1. How to Use the Workforce One Connect App
  2. Learn the basics of Workforce.com
  3. Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth – Creating a workforce (part 1)
  4. Enrolling Windows Devices in Workspace ONE Using the Intelligent Hub
  5. 2008-03-05 CERIAS – Hacking the Mobile Workforce
  6. Five tips for successfully engaging your first-line workforce with Stephanie Donahue
  7. #TimTalk Covid19 – The Changing Culture of a Remote Workforce with Tamara Parris

How to Use the Workforce One Connect App

Welcome to the Workforce One Connect app.,This video will introduce you to the app,,explain how it can benefit you, and show you how it works.,The State of Minnesota developed the app,to help you stay connected to your benefits and services.,Staying connected is powerful,and using the app makes it easy.,Here are just some of the things you can do with the app:,directly message your counselors,and workers at the same time,,take a photo of a document and send it in a message,,find help in your community for food, housing,,childcare, and more.,The app is free to download and is easy to use.,It works on Apple iOS and Android-based,mobile phones and tablets.,Its accessible if you are using assistive technology,and remember, data rates to use the app may apply,depending on your mobile data plan.,You can use the app anytime day or night,when its convenient for you.,Theres no more driving or taking the bus,to deliver documents,,no more documents lost in the mail,,and fewer phone calls and in-person visits.,The app makes it much easier to stay connected,and that helps prevent an interruption,of your benefits and services.,With it, you can immediately find local resources,when you need them.,The Workforce One Connect app puts help,right in your pocket.,So how does it work and how do you get started?,First, ask your counselor,to set up and activate your account.,Youll need to provide your email address.,Then, download the app from your app store,and remember to search for the app,using the words Workforce One Connect.,To get started, log in and open the app.,You will notice four icons,across the bottom of the homepage,,Messages, Resources, Contacts, and Settings.,To write a message, select the message icon,,then, select the pencil icon.,Select the names of the counselors and workers,that you want to send your message to.,Enter your message subject and type or dictate your message.,To attach a document, select the plus sign,to attach a photo of your document or a file.,You can select a photo thats already on your phone,or you can take a photo using the app.,The camera on your phone or tablet will be activated,so that you can take a photo of your document if needed.,After youve taken the photo, you can review it,to confirm that its okay.,Then, attach the photo to your message.,Finally, to send your message, simply select the up arrow.,The app will confirm that your message has been sent.,Open the app later to review responses to your message.,You will be able to communicate back and forth,with your counselors and workers on this message chain,and send a new message,if you want to discuss a different topic.,To find resources, select the resources icon,to find food, housing, childcare, and more.,The app will inform you about resources,that are available in your community,along with contact information.,If you want the contact information for those staff,who are serving you, simply select the contacts icon,to view your list of counselors and workers.,The email addresses and phone numbers of your contacts,will also be provided.,To view your app settings, select the settings icon.,The settings menu,shows your account information and username.,You can also set the app,to display either a light or dark theme,to assist with accessibility.,And remember, if you need help using the app,,contact your counselor.,Using the Workforce One Connect app,puts the power to easily stay connected,right in your pocket,,helping to prevent interruptions,to your benefits and services.

Learn the basics of Workforce.com

hey everyone thanks for coming to,workforce calm the worlds number one,workforce platform my name is Michael,and today in this video Im going to be,showing you how to start a free trial,and then what to look for when you get,into the initial account so from the,home page I was going ahead and click,start free trial in the top right corner,its going to prompt you with some,information to fill out so you can just,go on ahead and fill in the correct info,its going to be really important to get,all this information correct so that way,we can reach out to you to continue,helping you get your account set up so,once you started to fill out all of that,info and then you have completed it just,going ahead and click try workforce for,free what this is going to take you to,is a blank account so from here theres,going to be some initial setup steps,that I wanted to show you and then from,there our implementation team will reach,out to you to help you continue your,accounts set up initially its going to,ask you for some prompts and see if,youd like to take a tutorial on the,time and attendance or scheduling side I,highly recommend going through them but,for this example Im going to go ahead,and skip those steps so right away,youll be seeing just the blank,dashboard this is where all of your key,insights will start to flow in when data,is flowing through live in real time so,for the initial setup lets go ahead and,take a look at this top left widget see,what should I work on youll see theres,going to be some basic steps on creating,some teams and the locations where those,teams or departments are going to be,placed itll ask you to import some,employees so you can do that from added,the manual aspect or you can dump a CSV,or you can import it from a href or,payroll software our implementation team,will help you do this so if you need,help please dont hesitate to reach out,then well ask you to create a schedule,get the timeclock app set up and then,integrate your software so first I just,want to look at adding staff so youll,see this navigation bar up here is what,youre going to be using all of the time,on,workforce platform so lets go to this,workforce staff page this is where,youre going to find actually your,staffs information and adding employees,up here in this top right corner so you,would just click Add staff to their,great once you have some employees set,up theyre all going to populate on to,this page here and then youll be able,to continue so from the staff page lets,jump over to this actual teams page what,this teams page is is where youre,going to be actually keeping track of,all of the different locations and,departments inside of your business so,you can go ahead and fill out this info,here and then its going to generate you,your location where your teams and,staff can begin to work inside us so,after creating that one location itll,populate here on this map you can go,ahead and add a department inside of,that location so see here were just,going to add and click the office team,then you can choose staff that you want,to be a part of it and then youll click,add new team once you have teams set up,in your location you can begin to start,to play around with a little bit more of,the system because your staff and,departments are set up but for this,example lets just jump into the,schedule and go ahead and schedule one,employee so youll see here its going,to be extremely easy to actually,schedule an employee youll see here the,day of the week for the week that youre,in you can change this view if you need,to to anything but for this instance,lets go ahead and create one so,the add a shift its going to be really,easy just click add shift itll ask you,to select an employee and then youre,just going ahead and fill in the times,that that employee is going to be,working and then assign them to that,team so lets see here its going to be,really easy to move them from day to day,like that and if you needed to copy,employees you can go ahead and do just a,ctrl-c and ctrl-v theres a lot more,complex scheduling features to dive into,but I just wanted to show you what it,looks like to initially scheduled shift,from there you would just review and,publish and that will send over to those,employees via mobile employee app SMS or,through email,great so after youve scheduled an,employee and they have clocked in you,would be able to manage their timesheets,inside of this timesheets section by,approving it and then after the end of,the pay period exporting into your,payroll processor from here I want to,skip a couple steps and go into the,compliance section so this compliance,section is really where youre going to,be setting up all the employees,different pay rules so if they have any,overtime rules any specialty pay rates,if there have to be obligated by Fair,Work Week to make sure youre paying the,correct penalties for any mistakes that,have been made while doing the,scheduling thats all going to be set up,in this compliance engine thats running,in the background of workforce when,youre approving timesheets setting up,employees and in total making sure that,theyre being paid the correct amount,for the hours that theyve worked so,lets just jump back to this dashboard,just for a quick little wrap-up like I,said the accounts going to be very easy,to navigate through just follow all the,prompts that are instructed for you to,get the account set up what youre going,to find is what should I work on any,other questions just head up to help,sign up here you can go ahead and look,at some tutorials I highly recommend,going through them during the initial,setup they will give you some quick,one-minute videos on how to add staff,how to approve timesheets if your,employees are requesting how to approve,time off you can learn that through here,setting up any specific reports you can,learn through here youll really be able,to see all the features and,functionality of the workforce platform,here and then any other questions you,have just going to this health guides,and it will actually give you a section,on being able to search how to turn on,geofencing how to turn on any of those,features that you might not know where,they are like maybe some notifications,and tasks have youll be able to find,how to do that here for any other,questions you have just go ahead and,call our support line at eight eight,eight seven six six five five eight two,or you can email support at workforce,comm and well be happy to help you and,get your account up and running please,reach out to us with any other questions,hope youre having a great day and we,look,speaking with you soon thanks back

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Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth – Creating a workforce (part 1)

hey Julian from AWS here in this video I,like to show you how to get started with,Amazon sage make a ground truth our data,set labeling service of course the first,step is to go to the sage maker console,and the first thing we want to do is to,define the workforce for the labeling,job so a workforce is basically a group,of people who are going to work on data,annotation so you can create three types,of workforces the first one lets start,this one is the private workforce and,thats the one Im going to use a,private workforce is made of people that,you know people from your company people,that you can identify with email etc etc,you can also work with vendor vendor,workforce a vendor workforce is,basically a workforce made of people,working for a third-party company and,that weve approved and integrated on,the platform and you can find more about,available vendors in the AWS marketplace,and the third option is to use Amazon,Mechanical Turk and this is the one to,use if you really need to scale to,thousands maybe tens of thousands of,workers because you have a very very,large data set to work on here Im going,to create a private workforce so lets,just click on this give it a name invite,workers by email or import them from a,kognito pool so Cognito is one of our,authentication services and in in a,real-life setting in an enterprise,setting probably you will already have,users managed by Cognito so thats,probably the one youd want to use but,here Im just going to keep it simple,and invite myself by email provide an,org name,why not and a contact email so Im gonna,put my email again so these contact,email is where workers would send,questions and this is really important,because especially when youre starting,to work on the new date set your as we,will see in a minute youre going to,provide instructions to workers and and,of course its important that they can,ask questions provide feedback and maybe,instructions are not 100% clear maybe,some data samples are ambiguous or weird,and they dont know how to label those,so that feedback is important in it will,help you improve the quality of your,labeling jobs and we could have an SNS,topic if you wanted to notify workers,that work is available so lets not do,that here okay so just create the,private team and as you can guess this,is going to send me an email that I need,to approve ok and so I can see here that,the invitation was sent and I need to,change my password right so so let me do,that offline and and Ill be back in a,minute,ok so I did receive an email from ground,truth with a temporary password and a,login URL so this is where Im at right,now so lets just sign in and I guess I,can change the password so now we have,to come up with a strong password lets,see if we can get this right,okay so this is my worker console so to,speak and of course here I dont see any,available work lets just leave this,this window open but but basically now,Im registered as as a worker and if I,go back and reload this page it should,show whoops this one here I mean yes,okay it shows I am verified and my team,is ready to get some work done okay so,lets move on to the next step in the,next video Im going to show you how to,create a labeling job alright see you in,a minute

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Enrolling Windows Devices in Workspace ONE Using the Intelligent Hub

foreign,[Music],video we enrolled an iOS device and that,worked but we still need to enroll a,Windows device to see if everything we,set up and configured in the earlier,videos works,for this video Ive got a Windows,Virtual Machine for the endpoint device,shall we,as I mentioned in the preceding video we,are not going to use email Auto,Discovery for enrollment in this video,but that is what you should do,if email Auto Discovery is not,configured users will need to know the,or group ID and server name to find the,group ID administrators can select the,organization in the workspace 1 uem,console and then click groups and,settings groups organization groups,details,and here is the group ID in the group ID,field for server name users need to know,the name of the workspace 1 uem server,even though they will be using workspace,1 access to authenticate what I mean is,even though you set the source of,authentication for intelligent Hub to,workspace 1 access that is not the,server name users should use when they,enroll users need the workspace 1 uem,server were in the workspace 1 uem,console here and so here is the server,name for my instance of workspace 1 uem,alright now that weve got the org group,ID and server name sorted out lets go,to the Windows 10 virtual machine its,recommended to use a virtual machine,rather than a physical machine if youre,doing an evaluation or proof of concept,you especially dont want to be,enrolling the same Windows machine that,you will be using for logging into,workspace 1 uem and managing the machine,you dont want your machine to be both,the Chicken and the Egg another reason,to use something like VMware our,workstation as Ive used here to create,my virtual machine is that you can take,a VM snapshot before you enroll the,machine and then if you want to later,you can revert back to that snapshot,okay so open a browser on the endpoint,and go to https colon slash get ws1.com,click download hub for Windows once its,downloaded click open file to run the,installer,click next on the welcome page accept,the license agreement,click install,click yes and the UAC box,Ive sped things up a little bit for,this video,click finish,and then you can start the intelligent,hub,heres where you enter that fully,qualified server name click next,heres where you enter the group ID,click next,select the users domain from the list,click next and here the username is just,the username and password because the,domain was already selected click sign,in,now occasionally when enrolling Ive,gotten a second login box not all the,time if you see something like this the,thing is you need to enter the domain,name as part of the username since,theres no domain list enter the domain,name without the.com,backslash and username and password and,click submit after a while you get,prompted about letting the app collect,information about your usage Im going,to say not now and congratulations click,done,okay it says its busy installing,notepad plus plus,quick get started and the intelligent,Hub app opens,quick apps and it shows that notepad,plus plus the native app I deployed as,shown in another video has been,installed and I have the Salesforce web,app which I configured in workspace one,access as shown in another video well,click Salesforce and see if the single,sign-on I configured Works yes it did,success,all right lets go back and explore the,intelligent Hub app some more quick,support and click the device under my,devices I can sync my device its,enrolled its compliant and under,profiles theres the password profile,and the windows user search profile,configured in some earlier videos and,then lets drill down some more click,the user icon and lets look at the Hub,status and theres just tons of,information including the location of,the log files,now I just want to show you what it,looks like to an administrator after the,device is enrolled were back in the,workspace One uem console on the devices,dashboard this is showing the Windows,device I just enrolled and an iOS device,that I also enrolled as shown in an,earlier video Quick List view to see the,list of devices green means connected,red means disconnected scroll to the,right and we can see that both devices,are compliant click the Windows device,name to go to The Details page summary,Tab and drill down on a whole bunch of,information,it says theres two profiles installed,and two apps,a couple of certificates the compliance,tab shows that the device was checked,for a minimum OS version the profiles,tab shows the Windows password profile,and the windows user cert profile for,SSO we created in other videos I dont,think I have baselines the apps tab,shows the apps that are installed and,managed updates shows OS updates found,on the device,and click more for a list of everything,for more workspace One Technical,Resources be sure to visit,texon.vmware.com

2008-03-05 CERIAS – Hacking the Mobile Workforce

you,good afternoon and welcome to another,session for the serious security seminar,from Purdue University todays speaker,is Daniel Hoffman dan is a senior,systems engineer with my relief,communications fiberlink is a leader in,the wireless security industry dan is,also the author of two books black,checking security threats to blackberry,devices PDAs and cell phones and,enterprise and the soon-to-be-released,implementing neck and nap security,solutions the complete guide to network,access access control dan welcome thank,you very much well thank you for having,me today Im actually quite excited to,be at Purdue both of my brothers,graduated from Purdue ones a captain if,I 747 for Japan Airlines another one has,his own very successful business so I,spent many days and nights on the Purdue,campus though thank you very much for,having me today were going to cover a,couple different things but the big,thing I hope you get out of this,presentation is this going to come from,a little bit different perspective you,know its easy to get its security,information for marketing people and,sales people and not its not knocking,them but its also different getting it,from a certified ethical hackers,perspective getting Fred from a,perspective of somebody says you know,what I know how to exploit these devices,I know how hackers do things and then,talk about how you mitigate the risks of,security so Im going to give you that,kind of the hackers perspective to it,its kind of funny im a certified,ethical hacker not sure if youre that,certification before but its a pretty,good one pretty interesting one thats,offered by ec-council so if youre,interested in learning any of these,hands-on things im going to show you,thats a great certification to be able,to use and im also going to give you,the perspective is as part of my job i,get to talk to some of the largest,companies in the world i get to see what,theyre doing from a security,perspective i get to see what,initiatives are working on i get to see,what theyre concerned about so i think,that can bring a unique perspective so,im going to show you the security,presentation from me from the,perspective of those two perspectives,and im also going to talk about some,specific acts ill show you guys a,couple hacks that can actually take,place that are realistic,and of course Ill tell you show you how,to be able to address some of those,attacks so the big thing that that I ask,customers or prospects or companies when,I meet with them is at this very moment,where is your sensitive data 20 years,ago was a little bit easier answer today,you know it could be a little bit more,complex to answer but when I asked this,question although it a lot of company,says you know what its sitting on our,land we got all these firewalls and IPS,equipment and all this physical security,guarding our data so thats where our,sensitive debt is problem is thats,probably not true anymore things have,changed considerably laptop sales have,now surpassed desktop sales the average,last top computer will have sixty,percent of corporate data on it or sixty,percent of all corporate data resides on,PCs so think about that for a minute,when you go get a new job and youre,sitting at a company the first thing,theyre going to give you is a laptop,computer that you can take home and work,on that you can take on appointments you,can take on an airplane with you and,youre going to have some set of,corporate data on there if thats true,which it is very much true then whats,protecting that data certainly any IPS,equipment firewalls and all that other,good stuff they have on the corporate,land doesnt even come on the plate,youre not on the corporate land anymore,your mobile this is a big problem for a,lot of companies and its interesting,because the number one security,application thats out there thats,protecting all this sensitive data is,antivirus I dont ever go into a company,and say hey do you have antivirus well,no you know we really dont believe in,antivirus software everybody has at,every single company they might not have,encryption they might not have personal,firewalls they might not be able to,patch the machines so what they have,actually protecting their sensitive data,is antivirus software problem with that,is that antivirus software frankly,doesnt do a very good job you can look,at it whatever reports you want to look,at that are out there but as you can,look at this from Oscar here as much as,eighty percent of new malware defeats,antivirus so think about that for a,second and if you look at the quote here,it says desktop anti-virus applications,dont work thats not me saying this,this is also saying this and if you talk,to anybody whos been in security for a,long time theyll tell you the exact,same thing antivirus is necessity its a,necessity have it up and running its a,necessity have it open,eight but in reality it catches very few,the threats that are actually out there,and thats a real big thing to,understand so if youre an enterprise,often you have all the sensitive data,and youre relying on antivirus to be,able to protect it youre essentially,missing the boat and thats what a big,part of this presentation is going to be,about what it basically means that the,companies need to change their strategy,again this reliance on antivirus this,reliance on land based systems to,protect mobile systems is just wrong,they need to change their strategy and,start moving these technologies to the,endpoint and one point is certainly true,and you can look at whatever example you,want to look at TJ maxx is a prime,example of were not implementing the,proper technology got them into trouble,you can look at just about any different,vertical thats out there with this,healthcare financial or what have you,but one simple fact remains the cost of,not doing something the cost of,inactivity the cost of not doing the,right security things is more expensive,than actually doing what youre supposed,to so what that means is by putting in,the different solutions where I could,confer great things properly by having a,handle on this situation its actually,cheaper than not doing anything because,ultimately its going to come back,invite you for not doing it and the cost,can be consider can be considerable so,lets talk about that because thats,what the big thing is these days is its,about protecting data because that it,can be in just about anywhere looking at,it from a laptop perspective you know,how is data actually compromised theres,lots of ways but I think for the most,part they can be put into four different,groups one that you hear about a lot is,laptop is lost or stolen happen with the,VA Im a Coast Guard veteran I got a,letter in the mail when that one laptop,was stolen from the persons house I got,the letter in the mail that said my,information might have been what have,been lost or stolen pretty easy to,realize if you look at whatever stats,that are out there laptops are lost in,taxicabs or left and taxicabs all the,time youre left in airports all the,time the numbers are staggering out,there for lost and stolen laptops,another key way that theyre exploited,ever the debt is compromised as the,system is exploited could be a piece of,malware it could be somebody sitting,there being hacked indirectly in the,information literally being pulled off,the machine because the Machine didnt,have the proper security technologies in,place thats a vector also that it can,be viewed as its transmitted more and,more people are working for public Wi-Fi,hotspots at the,Airport at a Starbucks for free at,panera all these different places that,data is literally flying through the air,just waiting to be seen and then finally,that it can be sent to unauthorized,devices data leakage or DLP it was a,term thats out there right now very hot,topic for organizations what can people,do with data well think about this do,you have your active directory,permissions allow you to access these,folders so thats co

Five tips for successfully engaging your first-line workforce with Stephanie Donahue

hopefully im live here it says that i,am hello everybody and good morning,thanks for being patient as we get,everything kicked off here,uh im stephanie donohue and today were,going to be talking about,five tips for successfully engaging your,first-line workforce,so thanks for joining this is the,keynote for the digital,modernization track at the m365 chicago,conference so excited to be here today,and i did want to warn you guys,um i know with the q a i dont have a,dedicated moderator so im going to try,to keep an eye,on the q a and answer questions as i can,with the flow of the presentation if for,some reason i dont get to you ill make,sure to circle back at the end,ill also post into the team afterwards,so if you guys want to engage with me,there,um if you have any other questions or,something that i didnt get to,um because we are going to be a little,short on time today um ill try to,address that all later so just wanted to,make sure,and let you guys know that up front um,so,you know i really wanted to cover the,first line workforce because i dont see,a whole lot of conversation,around this yet and um its something,that,me and my team weve been working on i,dont know four or five,years now we kind of came into this for,the first time,with our particular consulting crew and,what i watched over the course of a,couple of years,was a global organization that,truly took themselves from you know they,were,um on the auto industry they had come,out of a really big slump you guys know,what kind of happened with the auto,industry,and as they kind of came out of that and,they had the money to invest back in the,business again,they really decided to put a big,commitment forward to,improving communications globally across,the company,and so what we got to witness was this,incredible transformation,um really not just for their corporate,people but they were dedicated to,getting,corporate communications out all the way,to,um the plant floor and it was an,incredible transformation,uh and and they they really went from,these like legacy clunky,systems you know.net intranets and,things that were not mobile accessible,and having to use vpn for everything,all the way to having mobile forms on,the plant floor,and real-time dashboards and they did,all of that in,under two years and so thats really the,kind of the story i want to talk about,today is like how do you,take this piece by piece all of these,opportunities all this really great,technology,and get it out to your first line,workforce and its not,it seems daunting up front but its,really not as bad as it seems,so were going to talk through that,today give you guys five tips for,for getting there for taking those steps,towards,really making your first line workforce,more productive and and really,modernizing the way that they work so,before we get started i did want to give,you a quick background on me and who i,am,um again stephanie donahue i own a,company and co-founded it called paid,group,and we do office 365 consulting and we,spend a ton of time with customers,uh just like yourself where we kind of,start from scratch and we say,how do we get you to the cloud and,whats the best strategy and so,spend a ton of time in this space um i,am a microsoft regional director and mvp,as well,and im involved in the mentorship,program at microsoft and i also do quite,a bit of blogging and podcasting,my podcast is called explaining so,quick background on on who i am and if,you have any questions or,anything for me personally directly me,up after the presentation,so digging back in i did want to touch,briefly oh,and i gotta change my slide here uh,i did want to touch briefly on what is,digital modernization,because i i think theres theres,actually two different tracks here at an,m365 chicago theres one for,transformation,and theres another one for,modernization and so im not going to,read this word for word on the screen,here,but did want to touch on the difference,and just you know very briefly,transformation is really about kind of,getting that,buy-in from the organization you really,if youre going to transform the way,your organization works you thrive on,change,you have to get people to buy into,working a new way,and so its really kind of this higher,level conceptual idea that youre going,to change the way you work,you put a strategic roadmap together you,set goals,and so really thats kind of the,transformation side of things,when we talk about modernization and,digital modernization its really,kind of the boots on the ground how do,we actually,take that transformation plan and act on,it,how do we modernize each piece of our,legacy systems because what were trying,to do,is modernize our operations our,infrastructure,and were were trying to get rid of all,those clunky old,systems that are hard to maintain,sometimes its hard to find,employees that will support them and,even down to just a,like a basic.net intranet right you,you might have the developers to,maintain it but forever,its been a bottleneck because the,normal business user,cannot go update even a simple news,article or a link on the home page,and so theres this bottleneck of like,how do we get more dynamic updates to,the home page,if were constantly funneling things,through it and thats kind of how things,used to go,we really want to get away from that so,this presentation is really about,you know getting into the nitty-gritty,of what are the precise systems i am,going to touch on planning a little bit,but were really going to,dive into you know what changes should,we be looking for in making,with our applications and our legacy,system so just a real quick touch on,that just so we kind of level set on,what that means,so what is a first line worker and i,hopefully all of you are familiar with,this term but if you,arent um really is talking about those,that dont,very simply dont sit at a desk all day,um they may spend some time at a desk,but,more often theyre in front of other,people theyre out,performing tasks so when we say what is,a first-time worker were,were talking about people like um,an attendant on an airline um on,healthcare organizations where you have,nurses you have doctors and you have,assistance,where um theyre kind of interacting,with people directly theyre in front of,you,um kind of asking questions and engaging,with you and assisting you with,something that you need,and on the flip side of that you also,have task workers,and youre going to have folks that are,manufacturing plants maybe theyre,checking the product that your company,creates actually on the line,looking at that product making,adjustments looking for quality issues,and so you really have these people that,are day-to-day,extremely engaged very important to your,organization,but they they form a very different role,and a very different purpose within your,organization than those of you that are,in a corporate office,so we are looking at those people that,have additional challenges,as it relates to how they engage with,technology,because its not as easy as just sitting,at your desk and having access to,something,this access has to be mobile it it needs,to be accessible it needs to be easy,and one of the examples i have of this,um,actually when i was just first getting,started in it,i worked a help desk for a healthcare,organization,and so a lot of my internal customers,were nurses,and i had a nurse that came in she,handed me,this completely busted laptop,she told me it had been run over by a,car and i was like,oh okay like did you leave it on the top,of the car and it like,took off and it fell off because thats,kind of what it looked like it was,totally destroyed,and she looked me straight in the face,and said nope i put it behind my tire,and i backed over it and i thought,um what why would you do that,and she was frustrated she was and you,know this is 15 years ago,she had a touchscreen laptop so this,like top of the line technology,2 000 laptop 15 years ago it was,expensive piece of e

#TimTalk Covid19 – The Changing Culture of a Remote Workforce with Tamara Parris

hi everybody,Tim whos here Im the CEO and,co-founder da Lang night today Ive got,tomorrow with me and were going to talk,about the changing culture of the remote,workforce especially in the context of,covert 19 now tomorrow you actually run,a community for safety specialists so,first and foremost tell people where,they can get hold of you well yes thats,thats right Tim I do run a safety,community its on LinkedIn EHS,professionals and we have different open,discussions live discussions where,peoples come and we have a chat usually,weekly,and so I invite people to come to those,but if youre looking to connect with me,you can connect with me on LinkedIn is,the easiest place to get me okay and,okay and good good and so today what,were gonna do talk about is the,changing culture of the remote workforce,we all always prepare these calls before,we do the interview and you came up with,a number of really interesting,discussion points one is that this,change from the industrial mindset to,the transformational leader and I think,even though we spoke probably two or,three weeks ago its amazing how things,have changed I know that I found some I,found some research from Gartner which,said that 37 persuade 74% of CFO so,chief financial officers said that they,would probably move staff to work,remotely permanently now that was a,survey of 317 CFOs but that was on the,30th of March right yeah what were they,saying last year well it would be,interesting to hear what they were,saying last year I dont know I would,doubt,they were thinking that but that that,figure of 74% may be higher than 74% now,were were on todays the 28th of April,when were doing this so its like a a,whole month later and you know the whole,infrastructure is now in place people,have you know everybodys been given,teams or zoom or laptop theyve been,sent home and and and I think this lists,far more people understand what its,like to work remotely weve all taken,pictures of our zoom stuff and weve put,it on social media and kind of move,through that phase so I think were now,thinking about to use that the term has,come up the new normal of this working,together so how are you seeing this this,change and transformation take place,well its interesting because Ive,either worked with people who are,satellite remote workers for four years,for decades or Ive been my one myself,yeah on and off throughout my career so,for me the remote worker is not a new,thing its something thats been,happening a long time and its just that,a lot of the rest of the world was,behind really you know behind in,technology behind in really,understanding the collaborative tools as,well as behind in knowing how to treat,somebody who is a remote worker for,example when people were in in a room,talking amongst themselves and theres,one person whos maybe just on a mic how,many times did you stop and think oh,lets bring that person whos satellite,into the conversation my hope now is,that some teams will be moving back to,the office environment because some,people personality prefers that,different other companies thats the way,theyre going to want to go back to,because its old hat and theyre used to,it Emmets their comfort blanket you,know they would they want to revert back,to those old ways because thats where,theyre comfy places my my my hope is is,we have developed as workers to be more,empathetic to be more inclusive you know,reach out to the satellite workers and,make lunch create opportunities for,collaboration and in building rapport my,biggest concern its great that youre,gonna save money but the flipside is do,you know how to maintain relations and,rapport with satellite because it takes,work we at saifa pedia or satellite I,work in Toronto and they work in,Edmonton and theres a lot of elbow,grease that goes into making that work,and you know using more Skype or a,visual audio tool that you can have a,conversation with somebody as opposed to,just sending an email or sending a text,its not an excuse to to just use a text,type of communication and so thats one,of my concerns as well as many others,that have to do with like I have heard,from people that their managers are,struggling the managers do not know how,to handle managing people at a distance,so theyre doing things now like having,people track every single minute that,theyre at work logging in right at a,specific time and proving that the,person is actually at work and not just,ditto the doweling in their household,and thats that creates for a toxic work,environment very much so yeah so there,needs to be balance and I think there,also needs to be a shift in mindset you,know a lot of the ways that we were,working was from the industrial era but,we have to remember that the industrial,era started in the mid 1700s you know,they didnt have what all the,technology and all the knowledge and the,education that weve developed so its,time that we come to our own century and,start engaging in in a more modern way,and do you think that with more,individual contributors working remotely,you know Ive been on calls where youre,all in an office and theres one person,whos on a squawk box or whatever its,called you know and and youre quite,right no one ever turns to that person,says and what do you think theres a,conversation that goes on and usually,the other person then has to say can i,interject please and but now were all,on some sort of video call and you know,theres this you know and were all,looking at each other do you think that,therefore that we we now need to have,different skills absolutely because now,you need to even be more mindful that,when you are in video conversation there,tends to be a leg so what you may think,is an end of the sentence is actually,just a blip in technology or a,connection break for example or it might,be the person taking a moment to think,to complete a thought and so I think,that leadership is going to have to up,the game in their people management,skills theyre going to have to become,more innovative in the way that theyre,getting teams to do work together they,really need to in my opinion manage the,group dynamics and watch that there,isnt siloing going on were a few,people that tend to click and get,together really well start working as a,little you know click I guess is what,the word we could use for it and oh,isnt that great look at how great,theyre working along but then theres,this one person whos not and saying,well that person is the problem step it,back a minute is that person being,brought in do they feel,welcome do they feel like theyre part,of the team because theres going to be,a lot more things that youre gonna have,to be attuned to as a as a leader and as,a manager about managing your group now,and you might actually see things that,were problems in the office now being,more prominent because theyre playing,out on a visual screen also right and,what do you think as we move from this,industrial mindset to transformational,leader what are the skills do you think,that we need to have them and you have,an examples I think that we have to to,make sure that people are not,disconnected from one another you know I,think that people are going to be really,focused on a productivity focus and is,productivity up and they may not be,looking at how is the the group dynamics,how are people collaborating if people,are collaborating they may fall into,its easier if people just email mindset,as opposed to doing the hard work like,as I do as a community developer thats,what youre doing now as a leader as a,manager of people youre holding up your,own communities and that takes a lot of,engagement it takes a lot of coming out,of yourself being selfless being a,selfless leader and and asking what can,I provide you what do you need more than,saying this is what I need from you so,this is more servant leadership than,than additional leadership you would say,but I dont think that really matters,okay whats really more important than,than labels is is takin

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