1. Current Casita Pricing 1-31-2022
  2. Casita Pricing 2020
  3. Boxabl Casita Update | 3 Price Options!
  4. Casita’s New PREMIUM PROGRAM and current price options! #casita #rv
  5. Casita trailer. Casita prices & waiting period? Are Casitas worth the price and waiting? #casita
  6. The Real Cost of Elon Musks $50,000 Boxabl Casita
  7. How much is a new Casita? How much does each Add On item cost? It’s all here.

Current Casita Pricing 1-31-2022

hey youtube its lewis with rosebeds,travels,im,talking to you today about,casitas current pricing and lead time,this is,january 31st,2022,they are currently,selling,the 23 models so the 2023 models is what,if you go to order one theyll sell you,a 2023 model,so,i contacted carla on friday uh and this,is like i said this is monday,the,31st,so,a couple days later,but uh,they have a,current special,when you order they have a discount,on,2023s that theyll give you if you,order,the 2023 currently,so im going to go through pricing and,lead time and thats what this video is,about that thats the only purpose for,the video,so,um,all models are the exact same base price,and they have the same discount applied,so ill go over that so,in the deluxe models with the bathroom,and the spirit liberty freedom,independence or heritage the base price,of a 2023 is 31 895.,they currently have a sales discount of,5201,so the sale price is 26,694,and,if you wanted to buy a standard model,which is the one without the bathroom,this again all models the base price is,28 495,the sales price discount is 3499,and the sale price is 24,996,then of course,any options,that and packages that you want to add,on are in addition,to that sales price,and of course tax and licensing,so,thats that and then as far as lead time,goes,independence models are approximately 18,months,lead time,all other models are approximately 13,months currently so what this means is,if you ordered tomorrow,a spirit,uh,it would come to you 13 months,later,so,you have to wait just over a year for,your trailer to be made,so,thats the information i wanted to relay,if you need further detailed information,please give carla a call and talk to her,about details and possibly ordering,the her number is 903-200-4641,and shell fill you in on all the,details,so thats what i wanted to tell you,and well see in the next video

Casita Pricing 2020

hey youtube,its louis with rosebuds travels,uh its been a little while since our,last video,and uh one of the things is that i want,to talk about,is to keep you up to date on,casita pricing and delivery,theres been some information out on the,internet that isnt,necessarily totally accurate so,um i talked to carla,who is a salesperson at casita,yesterday evening and today,is august the 28th 2020,and um,what i found out is,is that in todays market the base,price for the 17 foot deluxe casita,is 22 694 dollars,that is the biggest casita they make,so it has a bathroom and its the,longest its the 17 foot,and you can pick any model and the base,price,is the same so and then you can,there are many things you can add on to,the base price depending on the options,that you want in your casita or dont,want so,given the fact that there are many,people looking at casitas these days,i thought id put this information out,there so,some of the new people who are looking,at casitas,would have an idea of where its kind of,starting,and the lead time to get a casino,right now is about eight and a half,months,so theres a little bit of a wait time,and thats because,there are many people who want,casitas and all rvs for that matter,uh at this particular time there is a,big demand,for rvs because of the pandemic,it has created a demand for rvs,so the other thing that some people ask,is,do you like your casita and would you,buy it again,and the answer is we love our casita,and yes we would buy it again,um we,we just we love it uh we havent been,traveling,quite as much lately we are sheltering,in place,because of the pandemic so we are kind,of laying,low a bit um,we live in houston and houston had a,spike in virus cases,and we decided to,curb any travel during that time,our hospitals were close to being,overrun,um and the,the uh the the number of cases,uh grew um quite a bit,so we decided to lay low,and uh and thats what were doing so,weve been kind of staying at home,and avoiding people as much as possible,and just doing that now we have been,showing our casita more than,ever there are many many uh,people who are interested in buying,casitas so,the number of people who are interested,in looking at them has,grown uh quite a bit,so thats basically what i wanted to,tell you,is i think as heaters are still a,bargain,even with the base price of 22 694,and the thing about a casita is they,hold their values so well,that if you decided you were going to,buy one to try it,you could buy it and try it and then you,could turn around and sell it if you,didnt like it,and you would still come out you would,you could probably sell it for what you,paid for it in this market you could,so,so its something you could try and then,if you just didnt like it,you could turn around and sell it youd,come out okay,so thats basically what i wanted to,tell you is that,give you the current information on,casita pricing,and availability and,like i said its august the 28th 2020,we will continue to make videos and,in the future and theres going to be,more coming out soon,uh i just installed a battery monitor,a victron 712 battery monitor,that video is coming out real soon were,also um,working on the um shelves the closet,shelf project,uh so all the that thats uh,their information about that will be,coming out real soon also,thanks and well see in the next video

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Boxabl Casita Update | 3 Price Options!

i just got a very important and exciting,update from boxable to my email inbox,five days ago and it is regarding my,casita purchase which i talked about in,my very first boxable casita video but,today i am going to go through this,email and go through this form with you,guys to see if this means that im,actually getting my boxable sooner than,i thought i would so lets get started,[Music],hey guys welcome back to the channel if,youre new here my name is irina im a,real estate agent in oregon and here on,my channel we discuss all of the latest,news and developments in the world of,real estate the workforce and the,economy at large and why all that,information is relevant to you i do also,love to share my life in the behind the,scenes of what i do as a real estate,agent through my vlogs i have a whole,playlist dedicated to that on my channel,so if any of that sounds interesting to,you definitely make sure to subscribe,and turn on your bell notifications so,that you never miss a future upload okay,so all i did was i opened the email once,it came into my inbox but i havent,filled out any forms or done anything,because i wanted to save it and do it on,camera for you guys,the subject line says important next,steps for your boxable casita order so,very exciting i cant wait i was over,the moon when i got this message so im,hoping that this means that my casita is,closer than i thought it was so lets,just jump right in im going to start,sharing my screen so you guys can see,exactly what it is that im looking at,so heres the subject line right here,important next steps for your boxable,casita order lets go through this,together it says hi potential boxable,customer thanks so much for your,patience as we get the boxable factory,up and running we are working hard to,scale up production and build as many,casitas as fast as possible to meet,demand and as they get closer to,shipping to the public they wanted some,information from me in order to plan,some next steps im psyched it says not,all the questions are gonna apply to me,but just to provide as much info as i,can i have not clicked on this link yet,so there we go i filled out my name i,dont think you guys need to know my,address so let me just fill this out,real quick so ask me to fill out my,address and its also asking what the,address is uh where i will be receiving,my casita and thats exactly the same,for me because we plan on placing the,casita as an additional dwelling unit or,an adu in either our front yard or our,backyard we havent exactly decided yet,but it will be shipping to our home,address okay so now theyve got some,multiple choice questions here for us,says are you interested in developing a,box bowl rv or park model rv community,of casitas in close partnership with,boxable for at least 50 units so,probably not because i dont think we,have the capital for that or i should,say i know we dont have the capital for,that but its very interesting that that,is a potential investment opportunity,very cool that thats something that,theyre offering so what kind of,customer are you i guess it would be,personal use we do want to either airbnb,it out or rent it out but im just gonna,put personal use if youre a,professional customer have you developed,real estate before no do you have a,contractors license,no no what will you use your casitas for,backyard adu to use as a short-term,rental i.e airbnb okay and as far as,being a part of their early deployment,program and paying cash upfront we,likely will not be doing that even,though it would be really nice to just,be assigned a delivery date we wouldnt,have to wait for a long time i dont,think that thats feasible for us right,now in terms of we have no money so that,would be a no and we will be financing,this purchase do we need help financing,yes uh i would want to know what lenders,boxable is working with specifically uh,because i really dont think that we,could just go to our lender you know we,have our mortgage through on point i,dont think we could just go to them and,be like hey we want to finance this,boxable i think boxable has very,specific lenders that allow financing,for boxable so yes we would need help,finding financing what is your credit,score i havent checked my credit score,in a while actually im gonna put what i,think it is and hopefully im right do,you have equity in your home yes yes we,do everybody has equity in their home,right now because the housing market is,booming for sellers do you have any,space to storage your casita if we ship,it early yes we do uh how many casitas,do you need we just need one,total budget for this project i am going,to put 75 000 because you know the,casita itself costs 50 but then we would,need foundation as far as utilities that,should be pretty easy since we already,have a primary dwelling on this land so,utility should be pretty easy if you,want to learn more about all of the,costs associated with preparing a plot,of land for a tiny home like the casita,definitely watch my video on that but,yes i think im just going to put 75 000,for now does your project require,permits or approvals yes it would yeah,if youre doing anything that involves,doing anything with your land,or building something splitting your lot,into two um,plots of land,you need city permission and you need,you need permits so,we would need a permit or an approval,have you checked with your local,building department that zoning will,allow you to build your project yes duh,do you have a contractor no help me find,one,again they have contractors that are,specifically licensed or trained,to deal with casita setup so i do want,to be put in touch with one of their,contractors which type of casita,certification will you require modular,for sure yes we want it affixed to a,foundation which type of boxable will,you buy,oh this is interesting,you guys this is actually really,interesting i didnt know that they,offered different types i thought it was,just the casita and that was it but look,at this okay so which type of box bowl,will you buy bear boxable bear projected,price 40 000 an empty room customize it,yourself you guys so if you get it empty,you can get it for forty thousand i did,not know that before and i wouldnt have,known that if i didnt get this form,casita basic projected price fifty,thousand so thats uh the price that we,discussed in my previous videos kitchen,bathroom as featured on website okay,casita fancy projected price a hundred,thousand dollars a kitchen bathroom,upgrade cabinets flooring smart home and,more wow so looks like uh the 50 000 is,just for the casita basic you could get,it completely bare or you could get it,with just all the bells and whistles and,that would be a hundred thousand dollars,that would probably be quite expensive,if you factor in the cost of foundation,and then if you have to pull utilities,if you have to buy land that would come,out to about the price of a single,family home so i dont even know if that,would be completely worth it,you know what im gonna go with the,casita basic because we had planned for,the fifty thousand dollars uh i would,like to have the kitchen in the bathroom,as featured on the website so we dont,have to worry about doing that ourselves,yay i submitted it so it was really,interesting to see that boxable is,offering different options as far as if,you want your casita to be completely,ready to go move-in ready or if you,wanted to just be bare at which point,you would only be financing it for forty,thousand dollars to have the casino with,all the bells and whistles i mean a,hundred thousand dollars is definitely,still quite an affordable home but if,you take into account other factors such,as land and foundation and all of those,things it really depends on your,specific situation if you already have,land it will still turn out to be a,fantastic affordable option if you have,to buy land and land in your particular,city or state is very expensive then it,could come out to be a more,costly

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Casita’s New PREMIUM PROGRAM and current price options! #casita #rv

greetings this Tommy Ranch RV,uh the date is September 17,2022. lets get right to it,um,last weekend,um,I I did a video or an interview with the,young man named Tyler its on the,Casitas sales staff and he was most,informative,um,he was the best part of that video I,interrupted him a few times regrettably,uh but I still think I gleaned all the,info out of him up uh that I could get,and it was all interesting stuff and all,new to me,so lets get right to it I dont have,the script here but I do have some notes,because I want to stay on topic here uh,thing number one about Casitas,um,the six thousand dollar price increase,is only going to be on the 24 trailers,and Beyond,um yeah generally speaking the 24s uh,will be I guess begin to be manufactured,in January of 23.,and,right now,um that total is 32 694.,if you want to order one and its just,got to be a 24 you can do that but you,have other options right now,the um,23s that are remaining right now,are the spirit Liberty Heritage and,freedom,the independence is no longer available,in 23 model and so,um it is also the only one that is,available right now to order in the 24,um,so lets move past the 24s,um,and it does 23s if you order one now and,you want to customize it with the stuff,you want in it,um these are all these all have a,bathroom Im only talking about the,Lexus here throughout this video,uh that price is 26 694.,two to three months from now,um they will be gone,and the 24s will will go on sale with,one exception which Ill get to in a,minute its an important one,okay,now were even going to talk about a,2021 because Tyler indicated he has at,least one right now,at the 2021 price well I have a 21,um and mine was 22 694 base price but,Im thinking he probably it would be 2,000 more than that because,um,a month after I bought mine they went up,two thousand dollars so lets assume,thats a the 24 694 price,um dont know that for sure youd have,to call because he didnt talk to him or,somebody else there to find out,I also dont know whether I did not get,uh out of that because I dont believe,he said he said he could pick it up next,week but he did not specifically say,that its been loaded with certain,options or it hasnt,um,so we dont know,next point,the 23s are still 26 694 and they have,um theyre dwindling but they have quite,a few and I already mentioned Which,models those four models uh he sold two,of them the day I was there right before,I got there,I was there around one-ish I think and,he sold two that morning,um,and I met one of the groups of people,met I talked to him and,um,they uh yeah what the first that couple,that I met,um had gone in there didnt have any,intentions of buying one and apparently,the previous person that was in that,bought one is really more than Tyler the,one that sold them on getting a casita,and they ended up getting a Spirit uh,they both did thats all on last weeks,video,okay,now,one of the things Tyler brought up,at the 1310 Mark in my video from last,Saturday,which is entitled get a new Casita in a,few days uh and then blah blah theres,more to it,I was about 18 minute video,and,uh at the 1310 Mark he he mentions the,premium program which I wasnt even,aware of,okay,sorry to jump back and forth but its,necessary here,the 23s that are still at 2669 for uh,for which you can pick your own package,to add,uh its about a 13 month wait thats,what those people are gonna wait for the,bought trailers like on the tent the day,I was there,um are you uh for a quick synopsis you,can listen to what I have to say now and,um,so in the premium program,uh Ill let him explain it better its,he does a great job,uh,but the 22s right now are the only ones,um on the premium program,means its already loaded with,everything,except a microwave and some of the,ground equipment I dont know about,Wheels which wheels are on there,um and so theres going to be some,incidentals to add,to that,and I do not know the price of those,loaded 22s he didnt say specifically,but the base price,its going to be about 2 000 more,than,[Music],the,24-694 price I believe so that puts it,up,to the 23 prize of 26 694 plus the extra,charge for Expediting and getting a,loaded model quickly which is a couple,of thousand or so,um and then plus the value of the the,parts and features its that are,included on it already so,you know I can only guess,um,Im gonna say about 33 maybe,um,uh with loaded for those uh because he,mentioned that in January when the 23s,gone,those loaded will be 35 300.,so these should be roughly uh,a couple of thousand below that so lets,put it about 33 or or yeah 33.,somewhere around 33.,um the thing Ive actually seen is that,I havent mentioned is,and those are all new trailers theyve,never been used by anybody you know its,much less important to me now I found,what your model your Casita is it really,is its you know theres not a dimes,worth of difference between a 21 and a,22 and and so on,um every once in a while though you know,put in a uh code hook instead of a coat,Rod or something that some minor thing,like that,uh theyre all changeable you can you,can you can deal with that as your,police,um,but you know I have a 21 and if you,watch any of my videos you can see the,inside of it still looks new it still,smells new as a matter of fact,and um,so 21 22 23 you know,its not as if,Casitas dont lose a lot of value in the,short run uh well were in the long and,its not like oh well if you know we get,a 21 or a 22. its only going to be,worth x amount I wouldnt look at it,like that I would look at it like this,you wait and get a 24 pay six grand more,for those so your base price thirty two,six nine four you add about five grand,or six for uh options taxes license all,that stuff,um you know youre going to be up 38 at,least pushing 40.,you can do that,or you could get a 23,or a 22 rather now,um,loaded for less than or about the same,as the base price of a 24.,and itll be brand new uh nothing,compromised there,so thats something to think about I I,would definitely if you know if I was,just behind mine now I consider all this,and the thing I probably wouldnt do is,wait for a 24 unpaid extra,six grand,I would probably go ahead right now if I,couldnt get that 21 or I didnt like,Futures in it or something,um,Id probably go for a premium package on,the 22.,they had an awning a furnace no my,microwave is really the only convenience,um that is a general add-on that that it,didnt have,and,so no no big loss there,thats uh thats the way Im reading the,situation as it is now,if you want to get a casita at least,look into this stuff go on their site at,Casita travel trailers,uh.com,Im not affiliated with them or anything,I think you know most my viewers know,that I I dont you know Im not in that,game uh just another enthusiastic Casita,owner so,if youre interested at least take a,look at these options you you might you,could do something today or you might,not have to do anything until January,and you could still get,a trailer either in a base price Deluxe,or loaded,at a cheaper price,or about the same as that starting price,for the 24s are going to be so think,about it,good luck to everybody have a great,evening Tommy Rance RV see you next time

Casita trailer. Casita prices & waiting period? Are Casitas worth the price and waiting? #casita

so this is where it all started at,were at the casita travel trailer  ,manufacturing plant were going to see how much  of a change there is how much price tags are now,they got them closed for a reason,all these are ready pick up i didnt get the  electric jack they havent put the covers on yet,cities everywhere you got the  valves open everythings open,shows about the options i  got do not install microwaves,i guess its for the uh edition  additional stuff these are just everywhere,they are everywhere they got these  roped off so im not gonna disturb these  ,this is got the one on here,look at them theyre just  everywhere this casitaville,heres one they doing a pressure test on  the uh water system thats how they do it  ,they just use air pressure they put a certain  amount on there i got it on about 42 pounds  ,so if i guess it sits there for an hour  without a leak though itll pass the test,yeah i didnt want this because you know its  just something thats gonna go out on you,hello,so this ones ready for pickup almost almost itll  come off tomorrow okay i got mine 13 months ago  ,and i wanted to stop by im in the area i stayed  at abilene uh state park this is a very nice park  ,yeah i was wanting to see what the prices were now,um its 7 52 the office opens up in eight  minutes okay and then someone can get get  ,to you and give you some more accurate  process because i dont know but um yeah  ,i pay like right at twenty thousand below yeah  theyre not i dont think its probably not  ,i know the wedding they should be about this thing  yeah i think the waiting periods of what how long,here we are in the show ring,this is an independence deluxe  ,still have that theres that new flooring,i like this but i still love my uh swivel chairs,but i dont cook them right  got plenty of room to cook,theres jamaicans,well,this thing looks great yeah theres your  pump switch up there set her down here  ,yeah its nice set up,hi were you here for service uh  i just come in to look for the uh  ,see what they got new one here okay um  i guess if you have any questions let  ,me know ill get your name and get a sales  rep with you okay whats the base price now,i think theyre selling for 2023  ,i think its around 26 26 000 for that new  price change yeah i got mine 13 months ago  ,and it was little i paid about 21. yeah  yeah so i think its like 26 9. thank you,its nice and roomy,i didnt have the tv mount but i did have  this i mean i didnt had this installed  ,and yeah ive got that this is the new  blade uh the new shades they have now  ,i dont want to mess with it ill  probably break it oh wait look oh,man thats nice there whoops,okay i feel so you have to put it in a  little theres a little bar behind it okay,all right,yes yeah man it gives you plenty of room to  sleep again but hey man i dont need this much,you got a lot more space you got a little a lot  more storage but i dont care theres your uh,12-volt system and youre uh ac stuff  theres a heater i didnt get a heater  ,its the same fridge your mind keeps  ,popping off this piece up here yeah i gotta  uh defrost mine it is badly iced up in here,there you go okay it has the car sheet inside of  it thank you can i get your first and last name,can i get your first and last name oh im just  im just looking okay yeah first and last name  ,that way i can get you a sales rep well i  i got a casita outside hooked to my truck  ,i bought it 13 months ago okay so youre not  interested in not right now okay thank you,okay,okay well my one year review is i love  the casita and i would never consider  ,selling it or trading it for something bigger  ,i couldnt part with it now but  that this is the casita headquarters,they stay busy two-year waiting period now,were so excited hello,yeah he had music in there so i had to uh  you know watch out for that all right guys,were heading to monroe louisiana  ,lets take a peek inside the door right  here this is where they actually do the work,theres the fiberglass,two years two years yeah its two years now man i  could probably get twice the price i paid for mine  ,but i would never sell it no no no uh well i put  a uh i put a little 12-volt power port right here  ,its a two-prong so i can uh connect my air  compressor up and down my tires because if i  ,clip it on to my battery in my truck it wont  reach yeah so that was the only thing i did  ,i didnt get the awning i didnt get the electric  jack you know but yeah i got the freedom gloves  ,and silver chairs i love it yeah its just  its just lazy those are my favorite to clean  ,honestly i dont know it maybe it wont like  make sense to you but just because theres no  ,furniture right there and its just the chairs  we just vacuum off the chairs lock them down a  ,little bit and theyre good to go i love the  floor on the guy thats what mine had yeah,maybe a year maybe a year,i hate my 13 months what are  you talking about this one  ,this the connor floor is that what you mean yeah  yeah i think so yeah it came with mine oh it did  ,2020. i think that was the first year they started  yeah i keep trying to ive got too much stuff  ,so i get back home i gotta take everything out  again yeah they fill up pretty fast well thank you,you

The Real Cost of Elon Musks $50,000 Boxabl Casita

welcome back my name is carrie and today,im going to tell you the real cost of a,boxable casita that elon musk is,allegedly,living in two weeks ago i posted a video,with the title elon musks 50 000,modular will start the next big,affordable housing trend,giving a bit of information about the,company and their flagship home,the boxable casita that video got over,800 comments and based on those comments,i noticed a few themes that may need,further explanation the first is how,could it possibly be,considered affordable at 133 dollars per,square foot,and the other was a general interest in,the costs associated with the purchase,on top of the home itself,stuff like utilities permits and,foundation,as luck would have it ive been in the,manufactured modular home business since,2009 and im currently working on a,project that will have very similar,setup costs that im happy to share,and with a little bit of adjusting for,size well have a pretty good idea of,the total all in cost,of a 50 000 box bowl casita what im,going to do is tell you why for a home,like this i think we need to look past,the price per square foot then ill,break down the cost of prep work for a,box full casita and finally,ill be able to tell you if i still,think its an affordable option so lets,do it,affordability is defined as the ability,to be afforded or,inexpensiveness it really has nothing to,do with the price per square foot,yet there were so many comments all,polite of course,saying that it didnt make any sense to,call this an affordable option,at a per square foot price of 133,the way i see it if were using price,per square foot to determine if,something is affordable then a home with,a per square foot price of,ninety dollars per square foot is more,affordable than the boxable casita at,133 dollars per square foot right,wrong other builders or manufacturers,might be able to hit a lower per square,foot cost for the run-of-the-mill floor,plans,but as the size gets smaller the price,per square foot gets harder to maintain,with every factory ive ever dealt with,as the home gets bigger the price per,square foot usually does go down but,that doesnt mean its more affordable,if a manufacturer has a 924 square foot,single-wide for 90 dollars a square foot,the price of that home is 83 160,which is much less affordable than 50,000 even though it has a lower price per,square foot,to judge the affordability we have to,look at the total cost,not the cost per square foot another,important aspect of affordability is,location i saw,quite a few comments that said for fifty,thousand dollars i can get a home on a,lot,and it turns out after a bit of research,there are parts of the states where that,is 100 percent true,i found an almost 900 square foot home,with an oversized two-car garage in west,virginia for forty six,thousand eight hundred dollars so of,course if anyone,watched that video from around that,location they probably thought id,completely lost my mind,however for people in parts of,california british columbia colorado,hawaii and many other places,being able to get anything for fifty,thousand dollars seems like a dream come,true so the price of a casita will seem,outrageous in some areas and a steal of,a deal in others the exact same is true,on how much it will cost to get your,site ready for a casita how much it will,cost will depend,on where youre located,for the last little while ive been,working on preparing land for a 1560,square foot manufactured home,which has all the same steps needed to,prepare land for a boxable casita,im going to share my costs for that,prep work so we can get an idea,of the all-in cost of buying one instead,of just looking at the 50,000 sticker price of the home these are,real costs for my area,on a specific lot but the cost will be,different depending on location these,homes were originally designed to be,accessory dwelling units meaning a,secondary dwelling on a property,so for this example well base our costs,on setting one up for that purpose,on the boxable website it says that,setup costs can range from five thousand,to fifty thousand dollars depending on,location and complexity of the site so,itll be interesting to see where on,that range i fall,i live in a moderate to expensive area,so i suspect ill be closer to fifty,thousand,than five thousand the first added,expense is getting the casita from their,factory in las vegas to my property,in the interior of british columbia,thats a distance of,1 290 miles and on their website they,give an estimate of 2 dollars to 10,dollars per mile for transport,if we go right in the middle at six,dollars per mile that gives us a total,of seven,thousand seven hundred and forty dollars,to get it shipped from las vegas,to my property next we need a building,permit for my project it was just over,two thousand dollars and thats,based on the value of the home being,constructed which in my case is about,five times more than the boxable casita,so if we divide that by five,we can assume the building permit is,going to cost around four hundred,dollars these homes are fully serviced,so we need to run,utilities to the site where the home,will be placed again this is going to be,different from place to place and lots a,lot,but on my lot were paying 2 350 to have,the water line run,from the road to where the home will be,placed my lot required a 25 000,septic system but as i mentioned were,doing this as if its a secondary,dwelling so we would assume that there,would already be access to septic or,city services so were going to use the,same number as running the water line,which is 2,350 and some change finally this home,needs power and this is where it can get,a bit tricky if the main house has,enough power to run the casita there can,be significant cost savings,but that isnt always the case if it,does i would estimate around fifteen,hundred dollars depending on how far the,home is from the casita,to dig a trench run the tech cable and,connect the home if the main house,doesnt have enough power an additional,pull may be required on the project im,working on there was no power on the lot,so we did in fact have to get a pole,brought in and then pay to get the power,brought to that pole which was just,about four thousand five hundred dollars,and then you have the cost that,previously mentioned the 1500 to run,from the poll to the home site,after the services are run to where the,home is going you need something,solid to place it on on the boxable,website theres a list of compatible,foundations for the casita as long as,its appropriate for your geographic,region and soil type you have the option,of doing a concrete strip,footing cmu wall garage wall wood beam,on concrete piers,wood beam on helical piers or finally a,concrete slab,for my 1560 square foot manufactured,home project,i did a concrete slab the cost to do,that was six dollars per square foot,so if we apply that to the casita it,works out to 2,250 for the foundation finally we have,to connect the sewer and water from the,concrete slab to the casita and i always,hire a licensed plumber to make these,connections for me on the project im,working on the home isnt actually on,site yet so i dont have the exact cost,for this specific project but ive done,it many times before and it usually,works out to around,twenty five hundred dollars for those,connections the twenty five hundred,dollars i usually pay,does include hooking up natural gas,which i dont think the standard box,will casita has,so itll be safe to assume thats,probably going to be closer to two,thousand dollars,and in reality i think it would be even,less because everything is so,compact but for the sake of this,estimate well leave it at two thousand,dollars for the connections,so if i was to buy a box full casita do,all the prep work and have it,shipped to the lot im currently working,on based on the real cost i have,for my area heres what id be looking,at 7,740 to ship it 400 for the building,permit,2 350 and 96 cents for t

How much is a new Casita? How much does each Add On item cost? It’s all here.

this is tommy rants rv lets get right,to it,um if you want to buy a casita today a,deluxe with the bathroom any of the,models,with no add-ons is 26694,looked it up on the cassette casita,travel trailers uh,dot com website last night and thats,what it is,uh mine,i havent even had mine a year,and mine was 22,696,same condition no add-ons im going to,list the add-ons and their price here in,a minute,uh i couldnt get an accurate uh,depiction of of how that has changed,since then i noticed a couple that had,gone up you know 10 bucks or something,or you know maybe 5 to 10,but i cant speak to all of them so,some of these may not be exactly current,but theyre going to be really really,close,um,okay i started it lets call it 22-7,first item awning,8.79,[Music],outside shower,149.,[Applause],freshwater tank upgrade,79 dollars,led interior bulbs,139,[Music],180 watt zamp solar panel,729,[Music],deep cycle agm battery 279,electric ton jack 189 i know those are,199 now thats an example of the,accessories going up,friction anti-sway control 89,now that is not the one with the chains,and all that on it um its uh,you you get a hitch that has an extra,ball on the side that is like one inch,it has a two inch trailer hitch and then,off to the side has a smaller,hitch,ball there,and,you get a,kirk c-u-r-t brand uh anti-sway bar,theyre like,a foot and a half long probably um,anyway um,in the interest of brevity you hook that,up and it hooks on to that smaller ball,and it just keeps your trailer from,swaying if you hit,windy conditions etc,i havent really used mine yet i dont,know if im going to need it i didnt,need the chains and all that im,towing mine with the,chevy silverado,[Music],so i i dont have the uh lightweight car,issue that uh that some have,um elektra okay we did that friction,anti-sway control did that,roller shades,299.,if you dont order those you get many,blinds and no up charge,leveling blocks that why i ordered this,from them i dont know but i did guilty,49.,i was a standard camco yellow,pack of 10.,folding shelf uh that is the one that,goes next to the stove and the spirit,um,and thats 89,surge protector,again i could have gotten it anywhere,and i paid 97 for it at casita,casita kit,99,that is um the one,i have it right here im not gonna get,everything out but it just looks like,that its a zippered heavy duty pouch,it has some sockets a ratchet,a few things in it that,allow you to serve service the water,heater,um has a blowout valve in it,um for evacuating,your system from water uh to winterize,or whatever,and,it has a socket that fits the,stabilizers so you can do that without,you,you can do that with a drill instead of,manually,a few things like that if you have,extensive tools you probably have all,this stuff,if you just have a,standard socket set uh you might have,all that stuff,i i would recommend getting it even,though its a hundred bucks theyre good,tools it comes in a pouch you dont have,to,rob your tool kit or anything like that,you just have it here all the time and i,use mine all the time,um well for,leveling and raising and lowering,stabilizers you that alone youre going,to use in the,water filter uh or a water heater,uh drain and anode rod uh its a big,inch and a sixteenth socket not,everybody has that,anyway water filter i paid them 25 bucks,for one,high lift suspension package that was,199,but when i ordered mine in august of,2020,uh they had a special going and that was,free,um so obviously i got it,uh i was told when i bought mine,that in september they were going up by,two grand on casita deluxes,i see now they are four grand higher,than what i paid i i dont know how all,that transpired i do know they went up,in september of,2020,um,how they got four grand up im not sure,i dont know if they,i i dont know if that was all at once,or what,video entertainment package so,thats a 24 inch,tv,it is uh,electric or 12 ac or 12 volt comes with,12 volt,cord,and a regular,ac cord uh anyway thats 499,that means they mount the tv and,everything they put in uh,um cable,connection on the outside of the trailer,you know i dont know how,typical that is these days at rv parks,but anyway ive got one and,you can just attach the cable directly,to it if youre at some place that has,some cable tv or your,feed is going to be by cable one way or,the other,anyway,were talking prices so that brought me,to 26 383.,um,i had paid 2 grand down that was a,standard,amount down um needed back then and i,think it is today,to order a casita and get the ball,rolling on it,um,and,then i had,tax,and forty eight dollars,registration fee that for the title the,licensing a registration of the trailer,was eighty nine bucks,um,so thats how i got up to about,28,about 28,5 total,uh there was a mix-up,in my order which they took care of the,day i picked up my trailer where,i thought i was getting the aluminum,wheels,when uh i went there and they were doing,make ready and,showing me how everything worked on the,trailer i noticed it had white wheels on,it,um,it was a misunderstanding but uh the,point is they put that on then and there,they its three wheels because you have,a spare and that was 270 dollars so that,that upped mine and i think i bought a,i have a big yellow step that for a,step to the entry,uh which helps a lot when youre going,in and out a lot believe me,and that was about 90 bucks i think im,not sure the price on that dont quote,um but those were last minute items i,added on and so i had already paid,the uh 2 grand plus the 26 383 somewhere,around there and i had to write my check,for about,400 that day,um,so,i think in all,there may be some little thing on here,that i ended up not ordering or getting,um,but i think mine and all was 28.5,give or take a hundred bucks,so,that is almost six grand over the list,price which was 22 7,for a casita of the bathroom,so,that might give some people an idea of,how quickly you can climb especially if,youre getting things like,entertainment package awning,zamp solar panel,im not going to comment on whether i,would recommend those things today,because thats not the point of this,video its just to,give some details on pricing and uh for,people people who might be looking at,casinos to give you an idea,where they start,and uh how high they can get and you you,can go higher if i i did not get a,furnace,thats a 500 add-on,um i didnt get a microwave thats a,three or four hundred dollar add-on i,forget if its i think its probably 299,it could be 3.99 its not listed on here,so i dont know,i didnt get it and that one i will,comment on im glad i didnt get it,furnace im still up in the air on up i,do know to add one on is more like 800,or so,not 500 uh like it is to put one in a,new one,thats what ive come up with today,um more on all of this later this is,tommy rance rv im tom and im signing,out

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