1. HOW TO PRICE – Weird Things I Sell on The Internet
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  3. How To Sell Your Panties Online Discreetly????+ Earn Extra Cash
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HOW TO PRICE – Weird Things I Sell on The Internet

it can get exhausting wearing three,pairs of panties,and sweating all day and making sure,they are perfect for your clients,sometimes youll have to wear them a,week and they still dont stink as much,as the client wants,hi everybody today im going to teach,you about,weird things i sell on the internet and,how to price them,many of you who come from tick tock,always ask me well im new how much,should i sell this for or,how much did you sell that for so if you,want to learn how to price your weird,things then,keep watching,you nasty used clothes but before we get,into the video,uh what do they call a disclosure,privacy policy,psa this is an 18 and up,job yes its a job because when you make,enough money you do have to,pay taxes just like when you sell,anything else on the internet,so i will link below the websites you,can do this at,and im going to teach you a little bit,today about pricing especially if you,dont know where to start,lets just get into it so i think the,number one thing,that people sell are panties because,buyers continue to come back,once the scent fades away but being a,new seller,you have to build your street cred you,have to get reviews you have to have,proof,that you are an honest authentic seller,so you might need to start low,like ten dollars twenty dollars now,the more you wear your panties the more,people will pay,especially with custom requests,depending on the type of,fluids you put in your panties i was,about to say something real nasty but,were on youtube were not on my podcast,now people have different preferences,people like thongs people like boy,shorts people,like lace different materials and,different styles so have a plethora to,offer,another hack i do for panties is i will,buy the same panty,like 10 times so i will have 10 of these,that way i can repost the listing and,not have to take new pictures,sometimes in the listing ill even add,like if you want an extra video,or extra picks you charge more maybe,five dollars a pick without face maybe,10 with,maybe a 30 second clip for 25 but,honestly the way you price things,pertains to you,and your value of a dollar your value of,your time your value of your work,it can get exhausting wearing three,pairs of panties and,sweating all day and making sure they,are perfect for your clients sometimes,youll have to wear them a week and they,still dont stink as much as the client,wants,or youre not ovulating like so many,things so many factors go into this,lets talk about bras uh victorias,secret bras do really well,or like old ratty bras or even sports,bras,uh but if youre selling your first bra,um,twenty dollars you know if you have a,large following and great reviews you,could sell,this beautiful bra for like fifty,dollars but thats,the range it can go from you can also do,bundle deals you could do bra and panty,set,id sell this for a hundred dollars,because this bra alone,was fifty dollars but if this was used,and off brand you could sell it for,thirty but,if you are a long term seller,definitely like seventy five hundred,vintage bras are also,desirable i get these from my local,thrift shop,wash them take pictures in them so,heres like a icky,yucky white sports bra look how nasty,this is,nasty i definitely wore this like after,a spray tan,uh so yeah i could sweat in this jog on,this sell for 25 bucks,30 35 bucks and this goes with leggings,too,like any leggings or shorts that youre,gonna,work out in i feel like white holds,that doesnt hold odor better it just,can look dirtier,but leggings can go from 30 to 50.,i feel like 50 is always the best price,point to sell something especially if,youre doing a direct sale,because if you value your items more the,customer,is going to value your time more i feel,like if youre selling something really,cheap youre going to attract,cheap clients who always want more for,less and youve got to set your,boundaries,you can even sell just like random,shirts and used old clothing for like,ten dollars a pop,kind of cheap for stuff like that all,right lets talk about tights and socks,some of my favorite things to sell the,uh foot market,feet f-e-t-i-s-h,is so big almost bigger than panties,um so like these sheer tights are,phenomenal,to sell these are really old fish nuts,not so much,but you can get 30 to,60 for tights sometimes people have a,tight preference so i,try to have pantyhose,i try to have thigh highs in here,all sorts of tights tights are so,cheap too like you go to walmart get a,pair,some people like them more spandexy i,think i got these,thrift shopping too just like tons tons,of taps,so heres an example of some really like,sexy shiny,stretchy leggings this material is just,going to hold sweat really well,you never want to sell a product that,wont hold the odor really well like,its completely pointless because you,want them to come back for more,and you ultimately want to please the,client so that you make more money,and you can always add like rare or,exclusive if you have any tights that,are just,designer or nice like its good to have,a few window pieces,that are really special for example,tights ive owned since college i dont,know get creative but people will pay,more,the more creative you are you can also,sell really cute teddies,i have a ton of new ones in here some,people like,new lingerie because some clients like,to,cross dress and they will buy something,you have and wear it and it makes them,really happy to do that so thats,another,audience to cater to but these are some,brand new,victorias secret teddies now whenever i,sell something super exclusive like this,i always like to include a video in the,sale,that way you can express in the title,that you are selling a high-end teddy,um thats obviously beautiful and,includes,five-minute video or five-minute custom,video if you want to make the video,afterwards,so typically i will sell something like,this between fifty and a hundred dollars,with the video,uh depending if someones coming back,they,might spend more because they know the,quality of my items,i mean i went through my whole closet i,even found these like,gloves anything you can think of just,list it,you never want to put boundaries around,yourself like oh i cant list that or oh,this wont sell like,you do not know until you try like i,thought this song would just sell,like a normal thong and i dont know,what it was the face on the thong,but i made like 100 bucks off this one,and i was like okay,i need to buy more of those and do this,kind of auction again,okay you guys ready for socks socks are,very similar to tights,now where are the socks all right we got,knee-high socks we got really ugly,worn for a long time socks,why am i singing like that all right we,have,really old nasty tube socks we have some,cute thigh high socks and we even just,have like a normal ratty pair,of i mean these arent ankle socks but,theyre just like daily wear socks,so the nastier smellier grosser,they look the better white ones do,really well,i personally like if youre gonna wear,these you definitely want,like foot stains on the bottom toe,stains,you could sell a pair of just normal,everyday socks for like,20-25 bucks new sellers might even sell,them for 10,but ive seen sellers who are,all about sock sales nothing but,feet connoisseurs sell,really really intensely dirty socks for,upwards to a hundred dollars so thats a,huge spectrum,of compensation you can get for your,socks,again i think adding more value to the,sale like adding,nail clippings or more photos even,feet picks makes the listing unique and,stand out from other,sellers and in a market like this you,always want to stand out,and its really this market caters to,every anyone it doesnt matter what size,you are,honestly it caters to people that smell,more or know,how to make themselves smell more but it,100 caters the most to people who are,motivated,communicate to their buyers and spend a,lot of time reaching out to potential,clients i talk,a lot about that in my tips and tricks,for only fa

Wife Buys Second-Hand Underwear to Seduce Her Husband | Extreme Cheapskates

I plan to put the spark back in our,relationship by surprising Vic with a,romantic evening Im gonna go all out,with my full-on Body Makeover the,typical lady spends hundreds of dollars,in the salon doing their hair or waxing,if you wanna just jump up here put your,head at this end of the table okay but,Im gonna find a way to spend under $100,or my makeover so I brought my own,waxing supplies so can you make it $30,if I use the strip well we had you,booked for the full leg wax and thats,$65 appointment you cant have that,price please when she walked in she,looked like every other normal person,walking in the door like she looks like,she can actually afford our services oh,[Music],can I get a discount for pain I,definitely dont think it works like,that so Im gonna get my hair done and I,brought my weave with me so these are,clip-on extensions and Id like you to,put them on me okay Ill just pay the,service fee so is this all the hair that,you brought with you because its not,gonna be enough for your entire head I,was thinking maybe if you have extra,hair laying around I could use it on my,head the only hair that we would have in,this one right now is stuff that weve,taken out of other peoples head and,were gonna throw it away well youre,gonna throw it anyway so why not put it,on my head,so Im gonna grab my manager,unfortunately we are not able to do that,it is its not sanitary for us to do,that Im willing to take the risk,unfortunately I cannot we can definitely,lower the price for you and we can lower,it to 50 from 75 okay great thank you so,stressed about great lines,hey lets go ahead and get started I got,a little bit of the discount so it,brought it down to $50 being in the,service industry you definitely come,across some crazy people with crazy,expectations but she was by far like out,there awesome you did a great job lets,get you out of here buying lingerie in a,thrift store is a great way to spice,things up in the bedroom some people,think that shopping at a thrift store,for lingerie is gross but you know I,dont see anything wrong with it and,wonder how many people have worn this,pong before and looks a little crusty,too that looks cute oh thanks a little,dig I see this woman come out of the,fitting room in lingerie teach his own I,said okay Who am I to judge,honestly I like that one better than the,other one would I buy lingerie in a,thrift store depending on me no I,wouldnt sorry I wouldnt buy it yeah,that ones cute thats the best one you,get on,thats really pretty the tags on the,back actually Im not sure yeah sure,$2.99 too many knives a little out of my,price range so lets say this is really,nice,thats three ninety-nine okay so if I,get two of these buy five bows would you,lower down the price for me I mean we,really we really dont do that but I,mean I guess I could give you like a,dollar off coupon or something if that,would work off the haggling holy crap,I I wouldnt have gone there I dont,think people should go into thrift,stores looking for a bargain and asking,for more save my marriage,[Music],hi how are you what are you looking for,um well Im actually gonna have like a,romantic night in with my husband so I,want to get dolled up and I was looking,for a few samples of some you know like,lip gloss or lipstick or eyeshadow or,blush wow weve got some lip gloss here,oh yeah this is very cute okay thanks I,really like this color and Ill put it,over red lip this red lipstick that I,have at home so how much is this,those are $22 $22 okay thats a little,bit steep for my budget so its worth it,I have that one and I love it,my budget is actually seven dollars from,lip gloss fraid I cant help you then,can you make it hmm how about eight,dollars wish I could haggle with you but,it is what it is thought it was a little,awkward to try to bargain in this kind,of store we dont really do bargaining,you have some free samples of perfume in,the front of youd like those hes cute,but all so these are free samples that,you could have we dont have any,lipstick samples do you want the perfume,I do yeah everything as long as its,free Im there oh yeah theyre free,I did get this amazing free perfume,honey blossom Im gonna use it tonight,its so excited shes a nice girl but,she comes in here all the time she never,wants to buy anything its like well,give you a free sample but be nice if,you would buy something from our store,every once in a while with five dollars,spent on second hand lingerie apples,total cost for her makeover comes to,eighty five dollars well under her $100,budget Im gonna remind him why we got,married in the first place what do you,think,I planned a special night for us you,never do this I like your hair its a,little different yeah theres some,extensions in there some are actually,falling off so let me clip it back on,[Music],you

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How To Sell Your Panties Online Discreetly????+ Earn Extra Cash

whats up you guys,welcome back to my channel,um,today were going to be talking about,something a little bit different,something,else ive tried something ive wanted to,try for a very long time,i didnt know how to do it,or,i was just afraid of a lot of things,but then i got out of my comfort zone,and i did it,and i did it,because a [ __ ] was looking to make some,extra coin and i always had people,asking,so were just gonna get right into it,um ive always had people asking,do you sell your underwear,do you sell your socks,do you sell your bras,so,a big reason,why,i wouldnt,like so my underwear my socks,my bra or anything like that was because,i was afraid that,i had to have my return address or i had,i have my name,gnosis,you dont have to have any of that [ __ ],and if they ask you,no,dont do it dont do it,so um this was my experience when i,first tried to ship,ship out personal items,so,like i said im sure this is like most,of you guyss fear,because this was my biggest fear and,its,a big reason of like why i didnt do it,so,like i was just afraid of people knowing,my personal info,didnt want that,so here was my experience i went to my,post office,in my town and they were like,i was like hey can i ship this i dont,want to return address,and they were like,no because if you ship that without a,return address then were gonna have to,flag it,and i was like,flag it,the [ __ ] you mean,so that was like at a regular post,office,and um,then,i went to a usps,she like,took my id and stuff,and i told her i didnt want a return,address on it but she told me she had to,put my real name on it,which i didnt like,and i said no,no i dont want my real name on there,i just said well we have to like match,it with your government id and i was,like that makes no sense,sorry,why do i have to,so i was just having like tons of like,a bad experience with that so i just,thought i wasnt gonna do it so i tried,one more place,and it was the ship shop,thats what it was called and it has,literally every carrier,and i go in there and i ask them i was,like is there any way i can ship this,without a shipping address like without,a return address and like yeah we can,just use ours,and they did maybe use my name,nothing,nothing,so if you have a ship shop,do it,or just use,some other address i guess if they,really make you use it just,i dont know just use,use a workout you i dont know,its not like its going to be returned,to you,i dont know,but,i mean they really turns out they really,cant make you um,they really cant make you do a return,address,um ill have to look it up because i was,telling my mother-in-law about this,because i told her what i was doing she,was totally cool with it shes pretty,red,and i was telling her about it and im,like you know like they were trying to,make me use my return address and it was,just weird and shes like,well theyre not allowed to do that,because,its like not unless,you have a,expensive item like priced over a,certain amount like because theyll ask,you,and i said no and then she said im,gonna go ahead and put it on there,thats what shes at the usps office,but yeah,so yeah she just said that at the usps,office,because she was like well this is priced,over 75,or something and i was like no its like,well ill go ahead and mark it as that,so,if they ask that just say no and then i,think they wont make you use your,return address but like i said i finally,found a place that didnt make me do it,which was the ship shop and,there might be other ways so if you,dont have a ship shop,and you have to make your own shipping,label,then,thats that just use someone elses,address someone you dont like i dont,know,you dont have to use your [ __ ],address,sorry my ac just automatically shut off,and im like out of breath what the [ __ ],so,im gonna go ahead and get into the gist,of what ive made just,in um two weeks of doing it,so i have it wrote down right here its,so ive sold three pairs of,three pairs of thongs,75 each,and shipping,shipping was anywhere from five to eight,dollars,pretty simple,and priority if they ask for priority,its probably gonna be around 28,so if someone asks for priority make,them pay that extra money,because that [ __ ],too expensive okay,i dont care,i dont care if you paid 75,i mean thats up to you thats up to you,if thats what kind of profit you want,and you wanted to get there quick,but,personally,im not spending 28 on shipping,no,but i mean its still gonna get there,like,two to five business days,so,thats all right and its only five to,eight dollars,thats fine,so,ive sold three thongs so what i do is i,basically,ill wear them for like a day,and then i will,send a picture right before i package,them,to the buyer,but,make sure they [ __ ] pay first [ __ ],dont be a dumb [ __ ] dont be a dumb,[ __ ] dont be scammed,if you get scammed im just gonna make,fun of you for being a dumb [ __ ] dont,be a dumb [ __ ] get your money first,dont let him try to get you with the,i need to trust you first,i need it to come to me first no [ __ ] i,gotta pay shipping,and its my time of wearing them i make,i make them pay,before i even wear them,yeah,but ill let them like pick out what,which ones they want so take a picture,of like the outside and then ill tell,them like they dont get to see a,picture of them being worn,like on the inside until after they pay,thats just how it goes,okay so so three pairs of that,and like i said put it in as a block bag,sorry im just like getting off and then,going back on,so i put them in a ziploc bag,and i try to like get as much air out as,possible,and i try to fold it up and i use like,little poly mailers you can get uh,you can get them in bulk for 13 on,amazon,or you can go to walmart and just get,one for like a dollar,but,i would just suggest getting them in,bulk because you can get like 100 of,them or like,i dont know i think it was like 50. i,think i got 50 for like 12 on amazon and,you can even get a smaller pack and its,cheap like i think the cheapest package,ive gotten was like seven dollars,so i would do it because its gonna be,way cheaper in the long run,just get bulk,same thing,so you can either go to victoria secret,and do like the deals where its like 5,or 35 or whatever with that,on the panties or,you can,get it bulk on amazon because you can,get like,20 pairs of thongs,for like 20 bucks,think smarter,not harder you dont have to spend a,[ __ ] ton of money on underwear because i,know that could be another thought in,your head,so,like i said just put it in a ziploc bag,try to get out as much air as possible,just trying to put in as much tips as i,can because like i said im not like,that experienced really,and then i also,add like a personal note like thank you,for buying from me,i look forward to your future purchases,i wore these,to such and such today and i just had so,much fun wearing these for you,you know,and then put that note in there,and then i put,like i put them in the ziploc bag put,them in the polymer and the polymers are,like the ones that already have like the,bubble wrap in them kind of and theyre,really small theyre like this small,and i got pink ones,but,i should probably switch that to,something else because sometimes people,like it to look a little more anonymous,and they probably dont want pink but,so i probably need to get a different,color,i dont have them on me right now,theyre like way in the kitchen but ill,put them in the link below like on what,amazon poly mailers you can get and the,thongs,you can get unless you just want to go,to victorias secret,but,because i mean if youre selling them,for 75 like i am then,its not so bad to do the 5 for 25 deal,at victorias secret its not so bad,youre getting a profit back,so socks,i have a lot of people ask me for thigh,high socks which you can also get in,bulk on amazon ill put that in the link,below,of the socks i got,and i sell them,for 30 each,which,you can make your price whatever i feel,like 30 is on the higher end but if,youre just selling like

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How To Start Selling Your Used Underwear! ????| Kweenpin Entertainment

[Music],if you know me you know what i say if,you down on queen pink and youre,watching what queen play entertainment,hello everybody and welcome back to,another live video with the mother,effing queen thing you already know how,we do,today i am super excited because this is,a video you guys actually requested i,put it up as a poll,on my instagram and you guys got to vote,against like three other videos so this,is the one that came,on top as you guys can see from the,description in the title this is that,how to start selling your used underwear,video okay so,i know what some of yall are thinking,like oh what like thats actually a,thing people actually do that,or if you guys are black yall probably,thinking like what thats,thats white people stuff but no no no,no no theres actually hella,theres actually actually hell of,minorities in general that do it like um,its a really good side hustle its a,really good way to make some money so,im,excited to tell you guys what i do and,how to do it,and okay yeah the first thing im going,to be talking about,is why to even start selling,your used underwear so why you would,want to start selling is,duh extra money there is so much money,into it,if youre consistent and you have a good,product and you market it pretty well,you can actually make some pretty good,money,selling it is a wonderful side hustle i,know some people who like,just live by selling their used anything,they like,started off with used underwear and then,they went to other stuff and thats just,how they make their living,me thats not how i only make my living,but,that is what i do its um how i make,some extra cash so its awesome,um so yeah so number one reason being,you know,make some money um another reason is,probably just to get rid of it you know,you probably have some underwear,that youre gonna get rid of underwear,with holes,underwear with like period stains or im,sorry if it gets gory but seriously,though underwear with period stains,underwear with anything you never know,why i never know why you want to throw,in your underwear or you just had it for,a while you know and,a lot of that stuff you would just throw,away is a fetish and,people will buy that fetish you know,and were going to talk about that a,little bit um later in the video so,you guys should definitely continue to,watch im trying to tell you,okay so the second thing were going to,talk about is,where to sell your used underwear,because,obviously you cant just go and sell in,the street right you dont want to just,go sell your underwear,like hey you look like you buy used,underwear can i sell this to you no,youre not going to go do that so,let me just tell you where theres,plenty of sites that you can use,um you just have to google them,literally just google the sites but the,one that i use,is called sofia gray um,its a its just a platform for only,selling your used underwear you know,theres some platforms for selling used,a lot of things for selling feet,pictures theres a platform,for like everything believe it or not so,you can really,you can really do anything but sofia,gray is strictly for used underwear,so um thats where i go,and that subscription and you do have to,pay for this website,but its like 15 for like three months,of the store which isnt bad thats not,bad at all i just feel like thats real,affordable because youre going to make,that,you can make that back in your first,sale so plus,but with the platform you can really,find it on anywhere some people use,their only fans,some people use reddit you can use,reddit probably you know they have a lot,of subreddits for some,kinky stuff so you never know just,google,it and youll find plenty of places to,use or,youll find plenty of platforms to go,ahead and do that on,okay so on the platform youre going to,want,to um youre going to want to make your,site,look like a storefront for real and,okay so let me just break it down like,how sofia gray is set up ill probably,insert some type of clip on what it,looks like like ill probably take a,screenshot,or something but yeah okay so in sofia,gray youre going to make a platform,its going to be a store youre not,going to make a platform youre going to,make a storefront,and youre going to upload some pictures,youre going to type a description,youre going to put your age,you know youre going to put you know a,bunch of stuff so in my description you,know some people,make it like i dont know i cant,imagine that they sell well but i dont,know because some people just throw in,anything they,type whatever they say like oh,just a just a broke girl,and i need some money so im selling my,used underwear like thats not going to,attract,your clientele its not going to attract,the customers and thats something that,youre really going to want to look into,doing,for me i made it really i made it really,um,i dont know inviting i made my page,really inviting because thats just how,i talk and i felt like,hey i would want to buy from this girl,youre going to want to really analyze,yourself in like,stores that you even shop at and youre,gonna,want to look at their slogans or,descriptions and stuff like that and,youre gonna,wanna uh you know pull bits and pieces,of that,and youre not like super creative in,writing,and youre just going to want to like,come up with something thats going to,be inviting to the clientele,okay so im actually going to read you,guys a little bit of my description,of my store i probably shouldnt say my,storefronts name but,you know whatever um as you guys know,im going to talk about a video about my,alter ego so,that alter egos name is lily and thats,my like very sexual side thats my stage,name i use that for a lot of things so,um of course the store for its name is,lilys waters,because you know thats sexy lilys,waters you know because id be gushing,okay anyway let me stop all right so,um i said welcome to lilys waters,um 23 years young 52 and q,college student matt asks do you like,chocolate girls,do you like girls who work out what is,your biggest fan,fantasy i have just the thought thing,slash song for you,here at lillys water i aim to please i,include love and care to each pair,including the root ones i have an array,of products to choose from,just tell me what you like if you want,to get extra personal request a pair and,ill make it extra sexy for you,some purchases even come with the free,gifts socks headbands,etc the possibilities are endless,so have fun and keep it sexy follow,lilys water,waters to keep up with the fun because,after all chocolate is the worlds,favorite candy,ps of course theres a picture included,with,with the with every purchase,maybe more per request however just like,many people certain requests cost,extra okay and so that is what my,description for my stores front says,so um yeah im gonna talk about,what to sell like what type of underwear,to sell,now the type of underwear you should,sell,is really just anything you have because,the way its set up is set up into,categories you can sell your bras,with your panties with your socks you,can sell,like just panties and it doesnt matter,because everybody has their,own fetish i know thongs and boy shorts,go for,a lot more though so you probably do,want to try to do more thongs and more,boy shorts but,people love granny panties people love,cheekies,they love cheekies they love songs they,love,um you know,even boys be on there so they love,boxers they love boxer briefs,so if youre a stud or something and you,wear boxer briefs so you wear boxers you,can definitely hop on there and theyll,buy that theyre probably,youll probably make more as you know,from my last video i talked about how if,youre a lesbian theres more,opportunities for money and some of the,adult industry stuff,and this is definitely one of those,opportunities for money,uh yeah but theres a lot more men than,i expected to be on there so dont ever,think like,oh this is some taboo stuff no theres a,lot of people on there making a lot of,money so go ahea

SELLING FEET PICS?! | All Things Worn, PantyDeal, Snifffr

i cannot believe im talking about this,on the internet tic-toc always gets me,into trouble,[Music],if youre new here im melissa i post,about all things weight loss weight loss,surgery beauty lifestyle i post on,tuesdays fridays and sundays and im so,glad that youre here so without further,ado lets discuss how to sell your used,items online,i,learned about this whole other world on,the internet back in december i was,scrolling tick tock came across the,video this woman was talking about this,website called panty deal this really,picked my interest because ive heard of,it before but ive never like considered,it let me tell you a secret people will,buy all sorts of used items and when i,mean all sorts i mean all sorts if you,think its too weird there is somebody,out there that will buy it i promise you,just have to find them i joined three,websites back in december hannie deal,sniffer and for all things foreign and i,paid the fees for each website because,everything that i learned about this,industry,is that if you put in the effort,the buyers are there and you will make,the money it was a bit overwhelming and,i felt really out of my league because,im a plus size girl we,are not you know always everyones cup,of tea and thats fine everybody has,their taste everybody has what they like,or what they dont like but there is,always somebody out there that likes it,you just have to find them on those,websites there are a lot of perfect,looking girls and it almost made me just,like a little self-conscious but i had,to put that aside and i really i really,sold actively up until the middle of,january so really i was actively selling,for one month there are a ton of things,that you can sell you can sell used,undergarments either it doesnt matter,you can sell top undergarments you can,sell bottom underground,you can sell pantyhose socks hairbrushes,loofahs lollipops that you have already,put in your mouth your nail clipping you,can sell the little stuff that you like,shave off of your foot when you do a,pedicure you can you can sell that,people will buy your old shoes the,options are endless that is just,physical items that you can sell you can,also pre-make videos and sell them and i,know what youre thinking im not,talking about naughty videos i never,once showed any nudity whatsoever,it was not something that i was,comfortable with it was not something,that i did and i put that as a hard line,and i was still successful so i was very,successful for the one month that i was,selling between the sites um sniffer i,didnt have a single sale on sniffer,and sniffer was the one that i cancelled,my membership pretty early on because i,was getting,no bites whatsoever on that website,panty deal was where i got my first sale,two or three days in of joining panty,deal and i sent it off and then two days,later the gentleman said that he wanted,another thing so i made another sale to,the same person two days later on panty,deal and that was it on panty deal that,was all that i was able to sell um so i,dont think panty deal was worth it,either i dont think pandyville and,sniffer were worth it number one because,i was not an established seller on those,sites it was really hard to beat the,algorithm of sorts the way that,especially sniffer sniffer was very,difficult to,kind of interject into the algorithm and,actually get any interest whatsoever and,i dont think it had anything to do with,me being plus-sized i think it was just,because theres so many people on that,website and so the feed was constantly,refreshing and so i felt like my posts,were always getting lost in the feed and,nobody was actually seeing them so i,think sniffer is a waste of time to be,honest i think that that market is over,saturated now where i had most of my,success in this one month was on all,things warm and,i,i love that site i think it is fabulous,it is a great community of people just,like you people just like me and it does,a really great job connecting buyers and,sellers and it is very similar to that,of facebook i would say so what things,did i sell when you join these websites,youre obviously thinking youre going,to sell underwear,that is the name of the game that is,what you assume that youre going to,sell and then you get all these sites,and you see all these other things that,you can sell i listed old shoes i listed,socks i listed,underwear i listed,um pantyhose i listed shower products,like loofahs hairbrush i went so far as,to make like,pre-made clips of my feet,i had photos of my feet that just seemed,like a great way to make some passive,income in this,this world a lot of the pre-made videos,i made i didnt even show my face it was,just my feet like my feet and socks my,feet in high heels,my bare feet one of the videos that ive,sold several times was,um a video of my feet at work like the,video camera was just right next to my,feet and my feet are just ignoring the,viewer,and there is a real market for videos,with your feet and youre just ignoring,the person watching your video,theres a real market for that the,moment of truth,how much money did i make in one month,of selling on all things worn so overall,between the two websites that i sold on,my total income between pani deal and,all things worn for one month from,december 15 to january 15th or so with,651,just in one month,i had a total of 24 sales,in one month,and there were some other opportunities,that im gonna go into more depth on,specifically how joining all things worn,and selling my underwear,led me to receiving jimmy choo high,heels,and,multiple pairs not just one,multiple pairs that is going to be a,future video im going to talk about,that more in depth in the future i sold,651. within one month of selling my used,items and you can too it is so easy if,you enjoyed this video please give it a,like down below and let me know in the,comments are you thinking about doing,this is there a question that you have,that i didnt answer have you sold stuff,before that is all ive got for you guys,today so thank you so much for watching,if youd like to check out new videos,when i post them i post on tuesdays,fridays and sundays if you want to see,more from me click that subscribe button,down below,[Music]

How to NOT get SCAMMED Selling Used Panties

[Music],thank you,hi guys my name is Timber I am a seller,on scentedpanzy.com and today Im here,to discuss scammers,um I know you have all been approached,at least one time by that scummy guy who,wants to give you 700 a week for,virtually nothing and its a lie and,hes gonna try and take you for,everything youve got today were going,to talk about how to stop them dead in,their tracks your tips and tricks on how,to identify them and what you can do to,protect yourself and the other sellers,and buyers on this site,so first things first I always check a,profile that messages me off the bat,before I even engage in chat the first,thing that I do is I check out the,profile I want to see if they have a,couple of things if a they dont have ID,verification B they dont have any,reviews and C they are not premium no,scammer is going to go through the links,of paying for premium because theyre,just trying to get money,um also another thing is most of the,profiles for scammers have been created,within that day either that day or the,day before because they probably got,reported and shut down for the last,profile that they made so none of them,have really stuck around for long,um now keep in mind use your best,judgment because there are new people on,this website that are just starting out,that might not have all of those things,um ID verification for instance my,really good friend Mark decided he,thought it was dodgy you know to ask for,ID verification if he could prove who he,was to the ladies which he has on,multiple occasions but now hes ID,verified so I mean theres that,um if somebody doesnt have reviews they,theyre just starting out that doesnt,mean that theyre a scammer but scammers,have that combination of things that,really makes it stand out thats your,red flag right there,um their screen names are generally not,very creative at all Ive noticed um a,lot of William John 260 uh John David,very,I dont want to say basic but very very,uncreative names and to anybody named,William John thats not a scammer Im,sorry Im just thats whos hit me up 10,000 times asking to be my sugar daddy,um,so thats thats pretty much their end,though those are a lot of things that,they have that that are in common and,you can really see right off the bat,thats just kind of kind of fishy,another thing if they right off the bat,pitch their scam to you most of the time,theyll just message you and say hey Im,looking for a loyal and caring sugar,baby to be my companion Ill take care,of you 700 a week,did yalls mamas never tell you that if,it sounds too good to be true it,probably is,remember your mamas yall because if it,sounds like 700 a week for doing,virtually nothing sounds too good to be,true it is I promise you another thing,that they do is say that theyre theyve,made it big in crypto and theyre,theyre here to sweep you off your feet,theres no man riding in on a crypto,horse coming to pay all your bills I,promise you so just remain Vigilant,dont fall for that stuff and the moment,that they pitch that scam to you block,them report them it is super essential,that takes me to my next point it is,super essential that you block and,Report every single one of these guys if,you just block them that still leaves,them the ability to go move on to their,next potential victim Susie Q here who,just started out might really be excited,at the thought of 700 a week and she,does not know about these scammers you,have to shut them down in their tracks,block report repeat every single time it,is so essential,um another thing that scammers like to,do is they will ask to get you off site,and away from that block button,um theyll sometimes ask hey do you want,to chat on Kik do you want to chat on,WhatsApp um that is to get you as far,away from that block Button as possible,dont do it remain on sentence scented,pansies chat platform the admins cant,do anything about activity off of the,site so you need to do your best to,protect yourself and be smart about it,gentlemen it is super essential for you,guys as well guys get scammed all the,time on this website and it breaks my,heart because it makes all of us sellers,look really bad,um scammers come in all shapes forms,genders and sizes and you guys need to,be vigilant as well if a woman checks,all of those boxes for you and youre,not really sure about her keep chatting,before you send her anything until you,really are for sure that this is not a,scammer protect yourselves and if you do,unfortunately get scammed always always,always block and report them please,because the admins need to know about,them,now,speaking of the admins I would like to,give a humongous shout out to every,single admin working their tails off to,make sure that were safe and protected,and can sell have fun with everybody on,this site this would not be possible,without them so every time you see your,admin thank them for everything that,theyre doing because Im sure it is a,big old headache trying to take care of,us,next thing and the last thing I would,like to say thank you to all of the sexy,women gentlemen genders of all shapes,sizes and colors you guys are all,beautiful people and yall make this,site so much fun for me and for,everybody else and just to keep doing,what youre doing yall protect yourself,stay safe happy selling have fun thank,you guys for watching bye,[Music]


come up and say hi i apologize now,if you hear my dog breathe snore,fart hump his toys this is milo,its a bit hot okay hi everyone and,welcome back to my channel,my name is ellie vashti a friend sent me,a tick tock,a little while ago true story a friend,actually send it to me,im not im asking for a friend,its not that of a girl giving other,girls tips,on how to make money over the internet,quick and easy,she plugged these uh two websites,one of them was like a cam girl,situation which,im not even gonna entertain the second,was,called sofia gray which if you dont,know is a website where you can sell,your used underwear,i knew people were into that kind of,stuff,i didnt know there was literally a,website for it,like so public i thought ill have a,couple cocktails tonight,document the account process just out of,curiosity can i actually make money on,my dirty laundry im gonna go grab a,drink,and start making my account on sofia,gray,i have one cocktail i have one dog,and i have one laptop with sofia gray,loaded up oh buy and sell,lovingly used underwear dont know how,lovingly,they want this underwear to be used,i dont know if that means something buy,now or sell now im definitely not,buying,anyone elses dusty laundry create your,store,shop name example shop one,shop two how original,oh this is tricky this is like picking a,team name at pub quiz i mean its not,i dont know if i should be picking my,own name oh this is so,tricky im not gonna say what im gonna,put cause i dont want any of you,i dont know how this is gonna go so im,gonna put,gender im oh so,men can sell their used underwear too,because as an option for gender female,male that was quite,sexist of me to think it was only for,females ethnicity,and age next,huh lets come up with this,basically to go live with your shop,you have to choose a packet did you see,what i did there,its a scam um either way im a stingy,[ __ ],im not gonna start paying,for something sofia gray its not that,deep,however there is a website,where it shares sofia gray alternatives,pantydeal.com oh wow i dont know if i,should show you that,quite literally a girls bottom with her,knickers on and a price tag that says,sold for 80,i hope theyre talking about the,knickers username,password join now,for free,oh you can tick whatever,services youre youre offering and the,options are,used panties videos,webcam chat photos sexting,this is not what i came for lets head,over to,sniffer although already it sounds very,perverted cell panties i hate that white,panties so,username choose a password member type,seller country united kingdom yall,complete my sign up lets see lets see,lets see lets see,oh,how does sniffer work sellers list items,live,online chat and private message majority,of deals are done through chatting or,messaging,so you actually have to talk to these,people okay,view buyers why and then finalize a deal,sounds like a lot of admin im just,seeing,other girls butts i dont know if,i mean talking today,i thought it was going to be like an,ebay you know people bid or they just,click buy now,you dont really have to like negotiate,deals next up is a reddit thread,called used panties,ah you literally just put a picture up,okay wow,to be honest i had to click off that,reddit thread,really sharpish because theres all,sorts of graphic images popping up,im a little disappointed not gonna lie,it turned out really like,cd im very curious selling your used,underwear i mean its a story for the,grand,its not a story for the grandkids but,its a story i wonder if you can just,sell your used underwear on,on ebay,and that might be an option if you have,any other,make money quick things over the,internet,that are just a bit quirky and funny one,thing i would love to do is sell,pictures of my feet im not gonna lie,people compliment my feet quite a bit,shout out to any feet fetish pete,these are my toes and ill give you a,little update,on whether i can make money selling my,used underwear,but i highly highly doubt it,thank you for watching my video and ill,see you soon,bye,im a little bit scared

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