1. Is the 2020 Audi SQ5 a performance SUV that is WORTH the PRICE?
  2. Is the 2020 Audi SQ5 a performance luxury SUV thats WORTH the PRICE?
  3. The 2020 SQ5 is the Perfect Size Performance SUV from AUDI!
  4. 2020 Audi SQ5 Prestige w/S Sport package – Build & Price Review: Colors, Features, Interior, MSRP
  5. Audi SQ5 2020 review
  6. Pros and Cons of the 2020 Audi SQ5
  7. 2020 Audi Q5 // BIG Price DROP & CHANGES to Audis Best-Seller!

Is the 2020 Audi SQ5 a performance SUV that is WORTH the PRICE?

guys whats up its show ready for,mateys arrives Im back here at Audi a,wizard chapel and guess what we have it,this is a lightly refreshed 2020s q5 but,before we dive into this sq5 lets talk,a little bit about outtie and its SUV so,howdy has a very nice lineup of suvs,starting with their smallest one the q3,and going up to the q7 now remember the,reason why I didnt say q8 is the q8 is,actually a little bit smaller than the,q7 the wonderful thing is that this q5,falls right into the sweet spot that,mid-sized SUV almost like a compact,midsize SUV that really is gonna give,you some great usability but whenever we,see the letter S in front of the number,we know youre gonna get extra,performance so with this sq5 were,taking all the things that make the q5,great that flexibility the style the,Quattro all-wheel drive system but now,were bringing more performance and even,more style so new for 2020 theres some,changes Im gonna point them out so,lets go ahead and dive into this 2020s,q5 right off the bat youll notice the,whole front fascia has been totally,restyled for 2020 all-new headlight,design LED headlights daytime running,lamps and turn signals I liked a little,bit of silver chrome trim in there,aesthetically its very pleasing to the,eye and its working very nicely with,the silver on our particular one you do,have headlight washers that pop out,right here when you push the button and,then down below we have some flat black,vertical steam.you horizontal slots,these are functional so thats the good,news is youre gonna get more cooling,for those radiators back there and then,you drop down a little bit further and,theres a little bit of gloss black,metallic thats gonna follow all the way,across the bottom portion very clean and,really balances out the flat black with,the gloss now you have that massive open,grille design the iconic four rings of,Auto Union that Audi badge some flat,black but also some gloss black so like,I said its a nice dance between the two,materials theres our,q5 so whenever you see red and you see s,more performance now when we get up onto,the hood I like the way it just fits,flush with the grill area for massive,line body lines the two on the outside,are really really strong and then you,have two lighter ones that go towards,the windshield really think that it,gives it that nice German aggressive,look that so many people crave when,theyre looking at their Audis when we,get to the fenders no flat black,everything is color matched youre gonna,see these massive 21 inch wheels so,beautiful 21 inch wheel machined,aluminum I love the metallic gray look,at the size look at the size of these,calipers so there s branded theyre,Brembo calipers its literally the size,of Michael Jordans shoe when he played,for the Chicago Bulls gonna clamp down,on those rotors that are ventilated you,are gonna get I dont know if Tom could,show off the suspension there but youre,gonna get that adaptive suspension that,is going to adjust depending on what,mode youre in that stuff that you,expect when youre looking at an S,vehicle now when we get up onto the side,of the hood here you can see that,beautiful body line I always like the,way the hood fits in with the fender on,an Audi and create it creates its own,body line so you got that nice high,beltline you have color black mirror,caps with some turn signals really,nicely done and then just simple on the,lower sill portion flat black on the,roof rails and they fit nice and flush a,little bit of gloss black around the,window treatment from the side youre,still gonna get that same great sq5 look,I like the way as you work towards the,rear it kind of flares out a little bit,and then when you get to the back youre,gonna get a nice low roof spoiler has a,little bit of a drop in the center and,then from the rear just really clean and,just so exquisite with their taillight,design full LED sq5 badge,my only Zonk back here is what in the,heck is going on here this is an sq5 let,me have some exhaust dont give me these,vent looking things and also this big,long vent here but the diffuser is very,very sexy I do,like that I just need some exhausts,especially on a sq5 but while we go,ahead lets pop the hood and see whats,powering this Audi SUV alright guys we,got the hip hop we have hood struts,underneath that hood very very sexy,engine cover and you dont hear me say,that many times here Im ready to rise,but I love the read love the silver,underneath that engine cover is gonna be,a 3 liter v6 turbocharged engine 349,horsepower 369 pound-feet of torque its,all made it to a ZF 8-speed automatic,transmission and getting to the ground,the power is getting to the grounds with,that Quattro all-wheel drive system now,zero to sixty five point one seconds top,speed 155 miles an hour MPGs around 19,in the city 23 on the highway and it,weighs this sq5 weighs about 4321 pounds,what can I say as a car enthusiast pop,in the hood I like seeing that type of,engine cover I also like seeing the,bracing going on from strut tower to,strut tower and then also that secondary,bracing as well but while we go ahead,lets check out the interior of this sq5,and see if its as sexy as whats,underneath the hood,[Music],hi guys were inside the 20/20 howdy sq5,I know youre at that point look at that,automatic closing doors I know youre at,that point youre saying yourself Joe,this thing is sexy I like zero to 60 in,about five seconds how much is it MSRP,for this particular one is right around,sixty six thousand dollars lets see,what you get for the money now so the,door panels the good news is youre,gonna get some nice carbon fiber poured,in I like the way that silver trim is,done nicely kind of blends in with the,door handle Alcantara on the back,portion just enough leather with some,nice white contrast stitching and then,youre gonna have that pocket down there,for some German chocolate milk and a,Danish and you have a piano,optional sound system – nice soft touch,push far forward carbon fiber just spill,against carbon fiber the Quatro badge,you have this horizontal 8.8 inch,display with navigation Im gonna Zonk,it because at this price point I would,like to see something a little larger I,know for some of you the iPad style is a,big turn-off because it sort of has the,appearance of just being stuck on but it,is very very clear you drop down theres,more that carbon fiber heated seats but,no ventilated seats thats another Zonk,for sixty six thousand dollars you do,have dual climate control and look how,you just rub your finger across the,buttons and it highlights it really nice,easy to use you have your drive select,mode button so you hit this and watch on,our screen you could go into different,drive modes which is great look at how,this spins around you can lift all that,kind of stuff go back to dynamic Im,gonna leave it in dynamic for our drive,as we come back down you have the rest,of your toggle switches a USB a 12 volt,nice little cubby for some Jolly,Ranchers start/stop button with a little,bit of red anodized around the button,there,carbon fiber now theres some flat black,here which has some grain to it almost,like wood I actually like it no,fingerprints you have a trackpad and you,have your directional knob button here,you could go into your navigation radio,controls this is going to control that,ZF 8-speed automatic transmission carbon,fiber I like the S badge and then heres,our key fob with,the S badge on it very tasteful very,clean on the back theres your buttons,nice and light this is a nice holder for,your key fob or hey you could put some,breath mints in there some when youre,about to make out with somebody in your,sq5 they kiss you back nobody wants to,go in for a kiss and not get one back,while is charging but watch this you,slide it open theres your two,cupholders and thats smart because,guess what you could take your phone put,it here and I know youre probably,saying well wheres I want my cupholders,you could actually slide it with the,phone

Is the 2020 Audi SQ5 a performance luxury SUV thats WORTH the PRICE?

hey guys whats up is Joe ready for,Randys rides Im back here at out of,Wesley Chapel and we have a performance,SUV that you guys have specifically,asked me for this is a 2020 outi sq5,lets talk a little bit about outtie so,when it comes to their lineup of SUVs,its about the cues the q3 the q5 the q7,the q8 this being a q5 is gonna be that,compact luxury SUV with this particular,one though adding that letter S brings a,lot of sport and definitely a lot of,performance so this being an S q5 were,gonna have more power underneath the,hood better braking better handling just,overall more capable q5 than what you,could normally get with this particular,vehicle its meant to go up against the,Porsche Macan obviously the competition,from BMW and also mercedes-benz with,their AMG product so lets go ahead dive,into this 2020s q5 right off the bat,what I love about this particular SUV is,that it looks like an Audi theres,certain design cues and Im gonna point,out for you that when you see it you say,oh thats an Audi,first up headlight housing very very,unique to the brand all LED and this is,technology remember OD has won so many,24-hour Lamar races that they actually,were one of the first to develop LED,headlight technology at that particular,race its found on this sq5 I do like,the way theres a lot of silver kind of,brightens things up a little bit,you got your daytime running lamps very,unique design that is outtie specific as,we drop down functional vents here so we,have flat black with a little bit of,gloss but these are actually functional,and then I also like the way they,incorporated some gloss black into the,lower section just a little bit to kind,of brighten things up as we come across,the grille now this grille design that,open grille design was once started,first on an Audi so many,other brands have now had adapted and,adopted that type of design philosophy,but this is specific to the Audi brand,you have the Auto Union badging remember,this was the for German car brands,during the world depression that formed,together into Auto Union and still holds,true to this day our sq5 so this is a q5,s that Sport badge if you ever see an RS,that even takes it to the next level now,one thing that is missing for me at,least that I am gonna Zonk I wish there,was some kind of low lip spoiler here,you do have the gloss black that runs,along the bottom which looks great but a,little bit of a low lip spoiler,especially because this is an S vehicle,definitely would be the way to go,of course underneath all this sheet,metal is gonna be our Ts Quattro,all-wheel drive system Quattro an,Italian word means for all wheel drive,getting the power to the four wheels but,from one side the other has a nice,aggressive look without going too,overboard when we go up onto the hood,very very sharp lines really has that,German styling down to a tee especially,here I really like the way this body,line is almost Pete really gives it nice,style we come around the bend and thats,the great thing about the sq8 not just,about performance theres also that,style aspect to it as well,feast your eyes on these babies right,here youre looking at a 20-inch wheel,gloss black with a little bit of brushed,aluminum you have your Audi Sport logo,and then six piston Brembo calipers they,are the size of Michael Jordans feet if,Michael Jordan was the penis feet red,thats what they will look like you got,the S badge larger rotors which of,course are ventilated and then youre,gonna have adaptive suspension at all,four corners I do like the way,everything is painted no flat black or,gloss black around the fender openings,has a really nice look with this,beautiful dark grey metallic paint now,as we work our way down,very very sharp body line for the belt,line all the way back gloss black on the,mirror caps here slim and trim,the LED turn signals and then this does,have very very low roof rails which you,could get crossbars you are also going,to get a panoramic sunroof which will,show you once we get inside and youll,notice the way that they use gloss black,both top and bottom around the width of,the window treatment now another area,that I think is kind of missing styling,wise I would like to see a little bit of,a side sill extension sort of a blend in,with that front lip spoiler that I want,on the front I think that would just,give it a little bit more sporty,aggressive look so I am gonna Zonk that,they didnt add anything but other than,that very very clean look we keep,working our way back decent-sized rear,quarter window low roof spoiler a little,bit of gloss black extension for,aerodynamic purposes and then when you,get to the tail end of the business,these style taillights are specific to,Audi full LED theres your Auto Union,badge we drop down you have a nice large,sq5 badge the one thing thats missing,and it broke my heart when I saw the,back of this vehicle is theres no,exhaust showing you have these vents,which theyre fake and Im sonken it but,wouldnt it be nice to have like quad,exhaust or their signature oval tip,black exhaust something like that just,to kind of show that aggression that,power but you do have a nice diffuser I,am Zonk in the fake vent though that,doesnt even need to be there but while,we go ahead pop the hood and see whats,powering this sq5 alright guys we got,the hood popped underneath Im Tony this,is one of the best engine covers Ive,seen in a long time nice silver you have,the Auto Union badge that v6 badge what,youre looking at underneath that engine,cover is going to be a three liter v6,turbocharged engine 349 horsepower 369,pounds feet of torque its all made it,through an 8-speed automatic,transmission and remember were getting,powered down to the ground all four,wheels that Quattro system zero to sixty,five point two seconds and youre,looking at MPGs 18 in the city 23 in the,highway this SUV weighs in around 4300,and,pounds I like underneath the engine,compartment like I said the engine cover,is looking awesome you could see the,strut tower brace here extra bracing the,stiffen up the front because remember,its not just about producing more power,its about making a more rigid vehicle,especially an SUV to handle but while we,go ahead lets start this up and see,what it sounds like,[Applause],alright guys were inside the 2020s q5 I,know youre parsing Joe this thing looks,pretty tough on the outside Im sure,its gonna look amazing on the inside,whats the price tag youre looking at a,tick under an MSRP of $64,000 the way,that this one sits lets see what you,get for the money now door panel does,have a lot of dark material but the,great news is its looking mighty good,we got carbon fiber up top soft material,across the top of the door panel,Alcantara leather on the armrest with,the contrast stitching and such a large,pocket down there Im quite surprised,how large that pocket is you could put,easily a subway sub in there 12 inch sub,meatballs whatever you got get some parm,on that put it right in your door panel,sob material on the dash you can see the,beautiful wet weave carbon fiber that,Quattro badge remember Quattro means for,an Italian all-wheel drive you do have a,I pad style infotainment system youre,looking at a 7-inch system and I dont,know its its kind of just like,sticking up out of nowhere it actually,feels very secure and it is out of my,line of sight but this is probably the,one area that in the redesign youll see,some changes now Im gonna have Tom stay,on that obviously its showing,navigation let me show you how we have,Drive select modes here so you have,Comfort Auto dynamic individual where,you can control each thing individually,you can lift the sq5 or lower it,obviously you have your all road,settings so really really wild the,awesome settings that they have with,that system now you have your dual,climate control really nice and easy to,use I do like that heated seats but no,ventilated seats at 64,000 dollars,you see these dead buttons here thats,where the ventilated

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The 2020 SQ5 is the Perfect Size Performance SUV from AUDI!

whats up everyone and welcome back to,the channel today were gonna take a,look at the 2020 Audi sq5 Ive borrowed,this from Audi Greenville definitely,check out their website they have a huge,selection of brand-new Audis to choose,from that will be down in the,description below this sq5 is finished,off in ibis white and it has an MSRP,just under sixty seven thousand dollars,the sq5 features a three liter,twin-scroll turbocharged v6 engine its,paired to the 8-speed Tiptronic,automatic transmission and it produces,349 horsepower at 5400 rpm and 369,pound-feet of torque as low as 1300 rpm,it features the Quattro all-wheel drive,system weighs around 4,300 pounds itll,do 0 to 60 in just over 5 seconds with a,top speed of 155 miles an hour this has,a fuel capacity of 18 point 3 gallons,and you can expect to see around 18,miles per gallon in the city and 23 out,on the highway this has a wheelbase of a,hundred and eleven point two inches its,overall length is a hundred and eighty,three point nine it has a width of,seventy four and a half a height of 65,point three and ground clearance is,eight point two inches starting up front,on the sq5 this comes with LED,headlights and LED daytime running,lights I really like how the DRL is kind,of surround both of the headlights,themselves and then the turn signal,takes up the top section really cool,design especially when you see it from a,distance I really like kind of how,aggressive it is for a luxury SUV like,this it has the traditional hexagonal,style single-frame grille finished off,in gloss black surrounding it you can,see the chrome outtie logo right in the,center along with a nicely placed,forward-facing camera just underneath,that parking sensors run throughout the,middle section of the bumper youll also,see theres more gloss black trim on,both sides here along with front sensors,those front sensors are a part of some,of the technology features like the,adaptive cruise control down below,theres even more gloss black youll see,it runs the entire length of the front,end theres also a second mini grill,down on the lower side just to provide,an extra cooling along with all the,cutouts that you see in the main grille,up top and then as we make our way to,the hood youll see theres two very,distinctive lines running down both,sides I really like the contoured lines,on this outer one it has almost a lip to,kind of elevating upwards a bit just,giving it a really nice look as part of,the black optics package which features,a lot of titanium black and gloss black,trim pieces throughout the entire,vehicle this comes with a set of 20 inch,five arm rotor design wheels with an,anthracite finish and a two-tone design,it gives it a really nice look just,behind that you can see the red brake,callipers with the S badge on them up,top we have even more gloss black as I,just mentioned on the power folding side,mirrors they are heated feature the,integrated turn signal as well,as we make our way up to the roof youll,see theres gloss black on the roof,rails along with the full panoramic,sunroof and then there are very nice,lines that continue down the side of the,vehicle just like you saw up on the hood,theres very nice contoured lines,running down just above the door handles,and then even down below on the side,skirts it just gives it a very nice,aggressive design and now finishing up,in the rear well start off with the,integrated spoiler and the third brake,light its body colored and then theres,nice gloss black trim surrounding both,sides of the rear glass you can see the,wiper blade is mounted on the lower,section just to help with better,visibility this has a standard backup,camera with all the parking sensors in,the lower section of the bumper here,youll also see theres even more gloss,black trim separating the lower diffuser,from the rest of the vehicle and this,has a towing capacity up to 4,400 pounds,I really like everything on the exterior,the lines are super crisp it just gives,it a fantastic look but with the vehicle,locked and the key in my pocket Ill,just place my hand in the door handle,and youll hear it automatically unlock,as we move on to the door panel now,youll see its covered in very nice,materials theres leather and stitching,on the armrests really nice Alcantara on,the insert behind that we have a carbon,atlas inlay running just above that,along with the brushed aluminum release,handle you have your lock and unlock,with two memory seating adjustments this,has a nineteen speaker being in all of,since sound system would be released for,the power liftgate you have a good,amount of storage space in the lower,section of the door and then we have all,the window controls theyre automatic up,and down and all these side mirror,adjustment so its very nice I love all,the materials down on the door so youll,see the S badge and then right up above,that we have all-weather floor mats with,the sq5 badge moving on to the interior,now this has completely black nappa,leather seats with very nice stitching I,love the diamond pattern that runs down,the insert theres a nice stripe that,kind of divides them as well,youll see the S badge embroidered in,the top section of the seat and very,nice bolstering support these have a,multi-way power adjustability to them as,well so you can easily get these dialed,in they have the massaging feature and,you can also adjust the front section of,the seat just by pulling up on a tab,sliding it forwards or backwards just to,give you a little bit more comfort as we,make our way to the steering wheel its,completely covered in black leather it,has double stitching running on the,inside gives it a really cool look as a,three spoke designed to it with a flat,bottom design looking at these steering,wheel controls now often to the right,side youll see navigation a,customizable button we have Bluetooth,and voice commands,along with volume for the radio off into,the left side all of these will control,the digital gauge cluster right in the,middle so just by clicking on this View,button here youll see everything change,or we have a lot more information in the,center and your tach and speedometer are,now minimized just by clicking that,again we are back with the tach right in,the center if I use the arrow buttons,often to the left side we can look at,your radio you have any notes along with,the navigation and then back to the,consumption there where we can scroll,down and look at some other vital,information,and then just by clicking on view again,we can access that information and look,at it in full screen so I can go all the,way over to navigation you can even use,the scrolling dial to zoom in and out it,gives you very great graphics often to,the left side youll see the engine,temperature and then on the right side,we have the fuel gauge and then often to,the left side of the steering wheel down,below here we have a good storage cubby,for anything that you want to place,there along with all the headlight,controls youll see more of that carbon,atlas inlay along with one air vent and,then as we make our way to the center,youll see the eight point three inch,screen,right now we are in the home setting,theres a rotary dial down below which,Ill show you here soon or you can look,go from vehicle to sound you have your,radio media navigation and everything,that you can scroll through so just,going all the way into vehicle we can,take a look at the different suspension,settings you also have a lift in,off-road setting as well which is nice,to see so down below these are all the,controls the rotary dial in the center,you have shortcuts to your navigation,map and phone radio and media on the far,right you have your back button and menu,button right there and then theres also,a pad here that you can use with some,presets on the top so you can easily use,this screen to kind of go through what,you would like to by clicking on,navigation up there you can see Ive,pulled up to enter your destination so I,can easily start

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2020 Audi SQ5 Prestige w/S Sport package – Build & Price Review: Colors, Features, Interior, MSRP

hi welcome thanks for joining me on this,episode of build your own were going to,build price an option a 2020 Oddie sq5,prestige as well as learn about the,features and other configurations before,we do however I just want to remind you,that if you find this built in price,review helpful informative or,entertaining please like share and,subscribe to my channel the 20/20 RDS q5,is a performance compact crossover that,was last redesigned in 2018 for 2020 it,gets no changes of note it competes,primarily with the BMW x3 m4 TI the,Jaguar F pace s the Mercedes AMG GLC 43,and the Porsche Macan s the OO dsq 5,features a turbocharged 3 liter v6,engine that makes 349 horsepower and 369,pound-feet of torque it pairs with a,slick shifting 8-speed automatic,transmission and standard Quattro,all-wheel drive the system is potent,enough to hit 60 miles an hour in 5.1,seconds the 2020 RDS q5 also comes with,a sport-tuned suspension and beefy,performance brakes the sq5 returns 19,miles to the gallon in the city 24 miles,to the gallon on the highway and 21,miles to the gallon mixed driving with,premium gas last years premium Premium,Plus and prestige trims all returned for,2020 the Premium trim which has a,starting MSRP of 52 thousand nine,hundred dollars comes with LED exterior,lights 20-inch wheels a 7-inch,infotainment display Bluetooth leather,and Alcantara seating 12 way power seats,a hundred and eighty watt sound system,and keyless access and start if you move,up to the premium plus trim the starting,price is fifty-six thousand nine hundred,dollars and the Premium Plus trim tax on,navigation an LCD instrument cluster a,panoramic sunroof wireless phone,charging and a wireless phone signal,booster,just to name a few last but not least,you have the prestige trim the top tier,for the audio 5 for 2020 the prestige,starts at sixty thousand six hundred and,fifty dollars now it includes everything,in the premium everything in the premium,plus and then it also includes powered,power adjustable steering column a Bang,and Olufsen audio system and a head-up,display with the rear seats up the,twenty twenty Oddie sq5 has twenty five,point one cubic feet of cargo space,thats available with the seats down and,folded flat as we can see here that,expands to fifty three point one cubic,feet ok lets jump into this building,price review of the 2020 Audie sq5,crossover this is a fast vehicle its,got over 315 horsepower its got almost,400 pound-feet of torque,its no joke and you know the top tier,trim the prestige which were gonna,build in place has a starting price of a,sixty thousand six hundred and fifty,dollars but before we actually get to,the configurator and we spec out our,prestige lets go over the colors lets,look at the interior lets look at the,exterior colors lets learn about the,features lets do all of that and then,we will do our build in place so the,first thing were gonna do is take a,look at these exterior colors we see the,first color here is Azuras green or,something like that theyve got a,brilliant black I like it in black,Daytona gray weve got a floor at silver,a glacier white which is also nice,theres an Ibis white lets see the,glacier white and Ibis white theyre,very close Ibis white seems a little,brighter than the glacier white actually,place your white seems a little more,silver okay moving on anyway,we have the matador red we have a moon,light blue and lets see theres a meet,those black so theres this meet those,black and then theres a brilliant black,so brilliant black meet those black,brilliant black does seem a little,deeper brilliant black is definitely a,little deeper than the meet those black,then we have this navara blue which is a,nice coat,Ive see some oddities every now and,again in that color then we have a,quantum gray so a lot of exterior colors,for the 2020 Audie sq5 which ones do you,like alright lets move on lets check,out the gallery lets check out the,exterior photos lets check out the,interior photos for the sq5 for 2020 we,can see down here theyre gonna throw us,a little snippet of information like,this particular image theyre letting us,know that theres a distinctive,single-frame grille for the Audie sq5 so,after we go through this gallery we will,then move on and check the feature so,here theyre just showing the shoulder,lines Im not gonna read every one of,these were more or less just kind of,checking it out so LED tail lights here,I go reading it anyway here theyre,telling us about the power tailgate with,hands-free release those cool LED,headlights the black optic package those,wheels are beautiful I love those wheels,I think theyre called blade wheels or,something like that maybe maybe not,heres the 21 inch audio aadhi sport 5,spoke these design wheels I dont really,think theyre that attractive I like the,fact that there are 21 inch wheels but,it kind of stops there I dont really,think theyre that attractive wouldnt,stop me from getting them because like I,said I like the 21 inch wheel but the,black optic package might come with a 21,inch wheel and Id much prefer the black,optic package and we will probably get,that so here is a nice shot of the,interior the fit and finish inside the,Audis second to none as far as Im,concerned theyre letting us know about,the 8 point 3 inch infotainment display,were not really trying to read about,these slides because were gonna go,actually take a look at the features,after this so were gonna learn about,the technology features the safety,features performance features all that,kind of stuff the multifunction steering,wheel like theyre showing us if,anything it just looks really beautiful,looks like a nice place to be nice,chunky steering wheel three-zone climate,control digital rear display Oh check it,out let me go back real quick look at,the carbon fiber inlay right here see,where it says Quatro right there thats,all carbon fiber instead of wood right,there,I think its all carbon fiber,down here by the shifter thats very,nice I like that a lot here we got the,leather wrapped gear shifter or gear,selector they call it its a little,short stubby selector but its kind of,actually cool its actually kind of cool,I like it here theyre talking about,their MMI touch which is how they,control the infotainment screen up top,there but Im over here looking at the,the carbon fiber and you know all the,fit and finish around here and the,speaker grilles on the door and I see,the push-button start thats down there,so Im kind of sort of paying attention,to all of it and it all looks good as,far as Im concerned lets move on,heres a shot of the backside in the,back seats theyre more or less really,pointing out that panoramic roof which,they barely even show though yeah here,we go available carbon atlas inlay they,call it carbon atlas they dont call it,carbon fibre for whatever reason here,theyre showing the sliding and,split-folding rear seats that are,quilted I love the diamond quilted,seating before back in the day when I,first started noticing that youd have,to get a oh I dont know a Bentley,Arnage,or a Mercedes s65 circa 2008 to have,quilted leather seats now everybody,seems to be doing it but audience doing,a wonderful job love these quilted seats,we already know about the versatile,cargo space we already know about that,if the seats are up you got about 25,point 3 cubic feet of cargo space behind,the third row if the third row seats are,down like they are now then you have 53,point 1 cubic feet of cargo space ok,heres our last photo here theyre,letting us know about the available fine,nappa leather seats with diamond,stitching they dont call it quilting I,guess they call it diamond stitching,okay so weve checked out the gallery,now lets move on lets check out the,features and really they only have three,categories of features Oddie theyve got,technology features whoops they have,technology features design features and,performance features so here we are on,the technology page you can see 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Audi SQ5 2020 review

Im Tom Baker this is chasing cars and,this outrageously blue SUV here with me,is the Audi sq5 now the sq5 is one of,these sports luxury crossovers that,costs about a hundred thousand,Australian dollars and it competes with,the Mercedes AMG GLC 43 and the BMW x3,m4 ti but unlike those vehicles out II,doesnt make an even beefier version,theres no RS q5 this is as good as it,gets and thats pretty good as were,going to find out in todays video,because the sq5 secret sauce is that it,takes the great packaging and attractive,appearance of the underlying q5 and,pairs it to a really talky 3 liter,turbocharged v6 engine under this bonnet,with a rear biased or drive system were,gonna be checking out how much fun that,is when we take the sq5 out onto the,road but first well have a look at the,interior and check out the practicality,before going for a proper Drive in our,DS sporty SUV jumping inside the sq5 as,the rain starts to come down whats,immediately evident is that this vehicle,is still based on our ts previous,interior design language and will be,updated later this year but as far as,Im concerned the pre-facelift ie this,car is gonna be the way to go because,its interior is attractive and more,functional than outies new interior,design which is based around,touchscreens this car still has the good,old-fashioned rotary dial which means,you can interact with the technology on,a bumpy road which is very common in,Australia without your finger going all,over the place let me know if you agree,with that down below this video however,thats not to say it isnt up to date,because the tech is very good,we have wired apple carplay and android,auto the updated q5 will get Wireless,carplay Im sure but every sq5 comes,with this fully digital driver display,here the virtual cockpit which is very,good you also get these quilted leather,seats theyre nice you can option in,massaging but as standard theyre,electrically adjustable with memory and,heating the problem with them is theyre,not that comfortable over long distances,its not for me at least and thats,unusual because I usually like audi,seats but these ones just gave me a bit,of a backache so the massaging function,would probably fix that,nice creamy leather steering wheel with,a very flat bottom thats not to,everyones tastes but I think its,pretty cool and material quality in,general is okay but I call the soft,touch plastics on the door like fairly,hard the soft touch but hey not everyone,cares about that as a comment is,frequently in for me in terms of,practicality its okay weve got a,little bin here actually interesting,sliding wireless phone charger two,cupholders perfect spot to put your hand,sanitizer,wash your hands little storage bit here,and this fairly useless tray ahead of,the trackpad that everything falls out,of so upfront its pretty good lets,check out the back seat here in the,second row the mid-size q5 is reasonably,spacious Im 6 foot and my Headroom is,really good mainly because this car has,the optional sunroof delete so a,standard you get a sunroof if you want,to bring down the center of gravity a,bit you can get rid of it just like in,this car however that means that it,feels a little bit dark in here because,Ive got a black headliner but the,windows are at least nice and big and,give a good view out but back to those,dimensions legroom its ok sitting,behind myself no complaints tow rooms,pretty much unlimited the bench itself,is actually quite comfy and I think I,could sit on it for some time,terms of amenities its relatively,decent so we have a flip-down armrest,weve got cup holders we also have air,vents adjustable temperature to charge,points and a 12 volt socket and those,semi soft plastics remain what about in,the boot how much can you put in there,coming around the back of the sq5 and I,think youll agree with me that it is,one of the cars best angles you,wouldnt so the designs out there are,all that you know crazy but in this,paint color it certainly makes it more,distinctive but I quite like their,restrain elegance of Audis exterior,design anyway I think its a good,looking vehicle its also a practical,one because underneath this electric,tailgate that opens up fairly promptly,we have 550 liters of space which means,its class competitive and its a smart,boot too because we have this chrome,finisher here which means youre less,likely to scratch that amazing turbo,blue paintwork we have a net to keep,your delicates from rolling around to,netted sides of,both sides of the boot as well a cargo,cover that gets out of your way take,away hooks and also no underfloor,storage just the space today the spare,wheel its nice to see it with a spare,tire,despite that just in case you cop a,puncture on one of those massive,standard 21 inch wheels and were gonna,be finding out just how well those 21,inch wheels fear among other things when,we jump in and take the sq5 out onto the,road right now q5 out for a bit of a,drive in what can only be described in,an Audi brochure as Quattro weather,weve been having real wild weather here,in Australia the last sort of three or,six months drought and then rain that,never goes away like now which is a good,thing,and it also means we have a good,opportunity to try out the sq5 s main,calling card and thats its Quattro or,drive system now its a totally,different Quattro system to like an s3,instead here we have the Torsen or drive,which is more rear biased than front,bias so 6040 and you feel that in the,way the car drives its it feels like a,more short footed version of a rear,drive wagon and thats a good thing as,far as Im concerned and it actually,makes the q5 and the sq5 in particular,quite pleasurable to drive once you,learn some of the quirks of its,electrics and Ill come back to today in,a minute but first well talk about,whats under the bonnet of the sq5 and,in Australia its the petrol version of,this car so a three litre turbocharged,petrol v6 making 260 kilowatts of power,and 500 Newton meters of torque so,thats pretty class competitive wed say,the BMW which is the x3m 40i which is,285 kilowatts and 500 Newton meters so,this class of car is typically at three,litre six cylinder with those sorts of,outputs its pretty close to the bends,as well and this is a great powertrain,the engine feels really strong and,flexible in various applications and pin,the throttle,[Music],and it makes good progress feels like,about a five second card 0 to 100,realistically to me and here in the,cabin you get this really nice warble,that sounds more 5-cylinder than,six-cylinder and thats because a fair,chunk of it is artificial but thats it,its a cool artificial noise and I,actually quite like listening to it and,outside the car you do hear a decent,raspy engine note and also crackles and,pops on the overrun if you have the,engine sound in dynamic mode and that,leads me on to the folk theres a lot of,preferences you can choose for setting,up the dynamics to the car,Howdys custom individual mode lets you,tailor it to your own tastes and for me,I quite like the engine and the sound in,dynamic and unusually for me I actually,prefer the steering and dynamic as well,of course we have a lectric power,steering here if youve been a,subscriber for a while youd know that I,usually prefer comfort or you know,slower and lighter steering but in the,q5 the comfort steering has some strange,effects like when youre unwinding out,of a corner it just doesnt self center,particularly naturally but with the,steering and dynamic mode its much,better its more predictable theres not,a huge amount of feel at all but you,track the line you put in and thats,helped by the fact we have really good,Pirelli PZero tires here so theres,loads of front-end grip and then you can,get into the throttle and that nicely,split and well distributed all drive,gets the traction or gets the talk to,the pavement I should say with good,traction now if you feed in the throttle,really linearly you can get little bits,of rear-en

Pros and Cons of the 2020 Audi SQ5

[Music],oh,hello everybody if youre new to this,channel my name is giocarlo and today,were going to be reviewing the 2020,audi sq5,now before we get into this review if,you this channel please consider,subscribing down below,and make sure to hit that bell icon so,you get notified every time we drop a,new video,and you dont miss out on anything cool,like this video right here and if you,enjoyed this video please make sure to,like subscribe it helps us a lot but now,lets get into it guys so looking at,this vehicle right away its nice suv,and,it has a very sleek design it looks,aggressive and i really like the black,optics pack that you get on this vehicle,so what that does is its going to block,out the grille in the front youre going,to get some blacked out mirrors on the,side,and blacked out accents around the,windows so this would be chrome instead,and this would be,um kind of silver or the color of your,car if it wasnt like blacked out,and then on your mags you have some,20-inch mags,they look very good and you have some,nice beefy brakes on that but i dont,like this big gap that you have over,here i find the,car or the suv is a bit too high but it,does give you a very comfortable ride,and when you come to the back you have,this nice spoiler over here that looks,really aggressive probably doesnt do,anything,but it looks nice you have some nice led,lights in the back as you do in the,front,and they work really well and then,theres the engine,so this engine is actually a three liter,turbocharged v6 producing 349 horsepower,and 369 pound-feet of torque so,what i dont understand is you only get,349 horsepower from a v6,and theres a turbo on that but then,again mercedes is able to get 400,horsepower,out of a four-cylinder turbo audi,what happened arent you germans as well,cant you give us more power out of a v6,very disappointed so considering this is,an suv a sports utility vehicle,it needs to be practical so it has a,pretty good,space in the back so its a good amount,of space in the boot,and to test this out were gonna do the,green light trunk test so i have a,friend over here,and were gonna try to fit him inside,and see how much space he has,if its comfortable so as you can see he,fits very nicely not only does he fit,well,but you could hide him in here by,closing this,and i could probably fit another person,in there and it,closes you have that automatic button,you dont have to struggle that much,and then you can go and you can go on,with your drive and you have an extra,seat in the back,also in the boot um under this piece,over here they added a,full spare tire so if youre in a,troubling situation you have a flat,um youre gonna be able to change it,with a full-size tire the only thing is,it isnt um its not inflated so you,have a pump in the back and youre gonna,have to pump it up,once you put it in place but besides,that its a nice touch you also get a,subwoofer over here,thats part of the upgraded sound system,so um,if you have that option in the car,youre gonna get your subwoofer over,here in the back,and it sounds pretty nice but then lets,talk about the cons,and you have one crazy con over here,so theres no exhaust theres isnt any,exhaust um,you have a spot for it but instead of an,exhaust you just have some plastic,which is not even a vent its just full,plastic and it looks completely terrible,and cheap i,really really really hate that from audi,and then the exhaust is just under it,which i dont understand how much could,it have costed,to put an extra five inches of metal to,make the exhaust come out in the back,it makes no sense to me and then another,thing,in the front of this vehicle so you have,your vents right and,ill be impressed look theres,functional vents in the bottom on the,top and then on the right side theres a,functional vent over here,but then on the left side its just,plastic,theres no vent so they just decided you,know what the design was like,we might put the vent on the right but,we want to put it on the left and,because its,which flip a coin right yes it left no,and thats it now coming to the back,seats,it is a very nice cabin um you have,enough leg room and enough headroom,the only thing is because its a very,curved vehicle this curves down a bit,and its a bit harder to get in if,youre very tall,and you have this big pillar over here,right next to your head,but you do get a nice uh sunroof that,opens all the way in the back,um and you have four zone climate,control so you can control your climate,over here,and you get good amount of space good,leg room and,what i like is the seats are extremely,comfortable whether its in the back or,in the front audi makes some very,comfortable seats,and you have some fake carbon fiber over,here some alcantara so the quality,inside is very nice and comfortable,coming inside the cabin it is very,luxurious and i have to say i do like,the steering wheel i like that its cut,and it looks very sporty,um and the buttons are very easy to use,um,all of that is fine i like the you know,the,build quality i like the materials that,they use it doesnt look,cheap now the only things i dont like,well,the one thing i really dont like is the,screen the screen is,outdated its terrible it looks like,its coming out of an a3,it looks like it pops up from the bottom,like in those old,audis and the infotainment is so old um,its easier to use dont get me wrong,but it really needs to be updated,theyve had i feel like they had this,this system in their cars for over 10,years,um and compared to mercedes or,any other car of the sorts its really,really not that intuitive and its not,that hes,not that good um i dont like that its,not touch,i dont like that you have to use this,wheel and then now theyve added in the,2020 this touch pad over here,that if you press on it itll bring you,to the navigation,and it allows you to kind of play around,with the navigation and what i dont,understand,is why they would add a touchpad only,for your navigations,when like what are the chances youre,going to use that on a daily basis,when they could have added a touchpad to,use the screen,but they added it only for the,navigation and that makes no sense to me,and then,i just i hate the screen but i like,their digital dash dont get me wrong,the digital dash is very easy to use,and i like that you can add your mop on,it and then you can even put the map to,be full screen if you wanted to,and you can kind of play around with it,and i really like these designs on the,side,for the gas like all of that is fine,its just this screen,every single time i look at it it just,gives me anxiety,um and its probably the only reason i,wouldnt buy this now the other,thing i really dont like is in the,normal s5,so the car the sportback or the sedan or,whatever,you get a choice of i believe six or,seven uh colors when it comes to ambient,lighting,which is not a lot but its better than,nothing but in this,suv which is the sq5 so kind of the same,line as the s5 just bigger,you only get white you only get one,color and its white and thats it you,cant get an option to get other colors,and,its completely ridiculous that they,would do that i hate when car,manufacturers have the option to give,you something,have the option to give you extra tech,or um,extra gadgets for your money but they,dont do it for some reason,because i guess they want you to buy a,more expensive vehicle or forever,whatever marketing reasons or whatever,reasons they have to make money,but they have this tech theyre able to,change the screen theyre able to give,you better,infotainment and more colors for the led,lights its the same led lights theyre,just blocked,they just dont do it for some reason,and i hate that,i hate when car manufacturers do that,but besides that,um it is a very luxurious cab and the,seats are extremely comfortable,and i like this diamond stitching that,they have i like that they use some,alcantara on the doors,and they have the fake carbon fiber at,least its not piano blac

2020 Audi Q5 // BIG Price DROP & CHANGES to Audis Best-Seller!

So as you guys know already has a very large lineup of vehicles, but none of them is as important as this Audi q5,this continues to sell at twice the,Volume of the next nearest Audi and it continues to be one of the best-selling offerings in the entire class,Thats why were out at Audi of Lexington today to check out this latest 2020 example,and of course if youre in the market for any new Audi,Make sure you stop by their dealership or visit them via their website, which we provided a link to in the video description. So,With that all said lets go ahead and see whats changed for 2020,So getting started here with the exterior design,This generation of the q5 has been on sale for three years,So were not quite at the refresh year yet thats going to be next year,So needless to say, theres not been a great deal changes here to the exterior design,So what youll be looking at is the traditional single frame Audi grille,Most of the models come with this configuration, which is silver but starting last year,They added a black optic package so you cant get that if you prefer that blacked out look,As far as your headlights are concerned most of the models do come with this fully LED setup,But if you go for the base model, you will have xenon bulbs instead of these LEDs,now its not to say that theres been no styling updates at all since you do have some new wheel options for,2020 now all the standard wheels theyve actually been changed out for new designs,So if you go for the premium model, you have what theyre calling an 18-inch turbine wheel?,And then when you go for the premium plus the prestige you get these wheels here with this new five-spoke design,replacing the previous version,however, if you dont like any of these options just to have available these same two 20 inch optional wheels one of them with the,Black optic package and one of them standalone option,And then coming up here to your mirrors. They are of course power adjusting and heated on all models,however,You will have to get at least a Premium Plus or the prestige trim if you want power folding,Auto dimming or the blind spot monitoring built into the back of the mirror itself,Alright and checking out the rear design of the 2020 q5 you are once again not going to find any changes this year,So you are gonna still have the Audi signature clamshell tailgate with your full LED tail lights,It actually does also have the dynamic turn signal that moves across,With the blink and you will also have your dual integrated exhaust pipes down below,however, do keep in mind that these are fake exhaust pipes and this is not the actual tip and,Moving on to the safety systems you are gonna find an update for this 2020 Audi q5,So last year you had standard forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection across all of the models and new for 2020,Is that you now have Auto high beams a standard as well,another change for 2020 is now that the drivers assistance package is offered on the Premium Plus trim or,Standard on the prestige model and that includes Lane Keeping Assist as well as Audis adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist,But anyway guys that pretty much sums up all of the features for the outside of the q5,So nuts go ahead and hop inside and see whats changed in there,So walking up to our,2020 Audi q5 you will continue to find their smart entry system,On the Premium Plus and prestige trims as well as the premium model if you opt for the convenience package, of course,This is the typical key fob,Its not the newest version but it does look pretty much the same with the piano black and the real metal trim,Of course getting inside all you have to do is just reach behind the handle so theres a sensor and it will open right up,Now like I already mentioned this is not a refresh year for the q5,So like the outside the interior is gonna remain mostly the same, but there are some differences as far as equipment changes,But first lets go ahead and talk about the interior material and color options,So, of course like every out Audi you will have standard real leather seats,And a variety of colors. So youve got the choice between black, atlas beige, rock grey, or this nougat Brown,And then as far as your interior trim pieces, you have a few different choices dark brown walnut, grey oak or natural brown,Ash however, it is noteworthy that for 2020. The aluminum option has been eliminated,Now turning over here to your door trim,It is very nicely finished by you having nice leather padding here with stitching detail,This comes on the Premium Plus and up which is new this year,You do have the open for wood through here, which looks very nice real metal door handle,You have two person memory seating on your Premium Plus and up and then all for your windows are one touch automatic,Going down here to your seat it is 12 way power adjusting with your four-way lumbar support,Now in regards to this seat, there is something a little bit different about this,You when you go for the warm weather package you get what they call the sport seat,It will give you thicker bolsters a little bit different design as well as manual thigh extension. Obviously, we dont have that,So this is just the standard leather seat,As far as your interior material quality is concerned it does remain typical Audi high quality,So across your upper dash here, this is all a soft touch plastic,And then dropping down to the middle you have more of this beautiful open more wood that runs all the way across the entire,Middle portion as well as some more down here on your center console,Over here on the center tunnel, you have the leatherette with the stitching detail,Like I already said this is newly standard or premium Plus for 2020. And of course in typical Audi fashion everything fits together. Absolutely,seamlessly,Now you do have push button start located right here,Now of course what youre looking at here is outies twelve point three inch virtual cockpit system,This comes standard on all that the premium q5 and it does work the same way as in other Audi products,youve got all these different sections you can scroll between you can press that and you can minimize it down and basically,Youll see the full Google Earth maps when thats enabled right now,We just have the regular map enable,Now in addition to that if you went for the prestige level model you would also have a head-up display,But this is the Premium Plus,Coming back to the steering wheel of course, we have electric power assisted steering and you do have a nicely leather wrap steering wheel,As far as features here the heating this comes in the cold weather package,And the steering wheel itself is manual tilt and telescoping until you get to the prestige level where it will will become power adjusting,But you do also have standard rain sensing wipers on all models as well as standard paddle shifters,All right, so now lets go ahead and talk about storage inside of this 2020 q5,So well open up the center console here,You can see you have a pretty good amount of space not super deep, but it is decent,We have a USB port and an aux jack this piece here,This is a wireless phone charger on your Premium Plus and prestige level models,You can slide this backwards to unveil your two cupholders,Up and front that we have a slender a little spot right there,And then we have another small shelf up in the front with another USB and a 12-volt outlet,Now as far as the shifter, this is Audis typical electronic shifter,So you just pull back for Drive you bumped to the right to shift manually right here or via those paddle shifters,I was just pointing out and therefore reverse you. Just push all the way up to the top,And this will be your standard backup camera on both the premium and the Premium Plus models,Now over here we have our parking sensor visualization,those are optional on the premium model via the new convenience plus package for 2020 and,if you went for the prestige level thats where youll get the

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