أجل.,- لم يكن هناك حد أعلى.,- أوه يا للهول، لقد حصلت على أكثر مما أريد، أجل.,هذا جنون. أنا عاجز عن الكلام.,في معرض فني,- هذا هو عملنا الآن.,- كريس، إنه دورك.,- كلا، لماذا؟,- مرحباً، كيف حالك؟ هل ترى هذه؟,ستتمكن من استخدامها الآن.,- ماذا؟ ما هذه؟,- يمكنك شراء أي شيء ضمن هذا المتجر.,- أي شيء في المتجر؟,- هناك حد أعلى لهذه البطاقة.,ولا يمكننا إخبارك به،,ولكن في حال قمت بتجاوزه، لن تحصل على الأغراض.,- ما هو برأيك الحد الأعلى لهذه البطاقة؟,- 100 ألف دولار؟,- أووه، هل رأيت بطاقة ائتمان بقيمة 100 ألف دولار؟,أنتما معاً، أليس كذلك؟,- في الوقت الحالي، إنه أول موعد لنا.,- أوه حقاً؟ – واو.,- أجل.,- قد تكون هذه فرصة العمر.,- لهذا السبب أشعر بالتوتر يا رفاق.,بلا ضغط، أليس كذلك؟ بلا ضغط.,- بلا ضغط، لا.,- كم سعر لوحة نيويورك هذه؟,- [موظفة المبيعات] 18900 دولار.,- أوه، حسناً. قد تكون أعلى من الحد المسموح.,وقد تكون أدنى منه، من يعلم؟,- أريد أن أبقى تحت العشرة آلاف.,- تحت العشرة آلاف دولار؟ حسناً.,أوه، هذه رائعة.,- هذه رائعة حقاً.,هذه، سأختار هذه.,- ستختار هذه.,- كم ثمن هذه اللوحة؟ 4500؟,وماذا عن هذه التي خلف الرجل المحترم هنا؟,- [موظفة المبيعات] حسناً، ثمنها هو 7500 دولار.,- وما هو ثمن لوحة الجوكر هذه؟,- [موظفة المبيعات] ثمنها هو 26,- 26000، حسناً.,قد تكون تحت الحد,وقد تكون فوق الحد.,- امم، أجل، لا نعلم ذلك.,- أوه، ولوحة العين هذه، كم ثمنها؟,- تلك جميلة للغاية.,- وهذه ثمنها 10 آلاف.,- 10000 دولار، وماذا عن تلك الموجودة خلفه؟,- أعني، إنها جميلة.,- 30200 دولار.,- إذا حصلنا على هاتين اللوحتين هناك، بقيمة 15000.,حسناً ولكن..,- قد يعمل ذلك.,تلميح، تلميح.,وربما لا. وغالباً نعم.,- سأختار هذه. ثمنها 7000,- 7000 دولار,دعنا نذهب ونرى ما إذا كانت تعمل.,- والمجموع هو 15786 دولار و 87 سنت.,- اممم.,- كيف يسير هذا الموعد إلى الآن؟,- بشكل غير متوقع، لكني أحب ذلك.,إحراز هدف!,- لا تقم بإزالتها. تمت الموافقة.,- أجل!,- تهانينا.,حسناً، يمكنكم الآن التوجه نحو قطعكم,ووضع نقطة حمراء على الملصق,لأنهم ملككم الآن.,ما قام بشرائه هو.,- [الحشد] أوه! نعم!,ما قامت بشرائه هي.,- كنت أفكر أنه سيكون موعد قهوة.,سينتهي خلال ساعة. لقد تواصلنا بشكل جيد.,- [جيمي] سيرغب المتابعون بالمعرفة.,- أجل.,- [جيمي] هل تعتقد أنكم ستكملون معاً؟,- لا أعلم.,- [جيمي] بيننا فقط.,- أنا معجبة به بالتأكيد.,- [جيمي] ما رأيك بالموعد الأول؟,- ما زلت مصدوماً. لا أستطيع تخطي ذلك.,- [جيمي] هل تعتقد أنه سيكون هناك موعد آخر؟,- أتمنى ذلك. في هذه المرحلة، أتمنى حقاً.,شكراً لك، هذا كل ما أستطيع قوله.,شكراً لك على هذه التجربة.,- الآن، سنختار شخص من الشارع.,- مرحباً.,- ماذا؟,- هل يمكنك الاقتراب من هنا بسرعة؟,تفضل بطاقة الائتمان هذه.,يمكنك صرف بقدر ما تشاء،,ولكن إذا تجاوزت الحد الأعلى لن تحصل على أي شيء.,- لنقم بذلك.,- هل تريد الذهاب إلى محل المجوهرات هذا؟,- إنه يبدو رائعاً للغاية.,- لنذهب إليه.,لقد أعطينا هذا الرجل بطاقة ائتمانية.,- أجل.,- ولكن إذا مررنا البطاقة ولم تعمل،,عندها سنقوم بإعادة كل شيء.,- إذا تجاوز الحد، لن يحصل على شيء.,- أجل.,- لدي أشياء هنا تصل قيمتها إلى 2 مليون دولار.,- حقاً.,- سآخذ المتجر بأكمله.,- هل يمكنك أن ترينا؟,- مليون دولار؟ أجل.,- هنا، ألماسة واحدة بقيمة اثنين مليون دولار.,حسناً، أنا أقوم بذلك منذ 1999.,خاتم ثمنه 2 مليون دولار,ولم أر بطاقة ائتمان تأخذ 2 مليون دولار.,- سبب مجيئي حقاً,هو أن أمي مصابة بالسرطان في المرحلة الرابعة.,لقد تجاوزت رأس السنة الجديدة،,وهو ما لم يكن من المفترض أن يحدث.,- إذاً ،هل تريد الحصول على قلادة لها؟,- أجل.,- لدي كل هذه، هل ترى تلك الماسة السوداء؟,- امم.,- لدي ماسة بيضاء مدمجة داخل ماسة سوداء،,ومن ثم قلبين.,- سآخذ هذه.,- حسناً، هذه ثمنها 6900 دولار.,لنقل 7000 تقريباً بعد الضرائب.,- حلقات الخنصر على الجانب الآخر. هل هذا صحيح؟,- حسناً.,مجوهرات ثمينة. إنها مجوهرات ثمينة.,- لم أحضر نظارتي الشمسية.,إنها رائعة.,أشعر بأن الرقم هو 9آلاف,سأتأكد من أن الرقم هو أقل من تسعة آلاف بدولار.,- [الصائغ] 2950,2950 بالإضافة إلى 60، صحيح؟,- هذا صحيح. هذا هو بالضبط المكان الذي تريد أن تكون فيه.,- يجب أن أحصل على اثنين. هذا ه

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Affinity Diamond Natural Pink Diamond Band Ring, 1.00 cttw, 14K on QVC

Im so excited this is our last item in,our to our affinity show good morning if,youre just joining you turn on the TV,at the perfect time this is our affinity,Dimond highlight underline this natural,pink diamond band ring one carat weight,set in 14 karat white gold which is,stunning on six easy payments of three,hundred and $16.50 or even better than,the best easy payment plan we have to,offer Thank You QVC with their QVC,credit card we are offering 18 months,special financing if you dont have this,bad boy yet todays the day were,offering $20 toward a future purchase if,you pick this up today but that brings,your price point down to a hundred and,five dollars and change a month for,natural pink diamonds we had two in our,assortment in this show again we have,sizes five through 11 available but this,style is really wearable every single,day this band ring it looks like we,stacked almost like four rings – pink,rings and then the two natural white,diamonds around that but no this is one,ring that looks stacked tapers down,comfortably in the back but if you want,to keep stacking with this say our 98,facet band you can keep on stacking the,versatility on this is beautiful pink is,my favorite color thats why its my,pick of the show and this is so,comfortable on its one quarter of an,inch wide so it will show that to you,but Im gonna let you talk now Im sorry,I got no you know what this happens,every time we present pink diamonds and,we got either extreme you get so excited,or no one speaks because these are truly,unique gifts of mother nature pink,diamonds we would love to show you more,theyre extremely popular and often sell,out simply because Mother Nature does,not provide that many of them become,from a very specific mine in Australia,northern Australia called the Argyle,line and these are so unique so,beautiful and natural pink diamond is,not bright its not garish it doesnt,look like makeup it doesnt look like,Barbie,it is actually closer to a glass of Rose,a or pink champagne where you get that,beautiful glow and that effervescence,coming up that pink champagne glass this,is incredible as a matter of fact it,takes 1 million carats of diamonds to be,mined before we are able to get you one,carat of sellable pink diamonds and I,say that one more time,can you please say that again 1 million,1 million carats of diamonds you say,like 1 million before you get one carat,of sellable diamond and youre getting,one carat here so you know the labor,that was taken to give you this ring and,I have to tell you – weve had two,natural pink diamonds in this show and,we here at QVC only use one vendor,to source these so we go to one Vande,vendor to get these natural pink,diamonds so they are done perfect so,they match perfectly and they are done,to the best of our standards which we,have the strictest standards I think on,the planet it were one of the largest,jewelry retailers we get these values we,pass them on to you I dare you to get,this home and get it appraised and see,what youre going for on this we have,six easy payments of three hundred and,$16.50 your special financing with your,QVC credit card is going to be a little,over a hundred and five dollars a month,the band ring is so so popular in,fashion and especially in jewelry right,now because Jose I think its really,simple and I think for those of us when,you talk about the athleisure wear which,is really thinking off we want things to,be comfortable to work into our busy,everyday life we dont want have to,think about the ring once you put it on,you want to wear it every day for the,rest of your life thats why you invest,and then pass it down when youre gone,from this earth because absolutely you,can do that with affinity I think thats,one of the reasons why but why do you,think the band ring is so popular well,you know what unfortunately the the word,classic gets overused but this truly is,when it comes to our investment pieces,within the affinity collection we always,want to make sure that they are pea,is that over years and years and years,of where youre going to get your,moneys worth that theyre not a trend,that theyre not pieces that are going,to go out of fashion and theyre now no,longer going to be wearable in a year or,two so always know that with our,investment pieces they are true classics,that are going to be worn by you or your,loved ones for many many generations and,this one in particular in the pink I,mean you guys I have to tell you this,this is actually way better in person oh,yeah dont you think I wish that you,could just get this home right now and,see it and lucky for you if you can do,that right now use that special,financing so you can get it home put it,under the tree for yourself sizes 5 to,11 I will say though if you are,giftgiving and this is our other natural,pink diamond that we had in the show,weve had to which is really special,because youre not going to find this,very often if ever but the fact that we,have these two on special financing and,easy pay comes boxed I would size,obviously true to size on this band ring,if youre in between sizes if youre say,a six and a half you have the option of,sizing because on the back as this is,set in 14 karat white gold you can,definitely size down if you need to just,take it to your jeweler thats easy to,do but shop with confidence because we,have until the end of January to make a,return to also make that free exchange,if you need a different size lets,remind you again of the EZ pay to get,home natural diamonds from affinity,which is going to be the best quality of,natural diamonds in these white and,fancy colors backed by our quality,assurance standards backed by the GI a,the Gemological Institute of America,weve had a few items on the show on,special financing this last string 105,dollars a month if you have your QVC,credit card if you dont have this,please inquire because were offering a,$20 account credit toward

Barbara King Set of 2 Ceramic Garden Fish With Stakes on QVC

pretty over 300 of you have dialed in,for these fish and I will say at the,Philadelphia Flower Show I did see fish,but they certainly werent at this price,so lets go ahead and take a look at,this because the price that were giving,you isnt one-day only price this is a,today only price that means the price is,going to go up at the end of the day you,can have six easy pays using any major,credit card PayPal your QVC credit card,whatever works best with your budget at,the moment well give you three,different choices you get two of these,for 24.70 six cents and free shipping,and handling free shipping and handling,on this one saving you five dollars and,fifty cents that fish friend is our spot,it white you can see your spot at white,very popular already then look at the,spot it blue thats really really,fabulous were gonna take a closer look,at them I just want you to see the,colors and then this is spotted red the,red really is an orange color like an,orangish red but its called red in your,choices again free shipping and handling,you can get them home for four dollars,and 13 cents,Barbara fish stakes if you will fish,like this Im add so much movement and,they were so popular at the Philadelphia,Flower Show because they just look so,amazing and I think theyre fun they add,whimsy to our garden they certainly add,whimsy and they had another texture to,the garden that and the glaze thats on,it came out beautifully they look like a,slick wet fish that just popped out of,the water,they look like theyre swimming above,your plants whether its your annuals or,maybe you have brasses they just look,amazing and fun and its an accent that,you will be able to just put in your,garden in seconds and its something you,wont see everywhere it adds whimsy and,style and your personality of fun to the,garden and these spotted,were new for us so we had one spotted,one last year and now we brought back,more of the spotted one so if anyone did,get our other solid color fish these,will mix in beautifully theyre on a,nice sturdy stake at that elbow stake,here and you can use the stake or not,use the steak the steak screws right in,this little guy here I didnt put the,snake in sometimes I like to put them,right into the garden they and at the,stake is a two piece steak too so you,could use half of it you could get them,a different height have fun with their,tail swerving the ones to hide it,definitely gives the illusion of,movement to the garden and I love the,colors they just really pop they truly,truly do and the nice thing about them,is its very very secure with that stake,if you want to go ahead and as you said,raise them above Im gonna see if I,cant put it back in here there you go,if you want to buy more than one set I,mean I could only imagine if you have a,pool or you have a pond or you have even,just two pots I think Barbara would work,for me if you dont have like this could,be your thriller in the center of a pot,if you wanted to do something like that,so true I mean that is such a fun way to,decorate a pot we all love to put the,planted whats doing a different,material a different texture something,that just is easy to use something you,dont have to take care of but youll,see the detail in these pieces that are,so well made most people when they,receive them theyll call me and say I,cant believe how much better it looked,even in person then when we saw it on,television because they look pretty good,on TV but people are saying when they,open it up they look even better its a,good cats without a doubt we are super,super busy oh I got a lot of fits jokes,Ill keep them to myself I promise we,are super I got a lot of fish stories,dont worry and we are super do,so please if you would not mind using,the app download our app its absolutely,free it makes shopping very easy with us,this is not a club you dont have to pay,us to shop with us were just glad that,youre spending your day with us and,youre staying safe and healthy we are,talking about the opportunity maybe to,juice up your outdoors to add,personality to it beautifully over 1,000,of you now Ive already dialed in and,again I invite you all to check out easy,pay if thats an option you havent,considered before its considered our,budget plan and youre welcome to go,ahead and use that anytime you shop with,us particularly if you have the QVC,credit card but today when were talking,garden all day long and outdoor living,everything is 5 or more easy pace these,will be at your doorstep in about a week,for a lot of us in the normal shipping,and handling time and then you can pop,them right in the garden you look you,could put them in that to me almost,looks like a window box that they just,sat down on the ground how fun would,this be I mean I think the kids would,love it the motion of the fish that,Barbara was able to capture beautiful,and theyre two-tone the one youre,holding Barbara is a little bit more,subtle with the spots yes you know it,has that like you said its called red,but it definitely is more of a poppy,orangey red yes and it has that golden,spot on it they look amazing together as,a group if you want to do more than one,color this red with the blue logo so all,that would be pretty blue if you like,the coupon glue pots and that is the,exact fish for you but I think having,the accent of the oranges with it you,get a school of fish going and you will,have people coming by taking photos,because its such an unusual look and it,is just so much fun and the tails just,swirl around they look like theyre,swimming and in our store Pat we only,sell them one at a time because they are,much more expensive here and to be able,to start your school with a mama and a,baby is pretty fantastic Im totally,with you on that one no fish stories,there Im here,save about 15 dollars when you pick it,up today and at the end of the day that,price and the opportunity is going to go,away let me give you measurements on the,big fish our big fish as we are telling,our fish story is 22 and a half inches,high 14 inches long three and a half,inches wide the smaller versions will be,21 and a half inches high and eight and,a half inches long so there is about,five and a half inches difference in,size if we talk about the length of them,I think one of the things Barbara that,everyone will absolutely love is they do,look like if youve ever gone fishing,I used to my dad was and his brothers,were all great freshwater fishermen and,we all he made us go fishing we were 16,and he had to buy us a license and then,he was like okay you girls are done,right now but I have so many awesome,memories of that Barbara uli do so this,brings a smile to my face and my heart,and hopefully it does for everybody at,home – really well done Barbara free,shipping and handling price on that will,go up at the end of the day but treat,yourself to some

Isaac Mizrahi Live! Jacquard Knit Bomber Jacket w/ Lace Sleeves on QVC

with that lace sleeve detail here your,item number is a three one zero one two,six you have a clearance price for the,very first time a brand-new markdown on,something that is customer top-rated,under $35 now means youre saving over,$31 use that QVC credit card if you want,three easy payments because if you dont,have a cute card today were gonna give,you $40 in your inbox toward a future,purchase if you already have that QVC,credit card yeah you you have six easy,payments here going through colors this,is going to be that Rose blush love that,pink is my favorite color Jackie so,pretty,desert green is really cool I like that,juxtaposition of kind of a more,masculine color with such a feminine,beautiful jacket overtone Hardware on,the next shade thats the surf blue we,have the dark navy extra extra small,through 1x and 3x were getting more,limited here in these final two colors,and then the black we have extra small,through medium extra-large through 1x,and then also the 3x but only three,dozen remain in this black here as were,looking at this its an amazing price,point Jackie for an Isaac Mizrahi live,knit jacket tell us about his net and,why you think this is customer top-rated,its got all that stretch within it so,this is that little jacket thats going,to replace your denim jacket for example,maybe youre going to slip this one on,on and just show it is an easy zip the,zip lines like a knife through butter,which is what you want so a little,jacket that works with everything so,youre just going to pair this with your,t-shirts with your tanks youre just,going to wear it in to replace your,little denim jacket or your outerwear,what it does is give you the look all,this stretch lace of the sleeves is so,pretty,take a look at this detailing on the,back when C the exquisite detailing I,want to go over to my girls if I can and,I just want to give a shout out to two,of the hardest-working models they have,you guys gone to bed yet I mean they,have not gone to bed yet they have been,with me this Michelle and Barney,Michelle and Bonnie one of the first six,am show this morning and then they were,just and the Isaac on E and they ran,from that set down the hall down the,hall and they,she may feel any man I know and they,still look like theyre supermodels that,they are so thank you girls showing us,so beautifully so bonny looking at,Bonnie right now and with the blue and,just look at the little just just,nonchalantly thrown over her shoulders,just a little extra something maybe,shes going to meet her girlfriends for,brunch maybe shes going to the movies,maybe shes going for a walk somewhere,and Capri you know obviously shes not,forget right for the girlfriends youre,free yo and I know Bonnies got the kids,as do I so whenever you can look chic,but still so comfortable a lot of these,reviews at the bottom of your screen are,saying this jacket was everything that I,hope for a nice effect that youre,noticing those beautiful pockets on the,side seam are pretty much hidden but,Michelle has her hands in there so its,really nice look at the beautiful print,on this you have that nice stretchy lace,machine wash tumble dry,its a poly spandex blend now Michelle,stands about the same height as Bonnie,but in a different size here the extra,small and you have a little peekaboo of,your top coming out little bit Ernie the,peekaboo and then taking a look at the,dress on Bonnie but youll see this,dress coming up later in the show if,youre loving her look but you know,lets see that lets show we see just a,little bit of the lace detail you can,see that exquisite stretchy lace,underneath the lace we just get a peek,of the print of the of the piece,underneath but it still gives you that,coverage so all the coverage you want,for the sleeve and yet just that little,bit of Sheerness look at the detailing,on the back all these princess seaming,s every time you see seams on a garment,I want you to remember that seams are,your friend,yes its anything about really,flattering catchy a phrase in that well,I think think about me Im not really,good with touchy phrases though I try,but when I look at these reviews at the,bottom of the screen its everything,that you were saying there Jackie its,incredibly flattering I just love how,stretchy this is whether you want to,wear a little tank top underneath and,let your arm do a little peekaboo the,skin which is sexy maybe you dont like,to fully show your arm but you want that,breathability,or you can have a little color poking,through like my pick of the show this is,so incredibly flattering Im in the,extra extra small in the Navy well go,back and show you other colors but,Jackie first day clearance price means,no reorder so take advantage of the,savings because youre actually saving,almost what youre spending your,QVC price was $66 its now under $35 for,Isaac Mizrahi live award-winning,designer so the color that Michelle was,in was this beautiful pink and she was,in the extra small is what we call Rose,blush this is the surf blue then we have,that desert green with the gold-tone,hardware and the desert green love that,the black bow and last Co oh my and the,black has the gunmetal Hardware smaller,medium only and you ottoman and Im in,the Navy this morning as was Bonnie so,she was in the median Im in the extra,small she was five nine Im five five,and a half I love this one and as we,move into the show my friend were going,to talk sweetheart sweepstakes so this,is a really offer a great opera

Denim & Co. Stretch Faux Suede Button Front Big Shirt on QVC

och alright so lets talk about the faux,suede button-front big shirt this is,offered at $44 but we have two easy,payments again if you shop with your,regular credit card its two payments of,$22 if you shop with a QVC credit card,the cue card you can up your payments to,four if you dont already have a QVC,credit card you can go to QVC calm and,theyll walk you through ways to apply,this is a 4 75 16 this is a shirt thats,been on the line for a long time to,weve sold over 410,000 i did a double,check on this one but it says it right,there on my card for 10 comma 0 0 0 you,know I need glasses for me I have to,double check thats a lot of shirts,though it really is all right color wise,were offering it in the new antique,rose thats a beautiful color but its,last call we only have extra large in,that sorry heres your new stone medium,through 3x heres your dark olive also,extra large only last call how beautiful,is this color that Colleen has on the,lapis blue which looks good on everybody,extra small through 3x heres your true,purple just a few dozen of those extra,small through extra-large gunmetal extra,small through 3x and black and again a,popular shirt its one thats been,around for a long time for a couple of,reasons first of all it looks great it,never loses its color it never loses its,shape it always has that beautiful,swated elegant rich feel its lighter,than an actual suede shirt would be but,you know again it still gives you that,peached almost feel to it its very very,soft hand its one hundred percent,polyester so it is machine wash oh I,lied its 96 polyester four percent,spandex so it has a you know easy care,and wash ability factor the cut on this,one is your classic point,collar styling buttons down the front,placket that are dyed to match it does,have a shirt cuff sleeve so nice detail,here if you want to you can always roll,those sleeves back if not you can use a,full coverage long sleeve in this and,oops the color im showing you right now,aunty grows is gone sold out so well,work on this one they got a nice thing,about it oops Oh make me bend over dont,make me bend over so old okay the other,nice thing about this shirt is that it,is one of the few shirts that has a,straight hemline which I think makes it,perfect to use as a shirt jacket and you,hear us talk about this all the time if,you got that tank top set that we,offered earlier and you want to use that,tank top under this and leave it open or,leave a couple of buttons open thats,the shirt jacket look so Colleen is,showing you another way to wear it and I,think because it has the straight hem it,just makes a cleaner finish if you do,want to use it that way Sheila is,showing you get traditional way to wear,it buttoned up very smart its simply,styled with a pair of colored denim,which looks amazing on her roll those,sleeves back and it becomes more of that,smock like look and I think thats a,fresh to look to as youre looking at,the sleeves rolled up notice the,underside of the fabric the great thing,about suede faux suede is that it has a,slip like finish on the reverse so this,is a woven that on the outside is,peached but the inside is like a soft,satiny finish which feels really good,against the skin incredibly comfortable,it does have a little weight to it so if,youre a gal who tends to run a little,bit cold then this is a great jacket to,give you a little extra warmth and if,you want to layer it with something else,then its going to be the perfect piece,right on through the fall and winter a,475 16 continue to place your order and,check out what sizes are available in,which colors and now already 300 of the,Denevan company long sleeve

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