1. Are The Mercury 600 V12 Outboards Worth The PRICE TAG?!
  2. Bass Pro Shop Outboards Walk-through. Prices, and Specs Mercury Optimax, Verado. Bass Pro shop boats
  3. Mercury F 600 Verado V12 (600 PS) – Bootscenter Kiel
  4. NEW V10 400HP VERADO by @Mercury Marine !
  6. Yamaha vs Mercury (Which is BEST & Which Should YOU BUY?) Outboard Motor Review
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Are The Mercury 600 V12 Outboards Worth The PRICE TAG?!

the leaps and bounds that weve seen in,marine outboards has been nothing short,of amazing,from reliability speed weight and fuel,efficiency these motors have become the,modern way of power boating,slowly theyre making it harder and,harder to justify buying,anything else other than outports as,your means of power,inboards and ios have their pros to it,but its only a matter of time,before those pros get wiped out by the,constant innovation of the outboard,motors,whats up guys its life offshore if you,like this video and like the marine,world drop a thumbs up,and subscribe to my channel if you have,any questions,follow me on instagram and dm me at,life.offshore,today well be talking about mercury 600,outboards and if i think theyre worth,it,ive seen a lot of misconceptions with,this motor i dont think people,understand what the motor was made for,its not a racy motor like the 300r or,450r,this is however a pretty high performing,motor for,very big center consoles and yachts in,my opinion this is a better option than,inboard outboards or diesel motors for,these bigger boats,it gives you the option to draft in,shallower water and,options to have more storage or,potentially more cabin space than having,diesels,or other inboard options the beauty,about the 600s,are the two-speed transmission which i,believe is a good thing but on the same,token,it could possibly be a bad thing and,ill get into that later on in the video,but honestly its gonna allow the boat,to be great out of the hole and on the,plane,another thing is if you compare it to,diesels that the top end speed and the,cruise speed will,increase significantly since on a,traditional diesel powered boat between,40 and 60 feet,youll be running twin diesels depending,on the size of the boat you can put up,to four 600 mercurys in the back for,example formulas new 50 foot yacht,is powered by four of them that boat,topped out in the high,60s thats a 44 thousand pound bolt,that wasnt designed for speed and is,still getting incredible performance,numbers,another thing is for boats like hcbs 65,footer,is that it no longer will need five or,six outboards,with triple 600s it will get better fuel,efficiency and less headaches,we all know that more motors equals more,problems,for those of you who dont know the,price of this motor itll be starting at,77,000 each it might seem like a lot but,these motors arent targeted for the,average american these are high-end,luxury motors,that are being put on very big boats so,the extra price tag,even though it seems like a lot these,people that put five or six outboards,now they can get away with just putting,three of them or maybe four,so its not that big of a price jump,another interesting thing,is that the motor doesnt move for,steering only the lower units turn,so it gives extra space on the bracket,that they sit on,i would love to see a pair of these,motors on a boat like a freeman or,one of those big fishing catamarans a 37,freeman that has quad 300 yamahas can,now just put,two twins and thats it now lets talk,about,some of the bad ill start off with all,the new technology,to us its all uncharted territory we,dont know how reliable those lower,units are,we dont know how long theyll last or,how long theyll last until,they start giving any problems or major,problems at all,for example yamaha has been around for a,long time,so when buying a yamaha we already know,the reliability of it,lets say yamaha comes out with a new,technology that no ones really tried,out in the marine world,we might be skeptical same thing with,these mercs,although mercury isnt as known as,yamaha when it comes to reliability,the performance knocks it out of the,park but,mercurys have been becoming a lot more,reliable so i dont know if these 600s,might backtrack it,and start becoming a problem a lot of,people complain about the 300rs and the,450r,that they have lower unit problems the,thing is is that,the way people run those boats is those,lower units are constantly coming in and,out of the water,thats why the race motors you know when,theyre on a cat,chances are every time you go out the,lower units going to come in and out of,the water which is the worst thing you,can do for a lower unit,so thats why people have been,complaining about mercury having lower,unit problems,its not because they have problems,because people cannot drive them and,keep them in the water,the worst thing you can do like i said,is airing those lower units out,constantly but these 600s if theyre,gonna have a problem i think its gonna,be because,of the two speed transmission but,possibly not,like i said its a lot of unknowns with,this motor,maybe it runs into problems and a lot of,warranty claims and possibly,mercury starts becoming more and more,picky with the warranty claims,if the mortar doesnt hold up like,theyre expecting to to answer my,question do i think these motors are,worth it,yes i do just because i said that having,new technology could be a bad thing,doesnt mean for sure it will be a bad,thing because these motors could come,out,and be great i would prefer to put three,of these outboards than to put five,425 yamahas the performance will be,better the fuel efficiency will be,better,but that about wraps it up for this,video guys i know it was short,you know i like to keep the video short,and straight to the point,but until next time you can catch me,offshore

Bass Pro Shop Outboards Walk-through. Prices, and Specs Mercury Optimax, Verado. Bass Pro shop boats

whats up everybody derek here and today,we are at bass pro shops you see it back,there behind me,were going to go inside and were going,to check out some outboard motors their,whole lineup of,what they might have in stock i dont,know seems to be this years stuff is,just,flying off the shelf so hopefully they,got some outboards we can at least look,at and see what the selection is but,go in there see what the prices are how,much they weigh the shaft length,uh four cylinder two cylinder two stroke,four,all of that good stuff because lets say,the scenario i find a boat off of,craigslist,or off a facebook marketplace and its a,used boat maybe has a blown motor maybe,it has no motor,maybe i buy a grizzly without a motor,maybe i just want to find a boat and put,a motor on it i dont know but,i figured id go look to see if you,would actually save any money,by buying a motor separate,from the actual boat so would you save,money whereas you could buy the boat,and the motor would i dont know i its,just a thought i had and i tried,researching into it a little bit,and i found nothing uh so,as far as videos or anything else where,anybodys trying to help you all out,or help myself out with the curiosity,that i got going right now,hopefully this video provides a little,information to kind of clue you in,on what outboards are in this place so,lets go inside bass pro,and ive already been over here and i am,going to be honest,with these outboards theres not much on,them i actually just talked to one of,the sales associates on these outboards,if he had a pricing spec,sheet and he didnt have anything um,he was he drew me in the office to kind,of go over some of the prices so,what i did was i got out the phone and,with all the outboards that are right,here,i got the specs for myself so,if we go through these things starting,at the three and a half which is right,at a thousand dollars,thats pretty close to the average price,i think on these on that three and a,half but that thing weighs 41,pounds its a short shaft tiller with a,manual start,all of these are basically gonna have a,manual start and theyre gonna be a one,cylinder until you start getting above,the six horsepower,go up into the eight and up those will,be the uh,the two cylinder but theyre all four,strokes except for this one thats,actually a propane,um this four i dont know why you would,really,i mean theres a price difference but as,far as horsepower that is,not much of a difference so i dont know,why you would want to,choose the four over the three and a,half,honestly because the difference in,poundage is actually 16 pounds between,these two,yeah and theyve got the tanks on the,top as well so,this propane one is a,it says around 1600 what i found but,all of these are basically on sale for,the most part and,this one actually tanks like a grill,tank,the regular kind of grill tank that you,would actually use and itll run for 10,hours at 5000 rpms,and its a 15 inch shaft whereas these,four in,these four is a 15 inch shaft,and the three and a half,is a 15 inch shaft as well so theyre,pretty much,all the same its just a little bit of,difference in,horsepower and of course this propane,but the,six right here is 16 17 so its pretty,close to what i have but it weighs 60,pounds,um its a 20 inch shaft so,its a little bit longer of a shaft than,these others,or at least thats what it my research,,said so they kind of look similar in,length though as this 5 and the six so,this one might possibly actually be a 20,inch shaft,not sure but this eight is where it,starts to get into the two cylinder,range and it weighs 87 pounds,um of course its a four stroke and all,of these that are down here on this,bottom,rack are all manual tilts,manual start um this eight,[Music],of course youre going up in price,youre going to be right around the two,thousand dollar mark,and youre gonna get warranties with all,of these so thats one thing you can,actually consider when youre buying it,but youre,buying it for the warranty for the most,part,manual trim manual start 15 inch shaft,as well on this one,and then this 9.9 is,about oh 2200 as opposed to 1900 so,yeah another 300 for the most part for,two horsepower is that worth it,because if youre gonna have this one,youre going up to 84 pounds and the,eight actually weighs 87,pounds and they have the same,shaft length as what it says at 15 so,i dont know it actually looks longer,than that to me it looks like it might,be a 20.,this one is probably 15 if you look at,that difference so,20th shaft 15 inch shaft so you got the,short shafts there,and then this 15 for 2 900,and youre basically getting five more,horsepower,and this 15 weighs 108 pounds,so that is yeah,a lot more poundage you got about 25,more pounds,difference between these two at 2 900,15 horsepower i dont know is that worth,it,it looks like its a short shaft on that,one so a 15-inch shaft,now if were to start talking about the,ones that are up above this is a,four-stroke stroke starting out thats a,115.,that 115 is 10 000 somewhere around,because on these prices for these,its kind of hard because these are,labeled as on sale but these up here,are kind of a roundabout and some of,them didnt even really give me,too good of a pricing but that 115 is,around ten thousand dollars its a four,cylinder and it weighs 363 pounds,and it has the power tilt start and it,says its a 20 inch shaft,now that verado right there that 200,is 475 pounds but its a supercharged,v6 four stroke with a 20 inch shaft,and it does have the tiller option,but that ones somewhere around 13 to 14,000 from what i found out and this 300,verado is the same thing as this 200,uh being supercharged v6 four-stroke,but it weighs 660 pounds,i mean that is a monster of a motor,it has a 20 inch shaft it has power trim,and start,and thats a big engine and it looks,like they broke,the cowl or something on the front end,there i dont know they got tape on it,and then this 250 right here which is,actually an optimax which is,what these are getting into which is the,two-stroke territory,and i could not find much information on,either three of these,i know theyre two-stroke theres a lot,of stuff on them but the pricing was,just not really put out there,now that 115 right there is an optimax,two-stroke v6 it is somewhere around 8,200,i could not find an exact weight on that,thing and it has power trim and starting,now with this 175,its a v6 its the same thing as this,115 for the most part just bigger but it,weighs 429 pounds,so if you shed a little bit of weight,for this 115 and you know the 115,4 stroke weighs 363 that ones going to,be,somewhere in between in between so,around 400 you know 375 to 400 pounds,now that 175 has power trim,and start and i could not find a price,on that thing but,im guessing if that 115 is 8 200 that,175 is probably,9 000 10 000 something like that,the 250 optimax is 10,000 um to 14,000 that i did find on boat trader i,could not find a price on either three,of these,and i couldnt find anything on the bass,pro website either so,its a v6 3.0 and i did not have much,information with this one but if the 175,weighs 429,and this 115 is about 400 somewhere,around there,that one has to be at least 500 pounds,oh what was that but,anyways these are all the outboards that,are in here,well that little trip was actually,beneficial i learned a lot about what,they actually have in there and i didnt,know they still made,two-stroke engines um there wasnt a lot,of them it was mainly four strokes so,it kind of helped me out with a lot with,a lot of that stuff and the pricing and,the poundage and all that stuff,whereas what size boat im gonna get,what is the max on my transom of the,kind of boat that i get,what i could actually put on it and,maybe what i could guess what my speed,might be,i dont know uh what would be the best,fit for what kind of boat ive got and,now all i have to do is kind of compare,with what boats that are used or,look at a newer boat that has no engine,and

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Mercury F 600 Verado V12 (600 PS) – Bootscenter Kiel

[Musik],heute kann die möglichkeit dem neuen,mercury 600 ps zu zeigen und auch probe,zu fahren,[Musik],motor handelt sich um den ersten szene,außenbordmotor die mercuria gebaut haben,oder überhaupt den verschleiß gebaut,haben,gewicht von den kleinen motor 572 kilo,besonderheit ist der motor dreht sich,nicht mehr sondern die komplett unter,wasser dreht sich,dadurch kann man die motoren bei einer,doppel drillings anlage in einer anderen,bauen,neu ist auch der propeller damit der,super ins wasser bekommt,und sehr viele neue features die der,motor liefert,bei den motor handelt sich um einen v12,motor hat mit 7,6 liter hubraum und vier,ventilsteuerung,der motor hat eine große service luke,sprich hier kann ich service im wasser,machen alles 300 stunden soll der motor,der wartung bekommen,8000 stunden oder fünf jahren muss der,motor ist erstmal außen wasser um die,wasserpumpen ähnliches zu machen aber,ansonsten kann ich alle aggregate von,oben am motor machen gerade bei großen,boden die märchen täglich aus dem wasser,schleppen kann das wirklich von vorteil,zum neuen motor mercury auch eine neue,digitale schaltung entwickelt neu ist,eigentlich hier das design dann gibt es,hier auch noch mit digital feld und,active trimmt das heißt die automatische,motor trimmung schon einmal,standardmäßig und der schaltbox mit,der gelegenheit den neuen shop 12 von,mercury zu fahren 600 ps hier in der,wunderschön bernig volontiert topspeed,mit diesen motoren 68 knoten wir sehen,es nicht leider nicht vollgas gefahren,aber schon annähernd das war schon,relativ da sand wieder unser fahrer und,uns unterwegs war,die laufruhe der motoren über zwei total,normalerweise denkt man der grünen handy,zwei großen motoren durchbruch aber ist,in diesem fall nicht die laufen so samt,schon ruhig wirklich überzeugen,[Musik],ich glaube der motor ist geringer das,heißt zum ersatz von bestehenden,außenborder nicht geeignet das ist,wirklich was der große neue boote die,auf markt kommen der markt schreit,danach,nach großen motoren großen boden mit,außenborder weil er in bornstedt langsam,aus und,ich glaube dafür ist das genau der,richtige motor,[Musik]

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NEW V10 400HP VERADO by @Mercury Marine !

thank you,so theres been a lot of rumors around,about Mercury Marine coming out with a,brand new product so we actually drove,up to Lake X this morning to find out,what that was they have the unveiling of,their brand new Powerhouse right behind,me the new 5.7 liter V10 Mercury verado,outboard this thing weighs at only 695,pounds and were going to be able to,test 15 OEM boats with this new engine,on it,[Music],foreign,350 d10 Mercury veratos or they brought,it yes sir ready for takeoff,[Music],oh my God,that was ridiculous so the most,impressive thing we saw was just the,torque I mean right now I almost leaned,up look forward and were doing 45 miles,an hour taking it up to 60 Id say and,it just lays you back on your seat that,torque is unbelievably and powerful and,the new props really grab on and dig so,super impressive with the 350s on the,scalp 355 lxf so here we have the ranger,622 FS Pro,right here behind me first time we jump,on a boat like this obviously first time,with a V10 400 so should be a lot of fun,so,one of the features youre going to be,able to see different here is a little,push button in this vent to be able to,open this service compartment and the,service schedule on these v10s is,similar to the V8s then Ill walk my way,back we got twin V10 800 horsepower you,can see them trimming you got the,Mercury steering as we noticed up front,incredibly smooth and Incredibly quiet,perfect combination for this Valhalla,v33,so you can feel the power of the V10 400,brought off board from what they say,they went from 57 miles an hour that,they were getting on the 400 L fixes,triples 261 with the v10s,so were just jumping to prop week here,in latex theres a bunch of boats being,tested but unbelievable power,responsiveness with the joystick and top,end speed overall and a package of the,three Outboards on the 41 footer,[Music],so as you can see were running the 380,outrage super quiet super smooth and,its seen an increase of 10 miles an,hour compared to the L6 verado Outboards,so besides that low end torque and just,power to get on plane in seven seconds,compared to the 12 youre seeing a huge,difference in top end differential there,so incredibly impressive this is a large,platform not a light boat and these,engines are absolutely no joke,definitely proves it here all right so,what you guys are actually capturing is,my first experience on a pontoon boat it,seems like I got on the right one this,one has twin 400s its the Avalon 2585 a,spacious and comfortable as it gets I,mean check this out definitely not what,were used to but we can definitely get,used to it and lets see how it does,with the new Mercury outboards,thank you,54 miles an hour they say they can do 70,on this boat Im pretty sure we tipped,it we were just holding on incredibly,stable,choppy Lake because we have a bunch of,different boats running around so were,getting the prop away from the other,boats but,the engines are absolutely incredible on,on any of these boats I imagine a,pontoon like this being able to ride in,Comfort like Im doing right here pretty,awesome I could definitely get used to,it,were gonna go ahead and kick it on,plane see what this thing can do and Im,gonna fight,[Music],so for being just twin engines on a boat,at this size its absolutely incredible,what this thing can do,playing on absolutely no time,[Music],we have sport mode and,[Music],silent theyre still on,just check out how quiet they are,full shots a little better on our boat,top end speeds are about the same we may,be a little bit more the 28 that I ran,forever before I got the twin boat,didnt have a three-sided glass so,thats probably an hour maybe two just,depends yeah youve been around a lot of,boat seat conditions and everything else,yeah yeah sure especially on the step,up um I think more than anything that,that low end torque just to be able to,get out of the hole that you dont get,with that L6 is where you know the,difference will be at 20 miles an hour,on playing this theres no load nothing,yeah really sweet so thats I think,thats an added close Okay lower speed,for a lot of people that you know want,to do that family thing sure,behold the Freeman Boatworks 47 right,here paired with quad Mercury Marine V10,400 virado outboards,47 Freeman is definitely impressive you,just got to jump on it to experience and,appreciate the size of this thing and it,could not be paired any better than it,is with the V10 400 viratos by Mercury,Marine,head,so check out the joystick system for,pontoons which has a Deployable unit up,here at the bow and another one back at,the transom giving this unparalleled,maneuverability,[Music],really curious to see how it does on,this it seems like its a nice nice,pairing to have a single 400 back there,and I assume it pushes it pretty well,what are you seeing top end were,actually running the 350 on this one oh,350. my fault sorry were getting this,morning we were getting 50 to 80. 52.,all three of us in full tank of fuel so,very nice nice it resembles like being a,car obviously were used to center,consoles its a little different,experience here youre sitting,incredibly comfortable,the winds barely touching you,really feel like youre in the car just,hanging out,[Music],whole shot,so that concludes our epic day here at,Mercury Marine Lake X checking out the,brand new V10 350 and V10 400 hope you,guys enjoyed the entire video and we,have 15 oems coming at you very soon,stand by for that,foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music]


how we doing today everybody i am back,on this beautiful friday with a team,talk yes a team talk that everybody has,requested i guess i cant see everybody,but lets just say a lot of people have,requested you guys want to know about,the verado the mercury verado and were,going to bring it to you right now in,this team talk wait,i always do this jordan you got to,remind me to get this in earlier thank,you thank you thank you for subscribing,and doing what youre doing our numbers,are going through the roof theyre on a,climb its awesome merch stuff is still,going um,the comments is just out of this world i,cant i cant explain it jordan and i,sit down weekly and were like look at,these numbers its great you guys are,rocking it youre killing it and i cant,thank you more always subscribe but,lets get to it here we go team talk,coming at you right now verado style,boom here we go all right mercury verado,whos got one raise your hand no ones,raising their hand here because we dont,have a lot of them up here but so were,doing here were gonna give you its a,team talk but its more like it i dont,know informational team talk more like,information because i dont deal with a,lot of them i think weve dealt with,four or five maybe six of them um in our,time here but,i got the info here we went in we did a,lot of research for you guys we did as,much research as we can um and were,just going to get into it were going to,start with the l4 the l4 verado its a,1.7 liter um intercooled supercharged,four-cylinder so its a supercharged,four-cylinder and i think when we talk,about the verados i think the reasoning,behind it and jordans a car guy and he,can kind of you kind of get pulled in,dont you jordan yeah a car guy gets,pulled into the verado because,essentially its,its as close to a car,that we had right up to seven marine i,mean right essentially toyota looking,you were saying kind of you know theres,a lot going on so,keep that in mind when were talking,about this cars versus this and youll,kind of see when we get through so lets,start it again the l4 verado is 1.7,liter intercooled supercharged,four-cylinder its a four-banger um,operating range for the rpms is 5800 to,6400 rpms now were talking rpms here,were getting up there,um the horsepower range is the 135,through the 200 so the 135 150 175 and,1200 those were your horsepower ranges,and that um unleaded 87 octane 92 octane,for max performance so they wanted you,to pour the higher octane in for max,performance im going back to the car,thing there you know what i mean a,little bit of ping we dont want to put,the 87 ping in we want to go with the 92,go,um weight on a 20 inch shaft or 510,pounds,pretty decent you know 510 pounds not,bad uh shaft length came in at 20 and a,25 no 30 on this right just 20 25 okay,gear ratio was 2.08,um,4.8 hd heavy duty we went heavy duty on,this,jordan hd power yeah got you,um heres the big bold print no longer,in production its gone,that was part of that original uh l4 l6,i think um,theres a lot of theres some questions,here and im to get to them right now,what are my thoughts on the,four-cylinder verado i think the,platforming of the verado in general you,can relate it to every single one of,these i believe its a good motor its,is it great no but is it very good,reliable yes its a very good outboard,i saw very little problems with them,very very little problems with them and,you just end up,guys that have really like them they,enjoy them,i think everybody has always said they,feel like theyre pulled back like the,windows not open enough were,like we can get more out of it and,thats just my thoughts with the whole,verado platforming so its not like,um,so when we talk about this you can keep,this in mind that i feel that the verado,itself is just a good outboard its a,really good reliable outboard all right,moving on to the l6 pro 4 stroke the l6,so we go from the 1.7 liter l4 to the,2.6 l6,uh intercooled supercharged six cylinder,operating range same its 58 to 6400,200 250 and 300 options 200 250 300 okay,um,unleaded 87 ping or the 92 octane you,can run them both,uh 635 pounds on the 20-inch shaft which,is a heavier motor so were gaining a,little bit of weight here um shaft,length 20 25 no 30 inch in that motor,gear ratio is identical one point no,this is a durian gear its a 1.85 1.85,on this one with the 2.08 on the,l4,um this one also no longer in production,she gown,kicked it to the curb,um my thoughts on that you know my,thoughts are on that uh whats your,thoughts of it on a bass boat i was not,a fan of it on a bass phone and i think,thats what happened to this motor they,did try to bring some bass guys into,this when it first came out i know,theres some pros that ran it,be light ran and i know that and there,was other ones i think maybe fred,robonus ran it and there was maybe two,other ones but there wasnt a lot um it,just bilat talked about it i think in,our last video a little bit about how he,he enjoyed the motor he thought it was a,good outboard he just it was very,consistent yeah it was very consistent,with what he was doing no matter the,weight he put in it and thats what,people talk about it doesnt matter what,you do to the boat like you all put the,extra weight in they always seem to,perform the same as they do light but i,think people will tell you the same,thing that i said that,they just dont,feel that they feel theres more to get,and they just werent getting it i think,that was the biggest problem with them,they went great on big walleye boats,smooth quiet and it didnt matter that,boat does 60. you know what i mean,we got a basketball that should be doing,the 70 thats doing,64.65 you know thats kind of i think,why it didnt work in the basketball,world,um well move on lets go over to the,next one this is like a book today,jordan jesus balls guy come on uh the l6,verado ready aurora l6,l6,that was the pro this is the standard,verado standard verado,2.6 intercooled supercharged six,um,operating range is the same 58 to 6400,200 225 250 275 and 300 so were gaining,horsepower range in this outboard so we,went from just a set of three now we got,five,635 pounds to the 635 20 inch shaft,and 25 and 30 so you do get the 30 inch,shaft on this model also so thats,pretty good all right so here we go now,we got different gear ratios we go to,the 175 and the 185 and the 544,so we got different gear ratios there um,and i think theyre trying to build the,its going to work on any boat type of,thing i think that was a big thing i,think theyre running into them issues,like its not performing on this boat it,wont perform on this boat and they got,that when they when people started,building four strokes thats what they,had to do to make them work it just,wasnt as easy i think as they thought,it was going to be turnkey its going to,work on this one and then it should be,fine well it doesnt work we still run,into that today you know we take certain,outboards and we take them and re-power,them and it it takes me,three days to set the thing up you know,i mean we cant get it perfect right,away it just takes a long time its not,the same deal,im no longer in production with the l6,standard verado no one go on kick to the,curb done,and did we did we see any reasoning,behind why they quit production i think,its just all new production i think,they got newer better fatter faster,whatever i think they just kicked the,old ones away its kind of a mercury,thing actually just get rid of the old,bring in the new which if its good for,the consumer great lets do it uh what,are my thoughts on that be i think like,i said before the verado itself was a,great platform i think it was a very,very good outboard um this verado here,they were they were not hard to work on,either calling three-piece calling any,mechanic thats watching knows that this,comes off this comes off this comes off,and there it is its right there to work,on i think theyre very simple to work,on they were mechanically for a mechanic,to work o

Yamaha vs Mercury (Which is BEST & Which Should YOU BUY?) Outboard Motor Review

welcome to boat by our secret weapon i,am your host captain matt today were,talking,yamaha versus mercury gray versus black,what is the best outboard for your boat,for your pontoon for your center console,so if we look at the history theyve,both been around for a long time theyve,gone through their ups and downs theyve,had great engines theyve had some,failures they have good reputations in,some markets bad reputations in other,markets if you look at the mercuries of,old and the mercuries of new you can see,theyve gone through some serious,changes yamaha has done the exact same,thing youre looking at,hey they yes they did have some issues,in some years but now whats the,situation and how do they compare the,other thing if you look at for the,yamahas you know theyve got several,different options as does mercury so,lets compare those back and forth so,heres how if youre going to compare,mercury to a yamaha,you should compare the four strokes to,the four strokes in yamaha so the,mercury 30 up to the 300 that are,labeled as four strokes on yamaha,theyre the four strokes but they label,them as inline four,v6 and the xto then you have the pro xs,and the vmax show the show those are are,higher rpm four strokes the jet drives,mercury has their verado which is a,supercharge yamaha doesnt have it,mercury also has the c pro which is,their commercial designation the,standard four stroke its reliable its,quiet thats your basic pleasure boat i,would put that on a pontoon or a,tri-tune i would put that on just a,regular deck boat or bow rider uh maybe,even a center console that um i was more,using for just pleasure hey i like that,quietness i like hey i just want to fire,it up and it go and i dont want to hear,it,the,pro xs and the vmax show theyre theyre,higher torque they run at higher rpms,they they were built to replace that,two-stroke market where the bass boat,guys all they wanted to do is put the,hammer down and just rip down the lake,so bass boats theyre great if you want,that more performance but what i found,is,the sound,is different because theyre running at,higher rpm youve got more of a whiny,sound its its not that quiet almost,imperceptible of the four strokes yamaha,and mercury are both just just whisper,quiet the pro xs the vmax show,they run different and so they sound,different the jet drives hey if you need,a jet drive you know it if youre in,creeks if youre in muddy shallow water,um those those are where you want to get,the tougher places where props going to,get dinged up the supercharged verado,listen i think that if you really need,that extra speed theyre all digital,they kind of got some extra stuff that,makes them,simpler to run more complicated motors,so,anytime i think more complicated i think,i dont really want complicated on my,boat but theyre great theyve been,around for a long time theyre very,reliable but they have superchargers in,them which means that theres more stuff,that could go wrong,i myself if i was buying new i would,just go with the four-stroke on a,pontoon but the verado if you want that,little bit extra kick and theyre also,incredibly quiet commercial were gonna,skip that so,heres the thing if were comparing them,these are the five categories that i,look at is warranty theyre the same on,pleasure boats theyre three years,warranty the xto from yamaha has a five,year warranty reliability the new,engines are incredibly reliable now,heres what happens with the yamaha,mercury conversation,is somebody said i will never buy a,mercury we had a horrible experience,with mercury left us stranded all the,time and then you ask oh what motor what,boat oh it was our 1973 mark twain that,we had a mercury 75 on it and that thing,was a disaster,we had a 1982 um on our lund and it,worked great it never left us stranded,the reality is that the technology has,changed dozens of times since then,and so the yamaha mercury conversation,it get you have to really dig in when,somebody says im a yamaha guy and,thats the only way to go you have to,ask,what years,how did you run the boat what engine did,you have specifically,did you buy it new or did you buy it,used because a lot of times an engine,gets a bad reputation from an individual,and they start spreading these stories,come to find out they bought the boat,used and you have no idea how that motor,was taken care of those are when the,issues come up in in most situations,the reality is theyre both very,reliable engines it doesnt matter,youre talking the the show and the the,pro xs or youre talking the four,strokes um even the verado,theyre very very reliable are there,some bad eggs in the basket sometimes,yeah but typically in the first 20 hours,of a new motor if its going to have an,issue its going to have an issue in,that period of time it just that tends,to be the case in most situations that,that they come up there next is service,cost i looked at just the the 150,four-stroke and i looked at just the,parts because the labor is going to be,what the labor is going to be yamaha,mercury texture in your area theyre,going to charge about the same labor,theres no theres no drastic difference,there so if you look at the yamaha,their 100 hour kits,including the impeller is 200 bucks,for mercury their 100 hour kits,including the impeller is 140 bucks but,their 300 hour kit is 315. theres a,couple additional things that on the,four stroke the 154 stroke specifically,that mercury has in their general,maintenance where yamaha just does a,little bit more in their 100 hour it,looks to me over time to be pretty darn,equivalent and if you can do the work,yourself,pretty inexpensive and on the outboards,especially if you have any mechanical,knowledge you get your owners manual,you watch some youtube videos youre,going to be able to do everything that,needs to be done on those 100 hour,services dealer network i think this is,what separates yamaha from mercury,is the dealer network,and its not even the dealer network but,its the local dealers let me come back,to that in just a little bit and then,price so i looked at the build-a-boats,from manufacturers and i looked at,several different ones because every,manufacturer kind of negotiates their,prices mercurys got some locked in,transoms with all the brunswick product,with the tracker product so theyre,ensured to be on those boats um yamaha,has to has to compete with the other,independent um not aligned with mercury,and brunswick and so the what i found is,the four strokes were comparable if you,were looking at the 150 or the 250,yamaha versus mercury they were about,the same maybe a couple hundred dollars,difference when i looked at multiple,boats pontoon center console buy riders,whatever,the vmax versus the pro xs the pro xs,the mercury was slightly higher now when,i say slightly higher it was between 800,to a thousand dollars higher,on a 20 000 25 000 engine is kind of the,ranges that i was looking so now when,youre looking at a boat,compare you know look at build it with,the mercury build it with the yamaha so,which is best for you well in my mind it,comes down to that dealer network but,not the worldwide dealer network the,mercury guy i met at ibax was going to,send me the number of u.s dealers,theyve got 5 000 dealers worldwide but,as i started to think about it and was,waiting for his response i reached out,to yamaha as well but havent heard from,from that contact,it dawned on me that it doesnt matter,how many worldwide or us what it matters,how many technicians are your area so,what i did is i went to the the dealer,finder,and said okay how can people decide in,their area because over the the years,yamaha has owned the coast and mercury,has owned the freshwater inland lakes,thats just been sort of the way its,worked out with the two strokes and the,and just fond du lac wisconsin being,where mercurys made they they tend to,dominate in the midwest over the you,know the last several decades yamaha has,tended to dominate at the coast over,several decades,i

Mercury Verado 100 Hour Service with LIQUI MOLY Fluids | DIY Engine Maintenance

[Music],hi chris green from usp marine today,were going to be doing a 100 hour,service on my mercury 350 verados were,going to be utilizing the liquid molle,kit that we have put together here at,usp marine it includes the 2550 oil it,includes an oe uh oil filter also an,option for a belt that is needed on the,400 rs at 100 hour,and also an option for the oe fuel,filter it also does come with the oe,seals for your lower unit and the oil so,lets go ahead and lets get started on,this to see exactly how its done all,right so the first step is were gonna,go ahead and start draining the lower,unit because that typically takes the,longest anywhere from about five to ten,minutes it takes to drain it so were,gonna go ahead and pull the prop off so,i just grabbed a piece of two by four,it is a little pain sometimes because,youll see if i take the prop off,sometimes the piece of wood will just,kind of fall,once we get the prop nut off just make,sure,that theres three washers in there you,just go ahead and set those aside and go,ahead and pull the prop off,of course inspect the shaft make sure,theres no fishing line or anything like,that around the shaft now youre going,to take a 10 millimeter on a 3 8 ratchet,or quarter whatever you have handy,and youre going to pop the,the bottom one first,and youll notice when you do take that,out not much is going to drain,so dont be worried that your lower unit,does have any oil in it,its just because,you have to pull the,top bolt out as well,for gravity to take over,now what i first like to do,is go ahead and take the seals,get them out of the way right away throw,them in the trash that way you dont mix,up the new seals with the used seals,sometimes that can be a problem make,sure you go ahead and trim the engine,all the way in the tucked position when,you are draining the lower unit does,make for a little bit less of a mess,after the lower unit is completely,drained make sure to trim the engine in,a level position that way you can make,sure the lower unit is filled to the,correct volume so after we get the lower,unit all uh drained out the only thing i,do recommend is to take,your bolts with the new seals go ahead,and put them on top of your calf plate,that way youre ready to go because you,kind of need those handy if youre by,yourself um we do have this pump,available on uspmarine.com,uh that does go into the liquid molle,bottles so what you want to do is you,want to fill from the bottom port on the,lower unit,while leaving,the top port open,now this only takes about i want to say,i think 20 ounces 22 ounces,so as soon as you actually know its,full if you have your lower unit,straight,youll know its full as soon as it,starts spitting out,the top port,should be about close here right there,as you can see it starts spitting out,typically i like to get any air out i do,a couple pumps just to make sure that it,comes out clean,and then like i said thats why you want,to have it handy go ahead and,put your top,bolt in with your new seal,get it threaded in there as much as you,can,it doesnt have to be totally tight it,will stop it,and then after that you can go ahead and,disconnect it from the bottle it is a,little bit messy so you kind of want to,hold it,you can disconnect it from the bottle,and then rotate out your,fill pump fitting,now it will start to come out the bottom,now because theres a little bit of,pressure in there so you want to kind of,hold it with your finger as fast as you,can so dont lose the fluid,then like i said thats why you want to,have your,your plug,handy so you can go ahead and just drop,it in there,just go ahead and you can hand thread it,and thatll stop,stop any fluid coming out and you can go,ahead and tighten those down with your,10-millimeter on a ratchet,all right now were all done filling the,lower unit,and were gonna go ahead over and start,draining the engine oil,now this is on a 20 inch shaft engine,itll look a little bit different if,youre on a 25 or 30 but pretty much all,the same thing,so this does take a 12 millimeter wrench,so 12 millimeter,now i am utilizing,um,a quick silver,uh,drain here that does help catch some of,the oil so it doesnt end up on the,cavitation plate,um,so once we go ahead and pick this,out,now you do have to be worried about if,youre on a,pretty windy day uh this can be a,problem because as you can see were on,the trailer were pretty high on the,outside engine,so,if it was really windy which right now,were lucky its not windy um this oil,will be going everywhere especially when,it starts to uh,when it starts to get to the end of it,uh in the beginning,itll come out but it is a pretty messy,job as you can see,make sure you have that bucket under,there its its its flowing pretty,decent right now but you can see it,starts to get on the cab plate there,and eventually as it starts getting,slower uh the wind will start taking,this uh all over the place,all right so so after we got the lower,engine uh oil drained were gonna go,ahead and put eight quarts,of the liquid moly 2550 in here,just gonna let that sit and fill,now one thing to keep in mind these are,not standard four quarts uh like some of,the oes provide these are 4.24 quarts,so,on the second one you dont want to fill,the whole thing you want to stop,and make sure the engine has the right,amount its not overfilled uh which,takes roughly about eight quarts,after were done filling it were gonna,go ahead and move on to the oil filter,all right so after were done putting,our oil in putting our fill cap back on,were gonna go ahead and remove the oil,filter what i like to use is this tool,from ast its pretty nice goes right,over top of the oil filter that way you,dont have to get any channel locks or,pliers or anything like that makes it,really clean to go ahead and remove pull,off,i like to have the oil filter handy so,that way right when you,get it off you dont get oil everywhere,you go ahead and put it,right side up so oil doesnt drain out,everywhere especially if youre uh on,the boat so you remove that before you,take the filter off,go ahead and right side it up have this,handy that way you can just drop it,right in the box,now one tip you want to do when youre,putting on an oil filter and this really,goes with anything from a car to a,generator i actually learned this in,high school and shop class,was take a little bit of oil and just go,ahead and put it around,the o-ring of the filter that way,itll seal correctly,and spin on,just make sure its on and just decently,tight,and the only step left to do after that,is change your fuel filter now in these,particular engines it does not have an,oe fuel filter it does have the usp,marine line fuel filter so were gonna,go ahead and pull one of those out and,show exactly what you have to do on the,100 hour to clean that all right so once,youve got the usb marine tuning filter,removed outside the boat its really,easy to service,so essentially we have some cutouts that,we made that are actually on the filter,that you can go ahead and throw into a,vise,doesnt need to be clamped hard at all,if you do have some aluminum jaws to,protect it from scratching even better i,am loot i am using an aluminum,adjustable wrench uh so that way,it does not scratch this nice pretty cnc,surface,so it shouldnt be torqued too much um,if youve never opened them up after you,bought them from us theyre theyre not,crazy tight because they do have an,o-ring that seals them so once you go,ahead and pull it out this is what it,looks like not much stuff i mean a,little bit of stuff with dirt i can see,inside so essentially this just removes,out and then what i like to do is just,take some brake cleaner,as my choice to clean this,and you can just spray it off like so,i also like to spray inside of it,and once that you can go ahead and let,that air dry and then of course spray,out the housing as well,if theres any dirt or particles on it,very easy its essentially a lifetime,filter,that you never have to repla

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