1. Codility vs CoderPad – Which One is Better ?
  2. Talking about CoderPad and business at Dropbox
  3. Google Coding Interview With A Normal Software Engineer
  4. Meta (Facebook) Machine Learning Mock Interview: Illegal Items Detection
  5. Coding Interview Practice – Notes App in React
  6. Whats new to FigJam: Widgets, plugins, & more
  7. AlgoExpert vs LeetCode (How I got my Google Job Offer)

Codility vs CoderPad – Which One is Better ?

hello guys my name is matthieu and in,todays video im going to show you two,websites,codeability and,coderpad both of them should help you,get a job as a developer,or at least show you your options on the,market,i will leave the link in the description,for both of these websites underneath,this video,and ill try to explain you,the pros and cons and which one is,better at least in my opinion,so lets start with the first one with,cadality quadrality makes hiring,developers fast and efficient candidates,are evaluated based on technical skills,that matter the most to you enabling,hiring managers to buy higher performing,diverse teams that power growth,its really really nice,even style wise,this website what theyre doing,theyre basically remote hiring uh,higher at scale builder diverse teams,and higher uh,senior developers for example,its very very nice,kind of quite,big names behind it,and,i really like it theyre more,professional they are more oriented,towards,bigger enterprises,at least from my point of view,and,when we check,the productor,tours they are basically doing,the,job for you at hiring people,they are,making an interviews they are looking,for the right one according to their,tests,and,their ways of doing hiring,they are working in 14 more languages,you can even check what you are specify,or what you are specifically looking for,from the developer backend developer,devops engineer cloud engineer and data,scientist,so,when we want to check the pricing thats,the first thing that i dont really like,they are not transparent about their,their pricing plans that could be linked,towards theyre more expensive or they,are really trying to tailor,the,offer for you,personally like if you all have some,you know if youre bigger company you,dont really fit into any basket,with the budget options,because even the most expensive one are,just not enough for you so you have to,just submit the request and theyll get,in touch with you you can also get a,demo,but yet again,its not that easy,uh you have to give them,your,account now,your business email,and all the other stuff,when we,take a look,on the coder pad i like it more already,you can see that you are even,able to integrate it,with,your,your softwares,and,its really really simpler,its a coding interview platform same as,same as codality they are not very,oriented into,customers per se i mean,for coders so you cant really do your,own thing at coderpet and,learn to code for example at as lead,code,is providing,but,yeah,i really really like,this website,so basically when you are scrolling down,you have uh,some background info above them about,pricing plans,and thats what i really like too,theres free trial which is really easy,to set up for seven days of unlimited,access,and yeah you have,three budget budget groups personal its,50 amount,single plan with candidates on writing,working code,5 interviews,and so on,then team 250 a month,30 interviews,all personal feature which is this one,and then up to 20 user accounts role,based permission nts and so on and then,the business for 750,dollars a month,90 interviews 15 interests for over ages,and all the features of plus,all the team features up to 50 user,invoicing cml,and 40 and plus,example questions,so on this example questions you can,capitalize and you can basically,uh work,by yourself on them,its a really really nice way i like i,have to say that i like coderpad better,for what theyre providing to the coding,interview industry,you have,30 plus languages assessments take homes,live interviews draw mode,integration and also theres a demo,so i would go really with coderpad,because they are more transparent and,you can really take a hint of what they,are doing providing and whats the cost,so guys if you like this video dont,forget to subscribe or like if you have,any other questions,please leave them underneath this video,well try to answer them as quickly as,possible so thanks for watching once,again and see you on the other one

Talking about CoderPad and business at Dropbox

hello everyone,thanks for coming to our second product,engineering social um the goal of these,things,the goal of these things is to get,product engineers from across the,company to come hang out listen to a,cool talk and just generally mingle and,talk about product or dropbox or,anything else,um so with us today we have vincent wu,from coderpad,um he found a coder pad while at,everlane hes gonna kind of talk about,the origin story of coderpad,and maybe a tiny bit about his ideas for,dropbox at the end,tiny bit um cool so without further ado,i will give this,hello,my screen went out hold on i got this,all right uh nice to meet you all im,vincent i run a little thing called,coderpad hopefully some of you have,heard of it i mean i assume i dont,really know uh,but its a its a platform for doing,interviews dropbox is one of my,customers thats how all this happens so,you know im not some weirdo they pulled,off the street,uh and today im going to talk to you,about a clickbait headline that i wrote,um,this is this is real this is a real,headline that i chose to put for this,talk yes i am not crazy this is uh this,is the less provocative headline um,so today were going to talk about small,business stuff uh specifically small,business stuff you do on yourself or by,yourself and some of it is going to be,about,product but its not necessarily going,to be about how to build a specific,thing this is sort of a,my idea is about,what it takes to to build essentially a,small company on your own and how that,influences some amount of product,thinking and how you look at various,opportunities hopefully this is,interesting or useful to you uh i dont,have much in the way of,i dont know,i think the last guy you guys had were,uh i guess some react dude thats pretty,hardcore stuff we do uh we do a lot of,really boring stuff at coderpad we try,to keep it like as straightforward as,possible and thats a lot of about what,this talk is so without further ado,um coderpad for a little bit of,background is a tool for conducting,interviews with other programmers,and notably i started it while i still,worked at everlane which is a,its a fashion retailer online,some of you may be familiar with it uh,but by most accounts coderpad is,not a success a resounding failure if,you use uh sort of the prevalent at,least today uh metrics for,how companies should be valued right,like theres theres zero percent odds,that coderpad will ever be a billion,dollar business probably very low odds,that will even come anywhere close to,like 100 million but we do have you guys,as customers so thank you for the money,i really appreciate that,uh a girls gotta eat you know so,um,and a lot of this is by by design like,coderped was never intentioned to be a,runaway success from the beginning a lot,of it was structured so that i could,have a lot of flexibility building the,company in the early days and still you,know keep the job that i worked at the,time which i really enjoyed and it was,great fun so,uh heres a screenshot this is for those,of you who havent used coderpad,im unsure how many of you have or,havent like show of hands how many of,us this looks unfamiliar familiar,familiar raise your hand if this,familiar okay yes great so i dont,really have to dwell on what this is uh,basically you write code on the left and,you run it on the right i think this is,pretty simple you know,like you get it you guys all get it,were moving on,okay uh how did this happen um well i,did a lot of interviewing at everlane um,on both sides of the table i got a lot,of free trips to new york um the,companies that i pretended that id be,willing to work at and i interviewed a,lot of people who wanted to work at,everlane and,very often this is very frustrating,especially over the phone we do a lot of,interviews you have tools like collab,edit google docs stipe those sorts of,things but they didnt really do what i,wanted them to do which is like okay,figure out whats wrong with your code,like why is this actually broken and,candidates would struggle with that but,i definitely seen that their like,homework assignments and so forth were,totally fine like they could program,its just something about like the phone,environment rendered them incapable of,reasoning about what their code did,without like an active compiler so i try,to i took out my credit card not my,credit card i took out my bosss credit,card uh and i try to go on the internet,and look for a product that does exactly,what coderpad does it lets me like,interview candidate and run their code,at the same time right this is this is,not crazy stuff uh,but,no one did it so i built one myself in a,weekend just for ruby uh everyone at,work started using it,was it was pretty obvious thing to do,and,like none of the candidates really even,expressed surprise that this was a thing,so this is my first hint this is a very,like sort of natural product that,wouldnt take a lot of convincing to get,people to buy so,uh i spent like three months turning out,like a v1 and very first customer i,landed,when i drove down to palo alto udacity,uh they are teaching people to program,java so i talked to a room full of,tutors about why using coderpad was the,perfect solution for teaching people,java on the internet and i think they,still pay me,pay me like a small amount of money was,that 20 yeah thats good yeah thats uh,was that a year i dont know,a couple hundred its nice its free,money anyway uh so about a year of this,passed i still worked at everland,eventually got to an arbitrary cut off,and number revenue four thousand dollars,a month which after taxes pays for a,living room in san francisco,uh and at that point i decided to quit,because,i thought it was worth the adventure and,lets see what would pan out now were a,very modestly successful three-person,company and here i have small business,and quotes and uh i mean something very,specific by small business i mean i,think,the simplest way to put it i mean not a,startup uh and well get more into what,i mean by that later so next slide,uh,why do we even care about this like why,small business why is this a topic for,this talk like this is in many ways,completely pointless for all of you to,be listening to right now like you,worked at dropbox you have you know,hundreds of millions of users like every,single line of code you do impacts you,know like,you know a lot of people a lot a lot,happens when you like get commit,whatever uh and a lot of ways the sort,of like ethos and and sort of structure,for thinking about the stuff that im,talking about here is is going to be,largely useless to you its not going to,matter a lot in terms of your day job,but,i like talking about this stuff i like,talking about this stuff because i think,this is like an underserved,sort of niche in the valley like we have,a lot of,we have a lot of very talented people,like all of you in this room right now,who all of you probably sort of eyeing,like side products,jesus hang on,okay never never mind youre probably,eyeing side projects and other things,you could be doing with your time and i,feel like the idea of just making a,small business that you can run,autonomously on the side doesnt really,cross a lot of peoples minds its not,really considered like a legitimate life,choice for some reason,among i think very talented programmers,in the valley so im sort of the lobby,for them now im im lobbying you to,like maybe take this like a,lifestyle business stuff maybe like a,little more seriously like it could be,good you know like well talk about why,it could be good here lets go uh,heres uh heres why this is fun like,this is part of what i really like and,maybe this this part is the most,impactful for stuff for you guys here uh,coderped is is run in a very strange way,i think by most startup standards like,we we dont collect any user metrics,like whatsoever like i dont have,mixpanel i think we use google analytics,but i dont think it works so i never,look at it,and we have no id

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Google Coding Interview With A Normal Software Engineer

lets see how many times im gonna say,the phrase a google coding interview in,this two minute intro,whats up everybody hows it going we,are all in dire need,of a google coding interview it has been,far too long since ive made a google,coding interview and so in this video,thats what were doing a google coding,interview but,this google coding interview is unlike a,lot of my previous,google coding interviews on this channel,i am not doing this google coding,interview with,an international grand master at,competitive programming,im not doing this google coding,interview with someone whos won a medal,in the international olympiad of,informatics,no this google coding interview is with,a normal,software engineer because a lot of you,commented in the previous google coding,interview videos that you wanted to see,perhaps a more realistic performance in,a google coding interview,and so this is just that im joined by,kirti,shes a software engineer based in india,as far as i know he is not an elite,level international grand master,competitive programmer,hasnt won medals of the international,olympiad of informatics,and so this is going to be a realistic,google coding interview we did this,google coding interview on a google doc,because thats how coding interviews are,done at google especially right now,even on sites are virtual so theyre,done on google doc,and the question that i asked kirti is a,very hard question that we have on algo,experts by the way if youre preparing,for your coding interviews and you want,to get a job at google or,any other big tech company then go check,out my company ill go expert go to,algox for,you and use the promo code clem clem for,discount on the platform weve helped,tons of software engineers land jobs at,google and,all other big tech companies and,startups and this question is actually a,question that i have asked myself,at google in a real interview about a,year or two years ago,and last thing before we jump into the,interview we actually did a second,google coding interview on kirtis,channel shes got a channel where she,talks about,software engineering and coding,interviews so go sell her some love and,check that out after you finish watching,this google coding interview i will put,the link to that google coding interview,in the description and in the comments,below and with that,enjoy the google coding interview so how,many times did i say google coding,interview oh and try to solve the,problem as you watch the video and,comment down below how you would solve,it,oh and in the last 10 minutes of the,video we did a feedback session to cover,kirtis performance so you dont want to,miss that,hi kirati hows it going um are you,excited for this interview,im very excited and very nervous,okay well try not to be nervous or try,to let the nerves uh,fuel you into acing this interview and,im gonna put the timer on the clock now,were gonna have,about 45 minutes and ill let you know,you know,when were running out of time or if we,have to speeding things up,okay so all right,starting the clock now so kierke i want,to imagine,that i want you to imagine that you are,about to move,so maybe youre moving to a new location,and you want to find,an apartment that you want to live in so,imagine that you have one street and the,street you can imagine that its on a,single line,so imagine you know a single line here,im just drawing im just typing a bunch,of ones,to show that its a single file line and,at each at each block in this line,theres an apartment so you can imagine,that im probably going to give you,a list a list of blocks,street blocks and at each block or each,index,theres an apartment that you might want,to consider living in,are you following me so far yeah okay,so you want to make sure that the,apartment,you live in is really good for you,and the way that youre going to,determine if its good for you is if the,apartment,is close to some buildings,that you really value so for example you,really value,or you might really value being close to,a gym or being close to the office,or being close to the supermarket does,that make sense yeah,and so im going to give you information,about,at each block whether or not theres a,building,like an office or like not a school or a,gym,and youre gonna want to find,the apartment that minimizes,the farthest distance that you would,have to walk to,to get to all the buildings that you,value so i realize that ive given you a,lot of information im going to show you,a couple sample inputs just so that you,get an idea,so imagine the first amp sample input is,going to be,called blocks and its going to be a,list let me,put it like this that um has a bunch of,objects you know like you know hash,tables,so to speak and um these objects have,all these buildings that map to booleans,so here at index zero you can see that,theres a gem that maps to false meaning,that at,block zero there is no gym but there is,a school,but there is no store at block one,there is a gym there is no school and,there is no store,does that make sense yeah okay and so,then the second input that im gonna,give you,is going to be a list of required,buildings,if i go a little bit lower here ill put,rex,requires or requirements and this is,going to be a list of strings,and this list of strings is going to,have the buildings that you,value so here you happen to value gym,school and store but i could maybe give,you just,like gym in school or i could give you,just gin,right it could be any buildings and they,dont necessarily have to be in these,objects,and so here if you value gym school in,store,that means that you have to find the,block,that has an apartment and by the way,every block has an apartment the,apartments are kind of,implied to be at every block you have to,find the block,that will minimize the farthest distance,that you would have to go to,to reach all of your requirements and so,here for this sample input,the answer would be index three which,would be,this one if you want i can highlight it,lets say in,a light green here this one because,for this one the farthest that you have,to walk to,to get to all your required buildings,the gym the school and the store,is a distance of one because the school,is right here,then a gym is one above and then,a store is one below okay,okay so can they be only three things,that is gym school and store,or they can be more number of things,there can be any number of buildings,and the only thing is that,in the blocks at each block you will,have,information about every single building,so for example if i were to add,here something like i dont know office,then you could expect that every block,would have,a data point about an office whether,its,true or false okay,and it will be a valid input so i dont,have to check whether,all four are present or not right,yeah you dont have to check whether all,four are present,they will always be present okay,oh okay so,at the top of my head if i have to talk,about fruitful solution,so i can consider each block to be my,solution,and i can just keep calculating the,distance from them right okay,so suppose i consider that i my,apartment will be here,so if so like in this case i can see,that there can be multiple things in an,apartment there can be a gym,as well as a school right yeah,yeah so the distance will be zero plus,zero like that,so uh i will keep calculating the,minimum distance as i traverse,the array and uh wherever i find the,minimum one i can just,return that yeah okay and just,can you walk me through conceptually,like how exactly do you find the minimum,distance okay so uh,suppose we just suppose the requirement,was just,gym and school okay so i come over here,i have three the number of variables,that are there in requirements so same,number of variables so right now i am,going to keep two variables that is the,distance for,the minimum distance for gen as well as,the minimum distance per school,and there will be a result that i will,store that will be the,minimum of

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Meta (Facebook) Machine Learning Mock Interview: Illegal Items Detection

lets say that you are designing a,marketplace for your website selling,firearms is prohibited by your websites,terms of service agreement not to,mention the laws of your country to this,end you want to create a system that can,automatically detect if a listing on the,marketplace is selling a gun how would,you go about doing this yeah its a,interesting question im curious about a,few things here first i guess one thing,im wondering about is like how if i was,given this task like how is this working,in kind of production you know the task,is to automatically identify the,listings what happens with those,identifications do they go to a human,who checks it or is it like immediately,changes the website yeah so lets say,that the current setup is that its all,crowd source so lets say we have a flag,and then a user can flag the listing if,they see its a gun or maybe someone who,works in terms of like moderating the,marketplace can also flag it and then,itll go to another internal lets say,someone who works in customer support,that can then remove the listing if they,determine it as a gun and thats the,only thing that kind of happens right,now okay and then how would this fit in,is the end of the line always going to,be customer service or how would this,fit in that pipeline you think so i,guess reframe the question back to you,but lets say that,this is the current system right and i,guess given the kind of context would,you think that the goal is to first,disable it when theyre posting do you,think we should be like detecting it,afterwards after a few days and then,sending it to customer support what part,do you think,yeah so i guess yeah the reason i was,asking that question i guess i could,have said that too because if if,customer service is is going to look at,it afterwards which i think would,probably be the better way to go to,start but if theyre doing it that way,then that means that i really need to do,a very good job of detecting all the,possible firearm listings its bad if i,miss something that is a firearm but i,miss it because at the end the customer,service is going to look at it and so,im assuming itll be okay it might cost,some money but its probably going to be,okay if i give it false positives like,listings that arent guns and then let,the customer service deal with it but it,seems like this pipeline would be very,costly,in that in the sense that youre maybe,breaking laws of your country or your,terms of service if you totally miss the,listing and you have this uh false,negative right yes so thats thats yeah,so thats how i would think about it so,i guess given the costs do you think we,would then err on the side of reducing,the number of false negatives or false,positives in this case so my initial,point was about false negatives because,we want the customer service to get,everything thats pertinent and they can,decide because they wont see anything,thats not been flagged or not been,identified so but if costs are a concern,then yeah we would be concerned with the,false positives,because that would mean that the,customer service gets extra ones that,are not really relevant at all theyre,adding to their workload okay so lets,like maybe think about an assumption of,what is okay in terms of how the process,might go and maybe this could be an,example so you know in my mind i think,like if we lets say someone posts a gun,it gets put onto marketplace it gets,removed within one hour thats probably,good probably not a lot of time for,someone to go out reach out message try,to get that gun from the seller in that,scenario maybe a bad case scenario is,that we get overloaded with a bunch of,other items that are trying to be sold,that are not guns and then you know they,get the typical your posting was flagged,until its reviewed by customer service,therefore you know reducing kind of,liquidity in this marketplace as well,all of a sudden you know sellers are,like oh like this marketplace sucks like,i cant even list you know my plants on,here or else they get flagged right and,then therefore kind of reducing that,when were thinking about the different,scenarios here what is it kind of like,the optimal one you kind of have an idea,of what you think is kind of best case,scenario here for both parties bringing,it back if youre facebook what would,you think facebook would want to do in,this scenario it does depend on what,happens with the the model at the end so,there are different scenarios weve laid,out so if one of the scenarios is the,one i was talking about which is that,you dont want to miss anything that,case false negatives are important in,other cases like youre mentioning which,is if if it ends up being a sticker,thats posted because my the model,identifies it but its not there and,then it can lead to a lot of issues so,thats the the false positive case what,well want to be concerned with then in,our model so i guess if were concerned,with both those scenarios then we want,to minimize both false positives and,false negatives,and so we can use metrics like f1 score,to to sort of minimize that i guess,another thing thats related to this of,why we might choose something like an f1,score which is basically a combination,of precision and recall and precision is,where youre really concerned with you,make a bunch of predictions and how many,of them are right the recall is the case,where you make a bunch of predictions,how many of the real case scenarios do,you get so how much stuff do you miss i,guess recall is like what do you miss,another reason to use these two measures,and i think that seems pertinent here is,because the number of guns are probably,gonna be small right the im assuming,the actual number of gun posts is,probably very small maybe even less than,one percent in like a facebook,marketplace that sells all sorts of,stuff its an imbalance sample too those,measures that i just mentioned are good,for that because they they sort of,ignore the fact of the true negative,which is that the post isnt about guns,and you get that right but theres so,many of those so you want to ignore,those so measures like precision and,recall will ignore the thing thats very,obvious and predominant which is the,listing not having guns and focuses on,just getting the positive case of,getting the listing with guns the,imbalance case will also maybe come into,consideration for the models we choose,so that seems good for the imbalance,sample and i guess false positives and,false negatives i think the other things,i was thinking is that what sort of the,scale and scope and the kind of data we,might have because thatll pertain to,how we can answer this question so im,guessing maybe speed at least for,training the model isnt a big issue and,the importance is accuracy like were,very concerned with an accurate model,yeah definitely,and im guessing online you had,mentioned like maybe its okay i mean,the model doesnt need to be that fast i,guess right,in terms of when it gets deployed and,its making predictions for each post,yeah and then i guess in terms of the,prior data so i guess we would have,access in this case to other postings,and where customer service has flag,stuff so we have like a large data set,where we know that there was a posting,and we know whether it was of guns or,not yes yeah i think we can identify if,there were guns theres probably,something where the actual value itself,is flagged and then probably also a,categorization of why it was flagged for,and for this scenario we could say that,confidently probably customer service is,labeling them as guns or firearms in,that category okay yeah so were we can,select those flags that are for guns and,farms okay it seems kind of,straightforward then so the idea is that,you know we really want to identify,these gun postings part of it might be,related to the law part of it also might,be related to you know people dont want,to see these gun postings and and they,also dont want to be necessarily,wrongly flagged for the

Coding Interview Practice – Notes App in React

you know how this works um its pretty,much a session where you teach me stuff,but i pretend to be your interviewer so,corbin the project i have for you today,i want you to create a to-do list uh in,reacts which is the framework we chose,today i will give you complete freedom,over what you want to do talk me through,what you want to do and,what you are going to do and lets get,started,yeah so what i was thinking is that we,could do a simple little to-do app today,where we have the ability to add a task,we can uh remove a task and then finally,we can edit a task sure that sounds good,and then maybe ill have you do extra,homework for extra credit yeah sounds,good i figure the place that i would,start is we are given a template which,is pretty similar to the one you might,see when youre creating a new react,application but im going to go ahead,and clean that up just a little bit and,get rid of some of the files that are in,here so im going to get rid of the svg,uh well keep the index.css but well,make it body margin zero padding zero um,we dont really need the global file uh,and then here we can just replace all,this with a paragraph tag that says,hello right so pretty straightforward um,im noticing that our css still seems to,be applying some kind of dark mode to,the background so thats easy enough let,me see where thats coming from well,its coming from the iframe okay,so lets go ahead and change the body,background to white,so that we can kind of see what were,working on,there we go well one of the things that,im thinking about is that while,applications like this could use,something like redux you know we could,go into our shell and we could do you,know npmi redux i think that its going,to be a little overkill for an,application as simple as this if we only,have one screen thats a to-do app yes,we could use global storage of some kind,but its usually a feature that i like,to add a little bit after having an mvp,of some kind um so im going to go ahead,and decide not to use a global storage,system so instead what im thinking is,we can do a used state of to-dos set,to-dos and then,we could we could start like a super,basic initializer of uh well keep it an,array of strings for now so we can say,uh eat,sleep,play video games because those are the,three important ones and then what we,can do is we can say to dos.map list,item,of to do there we go so,this works,um in order to be able to to simply read,off items um ideally wed have a key,here right um which i think were gonna,do right now its well say id zero,name change thats one two so something,like this might work where uh were,having an id associated with each of the,to-do items uh and then we are uh,displaying the name right,so now,we can go ahead and have like a parent,div contains both of these,we can have a button,which is add to do and then our add to,do is going to be,to dos and then,id,three,name,item oh and then i need to add the on,click yep there we go we have one more,item thats added when we click add item,let me try,yes that works all right so thats the,first,first task done,maybe we want to add a to-do thats a,bit more specific and maybe,add some more with distinct ideas but,so far your ad to the works well and and,i think that like this isnt a very,particularly helpful button right now,right yeah like were not able to type,anything into it were not able to,really do much here so im wondering,what happens if instead of using a,button well use a form well say on,submit well do eat up prevent,default and then we can have an input,has a placeholder,that says add to do usually placeholders,are like the name of the well just say,to do name then we will have a value,and on change here we can have another,set state of const,to do,name set to do name value is going to be,set to to do name and then on change,its going to set the to-do name like,that tell me what youre doing right now,im im not sure so i see im uh,im making sure that this uh to-do name,text input is youre able to type in,what the next to-do is right,yeah,so here if i do test then there we go,were able to add tests there,and then uh you can type in whatever you,want to to add the to-do okay so thats,all right so thats the function set to,the name when you okay so,every time you type a letter or you,change this input field it calls the set,to the name right okay,which then updates const to do name and,then is reflected back on the ui with,value okay um there is still a problem,uh with this implementation and i think,you had mentioned it earlier where our,id isnt being like incremented,ids are really tricky in react to get,right because theres like especially if,youre doing server-side rendering,theres a mismatch between what can be,generated on the server versus whats,generated on the client um is it safe to,assume that were only generating things,on the client and were not server side,rendering of course yes cool okay uh in,that case what im going to do is im,going to say id and set id actually im,going to start this at 3 because we,already have our our use date going up,to two were gonna say id now were,going to set id,set to,id plus plus cannot assign to id oh i am,there we go so the reason why this works,um because what used to happen in older,versions of react i think it was before,react 17 sorry to 16 is that when you,did a set to do set id back to back it,would actually re-render twice,um but nowadays in react 17 and 18.,they are actually batched together so it,only triggers one re-render even though,im calling a set in two different,places okay just a quick question um,im pretty sure i know the answer but uh,just to make sure can you tell me what,this prevent default,means and what its used for so why did,you put that there yeah so this ad to do,oh im sorry i actually need to get rid,of it from this button um this ad to do,is added on top of this on submit right,um and by default the submit behavior on,a form will actually refresh your,browser page um and itll prevent any,further actions from occurring so if i,get if we comment out this line of code,and we rerun it,and you try to add it to do youll,notice that it actually blinks out your,page and refreshes yes so now this,prevent default is just,skip the refreshing and keep going the,page right,yep sounds good so now weve managed to,edit any kind of uh well sorry to add,any kind of notes with the text we want,um so next you put in your readme is,well removing or editing which,which one do you want to do first uh,lets do removing i think theres,something cathartic about being able to,add an item and then immediately remove,it yes sure so here what we can do,is inside of this list item im gonna,expand it out a little bit uh im gonna,add a button and well say,delete i forgot the syntax for a second,so im going to be passing in oh thats,not auto completing right,so what im going to do is im going to,uh pass the id to an on delete function,right so this on delete function will,accept an id and then we will set to,dos,to,filter is not equal to the current id,right so now if i click delete on sleep,it gets rid of it,nice im just checking that i can add a,few more and delete them um but yeah,that appears to be working nice okay,well now lets edit maybe so how do you,want to,to manage the edition of notes so im,thinking that we should have like maybe,like an edit state next to each of these,items right so we can have an edit,button a delete button and when you,trigger the edit button itll toggle on,and off which of these you want to edit,so we can do,a button,we can say edit and add another on click,so well have it on edit function and,what im thinking is that you should,only be able to edit one of the to dos,at a time,its kind of what im thinking so lets,do a const,um,to do edit id and this can either be a,null or,a string which is id,right yeah so here,on edit will be as simple as,uh assigning that wait sorry youre,saying the id is a string,here i can see its in sorry yes yep,youre

Whats new to FigJam: Widgets, plugins, & more

okay so were going to kick this off right  now. I could not be more excited about  ,what were going to be sharing with you today. ,Were going to be talking  about whats new to FigJam:,Widgets, plugins, and more–so many things that  Ive been personally working on with this team ,that Ive just got excited and built  my own Widgets, built my own plugins,  ,as well as so many of the FigJam team as well as  our community working on this. Okay, so first,  ,I want to introduce to you a few people that are  going to be on this talk with me, a couple of  ,my hosts. So first of all, Im Rogie King, Im a  Designer Advocate and also a Developer Advocate,  ,so I like to call myself a Devigner Advocate, but  enough about me. We also have Bersabel Tedesse,  ,who is the Product Manager on the Platform  team. Bersabel works with extensibility,  ,she works with plugins, she works with Widgets,  and all of that, both in FigJam and Figma. Super  ,exciting stuff and its been so fun to work with  her. I also want to introduce you Emily Lin,  ,whos a Product Manager on the FigJam team, so you  see that big, delightful bar on the bottom of that  ,FigJam? Yeah, Emily got to see that come to  life and help direct it. So without further ado,  ,I want to hand it off to them to help kick us  off and tell us about whats happening here.,All right everyone, thanks for joining us,Thank you so much for joining us. Im so excited  to be here today and share whats new with FigJam. ,So we launched FigJam into beta this past year  at Config, and weve always envisioned FigJam  ,to be much more than an online whiteboard.  Over the last few months during the beta,  ,weve seen different teams gather in FigJam  to connect, work, play, and quite simply jam.  ,Weve learned that you want to  host brainstorms and diagram flows,,but you also want to run interviews, facilitate  workshops, lead team meetings, and so much more,  ,so today, were excited to share details about  six new updates to FigJam which will expand  ,the set of use cases you can use FigJam for  and bring our open platform right to FigJam. ,and so Ill dive right into the new functionality  that expands use cases. So first up is Templates!  ,So we know that it takes a lot of time to  start from an empty board, and in our busy days,its hard to find time to do that! So now you can  browse and insert new FigJam templates directly  ,from our FigJam toolbar. Its really easy to find,  all you have to do is click this new icon in our  ,toolbar and we have all sorts of templates for  you, from brainstorms, to planning, to workshops  ,and more, and well continue to add more and more  templates, so you and your teams can do more in  ,FigJam next up, weve also seen entire teams,  like entire product teams, use FigJam together  ,and so weve added new functionality to make it  even easier for engineers and other technical  ,teammates to collaborate on technical brainstorms  directly in FigJam, too. and so first we have a  ,bunch of new shapes, such as databases, queues,  files, and folders, that will enable you to make  ,more complex architecture diagrams, and next  one of my personal favorites is Code blocks!  ,So this is something that you can use to  collaborate and brainstorm on code snippets  ,right in FigJam! we have automatic syntax  highlighting for 10 plus different languages,  ,and you can jump in with your teams and do things  like, annotating, commenting, and so much more.,and finally, we have a  feature called Open sessions! ,So weve heard from all of you that you want to  invite casual and temporary editors into a FigJam  ,file, for example, inviting research participants  for a workshop, or inviting clients for one-off  ,planning sessions, and so we want to make it even  easier for you to temporarily invite anyone you  ,want, without requiring them to have to log in  or pay for a FigJam license. All you have to do  ,is click “Share” in the top right and then we have  a new section here called “Start an Open session.” ,The moment you click “Start,” anyone with the link  including people without accounts, can jump right  ,in and jam with your team, and it will manually  expire after 24 hours, or you can manually end it.  ,There are no limits to how many open sessions you  can start. So thats all I have for this section,  ,and next ill hand it off to Bersabel, who  will introduce our Open platform for FigJam.,Awesome! Thanks, Emily. Let me just share my screen now.,All right, so next, because no two teams are  the same, and because everyone has unique  ,ways that they work, we want to introduce you  to some new ways that you can extend FigJam  ,to fit exactly how you and your team jam together. The first being Plugins! So we know one of the  ,many reasons our users love Figma today is because  of our Plugins, and so were bringing the power of  ,our open platform to FigJam by introducing Plugins  there as well. So in August, we began a beta  ,for a FigJam Plugin API and I have been working  closely with developers to get a bunch of plugins  ,built and published for you all, and today, you  can access over 40 plugins in FigJam to do things  ,like automate workflows and repetitive tasks, to  bring in real data, like images and other content,,and add new functionality, such as spell check,  find and replace, and even image editing,  ,all directly in FigJam. So now, Im excited to  share what exactly our developer community has  ,been cooking up. So I want to take a first look at  some of my favorite Plugins that Ive been using.  ,So as you know, Plugins make life  so much easier by speeding up how  ,you work. The first Plugin I want to show  you is called “Create Sticky From Text” ,by Daniel Destefanis and Discord. So lets say  that I have a document of long-form notes from  ,a user research session that I want to bring into  a FigJam file so that I can brainstorm with my  ,team, ideate, and really sort of like dig into how  to make that feedback actionable. Or, you know,  ,more realistically, I dont know if you all  agree, I have a bunch of scattered feedback from  ,colleagues and teammates all throughout various  Slack channels. But regardless of how I have my  ,feedback stored, what I want to do is get it all  into FigJam and start jamming on it with my team.,So luckily, this Plugin helps me do exactly that. So with the “Create Sticky From Text” plugin,,all I have to do is simply copy and paste my  feedback into FigJam, and then I can go ahead and  ,run this plugin, and what it does is it analyzes  the text and then turns it into sticky notes,for me right here on the canvas, just like  this, and what I love most about this Plugin  ,is that I dont need to have my feedback in any  sort of special format, or cleaned up, I can  ,have it all jumbled together in this big sort of  like paragraph here, and the Plugin still works.,It reads through the text, it analyzes the  sentences, and then splits all that into stickies  ,as well, which is super helpful. So now  that Ive got all of my feedback in stickies,in FigJam, usually what I like to do next  is I like to get all my teammates together,  ,and sort of brainstorm and figure out which  are the things that actually resonate the most  ,and so the easy way to do that, or how we do  that, is by voting. A really quick way is by using  ,stamps, which are super accessible to everyone,  because we have the keyboard shortcut E ,for you to access this wheel. So what you can  do, is you can go in, and you can add plus ones,  ,to feedback that you particularly like, you can  add hearts for things you really love, stars, ,thumbs up, and then a really cool part of this  is that if there are questions that you have and  ,sort of feedback you want to dig into more, you  can add question marks to make sure that you  ,and your team dont skip over those and go  back. So now that everyone on the team has voted  ,and added stamps to all these stickies, the next  thing that I want to do is sort of synthesize a

AlgoExpert vs LeetCode (How I got my Google Job Offer)

whats up everybody hows it going wait,thats definitely not my introduction,whats up everybody hows it going,whats up whats up,whats up everybody hows it going so do,you also want to land your dream girl,i meant dream job i use algox for dot io,to prepare for my coding interviews,the number is 5.5,so in this video theres going to be a,clash of titans im going to be,comparing lead code versus algae expert,head to head to help you make the best,decision ill be comparing algo expert,versus lead code premium this video is,definitely not sponsored so this is all,from my own personal experiences so ill,be going over four major points in this,video the first one is going to be the,question content and ill be comparing,the questions that are available on lead,code versus expert dot io the second,part that im going to be comparing is,going to be the coding interface the,third part is going to be comparing the,data structures and algorithm courses,that both of these platform possess and,the fourth part is going to be all about,pricing and budgeting between both of,these,platforms ive got seven i got sixteen,so lets go over the first part which is,going to be comparing the question,content so if youre talking about algo,expert we can see over here that we have,160 coding interviews questions,currently that you can practice from now,the algo expert team is always adding,more questions so by the time that you,might be seeing this video there might,be more questions available to practice,from so as you guys can see over here i,attempted 107 questions out of the 160,and that was enough for me to able to,crack my interviews i think that one of,the key features about algae expert is,how gamified it is this progress bar,really provides you with a good,motivation to keep doing questions as,you can see that youre making progress,i think that 160 questions is a much,more reasonable and justified goal that,you can work towards in a shorter period,of time it keeps you motivated and it,provides you with a clear path that you,can follow to be able to crack the,interview whereas for lead code we can,see over here that we have a total of 21,83 questions that you can attempt from,now theres definitely more questions,that you can attempt from the premium,version of lead code but theres,definitely not a clear defined goal that,you can work towards sometimes theres a,lot of confusion on what questions to,attend so i think definitely in this,area algo expert works better because,all of the questions are hand-picked,curated questions that are really,helpful for you to be able to crack your,interview another thing that i noticed,about lead code is that within the lead,code community theres this toxic sense,of doing a lot of questions recoding no,time for showers no time for breakfast,so youll see a lot of posts where,people are talking about doing one,fifteen hundred sixteen hundred maybe,seventeen hundred questions before they,landed their dream job now this might,have worked for them but this really,sets an unreasonable goal for all the,new people who are getting started it,demotivates them whereas in algo expert,you have a clear goal of doing 160,questions it keeps you motivated and,helps you prepare for the job interview,in a better way now lets talk about the,solution section in both of these,platforms so in lead code we can see,that the solution section has a video,solution now not all of the problems,have a video solution some of them have,it some of them dont have it this video,solution is of decent quality but the,quality can differ question to question,because all of the solutions are,crowdsourced we also have a solution,article over here that goes over various,approaches to approach the problem and,to solve the problem the solution is,provided in two languages which is only,java and python whereas if youre,comparing the same thing on algo expert,we have the solutions there are multiple,types of solutions that are available,but a really good thing that i like,about it is that all of the solutions,can be changed into the various,languages that you can code in now lead,code on the other hand has an advantage,of being very very community driven we,can see that a lot of the solutions are,posted into the discussion session now,this can allow you to really go over all,of the solutions that people have posted,to learn their insights and the,approaches that they take and this is,something which is not available in algo,expert because in algo expert you only,have the solutions that are posted by,the authors a feature that i really,liked about algo expert was their video,explanations as you guys can see over,here we have the video explanation now,this is provided for all of the,questions so you are guaranteed that,there will be a video explanation for,each of the questions that is available,on the platform all of the video,explanations were really good they,taught some insights on how to approach,the problem how to think about problems,in general now personally i really like,clements way of teaching im a visual,learner so i thought that this feature,was really beneficial for me one,drawback that it had was that all of the,solutions in the video explanation are,coded in python another point that you,might want to consider is that in algo,expert we have the questions divided,into easy medium hard and very hard and,you can group by difficulty you can,group by category or you can group them,randomly whereas in lead code you have,the ability to filter the questions by,their frequency by their difficulty or,by their acceptance rate you also have,the good feature of filtering questions,according to the companies that ask them,and i thought that this was really a,useful feature especially if youre,preparing for a specific interview at a,specific company now this is something,which is not currently available at algo,expert you cannot filter by frequency,you cannot filter by company,one feature that i think makes algo,expert really stand out is the hints,feature and as we can see over here we,have the question and we have various,hints for it and this really imitates a,real life coding interview experience,because during the interview youll be,trying to solve the problem with your,interviewer and if youre getting stuck,then they would provide you with a hint,to unblock you so while youre solving a,problem on algo expert if youre getting,blocked you can try using these hints to,unblock yourself whereas in lead code,you would have to go to the solution or,go through the discussion section and it,wont really allow you to brainstorm the,question by yourself and come to the,solution using your own approach so just,to show you guys that i still got it,ill be trying to solve this problem on,algo expert so lets check out the,problem,oh,its the twosome problem,definitely i havent seen it before so,im going to code it in javascript,now lets talk about the second part,which is the coding interface so the,first and most important point that we,can see over here on the screen is that,lead code doesnt have a dark option,theme,dark theme elite users hit the like,button subscribe to my channel and show,me some support whereas if were talking,about algo expert we can see over here,that algo expert provides you with the,light team,as well as the dark theme,another feature that i really liked,about algo expert which i think is,missing in lead code is the stopwatch,and the stopwatch really allowed you to,imitate a real-life interview experience,because in real life your interview,would either be 45 minutes or maybe like,an hour so that really allows you to,solve the problem in that time bound to,keep yourselves in check and to not,waste a lot of time on a single problem,another thing that i really like about,algae expert is the ability to save,multiple solutions so as you guys can,see over here there is the option to,have solution 2 and solution 3. now this,is really useful especially if youre,doing dp problems

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