1. How To Login To Home Banking at Horizon Credit Union
  2. Grow Financial Credit Union Online Banking
  3. Spamming Tutorial: How To Spam Bank Logs and Credit Card Information [Educational Only]
  4. How to Use BlueOx Credit Unions Free Online Banking
  5. How to Setup Online Banking – Overview of Features – Freedom Credit Union
  6. Online Banking at Leaders Credit Union
  7. How to Use Zelle (Send and Receive Money Fast)

How To Login To Home Banking at Horizon Credit Union

hi this is Bev Bolin and Id like to,walk you through signing on our new home,banking and the first thing you need to,do is open up a new browser and type in,my horizon CU org and you want to make,sure that when that page comes up that,you have a green box on the left-hand,side that has a red box enclosed in,there that says log on now so were,going to log on and it comes up theres,a security warning and it says that you,are leaving the site and that is true,and you need to click yes because youre,going to the secure home banking thought,at that moment so when you get over,there for the first time you come on to,the log on screen and this is a little,confusing and what this is is the last,time that you logged on on the old,system youre going to use that ID it,could be your account number it could be,your social security number or perhaps,you had a unique ID at that time so you,would put your login ID there and then,click continue and the next thing thats,asking you for is a password so if this,is the first time that youve ever been,to this new site the password is the,first three letters of your last name in,all caps and the last four digits of the,social security number of the person,whos listed first on the account so you,could go in mine for example would be,capital B capital o capital L and then,one two three four and I would get I,would go to continue so the next screen,that youre going to come to is probably,going to ask you to change your user ID,if you had logged on with a social,security number or an account number or,its at least going to ask you to change,your password from the temporary ID so,itll say,current password and if this is your,first time logging in then its going to,be the first three letters of your last,name in all caps and the last four,digits of the social security number on,the person who is listed first on the,account so you go in and the user ID,doesnt have to be anything elaborate it,could be for example bowling oh one and,then you come down through there and,itll ask you for a new password and,that password has to be between eight,and fifteen digits it has to have a,capital a lowercase a number and a,special character and that special,character has to be an exclamation point,and at Sun a number Sun a dollar Sun or,a percentage Sun so a good example for,that would be capital B lowercase B Oh L,ing one two three four exclamation point,when you get all of that in or the next,screen that you come to will be,challenged questions and if you dont,like the challenge questions that are,there you can choose from a drop-down,menu,but you answer those questions and they,are case-sensitive so if it asks you for,your first pets name and you put are,ing oh and you didnt do a capital then,you need to whenever it comes up ask you,that challenge question you need to make,sure you dont put a capital so be very,cognizant of whether you use capital,letters or not,so you answer those three challenge,questions and then the next question,that you have to answer is a security,word and what thats for is every time,you log on youre going to see that word,and that lets you know that you are at,the secure site so you always want to,look for that and if you dont see it,you need to be aware that you may not be,at the secure home banking site its,its just another level of security when,you answer all of those questions and,you hit continue then it will log you in,to your account and youll be able to,see your your each individual account,there once youre logged on if you dont,see all the accounts that you used to,see on the Ola virtual branch be sure,and call us up 43 5 3 0 7 7 7 8 and we,can link those accounts you can have any,account that youre a joint account,owner linked so if you had grandchildren,and you wanted to be able to transfer,money into their accounts and youre a,joint account holder then we can link,that to your home banking so when youre,finished using your home making and you,want to log out across the top there are,icons and it looks like a little head,and shoulders and you click there and,hit logout and that takes you back to,the login screen,we would like to thank you from the,bottom of our hearts everyone here at,Harrahs and credit union for working,through this conversion we really think,that its very positive and its going,to be a great move were always,available if you have any questions,comments or concerns you can call me or,call anyone here at horizon for 2 3 5 3,0 7 7 7 8 and from all of us with a,heartfelt thank you we look forward to,the future

Grow Financial Credit Union Online Banking

you know lets look at exactly how bad,this is so I have a bill pay that set up,I have two of them Im trying to stop,them I click on my more bill pay screen,which of course takes me here and it,says get started with Bill tape well, its already set up you idiot and,just look at how bad there theres a, frame here look at this and Im,already logged into the site and,theres a theres a recap show like who,the thought this was a good eye I,mean what the,go to your accounts okay well hey heres,my automated bill pay here thats going,out and because they up the,account you can see right here they they,went in and took damn near twenty,thousand dollars out of my account to,satisfy a loan quote-unquote did it on,my personal account as well okay hey,lets look at the check Hey the check,isnt found because you thats why,I mean like this is such a poorly put,together website the previous website,was bad and they said oh dont worry,were upgrading keep in mind this is for,my business banking if this you know,this is a business account and Im not,permitted to have other access to it I,have to give my username and login to my,account I cant do any sorts of deposits,in the account,are they app for the phone sucks ass,this is just poorly put together you,know you cant get information from this,you just cannot get information here,this is you know this is insane,not only that when grow emails you you,get this email thats like oh go log,into another website to read the,email thats email is supposed,to be in the body of the email if you,need to send me something encrypted, encrypted I published my PGP key,I mean this is easy,this is 2019 and were dealing,with this you know I get emails,from them that are impossible to read I,can pull you up multiple ones where hey,its attached as a wind mail dot,dat file awesome I cant read the, thing its theres nothing there,other than the person thats from this,is by large the worst worst banking,experience Ive ever had online this is,even much worse than the previous UI,they had at least that worked and it was,consistent I mean you know this kind of, here me this this is,this is insane,you know like look at this its spawning,off another website deaf,wrong with people

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Spamming Tutorial: How To Spam Bank Logs and Credit Card Information [Educational Only]

how bank logs and credit cards,information are acquired by hackers,hello guys welcome back on to smart lazy,hustler and today we will take a deep,look into how hackers also known as,spammers acquired bank and credit card,information so without any further ado,lets get straight into the video but,before dont forget to hit the,subscription button the likes and the,notification bell to get notified every,time we post interesting videos like,this and lets just jump right into it,just to let you know that this video was,sponsored by airshiptech.com.ng,and its like my go-to website whenever,i want to sell my gift cards or my,cryptocurrency whatever relating to data,bundle and even airtime right so this is,like a website i use once i get from my,clients i come here immediately and i,sell for the best rate in the country,right so all you have to do is just,click on your just compute click on,register and include your full name your,email address and also your phone number,and just you know use your password that,is it and click on sign up immediately,you have access to sell and buying or,from gift cards and crypto data bundle,airtime whatever all right you can trust,me on this and if you use the link below,youll get one of the highest rates so,lets get started hackers use a method,known as spamming to get the account,information they need and the most used,ones are email and sms spamming these,are similar methods but one requires,sending spam letters to email addresses,and the order requires sending spam,contents to phone numbers using sms,gateways,there are some tools needed to be able,to spam and they are number one scam,pages,scam pages sufficient pages that looked,exact as the original webpage of a,company such as paypal they are designed,to send any login input such as username,and password to their desired location,such as webmails or local mail providers,like gmail and yahoomail,number two see panels,cpanel is a web hosting control panel,software designed to simplify the,process of hosting a website this is,where spammers upload their scan pages,to be live on the internet number three,letters,letters in spamming is simply the,content sent to email addresses or phone,numbers,they contain fake notifications that get,victims to hop onto their website and,input their login information,and number four mailer or sms sender,these are medium troop which spammers,send out letters or content to email,addresses or phone numbers,email spammers use blackmail senders,with smtps to send out letters,and sms partnerships either api or,banner gateways to send content back,phone numbers so having gone through all,that we are gonna jump onto our computer,screen and see how all these are,combined in spamming,yes so guys welcome back onto the,computer screen,and uh were just gonna get straight,into things so the first thing we need,is scam pages so we went ahead and got a,few scan pages actually two,right here we have cash up and,huntington so we for the sake of this,video were gonna be using,cash out so the next thing we need is,cpanel to host our cashier page on so,im going to go ahead and teach you what,you can get,cpanel for cheap prices,so yes go on to your web browser and,search for,alex dot co just like this,all the links will be in the description,so just go ahead and enter you need to,create an account so ive already,created an account go ahead and create,an account yourself,and find your account with bitcoin once,youre done with that we have,so many,things actually here you can buy you can,buy leads email leads,for spammy you can buy php meters or,smtps for sendouts and you can buy rbps,vps cpanels and shelves,now,cpanels and shelves are used for hosting,web pages but were gonna just go for,cpanels,and once that is done,were gonna get back yeah so guys,this is the page youre looking for so,just go ahead and look for the united,states cpanel that has https,ssl certificate installed,so you can get it for 7.4 dollars you,can get for five dollars you can go,as low as three dollars but just make,sure you have an https ssl certificate,installed so you gotta go ahead and,check if its still up,and um,its bad so were just gonna go ahead,and look for another one just go to,check,and its working so just go ahead and,buy it and theyll provide you with all,the efforts you need so once you buy,that,we just go,ahead and go on to the,homepage of the cpanel so lets just go,ahead,and jump right into it,so this is the home page of the cpanel i,got so depending on your provider is,gonna be a little different from my own,but youre gonna get all these things,right here that you need so,the next thing we gotta do is host our,scan page so just go ahead and click on,file manager,wait for it to load,and um just click on,h cmr this one public html sorry,and um now just hit upload right here,now just drop the files here or you can,click to,upload,so youre just gonna go,select the cache upstand page and drop,it on here its gonna load and it says,complete just hit this link to go back,and now we get our scan page uploaded,but we need to actually extract it so,just go ahead left click and right click,select extract,and hit on extract files,now it is done just close this,and go ahead and delete,this zip file right here,skip this,and yeah so guys just like that we got,our scan page uploaded so lets go back,to our home page,and click on the primary domain,so youre gonna see this,deceptive site ahead notification thing,here just because our cpanel doesnt,have an https that is why i should go,ahead and get one so this is actually,not anything just go ahead and click,details and,visit this on safe site,so now click on this cache app,link here and it will direct you to your,cache app just go ahead and click this,and then just like this we got a catch,up scan page uploaded so you can see it,looks almost the same as the cache of,original scan original page sorry so yes,so,just like that our scan page is uploaded,so,we gotta do a few tweakings for this,thing so just go back,just go back to,the home page go to,file manager,and go to open the cache up folder,first of all go to public html,go to,cache up,click,and um depending on the settings of the,scan page,you need to,change where you need the result,sent to so im just going to go here,and,edit,edit,and so just like this,you need to put in where you need your,result sent to so im just going to say,sorry,just like this so just say go ahead and,save it so you need to actually find,this,or else youre not gonna get results,its gonna send it somewhere else so,just close this,and just like that we are done hosting,and everything,so what were gonna do next is um,we need letter,so now were jumping onto,sending out spam content to victims yeah,so you need letters so we go went ahead,and got,a catch-up letter here lets just click,in and you see what on top,so,this is basically a letter that looks,something like this so depending on the,pages spamming you need each letter,so you can still go ahead and hit us up,well find your letter for instance page,so yeah this is how it looks were gonna,go ahead and edit this,so how to edit this,you need,you need,a notepad glass blocks or just a notepad,so im going to go ahead and edit this,with notepad,and be sure to take note of this just go,ahead and click,and press,console this and go ahead and,console this and go ahead and press ctrl,f,just like that,cancel and search for hr ef,click it,let me move this out of the way,click it again click it again,click it again,and yeah,so here,youre gonna find this link so you get,it,copy this thing and replace it with your,scan page link just like this,this is our scan page link so just copy,and go to notepad plus and,make sure,you dont,cancel or remove these,quotation marks right here just,copy this,and paste it in just like that dont do,anything else and just go to control,file and just go to save,yeah so,just close out of this,and basically were done,so right now what we need to do

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How to Use BlueOx Credit Unions Free Online Banking

[Music],this video will provide an overview of,its me to four seven online banking,online banking offers a wealth of tools,that help you manage your finances,quickly and easily most of our online,banking tools are accessible from this,top menu bar,the info center provides options to sign,up for e-alerts edit your site,preferences and more from the my,accounts tab you can among other things,view account information place stop,payments and set up account nicknames,from the new accounts tab you can view,rate boards and apply for loan,certificate and share products from the,pay and transfer tab you can pay bills,and transfer money from the My Documents,tab you can access your East statements,lastly from the go mobile tab you can,access instructions on how to use mobile,and text banking and view mobile apps,that are available to download from the,App Store,while most of our online banking tools,are accessible from the top menu bar,there are a few key tools that can be,accessed from the side menu bar this,button allows you to access your other,memberships without having to log out,and back in again please contact us at,the Credit Union to learn more about,this feature this button provides access,to your message center where you can,view important notifications from our,credit union,and this graphical button which is,updated every few minutes provides,access to helpful services in which you,may be interested,another set of buttons youll find,helpful are these Quick Links found at,the top of every page in online banking,these buttons provide access to commonly,used tools and features this button,directs you to your account summary,where you can view account balances and,transaction history,this button allows you to perform,transfers,this button directs you to your message,center where you can view important,notices from our credit union,this button allows you to edit your site,options such as your start page which is,viewable upon login and by clicking here,this button allows you to print the page,youre currently viewing,a few final features that you may find,helpful are located at the very top of,your online banking site this button,provides access to the online banking,sitemap as well as Spanish and French,translations of commonly used terms and,features in online banking,this button provides access to our,contact form where you can request that,someone from our Credit Union contact,you,finally this button directs you to your,personal internet branch where you can,customize additional security settings,as you saw in this video online banking,makes it easy to manage your money the,way you want,[Music],you

How to Setup Online Banking – Overview of Features – Freedom Credit Union

hello did you know that online banking,is a fast easy secure and convenient way,to conduct many of your banking,interactions right from the comfort of,your own computer online banking is,freedom credit unions 24 hour a day 7,day a week internet account service with,online banking our members have the,freedom to bank when they want where,they want how they want and as often as,they want at no cost this video explains,how to set up your freedom Credit Union,online banking when you join freedom,Credit Union you are automatically,enrolled in freedom online banking and,bill payer to begin you will need your,account number and the four digit PIN,you created when you became a member to,login for the first time enter freedom 1,in the password space and click on the,access my accounts button you are now at,our added security page here you select,an image and phrase then select and,answer three security questions,this multi-factor identification process,adds extra security for you the image,and phrase you select will appear every,time you log into online banking when,you access online banking in the future,you will be shown your select image and,phrase as confirmation that you are on,freedom Credit Unions site and,utilizing the correct login information,if a different image or phrase appears,when you log in cancel and try again if,you do not see an image or phrase do not,continue but rather contact the credit,union the challenge questions may be,asked for your protection if you access,online banking from a different device,or geographic location to confirm your,identity at the bottom of the security,page you may check the box if you want,the system to remember the computer you,are using to sign up for online banking,we recommend this option,only for personal computers not public,computers click Submit to save your,security settings this information can,be changed anytime at the personal tab,now that you are signed up and logged,into online banking on the left side of,the online banking screen is a,navigation menu that outlines the many,features and services available here is,a quick list of what you can do in,online banking review all of your,accounts view your account history pay,bills online with bill payer purchase,certificates view statements set email,alerts and preferences download our,mobile banking app,learn about freedom fees and disclosures,and under other services you can stop,payments check withdrawal to order a,cashiers check reorder checks set up,transfers between other freedom credit,union accounts send and receive secure,email with member services and check,your dividends when you are done with,your online banking session click the,exit button at the top right of the,screen if you have no activity after 2,minutes you will be logged out,automatically for security reasons we,hope you find online banking to be a,convenient and helpful service and you,take advantage of this free resource in,our next video module we will detail how,to use many of these online banking,services including bill payer how to,transfer funds purchase certificates and,much more please join me thanks,you,ah

Online Banking at Leaders Credit Union

so youve made the decision to bank,online using leaders of a branch banking,we couldnt agree more with this call,online banking is absolutely the easiest,way to manage your finances and you now,have full control of your spending while,online banking is very easy to use it,never hurts to go over the basics,logging in for the first time can be one,of the most difficult parts of using,online banking but it doesnt have to be,if you follow some very simple steps,first youll need your membership card,if you opened your account in a branch,you should have a laminated card that,shows your name and member number this,will be your username for online banking,if you opened your account on our,website at an enrollment or over the,phone your member number will also be on,your deposit account contract which,should have been mailed to you along,with your disclosures your password for,your first login will be the last four,digits of your social security number if,you dont have this memorized it can,also be found on your deposit account,contract once youve successfully logged,in for the first time youll be asked to,change your username and password for,easier reference in the future and,youll be asked for your mobile number,and email address these are used to help,verify your identity if you log in from,an unknown device were all about,protecting your online accounts once,youre in youll notice that you have,everything you need on one page your,accounts and their balances trends on,your spending habits online coupons if,you have a leaders checking account and,even a calendar and calculator to keep,you on track if you dont like the way,that your accounts are named you can,rename your account simply by going to,my settings and rename hide accounts if,you need help with any area of online,banking simply click the question mark,and you can read helpful tips about that,area you can transfer money between your,accounts and pay your leaders loans,using online banking very easily simply,select the move money link from the top,menu or your account screen and choose,the sending and receiving accounts then,select the date and the amount of money,youd like to transfer you can also set,an automatically recurring transfer if,you like its that simple if youd like,to pay a bill you receive from another,bank or business like your utility or,mobile phone bill our online bill pay is,a very easy way to do it,youre still writing checks and paying,for postage youll love the convenience,of making a monthly payment with a,simple click or if you prefer you can,schedule an automatic payment and you,dont have to remember to pay the bill,here are a few things you need to know,about online bill pay to make your,experience even better first you have to,be approved to use online bill pay once,youre approved youll need copies of,your current bills to select your payees,for the first time one of the easiest,ways to load your pay is into online,bill pay is to search by the address to,which you currently mail your monthly,payment and select the payee if you,dont see your pay you listed you can,manually enter the payee some online,payments are made electronically and,some are made via a physical check,because some banks and businesses do not,accept electronic payments its helpful,to know the difference so that you can,schedule your payment date accordingly,last we want to make sure you know about,text alerts you can set up email or text,message alerts and online banking to,notify you when your balance gets low or,when a deposit or withdrawal clears your,account just click the link under,additional services name mobile banking,and alerts next youll want to set up,mobile banking so be sure to check out,that video as well

How to Use Zelle (Send and Receive Money Fast)

hey everyone in todays how-to video i,want to show you an easy way to send and,to receive money,using zell now zell is built into,a lot of mobile apps for banking so for,example,my chase app has zell built into it im,going to show you how to use it that way,and if your bank is not supported even,though they support hundreds of banks,and credit unions,you could use the zell app so im going,to show you both of those options,and its super simple 3z things you have,to link your bank,you have to pick someone to pay and you,pick that amount to pay,or to receive really simple lets jump,into my phone here im gonna do this,with,chase thats the bank i have and im,gonna use zell to send and receive money,that way through that mobile app,pretty much the same process with your,mobile app regardless of what bank you,have,as long as its supported by zell and if,its not all you need to do is use the,zell app so ill show you that last,the first thing you want to do is get,the mobile app for your bank,because zell is built into that so in my,case im going to go ahead and,open the chase mobile app so open the,app for your bank,and in my case if i just press the three,lines right on the top,left i should have an option that says,quick,pay with zell so look for a similar,option in your mobile app its usually,in the settings of the app somewhere so,if you have bank of america for example,or if you have wells fargo or different,credit unions or banks its somewhere,within the app if youre not sure,look at the list on the zell website,that i have in the description below,this video,im gonna press quick pay with zell,right now i could send money,and receive money or split money so in,my case im gonna go ahead and send,money,and lets say ive never used this,before so the recent contacts will be,blank,im gonna press add right on top and i,could add from my contact list,or i could just type on someones name,and all i need to do,is either add their email or phone,number,and add that participant so let me go,ahead and do that,and theyve been added so im going to,press ok and on this page i just have to,type in the amount that i want to send,and then i have to choose pay from right,now its connected to my checking,account but i could always change that,here if i have multiple,accounts on that bank and then i could,schedule that to either send today,and i could repeat that payment so im,going to type in ten dollars here,press done and usually i would leave a,memo which is optional but you have up,to 200 characters to say why youre,sending that money so im gonna go ahead,and type that out and let me press this,up arrow to kind of explain what happens,here,if the other person has also the same,bank as chase for example in this case,or has a bank that supports zell,theyll get the money within minutes but,if they do not,theyll get the money in one or two days,after you send it,a lot of people have a bank account that,supports zell,so in most cases its gonna happen,within minutes and when youre all set,go ahead and press send money,and this is important to make sure the,phone number and email you use,is the right one because you wont be,able to cancel this payment when you set,it up,so zell is really meant to send money to,people you trust,and not paying for goods and services,because there is no protection for those,and all you have to do is press yes and,send it now,and in some cases youre going to get a,message like this that says that person,is not registered with zell,but theyll show them exactly how to,register to get the money and ill press,done,now to receive money all you have to do,is again im going to go to zell quick,pay,and im going to request money this time,and its the exact same,process add recipient choose from your,recent in this case ill choose from my,recent,and you would type in the request amount,the deposit bank account if you have,multiple accounts,press request money on the bottom now,let me show you the zell,mobile app here so im gonna go ahead,and look at it on the app store or the,google play store i already downloaded,it and im gonna go ahead and open it,im gonna type in my mobile number here,to sign in or you could go ahead and,press sign up here,if you havent done so and all i have to,do is connect my bank here so ill just,go ahead and do that here,and if it finds your bank which in this,case it does,it just says go to your mobile banking,app so the exact same process i showed,you before,if it doesnt find it so i just put a,name i know it wont find it says dont,see your bank click here,type out your email its going to send,you a verification code so let me go,ahead and type that out,and you could go ahead and add your,debit card here to link an account that,way this is for banks,that are not part of the zell system you,would go through this process,and the rest of it ends up being exactly,the same as far as how to send and,receive,very straightforward thanks so much for,watching this video check out the,resources in the description below this,video ton of other videos,on how to send and receive money with,other apps as well thanks so much again,for watching and ill catch you next,time

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