1. How to use Microsoft SharePoint
  2. How to access SharePoint for Office365
  3. Embedded SharePoint Online / OneDrive Document Library for WordPress | WPO365.com | v14
  4. PNP Connect to SharePoint Online with 3 DEMOS – Classic, Certificate, and Runbook (VIDEO 1 of 3)
  5. How To Connect To SharePoint Online Using Windows PowerShell
  6. Generate SharePoint Online Access Token in Postman
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How to use Microsoft SharePoint

Hi everyone, Kevin here. Today I want to show  you how you can use Microsoft SharePoint.  ,First off, what is Microsoft SharePoint?,Its a place you go to work with  others and also to stay informed.,OK, but what does that actually mean,  and what can you do with SharePoint?,With SharePoint, you can set up  an intranet site for your team,  ,basically a web page for your team and you could  customize it without needing to know any coding.,You could set up a document repository, so  you can upload a file to your SharePoint site,  ,and then everyone on your team  will have access to that file.,You could have shared calendars. You can create  lists, and everyone can contribute to that list,  ,and you could also publish news posts  to keep your entire team informed.,It does quite a bit.,There are two different types of SharePoint sites.,You have team sites and also communication sites,  ,and well walk through what  some of those differences are.,All right, why dont we jump on the PC and first  off lets look at how we can get SharePoint. To  ,be able to get SharePoint, you need either a work  or school Microsoft 365 account. Here Ive logged  ,into office.com and over on the left-hand side,  I see all of my app icons. Right down here, I can  ,click on this icon to navigate to SharePoint.  Also up above, if I click on the app launcher,  ,here too, Ill see all of my different apps and  I can navigate to SharePoint from here as well.,I could access the app launcher regardless  of where I am in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.  ,This drops us on this SharePoint start  page and up in the top left-hand corner,  ,I can create a new site. This isnt  something that youre going to do all  ,that often, but in a moment, well create a  SharePoint site to show you how that works.,To the right of that, I can create a news post if  I want to announce something to the organization.,Right here in the center of the page,  ,I can see news from all of the different  SharePoint sites that Im a member of.,This aggregates all of the news  across all of the different sites.,Now Im in the middle of a tutorial, so I  dont have time to read up on these articles,  ,but this one on new benefits looks  interesting, so I could save this for later,  ,and it adds it to my reading list  over here on the left-hand side.,This makes for some good nighttime reading.,Youd be surprised at how much entertaining  information is in these different news posts.,Down below, I also see all of my  frequent sites that I interact with.,I can navigate back to those sites  by clicking on the text right here  ,and down below, I can see all of the  latest activity from these sites.,If theres a site that I want to make sure I dont  miss out on and that I could easily get back to,  ,I can click this star, and itll  add it to my following list.,Right underneath the following list,  I also see all my recent sites, just  ,as another easy way to get back to those sites.,Now the marketing team has been asking me for  a SharePoint site so they could work better  ,together as a team, so lets go  ahead and click on create site.,This opens up a pane on the right-hand  side and we have a choice to make.,We can set up either a team  site or a communication  ,site. What is the difference and why  would you use one verse the other?  ,Well, with a team site, like the name implies,  this is where a team comes together to work.,This is where youll share files, youll share a  calendar, youll work on the same set of tasks.,With a communication site, on the other hand,  ,this is what you use to broadcast  information out to many.,An example is maybe a corporate news site,  ,or maybe the HR team is publishing  out information about benefits.,Thats when youd want to use a communication  site. For our marketing team, they want to work  ,together as a team, so Ill click  on team site. On the next screen,  ,I need to define the details of my new team site.,At the top, I can type in my site name.,Im going to call this the Kevin Cookie  Company or the KCC Marketing Team.,Down below, I see that it also sets up a  group e-mail address for me. With a group  ,e-mail address, whoever is part of this team  site, were going to have a shared inbox,  ,a calendar, a planner, and a OneNote  that we can all collaborate on.,I also have a site address, so my  team can easily navigate to this site.  ,Down below, I need to type in a site description.,I typed in a quick description.,Under that I can also set the privacy settings. At  the Kevin Cookie Company, were a very transparent  ,and open organization. Ill set the privacy  settings to public so anyone can access this  ,SharePoint site. For the language, Ill just  leave it set to English, and then click on next.,Next, I can add some additional  owners for this site.,I dont have that much time to manage all  the nitty gritty details of this new site,  ,so Ill add Nester on my team  to be a co-owner with me.,I could also add some additional members, but  for now, Ill leave it as is and click on finish.,This drops me on my brand-new SharePoint  site for the Kevin Cookie Company  ,marketing team and it really isnt  that hard to create a SharePoint site.,What takes a lot longer is making  your SharePoint site look good.,This is just a bare bones page.,First, I want to orient you to  what we see here on the page.,Over on the left-hand side, I have my navigation.,Up here I could create new types of  content and right here is the core  ,of the page. I see these different widgets  or what SharePoint refers to as web parts.,I have news, quick links,  and activity, and documents.,Now I could add additional ones and Ill  show you in a moment how you can do that.,One of the top uses of SharePoint is to  upload files and to share them with your team,  ,and I want to share out a Publisher flyer  that I created with the marketing team  ,to hopefully drive some inspiration.,To upload a new document or file to SharePoint,  you could simply drag and drop the file over.,This has now uploaded my new document.,To see all of the documents that I  have stored on this SharePoint site,  ,I can click on see all up here or I could go over  on the left-hand side, and click on documents,  ,and I could also click on site contents, and  here, too, I could also click into documents.  ,Theres no shortage of ways to get back to  the files that Im sharing with my team.  ,Here I see my Publisher flyer right  here for the marketing team to access.,To navigate back to the home  page, I can click on home,  ,or I can click on this icon for the marketing  team and thatll bring me back to the home page.,I want to help the marketing team get  their creative juices flowing and really  ,brainstorm some great ideas for marketing  campaigns for the Kevin Cookie Company.  ,Ive always found that the best way to  brainstorm ideas is to simply create a list.,Lets create some new content  within this SharePoint site.,Once again, to create new content,  ,Ill go up to this new menu. Lets click  on that and Im going to click on list.,This opens up a prompt on the right-hand side,  and Ill type in the name marketing ideas.,Ill leave the description blank for now, and I  could select whether to show this as part of the  ,insight navigation, so I can have it  show up here on the left-hand side.,I want the marketing team  to have easy access to this,  ,so Ill leave that box checked,  and then click on create.,This now drops me in a new list and anyone whos  ,part of this SharePoint site  can contribute to the list.,Ill add a few items here to get things started.,Ive started creating my list and I put down some  ,of the marketing ideas that  Im most confident about.,I know very strongly that  airplane banners work very well.,A Super Bowl commercial, you  dont have to say anything else,  ,and weve been getting a lot of traffic  from YouTube tutorial influencers.,Im not sure who they are, but I know its working  well so we should really double down on that.  ,There

How to access SharePoint for Office365

hi there im here with another valiant,technology quick byte,if youre just getting started with,office 365 youll want to explore using,sharepoint for easy collaboration and,file storage in the cloud,there are a couple ways to access,sharepoint but were going to start,through the web portal,open any browser whatever your preferred,is,i usually start at office.com but once,you have sharepoint sites you like,i recommend bookmarking them so you can,go directly to them,from here go down to the sharepoint icon,and click,this will show me my frequently visited,sites,you can also see sites that im,following which you can follow,or unfollow with a simple click of the,star,as well as featured links from here you,can also create sites,but thats for another time to access a,site you can just click on the square,or if you dont see the site that you,want feel free to type it in the search,bar at the top,once in a sharepoint site you can see,that there are a couple different,options on the menu,most often im going to be using,documents in documents you can see the,folders and documents that you have,access to,theres a lot more to explore with,sharepoint but since were just focusing,on how to access,im going to go on to the second most,popular way to access sharepoint,which is straight from your computers,file explorer,in order to view your sharepoint,documents in your file explorer,you do need to do one more step in the,browser,were going to sync certain folders to,our desktop while you can sync the,entire,sharepoint site we find that when people,try and sync everything,it does have a hit to performance so we,recommend,only syncing which folders are most,important to you,which folders youre going to use on a,daily basis,open the folder that you want to sync,and then right up at the top,click the sync button allow it to open,microsoft onedrive,you will have had to have installed the,onedrive application before starting,my files synced pretty instantly and i,can now access from the file explorer,im just going to minimize this bring up,my file explorer,and right here you can see this building,icon,is my sharepoint site if you have more,than one sharepoint site theyll be,listed here,i can just click on the folder and,access it in a way thats familiar to me,with this syncing any changes you make,here will be synced up to your cloud,folder,and any changes that you make using the,cloud applications,will be synced back down to here you can,also quickly access some of your,sharepoint sites via teams,well talk about that in another video,for more tips and useful how tos,subscribe to our youtube channel,or visit us at thevalleyway.com kb,bye

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Embedded SharePoint Online / OneDrive Document Library for WordPress | WPO365.com | v14

connecting wordpress with azure 80 and,microsoft 365 is super easy hi im marco,and in this video i would like to show,you just how easy it is,to embed a sharepoint online document,library in a wordpress page or post to,achieve that i must extend the,functionality of wordpress,and to do that i simply install the,wpo365,login plugin that i can download for,free from the wordpress,plugins directory,by default the,wpo365 login plugin,will help you to enable,microsoft or actually azure ide based,single sign-on for wordpress,meaning your end users your website,users can sign in with their srade,account rather than using a separate,wordpress username and password,wordpress credentials,because the,wpo365 login plugin,enables your users to sign in with their,srad account it is also able to retrieve,to connect with microsoft 365 services,such as sharepoint online power bi,yammer microsoft graph azure id,on behalf of that user and because of,that because of the advantage the plugin,actually includes a number of very,useful apps if you want to integrate,these microsoft 365 services into your,wordpress website,in this video i will show you how you,can configure a wordpress gutenberg blog,to embed a sharepoint online document,library for users that signed in with,their azure ad account with their,microsoft account,its also possible to make documents in,sharepoint available to users who did,not sign in with their srad account,i will make a reference to the,documentation that explains you what,additional steps you need to take in,order to implement this scenario where,anonymous users can also access,documents in an otherwise secured,environment from sharepoint,so in offset lets get started,for this video i am using a simple,wordpress website that i am hosting at,wpengine.com,ive already also installed the,wpo365 login plugin and i configured its,base functionality to allow for,microsoft based azure id based single,sign-on for the websites users,so,lets click the sign in with microsoft,button,and this will give me access to my,website i can pick the azure id account,that i need that is mine and this will,give me access,to my website and i can access the,wordpress admin dashboard,for this video i will follow the,instructions that you can find online,when you navigate to wpo365.com,you can follow the link for support and,documentation,and youll notice a section that,contains all the articles that explain,you how to install the microsoft 365,apps that are all part of the wpo365,login plugin or one of its extensions,for this video specifically we are,interested in configuring the gutenberg,blog so ill click the link,and,i will have a look at the article and,the first thing that i notice is that,the features are divided in two groups,one group of basic features is included,in the blog that comes with the wpo365,login plugin that you can download for,free from the wordpress plugins,directory,and another group of features that these,are the premium features,um you must add by purchasing,a premium package from the wpo 365.com,website the basic features include,connecting to a sharepoint online,library and displaying files from a root,folder of a document library,you can provide translations for some of,the error messages and you can test your,configuration before you publish the,page,the premium package adds to that it adds,the ability for users to navigate into,folders,and backup using a breadcrumb navigation,it also allows you to provide access to,a specific sharepoint online document,library for anonymous users users that,did not sign in with their suratee,account,it also allows you to actually switch,the data source of the of the app you,can choose between sharepoint online,onedrive or you can show a list of,recently used documents by the user that,signed in with his or her azure id,account,you could also have the ability with,premium package to,pull in data from custom fields from,custom sharepoint columns and you can,finally,i would say,define how these how the information in,that column is displayed is it a date or,is it a number does it need two decimals,or is it a string,[Music],there are many options at your disposal,i also wont show that actually in this,video but you can follow the,documentation,if you have a need for that,lets have a quick look at the list of,prerequisites the things that we must,have completed before we can start with,the actual integration of sharepoint,online into your wordpress website but,first of all we must have configured the,single sign-on capability of the,wpo365 login plugin,unless we would like to configure,anonymous access however anonymous,access is not a topic of this video,if you are interested in configuring,anonymous access then i recommend that,you scroll down youll find a section on,configuring anonymous access and,explains you it guides you step by step,through the process,for this video we will assume we will,assume that the user will sign in with,azure id so that the plugin is able to,retrieve an access token on behalf of,that user and with the access token the,plugin is able to connect to microsoft,graph and to retrieve data,via from microsoft graph from sharepoint,and having said that thats also the,second,prerequisite that we must have,configured namely the integration,portion of the plugin,if you havent done that yet then dont,worry i will repeat the steps in this,video,then last but not least,you must be a global administrator of,your srad tenant or at least have very,good close contact to the person who is,so erc can help you with some small,changes that you need to make and need,to apply to the app registration that,you created when you configured single,sign-on,and you must be an administrator for,your wordpress website,so,enough said lets get started with the,actual configuration,of the integration portion of the plugin,so lets enable the integration,of sharepoint online into your wordpress,website,to do that you can follow all the steps,explained in this article,or alternatively we could also,immediately switch back to wordpress,admin scroll down to our,wpo365 configuration pages,and,if we select here the single sign-on,configuration page,you will notice that there is a very,useful link in front of the,application client id field and if i,click it it will take me immediately,to the app registration that we created,when,we create when we configured the single,sign-on portion,of dwpo 365 login plugin,so what we need to do to enable the,integration of sharepoint into wordpress,is that we need to add a permission to,read all sites so we click api,permissions,and here we click to add a,microsoft graph delegate a permission to,sites,read all so if i scroll down i should,already see it here its filtered great,and i add this permission,at this moment im adding a delegated,permission so administrators dont need,to worry that users can now read all,sites because thats not the case they,can read all sites where they actually,have access to so they cannot read sites,where nobody has granted them,specifically those users access to its,a delegated permission the application,version of this permission however would,overwrite an individual,assignment of permissions to read files,in a site but in this case its a,delegated permission so administrators,dont need to worry too much about it i,would say,um well im almost done but you can see,that the i havent granted yet admin,consent and this is always needed after,every change you make to the api,permissions please click the grant admin,consent button,not doing so may result in,in errors may result in a not working,application,so i click yes to grant consent,and so far im actually,have done what the documentation tells,me to do ive granted this extra,permission am i done now im not 100,sure but there is a very useful tool,that would help me understand whether,im almost there or not so i would go,back to my wordpress admin to my wbo365,configuration pages and i would click,the plug

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PNP Connect to SharePoint Online with 3 DEMOS – Classic, Certificate, and Runbook (VIDEO 1 of 3)

today i want to take a look at how to,connect to sharepoint online using the,classic client id and client secret,method,now this is something thats helpful to,know about for support and legacy,powershell code and just kind of,awareness for how a security principle,can be created with sharepoint online,the first thing we do from our,sharepoint online site is well come,over here to site contents and well,view this article on medium about how to,grant permissions there are two steps,theres app invite and app reg new,the app regnew needs to happen first as,a way of creating the principle then we,invite it to give permissions so what,were going to do is change this piece,of our url from view lsts to app reg new,approach new is the name of the page,where we can register a new app,and on that all we really have to do is,give it a description so well hit the,generate button twice thatll go and,give us an id and a secret,and here we give it a name like pmp,powershell,from there we can get a domain like,localhost and a url like https localhost,these are perfectly acceptable when,working with powershell these are,generated automatically really leaving,the middle title to be the only input,you need well go ahead and click create,and that generates a new app principle,doesnt use it anywhere just creates it,what we want to do is copy the id and,the secret,over to our programming code,so here we have a powershell file and,were going to go ahead and add a,multi-line comment using the less than,and greater than symbols,and well take the client id and were,going to copy that down to the client id,line and were going to take the client,secret same thing copy that down as well,the site that were connecting to,specifically we want to go ahead and get,the full address for,make that part of our connect command,clean this up a little bit,and there we go thats basically how we,connect using a client id and secret,well go ahead and run the code,now when we run the code were going to,get an error message at the bottom here,that says 403 forbidden the reason for,that simple we never granted permissions,and we need to do that so we come back,over to our browser instead of approach,new we want app invite,thats going to be app inv,and what inb will do,is invite so here we can look up the,code number for our app id,that will pre-fill the things we had,typed in before by giving it an id,and down here we need an xml manifest of,what permission were granting thats,where this medium article comes in handy,its fantastic,we want to do full control at a site,collection level and youll see here in,the scope that it has slash site,collection and thats its way of kind of,indicating where this permission is,applied theres an alternative one up,here for tenant wide if thats what you,need really comes down to use cases are,you doing this for a single site are you,doing it for the entire sharepoint,online tenant both are possible after,you put in the xml were going to go and,hit the trust button and that will,register it into the site where its,ready for usage so now we come back and,run our command what we see is we get a,pmp context and from here we can do all,the cool stuff,you know things like format table auto,size for get pnp list these are all the,lists that are on the current web its,showing you the url that url matches,what we use for our connection this is,the easiest way to get up and running,very simple thanks for watching

How To Connect To SharePoint Online Using Windows PowerShell

hello friends welcome to my youtube,channel captec pro,in this video well learn how to connect,to sharepoint online using powershell,and what are the basic commands of,sharepoint online but prior to that we,will see how to install sharepoint,online module to run those commands so,guys and lets start our todays,demonstration,[Music],okay friends so now we are on our lab,environment and we will open windows,powershell now,on windows powershell if we will try to,connect to our sql service we will enter,the command,connect dash sp service you can see,there is an error message this error,message is coming because we havent,installed sharepoint online management,shell and this is the reason we are,getting this error message so there are,two methods to install sharepoint module,first method is to go to the browser,simply type,sharepoint online management shell,there is the first link of microsoft you,can click over here,and you can see sharepoint knowledge and,online management shell you can click on,download to download this,module now lets see how we can do it,using powershell so to install,sharepoint online module well simply,type okay so we have entered the command,install module microsoft dot online,sharepoint dot powershell scope current,user this command will install our,sharepoint online module on our,this system so well press enter,and well wait till the time our,installation of sharepoint online module,gets complete now we have to provide the,input do you want powershell get to,install and import on,and you get provided now well press y,and then we press enter it will take,around one to two minutes to get,installed on our system,okay so its saying untrusted repository,still you want to proceed well type,type a yes to all,okay so you can see install its,installing the package,okay so now our command is successfully,executed now if you will try to connect,to spo service we wont be getting the,error message okay connect sql service,okay so,do you want to run the software for this,untrusted publisher well type r to run,it once okay so you can see now it is,trying to connect to our spo service and,its saying supply values for the,following parameters now its asking for,the url so,here we have to enter the url of our,sharepoint online so where you will get,this url now in the microsoft 365 admin,center i will open navigation menu and i,will click on sharepoint,so basically this is the url which we,have to enter on powershell so well,copy https colon captec,admin sharepoint.com,well copy this,well go back to powershell and here,enter the so now i will press enter now,it will,ask me to sign into the account so let,me enter the credentials,okay,now let me okay now i will click on sign,so now i am successfully logged in now,first of all i want to see,the list of,site,on sharepoint admin center if i will,click on admin sites these are sites,which i have created on sharepoint admin,center first of all lets see how to see,all these sites,using powershell,so here i will enter the command,get,spo,site,and if i will press enter you will see,the list of sites,you can see these all are the sites,now if you want to see,details of particular site you can,simply type get spo site,space dash,identity,[Music],space now enter the url of the,particular site,of which you want to see the details so,i want to see the details of my test,site,so i will simply copy it,and i will paste it over here and and,now press enter,so you can see the url the site owner is,richard,captec.microsoft.com and this is the,storage quota,now if you want to see more details,about this site you can simply,add enter space,pipe and fl,now you will see all the details of this,particular site,like last content and modified date is,this the status is active or not and you,can see lot many things like the url of,the site and what is the group id you,can see lot many things from this fl,okay after seeing the fl now if i want,to remove a particular site,from my active state,so say for example i want to delete,my site test,which is this side so theres a command,to perform this action so i will type,remove dash spo,space,dash,then enter the identity and and enter,the url of the site so this is the site,which i want to,remove so now i will press enter,so its asking do you are you sure you,want to perform this action,so i will press y and i will press enter,okay so now i have removed my site,test so i will minimize powershell and,lets see on,sharepoint admin center its removed or,not,if i will refresh this,okay so you can see my test site is now,deleted if i will see on deleted site,its over here,we can see this using powershell as well,if i will again,type get spo site,you can see the test site is now not,listed on our,this list,now okay so we have removed our site now,if you want to restore it using,powershell there is a command for that,as well so well type restore dash spo,site delete site space,dash identity,now then we have to paste the url of the,site which you want to restore,so the url is this of my site test,so now i will press enter so we have,make a mistake on the command now i will,press enter,[Music],okay so now our command is executed now,if i will see my site is on active state,or not,so well again type command get spo site,and now it press enter,so again you can see my site test is now,on active site if i will minimize my,powershell and if i will refresh my,admin center,you can see my site is now restored so,friends we have learned how to download,module for sharepoint online we have,seen how to connect to our rescue,service then we have to simply enter the,url to connect to a specific sharepoint,admin center we have seen how to see the,list of site and how to remove it and,how to restore a particular site so guys,this was a brief introduction how to use,powershell for to connect to sharepoint,online in our upcoming videos will see,more advanced commands for our,sharepoint online thats it for this,video demonstration for more informative,videos you can check my other video,links on the screen and subscribe my,channel and press bell icon for more,upcoming videos i will see you guys in,next video

Generate SharePoint Online Access Token in Postman

hi friends,hello today i am going to explain you,how we can generate access token for the,sharepoint site,and how to generate client id client,secret in the sharepoint site and using,those details cliented client secret and,tenant id,how we can generate access token in,postmath,so this is my sharepoint site in the,sharepoint site to generate,client id and client secret first you,need to uh,go to uri,so this is the base uri this is common,you need to copy this base ura,this could be,uh this could be different for your case,after that,you need to give underscore layouts,and this,app,reg new dot aspx,go to this,url,and click on generate client id,click on generate client secret,title you can give anything that you,want,app domain you can give anything that,you want redirect url i am just giving,it as localhost,and just click on create,once you click on create just copy this,client secret value this client id value,but very important thing is this client,secret because once you,come out of this page or once you close,this tab you wont be,able to see the client secret again,client id we can get any ho but the,client secret we cannot get so this is,very important so just copy the client,secret and paste it,in a notepad after that,you need to open another uri to register,this client id so let me duplicate this,tab,underscore layout,instead of average we have another uri,called,app inv,app inv dot spx so in this,you need to give the client id that,which we generated previously this,client id,just copy it,in the app id place the client id,let me copy it has not copied properly,so copy the client client ready click on,lookup,so once we get this bit packs click on,lookup we get the details that we have,provided in the previous screen app,permission this is,the permissions that which we need to,provide full full control so the if you,observe app permission requests,hello app policy setting to true app,permission request scope and this is,constant for your case also just copy,this app permissions giving you the full,control,for the apps,so that we can,use the api endpoints to get all the,details and click on create once you,click on create it will redirect to this,page and here just click on trust it,once you click on trust it,uh it will get redirect to site settings,page in the site set uh see,we we want tenant id right to generate,the token so tenant to get the tenant id,click on site app permissions,once we click on that site app,permissions,uh as you observe we have two records,because,this i have created previously this this,i have created for our demo purpose so,if you observe the first part is the,client id,and after that,after the ad grade the second part is,the tenant id so this is important just,copy this,thing and paste it some notepad,im just deleting the second record,because as i have already,have that,details so if you go to site app,permissions,now this is my client id and after that,the red symbol this is my tenant id,so i have everything everything that i,required,to generate a token so i have pasted it,over here this is my client id client,secret title app domain,now go to postman,now if you go to postman to get the,access token this is the uri that which,we need to use to get the access token,and in this uri,we have to provide the tenant id so this,is the tenant id that which we generated,from the,sharepoint site,so you need to replace your tenant id in,your case,and this one is fixed constant https,accounts dot access control.windows.net,this is fixed after that backslash your,tenant id,and after that this is pixelated,backslash tokens backslash oauth,backlash 2 okay and the details we need,to provide for the,body section are these grand type client,underscore credentials client id in the,client id just please remember an,important point you need you you should,provide both client id at the rate of,tenant id this is important because many,people miss this step they will just,provide the client id but,because as it is,stating that client id they think that,client id itself is enough but please,note this point,very important,along with the client id you need to,provide at the rate,tenant id so in our case my tenant id is,this one,nine eight so this is my turn ready and,this is my client ready so 2da,blah blah blah is my client id and this,989 blah blah blah this is my turn today,so if you observe i have given like this,right client ready at the rate of my,tarantula,and after that client secret you need to,provide the client secret that which we,generated from the sharepoint site and,the resource coming to the resource this,is,fixed,for all,for any case this is this is the fixed,after that backslash and this is the,domain name which we need to provide and,after that,at the rate,the client id,in this way we need to format the,resource,this one is fixed backslash domain name,at the rate of tenant id,this is the resource id we need to,provide,giving all these details just click on,send button,now we got the access token,so we can use this access token and we,can call any api endpoints from the,sharepoint site to get the details for,example uh on in my case i have a,list,so i want to get this big tax in this,bid packs i have,two records bit back one and bit pack,two now i want to get these details,from postman using the access token that,which we generated so for that you take,on the tab in the postman and provide,the,endpoint uri,api endpoint ura this one this domain up,to domain name after that,underscore api web lists,uh my list name is bit backlists and,items so,this is the api endpoint uri you can get,various api endpoint uris in the,microsoft site so here rest a,endpoint urs for in that,you can,get the,endpoint urs how to,uh frame these endpoint urls for example,a c web template of how to apply web,template,and uh rest service endpoint urls like,uh,web,user profiles people manager,to get the user profile various,endpoints see web lists,which fetch the lists,so my case i have framed my endpoint url,like this to get the list of items in my,bitpacks list,and in the authorization tab,just copy the,token which we generated,go to bit tax list,click on,bulk edit,so give the,access token that which we generated now,and remember this word bearer after that,space x is token,okay,after giving these details just click on,send button,now,it has fetched the list of records with,pack lists see bit back one,this is the first record if you observe,this is my first record and bit back to,is my second record so if you scroll,down,uh this second record bit back to,right in this way,we can test the api sharepoint api,endpoints in postman,so to test jp,sharepoint api endpoints in postman we,need to generate client id client secret,token id in the sharepoint and using,those we can,test in postman we can fetch the access,token and we can call,various endpoints sharepoint and rest,api endpoints using the access token,that which we generated from postmath,so guys in the next video im going to,explain how we can do in c sharp code,now all this i have explained in postman,the same thing we have to implement,through code so how to,implement train implementing code i will,explain in the next video thank you have,a nice day

SharePoint Login and Logout

welcome in this video were going to,introduce you to the college of,pharmacies sharepoint site and cover how,to log in and sign out the site itself,is housed on the University of Houstons,SharePoint 2010 server to get to it open,up web browser and point it to the,following URL share you h dot edu slash,pharmacy and thats a forward slash so,thats shared you hid d u /dt different,web browsers however Microsoft Internet,Explorer is preferred by the site as it,is SharePoint is also a Microsoft,product what that means is therell be a,few features that will work with share,with Internet Explorer that are not,available in the other browsers but,still it is pretty agnostic to log in,youre going to type your username and,password which would be your cougar net,ID so Im doing that now and one of the,features that in an explorer has that,the others dont is that if youre on it,you get the it detects the cougar net,domain if youre on a computer thats,already on the cougar net domain so you,dont have to type that if you or not,then youll need to type the words,cougar net backslash and then your user,name first in there if youre on a,private computer one in your office or,someplace like that you can also hit too,remember my credentials but if youre on,a public computer in the computer lab or,other places that many people log into,or its using a generic logon avoid that,because anybody else can come in as you,afterwards,only those spots where you know you have,control the machine and you have a login,and logout on it so Im gonna go ahead,and log in now with internet explorer,itll SharePoint 2010 will oftentimes,prompt you multiple times for that,Kruger net username and password and,that can get a little annoying so what,were gonna do is fix that very quickly,were going to hit the alt button and,that brings up at the,very top under my URL bar the tools or,my menu options and Im going to choose,tools internet options and under,security choose local intranet and then,sites and Im going to advanced click,advanced and then there you have the,spot where you can put in your different,sites so were gonna add shared at you,HD you dont you dont actually have to,worry about the the slash pharmacy part,were gonna include the whole SharePoint,Server site and the other one were,gonna do is an HTTPS Roland bikers :,then select forward slash forward slash,and then its gonna be my site dot u H,died edu and this is a feature that,SharePoint has which we will cover later,on in a video but allows you to have,your own site so if youre on multiple,different SharePoint sites within the,university you can kind of tie those,together so go ahead and add that and,that will keep this from pop up all the,time on this particular computer move to,a different computer youre gonna have,to repeat so that was logging in that,was establishing your sites under the,trusted or the intranet sites and,finally to log out when youre done at,the end of the day or time just come,over here to where your name is in the,top right corner click that and youll,go down the very bottom and itll say,have a little sign out

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