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  2. 2014 Buick Encore Review
  3. 2014 Buick Encore Review
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2014 Buick Encore – HD Video Tour Review

whats going on everyone Brian Mello,here Mardis buick GMC and today were,taking a look at the 2014 buick encore,the buick encore is considered a compact,crossover luxury SUV when GM designed it,a few specific features they needed it,to be practical they needed great fuel,economy they wanted luxury and styling,I think they nailed it how practical is,the Encore really what if you needed to,store some things you needed to move,some luggage you needed to pack this,thing to the brim how much room do you,actually get in the Encore well if you,utilize encores fold flat seat,technology you get more than 48 cubic,feet of storage space behind the front,seats that is insane we fit half of your,life inside this thing and still have,all the comforts at home sitting up from,the drivers seat just how easy is it to,fold the seats down very common question,everyone wants to know yeah great they,fold down flat but how easy is it to,fold them flat Im gonna fight with the,seats all day or is it a simple button,that I have to push lets see just how,easy it is to drop these seats down and,get as much storage as we can in the,back alright so first things first,youre just gonna see this tab right,here were just gonna grab that tab and,the seat lifts up with just barely a,finger I mean this thing I barely had to,touch it,Ill show you one more time this tab,here just give it a pull the seat comes,up lifts the back and there you have it,seats completely folded up now for your,next step theres a button right up here,just grab that button push the seat you,can see Im only using one hand to do,this and just drop it down,you can see it lays nice and flat all,the way into the back,2014 Buick Encore comes with available,front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive,options its powered by a 138 horsepower,1.4 liter Ecotec motor which gives you a,combined 26 miles per gallon paired that,with the 6-speed automatic transmission,and Stabilitrak with traction control,you have yourself a perfect little,package for your everyday commuter some,styling features include Buicks,signature waterfall grille hood-mounted,portholes 18-inch alloy wheels wrapped,in 215 55:18 continental tires as well,as Buicks signature projector headlights,with blue accents around so if take a,look at the outside of the Encore weve,highlighted a few of the stylized,features as well as some performance,aspects and the powertrain weve checked,out the cargo for us to get into and,thats the technology on the inside,inside the Encore comes jam packed with,standard technology features some of,those include the eight-inch IntelliLink,display bluetooth voice commands climate,control cruise control as well as voice,commands are conveniently located on the,steering wheel for ease of access so you,dont have to take your hands away and,distract yourself when youre driving,Buicks standard eight-inch IntelliLink,system allows you to easily navigate,through your cars multimedia as well as,navigation XM satellite radio CD photos,you can even find where the local movies,are playing and what time the Buick,Encore comes standard with six way power,adjustable seats including adjustable,electronic lumbar support to give you,that perfect ride comfort that everybody,looks for when it comes to a,your vehicle on top of that you get a,telescopic and fully adjustable steering,wheel thats simple to use and gives you,the best positioning for your driving,style when you sit inside the Encore,youll also notice that its stole a lot,of its stylizing from its Big Brother,the on cliff with the custom woodgrain,inserts and the doors as well as going,across the entire dash it gives you that,luxury look and feel that youre looking,for when youre shopping for a vehicle,the gauge cluster in the Encore is not,only easy to read but it also provides,you with advanced information as from,speed to navigation to fuel range,average speeds timers everythings right,there and all you have to do is spin,this knob all your easy-to-use controls,are located right where they should be,with the large knob controlling their,eight-inch IntelliLink display as with,all my reviews I like to give a final,walk around the vehicle weve talked,about the outside weve taken a look at,some of the interior features at $24,000,starting price nothing can really,compare to the Encore and honestly the,Encore right now it really doesnt have,any competition so if youre in the,market for a small SUV maybe even a car,you want that extra room you want the,luxury you want the style you want the,performance you want the fuel economy,encore might just be the choice for you,as always thank you all for watching,please like and subscribe we get the,more reviews coming check us out on,Facebook facebook.com slash Martys be,with GMC I look forward to hearing from,you all soon take care

2014 Buick Encore Review

the 2014 Buick Encore is the best SUV,for you if youd like to take a chance,on something you maybe didnt even know,existed only to find out you really like,it kind of like a deep-fried Snickers,bar America has never seen anything,quite like the Encore welcome to a new,automotive category the premium,subcompact crossover Buick stuffs an,amazing level of refinement and features,into a body no longer than that of a VW,Beetle,but the Encore is as tall as the average,crossover so the driver is elevated rear,seat passengers sit comfortably upright,and theres good cargo room best of all,its fun to drive it rides and handles,way better than youd expect and we,averaged about 30 miles per gallon this,is Chuck giametta when I greet a video,review the 2014 Buick Encore Buick sells,more cars in China than in the US and,the Encore really is designed for,Chinese tastes but it works unexpectedly,well in America built in South Korea,encore came here from model year 2013 as,the newest and smallest Buick Encore,offers front or all-wheel drive but just,one engine a tiny turbocharged,four-cylinder the only change for 2014,is availability of two new safety,features blind spot detection and rear,cross-traffic alert on course somehow,avoids looking as dorky as its tall,narrow body and short length might,suggest its a fresh shape that has no,direct rivals nothing else this small,attempts to be this upscale encores,premium aspirations are evident in a,cabin of pleasing shapes and quality,materials for adults ride in comfort and,in unanticipated tranquility thanks to,enormous effort by Buick engineers to,muffle road wind and mechanical ruckus,they even use the audio system to,generate noise canceling sound waves and,few vehicles that take up so little of,the road match encores 19 cubic feet of,cargo volume with the rear seat up and,48 with it folded on Coors 1.4 liter,turbo acts like the little engine that,could it has just 138 horsepower and it,can be slow off the line but once its,moving encore responds quickly emerges,onto freeways and passes other traffic,with unexpected confidence just as,surprising or the delightful road,manners Buick achieves with very,ordinary suspension components including,a torsion beam rear axle in our testing,and all-wheel drive encore exceeded its,epa fuel economy ratings of 28 miles per,gallon city highway combined with front,drive and 26 with all-wheel drive and,this turbo uses regular octane gas every,encore comes with a seven-inch dashboard,screen,it displays Buicks IntelliLink,voice-activated infotainment system,which is standard as well as the,optional navigation system even the base,encore model comes with heated mirrors a,power driver seat rear sight,airbags dual zone automatic climate,control and 18-inch alloy wheels the mid,line version adds leather upholstery a,heated steering wheel and heated memory,front seats the top-line premium model,gets all that plus the new safety,features with base prices from the mid,20 to the low $30,000 range the,subcompact Encore is less expensive than,other small premium class crossovers,like the BMW x1 the loaded premium model,we tested listed for around 33 thats,equivalent to the top line versions of,compact SUVs sure the Encore costs as,much as some larger crossovers but like,that deep-fried candy bar its so,unconventional yet tasty you may wonder,why no one thought of it before for more,on the 2014 Buick Encore and other cars,trucks and suvs go to like wed accom,you

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2014 Buick Encore Review

,hi Im Kelsey mays for cars.com luxury SUV seem to be getting smaller and,smaller these days,buick drives the point home with the Affordable encore which sort of strikes,a middle ground between luxury and non luxury SUVs,so does buick have what it takes to find a sort of premium middle ground between,the BMW x3s in the honda crv the world,youre about to find out now if youre shopping these cars these sort of in,between yours here,buick isnt your only choices other cars like the BMW x1 and Audi is forthcoming,q3 that kind of play a little bit in the space but even for that crowd the encore,is very small,overall like less than a hundred and ninety three inches a traditional,non-luxury small SUV like the ford escape nearly 10 inches longer,chevy equinox GMC terrain different platforms larger vehicles as well very,different from the Encore traditional cues here a lot of them for buick things,like blue rings around the headlights here,a waterfall grille here theres a lot of lower cladding on most on court,you can get rid of some of that look by getting a 995 dollar white tricoat pearl,paint option that matches the lower cladding with the rest of the pain a,little better,around back pretty forgettable styling there reminds us of the old saturn vue,the Encore comes with front or all-wheel drive both of them employ a 1.4 liter,turbo force owner thats shared with the chevy cruze and the chevy sonic now you,might think that engine belongs more in a lot more than an SUV but with,front-wheel drive the Encore tips the scales at under 3,200 pounds thats,actually hundreds of pounds less than the german competition,its never particularly quick but passing power is adequate,thanks in part to a six-speed automatic transmission that serves up fast if,sometimes jarring down ships ride quality continues to be soft like that,you ignore but one thing weve noticed its a little bit bad in terms of,isolation versus other buick cars a part of that might be because their standard,18-inch wheels and the wheel base on the Encore only about a hundred inches,theyre so pretty short in that area,still its comfortable enough especially around town and the encores EPA combined,mileage 28 miles per gallon with front-wheel drive or 26 with all-wheel,drive is pretty good for an SUV,now if youre getting a premium car youre going to want better cabin,materials than the non-luxury Norman I got to say the Encore delivers a nice,premium touches like headliner that goes all the way down the a-pillars here,inconsistent materials all around the upper – and the doors that even extend,to the rear doors as far as soft padded stuff for your arms and your elbows fall,the fake wood trim in the Encore does a pretty good job of looking like the real,thing and there is real metal all the way down here by the gearshift a couple,of downsides here,the driver gets an armrest youll notice the front passenger doesnt so they,might complain a little bit about that theres not a whole lot of storage space,down here in the center console fortunately there is in the door pockets,and in the on course,dual glove compartments Buick IntelliLink multimedia system has a lot,of features there but its very confusing to sort through a lot of the,menus with the center part of the dance which has a ton of buttons on it now,despite the encores small size it is a very tall SUV like driving position,which enables a commanding view of the road,the backseat is pretty good packaging as well well show you this is where the,encores ride height pays off,youve got a nice high seating position in back here that means adults wont,have their knees kind of dangling up in the air,Im six feet tall and thats where I would sit to drive so you can tell,theres actually surprisingly decent leg room back here and very good Headroom as,well,now behind the rear seats about 19 cubic feet of room if you fold them down in,about 50 cubic feet of room,thats a little bit of an antiquated processor you gotta fold these cushions,forward here you gotta kind of tumble them forward and then you got to put the,head restraints down and finally fold the seat backs down here to give a flat,cargo floor,the front passenger seat does fold forwards you can fit in ladders or other,tall items if you want,overall pretty competitive with the German very small premium SUV,competition,if you want more room though non-luxury small suvs do give a lot more room than,be encore any of its immediate competitors have first your reliability,for the encores come out to be pretty good but safety-conscious shoppers will,want to note that the Encore failed the Insurance Institute for Highway Safetys,small overlap frontal test,despite the fact that its got ten standard airbags now in Buicks defense,most small suvs did pretty poorly in that test as well so everyone kind of,needs to up their game,that being said buick has packaged,reasonable drivability with good passenger room and decent utility and,all important good premium interior quality in this encore,its on sale right now,yeah

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2014 Buick Encore Review | Sub compact crossover king?

heres a review of the 2014 Buick Encore,its an awesome fun little car has tons,of technology in it and its just a,great pleasure to drive lets check out,the intro make sure to subscribe like,the video and well see you on the other,side the intro,[Music],here is the 2014 Buick Encore its also,known as a chevy trax of course this is,a little bit nicer looking than the,Chevy will be and over overseas its,its known as an Opel or a ball I dont,know if Im saying that word right looks,like Vauxhall but I know you guys over,there but Ill put the other model names,on the screen but this car is kind of a,international car you see in other,markets pretty cool I actually like the,styling its kind of growing on me when,I first saw these cars I i straight-up,hated them but I always thought like and,they look here,theyre super short stubby and theyre,very tall so I almost thought they look,like a fat version of like a smart car,but over time man especially this Buick,that looks really especially with the,Morning Sun guys like how good the paint,looks you know this cars starting to,grow on me quite a bit and its its of,course its a 2014 so it is a used car,but man it doesnt feel like its any,any older than a brand new car so lets,get into the styling guys now this was,this car was facelifted I believe in,2017 for the 2017 models so the looks of,the car have changed a little bit but,man this car already looks pretty sharp,so lets get into it,give these this blue on the headlight,now the headlights are huge but you have,this blue circle here around the HID,headlight and then oh my gosh thats,cool song on the daylights guy thats,really bright and smart for me to see on,the camera but on the day lights,down here wheres my finger holy cow I,cant see my screen theres a Buick,symbol yeah you can see it is a Buick,symbol there on the headlight or the,parking light so its pretty cool pretty,cool down here you have some nice,parking sensors so this car does have,parking assist now itd be in a used car,its gonna rack up some dings now it,looks like a parking assist didnt deter,the previous owner of getting too close,to something while theyre parking but,it is what it is I like this little,grill new chrome grill with a nice,chrome Buick emblem here and then the,hood looks pretty good I think these,look cheesy Buick likes these cheesy,little things they put on trash people,put on their cars and everyone knows,they look trashy they still do it so but,lets continue the styling on the side,here so we have return signals here on,the mirror nights function nice little,feature there we have actually barely,large wheels here I havent looked to,see what size they are but they are,sitting on 18s all of you guys can see,that 18 inch rims which are the size is,impressive because the car so small we,have chrome here on the door handles all,the way around a nice chrome as Im,trying to shield the camera as much as,they can from what wind noise because as,you can see the trees are blowing the,water is moving quite strong on the lake,today a nice little spoiler now the cool,thing about spoilers on crossovers that,theyre actually functional Ill look in,here,actually a camera here with the camera,which is kind of funny because Ive,never seen it that high on a vehicle,before odd the taillights they look okay,you have a nice chrome piece underneath,the Buick emblem look cut look how small,this windshield wiper is this is one of,these small bunch of wipers Ive ever,seen dinky dinky Buick Encore now this,is an all-wheel drive model which again,guys for a car this small and in its,budget I can Im flabbergasted that you,can get involved will drive with all the,safety features you get a turbocharged,inline-4 238 horsepower you get a,six-speed transmission its huge 18-inch,wheels like youre just getting a lot,and a really small efficient package and,I again I apologize for my hands getting,in the way of the camera the wind is,just crazy were gonna pop the hood here,and see whats inside we know that,theres an inline 4 138 horsepower,turbocharged I couldnt when I was in,here the other day I couldnt find here,Im gonna use Im gonna need two hands,to open up the hood so hold on okay so,opening up the hood there are no shocks,which you would expect on a vehicle at,this price point but I like how the,stand the scent of the stand Ford the,hood is here off to the side so if you,needed to do some work on the engine,its not cut in the middle and thats,CRV I did the other day it was like,right here and it went all it was like,right in the middle of everything so you,can see a nice Buick emblem Ecotec on,the motor again its a 1.4 liter,turbocharged engine hunt 38 horse,thats got a good amount of torque low,in the rev range its got a full sized,battery thats impressive so the battery,was probably last a long time because,everything in here so small cool little,air box and a prepared meter there but I,would give this an 8 for the segment in,terms of presentation and lets get on,the inside of the 2014 Buick Encore,immediately the first thing I noticed in,getting in here is how high the seat is,you sit actually fairly high for how,small the car is and thats why a lot of,people like this car because you get a,good a good height in the seat and in,the car although the vehicle is really,small so lets just get into the,interior we have a hard touch plastic,here a wood themed plastic here this is,totally plastic but it looks like wood,right Im a chrome handle and then you,have this soft touch of leather leather,here and then this is very plastic II,but you know it doesnt feel out of,place or anything like that this is how,you you know change which mirror you,wanted to focus on and then it also has,this is a little joystick as well as a,switch to focus on which mirror you want,to move around here are your windows I,dont know if there were one touch yet,since I havent driven this car and then,your locks here your memory so this does,have memory seats now this is again the,premium so it is the creme de la creme,for this car you cant get a higher,model than this card so it does come,with memory seats speaking of the seats,theyre very comfortable you know they,are small but they dont you know as Im,sitting back into it they dont feel,like theyre small um but they are not,ventilated they are heated though which,is a nice little feature so you do get,heated seats in this car thats where,theyre at but well get more into that,second you got some blue stitching on if,you guys can see that you see,blue stitching and then you also have,like a silver stitch and I think this,blue stitching looks kind of weird and,the only other place that I remember,seeing that blue color is in the,headlight display but lets go ahead and,insert so we have a fog light button,here and I kind of like this little knob,its very straightforward a lot of times,when you see the lights theyre over,here,now theyre still here and in the sense,that you know your brights,are there but you know this is very,straightforward I kind of like the knob,is how you control the brightness of,your cluster here looking at the,steering wheel its wrapped in leather,stitching is okay you can see the,stitching a nice Buick symbol here and,this is plastic plastic here we do have,cruise control over here and then we,have a pre collision system as well so,thats kind of nice to have but when I,first got in this car for the first time,this is the second time Ive been in,here I was just kind of overwhelmed with,the amount of luxury features in a car,of this budget and this size in this,segment so Im Im still impressed,we have Lane keep our lane departure,warning here parking assist I dont know,what that is guys if you know what that,is let me know its a little guy with a,lock around him and then down here we,have a 12-volt now I wish like a Honda,it was labeled a little bit better way,of 12 volt here and this says auxilary,but you I dont know if you can even see,that on the camera I could

How did a dealer miss the problem on this 15 Encore 4 times? CAR WIZARD just had to read the codes

welcome back to the wizard shop and more,dealership woes,lets take a look at what this car has,been through and its still not fixed,lets take a look,[Music],we have a video to shoot what are you,eating,video bob,what,video bob,thats gross,yeah look,i guess you are,yes he sent this to me in the mail,and its very tasty it tastes like,watermelon,being friends with video bob has its,benefits let me show you guys,signed poster,from vinnie paul,with vinnies signature on it,how cool is that guys,so this is a 2015 buick encore with the,1.4 turbo,the customers had issues with the,charging like being on and off,its had some issues with overheating,going on it had a check engine light on,its been to the dealership multiple,multiple times and the lady that owns,this has just had enough,this one was a check engine light on,they did an oil change and said that,would fix it,heres another one where they did a,serpentine belt and an oil change and,they said that would fix her battery,light or check engine light and shed be,good to go 277 dollars,another oil change theyre saying that,that will fix the the check engine light,and they did a few other services 364,dollars its still not fixed,this ones just a receipt for i think a,tow bill or something im not sure,but all those papers multiple trips to,the dealership,im starting to see what you guys are,talking about because,obviously i dont take my car to the,shop i have a shop i fix it myself or,have my guys do it but im slowly,starting to see what you guys go through,you take it to the dealership thats,supposed to have the top technicians,one trip two trip three trips its still,not fixed,what we found what was wrong with this,car and has fixed it,after we got it done,me,and cameron are we calling long beach is,my one of my new employees we just,looked at each other were just like,how did this not get fixed after three,trips,at a dealership,it doesnt make any sense let me put,these papers away and well take a look,at the car,these are kind of cute mrs wizard,uh if you say so theyre kind of small,and a little 1.4 turbo,if you dont want to get on the highway,very quickly sure i think they have okay,power,its a small really really small suv but,well go ahead and take a look around it,as you can see its got some,bird bombs on it,we have a dent right here,weve got a picture of that already and,you guys know in the automotive world,when youre running a shop you always,get pictures of this stuff when the car,first shows up,because the customer may not even know,thats there,and they get home,and you get a nasty phone call what did,you do to my car,but these this came in with all these,dents on it theres a few more as we go,down this side here,everythings pretty good theres,a small dent here im not knocking this,person for the dance i understand its,life it happens,im just showing you guys that we take,pictures for our own safety,theres nothing wrong with the car,around the back we can see buick encore,its kind of got,some nice tail lights kind of a nice,rear end for a buick,everything looks good on this side there,is a little scratch here we got a,picture of that as well,everything looks pretty good on it,well go ahead and open the hood,so theres our little 1.4 liter,turbocharged ecotec,no it is not a powerhouse,but for its size its not too bad,its a little 1.4 liter but its putting,out power almost of a toyota 2.4 or,something like that naturally aspirated,its got a roughly 140 horsepower and,150 pound feet of torque,now compared to some,c63 amg or something crazy this is a,joke but thats not the point of this,car this car is not meant for that its,meant for economy and to get you from,point a to point b comfortably,and it does that very well,theres the turbo down there you can see,there is the wastegate actuator,really simple to get to if the turbo,were to go out you would be able to just,unbolt it and take it off right there,one thing i do like about the smaller,engines they take up less space which,gives you more room,to work on everything,do you remember the days mrs wizard of,grand prix where you had to unbolt the,motor mounts to do spark plugs oh yeah,just rock that engine forward just to,get to the ones in back,listen to that guys no muffler newton,how about that,so heres our map sensor heres a purge,valve,heres our fuel rail,everythings just right there easy to,get to,real,nice so the first thing we did is we,connected our scan tools autel ms908,that we use,and we found one code,and the code was for,faulty thermostat,we did check it it wasnt getting up to,operating temperature and occasionally,it would overheat it was just kind of,failing at different points,thats all it was,and i just mentioned a minute ago long,beach is cameron lets go ahead and,bring him in,all right cameron,so youve been here a few months yes sir,and you came from where in california,exactly long beach long beach did you,actually live in is it a city long beach,yep i was on cherry avenue next to the,airport next to the airport,very cool,he decided he wanted to work here at,omega,he packed up his things and headed out,i read through his resume looked at,everything and its like this guy sounds,really good and so far hes been really,good very very pleased with your work so,he actually replaced a thermostat on,this and ill show it to you guys,you can see that its electrically,controlled,kind of like a land rover,i had him replace that went and road,tested it and no check engine light,after that right no sir and the,temperature stays right in the middle we,even watch it with the scan tool,no more overheat no more over cooling,its exactly where its supposed to be,isnt it crazy that a dealership,couldnt find this,multiple times anyways you can go throw,that in the trash and thanks for being,in the video thank you so the thermostat,wasnt some mysterious magical elusive,thing that needed to be fixed,the computer was screaming heres the,code its the thermostat please look at,it,and by the time we replace it and,everything,is few hundred bucks its not very,expensive at all,with the parts and the labor the,thermostat actually was kind of,expensive i was expecting 10 or 20 bucks,it was way more than that,this could have become an issue if they,kept driving it and it really were to,overheat really strongly and the,customer kept driving it it could have,damaged the engine,and like i just mentioned a minute ago,me and cameron just scratched our heads,or like,so we replaced that and it fixed it,what was so hard about that,we didnt even use a ten thousand dollar,dealership scan tool we we used our,autel ms 908,and common sense,and all the stack of papers laying there,in the seat,of visits to the dealership,and thats all it was,i dont know guys i dont know im like,i said im starting to see what you guys,go through this is really crazy is that,what were coming to in america with,mechanic shops,its really sad,the last thing we needed to check was,the battery light was on,cameron noted that while it was running,it was putting out 14 volts,but if you turn it off,and try to start it again it would just,go click,nothing dead,so i told them go ahead and get our,battery charger hook it up and see if we,just needs to be charged or something,like that we have a smart charger,and as soon as he hooked it up it came,up on the screen and said faulty battery,i was like boom,there you go,it wont even take a charge and our,charger says hell no i dont even want,to charge that battery so charging its,not the solution,a new battery was the solution,we got a brand new battery in it,it puts out 14 volts,we let it run for a while turned it off,monitored the voltage it stays around 12,12 and a half,and starts right up the next time,all it needed was a battery it didnt,need a serpentine belt it didnt need i,dont know what else they did on there,just a battery,so we got a battery,and a thermostat,and were done and this car is fixed,there are no warning lights it drives,perfect the temperatu

2014 Buick Encore Review. Good or Bad?

drive your source for automotive reviews,analysis and maintenance,hi and welcome to drive your source for,automotive reviews analysis maintenance,and Restorations please subscribe to the,channel like the video and hit the,notification Bell also follow us on,Twitter,Im Chris capredoni and today Im,reviewing the 2014 Buick Encore and this,particular one is the Premium Edition,subcompact SUV,this um vehicle was launched in 2012 as,Buicks first Sub-Compact SUV and their,fourth SUV introduction as a brand in,North America its known as The Encore,but in Europe its known as the Opel,Vauxhall opal or Vauxhall mocha,it was designed uh by uh designer,carlston Anga heester,um and Ill put a picture up of him,the Buick Encore is a front engine front,wheel drive but it also comes in,all-wheel drive SUV,its manufactured exclusively uh in two,places South Korea by GM Korea and also,in China by saic GM which is um a joint,venture between Chinas saic and United,States uh General Motors Corporation,GM conceived this vehicle to be a global,vehicle and in the sense of being,manufactured globally and distributed,globally not just in North America,okay now getting to the engine for The,Encore uh all on course come with only,one engine option its a 1.4 liter,triple charged inline four which is,transversely mounted its called the,Ecotec and its made out of cast iron,and the cylinder and cylinder shafts are,made out of aluminum and the covers the,valve cover is made of a reinforced,plastic this engine can also be found in,the Chevrolet Tracks and also the Chevy,Cruze,the turbo its a single turbo,um the OEM is a Mal the brand and it,lasts about 150 000 kilometers or 93 000,miles before you need to either maintain,it or replace it I would recommend,replacing it because these really arent,serviceable,um and once they get 10 years old you,really there really isnt any benefit in,trying to uh spend the money and time to,fix them its better to just replace,them they will look located just down in,this cavity here very easy to access and,remove,the engine,um Peak horsepower is 138 horsepower and,maximum torque is 148 pound-feet of,torque which is 200 newton meters with a,red line of uh 6500 RPM the compression,ratio is 9.5 to 1 per cylinder this is a,double overhead cam meaning it has 16,valves,um and which is very standard for,four-cylinder engines over the last,couple of decades,um as you can see the its quite,um a tight,um layout,over here I have the mass airflow,uh meter this is the air intake the the,um,air,um filter is located down in here over,here this is the valve cover as I,mentioned the four spark plugs are here,underneath this cover very easy to,replace and service over there I have,the battery uh fuse box,a brake master cylinder over here is the,reservoir coolant reservoir dipstick,um oil change cap or oil cap everything,is very easy to service in this vehicle,even though it is compact they did a,good job General Motors did a good job,in efficiently laying it out so that it,is easy to service without a lot of,um what I call tear down,in order to get to certain areas of the,vehicle,uh uh Parts you can get them from any GM,dealership also from independent,um parts dealerships across North,America or Europe also you can get parts,from online retailers uh like rock auto,I get a lot of my parts from them so,parts are very easy to get and very,reasonably priced,fuel economy its 25 miles per gallon,City 30 miles per gallon highway,respectively thats,um 9.4 and 9 and 7.8 liters per 100,kilometers and it runs on regular,unleaded fuel so even with the surge in,fuel prices youre still being able to,buy the most economical fuel to run this,vehicle and its very economical,vehicle to run okay lets get to the,potential engine problems that a lot of,encores face the first one being the,cooling system as Parts Decay they begin,to leak,um for example the the coolant reservoir,will crack especially at the points,where hoses connect and theyll start,leaking so theyll need to be replaced,it isnt very,um difficult a job to replace them nor,are they expensive to replace,also,um its been known that the radiator fan,will not shut shut off and that,eventually will drain the battery out,preventing you from restarting the,vehicle,um my guess would be that a relay that,governs the um the fan may go bad and,get stuck in an open position fail not,allowing it to shut down and those,relays the the relay is most likely,around 25 to replace so not a huge,problem but An Inconvenient one,um my advice would be you know after,five years of service replace the relay,and you do not you know,um face that that sort of issue,especially in a very inconvenient time,I talked about the turbocharger that is,a potential weak spot they have been,known to fail and what will happen is,youll have a loss of of permanent power,and or youll hear rattling uh coming,from the engine because either the,bearings have burnt or a part of the,blade has snapped and is spinning around,and crackling around in there I wouldnt,waste any time trying to replace this,sort of Turbo theyre very inexpensive,relatively speaking you can get a new,one,um and put it in for less than 400 so it,should be replaced,uh at some point in time this valve,cover will crack,um so,new ones arent arent expensive I think,theyre about a hundred dollars 150 tops,so when you replace that replace the,gasket as well its a very easy job,um as you can see theres nothing,obstructing uh replacing it theres some,um hoses here which can be unbolted and,moved out of the way this comes right up,and off allowing you clear access to put,down the gasket once without it kinking,or moving and then you can put the um,the valve cover back down and re-torque,all of the bolts to spec I dont recall,what they are but I can put it on,um later on another issue is that,there have been reports of dead,batteries like electrical problems like,dead batteries or dimming dashboards or,power locks not working,um its hard for me to comment on things,like that most likely youre going to,have issues with a battery thats over,four years old that is past its due date,and should be replaced that causes these,problems,um the fob battery may go bad not,allowing you to gain access to the,vehicle so a lot of these reported,Problems by uh owners,most likely are simple fixes so I,wouldnt get discouraged when you read,reviews like that that really provide a,symptom of a problem and that problem,being fairly simple so I would not get,discouraged it is a good solid Power,Plant GM is confident enough in it to,put it into other vehicles so it is a,good vehicle it is a good engine,so here we are in the Buick encores,interior as you can see its a very,attractive and warm environment very,relevant still even after 10 years that,was initially designed,all the materials in here are quite good,uh the Plastics are all high quality and,stand up the leather is good and stands,up to daily use,ergonomically its very good its,efficient design the center console,while its very attractive I do have,concerns with it my concern is that its,busy enough that you have to divert your,attention while driving from the road to,the console in order to operate it so I,believe that GM should have made it a,little bit more simpler straightforward,so that you do not have to divert your,attention,um for more than two seconds in order to,to operate it so Im not a fan of it I,did mention that all the materials in,here are high quality I do notice though,that the Chrome benzyl here its a,plastic bezel is showing its age and the,paint is coming off,they can be replaced but still its not,living up to the rest of the vehicles,interior quality and GM should actually,address things like that not just in the,Encore but in other vehicles where,theyre using uh plastic trim to come,off and look like Chrome,this the the seats are a mixture of,leather and vinyl and the stand up to,daily use they are heated and I have a,memory option to them,um Im very c

2014 Buick Encore Test Drive and Review

the 2014 Buick Encore the average guy,the Encore is a compact crossover,vehicle with great exterior styling,comfy and versatile interior good,technology and pleasant driving dynamics,and you know the drill today Im going,to be doing a review of the 2014 Buick,Encore now in case you havent noticed,Buick has undergone some pretty big,changes lately what once was a brand for,the more mature crowd is now attracting,younger buyers and the Encore is a,perfect example of the new Buick for,starters its tiny,great for city streets daily commutes,and tight spaces the encores exterior,design is bold and sculpted yet hip and,playful I just love the brilliant blue,metallic color of my test model and,Buicks signature chromed out grill and,the slick alloy rims now with such a,petite exterior profile youd expect a,cramped interior right but the Encore is,surprisingly roomy up front for the,driver or his wingman or his wing clown,or a dog grandma you get the point,now the interior design of the Encore is,much more quietly composed than the,outside but I will say that the color,scheme and materials make for a light,open and airy cabin and the front seats,are comfortable and supportive and power,adjustable for the driver and the seats,are trimmed with this faux leather and,cloth combo and a cool contrast,stitching detail now well say it took,me a little bit of time to get,comfortable at first because of the,folding armrests on the drivers side,its positioned too high and its too,short for the average guy but the front,seats offer good lumbar support and,theyre thickly padded which is good,comfort for long rides now the back seat,of the Encore is a bit more spatially,challenged the seating is comfortable,but a bit cramped for taller folks but,the really cool thing about the Encore,is its versatility in terms of cargo,space theres just under 19 cubic feet,of trunk space behind the rear seats,expands to just over 48 cubes with the,back seats folded flat and the front,passenger seat also folds flat to allow,for longer packages to be loaded into,the vehicle theres also good technology,to be found in the base model of the,Encore Bluetooth phone and audio control,satellite radio OnStar and this 7 inch,display with backup cam and Buicks,IntelliLink infotainment control are all,standard equipment pretty cool for a,vehicle that starts at around 25k USD,now Im testing the mid or convenience,trim which adds blind spot monitoring,warning lights and the side mirrors that,alert you when another vehicle enters,your blind spot its a great feature to,have when youre out on the highway or,when youre bobbing and weaving on the,tough city streets I know you I know,thats what you do okay so now Im going,to talk about what ultimately is most,important the driving experience now,Ive heard some complaints about the,encore being underpowered but you know,what while youre not going to want any,races in this vehicle it seemed to,perform well when I put it through all,of its paces races paces Im rhyming ok,the encore is powered by a 1.4 liter,turbo 4 that generates 138 horsepower,and 148 foot-pounds of torque,not big power numbers but where the hell,are you going so fast – anyway slow down,and save gas the encore delivers an,estimated 25 city 33 Highway mpg now the,lack of real get-up-and-go will detract,some buyers but the encore solid feel,Pleasant steering and quiet cabin will,be pleasing to most overall the Encore,is a smart stylish little crossover,vehicle with personality Im going to,have to give it a thumbs up so there you,have it another honest Auto review from,an average guy if youre in the market,for a compact crossover that has good,technology pleasant driving dynamics and,good cargo space you definitely have to,put the new Buick Encore on your 10,Brod list and ill see you next time but,in the meantime keep pushing play

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