1. Comprehensive Explanation on zoom pricing plans
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  3. ZOOM Plans and Pricing Explained | Going Over Each Plan
  4. Zoom: How to Use & Pricing Plans (2020)
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Comprehensive Explanation on zoom pricing plans

hello guys welcome in this video,we want to go back to plans and pricing,and compare and contrast the,pricing options before taking this cost,i am going to release,this video free so that you can watch,the videos you can preview all of them,and when you are called with the pricing,then you can now take,my course on udemy so guys i want you to,go to,zoom dot u.s click on plus,and pricing okay so we,have zoom meeting plans,for your business okay so we have,uh briefly discussed about the,basic or personal meeting which is,free so these are the the features okay,these are the benefit,of you know the free version of,a zoom okay now the first point is that,it allows up to android participant okay,so you can invite okay up to android,student,if you are a teacher or an instructor,okay that offers teaching online,okay you can invite up to 100,participants to join the meeting,that you have created okay so it is,of course it is free okay you can access,it,from your phone their desktop that,mobile,there are five devices the tablet okay,so,it is unlimited one-to-one,meeting of course it does limitation and,the limitation is that,the maximum is 40,minutes okay you cannot exit more than,40 minutes of course,for the free uh version okay so we have,unlimited number of meetings,you can create as many meetings as you,want,so far each minute does not,you know exit 40 minutes,okay so you are going to have assets to,support a ticket,okay and the basic things that that,concerns us,apart from the above features,is the video conferencing,features okay you can create a video,conference,where people or participants could join,and you know you can see yourselves okay,you can talk receive at the same time,and another thing is that,the web conference features of course we,have discussed about this,and you can also it does group,collaboration,features and of course security now,lets talk about the,the pro version okay it is 14,dollars per month all right so purchase,up to my host per account,now lets briefly discuss about some of,the features,the basic features include android,participant,if you need more okay so these are,the options if you need more now,theyre free as maximum 40,length of 40 minutes okay for the group,meetings,and for the pro version which is 14,or 15 dollars per month you could,i mean the meetings could exit 24 hours,it means the,duration limit is 24 hours of course the,gap,is done to these friends 24 hours,and 40 minutes okay so user management,okay admin features controls,reporting you know custom personal,meeting id of course a sign should do,you know it has one gig of mp4,or m4a cloud recording so it has rex to,api,okay so you can it has,skype for business you know,interpretability,optional ads on plans okay,so lets move to the business uh version,okay so small and medium businesses,so it is twenty dollars of course when,you approximate it,twenty dollars per month so it has,all the features of pro or pro features,loss,including 300 participant,okay awesome right dedicated phone,support,admin dashboard vanity url,okay create your own custom url for,example,your company optimum linkup.zoom.us,so option for an for a premise,deployment,manic domains you know it has a lot of,features,lti integration okay so easily should do,a meeting,with any course activities and,invite the right student from your,learning management all right okay,like module you know canvas,the the canvas that you have created so,you want to invite,okay participant to join you and learn,how you have,you know corrected those things okay so,cloud record transcript optional ad on,plans okay so lets talk about the,the enterprise so this is the the large,enterprise,ready okay so uh starting at android,host,for one or lets say two,that is about two thousand dollars per,month okay,ah for the android host okay so it has,all,businesses features all these teachers,it has that features,also so it includes 500 participants,plus 1 000 you know enterprise,participant unlimited cloud storage,and dedicated customer suspects manager,so if you have a big company where you,pull a lot of traffic,okay so uh you should go for this,because of the bandwidth,okay and the size also okay this is a,cloud,storage all right so compared to,the ellia versions okay ellia plans,okay so this is 20 per month it support,up to 500 participants so guys you can,just learn more about the,the price saying before you now come,back,and take the course okay so once you,are cool with the the price saying that,you cannot take because and let us,integrate the zoom into our,existing code igniter project so thank,you guys in the next,video we are going to start building our,hub we are going to start integrating,them to our codeigniter project and im,going to introduce,you to the school the source codes that,we want to use so if you have purchased,the school management system course on,udemy part 1 and part 2,so you are going to have access to the,source codes that im about to show you,thank you guys see you in the next,section bye

How to Get unlimited Zoom Cloud Storage for (almost) free

hello hello so today i want to share a,little tip with you came up in one of my,coaching sessions and that is,how to get pretty much unlimited amount,of,storage on your zoom account for free,now,zoom cloud storage is really really,expensive,so ive never used it and i dont know,anyone that does because its just,ridiculously expensive many businesses,do but anyway,this little hack is what ive done from,the start and i thought everyone knew it,but,obviously not so im going to share it,with you and so hopefully this will help,if you are currently using zoom which,most people are these days,and you want to record your meetings and,save them for later,and youre not sure exactly how to do it,so basically,zoom costs around you can see the,pricing here 100 gigabytes 40,a month for storage literally each video,i record is about a gigabyte,so 100 100 videos maximum and its full,so you have to go in and delete them all,its an absolute pain,you have to select which ones you want,to keep which ones you dont i dont,want the hassle,i want to save all the videos that i,record because i want to refer back to,them later whatever i dont have to,think about it,so this hack will mean that you never,have to worry about that again,so um how we do it is really super,simple im just gonna flip to my other,screen,and um so uh on here you basically got,your zoom,uh account settings uh go to the,settings menu,and then on here youre gonna go to,record and then youre going to select,a folder on here so if you store this to,your,local drive youre going to fill up your,hard drive really quickly so dont do,that,so instead if youve got google for,example if youve got,drive stream or um if youve got,microsoft and youve got,share drives then you can basically,stream everything or,mirror your hard drive into the cloud,but not actually keep anything on your,hard drive so google drive stream,allows you to do that so you can,basically save things to your hard drive,from,from zoom and they automatically get,uploaded to the cloud,but never actually to take any space up,on your hard drive,so its a really cool fix for big video,files,because ive got terabytes and terabytes,of files and i wouldnt have that space,on my hard drive,id have to worry about that because it,goes into the cloud and the reason i say,you can do this for,free is because if you use um,google drive so if you use google,workspace like i do,and youve got five licenses you get,unlimited storage,for free its included so youve got,five license hitch which costs around 50,credit a month,um for my for my business i get,unlimited storage,even if you havent got five licenses,each license with,google google workspace gives you a,terabyte of space for free which is a,lot,more videos than 100 gigabytes its ten,times more videos in fact,and so this little hack its super,simple to do as you literally go to,settings select the drive,set up google drive stream as i said if,youve got google you can do it on,sharepoint pretty sure as well,and itll automatically then sort of,like bypass your hard drive,stick it in the cloud you can refer back,to you can share with anyone you want,just go on to,you can basically click a link share,share this viral link,share it to anyone you want um its,super super easy to do super,easy setup once youve um once youve,done it you can set and forget,and thats it so thats my little tip,for friday i hope you had a great day,and have a,fantastic weekend and uh i will,hopefully see,some of you very soon oh by the way if,youre not in our facebook group,come and join it systems and outsourcing,community facebook group,we share lots of things like this all,the time there so ill see you there bye

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ZOOM Plans and Pricing Explained | Going Over Each Plan

hello and welcome in todays video I,want to share and explain zoom plans and,their pricing tier levels to get to zoom,plans and pricing page head over to zoom,da us and plans and pricing you will be,presented with information on plan,pricing and whats included on each,level of plan lets begin with the basic,free plan the basic plan is not a trial,plan it is a full-featured plan that you,can use for as long as you like host up,to 100 participants when you host a,meeting you can invite up to 100 people,to your meeting and if all 110 that is,the maximum that can participate you,cannot add any more participants on the,basic plan unlimited one-to-one meetings,there is no time limit imposed when,meeting is just with one other person 40,minute limit on group meetings there is,a time limit of 40 minutes for each,meeting involving three people or more,after the 40-minute mark the meeting,will end for everyone,unlimited number of meetings you can,have as many meetings as you want ticket,support you can submit a support ticket,if you are having any issues using zoom,video conferencing features HD video,video quality up to 720p HD voice voice,quality in HD active speaker view zoom,detects dynamically which person is,speaking during a video meeting and,automatically switches the video feed to,the current speaker,full screen and gallery view in full,screen you can show up to 25 video feeds,simultaneous screen share you can have,more than one participant screen share,at the same time virtual background you,can display an image as your background,during a zoom meeting using the virtual,background feature,waiting room you can send attendees to a,waiting room and have them wait until,youre ready to let them in web,conferencing features,Desktop an application sharing during a,meeting you can screen share your,desktop an application whiteboard a,portion of your screen and even share,sounds from your computer personal room,or meeting ID have a meeting or schedule,a meeting using your own permanent,online meeting room your personal,meeting ID is unique to you only instant,or scheduled meetings create an instant,meeting or join one using the zoom,desktop client Chrome and outlook,plugins if in use Google Calendar or,Outlook email service plug-ins are,available for them and are a must you,can start schedule meetings directly,from the application scheduling with,Chrome extensions the extension will,allow hosts to schedule zoom club,meetings directly from Google Calendar,mp4 or m4 a local recording recorded,video meetings will be converted to mp4,and audio to m4 a private and group chat,during a meeting you can send chat to,group or chat privately with another,person host controls as the meeting host,you can control the options for the,participants video audio and screen,sharing raise hand during a meeting you,can use reaction icons you can use a,raised hand icon when you have a comment,or question or clap icon to show,appreciations,group collaboration features breakout,rooms allows you to split your meeting,into as many as 50 different separate,sessions Mac Windows Linux iOS and,Android these platforms are all,supported group messaging and presence,group chat allows you to quickly share,text files screenshots and photos in the,group and presence indicates whether,chat participants are active on desktop,or mobile devices or are occupied in,meetings,go annotation on shared screen when a,screen is shared and Co annotate is,enabled participants can be given,control over your screen,and mouse control participants can give,control of their keyboard and mouse to,the host,whiteboard,can use a whiteboard for screen sharing,multi share share multiple screens at,the same time,security SSL is the standard security,technology for establishing an encrypted,link between a web server and a browser,AES 256-bit encryption advanced,encryption is an added layer of security,for applications using the 256 bit,advanced encryption standard,AES algorithm zoom can encrypt all,presentation content at the application,layer,okay lets move on to the next year plan,which is the pro all pay plans after the,basic plan our licensed account and the,pricing you see our per month and per,host the pro license will support up to,nine hosts per plan if you need more,host to a pro plan you can purchase,another plan and add nine more host or,move up to the business plan,all basic features the pro plan will,include all the basic features includes,100 participants you have the option to,purchase up to an additional 1000,participants,meeting duration limit is 24 hours you,can have a single or group meeting all,day Newser management managed and,organizer and users such as add delete,assign roles and many other admin and,owner had Minh feature controls he have,advanced meeting controls as the account,administrator or owner such as allowing,and disabling recording encryption,chatting and alerts reporting you can,run usage reports such as how many,meetings are taking place the number of,participants lengths of each meeting,upcoming events active and inactive host,and many others,custom personal meeting ID you can,create your own personal meeting ID and,change it at any time,assigned scheduler you can have someone,else schedule meetings for you however,that person would need a pro plan one,gigabyte of mp4 or m4 a cloud recording,you can record your meeting in the zoom,cloud that you can later download to,share or can be streamed through a,browser,rest api integrate zoom in to your,website or mobile application Skype for,business interoperability if you are a,link or Skype for business news err you,can launch zoom meeting from link,contact lists optional add-on plans,extra cloud recording storage you can,purchase additional one gig of cloud,storage for $40 a month,h.323 oSIP room connector have a H dot,323 subsystem you can connect desktop,laptop mobile devices zoom rooms and,other h.323 sip endpoints with the,connector joined by zoom rooms already,have an existing video conference room,system zoom room connector as you join,zoom meetings directly from your,existing system joined by toll-free,dialing or call me attendees have more,audio options available to them add,video webinars host a webinar and,quickly and easily get your information,out to a wide range of audiences,the next plane on the list is the,business plan caters to small and,medium-sized businesses,the business plan has a minimum of ten,hosts requirement and if you need to,purchase additional hosts you may do so,at any time,opera features the business plan,includes all the pro features includes,300 participants you have the option to,purchase up to an additional 1000,participants dedicated phone support a,dedicated phone number to call and speak,with someone regarding any issues youre,having with musings oome admin dashboard,the Zoom dashboard allows account,administrators to view information that,ranges from overall news to live in,meeting data vanity URL you can create,customized URL such as my team that tomb,that US,option for on-premise deployment allows,data sharing on your private cloud this,can include video voice and shared,content on-premise virtual machines can,be installed on any virtualization,infrastructure,manage domains you can add users to your,account who uses your company email,address domain automatically,single sign-on you can use your company,credentials to log in to zoom utilizing,SSO,company branding brand your customized,page using your companys branding,custom emails brand email invite,template to attendees,Altea integration support for moodle,canvas desired three learned and,blackboard you can easily schedule a,meeting and invite the right students,cloud recording transcripts is,auto-generated on the cloud optional,add-on plans joined by toll-free dialing,or call me attendees can have more audio,options available to them,the last plan on the list is the,enterprise plan for large enterprise the,enterprise plan has a minimum of 50,hosts

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Zoom: How to Use & Pricing Plans (2020)

مرحبًا بكم ومرحبًا بكم مرة أخرى في فيديو آخر اليوم,سنغوص في التكبير وهو برنامج مؤتمرات الفيديو الذي أستخدمه و,يمكن أن تحظى بشعبية كبيرة الآن كطريقة للتواصل معك وفريقك الآن يقوم التكبير بمجموعة من الأشياء لديه,الاجتماعات الندوات عبر الإنترنت لقاعات المؤتمرات وأنظمة الهاتف وأيضًا الدردشات نجاح باهر في ميزة اليوم,سأريكم كيف أستخدمها للاجتماعات وكذلك البث المباشر أيضًا ، والذي كنت أستخدمه مؤخرًا,سأستعرض أيضًا خطط التسعير,سنبدأ بذلك ونعطيك جولة في حسابي وبعض قدرات الإعدادات الأخرى التي يمكنك استخدامها,هناك أنواع مختلفة من التسعير على Zune هناك الخطة الأساسية للخطة الاحترافية وخطة العمل,الآن كنت في الخطة المجانية لسنوات عديدة وسأشرح ما تتضمنه الخطة المجانية,لكنني انتقلت مؤخرًا إلى المحترف ربما منذ ستة أشهر,سبب انتقالي هو أنه يحتوي على بعض القدرات التي تسمح لي بالقيام ببعض البث المباشر وأيضًا,لمنح المزيد من الوصول لتجنب أي قيود. حتى في الخطة المجانية يمكنك استضافة ما يصل إلى,100 مشارك في المكالمة وإذا كان لديك اجتماع جماعي,قل أكثر من ثلاثة أشخاص أنك ستقتصر على 40 دقيقة لكل اجتماع ولكن يمكنك الحصول على عدد غير محدود,اجتماعات واحد لواحد ويمكنك الحصول على كمية غير محدودة من,اجتماعات شهر في الخطة الاحترافية تحصل على كل ذلك,يمكنك أيضًا إضافة مشاركين جدد وتثبيتهم بالإضافة إلى حد مدة الاجتماع الذي يبلغ 24 ساعة,لذا ليس هناك حدود للاجتماعات,يمكنك أيضًا تخصيص معرّف اجتماعك الشخصي وهو أمر لم أفعله بعد ولديك أيضًا 1 غيغابايت من,mp4 أو m4 تخزين تسجيل سحابي وكذلك مجموعة كاملة من,القدرات الإدارية والتقارير هنا. نحن داخل حساب التكبير الخاص بي,الآن السبب الذي يجعلني أحب استخدام التكبير على بعض الأدوات الأخرى,لقد استخدمت Skype سابقًا كثيرًا ووجدت أن التكبير كان أكثر موثوقية,جاءت المصداقية في شكل اجتماعات بالكاد تحتوي على أي لمحات إلى حد أنني في الواقع,قررت استخدام معظم الوقت لتسجيل بلادي,اجتماعات أو مقابلات من خلال البودكاست من خلال التكبير لأنها كانت موثوقة للغاية,الآن الأمر الرائع هو أنه إذا تلقيت دعوة تكبير يمكنك الانضمام,على الفور ، وإذا قمت بتثبيته ، فسيفتح بشكل طبيعي مثل Cisco WebEx وأيضًا Skype أيضًا,هذه هي لوحة القيادة التي تحصل عليها إذا تمت دعوتك إلى اجتماع,سيظهر في هذا النوع من الجدول الزمني,يمكنك أيضًا بدء اجتماع هنا. انضم إلى أحدهم وابدأ أيضًا في مشاركة الشاشة على الفور و,جدولة اجتماع الآن شخصيًا. لم أستخدم أبدًا جدولة أداة اجتماع,ربما سأبدأ في استخدامه في المستقبل القريب هنا,يمكنك الذهاب إلى الاجتماعات ويمكنك رؤية أي اجتماعات قادمة أو مسجلة,لم أسجّل اجتماعًا مطلقًا ، ولكني قمت بالفعل بتسجيله في مخزن التخزين المحلي الخاص بي ووجدته جيدًا الآن,ما هو رائع يمكنك في الواقع,إنشاء معرف اجتماع شخصي. في هذه الحالة. هذا هو معرّف الاجتماع الشخصي الخاص بي ، ولكن لا يمكنك بالفعل إعطاء نفسك,محدد URL داخل الإعدادات,مما يعني أنه يمكن للأشخاص فعلاً الاستمرار على هذا الرابط في كل مرة حتى لا تضطر إلى إعادة إنشاء رابط,في كل مرة تمر بها,سأبدأ في استخدام ذلك مع المنسوجة,أداة مؤتمرات يبحثون عن إضافتها حتى تتمكن أيضًا من تمكين ميزات معينة عندما تكون على وشك بدء الاجتماع,ولكن دعنا نظهر لك داخل كل اجتماع. لذلك عندما تدخل اجتماع يمكنك الانضمام بصوت جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك,وما هو رائع هو ما أعجبني دائمًا في البرنامج على الجانب الأيسر الذي يمكنك,غيّر الميكروفون تلقائيًا مكبرات الصوت واختبر مكبرات الصوت أيضًا,وإذا كنت تريد أي إعدادات إضافية ، فيمكنك الانتقال إلى إعدادات الصوت وتغيير أي شيء هناك,يمكنك أيضًا الانتقال إلى إعدادات الفيديو هذه وفي الواقع,غيّر بعض الأشياء على سبيل المثال ، بلمس مظهرك,إخفاء المشاركين من خارج الفيديو ، سلطوا الضوء على الفيديو الخاص بي عند التحدث وقموا بمجموعة كاملة من القاصرين الآخرين,تعديل الآن هناك مجموعة من الأشياء في الإعدادات التي سأقفز إليها بعد ذلك بقليل ولكن كنوع من الإعداد,من السهل جدًا بدء الأمور,وكل ما عليك فعله لدعوة شخص ما هو الضغط على زر الدعوة في الأسفل والضغط على تلك النسخة,عنوان URL وما هو اليد إذا كان لديك رابط الاجتماع الشخصي المستمر,وهذا يعني أنه يمكنهم الحصول تلقائيًا على ما يحتاجون إلى معرفته,يمكنك أيضًا توصيله بموفر بريد إلكتروني مثل Gmail أو Yahoo,وإرسالها إلى شخص ما,يمكنك إدارة المشاركين في الأسفل ويمكنك الدردشة معهم أيضًا ، وهو أمر مفيد,فمثلا إذا كان هناك شخص ما يواجه صعوبات فنية في الميكروفون الخاص به ويمكنك الدردشة وإبلاغ ما قد تكون المشكلة,يمكنك أيضًا مشاركة شاشة ما يعجبني في مشاركة قدرات الشاشة ، يمكنك مشاركة أي شيء موجود على جهازك تقريبًا,سطح المكتب بحيث يمكنك أيضًا استخدام السبورة البيضاء لعرض شيء ما ، كما يمكنك توصيل الهاتف عبر البث أو,عبر الكابل يمكنك أيضا مشاركة جزء فقط من شاشتك وكذلك صوت الكمبيوتر فقط و,أيضا المحتوى من كاميرا ثانية,هكذا على سبيل المثال,إذا كنت تعرض جزءًا من بعض الأعمال الفنية التي تقوم بها وكان لديك كاميرا تم إعدادها عليها بشكل منفصل ، فيمكنك ذلك,نظّم أن لديك أيضًا القدرة على مشاركة الملفات في Dropbox,Onedrive Google Drive والمربع الآن أحد الأشياء التي أستخدمها بإصرار كميزة تسجيل,يمكنك النقر هنا ويمكنك تسجيل الاجتماع وما هو رائع بعد انتهاء الاجتماعات,سوف يمنحك تنزيل,من هذا الاجتماع ، ابدأ بالتسجيل على الفور ، وإذا كان لديك حساب Pro ، يمكنك التسجيل مباشرة إلى السحابة,هناك ميزة ردود الفعل الجديدة هذه,الذي لم أستخدمه الآن بداخلهم أكثر إذا,لديك إعداد معين ، ثم يمكنك الذهاب لتكبير إعدادات حسابي لإعداد يمكنك الحصول على بث مباشر مخصص,الجري وأعتقد أنه على حساب المحترفين. يمكنك بالفعل الحصول على,بث مباشر مخصص وسأوضح لك كيفية القيام بذلك,لذلك عند الضغط على بث مباشر مخصص ، يمكنك بالفعل إعداد عنوان URL للبث وهو مفتاح بث,الذي يوفره البث المباشر على YouTube,لذلك يمكنك نسخ ذلك في عنوان URL والمجالات الرئيسية ثم,انسخ صفحة البث المباشر ، وهي الصفحة التي تخطط لها مسبقًا,ليتم إصدارها حتى أفعل ذلك لمقاطع الفيديو الخاصة بي على YouTube,وما هو رائع حيث يمكنني تكبير كيف يمكنني استخدام التكبير,يمكنني مشاركة شاشتي للسماح لهم برؤية المنتج النهائي,وهو في الواقع سلس إلى حد ما إذا كنت تريد أساسيًا,إعداد البث المباشر,يمكنك أيضًا البث المباشر على Facebook. هذا لا يشمل مجموعات Facebook. هذا شيء حاولت تجميعه,يمكنك أيضًا البث المباشر على YouTube مباشرةً إذا كنت تريد إعداد هذا الدمج المباشر,ولكن بالنسبة لي ، أنا أحب هذه القدرة المخصصة لإعداد البث المباشر,يمكنك أيضًا البث إلى مكان العمل عن طريق Facebook ، وهو عبارة عن منصة منصة اتصال جماعية ، وهو أمر مفيد,للاستخدام الآن,يمكنك التحقق في الزاوية اليسرى العليا حول الخاص بك,كلمات المرور ومعرفات الاجتماع الخاصة بك ويمكنك أيضًا معرفة ما إذا كان اتصال العميل الخاص بك مشفرًا أم لا,إذا كنت تريد إنهاء الاجتماع,يمكنك إنهاءها للجميع أو مغادرة الاجتماع فقط ، ولكن يمكنك بشكل أساسي إغلاق الاجتماع بالكامل من هناك الآن,داخل الإعدادات لديهم أشياء مثل استخدام الشاشات المزدوجة,إعدادات السمة وكذلك إظهار مدة الاجتماع. يمكنك أيضًا تغيير بعض إعدادات الدردشة التي قد تكون لديك على سبيل المثال,على سبيل المثال القدرة على إظهار معاينات الارتباطات وكذلك الرسائل غير المقروءة لتظهر,الآن أحد الإعدادات التي يحبها الناس هي إعدادات الخلفية الافتراضية,هكذا على سبيل المثال,إذا كنت تريد أن تضع نفسك داخل سان فرانسيسكو,سيكشف Zoom عن الخلفية وستحصل الآن على خلفية,الكثير من الناس قاموا بإنشاء بعض حقا,مضحك من هؤلاء على منتج طن ويمكنك المضي قدما وصورة أو إضافة فيديو إلى الخلفية في أي وقت,لذا إذا أردت أن تجلس في جزر البهاما ، فهذا شيء يمكنك القيام به. قد أفعل هذا فقط لاجتماعي التالي,يمكنك أيضًا اختيار مكان تخزين ملفاتك محليًا,وهو مثالي ويمكنك أيضًا اختيار إضافة إعدادات على سبيل المثال مثل الإعلانات في الطوابع الزمنية,محسنة لمحرر الفيديو التابع لجهة خارجية وكذلك الاحتفاظ بالملفات المسجلة مؤقتًا,الآن ما هو رائع أيضًا هو أنه يمكنك رؤية إحصائياتك,هذا شيء أعتقد أنه متاح فقط في حساب المحترفين,ولكن يمكنك أن ترى كم,لقد تم تناول الاستخدام من ذاكرتك بمقدار الضغط الذي يفرضه على النطاق الترددي وأي مشكلات تتعلق بوقت الاستجابة,جدولة Zoomkour أمر سهل للغاية أيضًا. يمكنك اختيار الوقت لدعوة الأشخاص المناسبين و,إنشاء جميع الرموز ذات الصلة ويمكنك أيضًا,اربطه بتقويم Google الخاص بك,وهذا شيء قمت به عندما قمت بتسجيل الدخول إلى حساب Google الخاص بي ، وهناك عدد قليل من الأشياء التي تظهر تقريبًا في الوقت الحالي هي إزالة,حد زمني 40 دقيقة على الحسابات المجانية الأساسية لأي k-12,المدارس,وقد تأثر ذلك بما يحدث في الوقت الحالي حتى يمكنك الاستفادة من ذلك بوضوح,أصبحت هذه أداة شائعة حقًا,للطلاب الذين يتطلعون إلى التواصل مع الآخرين,المعلمون خاصة في الكليات الجامعية وحتى المدارس كذلك. لذا فهي توفر أيضًا برنامجًا تعليميًا على الويب للفيديو,على سبيل المثال ، يمكنك استضافة ما يصل إلى مائة شخص ، مما يعني أنه لديك فيديو تفاعلي,أعضاء الفريق والتي يمكن عرضها على أي شخص بين 10 100 إلى,10000 مشاهدة للحاضرين فقط يمكنك أيضًا استضافة عناصر التحكم مثل كتم الصوت,يشارك المتدربون أيضًا في الأسئ

Zoom Pricing and plans

hey guys welcome back to my zoom video,series in this video Im talking about,the different pricing and plans you can,get for zoom now like I told you guys,before zoom is initially free but youre,limited on certain things so Im going,to talk about those different,limitations and what the benefits for,each plan are so lets get into it so if,you um if you want to find out for,yourself in action Im gonna bring only,go to this page yourself go to zooms,website which is w dot soon dot u s Ill,put the link below in my description,once you get there youre gonna see this,plans and pricing youre gonna click on,that and you can bring you to this page,now zoom was mainly meant for business,meetings purposes but now this pandemic,everyone kind of uses it for video,chatting and classes and fitness stuff,and all that so a lot of this is more,geared toward businesses and youll,notice that by the terms and they have,they show advertise more for business,but also explain to you guys what this,is and how I can find it for you guys so,with the basic free plan like Ive told,you guys before it allows you get up to,a hundred people in a room for video,chatting but air are only limited to 40,minutes in a group meeting so you only,allowed to do a 40-minute meetings with,between three to a hundred people in,your room now if youre doing one-on-one,they allow you to do that unloaded so if,youre just when talking like a friend,but if youre talking to more than two,people more than two people or more up,to one hundred people and you have a,free account it will only allow you to,do forty minutes and I think were on,the ten minute mark usually actually,countdown so you know when your meetings,about to end and once that timer runs,out it is automatically closes the,meeting out on you so thats a free,account as you guys can see they also,have a pro business and enterprise for,most of us here unless you guys have a,big business like one of these Ill go,kind of a quick overview of them the,best option is just going to go to pro,but so with the pro you have to pay $15,a month and you can purchase up to nine,account so that would be but thats why,they say specifically on all these,can see here it says the price and then,month per host so Ill go explain these,a little bit too because if these dont,see a price and we want to make sure,theres a difference Ill explain to,animate as well so but summer pro so,with pro its $15 a month for $14.99,its going to be exact but you can,purchase up to nine hosts per account,you have one accountant dude one and,nine hopes up to nine that would mean an,additional $15 per person per host that,you make but what that includes is the,same thing thats basic and a couple,extra features and if you want to look,through all these youre welcome to look,at you can gig of cloud storage and,whatnot but if you want to look through,it if you have any questions please,comment below but can I give you look,the basic thing that what youre really,just really need to worry about but this,gives you still a hundred people for our,meeting but it gives you unlimited time,to have a meeting and this is perfect I,think a lot of my friends have this for,doing their trainings and fitness,classes and such and so forth but again,again this is where they tell you,purchase open an account so you can have,you can have as one account that youre,paying paying the zoom off of then you,can just have different hosts but youre,paying for each individual hopes that,fifteen dollars a host and then you just,get like I said hundred participants and,you get unlimited all of these include,meeting duration is 24 hours I dont,know if anybodys going to have a,meeting that long but just letting you,know that thats how long you needs,gonna last on any of these now as you,guys can see theres these business plan,and enterprise and theyre the same,price but theyre not the same price,thats how much they are per month per,host but you have to have a minimum,number of hosts and thats what right,here is saying so what this is saying,here is starting at ten at ten oh so you,need to have ten House on your one,account so yes as 19 a month per month,per host but you have to have ten hosts,so you really,pending actually $200 a month for the,business,purchase and that gives you up to 300,participants with unlimited and theres,some extra theres extra features if you,need any of these now,with the enterprise its very similar,against the same price but you need to,starting out a hundred so now this one,you need a hundred so these these two,are meant for just businesses so if you,have like a small business and you want,to give some of your employees all,access and you have a corporate account,you can do with that and charge your,company and thats what these are as,well a lot of my friends also have that,as well for their jobs because they get,an account that way so this one though,the Enterprise Edition you have to have,a hundred people on your account so,youre spending about two thousand,dollars a month for the enterprise but,theyll offer the regular bystander,Enterprise gives you five hundred,participants and some extra features and,you get unlimited time and a meeting,theres also Enterprise Plus and you can,also do but you would have to contact,the sales it looks like you had that,feature if you want up to a thousand,people so the maximum amount youre,gonna have with paying in I room video,chatting its a thousand people thats a,lot I mean I dont know if you need that,much but again if you do thats letting,you know thats how much the max you can,do with paying for it now if you need,these two amount here like you need more,than a hundred participants and you,dont want like 300 or 500 participants,but you dont want to spend you dont,need that you just want yourself for,your own personal account you dont want,to have to pay for ten hosts at $200 or,104 mm what they offer is you can also,buy for an extra fee to increase your,room and this is what it says need more,participants and if you hover over that,it actually shows you the pricing for it,so as you guys can see here on can I get,it to stay okay go if you want more you,can up to a thousand participants so if,you have the pro already so if the pro,is already $15 a month this will mean,thats how much it is to increase up so,thats another 65,$64.99 $65 on top the official 15 so,youre spending like $80 a month to get,up to 500 people in your room if you,need more than a hundred people and then,if you want a thousand people youre,gonna have to pay a hundred and five,dollars 104 ninety-nine but that would,mean you have to pay 120 altogether a,month to have up to a thousand people in,your room this let you know thats kind,of pricing that way if you need that,much thats what you guys can do if you,want to maybe maybe I just can share a,price so it would be this amount is its,a half three hundred like you know if,you guys share or ten people you guys,can split the bill of silly to pay,twenty dollars and share it that way,thats another way you could maybe save,a little bit on that but if yours by,yourself or personal and you need the,unlimited time your best option is to go,pro so again and then you guys can go,through all this stuff check the eyes,out you can click on the plus and see,the additional so you can do extra cloud,storage for an extra forty dollars a,month and then you see different things,toll-free dialing you can do all this,extra features so they have different,plans and you can reject the Ayano can,they actually explain what they are if,you need them but honestly you really,ask most people just want to want,unlimited time and then have so many,people allowed to go in your room,especially for my friends who teach and,everything now so theyre really good,and they get over a hundred people in,the rooms some of them are over three,hundred so they need a higher package,for that reason so thats where this,package comes in here so those are all,the plans again if you

Zoom Basic vs Zoom Pro – (What is the Difference, Free vs Paid)

we have had so many questions about what,is the difference between the free and,the paid versions of zoom that this,video is dedicated to answering that,question which has been asked on our,channel I dont know how many countless,times over the past few weeks the,difference between zoom paid and the,zoom free version thats today on,dottotech Steve dotto here how the heck,you doing this fine day and today I want,to take on the topic of the difference,between the free version of zoom and the,paid version of zoom now its important,to recognize that as I record this,particular demo were right in the,middle of the guy I hope were in the,middle of the Cova debt down,Ive been staying at home now for,something around 40 or 45 days and my,hair is starting to show the wear and,tear of not having the the the attention,of a good barber so I apologize for the,chia pet type look obviously zoom has,become a very big story as so many of us,are doing our business meetings in,connections online now so many people,have a question between the free and the,paid version and that problem is kind of,exacerbated by the fact that weve done,so many demos now on zoom and people,look at the screens that I show them on,our channel and they look at the screens,that they have on the options they have,on their computer and they think perhaps,that this some of the differences are,between the paid and the free version,and thats not always the case sometimes,its the case but not always the case so,I thought since I spent so much time,answering questions on the difference,between the zoom free and zoom or zoom,basic as they call it in zoom Pro that,we would cover it today and heres the,best place for us all to start is just,go to the zoom pricing page for your,country now Im here in Canada so all,the pricing is in Canadian dollars but,if you take a look here theyll have a,list of all of the different services,that are included for free now as the,epidemic continues zoom might be,modifying some of the different security,settings that they offer in the free and,the pro version so theres some of these,things might suddenly change but,essentially philosophically there is one,major difference,between the free and the paid version as,far as almost all of the functionality,they are identical the difference is,with the free version you can have,unlimited calls one on one if youre,just having a conversation with one,other person unlimited time an unlimited,number of calls if youre having more,than two people on the call as soon as,you have a third person in the call,youre limited to 40 minutes on the free,version you can have up to a hundred,people but youre still limited to 40,minutes if you upgrade to the pro,version you have no time well you have a,24 hour time on it now on your zoom,calls 24 hours with groups up to 100 so,that is the biggest difference and that,alone is what justifies paying for the,pro account as opposed to the free,account thats the number one difference,the number two difference is if we,scroll down if you look through all of,the different features here and you go,into the web conferencing features,youll find that we have the ability to,record all of the calls in the free,version but you can only record it to,your computer you can record the calls,onto your computer with the pro version,you can record on into the cloud so you,have a cloud-based recording that you,can more easily share with other members,of the meeting but youre limited to a,gigabyte of space so its you know you,can save a couple of meetings if theyre,not too long but you cant save that,many meetings with one gigabyte you have,to go in and constantly clean it out you,can purchase more storage if you choose,to store more meetings online on the,cloud but thats the second big,difference the third big difference,youre not going to see here all that,evidently but if the third one is an,upgrade that theyve done to the service,to address the fact that to address the,security concerns that many people have,with zoom calls being routed through,different data centers a lot of privacy,concerns or in security concerns,indicate that we want to have our zoom,calls routed through say North American,or European data services and not,through ones that are based in China so,with the paid system you can actually,determine what data centers process your,calls now there will be a performance,hit if you turn off too many data,centers for your for your which is,basically load balancing your calls but,you can increase the level of,that you might have that you might,desire internally is well with the paid,version and those are the biggest,differences all of the rest of the,differences are very small and very,subtle but people get a little bit,confused I think because when they look,at their screens sometimes some of the,features are not available and theres,two sets of features that there were,specifically talking about the first set,of features are the features with,regarding green-screen,and adding a virtual background now,weve got a really nice video where we,show you how to add a virtual background,a virtual video in the background or use,a green-screen to even improve the,quality of the virtual background more,now a lot of people dont have all of,these options in their version of zoom,and they think erroneously that thats,because they have the free version and,not the paid version in fact it has,nothing to do with it being paid or free,instead zoom actually looks at the,capabilities of the hardware that youre,driving your that youre having your,meeting on and if you dont have enough,processing power to properly resolve out,the background and key out that,background and put the virtual,background in as a still or as a video,then zoom wont give you the option to,do that it comes down to how much,processing power you have whether or not,these options appear so that is probably,the point where most people have,confusion its not whether its paid or,free its how much horsepower you have,on your computer okay lets do this Im,gonna launch my free version of zoom,here on my desktop and my paid version,here on my notebook computer and Im,gonna bring up the windows and Im gonna,compare the two,feature by feature so that if weve,missed anything or so you can understand,it better we can go through them here,now so here weve got the paid version,here on my notebook computer now this is,an older MacBook Pro and on my new very,new Mac Mini a very powerful system here,Ive got the free version running right,here and if we take a look along the,bottom well see that there are a few,extra menu options that I have on my,paid version which I can explain to you,as we go through but lets start with,the video story the the business that I,was talking about earlier if I go in and,I,open my video settings right here here,it is on my free version and lets open,it as well on the paid version here we,can see that weve got all the same,settings until we go here lets go into,that virtual background because this is,an older MacBook and this MacBook,doesnt have quite as much processing,power as my new one and we take a look,here I have the ability to choose a,virtual background but theyre all,static backgrounds I can turn it on on,and off the green screen but Ive got,images that I can put in the background,lets take a look at my free version,which is on a more powerful computer I,go into the virtual background and I,have the ability to add video,backgrounds as well because theres more,processing power here its not always,gonna be the free or the paid version,there are other parameters that might,determine the features and functions,that you have available to you so thats,number one lets quickly go through a,few of the other features that we have,here the most important ones security is,of course always important and almost,all of the security features are,identical between the two here we have,the ability if we look at the free and,the paid version I have the

Zoom Plans and Pricing Volume 3

现在,Zoom的免费版本使您可以使用会议室工具。但是,它确实有一些限制。例如时间,免费计划小组会议的时长将长达40分钟。这意味着会议将在40分钟后结束,您和参与者,将不得不结束会议,或者您必须离开会议并重新进入相同的链接。您还会注意到,作为主持人,您将无法,管理其他一些用户。通过查看第一个计划(专业计划)可以明显看出这一点,您可以使用该计划访问用户管理。你也有,付费版本中的管理控制,以及有关会议中个人活动的报告。付费版本将使您能够,在zoom内存储1 GB的录音,这是免费版本中不存在的。如果您想添加其他功能,例如额外的云存储,,以及网络研讨会(我们将在单独的视频中进行介绍),您确实需要付费版本。现在,Zoom会议的最大参加人数为,100.如果要在Zoommeeting或网络研讨会中查看该号码,则需要有一个付费计划。您将在这里看到的是,如果您将鼠标悬停,在此信息图标上,您会看到可以增加数量,也可以提高价格,作为该视频的录制。在视频会议,网络会议方面,以及您在快速入门中看到的小组活动。所有这些东西都将存在于Zoom内部的任何计划中。而本课程,我们将在最低水平,专业版的付费计划。我们还将期待的是,我们还将通过网络研讨会添加一些您可以完成的附加功能,为了购买计划,您需要做的就是登录您的帐户。您将在菜单的此区域中执行此操作。然后您将看到您的个人资料区域。,您将在此处看到您具有特定的用户类型。如果您要升级用户类型,那么我们将使用付费计划的方式是单击“升级”,然后单击“升级帐户”。,然后,您要做的就是选择要使用的计划。您会注意到的一件事是,使用专业版计划,您会看到专业版计划有特定的费用,您需要每月支付,,您可能会认为业务计划中包含更多功能会带来更高的成本。可能不明显的是,该业务计划要求您至少有10名,主机。因此,如果您不打算拥有超过10台主机,那么您要做的就是使用专业计划。为了上手。我们将点击升级按钮。,然后,您需要完成其余的付款过程。好的,谢谢,我会在另一个视频中再见。

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