1. Asana Pricing Plans – What To Know Before Buying
  2. Asana pricing explained (and is it worth it?)
  3. What is Asana – Asana Review – Asana Pricing Plans Explained
  4. Monday VS Asana Pricing | Which is Better Project Management Tool for the Money
  5. Beware of Asana Misleading Pricing & Tiers – Press Avenue
  6. Asana Review | A full demo, features & a pricing breakdown
  7. Simple vs Complex Pricing: Basecamp vs Asana | Pricing Page Teardown

Asana Pricing Plans – What To Know Before Buying

hey there guys please marquez and in,this video im going to explain to,asana pricing plans what you should know,about it and which one,is like good now snl pricing plans are a,little bit more expensive,when we compare it to different project,management,tools and softwares but their basic,account is,really damn good the free account now,when you come here,you see that the basic account offers,you for free,unlimited tasks unlimited projects,unlimited messages unlimited activity,log,uh so also unlimited file storage like,for example activity log on different,programs,like only one week or one month here,its like unlimited,so thats pretty good but the one thing,and one disadvantage,is the file storage that you have only,100,megabyte profile but maybe you need more,its up to you,but even the basic account of asana is,damn amazing now you see it here but,its like kind of limited,only because youre not going to have,like custom fields but im going to go,to asana,and i should probably log in here i have,a free account that i use,and im going to show you how limited it,is to use,the basic account so when i come here,and im going to choose like,okay i have it here to upgrade and to,add more custom,fields you need to have a premium,account,to have also timeline,dashboard forms,you need to have a higher account so,the basic account is really amazing if,you are starting out or if you need,a simple project management tool and you,dont need anything else because you,dont need,a really high staff for your project,management,projects lets say i dont know how to,say it but you know what i mean,so the basic account is like all right,you can see it right here that in a,premium account which is,much more expensive and you have options,to pay the early or monthly,you see that you can have the start,dates timeline custom templates,milestones forms,jira cloud server integrations,and of course in business which is also,much more expensive like 25 dollars,25 euro thats like 30 you can have like,literally everything here,and you see right here that uh in the,basic account,you have only views reporting these two,as a calendar view and status update,with the advanced you get lets see,unlimited dashboards,custom fields charts customization,advanced search,and in business you have everything,right,then support and control you see right,here,that on with the free guess admin,console and in the last one which is i,think enterprise,you got literally everything right you,got everything covered,it really depends what do you need and,which one you,want right to use so if youre looking,for milestones rules forms,you need to use premium but for many,people the basic is going to be enough,so if you can have any questions guys,ask me down in comments im really happy,to help in providing some guidance,and have a great day and goodbye see ya

Asana pricing explained (and is it worth it?)

hello my name is Paul Meiners welcome to,another one of my Asana training videos,in this video I want to discuss asanas,pricing and talk you through some of the,different subscription levels and ask,the question you know is this worth it,if you have any questions about asanas,pricing because I know its not the,easiest to understand then please leave,me a comment below and if you would like,help setting up your Asana account,learning how to take advantage of this,tool and onboarding your team so that,everyone uses it properly then check out,the link in the description below to,learn more about my Asana Consulting,options now when you first sign up to,Asana youll notice you can actually use,the free version of Asana with up to 15,members in your organization and in my,opinion the free version of Asana is,actually pretty good I think you get a,lot of value from Asana just in the free,version because Asana is a tool thats,meant to help you identify the work that,youre doing whos doing what and when,its due and you can do all of that on,the free book version there are no,limits like Ive seen with other project,management tools you can have as many,projects and tasks as you like so youre,not going to get forced to upgrade later,but you can upgrade if you want to,unlock more powerful features now when,it comes to upgrading the first thing,that may play a factor is whether youve,set up your account as an organization,or a workspace and it depends on how you,signed up to Asana if you signed up to,Asana with a Gmail or a Hotmail or some,kind of a personal email address like,that chances are your account is,probably set up as a workspace which is,more used for personal Asana usage and,personal projects and things but if you,signed up to Asana with a domain like,mydomainpallminers.com if youve used,your company domain when signing up then,you will have an organization,the difference between an organization,and a workspace is that with an,organization you can set up multiple,teams youll see your teams here on the,sidebar and teams are typically used to,organize and group users into different,teams or departments so for example we,have development marketing customer,support operations and so on and so each,team contains a group of users and a,collection of projects and so if your,account is set up as an organization,chances are it probably is if youve,signed up with that custom domain if,youre running a business and youve got,the option to set up multiple teams then,one of the first things you can decide,on is whether to upgrade just one of,your teams or you can upgrade your,entire organization and it really,depends on how much access and the,features you want to give to your team,and who needs access to what so for,example lets say youre using Asana,quite heavily in your marketing team but,maybe development theyre not really,using it maybe they use a different tool,like jira for example you could then,choose to only up upgrade the marketing,team you could give the marketing team,access to premium or business features,and youre only paying for the users in,that team and then other teams in your,account can stay on the free version if,you want but it will quickly get to the,point where if you have users in your,account that sit in multiple teams and,you want to upgrade multiple teams it,will start to make more financial sense,to just upgrade your entire organization,that way every user every team in the,account will have access to either the,premium or the business features,depending on the plan that you pick in,terms of the different subscription,levels as I mentioned already you have,the basic version which you can use for,teams of up to 15 people and as I,mentioned before you can get unlimited,tasks unlimited projects messages you,get a lot of value out of Asana just on,the free version you can use different,project views the calendar view you get,overviews and so on so the free version,is a great way of just kind of dipping,your toes in the water and seeing is,this tool right for me is my team gonna,use it now users who are serious about,sonar that really want to take it to,that next level and this is the case,with a lot of the clients that we work,with is they will be on at least the,premium version so premium starts at,10.99 thats per user per month if you,pay annually if you pay monthly its,actually going to be 13.49 per month per,user so there is that saving if you,decide to pay Upfront for the year,now the main features that I think are,really useful in the premium,subscription include the timeline this,allows you to create project timelines,or Gantt charts that show when different,tasks start and finish,weve got down here Milestones which you,can then again see on the timeline you,can see that the major Milestones or,phases of a project and when theyre,going to be completed,workflow Builder custom Fields forms,rules these features allow you to really,start to automate your workflow and put,in custom information into your tasks,for things like time tracking or,tracking expenses and and different task,values,rules allow you to automate the flow of,tasks and assigning them automatically,to different people,and another really key feature in the,premium is you get the option to create,tasks and its not shown here but,project templates as well this is a,massive feature if you want to be able,to set up new projects or new tasks,really quickly with an sop a standard,operating procedure with all the steps,you need to follow then task templates,project templates really is a game,changer that will save you a lot of time,if youre a small to medium-sized,business and youre still fairly new to,Asana I recommend the premium I think,you get a lot of value in the premium,that really lifts your Asana game to,that next level now bigger businesses or,if if you want to again unlock even more,advanced project management features but,again especially for bigger businesses,that are managing lots of projects may,want to consider the business version,the business subscription starts at,24.99 per user per month if billed,annually so you do save up front again,for paying for the year or it gets up to,30 49 per month if you pay monthly,now the major features in the business,subscription that I think are worth,pointing out number one is portfolios,portfolios allow you to create a,dashboard that shows you the status of,multiple projects you can see if the,project is overdue the percentage,completion things like that,you also get to use the workload,management features which allows you to,track the capacity of your team and see,whos got capacity to take on more work,goals is also a really cool feature for,businesses if you want to plan your,goals and start to track kpis key,performance indicators in Asana thats a,really useful one and the other major,one I would point out here is the custom,rules builder in the premium you do get,access to some more basic rules with the,custom rules Builder you have complete,control to create rules with your own,triggers and custom actions so thats a,really nice one so thats a look at the,different subscription options but is,Asana worth it well I really think it,depends on the individual or the,organization thats using it firstly,like I said in the beginning the free,version provides you with a lot of value,so if youre just an individual kind of,planning your own tasks you may find,that the free version gives you,everything you need and you dont need,all of the bells and whistles and,Powerful features of premium and,business and in that case I mean its,free you can do a lot with it theres no,limits so I think yeah its great value,if you are looking at one of the paid,subscription options firstly Asana is,not the cheapest project management tool,out there you will definitely be able to,find cheaper options available,but I do think Asana provides great,value for the power and functionality,that it offers its also a very,reputable company its been aroun

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What is Asana – Asana Review – Asana Pricing Plans Explained

hello guys my name is Matthew and in,todays video we are going to talk about,Asana,we are going to cover what Asana,actually is we are going to check the,pricing plans and Ill try to give you,an advice if its actually worth it or,not,so Asana is an online team collaboration,and workflow management tool,you can organize your work in the best,way possible to follow tasks through and,be able to avoid obstacles to meet,deadlines asanas boards let you,visualize your work and arrange all your,relevant emails and files into one place,use SMS portfolios to monitor the status,of all your projects and keep your,strategic initiatives on track and,easily report on progress,its custom Fields allow you to keep,track of info important to the team and,share the information with the right,people commonly used projects can be,turned into templates to ensure your,team workflow moves smooth more smoothly,and faster,asanas web interface is efficient and,responsive and it can be integrated to,other collaboration tools like Slack and,many many more,Asana is soc2 type 1 certified and,offers secure connections to its side,using tls1 uh per one protocol it also,holds its data in various SAA,auditioned data centers via Amazon,I would say its made for businesses if,its small medium or large you can get,advantage of it,the Freelancers I believe can at least,try it but I dont really think they are,they theyre like ant projects,so you can run it in your web browser as,Im running right now or you can install,it into your mobile phone if its,Android or iOS it doesnt actually,matter also you can get it in your,Windows or Mac PC,if you want if we need to check the,pricing they are very very,good on a good spot I would say,the basic one is free forever,so you can manage tasks and personal,to-dos,easily if youre a smaller company or,just starting this is one of the best,options,premium is for 10.99 euros and business,24.99 all of those are really worth it I,would say,premium is for teams that need to create,project uh plans with confidence and,businesses for bigger teams and,companies that need to manage work,across initiatives,I would 100 recommend,at least the basic program because I,really feel you cant really go wrong,with Asana so thats about it guys,thanks for watching and see you in the,next one have a great day and goodbye

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Monday VS Asana Pricing | Which is Better Project Management Tool for the Money

monday.com versus asana which is the,better project management software hey,guys today im going to be discussing,monday.com and asana and which is the,better project management software for,the price so lets get into it first off,were going to compare the price plans,of both of these project management,softwares and then im going to move on,to their actual workspace and what they,look like so first off we have,monday.com and they have a free version,and asana also has a free version but,asana keeps it simple with only two paid,versions and then you can discuss for a,enterprise version while monday has,three paid versions and then a,enterprise version now the monday.com,free version has two seats and the asana,free version has unlimited essentials,and you get up to 15 people and whatnot,but were discussing what is the better,value for money so were going to be,taking a closer look at the basic to pro,versions on and on asana the premium to,business versions now on monday.com the,eight dollars per member per month,version gives you unlimited free viewers,so you can add as many guests as you,want you get unlimited items you get,five gigabytes of file storage you get,customer support and you can create a,dashboard based on one board so a,dashboard is basically like a overview,of your entire board okay i dont find,it value for money i dont think the,eight dollar version that is uh the,basic version of monday.com is really,worth it in any situation uh asanas,premium version that starts at 10.99 is,better comparable to monday.coms ten,dollars percy per member version and,that gives you a timeline and gant views,so you have to really keep in mind that,monday does not provide you with,timeline or gantt views cant views are,basically kanban views or calendar views,in the first two versions you also dont,get guest access so,you can really collaborate with a lot of,different people if you allow guest,access you also get 250 automations per,month you get 250 integrations and you,get to create a dashboard that combines,up to five boards so you can have a,summary of up to five workspaces or five,boards in one singular dashboard now in,the 11 version of asana you will get,unlimited essentials you get four,project views so you get list board,calendar and timeline use and its,disappointing to see that there are only,four views available even on monday and,on asana interim because click up,provides you with far far many views for,free as well so that is something that,really does feel disappointing on both,click up and asana now after that you,have automated workflows you get,reporting so you get detailed analytics,you get skilled security so you have no,user limit as well you can even add free,unlimited guests like on the same on,monday.com and you get a community,support group so you can have,personalized customer success options as,well after that they have a business,version that starts at 25 dollars and,you get unlimited essentials you get,project and portfolio views and,professional views are very important in,terms of setting up goals and portfolios,of different,members or different workspaces and,really getting a good grip at the,overall workflow you also get advanced,workflows advanced reporting skilled,security on the 25,per member version of the asana plans,now on monday.com the,16 version will give you private boards,and documents you get chart views time,tracking formula column dependency,columns you get 25 000 automations and,integrations and you also have a,dashboard that can combine up to 10,boards now in terms of,general,features i think if youre opting for,the highest paid version in any,situation you should opt for the pro,version on monday.com i think it,streamlines your work it can make,complex teams really simplified and i,think the general automations and,integrations the different time tracking,options the general goal oriented theme,that monday.com provides is far better,than asana and i think that the asana 25,per person per month version is,definitely definitely not something you,should look at i think in terms of,pricing if you really really want to use,and opt for a sauna go for their premium,version i think that is fine its very,much comparable to the standard version,of monday.com but if youre looking for,the best deal i think youre gonna get,the best deal on the pro version of,monday.com now moving on to both of,their workspaces this is monday.com and,over here you can see this is what your,main table on monday.com will look like,it has a general first you have a,section and within a section you have,different tasks or,anything you can add over here and over,here you can add columns that will,indicate its status timeline numbers,tags date people,time tracking dependencies formulas text,connection boards files sub items and,drop downs now on asana it follows a,very very similar overview now you can,see you have a section within a section,you have different tasks within a task,you have different subtasks over here,and if you click on a task you will get,all of its details and you can add all,assignee project due dates dependencies,different tags all of that information,can be added once you click on a,singular task now you can even add more,columns just like bundy.com so they do,follow a very similar general overall,view,and i think if youre working on either,platforms its not going to be difficult,for you to shift to the other version,now in terms of their general pros and,cons i find that the learning curve for,monday.com is very high now if i were to,open a template now lets add a,workspace lets create a workspace and,if,in this workspace we were to add a new,board lets just say were managing,budgets now i find the general you can,see even though i added a empty board,now i did not had a template i just,added an empty board but the overall,view on monday.com can sometimes feel a,bit overwhelming now thats just me i,think the learning curve on monday is,very high and you might say that the,learning curve for every project,management software is high but if i,look at asana it looks a bit neat it,looks a bit cleaner and the,general usability on asana seems a lot,more easier to use because if you click,on a task over here you dont get good,details thats a huge con in monday.com,like even if i was to click on a,previous task that is actually filled,out so like this so if we were to click,over here there isnt a lot of,information that is going to be conveyed,to you if you click on a task but if i,was to click over here i get actual,information regarding the task and i,find this feature a lot more helpful on,asana and its lacking on monday.com now,if we were to compare their general,reporting functions i think asana also,does a better job at that now reporting,is something that is only available on,the paid versions of asana and i think,it does it very well so you can create,different reporting charts and analytics,so you can run them by buy a bar chart,or just a custom field total you can,just have a numeric countdown you can,see over here there are different types,of charts you can create you can,customize the color as well and then you,can select what team or what section of,your workspace you want to add these,tasks from so lets just say if you want,to monitor the progress of a certain,person in your field you can add their,name and then you can just measure,whatever you might want to measure their,progress or their productivity you might,want to measure their,time the time theyre taking to complete,a singular tasks youre going to add,that and then you can have completed or,incompleted and then youre just going,to create and over here in your,dashboard you have your analytics for,your certain employee and then you can,monitor their progress without having to,open any of the workspaces that they are,working in,on monday.com however i dont feel that,they have any feature that is comparable,to the reporting and analytics of asana,but if we

Beware of Asana Misleading Pricing & Tiers – Press Avenue

thanks again to everyone that subscribed,to our channel just boosted over,I think 700 again thanks to all 700 W I,really appreciate that G you subscribed,if you havent go ahead and hit that red,subscribe button below after you hit it,a little bell icon will show up next to,it just go ahead and click that and Ill,notify you of other videos that come up,in this channel alright so lets get,started heres the channel here itself,714 is what were at so thanks again,today were talking about asana I,absolutely love this software it is,fantastic Ive never had a problem with,it until today which well get to but it,works great for managing any kind of,project I use it for marketing projects,for client work and even for personal,stuff I got to do around the house it is,a really good task manager to-do list,it lays it all out Ill kind of show you,a little bit about that,Ill do another video about that in the,future but today were really talking,about the price of asana so here it is,if you dont know what it is its a sa,and a calm you can go to a tour I can,show you all different kinds of things,that they can do so its a to-do list,you can leave notes you can invite your,whole team you can have a calendar which,is super helpful you can show progress,and graphs all that stuff but Ill do I,dont do any of that works on the phone,works up here in Chrome it connects to,Gmail it is just easy to use overall,they came out with a new feature called,the timeline so if I scroll down here,here it is right here,so before you lay out everything in a,list so it shows you right here theres,the list and then you can break it out,in the timeline you can drag it around,looks awesome so I had the thought Im,gonna upgrade why not I dont mind,paying for software if its really gonna,help me and thats where the problem,comes up so if I go to pricing here we,are so currently I am on the free plan,so I get unlimited tasks 15 team members,and a search and this covers everything,for me,doesnt say all the features it does by,any means but there are ton other,features not listed and why I love it,but that just shows what in the free,then we come over here to premium $19.99,per member per month billed annually,that sounds great,um powerful enough to run your whole,business on everything in the free which,they dont list anything which is,slightly ridiculous because it does an,absolute ton of stuff and you would,never know because they dont even tell,you,so everything in free plus timeline,which is what I want this is that new,thing here no team member limit advanced,searching reporting custom fields blah,blah blah blah start dates I dont think,I need a notice maybe signing on with,school but its not a big deal but the,timeline is really what Im looking for,so lets go down here a little further,so for example a marketing campaign you,can drag in different things you can,piece this along a marketing campaign,over any period should have some kind of,overview where you can look at and see,where you are and what youve missed etc,planning events I just think this looks,great so if I go into my lets see where,am I theres a all right so if I go into,a sauna,I created a kind of fake company here,because I dont want to show you all of,my to-do list but just to kind of walk,you through it under my tasks you can,add a task create a YouTube video under,this task have a description you can add,it to a project so you could have one,client one project and then you can,write notes and then it has comments,about all of that,you can leave emojis and tag people and,follow or not following so you can have,a lot of different things so you can,fill this time really quick every item,can have a date for example someone,emails me something they need it done,put a date on it it drops into the sauna,its done when youre done with these,you just check them off like any to-do,list and you see magical unicorns and,different fairies and whatever flying,and narwhal flying past you can organize,it down the side it is fantastic just,try it,you can see everything in the calendar,etc if I go up here to upgrade it says,you know a 45 percent more efficient,compared to one who knows sound all,sounds great upgrade to premium alright,so here I am upgrade to premium so your,premium plan company our team name cuz I,just made one up to show you premium,team five seats firstly I dont need,five seats and then it says six dollars,a seat and again I dont mind paying for,stuff but its misrepresented on their,pricing page so now Im gonna pay annual,savings so if I pay per month it is,thirty seven fifty a month for one user,but if I come back to their pricing page,it is only $9.99 a month lets go here,here we go pricing front and center free,$9.99 call us if Im actually a customer,and I go to upgrade sorry too many tabs,here we are at thirty seven fifty a seat,so just really want to say beware if,youre jumping into a sauna and you want,to upgrade so this is a company Id love,to give my money to but I feel somewhat,deceived in that they only have a five,seat option they dont have a one seat,option or a per seat option even though,on their pricing page thats how it,listed $9.99 per member per month that,sounds great Id love to jump into that,but $9.99 is very different than almost,forty here so closest so I reached out,to asana and I spoke to didnt speak to,its funny I used to say Ryan now it,says Scott because I left it open Oh,Ryan lost his internet so I said to,these guys hey you know I really want to,upgrade and on your member price page,says $9.99 per month and it does not say,anything about a five seat,minimum hence Im confused he says he,definitely understands that $9.99 is,their standard price but all plans are,billed in,tears which again none of this is said,until you go to pay after theyve gotten,you into the system alright so and then,all plans are in tiers of five so 3750,is their minimum for getting into asana,999 sounds great,thirty seven fifty is actually the real,price that should be listed on the,pricing page anyway I said they should,really reflect their real price on their,pricing page they said thanks for the,feedback and then Ryan left me because,he got bored and now I have Scott here,either way again this is just a video,about be aware of their pricing this is,not the real price so their premium is,actually thirty seven fifty per month,which I still think is pretty decent if,you have more than one person its a,little steep for one person I believe,for the product but they can charge,whatever they want and they do obviously,since this is incorrect anyway if you,have any questions about how to use,asana for freelancing for web design for,marketing for social media anything like,that go ahead and leave a comment below,if this was helpful or you want to add,your two cents to it also leave a,comment and let me know what you think,or dont think again you can give a,thumbs up or a thumbs down if you give a,thumbs down Id love to know why what it,is were missing etc if you work for a,sauna you probably give a thumbs down,which is fine but I give a thumbs down,for your pricing page alright last thing,if you hit subscribe thatd be great so,we can make more videos just like this,click that little bell after you do so,the bottom right-hand corner of this,video you can click that little,subscribe button and do the same thing,and finally if you go to our website,press Avenue calm and have a pressing,question where you cant get it answered,or you cant figure it out etc ask you,right here and wed love to make a video,just for you to answer your questions,thanks again for watching,[Music]

Asana Review | A full demo, features & a pricing breakdown

hello everyone and welcome to my youtube,channel my name is Francesco and what I,try and do in these videos is I try and,simplify productivity tools tips and,techniques to help you effectively,choose your tools moving forward so what,I want to do in this session is go over,something that was announced the other,day,and what it is its the brand new update,to asana and I just want to go over some,of the core features theyve updated but,also I just wanted to thank everyone for,dropping me a message on Twitter about,reviewing this one because I know,obviously this ones just outside my,parameters in the kind of project,management area but I guess people still,want to see those sort of things so I,really appreciate the interaction so,lets get stuck into a mini review of,what my first thoughts of the newest,sayonara okay so what Im gonna do here,is Im going to set up a new project and,Im just going to demo this one and,create a new project inside a new asan,so here it kind of gives you the same,sort of experiences previously but I,feel its kind of like a okay often I,feel the newest honest experience is a,lot more kind of looks more like paper,it looks more interactive it looks more,kind of conversational it just looks,like a canvas for people to communicate,on which is really really great fun so,Im gonna do here is Im going to add a,task to this demonstration and as you,can see its got the same sort of,structure in terms of tools on this side,and also the same substructure in terms,of tasks lists on this side as the,previous asana what I can do is Ill,type in feed the cat as a demonstration,task and what it does is it will add,that as a task what I really liked him,what a play around with earlier is the,way that the marking complete makes me,feel that you know the experience of,that so if I mark that complete it kind,of is a lot more playful than previous,one I mean Ive got the unicorns demo,on so it should shoot up with unicorns,yep there we go um so thats a really,cool experience but that was on the,previous one theyve really updated this,kind of feel for when you mark something,complete so that you get that kind of,reward,based learning and productivity so as,you can see you can still do the whole,kind of adding a description commenting,and following the tasks and a new day,assigning it to people parting it you,know Annika sub-projects,and even adding attachments and lots of,other information like printing merging,things like that,the next thing you can do office e when,youre in a project is add other people,to a conversation and I think theyve,made the conversations look a lot more,kind of appealing so lets just start a,conversation here so lets just do a,demo I really like the way theyve used,the font in all of this and this kind of,feels a bit more social network e I lit,more it doesnt feel small slack it,feels more kind of Facebook at work,experience but it does look a lot better,from the previous one theyve allowed me,to keep the calendar and color looks,great still progress I really like this,part of the app and what its really,useful for is actually seeing you know,what stage you are in a project so the,green light means yes okay were all,ready were going and orange you know,and you can continually update this,which was nice so you can let the team,know that you know things need to be,progressive in the status again here you,can see all of your progress were tasks,complete obviously this doesnt tell you,necessarily that you know its been,productive or you know youre getting,everything done but at what itll tell,you is whether you have any slack days,or any low dates in your period of time,when youre using this project,next thing you can do is visualize what,files are available in this project,which is nice and I really like I mean,simple stuff like this the loading bar,is using the three new dots of asana,what theyve used in their one so yeah,you can find all the files right there,going over to my inbox is a really,really cool experience to you get all of,your activity you can see all of the,stuff youre following you can see all,of the archive stuff as well as it comes,through you can see all of your tasks,that are specific to you and it breaks,it down into this stuff different areas,as well which is great so overall I mean,thats a basic just an overview quickly,of what the core functions are of us at,the nuit,sonna overall I think theyve done a,stellar job Im looking actually to see,if whether this is something our team,could be using in the future yet to have,that conversation but anyway I think,this is something that has really,progressed I dont think I would use it,for personal stuff just yet as Im,heavily into Trello at the moment and,focusing on that but its something then,its definitely a competitor anyway guys,I hope that gave you a little bit of,insight towards the new asana,I really hope youre looking forward to,getting it tested and seeing what you,think and using the with your teams too,because then that brings in all the kind,of colorfulness of everyone around you,anyway guys have a great week keep,productive and make sure to let me know,on Twitter when you think of the newer,acai at Francesco deep underscore al es,and Ill be sure to follow you back,thank you very much and I see you soon

Simple vs Complex Pricing: Basecamp vs Asana | Pricing Page Teardown

so if we jump in and we look at base,camp as this goods transition what do,you notice about the pricing welcome to,pricing page teardown were Patrick and,Peter break down the pricing pages and,strategies of subscription companies,from all corners of the market this week,Basecamp versus asana Basecamp founded,in 1999 is currently doing 25 million in,revenue with a hundred billion dollar,evaluation founded in 2009 asana is,currently doing up to 90 million in,revenue at a 900 million dollar,valuation but how do their pricing,strategy stack up Patrick and Peter take,it away,welcome to pricey paste Aaron Im,Patrick Campbell Im Peters Auto and,this week we were talking about Peters,favorite topic of all time the mba,project management theyre squaring off,one of the cornerstones of the first,wave of sass in the subscription economy,Basecamp versus one of the not newcomers,but second wave sass solutions in a,sauna so Before we jump in I just want,to remind everyone that we really really,appreciate when you share these episodes,on Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn and if,you share this particular one with the,hashtag PPP as well as take us at price,Intel or app price intelligently we are,going to send one lucky winner a free,month to the project managements,profits of their choice click we get so,many projects done I can get so many,projects done once again fueling your,productivity,so first thing I want to show you is,thats what the project management,landscape looks like it is terrible like,there are so many so many different,products you know you got smartsheet you,got a base camp up here air table,markets huge markets very very out of,control you look at the enterprise and,this kind of clears out a lot of these,folks you got Reich you got smartsheet,go down to small business and this is,still going to be kind of exploded but,what youll notice is that Basecamp then,kind,you know really really hits it on the,game so if we jump in and we look at,base camp is this good transition what,do you notice about the pricing I feel,like this is a trick question,its all-inclusive its not yeah Uncas,yeah yeah I love this unlimited users,along the project every stolen feature,we offer five I gave you file storage,zu0 thats it dont complicate it no,complicated and then I love how theyre,just like they have this comparison like,huge base camp dining promotes real-time,chat all these other things save,hundreds today and thousands as you grow,then my favorites like common questions,do you pay for extra people no yes we,could be charged our trials up no the,part of this is culture and part of this,is like they have the advantage of time,so theyve been in the market for so,long that I dont know exactly where all,their traffic comes from but they dont,do a lot of ads they didnt do a lot of,this theres a lot of direct and they,even have down at the bottom here like,two thousand four forty five customers,you know its earth counts 2018 they,have 2.8 million accounts in in their,entire lifespan here the reason Im,bringing this up is because the 99 is a,very very subtle good thing in my mind,though I dont know if everyone could do,that everyone can but I dont know if,everyone can can just go oh cool were,just gonna do all-inclusive pricing its,99 dollars because I dont think theyre,gonna have the volume or anything to,kind of justify it and theyre trying to,get like their LTV their retention and,all that kind of fun stuff but this is,super super admirable I think like this,makes it super simple especially for,their target customer which is a little,bit in more of the smaller business,maybe the medium business small team now,if we go to a sauna is just a completely,different story right,she got basic basically up to 15 team,members unlimited tasks projects basic,dashboards basic search this is really,just a freemium play understanding,whats going on and then all of a sudden,they got one tier $9.99 per member per,month its billed annually so this is,just enterprise right like mid market,enterprise Im sure theres small teams,using this but at the end of the day,like its not something thats like,crazy crazy yes accessible to a lot of,different teams and then you have the,enterprise right and so with the nature,of this type of space is like its a,volume play and an RP play when you have,this many people,space basically with Basecamp whats,happening is theyre basically going,after okay cool,were gonna make it simple theres,nothing complicated just sign sign up,$100 per month everything included and,then asana is like no no we have to play,more of an art food game because,acquiring customers is a little bit,crazy yep,so lets look at some data so we talked,to about 4,800 current former or,prospective customers of asana or,Basecamp and what we found and we looked,at on a per user basis and this was just,the best way to kind of equalize things,because still Basecamp wants more and,more users now what youll notice is,that the asana comment that I just made,about as you get more users becoming,more premium is somewhat justified right,because whats happening up here is,these folks are expecting hey I need,like SS so I need all these premium,features I mean better user provisioning,Basecamp is including a lot of those but,theres probably some things at Basecamp,just isnt going to build for the,enterprise for a whole host of reasons,let alone that just not being their,target customer but what you can kind of,see is that down here when youre less,than a million dollars like your team,size could Evan flow depending on where,you are but right around that $9.00 per,per user per month you kind of ride this,$10 wave and then when you get over this,25 million dollars in size all of a,sudden your expectations just changed,pretty dramatically now whats,interesting is we look at this on like a,team size basis and what youll notice,and this is asking all in per month is,that teams of one to five people that,hundred dollars is actually at the top,end of their range so a one to five,person team at least at a company thats,about one to five probably isnt going,to expect to spend that hundred dollars,but there are going to be a good number,of people that are there now all of a,sudden we get into a team side of six to,ten $100 purchase for project management,is basically nothing right 11 to 25 all,of a sudden we get into 150 and all of a,sudden 26 to 50 people through the range,is just out of control and this is on a,monthly basis right hey Basecamp you can,make a hell of a lot more money than,youre making on these customers that,you have but theyre probably optimizing,for down here and then these folks,theyre probably okay missing out on,some,that cash for the simplicity of,acquisition and the simplicity of,conversion there are some trade-offs,that you want to make and Basecamp is,definitely making a trade office or now,another thing to kind of keep in mind,here is looking at the different,features so what youll notice and these,are a couple of different types of,features that are kind of blended,through things like scheduling and,notifications these are basically table,stakes people just expect them going,into kind of these other aspects that,are basically included in the the,premium plans here custom branding,people are willing to pay more for that,message board commenting templates,client external access this is something,thats super super important to a good,number of these folks and overall things,like reporting and priority support are,things that are valued from a,willingness to pay perspective but an,aggregate from a feature perspective,just arent as valued and so I think the,big takeaway for me here is that this is,a really really hard product to have,multiple different tiers you can but,youre probably going to differentiate,more on value metric then on the,different features that you might be,having because there isnt like one,feature thats going to differentiate,one premium tier versus another so the,on

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