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Beyond Pricing Review

if you are a short-term rentals host,youre tired of doing everything on your,own you want to automate this process,and what im going to show you today,with beyond pricing is going to help,automate,pricing for you and make it a little bit,more money along the way,pretty cool if youre ready to get,started with beyond pricing after this,video make sure to go down into the,description,click on my affiliate link and you will,get a,free month of beyond pricing as well as,a 30,credit towards any of your listings,ready,lets get to it right now on the,fearless investor youtube channel make,sure to comment,and subscribe to this channel so that,you can get updated with everything,short-term rentals,hey everyone welcome in to this review,of beyond pricing my name is kyle,stanley this is the fearless investor,youtube channel where were talking,about real estate and short-term rentals,all the time and,uh i got to just kind of back it up for,a second and let you know that i was,the skeptic when it came to beyond,pricing when i first got into airbnb i,had about five listings,and i really did not think that beyond,pricing worked i tried it a little bit,i saw a little bit of success but i,actually saw my occupancy go,down while i was using it and,i just kind of said you know what i i,even told people im like i think,that if you use a third-party pricing,tool,uh airbnb will actually move you down in,the algorithm thats what i thought,um then about oh id say three or four,months ago i got,so busy we got to 30 properties and i,was like theres no way,that i can keep relying on all my manual,processes that i had in place for for,these listings while scaling this,business i had to bring in something and,so,at that point i said okay what am i,going to do everyone was using either,price labs or beyond pricing and the,majority really was using beyond pricing,so i said lets give this a shot again,maybe i was doing something wrong,and holy cow i definitely was doing,something wrong,it was completely user air right away,doing it the right way,looking at some videos like this i i got,an idea of how i could do it,and weve seen roughly a 20 increase,in our bookings not not just occupancy,im talking about,rates as well so were making about 20,more per booking,pretty amazing so with that being said,um some of the common things just to,know about with beyond pricing to start,off like i said ive got a link down,below,you can get your first 30 days for free,after that theyre going to charge you,one percent of the gross revenue,collected so if you,basically get a thousand dollars worth,of bookings youre gonna pay,ten dollars ten dollars thats all it is,one percent,pretty awesome um pretty much a,no-brainer,but im going to make a big suggestion,for you if you decide that beyond,pricing is the way you want to go,or if you want to do price labs those,are the two most common,make sure to do it sooner in your,business,so that you can implement it with one or,two or three listings,rather than having to learn this entire,thing with 30.,it was about a week-long process for me,to really implement it,with 30 listings and to really learn how,to use this thing,um so i wish i would have gone back to,myself when i was at that three,or four or five listings and then like,just keep trying keep on messing with it,it will work along with that before i,share my screen here and show you how,beyond pricing works i want to let you,know,um the one thing that im not a huge fan,of with beyond pricing and just the,honesty of this uh,this review their customer service team,is very small,its very slow and you cant get them on,the phone so,if youre going to send a um,an issue to them just be ready to wait,about 24 hours,for them to get back to you they do a,great job of answering the questions,theyre just not a very big team so with,that being said,lets show you beyond pricing and im,going to share my screen here,so ive got my calendar up on airbnb and,then ive also got,dynamic beyond pricing right here so,like i mentioned,we are right around 35 listings about 32,of them are active,on beyond pricing and the number one,thing that were gonna look at right now,is uh and im just gonna keep this,really simple guys,i come on here every day and i look at,my scores so i wanna have,everything ideally in a good score or at,least a fair score,but then on a daily basis im coming in,here im saying okay the ones that,arent,fair or good im gonna work on so for,this one,for example its a brand new listing im,not gonna do this one but this one right,here,its its a poor score so i go on here,and i can either adjust my price here,or i can adjust it here um now the,reason its scored,as poor is because if you notice here,its this little 33 percent and then 11,if you put your cursor over this it,means 33,is booked in the next 30 days,and then 11 is booked in the next 90,days and,it shows you the average market is,booked 60,in the next 30 days and 39 percent in,the next 90 days so its,gathering all this information to say,whether you are,good for your market or if you are too,low for your market,and oh by the way theres a actual,possibility of being too high for your,market,so if i was 70,booked for the next 30 days id probably,be,in really good standing but if i was 100,booked for the next 30 days,or call it 100 books for the next 90,days that would actually,negatively impact my score and,the reason for that is because im,probably priced,too low so if im booked too far out in,advance,im priced too low thats so theres,this,happy medium right you know youre not,the first one booked,but youre also not the last one booked,youre kind of in that middle ground of,youre youre in a good price zone where,all the really cheap ones are already,picked up and all the really expensive,ones are probably not going to get,picked up youre in that middle zone,if that kind of makes sense so lets,just take this one for example,now first of all you can go over here,and you can connect your account so i,have both my airbnb,and my vrbo accounts connected one,little trick here that ive noticed,if you want to get something updated,right away,so if you change something on your,airbnb calendar,or if you change something on your vrbo,calendar,and you want it to reflect right now on,the beyond pricing,then youre going to have to go ahead,and click the refresh and so that will,do it right away,rather than waiting for it to refresh on,its own which typically happens one or,two times per day,um the other thing that youll have to,do to set it up and,youll notice ill actually go to my,listings here,so they give you a three-step process,and its actually on beyond pricing so,im going to just speed through this,because it gives you more details,on the listing or on beyond pricing but,if i just go to any of these well go to,this remodeled to studio,so im gonna go to pricing availability,they want you to do a few things first,of all they want you to,turn the nightly um or so the smart,pricing off so turn smart pricing off,youre going to do an absurd base rate,this thing is going getting basically,like,60 to 70 per night this little studio,so i put 790 dollars that way,basically they they tell you that that,way its not getting overwrit,over overridden over road i dont know,what the right word for that is but,um its not overwriting the pricing that,beyond pricing is trying to do,so by putting an absurd number beyond,pricing will always be under that number,theres no discounts you cant offer any,discounts okay your discounts can all be,done and beyond pricing youll see that,in a second,and then um if you want to do any,nightly,extra fees so your cleaning fees are,definitely done here your extra fees are,done here and then your extra guest fees,are also done here as well um so you can,keep those in,do not have a weekend nightly price set,okay,and then under availability um youre,going to have,a crazy high maximum nights as well,so youre setting this here then,everything else these

Beyond Pricing Tutorial + $30 Discount & Review

[Music],whats up Airbnb nation Im Danny and,youre watching my review and tutorial,of beyond pricing Im gonna go through,the dashboard Ill go through how to add,a listing and connect your account how,to add users on that account and it will,go through in the backend each,individual listing has their own,calendar and statistics were gonna go,through all that and then at the end,Ive got a little special promotion for,you all if you want to give it a try,now beyond pricing was the original,smart Pricer the original it was even in,existence before Airbnb smart pricing,and I know that because when I was using,beyond pricing at the time in 2015 I was,working for an Airbnb property,management company and Airbnb was about,to roll out their own smart pricing and,I remember talking with the founder of,beyond pricing and he wasnt worried at,all he said that Airbnb is not,specializing in pricing theyre,specializing in short term,accommodations and matching a host with,a guest and he said so hes not worried,were the experts were gonna be better,and it turned out to be flawless for,site because they they were better at,the time and they still are better well,when you compare anything to every be,smart pricing those smart pricing is,getting better when you compare any of,the major third-party pricing softwares,to Airbnb smart pricing they are better,so what youre looking at now is the,beyond pricing dashboard this is what,youll get if you already have an,account its quite easy lets just go,over that first when you first sign in,here theyll have you do this actually,right away you can connect to Airbnb or,HomeAway VRBO and you just enter your,username and password and bam but,theyre already there loaded and its,quick so Ive already got my account,loaded here Ill just mentioned this,video isnt about coronavirus but,theyve been sending out some really,awesome emails over the past few weeks,maybe months about coronavirus looking,at booking rates and cancellation rates,and helping you get ready for when,things come back now I just will show,you what this page looks like Ill,include a link to it in the description,but this video this review is not for,coronavirus but here you can see it sits,quite nicely laid out cancellations by,date,based on where youre at you can,actually click your own market here and,theyll add another line to all these,charts here like they have here so lets,go back to the dashboard though and Im,first gonna go over what by the way what,is the own pricing so beyond pricing is,a smart pricing tool they connect to,your Airbnb calendar and they price your,calendar based on their data day of the,week seasonality hotel prices big events,future current neighborhood occupancy,all these different things I recommend,you use beyond pricing if you dont want,to really get into the details beyond,pricing is its its kind of the starter,Pricer it makes it really easy to go in,get started and bent now the downside of,that is theres less customizations on,beyond pricing but it has its place for,sure it makes it very simple they do,price calendars good but if youre,really hands-on hosting you want and you,want to you know make adjustments up and,down here and there theres going to be,limited availability on beyond pricing,well get to that towards the end when I,go over the customization section on the,dashboard here bookings this is,interesting information it tells you how,many bookings you have in the next 14,days thats obvious it says right there,why is that important lets say you get,an average booking of three days thats,about average on Airbnb three days that,means if youre going for 100% occupancy,youre gonna get ten bookings per month,that means in two weeks youre gonna get,five bookings and that should be the,rolling average more or less every two,weeks you should get about five bookings,I look at on a weekly basis every week,you should be getting one two three,bookings now if youre getting more than,that you you can understand how you,might be under priced if youre getting,less than that you might understand that,youre over priced it doesnt tell the,whole story though because you could,have gotten at one long booking which in,this first listing has been I got a,thirty seven night booking that means,the next thirty seven nights which is,when most my bookings come in is not,available so this makes sense but its,still useful information the health,score is a is a staple of beyond pricing,this is what they pioneered it tells you,very easily and thats why I say beyond,pricing is really good its early good,for the starters and the people who just,want it to be as easy as possible dont,want to invest much time in learning a,system well hell score is your school,its gonna tell you what you how youre,doing based on your occupancy so you,dont have to wear at occupy Z and where,youre at its gonna tell you and on,this particular listing it says Im good,and that 76 means that I am 76 percent,lets see right within 30 days Im 76,percent booked thats a bit too high,ideal is 46 and then in 90 days Im,about right so Im getting a lot of,points for 90 days occupancy not so much,for 30 days but overall its giving me a,good occupancy its just kind of a quick,number lets go down here at one of,these lets see this one has been so,this ones been turned off this ones,been turned off the this one just turned,back on here so we can see were a,hundred percent booked in the next,thirty days we did have a booking come,in and the next 90 days were 91 percent,booked its actually blocked out a,little bit so theyre counting blocks,days as booked the days but you can kind,of get the gist its a number that kind,of tells you if youre too under,occupied or too over occupied this,number is going to tell you that pretty,clearly hit min means how many days out,of the next 90 days is hitting your,minimum thats three percent in this,case and that can tell you if this,number is too high it can tell you that,one of two things one is that youre,over priced because a lot of if you took,off the minimum beyond pricing would be,telling you hey your your actually the,price on this day should be below your,minimum for a lot of the days oh hey can,I ask you a favor,click the red subscribe button below in,the bill next to it for notifications,because it will make me very happy and,encourage me to make more videos thank,you it could also mean that your pricing,is good your minimum price is bad your,pricing is good lets say those dates,that are above your minimum price lets,say those those are getting booked out,but the dates that are hitting your,minimum theyre not getting booked that,means your minimum price is too high I,would love to see here tell me how many,days have went by unbooked that were,available at my minimum price that,didnt get booked if I see a trend that,tells me pretty clearly ok my minimum,price is too high rather than looking at,a future rate blocked here three percent,locked in the next 90 days that could be,manually blocked by you it could be,blocked because its booked on Airbnb or,it could be blocked because its booked,on another platform or your website and,finally this 156,the base price 78 is minimum were gonna,get into those details now if you wanted,to quickly change something just click,this adjust prices and a little tab will,pop out to the right here allowing you,to change your base in your minimum,price and in the upper right corner you,can use this to search anything thats,already here so if I wanted to search,for example you know the address or the,title of the listing we can do that,okay lets click into this listing and,see what the details tell us the first,tab here well go over these in order,chart stats market data nearby listings,and customize the color very clearly,shows you the calendar the green dates,mean theyve already been booked,successful booking on Airbnb the red,means that Ive already done this Ive,manually entered a price and you can,manually enter a price just

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Airbnb Pricing Automation Software – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

what exactly is a pricing software and,do you even need one and how to use it,if you do this video has been long,awaited multiple years youve asked in,the comments for a review on pricing,softwares and finally let me bring it to,you my expert opinion with over 100,airbnb properties and my long journey in,pricing strategy i will teach you what,you need to know about pricing software,in this video lets jump in hey welcome,back airbnb family so this year we are,going to start talking about a lot of,stuff that you want to talk about,channel managers pricing software going,multi-platform um different technologies,that can enable you to run your property,better because you need to stay,competitive in 2022 and one of the,biggest parts of driving profit in an,airbnb property or short-term rental is,driving revenue the more cash you can,pump into your property the more profit,you can keep right if you make zero,dollars per month its kind of hard to,make any profit dont you think so,pricing software is pretty interesting,but theres a lot of myths about pricing,softwares and at least people with an,incomplete solution and can sometimes,even hinder you if you dont know what,youre doing so first off a pricing,software is a algorithm that will look,at things like supply and demand itll,look about at like how many days you,have left before your you know before,you can no longer get a booking itll,look at like peak days like holidays and,stuff like that and it will recommend,that you change your price based on that,information it can also automate it for,you for a fee,almost every single pricing software,thats out there will let you plug into,them for free and look at their data and,their insights for free but if you want,it to be automated itll cost you money,now this is the part where we have to,ask ourselves well do we really need to,pay for it you know is it really worth,the squeeze if youve,paid any attention to my pricing videos,youll notice that the stuff that they,that they do for you or the stuff that,they factor in like seasonality whether,its a weekend weekday supply and demand,lead time which is how many days into,the future the day is all that stuff is,stuff that we talked about in the free,pricing strategy videos in this youtube,channel now they look at that stuff and,they quantify it into a number and they,can spit out a number for you so whats,great about this is if you understand,pricing strategy understand dynamic,pricing and know why prices need to,change in order to hit 100 occupancy,then youre already on board for this,and take your pick you could use,wheelhouse price labs beyond pricing,and there are other softwares out there,like beyond actually beyond is beyond,pricing but they changed their name to,beyond actually recently so you can use,any of these softwares and they will,give you a different interpretation of,the same concept which is dynamic,pricing based on these principles now i,personally use wheelhouse as my point of,reference for stuff like this if i ever,need,a second opinion now a lot of you know,that i have over 100 properties and ive,been managing my own prices for a long,time ive always done it manually i,dont even automate it now this is the,part where we get into the should you,automate your you know prices the three,softwares have different costs for that,service the automation and they have,some upper tier level analytics too that,they can sell you as well which is kind,of you know kind of fun but we wont get,into that yet we need to do a deeper,dive into each software and what they do,in order to talk about you know say what,beyond gives you or what price labs,gives you or what wheelhouse gives you,for the money but when we talk about,just price automation which is the first,level of service that some people you,know they want looking at their,different pricing structures is,important,one offers a flat rate per listing now a,flat rate per listing is great for big,expensive properties right so,other ones theyll charge one percent or,wheel house if you have 10 or more,listings theyll charge point seven of a,percent right seven tenths of a percent,so with apartments small properties that,make little individual revenue something,like wheel house that charges under one,percent of your revenue becomes perhaps,a more attractive option where if you,have larger properties that you know can,make 15 or 25 000 a month than one that,only charges you say twenty dollars per,listing per month um becomes more,attractive because sharing say one,percent of twenty five thousand dollars,becomes rather expensive just to,automate your pricing strategy so i,would say with bigger properties go the,flat rate one if youre going to pay to,automate at this point in my,you could call it a career as a business,owner in the airbnb space i am starting,to see the value of pricing automation,but there are some drawbacks i teach how,to use rule sets as a key portion of my,pricing strategy i also teach you to,overcharge as a key like approach to my,pricing strategy now this will affect,how your pricing software spit out your,data we want to overcharge 30 35 percent,over market on that way people when they,go to book a one-night stay would have,to pay a huge premium because we dont,believe in making a two-day minimum or,three-day minimum our thing which you,still could do but if you follow my,pricing strategy all the way which also,goes in line with seo optimization we,allow one-night stays but like at an,extremely high cost and we use two three,four and five day discounts baked into,airbnbs profile in order to then drop,you know prices for multi-day stays,whatever it is that you really want your,minimum truly to be and those you know,20 off for a three-day stay may seem,generous but its only because we,overcharged and thus were bringing it,back down to a normal price so with,these we start to use things called rule,sets where rule sets will take away that,three-day discount if we start to,discount the property even more and i,teach this all in my like my premium,course this isnt something that i teach,for free its actually pretty,proprietary but you need to understand,that um rule sets um are something that,we do use a lot and overcharging is,something that we use a lot so it,affects my review of this video when we,drop our prices on a property lets say,we make our rate 150 bucks and we really,want to sell it for 110 or 120. well the,moment that we drop that down to 100 we,no longer want to give a weekly or,monthly discount because were already,at that rate so we use a rule set to,remove the length of state discounts now,this will create a slight disconnect,with a pricing software if you automate,it if you have wheelhouse or pricelabs,or beyond pricing automate these changes,for you they will change the price from,150 down to 100 for you but they cant,go into airbnb and then add a rule set,right so youll still have to manually,go in and add a rule set if you do,something like that um if you dont have,length of state discounts built in like,even weekly or monthly then this type of,implication no longer becomes a concern,to you but if you do use length of state,discounts this disconnect this two-step,thing will be of concern and what will,happen is some listings might have a,price change and even catch it and so,you wont know where price labs or,wheelhouse are beyond pricing you wont,know where they went in and changed what,exact prices you may not be able to,track that so doing everything manually,allows you to drop a price for a reason,and then add a rule set that fits for a,reason so that is one side of it now,when you over price this also changes,the way that any of these softwares spit,data at you so for example wheelhouse,will take your base rate theyll have,this rate that you put in and say this,is going to be my nightly rate and,wheelhouse will then like suggest that,you increase it or suggest that you,decrease it and they can automate it to,increase

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Best Airbnb Pricing Tool (Make More Money) – PriceLabs Review

so today i wanted to do a review,breakdown of price labs which is helping,people manage their pricing on their,airbnb listing so if youve been using,airbnb and want to help kind of manage,your pricing uh lets kind of break this,down and see how it can potentially work,for you as well im going to hop over,here on the computer so you can follow,along in real time as we kind of break,this down and then show you how it kind,of works and then why i absolutely love,it um and if you end up loving it too,im gonna have a link for you in the,show notes down below uh gives you,actually a free month of using uh price,labs and then after that you can go,ahead and start paying for i believe,its as of this recording ten dollars a,month um that link does help support out,my channel and my small business so you,get more free content like this um but,lets kind of break this down so this is,our airbnb listing right over here,so its called the cute bohemian oasis,with fire pit and piano its super cute,um and so what we can see here it,actually gives us some information here,before we continue clicking on to get,more information um but as of right now,when i made this listing with pricelabs,or updated on here um i put my base,price at 262,um and then i kind of kept bumping it up,as we got more reviews as people stayed,there um just kind of essentially as as,were performing better i was increasing,the price now what this actually does is,you can see here,it tells us our 7 day our 30 day and our,60 day,listing so you know in the next seven,days are we booked we are 100 booked the,next 30 days were 94 booked and then,the next 60 days we are 62 booked and,then what you can do is you can kind of,hover over these and itll tell you kind,of like what the markets doing and what,youre doing so you can see were,definitely above what the market is,doing uh for those first two and then,the 60-day were actually a little bit,below average on the market now what,price labs will do for us is actually,start adjusting those prices as uh as we,get closer and closer to them so that,way we can get those bookings now right,now it says it says that we last sunk up,about a day ago,and then if we wanted to sync up the,prices make sure thats green if not,then we want to toggle that back on so,im gonna click on here so having,clicked over there it actually took us,down here to our full calendar so you,can see everything i obviously had to,hide some information but as we talked,about earlier this is my base price,right over here this is what i chose you,can actually have them help you choose a,base price but again as you keep getting,larger getting more reviews especially,if there are five star reviews or you,become a super host you can start,charging more for your overall listing,so,you can see here in february we actually,have two dates um that are pretty much,unoccupied uh the minimum state is two,nights so the chances of this getting,booked is less and less as time goes on,because thats only two days and its,the middle of the week so what ends up,happening is as the days go on these,prices will start lowering now its,obviously lower than our base price but,thats because its our base we dont,have a floor for our minimum because we,could if we wanted to,but what that does is it kind of gives,us the opportunity to still make money,on this property because even though we,have to pay for a cleaner once somebody,stays here for two days that cleaning,fee is already attached to the listing,so were not paying anything more for,somebodys thing only those two days,what were actually doing is uh trying,to get the best price we can without,leaving too much money on the table now,you know if this goes down to 100 a,night thats 200 bucks you know,obviously plus the cleaning fees so,somebody would stay there for a really,good price but we would at least get 200,more so than getting zero dollars,because a little bit of money is better,than no money even at that case now as,time goes on you can see here theres uh,like demand levels as well to you uh,towards the bottom here you want to make,sure its on screen so that way people,can see so if we actually go ahead and,switch this over to the next following,month let me go ahead and clean some of,these things up here so you can see some,of the different color highlights based,off of events that are going in our area,so that takes into account too because,it knows where were at so then it can,say okay well you guys actually have a,pretty high,occupancy rate during these weekends,with other listings so theres probably,things going on so the prices start,increasing so you can see,march 18th oops let me go ahead and,march 18th 19th and 20th uh per night,stays range anywhere from 465 to 410 now,if nobody ends up booking those prices,will start going down now the nice thing,is we just recently got a booking for,the 25th and 26th uh one of the nights,was 481 and the second night was 443. i,didnt set those prices price labs did,that for me i honestly would probably,not have put it that high originally but,they were able to justify that based off,of things going on maybe there was,events i know theres a lot of golf,tournaments and baseball tournaments,here in my area during this time of the,year so it takes that kind of stuff into,account and actually changes those,prices for me so i dont miss out so,thats going to be something that has a,huge impact on us to make sure that one,we dont have to sit here and manage it,daily because that would be tedious to,have to sit there and manage it daily,and then two we dont leave money on the,table because thats the worst thing,that can happen is you know having two,three four days where nobodys booking,and we kept the prices the same because,we really wanted that amount of money,but nobody ends up booking and those,days pass and we miss out and we dont,want that to happen again even if it,means we take a much smaller cut a,smaller cut of something is better than,a large cut of nothing at that point so,as we continue to grow were going to,obviously end up having more properties,as well which then does increase the,cost a little bit more too but for a lot,of people you might just have your first,property like we do and that price labs,can definitely get you started on the,right path to actually go through the,process of making sure that youre,getting the most money that you possibly,can and again ill link them in the show,notes down below you get a free month,with them and then help support out the,channel so you get more free content,just like this as a small business owner,now as a small business owner i want you,to keep learning and growing in ways to,help manage your business so check out,my next video right over here my name is,dennis and ill see you in that next,video

SECRET PRICING TOOL | BEYOND PRICING Honest Review | Explained | More Money – Less Work | AIRBNB

hi guys today im excited to share,something that it took me years to,discover and it increased my rental,income for up to 70 its just one one,toll and were talking about beyond,pricing so lets get into it,[Music],hi everyone this is sylvia welcome back,to my channel as you know im passionate,about real estate properties i manage,couple of properties myself im an,airbnb super host and premier partner on,verbo so if youre into that whole,property investment and how to increase,your income through renting your,properties check out other videos look,at this video share and subscribe and,lets get into the main topic today,in all my videos i share about my,personal experience in renting,properties and what tools i use to,improve my income,and today were talking about the only,tool i use since 2019,and this is beyond pricing this tool is,so easy to use it helped me achieve up,to 95 occupancy in some of my listings,and it doubled my income,some of them even arrived to have 70,more income just because i,used beyond pricing i dont use any,other tools because i find it so easy it,took me years to get into beyond pricing,anyway so might as well use it now right,it has data analysis of the market in,your area so when you attach it to lets,say youre renting on airbnb so when you,connect your listing to beyond pricing,you can see whats the market offering,whats the competition and what are the,local events,it is very time consuming to do it,manually so beyond pricing is giving you,the best price,for your property per night researches,the data and it it suggests you to put,price at a certain level how i got into,beyond pricing in first place well one,of my properties got fully renovated in,2019 and i was super excited to,to get more bookings i also got a,professional photo shoot im talking,about the profession the importance of,professional pictures in other videos as,you know,and i was super excited to like really,get that property going and have a new,guest,and here it goes its on the market,and there are no bookings im like,okay this is something is wrong and it,was before,before any,pandemic or anything so it was,the market was as normal by that point i,was renting the property at a low price,before the renovation i was renting it,at like,low price i also was pumping the price,up maybe on weekends um i was doing it,manually like changing the price for new,years eve or easter or other like if,known events but i wouldnt do the,detailed research and see what every,week is happening in my town because,its very time consuming and as you do,it as a you know,part-time job its you dont really have,the time um,to do all that research manually thats,why,i was introduced by another host um,to be on pricing he suggested like why,dont you try this app ive been using,it you could always turn it off when you,dont need and,try it out its one month free,im like im not into that im not like,into all this technology,but i was forced into that because i had,no bookings for one entire month and i,couldnt understand whats the issue the,property was brand new looked amazing,amazing pictures and yet it was empty so,obviously there was something wrong i um,started using beyond pricing,and it was like an eye opener it took,literally a couple of minutes to get,into it and ill show you a couple of,examples,how it works its super super easy you,attach your property to beyond pricing,and they suggest you whatever is the,competition so lets say theres like um,a local event lets say its super bowl,and then they,research your area and also they take,into consideration the hotels as well so,there is not enough offer on the market,um and bigger demand so your price will,be pumped up immediately and i arrived,to,to rent the property at some,unbelievable prices at certain events,that i was even afraid to put those,prices like my house is never going to,run for that price and yet it was,because it will calculate whats,happening,and it will just suggest certain prices,and its up to you to accept it or not,and this is not im not the only person,who went for that i suggested beyond,pricing to one of my best friends who is,also a super host,and she,she saw like her price being doubled per,night of her listing and she said i was,so scared because i thought im never,gonna get booked for those kind of,prices and yet she was her property i,mean her property was,booked and she doubled her revenue,the same thing happened to me i tripled,my revenue so lets get in couple of,examples how to show you guys how easy,it is to use it here we are inside the,beyond pricing account you could link,different rental platforms to your,account so lets say youre using airbnb,or vrbo,or booking.com or any other platform to,make it easy,and then if that platform is not listed,on beyond pricing you could always,contact their customer service and say,im renting my house on this platform,can you,connect beyond pricing to that platform,and they will definitely,help you with that,so you could see um,there is a score uh of the property,depending on how,much it is booked,in the next 30 days and in the next 90,days,and you can see if its too high it,means you could raise the price,to get less bookings but with a higher,price which means a high income usually,if you see that the performance is just,right it means you chose a good pricing,for your property,if its too high you could always put it,up,so its not overbooked and it means you,could still get a better price for that,particular property,if its too low it means your,competition is definitely renting for,better price so,it would make sense to use their tool,see the market,what your competitors run their,properties,for and maybe adjust your price uh it,could also mean that you are,in a low season,so it depends,if you really want to rent that property,and,i would suggest again to do your,research and use their tools to see,whats the best price if you dont want,that property to be vacant,you could choose the best price of your,property and the minimum price youre,happy,for it to be rented for,lets say your base price would be 160,per night and the minimum price youre,happy to accept would be 120,and then you save and sync the prices,and it automatically goes to your rental,platform like airbnb you dont need to,change those prices again thats the,benefits of this tool,so you can see that the calendar was,updated,but if you scroll into different months,you could see that there are different,adjustments to the price automatic,adjustments because it takes into,account the local events,and the local availability between,hotels and other houses rented in your,area and then,it calculates the demand and,supply then it adjusts the price so for,example in february,instead of being 120 is your minimum,price it would calculate the season and,the day of the week and for example in,l.a theres going to be super bowl so it,will double the price,for that,week,if you have a seaside location you could,definitely see that during the summer,months it will be double triple and even,more,of your price,and you could see the different days,rents for different prices,so doing this calculations manually will,take you ages and it will never be as,precise,as done by,the tools and beyond pricing uses,you could always see whats happening in,your area going to nearby listings,and,you could see different charts and,calculations,on what happened in the previous years,in your area,in your neighborhood what other,properties rent for so its really easy,to do a research and calculate the right,pricing,i would also recommend to,sometimes adjust the pricing if you see,that your,rental is not performing well i would,definitely see whats going on and lower,the price it means your price is too,high as you guys probably know from my,other videos im a super host on airbnb,and they also chose me as the ambassador,which means i could,give you guys guidance if you want to,rent your entire place anywhere in the,world you could me

Beyond Pricing Demo | Airbnb Smart Pricing Strategy + Overview

hi everyone this is danny d Airbnb Pro,Im here in Panama and Im gonna talk a,bit today about beyond pricey which is,one of the few Smart pricing tools,available out there I havent my reports,my optimization report part about,section about pricing and I recommend,the price and it is a bit complicated to,to communicate with text and one of the,most super chist theres your host,report ask me the specific question,about this and not about be on pricing,specifically since thats what they were,already using and so I figured I would,come on here record a short video about,its gonna be an overview of beyond,pricing and then its gonna be a,specific recommendation for this host at,the end the screen up now is beyond,pricing this is where youll see when,you go to be on pricing if you go on to,my website into the part or section,youll find a discount if youd like to,give beyond pricing to try now when you,log in to be on pricing and what youre,gonna do is youre gonna connect your,account link link an account here thats,what youll press if you have more than,one account you can link them all with,one but beyond pricing account thats,how youll do that okay if you click,into the backend settings here this is,where all your accounts will be if your,login is not valid or you need to update,the password this is what youre where,youll do it as well as where youll,delete listings okay your statements,beyond pressing charges one percent of,your total revenues here you can see,that at 80 gos 10 cents of 8,200 ten,dollars this is this hostess first month,was free bank if they do give free,trials away the building it wont click,on because its billion sensitive data,there but they do the young pricing does,offer a thirty dollar incentive for,referrals so if you want to you have a,friend or a host that you want to refer,you can find your referral code there,and earn yourself thirty seventy dollars,summaries where you change your password,will go back to the dashboard here,okay this is the data and the most,important number that youre gonna want,to focus on usually is this health score,though well have a look at what it,actually means later Ill post a link in,the text description about specifically,about the health score how to use your,health score from beyond pricing the,house for health score measures your,listing is performance based on,occupancy based on your base price its,a lot of bases in there all right so the,health score here is at 19 and but when,you dig okay so profile picture here,title prices are being synced review,prices will click that later market data,beyond pricings added a ton of market,data well click that later and see,whats in there and then they give you,your occupancy which again if you follow,me or you bought a report for me,occupancy is what you focus on occupancy,is your goal it doesnt matter if you,get a million views or one view it,matters what your occupancy is now a,step beyond that is your pricing you,could be your arguments you could be too,high and your prices could be too long,vice versa what I would look at all that,so 73% within 30 days and 43% within 90,days so my general recommendation is 50,about 50% within 30 days and within 90,days about 25% so 25% of those 90 days,are booked so this at first glance seems,high this 72% seems high so I want to,scroll over this question mark again,near occupancy and it says you can see,30 days is idealist 50% booked this,listing is 73 which is too high and 90,the ideal is 32 and this listing is 43,so I think that the 50% and the 32%,those ideal numbers I think those,numbers are just generic and Ill tell,you why in a second once we get to the,market data its based on you these,numbers will change your expectations,based on the time limit thats based on,how many days I guessed books in advance,in New York market its different if,differs from 15 days to 90 days or a,hundred days okay so the health score,100 is perfect the hell score here is 90,but beyond pricing themselves is saying,that both the 30 and the 90-day metric,is too high so Im not so careful with,the health metric its not its not,doesnt seem to be I looking at this,info I wouldnt rely on it because those,occupancy numbers would be high at this,stage now okay so we are looking at this,listing here okay this is if we click in,the chick hes got a base price of 294,dollars,he seems to be pretty well cooked up so,that 73% looks pretty accurate okay 73%,in 90 days well go back here and were,go to market data well first to market,data and then well look at that this,host is specific calendar,all right click to market data and they,be on pricing is added a ton of data but,back in the day they just have a little,bit of data it was very user friendly,very simple it was for the host who did,one on this data in all these,customizations and whatnot now theyve,got any quite a bit of market data,though well try and lead you into what,data to focus on it what you can kind of,ignore neighborhood occupancy so we can,see its relatively consistent between,7080 percent the the year except in,December it goes up from March to,November so December January February,snow sees a little bit slower this is,Venice and LA okay this is this is,generally good to know its good to know,because if your occupancy is at if you,think that the market occupancy is at,around 50% and youre at around the 7080,percent well youre actually average,but you think that youre doing above,average the super hosts are really good,well super Os Im using them in a,generic term the best toast on the,platform not necessarily have the,designation super house but theyre,gonna have theyre gonna have a higher,argument so this is an average theyre,gonna have higher occupancy my listings,are 90 plus the whole year so if you,think around 50% but youre actually,around 70% youre thinking on 20% better,than average so Im good but actually,not knowing this information youre,actually right about so this this part,is good to know whats the average,occupancy per month the neighborhood,occupancy this not so not so useful,because this is what youre paying be on,prices for this information they should,be directly translating and putting into,your data into your future price,basically it shows the further out that,less occupants if that makes sense,neighborhood pricing so the this purple,line represents the hosts listing the,green is home away and the blue is,Airbnb this I would ignore totally,neighborhood means nothing what is more,specific is from your competitors you,could have even youve got have four,bedrooms a few blocks away in the same,neighborhood but why are they different,prices so I would have totally ignore,this part here hotel pricing,I also I would ignore this because this,is another piece of data that would you,paying beyond pricing to do put this,into your calendar and they are but,theyre theyve decided to also show,this data it basically shows the hotels,are raising prices as you go as they go,further out and it looks like its a,weekend we cant have yourself that is,the market data report will come over,well go forward to customizations so,beyond pricing does not offer too many,customizations and not many of their,last-minute customizations everybody,offers something similar although Im,sure beyond pricing prefers you to use,their system and then there is a,seasonal minimum price for specific,season,the minimum price will touch on this the,minimum price is the absolute minimum,price that you would accept instead of,having your area be vacant so minimum,price said a different way it is not a,nice to have it is a minimum that you,would that you would accept rather than,having the place go vacant a lot of,hosts the vast vast majority of hosts,have this price set way too high and I,see within seven days ten days a lot of,vacancies so if this number really,should be you need to figure out what,your costs are what your fixed costs are,when your variable costs are this and,this number should be just abo

Using your Customize Tab

welcome to using your customized tab the,customized tab for your listing allows,you to adjust certain settings for your,property directly and beyond pricing,these include minimum and maximum prices,minimum stays including gap fills last,minute discounts reservation gap,adjustments and change over days the,options that you see on this tab will,vary from user to user depending on,whether you have a direct connection to,airbnb booking.com vrbo or if you are,connected via a property management,system,there are three options that will be,available to all users minimum and,maximum prices reservation gap,adjustments and last minute discounts so,lets start with those,your minimum price is the lowest rate,youd be willing to accept for any given,day of the year this is completely up to,you but we recommend setting it as low,as you feel comfortable just remember,that a high minimum price will likely,result in fewer bookings in periods of,low demand and limit last minute,bookings you can also adjust the minimum,price on the calendar and chart views,for your listing,setting a maximum price puts a cap on,the nightly rate that we will suggest in,general we do not recommend setting,maximum prices because you can often get,booked at much higher rates than you,would expect in periods of high demand,however if it is enabled we will not,suggest rates above that price unless,you manually override the day yourself,next up we have reservation gap,adjustments,a reservation gap adjustment is a,discount or an increase for one or two,night gaps between bookings we have,noticed that traditionally these gaps,are harder to fill so our system,automatically discounts them for you but,you can always make changes on your own,by default we reduce our suggested price,for one night gaps by 25 and two night,gaps by 10 excluding over any weekends,and will never push a price below your,minimum price set and beyond,you can always address these settings in,the customize tab for your listing,next up we have last minute discounts,beyond pricing allows you to set,percentage last minute discounts in,order to increase the likelihood that,you receive a booking in the immediate,short term last minute discounts will,pull the nightly price down but will,never go below your minimum price,by default beyond pricing inputs a,discount of 25 for prices in the next,three days and a 10 discount for days,four through seven additionally we,increase rates by 10 after 270 days and,30 after 390 days,if you would like to adjust these its,easy you can simply type in the,percentage that you would like to change,and adjust the number of days as needed,here are a couple examples of when you,would adjust your last minute discounts,if your listing is brand new and doesnt,have any reviews yet we recommend,setting more aggressive last minute,discounts this will allow you to get,some bookings in the short term quickly,and gain those all important five-star,reviews,additionally fly to markets require,planning to get to for last minute,discounts to be effective you may want,to push these last-minute discounts into,the last 21 and 28 days instead of three,and seven days to be more effective,now on to minimum stays,minimum stays allow you to set,restrictions around the lowest number of,nights youd be willing to accept for a,reservation you can set both annual,minimum stays that apply year-round as,well as seasonal minimum days for time,periods where youd like to set,different requirements,here ive set my annual minimum stay to,three nights with the seasonal minimum,stay during my summer high season at,four nights ive also allowed beyond,pricing to reduce any minimum stays down,to one night to fill any gaps on the,calendar,please note that you must set your,minimum state requirements in beyond,pricing for your vrbo listing for your,airbnb listing you have the choice to,set them in either beyond or airbnb if,you have the option with your connection,we recommend setting minimum state,requirements in beyond pricing this is,because it also gives you the option to,enable gap fills gap fills pair well,with minimum night stays to increase,flexibility and receive extra bookings,as well as additional revenue between,longer stays again ive set the one,night minimum stay to fill gaps here and,beyond pricing,lets take a look at how thats actually,impacted on my calendar,you can see for most of december i have,some available dates through the rest of,the month these are all applying with my,three night minimum stay that i set at,an annual level however this week i have,some blocks that have created a one,night gap in my calendar this upcoming,wednesday,you can see here that beyond has,automatically moved that minimum stay,down to one to allow a guest to book and,fill this gap,last but not least we have check-in and,check-out dates for airbnb vrbo,booking.com and some property management,system connections we offer the ability,to limit the days people can check into,or out of your property beyond does not,necessarily recommend restricting days,that guests can check in or check out,our pricing model aims to maximize,revenue for each day so you know youll,be making the most from each reservation,no matter the length of stay however we,do understand that in some traditional,vacation rental markets this is the norm,so we like giving you the option,thats it for the customized tab if you,have any questions please feel free to,reach out to us at support,beyondpricing.com

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