1. Explore South Korea with SnackCrate & BiggTee
  2. December Snack Crate is here and its a banger Merry Christmas w/ special guest
  3. Snack Crate l Road Trip of the US
  5. SnackCrate Review: Is This “Around The World” Snack Box Worth It?
  6. Snack Crate l Mini Crate l First Time Unboxing

Explore South Korea with SnackCrate & BiggTee

(reflective music),- Whats good, yall?,Its ya girl, BiggTee Rowe,,here in the capital of South Korea, Seoul.,(energetic Korean music),SnackCrate has sent me on a mission,to find some of the best snacks,for this months featured country.,(energetic Korean music continues),This it, this it!,But first I need to find out what they eat around here,and what the culture is really like.,I just got off a long flight,,you know my stomach is touching my back, and Im so hungry.,So we about to meet up with my boy, Jae,,and hes about to put us onto some Korean cuisines.,Lets go!,(exciting music),So whats up, Jae?,Tell our subscribers exactly what we about to get into.,- Hi guys, Im Jae from Seoul, South Korea.,We are here in a market called GwangJang Sijang,,which is one of the oldest, largest food markets in Seoul.,And there are certain dishes that famous from the market,,so we are here to try a little bit of everything.,Ready?,- Ready, lets eat!,- So the first thing that we can try out,,which is my favorite, its raw octopus.,- Raw octopus?,Okay. Ooh, thats a big one.,- What do you think?,- Its spicy.,Yeah, lets try a little bit of seaweed.,Some pickled garlic.,You want me to eat the whole thing?,- Yeah.,Yes!,- If yall could smell my breath right now,,yall wouldnt wanna be nowhere near me.,- Alright, so we are here to try what we call bindaetteok,,which is mung bean pancakes.,- These right here, these look real good.,They got the beansprouts in it.,Mm-hmm, Im ready to try some of that.,Mmm, thats a good time.,Cause you know I like my food seasoned,and they season they food, okay?,- Okay, so this is our next spot.,We are gonna try some raw beef and something adventurous.,Ready for the adventure?,- I guess so, lets go.,- Lets go.,Alright, so we are here to try some octopus.,So they just killed it, so technically its dead.,- They just killed it?,Like they bop, bop, bop,,put it on here, and brought it to the table?,- Right, thats why theres a muscle reaction, the nerves.,- Im trying to make sure it stopped moving.,I dont know, its literally moving.,Let me get it on the edge so I can just slurp it up.,Okay, I see where yall head at, I see what yall like.,- You tried it, you tried it.,- I did.,- Now you know what it is like.,- Mm-hmm.,- Would you eat again?,- No.,- Alright, next!,This is raw beef, raw beef.,- Raw beef.,Its a lot of raw stuff going on around here.,Okay.,(both speaking in Korean),I dont know, it might be kinda good.,You know what, I think Korea might really be growing on me.,So far, the people been pretty amazing,and Im starting to get a feel for the culture.,I cant wait for tomorrows adventure.,Lets go.,(rhythmic music),Today Im here with Master An,,and hes gonna be teaching me taekwondo.,Lets go.,Alright, so yall know,we ate a whole bunch of food last night,,so you know what that means, we gotta get our workout on.,We gonna pretend like Im that low.,Hey!,(rhythmic music continues),Oh!,Yeah!,Im a little bit outta breathe.,Who wouldve thought this would be a real workout like this?,That was a workout,,but hey, Im finna go get me some more snacks though.,(BiggTee laughing),One thing you gotta do when you come to South Korea,is visit a convenient store.,They have tons of snacks down each aisle,and all the packaging is very unique.,(simple rhythmic music),Alright so, the first one I got here is called Mojito.,It tastes like Fruit Loops.,Not sure what this is,,but it looked like a piece of cheesecake with some lemon.,Ooh.,Mmm, this is really good.,Im not too sure what it says, but its definitely peach.,But it has a more smoked Korean barbecue taste flavor.,Mmm.,Hold on, its got me doing something.,Its got my feet.,Mmm.,Oh!,This it, this it, this it!,Take me to church, whoo!,(simple rhythmic music continues),Right now, Im here at the market,and Im waiting on my friend, Jae.,And my friend Jomin were gonna go through the market,and get some fresh ingredients to make kimchi at our house.,Lets go.,You know, there is really no other country in the world,that matches the variety of fermented foods in Korea.,There are over 200 types of kimchi.,How you doing over there, Jae?,But today, well only be making three.,This bringing back memories for you?,Its making me hungry.,I do this, I went to culinary school.,Jo Min says Korean started fermenting foods,thousands of years ago.,This tradition was born,out of the cold and harsh Korean winter,,a time where it was hard,to obtain fresh ingredients and vegetables.,So by fermenting,,Koreans can actually consume these ingredients,all year long.,Okay, there we go, there we go!,Cheers.,Honestly, I aint think I was gonna like the kimchi,,especially putting the little shrimps in there,with the kimchi, with the pork.,It put me on to something,I didnt even think I was gonna like.,(BiggTee speaking in Korean),- Bye!,- So I showed you some of the best food here in South Korea,,but today we about to get into some things,that Ive never done before.,Lets go.,If youre looking for a unique experience,with deep Korean tradition,,you have to try a Hanbok photoshoot.,The Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress,,and you can rent them all around Seoul in so many styles.,My photographer took me to a place,called Gyeongbokgung Palace.,Everything about the place,felt so rich with culture and tradition.,(uplifting music),Now yall already know I couldnt come to South Korea,without trying some Korean barbecue.,So, Jae is taking me to one of his favorite local spots.,11, 6, 12.,Ooh.,Yall know where I come from,,and dont nobody do barbecue like we do down in the South.,I need to see how it matches up.,It sound like music to my ears.,I know my mouth full, but Ima just say it,,it is a party in my mouth.,You really have to be here,to experience real Korean barbecue.,Who wouldve thought?,Jae insisted we try one more Korean favorite,,chicken and beer, also known as chimaek.,(BiggTee speaking in Korean),And boy, it did not disappoint.,Yeah, buddy!,It hit the spot.,Now when that beer and that Seoul juice start kicking in,,and you start to feel good,,what better way to end your night than with Noraebang,,also known as Korean karaoke,♪ Oppa Gangnam style ♪,You can rent an entire private room with all your friends,and just have your own little party.,♪ In this thang gotta spend with the real BiggTee in it ♪,♪ But baby, now we got bad blood ♪,(group cheering),I wish we had more of these places in America.,- Whoo, whoo, whoo!,(gentle music),- Korea really does have it all.,From visiting the markets,or walking the palace grounds in a full Hanbok,to training with Master An,,theres so much to do in Korea,to really immerse yourself in the culture.,Add a few snacks along the way and we good to go.,What I love about SnackCrate,is you get to experience a new culture every month,,no matter where you are in the world.

December Snack Crate is here and its a banger Merry Christmas w/ special guest

hi guys welcome back to Lexis toy box,here,today we have a special guest but shes,online,all right so,I can tell everybody hi,hi,dont be shy okay all right so yeah,crate just came,wheres it from,I dont know,three two one,oh,what is this,Belgium Belgium okay so lets go ahead,and get the seat out like were done,with you,okay and lets go ahead,Chloe picked for us pick one,Belgium is the worlds second largest,producer of chocolate after Germany,there are many different types of,Belgium waffles the Brussels waffle and,uh,some other waffle are popular,its officially known as the kingdom of,Belgium it,Sy these are Burger chips yeah tell her,shes doing the next one with it yeah,you could do the next one with her,Vicky,chips,[Music],picky chips,yes,lets try,it shes just like I dont know but so,heres what the chip looks like,lets go ahead and see if this actually,tastes like burgers,[Applause],it smells like burgers honestly,smell like burgers no way okay,it tastes like ketchup,yeah,theyre not bad theyre okay,if I had to eat the right one,theyre kind of a little spicy,Ill taste it you could say the pickle,to ketchup I put these fried with a,grilled uh,we got like,lady stuff but she could like watch us,like live video,all right so it looks like a cabin it,looks like a piggy looks like a White,Castle fry,but its more like a puff instead of it,try one of those please,[Music],those are those are really good oh,come on man,what else did we get,got something to drink about that exotic,I dont know what flavor it is,exotic lets check it out,here,oh it smells like a spicy Sprite or,something spicy Sprite,its red,I thought it was gonna be green,its like,Peach its weird Chloe cheers,oh gosh,I dont know,smells like peaches in there,Peach,its pretty good is it grapefruit,no its gonna try it,someone help me,tell Chloe I straighten your hair today,my mom straight my hair if you couldnt,tell,because its already wore off that like,oh dont touch my hair,bro,let me see are they pasta fruits or,something like that its like our um,what was ours called sour streamers yeah,Lexi got a whole lot of views on that,video,well 12K,chocolate covered waffle,Im gonna try this things over there all,right this looks like theres multiple,flavors and now with orange Im gonna,try the orange flip it over there,no,um,Reds red,its just like a sour creamer,[Music],just laughing,here eat it,it is yeah Im very sorry,yeah those are,like Alexa,you can pull the strings off,thats probably how youre supposed to,eat them,I like choices,theyre sour but after you get past the,sour theyre really good yeah,whats smacking bro,what necklace are you wearing what,necklace,um,you guys know I always have time,all right,lets set these sour things,and whats that,Lolly,um,lets give her the big barbecue lays,from nail polish,um chocolate covered waffle,waffle oh Ill just eat all this is,[Music],you dont even like chocolate so I like,that I do like chocolate dough like that,cut it up and forth,they look just like the ones I was,getting at uh,Chris tell me that I dont look exactly,like those Eggo ones,man who taught you how to cut it yeah,thats,it oh man,sorry,I dont want that much,Im gonna have to lay stuff,my nose,when I burp,you all right,[Music],disgusting,shes got something gross,that waffle looks good I just kind of,stuck my throat,okay,okay I see these before,theyre chocolate,its like pull apart chocolate I used to,have the tart that came with this that,told everything what it was,very casual or elephants on it,cute break away,watch your finger real quick you doing,lets see what things are to it,so I think theres peanut butter in,there,slowly down doggies came in boy,thats good thats good,whats it says,dessert 58 thats the name of it,the name of this chocolate is dessert 58,thats good,tastes better than a Reeses,Reeses got ladder of peanut butter,all right lets see yeah its hooked up,through all the account,oh my stuff,how is it on different emails its on,the same,this ones hooked up through your Gmail,but so you can play on The Matrix,no its not like that Maybe not maybe,oh,you wanna try this last thing so were,gonna rate this thing yep,good stuff oh,oh,I can hold my lamp,okay Im gonna break it,open this,Little Things,so now you want to fight huh what are,you talking about you,look at these,little I figure looking good,nobodys crisp,oh it looks like a pretzel,I think its like a chocolate covered,pretzels,look at these tidy sticks,chocolate what is it pretzel,Im not eating more chocolate though,[Music],it isnt it is its good,its either a pretzel,okay so guys we just hope we are gonna,do shout outs together,so I dont make her feel alone,who are we shouting out to,you,good shoes,okay I feel like we should shout out to,Ava the queen,that channel go check it out definitely,check it out definitely uh thats the,best sugar winner,okay,please uh capital a uh,what do you spell it,oh yeah and go check out Lexis toy box,uh Alexis gaming fans XOXO,um,[Music],hey go shout out Jake from State Farm,my dad made me say it,okay and then uh,lets see,my big face is in the way,[Music],what are you doing,hes trying to make a shout out whats,his name make avocado,or Nico,whats his name,lick whats his name my dads trying to,make me shout out,Im not okay,he just said oh dont shout out that,ugly dude,thats not funny okay,avocado,[Music],[Music],avocado,whoever you are,whatever you,whatever she said whoever you are,okay anyway like I said,shout out people from our classroom,class yeah,sure,[Music],I dont care,were still sorry,uh lets see,whats Chloe,uh,Lexi,Carter s uh thats it,okay literally,okay Im shouting out my person,because theyre my friend,OG,go watch Chancellor,and uh and,go watch these,oh yeah by the way by the way we have a,little story going on for,a few days,I have a few like chocolate bars,chocolate bar,well I want 60 dollars,okay well anyway,you can its fine,tell her to Palm the screen Palm the,screen off the screen,this boat fish Puppet Fish puppet,its about,fist but okay,good job okay bye guys,and we just wanted to say goodbye and uh,thank you for watching Lexis toy boxy,and yeah,you want to say bye Chloe before I end,it bye,period,bye,all right

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Snack Crate l Road Trip of the US

hello there adventurers Ben Danielle and,youre watching the,um like adventures and if youre asking,questions go watch the video here itll,answer your questions uh and if youre,uh youre watching the Malik Adventures,a channel where we do pretty much,anything we want yeah,uh and if youre new to the channel uh,Astro tells you to,go subscribe,and if youre a returning person to the,channel a returning subscriber Rocky,says hello how you doing,but before we get too far into this,silliness make sure you like the video,subscribe and comment down below,should this be a recurring thing in,videos Oh you mean that this yes okay,but first,[Music],Im putting this thing to the test today,because we have,isnt that great another snack great uh,if you dont know what snack crate is,Danielle will you tell them what snack,great is its a monthly box of,random snacks yeah thats a great way to,describe it and we got like a a plethora,of snacks because there was some mix-up,or something yeah last time so this one,is the last month and it is road trip,yeah road trip of the US so,there you go,if you didnt see our last snackery,video,go check the crate there we did the,Philippines and,Caribbean Caribbean maybe I dont know I,dont remember,uh anyways oh yeah and what we do is I,hand it to you while you read ah yes yes,yes,weve nubed our snack sheets online scan,your exclusive QR code on the insert and,log in to find all the fun extras you,know and love plus a lot more oh thats,boring Im actually okay with that,because we just threw those papers away,and Im sure they were wasting a ton of,money on those okay so let me pull it up,and so these should be all American,yeah well they should be I mean they,will be,uh the first thing we have here is,Boulder Canyon jalapeno cheddar flavored,Kettle style potato chips,which one uh Kettle style potato chips,no keep going keep going keep going keep,going,that one so it is born in the Rocky,mountains of Colorado these jalapeno,cheddar chips are spicy cheesy and oh so,crunchy oh spicy chips yes,I really smell spicy spicy you can smell,the jalapeno okay,okay oh I was gonna say it wasnt bad,until its set in,yeah no nothing,okay next we have,crap snacks wavy little Boozies,Louisiana heat wavy potato chips Ive,seen these in stores,uh the Louisiana staple will have you,sweating you can expect delicious,Southern heat with just the right amount,of kick little boozy approves Im,assuming hes a rapper,whoa,hello sweet mother,a little spicy smells like it,oh I like those over the jalapeno they,have more theyre not very hot but,theyre very barbecue,all right so this is Aunt Sallys Creole,pralines,these treats from Louisiana are a,stretchy cluster of buttery caramel or,caramel depending how you want to say it,and crunchy pecans or pecans depending,how you want to say it dont forget to,bring a toothpick,Maybe,you want me to open it you got scissors,yeah,foreign,oh its just like straight caramel,I think he took a bite of the paper a,plastic,this is just straight caramel,very much so,Im not a fan of that,I like it,follow you,okay,too sweet for me wasnt my Savory or,Sweet lets go sweet again lets go too,sweet too savory,ah we got blue Monday sweets Ruth Hunt,candy from Mount Sterling Kentucky,wish we got an Idaho Spud which one this,one it is a rich chocolatey coating,surrounding a malty sweet filling that,Kentucky made candy that would fulfill,any sugar beans dream,hmm I would almost,you know I dont know how much you can,personalize it but I would ask for,usually more salt and more Savory than,sweet uh you can only do like mix yeah,so you can either pick Savory or sweet,or,a mix of sweet and savory oh pepperminty,youre probably not gonna like it,its like a Peppermint Patty,yeah its its totally a Peppermint,Patty tastes good with vanilla ice cream,okay what we got next,elk and pork snack stick,grass-fed and grass finished,this one chewy and satisfying these Elk,jerky sticks from New Mexico are packed,with great flavor and protein,Ive never had elk,good thing were recording this on the,weekend where were not going anywhere,the only problem is its Sunday football,and we dont have a TV in the bathroom,hey,all right,you were taking too long hmm,not bad,I like this,its all you you can have it I like it,though its good,and last but not least we have,we have two of these,Cactus candy from the cactus candy,company we need to read it,small jelly gummies from Arizona made,from real prickly pear cactus theyre,small Tangy and sweet which makes them,the perfect snack on the go except I,think ours got and then melted because,it feels like just one big,is that one big thing,it is one big thing,oh,so this is what it looks like,oh I randomly shaved,I find that enjoyable,you obviously know,all right so then yeah,favorite sweet,oh,the caramel,um,Im gonna say tie between the cactus,candy and the Blue Monday those are all,you boo yeah I figured favorite Savory,these two next combined oh Im gonna go,with uh the heat the the Louisiana chips,so comment down below,which one would you like to try the most,which Suite would you like to try which,Savory would you like to try and if you,still have questions as to why Im,wearing what Im wearing you probably,should have gone watch that video,yeah and no I did not get any food in it,I was very very careful,but until next time my friends make sure,you stay safe stay magical and keep,snacking,see ya bye,[Music]

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wait i think i may do a thumbnail let me,see,[Music],hey yall welcome back to my channel and,this video is going to be a little bit,different im,sure yall read in the title that itll,be uh trying snacks from a different,state in this case its state so i got,this,subscription box snapcrate.com,and i always wanted to do a video like,this i was like i might as well and this,box has been sitting here for like a,week and,i got a little bit hungry so i was like,you know i might as well make this video,right now but,this is what it looks like my state is,hawaii,its a monthly box from around the world,so this could be different states,different countries you know,stuff like that and then this little,paper tells you basically everything,that you have so this one came with,10 snacks i think yeah i didnt open it,yet because i was waiting for the video,to open it im so excited im a little,nervous because im very picky,a lot of stuff i think so thats what it,looks like and i was like im kind of,hungry because im high,im so the first thing is,hawaiian cookies candy bead,this is what it looks like cute,packaging,these delicious cookies feature the,unique flavors of hawaiian islands,adored by many we included either candy,beet or,cocka mochi flavors excuse me if i dont,pronounce stuff,thats what it looks like,[Music],it smells good,[Music],these are good they taste like those,like shortbread like christmas cookies,if you know what im talking about some,of them come in like the round 10 thing,they literally taste like cooking,cookies,moving on,maui style potato chips these are maui,style lace perfectly fried potato chips,with a pinch of sea salt,each crunchy bite will make you feel,that maui,spirit that fresh maui spirit,these taste like literally like lace,kettle chips like theyre very very,like hard country for their rosa i love,this,next we have these,and these are li hing mouth,mew drops i dont [ __ ] know,right there sweetheart candies flavor,with plums,with a pit of a real plum in the center,this looks nasty im sorry but,[Music],i cant taste nothing its like,honestly i dont know what it tastes,like it kind of reminds me of like that,caramel candy,i really the texture i mean the way the,the middle of the plum looks is really,like throwing me off and just make me,not want to eat it but,i dont know um i dont really know how,i feel about that one,oh so that was three of those i thought,it would be some high shoes in here,because,it says as high chews but i dont see,them anyway,next we have these rainbow belts oh i,guess this is not everything that was,okay figured deliciously brightly,colored gummy drops thats it with,leahey mewy power,powder which gives the perfect blend of,salty and sweet,i love candy like this this is kind of,like making me feel like these are,edibles,[Music],hmm,this is good,nine percent apple juice from,concentrate,inverted sugar,these are good its just just like the,ones that you get here,and well hawaii is like a different,state,not a country but the taste just like,the ones we get at the gas station,now we have i guess its pineapple,pretzels,crunchy sticks are infused with,pineapple goodness still i really dont,like stuff like this i feel like im not,gonna like this,this is how you open it,oh it smells very pineappley thats what,they look like,like i feel like this will taste like a,cracker but its supposed to be,pineapple,flavored,[Music],aftertaste is actually not bad,like it literally tastes like a,pineapple flavored pretzel,i dont know why my eyes water but like,it tastes like you know how pretzels,have the brown stuff over it,and the brown part kind of has a taste,its like a bald pretzel,with pineapple flavoring at first you,gotta kind of get used to the flavor,but then after a while kind of just,tastes like a cracker last but not least,oh god taco ball,this is japanese candy chocolate,chocolates are sweetened with the right,amount of amount of pineapple,what about kawaii and pineapple is that,like their fruit or something,okay my scissors,i feel like i can smell it,[Music],oh so i guess you push it,looks like an m,yeah that one was probably the worst,tasting one it just tastes like like a,white chocolate whopper with a little,bit of pineapple flavor i dont really,like whoppers,so this box was okay i might honestly,might do this again with like i dont,know im gonna throw this one away,but im probably about to go eat these,two,but my favorite was probably either i,have two favorites and this these two,very very good very delicious but yeah i,think i should definitely try this,like with your family or like if youre,not a youtuber you know,just do it like once a month obviously,because its a subscription box,oh no this was fun to do like i was im,very nothing im very picky so i was,really scared to try like new stuff but,im glad i did because i mean most of,the stuff i didnt like i liked the most,basic,same stuff that we got here in america,but yeah that was my video yall so i,hope yall enjoyed it make sure yall,leave me some feedback down below,let me know if yall want me to do more,videos like this because i love snacks,and candy,i love candy but yeah thank yall for,watching dont forget to,check out my website and my lashes these,are in the style nikki,and yeah i will see you on my next video,bye

SnackCrate Review: Is This “Around The World” Snack Box Worth It?

hey guys emily from foodbox hq here,today were talking about,snack crate as the name suggests snack,crate is a monthly snack box,and each month they focus on a different,region of the world and bring you their,snacks so lets see whats in our box,now for the big reveal what country is,our box from,canada so every time you open your box,youll have some information here this,is about the country that your snacks,are from so theyve got some fun facts,about canada i dont know if you knew,this but canada is the second largest,country in the world,right after russia then you also have,some information about each of the,snacks that are in your box,then they have some really cool uh,tissue paper here its specific to,canada,and then we have the snacks so we have,ruffles,all dressed its interesting everything,is also in french,weve got doritos zesty cheese,hickory sticks original dill pickle,popcorn,omg clusters those are peanut butter,clusters super,passion flaky maynard swedish berries,maynard sour patch kids sweet potato and,sea salt,chips ketchup flavored lays a banana,bread bear pop,a nestle mirage a wonder bar,a mr big mcintoshs toffee youve got a,nestle big turk,we have an o henry nestle coffee crisp,weve got a cadbury caramel,cadbury crispy crunch weve got what,looks like a maple syrup lollipop,and last but certainly not least we have,this beck,cola which is made with maple syrup so,lets get organized and talk a little,bit more about how all of this works,so the first thing you need to decide is,what size box you want theres mini,original and premium for reference this,is a premium box so you can tell thats,a ton of snacks,each month youll also have the option,to add on a signature drink im,really excited to test out some of these,snacks ive never been to canada so im,really excited to,experience a little bit of it through,its food snacks specifically although i,do,want to go and try poutine at some point,in my life because ive heard its,delicious so were going to do a couple,of different ones here,the lays ketchup chips the dill,pickle popcorn the cadbury caramilk,maynard swedish,berries and the macintosh creamy toffee,and then were also gonna try,obviously the cola because im obsessed,so im gonna start savory,so well start with the ketchup chips,oh wow that smells like ketchup so they,look like this,they kind of look like wine stained wow,alrighty,prefacing this i dont really like,ketchup thats actually pretty good,theres like almost a little bit of a,vinegary taste to it mean it tastes like,cocktail,but not like as if you ate a spoon of,ketchup its like you put ketchup on,something,and its making it better but i mean,potatoes and ketchup we know that goes,well together,america up your game so i have tried,dill pickle popcorn before,its an interesting flavor its not,something you usually see but im very,excited to try this,it smells like pickles,the sourness kind of comes in afterwards,of the pickle,but when you first have a bite its,almost like a smart food,taste to it its got like a little bit,of a coating on it but afterwards that,sort of like vinegary,and pickle taste comes through thats,good i could definitely eat that,onto the sweet so were going to start,with the maynards swedish berries,so i have peripherally heard of,maynards wine gums,i dont really know anything about them,i know nothing about these,but were going to try them there are,canadians laughing at me somewhere,so they look like little raspberries,yep very chewy its like a swedish fish,but in a different shape,its actually really good,it really does it reminds me of the,taste of like a swedish fish but in a,completely different texture,and its good because its a little bit,smaller swedish fish i find are hard to,chew because theyre so long and flat,all right before i eat that whole bag,all right lets go for more sticky,things were going to get the caramel so,this looks like,some sort of milk chocolate with caramel,in the middle,falling apart a little bit in the,wrapper here but you can definitely see,that caramel,im never gonna say no to milk chocolate,with caramel yeah,thats good thats happy its like a,milky way without the nougat,all right i need to stop all right so,weve got this macintoshs,creamy toffee i love the packaging on,this it feels,very 1980s christmas in a way i dont,know,well see so open this up so im not,really sure how im supposed to eat this,it looks like it,it like cracks into pieces like this so,it doesnt,quite crack because it is soft im,really worried about my teeth,okay,i need eating instructions for this ones,guys hold on one second,so the description says macintoshs,coffee is known for being not too hard,and not too soft it isnt too hard but i,cant quite,bite through it ha,success hmm it was really creamy but it,doesnt taste like,super artificial if that makes sense,its warm,its its gooey i mean it stuck to my,teeth which is why i sound funny,it reminds me of like a really good,quality worthers original if that makes,sense,so its its a little chewier its got a,more depth of flavor to it but its,it is good and it feels nostalgic it,says its been enjoyed in canada for,over a hundred years,to me thats pretty nostalgic okay now,that that toffee has finally dissolved,in my mouth we are going to try the,cola so this is beck cola so its,organic,cola and its made with maple syrup,i think that was a twist off so sorry,it smells a little bit like maple syrup,but not overly so,its like almost like a root beer but,not as strong of a flavor its,mild and its not overly sweet either,i dont really know how to explain it,like i guess im so used to you know the,coca-colas of the world that are very,very syrupy it really isnt,very syrupy its very light carbonated,theres a little bit of sweetness to it,it definitely tastes like maple syrup,you dont feel like youre drinking,maple syrup if that makes sense,all right im gonna go mull this over,and pick the toffee out of my teeth but,ill see you in a little bit for some,final thoughts,so just a quick wrap up on snack crate,one of the greatest ways to understand,another culture is to experience its,food and while this probably isnt you,know the high brow food that you would,eat at its top restaurants these are the,snacks that people are eating every day,so it tells you something a little bit,more interesting about,its people i love that they give you so,much information youve got this whole,thing here about canada,all about the different things of the,country itself its got explanations of,all of the snacks it even has some,recipes that tells you how to make,poutine,plus this is so many snacks i am so,excited to eat these over the next few,days,hours this makes such a good gift i,think this is really fun,its something that everybody will enjoy,it even is a great date night,right you guys can get your box figure,out what country it is and then set up a,whole night around it,if youre looking for some really,delicious international snack crates,click the link below and check out snack,crate,it is definitely sticking sticky,im like a dog with peanut butter on the,river my mouth

Snack Crate l Mini Crate l First Time Unboxing

hello there Adventures Ben Danielle,youre watching the Malik adventures and,we have something new today we do have,something now its not Disney,its not traveling well in a way its,traveling Oh yes its not vacationing,how about that yeah uh we saw this on,YouTube and Danielle felt we should try,it out I felt like because we went to,Europe into different countries why not,try this out that has different snacks,from different countries so its the,snack crate and were gonna try it today,but before we get too far into the video,make sure you like the video subscribe,and comment Down Below have you tried,this,and do you like it do you like it which,description do you have,huh or,is it a waste of money or if anything,that we tried does it look interesting,Im a little worried you just made me,worried now,but first but first foreign,[Music],Ive seen it on YouTube with a different,bunch of different YouTubers opening it,and trying it and they kind of like it,yeah from the few that I saw a lot too,and Im like oh man really want to try,um so I decided to sign up for it and,they had a promo going and it cost us,five dollars for this box and we did the,mystery because what you can do is you,select the size that you want,the country or you can do a mystery of,the country,um and then the price so can we do we,get to get to like guess what country it,is it might tell you it might tell me,okay if it doesnt well try to guess,and then you get a mix between sweet or,savory or mix it up which I selected,makes it up,um and then theres three different,sizes theres a mini theres an original,and then theres family of course uh,depending on which size you get how many,snacks you get and of course the price,goes up so like the mini has five to,seven snacks in it and its 17.99,the original is 10 to 12 and that costs,you 29.99 and the family is uh the,family its like a Vin Diesel or,something is 20 to 24 snacks and thats,uh 49.99 and so if we like this we may,subscribe,well were currently signed up for the,mini but you can cancel at any time,um so lets go ahead so youve already,solved the outside uh so lets open it,up oh this kind of reminds me of BarkBox,this is what we see when we open open it,so oh were Caribbean I dont know about,this this is oh my gosh we just watched,the video today of someone drinking like,Caribbean style sodas and Im kind of,worried now so we got a pirate flag we,got a pig oh yeah theres a the island,of pigs did you have you heard of that,oh no theres an island that just has,nothing but pigs on it its like down in,the Maldives or something I dont know,all right so we open it up this is,exactly like BarkBox,so theres a bunch of information here,on uh the Caribbean and the types of,food that are in here and then we have a,cheat sheet okay,so oh its the mini yeah,and were were trying this right,okay were trying these right yeah were,trying them okay,so the first thing that we have here are,cheesies jalapeno spicy cheese flavored,snack,um and so,oh theyre gonna be like their Cheez-Its,no no theyre theyre uh Cheetos Cheetos,thats exactly what they look like okay,lets open this and try it,geez the way that you open it I didnt,mean dude oh we didnt even get water oh,well,oh I like those oh I do too,oh yeah yeah yeah its a Cheeto with,it could be snack for tomorrow its a,Cheeto oh that spice hits you later on,its not like a Flamin Hot Frito chili,Cheeto no its just enough all right the,next thing we have here is cheesy volts,spicy monster Paws,so there you go,so like the puffy Cheetos oh yeah I,guess so,foreign,they look like Cheetos yeah they look,like a puffy,yeah Cheeto puffs yeah Cheeto puffs,thats what it is,well thats good too oh we get that oh,okay that has some spice to that one,yeah,youre like biting it Im going along,the ride if oh yeah this just tastes,like Cheetos oh wow,yeah wow I was not expecting that,but it tastes exactly like a Cheeto puff,other than the spice oh thats on the,back of my throat too oh my gosh,okay next we have St Marys original,banana chip Ill try,Danielle hates bananas Ill try it Ill,try it for YouTube for you guys,the things we do for followers,subscribers,side note Danielle hates bananas and,cherries,oh oh no,oh no oh no,oh no,no its like a freeze-dried banana no,maybe its equal like those moving on,okay we got,oh gosh if bananas werent the greatest,we now have plantain chips oh I like I,have those ones downstairs garlic flavor,theyre jalapenos,so I might like them,they have garlic taste to it yeah,yeah Im not Im not too positive on,this,actually I prefer those over I hope,you get more garlic than you do plantain,so yeah those are good snacks okay now,oh we should we rate these two we will,rate at them okay and oh my goodness,yeah we got weve got quite a bit okay,we got coconut snacks,another thing Danielle does not like,very much I love coconuts,you are confused,maybe we dont need dinner is it like an,Almond Joy I dont know without the,chocolate yeah kind of is there only one,uh yes but theres other flavors in here,as well so,Ill give you the bigger,coconut snack,hmm,vegan gluten-free non-GMO,like some of this,coconut and pineapple,pineapple that one for later,coconut and guava snack maybe well try,the other ones and come back okay uh all,right keep up with the coconut theme we,have Tiki gold coconut craze these are,chocolatey coated wafer with a coconut,cream filling,do we have any,more Savory should we end its all sweet,its all sweets now yeah you want to,talk about the savories first and then,yeah lets write the savings Okay so,Im gonna Ill Ill Ill just be real,honest zero out of ten yeah oh were not,ranking like no Im giving it out no no,no no no like,like oh best to worst yeah okay well Im,gonna give this a score of zero to ten,as well and this is last okay last,um,next best one,I agree Im gonna give them theyre not,bad theyre just not as good as,too Im gonna give this a 6 out of 10.,um I like this one,heat wise over this one I like this one,best oh you like this one I like the,spice on that one I like the spice on,this one because I can like just Chow,more down on this than these I give,these a nine out of ten because I like,Cheeto puffs and it gives me that flavor,uh eight out of ten okay,okay and the coconut was really good,yeah thats so sweet yeah okay back to,this Tiki wafer chocolate covered wafer,with I think coconut cream dust box I,like it okay just a small piece,thats a big piece,[Music],a lot to try lets just split this one,okay,just take a bite at it and give me the,other half,okay that works too,my crumble is yours,thats good reminds me of a,Whatchamacallit without the,um,yeah and caramel,sorry about uh that that noise I forgot,to meet my phone okay all right,all right lets get this one out of the,way,I had a look into the back end yeah,coconut these are ginger biscuits,from Jamaica,oh does it tell us whats next no it,says right there oh Jamaica,splitting that one yeah,thank you its like a like a cookie,foreign,flat,let me let me turn this down,there we go now that thats off Im not,its not too bad its not too bad oh,yeah it reminds me of gingerbread,but just a little bit more ginger in it,okay,um,okay so we have two of these I dont,know if I want to try this,its literally called chocolate,digestive,and for obvious reasons if you can catch,my drift well I am a little hesitant on,eating this,well lets say thats relaxing,then okay all right well I mean theres,no problem its not gonna hit for like a,couple hours so all right lets,chocolate digestive kind of looks like a,Peppermint Patty,um,power sugar hydrogenated vegetable oil,may contain peanuts,like a Peppermint Patty but thats,peppermint,Dosey duck not Dosey dose,the peanut butter,the Girl Scout cookies yeah Girl Scout,cookies what are those called,wow,okay we got three more things in here,tag along oh there you go,so I hear oval Tunes like a big thing,down in the Caribbean,and we have Ovaltine cookies galettas,Heres To Me,that was really good cookie,what y


[Music],whats up its your girl tishibu and i,am back with another video and i am back,with grandpa one more time of course,and todays video im very excited to,finally be doing this i used to watch,the little videos they had of people,trying this so this is what me and,grandpa are gonna be trying were gonna,be trying,snack crates now what snack rate is they,send you,every month once you are subscribed,you get a box every month from a,different,country,isnt that exciting,youre traveling the world,but in the house,you dont gotta leave you dont need a,passport,get your little box here,okay,all right are you excited grandpa,yeah yes next i want to see what it,tastes like whats in there first of all,now if you are new to my channel hey,make sure you hit that subscribe button,and that notification bell so youre,notified every time we,do a video because you dont want to,miss out make sure you give this video a,thumbs up,make sure you leave a comment below,lets get right into the video,yep subscribe,okay,[Music],all right,we got hong kong,yeah,let me show you how the box,thats fruity actually,its the box,you see,oh theyre dropping stuff you see it,this is amazing,they got a little,i guess what each,snack is,well read it,so,thats the inside of the box,all of the goodness and then you see,that,they got fun facts and all of that,yeah hes got chinese writing on the,side of it too,its written in,chinese,so thats interesting,is that ramen this is ramen noodles,ramen noodles now its ramen noodles im,gonna have to make it for a second,all right,okay well do that,but yeah lets see,interesting so,a box full of snacks that is,entertaining at the same time,entertaining and educational actually,come come,right,close your eyes,[Music],and whatever you pick is what,what well try,oh,okay so,well,all right,going for the boxing okay put your hand,down oh,what did i get,oh marshmallows okay all right,are they on the little thing oh,marshmallows lets see what does it tell,us about the marshall oh,four cs,a fresh taste on a traditional japanese,wagashi this soft marshmallow snack has,a creamy chocolate filling,whoa that spills out with every bite,ah now that would have been interesting,to bite into without knowing that,so its a marshmallow filled with,chocolate,all right,im excited you guys,yeah its been a lot of time in asia but,a lot of them we cant talk about it,yeah yep yep,all right so,this feels like a marshmallow with,chocolate,[Music],okay,smells good,well,is that dark chocolate,[Music],yes it is,i mean i dont like dark chocolate but,this isnt,now the marshmallow around it has no,type of flavor,um,but the inside is,no its not sweet its its well,actually the,chocolate gives you the sweetness of it,the marshmallow just give you the chewy,part to it yeah,and i would think if these were warmer,than,chocolate would yeah it would gush,like they said but,being that it is at room temperature is,not hot enough for melted so it is sort,of solidified but that makes it taste,better,to me anyway,oh he was taking bites i just ate the,whole thing,that i was trying to get the full,effects of the flavor,so the chocolate taste is really on the,chocolate flavor is really there,mm-hmm yeah,i think like the more the chocolate,morsels you get out of cake when youre,gonna make,when youre gonna use the bacon version,miracles and stuff the real dark,chocolate yeah,do it taste like really real chocolate,hmm hey i like that one okay we got two,more in here so we can we can eat it,another time,all right so,my turn,all right,hmm,this way you guys can see what i pick,okay,all right so i gotta close my eyes all,right close your eyes,go down,to your left are you in the box you got,something,its like this oh okay you picked up one,of the little chocolate things,look lets put them back in at the,bottom because,youre gonna keep picking them up that,fella what is that,oh thats the roller coaster ring,right there,if youre looking for a ride a wild ride,jam-packed with flavor then this crunchy,potato rings,are for you,roller coaster rings and you know what,oh we got to open these vehicles right,now,curly fries,oh theyre so tiny look at it oh look,like little fritos,what they look like now i dont know,what it tastes like here,huh,you know what,they actually smell really really good,im smelling you one nah,they listen,all right you shoot us,okay,[Music],okay let me try that again you keep your,perfume to yourself right,okay now i smell like potato rings and,stuff okay okay okay,yeah about a second they look like,little snack olds,ah look at one,all right,little holes are all the way around i,thought it gonna be like the little,shoestring french fries okay i get ill,give it to you you know yeah when you go,to like what is it rather than getting,the curly fries and stuff,yeah,but,im good,crunchy,now if you,i get like a whole bag of these here,thats that that thats like a barbecue,potato chip now yeah i mean i dont know,im ready to pop on the movie and just,sit back and just you know just jump on,these things during the whole show,oh grandpa we forgot to do thumbs up,thumbs down yeah thumbs up yeah well,marshmallows we just only had the,marshmallows so the marshmallows were,thumbs up thumbs up,these the roller coasters,thumbs up for real for real,[Applause],youre good all right yeah well,i dont know what to say and you can,taste the barbecue,its great and its not really really,really strong,just enough to give it a good flavor,and i like that they crunch it but they,like cause the hole in the middle make,it airy so,um,gonna turn again oh,okay,going into the box,and oops went the wrong way,hmm,go ahead oh,i got a bag a big bag or something,um,oh,hells potato chips,now this ought to be interesting super,spicy flavored,i got it,this is actually written in both,languages on there but i guess the,definition,oh my goodness it starts out with beware,okay these super spicy potato chips are,not for the faint-hearted,this christmas snack will take your,taste buds to h dash e double hockey,sticks and back,and if yall ever heard that word spill,like that before you know what they just,said,okay,and see how little needs some various,bites,but they got like the tiny little um,what is it peppers,like five of them,jalapeno rating,it must be cause they got a jalapeno on,the back a red pepper,all right,theyre real still,[Applause],its not as bad hmm,all,right,they dont even look that hot,you look at it it it doesnt look like,this,regular potato chips when these super,spicy with all that red rice stuff on it,lets see,all right nice it started jumping out at,you,i could feel the tingling,ill give it that it,[Music],um now the whole beware thing,yeah yall can eat this,youre not gonna be like,maybe if you eat a lot of them you might,be like i need some water but its not,as spicy as they were making it like i,still feel like,a tingle sensation but its not,hot hot you know like i thought this was,gonna be,well,whats your take on it,they got a tingle tool now once you get,in there they get back here,yeah you feel that tingle,but now if you uh connoisseur of really,really high foods and stuff you aint,gonna run and jump off the table or,nothing,but,it is got its got a little spicy kick,to it and i do like that about it,but we got them,yeah it aint giving me the beware thing,like im,its hot but its not,dude,you know,yeah no its,not but i like it though yeah its good,i like it though,okay hells potato chips its,not really hells potato chips its just,a regular potato chip with a little bit,of spice on it,so,maybe a little purgatory we kind of,waiting to get the hell right like,and we aint transitioning yeah were in,transit,so what we get,um,mm-hmm,beware im thinking its gonna be like,real spicy and its,not no,but its good thumbs up,okay,all right fold it down oh you in the box,grab some,waffle wafers what is that,wafers,wafers okay,garden cream wafers,[Music],all right garden cream wafers,open the door to flavor heaven with,these light and

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