1. STOP BUYING CARS! Honda & Kia Prices SKYROCKET | Market Update
  2. Car Dealers Are SCREWED; Year End Car Deals
  3. Used Car Market Update | December 2022
  4. All-New 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid review // Worth the extra money?
  5. Is this best new car? Honda Civic review
  6. Is the new Honda Civic the best price performance car? 2023 e:HEV Hybrid driving REVIEW
  7. Honda Seriously HAS NO MORE CARS | Honda Prices Skyrocket

STOP BUYING CARS! Honda & Kia Prices SKYROCKET | Market Update

[Music],it is absolutely sickening what is going,on in the new car market pots we have,seen used car prices become more,negotiable and weve seen prices on the,wholesale market decline significantly,retail prices coming down just as well,the latest data from Kelly Blue Book,though for new cars dad in the month of,November shows that average transaction,prices hit another new high forty eight,thousand six hundred and eighty one,dollars up 422 dollars month over month,from October and up four and a half,percent year-over-year 2 200 and fifty,dollars we keep telling people dad car,prices are coming down are We Are We,Wrong is it because manufacturers are,just producing the more expensive,Vehicles like whats going on here,um yes and no yes were wrong to a,certain degree uh and no were not okay,and and,we know from our team and our staff and,the amount of deals that they work every,week yeah we do about 100 car deals a,week that new cars are more negotiable,now than theyve been for quite some,time definitely okay so even though the,average transaction price could be,higher is higher and that could be I,guess is higher the amount of discount,that at least our team has been able to,get for consumers has gone up,dramatically yeah so we found that the,cars are more negotiable,if you know what youre doing and if you,employ the right people to help you,um but average transaction prices are,still going up because well average,retail msrps continue to go up so as,long as they keep going up average,transaction prices are going to go up I,want to read I want to read some of the,commentary here because I think its,worth digging into according to Kelly,Blue Book calculations new vehicle,average transaction prices have been,higher than the average manufacturers,suggested retail price also known as the,sticker price since July of 2021. sales,volumes in November were up year over,year by 11 but down from the month prior,October the elevated prices and high,loan rates are likely putting downward,pressure on sales yeah so we are,starting to see sales volume go down yes,quote the transaction data from November,clearly indicates that prices are,showing no sign of coming down as we,head into the holiday season said,Rebecca ride zewski research manager of,Economic and Industry insights for Cox,Automotive she continues to say the mix,of available Vehicles still favors more,expensive models and higher trim levels,in fact average MSRP has increased more,than average transaction price year over,year indicating Auto makers are still,building a richer mix of expensive,models and fewer value Vehicles thats,whats happening okay but average MSRP,has increased more than the average uh,transaction price year over year so the,the transaction prices are actually as a,percentage of MSRP are going down yep,okay the Tran the the msrps keep getting,more and more elevated but theres more,and more room in there to negotiate on,the price,um and thats what we see with our team,when theyre helping people uh with,their their purchases lets keep reading,through this because its great,information and then were going to,switch over in maybe a minute or two to,the used car side according to Cox,Automotive estimates new vehicle,inventory is steadily improving though,some brands have noticeably larger,Supply than others watch some of our,other videos on new car supply to get,insights there quote incentives overall,are still very low but consumers who are,flexible on make and model may be able,to find a good deal deal at year-end,sales events added right zooski,deal School 3.0 pops were so excited,what do you get the quick and easy way,to learn everything you need to know,about buying a car today go to join,yaa.com dealschool today,that a luxury car prices the average,luxury car price transaction price,skyrocketed its up to sixty seven,thousand and fifty dollars up another,405 dollars month over month from,October Porsche and Land Rover have the,most strength in the luxury Market,transacting between two and six point,four percent over sticker price in the,month of November Brands like Alfa Romeo,Audi BMW Infinity Lincoln and Volvo are,showing the least price strength selling,for one percent below MSRP in November,and in a share of luxury sales continues,to go up it was at 18.2 percent of total,sales in November which was up four,tenths of a percent from October and up,2.1 percent from that same time period,in 2019. and so that ties in to one of,the things we were talking about,yesterday and that is that the chasm,between those who cant afford to buy a,car and those who cant it keeps getting,wider and wider and the manufacturers,have decided that theyre going to cater,to those who can as opposed to those who,would like to on the non-luxury side dad,the average non-luxury transaction price,is 410 above sticker price a slight,increase from October this means youve,got to negotiate you absolutely have to,because we we cant be we cant be,making this up we hear too many stories,of people getting deals you really got,to know what youre doing or else youre,going to pay 410 over sticker price the,uh non-luxury brands that had the most,price strength last month in November,were Honda and Kia makes that Hondas,been struggling key has been struggling,those uh those transaction prices are,between six and eight percent over,sticker price in November Buick is,showing the least price strength in,November two percent below MSRP yes you,could also have Ram although I guess Ram,might be considered a luxury car based,on their price point nowadays yes we,also then dad have um electric vehicle,prices up another 1172 dollars month,over month the average EV transaction,price is 65,000 this is why Ill use DV prices are,falling more rapidly than uh than um,hybrid powertrains and internal,combustion powertrains so kind of an,interesting dichotomy happening there,and we have now seen that a slight,uptick the slightest of upticks in,incentive spend it is interesting here,to read incentives remain stable in,November at 2.2 percent of the average,transaction price in November 2021,incentives were 4.1 percent of average,transaction prices back in 2019 that was,10.6 percent of your average transaction,price was incentives now dad luxury cars,have the highest incentives in November,at almost five percent of average,transaction price meanwhile Vans,minivans in the luxury full-size SUVs,all have about one percent of their,average transaction price as incentives,okay so if youre in the market for,those luxury Vehicles the manufacturers,are finding ways to incentivize you to,purchase them and youre still gonna,just pay now at the same time lets,switch gears lets talk about the used,car yeah we have seen another week of,significant declines at the wholesale,used car auctions a 0.88 decline at the,wholesale used car auctions every,segment is impacted and affected whats,most exciting to me and I dont know,whats going to happen but whats the,most exciting is the fact that the sales,rate at the auction continues to go down,down to 48 from everyone that we talk to,it seems like theres more Clunkers at,the auctions and it seems like theres,more people not selling their vehicles,because theyre not getting the the,prices that they want,we continue to beat the drum every,single week whos gonna end up holding,the bag here because these prices are,dropping week over week but theyre not,selling at the auction does that mean,theyre either going back to retail and,selling for less or someone owes money,on these cars the price has to go down,right uh one would assume thats,typically the way it works its all,about supply and demand it is both on,the wholesale level and on the retail,level now if dealers are sitting on cars,thinking that theyre going to go back,up in value well thats just that that,thats thats Fantastical thinking okay,it doesnt work like that typically and,it hasnt since July yeah there has been,a steady decline in the wholesale values,that

Car Dealers Are SCREWED; Year End Car Deals

[Music],okay pops the past year has been plagued,with really bad car deals used car,prices are super inflated and new car,prices had additional dealer markups on,them fortunately here at the end of the,year we are starting to see some,softening in the market we are going to,do a video on best new car deals best,used car deals lets start with used,cars and its kind of hard to say on a,particular model whats going to be the,best used car deal but there are some,Trends in depreciation so far this year,that make us think some are a better,value than others absolutely and and you,know the excuse me the bad deals have,been around for like 18 months so its,its its good to see some of the,corrections that were seeing within the,used car market,um especially on the wholesale side and,that we should see that continue on the,retail price kind of scary to say it but,the best ah man I dont call it the best,value but the biggest depreciation in,the used car market that weve seen so,far are actually like Teslas and,electric vehicles weve seen a huge,decline in their uh wholesale prices,after that that SUVs and Crosses yes,weve seen over a sixteen percent,decline in SUV and crossover prices on,the wholesale market so far this year,luxury cars are depreciating again down,15.6 percent mid-size cars down 14.4,trucks down 11.9 percent Vans 11.6 and,compact cars 10.6 so what that means is,if youre in the market for I dont know,a used uh GMC Yukon or whatever yeah um,you know Denali and continually whatever,the hell that big one is that I was,biking behind the other day that things,depreciated significantly over the past,year versus what it would have been,earlier in the year versus if youre,looking at a Hyundai Ascent that thing,is going to hold its value even more and,still be inflated relative to where it,was yeah so so if you need an SUV or a,crossover or uh uh one of those larger,SUVs that thats thats where you will,probably have more negotiating power,because dealers realize whats going on,at the auctions they see whats,happening at the auctions every week,they pay attention to that they know,that the value of their used car,inventory thats sitting on their lot,has been going down its not going to go,up anytime soon yep so you know they,need to free up their cash and and the,way they do that is they typically,negotiate more and and yes there will be,dealers out there theyre going to say,well we dont negotiate at all and,perhaps there are some that will not,negotiate at all but if you do a deep,dive into their inventory and you see,how long certain vehicles have been,sitting on their lot the longer a car,sits a lot the more expensive it is for,them to keep it there,um the greater the motivation is to to,get it out of inventory so there can be,deals had you just need to utilize all,the information thats available now,lets switch on to the new car side and,there are obviously well maybe its not,obvious because weve gone away from new,car incentives but there are end of year,new car incentives out there we have,some Im not going to call them lease,deals but some push on the lease side,from nmac Nissan Motor Acceptance,Corporation so if youre thinking about,leasing a Nissan theres some yeah some,lease on some Nissan lease deals Hyundai,and Kia even have some good good uh,lease options out there and then Dad,where were seeing major incentives I,would say and even youve probably seen,the commercials on TV Ram 1500 pickup,trucks Chevy Silverado has an incentive,going on right now I think in the,full-size pickup truck Market youre,going to see increasing deals increasing,negotiability more incentives things,like that and and the reason for that is,because theres increasing availability,yeah inventories inventory levels are,those type of vehicles have been going,up dramatically,um four or five months ago the average,number of new cars available for sale,across all the new car dealers was,averaging about 900 000 to a million,Vehicles a month that number is up to,1.6,six four six four yep million,um thats a significant increase so even,though dealers are saying oh we dont,have inventory they got more inventory,today than they had six months ago,absolutely okay and the inventory they,have today is costing them more to keep,it on their facilities than it did six,months ago because interest rates have,gone up and dealerships dont pay cash,for their cars they finance them its,called floor planning and so the cost of,floor planning their inventory is going,up so trust me there are deals to be had,now through January 1st type in gift 50,and get 50 off your yaa Plus Membership,or gift 150 to save 150 on your extended,warranty go to join yaa.com to save now,weve started doing a better job,tracking you know we have the entire,team here at ya and they help thousands,of people each month navigate their car,deals hes done a better job tracking,that Dad recently we had a Hyundai,Sonata SEL eight and a half percent,below MSRP on that brand new one 2023,Subaru Outback dead seven percent below,MSRP on an Outback folks that was not,heard of earlier this year and they are,still in short supply and we also have,data Crosstrek five percent below MSRP,and recently a 2023 Silverado that was,sold at MSRP but with four thousand,dollars in incentives 32.50 in Holiday,Cash 500 for a red tag incentive and 250,and customer cash and in that instance,that member actually got them to take,off their fifteen hundred dollar paint,protection as well so there are new car,deals yes to be had are we are we,advocating you should be out there,buying used or new cars right now no,its the most ironic Channel on YouTube,we just give you all the information,about how to buy cars and what the best,deals are we still dont think you,should spend your money on the damn,things theyre very expensive but if you,need to this should serve as a bit of a,light for where there are opportunities,yes and and the reason the reason we,still say please dont buy cars only if,you need a car buy a car but it has to,be based on need if its I want a,different car please dont do it and the,reason we say that is because if you,would take yourself and and thousands of,millions of other people would take,themselves out of the market based on,just want yep well then therell be even,fewer people trying to buy the cars that,are out there which would be yeah,dealerships only know how to compete on,price so they think the only way they,can sell things when theyre not selling,is to keep lowering the price until,somebody says yes so if you absolutely,positively need a car yes theres some,some negotiating that can happen if you,just want a car please stay out of the,market as long as you can and friendly,reminder some Brands like Honda youre,going to be hard-pressed to find Honda,deals in todays market Toyota its,still going to be challenging but we are,starting to see some we saw a RAV4 uh,hybrid xse go at MSRP recently that was,a huge win yes like thats kind of wild,uh to see a RAV4 hybrid at MSRP Kia,Hyundai youre still going to struggle,there to find deals so its not across,the board but there definitely is that,softening in here at your end we would,expect you know right before New Years,Eve youre going to see even more,softening more negotiability with these,year-end goals so definitely reference,all the Myriad tools and resources and,and things that we have to provide you,with to help make that that decision if,you need to buy a car the best week of,the year is coming up in order to do,that and thats the week between,Christmas and New Years thats when,theres the greatest incentives from the,factory both for the dealerships and for,the consumers,um thats when everybodys fighting to,hit their goals for the year and they,want to finish strong and thats when,the thats one of the busiest weeks if,not the busiest week of the year at most,dealerships let us know what questions,you have in the comments well do our,best to answer them and as always go to

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Used Car Market Update | December 2022

well whats going on YouTube family,welcome to Automotive life my name is,lucky and today were going to be,talking about the used car market now,its been about a month and a half since,Ive done an update and a lot has,changed so were going to give you a,complete 2022 review of whats actually,happened in the market whats currently,going on why prices are going down at,the auction but dealers refuse to lower,the prices at dealerships also all the,things that are going on with the,massive amounts of repos coming in,people being late and how this is,affecting the actual lending,institutions why banks are no longer,going to be lending the same amount of,money that they used to and were going,to tie all this up into a nice neat boat,to tell you why the used car market is,dropping and why you should definitely,wait to purchase a new car now before I,get into the video if you get a huge,favor and gently squeeze the like button,for YouTube algorithm it helps you find,more amazing people like yourselves that,enjoy Automotive content also please,subscribe were almost to 200 000,subscribers and if I do get 200 000,subscribers Im going to pick a random,person to give a thousand dollar gift,card to so unfortunately you got to be,in the United States to enter this,because Im gonna have to FedEx it to,you somewhere States but if we can get,to 200 000 before Ill make a video and,whoever comments on that one Im gonna,pick one of you guys randomly and were,gonna give away a thousand dollar gift,card so thats my 200k giveaway about,any more Shameless plugging lets get in,the video the used car market in 2022,has been an absolute roller coaster ride,weve watched vehicle values drop across,the board at auction over 27 percent,this year we lost 12 percent in just,November alone and just for the month of,December were only two weeks into it,were hovering around 3.8 percent in,losses for vehicle values now before,everybody gets triggered its like lucky,the prices are not going down fast,enough the Markets not crashing we want,everything to crash Im going to tell,you this right now there is going to be,no crash without a catalyst what I mean,by catalyst is if the government came,out and started regulating auto loans,and said you need to make a hundred,grand a year to buy a new car thats the,only way car market is going to,basically drop 15 which is going to,cause a crash but without that its just,going to go back to normal were going,to see a restriction of buying were,going to see the market slow down and,cars are slow going to go back to what,they originally worth so lets talk,about why used car prices are falling,now we know its all about supply and,demand weve been talking about Supply,is slowly building up cars are getting,repoed dealers if you drive around your,local dealership you will see they have,more and more cars on their inventory a,lot one of the main things is interest,rates if you have great credit youre,going to get a payment of 6.25 percent,and this is before the rate hike in,another month or so its probably going,to be six and a half percent to seven,percent for well-qualified buyers why is,this such a big deal well if you,purchased a car lets say in 2019 and,you had a 300 payment you werent really,too worried about it but if you crash it,and try to buy the exact same car with,over inflated numbers with over inflated,interest that car may be five to six,hundred dollars a month almost double,than what youre currently paying now so,thats why the demand is not there,people just dont want to pay these,higher prices for cars and then also,have to finance these exorbitant amounts,of Interest so little by little its,slowing the market down so Supply builds,up but the demand is simply not there,now how can we tell that the demand is,slowing down but first I want to thank,todays sponsor ag1 by athletic greens,as my life has gotten busier trying to,keep up with my health and nutrition is,getting harder and harder I started to,notice myself feeling slower and more,out of it while I was working that was,until I started drinking ag1 ag1 has,been such a natural addition to my daily,routine as soon as I get up I mix the,ag1 powder with water and I drink it up,which takes me less than 60 seconds to,do ag1 replaces key Health Products with,one simple scoop and it combines nine,Health Products working together as one,it replaces multivitamins multi-minerals,pre and probiotics immunity support and,more ag-1 fuels full body health and,helps you with things such as sleep,digestion in energy mood immunity hair,Health skin health and more it gives me,peace of mind knowing that ag1 is,filling all my nutritional gaps that my,diet will not fulfill alone since taking,ag1 Ive personally noticed myself,feeling more energized and focused and,no matter how hectic things get,prioritizing health is always a must so,click my link down below to get one year,supply of immune supporting vitamin D3,K2 and 5 travel packs with your first,purchase you can look all across the,United States and see dealers filling up,their Lots little by little but one,thing that us dealers live by is whats,called days on Market or days on the lot,its very hard for you to see this but,if you go to CarGurus Auto Trader a lot,of these websites they will show you the,actual car for sale and itll tell you,how long its been on there Ive seen,cars as old as six months to a year on,some dealers floors on car gurus which,cracks me up now back during the,pandemic our average days on Market were,around five to seven days because apply,lugan and demand was high so things were,just flying off the shelf but you fast,forward to today our average Market is,right back to where it was where I was,57 to 60 days so this means that theres,not only more Supply but demand is,dwindling faster and faster now people,are asking me well lucky well why arent,the prices going down at the dealerships,why arent these dealers lowering their,prices for two reasons one advertised,price is whats called Lazy Mans price,theyre going to put a price up lets,say they want sixty thousand dollars for,this vehicle theyre not going to give,you the best price unless youre sitting,in front of them so do not be afraid to,negotiate every day that thing stays on,the lot youre having more bargaining,power on actually working on that price,dont believe the hype dont believe the,fomo,you can find another car I hate it when,people are like the prices are high call,them sit down with them drive out of,town find a better deal there are deals,out there you just got to get off your,ass and make it happen so the second,reason why dealers are not lowering,their prices is because they simply,cant afford it there are a lot of,dealers that paid way over book at the,end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.,the car that I saw was a 2000 I believe,18 or 19 S550 they had it listed for 108,thousand dollars fast forward to a year,they got it up for I think its like a,hundred thousand so lets just call it,100K flat because thats probably what,theyre into it so remember vehicle,values have dropped 27 percent since the,beginning of 2020 till now so just,imagine they lost 27,000 in value on that hundred thousand,dollar car now do they want to take a 27,000 bath no theyre hoping that somebody,will buy that car now their only hope is,somebody like Mercedes-Benz Financial,somebody that will not use traditional,books to actually book the value of,their vehicles because theyre hoping,that they can bury somebody in this,vehicle so theyre keeping the price,High theyre just waiting for that one,customer to come by now they can wait,the waiting game and basically watch,this prices trickle down luxury cars are,the fastest dropping when it comes to,vehicle values at auction so my,recommendation is to get rid of that car,now we keep talking about wholesale book,and Kelly Blue Book and all these other,things but why is this so critical and,why is this so important for used car,prices to go down and w

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All-New 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid review // Worth the extra money?

weve been waiting to drive this one the,new Honda CRV hybrid the CRV hybrid was,sold in the U.S but not in Canada now,its available in both countries,its pretty smooth and quiet although,when you accelerate it does get a little,louder were going to talk about the,engine and the sound and what it does,because this is a kind of a complicated,car were driving the hybrid CRV what is,under the hood of this thing a two liter,four-cylinder Atkinson cycle engine it,has Hondas new fourth generation hybrid,system featuring a pair of electric,motors its matched to an ecvt and has a,combined 204 horsepower and 247,pound-feet of torque standard all-wheel,driving Canada front-wheel drive and,all-wheel drive options are available in,the U.S you get 835 kilometers or 519,miles of range to every fill so were,gonna unwrap that and kind of how it,works in a moment but right now what do,you get with this its the Top Model,what are the key standard features there,is just one hybrid Trim in Canada and,two in the U.S the Canadian trim gets a,nine inch touchscreen with navigation,Wireless Apple carplay and Android auto,a seven inch driver display wireless,charger a 12 speaker Bose sound system,heated steering wheel power front seats,driver seat memory heated front and rear,seats leather trim seating with orange,accents a moon roof and a hands-free,powered tailgate in the U.S the base,hybrid model doesnt have all of these,features were going to get more into,detail on the two trims that are,available later in the video all right,we have a new drive mode system well,talk about that in a moment what are we,going to put it in got to put it in s,for subscribe and if you can hit that,notification Bell youll be notified,when all of our reviews drop and then,you can watch them and we do this the,couple car review twice a week the first,one drops on Wednesday we put another,one out on Saturday so make sure you,like And subscribe but also hit the,notification Bell and follow on,Instagram its motor mouth underscore,Andrea to see whats going on behind the,scenes for me its motor mouth,underscore Auto and the links are below,the like button this video is brought to,you by carcass Canada get the Dealers,cost list of rebates plus discounted,interest rates use the promo code motor,mouth to become an expert member and get,extra searches the link is in the,description below so I think first we,should explain how this is different,from the RAV4 hybrid system and actually,how similar it is to the new Mitsubishi,Outlander plug-in hybrid system okay so,with a hybrid you have electrification,and a gasoline engine this has the same,as the RAV4 and all others whats,different is the way they apply the,power to the wheels with this system in,the Mitsubishi system the gasoline,engine for the most part is coming along,for the ride and acts as a generator,that electricity goes into the battery,then through the electric motors to,drive the vehicle down the road the,Toyota system and Lexus what they do is,they have this planetary gear set which,goes back and forth between gas engine,electric motor can switch the gas engine,on can start the gas engine up and,thats doing it all the time its really,quite different the way they do it the,gas engine is mostly used as a generator,but it can drive the front wheels with,the Mitsubishi Outlander phev for,example it drives the wheels at about,130 kilometers per hour I spoke to Honda,about what would be the exact number for,that they said well there isnt an exact,number the system works based on the,sort of driving conditions that youre,dealing with when youre cruising at,highway speeds those high speeds youre,going to have the gas engine Drive the,wheels or when youre towing so its,interesting that you have a hybrid,system thats very different than,Toyotas and what it does is because the,gasoline engine is running all the time,it doesnt get the same kind of fuel,economy as the Toyota system because,Toyota can switch that engine on and off,a lot and thats where they get the,savings now were not even getting the,EPA numbers on this were getting about,7.6 liters per 100 kilometers which is,31 miles per gallon weve done both City,and Highway driving so its a good,combination the other company that has a,system pretty much the same as Toyota is,Ford and Ford out of the bunch gets the,best fuel economy so its interesting,that the classic sort of Toyota derived,hybrid system still is the king of,efficiency and weve got some numbers on,that Ford Escape coming up in questions,coffee and cars in a little bit I like,the exterior of this its 2.7 inches,longer it has a great bold stance to it,some people feel that Honda hasnt done,enough with this that there isnt enough,excitement to this exterior but I really,like the direction of what Honda is,doing with this new model so it is,bigger than the previous model but they,keep the tastiest treats for the one,that were in this is the Turing the,hybrid is available with two trims in,the U.S but they have a little bit more,decoration on the bumpers to make it,look a little bit more assertive and,really thats about it well theyve got,black exterior accents on this theyre,trying to make it a little bit sportier,it has a black Grail body colored door,handles black exterior accents this,comes standard with 19-inch Wheels in,Canada theyre also black in the U.S,standard 18 inch wheels but available 19,inch so this is our third time driving,the CRV we had the sport one thats the,blue one youre looking at and then we,got the white one that was the EXL and,now were in the top Turing and to be,honest with you Andrea other than the,sort of orange stitching on the seats I,cant really tell much of a difference,between the EXL and this yes its got a,few extra features like the Bose sound,system it now has the navigation,included but its still missing some,features that we talked about in the gas,model like ventilated front seats the,panoramic sunroof and a 360 camera which,many of its competitors have so weve,got the one Trim in Canada it comes,loaded its definitely pricey in the US,theres two trims we actually recommend,just going with the sport trim that base,model okay you dont get the larger nine,inch touchscreen but you get a seven,inch wired Apple carplay and Android,auto cloth seats with this orange,stitching a moon roof a power driver,seat and heated front seats guess what,if you want to add the heated steering,wheel you can do that for around 460,dollars U.S and a wireless charger for,350 dollars U.S its really jammed with,features isnt it Zach I think what,were going to get in Canada is were,going to get another hybrid I dont know,why they didnt bring out a second,hybrid Im guessing its coming theres,going to be a lot of complaints about,this because you know what Andrea,someone that buys a hybrid theyre,buying a hybrid because they want to,save some money at the pumps theyre,thinking I dont want to spend that much,and then theyre thinking okay Im going,to get a hybrid you would hope that the,hybrid purchase would be the same kind,of philosophy you dont have to spend a,ton of money theyre already in it to,save money why are you charging us 50k,for this thing I know give us that,American option this sport with the,hybrid Id be good with that yeah thats,under thirty four thousand dollars,thats not bad for a hybrid the top Trim,in the U.S gets all of the same features,that we get on our top Trim in Canada,all right were not going to jump too,much into the design of the dashboard as,I mentioned this is our third time,reviewing this theres lots of videos,that you can watch and Ill put them up,here and you can look at them anytime,were going to get into the space the,back seat one of the great things about,the CRV and a major check mark for why,you would want to buy it is the space,the back seat is roomy the seats recline,its a comfortable vehicle yes very,spacious front row legroom is great it,is not quite as large as the Nissan,Rogue and t

Is this best new car? Honda Civic review

this is the new Honda Civic and its a,little bit like ordering a katsu curry,at Nobu it might not seem like the most,inspired choice but actually its full,of flavor and in this video Im going to,explain why by talking around the,exterior the interior and take it for a,drive and of course Im going to launch,it to see how quick this car is from,north 60 miles an hour because Im at,Watson and youre watching car wow and,if you havent done so already make sure,you subscribe to this Channel and hit,the Bell icon that way you wont miss,any of these reviews,Buy sell car wow,lets start this video by talking about,the design because the previous,generation honda civic was a little bit,theres too many like fake Vents and,stuff going on it was a little bit odd,really this one is much better though I,have noticed some fakery already,that diffuser is not a diffuser its,fake and theres even fake exhausty bits,here,other than that though really like the,rear end of it nice sweeping tailgate,looks quite sporty really notice it,around the side its got a really good,silhouette this car I like it a lot you,dont get short changed if you go for,like one of the Lesser trims they all,look pretty much the same any real,difference on the outside is the entry,level model gets 17 inteller Wheels all,of those get 18s but yeah good strong,creases in the body panels also if its,get LED headlights as standard though,said the most cars these days oh from,the front I really like the look of the,nose of this car yeah its good looking,theyve done a brilliant job what do you,think do you agree with me let me know,in the comments in terms of the price,though it is quite expensive the Honda,Civic range kicks off at just under look,30 000 pounds here it is on Caro though,through Caro you can get a saving of,about 600 pounds off one the savings do,change so if youre thinking about,buying a car head to Carlow out and see,what offers are available on whatever,car youre looking for if you wanna do,that at a later date just simply Google,help me Carl wow and we will help you,choose your perfect car here on the,inside the new Honda Civic has a nice,neat and tidy design very simple Dash,layout squidging materials on top which,help make it feel and look premium also,like what theyve done with the air,vents theyre like integrated into this,mesh here and you control the direction,with these knobby bits here I also like,the fact they havent been tempted to,put the controls for the climate in the,infotainment screen instead you have,physical knobs everyone loves a physical,knob especially when you have knobs,which are slightly illuminated and,provide information like they do on this,one like oh lovely luck I can yeah,anyway,stop it,always happens,maybe one of the infotainment system,itself nice big screen its reasonably,responsive colors are pretty clear and,the graphics theyre all right not the,sharpest but not the Dulles its,definitely better than the system in the,old Civic which was just a bit of a,nightmare anyhow no that really matters,because what you do is plug in your,phone use Apple carplay Android auto,arent you moving on to the drivers,display only the very top spec car gets,a full digital system all the other,models have Port digital part analog,which just seems odd the driving,position though is not odd its very,good I love Honda driving positions,plenty of adjustment in the steering,wheel and the seats this been the top,spec car you get electrical operation,speaking of which you also get part of,the seats so I think this bit is leather,and this bit is fake leather,why dont they just do all leather toxic,also gets a sunroof which does,come on do it,chose the wrong button,Im not having a good day yeah it opens,which is always good,and its a decent size sometimes when,you have opening sun roofs theyre just,small this ones good storage yeah weve,got some space under here this surprise,theres no USB port in here the USBs are,here and theyre old-fashioned USB a or,whatever theyre called no usbcs you do,get a wireless charging port but once,again only on the top spit model and for,old-fashioned people,theres a 12 volt socket there now let,me do a center console wobble test,solid up there but the lower part is,moving however youre not really going,to be doing that are you one way to test,quality and a new test Im going to,introduce is the stalk test so I will,test things like the wipers,and the indicators,to just see how they feel because you,touch those a lot and these have a nice,solid damp to feel to them look springy,yet damped at the last bit oh satisfying,thats quality anyway cup holders lets,do it it can just fit bigger bottles and,the door bins are big enough as well,they fit bigger bottles too so thats,all good its a well thought out cabin,and heres an example of how well,thought out is well look at this right,so youve got sun visor and it moves up,there a bit older that but they dont,all do that,see they thought about this Honda have,and they created a nice sensible easy,car to live with here in the back knee,room is good that seats in my driving,position Headroom though if I sit up,straight there with that much space,people have a six foot will find it,quite tight for Headroom now there is,this lump in the floor which just eats,into foot space if you can three in the,backup once however this car is actually,quite wide so even with adults in the,back theres enough shoulder room the,issue is for the people on the attitude,seats they end up hitting their head on,this slopey roof line which curves,inwards,it is easy when it comes to fitting a,babysitting its got those so theres,plenty of space to get the child seat,through the door and theres enough,space back here to have a bulky rear,facing seat as well without having to,push the passenger chair forward at all,I like that weve also got two USB ports,here once again show them not USBC big,big big big door pockets and decent,sized door bins theres also an armrest,which folds down here with a couple of,cup holders there theyre quite shallow,so unless you really read your bottle in,its going to drop out there is one,thing thats missing though,there is no through loading at all,shame now lets check out the boot so,the capacity is 410 liters which is,bigger than the boot on a Kia seed a,Toyota Corolla Ford Focus a Volkswagen,Golf pretty much any car apart from the,unfeasibly large booty of the square,roctavia bit of an issue though there is,a bit of a load lip to lift things over,so if your suitcase is really heavy oh,no you might end up doing that and,scratching like the bumper and then,getting really mad and then just hurling,your heavy suitcase,I dont know why that makes me so angry,Im gonna need to go seek some help,anyway underneath here there is a bit of,storage it looks like its been recessed,for a spare wheel which you dont get at,all in the United Kingdom odd theres,some tie down points here up another one,over there a couple there there youve,got your 12 volt socket there thats all,good and then when you fall down the,seats,which is quite easy to do you dont have,a completely flat floor,oh now Ive got to get my suitcase back,with me,why do I do this I know I shouldnt do,this,I need to stop it,oh,look,its a bit harder to slide things in the,front see just you know imagine that was,quite heavy its not perfect another,thing thats a little bit not perfect is,this if you get the range shopping model,it comes with a Bose sound system which,is brilliant the only thing is is that,you have a subwoofer here in the boot it,takes up five liters of space which,isnt that much but it could be an,important five liters if you want to,carry some golf clubs by not having that,extra recess bit here you might not be,able to fit a full set with a driver,across there like that that brings down,to five nine things about the new Honda,Civic the rear window is really big but,the wiper for it is quite small looking,you can see the area there thats all it,c

Is the new Honda Civic the best price performance car? 2023 e:HEV Hybrid driving REVIEW

This is the new Honda Civic.,Is it maybe the best price-performance sedan,or fastback out there?,Lets find out together,with Thomas on Autogefühl for you,in 4K, full screen, and full length.,Lets go!,In the front, you can see,I would say, rather an evolutionary design,for the new Civic.,I found very beautiful how the front grille here,leads over to the headlamps.,Rather consistent and clean,design here in the front,and already quite sporty, I think.,This car here is called Crystal Re…,Not Crystal Meth.,Crystal Red!,And where can you see that,we have the hybrid drivetrain today?,Yes, the blue ring around the Honda logo.,The lengths at 4.55 meters or 179 inches.,It gets really interesting because,this is so-called hatchback,,or I will also maybe say fastback or liftback.,The thing is that this hatch then in the back,,it really opens very wide.,At 12 centimeters or 5 inches longer,,theres also the true sedan available,then with a longer rear area, longer trunk.,But then with a separate trunk.,Yes, longer,,different in the looks a little bit,,but then again, harder to load things in and out.,Soon more about that.,Today, wheels here in 80 inch in black,in a sporty styling.,So also a nice contrast.,But you can also, for example,,go for brighter wheels.,Very basic versions, for example,,would start with 16 inch.,Depending on your market,,17 inch is available.,And the Type R will then get 19 inch exclusively.,Its very interesting because,this vehicle here has always been,for the past generations,,it is on a compact platform.,At the same time, its almost like,mid-size sedan style.,So this is also where this,price-performance thing begins.,It is at the price point,in comparison to other normal compact hatches,,but it already is way longer.,You get more of a vehicle.,In this new generation,,a little bit longer.,A little bit longer wheelbase,,wider track.,everything comes for more stance on the road.,Nice new light signatures here for the rear.,And this hatchback or fastback style,is definitely unique.,Some love it, some dont.,Me personally, I think the sedan looks better.,But when we open the trunk,,the advantage here gets obvious.,By the way, they use,multilink rear suspension here,so thats also very good for this segment.,Its not shared by all of its competitors,or maybe theyre dependent,on the drivetrain and so on.,Here, always the case then.,Thats actually very good.,And also in this new generation,,they stiffened up the chassis.,Lets see later on if that  has an effect on driving.,Car key.,Very simple.,Does the job.,Theres also keyless entry available here.,You put your hand on top there.,Its like with BMW approximately.,And hand on the inside then to open it.,Really nice.,Then the door closing sound… ,Very… wait a minute. That sounds awesome…,Thats… Wow, cool!,And what they also have done,,usually with Hondas,,theres as a big problem that,when you would snatch the door handle,by mistake or something,,it sounds super weird.,But here, they have improved that sound.,It doesnt sound, you know,,like this echo-ish anymore.,So yeah, very well done.,Then inside of the doors,,here on the top part,is already soft touch with a structure,and even softer then here for your elbows.,I mean, its not a super,high-class premium vehicle,but they have definitely,improved and improved and improved.,New steering wheel with a very modern design.,And what I found cool,,here, the buttons.,Left for the volume, for example.,Right for the cruise control,and also for the digital instruments.,Still real knobs.,No #capacitiveBS,Easy controls also for the steering wheel heating,if you have that option.,So this is kinda #capacitiveBS free.,And do you hear that?,Nice clicking sounds at the buttons here,at the steering wheels,especially at these switches,that you can pull…,up and down.,Wow, thats awesome.,So wheres the distance now to premium vehicles?,This has diminished now more and more.,Super interesting.,1.89 meters or 62,,and that leaves still some headroom here.,Although this is the one,with the panoramic roof,so you can, of course,,also get one without.,This does have shade.,So the shade right here,,you can close it.,You can also fully open it.,And this is also a panoramic roof,you can actually really open,and its really nice.,Then also steering wheel position here,,up and down,and it also goes really low.,I like it.,I like to put the steering wheel kinda low.,It gives me this very sporty,and in-control position.,And the seating comfort is also very decent.,Seating surface is on this,test vehicle here in animal skin.,But you get in base versions,,also fabric seats,and theyre more breathable,and also more animal friendly.,As for the interior layout,,you would start seven inch on left,with some analog instruments mixed,and seven inch on the right.,This here, optional,full digital 10.2 inch,digital instruments on the left.,Right side, nine-inch infotainment screen.,What I love best about this interior is,look at that here, this mesh structure.,Great sporty design feature.,And here, also clicking sounds,for the vent control.,And such a relief!,Manual climate knobs here,and for the vent strength.,So simple, straightforward.,And also once again,,with nice clicking sounds.,Yeah, this is more Audi-esque,than Audi is right now.,The infotainment system is,pretty simple and straightforward.,Not much more I would actually need.,The cars internal GPS is,yeah, maybe better to use than before,but also not that ideal.,Most of time, I would rely on,the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.,Wired or wireless connection available.,Cool is that we always have this,Home hotkey and this Back button,,and also a manual volume knob here.,Thats cool.,Apple CarPlay integration looks then like this.,Does the job as well. ,And we also have here,,the Bose sound system.,Lets listen to that.,Oh, pretty nice surround sound indeed.,Its cool.,In these digital instruments here,,right side – speed.,Left side, you see the power output.,And you can control something here,,like you know, consumption,,visualization of the drivetrains and so on.,Not too adjustable but does the job,and it looks quite clear and clean.,In this lower middle console,,two USB-A chargers here.,One to connect, one charging only.,Theres an inductive charging pad underneath.,You can also turn it off.,I find it quite good.,I rather rely on a cable connection actually.,Then here, this gear selector is interesting.,This is Reverse, Parking,,Neutral, and D for Drive.,Its a different solution but why not?,So its actually simple and straightforward.,And then heres a drive selector here.,Well also test the Sport mode,while driving, for example.,The cup holders here are really large.,Rather for large bottles or cups,but theyre also somewhat adaptive.,Then this armrest here, soft touch on top.,Could be a little bit better attached.,Then this small area on top,and you can lift it out,and have more space underneath.,Rear seating area,,nothing special, nothing fancy.,Substantial middle tunnel,and two USB chargers, USB-A.,Inside of the door here in the rear is hard pack.,But again, look at the price.,Legroom is not that much,when Im driving as a tall driver.,So I do hit my legs right here.,And the headroom is also limited,due to the design.,It raises a little bit to the rear here,so it works kinda for a tall adult.,Also when I,stretch my legs a little bit to the outside…,Yeah.,Its okay, you know?,So comfort is okay,,but I would have expected,a little bit more legroom.,But it seems that Honda,paid more attention to the length,of the trunk then here in this case.,In the middle part,,its not too stiff to sit on.,But then again,,yeah, gets more cramped with the headroom,so definitely not ideal.,So rather four tall adults.,But then again, yeah,,limited legroom.,You have to know that.,In the middle part,,you can fold down this one here.,This is not adaptive fo the cupholders.,Yeah, quality-wise,,this is okay, I would say.,Nothing too fancy as I said here.,

Honda Seriously HAS NO MORE CARS | Honda Prices Skyrocket

well its noon here in ventner new,jersey and uh this is news that you can,use from y.i.a with your hosts zach and,ray and i got to tell you zach looked,like there for a second you were about,to explode,you big dragon ball z guy pops,what,exactly all right we are gonna jump,right into things here today,what was that question,dragon ball z youre not a big dragon,ball z guy,apparently not ive i dont even i,didnt even know dragons had balls but,thats thats just me,all righty were gonna talk about honda,they are a struggling dad,the latest headline not a good look also,im not sure maybe they dont im really,not sure now that youve got me thinking,about a honda to cut output at japan,plants by up to 40 due to supply snags,plants that build the civic crv honda e,jazz slash fit and hrv will be affected,by the output cuts dad honda cannot,catch a break,um,well you you reap what you you sow you,i i dont know you sell what you reap,you reap but you so yeah hey you know,apparently somebody whos in charge of,procurement um either needs to be,replaced or,or needs to be doing a better job uh,theyre running into,any number of issues as we can see,and its really impacting whats going,on at their home,market in japan and in europe as well,it doesnt seem to be impacting,production here in the united states,quite as much but,or north america quite as much but but,still,even north american production is is,down and,you see that every day at honda,dealerships where theres just such a,limited supply of inventory so yeah,theyre running in the problems of two,of their major manufacturing facilities,in,in japan and,i dont know when its ever going to,turn around for them or,if theyll still be in business when it,does turn around the scary thing is i,actually think thats kind of on the,table im going to pull it up on the,screen here this data is from four eyes,and they update it every week so this is,comparing new car inventory levels at,franchise dealerships from april 2020 to,the last week of august 2022 and this,should update next week dad you have i,have up on the screen here honda nissan,acura ford and toyota,its not even close the manufacturer who,has had the biggest decline in inventory,levels as honda their inventory levels,from april of 2022 to right now are down,82.5 percent nissans inventory levels,are down 72.6,acura is down,70.8 ford down 70.6 and toyota down 61.9,again not even close honda inventories,82 and a half percent down,in that time period,yeah okay like i said somebody they,should be looking for a new head of,procurement one would assume,um,[Music],yeah i i you know having represented the,acura brand for a dozen years in my,career um you know its a sad situation,to see that that um you know their,inventory levels are so low um you know,there were times when i represented the,brand of that i wish our inventory,levels were lower than what they were um,but this doesnt bode well for,for any of the major manufacturers when,when as large a company as honda,is having uh,the type of difficulties that theyre,having um,you know i im pretty sure that,gm and ford and stellantis and toyota,and nissan they dont they dont want to,see,a competitor have this type,these types of issues um theyre,competitors,and you know theyre all fighting for,market share but theyre not looking to,increase their market share because one,of them actually went out of business,do you think thats on the table like,could there be consolidation with what,is going through right now you know when,i was when i first got in the acura,business i mean there were always,concerns back then,um,that,honda is a big player but not,a big big player in the sense that you,know theyre theyre,they dont have that much to offer okay,its its not like,toyota,uh where they where they have i think,they own the hotsu and they own hino and,they yeah you know you know theyre,and and honda has been honda acura okay,and you know they started it was a,motorcycle company really um,and and so there was always concern that,they were even though they were a big,player they were a small big player and,there was always talk are they going to,get bought out by somebody whos going,to take them over you know its almost,like,like chrysler i mean chryslers got so,many so many owners um,so there was always a fear of that,going on with with uh,acura and honda when you know as long as,i can remember um you know theyve,pretty much stayed true to themselves,and independent but theyre really,struggling at the moment i mean we know,that their their sales,in north america are our offer in the,united states are off by like close to,40,years 38 years,yeah um so you know,that that makes it difficult,yeah it really does let me pull up on,the screen weve got this comment in,here trying to get a hold of a,reasonably priced toyota or honda new,used is like trying to find,waldo and ill put some context to that,as well and again this data comes by way,of four eyes,dot io that here are the ten vehicles,one two three four five six seven eight,yeah ten ten vehicles from those,automakers that we were looking at,before primarily honda nissan and ford,whose inventory levels are down the most,from april 2020 to august of 2022.,nissan versa,inventory levels down 93.3 honda odyssey,inventory levels good luck trying to,find a new honda odyssey wow down 92.8,percent civic,inventory levels are down 91.9,ford transit vans which have actually if,im not mistaken been discontinued 89.1,ford ranger 88.8 percent accord,inventory levels down 88.1 nissan kicks,down 84.4 crv,from honda down 83.4 the rogue sport,from nissan,82.7 in ford f250 inventory down 80.1,and then on the used car side so wait,one second if you if so,so,40,of the vehicles that have the least,amount of inventory,uh in that time frame that have seen,their inventory go down the most are,honda products,40,thats pretty big,you know 30,30 nissan and 30 ford,uh yeah thats yeah thats pretty scary,on the used cars side dad the honda that,youre gonna struggle the most to find,would be an accord then the civic accord,inventory levels on the used car market,down,43.6 civics down 38.4,but finding a ford focus is truly the,diamond in the rough 67.4,less inventory,on the used market for the ford focus,right now,than april of 2020 so its interesting,to look at this data toyota corolla down,41 as well its interesting to look at,that data to help inform okay which ones,am i going to be able to find versus,what wont i honda odyssey youre not,going to be able to find that anytime,soon now i dont want to spend too much,time digging into how challenging things,are currently at honda lets switch,gears that and lets talk about the data,that came out just this morning from cox,automotive and manheim hows that sound,sure but before we do that i want to,give a shout out to uh our alaska sound,guy alex alex god bless and bought a new,ford pickup truck i think it was last,year a year ago okay um got it on the,special i think the f plan um and took,out six year financing,and paid it off in 12 months so,congratulations to alex for kind of like,really working the system and taking,advantage,at least so far of the dealers in alaska,god bless you alex,nicely done alex wait wait wait well do,it well do it well do it i just got to,get to the right place give me a second,great jeffs good step,im up over,kind of rings your ears when we do that,one all right lets jump over here pops,this just came out this morning hot off,the presses from cox automotive from,mannheim,wholesale used vehicle prices declined,substantially in august now notice here,pops there is no mention of seasonally,adjusted they increased but if you dont,adjust it,prices are dropping all right folks like,prices are dropping if you actually take,a peek here,yeah there we go there we go this was,this is the way the ride up,starting the ride down start this month,was that,wow we are starting to see the most,significant,month-over-month decreases not only on,the black book

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