1. What Motivated Nims Purja to Climb 14 of the Worlds Tallest Mountains
  2. PENDAKIAN KE 14 GUNUNG TERTINGGI DI DUNIA | Alur Film 14 Peaks : Nothing Is Impossible
  3. Dont Wrestle Your Neighbor: 14 Peaks Conversation
  4. What is 14 Peaks & Why it is a must watch? | Nimsdai Purja | Documentary REVIEW | CineMaKi
  5. African Reacts To 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible On Netflix Wow.
  6. 14 Peaks: 8 Unbelievable Moments
  7. How Netflix Approached For 14 PEAKS | Mingma Sherpa

What Motivated Nims Purja to Climb 14 of the Worlds Tallest Mountains

the jurogan experience,when did you decide that you were gonna,do this 14 peaks thing and then film,this and like what was what was the,moment where this idea came into your,head,so jody obviously you got you asked me,two questions let me break down so,2019,um at this point,ive served with the uk special forces,for 10 years,ive been around the world i have,obviously done some crazy [ __ ] you know,that you know people only probably see,on the movies and all that,so what happened in 2019 was,i found the purpose,and uh look just to just to even put,things into perspective,at this point i had served 16 years in,the british military,i had only six years left to get the,full pension,so,you know,so if you look from the the financial,perspective,you know im really there to get the,full pension but then i got this idea,like the 14 picks so,why im doing this so,i had two purpose the first one was,look doesnt matter where you come from,what your background is whatever that is,you can literally show the world nothing,is impossible no excuses,and the second one was,look,the nepalese climbing community the,serpas are,the king of a thousand us but we never,had the right you know like,credits and i wanted to raise the name,of the nebulous climbers and those two,purpose,gave me the strength so what happened,after that was,straight away i went to the hr,i put my resignation,and people went mentally like you know,my brother is specifically like,names,you know what youre so selfish because,at this point,i used to send,you know a chunk of my salary,every month to my mom and dad i really,believe that,in our parents you know they look after,us when were like kids and vulnerable,and as a kid back to them when they get,older theyre also in vulnerable they,cannot work and all that so,i was always you know like sending them,money so,when i when i decided about this project,and when i put the resignation i know,that theres no money going to them my,brother went really mental is like names,you know you are the the most strongest,financial contributor in our family and,you know what,none of the girls have ever been there,you should you should complete your,career and i was like,no brother and and we didnt talk for,three months,me and my brother and hes like my,father hes the one who sent me to,boarding school im going to slow you,down here you so you had this idea and,because of this idea you decided to,resign yeah,and this idea of climbing the 14 peaks,when it first came into your head what,was your goal it was just to elevate the,nepalese climbers was it to raise money,was it to raise awareness,no so it was again literally,to show the world that nothing is,impossible theres no excuses but thats,but thats not a career right so youre,winning youre quitting your career to,show the world,that nothing is impossible i i didnt,only quit my career my brother i put,everything on the line,and and ill go in details what i mean,by that so,i resigned,and,it was really tough,um,look,i came from this completely different,world special forces background i had,never experienced of doing the,fundraising,and,when i first talked you start talking,about the project people were like,nymphs,its not possible so for those people,who doesnt understand what i was trying,to do was,so there are 14,mountains in the world above 8 000,meters and 8 000 meters is is the death,zone peak,and the fastest,excuse me 8 000 meters is what its its,a dead zone,so the reason why its called destiny is,from that altitude nobody can survive,the human body is literally dying,so thats why its called the destroying,peak because all those 14 are ever a,thousand meters so you can only be up,there for a very small amount yeah yeah,and uh so the fastest time was,a week sort of eight years to be precise,it was,seven years 11 months and 14 days,and the guy who tried to break that,record broke it only by one week,so that was that was that and then,i said i will do that in seven months,and people were like,no its impossible again,you know those guys who are listening,just to put this into simple perspective,so,if the record for a full marathon,is now two hours,what i was saying there then was im,gonna do that in ten minutes,and thats why nobody believed in and,and so it was crazy and i used to wake,up at like four oclock,write the email,take early train to london,meet all this you know,entrepreneurs in the corporate,organization piece them,repeat the same thing come back home,quick food then i write again and the,follow-up email hey nice to meet you,today and you know follow-up email,let me stop you there hold on so you,have this idea you dont have any,experience in filmmaking you dont have,any experience in the media you have no,experience in doing anything in the,public eye no everything youve done has,been just grinding,as a gurkha grinding as a,special forces operator this is what,youre doing and then you just decide,im going to do this and i want to make,a movie about it,yeah so yeah who do you contact how do,you even start that process,yeah so it was it was tough so the first,thing was to get the money to to go and,climb so how did you even know how much,money you needed um so you know the high,altitude mountaineering is is quite,expensive lets say even if somebody,want to do this the whole 14 picks um,it will roughly cost around two millions,two million two million dollars and,because i was going as a very like bare,minimum because i dont need that much,support you know i put roughly under a,million margin and you know what brother,nothing there was no funding after one,year of like going everywhere and then,what i did the first thing was,when you say go everywhere like how do,you even start you know like i dont,have any experience in that so i dont,know who would i contact to,fund a giant project where im going to,climb 14 peaks ill just give you this,example,so,one of the example was you know i wrote,a hand written later to,um who is the owner of virgin i google,it,richard branson yeah yes,and you know i had i write that in a,very long later full hand return and i i,cover that and put the,put those in the stamp so that you know,it will you know,going to get his attention and nothing,came,so i was just going after everything,anything from outdoor companies,outdoors and this is already after,youve already quit your job i have,already quit so i have already made the,decision,and thats why it was so stressful,because,now,all my family are suffering because of,my decision,my poor wife she was like you know and,my for the first time you know like,i had to,suffer through this kind of you know,like distress look man you know i have i,have done hr i have been debated all,over the world,i have operated in very like that that,split seconds kind of you know like,environment where your decision has to,be like bombers and and that doesnt,stress me out but here it was mental my,eyes how are you making a living this,was like that how are you making money,so at this point we did we didnt have,money yeah no money so how are you,eating how are you paying your rent so,whatever we had of it of saving,and all that it was there so you were,burning through your savings while,trying to achieve this goal yeah yeah,and so what was the first thing that hit,that let you know that this is possible,because i believed in it no no thats,not what i mean what was the first thing,where someone said yes,where someone said ill give you money,no so,what happened was,the the funding was really really,struggling and what i did was you know,what people dont believe it because,of course in their eyes you know like,what even red bull says its like,swimming to the moon,you know so even when they say things,like that so of course you know people,were like oh its too much tough then,what i did was i remortgaged my house,and put,every money i can put into this project,and that was like only like less than,i would say seven percent of the whole,funding and this is before

PENDAKIAN KE 14 GUNUNG TERTINGGI DI DUNIA | Alur Film 14 Peaks : Nothing Is Impossible

hai hai,I dont be afraid To Dream big,Hai,you can show the world who,hai hai,hai,hai,halo pecinta film kali ini di video ini,gua ya akan membahas alur film dari,suatu film yang mendapatkan rating,tinggi nih dari para penontonnya dan,berbeda dari film-film sebelumnya yang,pernah gua abahasa Luffy lemnya yaitu,tentang suatu pendakian yang bisa,dibilang mustahil sih kayaknya kalau,dilakuin yaitu pendakian ke-14 puncak,gunung yang tertinggi di dunia Wow gitu,loh film ini berjudul fourteen pict,nothing is impossible tahun 2021 genre,film ini merupakan dokumenter dan karena,itu gua akan membahas film ini secara,garis besar alur filmnya aja guys,karangloe tahulah film dokumenter itu,kebanyakan isinya kan ngobrol sama,narasumber gitu kan tapi gua ringkas,dengan sebaik mungkin guys yang mana,biar kalian semua terusnya nih ya yang,suka tentang alam hiking di tuh bisa,terpuaskan menonton ini dengan keindahan,yang disajikan dan pengalaman yang wow,banget nih para pendaki wajib banget,rekomen banget buat nonton apa lagi nih,ya gua kasih tahu lagi ini film to,berdasarkan kisah nyata lombai nah saran,gak tuh so ini dia alur film fourteen,pict nothing is impossible,[Musik],film ini menceritakan tentang cerita,pendakian gunung tertinggi di mana tokoh,yang diceritakan dalam film ini bernama,nirmal meizda Purja atau biasa dipanggil,nims ia Berencana untuk menaklukkan,gunung tertinggi di dunia dimana tidak,hanya satu gunung saja Hai mainkan stop,14 puncak gunung tertinggi yang ada di,dunia di mana satu gunungnya itu,rata-rata ketinggiannya adalah drag 8000,mdpl ini 14 lo yang udah mendaki pasti,tahulah dimana 3000 m DPL aja capeknya,gimana gitu,diceritakan dalam pendakian itu,sangatlah ekstrim mulai dari suhu yang,sangatlah dingin persiapan yang harus,sangat matang hingga tak jarang Jika ada,yang tidak bertahan harus ditinggalkan,mati begitu saja mengerikan juga dalam,sejarah diceritakan hanya pernah ada,satu orang yaitu reinhold messner yang,berhasil mendaki 14 Gunung itu itupun,dengan waktu yang sangat lama yaitu,16tahun wow kayak lama banget gitu ya,Hai gue anak 5 gadget roboh ke-14 gunung,yang akan didaki oleh news adalah,terkena purna Daulah Giri Mount Everest,losem kucingnya manaslu makalu Nanga,parbat broadbeach geser Brom 1G cerebrum,dua yaitu cowok yuk dan sisa punk dan,rata-rata jika waktu cepat dihitung 14,belum tersebut dapat didaki ya sekitar,dalam waktu tujuh tahun tapi nims dengan,nekat akan melakukannya hanya dalam,waktu tujuh bulan saja benar-benar nekat,dan Project pendakian yang ini ia beri,nama Project possible,kemudian SIM diperlihatkan tentang istri,dari NIM yang dinikahinya beberapa tahun,yang lalu istrinya juga mengaku nih guys,bahwa ini memang sangat gila tapi apa,boleh buat Ia hanya bisa mendukung,suaminya itu kemudian singkatnya Project,possible yang direncanakan ia lakukan,bersama rekan tim lainnya ada mimma,pendaki kuat yang pernah ia temui Garden,penari terhebat di dunia luck pada yang,divisi kuat bahwa barang-barang dan ada,gessmann siang paling berani ambil,resiko Oke setelah itu setelah gua,kenalin semuanya nih guys singkatnya,sini Medan lainnya memulai pendakian,pertamanya nih yaitu menuju Gunung,annapurna annapurna adalah gunung yang,termasuk berbahaya karena terkenal,dengan guguran salju yang bisa turun,kapan saja dan membahayakan mereka,memulai pendakian itu bersama dengan,melewati rintangan dan penuh dengan,kelebihan hingga akhirnya mereka,berhasil meraih Puncak tersebut,lagu zona nyaman,Hai tips you feel like Youre now know,Hai semuanya terlibat SMS deh,selanjutnya Mereka pun turun kembali ke,tempat kem yang bernama cempat Tetapi,setelah mereka turun mereka mendapatkan,kabar bahwa tim pendaki yang lain,terdapat satu orang yang belum turun itu,berarti terdapat satu orang yang,terjebak di sana betapa mirisnya bukan,dan tanpa berpikir panjang mereka,berusaha menyelamatkan pendaki tersebut,yang beruntung masih hidup dan dari sini,dan dari awal film aja nih kita udah,belajar tentang pentingnya nyawa,seseorang guys dan juga keberanian untuk,menyelamatkannya tahun,Hai kemudian SIM berpindah yang di mana,ni menceritakan bahwa dahulu dirinya,pernah menjadi bagian dalam kemiliteran,dan ini merupakan anak yang sangat,menyayangi ibunya dan kemudian Sin,berpindah kembali NIM dan yang lainnya,melanjutkan ke gunung keduanya gunung,kedua yang mereka daki adalah dhaulagiri,dengan ketinggian,8167 mdpl sudah sekitar 17 hari dari,target 7bulan yang mereka rencanakan,mereka kembali merasakan dinginnya,gunung menghadapinya secara bersama-sama,bahkan yang terberat di Gunung ini,adalah ketika mereka bertemu dengan,badai yang menghalanginya Tapi semua itu,mereka hadapi hingga berhasil mencapai,gunung tersebut,The Next Day,hai hai,Oh iya udah oke kemudian gunung ketiga,adalah kacang juga dengan tinggi,8586 mdpl di Gunung ini terjadi suatu,kejadian kembali nih guys Salah satu,anggotanya mengalami kehabisan oksigen,sehingga mereka harus berpikir cepat,jalan apa yang harus mereka ambil ini,menemani salah satu rekannya tersebut,sambil menunggu bantuan yang ada di,keempat tetapi bantuan itu hingga malam,tidak kunjung tiba tidak kunjung tiba,juga Hal itu membuat meme harus,membopong pendaki itu Tengah dinginnya,udara sampai-sampai Ia menceritakan,bahwa Ia terkena Hei atau gangguan pada,otaknya karena saking dinginnya tempat,ia menjadi kehilangan kendali dan tak,bisa melihat dengan jelas ya kayak halus,gitu nih guys karena saking dinginnya,jadi jalan aja udah menelannya kayak,gitu loh Apalagi kalo diem bapak bisa,bakal lebih parah lagi dan,aja kehilangan nyawa loh dalam,penglihatannya ia melihat layaknya Yeti,yang besar tetapi tentulah itu hanyalah,halus yang nyalami ia masih Mencoba,berusaha untuk berpikir positif dan,meminta bantuan yang ternyata itu adalah,pendaki lain yang sama-sama mengalami,Hei serupa benar-benar kejadian yang,tidak bisa ia lupakan dan entah,keajaiban apa iapun selamat enggak,diperlihatkan sih disini juga karena sih,langsung berpindah pada satu tahun,sebelum pendakian yang istrinya,menceritakan bahwa ia menggunakan dana,sampai menggadaikan rumahnya untuk,melakukan pendakian ini kemudian gunung,selanjutnya yang keempat adalah gunung,tertinggi di dunia yaitu Everest dengan,ketinggian,8848 mdpl mereka menaiki gunung tersebut,dibantu oleh suku sherpa yang membantu,jalannya pendakian dan mengambil resiko,yang besar trek yang dilalui Everest pun,sangat berbahaya mereka harus kita,tebing ke tebing diantara jurang yang,tinggi dan juga keadaan dari gunung,Everest saat itu sangat dipenuhi oleh,banyak pendaki keadaan sangat ramai,Bahkan mereka harus mengantri mereka,sampai pada Everest dengan penuh,keindahan dan berfoto sejenak jiwa,mereka menjadi satu dengan alam dan,penuh dengan kebanggaan bener-bener,pengin sego ini kayak gini nih seru gitu,hanya akan secara gunung tertinggi gitu,cuman gatau nih mental kuat enggak,ketika mereka turun pun mereka menemukan,banyak sekali pendaki menuju Everest,mereka berebut turun dengan pendaki,tersebut dan kemudian NIM menyempatkan,diri untuk memotret keramaian di Everest,tersebut dan mengunggahnya di internet,dan ternyata foto tersebut viral dan,singkatnya mereka melanjutkan perjalanan,ke Puncak Float c dan makalu dengan,lancar sehingga hal ini menjadi bagian,pendakian fase pertama dari Project,possible yang telah selesai,Hai ini melakukan istirahat dengan,mengunjungi ibunya agar mengetahui bahwa,keadaan anaknya ini baik-baik saja dan,singkatnya lama berselang pada 17 Jun,2011 mereka memulai kembali pendakiannya,pendakian fase kedua dan pada pendakian,fase kedua ini gunung yang akan dituju,adalah gunung Nanga parbat atau biasa,dijuluki pencabut nyawa karena saking,banyaknya orang yang tidak selamat dari,gunung ini Kemudian karakoram dari,cerebrum 1B cerebrum dua broadbeach dan,kemudian yang terkenal adalah keytwo K2,mereka memulai pendakian fase kedua ini,secara berurutan dan Ya seperti biasa,menghadapi salju yang tebal tetapi ini,gue ceritain ya guys di Gunung Nanga,parbat ini terdapat suatu kejadian yang,enggak

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Dont Wrestle Your Neighbor: 14 Peaks Conversation

well hey whats up man hey,im happy to be here are you happy to be,here im happy im mesmerized by your,shoes thanks man i appreciate them they,are so,clean looking like it looks like you,took them out of the box today for the,first,time havent worn them in a little while,um,they look beautiful thank you i,appreciate it very clean very fresh,looking i thought id bring them out,today,you know how it feels when youve got a,mint in your mouth so you look today,thanks bro you look like how it feels,much,much appreciated man well hey we are,here uh for another episode of the dont,wrestle your neighbor morning show,podcast and today is topical monday and,evan and i both we just recently watched,something were about to get topical,that we want to talk about and some of,you have never seen this before but i,love,i love to watch i feel like this is,something we can recommend yes we can,for sure recommend this but i love,watching,like adrenaline junkies like in them do,things that they like skydiving because,its like the opposite of what i will,ever you know i think thats all well,and good the idea of an adrenaline,junkie yeah like right in general in,general but specifically right climbers,climbers yes,climbers,extreme hikers absolutely fascinating,and women,theres theres some women that were,gonna we dont really get into that with,the what were going to talk about but,there were some people who were up there,on everest and it was like,that you are insane um,but i i truly believe,they are some of the most elite athletes,that we have i mean i dont think yeah i,think that is easily you itd be hard to,argue but i think theyre overlooked a,lot because i dont think people think,of them well because its its a uh,[Music],its one of the only things out there,that you are,like what did he say about well what,were going to talk about is 14 peaks,yeah which is the documentary,on a guy what is his name um,his they call him nims is they,thats not his full name yeah his full,name im not going to try to pronounce,it but hes from nepal his instagram,handle i think is nims dia its like,yeah i meant to follow him i i had to,the other day um when i when i fished i,was like yup you deserve a follow from,me um oh yeah yeah but they call him,nims and its about this guy who,is trying to break the world record of,climbing the,um,the 14 tallest mountains in the world,yeah over eight thousand rivers yeah,which is crazy because like i was in,denver,um like,a few weeks ago yeah and there are,mountains in denver that are really,really tall at least they seem really,really tall and they are like upwards of,twelve thousand thirteen thousand feet,so these peaks that hes climbing,are twenty nine thousand feet three,times that right so its like eight,eight thousand meters is equivalent to,about 29 000 feet so its like three,times the mountains that i was staring,at that i was like getting like uh yeah,altitude sickness from this dude where,theres like six percent oxygen up there,this guy,is trying to break the world record for,he broke six world records yeah before,yeah he was trying to break all these,records of how fast he could do it so,before theres no doubt this guy is i,feel like hes the best,alpinist in the world no and i think,alpine climbers which is so interesting,about the documentary and you know we,want you to go watch this its called 14,peaks it just came out on netflix it is,absolutely cool and its not very long,either its like yeah its like a huge,time commitment,and so you have this guy whos trying to,break the record for,climbing these 14 peaks the previous,person,had climbed these 14 peaks in 16,years seven years seven years the the,the fastest anyone has ever done it,right but what was happening,that was someone did it in 16 years that,was the first guy to do it first guy did,he did it with no oxygen whatsoever,it took him 16 years to do with zero,occur like oxygen help um,then the record is seven years yeah,set out to do,it in seven months,seven,months right which is insane yeah and,another thing about this guy is he sets,out to do,he only is going to use oxygen,when he gets above eight thousand in the,depth zone right right which is like six,thousand percent oxygen which its like,you i mean and just for just for,reference,the tallest mountain in the world mount,everest,is like 85. i was like yeah yeah 100,yeah,so hes doing,500. practically all of yeah the 95,climbing with no oxygen yeah like oh,because the death zone is above is it,eight thousand thousand feet yeah,so yeah hes doing,most,all of the climbing without oxygen which,is just insane because a lot of the time,hes also,hes attached to a couple of other guys,at the same time but hes leading them,and so yeah theres a point,which like we want you to go watch this,documentary because its amazing we,dont want to ruin it we dont want to,ruin it but its also just we dont want,to ruin it but its awesome,theres a point where is it,was it k2 that they were struggling that,there was a group of people that were,struggling to get up yeah i think it was,that one or the other and he was like,he has to go up basically by himself,and like set the lines so that all these,other people yeah,yeah i believe that okay mountain and,its like they were like it cant be,done it cant be done and its like yeah,it can be like you need to you its all,mental you guys are saying that it cant,be done im going to show you it can be,done and he goes and they were all they,were all so like who is this guy right,who is this guy because he comes in so,positive yeah hes like what are you,talking about yeah were fine were,going to do it tonight were at 1a at,1am were going to be up there and im,going to set the lines with you and what,he his plan was genius yeah they,couldnt get up because the snow was,melting right and falling by the time,that they were going up and so he went,at the coldest point when the snow would,be hard right and got up at one in the,morning yeah i got up at one in the,morning super cold but theres also this,like i think the reason why i loved,watching this so much is because theres,an understanding that this guy has like,and even his wife talks about it often,yeah i mean at any moment in time he,could easily die and theres a moment,where hes like this is it like,we wont ruin it too much for you so,positive where its just like he,hell say stuff like im not gonna die,today like i wont no matter what right,im not dying today but maybe tomorrow,im not dying today thats just like the,psyche of a person does that and i think,his background which we can talk about,well hes already made up his mind right,like thats thats the thing with his,mental state he already made up his mind,that hes doing it its not a matter of,if anymore right he can get it done its,already done in his mind im not dying,today maybe tomorrow but not today yeah,i think i think whats crazy we can talk,about is his training,um his wife said for this guy to be as,crazy as he was,as as like i mean to do some amazing,things this guy every morning in,preparation was running 20 kilometers,which is basically 12 and a half miles,this was in preparation this was in,preparation for the british special,forces right,right so he was a gurkha which is a,nepalese military yes like special,person,i guess thats a very rare thing to,accomplish right and so then from there,he was going on to the british special,services,or uh special forces and so then,training for that right he woke up at,three three a.m so how many miles is,that so 20 kilometers is basically 12,and a half miles,12 and a half miles with 75 pounds,strapped to your back every day,at three whoa so he was doing that he,was doing that and then he would run,that which i dont know how long it,would take him she didnt say how long,it took her husband to do that but then,he would go straight to work and then,after work he would go straight to the,gym and he would get home at like 11 p.m,and then would do it again from 11 to 3.,

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What is 14 Peaks & Why it is a must watch? | Nimsdai Purja | Documentary REVIEW | CineMaKi

because it is extraordinarily,breathtaking,giving up is not in the blood sir,its not in the blood,challenges,without the support of,and thats,the documentary itself is the mixture of,the actual quest and the interviews or,past stories,animations and theyre all blend,together,the documentary teaches us what,confidence is and what wonders believing,in oneself,can do some people are born with it and,some people develop it over time and,names is one of those first ones he,[Music],foreign,it is an extraordinary journey of an,extraordinary man so please go and give,it a watch and let me know in the,comment section what do you think about,it,foreign,[Music]

African Reacts To 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible On Netflix Wow.

good morning good evening catcher nepal,i dont know what time youre watching,this video but guys i want you to teach,me so many things in nepal so if you are,commenting in the video try to type,something in english and in nepali i,want by the end of next year be fluent,and speak nepali thank you so much,emojis did this my chickeny color,everybody i know nepal youre not crazy,enough but im crazy enough so you,better stay with me this one is from,netflix,netflix,netflix doesnt,produce its a platform where you can,watch,every movie in the world,from different countries i think its,over 190 countries like i had from there,story but look,14 peaks nepal is on netflix nothing,impossible so its a movie trailer and,its short so lets keep this video,short okay lets go and say [ __ ] these,are mountains cold snow,lets go,[Music],whoa hold on was that the snow that was,running,oh [ __ ],when you are in the mountain oh this,took it over mountain,bro this is serious oh come on i gotta,like this video,yeah,no copyright intended,bro,this dude,just drew the entire mountain,on his body bro before you even go to,the climb to the moon like look at his,back hes like,a mountain when you are in the mountains,if you give up,you die,oh no how many,how long is that bridge and how sure are,you that that snow cant break in order,to join that ladder bro even if his,movie shooting this is crazy bro look at,that,if you give up,you die,of course you die,that is stupid only 14 mountains in the,world higher than 8 000 meters,the fastest time to climb all the,footage was seven years the plan is to,go and hit the summit directly,if i can stay,alive i can do this,bro theres even a possibility of dying,if i can stay alive,okay,lets say lets say this is a movie,right its unreal,in seven months,[ __ ],so in seven months you just keep on,climbing you dont go back down because,if you go back down you have to start,again and increase on the duty you cant,do it in one so if you start to climb,you have to stay climbing for seven,months,thats crazy bro,no way,it is a roll of the dice completely,absurd do not drink,it,the biggest strength i have is i have no,fear,supporting him you have to be strong,look i got nothing more to give i dont,want my brother to die you have to be,willing to cry,dude you have to be willing to die life,and death,[Music],not only for himself but for all the,sherpas,if this was done by some western climber,the news would have been 10 times bigger,than this,then the views would have been 10 times,bigger than this hes really not only,for himself but for all the sherpas,if this was done by some western climber,the news would have been 10 times bigger,than this,those guys are really really risking,their lives,it doesnt matter where you come from,you can show the world,nothing is impossible,thank you so much thank you so much,thats a great word in all traders you,can show the world you can prove the,world that nothing is impossible if you,stick and continue doing it because you,cant just give up and say man its,impossible how do you say its,impossible when you didnt even give it,a try when you push yourself to the,limits come on man thats my favorite,line in the movie,listen,those guys are really really risking,their lives,it doesnt matter where you come from,you can saw the world,nothing is impossible rare,thats really cool,giving up is not in the blood sir,its not in the blood,okay you dont do that though,if you give up you lose hope,thank you so much guys thank you so much,for watching this was crazy this was,beautiful,kudos to nepal,congress to netflix that this is going,to be a big thing cause not only for,nepal but such kind of features some,kind of movie such kind of usage of kind,of,courage is not easily seen from anywhere,in the world its called simba,rarely in the world thank you so much i,want to be on netflix,nepal see you next guy,subscribe

14 Peaks: 8 Unbelievable Moments

[Music],so 14 peaks the documentary has gone i,did watch it and i will say it will be,very hard to try a match but in the,words of namal persia he will be back,and after seeing this documentary the,film just makes me want to go and climb,the highest mountain possible and thats,the very concept the idea that the mao,and his team wants to be ingrained on,society and just go and dream and,project possible have not just done that,for the nepalese but for everyone so,after the success of my preview video,which i will link below and to all of my,new subscribers and old subscribers this,one is for you and as i outline eight of,the most unbelievable moments in the,documentary 14 peaks nothing is,impossible before i start i just wanted,to thank everyone that enjoyed and sent,feedback on my preview thank you and i,hope you enjoy this video let me know if,theyre in the comments below if there,are any unbelievable moments that you,have found you would have put on this,list please like and subscribe for more,future content so for anybody that has,not yet seen this documentary this is,your official spoiler warning number,eight no stage ascent so most people,climb certain mountains in stages,usually to climatize and re-climatize,before ascending again its kind of a,way of allowing your body and your lungs,to keep up project possible bypassed,four camps due to a particular weather,window and they summited in one day yes,thats 24 hours oh and did i mention,that persia was hungover which i thought,was absolutely hilarious commonly,climbers climb to certain camps as a way,of kind of like a slow and steady,approach but project possible defied the,odds despite parting the night before,kanchenjunga really did meet its match,number seven blizzard so i feel quite,overwhelmed when i hear stories of just,how desolate cold and unforgiving,altitude mountaineering can be but while,attempting to climb and forgive me if i,mispronounce any of these mountains the,whole lagiri nims and his team are,caught in a horrific blizzard that while,carrying all of their numerous heavy,equipment even tests their climbing,abilities and momentarily their will to,continue the expedition the footage is,absolutely incredible and it just makes,you shiver looking at it but it doesnt,stop them and even more unbelievable is,the time frame in which they summit,starting at 9pm and summiting at 6pm the,next day and to put that into,perspective in harsh weather conditions,the 7th highest mountain in the world,during a blizzard would turn anybody,else away completely but watching that,footage just made me want to crawl up by,a big fire at number six sniper story in,my opinion the best aspect of this,documentary lies in its artistic ability,to give the audience context and in,parts of the expedition and nims purges,life we are treated to an animation like,medley created and animated by the,documentary crew so partway through it,comes in the story in 2011 when persia,describes his time in the british,special forces while providing cover,from a rooftop in the middle east persia,is engaged by a hidden sniper that,manages to hit persia but luckily on the,stock of his weapon unbelievably and by,destiny god chants whatever you want to,believe the bullet misses him by a few,centimeters and if he was using his,other arms say he would have been shot,dead again its just an unbelievable,story and cracking context that shows us,a glimpse of i would argue pyms,strength and importance at five is one,that initially i found unbelievable but,if you think about it in terms of,humanity its not really surprising the,photograph that namal persia took on the,tip of the worlds highest mountain,became at the time more famous than him,it blew up this image titled traffic jam,on everest over the years everest has,become more popular especially with,tourists ultimately this leads to less,safety windows less expedition slots and,in maos case tragically less time time,that he desperately needed in order to,accomplish his dream during documentary,and after descending everest we are,shown the unbelievable image and if,anything it just highlights how much we,dont respect everest how much we dont,respect the planet the sherpas that are,constantly making the ultimate sacrifice,just so that we can get an extraordinary,insta pic i mean the most unbelievable,aspect of this would be that if you were,in that traffic jam the very busy,extremely rare climbing window that you,had you couldnt go anywhere and if just,one of those climbers had slipped it,would have been trouble for everybody,really scary stuff again we are treated,to another animation and while,descending the mat in pakistan purgel,tells the tale of him slipping and,tumbling uncontrollably down the,mountain saved by what appeared to be a,blue rope he was destined to use all of,his strength tumbling 100 meters down,the mountain echoing his famous quote,not today maybe tomorrow i might die but,not today so at number three,no oxygen while project possible are,descending one of the mountains they,come across an unfortunate climber who,has ran out of oxygen and is dying which,isnt uncommon in altitude climbing,often the toughest part is coming down,its often the part that people do not,respect and take for granted is one of,the big killers i mean think about it,every morsel of your being was stretched,reaching the summit that climbers rarely,consider how hard this is to descend but,in this particular moment project,possible gave essentially a stranger,this poor man their own oxygen literally,putting themselves in harms way for,another human being and this isnt the,first cylinder theyve done this on the,expedition but ill come to that in a,bit persia and his team had to make the,decision that he never would have made,and i still to this day believe that if,his teams lives werent at risk as well,the decision wouldnt have been made,they stay and they trying to help him,but the story gets worse astonishingly,we find out that during the ordeal,persia has been without oxygen for 11,hours and ultimately falls ill with,haste which is one of the biggest,killers in altitude climbing that,followed was a cracking story told,through incredible artwork his high,altitude cerebral edema is one of the,most unbelievable stories that,culminates in this kind of unusual story,that he tells about meeting a yeti or,meeting another climber and surviving,like that but you really do have to see,it i just thought this was astonishing,it almost kind of shows you the,spiritual side of persia and its its,kind of a way that he keeps going and,keeps fighting and its really,interesting to hear number two the,winter summit so a great climber by the,name of george bell in 1953 said that k2,is a savage mountain that tries to kill,you its amongst if not the most,unforgiving mountain in the world in,pakistan and if youre lucky enough to,pass the pure overhanging ice clip at,the top called the sorak that causes,extremely spontaneous ice avalanches,just below the summit or if its the,intense all-around horrendous weather,then nothing will stop you project,possible conquering the first ever,impossible winter summit of the king of,mountains the mountaineers mountain,really was an unbelievable moment in the,expedition and the documentary and has,gone down in the records as the quickest,climb in the pakistani mountains and due,to the winter period the most perilous,feat in high altitude multneering,history youre probably asking whats,going to top any of these or,realistically that they are all just as,courageous and unbelievable as each,other and you would be right they all,are but like the no auction situation a,moment that stands out for me personally,above any record or feat is how nims,mingma lakpa geljin and gasang put their,time expedition and lives ahead of,themselves to help a stranded climber,the task was perilous from the very,beginning so directly after their first,summit the team received a call that a,stranded climber w

How Netflix Approached For 14 PEAKS | Mingma Sherpa

[Music],um,um,foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,uh make sure that everybody you guys,check out uh make my david traverse,youtube if you love what we are doing,make sure that you subscribe and turn on,notification,this program is brought to you by vias,studios

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