1. Train Heroic Basics
  2. Design a Training Session Using TrainHeroic
  3. What is the best personal trainer app for online coaching? (I tried 12)
  4. TrainHeroic Review | Virtual Coaching Platform
  5. How I doubled my coaching billing with this one trick | Truecoach follow up
  6. Start 2022 Right By Investing In YOU | Our Online Services EXPLAINED
  7. Every coach needs to see this | Truecoach review

Train Heroic Basics

[Music],train heroics supercharge program design,tools bring your programming to life,with our tools you can quickly design,and organize training programs that are,hundred-percent reusable and fully,customizable the only limit is your,inner programming da Vinci will walk you,through the basics of programming and,train heroic by creating a simple,one-week program to use with your,athletes during your free 14-day trial,we recommend that you create a training,program prior to doing anything else,within trained heroic lets get started,with building your first training,session first log in and click on the,library icon from the left-hand toolbar,now click create new in the top right,hand corner give your program a name and,determine the number of weeks that youd,like the program to cover,now at a training session by clicking,the add option on week 1 day 1 take note,that there are no specific dates since,youll add this program to a team or,athletes calendar youll now be brought,to the design over the blank page each,training session is organized into,blocks and youll begin by clicking add,block then search for a specific,movement to add to block a once youve,added a movement add your rep scheme by,clicking select prescription you will,have the option to save custom rep,schemes so that you dont need to rekey,the same rep scheme over and over again,but for now youll begin by selecting,custom table to design your first custom,rep scheme pick how many sets youd like,to add to the movement and block a and,add your rep scheme youll notice that,each of the columns reps and weight in,this example can be customized in order,to track exactly what youd like with,your athletes you can choose to be,prescriptive adding in the weights or,percentages or you can choose to leave,cells empty so that the athlete can pick,their own starting point keep in mind,that your athletes will always be able,to adjust what youve prescribed lastly,add notes like rest times tempos rep,ranges and anything else youd like to,communicate with your athletes now that,block a is complete simply click add,block to add another block to the,training session,blocks can be combined to create super,sets by clicking the link between blocks,youll notice when you click adblock,that in addition to adding an exercise,you can also create an exercise or new,circuit clicking new exercise allows you,to add movements to your exercise,library at any time clicking new circuit,gives you a quick and easy method for,designing warm-ups cooldowns and,anything within a training session that,doesnt require the athlete to track,their specific sets and reps to create a,circuit simply type in your text and add,any desired videos from your library you,can quickly save circuits so that you,can reuse a warm up or cool down anytime,add as many blocks with movements or,circuits as youd like and use the arrow,button to move a block up or down,once you finish designing a training,session click back to program to view,your training session on the programs,calendar youve now created a training,session on week 1 day 1 in your library,next well go over how to deliver the,programming to your athletes,[Music],in this video well walk you through the,basics of inviting athletes to Train,heroic and delivering the programming,directly to their mobile devices whether,they are coaching them individually or,as a team first make sure theyve,created a one-week training program,before attempting to perform the steps,demonstrate in this video next youll be,able to coach the athletes individually,or create a team if youre coaching,athletes individually you can quickly,invite an athlete to connect with you to,invite athletes that you train,individually click on athletes from the,left-hand menu select invite athletes in,the top right-hand corner choose the,one-on-one option and then click Next,and to your athletes email address and,customize the welcome message click send,invites be sure that your athletes,calendar is ready with our training,program even before they accept their,invite to connect with you and train,heroic click on the calendar icon next,to the athlete youd like to deliver the,programming to now you can add a,training program to your athletes,calendar from your library by clicking,the add from library icon in the top,right hand corner select the one-week,test program weve previously created or,the program of your choice,now pick a start date and click add to,calendar youve now successfully,delivered a program to an individual,athlete to create a team and invite,athletes that will be training as a,member of the team click teams from the,left-hand menu click create new in the,top right hand corner name your team,create an access code and click create,team once you have a team you can invite,athletes to join the team,click athletes from the left-hand menu,click invite athletes in the top,right-hand corner choose the team or,group that you want to add the athlete,to enter the athletes email address,add a custom welcome message and click,send invites if youre inviting athletes,such will coaches a team youll have the,option to update the teams calendar,even before they accept their invite,first click on teams from the left-hand,menu next click create new in the top,right hand corner or click on the team,if youve already created one now you,can add a training program to the teams,calendar from your library by clicking,on the program icon in the top right,hand corner select the program that,youd like and the start date weve now,successfully delivered a program to a,team of athletes once you send an invite,your athletes will receive an email with,your access code and instructions to set,up their profile following 3 easy steps,they will download the free trained,heroic app on their smartphone create,their account by following the in app,prompts and type in your teams unique,access codes to join the team by now you,should feel comfortable inviting your,athletes and pushing a training program,onto their personal or team calendar,next well cover coaching with trained,heroic your athlete or the entire team,will receive the training program in,real-time on their trained heroic mobile,app they will also receive a push or,email notifications depending on the,preferences each individual set while,creating their profile,[Music],with the foundation laid its time to,get to work moving some iron coaching wa,trained heroic is simple provides a,better experience for your athletes and,allows you to do more with less,now that youve connected with your,athletes and delivered programming to,them we highly encourage your athletes,to log a training session that youve,programmed for them this is the most,effective way for both you and your a,fleet to experience a trained heroic app,its also a great way to understand how,things work together and an opportunity,to get quality feedback from your,athletes if your athletes arent logging,their training you wont be able to do,what you do best coach this includes,viewing vital information such as,readiness data training summaries and,progress first make sure to program a,training session invite athletes to,connect with you on train heroic and,publish the training sessions prior to,completing the steps mentioned in this,video heres what well cover how,athletes will view their training,sessions how athletes will log their,training session from the mobile app,reviewing training session summary when,to use the tablet based team training,app and how to use the tablet based team,training tap once an athlete downloads,the trained heroic app and creates their,profile,theyll be guided to todays training,session on their calendar swiping right,or left will change the date and allow,them to view sessions as other than,today if there is a dot below the date,that means there is a session assignment,when the athlete is ready to begin a,session they will simply click start,session,a quick readiness survey will pop up in,which they will

Design a Training Session Using TrainHeroic

welcome to Train heroic lets get,started with building your first,training session first log in and click,on the library icon from the left-hand,toolbar now click create new in the top,right hand corner give your program a,name and determine the number of weeks,that youd like the program to cover,now at a training session by clicking,the add option on week 1 day 1 take note,that there are no specific dates since,youll add this program to a team or,athletes calendar once its complete,youll now be brought to the designer,with a blank page each training session,is organized into blocks and youll,begin by clicking add block then search,for a specific movement to add to block,a once youve added a movement add your,rep scheme by clicking select,prescription you will have the option to,save custom rep schemes so that you,dont need to rekey the same rep scheme,over and over again but for now youll,begin by selecting custom table to,design your first custom rep scheme pick,how many sets youd like to add to the,movement and block a and add your rep,scheme youll notice that each of the,columns reps and weight in this example,can be customized in order to track,exactly what youd like with your,athletes you can choose to be,prescriptive adding in the weights or,percentages or you can choose to leave,cells empty so that the athlete can pick,their own starting point keep in mind,that your athletes will always be able,to adjust what youve prescribed lastly,add notes like rest times tempos rep,ranges and anything else youd like to,communicate with your athletes now that,block a is complete simply click Add,block to add another block to the,training session,blocks can be combined to create super,sets by clicking the link between blocks,youll notice when you click adblock,that in addition to adding an exercise,you can also create an exercise or new,circuit clicking new exercise allows you,to add movements to your exercise,library at any time clicking new circuit,gives you a quick and easy method for,designing warm-ups cooldowns and,anything within a training session that,doesnt require the athlete to track,their specific sets and reps to create a,circuit simply type in your text and add,any desired videos from your library you,can quickly save circuits so that you,can reuse a warm up or cool down anytime,add as many blocks with movements or,circuits as youd like and use the arrow,button to move a block up or down once,you finish designing a training session,click back to program to view your,training session on the programs,calendar youve now created a training,session on week 1 day 1 in your library,next well go over how to deliver the,programming to your athletes

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What is the best personal trainer app for online coaching? (I tried 12)

i painstakingly signed up to all the,personal training software that i could,find online and im going to show you,behind the scenes and show you all the,different feature comparisons and also,the software stack that we use to coach,our clients spoiler alert all of the,stuff we use is free flexible and,professional and its pretty robust,weve used it to coach thousands of,clients by this point over the last 12,years so ill show you that at the end,but i want to review the market as a,whole because its an exciting space,things move really fast in software so i,want to see what weve got available i,also know that im going to be,approached by lots of software,developers saying oh you havent looked,at my app and so on so i want to give,you a framework to make a decision as a,whole looking at big picture principles,as to which software you should pick,that way if theres an app that youre,considering that i havent covered,youll be able to still make a decision,so lets start with the overriding,principle bearing in mind that software,is designed to solve a problem so are,you solving the right problem,are you consistently getting clients,if not then,what are you doing looking at software,to coach the these non-existent clients,you only have a certain amount of time,and energy and bandwidth to spend each,day and so you need to address the,biggest bottleneck in your business at,any one time weve met people who have,spent loads on getting the best custom,branded website and app and fancy swipey,things on instagram and yet theyve got,two clients like theyre focusing on,digging the wrong hole the idea of build,it and they will come is a myth,unfortunately the biggest problem that,youll likely experience as a business,owner is getting a consistent flow of,new clients so that should always be,number one im not saying this to,discourage you either but its the same,as if you had a client who came to you,totally untrained and is asking you what,brand of weightlifting shoes they should,buy or what type of pre-workout they,should get what would you say to that,client youd be like mate youve been,drinking the kool-aid too much you need,to go and lift some weights and then,come back and have that chat with me,later so assuming youve got strong,demand for your services youve got,people wanting to sign up with you the,next question is what should the,software do well it just needs to,facilitate,you as the coach to deliver your service,to the client,thats it there needs to be as little,bloat as possible bloat is always bad,and unfortunately the way that apps,develop they tend to just,bung on new half-formed features and it,becomes this kind of frankenstein rather,than something which serves you as,simply as possible so look at,myfitnesspal remember back in the golden,age when it was just you would scan your,barcode and youd say ive eaten this,and it would log it,it was brilliant then it got acquired by,under armour and they started to add in,all these social features and it takes,10 20 seconds to load up and you have to,check in and see,how much weight your friends have lost,and youre like i dont care i just want,to see how much food ive eaten in a day,so as cool as an app might seem to us as,coaches remember the client doesnt care,that youve got a branded app with a,fancy logo they just want the results if,they did want a fancy app and thats,what theyre looking for they would just,subscribe to apple fitness and they,download someones workout plan,people dont buy coaching they buy,coaches and people are bought into you,as a coach thats why they want to sign,up with you its not about the delivery,mechanism im saying this so that you,prioritize practicality and smoothness,as your north star if youre thinking at,this point oh actually maybe my,bottleneck is marketing or social media,or whatever we cover all of the software,that we recommend in the link below in,our members area for free it covers all,the social media tools the marketing,tools the schedulers the communication,tools website builders all that stuff,in the link below,so how do you pick an app to deliver,your online coaching well dont get,drawn into the marketing remember that,what software developers want out of an,app is very different to what your,client wants and you need to put,yourself into your clients shoes,remember that these bits of software,market themselves to coaches and coaches,love bells and whistles so its very,easy to get drawn in i found myself,looking at some of the sales pages and,going oh its got that feature and all,of it but,remember does the client care or is this,just something that i think is nice to,have,youve also got to consider that if,youre coaching margaret whos 50 and,shes got to sign into a new thing,create an account,and then she has to fill in the capture,and,you know the feeling when you sign up,for something new and its like oh right,click on all of the pictures of the,traffic lights and then oh no click on,all the pictures of the bicycles and oh,is that the corner of a bicycle or is,that fun fact by the way all of those,traffic based captures are not to prove,that youre human,google already knows that youre human,its to train the ai for self-driving,cars so youre just doing unpaid labor,anyway remember that feeling when you,sign up for a new app and theres all,these hurdles and you have to untick the,box that says yes please spam me with,information about your products and,services,youre offloading all of that onto your,clients with any new platform now thats,okay if it makes your clients life,easier in the end but youll probably be,doing a lot of technical support for the,margarets of this world the more apps,that you introduce into things anyway,with that massive caveat in mind i,trialed all of the main personal,training software online coaching,software and im going to go through the,different pros and cons with you some of,them are really good at the stuff ive,mentioned some of them less so im not,going to be comparing price too strictly,here because theyre all pretty,similarly priced and you shouldnt be,skimping about the difference between,two dollars a month or whatever,with something like this because its,the basis for your coaching its the,client experience so lets go over to,the green screen well compare some apps,then well come back here ill show you,what we personally use in propane,whether this comparison has actually,changed our opinion on any of this what,ive learned from exploring the market,here and the next steps for you to grow,your online fitness business okay we,tried the green screen it looked,terrible so lets go with the,traditional method uh beginning with,tendon so tendon.io is actually a,company that weve worked with the,developers on,and i like what theyre doing its,very clean simple doesnt try and do too,much,and,what theyve done is theyve actually,re-niched,into rather than being a general,personal training software its designed,as a hands-free way for people to,deliver home workout templated programs,asynchronously so what i mean by that is,delivering coaching not in a gym not on,zoom but,a home workout program thats written,given to the client they do the workout,tendon records the workouts and has,voice activation features and all sorts,so that they can basically,do it at home almost like the old-school,dvds where you do p90x or something at,home but its a bit more interactive and,so thats what they focused on,um i quite like that theres also,modules involved so you can add in a par,q macro calculator weight tracker,theres a command bar oh,you know how to get me on side its,build a command bar if you dont know,what im talking about have a look at,our video about alfred the other thing i,love about it is that you can switch,between,the client view and the coach view,pretty easily,so tendon would be useful for you if,youre someone who coaches people,who train at home with templated,programs and you want to see videos of,their workouts its got voice

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TrainHeroic Review | Virtual Coaching Platform

hi guys youre with me to our real media,here from plancimo and in this video i,want to talk to you about,trainheroic.com,so train heroic is a software that,people can use who are fitness coaches,they own their own kind of gym company,or any just fitness and well-being,company in general,now its a software where you can help,your clients uh online and remote,and this is really needed especially,with covered 19 affecting everybodys,business at the moment,so were going to talk about hit train,heroic uh,some of the features and we can have a,look a little look at the price,and the plans they offer before we do,that dont forget to give us a thumbs up,comment on the videos you know subscribe,to the channel,all that supportive stuff now lets head,straight into the video,so the great thing about train heroic is,you can start a seven day free trial,and you know you can try out before you,know to see if the coaching tools are,effective to your clients and your,customers,and see if its something that you know,makes your business a little bit more,successful,so first of all what were going to do,is have a little look at the dashboard,layout as you can see you can use it,from,not only android and mobile devices you,can get a desktop layout too so you can,use it on your laptops,computers everything and and this is,kind of a little,layout of what we can expect of train,heroic,so as you can see it shows how many,sessions,youve done it shows all your stats,there it shows the volume,and it shows how many reps um of a,workout,your clients have done it shows a bit of,a chart of your last 10 sessions how,theyve gone,and and you know looking at kind of how,many calories theyve been burned how,many pounds,clients have lost all that kind of stuff,so you can see which,which of your sessions were more,effective if you like,and whats doing well and probably,whats not doing so well and could be,improved,youve got all your readiness your,performance your training summary youve,got all your history of,kind of youre logging in recording your,workouts and things like that,and youve got all of your uh,tools that you can use for the gym so,kind of,online training things like that,and youve got youve just basically got,everything in one software where its,accessible and everythings not like,scattered everywhere,so youve got like your library if,youve got like you know any files,any folders like any uh forms where,customers and clients are filling them,in you dont need to give it in paper,they can do it over your,um software with train heroic so they,can kind of hand,um contracts and things like that in if,its a membership,all that fun stuff it can all be done,through this software,so theres really no need to kind of be,face to face,and and yeah everything can be done,remote using the software which is,always good to know,and so lets have a look then at some of,the tools for pts and gym owners then,so with train heroic,they help coaches grow and scale their,practice and they,use all the tools that save time to,engage with their athletes and make them,look like pros,you can get a designing program using,the powerful yet simple tools,you can customize videos and text points,of performance to deliver,on demand and branded and immersive,training experiences to your clients or,athletes,youve also got a video review youve,got chat youve got analytics,analytics yeah saying it right you have,to really think about that then,and youve got a more one-stop coaching,uh platform tools that you can use,uh to get that coaching just really,effective and up there,and you know get the best out of your,clients so you can get a coaching which,is one to one,or you can do group training and you can,use all these tools with train heroic to,do that,like i said it is accessible on all,devices so mobile phones,desktop layouts all that its all,compatible,so lets have a look then at some of the,pricing so you can pay as you grow you,pay as you grow it does actually say,that i thought that wrong then so you,can pay as you go,theres no contracts no commitments and,you can also cancel at any time,so youve got that peace of mind you,know youre not really tying yourself in,if youre not really feeling it,and yeah so lets have a look then at,some of the webinars that train heroic,offer so,not only is train heroic going to help,your business,uh drastically improve with the clients,success rates and you know your athlete,success rates,its also going to do live webinars or,if its,like master classes to help you grow and,be the best,at your game its going to help you do,that,by offering webinars to help you level,up to know the knowledge you need to,know to be the best,coaches out there for your clients and,if you need to,kind of find a time that works for you,and you can do that youll you just need,to register what topics youre,interested in,and all the registrants and attendees,receive an automatic generated email,and its literally the recording of the,full webinar so dont worry if youre,going to miss the live event,it will just get automatically sent over,to you and you can catch up to watch all,these,tips and advice from train heroic so as,you can see these are just some of the,webinars today,that theyve theyve hosted so youve,got the use the readiness survey,so its teaching you how to grow and how,to coach the whole athlete through,effectively using data from,a survey to improve accountability,communication,communication sorry the adaptability of,your coaching services,its really going to talk you through,step step-by-step how to be the best,and programming and and rest and,recovery,youve got providing nutritional,guidance so everything about you know,the nutrition,and eating and diets and things like,that you can get all that coaching,advice for your athletes there,youve got supporting clients mental,health which again,i think would be really needed at least,trying times right now,these are the upcoming uh live webinars,so youve got all the dates there but,again dont worry,if its something you cant attend,because like i say they will send you,kind of a a version where you can catch,up anyway so its all recorded and then,sent straight to your emails,and youve got all um building,foundations,so really getting the best out of train,heroic so,not only is it a software for you to you,know,be the best its actually providing all,that advice and giving you tips,on how to just get yourself out there,and be the biggest in your game,so train heroic seemed really great its,only 9.99,a month you can cancel at any time you,get a seven day free trial its got,tools that are so simple yet effective,and it also involves,all these webinars and youve got,ongoing support through,um train heroic as well so youve got,blogs,youve got support you can youve got a,free trial,youve got webinars what more could you,ask what from,a software you know its great so,if you want to have a little try youve,got your seven days free,and if its something for you then do,let us know how good it is and how you,go on,with train heroic so i hope thats,helped a little bit of a review some of,the features it offers,and uh some of the pricing so yeah,enjoy if youre gonna be trying it and,let us know how you get on,so ive been sarah from plants emo dont,forget to give us a thumbs up comment on,the channel subscribe to us share it,with your friends,all that supportive stuff thank you for,watching and ill see you in the next,video bye guys

How I doubled my coaching billing with this one trick | Truecoach follow up


what is up everybody coach roller here,welcome back to my channel thank you for,clicking on this video now i made a,video called uh true coach review where,i reviewed one of the coaching apps that,i use i use this for my workouts i use,it for my billing and i use it to,communicate with my online athletes and,even my athletes in person now i,promised if i got 100 likes i would,share with you some tips and tricks that,i use for my billing that may or may not,have helped me double my income without,adding adding any new athletes or,products or anything like that now,instead of making this like a long and,drawn out video im going to tell you,the number one thing i did that helped,me literally double my income without,adding anybody to my coaching roster or,any products,its rollo hey guys welcome back to my,channel i hope you like creole i say,hydra like a camera here we talk about,fitness follow along as i build my,business i want to help you any way i,can how to stay healthy and improve your,lifespan i like to take a holistic,approach that means working on,everything we can control now sit back,relax and hit that like button maybe,subscribe and lets try and learn,something typically when youre doing,coaching or in my experience or when you,go anywhere you get charged monthly on,the first of each month or on the 15th,of each month what that ends up being is,you get charged one time 12 times a year,so as a new coach what i decided to do,and as i charge people monthly i started,realizing however that every time i,would charge somebody monthly sometimes,they would do four sessions and,sometimes they would do five sessions so,technically the price that i was,charging for my coaching changed per se,per session depending on how many weeks,the month had so i was looking at,watching this video and it was,explaining to me that instead of,charging people monthly you should,charge people every four weeks so,instead of charging people 12 times a,year now if you do every four weeks,youre going to end up charging people,13 times so if you have a few clients,now instead of those clients paying 12,times a year theyre all paying 13 times,a year,now because i made this video about true,coach and i wanted to talk about true,coach they dont have the ability to,charge people every four weeks so i did,something that i thought would actually,get a lot of people upset i thought,maybe they wouldnt like this and it,ended up being one of the best things,that i did instead of charging people,monthly i just cut my price in four i,decided okay my coaching fee is this,this is how much i want to charge for,each session individually and im going,to charge them every sunday so now,instead of having people charge on,random days of the month they are,running you know im running around like,hey you did this session you didnt do,this session i wrote up a contract and i,told everybody im going to be charging,you every sunday,you have to do a four,four session commitment so you have to,do at least four sessions you have to,commit to those and if youre sick or,you miss one of those sessions you can,double up the following week to make it,up or else that session is gone,and some no one actually luckily none of,my athletes needed convincing theyre,like yeah that makes sense this is your,job your livelihood this is how you pay,your bills but i did have uh athletes,that asked about my coaching and theyre,like oh that doesnt make sense and im,like it does make sense because now,everybody pays for their session in,advance sunday they pay they do the,session that week and then the following,week they pay on sunday and they do this,so that ends up getting people charged,13 13 times right instead of the 12,times,increases my income it increased my,retention and it increased the,consistency that athletes showed up to,the gym for my one-on-one sessions so,that is my number one coaching tip start,charging people again every four weeks,and or if youre using true coach you,can charge them every week and watch how,not only your profit grows your,retention grows your relationship with,your athlete grows because you see that,charge every sunday and it reminds you,boom i need to check up on these people,i need to make sure is going well i need,to make sure their programming is up to,date and i just found it very helpful,overall for me myself for the athlete,and for my business so,as always if you go actually,if you guys appreciated this content id,appreciate if you subscribed and like,this video i know ive been a little bit,light on videos lately but make sure you,follow me on instagram at roger lopez so,you kind of see what im up to im just,doing a lot of stuff uh business-wise,trying to grow my gym trying to create,content on the instagrams so join me,there but well be back here on the tube,creating more content soon team as,always theres only one thing between,you and your goals and that is work so,make sure you put in work also,look at my tiny christmas tree its,purple alright i love you and well see,you in the next one

Start 2022 Right By Investing In YOU | Our Online Services EXPLAINED

hey guys matt winning at,winningstrike.com and today were going,to do a video and mostly this video is,going to be so that you guys understand,the services that we have on the,internet and on the website to give you,a better understanding of which program,or fitment might be best for you,so lets get to it,[Music],the first thing and the most important,thing i think that we offer on the,website is personal online coaching now,personal online coaching takes into,account one the equipment that you have,two the type of job you have three,the stress levels that you have four we,take nutrition into account and five we,take your current strength level,all of those particular factors come,into play when making the proper workout,for you at this time,the problem with many workouts online,and even in our own manuals is the fact,that we are doing the best we can,shooting in the dark we havent had our,hands on you per se to coach you and see,where your personal weaknesses are and,thats the most important thing,everybodys built a little different,everybody has a little bit of different,needs at different times that can be,from chronological age to training age,right you could be 23 and been training,for 10 years or 23 and been training for,six months those are two completely,different people even though theyre,chronological age is exactly the same,we also take into account with the,highest level people they come in we do,assessments we check for supplementation,body fat percentages caloric intake all,these different things a lot of these,are big big factors in the personal,online coaching that we have,so the point is is that theres a lot of,places online that are not taking a lot,of these things into account which is,not optimizing your particular time and,energy that youre spending in the gym,so we think that its a very very good,value to come onto online coaching,whether youre a beginner intermediate,or advanced to not only get new,exercises and maybe a new,approach to how youre training but also,to avoid injury and make sure that you,can do this for years and years on end,which is going to allow you to hit the,big big numbers okay this is long-term,development,the next big thing that we have to offer,is train heroic now train heroic has,some great advantages one its monthly,cost is super affordable to everyone two,you get to record your weights and it,also keeps a detailed log of your,training three we have tons of demo,videos on there that weve spent,hundreds and hundreds of hours,showing you guys how to perform these,lifts properly which we think is a huge,component because the big problem with a,lot of these different channels is they,might give you i would say a decent,workout but if you dont know the,technique or youre still wondering,how should i do this weve corrected all,of those problems with the demo videos,you can click and watch a video right,next to the exercise and it gives you a,detailed library of how to perform those,particular movements correctly on the,train heroic we dont really have a lot,of feedback and thats why we keep it,affordable,teddy and i and a couple of the other,online coaches sit down and we decide,what were going to work out for the,week and develop the long-term protocol,and then we post it but we dont really,give any feedback from that which keeps,it affordable and keeps our time at bay,now we have another particular option,that you can come to with a little bit,more interaction and thats patreon,patreon youre going to see,all these workouts just like you saw on,train heroic but we have q a and special,projects now q a allows you to,personally talk to me,and ask well how can i adapt this,exercise to that exercise or i have a,hip injury how do i adjust this exercise,to fit my needs at this time etc etc and,we get a lot of questions like that on,patreon so the point is patreon has a,little bit more interactiveness and,were also shooting a lot of special,projects were shooting how to utilize,winning warm-ups for you were showing,how to find and detect your weaknesses,were showing all kinds of different,in-depth information on patreon thats,just really in my opinion not really,available anywhere else,so those are the three major factors,that we have on the website for you to,choose from obviously the premium online,coaching is the most expensive because,it takes the most time and effort then,we have train heroic which you get,workouts but not really a lot of,feedback other than demo videos so we,can keep it affordable and then we also,have patreon which is somewhere in the,middle allowing you to see all these,workouts,and also,answer and be asking questions to me,personally on a couple of hour basis,that i check it every day so go check,out winningstream.com and see if one of,these is the right fit for you,[Music],oh

Every coach needs to see this | Truecoach review

what is up rollo squad welcome back to,my channel coach roller here today were,going to talk about true coach,and how true coach helped me take my,billing my coaching billing,from 26 100 all the way to,these are is this in a year in one year,wow,its rollo hey guys welcome back to my,channel,i hope you like creole i stay hydrated,like a camera here,we talk about fitness follow along as i,build,my business i want to help you any way i,can how to stay healthy and improve your,lifespan,i like to take a holistic approach that,means working on,everything we can control now sit back,relax and hit that like button,maybe subscribe and lets try and learn,some if you guys are interested in using,true coach you can use the link down,below i am not affiliated with them this,is just the referral link they have,accessible to anybody who uses it if you,use it you get 50 bucks,i get 50 bucks which helps me to build,more coaching,im a machine now i need to tell you,guys a little bit about my past,so you can understand why i started,using true coach and,itll help you determine whether or not,true coach is good for you so when i,started coaching,eight years ago i had this crazy dream,that i was like you know i want to coach,for a living now instead of telling you,guys this entire super long story,im just going to hit a few key bullet,points so that you guys can kind of get,up to speed with where i am now so eight,years ago i dreamed of coaching,full-time i then graduated college and,got a full-time,coaching opportunity essentially that,opportunity was selling memberships,doing group classes,and uh yeah thats what i was doing for,about a year two years and a half,after about a year i started doing a,little bit of personal training,sprinkled that in there a little bit,and i was like dang personal training is,sick not only can i make a bigger,difference one-on-one with people,you can also make more money than doing,group classes now the one thing i did,was i used,google sheets to do all my programming,which was not,organized and it just didnt look very,good another thing that i had happened,was i was running around,trying to figure out how many sessions,people had done i would put it in my,calendar and it would i would get,lost and the building was off and they,were going to pay me cash this time and,then they were going to do card and,check and it was like,it wasnt consistent you know it was all,over the place,anyway that gym flooded we moved to a,different gym and i actually focused,primarily on personal training because i,had no money,thats a lot of stress at that time when,i was doing personal training more than,i was doing group classes i wanted to,charge a little bit more,but i wanted to learn more i wanted a,better overall package,and i just didnt know how to bring like,google sheets wasnt,doing it you know i was inputting videos,in there but the videos didnt look very,good it wasnt streamlined it wasnt,organized i was,again i was chasing people for,memberships it wasnt consistent i,couldnt count on the income,it was a mess it was all over the place,but i was doing,more personal training than i was doing,group classes on a few,occasions guys i would program all,afternoon and then for some reason,google sheets would be like,i didnt say so id do hours of,programming and it would get lost,i had a few people that were just a,little bit of a problem it was just a,big fat mess now when i was running,around with like,my chicken with a head cut off and i,just everything wasnt organized,i build around twenty 20 000 in personal,training group,class coaching etc which youre probably,thinking like how the heck did you live,in san diego,and let me tell you its by doing,nothing else except for paying for your,rent and now let me tell you guys a,little bit about what changed when i,decided to finally pull a trigger on,true coach,and guys this is something that i feel,like a lot of us,uh dont talk about but you you forget a,lot about,what it was like being a beginner or,somebody at the beginning of your,journey uh you forget a lot of things,that you did so i remember,looking at true coach and im like,thats an expense that i cant afford,same as im looking at all these,applications i wanted to use on shopify,and things like that i was like i cant,afford that thats really expensive,where im now at the point where im,like this app will help me make more,money but at first it wasnt like that,so if you guys are out there and youre,like,nervous youre like oh my gosh this is,30 a month or 50 a month or however many,clients you have,thats how it determines how much you,pay dont,worry dont freak out find a way to get,those athletes,that are going to pay you at least the,cost of the application,and then pull the trigger because the,package is going to look really really,nice,its going to be like neat with a bow,and if this video gets 100 likes i will,make another video,sharing my tips and tricks on how i may,or may not have,at least doubled the amount i build,using true coach im going to read off,something that i put here guys,when i finally used true coach these are,the things that i like notice right away,i had no,more inconsistent payments i had a nicer,product,i was it was easy to create and apply,programs to multiple people,for example if you guys have like a,squat program or a muscle up program you,can literally create the program,copy it and send it to everybody that,you have or you know you have mobility,whatever,you want everybody to do you can include,videos in the program and you can just,send it to everybody at the same time,if you found that somebody did a workout,youre like dang thats a nice workout i,want to give that to somebody else,you can literally copy and paste it to,the other person it is so,amazing and streamlined and also i,created videos and built more,credibility just using the app,you can make you know youtube videos and,you can use those youtube videos as,movement demos so if theres a movement,that you made up or you cant find the,video,of the movement youre trying to do or,lets say you dont even know the name,of the movement,to put it on there you can just make up,a name and then add your video its,streamlined it looks really really nice,you can change the application you can,change the design,of the app that your people are seeing,its really really nice so ive been,saying a bunch of,amazing stuff about true coach let me,tell you guys a few of the things that i,hope they add in the future,and im only bringing these up because i,dont really know what goes into,coding and doing all this stuff and then,maybe some of these things are,just they cant even be done but it,would just be nice for me if these were,added,itd be nice if instead of having my,athletes have to schedule using a,different application they could,schedule through chew coach,they could just go on their app see the,times available for one-on-one training,and click on it or have a place where,they i can have,open up for calls and they can just,click you know i want a 15-minute call,with rolo,it looks like he has time here boom and,then true coach will notify me hey,you have an appointment on this day with,this person blah blah blah i think,thatd be really cool,also they do have a place for documents,but they dont have an easy way for,waivers and documents to be signed,it would be awesome if they had when,somebody signs up they also get an email,with the waiver that they sign through,the app,and then the document is saved on true,coach so that its like a thumbs up or a,thumbs down,whenever that person signs or maybe even,like you cant start coaching until,youve signed this waiver,you cant access the workouts until you,sign the waiver i think thatd be,really really beneficial and super,awesome another thing about,payments guys i talked a little bit,about payments earlier and how it made,it really really simple and easy,the one thing about payments that isnt,easy is you cant just do a single,charge,you c

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