1. 1906 Pill review and in depth analysis by Rodney Hash
  2. THC WEED PILLS?! DO THEY REALLY WORK?! || High Thoughts
  3. Unboxing 1906 Microdose Tablets
  4. 1906 Genius Drops vs Caffeine
  5. Joe Rogan “CBD is One of the Best Things Ive Ever Tried for Anxiety”
  6. Drops Chill Pills Review
  7. 1906 CHOCOLATE REVIEW (Adam Grades Edibles)

1906 Pill review and in depth analysis by Rodney Hash

hello and welcome to another episode of,Rodney hash today were going to be,going over something extra special we,have the 1906 pills that Im sure,everyones seen and has been talking,about,um especially if youre on the Reddit or,the Facebook group I havent seen a lot,of people talk about it well today,rotting Ash is going to review it should,you be getting them what are they good,for whats in them you know all that,good stuff Im actually not going to do,what I normally do where I go over the,look taste smell and effect were all,familiar with that its actually a pill,so what I will be going over is my,personal testimony Ive tried each and,every one of them that is in the Ohio,market so far the only one that is not,here is the Bliss at the midnight,uh the midnight I am very excited for,for a lot of reasons Ive had a lot of,conversations with a lot of people about,it uh to my understanding there is no,CBN in them so they will not leave you,with that groggy in the morning feeling,however theyre really really good at,putting you to sleep Ive seen some,personal testimony of people saying that,they really really enjoyed them so I,think when the Ohio market gets those,from my understanding on Thanksgiving,time frame those will really blow up but,today Im going to be going over in,depth the Boost and the genius pills,um and I will give you my personal,testimony on all of them but those ones,in specific Im going to do a little,Deep dive at the end so stick around for,that all right get ready for this Im a,motivated Stoner made my way above the,gun now we worldwide taking over Im a,motivator Stone so as far as personal,testimony goes what I personally Rodney,Ash buy these again,Yes actually the g dot dot dot,specifically the genius ones Ive,already as you could see bought the,bigger package they do have a trial size,for all of these which is really really,nice I actually threw mine out I got one,of each I got one of the what was it the,go for energy the g dot dot dot or,genius in every other state but Ohio,made them change it because,Ohio surprise Ive Got The Love for,intimacy,actually has a natural Viagra effect to,it which is kind of cool works for both,males and females,and then its got the chill out there in,the Ohio market which is relaxing its a,five to one just like how the Iguana,blueberry pomegranate and Ill say,gummies are so its like five milligrams,THC per gummy and then 25 milligrams of,CBD which is great for all kinds of,benefits uh pain relaxation calming,and then its got a bunch of other,additives that are all natural for that,it was very very relaxing I felt very as,you would chill,um I wasnt super super baked but I was,very very relaxed uh the genius Ive,been taking every single day I take,about two or three of them every single,day uh well really two or four depending,on how Im feeling halfway through the,day I personally deal with ADHD I cannot,focus quite a bit I took two of these,this morning and I I did great,throughout the day I was able to focus I,was able to maintain conversations I was,able to hone in on the things I needed,to hone in on and be able to ignore the,problems that would normally distract me,which any of you that have ADHD no,thats freaking mind-blowing so uh the,reason that it works so well is because,it is first off its a pill it is not a,gummy it is not a capsule it is nothing,like that it is the only one on the,market that is an actual pill and when I,say that I mean like it is a emulsified,pill,so those of you who have issues with,most Edibles in general,and Ill give you a little bit closer up,on those later but,most of you that have problems with,Edibles have a gut biome issue where you,have an enzyme that is just not present,and thats myself so most Edibles unless,theyre Nano emulsified which certified,cultivators I believe someone origins in,the Ohio Marketplace does have Nano,emulsified gummies and some cultivators,are coming more online with them the,quick release Buckeye relief wanna,gummies or the wanna gummies that are,Across the Nation that are the quick,release are also Nano emulsified so,those would be good for those people,like myself that,you know you have like 30 40 milligrams,of an edible and your friend next to you,has 10 of almost the same edible,and theyre fried theyre all like oh,and youre over there like man do you,guys want to vape,Id really like the Vape because Im,feeling some pain and then these Edibles,arent doing anything for me but,having them emulsified does fix that,issue so again pills get over that,um that is also a nice thing about it is,normally the pharmaceutical industry is,taking advantage of us in the medical,marijuana industry and taking all of our,medicines and trying to reproduce,replicate them and try and make them,into something that theyre not like,sativax or epidiolex or other things of,that nature that are trying to simulate,CBD but change the molecule and then put,a patent on it and Market it whereas,this time 1906 actually took the time to,use their technology and make an edible,into a pill form,so its really cool I like it I like,what theyre doing I like the concept uh,like I said the genius Ive been taking,it every single day I have been taking,the loved ones too whenever,you know those things do happen and,again I do highly recommend that my take,two theyre just even if its not for,that specific purpose for intimacy its,really nice to relax or if you have PTSD,because theres a uh what was it aganda,root or something along those lines and,if you guys want me to do a deep dive on,those or the go or the chill or anything,like that like which Im doing at the,end for the genius pills,by all means let me know let me know in,the comments below if you like this give,me a like subscribe whatever it is that,Im filing this on,um let me know what you guys think,because,this is important,so,genius do I recommend absolutely love do,I recommend for intimacy absolutely Id,also recommend it for PTSD symptoms,because sometimes its hard and you get,that kind of Disconnect feeling and,things like that and its really hard to,associate with people that one or the,chill would be really good for that uh,again like I said I really like the,chill it was very relaxing it didnt get,super baked uh the go I definitely felt,energized but,I dont need no more energy because Im,already uh pretty high strung as it is,if any of you know me outside of here,you know what I dont sit down,this is me sitting down this is the most,I sit down or if Im a bus scooter as,far as my deep dive on the g dot dot dot,genius pills which as I said I did do a,good little bit of research on this and,I really do like it and I definitely,will be taking these again,probably on my regular daily regimen I,think these are going to help me in my,everyday life,um 10 out of 10 does recommend and its,not very often then I say that,um so the first ingredient that they,listed on their website which Ill,probably show it somewhere over here,[Music],um,the rodolia room its a stimulant to,your,basically its a stimulant to your,adrenal system it kind of awakens you,alerts you uh its found in a lot of,neurotropics,um,its a really good one I definitely,highly recommend looking into this at,safe for long-term use uh it doesnt,really interact with any other,medications as far as people have,studied,um,its really good for a bunch of,different things its,helps you focus it helps you be more,alert it helps you be more oriented as,most neurotropics do so the next one,that I found was bacopa which again they,show up right here on their website,um appreciate them for the graphics,those are really cool,and I like how their website is all very,easy to understand if you guys want to,do any deep Dives yourselves its all,right there and you can Google it and,like I said its most of these things,are all natural organic products that,are pretty well widely researched and,pretty safe,kind of cool,um there was some news article that I,had seen or that someon


hey everybody its tess sorry ive been,lacking on uploading its been really,hard ive been in a depressive episode,were getting out of it thats why this,video is going up today,i will be honest its gonna be highly,unedited im gonna be talking to you,like much like i would on a live if you,enjoyed this video coming over to my,tick tock,because this is literally how it goes,every single day,i want to talk about something that i,found in dispensary recently which has,changed my life okay so something about,me is that i used to be 327 pounds i,know its a lot i will definitely do,some weight loss,um or workout or questionnaire videos on,that if you would like me to,but ive gotten to a place where,endurance wise my heart can go a lot,further,than my lungs can and its because ive,been literally smoking weed for the,better half of 12 years,right every day right so,ive got to this place where im like,id like to make a switch thats not,murdering my lungs and butchering them,and i went to a dispensary and i found,this thing called,bliss now for legal purposes im just,showing you the container this is what,the commander looks like,these are thc weed pills now i know,youre thinking girl ive had capsules,theyre bad these are not,capsules these are not capsules now im,not going to show you the actual pill,again i dont know what i legally can or,cannot show,here but they are powder pills,that have already been derived from thc,and they are one to one,so five milligrams of thc and five,milligrams of cbd per pill,now someone like me whos been smoking,that long for better half 12 years every,single day,um i usually would need to take 30 40,sometimes 50 milligrams of edibles to,feel,everything i got these pills i was like,all right well im gonna take four,because it only come,excuse me,theres only 20 pills to a little,container so i was like well i dont i,dont want to take 40 milligrams with a,pill because i was like i want them i,want them to last,and also i was leaving room for oh,ive never had weed in a powder form it,might hit my bloodstream,real quick and real quick it did,so i took four i took 20 milligrams okay,20 milligrams of,thc and also 20 milligrams of cbd in,there,and let me tell you when this is hit my,bloodstream,i was so nauseous i had to lie down it,didnt last forever,but the high the sativa body high hit me,so quickly i had to lay down i was dying,a little bit,it was so intense but heres the best,part is the sativa,high from these little pails these,little pails kept me high for eight,hours thats an exaggeration i literally,took them at 10 a.m and stopped feeling,them around 4 40 in the afternoon,so six hours which is still a really,long time and the entire time,that i was high i not once had the,munchies,going off i was able to work out be,super productive,and again i did not have the munchies,the entire time,these little guys these little weed,pills are a lifesaver the next day i,took,i took some more right the next day i,took three because i was like yesterday,was a bit much because i was it was at,the point where i was like i dont even,know,if i can drive and again thats only 20,milligrams of chc 20 milligrams of cbd,so,for me i was like shocked that it worked,so well and so quick and hit my,bloodstream it was amazing,so the next day i was like you know im,gonna take a little bit less we could do,a little bit less so were gonna take,three pills,um which again hit my bloodstream so,quickly i was nauseous the kid had to,lie down again was gagging a little bit,again,it doesnt last forever but oh my god it,just hits you so,nicely and then again i was able to be,productive and i,was not having munchies and this one,lasted like the same duration time,and today i took two pills and i will,say ive been in a depressive episode,like all week and all day yall realize,i have not posted on this channel,like i said i was going to in a minute,and these taking these pills,was able to help me to get up and go and,do and make this video so,i gotta say guys a 10 and 10 would,recommend if you have a dispensary,access in your area and it is legal in,your area i cannot recommend,these little bliss pills enough um it,also makes me want to go back to the,center right now im going to be trying,other chalk or powder like thc pills,because they have indica ones they have,other sativa ones i just i dont want to,try because,ill be honest or someone like me like i,said who wants to continue to work out,and i want to continue like,like lesson down the smoking dont get,me wrong,im always going to be a student im,always going to be smoking something,okay the point is,though id like my lungs to improve a,little bit,so id like to say an alternative for a,little bit for us to so i can be able to,continue to work out and build up the,strength in my lungs you know so im not,theres always an asthmatic mess,you know what i mean thats pretty much,it for todays video guys thank you guys,so so much for watching and just like,hanging out with me while its well its,a while super impromptu,again if you liked the style of this,video this is how it is,im live at tik tok i usually go on at,like five,anywhere from like four to seven a.m in,the morning,and that will be most likely every day,for me so just keep an eye on you come,hang out and theyre the only difference,is that you can leave me comments and,ill respond and well have an entire,conversation about just being me talking,to your camera,you get it thank you guys so much for,watching again and for supporting me i,love you so much,bye

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Unboxing 1906 Microdose Tablets

[Music],hey instagram its dr rick and ive got,an unboxing,on these 1906 products 1906,is a cultivator company for medical,cannabis in the state of illinois,the concept of what theyre trying to,push with these,is to have micro dosing,so i did do a video on micro microdosing,which is essentially,building up the lowest possible dose in,your bloodstream,and having the effect come out without,any side effects and with medical,cannabis,the two big effects are immunomodulation,and then psychoactive,calm now the psychoactive or the thc,part,much more pronounced than the cbd part,cbd,is more for immunity its more for,inflammation,uh it helps in the long run it takes a,while to build up and ive done videos,on that,thc via edible or if you do it by,inhalation,super fast go straight to the brain so,most people know how to modulate,depending on what they feel and if,youre a medical cannabis card holder if,i,approved you its important to get the,card but its also,important to know how to use the product,properly this is a great plant,and its not just your 1970s weed that,we used to smoke back then this has got,medicinal properties to it and,with the multiple diseases that youre,walking around with high blood pressure,diabetes high cholesterol,a waist tip ratio thats terrible,obesity osteoporosis pain,its really important that you use as,much non-medicine,stuff as possible lifestyle change and,part of lifestyle change,includes maximizing on proper foods and,supplements and this plant is,a supplement if you use it properly,wisely you wont spend so much you wont,get high,or overdose and youll have control of,your symptoms,while you work on the lifestyle changes,so 1906,i thought i would go through these i,cant necessarily open these because i,have to go,drive in about two hours,an hour and if i take this as an,experiment,and i have a bad side effect even at,micro dosing this is five milligrams and,five milligrams,thc to cbd im gonna drive dangerously i,cant do that so,typically when im experimenting ill,experiment in the evening with the new,products the unboxings,this is go it has galangal root which,comes from south america it also has,l-theanine and theobromine i did a video,on l-theanine i think its a very good,supplement to use at night the lowest,blood pressure helps with sleep,also it helps with anxiety by messing,around with,gaba and glutamate those are the two,neurotransmitters in the brain,but for some reason the galangal root,should give you some,extra power i guess in addition,the cbd and thc ratio is pretty standard,one to one but it doesnt say which,strain of,plant is in here so theres many,different cannabis plants,some are sedating indica some are,stimulating sativa but nowadays with the,cultivators,man those guys can frankenstein any,combinations you take a sativa and make,it,sedating or take an indica and make it,uplifting so,i love what theyre doing with balancing,out mix mixing them with terpenes thats,why i want to do the video,this has cannabis they all have cannabis,but they also have a couple other things,that work in unison with a cannabis so,this is not only an unboxing its also,an fyi,that just because youre taking cannabis,medicinal,medicine inhaled tablet topical doesnt,matter whatever youre taking,is medicine but its also affected by,what you eat,the cannabis plant is fat soluble so,its better for absorption to take it,by a mouth with food or with fat,especially if youre keto it just works,better it gets absorbed faster and when,the,food gets absorbed the oil or oily,substance the cannabis,byproducts are fat soluble they get,attached to the oil they get pulled in,with the oil product so it facilitates,absorption,thats why i have this here this is dha,which is an omega-3,oil omega-3 is not just fish oil,fish oil has several different types of,oil but ill put a link down below for,my video,but omega-3 is the great uh epa or dha,this is dha,that helps with brain and arthritis and,inflammation when you take,fat or oil with your cannabis it gets in,faster i also have this dressing which,is,fatty its creamy i love this dressing,is how small they are so theyre not as,small as i thought but,four of them come in a pack and,you cannot shoot them you have to,swallow them this one is genius which,also has galangal root,and again im not sure that galangal,root is a stimulant,but probably carry properties of,slippery blood,uh like aspirin aspirin stops clotting,omega-3 oil stops clotting some people,will say,ginkgo biloba does the same thing and,when the,blood is slippery im assuming it gets,into smaller places faster,this also has baccopa l-theanine,theobromine,rhodiola so the bacopa helps with mood,and thinking rhodiola definitely,energizing adaptogen,elthini i talked about before and,theobromine comes from chocolate so,theres a feel-good,that you get when you take theobromine,soba copa is an,indian herb and galanga comes from south,asia so this is where the love came from,and love is made up of several different,things,katawaba ashwagandha muera pawamiya and,katawaba,are aphrodisiacs mueras from the amazon,and the demonia which is another,ingredient comes from mexico,all those things help with working as an,aphrodisiac,one in particular helps men with regards,to,sexual dysfunction literature is a,little bit lacking as far as how each of,those,individually help but together,definitely its almost like a,proprietary blend were not sure,exactly what itll do together in,addition to,the strain of the plant that theyre,using but,it probably has a little bit of a edge,to it to,soothe and increase desire this is bliss,and it only had scledium,theobromine and magnolia and scaldium i,thought scaldium was of the family of,skullcap,but its not however its still an,angsty lip it works to get people high,in south america but im assuming that,the combination here with,the type of strain that theyre using,which its not indicated,will give you a relaxation effect and i,think,most thc does give you a relaxation,effect again,the names are really catchy so hopefully,they lean you,into feeling that way im not sure that,the micro dosing that theyre suggesting,will get you there all these,serving sizes are four so you only get,one serving per packet,so to get you a level that builds up,over time youd have to do,dosing probably twice a day whether you,buy one packet which is five dollars and,do that twice a day ten dollars a day,thats a lot of money so if,again if youre going to use it more as,a pulse theres no,need to micro dose you just take a,hammer full and hopefully it works,but again as long as youre not driving,in a little bit and not dont have to,make any fancy decisions then youre,okay,this is midnight which im assuming,helps with sleep in addition to the,equal portions one to one of cbd and thc,this also has uh cordalis rhythm and,that supposedly helps with,emotion and gut now whether it actually,makes you sleepy or not,to make you relax and also to tighten up,the lower esophageal sphincter so that,the stomach and the gut gets used to,having you lie back,preventing reflux which is a side,benefit which a lot of people didnt,know but,all these things just show you that,theres ways to micro dose,so ill put the link down below on micro,dosing and the value and the studies,that showed its helpful,and then also supplementing so as i,mentioned,it works better when you and works,faster when you take an edible and fatty,food or a,omega-3 capsule it also helps to,use probiotic some action of the,probiotic will help,the mood or help the effect work longer,and i believe i have a video on that,this is just one probiotic that i use,when im,fasting its always important to rebuild,anyway,rebuilding might also help the digestion,absorption and utilization of your,medical cannabis plant i just put this,because,this represents here this is,helichrysium its in panaway my,favorite essential oil that i always use,on muscle aches,and just like all those active,ingredients here it hel

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1906 Genius Drops vs Caffeine

whats up guys gp here back with another,episode today im doing a product that i,got here in the chicago area,[Music],so to tell you guys a little bit of,background when i was in college like i,feel like a lot of modern day college,students do,i got into like taking adderall stuff,like that to try to boost my performance,and stuff like that this is not a video,in me anyway trying to influence people,or encourage people to take that,especially if not if you are prescribed,to take it and i am also not a medical,professional i do want to get that out,of the way but i found these genius drop,plant tablets,on plant-based pills and they say for,brain power and it says an optimal blend,of plant medicines caffeine and cannabis,to help you tap into your most,formidable mental powers and so for,anybody whos taking adderall you know,that you get that boost that kick from,i mean the methamphetamines that the,government has legalized,and they really help you like zone in,and focus and really get some [ __ ] done,but you also know,that,if youre able to reach those levels,its tough,outside of being able to take adderall,and things like that to reach it because,youre like man theres nothing else,thats as strong as that thats legal,that is also something that you want to,take because for me,the,side effects and the drawbacks and stuff,like that from taking adderall was not,things that i wanted to put up with any,longer or deal with and i didnt hate my,life as much as i did when i was in,college just trying to get through all,that stupid stuff they make you do in,college so therefore ive been trying to,find more positive ways and that takes,me to caffeine,i know a lot of people consume caffeine,on a daily basis i consume caffeine,generally a couple days a week but ive,been trying to find,more natural ways to,get locked in stay zoned in and also,just be able to focus be able to block,out some other external forces which of,course are done best through just like,good health like sleeping well eating,well drinking water exercise getting,outside talking with positive people,all these type of things are obviously,the best ways to increase productivity,and help you be better but for those,times that you just need that extra kick,i really wanted to see if something like,these 1906,genius drops could help it says theres,2.5 milligrams thc 2.5 milligrams of cbd,per pill,im 10 milligrams of thc 10 milligram,cbd total and then this package had four,pills in it and ill say i got this from,ascend,mocha over here in logan square which is,the only one really in my area,and it was only five bucks,which is nice you know its not a bad,input price especially considering what,youd have to pay for most things the,dispensary over here i was already there,actually this is a little while ago so i,decided to also just get some of these,pills and see if they would help me out,so i started taking them over the course,of like a week i missed one day so i,took them like monday through wednesday,i forgot about it on thursday,i usually kind of,dont focus as much on friday so the,next monday i took it again and,and i can tell the difference between,like edibles i would say and other types,of substances like you smoke a little,bit and take an edible i can tell when,my eyelids are like heavy you know,theres like anchors on my eyelids or,im like so anxious and shaking so much,and i feel like i go run 10 miles in an,ice storm or something like that i know,okay those edibles they kicked in you,know what im saying those edibles,theyre theyre here theyve arrived you,know so,with uh amount this much though you,dont get that kind of,all right its here type effect you know,its only 20 milligrams total of,cannabinoids with 10 milligrams of thc,which already isnt a ton but could,really boost you if its like a sativa,type thing um but the cbd kind of,mellows it out so the way i described it,and i wrote a little bit about this,earlier and its gonna be in a blog on,my website as well,its kind of a boost its kind of like a,quick energy boost and something that,just gives you a little boost to kind of,push you forward and keep moving i,wouldnt say it locks you in even as,much as some caffeine would do,i mixed caffeine with it a couple times,actually i took one of these and a,little bit of caffeine and it was really,nice getting the energy and giving,getting a little bit extra focus that i,feel like caffeine gives me but if i,could,maybe do like 10 milligrams thc 5,milligram cbd 15 milligrams thc 5,milligrams cbd something like that if,they start testing different types of,concoctions and different combinations,and stuff i would be really interested,to be a test monkey for that because i,think there is potential in having,products like this im like these genius,drops that allow you to kind of boost,your energy and hopefully in the future,really lock in and focus because,sometimes i can smoke and itll be the,right strain to where i can really lock,it in focus other times its not so,itd be cool if um the cannabis market,really develops into that i would say to,try these or i would suggest a chart i,dont have any type of affiliate link or,anything for you guys but what i will,say is that i think in the morning these,things can give you a kind of jolt on,energy and its nice you know its a,nice morning thing and for some people,this 10 milligrams 10 cbd might be,enough to get that energy up um to where,you dont have to consume maybe you can,consume maybe one less cup of coffee or,a little bit less caffeine or wean,yourself off of other types of,stimulants maybe maybe not you know but,its worth the try for five dollars i,think guys its been another episode,um i appreciate you guys hanging out,with me like i said im not going to,push it on too long ill suggest you,guys try them if you need a little bit,morning boost its been gp talking about,these genius drops from 1906. ill see,you guys next time,[Music],you

Joe Rogan “CBD is One of the Best Things Ive Ever Tried for Anxiety”

the jurgen experience gotta get off the,cbd oil man,its mad its right in your brain man,you cant be too relaxed,right yeah thats cbd [ __ ],it saves vacations for me i dont,stress out like its its its i think,its one of the best things ive ever,tried for anxiety its its weird and i,didnt even know i had anxiety until i,started taking cbd,i take these little jammies these are,this is uh,this will [ __ ] you up though this is one,and one this is,one part cb dont put this in your butt,yeah do not put this in your body you,can put it in your butt but,you will get no nervous youre gonna get,paranoid but,its a its a weird like the cbd thc,high is a different high,because cbd does something to alleviate,anxiety,it sort of just like makes you,comfortable with your own demise,it lets you you the existential angst is,the flames dont seem so hot so youre,like yeah were all going to die,yeah but right now were not dead cool,look at the colors feel that feel the,warmth of the sun,but this uh this is not like funk this,is not functional,like you dont wanna i dont do this if,i have anything super important to do,but,but just cbd oil i just find it it,puts you in a great place okay like its,internal not topical,internal yeah topicals really good for,muscle aches okay its really good,really the probably the best thing ive,ever found for like a alleviating,soreness and stiffness and stuff like,that because i found i was just,in europe all of a sudden discovered,that they actually had,ibuprofen like cream to put on ibuprofen,is terrible for you,right really really bad and what i found,out was that,if you let your pets lick it they get,liver failure and,die whoa so dont did you just,accidentally do that no i had a person,who works with the humane society i,mentioned,you know mentioned that i found this,stuff like just in desperation and,europe like,had some sore muscles and uh shes like,dont let your pets,lick that because they were trying,theyre trying to figure out why these,kittens were dying oh,god my friend cameron haynes is a runner,and he runs marathons and he runs ultra,marathons he runs these 240 mile,moab [ __ ] ridiculous,runs that last three days and he was,having like all this joint pain so he,was taking ibuprofen,every day taking 800 milligrams not just,once but sometimes twice a day,and he was just constant aches and pains,so dr rhonda patrick had been on the,podcast she was talking about the,dangers of ibuprofen and about what it,does to your,gut biome and how much it [ __ ] you up,and actually creates inflammation it,actually can cause stress,or it can cause strokes rather and all,sorts of horrible horrible things so i,call them up and i said hey man,that stuffs fine to take every now and,then for a headache but you cant take,that [ __ ] every day you,just cant do it and youre youre,[ __ ] your body up just get off of it,and i,sent him the recording he listened to it,hes like jesus christ i dont have a,stroke,so he gets off of it all his pain goes,away it turned out his pain,was being caused not just by the running,but,by the fact that he was creating,inflammation by destroying his gut biome,by taking,800 milligrams of ibuprofen two times a,day,so the idea of like fixing himself was,[ __ ] him up its crazy thats chasing,that you know,yeah so [ __ ] ibuprofen okay well i mean,dont i mean i take it,every now and then but you cant take it,every day so youre a liar,no im just saying dont take it every,day but if i had like a bad headache,ill take some tylenol or some [ __ ] its,not tylenol right advil,yeah yeah i mean its its its just not,something youre supposed to take all,the time,so its yeah i did for a minute i,realized it was doing what you said,yes i was more icky than i should be and,then like you know,bad night out you didnt drink enough,water right okay,yeah then youre fine you can still do,that but cbd does that too,its better better for you than all that,stuff there seems to be no side effects,okay all right the side effects is uh,people think youre a hippie thats the,only side effect,right

Drops Chill Pills Review

whats up guys its don xenoburn one,here and its your boy chris brown and,together we are the burn one boys,so its fall and uh,they got a nice little line dropped,called the chill drops that have uh,dropped here we got a couple of,different ones and we tried out the real,exactly,the relative talk,the relaxation pills excuse me,[Music],oh god,and as you see im relaxed i cant even,talk to you guys yeah okay,so you get 20 pills per little container,uh its child proof its like a tin,container it was hard for me to get open,and honestly,uh,five milligrams thc 25 milligrams cbd,each,which is a total of 100 milligrams,and 500 milligrams,uh total for the body cbd yeah,i came in little blue pills all the,little little pills as you guys will see,now bam said 1906.,um and yes women these arent the little,pills to help your man be magical its,all right these are just the ones to,relax,um and these are all plant-based too,which is really good so if youre vegan,any of that these are all plant-based,which is,good and just uh just uh tell you the,ingredients just so we dont butcher,its got milk soy peanuts tree nuts and,of course its got that cannabis baby,um,and we actually tested these um i had,these for a week and these are actually,really good around throughout the week,um,what i would normally do is take do my,workout uh pop a pill right after to,relax take my shower chill i have a nice,little,session where i just sit there and chill,for a little bit and,then of course you know i have my end,cap of either hitting the bong or you,know smoking my late night joint before,you know before bed but uh definitely,made me feel relaxed it didnt make me,feel,like she would say like an indica would,where i was uh like couch lock relax,you know where i was like stuck in the,chair but um,it made me relax enough lets say if i,needed to go cooking you know do any,other,like housely things i was able to do so,uh theyre theyre pretty cool uh i i,really did enjoy them,how was your well what was your news,when i took them uh i took only a couple,of them,at one time,and,uh the effects were pretty pretty good,like a,it wasnt,it was a different from a weed high or a,flower high,uh so it was kind of an add-on for the,high that i already had,at the time,kind of more of a body relaxed,relaxing but just like you said,um i was able to function i wasnt,locked up like a deep indica or anything,like that true,excuse me,but yeah,these are pretty good pills um like i,said they do have these they have other,ones out,uh,and,they were definitely worth a try for us,um do not chew,just swallow like it says it on the,bottle,but,do note,that it only says on the bottle after,you pee,okay so,i did you,know,because i was telling you i was like,after a while i was like i just wanted,to see how i how it chewed dude i guess,youre not supposed to chew,and uh thats because you know i didnt,this was on there,wrapped around and then i finally like,looked at this label we were doing this,today it says it all over the place,so dont chew these,who knows what ive done to my body,but yeah uh i mean so its like i guess,thats i mean i guess out of you know,edibles man i mean this will be our,first like,edible base kind of review uh,id say,i mean i guess i give this a four i mean,it does its job though i mean its,nothing,too over the top you know what im,saying so its not like,it doesnt produce you know it has,enough pills that if you wanted to get,over the top i guess you could but,it does present itself as you know just,you know taking one in relaxing i mean i,guess i guess i give it 4.5 im gonna,give it 4.5 it does this job,weve had harder at them you know weve,tried different edibles and had stuff,that just knocked you out but this it,does its job and its not,in the pool like i guess because this is,our first time doing a pill pill though,i dont know ill give it four or five i,dont know what kind of category well,put this in,im gonna give it a uh,a three,oh now he said no im gonna give it,ill give it a three because,like i felt it uh it was more like an,add-on to my high at the time,um,i would be curious to figure out what,the effects are,on a person that is more sober,uh yeah,i took it when i was smoking some weed,some flowers so,so uh,my judgment is tainted,hey,thats an honest review hey,but yeah all right you wanted it go,ahead yeah so this is your boy chris,burn one reminding you to enjoy your day,no see,it was so smooth,this is dantino chris burton reminding,you to smoke one and enjoy your day by,burning one in your favorite way,peace

1906 CHOCOLATE REVIEW (Adam Grades Edibles)

[Music],so,[Music],[Music],hello and welcome to be still and know,and today is another edition of adam,greats edibles and today were going to,be doing the 1906 chocolates so lets go,ahead and get started guys,[Music],all right so,this is the 1906 chocolate and they are,chocolate pieces actually the boxes come,with six pieces they come in several,varieties and flavors including midnight,go love and chill,so the tastes are all bold sweet with no,hint of cannabis they all kind of taste,a little bit different,because not all of them are the same,kind of chocolate so the go is actually,dark chocolate for energy the chill is,dark milk chocolate for relaxation the,love is dark milk chocolate for arousal,and the midnight is dark milk chocolate,for sleep,so the textures are soft and creamy im,gonna go ahead and open them and show,you what they look like the midnight the,strength,is for the midnight love and go they are,five milligrams of thc and five,milligrams of cbd each,and the chill is five milligrams of thc,and 25 milligrams of cbd each,so,overall i give these an a plus and im,gonna go ahead and give you a taste test,real quick but i will buy these again,probably in the future for a bold,experience,they all are like they say dark,chocolate,or dark milk chocolate and so but they,all have different um,uh other herbs that they add to them for,different effects so im gonna go ahead,and read the the,descriptions for each one okay im going,to show you them so for the love okay,the loved ones they open up,like a little box okay and the love has,a little card inside,and ill show you what they look like,inside its already ate two pieces for,this one,and uh they have a card inside and it,says im gonna go ahead and read the,description it says this box holds a,powerful aphrodisiac a special blend of,cannabis and herbs that will make your,bed levitate love is formulated to,increase blood flow and ignite libido,made from blue dream cannabis and five,exotic plants sourced from across the,globe so the key ingredients include,damiana to curb an inhibition,catwaba for sexual vitality and moira,puama,known as the viagra of the amazon so let,go and enjoy the sensational body,sensations,so thats what the love is they say to,take one piece and wait about 20 minutes,before taking another one and so they,look like this,okay they are,in a shape that isnt weird because i,dont i dont know what this is this is,not like a normal or a uh,what they call it,its not like a normal shape look at,that,anyways they taste great,um,should i eat this one now the love or,should i wait and eat a chill or a go or,a midnight,because i dont want to eat all four,today because thats a lot thats a lot,of chocolate i think i will go ahead and,save this love one for later for when i,maybe have a candle going im getting,them in the mood or something you never,know,and im going to look at the chill now,im just going to read the descriptions,of them,and this is the chill the one with a lot,of cbd added to it and it says,this box contains the ultimate mellow,out cocktail made from a high dose of,cbd single strain indica and two exotic,herbs chill contains l-theanine to,soothe overactive brains and magnolia,used for thousands of years in chinese,medicine to help alleviate anxiety cbd,provides a deep sense of well-being,so thats the chill i actually might go,ahead and eat one of these just to chill,out a little bit theyre the same shape,i think that weird funky shape,so im gonna go ahead and eat one of,these on camera,taste test the smell they are bold,because theyre either dark chocolate or,dark milk chocolate and this one is a,just a this one is a dark milk chocolate,so,oops ive chopped it,thats good,its going to relax for me now,all right,well,let me read the other ones,just to give,equal them here,for you to want to buy them,all right so the go,all right,this box contains an all-natural,performance enhancing edible for,increased productivity and stamina made,from single strain cannabis sativa and,three natural stimulants for,unparalleled clean energy,caffeine and l-theanine work in tandem,to give you a burst of alertness and,motivation without the jittering,jitteriness or crash of caffeine alone,well theobromine increases blood flow,for body energy,this is great for mental tasks,all right awesome,so the same shape again,they all look the same they have those,six pieces in the box,and the midnight lets read the,description for this one im definitely,not eating this one right now its the,middle of the day and i dont want to go,to bed,so this one,the description says,box holds an all-natural sleep aid that,is non-habit-forming and has very,minimal side effects,midnight is uniquely formulated with a,blend of single-strand cannabis indica,and coridalis,a traditional chinese herb used for,thousands of years,cordalis has sedative properties that,improve ability to fall asleep and,relieve a broad spectrum of body pain,and tension,so take one to two and let midnight,carry you into dreamland all right so,thats the midnights,all right so thats the 1906 chocolate,guys i do like them a lot and love the,taste ive tasted each one already,the effects are very um,similar to what theyre trying to go for,with those um,the different herbs that they add to it,i did feel a little,little perky with the love one so so,yeah i would definitely recommend these,and i would definitely buy again alright,guys well thanks again for joining me,with be still and know with adam and,adam greats edibles remember that you,can always like the video or subscribe,to the channel uh to help with my raga,rhythms you can support me through,paypal or cash app and remember that no,matter what comes your way its gonna be,a great day thanks again for joining me,ill see you later,[Music],you

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