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Roadfly.com – 2011 Buick Enclave CXL Test Drive & Review

Road fly calm the Internets best,resource for buyers sellers and owners,like you hi welcome to Road fly TV,Im Elizabeth craft and today were,talking about the 2011 Buick Enclave,its a quiet roomy ride sure to please,sophisticated drivers looking for those,luxury features with a lot of room for,cargo and a nice soft ride the 2011,Enclave doesnt differ much from the,2010 styling but if youre a fan of,those traditional Buick styling points,youre gonna appreciate the portholes,and the waterfall grille and when you,walk by this car youre definitely gonna,notice the 20 inch wheels on our CX l 2,version when youre taking a look at a,midsize crossover SUV theres two things,you want to know how many people and how,many things can I stuff into this car,well to get a feel for that you have to,pop hatch on this car and walk around,and take a look so with the back row up,this car has plenty of room for that,standard family trip to the grocery,store theres also something nice here,theres some hidden storage so if you,want to throw some jumper cables down,there you dont want to sitting out all,the time or if youre like me when you,go running you dont want your purse,sitting out on the front seat of the car,its a nice place to tuck it back here,The Enclave also has the 60/40 rear,split seats so it makes it really easy,to get this cargo space prepped for,bikes skis whatever so Emmy has her,laundry basket reading system which I,appreciate but to really get a feel for,how much room is back here you have to,picture yourself out camping stay its,raining you can climb back here lay down,stretch out and enjoy the Stars through,the moonroof you definitely have some,flexibility with the seating options in,these trim packages the CX and the CX l,have options for an 8 passenger set up,with a bench in the second row,our cxl 2 has the captains chairs in the,second row which are pretty easy to move,around so if you have a number of people,where youre gonna use this third row,regularly you need to check this feature,out these second row captains seats,pull up and then you leave about a foot,and a half of room right here for anyone,whos gonna try and squeeze into this,back row it actually leaves a lot of,room to get in pretty easily and its a,nice feature I was driving the car,earlier so the seat is obviously set to,my height Im,seven and theres plenty of room back,here for someone whos a little bit,taller than me Id say probably someone,up to even 6-3 6-4 so it makes it roomy,backyard,so the cxl has some really great,optional equipment the navigation system,with the rear backup camera is always,handy especially if youre trying to,parallel park a car like this and then,youve got the rear seat DVD system with,the Bose surround sound its the premium,5.1 package with ten speakers big,feature on this car tries dont,temperature control it makes it really,easy for these back passengers to get,the temperature they need in the car,[Music],The Enclave has a 3.6 liter v6 engine,delivering 288 horsepower plenty of,get-up-and-go for me the fuel economy,and the standard version you get about,17 miles per gallon in the city and 24,miles per gallon on the highway,our version our test version here,all-wheel drive so you take a little bit,of a hit only 16 miles per gallon in the,city and 22 on the highway now I love a,quiet car road noise just drives me,batty as an example of noise theres a,helicopter right above us and honestly I,can barely hear it so thank God for that,I cannot stand annoying road noise or,wind noise this is a great car to drive,for the last few days because of that,and also the comfort awesome love the,leather seats everything feels nice and,soft like its just hugging my body Im,also a big fan of the steering wheel I,love the leather and mahogany,combination here its nice and soft and,I also am a big fan of luxury vehicles,that deliver on a good dashboard this,leather dashboard with the foam,underneath really gives a soft feel,which I really appreciate it is and Im,not a huge fan of cooled seats but these,especially since the middle of the,summer did the trick the unclaimed comes,with three different trim packages,the cxl and the cxl – now the CX in the,CX Ill come in right around 35 and,$38,000 to jump to the sea XL – is going,to cost you the base price is around,forty four thousand dollars and as we,tested it here its just under fifty,thousand now this car is packed with,safety features and it comes with six,airbags the airbags back actually stay,inflated if you have a severe impact for,a few extra seconds so it adds that,protection and its a GM vehicle OnStar,is going to kick in right away and call,emergency services,all-in-all the 2011 Enclave is a great,combination of sophistication and,comfort youve got a lot of nice refined,luxury points plenty of room to haul,cargo or kids and youre gonna have a,supremely quiet ride thats all weve,got for Road fly TV today Im Elizabeth,craft dont forget to rate the video and,go to Road flight TV right now and,download the window sticker for the 2011,Enclave Road fly comm the Internets,best resource for buyers sellers and,owners like you

2011 Buick Enclave CXL | Cooled Seats (In-Depth Review)

hey good afternoon this is Riley from,mcnaught Cadillac and Id like to show,you our beautiful 2011 buick enclave cxl,all-wheel drive this is a great,affordable luxury SUV that we just took,in on trade here and detailed the other,day so it is nice and fresh on our lot,now the paint color on this one is white,diamond tricoat under the hood youre,gonna find a 3.6 liter v6 engine paired,up with a 6-speed automatic transmission,so great highway fuel economy perfect,for those long road trips its not gonna,cost you a lot on gas now moving around,to the wheels youre gonna find 19 inch,chrome wheels on Bridgestone all wheel,all season tires plenty of tread left on,these tires too theyre in great,condition so like I said what a,beautiful rim now moving around to the,front end Im gonna take a look at some,of the styling features here standard,headlights and running lights you do,have fog lamps located down below as,well as your turning signal turn a light,signal indicators youve also got that,Buick waterfall grill nice chrome front,grille gives you that luxurious stance,on the front of the vehicle now moving,around to the other side,you do have the side hood vents here as,well as turning signal indicators,located on the mirror caps chrome door,handles chrome roof rails lots of chrome,on this vehicle,as we head around to the back end power,liftgate of course dual exhaust system,and parking sensors located on the back,bumper which were going to talk about,on the inside now before we hop inside,Im gonna show you the key fob you get,two sets of keys with your Buick to use,the remote start feature just hit the,lock button once and hold down remote,start its gonna start right up for you,alright now its time to take a look at,the inside of the Enclave look at this,gorgeous interior this is the Coco Lite,cashmere interior color scheme so on the,door panel youre gonna find that darker,brown soft touch materials throughout,the panel you have that woodgrain trim,here as well as that light cashmere,leather throughout so very nice,luxurious touch of class on the inside,of the Buick drivers memory seating,youve got power adjustable side view,mirrors which are power folding as well,and your automatic one touch down,windows now as we head on a little bit,lower on the door panel you will notice,that Bose badge you know youve got the,best audio system in the industry now,just below the drivers seat you are,gonna find your six your 8 way power,adjustable controls with lumbar support,and moving on up just next to the,steering wheel youre gonna find your,headlight controls your interior,brightness and youve also got your,power adjustable telescopic steering,wheel here so like I said this things,loaded up with good features but were,gonna hop on inside and take a look at,that alright now that weve taken a seat,inside the Buick Enclave lets take a,look at the front oh domitor here youve,got ninety eight thousand nine hundred,and fifty-seven kilometers on it very,low for a 2011 thats under 20,000 a,year so you could expect much more life,out of this vehicle Ive seen plenty of,these make it well into the 300,000 mark,so very reliable SUV here now what I,like about this steering wheel is the,combination of that leather wrapped down,below youve also got that wood grain,towards the top and the bottom of the,steering wheel very comfortable to hold,in the summer and its not going to get,hot in the Sun either like that black,leather so very nice touch,very nice feature here Buick added in,cruise controls to the left-hand side,your hands-free call button to make,Bluetooth audio calls as well as your,radio controls and volume rockers down,below now taking a look at the center,entertainment system here you have an,analog clock at the top,very classy as well as your your radio,here now this does come with am/fm and,XM radio which is going to come free for,the first three months when you buy this,car as well as down below youve got,your buttons which are gonna control,that Center odometer screen if you want,to display your trip counter your fuel,economy or tire pressure all of that is,easily configurable from the push of a,button now below that dual zone climate,controls the buttons are a little bit,worn out here but thats common on these,older vehicles from GM that use this,style of button now as we take a look,down below the gear selector youve got,your front heated and ventilated seats,here thats very nice for a 2011 Way,ahead of its time you have your rear,wiper controls your traction control,your trailer tow mode as well as your,power liftgate switch thats gonna open,up the back trunk from the push of a,button,12 volt charge outlet some cupholders,and take a look at this putting the,vehicle into reverse you wouldnt think,theres a backup camera anywhere but if,you take a look up at the rear view,mirror you are gonna find your backup,camera located within the rear view,mirror so thats pretty neat feature and,its going to definitely make parking,this vehicle a lot easier now taking a,look at this armrest opening up two ways,youve got storage space for some coins,you be able to slide that back if you,dont want if you want more open space,here on the console youve also got a,nice little storage tray down below with,deeper storage and you even have a,charged outlet down there as well so,like I said plenty of connectivity and,putting a storage space in the Buick,Enclave,now last but not least as we take a look,up at the ceiling you are gonna find,your OnStar buttons located on the rear,view mirror your garage door,transmitters and your power sliding,sunroof controls are up here as well you,have a Sun Visor if you want to open,that up and let in some natural light or,some fresh air thats gonna be really,nice another cool feature is you even,have a rear Sun roof as well which is,just fixed but youve still got that,sunshade back there if you want to close,that up and take a nap thats no problem,at all now lets take a look at the back,seat of the Buick Enclave same great,materials on the door panels and nice,comfortable leather seats back here,plenty of space to seat two passengers,in the second row youve also got access,into the third row which is gonna seat,three more now these are the captains,chairs and they named the captains,chairs for a reason youve got the nice,comfortable arm rests as well as easy,access to your own set of climate,controls and radio controls back here as,well you also got a full 120 volts wall,outlet if you want to plug in your,laptop and another car charger to plug,in your phone so you you know youre,gonna be well connected in this Enclave,on long road trips Ill fold down those,second row seats nice and flat just grab,the little handle and your seat is gonna,collapse nice and flat youve got some,nice storage space back here if you,wanted to fold down that third row as,well and youve even got the option to,lift this one up slide it up against the,front drivers seat if you want more,room to get into that third row and,putting it up is nice and easy with one,hand now lets take a look at some of,the trunk space you get in this Enclave,now to open up your power liftgate,youve got a button right underneath the,handle or you could use the button,located on your key fob to open that up,now once inside youve got plenty of,cargo space on its own but if you want,to get these third row seats down which,I do recommend as long as you dont have,passengers look at all this storage,space the cargo volume in the back of,the song clave is incredible youre not,gonna have trouble fitting your hockey,bag or suitcases back here thats for,sure and like I said you even have the,option to fold down those second row,captain chairs,once again underneath here hidden,storage as well as a charge outlet,located in the back trunk if youre,tailgating in here now when youre all,done with that hit the button and your,power liftgate will shut you do have a,spare tire located underneath the back,end of the Encl

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The Truth About Buick

rev up your engines,today ive got a relatively rare vehicle,its a 2021 top of the line buick suv,you can see top of the line because it,says avenir on it thats the top of the,line model an enclave of course and its,got the classic buick crest now first,dont get confused they sell them in,china too but the chinese are a,different vehicle theyre made in china,for the chinese market my grandfather,taught me how to fix cars was a buick,fanatic he loved buick hes probably,rolling over in his grave because they,dont make cars anymore they only make,suvs now for a short time they still had,that station wagon but it wasnt really,a buick it was a re-badged opal a german,car because gm used to own opel just,like when cadillac used to have those,cars that were just rebadged opals they,often tried selling people cars that,they say were cadillacs or buicks but,theyre actually german cars this is an,american buick made in lansing michigan,especially considering that the base,model of these are about fifty five,hundred dollars more than the base model,of the highlander and the top of the,line its about sixty five hundred,dollars more than the top of the line,island youre actually going to pay more,for this it is a luxury car theres no,arguing that but most people have gone,for toyotas instead when i was a kid,they had to advertise food wouldnt you,really rather have a buick buick and,they were sold as luxury cars now as you,look inside youve got all kinds of,space if you want to carry things and of,course you can take the seats out and,really have a lot more room you got a,lot of controls for the passengers you,got ac vents and heat vents in the top,of the third row seats,they got vents too this is a real luxury,suv this is just a front-wheel drive the,rear wheels just go down the road,theyre not drive wheels if you dont,need all-wheel drive dont buy all-wheel,drive one you pay more for two it weighs,more it has extra drive wheels they get,worse gas mileage sometimes three to,five miles a gallon less than just a,two-wheel drive vehicle and theyre,front-wheel drive they can go through,all kinds of stuff my mother went,through buffalo with a front-wheel drive,car and didnt even put snow tires on,the thing okay its got a stupid beauty,cover so and this one is bolted on so i,cant tear it off easily i dont like,that now i do have to say theres some,strange orangish reddish stuff all over,the place he has a squirrel issue,and so he has put cayenne pepper all,over he says its worked so far the,squirrels arent messing around in there,yeah theyll go in there when its cold,outside they want to get warm and they,can make a nest they can destroy your, why not try cayenne pepper now,myself i tried cayenne pepper to keep,the pigs out of the west garden forget,that the pigs had a taste for it they,were actually digging it up and chewing,on this stuff and i bought a gallon put,it all over the place you cant stop,pigs he said it stopped the squirrel,they did,thousand dollars worth of damage but he,had full coverage so the insurance,company paid for the damage from the,squirrel i dont know how often they,keep paying for it thats why he put the,pepper there who wants to deal with that,so if you live in a squirrel infested,neighborhood perhaps sprinkle cayenne,pepper liberally under your hood to keep,the squirrels from going in now he,drives this thing sometimes in the,security job he drives fast so he,actually put drilled and slotted rotors,on it they dont come with it this,particular ones for r1 concepts in,california and he says he doesnt get,any fade now the normal person isnt,going to go that far there are with,luxury cars all kinds of options that,you can put on later realize one thing,the guy bought this he maintains his,vehicle this car was a gmc acadia he put,127 000 miles on that and he didnt have,any problems he changed the oil,regularly you have to take care of it,this is variable valve timing it has,high pressure fuel injection system now,this one doesnt have a turbo and thats,probably a good idea six engines have a,lot of power anyway as you put a turbo,on it and raise the power the weakest,point of these other automatic,transmissions the reason they got rid of,acadia was because the was,starting to have problems at 126 000,miles so you dont want to beat the,transmissions and put a turbo on it you,want to baby it now his early one was a,six-speed and this is the new nine-speed,transmission well see how they hold up,over time i havent seen any particular,big problems with him yet so one of the,reasons that he can get the good gas,mileage on the highway now the owner is,honest he admits with this nine speed,sometimes the shifts feel a little wonky,almost every single 9 or 10 speed,transmission and any vehicle ive driven,is a little wonky because theyre trying,to maximize power but gas mileage at the,same time so youll always be at a,certain situation like say youre going,32 miles an hour and its between gears,it might go up and down a little bit,feel a little wonky when youre going,uphill or downhill thats pretty normal,for these things because theyre trying,to maximize power versus gas mileage,theres plenty of vehicles you can buy,that have really tight shift and,transmissions and in a vehicle this size,theyll probably get 15 miles a gallon,well if youre getting 27 and a half i,think youll accept a little wonky,shifting every once in a while over the,tremendous amount of fuel that youre,gonna save now were started up you know,its keels everythings keyless these,days and you can see its got the buick,emblem coming up its got some good,setups its a luxury car thats the corn,you know where the horn is you have to,look for some stock or anything like,that and its got wireless charging dual,climate control i really like the colors,i got to say they got the colors set up,a nice gigantic armrest i hate those,small ones got a lot of storage you can,take it apart more storage underneath,you can either cool your electric seats,or heat them up im not gonna heat them,up its too hot outside and the owner,just told me he hates the electric,parking brake too but thats the way all,these things are going why on earth,would you replace a cable that you stop,on thats gonna hold it really good,because your feet are extremely strong,with an electric button with an electric,motor more crap to break down as they,age now he does live in tennessee so,hes really not going to worry about,corrosion you live in a salty northern,state all that electronic crap,electronic parking brakes they will rust,theyll freeze on theyll shore it up,but theyre all going to it and theres,nothing you can do about it as we open,the back of course its automatic its a,luxury car its still got a reasonable,trunk here with the third row seats in,there come out moving down you got a lot,more space you can luxuriously bring a,bunch of people and check this out,the machine does it all no hassle of,having to pull them out load them around,its automatic you got all this space,you can still have your other seats but,then when you want the people to come in,just push another button and back they,go if you do have a lot of passengers,you still have some extra storage you go,under here theres some reasonable space,in here too but chuck it up it has a,rear view mirror but not just any rear,view mirror this is not a piece of glass,i put my fingers in there and you dont,see a reflection of my fingers you cant,see me there no its a completely,digital camera and you can see its got,a wide wrap around it so of course at,night its going to look better and you,dont have to worry about kids heads,getting in the way or whatever this is,completely digital so press this little,camera button and look what we have here,we got the whole surround view the,regular backup cameras here but you have,the regular backup camera and the rear,view one at the same time so like i said,with this wider angle see look theres,what you see the wide angle heres

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Buick Enclave Dirty Little Secret

the 2009 buick enclave,a great truck,except for one dirty little secret that,buick would not acknowledge,my whole carpet is soaking wet,on both sides,you can still see some water soaking up,through here,and this is why,first gotta remove the floor mat then i,gotta remove that panel,and now im gonna remove that panel,youre gonna see buicks dirty little,secret,this hose right here,drains from the ac unit,and the way its supposed to work is,that,the water drains from the ac unit,down to under the car,and out,but the way buick,design the drainage sprout,at the end of this hose,it gets really narrow and dirt gets,trapped up in there,which causes water to back all the way,up back into the ac unit,and then water,settles all up in your dash,eventually,coming over here,to the compressor,recording,all right so then when you remove this,plate,under here,im right here,cameron,there you go,you see that,thats what all your water,from the condenser is collecting that,see all that water,this is what leaks into your truck,and this is what i got to do,and this is deal with enclaves dirty,little sword,so if you have a buick enclave,chevy traverse,um this other truck,uh gmc arcadia,youll probably have to deal with this,issue,water collected in the dash,see that,its a lot of women theres a lot of,water collecting in my dash,this is not the first time i had the,issue all right,i ended up having to hook up a hose,to drain this,because this is an ongoing issue,with this truck,so this is my fix,i ran the holes,behind the panel,and out the door,to drain,to be enclaves dirty little secret,thanks for watching

Car Review: 2011 Buick Enclave – Test Drive

I am Rob Davidson with wheels on edge,and this is the 2011 Buick Enclave a,very large truck it rides on exactly the,same platform as the Traverse and the,Acadia it is about $15,000 up to $20,000,depending on what kind of options you,put in dollars more than the Traverse,and the Acadia that one of the reasons,why is the vehicle that weve got is,loaded down with all of the luxury,options that you can get primarily the,communication systems in the and the,entertainment systems in the leather and,so on the wood grain and what-have-you,so this vehicle which starts at about 51,4 ends up costing about 64 5 so lets,round it down to $64,000 its a $64,000,vehicle so what do you get for 64 geez,well first of all I remember when this,vehicle first came out all the reviewers,would split were saying Oh General,Motors has finally come up with a Lexus,killer something to actually go head to,head with the the Lexus 350 and the 440,and so on I think I was even one of the,people that said that on super second,thought now a couple of years down the,road because this is essentially the,same vehicle as the 2010 a couple of,years down the road Im not entirely,sure about that now not only is this,vehicle not as fuel efficient as the,Lexus by a good couple of liters per 100,kilometers its not even as,fuel-efficient as its sister vehicles,the the Traverse and the Acadia this car,this truck will go for about 13 liters,per hundred kilometres in the city and,much better on the highway it has that,3.6 liter v6 engine with the variable,valve timing on it so the very clever,computer control of the engine,so that it actually becomes its most,efficient on the highway of course there,you get about nine,400 kilometres are about 31 miles to the,gallon,thats nothing to write home about to be,quite honest where you win with the,Buick Enclave is the is the absolute,bowing to luxury this is a very very,luxurious car the back seats have lots,and lots of room its easy to get into,the very back seats the three sort of,bench seats if you want to but I cant,see why any human being would actually,want to fit in those seats theyre not,very comfortable to sit in but the front,seats the passenger seats with the,captains or captains chairs really,really comfortable seating arrangement,comfortable ergonomics airbags up the,ying-yang which is great theyre all,over the place in this car massive,safety features in this car and on the,road its very stable very smooth Drive,as you would expect by any vehicle,thats thats labelled and badge appeal,you

2011 Buick Enclave CX Review – A GREAT Used Car!

this review has been made possible by,toyota of naperville as you know toyota,has tons of brand new toyotas available,for purchase,but did you know that they also have a,remarkable selection of used cars,head on over to toyota of naperville.com,and look through hundreds of used cars,for sale,right now,all right whats up guys my name is zach,and today i am driving a 2011,buick enclave cx up front is a 3.6 liter,v6,down below is a six speed automatic,transmission,now im excited to be driving this here,enclave for really one reason,and that is that back in the day i,actually drove one of these to iowa one,time from chicago,to iowa and i never got to film one so,ive had this experience with this,vehicle,but i havent had any sort of outlet to,share it with you guys,i guess also a second reason im excited,to drive this is because buick,is such an interesting brand to me in,the fact that its so,uninteresting that its interesting if,that makes sense,well talk about it later lets get back,to that 3.6 liter v6 ill put the,horsepower and torque up on the screen,this isnt really a powerhouse but it,definitely suits this sort of,application,of a larger suv fuel economy 17,in the city 24 on the highway,not fantastic if im honest but this is,a larger suv it is a three,row suv so i guess beggars cant be,choosers when it comes to that now the,3.6 liter v6,is used in a ton of applications from gm,not just buick products but its also,found in a ton of chevy products,mid-tier camaros now,traverse the blazer and even up in the,cadillacs lineup the ct6,and the xt5 came with these 3.6 liter,v6s,and in that respect its much like the,3.6 liter from,chrysler they put that into everything,very different engines,but they shove that into literally,everything think,of a post 2008 gm,vehicle odds are it got this 3.6 liter,v6 at some point,and thats good because this is a well,thought through engine,gm knows that they can trust it so they,shoved it into a bunch of vehicles,parts are easy to find theyve been,around for,many moon cycles and so youre not going,to have too many,issues with it in terms of finding parts,like i said paired to it,is a six speed automatic transmission,and i like it so far,its a little bit clunky here and there,but its a 2011 with 130 000 miles on it,i would be clunky too if i had 130 000,miles,on me we are warmed up here on the test,track i dont,have any sort of sport mode thats not,really,buicks game front wheel drive to finish,it out and then well talk about the,interior but front wheel drive,buick enclave,[Music],yeah i mean it gets up and goes it,definitely moves,out of its own way it doesnt feel,underpowered but its nothing shocking,its a buick enclave thats really par,for the course with this vehicle,now we got to talk about the interior we,have a couple interesting things,here in the enclave and we do have three,rows of seating,so we will do backseat reviews a little,bit later on if youre interested in,that there are chapters down below here,on youtube,where you can click around and find,those things but in front of me i have,five main gauge pods on the far,left is my coolant temperature then i,have my tachometer,then i have my fuel in the center,speedometer on the right and then,battery voltage on the far right as well,as i get a tiny little information,screen up at the top giving me my,odometer outside temperature,compass and gear selector i like the,gauges themselves but i dont like how,separated they are i think theyre so,far recessed into the dash,that the coolant temperature and battery,voltage,are almost hard to see from my seating,position they feel like theyre,cut off by part of the outlet for the,gauge and while i could see all the,information perfectly it just doesnt,really sit right with me,on the steering wheel on the left i have,my cruise control,options which is very nice and then on,the right i have my phone,options skip track and volume i like the,look of the steering wheel i like the,wood accents on the steering wheel as,well it also gives it you know just a,little bit more character,than the chevy counterpart of this,vehicle and overall i cant complain too,much i,i like it to the left of me i have my,headlight switches and dome light,switches and then on the door i have my,power windows power mirrors,and power locks before we get to the,rest of the center stack,up above i do have my rear view mirror,onstar options of course,but this is actually where the backup,camera is found,so you put it into reverse youll hear a,beep there we go,and the backup camera is on this backup,camera is pretty low,quality its not very clear theres no,lines which i would have really liked,for spacing reasons,however im glad that it even gets a,backup camera for 2011 that is a pretty,big deal,but its not nearly anything that we get,in todays vehicles,so im sure at the time it was great but,right now not the best,but before we get on with the rest of,the video i want to say thank you to the,people who,made this video possible first up,cashforcars.com wants to buy,your car they will buy your car with a,clean title salvage title running,non-running whatever it may be you can,get your free quote by clicking the link,in the description below,cashforcars.com is the easiest way,to sell your car within a couple of,clicks theyll come pick up your car in,less than 24 hours,you dont even have to leave the couch,and its absolutely awesome,next up we have cotton plates the con,plate is a suction cup mount for your,license plate when you dont want to,mount it to the front of your car,if you have to legally have a front,license plate like you do here in,illinois,but you dont want to stick it on the,front of your car you think its ugly,you want to take it off for car shows,whatever it may be you can actually just,put your license plate,into the suction cup holder and put it,in your front windshield when driving,around to remain legal,you can get your con plate in the,description below and every sale helps,out the channel,so make sure your car looks good with,con plates last but not least i want to,talk about the,fixed obd2 sensor now this is a,bluetooth sensor,that you plug into your obd2 port on,your car and it gives you a ton of cool,information like your check engine,lights,how to fix your check engine lights,approximately how much it should cost,maintenance intervals like oil change,tire rotation brake pads when you should,change that stuff out this is absolutely,fantastic for anyone into cars or anyone,looking to get,into mechanics fixed is offering my,viewers a discount,through that link so go check it out and,again help support the channel,but with all that out of the way lets,get on with the review,moving into the center i have a little,cubby hole thats actually openable on,the dash,this is the start of gm putting very,weird storage compartments in their,vehicles,we all know the c7 corvette the screen,comes down,in the middle the new tahoe has a weird,storage compartment as well,those vehicles followed in the enclave,footsteps with a very weird storage,container up on the dashboard,moving down below that i do have an,analog,clock which i really like to see in cars,theres no,base model cheap vehicle that comes with,an analog clock in the dash anymore sure,back in the 80s and 70s those were,pretty commonplace especially like,volvos and things like that,actually some vehicles came with a clock,instead of a tachometer,but nowadays when you see an analog,clock in a vehicle like this,its actually sort of a status symbol it,looks like a wrist watch that i would,buy at a,nice jewelry store although it is,slightly,small so glancing at it while driving,it is a little hard to see the,individual lines especially here in the,morning,surrounding the clock is this sort of,circular vent style,which is very interesting theres a lot,of circles here in the interior of the,enclave and this half circle,is definitely one of the most obvious,but moving down we do have a very,typical

2011 Buick Enclave CXL-2, Heated/Cooled Seats, AWD Review| Island Ford

thanks for joining us today at Island,Ford superstore located on North,crossroad in Duncan BC off the,trans-canada highway were in the,gouchin Valley on Vancouver Island today,were looking at a 2011 buick enclave,cxl in white diamond with black leather,interior four doors and a hatch seating,for seven its a six cylinder all-wheel,drive its really easy to get into this,vehicle just talked to our sales team,theyd be happy to take you out for a,test drive perch and speaker in the door,as well as power locks windows and,mirrors your windows also have the,functionality of power folding you have,memory for your drivers seat the driver,seat is powered with lumbar your,lighting controls are located here and,you have power tilt and telescoping,steering wheel on the face of it youve,got your cruise control and hands-free,dialing when we start up the vehicle,order to see any important messages,appear on the dash and we have a menu,that we can toggle through so theres,your odometer reading and the,temperature outside trip a trip B range,average economy timer feel used average,speed and back around again in the,center youve got a clock and on and on,either side air vents below that youve,got your CD player as well youve got,your display screen with your media,am/fm Sirius radio and this is a,touchscreen so you can actually touch,your choices youve also got navigation,and when you put your vehicle in reverse,this is where your to see your back up,camera view below that youve got your,hazard lights and thats what I was,talking through when I was making,changes to the dash below that you have,display you have dual climate control,and theres your fan and youve got your,front,sorry front and rear defrost youve got,your AC and below that you have cooled,and heated seats for the driver and the,passenger youve got your lift gate,release toe hole as well as traction,control and theres your windshield,wiper for the back youve got a 12-volt,thats an automatic slide shifter couple,of cup holders and you can just slide,this open for more storage your armrest,slides forward and back for comfort and,you can also press and open up for more,storage inside,youve got a glove compartment off to,the side there and up above youve got,an auto-dimming rearview mirror and if,you subscribe to OnStar youve got the,buttons there for it youve also got a,garage door opener and youve got your,lighting controls here you can also,slide that sunroom inch wheels prone,door handle drivers side fuel cap your,back hatch has a spoiler and a,windshield wiper and your back up camera,is below the handle you have dual,exhaust and sensors on your bumper as,well as a trailer hitch when you want to,open up that hatch you can do so from,inside or you can click your fob its,powered and releases it for you opening,it up and then inside nicely carpeted,youre seeing one of the seats down and,the other one up youve also got clips,to be able to tether things and if I,want to bring the seat up I simply pull,the tab and the seat comes right up I,then use the clip if I want to take it,back down and when Im ready to close,everything up I have a handle up to the,right or I can hit the bump button here,and the hatch will come down nice and,easy for me its securely closed and,then I can jump in or I can lock,everything up and walk away region,speaker in the door as well as power,windows you have seating for two in this,row Ive made this seat go flat by,pulling the tab you also have a lever,which one in the upright position pulls,the seat ahead so you get access to,those three back seats through in a,60/40 split and I have one flat right at,the moment and you also have cup holders,and storage there on the back of the,console youve got a 12-volt outlet and,on the back of these seats you have a,anchor to be able to tether baby seats,and then I can just lift it up and put,it in the upright position and flip up,the headrest this center console opens,up for more storage and as well youve,got a couple of cupholders youve also,got slim pockets on the back of the,front seats and carpeted mats on the,floor in the center you have a 120-volt,as well as a 12-volt,AV line in as well as air controls and,media controls up above you have a DVD,player and it comes with two headsets,and a remote you have grab handles in,the body to make it easier to get in,and up above youve got a sunroof Missy,glass in the back windows roof rails,heated and powered side view mirrors hid,headlights fog lights and so many more,reasons to visit us at Island Ford,superstore BCS number one rated Ford,dealer

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