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MCS Vancouver Document Scanning Services

[Music],microcom systems limited,a locally owned company located in,burnaby british columbia,has been in the document imaging,business since 1975.,we provide scanning hardware and,software sales,and scanning services to federal,provincial,and municipal government legal firms,medical practices,utility companies and manufacturing,firms throughout western canada,microcom provides professional high,volume scanning services for paper,documents,large format plans and maps microfiche,and roll microfilm delicate bound books,photographs and negatives,documents are prepared to efficiently,pass through a scanner,by removing staples and paper clips,repairing damaged documents,and arranging files into uniform bundles,we utilize automated procedures,throughout the scanning process,to systematically reassemble various,types of folder contents,in the final product,microcom has several high-speed document,scanners,to digitize letter and legal size,documents,in black and white and color,16 millimeter and 35 millimeter,microfiche or roll film,can also be scanned to produce high,quality digital images,using the largest complement of high,volume microfilm scanners,in western canada for large format plans,and maps,microcom can scan up to 54 inches in,width,in black and white and color for bound,books,we can either cut the binding to allow,for efficient hopper scanning,or we can utilize our book scanner for,fragile,non-destructive scanning every image,is checked for quality by conducting an,original to scanned image comparison,substandard or missing images are,rescanned,to produce the best image quality,possible this,is what sets microcom apart from our,competitors,using automated text recognition or,manual data entry,microcom can capture as little or as,much of the textual metadata,related to each document as is required,provided in either the file name or a,related,metadata file if you have an existing,listing of your files,we can utilize this to automate the,process,mitigate errors and reduce costs,once the images have been prepared,scanned,quality checked and indexed all project,data is,post-processed to adhere to your,specific requirements,the end product might include black and,white images,colored documents and photographs plus,large format images,all presented in searchable multi-page,pdf files,for archival specification we can,additionally provide,uncompressed tip images at your desired,resolution,request a free estimate of your scanning,needs at our website,or give us a call,you

Document Scanning: Turning Paper into Electronic Documents

this is one of restore scans document,management centers which helps customers,with high volumes of paper-based data,achieve significant cost and time,savings turning paper documents into,electronic data can reduce postage,transportation and storage costs free up,valuable real estate and improve,customer service levels the information,and records management society accept,that paper will continue to be an,important part of many organizations,information process for the medium term,therefore the appropriate use of,scanning should be part of an,intelligent information management,system the opportunity to convert great,chunks of of paper records that have to,be retained to convert those to,electronic is extremely desirable not,only because you no longer have to store,them in paper and you can you can shift,that cost to electronic which tends to,which does tend to be cheaper but also,youre actually gaining access to those,records that you may never have had,before,so whereas cost saving is the driver you,are actually making a cost saving but,youre but youre actually seeing a,business benefit as well there are,increasing legal requirements relating,to the storage and management of data,and an escalating threat from hackers,and cyber criminals in addition new,technologies are opening up new,opportunities and challenges for,organizations dealing with information,for many organizations there comes a,point when it makes business sense to,outsource document management to a,trusted and the credited service,provider restore is the largest UK owned,document management company with centers,across the country from Scotland to the,south coast and holds all the,appropriate iso and british standard,certificates if a company is looking to,take an existing document archive,whether its one thats growing or one,that already exists and they make the,decision that well were not a document,management company were not recognizing,company we need to get a specialist to,do this for us for the next 10 15 20,years you dont really know whats in,front of us then the benefit is that,this is our core business this is what,we do we are aware of compliance and,regulations and standards we are sort of,geared for first towards making sure,thats as good as the best it can be,larger businesses as they grow that,doesnt become the focus anymore,you know they know they need to store,documents and records information but,there comes a time when youve got to,sort of let that be done for you and on,your behalf we can fit in quite well,with finance with HR with compliance,with projection there are all areas of,those large businesses do need these,sorts of services and their records and,their documents need three moneys at,all levels and for the long-term restore,invests considerable upfront time to,ensure they get to know their customers,business processes so the services they,deliver realize the best possible return,on investment what we like to do is,understand what the critical business,processes are so wed like to get,involved right at the beginning see,whats happening at in the post room see,whats happening in the in the offices,see what the the flow of information is,right through the organization so we can,get the right balance between storing,information,digitizing information and get the right,technology wrapper around that one of,the biggest efficiencies restore scan is,able to offer to clients is digitizing,their mail rooms for the processing of,traditional mail alongside emails and,other electronic data,well if digital mail room manages both,paper-based and electronically receipted,documents and what we do at restore is,maximize the efficiencies of it by,reducing the time it takes to get that,information into an organisations line,of business application via a CRM system,or a financial the RP system to find out,more about how restore can help improve,your document management visit w-w-w dot,restore co dot u K or called Oh trouble,three triple two six zero five nine,you

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The OPEX® Falcon® Document Scanning Workstation Demo

so this is OPEX Falcon while other,scanners focus on the speed that they,can feed nice clean prepped stacks of,work well what weve done is looked at,the whole process starting with the prep,its really thats where most of the,work is so instead of imagining me,sitting at this set of scene we sit at,this scanning workstation imagine Im,sitting at a prep table and I have a,file that I need a scan so Ive removed,my my file and if I was sitting at a,prep table right had opened this first,file and I might put a header sheet or,something here and then I would start to,prepare documents night and stack up my,nice stuff clean stack of paper and I,have to go through every sheet of paper,because I dont know where there might,be a post-it note covering content that,I have to move away from the clear area,or maybe a stapled item or a small item,like typically have to take this little,full-size sheet of paper and I would,continue to take from this pile and,create my nice clean stack of paper that,Id then go and take over to an auto fed,scanner in order to feed there so now if,I did everything exactly the same way as,I just did here but instead of allowing,this to stack up I had this conveyor on,and it took every item as I place the,beer and scanned it at minimum Id be,prepping and scanning at the prep rate,right so that means all of the scanning,time afterwards is just extra time even,if you have a thousand page per minute,scanner its a thousand pages of extra,time because just by having my table,move and placing items down here and,having it scan right now Im a minimum,prepping it standing out the preparation,so now well well look at the scanning,workstation of how we can take that and,go even further by reducing more,preference to a point where were,prepping and scanning faster than you,can typically prep the documents so,lets say I have information on the,folder I need to capture typically youd,have to photocopy this or at least cut,it in half in order to run,and Im just going to take the contents,out Ill run the folder right through,and then continue to run items right,back into that folder and prep while I,scan a small item like this that we,talked about having to take down and,having to remove this staple out I can,just drop and continue to scan as I go a,thin item like this I can just drop it,scant beifuss getting this up fedex or,UPS folder here now this is a double it,has a front and back side so Im going,to tell the scanner that this is a,double feed and I can actually swipe it,in this middle slot here to capture it,in color and well talk a little bit,about that in a few minutes I spent a,long time at a service bureau that were,scanning thousands of binders full of,information and they had these little,divider tabs in them and the information,on the tab is an index data thats very,important so they were actually taking,an opening pair of scissors pushing this,little piece of paper out to tape it to,a full-size sheet of paper in order to,scan this and our ability to simply run,this right through as it is with the,plastic tab was a 5x throughput,improvement that one feature alone or,maybe theres damaged wrinkled items we,handle those very well or metal tabs in,file holders I can fold those down Im,gonna tell the scanner to multi feat and,I can simply run that way through the,scanner so no cutting or photocopying of,any sort like that so we started by,saying that at minimum we could prep and,scan at the prep rate then we showed how,you can take different sized items we,eliminate some taping some photocopying,and other things that you have to do in,order prepare this may be that UPS for,you might have to cut that down in order,to stand that in a typical scanner and,so those are some some paper handling,and paper size advantages that allow us,to prep even faster and then there are,some advantages in the way that we,identify document breaks so youll,notice all of the items here going,across these were all the first document,everything that was in this folder and,as soon as the scanner saw a second,folder it,we we set it up and customized it so,that we could use that as a document,break so not having to put in a,separator sheet and it went down to this,next line here another way that we could,identify document break is we could use,a typical separator sheet of some sort,like this but at least if you do have to,use those we can sort those to a,separate bin for reuse save you on,printing cost there or I could just take,the next item and I can use the swipe,sensor and identify a document break and,well see that go down to the next line,here indicating that its the start of a,new document so theres several,different ways to quickly or easily,identify document breaks and some of,them may help you to eliminate a lot of,the separator sheets that youre using,now and then there are some image,capture and image enhancement advantages,and Im gonna run through this,photograph really quickly what youll,notice is if we go back over some of the,things that we scanned they correspond,to these buttons at the bottom so I this,is all customizable to paint based on,the type of work we have but based on,this some of this media that I ran here,Ive got some some buttons here that,corresponds to the items that weve skin,so folder,Pachi photo ticket black-and-white color,transcript divider tab theres several,different things here and some of those,the scanner can automatically identify,and capture differently for those items,so for example I ran this photograph,through and it has this pink background,color to it which I can easily see,corresponds to this photo page type,button at the bottom here so what,happened is I ran that through the,scanner identified but that was a 4×6,sized item and had color on it and so we,automatically captured Living Color and,identified it as a photo and we actually,had a couple of staples in there as well,but you can see that we just pulled it,off of the next page so that happened,automatically or the patch sheet we have,set to just capture the front because I,know I dont need the back of Apache,the folder is an interesting one whereas,I might capture a typical black and,white sheet I Im just catching a black,and way to the front and a black and,white at the back the folder I have,customized it said that I want a black,and white of a full front but I want a,grey scale of just this label ish area,because I may have to key some of these,items as index fields here and its much,easier to key off of just the smaller,snippet image rather than off of the,full so it enables me to set up,different ways of capturing items,another example is by the key this tab,information off of this divider tab much,easier to do from an image of just the,tab than from an image of the entire,sheet here so different ways to,customize how we capture and how we,clean up images nice color image of the,sub yes and blood,so we have some advantages there another,way that this plays out and is valuable,is there are a lot of jobs that require,color standing selectively on certain,items and so some people might use color,detection auto color detection for that,but that doesnt work in a lot of,situations because youd want this in,color because of the photographs here at,the bottom but you wouldnt want this in,color this form here on my left and the,color for my left actually has more,color pixels in it than the one on the,right so if you turn on color detection,youll get both of these in color well,we have a fast way of quickly switching,back and forth between color or non,color items and not even just captured,in color but having a specific profile,associated with this item so what I can,do is Im just gonna drop this first,item that I want black and white Im,gonna swipe the second one through this,middle sensor and then Im gonna run the,third page and youll see how fast that,was but I was able to switch from black,and white to color and back to black and,white with just a quick swipe in dee

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How does document scanning work?

[Music],more and more businesses are looking for,ways to increase efficiency and,adaptability one solution business,leaders are turning to is digitization,the process of turning physical,documents into digital files this,process is done by scanning the,documents into a computer while the,concept is straightforward when faced,with executing a scanning project many,business leaders find the process,tedious and even overwhelming however,with the help of a professional service,provider you can outsource the work and,reap all the benefits in fact it is so,easy the entire process is done in just,four steps even better you only have to,be,for step one,step one collection,ideally your business has already,indexed the physical records so that you,can easily search and locate the,documents which need to be scanned if,not you will need to sort through the,documents to decide which should be,digitized while this may sound like a,bit of a headache the good news is that,this is the only part of the process you,will have to do yourself,once you have decided what needs to be,scanned contact a certified document,scanning company the service may also be,referred to as document imaging or,digitization,also look for a provider that is based,in your area and can pick the documents,up from your location to avoid shipping,fees,step 2,preparation from this point on all the,work should be done by the document,scanning service provider before the,documents can be scanned they must first,be prepped this step involves removing,documents from any bindings or folders,removing staples and paper clips,checking for any folds or tears and,securing smaller documents such as,post-its to blank paper sheets to make,sure everything will scan correctly this,step is the most tedious and,time-consuming part of the process,however it is absolutely critical to,guarantee the quality of the scanned,images,step 3,scanning and indexing now that the,documents are properly prepared it is,time to start scanning them into digital,files as documents are scanned the,service provider should review the,scanned files to guarantee clarity and,readability once each file or group of,files are scanned and grouped in the,computer they will be indexed according,to your specifications when deciding how,the files should be indexed consider how,you will search for documents and how,they should be grouped together while,changes can be made to the indexing,later on make sure you can locate and,identify files from the very beginning,step 4,sharing once all the documents are,scanned and indexed the service provider,will share the digital files with you,via the include upon medium such as,external drive cloud storage or disks,make sure you discuss the sharing and,format options with the service provider,early on to guarantee you receive the,files in a way that is going to be,immediately accessible and usable by,your company,options will vary depending on the,service provider but you should be able,to find a solution that works for both,of you,once the document scanning project is,complete you still have one decision to,make,what do you want to do with the original,physical documents generally you have,three options first you have the,documents returned to your location,second you can have the documents,securely destroyed it is likely that the,scanning service provider will also be,able to provide secure shredding,services and responsible recycling or,can at least connect you to a shredding,service,or third you can pay a professional,record storage service to safely store,the documents in a secure warehouse,before choosing which option is best for,your business consider consulting legal,counsel and developing a retention,policy,if you need help with storage,destruction or scanning projects of any,size contact dss toll-free or visit,docshreders.com

Professional document scanning in 4 easy steps

[Music],tired of digging through boxes and,filing cabinets,need more office space and easier ways,to share data with employees both in the,office and at home,it may be time to explore digitizing,your files with a professional document,scanning service,and theres good news it doesnt have to,be overly complicated,in fact the entire process only has four,main steps,step 1 collection to get started you,must decide which files should be,scanned,your timeline for digitization and your,budget,scanning hundreds of boxes can be very,expensive,if you have budget constraints consider,scanning in increments,for instance you can scan a handful of,boxes each month,if your scanning service provider also,offers secure record storage,which is generally very affordable you,can store documents and have the service,provider pull and scan the correct,number,of boxes or files each month this will,spread out your costs over time while,still allowing you to get started,once you decide on your game plan create,an agreement with the service provider,technicians will come to your location,to collect the documents and transport,them to a secure facility for processing,step 2 preparation this step can be,quite,tedious but lucky for you all of the,prep work should be done by the service,provider,this process involves cleaning the files,of any staples or paper clips,and removing papers from any bindings,during this step documents will be,checked for bent corners or,other issues that would affect the,quality of the scanned images,if there are smaller papers such as,notes or post-its it is often necessary,to attach them to a blank piece of,printer paper to guarantee they scan,correctly,at this stage the documents will be,divided and sorted into stacks,based on how they should be indexed once,scanned,step 3 scanning now it is time for the,main event,your sorted and clean files are fed into,an industrial scanner,which sends the images to a computer as,files a scanning technician,indexes the files in the format you,requested for easy lookup later,the files will also be checked for any,errors to make sure the digital,documents are just as useful as the,originals,step 4 sharing once all of the scanning,is finished your freshly digitized files,are ready for delivery,typically you agree with the service,provider on the delivery medium at the,outset of the job,the most common options for delivery and,storage are external hard drives or,cloud storage cloud storage may also,include a software,solution to manage your digital assets,now that the scanning process is over,you still have,one last decision to make what will you,do with the original,physical files you have a few options,first you can simply have the documents,returned to your location,second you can pay to have them stored,securely off-site,or third you can have them securely,destroyed,when making your decision remember to,take into account retention requirements,and information security if you need,help securely storing or destroying,documents or it assets call dss toll,free or visit our website at,[Applause],docshreders.com

How to Scan a Document to your Phone

hi everyone my name is kevin today i,want to show you how you could scan in,documents or even whiteboards using,either an iphone or an android phone,entirely for free and before we jump,into this as full disclosure i work at,microsoft as a full-time employee my hr,department requires me to say this,because im going to be talking about a,microsoft product today now you might be,wondering well hey i could just use the,camera app on my phone to take a picture,of the document and that works fine for,example here i am on my iphone and i,have this document and i could go ahead,and lets take a quick picture of it,the thing though is its not the best,quality for a scan and there are some,apps out there that can take much better,photos of documents and today i want to,show you one of them called the office,app made by microsoft now this app will,work on either an android phone or an,iphone today i have an iphone so im,going to show you how to do it on an,iphone however the android interface is,almost identical to the iphones,interface so even if you have an android,phone youll be able to follow along so,how do we do this well the first thing,that were going to do is were going to,get the app and to do that on an iphone,you go to the app store on android you,go to the play store,and im going to go ahead and click into,the app store next im going to go ahead,and type in microsoft office and there,it is ill go ahead and search for it,and youll see that the top listing here,is microsoft office now if you dont yet,have the app on your phone you could go,ahead and click on install it doesnt,cost anything its a free app to put on,your phone,in my case ive already put the app on,my phone so im just going to go ahead,and open it so im going to click on,open and this will open up the office,app now with the office app what you can,do is it does a lot more than just,scanning documents you could also,create word excel powerpoint documents,you could get back to all your content,you could you know create word documents,directly from your phone so theres a,lot more you can do than just scanning,documents,but in this case i want to show you how,to create a great scan,so what i do is on this main interface,you see three buttons at the bottom what,were going to do is were going to,click on the one with the big plus icon,and then three different things will pop,up one is notes one is lens and one is,documents now microsoft has another app,called the office lens app and the,office lens app is amazing at taking,photos of documents or whiteboards and,it cleans them up very nicely and what,microsoft has done is theyve integrated,that functionality into the office app,so you have all that same functionality,from lens directly here and plus you get,a lot of other really nice and awesome,functionality so what i want to do is i,want to scan this document so im going,to click on lens and that will bring up,the microsoft lens app and so heres,that same document that i had before and,now im going to just kind of hover over,it and,here on the bottom i have three options,one is document,one is photo and one is whiteboard well,in this case im scanning in a document,so im going to go ahead and click on,document,and lets take a picture of it,as im doing that youll notice that it,puts borders around the document so its,identifying the edges of the document,and look at this nice scan so what it,does is it automatically adjusts the,document so it looks like youre looking,straight down at the document,and what i could do then is theres this,little icon at the base of the document,that says filters im going to click on,that and then within filters what you,could do is i could apply different,filters to the document so here i could,do black and white,heres another option with black and,white where you see a little bit of the,paper and then heres just purely,grayscale i really like black and white,one the most it gets rid of all the kind,of paper background and its a really,clean scan of this document,and what i can also do is i can also,shift the mode after the fact if lets,say i select a document but it was,really a whiteboard or maybe it was a,photo that i wanted to do but that all,looks good im satisfied with that,filter what i can also do is for,scanning this document youll see an,option down here that says file type so,i can click on file type and here its,now set to word i could click on it,again and itll change it to an image,file type or i could click on it again,and set it to a pdf i could choose what,type of file i want to save it as and,what i can also do the add new button in,the bottom left hand corner lets say,that there are more documents,as part of the set that i want to scan i,could click on that and then add another,say,image to that pdf file that im creating,um all in all some of the other things i,could do up at the top i could crop the,page more i could rotate it i could type,text on there i could also annotate it,annotating is kind of neat where here i,could go over and you know maybe i could,draw on the the image or if i want to,highlight something i could do that,with the annotation tools and what im,going to do next now is im going to,click on done,and once i click on done theres my scan,i could once again annotate it but here,in the bottom right hand corner theres,a share icon and so i could click on,there and what i could do is i could,name the file i could choose where i,want to save it so in terms of locations,um here i could just save it to one,drive i could choose the file or the the,folder location within onedrive of where,i want to save that file and then i,could upload it to the cloud but lets,say i dont want to put it on one drive,what i could also do is theres,something that says send a copy and if i,click on that thatll bring up this send,a copy dialog and then i have all my,typical either android or iphone sharing,capabilities where i can email it i can,message it,and you know however i want to share,that file i could go ahead and do that,from here,so im going to go ahead lets go ahead,and upload this file so i clicked on,upload it looks like its going ahead,and uploading that file now but what,its done is its scanned a very high,quality copy of this document and now i,can either access it on my phone i can,access it on my pc wherever i want to,get back to that file anyway hopefully,this video helped,show you how you could scan very high,quality files using either your iphone,or your android phone and its entirely,for free for this awesome functionality,i love it anytime i get documents in the,mail now and i dont want to keep a hard,copy i just scan them in put them in the,cloud then i dont have to worry about,it keeps things a lot cleaner too,if you want to see future videos like,this please hit that subscribe button,and lastly if you want to see uh if you,have any other ideas or any other videos,that you want to see me create leave a,comment down below i read them all and,ill add it to my list of videos to,create all right well thats all i have,for you today hope to see you next time,bye

Document Scanning For Schools Webinar

[Music],well good morning to everybody thank you,for uh taking the time to be here with,us today,im joe haines from keso document,management,and this is our webinar presentation for,scanning for schools,now what were going to do today is kind,of a,very,generic overview,of why schools need to digitize their,student records and other files,and how queso can help but were going,to try to remain very neutral,uh so that is not just a sales,presentation and that is it is as,informative as it can be okay,so were going to go through here and,get started,our meeting overview well go through,this is our quick introduction then,well talk about ferpa compliance okay,and uh then well go through the,benefits of outsourcing your scanning,instead of doing it yourself,why choose casso document management,some details of the processes that are,involved in digitization,and then document management as a whole,then well go through next steps,now ferpa is the family educational,rights and privacy act um that is a,federal law that has been put in place,think of it as hipaa for student records,and what it does is protects uh private,information for students and the,disclosure of that information uh that,needs to be very very controlled,and we are in a situation where,ferpa is in relative terms rather new,and theres going to be some point in,time where some litigation will happen,and ferpa will become a hot topic,across the the us,this is what happens with every time,there are government regulations,and people figure out that they can,litigate based on,non-compliance with those regulations,now theres a way to really avoid any,kind of ferpa violations,and keep yourself in the clear as a,public school district as a private,school or as a,higher education organization,you know or even as a charter school,okay,the,document management systems or,enterprise content management and im,going to use the term ecm a lot thats,just short for enterprise content,management that is where you have a,software system that is either located,on premises well use the term on-prem,for that quite a bit,where the software literally runs on a,server at your organizations,headquarters,or cloud-based which seems to be the,trend and where everyone seems to be,migrating to,where the software is accessed from,anywhere in the world,generally through a browser,and the same securities are available,through that okay,there are advantages to both however as,i said the trend seems to be falling,cloud uh nowadays,we can get any record uh up there,on the cloud or into your on-prem system,and these systems can manage everything,from student records,we do a tremendous amount of work with,sped departments,with cumulative files graduated student,records and so on,we can also handle these systems can,take on all of the,financials for a district or for a,school,all the vhr departments those are,generally very very uh widely used among,our education customers,so we can put everything uh into this,system and we can control,number one the access security is the,biggest issue uh the second biggest,issue is speed,we can,get things that used to take uh an hour,two hours a day or two to find and have,them at your fingertips,with a couple of mouse clicks and a,quick search okay,we have existing hardware,it can be used with any of these systems,generally even down to the servers if,theyre used in an on-premise system,okay so theres you dont have to go out,and buy a bunch of new equipment just to,be involved with digitizing your records,there are brand new and wonderful uh,basic ai,programs that are in place to help kind,of extract the information,that we get when we do the digitization,of the records okay so that you can have,things labeled and very easy to find uh,with a quick search,okay,if you have remote staff this really,brings things this is really come to the,forefront lately of course because of,the pandemic and many of us have just,adjusted to life as remote workers,and remote staff can reach these records,without,any,flaws in the security whatsoever nothing,is to be left open or out in the wind so,to speak,student records can be audited and,these trails are created on an automatic,basis you do not have to do anything as,a system,administrator within a school or a,director within a school,these,audit trails are created and you can see,exactly who accessed what document what,time they accessed it what was done with,that document so these trails create an,extra layer of security for us,where if something happens we will have,proof as the organization in question uh,as to what was hap what happened and who,did what okay,routing managing and reviewing can,automatically be done nowadays through,the use of workflows and workflows are,easily added as another modular layer on,top of most electronic content,management systems,very very efficient it stops the,shuffling of paper throughout an,organization and creates an almost,immediate,flow,and people would just,get to work in the morning hop on they,can see their queue of things that they,have to review or approve or deny,for that days work,all of those actions are of course,tracked and audited and you can tell,exactly what was done at any given time,or where a particular document is within,the system this puts a screeching halt,to it was lost in the shuffle it fell,through the cracks and we do not know,where that application is we do not know,where that form is that you submitted,that is gone with automated workflow,we also have the ability now to create a,lot of forms,that people would need to use within an,educational system that are on paper we,can get those online now we can have,those uh delivered uh over the web,securely,to parents uh to to vendors uh to,anybody outside the system as well as,within the system we can even put things,like this onto a kiosk format,literally in in the lobby,of district headquarters that can be,done very easily forms can be filled out,submitted and automatically placed into,the workflow for processing as your,organization needs them processed okay,the the records can be shared on almost,immediate basis,of course with all the tracking involved,with that,information can be given out on a 24 7,365 basis if you need to,staff time and document storage is,completely,well not completely eliminated but,document storage is greatly eliminated,and staff time is massively reduced in,the use of this,now we,can secure the the,student records and save literally a ton,of money uh you know real estate has,value to it and uh you know records,rooms can i have literally cleared those,out before in the past so if you can,reduce this,and keep yourself in compliance with all,the ferpa,regulations,then a document management system pays,for itself very very quickly,speaking quickly uh you know pulling up,a record that a parent or a former,student needs lets say you have a,graduated student who needs some records,for an employment situation well these,records can be gotten to that particular,student in a matter of minutes instead,of a matter of days,you know funds can be saved because we,are not spending the staff time which,does have a soft cost to it and we we do,not were not spending the,storage space which could be used for,something else that is productive,uh in just boxes of files or rows and,rows of file cabinets those can go away,you know documents can be uh,safe from disaster,uh you know we cannot stop the,tornado coming or the flood or the fire,happening,cyber criminals have attacked many,educational entities with their,ransomware lately we have as a company,gone in and helped out a couple of,districts that have been in a tough,situation because of these things so,we can secure everything,very easily from this,and recovery from horrible situations,like that which god forbid will never,happen is relatively quick and painless,the protection of the student,information is automatic once it is set,up everything is very easily maintained,from there,security is t

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