1. 12 Mighty Orphans (2021) – Movie Review
  2. 12 Mighty Orphans (2021) Movie Review
  3. 250+ IQ Coach Successfully Trained 12 Orphan To Be No.1 American Football
  4. 12 Mighty Orphans – Movie Review (2021) | Luke Wilson, Martin Sheen
  5. 12 Mighty Orphans (2021) – Movie Review
  6. 12 Mighty Orphans movie review 2021
  7. 12 Mighty Orphans Review – Inspirational Football Drama w/ Luke Wilson, Vinessa Shaw, Martin Sheen

12 Mighty Orphans (2021) – Movie Review

everyone loves a good feel-good sports,movie but is 12 mighty orphans worth,watching,lets talk what is up flick fans welcome,back to the channel today we are going,to talk about,12 mighty orphans this is a spoiler free,review i was,really excited for this movie lets talk,about it so haunted by his mysterious,past a devoted high school football,coach leads a scrawny team of orphans,during the great depression and inspires,a broken nation,along the way so directed by ty roberts,starring robert duvall luke wilson,martin sheen wayne knight or newman,i think he plays the exact character,that you expect him to play like,the semi cliched antagonist,character that is not treating the the,boys with,respect and this movie absolutely falls,into those early 2000s,sports cliches whether it be the team,having to come together and,put their differences aside you know,under the leadership of,some people that care a lot about them,luke wilsons character of rusty,is the exact type of character that you,expect him to be,but at the same time hes heartfelt and,hes really easy to love,and the inspirational speech is that he,gives to his team,where they are really struggling to,understand not only each other but why,theyre having to do this,in the first place thats one thing i,love about sports,is they bring so many different people,together from different backgrounds and,while there is a commonality between,all of these boys all 12 of them because,theres only 12 people on the team,imagine that a football team with only,12 members,its ridiculous but it happens,they do start to put their differences,aside i mean thats not a spoiler its,based on a true story,i will not go any further i will not,even read what the imdb summary,entails but i will say,the inspiration from the premise does,carry,over into the film and it is evident,that the movie is,well its built to tug on your,heartstrings but it does,and whether it be the compelling,performances from luke wilson or,martin sheen and i love me some martin,sheen my goodness he is excellent,and even though both of those characters,do follow that semi-predictable,formula so im not going to sit here and,give the script,all of the kudos in the world because i,do think it could have been constructed,a bit better,and at least avoided some of those,cliches,not only of the sports genre but also,these period piece films that always,seem like they have to do very specific,things,this one does it okay but it does,manage to really build on that emotion,build it up throughout the film to where,it all culminates at a point in the,movie and it,really got to me and there were actually,genuinely funny lines in this film its,a nice little balance of humor and drama,at one point someone says arithmetic,does that mean we have to dance,and then wilsons character of rusty is,also kind of changing the game i mean,literally changing the game,new formations that people have never,seen before because youre gonna have to,work some of those things in with a,bunch of,uh kids well they look kind of older in,this movie young adults that have never,played football in their lives i mean,they didnt even have,shoes at the beginning of this movie,apparently they go,what six months with six months without,so theyre learning how to do it,and somebody says at one point whats,the quarterback doing lining up behind,the center like that and im sitting,back going,oh is that the first time youve seen,this so,it is interesting i would like to see,you know or maybe read,the book that this is based off of to,see how true it all is but 12 mighty,orphans you know,even though its cliche even though it,does kind of feel like those early 2000s,sports films that youve seen a thousand,times before i,i got some joy from watching this movie,and at the end of the day,thats the most important thing so,before i give you my score thanks so,much for watching drop your comment down,below if youre excited for this movie,or if you just enjoy,the genre 12 mighty orphans isnt game,changing in any way,but the movie is full of heart and good,intentions,and the performances um at least our,main two some of the,football team you know maybe not the,best performances but uh,the the high key actors here theyre,really good im going to 62,for 12 mighty orphans um i had some fun,with this again you can nitpick the,script,but at the end of the day its that,emotion that spawns from a story like,this,and i love the genre its a genre that i,am a sucker for,so let me know guys are you watching 12,mighty orphans whenever you get the,opportunity,um and it is definitely one that will,resonate,with a lot of people especially people,who played football before so,you guys the best thanks again um say,goodbye to this set,because its almost gone see you later,set,okay its just like three things bye-bye

12 Mighty Orphans (2021) Movie Review

twelve mighty orphans is a sports film,that i feel like we have not gotten in,quite a while,which is good and bad,[Music],whats going on buddy welcome back to a,brand new movie review today im gonna,be discussing the 12 mighty orphans,which is heading the theaters this week,of course its about a man who was,haunted by his mysterious past but now,as the devoted high school football,coach leads a scrawny team of orphans to,the state champions,during the great depression and inspires,a broken nation along the way this is,directed by ty roberts,and it stars the likes of luke wilson,robert duvall and,martin sheen and plus just many more now,the 12 mighty orphans is again a movie,that i didnt really hear about until,the screener and hit the inbox and,sometimes these films can always be a,good surprise,and some some not so much but what i,walked away from this film was going,okay this very much feels,like one of those early 2000s sports,dramas kind of in the vein of remember,the titans or invincible,but you know while theyre not as great,or as memorable as those,its still at least a good time and,youre not gonna walk out of this going,god that was,that was a waste of time no youre gonna,walk out and be like that was a good,movie like i said in the beginning i,feel like this is not a sports film that,weve gotten in quite a while you know,its inspiring its a nice throwback to,those early 2000s sports films,and it contains that optimism and,tragedy and everything that kind of,revolves into those solid true stories,that youve heard about before,it has elements of optimism and hope,thats something that again coming off,last year i feel like we really need in,a time like this which in the end,actually makes the film a little bit,charming and delightful,plus going to the performances im a big,fan of luke wilson i think this guys a,good actor and i found his performance,in here,to be pretty damn good same with the,likes of robert duvall who i just dont,think we get enough of nowadays and same,with martin sheen,all three of them excel in their,performances and really much one of the,things i really liked was the way that,they had all the orphans framed,you know theres not much depth to them,and i do wish they would have kind of,gotten a little bit more,into a lot of their backgrounds while,theres again a big group of them,they only really touch into some of them,but its very surface level approach and,i wish they would have dive into it a,little bit stronger,because i feel like that would have made,this film even better but even with that,said the performances here are at least,the strike of tragedy that can really,much,bring this film to the light and the,helmet that it wants it to hit,and maybe i just did a pun but i really,i promise i did not mean to do that,thats kind of one of the biggest things,that i can actually say about this movie,is that i do wish that they would have,gone a little bit deeper with some of,the character messages,because by the end of the film i just,sat there and i was like this feels like,something that ive seen,thousands of times before just at a,shorter length because this length of,the film,is way too long and even though again,while i enjoyed it,i sat there by the third act going,alright i know exactly how this is going,to wrap up i,know where its going lets just lets,just get to the ending i can even still,say this that the 12 mighty orphans was,a surprise i didnt expect this movie to,be,this enjoyable it was charming its,delightful i thought itd be a little,bit more depressing but there was a lot,of,optimism in there that really much,latched me into it,and overall when i walked out of the,film i was like that was a good film i,think thats what youre going to do,the same if you end up seeing it this,weekend and youre just looking for a,nice little sports drama the 12 mighty,orphans has your back so with all that,said im going to give the 12 mighty,orphans a,b minus a pretty solid movie and i think,a lot of you guys are going to enjoy it,so make sure again hit that like and,subscribe and if you love talking movies,as well as head on over to samsung films,on how to see films really and of course,its a big thank you to you and a big,thing in my patreon supporters because,without you,i wouldnt be able to do this so of,course until next time stay classy,[Music],you

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250+ IQ Coach Successfully Trained 12 Orphan To Be No.1 American Football

[Music],this mans name is rusty he is a former,american soldier teacher and former,american football coach at the school,club he taught at that afternoon rusty,and his family will move to an orphanage,in texas to work as a teacher teaching,orphans,when they arrived at the orphanage,rustys family was greeted by a teacher,named frank,in the middle of their chat suddenly the,police came with a teenager covered in,blood named hardy the policeman,explained that two days ago hardys,father was murdered and his mother just,left leaving hardy alone with his,fathers corpse,frank asks the police to take hardy to,the schools health clinic,while frank would escort rusty and his,family to their new home,however when they saw the poor condition,of the house rustys wife juanita was,disappointed if it werent for her,husbands wish she wouldnt have moved,that night juanita had trouble sleeping,rusty tries to calm her down and,promises to clean the house tomorrow,when juanita sleeps rusty remembers the,past,the time when he and his brother had to,live and grow up in an orphanage,at that time the children in the,orphanage were never noticed by the,government,even only considered a burden on society,now as an adult he is determined to,serve in order to provide a proper,education for the children of the,orphanage,the morning after cleaning the house,rusty met a health worker named doc hall,while chatting they heard the sound of,panty children fighting,shortly after frank came,doc worried about the children being,punished tries to protect them,he explained to frank that they were,just discussing american football,tomorrow rusty really wanted to form a,football team at the orphanage school,although pessimistic the head of the,orphanage finally gave permission in the,afternoon on the first day of teaching,rusty was confused,why almost all the students in the class,no one can count or read it all,but as a teacher he still teaches them,with great patience,after the lesson rusty immediately sent,the children to the field to assess,their ability to play football,ready,you cant wrap up and put your opponent,in a headlight,[Music],what the hell hearty oh all right son,im here you just got your bell wrong,the next day in the office of the head,of the orphanage frank said what rusty,did was useless because the orphans had,no talent it is better for them to learn,how to print brochures so that when they,grow up they can work in factories,so without the knowledge of the head of,the orphanage all this time in the,middle of class frank had been secretly,telling the children to print brochures,to resell,he even did not hesitate to hit them,with a stick if they made a mistake,unfortunately the head of the orphanage,who never knew about the exploitation of,children thought frank was a good,teacher,instigated the head of the orphanage,then called rusty and told him to stop,coaching football,he felt he learned to know the world of,work better than just the world of,sports,after all the requirements for passing,the exam are also assessed from reading,and writing skills not sports,especially now to read just one sentence,the orphans are still not fluent,but instead of being discouraged rusty,was even more challenged with the help,of his wife he was determined to teach,them even more,those these theyre that but our focus,will be on learning through intense,practice so that we can pass this test,together but youre not most boys are,you you need to focus is this test going,to cover female parts charging my skills,no all right boys its from dutch meyer,texas teach you how to become ladies,exam day arrived,all students try to solve the exam,questions given,that night in the yard rusty looks,worried if the kids dont pass,unlike her husband juanita actually,looks calm,since helping teach here he has begun to,accept the situation,even feel much happier than where he,lived before,that afternoon while practicing football,the head of the orphanage came and told,him the results of yesterdays exams,out of 17 children only five failed,while the rest passed with mediocre,grades heard the announcement just now,they were happy and then resumed the,practice but because of his enthusiasm,the ball was kicked too hard until it,was damaged because it was hit by aloe,vera,practice had to be closed until the ball,was fixed,a few days later rusty and doc went to,an inter school football league meeting,there rusty registered his football team,under the name masonic home,but the league president refused the,application because rustys school had,only a few students,according to the regulations each school,is required to have a minimum of 500,students,doc then replied according to the rules,even though the number of students is,less but if the participants from other,schools dont mind then masonic home can,still join,after a long discussion the committee,decided that the registration of the,masonic home team in the inter school,futsal championship was accepted,after returning from there when rusty,conveyed the decision of the meeting all,the children looked very happy,it was the first time in their lives,that the orphans who were always,considered a burden could have hoped for,achievement,weeks of practice until finally the day,of the inter-school tournament arrived,but because its the first time the,masonic team has competed and its still,not together none of the kids can play,properly,even when hardy managed to score the,first point the point was disallowed by,the referee because his friend made a,foul,the whole team fights and blames each,other although embarrassed rusty and doc,still tried to calm them down,in that first match masonic home lost 30,to 50.,the next day when he was dizzy thinking,about a new formation rusty saw his,daughter drawing something when asked,her little daughter replied that she was,drawing a football formation like her,father often made,from these scribbles rusty immediately,got an idea,that night just as the kids were about,to take a shower rusty suddenly ordered,them all out,on the outside he shows a newfound,strategy thanks to his daughters image,different from the old formation this,formation relies more on attacking speed,to rotate to the outside of the field,rather than a physical strength,competition in the middle of the field,so no matter how big the opposing teams,body size is they will definitely have a,hard time catching up with a masonic,team speed however when rusty asked what,the children thought about this new,formation everyone remained pessimistic,and unsure of how to win,the desperation of his football team,made rusty disappointed,he then told me that since childhood he,had lived in the same orphanage as them,rusty felt lonely and ignored,he does not have parents who support him,on the sidelines,even so he never gave up and continued,to fight for his dreams to become who he,is today,he hopes that all the orphans here can,also have a strong mentality like him,then in the middle of the cold night,rusty told the children to shout that,they were proud to be orphans,all right damn it get in here,when the others disbanded rusty rebuked,why hardy had not shouted along with the,others,hardy replied that he didnt want to,shout silly things like that,after all orphans still seem to be lowly,children,day after day passed until the day of,the second match arrived,in this match the masonic home team,started trying to use their new,formation,thats a good start,he is he hes fast,were not looking good coach dang it,zone untouched and smiling,fat ass,unexpectedly the masonic team won thanks,to the new formation created by little,princess rusty,on the way home rustys car breaks down,shortly after another school bus stopped,and mocked the masonic children,even their coach named luther came down,and mocked them by saying the orphans,couldnt possibly beat his football team,from a top school,hearing luthers words rusty could only,be patient,the days passed,news of the victory and unique formation

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12 Mighty Orphans – Movie Review (2021) | Luke Wilson, Martin Sheen

i am a huge sucker for any inspirational,sports film and thats why it was a,no-brainer for me to check this out,but nonetheless lets jump into the,review of the film that im talking,about,right now,[Music],whats going on everybody and welcome,back to the channel today for another,review,today were going to be reviewing the,film 12 mighty orphans which is going to,be playing,everywhere in texas june 18th,and its also having a screener at,tribal film festival this year so,theres a,few opportunities for you to check this,out but this is a film you do not want,to miss,it is um although it is at tribeca film,festival it has been,uh uh say picked up by,sony pictures classic and i i really,enjoyed this film i really did,again im a sucker for inspirational,sports fam and this one checked,every box as to what makes a really good,one a good one,you have the iconic moments you have,those big,those big uh dialogue uh speeches uh you,have that iconic play,you just you know the emotional tolling,to it the setbacks the ultimate goal,like it has,everything like if you love remember the,titans i dont know i can name so many,but like if you love any of those type,of films,this is one youre gonna put right there,in the category uh but yeah so this film,is about,um it talks about a sports a football,team,out of the fort worth orphanage and you,know,its doing a great depression and whats,interesting about this is that you have,this coach who left,a championship team and he moves his,family,to uh texas in order to uh become,not only a teacher him and his wife but,also become the football team so like,essentially the two of them they adopted,a total of 150 kids and the whole goal,was to make,change in these kids lives both of them,uh which is,something that you know the two of them,they definitely have their reserves,about i mean the,the the coach he was definitely,motivated about it but the wife was kind,of like i dont know like we had it all,good like why would we do this etc etc,and beyond that he wanted to be,make a football team i mean the football,team had nothing they didnt have,jersey i mean they were stitched up,jerseys they didnt really have a field,no one even even knew the idea that they,possibly,could be a football player and he really,became a father figure they became,parental,figures in these kids lives who had no,parent parents at,all um so youre talking about legendary,hall of famer coach rusty wallace,rusty russell excuse me who again he,went from polytech i believe to school,he was at and he came down to,um mosaic uh mo mozana excuse me the the,orphanage down in texas,being in fort worth texas um so you know,he was super optimistic where a lot of,people,did not see any good in this even his,wife being the one that,was a little reserved he was very,optimistic and,he made these young boys he turned him,into man he became a father figure for,them,and you know rusty really took to them,because of his own,upbringing of you know being an orphan,as well so,he provided this feeling that theyve,never had thats the feeling of being,family,uh and again i think that you know,for him finding solstice within his team,it also was just another motivating,factor as to him,really wanting to make change in these,kids lives uh because orphans theyre,treated as second-class citizens uh,you know or you could even consider them,outcasts or misfits,or even inmates is the words that that,was even used that time and he wanted to,really,give them an opportunity to be,successful in life,so you know beyond just the story and,the narrative there,like he also made a huge change into the,football world i mean he had smaller,players and all these other teams that,they played,were huge football players so he had to,come up with a new innovative style of,offense here,and you know him and some of these,things that weve seen,you know regularly today you never,thought like where did it come from,and thats like even the traditional,style of hiking the ball with the,football i mean with the quarterback,being positioned,under the center that that that that,that hiking of the ball there that,technique,came from him and he came up with the,spread offense because he had smaller,players he had to use speed,so like it was incredible to kind of,know,how that all came about and how like,much of an,impact it made uh and one boosting his,teams around but also like,sending the other team into flux like yo,what do we do we dont know how to make,of this,so i thought the narration was bomb in,this film the photography was solid,um the championship game as i talked,about um that big moment in the film was,super epic,um you know just the the the moral of,the stories and,the messages the score the energy all of,it all really came together really good,and again that very special moment that,final play,of the film end of the game i thought,also,was another highlight to this film so,you know,talking about um that you know this,being a true story,you know knowing that this guy hearing,how he changed,uh all of these kids lives and you know,not just,the football team not just the 12 guys,but all of the people in the orphanage,but seeing you know after the end of,this film how all of these,kids had a promising future making an,impact,either being in the military serving the,country or continuing to play in sports,like con,knowing that this guy made this imprint,on these kids lives and it being a true,story is just fantastic,it really really is so yeah when you,when,the cast here uh luke wilson um,martin sheen wayne knight all of these,people everybodys performances was so,good whether you were playing the kid,whether you with the coach or,or the administrative staff everybody,really really really brought it,so i i enjoyed this film so much i,really really did i think any sports fan,or anybody looking for a really a,compelling yet inspirational story,this is it it it really doesnt lack in,any department and again youve got to,be sure to stay through,um for um after the credits where youre,getting original photographies,and bios of everybody thats been,impacted,uh or involved in this film and its,its its its man its crazy,its really crazy so i love this film,this is a tour mighty orphans totally,jump in the comments let me know your,thoughts about this film,and as always folks stay tuned because,we got more reviews coming very soon,[Music],all i really need that big

12 Mighty Orphans (2021) – Movie Review

hello and welcome to ojai films reviews,today were going to take a look at 12,mighty orphans which came out in uk,cinemas on september,17th i believe,god knows sometime in september last,year yes,um,im cameron and i am and geordi steele,whos going to tell you all about the,movie,based on the true story of the mighty,mites rusty russells joins the masonic,school for orphans faculty and decides,to create a football team with some of,the orphans,not much to look at is it,matter of perspective i guess,i like your optimism we need more of,that around here,im ep hall they call me doc,rusty russell im a new teacher i know,who you are,and i know what you can do with mediocre,talent i saw what you did against carson,cannon in 34. oh yeah thats why i,recommended you for this job,you did yes sir,whyd you do that doctor well like i,said i like your optimism,okay,this field used for anything mexican lad,used to graze his goats up here a while,back guess he quit the goat business,joe must like to eat rocks thats right,i grew up out in west texas and i know,goats dont need much grass but i never,did know one that like to eat rocks,these were fort worth goats coach,fort worth goats are different,this film is uh directed by ty roberts,and written by ty roberts lane garrison,and kevin meyer and is based on a book,by,jim dent it stars owen wilson and martin,sheen,and what,is it luke wilson oh yes of course it is,why ah,luke luke wilson uh martin sheen wayne,knight,um a very strong cast um,and and a lot of great acting by the the,young men as well um,and its,its,its a typical,sort of sports film,and we talked last week when we were,talking about uh respect,and and i went on the whole rant about,how all these biopics are the same you,get the the star and then they become,famous and they have an abusive,partner,and and they become a drug addict and,then and then they have the redemption,at the end um,but and its the same with a sports film,um and lots of sport films are doing the,same thing um,in which you know theres theres a team,and they dont like each other at first,and then they become a team but theyre,still setbacks and then they finally,reach the,the end i guess but maybe theres,another setback,um,and and this film sort of,it subverts stuff but,there it does the same sort of,subversion that lots of sports films,these days are doing so its becoming,its still becoming a trope so it was,very unfortunate to see,in a way its kind of nice that there is,i mean i feel like theres been so few,sports films like this,since like the 90s and early 2000s i,feel like they just kind of kind of,disappeared,and it was kind of nice to see that id,also wait night i dont i dont have,seen anything hes in in like since,space jam i dont know,yeah,space jam in jurassic park the last,things i saw that man in and im pretty,sure thats it so,its very interesting,uh yeah but no i have i have really,nothing to say about this movie other,than i watched it and,did not hate it nor did i really love it,its one of those so many other role,that hurts kind of situations yeah,its one of those its a its a one of,those sad ones where its like you have,to sit through most of it to get to a,point where youre like actually,caring for these characters,um yeah and and and hopefully you do but,i i definitely did um,near the end and it was very uh,very heartfelt,but,yeah it was a very a very long long a,long journey to get to that point uh,have you seen two of mighty orphans uh,you can let us know in the comments,below if youre on youtube please make,sure to subscribe and like the video,thatd be,amazing if youre on facebook please,make like the page and like the video,thatd be also amazing,uh you can find us on twitter at,ohiofilms im at camzo og and jordy is,at real geordie steel for everything,else we do you can go to ohiofilms.com,where were going to be covering london,film festival from october 6th onwards,so its going to be exciting times and,uh yeah,have a look at that if you have a chance,thank you very much for watching and,well see you in the next one

12 Mighty Orphans movie review 2021

[Music],hi,welcome back to movie review mom and if,this is the very first time youve,discovered my channel,yay youre here you made it im so glad,my name is movie review mom its,actually trina boyce,and you can find me on instagram under,both of those names,and my job is to give you the inside,scoop on filmmaking quality and content,so that you can make the best decision,for you and your family,as to whether or not you want to spend,your time or money,watching a particular film so that,particular film that im reviewing today,is called 12 mighty orphans,this inspiring drama is available in,theaters nationwide on june 18th,2021 but im sure well find out soon,enough,what is really sweet is that the movie,was actually released,last week in texas in honor of,the football team of a fort worth,orphanage,who went on to play for the texas state,championships,its a true story and very inspiring,the movie itself is pg-13 its an hour,and 58 minutes and ill give you my,movie review mom grade,at the very end of my review so first in,a nutshell,the summary of the movie is haunted,by his mysterious past a devoted high,school football coach,leads a scrawny team of orphans to the,state,championships during the great,depression and,inspires a broken nation along the way,this old-fashioned sports drama is based,on jim dents,non-fiction book called 12 mighty,orphans,the inspiring true story of the mighty,mites,who ruled texas football and all of,these guys have gone down in texas,history so thats why i said i loved,that,it opened in texas first before its,opening up everywhere else,its the newest movie from director ty,roberts,who previously brought us the movie the,iron orchard i dont know if you saw,that,and who happens to be a texas native so,i love that,there are lots of other things i really,liked about the movie as well,first of all luke wilson he looks,and feels like he really belongs in the,depression,era in other words it doesnt seem like,a modern-day actor trying to fit into,that,time period he is very believable i,thought,and to that point martin sheens role,as doc hall fits him like a glove,martin sheen provides a lot of the comic,humor in the movie,and he creates an endearing character,who lights up the screen honestly,every time he appears i just loved his,performance in this,and who doesnt love wayne knight he,gave us such,memorable naughty characters as,newman newman in the popular tv show,seinfeld as well as the rascal dennis,nedry,in jurassic park do you remember that,even,farther back he played one of the,detectives in that famous interrogation,scene,in basic instinct that propelled sharon,stone,into a national sex symbol so youll get,a kick out of his performance as well,i really like the entire cast which also,includes,robert duvall treat williams and all of,the actors who play the,dirty dozen orphans although the kids,definitely look,too old to be orphan kids at a school,or at an orphanage itself still they all,did a really good job,i was surprised to see comedian ron,white,playing a dramatic role he did a great,job,and in the very beginning we get to see,actual footage of the great depression,setting the mood for this time period of,this film,very very well the director also peppers,various scenes,with black and white footage to keep,giving us the flavor of the depression,era you learn about some new techniques,that were used in the history of,football kind of in the beginning of the,sport,and who doesnt love an underdog sports,movie,its somewhat cheesy yet its,heartwarming and whats wrong with,cheesy anyway,its also extremely formulaic but this,underdog sports formula,has proven to be very effective in the,history of filmmaking,its used over and over again simply,because it works,theres a lot of exposition from the,narrator but i really didnt mind,i liked the folksy voice of the narrator,and im not going to give you any,spoilers on who that was,or is and then keep watching during the,final,rolling credits to read the rest of the,story as well as see pictures of the,real people,the movie and the book are based on,so there were a few things that i didnt,like or thought could have been better,but overall i really did like the movie,a lot,in one scene at the beginning of the,movie the wife played by vanessa,shaw is angry about moving to the,orphanage,to teach there with her husband and she,says it wasnt her decision he made the,decision,and so shes mad about it and then,almost in the next scene,she turns on a dime spouting,inspirational messages,without our being able to see her,personal transformation and,how she arrived at her newfound attitude,so i kind of felt like,i was missing a scene or something,because her personality and attitude,shifted so,dramatically so sticklers to the facts,might feel a little bit disgruntled,about the real timeline,president franklin d roosevelt is,included in the film even though he,wasnt really in the actual,timeline of these events as they,occurred,some of the actors struggled with,convincing,southern accents and that texas drawl,there are a lot of flashbacks that might,confuse some of the viewers especially,on the timeline and that kind of thing,none of the football action is new or,sequences we havent seen before its,pretty standard but again,it is early on in the sport so you know,dont expect,incredible action sequences and then for,some reason theres a lot of vomiting,when i was in high school i dated a,football player,and i remember him telling us how they,would work,so hard to train that they would all,throw up and i was just like,oh and so thats represented very well,in this movie,let me give you some tips for parents,because overall it really is a,family-friendly movie,however there is a surprising amount of,blood,and violence and bullying both among the,kids,and the adults theres a lot of,hot-tempered,aggressive males and so i imagine,feminists will definitely protest,the toxic masculinity thats displayed,in the film,again it was a different time and thats,kind of how macho men were,not to give an excuse but to help you,understand the setting in the background,there are some crude comments mostly,about women from these guys,theres some light profanity but not,very much but,one of my favorite swear words is in the,movie,somebody says dang it which is actually,the closest i ever get to swearing i,think its just a cute word and its got,those,consonants that are so satisfying,so some of the themes that were,illustrated really well in the film are,courage,and hope persistence brotherhood,and family in all of its shapes and,sizes,power and powerful symbols i love that,this team itself,was a symbol for the nation of the,united states of america going through a,very difficult time,when the nation felt like it was an,underdog,trying to defeat the challenges of,economics at the time,other themes are believing in yourself,and believing in something that,otherwise might seem,impossible and then overcoming your past,and believing that you have a future,so i always write down funny lines and,interesting lines so that you can kind,of get a flavor for the film,and i include all of them on my written,review at moviereviewmom.com,but ill share just a couple of them,with you right now so,i looked at the funny lines that i wrote,and i actually didnt write any even,though there is a lot of humor,i think i was just getting into it and,distracted and honestly forgot to write,them down,but i did write a lot of interesting,lines because,as in all underdog movies and this time,period,you know there are lots of profanities,exclaimed,by people so luke wilson,plays rusty russell this new high school,coach and he has a lot of wisdom to,share one of the things he says,is youve got to adapt to be competitive,and he tells that to his team,and then he also says you cant give up,you got to believe and,thats kind of short cutting a lot of,his big wisdom to the team but i want,you to enjoy,all of those moments so i dont want to,spoil too many

12 Mighty Orphans Review – Inspirational Football Drama w/ Luke Wilson, Vinessa Shaw, Martin Sheen

[Music],hello everyone this is david stark from,watcherpast.com your website for movie,reviews interviews and recommendations,today im all suited up ive got my,football jersey on because im here to,talk about 12 mighty orphans,a new inspirational sports drama coming,to you from sony pictures classics,its releasing june 18 2021 in theaters,so you can check it out then it tells,the story of a 1920s texas football team,that was founded in an orphanage,by a legendary coach who kind of went,there to build this program up and,kind of their unlikely story of going,from nothing to,you know a deep run in texas football,which if you know the only thing about,football texas,football is legit even in the 1920s,and this team kind of overcame,everything to,you know play and find a sense of family,its a really,its a fun movie its you know its got,those inspirational sports tropes,if you want to call them im a sucker,for inspirational sports films so,i loved it you know its got the you,know its got a lot of hearts its got,uh you know a lot of teachable moments,its got adversity its got overcoming,adversity its really,you know kind of the whole package of an,inspirational sports film,um so im going to talk about three,things i liked and three things i didnt,like about the movie,and you know let you decide let you,figure out if you want to watch it so,the first thing i did i liked is the,cast,um i was a little surprised by this cast,because you know when i think luke,wilson i dont think,uh you know a straight edge uh,hard-nosed,football coach but he did a really great,job in this film he um,kind of fully transformed he took took,on some mannerisms of a legendary,the legendary coach rusty russell who,you know took over this orphanage after,having a successful coaching career he,kind of wanted to give something to,these boys and,kind of uh give them some hope so he,took over this orphanages football team,you know built the program from scratch,essentially and also in the process,uh innovated in football he was you know,kind of the,recognized creator of the spread offense,which is a you know pretty,well-known offense in college especially,and coming to the nfl more,where you kind of use your speed rather,than pure physical strength to kind of,overcome opponents and thats,exactly what he needed in this film uh,so i really liked his character,you know hes a really kind of relatable,uh fatherly character and then also this,this film has martin sheen,who is another relatable fatherly,character in this film he plays the,doctor and,uh defensive coach and you know its,martin sheen so hes,you know hes a great actor hes,uh you know someone that you want to be,around hes charismatic and hes just,hes very comfortable in this role,that luke wilson and martin sheen kind,of had a nice dynamic as the two coaches,um and then you have you know you have,vanessa,uh shaw who plays uh bet,wenita russell who is uh rusty russells,wife and,um shes she doesnt have as much screen,time as i think i would have wanted,but the film is a pretty long film,already so i cant imagine they would,they could have done more but she you,know she was also inspirational in this,film,she you know helped support the team,helped support the school helped support,her husband,and you know became a recognized blood,teacher in her own right in this um,in this school as well and then as kind,of a surprise was um,wayne knight in this film as uh the,headmaster of the orphanage now hes not,the most likable character but wayne,knight does a really good job,as that it was really fun to kind of see,him you know youll recognize him from,jurassic park,and you know thatll be the first thing,you think of but then you get to see him,in this other role where he,is over the top um you know hes a very,different character than i think weve,seen him play before and so,it was fun to see him as well and then,you know the true stars of the film are,the boys the football players the,orphans and,they are theyre so different which is,fun to see like,each one has their own kind of tics and,mannerisms and,and issues but they all kind of come,together in in this team which,if youve watched any inspirational,sports films thats kind of a you know,general trope thats something that,youll you know,youll get used to but it was you know,accentuated in this film because of how,different these kids are and because of,their backgrounds because of their own,you know internal issues that they had,to overcome,uh both you know physically and,emotionally,uh to kind of progress in this football,league,so the second thing i liked is the the,balance the tone of the film it had a,nice balance between drama and comedy,i mean this is dealing with uh you know,depression era america the dust bowl,america,you have an orphanage with kids that,feel abandoned and you know feel like,nothing will ever,happen for them in life and and they,just kind of they feel very down and so,it deals with some very serious aspects,you know some serious aspects of society,but then it has this kind of nice,comedic tone to it that,kind of helps um soften the,the overly dramatic parts of it you know,youve got the kids,they play around you know theyre,theyre kids so they they mess around,they goof around,um and also the film intentionally has,some you know,comedic parts of it theres some snarky,comments theres some ridiculous,situations,uh the music thats underlying a lot of,this helps kind of,keep the tone light even though it deals,with some serious subject matter,so that the balance made it a far more,enjoyable movie and you know it felt,a lot kind of like a like a disney,inspirational sports film even though,this is from sony,it kind of had a similar feel you know,you had,some you know overly positive messages,some characters that are,a little more out there and a little,more uh you know silly,and things like that it had a nice uh,overall,feel to the film and the last thing i,loved about it is its a true story i,mean,im sure they took some liberties with,the story right like,its a hollywood movie of course theyre,going to take some liberties but you,know by and large it seems like this,film you know this this event happened,this team happened uh one thing i really,liked uh you know you see this sometimes,in and inspired by a true story,film you know at the end there will be,no information about the characters or,what happened which makes it like okay,well there was some event and then they,just,wrote this crazy story about it but in,this one pretty much every character you,meet has some sort of,you know credits you know scene where,you see,you know what what happened to them,after the fact and it really kind of,helps,drive home how important this story was,and how important,this coach was to these kids to see kind,of what they did with their lives,after the football game and you know,after their time at the orphanage and it,was a you know its a nice,cherry at the end of this this movie,that to kind of let you know that this,did actually impact people and it did,you know have changed the course of,peoples lives,so if but you know i do love,inspirational sports films i love you,know,true stories so it kind of was a nice,nice balance uh in this movie,um some things i didnt you know i,didnt like about this movie you know,it was still an entertaining film i,dont think any of these are really that,negative but here are just some a few,things i didnt like uh the first it was,a little overly dramatic there was um,theres some mystery around the the head,coaches background,that uh had some quick flashbacks to,you know i guess his service during,world war one but it didnt,seem to relate as much to the story as i,think they intended,and so just when these happen they just,felt kind of random there was a there,was a pretty,prominent scene early on um that i guess,was,you know made him have a flashback to,his world war one service and i think i,think,it probably did shape his character but,it didnt

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