1. Every New FREE JACKPOT Reward & Daily Free Rewards!
  2. How to make Login System in Laravel
  3. Claiming Old Forgotten FREE Rewards From Brawl Stars…
  4. 6. Posting Data Keranjang Belanja dan Login Session (Shared Preferences) – Belajar Flutter
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Every New FREE JACKPOT Reward & Daily Free Rewards!

ladies and gentlemen today we are going,to be tackling a bit of new content,coming out in this updates that really,hasnt been explored yet or specified in,the brawl Stars patch notes and that is,the change to the daily freebie logins,what you can expect from the different,offers that Ive seen thus far as well,as most importantly the thing the dev,team hasnt talked about at all and that,is the jackpots every single jackpot,that weve seen up until this point and,how valuable they actually are so lets,get into it,also I do want to give a fair warning,seeing that we are so early on into the,update some of this could be wrong we,really dont have that much data to go,off of but there are some things that,are noteworthy so to start off this,video here today I want to take a look,at the daily freebies that we are going,to be getting the most often the,non-jackpot freebies Believe It or Not,these seem pretty dang random but there,is a bit of a pattern or just ones that,are Baseline amounts that we can expect,starting off with of course the token,doublers in my opinion my least favorite,freebie that we can get here in the game,because number one its not an instant,freebie right it is free but in order to,get the progression from these token,doublers you need to expend effort and,ironically enough and I dont know if,its by Design but throughout all of my,accounts here today at least by far in a,big way exceeding like 60 percent the,token doublers were the most popular but,theres two different variations of the,token bubblers that Ive seen thus far a,60 as well as a 120. but moving along to,the next daily freebie that we can,expect and that is the coins believe it,or not theres no variation that I saw,from the coins the only one that Ive,seen pop up time and time again is a,flat 15 coins theres one small,exception to this flat 15 coins that,Ive seen grazing around in every single,corner of this freaking space Im,telling you that much towards the bottom,of a Reddit post I came across this user,saying I got seven coins and this,individual is saying I got eight wild,PowerPoints both of those comments were,from some time ago I believe when the,update dropped and I think for the very,first day of the update or maybe a day,after that we were seeing some more,bizarre daily freebies but since then,weve been dealing with more staple,freebie amounts like this 15 not,necessarily like a seven or an eight at,least from what Ive seen from the last,like four or five days days since the,update has come out now from the credit,daily freebie Ive seen two different,variations thus far excluding the,jackpot one the meme Potential from this,amount is insane Ive seen so many posts,in regards to this specific daily,freebie and that is five credits and the,other one is 30 here scouring across all,of my accounts as well as several photos,out there in the brawl star space next,moving along to the Powerpoints and this,is where it starts to get really really,bizarre if you ask me what Ive seen,thus far are three different variations,of the PowerPoint freebie one we have,here ten we have a big big jump to 50,here as well as such a strange jump from,50 we have a 60 PowerPoint daily freebie,super strange kind of leads me to,believe that there could be more or,different ones like a 20 or a 30 to kind,of fill in those gaps I mean for example,outside of the numerous screenshots I,guess I saw this this comment here from,an individual six days ago saying that I,got 20 power points so maybe there could,be some more obscure PowerPoint offers,in the normal daily freebies but up,until this point I havent seen any,other different values other than these,three with the exception of once again,that really strange occurrence towards,the beginning of the update I think on,the very first day and that is some,people getting these obscure amounts of,Powerpoints and coins this one for,example from the baltok showing seven,power points but again since those,strange ones that Ive seen on the first,or the second day I havent seen these,really weird non-rounded up totals for,the daily freebies but hey if you guys,have seen anything bizarre like that,make sure to let me know in the comments,down below because Im trying to get as,accurate as I can with these daily,freebies here for the normal freebies,believe it or not that is it even though,in the patch notes they mention that,chroma credits could also be a possible,reward for these offers but scouring,across the entire freaking internet I,swear to gosh guys I went Indiana Jones,on this this morning looking at every,nook and cranny in the Burl Stars,Community just for an example I did not,see a single example of a non-jackpot,chroma credit freebie its pretty dang,crazy so Im assuming they put chroma,credits in the patch notes literally,pertaining to the jackpot version of,that offer but now its time to set our,sights Im probably the most compelling,thing about the freebies literally not,mentioned whatsoever in the brawl talk,in the patch notes nothing it just,wasnt in there it was a total surprise,and that is the jackpots I have a hunch,the reason they were implemented into,the game is to not 100 take away chance,and luck where you can still log into,the game and get that potential dopamine,Rush that luck can give you in games,like this just not so harmful right,every single currency that weve,mentioned thus far in this video has its,own version of 8 jackpot aside from the,token doublers at least up until this,point I have yet to see a single example,of someone rolling a jackpot for a token,doubler but starting off with the very,first one finally the chroma credits,popping up in the daily freebies its,jackpot version is 50 chroma credits 10,of the value of a chromatic brawler this,one from what Ive seen thus far is a,little bit more on the less popular side,of things when it comes to the jackpot,rolls that Ive seen screenshotted,across the internet the most popular,ones by far the Powerpoints and the,coins for some reason but well get into,those next up the PowerPoint jackpot a,grand total of 300 Wild Card PowerPoints,that will be added to your total which,caps out at 4 000 quite substantial this,is the only variation of the PowerPoint,jackpot that Ive seen thus far I would,say in a odd sum of around 30 different,screenshots Ive only seen 300 but this,one is a little bit more on the bizarre,side of things if you ask me seeing that,there is quite a big variation to the,PowerPoint regular daily freebies that,we see I showed you guys a 10 a 50 a 60,and theres just a flat 300 for this,jackpot so its kind of hard to tell how,impactful a jackpot is multiplier wise,but I mean if the base is 10 PowerPoints,youre dealing with a 30 times,multiplier if the base is 50 youre,dealing with a six times multiplier and,if the base is 60 its a five times,multiplier but kind of seeing the first,bit of value that the jackpot can hold,there multiplying what we see from the,regular freebies quite a lot moving,along to the coin jackpot here once,again much like the Powerpoints I have,yet to see a single different jackpot,offer than this one probably around 20,to 30ish screenshots yet again for the,data that we have here going into this,but 600 coins dude my gosh but the only,exception I could find anywhere out here,here is this individual commenting on a,Reddit post saying that I got 800 coins,or gold so if we go off his word maybe,theres a different jackpot but Ive yet,to see it thus far from several,different screenshots so hey it could be,something the coin jackpot is by far the,most substantial multiplier when it,comes to the base coins that we see thus,far from this like I said before I,havent seen anything greater than a 15,coin daily freebie so youre dealing,with a 45 times multiplier to that so,holy crap 600 coins really goes a long,way and I got a feeling speculating here,the coin jackpot is a bit more,multiplier wise because of the sole fact,that coins became much more importa

How to make Login System in Laravel

hello friends in this video tutorial we,are going to make simple login,application in laravel framework,here we have create a simple laravel,authentication by using laravel,migrations seeding routes controllers,and view,we will develop this system step by step,by using different laravel features,there are many viewer has requesters to,make video tutorial on laravel login,system so we have make this video,tutorial,in previous tutorial on laravel we have,already download an install a novel,application,and in that weve seen how to upload,file in laravel so we have used that,laravel application folder,under this application first we want to,make database connection so we have,opened our 10 file,in this file here we have right,localhost in database we have right,testing in username we have right root,and password set to blank,after this we have go to config folder,database dot PHP file and in that file,also we have defined database credential,you,this way we have make database,connection after this we want to make,user table in testing database by using,laravel migration so when we have,download laravel application then by,default use a table migration file has,been downloaded which can be found under,database migration folder so we have,opened this file and under this file we,can see different users table field like,it name email password and so on,now we want to migrate this use a table,to testing database so we have go to,compose a command prompt and here we,have write this command,this command will migrate users table to,testing database and users table has,been created under testing database,which we can see here and testing,database now we want to fill one data,into users table so we have used seeding,technique of laravel and seeding file we,can find under database seeds folder,so in this folder we want to create user,table seed a class so we have go to,command prompt and write this command,this command will make use a table see,the class under database slash seeds,folder which can see here,so we have opened this file and under,this we can see run function on this,page we have here at user slash user,model,after this under run function we have,right user class with create methods and,under this method we have right array,in Rey first key we have right name with,value John Smith in second key mail with,value John Smith at the Reggie mail.com,you,in third key password with value hash,class would make method and under this,we have write simple password this class,will convert simple string to hash,string,now we have go to database seed a class,and here also we can see run function so,under this we have write eloquent class,with OnGuard method after this we have,write dollar this with call method and,under this we have write users table,seed a class name this method will call,users table seed a class up method,now we want to export this data into,users tables so we have go to command,prompt and write this command,this command will,sport this data to users table and,insert into users table so this way we,can use seed a class for export data,into database,now we want to create one controller so,we have go to command prompt and write,this command,this command will make controller with,named main controller in controllers,folder,now we have go-to controllers folder and,under this we have open main controller,file and under this we have make one,index method,so when we have called this controller,directly then this method will called,and under this method we have right,returns statement with view methods and,under this we have right login,so when main controller has been called,we want to load login form for login so,this view method will load login view,file now we have go to view folder and,under this we have already make login,dot blade dot php view file and under,this file we have already loaded query,and bootstrap library under this page,first we want to make login form so here,we have write form tag with method is,equal to post,under this form first we have right open,and close to curly bracket and between,them we have called CSR ref field method,for handle multiple exception now we,have right input type is equal to email,with attribute name is equal to email,under this user can enter their email,address,after this we have rightt input type is,equal to password with attribute name is,equal to password under this tag user,can enter password details,lastly inform we have right input type,is equal to submit with attribute name,is equal to login and value is equal to,login by clicking on this button use,that can submit form data to server,now we want to set root for index method,of main controller so we have go to,webpage P file under this we have right,root class with get method with two,argument in first argument we have right,slash main and in second argument we,have right main controller at index,method,so when in browser we have right base,URL slash main then it will called main,controller index method now we have,check output in browser friend here,first we have write base URL and after,this we have write main then it has been,display login form so this way we can,display login form,now we have go to main controller and,here first we have right used statement,with validator class for form field,validation,again we have right right use statement,who thought classes for check user,details authentication,now we have create one new method check,login with request arguments this method,will received login form request,under this method first we have right,dollar this with validated method with,two argument,in first argument we have right dollar,request variable and in second argument,we have defined formfield in a format,for validation rules,so in Narae first key we have right,email with value like required and email,here this email field is required and it,must be an email same way and second key,we have write password with value like,required alphanumeric and minimum length,3 here password field is required and it,must be an alphanumeric and password,length must be minimum 3 if this,validation rules is not passed then page,will be redirect to login form with,validation error,but suppose above all validation,successfully passed then it will execute,of the code part,so first we have display validation,error on view file so we have go to,login dot blade dot PHP page,on this page we have right at the rate,if statement and under condition we have,right count function with dollar errors,variable value greater than zero,this condition will check if this count,function return value greater than zero,then it will execute if block of code,under this block we have right at the,rate for each loop and under condition,we have right dollar errors with all,method as dollar error variable,you,by using this for each loop we can fetch,errors value one by one and under this,loop we have right dollar error variable,this way we can fetch,datian error and display on web page by,using blade templating engine and,laravel,now we have go to main controller and,now we have right dollar user data,variable is equal to array with first,key male value get from dollar request,with get method with email,you,same way in second key we have right,password with value get from dollar,request get method with password text,box field name this way we have store,login form data into this dollar user,data variable,after this we have right if statement,and under condition we have write-off,class with attempt method and under this,we have right dollar user data variable,by using this attempt method,can attempt to do the log in with user,data store in dali user data variable if,validation successfully then it will,execute if block otherwise it will,execute else block,if users enter proper login data then it,will execute if block of code and under,this block we have right returns,statement with redirect method under,this method we have right main,controller slash success login method so,validate us

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Claiming Old Forgotten FREE Rewards From Brawl Stars…

you guys todays video is quite unique,its the very first time im able to,make it and quite honestly probably the,only time im going to be able to make,it because my goodness we are dealing,with some pretty dang sizable time,durations here in this video thats for,dang sure it goes without saying your,boy has quite a few accounts here in,brawl stars ive made several in my four,years playing this game and this is only,on one device guys i have a completely,other device that has exclusive accounts,on that as well but because of my,copious amounts of accounts here in this,game it has afforded me the luxury of,being able to forget about things i,probably play 80 of the time on my main,account and the other 20 is spread,across my cursed account or my two mini,accounts and the other ones are pretty,much so left abandoned just for,collection videos opening videos so you,can assume the free rewards that weve,gotten in the past from supercell via,the inbox i have completely neglected on,several of my accounts as you can see a,very tame time duration in comparison to,the others we have coming up in this,video today 144 days ago,unclaimed pin so today we are going to,be partaking in one of the most,satisfying and unique unboxing videos,youve seen out there on youtube,venturing into each and every one of my,accounts here to see what hidden goodies,have been forgotten and uncovered here,today,so were starting things off here over,on the razer beam account and im gonna,be honest with you guys i am more,excited to see how old some of my,accounts are rather than the actual,rewards itself as you guys can see if we,go to the inbox going to the personal,messages here the oldest message on this,account is,447 days ago so im assuming this,account is even older than that because,its not the wizard barley skin so who,the heck knows how old this bad boy is,but sheesh more than a year ooh were,here on the blue ironman challenge,account my oldest ironman challenge,account and it looks like we have some,rewards to get over here so we have,personal lets see yep we have so many,unclaimed things but our oldest date is,387 days but we got some pins lets get,these bad boys from 144 days ago,collette clap give me that free pin and,now this one here collect clap as well,the chromatic one these bad boys have,been waiting for 144 days to be unlocked,poor club pins im sorry and we even,have an online qualifier message from,310 days ago,while you beat the championship,challenge amazing thanks dude a nice pat,on the back that was meant to be given,about a year ago ill take it now though,thank you all right the road to purple,iron man challenge accounting guys im,going into this cold here with all of,you guys look at these dates doesnt,look like we have any rewards to claim,over here seeing that we didnt get the,notification but my goodness look at,that date at the very bottom 906,days ago,this account is old sheesh this ones,even older almost a thousand days,literally six more days this is just a,failed road to purple iron man challenge,account i wonder what happened over here,alright its another failed iron man,challenge account literally nothing,going on here i wonder what is in our,inbox,whoa,846 days ago for the wizard barley skin,my gosh guys that is crazy we have badly,unlocked already on this account but,this thing is 846 days old,im sorry to neglect you for so long,there wizard barley oh my gosh that is,satisfying dang the road to green iron,man challenge the newest of all of them,is still insanely old look at this 632,days that is nuts next heading on over,to ray buzz which is not a super old,account or anything like that but it,looks like we have three things that we,didnt claim on this account so this,should be interesting lets see,okay so we have a bunch of pins and the,wizard barley skin 119 days ago for the,pins as well as 230 days for the wizard,body lets get the wizard braley first,nice nice nice this is a failed cursed,account so we already have some of these,brawlers unlocked wheres the bali come,here and now,the clapping pins one for buzz thank you,thank you,okay next one,and the other buzz the chromatic,clapping pin was smaller than this one,but guys you all already know your boy,ray loves his pins i will take these,gladly okay nice we have something over,here on a failed cursed dynamic account,that i just use nowadays as somewhat of,a burner mini mic that has dyna jump,right but lets take a look whats in,here what hidden goodies do we have nice,the wizard barley skin,453 days ago give me that give me that,dude it kind of goes to show how,important i see the wizard barley skin,right its now been on a few different,accounts that i just totally didnt,collect it interesting i have something,over here on the brolidays ray account,one of my favorite accounts here in bro,stars lets go wizard bali,its just wizard bali but i know i have,a bunch of pin collects here on some of,my other accounts but,come here wizard body im sorry for,neglecting you as well i wonder whats,popping over here on the ray bull oh,interesting what the heck i totally,forgot about this account we have,a very cursed account here the ray bull,i thought i unlocked 8-bit on this,account as well i guess not we might,have to push this bad boy when does it,fail season 9 season 11 we have like one,more season to push it this might be a,priority here moving forward well see,but next hopping on over to this device,where i do have a ton of exclusive,accounts over here so lets see what,hidden gems we can find here all right,over here on another failed cursed,dynamic account that i use as a,mini dinah for dine and jumps and stuff,like that but lets see what is poppin,over here,139 days ago a pin nice okay what is,this lets see hey its lu clap sick,king lou its so funny all of these free,rewards that are just hidden in the,inbox of these accounts its super,satisfying this account is pretty dang,old as well 453 days nuts oh nice were,over here on the ray account what do we,have what do we have,wheres the bali,455 days,sheesh man time really does fly its,crazy i remember making this account for,a tribe video has it really been that,long already what the heck i truly cant,believe its been like years since ive,made these accounts look at this 440,days,why didnt i collect it its just a,random account but that is cool dude,its been sitting there for so long what,the heck oh theres definitely something,interesting on this account we are on,the legendary raid that is just a,glorified gemmer,account here but see we have three inbox,notifications what do we have a more,pins and the wizard probably 424 days,ago lets start with this and lets get,the pins for free so 134,day old pins lets see,colonel rubs lets go corner off clap,and the other ones probably going to be,kernel rough clap as well but the,chromatic one lets go you guys so,satisfying lets see is popping over,here on the colonel daryl account we,have two notifications this was a cursed,account that i made way way long ago i,believe in season five the bro pass of,course it is ruined by the season reset,but what do we have more pins im sure,you guys are sick of seeing the wizard,bali but its still satisfying to know,that its been waiting there for so long,but we have one pin lets see what is it,colonel robs again,nice you guys i love it ill take it oh,what the heck were on ray bibi my,cursed bb account we didnt collect the,brawl pass for season seven hopefully it,doesnt get ruined yay it didnt okay we,just got powerpoints for the two,brothers nice what the heck hidden gems,all the time baby you better believe i,aint collecting that wizard barley skin,even though its free and the final one,were gonna be ending off here on is the,ray jesse account i made this account,with the intentions of getting cat,burglar jesse and trying to make a,cursed account out of that but it just,didnt work out but as you can see we,have four notifications here so what the,heck is on here lets se

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6. Posting Data Keranjang Belanja dan Login Session (Shared Preferences) – Belajar Flutter

halo halo teman teman selamat datang,kembali di channel belajar pemograman di,video sebelumnya kita sudah membuat,halaman keranjang belanja dimana,data-data keranjang belanja ini telah,kita simpan kedalam database lokal atau,escalade,Hai kalau kita lihat di source code yang,kemarin di fungsi tab pada tanggal,checkout,Hai yang masih saya komentar ini di sini,ada pengecekan Apakah user dalam kondisi,login atau belum Kalau sudah dalam,kondisi rajin maka akan diteruskan ke,fungsi klik check-out tapi kalau belum,dia akan diarahkan ke halaman login Jadi,sebelum lanjut ke fungsi ini,Ayo kita akan buat dulu untuk halaman,login kita bisa tambahkan di,Hai di luar jadi Disini di atas ini di,Libya di bukan di dalam juicer tapi di,klip nanti dia sejajar dengan,ah ah Launcher dan,Ayo kita bisa tambahkan Klik Kanan new,file,Hai login,my god seperti ini,Nah kita bisa copy dari salah satu file,misal yang akun bet yang masih sederhana,kemarin ya kita copy seperti biasa kita,paste di halaman login,baru-baru dari sini bisa kita lihat,ah ah ganti kita refresh kontrol ha,Terganti dengan login ke,Hai kata-kata seperti ini sebelumnya,ah ah setelah,Ya sudah diganti seperti ini dia helm lo,gini nanti kita akan bermain dengan,season atau kalau di flutter kita,pakainya library serevent jadi kita bisa,tambahkan dulu dependensi nyadi Paps Pek,Ayo kita Googling dulu untuk versi,terakhir dari server,Hai server,Hai berapa versi terakhirnya tak bisa,tambahkan,Hai di ini install ini ini kita copy ke,pubspec itu hanya empat provider kalau,sudah kita simpan dia akan otomatis,download,Hai kemudian kita lanjut lagi ke halaman,login yang tadi,Hai artis ini,Ayo kita bisa tambahkan,Hai Adinia Wirasti,Hai tambahkan dua buah,Hai atex editor atau text editing,controller,Hai seperti ini,Hai untuk menampung controller user sama,password,di kemudian,Ayo kita buat sebuah variabel untuk,visible seperti ini,Hai disini kita buat dulu untuk inet,Static,Hai inget state seperti biasa,Hai United State,Hai Oke ini kita hapus ya,di kemudian,Hai kemudian kita,Hai apa judulnya Akbarnya ini kita ndak,pakai kabar ya biar full Tapus untuk di,bagian bodi kita bisa,Hai ubah jadi ntar,Hai kira-kira seperti ini,Nda,Mbak,Hai senter senter,Hai keh,di sini ya,Hai ini enggak tutup ini modern kita,buat widget untuk tidur sama untuk body,Hai untuk header,Ayo kita bisa tambahkan di,di bawah sini,nah disini tidurnya,di sini ada i,Hai barat Niaga kita,Hai impor dulu,Hai konstanta untuk Niaga,Hai untuk Niaga kemarin belum ada ya,Hai ini ini get bisa kita tambahkan,ah ah seperti ini,Nah kita butuhnya Niaga aja,nah seperti ini,Ayo kita lanjut,Hai kemudian kita buat juga untuk pucat,body,untuk wujud body Entar saya copykan dulu,ngecat body dibawah sini,Hai nah seperti ini,Oh iya,Hai ini tab login nya kita,Hai komentar dulu,Hai kemudian,Hai ini seng up,Hai kemudian ada,Hai Peugeot aneh kita tambahkan di,bagian,Hai itu tambahkan untuk,Aa ini,the road nya di kita tambahkan ada,khas seperti ini singa bsama for God,Hai atau ini kita rematik dulu ya apa,sore ini,Hai aku kemudian,Hai kemudian kita bisa coba Jadi,aktifkan di bagian sini bagian sini,Hai di bagian check-out kemarin,Ayo kita bisa Aktifkan dulu untuk,Hai sementara diarahkan ke,Hai halaman login terlebih dahulu,Ayo kita impor ya jadi,Ayo kita Arahkan ke sini dulu sebelum,kita buat lengkap untuk mencek login di,kita simpan,Hai Kak kita lihat kita cek,Oh ya dia akan ngarah ke situ,Hai halaman login,Hai Adi mana halaman login seperti yang,tadi sudah kita buat,ah ah ini kita bagi tadi jadi ider-ider,itu yang ini,ini ada toko,di toko Rachman atau toko online seperti,itu,di kemudian,Hai selain header tadi ada tarini mousse,Hai ini ini adalah untuk indikator di,sini ya,Hai indikator loading kemudian body-body,itu untuk ini ke bawah mulai dari,pangkal,Hai dari username,Hai bareng Nikita,nyawa cari username password Pakai,tekstil ya kemudian ada ini tadi lupa,password ini anti diarahkan ke,Hai elemen forgot kemudian,Hai ada ini tombol,Hai tab-nya untuk login masih kita,disable the,Hai Udan bawahnya ada ini belum punya,akun Dia akan ditawarkan untuk,Hai Afung si daftar-daftar nanti kita,buat juga untuk singap,akhir-akhir Akira seperti ini kita,lanjut ke,Hai Eni pungsi login fungsi login yang,tapi Nikita,Hai Buka berarti kita buat,Hai untuk fungsi ceklogin,Hai sedih,di atas Deewana,Kennedy,Ayo kita buat ih,ah ah dibawahnya initstate tak bisa,tambahkan,Hai ceklogin seperti ini,Juventini,ndar Nah kita menggunakan server and ya,kita impor dulu,g-star,kita impor servernya,hai hai,Ayo kita tambahkan,Hai saya preferen Disini,hai hai,the scene preferred kemudian ini pakai,Hai tambahkan juga,di lini,Hai ini jadi di fungsi ceklogin ini kita,akan berhubungan dengan webservice,I am your l-nya slash login username dan,password dari,Hai ini controller username dan kontrol,password yang akan dikirim,Hai dengan http.get kemudian kalau ada,respon Oke Makane nanti disini akan,akhir-akhir servernya akan di isi login,username nama ML foto di seperti ini,loginnya truk kemudian ini dari data,webservice,Hai kemudian dibawah ini juga dibedakan,levelnya jadi kalau di logini nanti ada,pembedaan level,Hai level Sabtu untuk admin level,Hai untuk cabang kalau levelnya tiga dia,baru ini,Hai Ayu share biasa,Hai disini juga di,Hai pindahkan dia akan diarahkan ke,landingpage user atau dari akan,diarahkan ke keranjang user disini kita,perlu,Hai tambahkan,ah ah seperti ini jadi ada,the variable of,Hai tambahan nanti di sini,Hai diatasnya,nah Disini,Hai nanti ada dibedakan kalau dia dari,keranjang belanja atau dari halaman umum,nanti dia akan diarahkan seperti ini nah,ini ada update keranjang belanja,enggak kita buat juga fungsinya untuk,update keranjang belanja jadi setelah,user login maka dikeranjang belanjanya,yang kemarin ada isinya untuk,Hai isi username yang,di mana-mana,Hai username simpan keranjang mana,Hai Nar,OK Google ranjang,Hai keranjang itu tih,hai oh yang ini halaman detail,Hai di,Hai Anik,kyus rinim isere gini ini kan kemarin,kosong nanti setelah saat login ketika,you yang login user Nah maka diupdate,nah seperti ini,hai,Hai Israel c-nya dia akan diganti dengan,user ID yang login dalam hal ini adalah,user,ini berarti kita berhubungan dengan,database lokal yang kemarin kita impor,juga librarynya YouTube,Hai di atas Disini,Hai mati kita tambahkan untuk,a Rebel DPR di atas ini ini untuk update,keranjang belanja,Hai update ini keranjang belanja karena,pakai database,Hai ini,hai hai,Hai TV Rp,Hai kemudian kita buat variabel DPR ya,Ok seperti ini kita cek lagi,Aa kemudian ini pop untuk,Hai alatnya ya kita buat juga kita,tambahkan di,di sini,kyanya untuk,Hai Adel Ok Bapak dialog,Hai ntar kita cek dulu KMU ok,baru-baru kita buat,Hai ke halaman websitenya Untuk,Hai ini,Nah untuk fungsi login ini berarti kita,buka di,Hai kode ini terang kemarin,Ayo kita bisa tambahkan di bawah di sini,oh kiranya adalah login seperti ini,nanti variabel yang dikirim Berarti ada,username dan password,Ayo kita bisa,Hai tambahkan 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pelanggan dia tambahkan,al

The Miz & Logan Paul challenge Rey & Dominik Mysterio at WrestleMania 38: Raw, Feb. 21, 2022

See I had our match at Elimination Chamber,,it was supposed to be one on one, but it kind of felt like a handicap match.,So did I deserve to lose that match?,>> [APPLAUSE] >> Did you deserve to win that match?,[APPLAUSE] >> And since were talking about deserve,,does Dom deserve a WWE contract or did daddy get him one?,>> Come on >> Miz,,my dad brought me into this business.,He put me in the front row since I was seven years old.,I would watch the WWE locker room night after night.,I would watch them compete with blood, sweat and tears.,I knew what it took to become a WWE superstar.,So yeah, he brought me here.,But better believe that I will do whatever it takes to stay here.,>> [APPLAUSE] >> This is my blood.,This is my family.,This is my life.,This is everything that I know.,[NOISE].,So if you say one more thing about my father, I swear to God I will show you.,>> Show me what?,Show me what?,What, you gonna outnumber me again you gonna,,put me in another handicap match now?,No, because heres what I propose.,My new tag team partner and I face the Mysterios at WrestleMania.,>> [APPLAUSE].,>> Now allow me to introduce my special guest,,my new tag team partner, >> Whos it gonna be?,>> Ladies and gentlemen, please get up out of your seats.,>> [NOISE].,>> For social media megastar Logan Paul.,>> My God.,>> What? >> This is huge.,>> Logan Paul.,>> This is enormous.,>> I gotta say he came from a fighting family.,>> [INAUDIBLE] >> Logan Paul is the new tag team partner?,>> Im pretty sure Logan Pauls brother speed up your body.,>> Lets go.,>> I wanna make you tattoo my name on your finger.,>> I cannot wait to WrestleMania just got even more stupendous.,>> It all makes sense to me, Miz can find anyone in the locker room to have a look,outward and apparently indeed Logan Paul.,>> Outward, upward, above [CROSSTALK] >> Man,>> This is huge, Saxton.,>> No disrespect to Rey Mysterio.,Youre a WWE legend and all but I got blue toys bigger than you buckle?,[NOISE],>> If this jackass is whos gonna be your,partner at WrestleMania, we accept.,>> And Miz and Logan Paul out of the gate with the upper hand-,>> Upper hand,>> On the Mysterios.,>> Paul going after Mysterio.,>> Ray and Dom may not make it to WrestleMania.,>> [NOISE] >> A fire of Miz and,Logan Paul just attacked the Mysterios >> They got two like,minded individuals it all makes sense now.,The Miz and Logan Paul.,>> No.,>> Into the turnbuckle goes Rey Mysterio..,>> Look at how quickly Logan Pauls picking this up.,There is nothing the Paul brothers cant do.,Logan Pauls gonna be in WrestleMania.,This is- >> Now Dominik.,>> This is amazing.,>> Same fate for Dominic.,He certainly has business ethics.,>> And business balance somewhat- >> We are not done yet.,>> Egotistical with themselves.,[NOISE].,>> And now the Miz stole crossing array On Ray Mysterio.,>> I think youre right.,The Mysterio you have to heal up quick if you are in any shape for WrestleMania.,>> [APPLAUSE].,>> My God. This could be the greatest thing in,the history of Monday night raw.,>> Sickening smile on the face of Logan Paul.,Its definitely terrible you see what this is.,>> What is Paul looking to do here?,>> I know what we gonna see, exactly what you thought, Byron.,>> Already learning from The Miz, Skull Crushing Finale.,>> [NOISE] >> Terrible display from Logan Paul his,first time on Monday Night raw.,>> I cant believe this.,This is your team for WrestleMania.,The Miz And Logan Paul.,Sign me up.,The Mysterios though.,Theyre gonna be looking for payback.,You can believe it.,For right now the Mysterios are busy looking for their teeth.

Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Official Music Video)

(gentle guitar music),♪ Theres a fire starting in my heart ♪,♪ Reaching a fever pitch ♪,♪ Its bringing me out the dark ♪,♪ Finally I can see you crystal clear ♪,♪ Go ahead and sell me out and Ill lay your shit bare ♪,♪ See how Ill leave with every piece of you ♪,♪ Dont underestimate the things that I will do ♪,♪ Theres a fire starting in my heart ♪,♪ Reaching a fever pitch and its bringing me out the dark ♪,♪ The scars of your love remind me of us ♪,♪ They keep me thinking that we almost had it all ♪,♪ The scars of your love, they leave me breathless ♪,♪ I cant help feeling ♪,♪ We couldve had it all ♪,♪ Rolling in the deep ♪,♪ You had my heart inside of your hands ♪,♪ And you played it to the beat ♪,♪ Baby, I have no story to be told ♪,♪ But Ive heard one on you ♪,♪ Now Im gonna make your head burn ♪,♪ Think of me in the depths of your despair ♪,♪ Make a home down there, as mine sure wont be shared ♪,♪ The scars of your love remind me of us ♪,♪ They keep me thinking that we almost had it all ♪,♪ The scars of your love ♪,♪ They leave me breathless ♪,♪ I cant help feeling ♪,♪ We couldve had it all ♪,♪ Rolling in the deep ♪,♪ You had my heart inside of your hands ♪,♪ And you played it to the beat ♪,♪ We couldve had it all ♪,♪ Rolling in the deep ♪,♪ You had my heart inside of your hand ♪,♪ But you played it with a beating ♪,♪ Throw your soul through every open door ♪,♪ Count your blessings to find what you look for ♪,♪ Turn my sorrow into treasured gold ♪,♪ You pay me back in kind and reap just what youve sow ♪,♪ We couldve had it all ♪,♪ We couldve had it all ♪,♪ It all, it all, it all ♪,♪ We couldve had it all ♪,♪ Rolling in the deep ♪,♪ You had my heart inside of your hands ♪,♪ And you played it to the beat ♪,♪ Couldve had it all ♪,♪ Rolling in the deep ♪,♪ You had my heart inside of your hands ♪,♪ But you played it, you played it, you played it ♪,♪ You played it to the beat ♪

Are These New Rewards Free For Everyone? (Season 12)

does everyone get these whats Bonnies,Rarity what are people thinking about,sprays being implemented whats your,favorite skin why dont we talk about,these things man,also before we get started I have some,pretty exciting news Im allowed to give,away six different Tempest Tara skins,here much like the last update with the,Dr Edgar skins which you guys can get,one day early and Ill be hopping into a,little bit of further information on,that and how to get into the giveaway,and stuff like that so make sure to stay,tuned but everyone videos such as this,would not be possible without our,beautiful Channel sponsors so Id like,to give a huge thank you todays video,sponsor in case guys I dont know if you,know this but Ive now been on two,International trips and more than a,handful of trips within the United,States and Ive relied on one backpack,and that is in case and conveniently as,you guys can see Im traveling right now,with my beautiful in case backpack,specifically these City backpack it is,phenomenal honestly my absolute favorite,thing about in case is it fits all your,needs that a backpack would have whether,its your hobby like photography if,youre in my line of work being a,content creator or if its just straight,up schooling its going to be perfect,for you and not only that Im sure you,guys have had backpacks in the past,where if you fill it up just a little,too full it looks enormous and one thing,that I feel like in case does perfectly,is it keeps its Sleek outline in design,even if you have a tremendous amount of,things within a guys egg I dont pack,light in these bad boys Im telling you,that much when Im traveling I need a,lot of stuff like my iPad my recording,equipment a camera a microphone a laptop,and of course your other travel,Essentials and clothes and guys check,this out huh not bad even with all the,things that have stashed away in this,thing it still looks very very sleek and,doesnt puff out functionality as well,as style I truly could not recommend it,in case any more to all of you guys as,you guys can see Im pretty much so in,love with them so of course if you guys,are interested be sure to check out that,link in the description down below and,at checkout if you use code tribe thats,capital t r i b e you can get 20 off,your purchase once again a huge huge,thank you to in case for are sponsoring,this video here today they are goaded we,love them but with that being said lets,get back into the video,the brawl talk Paula and Danny didnt,say Bonnies Rarity what do you think,about her drop chances top one here just,like Cairo said shes too unique to be,epic and if she were a legendary,supercell would have said that so shes,probably Mythic which is kind of what,Im going off of as well I could really,see her being a Mythic I dont think her,abilities are that of like an epic,brawler right it wouldnt make sense,this guy right here says yes its an 80,chance in his opinion that she will be a,Mythic because the last Mythic brawler,was squeak being about a year ago thats,nuts this guy is saying Mythic this guy,is saying Mythic this guy is saying,Mythic as well so it appears that most,of the community is thinking that Bonnie,is going to be a Mythic so of course,its still not confirmed or anything,like that so bizarre that in the Pro,talk it wasnt given to us most of the,time they do that but hey we have a,little tiny surprise to look forward to,right well see what the Rarity is I,need help which one Im confused I can,walk on water forever can fly over,anything for seven seconds free to play,me I dont know which ones gonna be,more broken Ive been seeing a lot of,people saying that Janets ability is,going to be next level nuts for example,imagine you have 10 gems in gem grab and,the countdowns coming you have seven,seconds of immunity you can just fly,away and youre fine youll get it new,players in Showdown after the release of,Janet yes of course dropping down nine,Rockets from above due to make so much,sense shes gonna be a monster really,excited to see how that new mechanic is,going to be played out here in the game,every nine-year-old after killing an,enemy in season 12 the red thumbs down,as well as the X on the ground probably,spinning accompanying that as well you,got three forms of BM dude people arent,going to be raging thats for sure oh my,gosh opinions Im surprised a new age of,BM I got a feeling sprays arent gonna,be nuts or anything like that much like,the pins theres probably going to be,like a select few that are going to be,kind of BM which most of the time all,you need are a few but I dont know when,it comes to like pins and sprays I feel,like it allows you to kind of express,yourself in a different way in the game,which Im always really really open to,Im a huge fan of sprays and Im really,looking forward to trying to get my,hands on all of them like your boy Ray,does what do you guys think about the,sprays I think theyre really really,interesting very excited to see them in,game oh my gosh Janet and Bonnie art,these Arts are so freaking fast man they,had one day to make this thats crazy so,adorable Bonnie is so freaking cute man,yeah dude look at these sprays hiding,that pain man yep smiley face with the,crying and this is fine dude the memes,are so good here the sprays are literal,memes this is crazy cutting in here for,a minute to let you all know about this,Tempest Tara giveaway a little bit more,much like the last one you guys dont,have to subscribe or anything like that,it does mean a lot if you do but truly,all you have to do is leave your player,tag in the comments down below of this,video super super important that you,triple check quadruple check that you,have it copied down right because Im,just going to be picking these gamer,tags at random sending them away to,supercell and theyll send the Tempest,Tara skin to your account so if you have,the gamer tag wrong its not gonna work,its just gonna be sent into like the,abyss and if you do end up winning not,only will you be getting a free skin,here Tempest Tara but youll also be,getting it one day early a day in which,you can Flex on your friends so much fun,so yeah best of luck with that everyone,giveaways like this are incredibly hard,to win so try not to get your hopes up,too crazy high right only six people are,able to be picked here but its the,nature of giveaways but next I want to,get straight away into probably the most,talked about thing being released here,in this season 12 a lot of people having,questions myself included when I first,saw braltalk so its understandable just,taking a look at this example that they,used in the brawl talk theres a lot of,really interesting things being offered,here for two weeks right day one a brand,new skin day two you get to pick a super,rare brawler that Im assuming you get,completely free which then the next,upcoming days youll get progression for,which is so cool so in this example they,ended up picking Daryl here so like day,six you get a free skin for him day,seven you get to pick a gadget that you,want day eight a pin day nine a power,level eight and then of course once we,proceed to the end here things get,really really nutty you get to pick a,star power that you want just look up,the optimal build for the super air,Bravo that you end up selecting get the,gadget get the star power youre golden,two free epic pins thats amazing and,then day 15 you get to select an epic,brawler that you want Im assuming for,free as well so then of course the main,question everyone has myself included,when I saw the brawl talk is how is this,going to work where do we get these,rewards what players end up getting,these rewards is it just new players or,is it veteran players that have been,playing this game will they be able to,get this 15 days of free progression so,were gonna be taking a look at two,different tweets that clears this up we,have a user here next to asking I would,like to know a little little bit more,about how this thing works lik

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