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1440 | Why This Unbiased Newsletter is Wrong | Review

1440 is a newsletter that has almost a,million subscribers and that claims to,be your impartial comprehensive daily,news source we scour a hundred plus,sources so you dont have to culture,science sports politics business and,more all in a five minute read so lets,see how close they come to actually,delivering on all of that,now they make a big deal out of,neutrality and cutting through bias,overwhelmed by opinion disguised as fact,and relentless clickbait 1440 provides,an impartial view of whats happening in,the world so our readers can form their,own conclusions we scour hundreds of,sources each day to bring you a single,morning briefing thoughtfully curated by,experts while they are very concerned,about clickbait and covert opinions they,appear less concerned with profit,incentive and the corrosive effect of,advertising because when we arrive at,the newsletter itself the first thing,were met with is the sponsor every day,this newsletter has a new sponsor that,gets two separate ad spaces in addition,to their feature at the very top the ads,just happen to be,distinguishable from but look very,similar to the newsletters actual,content now the main portion is their,need to know section which every weekday,contains three stories now being the,main section of their already incredibly,condensed five-minute news brief you,would expect the most consequential,topics to appear here yet a few of these,stories are of questionable significance,to most people,boeings starliner being shelved alabama,football turns out they beat ohio state,in last years playoffs and the r kelly,trial beginning so,at the very least they have an issue,with miscategorizing things because,starliner being shelved should go in,science detect alabama football to the,extent that it should be included in the,news brief at all should go in sports,and,one in 10 americans is unbanked should,probably not go in their etc section but,actually they inadvertently touched on,something that could have been,interesting in their two and a half,paragraphs on alabama football,they had a brief mention on player,compensation,this year is the first that athletes,will be able to earn income under,updated name image and likeness rules,see early data on compensation earned,here,now that is a rich topic because despite,college players participating in highly,viewed games and having their likenesses,used in hugely profitable video games,their compensation has been scammed,terrible stories have come to light,about players getting injured and losing,their scholarships it seems that part of,neutrality though is not spending too,much time on stories in which entire,institutions are going to be indicted by,the sheer facts of the matter so why did,1440 choose to give that detail a very,bland sentence and a half but devote,full two paragraphs to some meaningless,sports stats,was that some sort of calculation in,neutrality,wouldnt reporting on the material,conditions of these collegiate athletes,be more consequential and to more people,because those football stats mean,nothing to me but from the tweet linked,in 1440 while one unnamed athlete earned,210 000 in july the median name image,likeness income for the month was just,35,now 5 of the 15 pieces in their need to,know section for the week was on,afghanistan following the decision to,fully withdraw u.s forces but what these,pieces show more than anything is the,hollowness of the newsletters project,and the just the facts attitude because,the dominant mode of the media has been,to highlight the chaos in places like,kabul and directly or indirectly put,that on the biden administration and,this newsletter essentially does that,now a newsletter simply running down the,very latest of the region is fine if you,dont also claim that this single,newsletter essentially contains all the,information one needs,comprehensive daily news source all your,news in a single email if only there was,an all-in-one source where we could,efficiently digest the most important,news because if this is all the,information you get,then youre probably missing out on some,pretty important context like,understanding that this was the result,of 20 years of failed policies and,policy makers many of whom are now,acting as commentators would be a level,of depth that a few blurbs on the latest,updates could never contain despite,1440s claim to breath plus death,now the blurbs were fine but in the,information landscape that 1440 claims,to want to mend theyre promulgating,this idea that all one needs to be,informed is a kind of news multivitamin,as long as the thimble of news youre,getting appears neutral which a bunch of,people reading a single newsletter in,the morning and being smug about it,would seem pretty petty to talk about if,not for the fact that its a million,people and growing so its a,misconception that is widely espoused,and of course its not perfectly neutral,anyway whatever that even means because,predictable from an outlet that,apparently figured out how to drain the,news of corrupting opinions they,generally omit anything that feels,adversarial or that leaves the safety of,the common conversation things like the,fact that polls show most americans,support the withdrawal even if they,dont support the execution or that,defense stocks are up a thousand percent,since the start of the war these are,facts too just i guess not ones that,they deemed important enough for their,need to know section now the next part,of the newsletter what they call their,in the know section,is more or less a collection of,headlines bookended by ads,these are items of varying importance,some totally unimportant and then this,is followed by what they essentially,acknowledged to be trivial in their etc,section that was the section with the,one in ten americans is unbanked uh and,then they end with an inspirational,quote that wraps up the whole newsletter,which i think is actually quite fitting,because when i think of the phrase,inspirational quote i think of a stock,image of a sunset that was posted by,someones aunt and laid over that sunset,is some text that appears to have depth,but is actually banal and forgettable,and those are my thoughts on 1440 but,if youre looking for a cool news,aggregator that is independent and that,doesnt rely on a daily rotation of,corporate sponsors opt out is an app,thats launching next month i just,signed on with them so my videos are,going to be featured im really excited,to basically have a feed thats,populated with only people like abby,martin and david sirota and journalism,of value,they didnt ask me to say any of that,im just really excited about the app,also i have to thank mike figueredo of,the humanist report for featuring me on,his channel recently thanks so much to,him and if youre here from the humanist,report,thanks for checking out my channel it,means a lot,[Music],[Music]

Political medias bias, in a single chart

a couple years ago patent attorney,Vanessa Otero ran into a problem that,just about anyone whos active on social,media will recognize it really started,in 2016 in the run-up to the last,presidential election I just started,becoming very alarmed about the kind of,quality and bias of information that,people would use to support their,arguments to their friends on Facebook,so it might be helpful to just kind of,map it like better worse left and right,so I just started piecing it together on,my own and just to explain to my friends,weve had is overabundance and,proliferation of online news sources and,most of it is in the area of analysis,and opinion if people understood that,the sources theyre consuming are,actively making them angrier and,polarizing them and they may choose to,consume less of that Oteros chart,categorizes the media landscape using,two domains facts versus editorializing,and left versus right leaning views its,a two dimensional taxonomy so the,vertical axis is quality so in general,the better quality best quality stuff is,at the top and the lowest quality stuff,is at the bottom the horizontal axis is,bias so you have your neutral or,balanced stuff in the middle viewers,will recognize big names like CNN and,Fox News but Otero says shes starting,to get request to add smaller outlets to,extreme partisan sources like Breitbart,and Wong ket appear at the ends of the,axis as a whole the chart provides a,frame of reference for a news industry,that is growing increasingly partisan so,much of the you know the content that we,consume right now is you know telling,you how you should feel about a subject,the stories like when they break and,then what they are the spin on them that,takes on them 24 hours later are really,revealing Believe It or Not social,scientists dont think the polarized,media climate has done much permanent,damage to democracy yet but its not,exactly harmless either an analysis of,Nielsen data from the knight foundation,shows a widening gap between liberals,who,they trust the media and conservatives,who say they dont the Pew Research,Center finds that the most partisan,among us are more likely to be steering,the broader political conversation a,comprehensive chart of political media,then could serve as a sort of guide for,those who want to make up their own,minds or to hero taro tell it what the,media bias chart is is an anchor of,course Oh taro is just one person with,her own biases and blind spots Ive,taken into account certain criticisms I,have actually made adjustments to,certain sources especially from some of,the really earlier versions if the,sample was really unfair that I selected,and they can go back and look at that,and you know take those comments into,account especially if I get those,comments from a lot of the readers of,that source and other sources until now,Oh taro has mostly managed the project,herself but she recently finished,crowdfunding more than $32,000 to hire,more analysts vet more sources and make,her charting process more transparent,right now there are a hundred and four,sources wed like to include you expand,to 200 300 400 sources pretty soon on,the an interactive web-based version but,theres a limit to what I can do on my,own Ive developed really robust,methodologies really granular,methodologies the headlines a picture,graphic the lead or the chyron I mean,the individual sentences for quality and,bias Ive just started recruiting a team,of analysts to help me do that I just,really felt a responsibility to improve,that as much as I could because people,are relying on it and I just,fundamentally feel that if youre going,to put out information that influences,people which this does then you have a,responsibility to make it as good as you,can in the future Otero hopes her chart,could be a sort of Consumer Reports for,media ratings both in terms of its,comprehensive reach and its reputation,as a reliable guide I want to make the,news consumers smarter and the news,media itself better and those things are,both really lofty but I think its,doable there are folks who just if they,had this information would make better,choices as consumers of media first and,then citizens

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How To Find The Most Factual News Sources | Using Media Bias Charts

how do you know if what youre watching,is real journalism not a talk show,not gossip not a meme,who can you trust its time to find out,[Music],welcome to atypical anchor im josh,helmuth an anchor for good morning,colorado hope you tune in,journalism should be fair impartial,always putting the truth first,not misleading right weve seen what,happens when,bias or misinformation erodes trust,i have an entire video on why calling,out the media,doesnt make any sense because its not,a monolith whats dangerous,is when talk shows pose as news and,misinform,viewers purposely so how do you know if,what youre watching is,gossip or real news based on facts,well first i highly recommend you rely,on your local tv stations and newspapers,theyre hardworking journalists part of,your community who are paid to,only report the truth but if youre,watching cable or any network news there,are some pretty cool tools out there,that can help you differentiate between,real news,and shows that are just meant to dish,out their opinion,now you may have seen these before,theyre called media bias charts,all right there are two that i want to,show you today first lets go over how,they can be used and then,ill talk about whether or not theyre,reliable or not themselves okay,first you have the all sides chart,started in 2012,tracking 800 sources its very,impressive,youll notice the two else the c and the,rs based on their research the r stands,for,these are the news outlets that lean,heavily right the,sides the news outlets on the left lean,heavily left and in the center,are strictly news organizations that,typically just dish out,the facts only and you want to notice,too that like right here for cnn,where it says leans heavily to the left,thats for online news,opinion only not their news division,same for fox news over here on the right,that says opinion only not their news,division,and in the middle of the wall street,journal they their center for the news,only you got to be wary of their opinion,sections as well but this is just a very,good basic guide,if you want to look something look at,something very quickly now all sides is,short and sweet,its concise is it reliable well they,use,unpaid readers volunteers who self,report their political bias after they,use a bias rating test,when they read the web content from,these networks they can only see the,articles text,not the name of the outlet they also use,editorial reviews from staff academic,research surveys,and they have a mix of staff who define,themselves as left right or center they,also appear to do the best they can,at making the entire process as free,from bias as possible,the only downside well they dont show,reliability or,quality of reporting its a nice short,again sweet thing to share with friends,and family but,if you want real in-depth charting,you have to use the ad fontest chart ad,fontest chart the ad fontes rather,means to to the source in latin just in,case youre wondering okay ad fontes to,the source,rates reliability and political bias as,well it first,appeared after the 2016 election and it,just keeps improving with more research,i mean this really is a really neat tool,if you look,at first glance its really overwhelming,but to simplify it,everything from top to bottom is uh the,reliability score,from essentially 0 to 64. okay,everything on the left hand column leans,left everything in the right rings,leans right everything in the center,along the center center line means it,leans,or doesnt lean either way its just,center if youre above,this line right here these are news,organizations that typically are more,reliable,and if youre towards the middle youre,more fact-based all right so we can zoom,in on this,and take a closer look at their research,basically,for if you just want facts only no,opinion you want the news,everything in this area is typically the,most reliable according to ad fondus,were talking about the ap,the associated press youre just getting,the facts only the basis,of of every story the basic information,the weather channel,makes sense i hope theyre just,reporting the weather cbs news,happy to say that abc news has a great,reliability score as well,npr again facts only you have some,other minor news outlets like stars and,stripes and military times,ive never heard of upi im not familiar,with upi but these three fall,nearly directly in the center and,theyre very fact based which is good,news,usa today nbc around here as well now,once you get below this line,you get into a little more territory,where its maybe its not as reliable,of course cnn leans left if youre over,here to the right,business insider leans right and,you know you once you want news,organizations to stay up here once you,get down here youre not looking at,anything good,uh the fox news gets a very low score,its on the right hand,side of course everybody knows fox news,leans right,new new networks like oan they fall,right,on this line right here right on this,line right here that actually borders,between reliable for news,but high in analysis and opinion content,but also borders on some reliability,issues,and or extremism not good for a new,network,like oan but lets say you want to,simplify even more because this is a,little overwhelming,theres nearly 200 news outlets in this,alone you actually pay for a,subscription,i think its five dollars a month and,youll get nearly 400 news outlets that,give you a rating,but lets say uh you want to type in uh,theres a new network called,newsmax all right where does newsmax,fall okay newsmax again falls about,where oan is,right here leans right but it is right,on the border,of some reliability issues and or,extremism,uh something you want to be very wary of,if youre watching such a such a news,network so,again you can search for very specific,news outlets you want to type in the la,times,uh again they lean left but they are,more factual based they are more,reliable,and lets say again you want to display,all the sources lets say you want to,filter um,news organizations that only have a,score of 45 and up,there you go youre only going to get,those the most reliable news,organizations right there,and then if you want to filter uh,sources uh,based on their bias range you know if,you want say you want,only right leaning news sources so,youre gonna do this right here,only right leaning here are your most,reliable,right leaning new sources up here at the,top but again,you dont want it to lean too heavy,either way you want it in this box right,here this green up here means its the,most reliable for news,very little opinion all right thats,very important so,how does ad fontes work well they have,30 paid analysts who rate articles again,they have an ideological balance of,people who define themselves as left,right center and they appear to go to,great lengths to,make sure they have a healthy mix of,people from all beliefs and all,backgrounds,that allows them to hopefully read and,report,in an unbiased manner now i do have,links below for each the ad fontes,charting,the all sides charting and their,methodology how they all make their,judgments thats below if you want to go,into more detail,okay nothings perfect these charts,shouldnt be used as gospel,but they are neat theyre literary tools,to help guide you,if youre looking for fact-based,reporting and if i havent heard of a,network i look at these all the time to,see,what their score is the biggest most,important thing to note is make sure,youre watching or reading the actual,news not an opinion talk show,or the op-ed section thanks for watching,and remember most importantly lets lift,each other up,lets be atypical

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Can You Spot the Media Bias? | MSNBC, Fox News | Watch Examples and Add Comments

lets just take a look at some video um,were gonna go through a couple clips,one from fox news,and another from msnbc and as we,mentioned earlier you know,we want you to be involved in the chat i,see people saying they had quesadillas,they had noodles and chicken now i want,you instead to concentrate on,what do you see that could perhaps be,biased,what do you hear are things framed,appropriately,and what were going to watch are not,segments necessarily from opinion,shows because we do know that these,networks have opinion shows,but these are segments framed in what,should be more of straight down the,middle news coverage,so lets take a look and as you see,things feel free to enter it,into the chat mark good morning how much,travel do we expect these men to do in,the days ahead hello,hey bill good morning to you well,normally there really would be nothing,but travel but as you mentioned today,joe biden is going to be keeping his,campaign close to home,talking about the economy in delaware as,for president trump,he is about to begin a whirlwind weekend,of campaigning it all gets started this,afternoon,hell be heading down south for campaign,events in the villages then a rally,tonight in the panhandle in pensacola,hell be staying overnight in florida,getting a chance to early vote tomorrow,and then its on to the battleground,states hell be holding rallies this,weekend in places like north carolina,ohio,and wisconsin and then sunday another,rally in new hampshire,now during the debate last night the,president repeatedly promised that hes,going to do more to bring the economy,back from the brink thats likely,something were going to hear the,president talk a lot more about this,weekend,as he campaigns he also criticized biden,last night for not doing more in-person,events,amid the pandemic we cant lock,ourselves up in a basement like,joe does he has the he has the ability,to lock himself up i dont know hes,obviously made a lot of money someplace,but he has this thing about living in a,basement people cant do that,polls taken before last nights debate,though show joe biden still ahead by a,healthy margin the latest real clear,politics average shows biden,with an eight point lead but the,campaigns both tell us that they are,looking more at those state polls to,give us an idea of where things are,on the ground whats become a rally,custom the advanced staff tonight tried,to make sure the people behind the,president,in his head on camera angle were masked,the rest of the crowd not so much here,was the presidents message about the,pandemic,were rounding the turn on the pandemic,we understand that hey i just had it,here i am you know its me its actually,me i gotta get out and i have to meet,people and i have to see people,and i know its risky to do that but you,have to do what you have to do you know,im the president i cant sit in the,basement im immune they tell me im,immune i could come down and start,kissing everybody,ill kiss every guy man and woman who,has had it here whos had it,yeah a lot of people a lot of people,well youre the people i want to say,hello to because youre right now immune,joe biden had this to say about the,president while campaigning in florida,i prayed for his recovery when he got,covered,and i hoped at least hed come out of it,somewhat chastened,but what has he done hes just doubled,down on the misinformation he did before,and making it worse,well he throws super spreader parties at,the white house,where republicans hug each other without,concern of the consequences,how many of you been unable to hug your,grandkids,in the last seven months,now there you see the two clips msnbc,and fox and,granted i had to cut them up for this,right i couldnt show them in complete,context,but i would argue you should be able to,pull out pieces,of news like this and and hopefully,theyre unbiased but chris,is were looking in chat right now we,have some really good,responses from people about things they,saw that didnt quite look right,yeah its true its a quite of a lot of,great,responses some of the ones that ive,seen kind of repeated,uh lately is the you know sound bites,that are taken to,fit a narrative bias thats very its,very evident in these,and then also as we could see between,the fox news and um,msnbc one or the other candidate has,been given more time and theres a,rebuttal and all that,so i want to take this time if anybody,wants to unmute,i know eileen questinberry you have some,really great,input and um or anybody else,feel free to unmute and kind of just,explain you know some of those things if,you,if you guys want well for me,what ive seen is just,they dont necessarily have to say,against biden or against trump,the reporters themselves without even,using the words their body language,their,their facial expressions the disdain,instead of just sticking to reporting,the stories to us,theyre sending us a message and its,very subliminal,very you know easy on us message but,were still getting it no matter,which news stations were listening to,whether its your very local to your,national,and i think thats something that people,dont even,truly pick up on,yep absolutely appreciate that and,appreciate everybody,uh putting comments in the chat right,now were gonna move on in the interest,of time but therell be plenty of other,opportunities to,jump in including this betsy if you want,to throw,up the poll um our first poll but,i was just interested you know both of,the clips you just saw,i pulled off youtube and i would argue,that even in these still images,theres some bias in them so i would be,interested in in your perspective,is there one that you know particularly,jumps out as bias maybe they both do,maybe theyre both fine but i would just,be interested in your read on that so,feel free,to jump in,i see both images i see,msnbc theres a good mix here,and well close that out here in just a,second but i do see you know yes both,images and then,second would be yes the msnbc image and,and i would argue that perhaps that,second one tells more of a narrative,theres a great point julie just made of,you know president trump looks,disheveled maybe in in the fox news one,i presume thats the one that she means,when biden not so much,i would argue the msnbc one though makes,president trump look like the aggressor,right and then maybe biden a little more,noble,but the point here is simply whether you,feel one way or the other about the,pictures even down to the pictures we,choose,you know tell some sort of a story,hi and thanks for visiting my channel,while youre here go ahead and subscribe,comment below or click another one of,these videos make it a great day,you

The Truth About Unbiased News – Wisecrack Edition

(upbeat music),- What’s up Wisecrack, Jared here. You might have noticed that nobody can agree on what,a reliable news source is. People have been accusing the news of getting worse. More partisan,,more divisive, more lurid. And as people accuse news outlets of slant, spin, bias, or outright,fake news, it’s worth asking: can the news ever be truly impartial?  And where did the,idea of objective news even come from?,So today we’re going to see if we can answer these questions in this Wisecrack Edition,on “Can the news be Objective?”,It’s worth defining objectivity very quickly – so we’re going to use Merriam Webster’s,definition of objectivity which is the “lack of favoritism toward one side or another”,and “freedom from bias.” In other words, to report the news objectively means to recount,the goings-on of the world without a specific agenda to promote or a favorite politician,to support.,We also need to figure out where the idea of objective news comes from, because it’s,a fairly modern phenomenon.  For most of Western history, print publications like pamphlets,were just another method of the king or landowner passing down whatever he wanted his subjects,to know or, a method for the church to communicate with the faithful. But this started changing,in the 18th century as the philosophies of the enlightenment worked their way into all,aspects of culture, including news publications. Just as artists and scientists used the enlightenment,principle of reason to explore the world untethered from God and the aristocracy, so too did news,publications that sprung up to offer accounts of social and political affairs.,And this offered a new perspective on the role of objectivity in the press, as the same,enlightenment principles that tried to understand the natural world without bias were used to,understand society.. Or so they thought.,Philosopher Terry Eagleton has discussed the complicated early days of the free press in,his book, ‘The Function of Criticism’, which begins with an account of two of the,earliest English papers, The Spectator and The Tatler. According to Eagleton, both of,these papers used “moral correction and satiric ridicule” to offer criticisms of,the aristocracy that would’ve previously gotten writers locked in a dungeon. At first,glance, it would seem like this new freedom would enable an objective type of journalism,that could inform regular citizens about current events.,But according to Eagleton, these publications were far from objective, and in fact, they,largely served the purpose of the emerging bourgeoisie while creating an “acceptable”,way to offer criticisms of the ruling class. What was even capable of being said, Eagleton,notes, was defined by England’s ruling bloc. The very ability to participate in the disinterested,debate of English newspapers usually meant that one had to be a landowner too, meaning,ironically that “only those with an interest can be disinterested.” In other words, the,debate, disagreements, and coverage of these papers were all predicated on people who were,“impartially” trying to grease the wheels of the society that kept them and their fellow,landowners on top.,While Eagleton was looking back in time at England’s press in the 1700s, philosopher,Søren Kierkegaard offered harsh criticism of Copenhagen’s press that emerged during,his lifetime, a hundred years later. But while Eagleton was critical of the European press,for failing to offer a truly objective perspective on current events, Kierkegaard was critical,of the papers in Copenhagen for being too objective. One of Kierkegaard’s key philosophical,tenets was that “truth is subjectivity”, which for him meant that for anything to be,true, it had to elicit passion and commitment. Now that might sound a little bit strange,,so follow with me for a bit.,In terms of journalism, Kierkegaard thought that the lack of subjectivity in the press,created a lack of passion and intensity in the public, and led to an age of passionless,reflection, where people would rather observe what was happening around them than take any,active role in it. One of the effects of the supposed objective press, according to Kierkegaard,,was that everyone reading the papers became one big anonymous group called “the public.”,The news just becomes a form of general entertainment describing the world in a pseudo-objective,way.,Now if this all sounds a little bit abstract, we can consider the work of Jon Stewart. As,the host of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart embodied the opposite of the press that Kierkegaard,hated so much precisely because he operated in a mode of subjectivity.,As writer Matt Taibbi put it in the New York Times:,“Some object to the characterization of Stewart as a journalist, because he “has,opinions” and “isn’t objective,” but those people aren’t to be taken seriously.,Opinion can’t be extracted from reporting. The only question is whether or not it’s,hidden.”,Taibbi points out that objectivity is a guise that the press can hide behind to avoid responsibility.,Unlike CNN’s marketing initiative to put “Facts first”, Stewart operated in a mode,of pure subjectivity, letting his audience know his biases upfront, and breaking from,the humor of his show to get passionate about issues he cared about like healthcare for,9/11 first responders. It’s not that facts don’t exist, but simply hiding behind “the,facts” to distance yourself from your own bias is, well, bad.,So if Kierkegaard pointed all of this out in the nineteenth century, and Eagleton expanded,on it over thirty-five years ago, why are we still so hung up on the promise of an objective,form of journalism?,The idea of objectivity in American journalism largely comes from the work of Walter Lippmann,,a twentieth-century journalist and media critic who thought that journalists needed to incorporate,the scientific method into their reporting. Lippmann thought that by presenting citizens,with this more impartial news that they would be better informed and the democratic process,would be strengthened.,While Lippmann seems to have been well-intentioned, the reason that objectivity in the news became,so popular in the twentieth century had little to do with democratic aspirations. Instead,,the real driving force behind the push towards objectivity in the American media was America’s,most famous past time . . . advertising. Because as the press grew into a fully-fledged industry,,advertising became the largest source of media revenue.,- Todays news today! Produced for Camel cigarettes by NBC!,- As a result, having a narrow audience with a specific political slant was a business,liability. If a newspaper only focused on offering a socialist perspective on political,events in some mid-sized city, advertisers weren’t interested. Or worse, a paper with,the opposite viewpoint might spring up and take away half of your market share.,Media scholar Gerald Baldasty notes that nineteenth century advertisers, “wanted less criticism,of public officials and reminded publishers that partisanship hurt circulation, and consequently,,advertising revenues.”,Even if you had a widely read paper with a specific political leaning, that leaning might,have also scared away advertisers, dooming your business from the get-go. As noted by,Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky in their book “Manufacturing Consent,” plenty of,papers throughout history were more widely read than their allegedly more objective competitors,,but a lack of advertising meant they were either put out of business or bought by their,rivals flush with ad-dollars. And once that happened, their coverage began to resemble,the ad-friendly coverage of their parent company.,So offering an “objective” perspective became code  for keeping everything vanilla,for the widest audience possible. It’s much like Kierkegaard predicted, that the press,would turn individuals into one big anonymous public, and in this case, the anonymous public,is made up of consumers who can make money for both news s

How to Find and Use Unbiased News Sources!

one of the best results to come from the,widespread use of the Internet is the,ease of access for finding breaking news,nonsense television news begin airing,have we seen such a massive step in,advancing how easy it is for anyone to,find out whats happening in their,community and in the worth at large of,course with that ease of access also,comes the unfortunate spread of,misinformation if youre trying to find,excellent new sources to keep up with,current events along with a healthy,amount of commentary from across the,political spectrum youve come to the,right place lets take a look at how to,find reliable news sources on the,Internet,[Music],first things first its important to,separate news stories from editorial,ization most major publications both,locally and on a national or global,scale have branches of their companies,dedicated to both reporting hard news,and writing opinion pieces based around,that current news almost all newspaper,sources mark their opinion pieces as,such and most of these newspapers can,typically lean to one side of the aisle,in their editorial pieces the Washington,Post for example has a left-leaning,editorial board while the Wall Street,Journals editorial board is mostly made,up of conservative thinkers both of,these sources however typically offers,straightforward news stories without,massive editorial ization from the,author once you move away from classic,news sources however things grow more,complicated and are vast a media,landscape,most modern news publications have mixed,editorial ization with news in a way,that can make it harder than ever to,finally fabled unbiased news reporting,from cable news to new media,publications its harder than ever to,find content that doesnt have some sort,of slant sources like Vox CNN MSNBC and,crooked media all offer news reporting,from mostly liberal thinking authors,meanwhile sources like Fox News The,Daily Caller,The Federalist and National Review all,report through a conservative lens,that doesnt mean you cant consume,media from a source that reflects your,views at its core bias is not inherently,bad as long as you know that its there,and one of the best ways to consume,ideas is to listen to a variety of,viewpoints on a topic so long as you,have a core base effects to work off,thats why fact-checking sites like,Polat affect factcheck.org and Snopes,are important to ensure that you know,whats true and false when diving into,the world of reporting online these,sites are typically well sourced making,it easy to check their facts yourself if,youre looking to ensure theyre telling,the truth finally if you do wish to,consume news without an ounce of bias,slant or editorial ization those sources,do still exist even in a polarized world,sources like c-span the Financial Times,and foreign policy tend to minimize,their bias making them easy recommends,of course theyre far from the only,sources online to provide unbiased news,we found that the site media bias,fact-check supplies readers with,excellent roundups of the best sites for,both unbiased news and sources from the,left and right media bias fact check,also provides readers with a list of,satire sites like The Onion and,questionable sources including Breitbart,The Daily stormer and Democratic moms,all of which have been known to peddle,false or misleading news in the past if,you like this guy – make sure to check,out these other videos you might like,and subscribe to tech junky for brand,new videos every day,[Music],[Laughter],[Music]

My New Favorite 1440p Monitor? – MSI MAG274QRX Review

[Music],welcome back to hardware unboxed today,were checking out the msi optics mag,274 qrx which is msis version of a,27-inch 1440p 240 hertz ips gaming,monitor thats a bit lighter on your,wallet than previous displays of these,specs a couple of months back we checked,out the gigabyte m27qx which basically,had the same set of talking points so a,fair bit of this video will be trying to,figure out whether the msi or gigabyte,version is worth buying if youre,interested in upgrading to 240hz,the fundamental hardware used for the,mag274 qrx is the same as the m27qx both,use the exact same sharp ips panel,however as weve seen countless times in,the past just because two monitors have,the same panel doesnt mean they perform,the same so im curious to see how msis,tuning and optimization has turned out,especially so given theres roughly a,fifty dollar price difference between,the two with the msi model being the,more expensive option costing about five,hundred and twenty dollars us,if youve seen an msi monitor before you,wont be surprised at the design msi has,used here because its basically the,same as what theyve been offering in,the optics line for some time but still,this is fresh b-roll were indeed,looking at the actual mag-274 qrx fairly,standard build that uses mostly plastic,for its construction and a healthy dose,of game elements on the rear including a,circuit-like pattern and a rather,pointless rgb led strip i dont think,youll be blown away with this design,but its fairly normal for a mid price,monitor and the overall build is good,what msi does well is offer a range of,ergonomic adjustability including height,tilt swivel and pivot support so you can,use the monitor in a portrait,orientation if you want without needing,a vaser mount although vase mounting is,still supported the range of height,adjustment is decent too so the monitor,doesnt sit too low on a standard desk,the selection of ports is okay with one,displayport 1.4 2 hdmi 2.0 and usb,type-c supporting dpl mode no issues,with the display ports but the hdmi,ports dont support enough bandwidth to,deliver the full 240hz refresh rate so,theyre limited to 144hz this monitor,should have hdmi 2.1 so that users,connecting over hdmi arent limited,however its good to see kvm switch,functionality is included which is,becoming more and more common with,gaming monitors,as is standard these days the osd is,controlled through a directional toggle,and is quite easy to navigate plus it,includes a solid range of features cheat,crosshairs shadow boosters fps displays,all of that is part of the feature set,it also supports user upgradable,firmware which recently a major,technology company tried to tell me,wasnt a common feature for gaming,monitors i think it kind of is and the,ability to update the software is,important response time performance is,next up and its a relatively simple,story msi offers three modes the first,of which is the normal mode you can,think of this like overdrive disabled,behavior as youll see no overshoot at,any refresh rate and response time,averages in the 9 millisecond range this,isnt especially fast but the mode is,useful for those times where you really,dont want to see inverse ghost trails,which may appear in some environments,the fast mode is essentially the good,mode here at 240hz were looking at a,6.85 millisecond greater gray average,which it isnt amazing for this refresh,rate and sees low refresh rate,compliance however the overall,cumulative deviation average is below,500 which is what we want to see from a,modern ips and the level of overshoot is,minimal youll also spot a few oddly,fast transitions here here and here this,is just the performance characteristics,of this panel where the closest,transitions are the first to break,through the speed barrier when overdrive,is increased the fastest mode at 240hz,isnt terrible as far as these modes,tend to be cumulative deviation has only,increased slightly compared to using the,fast mode and its only the closest,transitions that have been significantly,affected in terms of overshoot error the,monitor is also much faster in terms of,response times compared to the previous,mode and this is what allows msi to,claim a one millisecond response time on,the box the fastest transitions are in,the ballpark of one millisecond however,the level of inverse ghosting in,practice is noticeable and i dont,expect many people will choose to use,this mode compared to the previous mode,but ive stopped short of calling it,totally unusable theres good news for,gamers planning on using the variable,refresh rate capabilities of this,monitor when using the fast overdrive,setting performance is very solid across,the entire refresh rate range when we,get down to 165hz the average response,time has improved to 4.77 milliseconds,and overshoot is still minimal at 120,hertz is a similar story and at 100hz we,start to see very faint inverse ghost,trails though i think youll find it,difficult to spot these while gaming,85hz has the most overshoot of any,refresh rate we tested but again its,hard to spot and cumulative deviation of,600 is still reasonable given the,circumstances then at 60 hertz msi,appears to use some sort of variable,overdrive to pull back a bit and prevent,inverse ghosting which is a good move,here despite the slower response time,numbers i should note here that the,mag274 qrx doesnt appear to be,duplicating 60hz frames and displaying,them at 120hz or higher refresh rates,this behavior is different and more,indicative of basic variable overdrive,with what appears to be variable,overdrive in its toolkit this monitor,does have a single overdrive mode,experience the fast mode offers the best,performance across the entire refresh,range and is what id use for adaptive,sync gaming if youre really concerned,about inverse ghosting at refresh rates,like 85 hertz you can turn down the,settings to normal but these artifacts,are hard to notice and i dont think the,trade-off in speed is worth it this is,one of the main differentiating features,between the msi model and gigabytes m27,qx the m27 qx does not use variable,overdrive and has weaker performance at,lower refresh rates as a result,accumulating in the lack of a single,overdrive mode experience,msi smartly includes this feature which,leads to better gaming performance,compared to other monitors the mag274,qrx isnt the best display at its,maximum 240hz refresh rate but its not,all bad news either the slower refresh,rate is able to produce virtually no,overshoot which is in stark contrast to,other displays and id say performance,is better than the,xb273ugx for example gigabytes m27 qx,can produce a 4.6 millisecond response,time average but only with much higher,overshoot so its a trade-off here the,msi model fares very well for average,performance across the refresh range the,results here are better than the,gigabyte m27 qx thanks to the use of,variable overdrive with a faster average,response and lower inverse ghosting rate,this display is also able to outperform,many of its more expensive competitors,like the aw 2721d and,xb273ugx for varying reasons the only,1440p 240hz ips display that it cant,beat is the asus pg279 qm which features,advanced variable overdrive,the benefits to optimizing the response,behavior are shown in cumulative,deviation the mag-274 qrx has the second,best result of any 1440p 240hz ips that,weve tested showing that bounce of,speed and overshoot that were talking,about its not hugely superior to the,m27qx just a six percent better result,but this figure combined with its single,overdrive mode experience is enough for,me to call its gaming performance better,at 120hz this display delivers a typical,great experience as far as todays lcds,go again i think these results are,superior to the m27 qx but similar to,others like the pg-279 qm then at 60hz,this is where we saw the most benefit,from variable overdrive while we are,testing fixed refresh performance rather,than variable r

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