1. How Much Do You Charge for Drone Services
  2. What I Charge For Real Estate Work | Drone & Video Tips
  3. Drone Photography Pricing: How much to charge when taking photos of land only
  4. How to make way more money with Mavic Photography
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How Much Do You Charge for Drone Services

Parviz Charles black drinkll Ariel so,Ive been getting a lot of questions on,social media about how much I charge to,operate my drones so if you want to find,out stick around to the end of this,video and you may find out how much I,charge stick around,[Music],[Music],all right so how much do you charge its,a big question and its one you can see,go many different ways Ive seen locally,people charge in anywhere from $20 to do,50 photos for real estate to $3,000 a,day for just the operator no drone just,the drone operator so how did those,prices come into play so lets lets,really look at a couple scenarios okay,especially for a new pilot somebody just,coming into this business and trying to,figure out what to charge and it seems,to be a really taboo topic on social,media and the internet nobody wants to,tell you I dont want you to know how,much I charge and then you feel like you,have to call all your competitors and,find out how much theyre charging you,know you dont have to do any of that,you are running a business this is a,business this is not just I want to go,out and have fun if youre doing this on,the side if youre doing this full-time,this is a business I dont know if I,could ever really say that enough but,this is a business all right now that we,know its a business and not a hobby,lets really look into this alright so,let me move over here so we can put some,stuff up here okay so number one were,gonna look at two different scenarios,were gonna look at somebody who flies,every single day and somebody that flies,once a week so why this is your,full-time business or your part-time,business this is the two scenarios were,looking at okay were going to say that,you fly every time you go out and fly,youre killing one battery were just,going to keep it real simple were gonna,say its one battery so youre gonna be,out there for about twenty to thirty,minutes on a flight depending wind,depending how high youre fly-in you,know you take all those variables you,always try to figure out how long your,batterys gonna last and it varies so,were just going to put it at half an,hour of flight so the guy thats flying,in every single day is flying a hundred,and eighty two and a half hours a year,guy thats going out there and flying in,once a week hes going to fly about 26,hours a year and were gonna break all,this down on a year okay so for one year,we got two different pilots up here we,got the full timer we got the part timer,all right first thing we need is a drone,and theyre not free nobodys going to,give you a drone for free and if,somebody did give you a drone for free,youre still going to have maintenance,costs you may need to buy something to,repair it,who knows youre gonna buy a drone lets,go with a simple drone easy figure to,work with youve got a manta care you,just paid $1,000 okay maybe nine hundred,and forty-nine dollars plus shipping so,you know $1,000 thousand dollar drone,each with each one part time and full,timer were going to need insurance what,if what if what if that drone falls,Alice gang lands on that persons,Mercedes youre gonna need insurance,okay accidents happen youre running a,business get insurance,all right so whether youve got a policy,an annual policy or you do you you gift,something from like verify for each job,were gonna use verify its ten dollars,every time you fly for a million dollar,liability policy the guy flying it 365,days a year three thousand six hundred,fifty dollars for a year the part-timer,fly am once a week 52 weeks five hundred,and twenty dollars okay were going to,need to edit our photos or video you,cant just do a point-and-shoot these,playing shoe cameras and if you are,doing a point-and-shoot you need to stop,go get you a nice Canon Rebel or,something you know $300 used and learn,how to shoot in manual mode you need to,be able to shoot a manual mode to take,care of your clients because not every,situation is the same and you need to be,able to adjust your photos you need to,be shooting in RAW to begin with that,way you can go in you can edit on make,them look professional and pass them off,to your client so youre going to need a,program like at least Adobe ok again,Adobe isnt free 57 dollars a month for,the Creative Cloud 12 months its six,hundred and eighty four dollars so lets,put six hundred and eighty four dollars,under each one of these pilots we got,the weekender doing a part-time business,and weve got the full time all right,you got to be licensed you have to have,an FAA part 107 license in order to,operate this as a business and to charge,people for your strong service all right,thats 150 dollars every two years a,seventy-five dollars a year so lets put,seventy-five dollars under each one of,them now if we look at this the full,timer for a year just operate with,Billys basics these are just the basics,Im gonna get into other stuff you need,its five thousand four hundred and nine,dollars a part-timer its two thousand,two hundred and seventy nine dollars a,year thats what it costs yeah these,people whether its the part-time or the,full timer thats what it costs them to,operate thats how much it costs them,every year to send their drone up before,they even make a penny its not free it,costs you so if we take those amounts,and we divide it by the number of hours,theyre flying all right so its gonna,cost the full timer about thirty dollars,an hour to,why that means every time that drone,goes up its gonna cost him 30 bucks the,part-timer the one thats doing it on,the weekends once a week its gonna cost,him almost 90 dollars an hour to fly,that drone so of course the more you,fly-in the less its gonna cost you but,is it still going to cost you because,now youre gonna have more maintenance,what if you get a bigger drone you know,theres a lot of variables in here so,yes $30 an hour for the full timer,doesnt sound like much oh well I could,charge $50 an hour and Im almost,doubling my money no youre not because,the full timer isnt flying the Maverick,air every day,hes probably got four or five drones,hes probably carrying a five million,dollar liability policy he probably has,additional software hes using basically,anybody thats doing drone work their,basic costs are going to be anywhere,from a hundred to two hundred fifty,dollars an hour just to launch their,drone now lets look at some of the,other costs we could add in here what if,you want to do 3d modeling theres,another thousand dollars a year you need,to add what if you want to do,agriculture theres another one to two,thousand dollars a year and that all,depends on how many clients you have you,can run this up into the tens of,thousands quickly depending on how many,jobs youre doing how many clients you,have and how often you need to be,uploading to the cloud to get everything,process for your client now were,talking about the cloud how are you,going to get your images and videos to,your clients youve got to have some,sort of cloud-based service where you,can upload the finished product and your,client can download it,what about email,sure he can go set you up a I fly drones,at gmail.com at yahoo.com yes you can go,do them for free how professional do you,look what about me or info at I fly,drones calm looks a little more,professional what about a website how,are you going to reach out to your,customers how you going to get new,clients youre gonna need a website so,now youre looking at anywhere from,twenty to forty dollars a year for your,domain youre looking anywhere me,personally I use GoDaddy cost me twelve,dollars a month over a 120 dollars a,year okay youve got to be able to get,to your clients what if you want to,advertise on social media those are more,costs so as you can see these cops just,keep adding up youve got to cover those,costs before you even make a profit to,keep you in business now the most,important one that everybody overlooks,you you me you me whats your value what,value do you have you have spent money,youve made investments into dro

What I Charge For Real Estate Work | Drone & Video Tips

so one of the questions I get asked,often in the comments section is how,much do you charge for your videos or,photographs and its a question that,Ive skirted numerous times because I,just really didnt feel like discussing,it in the comment section and,subsequently its my money but it always,starts an argument with people so I,thought today we would touch on that,because I know a lot of you are looking,to start a business or maybe already,have a business and youre struggling,were trying to figure out where to,price yourself so Im gonna give you a,couple of tips that I use to sort of,develop my prices why I did what I did,and yeah lets go ahead and get started,whats the everybody can hear you watch,an original dobo and this channel is,totally about drone and tech related,content and I often do series just like,this and this time were picking up,where we left off on successful real,estate photography and videography and,were gonna be talking about pricing a,really sort of sensitive subject for,many and honestly I dont know why,anybody would get pissed at about what,Im gonna say here today because,probably most of you are not in my,market anyways and if you are Im sorry,I stole your business were gonna be,talking about pricing and before we do,get started I dont want to have,arguments with people about what I,charge these are my prices and the,minute you start paying my bills then,you can actually tell me what the fact I,should charge but until then sit back,shut the up and listen to what Im,going to say all right so first things,first theres a couple of different ways,you can price out jobs there are people,that will price things based upon the,square foot and they will typically,charge you know a percent per square,foot something common that I found down,here in Florida is people charge,anywhere from six cents to ten cents per,square foot of a house and that could,make a lot of sense depending on how,many photos youre shooting some people,have package pricing set up where its,you know its this specific price for,this size house its this specific price,for that size house and then you have,add-on services or they may package all,services into one convenient price and,then you have people that will break,everything out into its own separate,surcharge,so if they do aerials they will tack,that on to their photos if they do,videos their photos and videos are all,broken out separately on an invoice and,they may have different pricing so,theres all sorts of ways to do this now,how I developed my pricing was through,Follies I made a lot of mistakes when it,first started and one of the things I,made a mistake on was I had my prices,way way too low I mean almost to the,point where I wasnt even breaking even,on the work that I was doing based upon,the time I was spending on some of these,projects so how to go back and retool it,now how I did that is i couldĀ“t called,my competitors and I cold call probably,about four or five different real estate,photographers and just sort of asked,them hey you know what does it cost to,do this sized house and every time I,called the new photographer I changed,the square footage on the house and the,layout and where the house was so this,is what Ive developed I dont do per,you know square foot and I dont base my,fees on on a cent like eight or ten,cents per square foot I just I dont,almost really feel like thats really,fair and sometimes its like that,unnecessary math that agent has to do or,I have to do so for me I set myself into,tears now my base tier for photography,starts out at one hundred and forty five,dollars for a house thats under 2,300,square feet thats what I do and that,guarantees the agent up to 30 photos,including aerials now what that does not,include is if theres a clubhouse or,anything additional and amenity that,needs to be photographed in a,subdivision thats not included this is,only for the property itself so 1:45 is,my base now how did I get to that price,well what I was finding is that the,average in my market was anywhere,between 125 and 160 dollars for homes,that were about 2,300 square feet so my,pricing is sort of somewhere in the,middle now my background before I ever,started YouTube or doing anything sort,of technical was I was in automotive I,was a mechanic and a shop manager so for,me I had a philosophy in my mind when I,ran my store that I never wanted to have,empty Bays because nobody wants to,bring their car to a mechanic shop that,had empty Bays because they were afraid,they were going to get,its off the other thing was if the,price was too good to be true they were,sort of suspect of it they almost,associated quality with the price so,because of that I always found that,somewhere in the middle is where people,would tend to flock to and 145 was that,happy sweet spot where I didnt get a,lot of conflict from agents I still had,enough of margin to where I didnt feel,like I was just breaking even that I,actually was making profit for the time,that I was spending on a property so,what do I do for properties that are,over 2,300 square feet,well I increase the price by $25 per,every 500 square foot that a house is,additional up to 3,000 or 3,500 square,foot Ill increase it by 2020 to $25,somewhere in there for every 25 every,500 square foot sorry and that and that,again is pretty good for me because most,of the houses down here are sub 2,500,square feet and of course theres,certain agents that Ill actually give,price breaks on for things like the,Assam like things like this because,maybe they shoot multiple houses with me,and theyre just such a high producing,high-volume client that Im gonna say,okay well for anything over this price,Im just gonna charge you a flat 160 Im,not gonna Im not gonna you know do the,balloons here but if its somebody I,dont know I do use that rate of where,its 20 dollars up to a certain square,foot now that million dollar house that,I shot we actually charged three hundred,and fifty dollars for those photos for,that house that was sixty five hundred,square feet so if you broke it down yeah,I mean it was a little bit more than the,normal but what I did was I applied,three times rule to my pricing and I,came up with three hundred and fifty,dollars so basically 145 times three and,it was somewhere in there was like a,little less than four hundred bucks so,to speak but I was again this is one of,my highest producing clients so I was,given her a bit of a break and it was 88,images in total is what they received,now the reason why I did charge so much,is because if we were there for quite,amount of quite a long amount of time,now we were probably there a bit longer,because we were filming video as well,and Im gonna touch on my video,I seen here in a moment but I just,wanted to quickly get the photography,pricing out of the way now again Im,trying to also be competitive but not go,broke with this as well every market is,different so take that for what it is,some markets you can charge more,Floridas market is really really weird,photography is just genuinely cheap down,here for some reason as to where my,counterparts up north they can charge a,heck of a lot more and thats totally,normal as to where down here most most,Realtors arent even looking to do,professional photography theyre happy,with their cell phone so you got to keep,that in mind youve got to have,conversations with them as you go,through this now for video this is where,video gets a little bit goofy because,one would automatically assume video is,is more but what Im finding is most of,these people who are doing the video or,just using their iPhone and most agents,couldnt even tell you if you use the,DSLR camera or an iPhone because some of,them arent even on site when we are,shooting these videos so because of that,and Im up against clients that are,charging a hundred and $50 or I should,say competitors that are charging a,hundred and fifty dollars I had a set,sort of Tears and brackets for my,pricing now I do very p

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Drone Photography Pricing: How much to charge when taking photos of land only

youre listening to be a strong new,podcast you asked we answer your own,question whether youre here to turn,your passion into profit or simply fly,for fun were a community of words and,teachers who aspire to achieve greatness,we are do you spend your time preparing,for adventure are you ready to go out,into the unknown the unforeseen the new,frontier that could be your backyard for,all we know wherever you go make sure to,take charkie with you why because the,savory taste is going to give you,something thats going to fill you up,and feed your adventure if that sounds,good to you and also you enjoy eating,healthy foods that make you feel good,youre going to love the guys at sharky,sharky is a lamb jerky high in protein,but without all the cholesterol of beef,jerky its a little bit pricier because,youre getting a much better quality,meat make sure to check it out on Amazon,just go to Amazon and search Sharkey now,youre not going to forget to go out,there and search turkey Im going to,wait for you to go do it,ok thanks guys welcome to another show,and a terrible intro by yours truly my,name is Paul a terrible might be a,little harsh but nonetheless it is,episode number 601 reading writing very,exciting not for us but for you but also,really this show wouldnt be here,without you guys and thats just been,growing and growing and growing and we,cant say thank you enough so it really,does mean everything to us because,without you the show wouldnt be here,but for one of you today its gonna be a,very special day if youre from New,Jersey New Jersey what part of New,Jersey Rob I have no idea,ok ok so from new surfing all right well,today one member is going to get a free,membership to drone you so right now,that is over two dozen classes all of,our resources all of our paperwork,everything whos it going to be from New,Jersey ken ken heyo,coming in hot yeah so theres a lesson,here and one of the things is Kim sends,us a lot of questions and theyre good,questions you didnt send in question,for the sake of a question he sends,within a question because its a good,question,whoo-hee also searches for other,questions before he posts questions,thats probably true just going to throw,that out there thats probably true so,anyways someone questions he got on his,odds were good its kind of like the NBA,lottery right your odds are better when,youre the scrappiest team not that you,know thats actually not a good analogy,sorry about that yeah go warriors yeah,go warriors definitely if youre worse,than your very happy this time didnt,San Jose last week during to the game so,we did oh but it would probably cost,what five grand to get a crack I get no,no I just I just watched it at the,safety of my barstool so sounds good to,me,sounds good to me anyways we really do,appreciate all the questions can and,because you asked good ones they got on,the air you had a better chance to win,the drawing said Ken Ken coming in going,to elevate his experience well Ken,youll get an email from mr. Robbo the,bald-headed Bureau master himself you,will get an email from him and he will,help you out but guys before we waste,any more of your time lets get right,into todays question which is actually,brought to you by the drone u community,for all of you listeners out there who,havent checked out the drone u,community it is a group that actually,has taken our classes they work together,they help inspire you motivate you keep,you on task in fact some members have,even cancelled their membership had,drone you and come back a week later,just to say I want to get back into,membership like the classes are great I,learned so much but I was so,short-sighted and realizing the true,power of drone U and that is in your,community so make sure you check out,drone you and you become a member before,the price goes up it is going up I am,still fighting that battle and its,going to go out so anyway lets play,that question Bob hi Rob and Paul this,is Michaela my question is how much do,you charge a real estate broker for,taking pictures of just plain land where,I live its mostly just mountains and,acres and I have a job coming up where,Ill be taking pictures of just land how,much do you charge do you charge by acre,or how does that go thank you,a great question Michaela pricing Paul,its one of those things that its,probably in the top two or three,question the number of questions that we,get and its a difficult question there,are so many variables not the least of,which is where you are well I think yes,I agree a hundred percent and one of the,biggest variables Rob though is ones,belief in oneself because you can go out,there and say well I can do the work for,fifty dollars its just land its not,hard yeah that big of a deal selling,yourself short ones yeah twice in three,times it really does come down to you,know what do you believe that youre,worth what is your time worth what is,the cost of goods sold so what is it,going to cost for you to get out there,and you know people should really think,deeply about that because its not just,as simple as well I put gas in my car,and I I went to the ranch and um I left,a car running for a few hours to charge,batteries so I use 20 gallons and fuel,no no no you depreciated your car you,have shortened your cars life cycle,its going to cost more to do,maintenance because youre running your,cars engine more often,I mean I can go down the line here but,but a clients not going to care about,all those know what else that my new,ship but you need to know that those are,costs of doing business well its also,something for you to think about to help,inflate your ideology of what you can,charge because I mean we talked about,that business those guys that were,doing drone photos here in Albuquerque,for a very low price yep theyre no,longer doing it I found out theyre,still here,but they are no longer doing anything,drone related so theyre out of a drone,but theyre out of business 100% because,they were charging very low and you,realize quickly how much youre going to,work for that price point and its gonna,you know thats why I love Vics advice,you know everyone calls in like what am,I going to do about the under charger I,got the best advice from one of my,friends a long time ago Jason which he,doesnt always give the best advice but,this is very very good about hes a very,smart dude,yes um thats funny,ashley is yeah I know he is anyway its,funny because very nerdy people are very,smart but common sense lives not so much,so thats why its 22 me anyway that,being said he he said Paul you never,need to worry about what other people,are doing theyre going to ruin,themselves in their own good time and at,the time we were talking about another,drone podcast and a client but I,realized with the under charger theyre,going to do it to themselves theyre,going to ruin themselves over time,because theyre going to do more and,more work and theyre not making any,more money its just more and more work,and they finally are just going to get,to this point where everything is,building up and theyre just freaking,out and all of a sudden they cant,handle any more clients they just cant,take it anymore,right you know and if you if you love,what you do and you value your time,people will pay for the work that you,produce if youre producing good results,what do I mean I mean if youre taking a,picture of land in a ranch youre not,just going out there in the middle of,the day and shooting the picture youre,going out there later in the day youre,getting some good light youre getting,you know some some really good contrast,and youre explaining all that to the,client youre articulating how youre,going to make it different meaning and,special so that subconsciously youre,building up that value exactly not only,in your mind but in theres absolutely,so on top of that too one thing that I,always say is for example I just shot,for Pereda homes and you know the guy,was out hearings like you know Ive seen,so many people fly

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How to make way more money with Mavic Photography

wow that is a really clickbait title yes,I know Im an aerial photographer you,think I suck you can just ignore my bad,advice but I charge 200 an hour so Im,about to show you how and why I can,charge that much and how you can do it,too which I know is a bold claim but Im,gonna walk you through all the steps,marketing wise to make this work however,the truth is that most of the money Ive,made from drones and aerial photography,hasnt been from being paid directly to,fly and shoot even though I do both and,this works to promote anything even if,you dont want to be paid an hourly rate,as a photographer you can literally be a,Keira farmer so let me explain if youre,new to aerial photography Im gonna give,you a pretty broad layout of the terrain,right now theres a lot of people,fighting over scraps at the very bottom,and a few people making a lot of money,on the very top and the reason is,because so many people buy a drone like,its a toy and they have a lot of fun,with it but theyre just taking some,photos for some money and handing it,over and thats the end of the day,theyre not photographers already they,just like having a drone so they dont,know what to and not to do which is why,Im here to explain that to you,first of all Who am I Im technically an,award-winning aerial photographer as of,like a couple weeks ago I live in,Phoenix Arizona theres great Mexican,food lots of rocks however I try and,make this rocks work really put some,life into it so if I can do this out in,the dirt then Im pretty sure you can do,this anywhere Im a videographer as well,and I filmed and edited for networks,like Discovery Health Fox Sports and,companies like Intel and Nike so why am,I about to interrupt today because I,think I can help you a lot really,quickly because it doesnt take that,long to listen all this so first of all,what is so special about drone,photography I think its just really,easily appreciated type of photography,that no matter if youre into drones or,not you still like to see shots from the,sky of your city because not everybody,can do it,its still really new the cameras are,improving dramatically every couple of,months and youre just driving home on,the highway and you see a nice pink,sunset,youre gonna want to see it later on,somebodys Instagram you know its just,easy to share and its a lot of fun to,look at this is the problem that almost,every drone photographer faces its time,to drum up some business because you,want to actually pursue this seriously,but how are you gonna do that there are,some really great approaches that,everybodys gonna tell you online and,that is just email people just contact,marketing agencies post photos on the,web online and then you will not believe,how fast the money comes youre gonna be,sitting there one morning and just,bricks of money are gonna Pelt you in,the face ever they smash through your,window and wake you up its unbelievable,no thats not what happens at all youre,in line with a million other people who,are groveling for work sending emails,saying I want to further my path,I really want to build a partnership in,a relationship with you I ranked number,one on Google for my keywords in my town,I cant tell you how many times I get,emails from people furthering their,passions so many videographers and,photographers want to further their,passion it falls on deaf ears because I,get a hundred of them a day and I dont,care everybody is asking for contacts,and work and let you know who they are,and theyre trying to come to you meet,your clients and take take take so how,much do you stand out when you show up,and you try and give something heres,what I do that works really well first,of all figure out how to make a sweet,panorama seriously this one single trick,is the only thing you really really need,to know how to do well then once you,practice and gotten good at it youre,gonna take three or four of landmark,locations in town like pretty scenery,with a nice sunset or crazy clouds,anything that anybody in your city would,widely enjoy just because they see it,all the time then go to Google Maps and,make a giant list of marketing companies,in your town better yet if you can make,a list of PR companies they get less,traffic and less solicitors than,marketing companies but they have a huge,demand for work too and they work more,directly with bigger clients like huge,companies take your photos that you made,put a watermark on them with your,website this is more important than your,name there are a ton of other SEO,reasons to do that for backlinks and why,I ranked number one of my city but,thats for a different time,the point is hows all these photos,online somewhere that you can share them,immature calm is a really really good,place to house photos and its really,easy to share them after that and people,will see them naturally in an email to,these marketing companies or PR agencies,type up the subject hey I have a bunch,of sweet drone panoramas of scenic spots,in town you guys can give away to your,clients if you want or you can just use,them on your site or wherever this is,gonna get most places to at least open,because theyll be curious and theyll,see that youre giving them something so,whats the harm and youre useful,because every marketing agency has to,constantly license stock photos and its,hard to find photos of their town they,either have to go take them or have to,find somebody that doesnt suck in town,and theyd have to pay a photographer an,hourly rate otherwise and wait around,for a turnaround so when you show up and,you already have them ready to go and,they look nice theyre gonna be super,jazzed you need to understand something,even if you only get a single response,from them that says thank you well keep,you in mind or okay this looks really,good well take a look or well send it,out you are miles ahead of the ocean of,people who are calling and begging for,work and clients either tell them hey,can you give me credit wherever you post,this like in the description on the,website or just underneath the,description on the photo or give me a,back link to my website put a link there,as a reference which is what you should,do for SEO but thats again later the,point is,theres a million things you can do when,youre in that position with them later,on when one of their clients sees it and,they ask who took this photo did you,guys take it the probably gonna say no,this guy took it and then youre meeting,new clients by proxy you might get a,call or theyre gonna visit your website,which does better when somebody is,manually typing in your name and your,website to find you and Google notices,that its called giving out a freebie,and it can work really really well but,if you want it to be effortless like,they pass it around to all their friends,you have to make sure that these photos,are really good all of them should be,like a work of art edited in Adobe,Lightroom with masks and brushes and,colored Wells so they really really make,people want to drink in the image when,they come across it and its that sounds,like it takes a massive amount of,technical and artistic skill it doesnt,actually but thats why most people,dont take that first step because they,think it sounds scaring they dont know,enough they dont realize what they,dont know and I am sitting on the other,end saying it doesnt take long to learn,its not hard at all but most people,arent gonna try and thats why it can,be to your benefit but all of them have,to be great because these are your,portfolio so anywhere people can see,them can easily turn into a person whos,calling the license or just asking for,more info and yes licensing people ask,to pay for my photos that Ive already,shot all the time these photos have to,be shot in RAW theyve got to be edited,and colored and Ive said that before,theres a type of photo you want to hand,out really well but Im gonna show you,in the next video exactly how to set,these up the other part of this video I,want to talk about is for p

What Do I Charge For Drone Orthomosaic Maps | Pricing Drone Services

so hey there everybody as always welcome,to the channel thanks for stopping in,and hanging out for a few lets Jump,Right In Here I had a friend of mine get,in touch recently whos also a drone,operator and they were asking me about,pricing their Ortho Mosaic models and,you know normally when Im pricing,something out its for a larger set of,data not just orthomosaic models so the,question was kind of interesting to me,and um my friend said you know Im,making this Excel sheet and what do you,think what should my pricing be and,something was left out of his Excel,sheet so by the way for those of you new,to this Ortho Mosaic models we can make,two-dimensional models of locations with,our drones by flying our drone back and,forth and collecting a bunch of,overlapping images that we then process,in software like web odm or pix4 4D or,drone deploy you get the idea theres,several several companies out there now,the question is interesting because its,a legit question uh you know what do I,price this at and one of the things that,my friend forgot about was elevation so,normally were looking at acreage were,looking at flight time were looking at,number of images rendered and a lot of,what we do is also based on our altitude,as to how much detail of a job site,were getting so rather than belaborous,Ive got the iPad right here so were,going to pop this open and Im going to,utilize one of many mapping apps that I,use and were going to use map pilot so,let me get this screen shared for you,and lets see theres my Mac Studio so,now weve got the iPad coming up on,screen and so heres my regular iPad and,Ive got my drone tools right here and,one of my drone tools is map pilot Pro,so were going to do a new Mission here,and Im going to explain pain youre,going to see exactly how things change,when we change a few parameters for our,flight with map pilot Pro so lets do a,new Mission here and Im going to zoom,this out were going to do something a,little fun were going to use a location,that I havent used in quite a while,which is the granite Dells in Watson,Lake weve got some beautiful absolutely,gorgeous rock formations and cliffs and,amazing Recreation so what Im pulling,up on screen for you is the granite,Dallas in Prescott Arizona and Watson,Lake now lets say,that we would like to document some of,these Cliffs right in here,um maybe we want to make a 3D model that,would be really cool or just that 2D,orthomosaic model when we fly with map,pilot Pro or drone Harmony or drone,deploy or pix4ds capture,um were blocking out a flight area,were getting a bunch of images and then,those images are put together in one of,these processing packages so my friend,said to me you know zero to ten acres,this uh 10 to 20 acres this and so I,dropped him a note back and I said,theres a little more we cant its not,so easy to make some cookie cutter,pricing here and Im going to show you,why so on screen right now were going,to document this set of cliffs in here,okay so I am going to tap where my,launch location is most likely going to,be which is in the middle of these rock,formations here now what Im going to do,so that was just a double tap on map,pilot Pro and what were going to do now,is Im doing all this on the iPad is Im,going to tap and hold a corner so now,you see this orangey yellow uh button,right here Im going to do a second one,were going to go up to these really,cool Cliffs that are right over the dam,so maybe were going to capture some of,the dam were going to go right up this,line of,rocks in here let me,there we go so were getting some of the,cliffs in there and Im gonna whoops Im,sliding the wrong thing I can move that,purple dot back and forth after so this,isnt a perfect rectangle here but this,is looking pretty good and,why I chose to use map pilot Pro here is,pretty straightforward map pilot Pro,gives me some interesting information,while Im setting these things up so on,the left hand side I tapped over here on,the left hand side and we have area so,were covering,27.27 Acres if we go with this,particular layout the distance is going,to be 8.3 miles 8.4 miles of flight the,suggested path speeds this is being,suggested by the application is 6.9,miles per hour the length of this flight,is going to be 75 minutes and were,going to utilize five batteries and,were going to generate 1300 photos,thats a lot of photos so,if we were to go with this setting,um Id get back to my friend and say you,youve got over an hour of flight time,here youre going to capture all of,these so you know whats the value of,your time your drone batteries and all,that thats going to factor in now these,numbers can change very easily Im going,to slide this back in so I just slid,that back in and were going to slide,down the top area because theres a,couple other factors here so number one,weve got the flight altitude at 98 feet,so thats pretty close to ground level,actually so were going to be getting a,lot of detail we also have some good,overlap here 70 over 70. so the images,are going to overlap each other fairly,well weve also got a normal flight,mission where its a back and forth,pattern if we make some changes to this,its going to change our flight time our,mileage everything now one of the things,that we need to know from our customers,how much detail are you looking for are,we trying to get in here and make a,perfect 3D model and 2D model of this,location,um are we documenting this just to show,the overall terrain maybe changes in the,terrain over time and all of thats,going to be affected in here so now Im,going to tap that 98 feet above ground,level and lets say that we would like,to fly this,at 200 feet above ground level and above,ground level starting from where my,purple dot is where Im launching from,now weve changed that to 200 feet Im,going to give it a tap take a look at,the lines here before we made this,change we have a lot of lines really,close together line line line line line,and that was you know taking a ton of,our time right lets slide this back up,for a moment,and lets tap over on the left hand side,again its still the 27 Acres the,distance that were flying we were,flying a lot more before now its down,to,4.24 miles it is now suggesting a pass,feed now that the Drone is higher,were getting less detail were getting,bigger coverage area,um its saying here the pass speed is,going to be 14 miles an hour and now the,duration of this is 20 minutes instead,of 75 minutes,so now its also telling us that it,thinks two batteries will do it,and it says in this case were going to,generate,353 images thats a lot less images so,the higher we go up the less detail we,get but the more coverage area we can,get so back to my friends question my,friend said so what should I charge for,one to ten acres or 10 to 20 or so on,and so on and the answer is its not,cookie cutter youre gonna need to have,a conversation with your clients about,the area that you are flying for them,and what they want to achieve if its,just a two-dimensional orthomosaic of,the location to give them a feel and,flavor for that location maybe we dont,need as much detail if you say to me,Rich were going to do an ortho Mosaic,but we would also like to extract good,information for doing a 3D model maybe,Im going to go up here and say right,now we have the normal Mission selected,if we want to get all the faces of the,rocks and really build build an,interesting 3D model now while we can,still generate our 2D model maybe we no,longer want to use the normal Mission,and we want to use a grid Mission now,Ive selected the grid mission,because now its going to be going,East-West and north south were going to,get coverage of a lot of these rock,formations right but lets pop over here,again so we need some changes still the,same exact acreage but now,8.62 Miles when we had this on the,normal setup it was now four point,something miles past speed 13.8 miles,per hour and now our duration is 40,minutes was 20 minutes we basically,doubled up

Real Estate Drone Photography 101 – KEN HERON

you wont believe the cool place this is,this is in Big Sandy Tennessee and Im,gonna take some pictures for landmark,Realty parked my car here and this,retaining wall looks like it belongs,behind of Walmart its just huge this is,their garage and Im about to do a walk,around the property lets go heres the,front of the house awesome house this is,a gated community,I needed a code to get in Wow,and I believe right around there is the,lake oh my gosh this is the walkway down,to their pier their boat launch these,steps go down and down there and I will,fly the drone from down there in just a,minute,and then heres the their back porch,amazing,[Music],look at this place whoa oh my goodness,oh my goodness and Im only taking,stills but Ill take video for you guys,[Music],obviously its up to you to try and,schedule your shoot for a day with good,weather if youll need to return to the,same property several times youre gonna,want to match the lighting each time so,try and return the same time each day,the realtor wanted me to emphasize both,the boat dock as well as the isolation,of the property a simple pullout shot,like this does the trick,of course after I was done shooting me,being me I stuck around to have a little,bit of fun with this boat,[Music],it was a super windy day as you can see,from the propellers coming down in the,shot a little bit,[Music],[Music],and if you know anything about me you,know I like going underneath things,especially bridges,a good work day is always a day where,you can incorporate a little bit of fun,as well,and just realized that I severely under,charged the real turf of this job this,is another property and I had to wait,for the rain to stop in order to shoot,this i was only hired to shoot stills,with the drone of the outside sometimes,the person youre working for will want,to be there and sometimes thats,beneficial because they can tell you,exactly what they want shot how they,want it shot and what areas to,specifically include in the photographs,other times youll be left to your own,devices with only the trust that the,Realtors put in you to get the job done,I do feel obligated to mention to you,that just because you have a drone,doesnt mean that all of your shots,should be from way up high a drone,camera is a great tool for real estate,photography but dont get crazy because,a picture of the top side of the roof,isnt gonna prompt anyone to buy a home,think of your drone as a tripod that can,be set up anywhere in any 3d space for,instance this shot was taken just 11,feet off of the ground you can tell that,the camera wasnt held by someone but,its low enough not to show any drastic,angles its actually a little bit more,challenging to use a drone for Stills,than it is for video because you really,have to pick your locations and remember,when youre hired by a real estate,broker you are the expert these people,expect you to know your stuff and dont,be surprised if they dont know any,stuff I recently worked for a client who,said that the images wouldnt fit into,Facebook because they were too big and,that was just simply a matter of,resizing you can never assume that,people are as computer savvy as yourself,so be nice be cordial and answer any,questions they may have,a base package for Stills on a property,will include a lead-up to the home,showing the driveway several photos from,all of the corners of the property,close-ups of any features such as pools,rear porches or garages if its a large,property you wanna include the house,in the background and as much property,as you can get in the frame in the,foreground and a nice attention spot of,the very front of the home including the,front door well Im sure youd notice,that I didnt talk too much about camera,settings or filters or any of that stuff,I believe thats where individual,creativity comes in so Ill leave that,part up to you I will say that you are,offering Realtors a unique perspective,when taking still photographs for,properties with everybody in their,cousin owning a drone and with so much,competition especially in larger cities,the real estate folks just dont put the,same value on your work as they used to,years ago one of the questions I get is,how much do I charge for a job well I,cant really say because its different,in different parts of the country and,the world I will offer this advice,though when youre starting out dont,charge what you think youre worth,charge what you think they will pay,again youre the expert so theyre,paying for your expertise good luck and,happy flying oh hi,thanks for watching thanks for,subscribing,rich people have it made book,and by,mr. B mr. B mr. B mr. B welcome to the,live stream mr. bihi welcome to the last,stream,mr. B he one day I hope to be as,talented as you because that was,incredible,[Music]

How To Charge For Drone Services – In 2022

so you just got your part 107 picked up,a drone and are probably questioning,yourself what do i charge for drone,services in 2022 well in this video,were gonna go through everything that i,know as ive been in the industry for,over nine years as a commercial pilot on,what to charge for drone services so,without further ado lets just jump,straight into this video,[Music],for those of you who dont know who i am,my name is dylan gorman ive been a,commercial pilot for over nine years so,with those nine years comes a lot of,experience in charging for drone,services depending on what drone i have,what service type what industry so,before we really get into what to charge,for drone services theres seven things,that we need to look at before we can,even determine what we need to charge,for drone service those seven things,include your trainings in certification,your drone equipment your client,type slash industry what deliverables,youre giving the software that you have,to purchase insurance and last but not,least your travel and expenses so lets,take a deep dive into each one of those,specific items to figure out what to,price your drone services so to start,out with lets look at your training and,certification outside of the obvious of,getting your part 107 theres several,other certifications that you can get,within the drone industry they arent,necessarily drone specific but they can,help you with determining what youre,going to charge for your service this,will also allow you to niche down and be,specialized in the drone industry for,instance if you want to get into thermal,mapping for solar panels rooftop,inspections or literally anything with,thermography you need to get a certain,level of thermographer certification,which can range from a few days to a few,months to go and get those things and,also cost a lot of money this will also,allow you to actually charge to be a,thermographer in the drone industry as,you just cant pick up a thermal capable,drone and,charge for those services because you,really have no idea what youre looking,at and thats an easy way to get in,trouble as a thermographer capturing,thermal drone imagery another,specialized certification is in the oil,and gas field where you have to have,certain osha levels and all of these,different kinds of certifications in,order to even step foot in the oil and,gas world those certifications can also,take days weeks even months to get it,can also be another thing to add to your,services as hey i am a qualified person,i know what im talking about thats how,youre able to charge more than what,regular people in the drone industry,charge with that being said theres more,certifications and trainings that you,can get to add to your portfolio to,allow you to charge more for your,services now lets jump into drone,equipment i really have three categories,for this as theres such a large range,of drones that you can go and purchase,with that purchase comes the training,behind each one of those drones for the,industry that youre going to get into,so those three categories are beginner,intermediate and advanced beginner drone,is anything under fifteen hundred,dollars thats really for your,commercial real estate its basically,bottom of the bucket type of work that,youre gonna be doing whether its some,photography cinematography,even some video editing for commercial,real estate world this is going to,include your mavics your phantoms your,dji minis you know any really cheap,chinese drone that you can get off of,amazon or from somebody else this is,kind of the category that fits in for,your intermediate drones thats going to,be anywhere from 2500 to 10 000 this is,your inspires your specialized phantom 4,pro drones your mavic 3 city which i,have right beside me this will allow you,to get into higher quality level work as,you have the gear to suit that world now,it doesnt necessarily mean if you buy a,five thousand dollar drone that you can,charge five thousand dollars for a drop,dont get that mixed up as theres been,a lot of pilots that assume that and,ive had to explain that to them and,educate them that its not necessarily,just about the equipment but its about,the service that youre providing,additionally in that intermediate range,for drones this will allow you to get,into some basic level of mapping which,is what a lot of my pilots what they do,were not gis specialists were not,tying them to gcps so you know theres a,very limited range in terms of what,were able to do with these types of,drones and now for the advanced drones,these are drones that are over ten,thousand dollars these are drones that,are coming with lidar sensors methane,detection all kinds of specialized,hardware that goes on these drones that,oftentimes are even more expensive than,the drone itself a few weeks ago i was,in atlanta doing some testing with a new,custom drone thats about a thirty,thousand dollar drone and we had about a,hundred and sixty thousand dollar,payload on there its a little scary to,fly but with that i have the experience,to fly that drone and for the,application of what we were applying it,to were able to charge top dollar for,that again its not just about the drone,that you have but its the background,and the understanding and fundamentals,of how youre going to apply that drone,in the drone industry for the services,that youre going to be charging them,for now for the third item on that list,of the client and industry type,theres really three main levels of,industry and it kind of falls in line,with the drones as well,for your real estate that is basically,the bottom of the bucket youre not,really going to be able to charge much,from that but it is a good entry-level,industry to jump into itll allow you to,build the fundamentals of flying the,drone understanding how the drones work,and again i really recommend a lot of,people to get directly into the real,estate world first youre not going to,make much out of it but again its still,a good foundation to have the industry,that i operate in is the commercial real,estate world which includes some,mappings some construction this is your,intermediate services that you can,provide this this will allow you to go,from charging you know 70 to 100,per project to anywhere from 200 to 500,per project again well get into the,pricing later but this is kind of the,realm and where i operate in where im,able to employ a lot more pilots than i,would with just regular real estate you,know commercial real estate these,clients have deeper pockets to dig into,youre talking instead of half a million,dollar home of a client that youre,trying to provide services for to you,know a 10 50 100 million dollar piece of,property those people have money another,industry is the agriculture high-end,surveying this is where you can really,start playing with some really cool toys,i like to call them toys of course,theyre tools for the specific industry,and job that youre doing and with this,client and industry type requires that,intermediate,advanced drone these are the drones that,are costing over ten thousand dollars to,do these jobs because well those are the,drones that are built for it and then,your top dogs your solar your,transmission and distribution and your,oil and gas industry these are clients,that have hundreds of millions of,dollars but with that comes the training,certification understanding the,equipment i mean all in youre talking,over a hundred thousand dollars worth of,certifications drones and understanding,and it takes years to get into the kind,of industry but for the right reasons,the barrier of entry into those,industries are so high because well,these are critical infrastructure these,are clients that rely on very accurate,data theyre not going to send somebody,out there for 75 an hour and expect ten,thousand dollars worth of work thats,just not going to happen the fourth item,on the list is your deliverables what,are you providing to your client is it,photos is it videos is

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