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1922 – Movie Review

[Music],19:22 is directed by zack Hilditch and,stars Thomas Jane and his third Stephen,King adaptation after dreamcatcher and,the mist this is also the third Stephen,King adaptation film weve gotten,recently after it and Geralds game this,one just like Geralds game debuted on,Netflix and this is based off a Stephen,King short story about a family who,lives on a farm in 1922 a husband a son,and a mother and after years of,arguments and financial disputes the,husband begins to plan to kill his wife,and tries to get his son to help him,1922 was one of my favorite Stephen King,short stories it was very contained very,claustrophobic it knew exactly where to,hit you in regards to this murder plot,it was about guilt it was about the,trauma of a bad marriage the trauma of a,bad childhood being roped into a,financial scheme and how one bad,decision can basically ruin your life as,well as everyone elses as far as the,most recent Stephen King adaptations,this is probably the weakest of the,three and it will often be compared to,that at least now in the future probably,not so much as people see it and forget,that it came out in this gigantic influx,of Stephen King adaptations but its,unfair I think to compare it to it and,Geralds game even though its not the,best of the three the original short,story is also probably the weakest of,the source material that these films are,adapting and this film captures it,beautifully its very faithful Thomas,Jane gives one of the best performances,Ive ever seen from him he plays a,rancher who isnt as simple-minded as,actors often portrayed these types of,characters hes very smart hes,conniving he knows exactly what he wants,and he knows the evil ways to get it but,hes not dumb he doesnt play this,character like hes stupid this is one,of the better performances Ive seen,from an actor this year I thought he was,really magnificent I was honestly blown,away for the first act,it is so taut and very suspenseful its,masterfully helmed and as we watch this,murder plot develop between the father,and son I found it really riveting once,the second and the third act hits the,film sometimes slows down in regards to,pacing because its really about one man,and his son rotting away we get to see,the repercussions of a horrible act and,how this can weigh on someones mind so,much that everything else in their life,becomes meaningless and the guilt thats,associated with doing something so,horrible consumes his life and almost,everyone around him but I would say the,weakest element of this movie is that,once the film hits that point the high,point of the short story the film,doesnt always exactly know what to do,after that beyond showing this guy,rotting away and this is cool because,this is exactly what happened in the,short story but as a film I think it was,stretched too long the runtime is about,an hour and 41 minutes and this easily,could have been an 80 to 90 minute film,theres a lot here that we dont need,the point has already been made and,sometimes the film keeps giving and,giving and the pacing suffers as a,result,thats my only real issue with this,movie it captures the source material,really beautifully its extremely well,shot Thomas Jane is excellent in this,film and as we watch a father and son,deal with the colossal consequences of a,horrible decision the message really,hits home Im gonna give 1922 a B the,patient could have been better some of,it could have been trimmed but it is,extremely well acted and very faithful,to the short story its on Netflix now I,recommend checking it out guys thank you,so much for continuing to watch the,fifth annual Halloween special as always,if you liked this you can click right,here and get stuck mine eyes,[Music]

STEPHEN KINGS 1922 (2017) Ending Explained

whats up guys welcome to found flicks,on this edition of ending explained,well be looking at the winner of our,last vote Stephen Kings 1922 where a,farmer is forced to take drastic action,to save his lands but first lets vote,on our next viewers choice inning,explained your first choice is Silent,Hill the name of a mysterious,otherworldly town where darkness and,monsters are taking over the second,choice is dead silence where a man,discovers a curse involving a murdered,ventriloquist whose presence still,lingers in town,vote on which one youd like to see me,do by voting in the comments below or,over on the poll in the community tab,and for any video suggestions of any,kind Id love to hear them send them my,way on any of my social media accounts,at foundlings now onto the subject of,todays video 19:22 a morality tale,light on scares and heavy on atmosphere,which is perfect for fans of rats lots,and lots of rats or Thomas Jane speaking,in an inexplicable yet amazing accent,damn damages you fix you mo can help,destroy Im not sure what kind of accent,that is supposed to be but I love it to,keep you really in your pants so lets,turn back the clock to the simpler times,of 1922 breaking down the main story and,explaining the ending which ends a bit,abruptly without a definitive conclusion,we first mean a grizzled anxious wolfred,James walking the streets of 1930 Oh,Mahalo braska settling into a room where,he begins to dictate his story involving,the murder of his wife as the story is,told from wilfords perspective that,makes him an unreliable narrator and,thusly it makes us unable to know what,actually happened or if its just his,interpretation of what happened he then,begins the tale of his downfall back in,1922 where he lived on a farm with his,wife Annette and son Henry Wolford own,land and compass Seng eighty acres while,Annette owns 100 acres attached to it,inherited after the death of her father,the family live a simple farming life,tending to their corn crop which Wilford,and Henry both enjoy and are accustomed,to,however Annette never took to the,farming life and longs to move to the,big city of Omaha her intent is to sell,her 100 acres to the Farmington company,and use the money from the sale to leave,this life behind,according to Wilford back in nineteen,- the most important thing to a man was,his son in his land and wants to pass on,the farm to Henry,so hes adamantly opposed to the idea of,selling it isnt a fan of cities either,declaring their for fools but Annette is,unwavering in her decision and comes up,with a compromise of selling the land,the two splitting the profits in getting,a divorce since thats what he really,wants she says over time he has grown to,hate her she does also appear to be,having an affair but he doesnt ask you,about this wondering instead where their,son fits into her plan well he would,come with her of course saying a boy of,his age should be with his mother,none of this sits wild with Wilfred as,Annette is essentially trying to take,away everything he cares about though,rather than show his emotions he asked,for time to think it all over its clear,a plan is brewing in Wolfers head about,how to take care of the situation and,decides he needs Henry on his side,taking advantage of the naive boys,blossoming relationship with neighbor,girl Shannon Wilfred tells Henry that if,his mother follows through with her plan,he wont be able to see Shannon or his,father ever again telling him they have,to protect the thing you care about even,if that means someone gets hurt or dies,Henry isnt so sure but Wolford spins a,tale telling Henry what he wants to hear,if his mother is gone there will be no,more arguments everything would go on,just the way it has been and theres,only one thing they can do to make this,a reality of course implying murdering,his wife so the two set out on their,plan first deceiving Annette into,thinking that he had come around to her,idea and wants to join her in the city,shes excited and she celebrates by,getting way too drunk getting a bit out,of control in saying some inappropriate,things about Henrys relationship with,Shannon upsetting the boy Wilfred tells,him thats just how the good Lord made,her and again guarantees that he will,split him and Shannon up the possibility,of being without her causing Henry to,cry Wilfred finally has the boy in his,grips asking for his help he wishes that,there was another way and his father,says he wishes there was – passed out,from all the drinking and that is,unaware as Henry carrying a sack and,Wolford with a knife into the room get,ready Wilfred tells his son who crawls,onto the bed apologizing and putting the,bag over his mothers head struggling,uselessly to get three held down by her,son and husband who slits her throat,Annettes flailing finally ceasing and,its done she is dead and there,problem has been taken care of but the,whole thing is pretty [ __ ] up and,Wolford in the motel room recalls this,moment but especially involving his son,as something he regrets even more than,the murder this is only the beginning of,wolfertz problems as his life from here,spirals further into misery he dumps,Annettes body into an empty well,getting his son to help him clean up the,bloody aftermath the next day he returns,to the well hearing rats from within,discovering them crawling all over,Annettes body one crawling out of her,mouth which is really gross the site,freaking out Wilfred throwing a piece of,luggage down to get the rats to scatter,from the body but the rats arent going,to be going away for Wilfred ever again,after this moment rats are a major,symbol in his story tied to the idea of,death and decay which he has brought,into his life in a sense cursing himself,through the selfish action of killing,his wife to get what he wanted so he is,the one responsible for bringing the,rats in the first place as they are,attracted to Annettes fresh corpse,which also represented Wilfreds,increasing guilt over the sin he,committed he continues with his cover-up,seeing that Wilfred is actually quite,clever concocting a specific detailed,story to explain,Annettes sudden disappearance only,taking what she could carry and not,taking in the car because the sound,would have woken him up and with this,made-up story he has a pretty solid,cover-up for her disappearance something,that isnt entirely out of the ordinary,out in the middle the description,assigned to the expansive mostly empty,farmland that made up middle America,like Nebraska at the time however most,farm wives arent in the middle of a,substantial land deal like Annette was,and its not long after that a,representative of the Farmington group,shows up to the farm in search of a net,an attorney indefinite city boy all,greased up in a fancy suit and Wilfred,feeds into his story and that she got,tired of him in the boy and left but,Lester finds that strange considering,the amount of money on the table and,Wilfred gets Henry to corroborate his,story still a lester isnt buying it,declaring things to be unfinished here,but leaves him alone and for now their,story worked henry is worried that,theyll get caught but Wilfred is,already considering their next moves,knowing that Lester will students in the,sheriff so they have to find a reason to,fill in the well where Annettes body is,which could look suspicious otherwise,does Lea the plan is to say one of their,cows got out and fell into the well and,was forced to be put down,and now they have a legitimate reason to,start filling in the well with the,actual intention of permanently hiding,in Nets body just as Wilford suspected,Lester went to the police and the,sheriff arrives Wilford quickly,mentioning the cow story as soon as hes,there but the sheriff is focused on,wanting to take a look around the house,related to the missing Annette he shows,him the closet with the carefully,selected dresses missing and,impressively Wilfrid at every step shows,off details to make her disappearance,look rea

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BAPAKKU PSIKOPAT!! |Alur Cerita Film Horor Netflix 1922 |Fakta Film

halo halo semuanya Selamat datang,kembali di fakta film kali ini foto film,makan mereka alur cerita film dari tahun,2017 yang berjudul 1922 film bergenre,horror thriller ini diangkat dari novel,karya Stephen King dan eksklusif tayang,di situ streaming netflix pada tahun,2017 lalu film ini bercerita tentang,pengakuan seorang petani yang membunuh,istrinya sendiri hanya karena masalah,ladang jagung gaming akan kembali kepada,kalian semua apa yang akan kami,sampaikan Ini adalah sebuah spoiler film,buat kalian yang tidak masalah dengan,spoiler pakai handset nya kunci rapat,pintu kamarnya dan mari kita mulai,ceritanya di awal film kita,diperlihatkan seorang pria yang berjalan,menuju ke sebuah hotel di tengah kota,kemudian setelah sampai di dalam hotel,pria ini menulis wasiat dan bercerita,tentang apa yang pernah dia lakukan,dahulu nama pria ini,kwill verb dan dia mulai bercerita bahwa,dahulu dia tinggal di tengah sebuah,ladang jagung yang sangat luas di sebuah,desa Dia tinggal bersama istrinya yang,bernama arti dan anak laki-lakinya yang,bernama Henry pada tahun 1922 kebanggaan,seorang laki-laki adalah memiliki tanah,yang luas dan seorang anak laki-laki,kegiatan sehari-hari wilfred adalah,bertani dan merawat ladang jagungnya,yang sangat luas ini suatu hari istrinya,lebih berkata kepada wilfred bahwa dia,ingin menjual ladang jagungnya ini yang,merupakan warisan dari ayahnya yang,dahulu telah meninggal mendengar,perkataan istrinya ini Bigfoot terlihat,tidak setuju dan menolaknya suatu malam,saat mereka bertiga sedang makan malam,bersama letih berkata kepada suami dan,juga Anaknya lagi bahwa dia ingin,menjual ladang miliknya lalu pindah ke,kota dan membuka butik di sana bekerja,mendengar perkataan isterinya itu lalu,berkata,di bawah dirinya tidak setuju dengan,rencana dari istrinya ini anak mereka,Hendri juga memiliki pendapat yang sama,seperti ayahnya karena dia tidak mau,berpisah dengan wanita Pujaan hatinya,yang tinggal di desa ini setelah,kejadian semalam wilfred kemudian,berfikir mencari cara agar istrinya itu,mengurungkan niatnya untuk menjual,ladang jagungnya ini setelah berunding,kembali dengan istrinya dan menemui,jalan buntu wilfred kemudian mulai,memiliki siasat jahat terhadap istrinya,ini dia kemudian mempengaruhi enaknya,Hendri agar dirinya tidak mau pindah ke,kota dengan ibunya karena jika nanti,dirinya ikut pindah kekota Henry tidak,bisa bersama dengan kekasihnya yang,bernama Xenon lagi malam hari pun datang,terlihat saat mereka sedang makan malam,bersama masalah itu pun dibahas kembali,terlihat Hendri disini begitu sangat,marah dengan ibunya yang sangat,bersikeras untuk pindah ke kota dan,semua ini akan menjadi awal dari,Hendri terhadap ibunya itu besok paginya,setelah kejadian semalam ayah dan anak,ini kemudian berunding Bagaimana mencari,cara untuk menangani ibunya tersebut,kemudian sampailah kepada sebuah,keputusan dimana mencret meminta anaknya,untuk membantunya untuk membunuh Ibunya,dan Henry pun setuju dengan apa yang,dikatakan oleh ayahnya itu singkat,cerita mereka berdua lalu merancang,sebuah rencana dimana wilfred akan,berpura-pura menyetujui permintaan,dieselnya itu untuk pindah ke kota,mendengar perkataan dari suaminya ini,atlet di begitu sangat gembira lalu Saat,malam datang mereka bertiga kemudian,berpesta dan mabuk-mabukan bersama,setelah melihat isinya mabuk wilfred,kemudian membawa istrinya ini masuk,kedalam kamarnya setelah itu dimulailah,aksi bejat dan sadis yang dilakukan oleh,ayah dan anak ini terhadap ibu dan,istrinya sendiri wilfred kemudian,menggorok leher istrinya hingga,membuatnya meninggal the,sangat mengenaskan setelah melihat,istrinya telah tewas wilfred lalu,meminta bantuan Hendri untuk membawa,jasad istrinya ini ke belakang rumah,saat membopong Ibunya yang telah,meninggal ini Henry merasakan Gejolak,penyesalan dalam hatinya yang membuatnya,jatuh dan kemudian pingsan melihat,anaknya pingsan wilfred lalu menyeret,tubuh istrinya itu sendirian dan,kemudian membuangnya ke dalam sumur tua,di belakang rumah mereka ini setelah,menutup sumur itu mereka berdua lalu,membersihkan lantai yang terkena darah,tadi dan kemudian beristirahat meskipun,datang terlihat wesel datang ke sumur,dimana dia semalam membuang jasad,istrinya Dia lalu membuka penutup sumur,itu dan terlihat jasad istrinya yang,sangat mengenaskan karena digerogoti,oleh tikus yang sangat banyak siang,harinya datanglah seorang pengacara yang,mencari altib rumah wilfred dia datang,kerumah wilford karena tempo hari all,time,hanya untuk menjualkan ladang dan juga,rumahnya Wilshere disini bersekongkol,dengan anaknya dan berkata bahwa,istrinya semalam telah kabur dari rumah,dengan sendirian setelah pengacara tadi,pergi Wilson dan anaknya kemudian,menarik seekor sapi yang sangat besar ke,atas sumur tempat mereka membuang jasad,arletty sapi itu kemudian jatuh ke dalam,sumur dan mengerang kesakitan karena,belum mati usut lalu menembak sapi ini,dan membuatnya tewas seketika mereka,berdua lalu menutup sumur itu dengan,tanah sebagai kamuflase atas kematian,arletty siang harinya datanglah seorang,Sheriff ke rumah mereka karena laporan,dari pengacara yang tadi datang kerumah,wilfred Sheriff ini lalu masuk kerumah,dan memeriksa kamar istrinya yang,dikatakan wilfred telah kabur dari rumah,mereka semalam setelah memeriksa seluruh,keadaan kamar Le tissier F ini kemudian,pergi meninggalkan rumah website,tersebut malam hari pun datang wilfred,yang tengah duduk diruang tamu,Indi kagetkan dengan suara aneh yang,datang dari kandang sapinya dia pun,segera bergegas memeriksa keadaan sapi,sapinya itu dia Lalu melihat bahwa ada,tikus yang sangat banyak sedang,menggerogoti kaki dari sapi miliknya,setelah memeriksanya ternyata,tikus-tikus ini keluar dari lubang pipa,yang mengarah ke sumur dimana dia,mengubur jasad istrinya tempo hari,Universe kemudian bergegas mengambil,sebuah kain dan menutupi paitu dengan,kain yang diambil ini satu informasi,rumah dia tiba-tiba dikagetkan dengan,sosok istrinya yang telah dia bunuh,berada didepan pintu tempatnya berada,website yang ketakutan kemudian,mengarahkan lampunya ke pintu itu dan,ternyata itu adalah anaknya Henry yang,terbangun dari tidur Ian keesokan,harinya saat wilfred memeriksa,kandangnya dia Lalu melihat bahwa pipa,tempat masuk tikus yang semalam telah,dia simpel dengan kain terbuka kembali,website lalu mengambil semen dan dia,Lalu,tutup lubang itu dengan menggunakan,Semen ini,Hai single cerita terjadilah sebuah,masalah antara Xenon dan Henry karena,seringnya mereka bertemu kemudian,terjadilah kecelakaan yang menyebabkan,serangan hamil karena kehamilan sheron,Hendi kemudian berkata kepada ayahnya,bahwa dia ingin bertanggung jawab atas,Kejadian ini dan meminta uang untuk,melamar sheron mendengar itu wilfred,berkata kepada Hendi bahwa dia tidak,memiliki uang untuknya kemudian,terjadilah pertengkaran antara ayah dan,anak ini yang membuat hentai terlihat,begitu marah kepada ayahnya beberapa,saat kemudian datanglah ya Xenon kurma,wilfred setelah sampai Ayah Xenon lalu,berkata kepada winfred bahwa akan,menyembunyikan Xenon ke rumah Katolik,perempuan di Obama dan itu memerlukan,biaya untuk itu yang channel meminta,patungan kepada Bigfoot sebesar 75,dollar dari total biaya 300 dollar yang,harus dikeluarkan wilfred kemudian,menolak permintaan dari ayat Xenon itu,dan berkata bahwa dia tidak memiliki,uang,channel lalu berkata apapun caranya,Bigfoot harus mengusahakan uang itu dan,setelah itu winforever gigi ke bank,untuk mengajukan pinjaman di sini,wilfred hanya mengajukan pinjaman,sebesar 35 dollar kepada banyak banget,namun pihak bank menawarkan 750 dolar,dengan menggadaikan rumah dan juga punya,mendengar itu wilful langsung menolaknya,dia menyadari bahwa pihak bank hanya,menginginkan rumah dan juga kebunya,karena pinjaman tidak diterima bangwil,Fortune pergi dari bank tersebut,sampainya di luar without kemudian,menyadari bahwa mobilnya hilang dibawa,kabur oleh anaknya Endi disini Henry,menulis surat yang isinya Ayah aku pergi,membawa mobilnya kurasa k

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Stephen Kings 1922

sometimes guilt eats away at people like,rats knowing on a dead body welcome to,watchmojo.com and today were counting,down our picks for the top five reasons,you should watch,19:22 beause we knew it always money and,all right before we begin we publish new,videos every day,so be sure to subscribe for more great,content for this list were taking a,look at why this Netflix original film,is a must watch keep in mind that a,spoiler alert is in effect although,well avoid revealing plot details that,werent already given away in the,trailer you dont know anything more,than what you say it and you dont stop,number five its a horror movie that,draws on diverse elements of the genre,human-made concerns my name is Wilfred,Whalen games news American passion,taking place in the Year in 1922,naturally this 2017 film centers on,Wilfred James a Nebraskan farmer,motivated to murder his wife,with a disturbing premise like this,there is no denying that 1922 is a,certified horror picture what makes the,film so intriguing though is that it,touches upon numerous different facets,of this genre covering everything from,body horror to psychological horror,youre bound to find something here,thatll crawl under your skin of course,the film is perhaps best classified as,gothic heartland horror complete with,grotesque imagery and an eerie setting,[Music],whats more the story takes place in,hemmingford home a fictional town also,depicted in Stephen Kings The Stand,where is this free man this is,hemmingford home number 4 Mike Patton,composed the score and I believe that,theres an another man inside a everyman,Mike Patton made a name for himself in,the late 80s and early 90s as the lead,singer for the alternative metal group,Faith No More Patton has also lent his,musical gifts to several movies,including cranked high voltage and the,place beyond the pines he composed the,score for 1922 with an expanded version,of the soundtrack expected to hit in,2018,while the film is full of quiet,atmospheric moments Pattons core brings,an unnerving sense of paranoia and dread,to several key scenes establishing a,genuinely hair-raising tone one of,Pattons expressed career goals is to,compose the music for a David Lynch,project someday which sounds like a,match made in heaven,based on his work here,[Music],number three critical reviews have been,very positive theyre taking him away,from everything he knows you fair this,movie is cleaning up on the critical,front which is not always a given for,horror films in general with an 88%,positive score on Rotten Tomatoes and a,score of 70 on Metacritic as of November,2017 critics have praised the movie for,its strong performances subtle writing,and spine-chilling direction the film,has most notably earned acclaim for,Thomas Jaynes chilling depiction of,Wolfe James as guilt gradually drives,him into insanity Eric Kohn of indieWIRE,perhaps summed up the movies best,describing it as The Shining meets Edgar,Allen Poes the tell-tale heart now,thats an unsettling combination number,two its the third story adapted from,Stephen Kings full dark no stars,God rewards good deeds and maybe Satan,rewards us for evil ones,19:22 is based on a Stephen King novella,that was published in 2010s full dark,no stars it isnt the first story from,this collection thats been adapted for,the screen big driver inspired a 2014,Lifetime movie and a good marriage was,released that same year were still,waiting for a fair extension adaptation,but King described director Zach hill,ditches take on 1922 as quote super,creepy,2017 has been a pretty good year for,Stephen King adaptations overall what,would the box-office success of it and,the positive reception to Geralds game,also on Netflix lets just pretend the,dark tower never happened what if the,tower were destroyed darkness and fire,number one its got a great cast thats,just how she is,you know I had a good Lord major since,the story is fairly straightforward a,film like 1922 would likely fall flat,without a capable ensemble of actors,fortunately the cast here is more than,up to the task we get universally,effective work from Molly Parker as,wilfords unfortunate wife Dylan Schmid,as their conflicted son and Neal,McDonough as a fellow farmer the film,definitely belongs to Thomas Jane who,turns in a powerhouse performance as,Wilfred James I always considered as not,his neighbor but good Frankie even,without Wealths internal monologue we,can always tell whats running through,this characters twisted head based on,Janes facial expressions and body,language between the mist and now this,film,Jane has officially redeemed himself,after a certain other Stephen King,adaptation wasnt your fault do you,agree with our picks check out these,other great clips from WatchMojo and,subscribe for new videos every day,[Music]

Stephen Kings 1922 (STORY + ENDING) Explained

my wife never did tech to the farm and,life wished to cash in her Newland she,wanted us to leave all this behind,[Music],I had gone to hater,hey guys whats happening nyet here with,film comics explained and today well be,exploring 1922 Zach Hill digis,adaptation to the Stephen King novel of,the same name starring Molly Parker,Dylan Schmidt Caitlyn Bernard Neal,McDonough and Thomas Jane in a,transformative performance both the,novel and film adaptation essentially,revolve around a mans confession to the,murder of his wife and the curse that,this action had brought upon him the,entire story is told to us from the,perspective of Wilfred James the storys,unreliable narrator who admits to,killing his wife with his son but after,he buries her body Wilfred begins to,find himself terrorized by rats and,visions and as his life began to unravel,he became more and more convinced that,his wife had begun to haunt him the film,opens to reveal Wilfred James traveling,through the streets of Omaha in the,1930s before entering a hotel to begin,writing his confession to a crime he,committed back on the family farm in,1922 which is the year hed essentially,lost everything of value to him Wilfred,had been working as a farmer in,hemmingford home Nebraska with his wife,I let and their fourteen-year-old son,Henry Hank James the man owed 80 acres,of farm land that had been in his family,for generations,while his wife Arlette owned the,adjoining 100 acres wilter them by her,father though the family did their best,to survive both Wolford and his wife,began arguing over their future with our,let who was unhappy with the country,life suggesting that they moved to Omaha,while Wolford scorned the prospect of,living in a city claiming was only for,fools,with the deist of the 100 acre property,in his wifes name,I let intended on selling her land to,the Farmington company for use as a pig,farm and slaughterhouse an action that,would make it impossible for Wilford to,make a living and one that would,eventually force him to sell his own,land with the realization that his life,was about to fall apart,the dilemma began to fester in wolfertz,mind and began corrupting his soul to,the point that the conniving man,resorted to manipulating his own son,into helping him murder his wife I think,its also important to note that this,horrific plan was born from wilfords,belief that the two most important,things to a man where his son and his,the latter of which hed planned on,passing on to Henry while our lesson,planned an opening a business on her own,in the big city,Wilfred was blinded by contempt and,though there was clearly another way to,reach a resolution involving some degree,of sacrifice for both of them,Wilfred was unable to accept change and,this would ultimately become his,downfall now Ill let it come up with a,bit of a compromise suggesting that they,sell both lots of land to split up the,money and get a divorce which is what,she believed hed really wanted but,Wilfred was ignorant to this especially,because she had intended on taking the,boy away from him,using the newfound love of his son Henry,and Shannon who was the daughter of his,neighbor Harlan Wilfred was able to,convince the boy that Arlette was going,to rip him away from both his father and,his new flame and insisted that they,must protect the things that they care,about even if this meant that someone,had to die while Henry was visibly,shaken by this his father kept,reassuring him that with his mother gone,they would both be able to live in peace,the farmer then pretends to agree to the,sale which appeases Arlette who is not,only happy that Wilfred had come around,but was also visibly excited about the,prospect of then being a family again,this of course was a ruse orchestrated,by the farmer designed to get her drunk,where she began crudely insulting,Henrys girlfriend which clearly upset,the boy after carrying his wife to bed,who was in a drunken stupor Wilfred,realized that he finally had his son in,his grasp he then told the boy that he,wished there was another way before,convincing Henry to cover her face while,he cut her throat in an awful struggle,that went on longer than they both,expected while this temporarily fixed,their problem,Wilfred admitted his greatest shame,other than murdering his wife was the,involvement of his son and we soon come,to find that their problems were only,gonna get worse as they both began,falling into a miserable abyss dumping,Arlette into the empty well beside their,home the two then began cleaning up the,blood in the house removing any evidence,of a foul deed theyd committed the,night before,Wilfred then cleverly packed a suitcase,with a handful of her possessions to,make it look as though she had just left,them and when he came back to the world,to dump her stuff the farmer was shocked,to see rats crawling over her body,these rats would continue to haunt and,terrorize Wilfred as a physical,manifestation of the death and decay,that he brought upon himself and the,ones that hed once loved,as mentioned earlier while the murderer,decodes suddenly Wilfred planned every,step of the way from the manipulation of,his son the murder of his wife to his,subsequent attempts to make it look as,though they werent involved in her,disappearance although Wilfred believed,his missing wife would be quickly,forgotten he neglected to take into,consideration the fact that his wife was,in the middle of a land deal and we soon,see a lawyer named Lester that,represented the Farmington company,arrived at the home hoping to speak to,our let Warford tells Lester that his,wife had simply left them a while back,but the lawyer found it difficult to,believe the story especially considering,all the money she was entitled to as a,result of the deal was she was planning,on signing though Henry did corroborate,his story Lester went back to the city,assuring the pair that he sensed,something was not right about their tale,anticipating that Lester would seek the,help with the sheriff the seemingly,simple farmer began developing another,plan to cover the body of our let which,was visible from above,realizing that filling in his well would,look suspicious Wilfred forced one of,his cows to fall through the door of the,world before putting it down which now,gave the father and son a legitimate,reason to fill it in,after the anticipated arrival of sheriff,Jones,Wilfred briefly mentioned the death of,his cow which had fallen into the world,but Jones ignores this and asks to take,a look at the home while going through,the property the farmer explained that,his wife had taken a good clothes and,jewelry and left in the early morning,without saying goodbye,getting the sheriff to pay close,attention to the details he wanted him,to see and even though Jones had found,her shoes under the bed which was the,only piece of evidence the parrot,forgotten to hide he ended up leaving,the property having seemingly found no,proof of a crime the next few months,passed with a little incident and they,even had a great harvest but although,the two tried to move on with their,lives,Henry was visibly troubled by the,nightmare of what they had done causing,his girlfriend to grow increasingly,concerned about his change in behavior,however the cunning Wilfred quickly,reassured her that what she thought was,brooding was actually Henry being,lovesick over her later that night he,heard the mans of his cows which led,him to enter the barn and find a rat,eating one of the cows utters before,crawling into a nearby pipe though he,attempted to block the pipe and move on,his guilt continued to stalk him with,visions of his deceased wife to make,matters worse his son had also gotten,the neighbor girl pregnant and due to,the fact that they had no money for a,wedding Henry began to show resentment,towards his father Perret,in him for what they did as it was now,costing him a chance at starting a new,life with the girl that he loved I think,its also important to note that

1922 Netflix Review

[Music],what is up Netflix fans and welcome back,to my channel I just watched 1922,because if theres no head,theres no L,[Music],so 1922 is another Stephen King novel,adapted into movie form that has come,out in 2017 we have seen the Dark Tower,it Geralds game and now Netflix is,tackling another one you guys dont know,how my reviews work I like to talk about,the good the bad and then give you my,score lets start with the good so 19 22,stars Thomas Jane and is directed by a,very talented director now this movies,going in I didnt know what to expect,because I had already watched Geralds,game I really enjoyed Geralds game,there were a couple things that I didnt,love and the same thing goes with this,movie I really enjoyed 1922 Stephen King,movies are on a roll right now and this,one is absolutely no different first and,foremost this is a slow burn I love the,way that this movie just builds,throughout the entire thing and then,executes at the very end flawlessly it,does a great job of building tension and,I do believe that this is Thomas James,maybe this is his best performance to,date the guy absolutely kills it I love,his very thick accent and I love all of,these supporting actors and actresses,involved as well I thought his son did a,good job the wife while shes in there,and just so many different things about,this movie aesthetically worked as well,some of these shots are just magnificent,I mean my goodness its just its a,bunch of corn fields and crops and,farmland but the way that this movie is,executed is beautiful its a beautiful,film its a very cinematic film Im,actually kind of upset I I watched this,on Netflix because I do feel like as,small of a scope as this was I feel like,it would have been beautiful to watch in,the theater and I love where the story,goes man I I didnt know what was gonna,happen because Ive never read the book,but where this ended up at the very end,was a lot different I thought it was,gonna be more on the side of the Stephen,King esque what we expect from him but,no it was just more of a thriller a,psychological thriller and it stayed in,the more sane side well then I thought,it was going to stay and of course is,Stephen King so sometimes you can look,crazy but it did stay a little bit more,on the path that I thought it would but,you know what it worked and of course,with the Stephen King adaptation,some of the imagery in here was loose,spine-tingling weird and the the sound,effects when the gunshots what happened,and and just the way the faces looked,and it was it was gross but it was good,and my final thing and the good a lot of,times voiceovers dont work it didnt,work with the original Blade Runner it,didnt work with a couple movies here,and there but I do believe the,voice-over it really fits this movie the,way that they intertwine it with whats,actually happening in the present well,the present for the movie and then,whats happening prior I thought that,worked really well and once again Thomas,Jane he he carries the movie the entire,thing and it was good I think one of the,biggest complaints about this film is it,is very slow it moves at the pace of,which I am talking and for some people,that will turn them off it didnt really,turn me off but at times I was feeling,myself not being as invested as I wanted,to be just because of the pacing and,while I think the pacing worked for the,story and the resolve I dont think it,works from an audience perspective,because it didnt really keep me engaged,like I wanted a Stephen King at that,patient too but I do think it worked,overall I also think this movie makes,the mistake of pausing to take a breath,which I think sometimes is good when,theres a lot action happening but in,this movies case its not a very,action-oriented movie I think ever so,often we pause we take a breath when we,dont really need to and I think the,story needs to move along a little bit,and a thing that this movie does that I,didnt love is it glimpses over events,that I wish we would have gotten more,out of it glimpses over character,actions and and character interactions,and I do believe if we would have had a,little bit more it would have made the,story a little bit stronger and now that,the movie needed to be longer than it,was but I think it could have helped by,the end,so overall when the movie was over III,had my doubts about some ways that the,story turned out but after sitting and,thinking about it for you know seven to,eight hours because Im doing this,review a couple hours later I will say,that I really enjoyed this movie it was,a very pleasant surprise Im going to,give it a 77% once again Netflix you,youre doing good kit youre doing real,good so what did you guys think of 1922,detail like it did you not like it thank,you guys for commenting liking and,subscribing I have another Netflix,review coming out probably right after,or like an hour after this one is called,wheelman it is another Netflix movie,stay tuned to that and only the brave I,was able to catch that in theaters,yesterday I have three reviews coming,out today you guys can check him out if,you want to thank you guys so much for,watching and I will catch you,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music]

1922 – Review *Spoilers*

so the new netflix movie 1922 is based,off,a stephen king novella i love how the,intro the movie gets right to it were,introduced to wilford james,who is writing a note in a hotel room,and he says he has a confession to make,and he tells the story of the crime he,committed with his son,murdering his wife so you realize right,from the start this is going to be a,movie with a little bit of narration,which i always get a little worried,about but i thought the narration in,this movie was,really well done because it wasnt too,much it wasnt over the top,it was just at the right moments with,really powerful quotes,from wilford james to get inside of his,head basically following that short and,sweet formula but what was funny to me,was the man narrating and our main,character wilford james the actors name,is thomas jane who id recognized from,the show hung that used to be on hbo,if anyones watch that show but that,show was pretty bad and he played a very,normal character so i didnt know what,acting chops he had it kind of worried,me,but he did great here he was spectacular,i was like wow this guy can act the guy,from hung,but what did get a little annoying and,its not his fault was he did a,really good midwestern accent but when,translating it to film,it was really hard for me to hear and,understand totally what he was saying at,every scene,especially when he was talking to his,son like in the crop field and i was,like am i really gonna put subtitles on,right now and i did 10 minutes in i gave,up,i had to put subtitles on i could not,understand his lines clearly i dont,think id be able to enjoy this movie if,i didnt have subtitles on so if youre,in a situation where you couldnt put,them on you might be getting really,frustrated and if i was in that,situation i might have given this movie,a completely different review like hes,going full-on marbles in the mouth like,hey,oh youre going in dude bam bar bam,town in your moon like oh man,really tough i was reading a lot but i,dont mind that too much so we learned,that basically his wife wants to move to,the city,take the son with her he wants to stay,in nebraska,not lose the acres in his land,technically owned by his wifes family,he doesnt want to lose his son just,wants to keep everything the way it is,its really interesting because it,delves into that stubborn ego a lot of,men have,especially his fathers and he talks,about his narration here in the movie,about how much,pride there is in a mans land i guess,in this area back in the day this was a,big thing,but he valued his home basically over,his wife and it wasnt all totally his,so it was very selfish,and im not giving the wife full pass,either because there was no attempt for,middle ground here you know maybe not go,fully to the city but maybe not stay,in the sticks maybe try to find a middle,suburban area i dont think thatd be,too crazy but thats not happening here,completely two opposing sides and then,when it comes to the sun it gets really,hairy because they both want him what,does the father set out to do,convince the son to murder his mother,which is crazy,and he uses every ploy of manipulation,on his son,starting with shannon the cute neighbor,next door that henry has a crush on dad,sees this,finds us his weak spot and brilliantly,manipulates his son saying hey if we,move shes gonna be gone this is all,gonna be gone our lifes gonna be,terrible,but if we do we have to do everythings,gonna be peaceful we can move forward,now this is where the narration a movie,like this really works because,when he figures out in his head that,hes gonna use shannon we get to hear,that,and he goes every man is another man,inside of them and he had a conniving,man inside of him and he might want to,use this to his advantage theres almost,like a low case of multiple personality,disorder here where he can switch into,this monster and fully go in on it,and not really leave it during these,intense scenes with him thinking about,murdering his wife there was really,creepy violins playing which always,works in a hard type film and it worked,here especially in the narration where,hes like,is on mans time not gods classic,stephen king writing for you,every line has purpose here every line,has meaning but can you imagine if,youre in the sun henrys shoes your dad,is thinking about killing your mom and,then youre torn to even,help i wouldnt consider it ever ever,but the sun clearly is because hes in,it with just like his dad,and what was very sad was when wilford,straight up lies to the wife,and says theyre gonna move and hes,cool with it and the suns coming and,everyones,happy and shes getting drunk and shes,kissing him,and it shows you too like hey wilfred,are you seeing right now,this is working and this is what will,happen if you say yes and maybe,put your pride away for a second realize,youre picking property,over loving family that didnt click in,his head and it was just his ploy to get,her murdered and get her drunk,before it actually happens though which,was important they had to show henry,kind of give a resistance right before,they do and he did and he suggested,lawyers and his dad again,master manipulator saying this is the,only way boy and thats a big quote here,because the sun keeps suggesting theres,gotta be another way theres gotta be,another way there always is another way,but his dad is so hell-bent on this that,in his head hes developed that this is,the only way,its the only way i can get out of this,situation i dont wanna be in the scene,where hes murdering his wife,is brutal glad they didnt shy away here,its very graphic,its very bloody and i love that it was,like a struggle for the dad and the kid,did nothing to help he was terrible,look if youre gonna go through that you,had one job hold your mother down for,christs sake commit to,it and he couldnt do it you had one job,henry and he just backed away so now he,just screwed up his conscience for,nothing which i thought was hysterical,and the dad was just bad it was such a,sloppy,throat coat which i liked seeing because,most gory scenes like this theyre,always,somehow professional at it and it just,cuts right through the neck but this,showed you,a realistic way of how hard it is to,just kill somebody but then we see,the husband just chucks his wife down,the well which is ridiculous and then we,got that really cool shot when he looks,down the next day and theres rats,coming out of her and out of her mouth,that was really well done and staring,right at him which was awesome because,now its like okay the hauntings,beginning,hes gonna start feeling this guilt now,she may be dead but shes in your head,and im laughing at that scene but then,when he throws a poor cow down the well,i feel terrible im like whatd the cow,ever do and then im being a youtuber,cause i just ate a burger a couple hours,ago before filming this maybe i should,take away something from this maybe i,should go vegan after this one i also,really like the lawyer here who came and,visited i wish we got more of him i,think maybe just because of his great,line where when hes referring it to,being hot in the truck that drove him,there,when he says my citaphone that would be,the same,i may have to start saying that,referring to my butt so then where it,got a little worrisome in the movie for,me was when shannon starts realizing,henry,is not the same and the fathers trying,to convince her just like hes fine just,keep him encouraged,this is where it shifted the movie to me,where it got a little bit predictable,and very formulatic like seeing the,visions of his wife that he killed,trying to get his son to be hush-hush,rats following him everywhere it kind of,starts just to become something youve,seen and know for know what you think is,going to happen or at least what i,thought was going to happen,and then we see a great scene where the,sun talks back to his dad you couldnt,even slit,moms throat right and he basically,threatens his son what good is if i have,no

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