1. Rate Quotes, Freight Bills of Lading and Pickups with FedEx Ship Manager at fedex.com
  2. Earnings from Nike and FedEx offer a key lesson for investors, says Jim Cramer
  3. FedEx Price Quote | Story Time
  4. FedEx / Kinkos Customer Service & Pricing Audit
  5. 3 Interesting Quotes from FedEx Q1 Earnings Call ($FDX)
  6. NEVER Trust a FedEx Quote! Charged over $1900 to get a beat up box.
  7. Calculate Shipping Cost using Index Function in Excel

Rate Quotes, Freight Bills of Lading and Pickups with FedEx Ship Manager at fedex.com

create a bill of lading obtain a rate,quote and schedule a pickup here are,some helpful tips for shipping your LTL,Freight using FedEx Ship Manager at,FedEx comm how to create a bill of,lading go to fedex.com slash us from the,ship tab in the top navigation select,generate bill of lading under the,freight shipments list enter your FedEx,comm user ID and password then click the,login button to start generating your,bill of lading select an account from,the drop down list some of the required,from fields automatically populate one,field thats required but doesnt Auto,populate is the phone number be sure to,enter this info to review and make,changes to your payment type and Terms,click the Edit payment link if youre,the shipper select the options shipper,and prepaid if youre the recipient pick,the options consign II and collect,if you are billing a third party scroll,down to and complete the third party,information section enter all required,fields including account number if known,to quickly fill in the two information,fields click on the company drop down,list to access your FedEx Ship Manager,address book if you choose perform,detailed address check FedEx will,automatically check the recipient,address for you if the address is,missing information a suggested address,will be given or you can choose to use,the address as entered,select either FedEx Freight priority or,FedEx Freight economy service you can,also add to either service one of our,time specific options AM delivery or,close of business delivery,the shipment details to conveniently,save a line item for future use check,the save item box associated with the,line youd like to save indicate your,pickup preference right from the,generator bill of lading screen options,include scheduled a pickup please note,the ready time and close time fields,automatically include default times,youll need to review these times and,adjust them according to your business,hours use an already scheduled pickup,schedule a pickup later,keep everyone informed by sending email,notifications as well as the completed,Bill of Lading the accompanying shipping,label or the trade documents to the,shipper the recipient and up to two,others,use rates and transit times to see the,estimated shipping costs and transit,times for your shipment please note the,rate quote you receive may be different,from the billed charges for your,shipment based on actual weight,dimensions and other shipment details to,get your results click on the calculate,link,to print your results click on the print,link or this icon in the complete year,shipment section you can save all the,information you just entered as a,shipment profile to make repeat,shipments a snap just click on the,create a shipment profile checkbox and,enter a profile nickname,in addition to simplify your packaging,process you can print shipping labels,that correspond to your bill of lading,for each piece in your shipment click on,the create a bill of lading button to,complete your shipment the next time,youre sending an identical shipment to,the same recipient simply use a shipment,profile to make creating the bill of,lading quick and easy to do this the,next time you log in to the generate,Bill of Lading screen the my shipping,profile section will appear at the top,simply choose a shipping profile from,the drop-down then click the Create Bill,of Lading button the profile information,automatically populates the generate a,bill of lading screen and your label is,automatically created save time increase,efficiency avoid errors and simplify,daily tasks with FedEx Ship Manager at,FedEx comm

Earnings from Nike and FedEx offer a key lesson for investors, says Jim Cramer

you know why I love the stock market I,mean a door,because of days like today where the Dow,surge 527 points the s p soared 1.49,and the NASDAQ covered at 1.54 percent,just two days ago we were filled with,despair,and whilst you figured thered be no,Santa Claus rally this year,the general consensus was that fed Chief,Jay Powell is a total buffoon they know,nothing he raised rates too fast in 2018,then had to immediately change course,right after now uh its kind of about,right about now right now on Christmas,time he took rates too low in 2020 then,he took too long to raise them again,this year Big Time strategists keep,coming on air to slaughter the pathetic,Bulls,[Music],trapped in a ring to be teased and,killed for the benefit of a Charged Up,audience according to the conventional,wisdom there was just no way out either,Powell would tighten too hard and,destroy the economy or he tightened too,little allowing inflation to persist in,destroying our Collective purchasing,power,had to be one or the other at the same,time we were terrified,its so much inflation refused to go,down especially wage inflation that the,Fed was trying to crush us,by crushing wage inflation its the only,way they knew how to do it I guess you,could say,it was totally hopeless,to quote those economic Titans McFadden,and Whitehead in their seminal Treatise,on prices Aint No Stopping Us Now were,on the move,and then it all changes,let your spells come over the market and,were suddenly in New Orleans saying,lazy,[Applause],and the good times are rolling for for,something the Bears dont even want to,acknowledge excellent quarters from two,high-profile companies that were,supposed to stink up the joint Nike and,FedEx technically only Nike had a good,quarter FedEx had a better quarter than,was better lets say a quarter was,better than fear,but its all about it Nikes last few,quarters were Dreadful largely because,there was too much inventory and not,enough Shoppers especially in China,which is a big part of the business this,time inventory was down which benefited,the Chinese business immensely sales up,a surprising six percent while Europe,was good and of course America great,this was the reliable Nike of old just,when we thought those days were over but,now Mikeys back and the futures,looking brighter with China finally,dropping its nonsensical zero covet,policy thats how a big cap stock jumps,12 percent in a single day for a bull,though FedEx was even better long before,the shipping business fell off a cliff,this year FedEx was known for Endless,Revenue growth with constantly,disappointing earnings,[Music],but now its got a new CEO Raj,subramanian,whos doing the opposite okay this is,sales forecast but crushing the earnings,estimates,with the promise of more Cost Cuts until,FedEx gets to the point where they,probably try to turn a profit on every,single package and that is a tall,proverbial order but the companys,headed in the direction Wall Street,wants a pleasant surprise given the,overall weakness in the Freight business,dont miss a second of Mad Money follow,at Jim Cramer on Twitter have a question,tweetgramer hashtag madtweeks send Jim,an email to Mad Money at cnbc.com or,give us a call at,1-800-743-cnbc is something head to,madmoney.cnbc.com

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FedEx Price Quote | Story Time

first off i wanna thank all my haters,you made me so strong,this is my dream,[Music],hi guys welcome back to my channel if,youre new here,welcome yes,anyway im headed to fedex real quick,just to see how much it is to send an,envelope there to jamaica,im really anxious to find out what the,price would be like because,so when one comes to our one with me,all right when i get there ill come,right back if youre wondering what im,eating today im having some,pretzels,and of course some watermelon juice,make up on a nice clean self soon come,back,so on one story i want my fingernail,all right so i had an appointment with,my nail tech,for sunday and you call me and tell me,shes gonna change me this saturday,i said okay no problem but then when my,team come back with,you know can i get my original,appointment back shes like no,no no no you already agreed to come in,on saturday so i already scheduled,someone else for sunday,i said okay no problem fine,you see what marie just said today and i,win teachers like no,go go go tomorrow tomorrow,she did that i was so,pissed and not only was i pissed,i was so embarrassed just a weird,won and im like,no no no no no no go tomorrow tomorrow,i looked at her like what are you,serious,and i stood there blank for like maybe,three minutes,you know,not going to just talk to me in front of,your videos anyhow,and think its okay no and then she,gonna call me oh you can come now,me im sure number one may not answer,the phone if she tell me sorry,im gonna answer the phone with me and i,forgot ill get back up,oh my appointment was sunday you changed,it to saturday and then now obama,no guess what,i dont have to come back i will not get,the second opportunity,to share me like i look a puppy dog in,front of everybody,first of all my fifty five dollars,every two weeks i need it,[Music],so thats my little story time thank you,guys for watching oh imma say,the only story all right so im almost,there,stay tuned so i finally made it to fedex,there i am in the mirror,im gonna put my mask on because i keep,forgetting it,okay guys so i finally made it to ferret,so im gonna go in,now and ill see whats the cost to mail,a little envelope to jamaica,hello im trying to figure out,how much it is to send this package to,well its not in a package yet but,to send this to jamaica to jamaica yeah,let me give you a rate,will you be paying a critical,no debit or debit okay yeah,what city in jamaica st thomas,do you guys have like a pickup location,in different cities,an application for here,no she wants to do oh okay she wants to,do a pickup so when you rate it,hold up location yeah okay okay see if,they have what location,so ill give you a rate based on the,because we have a tablet box,ill give you one an idea based on that,okay,theres weight dimensions and distance,so if you use something like this its,safe for the electronic um we sell these,here,you dont have to use this um to jamaica,youre looking at about 173,thats your cheapest option yeah so,were fairly expensive when it comes to,international,yeah even if you were to box it in,something,like not too much bigger than this so,this is eight lets say,nine seven,um it would bring you down to about 150.,so its about a 20 difference just in,the shipping,if you were to pack it to something like,right to the dimension so like in a pack,like that,all right thank you very much youre,welcome you have a nice day you too,thank you,so oh no really here were just going in,a fedex,been a year moan somebody waited a,listen tell me,oh did yall hear that,it was almost 200 to send a little,package to jamaica like this little like,as,little as my face,can you imagine so i dont know if im,going to try bhl because danger is all,the way in palm desert and i dont feel,like driving to palm desert right now,um its already three oclock and im,waiting on my gardener to come,you know so,love you guys and ill see you in the,next video,bye,[Music],is the big screen,im here right here not going away

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FedEx / Kinkos Customer Service & Pricing Audit

[Music],starting the clock and see how long it,takes to get Hank bless you,oh thats the manager my self-serve,kiosks you got some big math printers a,little paper minute computer stations,man I feel bad for some people who have,to use that so what would be hold oh,they do it and Ill know you can go to,ebay and get a refurbished computer for,200 bucks kicks ass all right heres the,pre attendant let me see if he can help,me oh hes the shipping guy I dont know,if he can help me with what I need,aye sir,well okay so hi what Im trying to do is,get a price quote on that school tattoo,man by the way yeah thats some dog,actually some Illuminati stati right,there you know,hey um 500 business cards right and all,linen you know Im talking about its,like the paper with the yeah well it,looks crosshatch it looks like okay,right yeah yeah you know and no one,online and try to do you know without,vistaprint,standard like white UV coated shiny,cheap-ass looking you know its its a,lot harder to do so I thought I might,just at least get a quote from you guys,and Im checking with like Office Depot,500 black and white one side standard,preferably linen or the next closest,cream matte finish yeah well you know,blank whatever yeah you know what I was,gonna have to do it miss apprentice to,do that I was gonna have to get colored,sides so today were gonna print the,color on the sides and then there was a,design fee for that that was ridiculous,anyways are you gummy oh cool,[Applause],okay oh thats cool okay all right when,is when Im gonna be kind of loud when,when do you have to use that to pay you,know the computer basically what you do,is you write up what you want and there,are thousands so okay so its my own,design or a habit and Im just looking,for the price quote today you know all,right,and the best part about this is once you,do once it kind of gives you a little,more exposure that way lets talk lets,talk brass tacks here and like the,gentleman said on this but you know the,special paper because that I could get,that cheap I could get 500 from distant,prints with 10 bucks right now if I got,to deal with that you know but I dont,want you know Id like to step up a,notch from there,you know Ive got time but Im just kind,of concerned about the customer,experience you know like God what about,people who dont have time you know I,got time right now hey I bet that would,get you some ditches some fish man if,you put it out there so thats,double-sided its black and white yeah,its this black ink on the butt but the,papers up the papers whats important,have you seen American Psycho dude its,been a while theres this like they make,this big deal about the business cards,and they got this like eggshells off why,like you know embossed egg and its like,hes like super envious among the,professionals about the business card I,said to myself now I need to get the,American Psycho business card do you,know what I mean,thats it thats all I needed six,minutes and 42 seconds to get the price,growth on that not bad

3 Interesting Quotes from FedEx Q1 Earnings Call ($FDX)

hey guys welcome back to ostrich,investing where our goal is to educate,and debate specific stock investment,ideas today were gonna highlight a few,key points from FedEx q1 earnings call,q1 results were disappointing and the,company reduced 20/20 learnings per,shared guidance the stock intern fell by,15% on the news so after reviewing the,parents presentation I wanted to,highlight three quotes from the call,that I think are important for investors,now I know that all happened a few weeks,ago so were a little bit behind here,but we did recently do a more,comprehensive video on FedEx including,key considerations for investors bull,bass and bear case scenarios so I,thought it was important to circle back,I will put a link in the description or,on this video if I can figure out how,that you can check out the more fulsome,video this particular vlog is just gonna,focus on three key takeaways from FedEx,q1 results lets jump into it so well,start with the results themselves you,can see q1 results here versus the 2019,comparable period and key takeaway q1,results were below expectations revenue,was flat so you can see 17 billion here,in q1 2020 versus the same 17 billion in,2019 q1 EPS on the other hand was down,so if we look at it on a diluted and,adjusted basis so three dollars and five,cents per share in q1 2020 and thats,down from three dollars and 46 cents in,the prior period so revenues flat,earnings per share down and then above,and beyond that the company reduced,their 2020 EPAs EPS guidance range to,11 to 13 dollars per share so another,earnings per share guide down from from,FedEx,then if we want to just take a quick,look at the stock price chart I decided,to include ups here against FedEx with,one of their their closest peer and,competitor just to show the,and as we talked through this video,theres theres an economic theme,theres sort of a macro theme but I just,wanted to show that FedEx down 41% over,the last year UPS hasnt been a great,story its its been down 2% but I did,want to show the difference and well,come back to you PSA at the end of the,video but just to show the stock stock,chart for FedEx you can see here that,was the first made major earnings miss,and guide down and you can see another,one here and thats a few few weeks ago,when they announced the q1 results so,FedEx has not been a good story even,versus even on a relative basis to UPS,so well start with the three,interesting quotes the first one relates,to an Amazon update so quote comes from,Fred Smith the CEO and he said on the,conference call over the summer these,challenges increased somewhat due to the,decision not to renew our largest Amazon,contract and deepening trade disputes,while the Amazon contract represented,only a small proportion of our revenues,the nature of our business is such that,near-term profits will be adversely,affected since the last bit of volume,has significant flow through to the,bottom line so thats fair we know that,the operating margins are in that six to,seven percent range so they know theres,a ton of cost in the business and they,play a low margin game so the quote here,is make sense on the surface I think the,point that I wanted to raise is if you,only go back a few months to June 2019,when FedEx initially announced that they,were cutting ties with Amazon their,press release read a lot differently,than this quote in fact their press,release and the writings gonna be hard,for you to see here highlighted you know,the percentage of total FedEx revenue,attributed to Amazon represented less,than 1.3 percent of total FedEx revenue,for the 12-month period ended December,31 2018 theres significant demand and,opportunity to grow our e-commerce,business it goes on to say so,essentially the the press release that,they came out the official news release,really downplayed the importance of the,Amazon contract,and then the quote on the conference,call seems to really be in contrast to,that and even though we know that,percentage of revenue as a factual,number that loss of the Amazon business,is one of the factors that the CEO is is,is blaming the weaker results on so I,thought it was interesting just that,contrast and again source here just to,highlight seeking alpha transcripts of,great resource if you want to look at,earnings calls also listen to this one,which was an interesting one to get the,audio on as well next is more on the,macro side global trade so this is from,BRE Carrere hopefully I pronounced her,name properly and shes the chief,marketing officer for FedEx and her,quote is as follows I want to highlight,the q2 calendar year 2019 global trade,volumes decline here over a year which,is the first decline since 2009 this,decline coupled coupled with JP Morgans,global PMI manufacturing export orders,index falling from 47 point five and,August from 49 in May leads us to expect,global trade volumes will contrast I,think thats meant to say contract this,year on an annual basis for the first,time since 2009 so from a macro,perspective FedEx is reading the,economic data and projecting that global,trade volumes are going to fall and,heres one their their investor slide,deck think it only had about six slides,and a couple of charts in it this was,one of them which was the US,manufacturing PMI and you can see the,fall-off here really what I wanted to,highlight here is one of the reasons,that FedEx attributing to the poor,results and the weaker guidance is the,macroeconomic backdrop so well circle,back to that you know in a I think next,slide and then our concluding remarks,but just wanted to highlight that for,you the third quote or theres a couple,of quotes here is just the end analyst,QA and typically when youve got a stock,thats disappointed investors and,analysts for a couple of quarters in a,row because guided down reduced guidance,you can,often get some interesting Q&A sessions,maybe a little bit entertaining and I,think thats what we got a little bit,here so Scott one of the analysts,basically highlighted afternoon guys so,this is I think the fifth straight,quarter of either missing or cutting,missing numbers or cutting guidance are,you approaching guidance any differently,taking a more conservative approach here,so essentially calling out that FedEx,has had a tough time over the last year,and a half at actually beating the,guidance they give to the street the,next one here comes from Brandon and he,talks about their LTL margins I wont I,wont go into it in detail but Fred,Smith the CEOs answer was several,minutes long and it encourage you to,take a listen or go into the transcript,thats chopped it off here but he,definitely he he he took the question to,heart and had a pretty long long-winded,answer I just wanted to see if this,works so I like that,hopefully that worked hopefully you,enjoyed it sometimes you know the the,transcripts on the conference calls you,get a lot of information sometimes,listening you pick up a lot of extra,details and and theres no question that,that you know fred was in defense mode,here on the call to be honest I like it,I like the fact that he wasnt he wasnt,hiding from the questions he was taking,and he but he wasnt shy from defending,the companys position so encourage you,to check out the the conference call,transcript and call if you if you have a,few minutes so those are kind of the,three interesting points from the call,and I think I want to sum it up just,with a bit of a bonus slide here on the,margins and I think thats one of the,key parts of the whole story here and we,start by saying given the relative out,performance by ups over the last year I,decided just to look at the operating,margins for each you can see that since,2016 ups was about twelve and a half,Fed Ex is eight and a half theyve both,seen a downward trend since 2016 so,perhaps thats due to the competitive,pressures high fixed cost theyve both,been trending down ups here the data,operating margin is about 10% and thats,for the six-month period year-to-da

NEVER Trust a FedEx Quote! Charged over $1900 to get a beat up box.

hey yall so today Im making this video,because I got burnt by FedEx pretty bad,so making this so yall want,make the same mistakes I uh requested to,ship this very large package,uh from North Las Vegas to my current,location which I dont really want to,disclose and Im going to show you here,this is Ulan who makes the box thats,the dimensions of what the box is,supposed to be,you can see when the Box arrived which I,mean I opened it so you can ignore that,but,you can see the kind of condition the,Box arrived in which I get its a big,box is 117 pounds,uh the estimate on freight was,Im sorry on FedEx Ground not FedEx,freight correction FedEx Ground estimate,was about,487 dollars,and when I got the bill it was over,nineteen hundred dollars,so that was fun of course theres a,little disclaimer at the bottom that,says you know this quote may not be 100,based on length weight height Dimensions,Etc so Im going to show you this little,clause on their website so you dont get,burnt like I did,okay so here is what FedEx defines as,oversize so weight over 150 pounds or,Dimensions with a combined length and,girth of more than 165 inches thats the,one that that got me uh made mine,oversize even though I still argue that,mine is not oversized,uh and dimensions with a girth more than,130 inches and theres also a length,classification,um that is not listed here so if you,have a very long package you should call,them and ask them what oversize is,because it oversized charge is not,calculated in their quote tool again the,oversized charge is not estimated in,their quote tool and I could not get,anyone to answer why,uh or or explain that to me,so the dimensions many of yall may not,be familiar with is the length plus the,girth which I wasnt quite sure what,that meant but its the longest side of,your package,Plus,the shortest two sides multiply by two,so you can see that here multiply your,width times two your height times two,and add those together,so when you plug it into the formula,remember youve got to do multiplication,first to follow your order of operations,so 32 times 2,64 32 times 2 64. then add all these,numbers together,so what FedEx said is they measured the,package at 32.6 by 32.6 by 32.6,so they round that number whatever they,measured they round it up an inch,so just so you know they round up an,inch if they get 32.1 they round it to,33. then they plug 33 into the formula,and all of a sudden youve got an,oversized package,math is funny because if you eat,rounding makes all the difference on,this oversized thing if youre close to,the Limit,so here is 32.6 by 32.6 by 32.6,at the end if you round,you get 163 which is under the oversized,limit so just beware is what Im telling,yall theyve got so many,flaws in that quoting system and it does,say at the bottom that it may not,reflect the actual charge but who would,expect a 487 dollar shipping charge to,become,almost two thousand dollar shipping,charge over nineteen hundred dollars so,beware dont trust the quote tool and if,I were you I wouldnt ship anything,large on FedEx find another Avenue,because they wont tell you the truth on,the shipping,um I even called and spoke to a,representative,after the fact of the bill to get a,quote,and mentioned that I thought it might be,oversized but to quote the 32 by 32 by,32 package and still got the same quote,as what I got online so talking to,someone doesnt help and then when you,question about it well its not an,actual reflection then at that point,whats the point so you know if youre,shipping a small package sure but if,youre shipping anything large dont,trust FedEx learn from my mistakes so,talk to yall later

Calculate Shipping Cost using Index Function in Excel

[Music],hello and welcome back to another,episode of,excel learning series with syed in this,episode we will be discussing the index,function,and see how we can calculate the,shipping cost using the index function,to follow along with me make sure you,have a copy of this workbook,downloaded using the link in the video,description in this workbook,we have two worksheets shipping cost by,location,and cost calculation in the shipping,cost by location,we have a table that shows the cost of,shipping,by zone locations and the packet size so,lets go to the cost calculation and,here we have order ids the price of that,item the shipping zone it needs to be,sent to and the size of the packet,using this information we will find the,shipping cost,with the help of index function now how,do we go about it,lets take a look i will begin by typing,in,equal to in the cell e2 type index,press tab on the keyboard to complete,that function the first argument that we,need to pass,is the array of information or a,reference,to a table i will be passing in the,array in this demonstration so here in,the shipping cost by location,i have this table i will select this,entire grid,and then press f4 on the keyboard to,lock it down,now insert comma the second part that i,need to provide is the row number,that is which zone it needs to be sent,to,i have that information here in the cost,calculation sheet,in the column c i will select that,insert comma then,we have column number that is the packet,size,what is the size of the packet i will,select this one in the column d,close the bracket and press enter now i,have the shipping cost how did it,exactly work,in the shipping zone that is the zone 7,the packet size,3 has the shipping cost lets take a,look the index function,will come into this grid and look for,the seventh,zone that is this zone for the packet,that is,of size 3 and the intersecting point,wherever it is intersecting that is,on this location that is the value that,will be returned by the index function,so for the zone 7 packet size 3,the cost of shipping is seven dollars,and if we go here thats what we got,if i just drag this down i will have the,calculation,done for other areas also lets take a,random pick,zone eight packet size one,it is four dollars and here we have four,dollars now what would be the total cost,item price plus the shipping cost that,will be the,total cost press enter and we have our,total cost of the item,with the shipping price i hope you found,this video helpful,i request you to practice as much as you,can use your own data use this data that,you have,practice as much as you can to retain,this learning,in case if you have any questions do not,hesitate to leave a comment below and,ill be more than happy to help you,if you havent already please subscribe,to the channel and click on the bell,icon to enable notifications,thank you for investing your time and,have a lovely day,you

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