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welcome to introduction to retail link,for Walmart us suppliers this course is,designed for new users to retail link as,well as those needing to refresh their,skills after this course you will have a,fundamental understanding of the major,aspects and capabilities of retail link,as well as the knowledge needed to build,custom report queries questions after,class feel free to contact us at support,at trend results comm trend results is,in no way associated with or endorsed by,Walmart stores inc all references to,Walmart stores trademarks and brands are,in strict accordance with the fair use,doctrine and are not intended to imply,any affiliation of trend results with,wal-mart Stores Inc retail Inc is a,registered trademark of Walmart stores,inc sharing of retail link login,information is in strict violation of,Walmarts retail link user policy each,employee within your organization must,have their own unique username and,password all data obtained via your,access to retail link is strictly,confidential and may not be shared with,any persons outside of your company,failure to abide by the terms of this,policy could result in suspension or,termination of your companys retail,link account todays lessons will take,approximately three hours to complete,the speed with which you finish largely,depend on how much time you spend,reviewing each module since this is an,introductory course the first topics,will deal with the fundamentals of,retail link from supplier expectations,to exploring the various elements of the,apps and docks sitemap reviewing some,corporate level data in introducing you,to Walmarts fiscal calendar for,convenience we have divided the course,material into separate modules this will,allow you to view the content in any,order you wish however we recommend,watching the entire set of course,modules in order the decision support,section is where,well introduce you to the reporting,aspect of retail link this application,will allow you to create what are called,custom reporting queries in these,modules we will explore the various,features of decision support as well as,creating and reviewing four separate,decision support queries fundamentals of,retail link this section will introduce,the user to the retail link dashboard as,well as the most commonly used,applications within retail link supplier,expectations many retailers provide,their suppliers with data related to the,performance of their account however in,many cases this is limited to data,provided by the home office or data,available in limited detail all Mart,takes a different approach they provide,you access to retail link through which,you can manage all aspects of your,Walmart business in exchange for this,visibility into detailed data on your,account,Walmart expects their suppliers to be,utilizing retail link to help be a,better supplier partner the specific,requirements for data reporting vary by,buyer and category some buyers require,their suppliers to complete specific,account templates on a frequent basis,other buyers and departments defer to,their supplier partners to take the,initiative regarding the available,account data providing them with a,comprehensive analysis of the suppliers,account in either case your buyer isnt,expecting to simply receive an email,with an excel file or files attached,they want the supplier to analyze the,data and provide them with a key point,summary of their findings in the body of,each email this allows the buyer to,review the highlights and if necessary,inspect the actual Excel documentation,for further insight any analysis you,provide should include key performance,indicators as well as identification of,any liabilities or opportunities root,cause analysis actions being taken by,the supplier and resolution date for any,deficiencies,the tendency is to think of retail Inc,as an obligation however it is important,to change that thought process and begin,thinking of retail link as an,opportunity many insights can be reached,that can help improve in stocks optimize,inventory levels identify new store or,product opportunities and much more,exploring the retailing dashboard lets,get started by logging into retail link,the URL to log in as HTTP colon forward,slash forward slash retail link dot wall,- mart comm rather than typing all of,that in the easiest way to access the,login screen is to search for retail,link login in any browser once on the,login screen enter your authorized,retailer,username and password remember you must,have your own retail link username and,password in order to access the system,if you dont have login credentials,contact your retail Inc site,administrator within your company in,order to start the new user creation,process once you have logged in you,should see a page that looks similar to,this page if this is your first time,logging in or if it has been a while,since you access to retail link you will,be required to take a quick tour of the,new features it isnt necessary to take,this tour as we will be discussing all,of these topics plus more in the,following modules click on the Down,arrows to quickly scroll through the,tour and finally click on the green,button titled launch my dashboard the,dashboard is your home page within,retail link it provides insight into,several key areas of retail link and,allows the user to customize the,individual panels or cards that appear,on the page information that you can see,on your dashboard includes any,applications or documents that you have,bookmarked saved reports corporate level,performance data as well as quick access,to download any custom reports that you,have created,or if your page doesnt look exactly,like the one in this screenshot we will,be exploring how to customize your,dashboard for your specific purposes,thanks for watching in order to purchase,this video training module please click,on the Add to Cart button below this,video and follow the checkout,instructions the video training course,will be available immediately upon,checkout remember all video training,modules have no expiration date and,ample digital documentation questions,after class reach out to us at support,at trend results.com

muy bien empezamos el capítulo 1 de,consultas en retailing y de una forma,muy práctica vamos a ver la ruta para,poder bajar información y trabajar,nuestros indicadores de desempeño está,esta ruta bueno pues está prácticamente,de acuerdo a la plantilla que les vamos,a compartir en el cel y comenzamos una,vez que entremos al portal y que demos,clic en soporte de extensión nuevo vamos,a entrar aquí a esta pantalla vamos a,ver ventas y márgenes a darle clic y,vamos a volver a darle clic en detalle,de la tienda,vamos a tener esta pantalla vamos a,iniciar con las columnas del reporte,y empezaremos a seleccionar los,artículos o los atributos más bien para,estas columnas primeramente,seleccionamos información el artículo,volvemos a seleccionar información del,artículo aquí vamos a empezar a,seleccionar los atributos empezaremos,por upc,después vamos a seleccionar nueva de,artículo descripción del artículo costo,de la unidad,y del consumidor,tipo de artículo,hasta aquí,la descripción de tamaño,y código de estado,ahora vamos a cerrar información del,artículo y vamos a abrir información del,proveedor,aquí vamos a seleccionar prácticamente,son tres campos es un número de,programas,el nombre del proveedor y vamos a,seleccionar las piezas por caja esto,solamente vamos a acomodar lo aquí para,orden de la plantilla,cerramos información del proveedor,y ahora vamos a seleccionar el tema,codeson blacks para poner el atributo,código mdm,para saber si estamos de lado o no el,artículo cerramos maitén count,cerramos nuevamente información del,artículo,y ahora vamos a abrir información de,tienda vamos a elegir tres atributos,es prácticamente el número de tiendas,descripción tipo de tienda y nombre que,tiene,cerramos información de la tienda,ahora vamos a abrir esto especifica el,precio de venta vamos a seleccionar,precio de venta especifica en tienda ya,que es tan azul nos da información si la,tienda baja aún más el precio,esperamos,después vamos a irnos,a inventario,vamos a abrir el campo,en tiendas y aquí vamos a seleccionar,combinación actual tienda de artículos,drive y combinación actual tienda,artículo válida para saber qué tiendas,están válidas en el sistema,cerramos mi intervención ramos,inventario,después de la estancia elección del,tiempo,vamos a seleccionar tiempo y la tierra,horizontal,y después nuestra consulta va a ser por,semana entonces seleccionamos semana,cerramos la selección de tiempo,después vamos a abrir por 6 a 2,vamos a seleccionar aquí solamente venta,en pesos y ventas empiezas,nuevamente reservamos y ahora vamos a,bajar datos de la cadena nuevamente,vamos a abrir el inventario,vamos a abrir,el inventario en tienda,y aquí prácticamente vamos a bajar o,consultar los atributos de cantidad,actual existente en la tienda,en tránsito de tiendas y aquí vamos a,bajar cantidad actual en tránsito de la,tienda,después vamos a ir en se ve o se dicen,de siempre tienda,y aquí también vamos a seleccionar,cantidad actual y schering la consulta,cerramos y abrimos pedido se entiendan y,también vamos a bajar la cantidad actual,en orden se le quema todo esto hacer la,cadena en piezas,y bueno cerramos nuevamente y volvemos a,cerrar para tener,inventario cerramos una mente inventario,con esto ya tenemos los atributos para,poder bajar nuestra información ahora,nos vamos a ir a la parte de artículos,aquí lo que les recomiendo es bueno pues,prácticamente si tienen un solo,departamento bueno pues poner aquí nada,más el recuento departamento,o inclusive en el número de proveedor,nada más ponerse aquí en filtros,trabajamos aquí y buscamos lo que es el,número de proveedor ya sea a seis o,nueve dígitos vamos a seleccionar a seis,dígitos,seleccionamos es uno de y aquí solamente,ponemos el número de jugador que,queremos obtener normalmente bueno se,cuenta con uno inclusive si tienen dos o,más van a ponerlo aquí pero esto es para,que les proporcione toda la información,cerramos,vamos a irnos a la ocasiones aquí bueno,puedes seleccionar inclusive todas las,tiendas de hecho lo que nosotros hacemos,es seleccionar todas las tiendas para,que no haya ningún,error en información vamos aquí en,tiendas desglose de tipo de tiendas y,ponemos todos,quienes pueden ver nuestra selección ya,desconocemos el tiempo vamos a tomar,rango 1 esta esta consulta o esa,plantilla está diseñada para cuatro,semanas entonces nos vamos por fechas y,vamos a poner prácticamente las últimas,cuatro semanas,y bueno ya aquí en tiempo ya estamos,seleccionando que vamos a bajar la,información de las últimas cuatro,semanas en opciones vamos a poner a,médicamente nada y ya en su emitir vamos,a grabar nuestro reporte,vamos a ponerle,y ventas,1,y aquí bueno pues ya podemos seleccionar,si queremos bajarle semanalmente ya,seleccionamos alguna fecha lo que hago,es que ponemos qué número y después,seleccionamos algún número de año que,cíclicamente y así lo quiere marcar el,domingo se tiene para el lunes que ya,sería cuestión de cuando ustedes quieran,consultarlo,nuestro reporte lo vamos a guardar como,ventas 1 y este es el primer,prácticamente la primera ruta para poder,bajar nuestra consulta y poder empezar a,ver los cupcakes no muchas gracias los,esperamos en el siguiente vídeo,el cual bueno en el siguiente vídeo,vamos a ver lo que es el rey vamos a,hacer una consulta para bajar órdenes de,compra el nivel del servicio al rey y,bueno pues agradezco su atención,eliminamos el celular gracias

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welcome to intermediate retail link for,Walmart us suppliers this course is,designed for users with a fundamental,understanding of retail link and the,decision support reporting application,if you do not have a comprehensive,understanding of decision support you,should consider watching the,introduction to retailing video for,Walmart us suppliers after this course,youll be able to dive deeper into more,complex business questions including,market basket analysis store,demographics seasonality sales forecasts,and supply chain management questions,after class feel free to contact us at,support at trend results calm trained,results is in no way associated with or,endorsed by Walmart stores inc all,references to Walmart stores trademarks,and brands are in strict accordance with,the fair use doctrine and are not,intended to imply any affiliation of,trend results with Walmart stores inc,retail link is a registered trademark of,Walmart stores Inc sharing of retail,link login information is in strict,violation of Walmarts retail link user,policy each employee within your,organization must have their own unique,username and password all data obtained,via your access to retail link is,strictly confidential and may not be,shared with any persons outside of your,company failure to abide by the terms of,this policy could result in suspension,or termination of your companys retail,link account todays lessons will take,approximately three to four hours to,complete the speed with which you finish,will largely depend on how much time you,spend reviewing each module since this,is an intermediate course we are going,to be diving straight in with building,some more advanced reports that will,provide additional insight into your,account beyond simple sales and,inventory reporting for convenience we,have divided the course material into,separate modules,this will allow you to view the content,in any order you wish however we,recommend watching the entire set of,course modules in order topics covered,in this workshop include a quick review,of the procedures and best practices for,building a custom decision support query,market basket analysis including reports,detailing what sells with your items the,purchase quality of your items per,customer transaction as well as the,frequency with which a Walmart customer,returns to purchase the same product,store of the community or sotc,contains information relating to the,community demographics around every,Walmart store this information can be,used to help identify the traits of your,top and bottom selling stores as well as,identifying stores that could be a match,for your products based on similar,demographics 104 week historic trends,will highlight the seasonality of the,sales for your items matched up against,additional historic metrics like,inventory store count in stock and more,this report can be used to help quantify,why dips and Peaks and sales occurred,historically corporate POS forecast,provides insight into Walmarts customer,sales projections this is not an order,forecast and should only be used as one,of many data points necessary for,effective demand planning store within a,store or swas,is an exception based reporting system,this application pulls from the same,database as decision support though the,reports obtained in swathes do not,require the user to build a custom DSS,query wheres my stuff is an application,which allows users to key in an item,number or Pio number and get quick,visibility into the entire supply chain,this application can be used in lieu of,DSS reports in order to gain quick,access to supply chain data the Pio,tracking report is a good root cause,analysis tool allowing insight into,rate and on-time delivery percentage by,DC by P Oh use this report to help,identify specific DCs that need,corrective action finally we will be,walking through the specific steps,necessary to build a store specific,order or SSO an SSO is an analysis done,by the supplier in order to make,suggestions to the replenishment manager,on orders necessary to get store,inventory up to a certain target level,of inventory lets get started building,some more advanced decision support,reports than those that we created in,the introduction to retail link workshop,decision support is capable of providing,information on much more than just sales,in inventory for your account in this,section were going to be looking at a,group of reports known as Market Basket,reports Market Basket boards provide,shopper insights in other words how is,the consumer interacting with your,products while in the store Walmart,tracks many shoppers statistics such as,what items consumers are buying during,the same transaction how many of the,specific item of consumer is buying,during the same transaction as well as,how often a specific consumer is,returning to repurchase a specific item,there are several Market Basket,templates available in decision support,we are going to be looking at the three,most popular templates what sells with,my item this report provides insight,into what other items are in a,customers shopping cart when they,purchased one of your items from this,report suppliers can gain insight into,assortment offerings and even modular,adjacencies purchase frequency this,report shows the frequency with which a,specific customer returns to repurchase,a specific item from this report,suppliers can gain insight into customer,loyalty to their items as well as,insight into how long the items are,lasting at a consumers home purchase,quantity,this report provides insight into how,many of a specific item that a customer,is buying during the same transaction,this can help give the suppliers,analytical feedback on the optimal unit,size for their products lets get,started by building the what sells with,my item report in order to build these,Market Basket reports you will need to,use one of your Walmart item numbers if,you dont have an item number in front,of you go ahead and pause this video,while you look one up thanks for,watching in order to purchase this video,training module please click on the Add,to Cart button below this video and,follow the checkout instructions the,video training course will be available,immediately upon checkout remember all,video training modules have no,expiration date and ample digital,documentation questions after class,reach out to us at support at trend,results calm

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[Music],my name is Jordan Garner and I work with,rope swing Hospitality Group were one,in todays presenting sponsors and I,just wanted to talk a minute about the,building that youre in right now aside,from a few restaurants we have this old,auto dealership that rope swing has,turned into a big meeting space and not,only community and private events but we,are a resource for a lot of suppliers,retailers like yourself for meetings big,sales expose our clients include of,course Walmart JB Hunt Tyson but General,Mills Dr Pepper Snapple Unilever you,name it so if youre looking for event,space in the downtown area with,walkability to restaurants and cool,entertainment please give us a call or,email or you can visit our website,record downtown comm record at rope,swing group comm and you can probably,find something on the web store Im,sorry not the web site but in through,these presentations with that,information,or reach out to the supplier community,team they can help you connect but,without further ado I want to introduce,you to the next expert her name is,Rochelle Sanders and after 20 years in,this industry she started a company,called boutique business solutions and,shes going to talk about retail link,thank you show of hands whos used free,selling before whose retail used,retailing for more than a year more than,five more than ten more than 15 just,Annie and I are all hanging out over,here 20 20 who used to retail like,before it was internet-based,really Im the only one to two of us and,I said about Theresa whos one of the,attendees here because she was actually,part of the group that developed,retailing out of the gate at Walmart,eons ago so I am Ive been using,retailing since 1997 for those of you in,the math I was 12 and I started I,started that it was not an,internet-based application it actually,was software based and it lived on a,computer that was probably about as big,as that little table and it was a,secondary machine and we dialed up for,updates once a week it was not real time,every day all the time updates like we,had anybody been in retailing today yeah,retail Inc is cranky right now I think,yeah from what I understand it is shes,having a day which is part and parcel I,think just to the application,who has not seen retail link and is just,dying to see what it looks like,just you just come on somebody one one,one thank you for thank you for caring,me so thats what Im gonna do Im gonna,walk you through just a little bit of,navigation some of the tools that are,there just some of the things that are,available to you to get to in case,youve not used retail linking and you,would like to and then Ill walk you,through building a query so that this is,just this is the legalese it just says,Im not retailing come back along and,retailing Im not Greinke the retailing,rules or laws because if I do then they,will come and claim my firstborn and,nobody wants her so well start with a,navigation when when you log into retail,link it prompts you for your user ID and,password and actually this this screen,is now dated about a month ago they,changed that and the these are these,unique to the user and the password,changes it prompts you to change it,about every 45 days and they want a,character and an upper case and a lower,case and gang sign and just all kinds of,crazy stuff,I encourage people to know who their,site administrator is if there are,issues with getting in if you need help,changing your password if you dont have,the access that you think that you need,the site admin is the person that,actually manages all of those things so,here she is I use Google Chrome,I dont know anybody used Internet,Explorer does it still it does it look,like this or is it still the old version,by now old version still its all my,stuff is in Google Chrome its its its,different than it was previously and I,wish I had something to share with you,Im walk you through a little bit of,what we have and,weve got some animation so well start,with the link here at the top for,applications there are really kind of,two main buckets of things within,retailing right there are applications,or those things that I put data into or,get data out of something Im going to,interact with something I could,potentially break and then documents so,manuals guides reference materials,templates that kind of thing the,applications here you can see are laid,out and theyre laid out initially,alphabetically I can go in and change,them to be categorized documents which,looks the same theres my categories all,right so if I am looking for something,thats related to logistics instead of,just trying to look through the five,million things that are available to me,on the screen I can filter the screen,down to just logistics and thereby kind,of less than the amount of stuff I have,to sort and sift through next to that,what is what what is this called,thats the feeds so formerly news this,would be anything thats pertinent so,theyre sort of closing or relocating or,how to handle the hurricane information,or if there are issues with retailing at,the moment which seems to be more often,than not these days Business Alliance in,this business is a glance I wish that I,had the long stretchy arms but this,corresponds with you see the little bar,chart kind of in the middle of my screen,there the business at a glance,corresponds with that and this is where,actually I can go in and set it up,theres a little edit link Ill walk you,through a little fun Walmart terminology,so I can go in and select edit here at,that at that screen which brings up a,new window and in that window youll see,kind of below the bottom half of the,screen theres theres the content the,division and the country so for me in,this instance I did merchandising and,Walmart and the u.s. there is for fYI,theres no place within retail link,where you can report on walmart and,Sams together they are not they are not,besties and contrary to popular belief,so theres theres their systems are,actually completely different so you,wouldnt see that here,so I selected us and then I can filter,that down by department by buyer if I,have multiple vendor numbers I can do it,there I always recommend that I have,multiple views right so many companies,dont just sell to one buyer or they,dont just sell in one department and,the intent of business at a glance is,just that so that I can get a top-line,view very quickly of how my business is,performing in the event that I just need,to know somebody calls and Ive got a,Ive got to get a pulse on my business,so I just recommend that we have a,top-line view which is everything that,we do and then if you sell to multiple,departments and/or multiple buyers I,recommend that you do add an additional,views to lay out those those specifics,so I can I can select those in those,bottom three drop-down boxes and then,its the time range selection right so I,can do here to date I can do last week,what I cant even hardly see last week I,can do week to date week to date comp,okay so make here some a Tommy what are,comp stores now Im really stubborn for,anybody notice whats that yes actually,that well theres a couple different,types of comp store and and in this in,this example of comp theres five,theres five criteria for a comp store,so comp store has have been open for an,entire year it has to have not remodeled,has walked into their Walmart and holy,crap now the pharmacies right in the,middle of the store right so remodels,fall off of that relocation stores,Walmart has a propensity to love that,piece of property across the street and,they skip it up and build a new building,and just move everything over there,realize fall off expansion stores has,been into one of the Division one stores,I lovingly call those the ghettos doors,yeah little bitty little small-town,stores so Wal Mart has spent a lot of,time and effort and money in the past,several years to expand those stores and,to super centers so expansion stores,fall off my comp store list and

the walmart retail link application and,its global enterprise mailbox,gem configuration can be a challenge,especially if you are configuring an as2,connection with walmart for the first,time,while the user interface could certainly,be more intuitive and user-friendly,the use of the word certificate,throughout the as2 configuration pages,could result in some confusion lets get,started with walmart retail link and,global enterprise mailbox configuration,for as2,log in to your walmart retail link,account and select edb2b under,apps and you will see your main page for,ed communications with walmart,since the as2 communication is,configured under the global enterprise,mailbox or gem,when you visit the gem you will be,presented with the batch search page as,the home,your main interactions however will be,through the menu item links at the top,now lets look at the first part of as2,configuration on retail link starting,with creating a new mailbox,once the new mailbox is created navigate,to document testing,and then survey and select your vendor,account to be used from the drop-down,for the mailbox select new mailbox and,click,next page then you will be presented,with a few questions,which will allow you to select if you,want to proceed with the creation of a,new mailbox for as2 communications,answer the questions and click next page,then you will be taken into a page with,a survey,where your intended use is understood,continue with your answers and click,next page,enter your contact information for the,new mailbox,when requested you can leave the already,existing information,and proceed to the next page finally,select the ed transactions intended to,be performed,over your as2 connection and click the,complete button,now lets get started with creating your,s2 communications infrastructure,on mft gateway and sign up for a new,trial account,and logging into the mft gateway console,you will see your main menu bar to the,left of your screen,the mft gateway is a very intuitive,application,with an inbox and outbox and operates,similarly,to a web-based email service however,with as2,you can only send or receive files with,pre-configured trading partners,so you will need to create an as2,station in your mft gateway account,and one partner to represent walmart if,you want to exchange documents,with more partners you will need to,create more configurations,under partners however you can,reuse the same as2 station you create,as separate stations and ids are not,required,to create your as2 station click,stations from the menu,and then click new station specify,your desired as2 id with which,you will be identified by walmart at,this step,the mft gateway will be able to generate,a certificate to prove your identity,and to be used for encryption and,digital signatures,during as2 communications usually,as2 trading partners generate their,certificates,using the as2 products they use like the,mft gateway,and thus these certificates are rarely,counter-signed,by an external certification authority,although that is an option,if your trading partner requires it,walmart does not require such,counter-signing by a certification,authority,provide your organization name email and,other details such as country etc,make sure to select the key length as,2048,and the validity as five years and,remember to also specify,a password for the certificate walmart,will not accept key lengths,below 2048 and expects a validity period,in the range of five years after the as2,station is created,go into its partner configuration and,you will be presented with all of the,information,required for your trading partner to set,up their side of the as2 communications,download your certificate by clicking,the download as pem,and then save the file with the file,extension,dot sir you can also easily email this,information to yourself,or anyone else using the email feature,at the bottom of the page,lets look at the second part of the as2,configuration,on retail link simply switch to the,retail link configuration,and navigate to certificate management,and then mailbox maintenance by clicking,the start link,then click the edient as2 link at the,top,for the supplier section enter the as2,id,you used for your as2 station and the,url for the as2 communications,from the partner configuration of your,as2 station,note that specifying a https url will,result,in walmart also selecting a https,url for its end but this is not required,as as2 protocol automatically encrypts,and digitally signs all message payloads,next click certificate details link and,upload the certificate you saved from,the mft gateway application,as a dot sir file now you will see,a successful screen where you will view,the certificate you uploaded,being correctly assigned to the vendor,communications profile,you can now download the walmart,certificate from this screen,under the walmart communications profile,by clicking the download icon,once the previous step is completed if,you navigate back to mailbox maintenance,and then edit as2 and then,click certificate details you can see,the configured digital certificates,and the details as given you can now,create a partner,in your mft gateway account to represent,walmart,and use the configuration from retail,link to populate this,information use the as2 id and the url,we already received,and use the certificate downloaded,to test the retail link to as2 station,connectivity,switch back to the retail link window to,initiate a test message from walmart,by clicking the certificate connectivity,link,click test connection to request walmart,to send a test as2 file transmission,to your as2 station if successful,a detailed report is presented and if an,issue is encountered,the detailed report will help you,rectify the issue,this step could be a bit complicated,when using https,as walmart will need to trust the https,or ssl certificate of the mft gateway or,any other as2,application used it is recommended to,use http,for the reasons detailed earlier you can,also see,the mdn or message disposition note sent,by the remote as2 station,congratulations your as2 connection with,walmart is now complete and tested to be,successful,now in order to look at the received,message from the mft gateway,go to the inbox of the mt gateway and,you will see the message sent by walmart,the file sent is usually called send,test underscore,sendtestunderscorex12.txt,and contains a message similar to whats,shown on the screen,to send a test message to walmart click,the compose button,at the top left side of the mft gateway,and select the walmart partner created,and the as2 station pair you can select,the file to be sent as the content and,click send,once the test message is transmitted it,will appear on the sent box and will,show a green color state,and the received mdn finally you can,look at the received message from retail,link,by navigating to the mailbox and then,batch search,ensure the proper mailbox is selected on,the drop-down,and check the direction to walmart and,then click search,feel free to contact us through info,gateway.com if you require further,details,and stay tuned to www.as2protocol.com,for more as2 updates,thank you

hola bueno esta es mi transmisión para,hacer el reporte de la tarea de,tecnologías de la información la verdad,es que ya cuando estuve navegando un,poquito más en la página del retail link,y me pareció bastante amigable me,pareció una página muy fácil de usar,realmente viene pues como toda la,información necesaria para que los,proveedores puedan acceder a ésta está,herramienta muy útil esté bien en,cuestiones pues qué tipo de reportes te,puede generar la facilidad con la que,puedes utilizar la página y sobre todo,los beneficios luego resaltan muy claro,en desde la parte de arriba los,beneficios que reciben los proveedores,con el uso de esta aplicación también,vienen por ahí algunas ligas entre,algunos links para poder ingresar este a,lo que se necesita,a las necesidades de los sistemas,operativos ya sea windows o cualquier,otro sistema operativo pues también te,da por ahí una guía básica rápida para,que puedas acceder y utilizar estás esta,plataforma también este pues se pueden,ver algún link de preguntas frecuentes,de personas que yo creo que ya han,utilizado este servicio y pues se genera,este espacio de preguntas frecuentes,también viene una guía de cómo poder,utilizar esta aplicación reta el link,este bien en algunos ejemplos viene pues,básicamente a grandes rasgos todo lo que,puedes obtener todos los beneficios que,tienes al utilizar este,esta herramienta también otra cosa,interesante es viene como obtienes tu,propio usuario no te puedes añadir a,esta cadena de valor que te propone y,wal mart y sobre todo que tiene horarios,y algún contacto por si tienes algún,problema alguna pregunta más en,específico pues puedas comunicarte,también viene un correo electrónico a,grandes rasgos esto es lo que lo que la,página de ayuda ya al finalizar viene,una pequeña guía para darte de alta como,proveedor la verdad es que dentro de los,menús que vienen ahí pues ya,investigando un poquito más me metí,precisamente al que dice el detalle este,redireccionar directamente a lo que es,pagos y facturación se me hace muy,interesante esto para las empresas,porque pues está la facilidad de que ya,puedas crear todas tus tus facturas,tu jefe de ihs todos los comprobantes,fiscales esto la verdad es una ventaja,muy fuerte una ventaja competitiva muy,grande porque le ahorras tiempo le,ahorras mucho esfuerzo también a los,proveedores te da también una guía de,cómo hay que llenar todos estos estos,documentos cómo hacerlas las solicitudes,para los jefes y los datos que son los,normalmente que te piden para cualquiera,de estas transacciones cómo se maneja la,cuestión de los pagos también viene la,carta de convenios vienen varios links,que redireccionan a estos documentos las,cartas de convenio,es los lugares en los que puedes pagar,los días y horas de pago también por ahí,vienen especificados si hay que pagar,con cheques etcétera y los requisitos,para recoger sus pagos previo a estas,transferencias pues también viene ahí,este un pequeño manual,si eres persona moral o persona física,también puedes obtener esta información,también cuenta con su propio contacto,este un teléfono lada del 5 hasta el,interior de la república y un correo,electrónico la verdad es que está,bastante completa la página esté,informada bastante bien,cuenta con todo lo necesario para para,hacer esto más fácil y que se me hace,muy interesante digo aplicándolo a lo,que hemos estado viendo en las en las,sesiones,pues entonces se me hace bastante,interesante este tipo de cuestiones ya,que dentro de lo que vienen en los,objetivos de la empresa hacerlas las,ventajas competitivas este,le empezará a utilizar nuevas,herramientas nuevas tecnologías de la,información para precisamente pues,explotar estos campos como si fuera algo,más este interesante es una ventaja que,están explotando bastante bien walmart y,que le están dando pues facilidad de sus,proveedores sobre todo es lo que lo que,les ayuda la información también el,producto de esta información pues es una,ventaja competitiva bastante fuerte al,hacer estos vínculos el no necesitar,este estar a distancia están cerca sino,que puedes hacerlo a una distancia,considerable y pues aceptó este tipo de,transacciones si se convierte en una,ventaja importante y pues bueno esto,sería todo de mi parte con respecto al,reporte de esta página de guerrita y,link,y pues bueno sería todo muchas gracias y,bueno lo analizaremos con más detalle en,clase que están bien


bien,[Música],[Música],hola en este vídeo tutorial hablaremos,acerca de algunas generalidades del,sistema de retail inc para iniciar,colocaremos en nuestro explorador el,link que ves en pantalla el sistema,pedirá usuario y contraseña,todo a nivel de seguridad que tiene el,sistema si intentas ingresar al mismo,más de tres veces automáticamente se,bloqueará tu usuario,al ingresar veremos en la pantalla en la,parte superior izquierda que dice with,el link debajo del logo están las,palabras home work apps docs,debajo de sombras que dice my account o,mi cuenta y en el recuadro se visualiza,el nombre de la persona así como el de,su compañía,en la parte superior derecha de la,pantalla verás que se visualiza la,palabra wv m week junto con un número,que se compone de los primeros 4 dígitos,por el año en este caso 2018 y dos,números adicionales que se refieren a la,semana walmart actual,a la par visualizará las opciones del,idioma la recomendación es que mantengas,la versión en inglés por lo que deberás,visualizar la opción como central,america english si lo visualizas en,español,podrás cambiarlo seleccionando el idioma,inglés el sistema te mostrará un mensaje,que indica que para poder hacer efectivo,el cambio,deberás desconectarte del mismo,al darle a la opción de desconectar en,la esquina superior derecha deberás,ingresar nuevamente al sistema,ingresando tu usuario y contraseña,cuando ingresas nuevamente en el sistema,y te posicionas en donde estábamos,anteriormente a la par del idioma verás,la opción tulsa aquí las opciones que se,despliegan pueden variar dependiendo si,eres el administrador de sitio en tu,compañía o no,el administrador de sitio tiene más,opciones visibles entre las cuales están,delete eeuu se acaban que servirá para,borrar usuarios que han dejado de,elaborar en la compañía o que ya no,tienen relación directa con walmart,luisetti user password que sirve para,ayudar a otros usuarios a cambiar su,clave cuando el sistema la bloquea,también visualiza la opción suggest,anheuser account opción que servirá para,habilitar a otras personas de tu,compañía y que tengan el acceso al,sistema como administrador podrás,visualizar la opción supplier number,maitenes qué sirve cuando la compañía,tiene acceso a más de un código del,proveedor por lo general son compañías,regionales que tienen el mismo nombre en,otro país y éste permite habilitar le a,otros usuarios los códigos en esos,países,y por último la opción del log out que,deberás utilizar para salir cuando hayas,finalizado de utilizar el sistema,ahora vamos a la opción de apps ahí se,visualizarán todas las opciones a las,que ustedes como proveedores tienen,acceso,como verán se visualizan en orden,alfabético y podrás buscar la aplicación,que necesites ubicar filtrando por la,letra con la que inicia la misma o bien,darle a la opción de búsqueda por,ejemplo para ubicar la aplicación de,decision support new puedes hacerlo por,la letra d o bien en la ventana de,búsqueda ingresas la letra d ie y se,visualizarán las aplicaciones que,inician con esas letras las aplicaciones,más utilizadas son la de decision,support new y la de ecommerce a la par,de las apps hay una opción de docs al,darle click se habilitarán nuevamente,botones con los que tienes disponible a,visualizar los siguientes,al darle clic a online training se,habilitarán todos los documentos que se,han preparado y que sirven de guías para,la generación de diferentes reportes en,la opción de guías rápidas visualizar as,la que se titula glosario 10 es el cual,podrás descargar y leer posteriormente,en este documento encontrarás la,terminología más utilizada para generar,reportes,de la misma forma puedes descargar los,otros archivos para posterior referencia,para regresar al menú principal lo,puedes realizar dándole un click al logo,del retail ink ubicado en la esquina,superior izquierda cuando ingresas a,decision support new se abrirá una nueva,vista ahora entendamos que visualizar a,sacar cuando genere su primer reporte y,los alves éste quedará guardado en la,opción de my will ports ahí se te,mostrarán dos folders todo lo que salves,está en el folder que se llama reports,dándole un clic en el signo más se,habilitarán los reportes que hayas,guardado y dándole un clic en el signo,menos se cerrará también hay un folder,de recycling en bandeja de reciclado,donde se depositan los reportes que en,algún momento haya guardado pero que ya,hayas eliminado con la opción de delete,cuando tienes un reporte generado pero,que aún no hayas descargado a tu,computador podrás visualizar el estado,del mismo en la opción de estatus en la,parte superior derecha ahí se habilitan,las opciones sobre los reportes que,están descargando que pueden ser el ser,error no data fan o done cuando se,visualiza en tu reporte el estatus done,ya podrás descargar tu reporte en el,formato que hayas definido,ahora bien con el conocimiento básico,que has aprendido hasta este momento ya,podrás empezar a explorar los diferentes,reportes que tenemos disponibles es,importante que recuerdes que todo lo que,verás en los siguientes vídeos son guías,básicas puedes explorar todos los campos,que verás y podrás agregar o eliminar,tanta información como las requieras,queda al criterio de cada persona el,nivel o cantidad de información que,desea utilizar muchas gracias,[Música]

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