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SSAT and Private School Admissions May 2022

hi everyone welcome um my name is dan,gullery im the test prep director at,remax learning space i am just going to,wait a few more minutes in case a few,more people show up i dont want to keep,you all waiting for those of you who,are here,on time um i would like to know though i,did see,some responses from,the questions that were asked when you,registered for the webinar if anybody,would like to let me know either in the,chat or the q a um which schools in,particular you are looking at applying,to whether any of them are i mean well,all get into which ones,use the ssat and which ones dont but,im certainly interested to know um if,there are certain schools that i should,talk a little bit more about uh and,certain schools that maybe um dont need,uh as much of a discussion um okay cool,so i see a couple,of uh pretty common ones a couple uh for,st mikes a couple for ucc,uh uts so,um some of these schools do use the ssat,still some of them dont so well talk,about um sort of all of the tests as we,go along,uh for now um,like i said im going to wait maybe two,more minutes just in case a few more,people show up um and you know just give,them the opportunity to jump on,cool we have a baby blend and,uh baby glen is actually one that um i,dont have on my list although i should,in terms of my list for the presentation,but i can still talk a little bit about,it,okay so i am going to get started uh,welcome to those of you who are just,joining um if youd like to throw in the,q a uh the names of the schools that,youre looking at applying to im happy,to sort of cater a little bit more,towards,certain schools if there are some,schools that nobodys looking at then,you know i wont even need to talk about,them but im going to just sort of,balance it out between ssat and um you,know general private school admissions,so like i said my name is dan gullery,im the test prep director at rutherford,max learning space thats been my role,for about five years now um and so what,i do a lot of is talking to parents,about prospective schools,working with kids in terms of their,preparation for the entrance tests and,um,talking or do doing some talking doing a,lot of research in terms of you know the,changing nature of testing and what,schools are looking at um and you know,sort of the individual schools where,theyre gravitating towards in recent,years,so um just to give you a little bit of,an idea of,what this evening will look like my plan,is to end by eight,and that includes question and answers,of course im happy to go over that but,i dont want to keep anybody um longer,than necessary so i,aim to sort of have my presentation done,by about 7 30 and then open the floor to,any questions,um so well just start with some general,information i will talk about,accommodations for tests although that,is not in the correct order i will be,talking about about that uh after a few,other things um the ssat ill talk a,little bit about there are quite a few,people in the um in the q a whove,mentioned,um,schools that require the ssat so i do,want to give that justice,um ill talk a little bit about the,private school admissions tests and what,they look like in general and then what,preparation looks like,so um well start with the ssat its,sort of the,you know the one that more people or,more schools use,um its the secondary school admissions,test although its also used for middle,school and in fact there is an,elementary version thats used in the,states uh its not used by any school in,canada so,we dont really talk about the,elementary ssat here um its really just,middle school for kids who are applying,to grade 7 and 8 and high school for,students applying for grades 9 through,12. the bulk of the students who write,the the middle test are in grade six,applying to grade seven and the both of,the students who write the upper test,are in grade eight applying to grade,nine,and those tests happen in the fall so if,your kid is starting grade six this fall,um your kid will take the ssat,usually october or november of their,grade six year so about,five six months from now,um testing options so,traditionally the test was only written,on paper in um in a school that offered,the test it wasnt that you had to write,it at this floor that youre applying to,but only certain schools in the toronto,area offered the test now uh the entire,test could be done at home um which is,the more popular option at this point uh,students will log in usually either at,about 9am or about 2pm um because of the,timezone differences theyre just,offering those two times as tests,and they do the three-hour test on the,computer with a live proctor who is just,sort of monitoring a group of kids who,are writing it,you can take up to three of those,uh per school year,uh the in-person tests the paper tests,are still done you can do six of them in,a year um and obviously there are also,um prometric centers where its sort of,like if you were doing um you know like,a degree program and you needed a,certification you would go to a center,where there are cubicles with computers,you would sit down and you would do the,proctored tests there um but thats,thats the least popular option,um there is also a flex test i dont i,dont want to get too much into the,whole flex test thing because it is a,really confusing option theres no,difference between a paper test a flex,test and an online test in terms of the,content flex test is just a word that,they use for,unofficially scheduled in-person tests,um so certain schools do offer them if,they have a higher than normal,number of students who are looking to,take the test at that school thats,really all it is or if its through a,private property,um so whats on the ssat and this is,actually relevant to all of the tests,with the exception of one section so,every school admissions test,will look at the quantitative in terms,of math actually because somebody,mentioned baby blending will say if,youre applying to baby blend for high,school all they do is write an essay but,if youre applying to really any other,school you will be tested on your math,competency um theyll on the ssat its a,fairly um,fairly difficult math in terms of um you,know what kind or what level theyre,looking at if youre in grade six you,will see questions that are looking at,um two and three step algebra youll be,seeing pythagorean theorem um,there there are questions about angles,um and you know things that really,arent taught explicitly to students,until much later even for students who,are doing things like spirit of math,they will often find that the questions,on the ssat are,much more difficult than theyre,expecting because theyre taken out of,context and oftentimes kids are asked a,question and the first thing that they,need to do is figure out what to do,before they can actually put any of the,skills that they have to use,um so yeah so its its an hour of math,on the ssat in two separate sections um,so they just break it up so so that you,dont have to do an hour of math,straight which i guess is one of the,few nice things that they do um in terms,of writing the ssat the reading section,is 40 questions its about seven or,eight passages um and you have 40,minutes to do it its a mix of questions,this is a similar section to,many of the internal private school,admissions tests in terms of reading,something and answering some questions,based on what youve read again with the,ssat it is generally harder than any,private school admissions test will be,and when i say private school admissions,tests let me be clear im speaking about,individual schools putting together,their own tests for admissions although,the ssat is obviously written as private,school admissions um thats sort of how,i distinguish them as ssat and private,school tests single private school uh,you know sort of in-house tests,the verbal section is unique to the ssat,so,if you are not taking the ssat you will,not have to learn new vocabulary words,which is a blessing although i

My experience of SSAT 2022

assalamualaikum today ill be sharing my,experience of giving step,self-assessment test 2022.,so i would start with the campus the,campus was very far away from my home so,i had to travel to the campus when i,reached the campus the campus was really,good the people they were really,friendly but the teacher and the,administration was,not that good i wont name the campus,obviously but i would uh,also say that the teachers did not know,that what you have to put on your roll,number please they had sent us and,reference number which we have to write,at the place of our roll number but they,did not know that and i dont listen to,the teachers because the test was,started already 15 minutes late,and i thought that if the test started,15 minutes stayed it would also end 15,minutes late but they did not do,did that and the test was uh ended at 11,oclock and started at 9 15,so,major portion of my test was covered uh,physics biology and chemistry but i did,only three mcqs of english and then the,time was over and they took the paper i,was really sad about that,but then i asked other people sitting,next to me and some were saying their,biology portion is left and some were,saying their physics portion is left and,some are saying the chemistry portion is,left along with the english and logical,so i was like i did my best,according to me so i did 98 mcqs and i,keep in my head that i would count my,marks out of 98 except 120. so now i,would discuss some mcqs,the,some of the mcqs were repeated from the,past papers so if i found it really good,and the freshers were saying the test,was difficult of course they will find,difficult because they were giving first,time such kind of test and it was really,good because they at least knew that,type of the test they are going to give,in future,so it was overall good,now coming toward the biology portion,the value portion was very conceptual,and its really good,too because,in final md care test,there are a lot of mcqs from algae,portion which are conceptual like some,of the mcqs were like the hardest uh,working muscles are,dash and it was cardiac muscles and the,ratio of the nerve cell and neuroglia,cells was asked and some of the mcqs,from past vapor were also repeated and,the physics portion was all fsc based,and a lot of mcqs was from fc book,second year and it was good because the,freshers i think will find it quite easy,now coming towards the chemistry portion,the initial three to four mcqs i find,them difficult really,but the remaining portion of the,chemistry were also quite easy overall,the test was quite easy but my,experience of the campus was not that,good and but its okay i was giving the,test just for my experience and to know,about my weak points and i came to know,that my chemistry is quite weak so i,will be giving my more time to chemistry,and will improve it,thanks for watching

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How to Succeed on SSAT Writing: Writing Section Overview and Example Essays!

when you take the ssat the very first,section youll complete is the writing,section today well talk about whats,going to be on that writing section and,how to complete it successfully so the,ssg writing section is going to look a,little different than any of the other,ssat sections youre going to have 25,minutes to write a timed essay there,will not be any multiple choice,questions and this essay is also not,going to receive a score instead its,going to be sent to the schools you,apply to as a sort of writing sample,now heres what youre going to write,about for this timed essay youre going,to be given a choice between two prompts,those prompts are going to fall into two,different categories the first category,are the personal essay questions now,these are going to be kind of tell me,about yourself sort of questions where,youre primarily going to use your life,and your experiences to help support,your answer an example of this might be,if you could spend a day with anyone in,history which person would you choose,the second category of questions are,going to be the general essay questions,now these questions are going to vary a,little bit but often theyre going to,look like a persuasive essay you might,use examples from your life and your,experiences but its not going to be the,primary focus an example of this,question might be are people born,leaders or is leadership a skill that,can be learned,now lets talk about what success looks,like on the ssat writing section,remember youre not going to receive a,score for this section but it will be,used as a sample of your writing heres,what would make a strong writing sample,first you should be able to demonstrate,that you can communicate clearly this is,what makes a good writer right you can,have an idea and communicate it through,words that a reader can understand,a big part of this is going to be,organization youre going to want to,make sure youre using a clear structure,that your reader can follow and are,including transition words that are,going to help your reader know what,point youre making,second you are going to need to be as,specific as possible this is a big part,of clarity but its also going to make,your essay much more interesting and,enjoyable to read,then finally you are going to need to,effectively manage your time this may be,the first time to essay youve ever,written so being aware of your time so,that you can finish your essay and the,time that youre allotted is going to be,essential,to accomplish these goals we recommend,using the following essay structure this,may look familiar to you as youve,probably written essays following this,format before to begin your essay youre,going to start out with an introduction,youre going to want to first draw your,reader in with a hook this is the number,one thing people forget as soon as they,start writing timed essays but it is,still so important to grab your readers,attention you might want to consider,starting with a vivid anecdote,especially on a personal essay,then after that youre going to state,your thesis in this case your thesis is,just going to be your answer to the,question,once youve given your thesis you can,move into your body paragraphs now the,number of body paragraphs you need will,depend on the question you might only,need one or you may need multiple to,adequately answer all parts of the,question your body paragraphs are where,youre going to actually answer the,question but youre also going to want,to provide elaboration and analysis and,youre going to want to make that,elaboration and analysis as specific as,possible think about where you can,include specific examples perhaps from,your own life or even from hypothetical,situations that you can imagine,happening,finally youre going to finish off your,essay with your conclusion,in your conclusion youre going to want,to explain why your answer matters why,should your reader care about what you,have to say,you also might want to consider,connecting back to your hook in your,last line this is not only going to make,your essay more interesting to read its,also going to make it feel really,complete and cohesive,now in order to stay consistent with,this essay structure we highly highly,highly recommend that you outline before,you begin to write and outline is going,to help you keep your ideas organized,and help you be much more efficient with,your time,when you are outlining we recommend that,you figure out what youre going to say,for your hook thesis body paragraphs and,conclusion now for each of these points,you can just draw quick bullet points it,doesnt have to be complete sentences,and you do not have to fill them out in,order i often start out with my thesis,and body paragraphs then figure out my,hooking conclusion,so lets take a look at an example,question of what is a challenge you,faced and how do you overcome it heres,how i would complete an outline for this,question im going to start off with my,thesis and for this essay im going to,focus on not making the volleyball team,that i wanted to,and youll notice im not even going to,write a complete sentence im going to,use abbreviations we want to make this,as quick and efficient as possible,then im going to decide what im going,to focus on in my body paragraphs so,youll notice we have two parts to this,question what is a challenge you faced,and how did you overcome it so im going,to dedicate a paragraph to each in the,first im going to talk about why this,event was so difficult,um for me and then in the second,paragraph im going to talk about how i,overcame it now the true story of this,is that the girl on the top team that i,wanted to make on in my position quit,and so i got moved up in the middle of,the season but thats not the story im,going to focus on im going to focus on,learning to work hard,even when i dont get what i want,so now im going to go back and fill in,my hook and in my hook im going to talk,about watching the olympic volleyball,matches the olympics were going on at,the same time,as my own volleyball tryouts im going,to use that story to kick it off and in,my conclusion im going to want to,mention the same thing to kind of tie,everything together and bring some,cohesion im also going to talk about,what i learned from this so were going,to kind of reiterate that working hard,and why working hard is important how am,i going to apply it in the rest of my,life beyond volleyball,now lets take a look at the full essay,for the outline that we just completed,the first thing id like you to do is,pause the video and go ahead and read,the essay in full before we continue,all right now that youve had a chance,to do that lets talk about this essay,where did you see those elements that we,outlined well we can go ahead and start,off with our hook in this very first,paragraph and youll notice were,telling a vivid anecdote were focusing,on emotions here then we go right into,our thesis our direct answer to the,question which is just i had not made,the top team,then our body paragraphs are going to,elaborate a little bit on that so our,body paragraph number one is going to,answer this what is a challenge you,faced with a little more detail right,were getting into why exactly this was,a challenge id hoped i could make,varsity someday and those dreams were,not going to happen,in my second body paragraph i focus more,on the how did i overcome it and so in,this paragraph im telling about getting,moved up but before that happened,learning i could help my team and even,have some fun where i was now youll,notice this is a slight change from my,outline right im focusing more on the,helping my team part than the working,hard and thats okay your final,paragraphs are allowed to change a,little bit from your outline but if you,get those ideas down in your outline,its going to make it easier to shift,later on,all right now we finally get to our,conclusion and youll notice in the,conclusion we reflect even a little bit,more why is this significant

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SSAT Upper Verbal Study Guide

a key thing when youre looking at,analogies is to try to,terming the relationship between the,word pairs so here we have wood and fire,a great way to establish a relationship,is to create a sentence a short sentence,thats going to explain how the two,relate to each other and so you might,say wood feeds a fire that would be a,way to establish the relationship but,now lets lets go looking at this,sample problem and you have grass or,farmer is – cow well using the sentence,that weve already created would feed to,fire if we tried to plug in over here we,might say grass feeds a cow or when Id,say farmer feeds a cow and so both of,those would actually fit the same,sentence so we have to dig a little,deeper and so what you want to do is,fine-tune your sentence so at first we,had wood feeds afire lets add to that,be more descriptive and what way does,would feed a fire would feeds a fire and,is consumed by the fire so over here we,could say grass feeds the fire and is,congratz feeds the cow and is consumed,by the cow that would be correct farmer,feeds the cow and is consumed by the cow,that might lead to some a mad cow,disease but thats not typically how it,works and so as you can see you start,with the sentence that connects the two,words creates the relationship you,fine-tune your sentence to dial it in,and make it more exact where it excludes,the other answer choice and narrows it,in on the one thats going to be correct,in this case which would be grass,fragments and run-on sentences a,fragment is an incomplete sentence or,thought that cannot stand on its own and,it cant stand on its own and its,incomplete because its missing either a,noun or a verb,so lets look somebody at some examples,of fragments with a beautiful daisies in,my yard now this is a lot of information,the beautiful blooming daisies in my,yard but you have your noun some,adjectives to describe it an article,adjective and then you go to,prepositional phrase that tells you,where they are but youre missing,something,youre missing the verb so this one is a,fragment so you can have a longer,sentence or a longer fragment that looks,like a sentence and still have it be a,fragment because its missing you to the,noun or the verb so we had are known we,were missing our verb so even though it,looks long it looks like it could be a,sentence dont be fooled by the length,of a fragment because just because a,phrase is long doesnt mean its a,complete sentence lets look at another,example,waited all day at my house for you in,this sentence we have an action waiting,so weve got our verb all day out my,house for you well you see some pronouns,in there but theres no no theres no,subject of this sentence so youre,missing a subject noun and this one so,its still a fragment youve got the,verb part youve got the predicate part,of your sentence but you dont have the,subject part so this is a fragment it is,not a complete sentence so when youre,looking for fragments look for either,missing verb or missing noun because if,youre missing one of those then your,fragment cannot stand on its own and,will not be a complete sentence and,youre writing youll need to revise you,can you need to revise these and often,you can just add a little bit to a,fragment to make it a complete sentence,the beautiful blooming days is in my,yard look so nice this time of year,smell wonderful are going to win the,contest you can finish the sentence in,any way waited all day at my house for,you we could you could say we waited all,day at my house for you I waited my mom,and I waited there are a little its a,little bit more limited which you could,put at the beginning of this sentence,because weve got my and you for,pronouns down here but you still have,options and you could easily turn this,fragment into a complete sentence now,lets look at run-on sentences a run-on,sentence is a sentence that should be,written as two sentences its too long,it contains too much information it is,confusing to the reader and if its,running on and on and on then its,likely theres not correct punctuation,and theres too many,and to MIDI verbs crammed into one,sentence so you need to break it up so,that youve got separate complete,thoughts and its easier for the reader,to understand lets look at these,examples run-on sentences and then,correct them I couldnt believe it when,I heard that there were going to be,thunderstorms tomorrow I was planning on,having a barbecue outside to celebrate,summer this is a lot of information so,we need to see where one thought ends,and another one starts so that we can,split it up I couldnt believe it,well we want to know what she couldnt,believe I couldnt believe it when I,heard that there were going to be,thunderstorms tomorrow so all that is,one thought so were going to separate,this and put a period and we would need,to capitalize the next letter but since,it was I it was automatically,capitalized I was planning on having a,barbecue outside to celebrate summer now,we have two complete sentences theyre,separate its not too much information,in each sentence and its not going to,be confusing to the reader I couldnt,believe it when I heard that there were,going to be thunderstorms tomorrow I was,planning on having a barbecue outside to,celebrate summer so now its not so,confusing it doesnt just run on and on,and on we didnt have so many subjects,and so many verbs in one sentence now,weve separated it out and made it,easier for the reader to understand,right away lets look at our next,example John and Mary had so much fun,they went to the fair and rode rides in,it cotton candy now this one we need to,find where we need to split it up we,have another run-on sentence weve got a,lot of actions but we need to see where,we could split it up to keep the subject,and verb of warm sentence and the,subject and verb of a second sentence,and make it two complete sentences we,dont want to split it up incorrectly,and leave my fragment somewhere John and,Mary lets look at what they did John,and Mary had so much fun they when we,get today thats a new pronoun thats a,new subject so we should stop there John,and Mary had,so much fun and then if were starting a,new sentence we need to capitalize our T,and they John and Mary had so much fun,they went to the fair and rode rides and,ate cotton candy so now we have two,complete thoughts first were saying,they had fun and then were saying how,they had fun and we didnt keep it a,run-on sentence to where we had this,pronoun in the middle of this sentence,making it sound a little confusing we,have John and Mary having fun and then,they went to the fair and rode rides and,ate cotton candy so we split it up into,two sentences that are easier to,understand and you also would want to,revise any run-on sentences in your,writing if you see a sentence thats,going on and on for three or four lines,you probably need to find somewhere in,there to break it up so that it isnt a,run-on sentence you can have sentences,that are more complex if youre using,semicolons etc but you dont want it to,be so long that there are too many ideas,in one sentence so when youre writing,make sure you dont have any incomplete,thoughts that are missing a noun or verb,we dont want any fragments in your,writing and make sure that none of your,sentences are going on so long and,including too much information then it,makes it a run-on sentence,a suffix is a part of a word that is,added onto the end of a root word and,cannot stand alone so many times in a,word you have a prefix a root and a,suffix and so the prefix the root word,and the suffix all combine to make one,word now sometimes you only have a root,word sometimes you just have a prefix in,a root word and sometimes you just have,a root word and a suffix and sometimes,you really just have a prefix and a,suffix but youre never just gonna find,the prefix and youre never just going,to find a suffix it has to be paired,with something else now a suffix has a,meaning of its own and so it changes o

WATCH: The latest policy update from SSAT with Tom Middlehurst

hello everyone hopefully you can hear me,its Tom here and its four oclock and,so I thought I would start I think,youve all had a good week and that you,managed to have a bit of a break over,half to them last week if you can join,us its mostly a few more people here,today um,this will be the narcissist rate,equality zoom update in June which Ill,talk about at the end so Im really,gonna focus on are the final checks and,things to consider in terms of results,of summer but also looking ahead um to,the awesome series other goodies were,picking up issues about school the,openings later this month the second,reason the 15th of June and of course,whats already happening in primaries at,the moment but that would be picked up,um elsewhere and so without further ado,lets have a think about the final,checks that needs to be in place for the,submissions in the next couple of weeks,I know obviously all of you will be,working on this at the moment so Im,obviously youre always in your final,internal moderation and quality,assurance and Ive had lots of questions,about what it should look like and,simple answer is there is no one fixed,way um and essentially and you know use,your your current Quality Assurance,processes as an SLT,to to ensure that you as senior leaders,are happy with the grades and rankings,that you are submitted are rigorous and,accurate um youll be making those final,ranking decisions and I think,particularly thats really important for,those large subjects and its new GCSE,English your mass where you might have,an you know 70 odd students who are all,on the same grade trying to get that and,ranking down is going to be really,difficult and we appreciate that,similarly for ebq at a level where you,might have lots of bunching around the,seven mark and off were all aware of,those and of these subjects,um you might have missed this but off go,have now said that have a very very,large cohort you can Bunch,students within a single rat so as you,know you have to have most girls will,have to have at each candidate as a,separate rank thats not the same for,very large cohort but were only talking,about cohorts of 500 or more in any one,qualification so it really went and,applied in many schools or to many sit,bones,thats all I should say in sir I said,earlier and if you do have any questions,as we go through today and please do,write them in the chat function of zoom,and my colleague Mike as ever,well pick this up and so Im having,made your fun of my decisions Im really,really important to check the candidates,as genes at the top and the bottom of,each of those ranks because again they,are the ones that are most likely to see,their Center assess grades changed,through standardization so theyre,really really important to check those,people and share theyre happy with the,top and bottom of the round the mid of,the rank perhaps matters slightly less,and Ive had lots of questions,particularly um since I started this,week and where many of you are now about,to submit your data departs have been,through this process and you as senior,teams have got the data and and what an,SLT youre asking me is but will look at,the data and it doesnt look like our,previous years it doesnt look like the,transition matrices suggested should I,think its a really useful activity to,do to check that data um but dont try,and adjust those grades to make it a,perfect fit off call have already said,they expect some fluctuation you know,school gets the exact same results every,year and remember that your previous,results are just one part of the,standardization formula and we dont yet,have that formula and it will differ,from subject to subject and off call it,nominees for the subjects results,fluctuates,more than others so if you havent done,yet you know do have a look at what your,heads de problems are telling you and,see whether this looks like your,previous years however and we do differ,from some of an organizations here and,I know some organizations are saying to,make it very data based ultimately its,a sense check and we would be very,mindful of trying to adjust grade down,or up purely based on historical data we,dont yet have those formulas we dont,know transition matrices that they will,use in the final standardization formula,so Im use it as a guide and as I sell,tea if you have a particular subject,that seems to be showing a massive,inflation and certainly go back to them,and ask whats happening as part of that,Quality Assurance process but certainly,dont try to fit it perfectly to your,your previous results at the same time,if you are expecting an inflation this,year so not an equation an improvement,this year in terms of results it is,important to manage the expectations of,heads of departments and staff and,because of course and we do know that,through standardization you may see your,your grades adjusted not talked about,that in a moment,in terms of submission we know that,different examples using different,systems and youve been telling us that,some are better than others a particular,exam board in particular with a manual,entry system we know is causing you,quite a lot of stress but as basically,the key thing here is it check check and,check again remember once that data is,submitted there is no check the van,horse can do they are just going on what,you submit to them and you know one in,particular is very very clunky so,whoever is submitting that data you know,really make sure that they are um triple,checking that that that is correct,um just a point that this question has,been raised before hopefully unused,picked up on this and through the list,messages for the the email form,Edges but if you are entering students,in the same subject into qualification,through different examples you do just,do one ranked list and one of the,examples the examples who you have most,entries with will be the lead for that,particular subject and they will have,hopefully already been in touch with you,to tell you their the needs um exam,board and they will instruct you what to,do but it wont be through the normal,process so if for example Oh gingy CFC,is an IGCSE is in English um that is one,ranked list and the the biggest example,will have been in touch to telling you,how to submit that and then of course,private candidates you know dont leave,into the last minute they need to be,included fully in your rank order as we,discussed last week and the week before,of will have said that including private,candidate in your rank order will not,affect your your on loss treatment grade,I still dont understand how it cant do,that because of course if youre putting,a a private candidate as a number one,its never be going to so Im just,include final checks um in these last,two weeks before we submit grades hmm,before mid-june um in terms of managing,the expectations of staff and just a,reminder of course it on all of the the,teacher assess grades the center assess,grades and the rank order has remained,confidential at the moment medical staff,and will be aware of them and again this,really is a question Ive been asked a,lot over the last and the last four days,um if youre looking at data and it,looks different to your previous years,should you be adjusting it down and what,it will say if youre in that position,youre not alone a lot of schools out,there are in that position if you are,confident as a store as a head teacher,is Nestle T that those grades you are,providing are accurate dont mark them,down just because of the data however,its important to remind staff and heads,of department in particular the off,policy,all schools should expect to see some,adjustments so at this point we telling,our heads of department if your grades,are all marked down or up thats not a,reflection on your judgment of Court has,said that even with the most accurate,judgment they expect to see some,adjustments so um its not a reflection,on their ability to assess and off what,Ive already said that ultimately this,is out of y

Understanding Your SSAT Score Report 12/2/2021

hi everyone and thank you so much for,joining us today my name is sarah im,part of a team here at test innovators,and ill be leading todays webinar,so the focus of todays webinar is how,to read your ssat score report,this webinar is being recorded and i,will send out a copy of the recording,after the webinar,so lets get started,to start i would like to share a little,bit about what we do here at test,innovators,weve helped over 150 000 students,prepare for standardized tests and get,into the most selective schools,we also work with many tutoring,companies educational consultants,and schools,today we will be covering,how the ssat is scored,the ssat,score report,how schools use the ssat,as well as frequently asked questions,about scores,throughout the webinar please feel free,to type any questions that you have in,the q a,if we have time at the end ill answer,those questions,but if there are any questions that i,dont get to ill be sure to email you a,response along with the webinar,recording,before we talk about the score report,its important to understand how the,ssat is scored,the first step in scoring is calculating,a raw score,how this is done depends on the level of,the test,elementary level students do not lose,points for incorrect answers whereas,middle and upper level students do,so this chart shows how many points are,awarded for each level,as you can see a correct answer will,give you one point,for either the elementary middle or,upper levels,an incorrect answer will give you zero,points if youre taking the elementary,level and,will give you negative one quarter,points if youre taking the middle and,upper level,unanswered questions will give you zero,points,once a raw score has been calculated for,each section,its converted into a scaled score,this conversion adjusts for variation in,difficulty between tests thus a lower,raw score on a harder test could give,you the same scaled score as a higher,raw score on an easier test this process,is called equating,students receive one scaled score for,each of the three subjects quantitative,reading and verbal as well as a total,scaled score which is the sum of the,section scaled scores,the final and most important score is,calculated in the percentile score for,each section,percentiles compare a students,performance to all,other students in the same grade in the,past three years,for example a 40th percentile indicates,the student scored the same or higher,than 40 of the students in the same,grade but lower than 59 of the students,in um,in the same grade so as you can see um,here we have some examples we have um,one score is the 73rd percentile which,means that the student jordan scored,equal to or higher than 73 percent of,the students in grade eight,and,cameron scored equal to or higher than,99 of the students in grade 6 which,would earn cameron a 99 percentile score,next we will talk about the score report,there are four main parts to the score,report,theres the student information section,its important to verify the information,in this section,that,that the information in the section is,correct thats at the very top,then there are the test taker scores,which gives total scores,overall,and then we have the section scores,which give you the scores for each,section and then the test question,breakdown,so thats a raw score for every question,subtype,and now well look at each of these,sections in turn,so at the top youll see your total,scaled scores as well as your overall,percentile scores,so in this case the student,achieved a,total scaled score of 2100,and a 73rd percentile score,for each section you will receive a,scaled score as well as a percentile,score and youll also see a sort of,scaled score range,this indicates the range of scores that,you might be able to achieve depending,on the day and test,so usually students if they take a,number of tests will fall within a,certain range,so as you can see in this case we have,the verbal scores,this particular student had a,scaled score of 674,which,earned a 56 percentile,and you can see also the average eighth,grade score was 655.,quantitative 72nd percentile scaled,score 719,and the average,eighth grade score was 680,and then finally we have the reading,section where the student earned an 84th,percentile,with a scaled score of 707 and the,average 8th grade score was 655.,the test question breakdown shows how,many questions were answered correctly,incorrectly or left unanswered for each,question type within the section,and so you have the,purple on on the left is the verbal,so 34 correct 26 incorrect,zero unanswered,and you can see,thats also broken down by the question,subtype in this case synonyms and,analogies,and you can see theyve done that for,the other sections as well the math,section as well as the reading section,okay now lets talk about how schools,use the ssat scores,so the ssat provides schools with a,standardized metric they can use to,compare applicants,students apply for many different,schools so,one great way to compare students to,compare applicants is with a,standardized test like the ssat,its also important to keep in mind that,there are many parts to the application,so that being said we have seen low,scores can be an obstacle for admission,um especially for competitive schools,that receive a large number of,applicants,so it is in you know it is an important,part of the application but do keep in,mind its not the only part of the,application,there are also things like school,transcripts teacher recommendations,application essays extracurricular,activities your admissions interview,etc all those things go into and and,more go into making up your application,finally the best way to analyze your,scores is in the context of the schools,youre applying to,because the score because the scores,schools typically accept will differ,from school to school,our website has data on score ranges,that have historically made students,competitive applicants at different,schools these are designed to provide,directional information but are by no,means absolute,being in the green range does not,guarantee acceptance nor does being in,the red range guarantee rejection,but it can be you know a helpful tool as,youre prepared to see how,how youre youre doing against sort of,historical data so,im going to send a link to the target,scores page as well in the email um that,follows up after the recording,now lets go through some frequently,asked questions,first of all how soon will i receive my,score report,so you will be able to see your score,report within about two weeks of your,test date if you take the test on paper,and within about one week if you take,the test on a computer at a prometric,test center,if you take the test at home you will,typically receive scores the next day,so you should log into your account at,ssat.org to access your scores you can,also sign up to receive a score alert,notification once your scores become,available,can i see the scores before sending it,to schools,its a great question,yes,you can so when you register for the,test you dont have to select the score,recipients instead you can add and,remove recipients anytime free of charge,on your account at ssat.org,its important to note however that once,school scores have been released,designated recipients cannot be,cancelled,so,if youre going to test or you think you,might test more than once we actually,recommend that you wait until you see,the score report before sending them to,schools,if i test more than once can i send only,the best uh score for each section so,this is a practice known as super,scoring,and no you cant so some schools may,choose to to do this to do the super,scoring as they review student score,reports the admissions offices will be,able to see the complete score report,for each test you choose to send,so um,be just be aware of that if you um are,sending multiple score score reports in,theyll be able to see your scores for,every section of each test you send in,

Online Orientation on the School Safety Assessment Tool (SSAT) | DepEd SDO Albay

as we are more than half of the ,Thank you. ,the attendance survey is being ,flashed on the screen. The ,attendance link will be flashed ,once we start the program ,proper. ,A pleasant morning to all. ,If I dont know what man ,A pleasant morning to all. My ,respect to our SDS Maam Norma ,B Samantela, our assistant ,school division superintendent ,Maam Mar ,Two years on in the pandemic ,and we are still in our ,bubbles. With limited movements ,and transactions. However, our ,agency, DebED, has developed a ,strategy. As we slowly go back ,to our face to face modality. ,So today we are having this ,virtual orientation on school ,safety assessment tool. ,As we start our program, may I ,call on Maam Liz for the ,preliminaries. ,One, slowly. ,and life. Despite the ambiguous ,situation of the world. ,Though we are cared sustained, ,and protected Dear Lord, we ,implore you to help us our ,doubts, so we may pour all our ,trust in you allow us to let go ,A commands for our faults and ,transgressions. And guide us ,toward the righteous path Ive ,always intended us to take we ,humbly invite your ,and bless each one of us with ,focus, patience, and ,understanding Let your thoughts ,and beautiful intentions flow ,upon us. we open our ears to ,receive them and keep them in ,our minds. Quench the thirst of ,our spirits as we open our ,hearts to welcome your over ,the lips of the speakers today, ,so we may hear the wisdom you ,intended to receive. Steer the ,hands of the facilitators, so ,they may provide us the ,rightful aid we We pray for ,inspiration. So all of us may ,learn and work in unison. ,So we may spread the learnings ,we receive. Get faith through ,your grace. All this, we pray. ,name of Jesus, our Lord ,m ga kababayan, ang pampansang ,awi ng Pilipinas. ,m ga kababayan, ang pampansang ,So before I proceed, I would ,like also to acknowledge the ,efforts made by the SJOD ,a transition from having our ,classes ah online or through ,modular approach to having it ,face to face. You know our ,children are really so excited ,to come to school. But because ,of ah the impact of this ,pandemic we opted not to allow ,them. And instead study at ,home. But then we are ,challenged. Because ,kind of challenges. So my dear ,friends, especially our school ,heads. I would like also to ,congratulate many of you who ,have signified their ,qualified. of Deped Memorandum ,number seventy-one. Is just a ,piece of paper. Without ,Friends, good morning, good ,luck. And again I hope everyone ,is well. Thank you so much and ,have a nice day ahead. ,counting that we are ,experiencing the adverse ,effects of covid-19. especially ,in our education landscape. Our ,students and even our teachers ,are already rearing to go back ,to school. And render the ,respect is roles. But then This ,cannot happen yet. Because we ,dont have yet the green light ,To go face to face. Except for ,the schools which manifested ,intent to pilot. Limited face ,to face. Ah interaction. So ,sabi nga natin. So kahit mag ,tutu years na halus pa three ,years na tayo. Pero hindi pwe ,is everyones responsibility. ,Not just mine, not just yours, ,not just the teachers, or the ,parents, but everyones ,responsibility. So we really ,have to be ready. Alright. So, ,my dear PSDSS, try to assess ,also. probably in our next ,meeting serving ,our program. On the discussion ,of the School Safety Assessment ,Tool, well have the context ,and background of this ,modality. It will be discussed ,by Maam Lisa Vidad. Well also ,have on the School Safety ,Assessment Tool which will be ,discussed by our PDO and our ,division DRM coordinator, Sil ,assessment tool to be discussed ,but current ,lot of questions in mind as we ,go along in the implementation ,of this SSAT. So we shall ,dedicate this day for us to ,learn in depth the intricacies ,and the roll out of this SSAT. ,To start with the context and ,background of SSAT or the ,school safety assessment tool, ,may I call on Maam Analisa ,Revidad, our SMME steps. Thank ,you for listening ,So for those of of your fellow ,or colleagues, school heads who ,are not yet in, kindly inform ,them ,is tiny URL.com slash ,attendance dash orientation on ,SSAT. So now well call on Lee. ,Shes ready now for the context ,and background of SSAT. Maam ,Liz. You log in or register? ,The attendance link is kindly ,URL.com slash attendance dash ,orientation at SSAT now, well ,call on the context and ,background of SA ,Thank you Norashi. Good morning ,everyone. ,abayon and ,and transitioning to new normal ,one ,please be mindful of the ,punctuation marks, the period, ,the slash, the capital letters. ,just so we have the ,Attendancely correct. Dine ,URL.com. Slash attendance. All ,caps. And then dash. And then ,capital O. Orientation. Capital ,O on. And then all caps SSAT. ,Thank you. ,URL.com slash attendance, all ,apps, and then cash. Capital O. ,And then ,address. Allow resumption of ,that cannot be done at home ,such as the workshop ,requirements in the tech book ,track. Is the negative mental ,health impacts of the lack of ,face to face interaction among ,children. Absence of more ,responsible adults in the ,family qualified to take the ,role of learning facilitator. ,Mam Liz. Audio. ,For the ,do so. And for those PSTSs ,concern. Um well have that ,attended to in a while po. ,Thank you. ,Again to reiterate ah what ,Maam Norms has said a while ,ago. So ,homes. So hand washing, Um use ,of face mask. ,And we limit our movements as ,much as possible. We limit our ,going in crowded places Just so ,to minimize the transfer of the ,virus. Should you or any of you ,manifest symptoms? So you may ,contact your local Bert or ,Barangay Health Emergency ,Healthcare Worker for proper ,management and intervention. ,So as we wait for the slides of ,Maam Liz, may we have now ,first the discussion on the ,administration of the SSAT or ,the school safety Assessment ,Tool by Maam Karen Tessa ,Dominguez, our planning officer ,3, Mam T? ,Yes, good morning po. Good ,morning everybody. ,Um hello po. Um can you see my ,presentation po? Is it clear po ,ba? Yes maam Ting. You can see ,your slide. ,Hey, Paul. Good morning ,risk areas. So last November 15 ,20 twenty-one, 100 public ,schools ,Okay, maam, wait a po, maam. ,Sure ,Okay na ko maam Sheikh. Nakita ,na po bang ating presentation ,maam. ,Yes, po, sir. ,mentor by Sir Alvin Kuz. Okay ,na maam. Yes, sir. Please go ,ahead. Okay. ,Okay ko a sa good morning ,everyone. So isang disa Serfino ,maga po sa ating lahat. Ah of ,course my ,of the face to face classes. ,other half day for distance ,learning naman and then the ,next week naman yung nag ,distance learning sila naman ,So good afternoon everyone. So ,I hope the participants are ,still online. Had a good lunch. ,And ready for this afternoon ,session. ,Again, for those who have not ,logged in or registered yet, ,the attendance link is still ,being flashed on the screen. ,So good afternoon once again ,Um Namshi. Continue on with the ,school safety assessment tool. ,here we have Sir Alvin Cruz. MC ,okay sir. Please continue. Ano ,sa screen yung ano presentation ,maam. ,Maam she reflected na po basa ,ano sa screen yung ano. Yung ,tool. ,Ila maam. ,just so you can arrive to the ,tools and and answering your ,tools correctly. Bear in mind ,that all the data inputs on the ,tools will be validated by the ,composite team and the variety ,of it will be tracked by the ,Okay po, so, sorry po, medyo ,nang ka problema lang po kami ,sa connection, but we proceed ,po to the, to the, ah, present ,We also have another question. ,There are materials and ,supplies and our equipments ,needed. Pero wala sa budget ng ,MOOE for twenty twenty-two. ,Paano po namin at sa ankuning ,ang financial leaves ,Vin, nursery, the OIC of the ,School Health section. Maam ,Liz, Maam Ting, and the rest ,of the staff. And of course, ,sagabos na ,learners, we must also focus on ,their safety. Wala ng ah tatalo ,pa sa pag iisip kung

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