1. Mavyret, T.M.I Side effects??? Day 2 of week 5…
  2. Mavyret (glecaprevir & pibrentasvir)- HCV infection- by Saro Arakelians, PharmD- Episode #97
  3. Mavyret 101: Uses, Side Effects + Monitoring And Labs You Need To Have First
  4. Mavyret Morning-My Last 3 Pills!!!????????????
  5. Mavyret review
  6. Hep C-Unpacking Mavyret-The First 23 Minutes…
  7. My experience taking Mavyret for Hep C.

Mavyret, T.M.I Side effects??? Day 2 of week 5…

so hi everyone I know Im checking in,about my maverick journey as you know if,you subscribed liked or viewed any other,videos even thus far and Im on day two,of my fifth week so I wanted to make,sure that I checked in today and shared,some of the side effects that Im having,and Ive just been really tired,that doesnt seem to be lifting Im,hoping that you know maybe its just,taking me longer to have that weighted,to heavy feeling leave and and then at,some point it will but if not then hell,Ive got like four more weeks to go and,[Music],the only other side effect that I had,been experiencing outside of the that,slight headaches and the heaviness was a,little bit of weight gain and I havent,really noticed anymore this last week so,I dont know maybe I was just putting on,weight I dont know but I will keep,checking in about that and then also I,noticed the other day that this is kind,of TMI but the whole story and journey,is him I really as that havent been,experiencing tenderness around my areola,area mighty cheese so I dont know if,that has anything to do with Maverick,the meds or whatever but so Ill be,checking in with my doctor on the 29th,about that when I go see him and at that,point you know he will also be reading,me my blood up so I will hopefully be,doing a blog about,those things and then of course about,the results of or the interpretation of,the route the blood loss blood results,that that came in so yeah with that said,Im just gonna keep drinking water Im,gonna keep doing this deal and see it,through to the end and the positive,affirmations that I was going to be,doing Im going to insert them so that,way you guys can read them in the last,video I said that I owed you two because,I didnt give one and I will include two,and maybe you guys will read them and,get something from them and I dont know,maybe you wont but its my hope that,you do and if you know somebody thats,going through this journey or is,thinking about taking the journey with,maverick then please share and encourage,them to seek out my videos or you or,they can reach me via email at make it,part of your dance at gmail.com and its,all proper spelling so lowercase yeah so,make it part of your dance,thats what Im doing make a maverick a,part of my days

Mavyret (glecaprevir & pibrentasvir)- HCV infection- by Saro Arakelians, PharmD- Episode #97

good afternoon everyone this is sarah,arcadious your clinical pharmacist,welcome to episode number 97,of pharmacists education coroner today,ill be discussing another medication in,summary for you the name of the,medication is,mavriot or a combination of glycogen,and pure brain pibrinthusville uh,maverick is from every pharma,it was if they approved analysis on,august 3rd uh 2017.,ive included the box of america over,here and ill get to dosing,in a second maverick is a fixers,combination of gray copper beer as i,mentioned a hepatitis c,virus and a public sphere in hcv,ns 5a inhibitor and it is indicated for,treatment of adults and pediatric,patients 12 years and,older or weighing at least 45 kilogram,with chronic hcv genotype uh,one two three four five six infection,without cirrhosis or with compensated,cirrhosis of,child view mma score margaret is also,indicated for three,dollars and pediatric patients 12 years,and older or weighing at least 45,kilogram with hcv general type 1,infection,who previously have been treated with a,regimen uh containing an,hcv ns5a inhibitor or,ns3 for a protest inhibitor,but not not both my weight m as i,mentioned its a combination of,glycoproper and preventative sphere so,it works with their mechanism actions as,a combination,medication which are direct acting m,antiviral agents against,its hepatitis c virus it comes in a,tablet format hundred milligame,glacier and 40 milligame preparedness,here,as far as administration goes the,testing,prior to initiation of therapy should be,performed for,hpv infection and measuring the hpv hps,agn bc levels,recommended doses in adults and,pediatric patients 12 years and older,or weighing at least 45 kilogram is,three tablets taken at the same time,orally once daily total daily dose of,egg recovery 300 milligame in public,sphere 120 milligame,wheat food duration of therapy could be,8 12 16 weeks based on the patients,condition and the,recommendation of the physician most,common side effects seen from this,medication clinical trials included,headache and fatigue fatigue,its important for these patients to,know about these medications and if they,experience any of these,side effects to refer back to their um,healthcare provider or pharmacist for,a follow-up for clinical trials um,for margaret there there was a study of,320 subjects,with the age range of 65 years um and,over 14 of the total number of subjects,in the phase three two and three,clinical trials and 47 subjects and were,age 75,and um over and over differences in,safety,or effectiveness of um were observed,between the,um the subjects and younger subjects and,other,report clinical experiences um has not,been identified,um as different in responses between the,elderly,and younger patients and no those,adjustments uh,for a maverick was needed for geriatric,population,so based on this study and few other,studies maverick,uh in combination of great cup review,and preparedness sphere,was approved from abby manufacturer on,august 3rd,2017 um as a combination medication,uh for a term the treatment of chronic,hcv genotype one two three four five six,infections,uh without sources or with compensated,cirrhosis of um,child pure score um child poa,patients this is a summary information,about,maverick for more detailed information,as far as those adjustments uh clinical,trials country indications limitation of,use,and referred back to the package insert,available online from the appv,manufacturer,hope you enjoyed this video as always,stay safe and take your medications,you

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Mavyret 101: Uses, Side Effects + Monitoring And Labs You Need To Have First

hi this is pharmacist curtis alexander,in this video were going to be talking,about the medication called maverick,before we get into that real quick if,you enjoy the video id appreciate a,thumbs up,also subscribe make sure you subscribe,if you want to see more videos like this,on medications and supplements so,maverick its use is for hepatitis c so,its a fairly,rare drug but when its seen as kind of,an interesting drug,now as far as how it works to treat,hepatitis c,its mechanism of action is its,basically going in,and its blocking hepatitis c,replication,from reproducing and it does that,actually maverick,is a combination of two separate,medications in one pill,now the thing that can be problematic,obviously hepatitis c is a problematic,disease to start with,but one of the things when you give a,patient who has hepatitis c,maverick what we can see happen is that,it can actually,reactivate hepatitis b as in boy,so before we start somebody on maverick,one of the first things your doctor is,going to need to do,is measure your blood to see if you,have any hepatitis b if you dont,thats a good sign that we can move,forward the other thing,before we start maverick theyre going,to test you for whats called a child,pew score and usually if if youre being,put,on maverick youre seeing a,gastroenterologist usually who,who prescribes this but,the child pew is basically a,stratification a scoring system,to let us know that youre okay to take,maverick,now the score has to be low enough if,your score gets too high with the child,pew,its contraindicated you cant take,maverick,so the things theyre going to be,looking at is your labs theyll look at,your inr,which is to tell you how fast your blood,clots,the other thing that well look at is,theyll do a physical,on you to see if you have whats called,a cities or,and youll usually see that if your,stomach has descended,distended just from the liver problems,that are going on so,child pew score the hepatitis b also the,thing to keep in mind something if,youre on maverick that you want to keep,an eye on,if youre diabetic maverick can actually,cause this sounds good but it can cause,problems with maverick it can,actually cause you to metabolize glucose,more efficiently and that can show up,with some,blood you know some blood glucose,problems,uh so thats something that you,definitely want to keep an eye out for,so,keep an eye out for some hypoglycemia,next,the dosing maverick comes in a box of 84,doses and thats three of those a day so,one box,last 28 days the course is for eight,weeks,and you do want to take that with food,so once the eight weeks is done the,the course of maverick is also done now,side effects um,i try to list you know generally just,the five most common with maverick,it tends to revolve around stomach side,effects so one of the more common ones,is going to be nausea,thats six to twelve percent of people,you can see a little bit of fatigue,eight to fifteen percent of people then,we have aha which is headache,six to seventeen percent of people you,cant see rash,in some users and again another,gi gastrointestinal which is diarrhea,and three to seven percent of people,maverick does have drug interactions but,its really hard,to stratify them so your best bet is if,youre being put on maverick,you want to be talking with your,pharmacy youll be getting maverick from,a specialty pharmacy,but they need to know the other,medications that youre on,to run a check specifically for your,situation,the other part about maverick that can,be problematic,is the cost the good news is most,insurances pay from average,it theres usually a prior authorization,process that they have to go through,but in most cases its actually,affordable once it goes through that,process,but it can be you know you may have to,overcome some hurdles,to get to that process but most the time,they pay for it,im going to include a link in the,description,you know they do have some financial,assistance that kind of thing through,the drug companies so again,this is maverick for hepatitis c curtis,alexander im a pharmacist,any questions post them in the comments,ill do my best to answer those,and until the next video thank you

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Mavyret Morning-My Last 3 Pills!!!????????????

so hi everyone it is the the night,before I take my last three maverick,pills so it is Navarrete Eve,for me and I just wanted to check in,before I ended my evening because I am,stuck thinking about it and being really,excited so I wanted to share that with,you I am going to go ahead and be my,goofy self and tomorrow morning I will,be checking in while I actually take my,last three bills of Maverick with my,oatmeal it was though until then I will,see you tomorrow morning and thats it,thats all good morning everyone so it,is my last day of the Maverick truth and,I obviously have blabbered right here,over right here and look at that today,is my very last day this is awesome this,is very puffy this morning but,nonetheless Im doing this and Im going,to upload it despite the way I look so,thats what I do and have done from the,last eight weeks older to have toss it,in the garbage and I dont look terrible,with that okay,and so I wanted to take this with you,this morning because like I said its,the last day of eight weeks of maverick,treatment and I am super excited pushing,these out of the bubble pack its kind,of a struggle number one go back empty,pills in hand go mad were done and I,even took with coffee this morning,because Im being a rumble instead of my,water thats right super excited thank,you guys so much for following me on my,journey I am going to possibly if I can,have bidding a record my last blood draw,and then with that video Im also going,to followup with the topics that we,talked about and in one of my earlier,videos so I dont know what those are,off the top of my head because Im,literally just getting up and still,released think they obviously havent,had my cup of coffee yeah its a huge,one to check it out,anyways nonetheless Im rambling yeah so,this is my send off to this maverick and,I cant believe it so lets see what the,blood lab say on Thursday,I will be checking in with you guys,later and we will remove Everett set him,over here,and our daily book will be right there I,love you guys

Mavyret review

hello everyone im im giving my review,for the drug maverick that cures,hepatitis c i finished an 8 week,treatment April 22nd 2019 so its been,about 14 weeks since I have finished,taking maverick I am still having a lot,of fatigue,today is August 15th and Im still,having a lot of fatigue I mean a lot but,thankfully I can sleep good I cant,sleep in at night I was sleeping 14,hours a day sleeping pretty much all day,I could not have worked now Im able to,work some 24 hours a week I get nauseous,sometimes from time to time throughout,the day but most time its not bad the,worst part for me its a fatigue the,fatigue is intense sometimes,which also feeds probably the depression,so sometimes I get really depressed but,I know that its supposed to get better,within a year so my doctor tells me six,months but Im seeing a lot of reviews,or takes a year but I just I do notice a,small difference about every three weeks,every three weeks or so Ill notice my,energy level goes up a little so I mean,at least you know it is getting better,its just really slow,so if theres anyone who is experiencing,a lot of fatigue or anything else um I,hope that you you know dont give up and,it will be okay youll get your energy,back it just might take a little while,like today I was fun I got up at nine in,the morning and I went out to do some,shopping and I got home about 2:00 and,so now Ive had to lay down kind of,sound was nauseous and just really tired,so but every couple of weeks I will keep,you updated Oh another thing my hair my,hair is really I got really thick hair,anyway but my hair did my hair didnt,fall out my hair just like got kind of,thin and my skin got sort of like dry,like almost grey from taking the,treatment um not really sure why that,happened but so Im excited that its,actually starting to like fill elastic,again and you know feel like its,getting better so thats definitely a,good thing like I did have really really,like sagging under my eyes a lot and,thats starting to get better Ive been,taking some supplements to help with,that like um um omega omega fatty acids,and stuff and and drink a lot of fluids,Ive been drinking a lot of fluids and,mainly do sugar-free like water and Ill,add like some Crystal Light to it,or generic crystallite like Walmart,brand or whatever because the sugar is,just not good for you when especially in,this healing process so anyway Im I,will check back with you guys in a,couple weeks and I hope that this helps,someone

Hep C-Unpacking Mavyret-The First 23 Minutes…

okay Im not sure where to start,hello I am going to do my very first,vlog Im not quite sure where to look,he should be looking at myself which is,directly ahead of me or into the little,dot and my phone nonetheless I figured,out just bear with me Im gonna be,blogging about my story and my journey,with the new hepatitis C medication its,out to you its called Mavericks and I,received dressed nothing I do my,visitors however ya know I received this,box in the mail its supposed to contain,[Music],my first four weeks in eight-week,treatment and this treatment is supposed,to be for me it will be eight weeks and,it will be three pills a day taken all,at the same time and I decided that I,want to do that with my breakfast,because they say that you have to take,it with a meal and they have also said,that there could be a little bit of side,effects around sleep or slight insomnia,as insomnia but that isnt one of the,two most talked about side effects for,this new Hep C drug,Everitt the two most common side effects,are headache and the entire and if you,have sexy or know somebody that has Hep,C then chances are if were anything if,theyre anything like me,were tired all the time like it just is,really hard to have any amount of energy,um nothing is too debilitating for me,this is just for me at this point,however there are the highs and lows,that I go through and have gone through,in the past where I can just really feel,my liver not functioning correctly and,its just not nothing catalyzing the,things that it needs to be metabolizing,and it just feels it makes me feel like,Im just really tired,so anyways back to the side effects that,are reported when I spoke with the,pharmacist at a cheer up pharmacy,probably not the right pronunciation,um however I will correct that in in the,video when its being edited if Im,wrong however the pharmacist had said,that that the side effect of being tired,isnt like that blue tired where you,just have absolutely no energy and it,shouldnt keep you keep me from work and,then the other side effect is the,headaches,he said eh there hasnt been any reports,thus far of people having such a,debilitating headache yeah,that has kept them from work or,functioning in their daily life so Im,going to have to at this point believe,them until I experience it for myself,what I found is that through my journey,of trying to research this new drug,elaborate it on YouTube and just be the,Internet,I havent found anybody yet that has,provided a testimony or has been,blogging about their journeying with the,Maverick medication and so all I have to,go by now is what the manufacturer of,the drug merit has written and and then,my experience and that is one of not one,of that is the main reason and lot of,messenger that is one of the two reasons,why I decided to take this journey and I,guess my son says its vlogging on,YouTube if its a video so so the first,reason is that I was unable to find,anybody that was or had given a,testimony through their journey of,taking this Hep C drug and and then the,second reason is to kind of help keep,myself accountable because I have had a,Hep C since 1900 goodness 1998 I believe,and have always been afraid of the,journey of taking or dressing my Hep C,with medication I know the first one was,interferon and,I was afraid of interferon because the,side-effects,I know kept people out of work and it,really affected their quality of life,some people lost their hair Im older,now but still have some vanity and ego,and which is sad because I chose the,hair keeping the hair over addressing,the medical issue on the flip side of,that coin Ive waited all this time and,now they have even whats supposed to be,a better drug that has less side effects,so I was afraid of doing the interview,on interferon and then when I finally,got bold enough and brave enough in 2016,there was the drug harvoni and I had,been asked if I wanted to participate in,that and at that point I was really,scared,however I decided that I wasnt getting,any younger,and because of that and other health,issues that I should actually stand up,and participate in my own physical,wellness and physical health wellness,and so I decided to go ahead and and try,to get my insurance to pay for the,harvoni and at that point in 2016 they,my private insurance denied the request,and the doctor said I was working with,had put in a not a grievance but a,anyways they wrote him letters I dont,have to work for it right now but they,wrote my insurance company letters and,advocated for me and at the end of the,day my insurance company still said no,it was too expensive my understanding is,that harvoni was like a thousand dollars,a pill or something to that effect in my,insurance company didnt apparently,think in being facetious right now but,didnt think my life was worth that and,so they didnt think shows not to pay it,therefore I was unable to participate in,that hepatitis C medication program so,now its July of 2018 and I am 50 years,old and my health is letting me know,that I in 50 years old so in my bodys,letting me know Im 50 years old so Ive,decided to go ahead and take the advice,of my amazing doctor and take this new,maverick treatment and they advocated to,my private insurance for me and it was,able to get me this medication for the,full time that Im to be on it which is,eight weeks like I said in the beginning,and the beautiful thing is is that I,only had to pay $5.00 : what five dollar,copay so I will make that I made that,five dollar copay and then um because,this box whatever is in it I dont know,yet I saved that for this video I will,have to pay another five dollar copay,for my last four weeks and the cool,thing about this,a medication that I thought is it is for,me its kind of a sensitive subject to,talk about having Hep C because theres,some decisions in my life that I made,that caused me to have this um silent,killer as its been deemed over the,years and so I am NOT one to openly,speak about it however I have changed my,mind because I think its very important,so anyway so I say did this unpacking to,do with everybody and I know Im really,worried I use a lot of words so forgive,me for that I always have a story youre,gonna learn that about me if you follow,me and my journey with this maverick,drug but right now Im opening it up Im,opening Im gonna tell you what I was,told by my my doctor amazing man,after getting the approval and they,notified me that I was approved in and,whatnot they told me that I would get,that it would be receiving the drug via,mail which is a beautiful thing I think,I was starting to get to that point,earlier but which is a beautiful thing,um it is a sensitive subject and I dont,really want to go to a pharmacy and pick,up a drug that is used for Hep C I just,dont um they dont let those standing,behind me or you know I dont know its,just harder that I dont know if its,ego pride shame probably more shame and,embarrassment than anything,right right,nonetheless so in this box mm Ill show,you what I have but back to what,everything my doctor Vallejos had call,his office before we wanted made a call,before I actually took my first dose so,that way he first just wanted to know,that the medication arrived and wanted,me to decide on a start date and I think,thats another amazing thing I dont,know if thats protocol for doctors or,if that is just the way doctor vallejos,operates and kind of tries to empower,you with making such a big decision in,your life kind of just empowers you,gives you control over something that,you dont have control over but I loving,you to start your choose your start date,so basically he was like saying hey if,you get this man and you dont start for,a week thats okay if you dont start,for a month thats okay what I want you,to do is call me the day before you,start and then call me after you take,your first dose so I believe I mentioned,Im starting in the morning and I have,to eat a meal which is going to be,something really different b

My experience taking Mavyret for Hep C.

hey my name is Brady and I wanted to,document my current journey which is,taking a medication called maverick to,potentially cure my hepatitis C so I was,very curious about this medication my,doctor pretty much like sold me the,dream and was like you know most people,they have no side effects at all and,only 5% feel like a little likeyou no,tiredness or dizziness so Im just like,like cool because I know like the,history of like treatments with this it,was definitely not the case and it was,long-term and it was lots of side,effects and like what 30 person at the,time you got cured so the odds of like,being cured word not even kind of like,worth all the bad side effects and the,race so I was like okay cool so I went,online trying to find videos similar to,the one that Im currently making like,peoples own personal journeys of like,what it was like taking this medication,cuz I like to research and I want to get,the facts however I think I found like,two videos dude like I searched multiple,pages and there was just like slim to,none out there and the ones that I did,find like I could not buy with the,people at all like okay this isnt gonna,work for me so Im just gonna go onto,this plane and Im like why cant I find,any video it was like you can find a,tutorial for it anything out there how,to do this like I dont know,and Im like why can I not find this Im,like Oh duh because this is hepatitis C,there is a huge stigma around it and Im,sure most people I myself dont really,want to like associate themselves,especially like publicly with this,disease so since thats the case I guess,Ill be the sacrificial lamb and I will,throw myself out there to hopefully try,to kind of beat down the stigma of this,so yeah so pretty much Ive been taking,this medication for three weeks and yes,I am three weeks behind with trying to,make these videos but I went back and,forth in my head of whether or not I,even wanted to do this because ya didnt,really know if I wanted to like publicly,be like oh I have this disease but here,I am so within the first 48 hours of,taking maverick I woke up on day three,literally destroyed I felt like I was,dying I was like what is going on like,am I getting sick but it was just pure,exhaustion I felt like like if I was,like slaying inflatable tube like,someone like sucked all of the air out,of me the light has been sucked out of,me theres a 500-pound weight on my back,I would sleep like ten hours which is,like really good for me because Im a,mom of a two-year-old and I would wake,up feeling like I didnt sleep at all,Im like oh crap like this has got to be,the medication because I just slept ten,hours and like Im dying so thats like,definitely the main thing super,exhausted it gets kind of like worse,within a few hours of like being awake,its like you feel like youre dying um,and then the beginning of week two I my,ear like started feeling super weird I,was like what is going on like I dont,get ear infections I never have any,issues in my ear so I went to the doctor,and she was just like oh you know its,probably allergies so take this nasal,spray and hopefully itll help to clear,all the fluid from your ears so Ive,been doing that for a week still totally,full feels like Im underwater cant,really hear out of my left ear but also,since its been a week kind of used to,it and just kind of living with it for,right now so I dont know if that has,something to do with the medication or,just like it trying to fight off the,virus so therefore my immune system is,not as powerful,so Im more prone to like other weird,stuff happening but I dont have an,infection in my ear so its not like,yeah its like I have an infection so,well see what happens with that um,definitely notice being dizzy usually if,I get up too fast or just sometimes when,Im walking like all that is like a,little like whoa,feeling I need to sit down get like the,chills a lot so its like kind of like,going from like hot and colds like all,its summertime here in North Carolina,and its super friggin hot but I will be,like wearing a sweater in my house,because Im freezing but then a little,bit later like oh so hot so its almost,like Im breaking a fever on and off and,then at nighttime is like super hot like,heatstroke hot well maybe thats like an,exaggeration but I have to like turn the,air down and like 69 and Im still like,Im so hot,like I cant cool off um let me try to,think what else is going on oh yes so,pretty much like my glands are swollen,so these guys and then like two on the,side of my neck are pretty much on and,off swelling Im assuming thats also,like the immune response because I mean,my body is trying to kill a virus right,now so obviously some lymph nodes are,gonna swell I cant really act surprised,about that so that is just the main,things that are going on right now,I plan to at least come on here once a,week just to like I dont know check in,so its kind of like up to date of,whats going on if things subside or if,new things are added on to the,side-effect list so if you want you can,come back in a week and join me,definitely hope this is helpful if you,are here obviously this is something,that you are suffering with and its um,that you may be thinking about doing I,definitely think that if this legit will,get rid of my hepatitis like obviously,its worth a little you know a shortlist,of measly side-effects like whatever I,can deal with this for eight weeks if I,can be like clear of this for the rest,of my life so yeah its totally worth it,well hopefully itll be totally worth it,well see but enjoy me next week and,well see whats going on

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