1. Honda Civic 2018 in-depth review | carwow Reviews
  2. 2018 Honda Civic Sedan: FULL REVIEW | Touring, EX-L, EX-T, EX & LX
  3. Start Up And Review | 2018 Honda Civic EX-T Review
  4. Should You Buy One? 2016-2020 Honda Civic (10th Generation) Review
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  6. 2018 Honda Civic LX Review & Drive – Best First Car?
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Honda Civic 2018 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

this is the new Honda Civic and I know,what youre thinking yes it does look,rather different than the old Honda,Civic but thats just the way Honda,placings with its designs so as the cars,go from generation to generation they do,change quite a lot in the way that they,look whereas other manufacturers they,more evolved the design of their cars,thats just like hundreds of things,isnt it its car Im not really decided,Im whether I like the look of it,sometimes I do sometimes I dont but,designs a personal thing you make your,own mind up about this car in terms of,prices if you click up there you can get,a car wat code at UK you can actually,configure your ideal Honda Civic then,dealers will come back to you with the,best price they can do it so you can buy,a car from the comfort of your own home,without even having to haggle speaking,about comfort lets check out the inside,so its actually pretty nice in here,inside the new Civic now you sits,probably bout that much lower than in,the old cart it does just feel more,sporty and you can really lower the seat,as well so you do feel really connected,to the road,dont worry though if youre short you,can jack it up quite a way and theres,plenty of adjustment in the steering,wheel though the release handle is quite,far under here so you do have to reach,to find it also the sporty thing,continues with the layout so if you,notice the center console wraps around,you the design of the dash is well it,just feels sport its got nice textures,to it and generally the quality is very,good as youd expect from a Honda and,its not perceived quality either these,cars are generally very reliable but the,sort of notice which is just really,bothering my OCD so look at this this,little speaker cover its not really,stuck down really one thats a bit,flimsy and they say event its just,popping up a bit,that would really do my head in Im,hoping Im imagining its a one-off on,this particular car now whats not a,one-off,is this all cars get digital drivers,dials there so the main speedo is,digital as standard across the range you,get parking sensors you get cruise,control you get climate control you get,alloy wheels you get bluetooth but you,only get a 5-inch infotainment screen,this is the upgraded one so you need to,step up to the mid spec car to get this,and its actually quite nice to use the,screens bright its okay to flip through,menus I dont think the systems quite,as easy to use as that in a set line now,if you click it there you can see my,fault in-depth video review of the,infotainment system in terms of the rest,of the car well this,decent cubby spaces in here so door bins,theyre big enough glovebox thats a,reasonable size but then theres some,nice solutions such as theres an area,here for your mobile phone and theres,actually the charging points are kept,underneath so you can plug in various,devices and charge them up and leave,them there then theres this system,under the armrest here so theres quite,a lot of storage into there another,charging point as well and then theres,a cup holder there which you can remove,if you want to carry a larger bottle so,very good in terms of carrying people,lets check out the back this car is a,little bit of a mixed bag here in the,rear so at first in terms of legroom,theres absolutely loads loads of foot,room as well you can really really,stretch out one problem I do have though,is that the rear windows are quite small,so it can be a little bit dark and,claustrophobic in the back here and,these seats there this super squidgy and,soft and theyre big and supportive and,theyre nice the problem is this though,theres this Ridge just there in the,back which if you said yeah actually,what were Honda thinking with that,thats really poor design theres an,armrest here which is a little bit on,the low side its got some cupholders in,it if you do need it you need to carry,three at once in the back that Ridge,doesnt bother you so much because of,the way you sit and the seat is quite,squidgy and the car is quite wide so,its better carrying through in the back,then you might think well for the person,in the middle its not so good for the,people either side because the way the,body rolls in they sometimes hit their,head against there which is an ideal,lets move on to the boot now the leg,capacity is bloomin huge its one of the,biggest in this class so yeah you can,carry lots of stuff in the Civics boot,theres some underfloor storage as well,there quite a lot of it actually and,theres various tethering points about,the place youve also got a 12 volt,socket there for charging up I dont,know your Hoover for hoovering out the,boot slight complaints though are the,fact there is a bit of a lip to lift,stuff over its not huge but in other,cars you can actually raise a boot floor,up your corne in this one another thing,to note is this when you fold the seats,down there is a ridge there but Honda,well its made it gradual so you can,pushed heavy things up to the front of,the car so its not too much of a,problem and it,its a hugely practical car for a,hatchback now if you click up there you,can watch my detailed practicality video,and much stuff I could fit in this car,boot how easy it is to fit a child seat,and what its like with three adults in,the back seat okay thats the,walk-around bit dealt with now its time,to hit the road to see what this car is,like to drive the Civic is a really nice,easy car to drive in town so the,suspension does a great job of dealing,with the bumps in the road and high,specification cars actually get,electrically controlled suspension,thats even better and at the touch of a,button you can actually stiffen it up,which you dont want to do because then,it all gets a bit bouncy so just having,in the normal mode the steering slide,the clutches like the gear shift is,precise and the brakes theyre really,sharp but not too grabby then theres a,windscreen I love the windscreen its,very wide that Bosch is low and its,almost like youre watching a cinema,screen then obviously the only film,youre gonna be watching is traffic see,what I did there thing is though just,like my jokes not everything about the,Civic is perfect so the back window its,got the spoiler integrated into it and,that kind of obscures the view somewhat,theres a huge blind spot here which end,up looking around at junctions and if,you want to see for yourself click up,there towards my 360 degree passenger,right video when you head out on the,motorway the Civic is a pretty good,cruiser so on the whole it reasonably,quiet not quite as quiet as a Volkswagen,Golf but its still absolutely fine,the seats are lovely though theyre,really relaxing whats not so relaxing,is when you rev the one litre engine in,this car as Im going to do it now,listen,dont if you pick it up that noise now,the engine is fast enough its just a,bit rough its a little bit noisy,economy thats alright its doing about,43 miles per gallon but if you can,afford it I would spend extra to get the,1.5 liter turbo petrol its smoother,its faster its a really nice engine if,you do lots and lots of miles you might,want to get the 1.6 liter diesel its,not out yet but its available soon,Geron a twisty road and this Civic will,surprise you with how well it goes round,corners it just seems to grip and grip,and claw its way round its quite,surprising actually now for the reason,that it can do that is they does this,thing where it breaks the inside wheels,which helps slingshot you around the,corners but yeah its a surprising,amount of fun for something that,supposed to be a sensible car you should,be able to do this in a civic I only,complaint is maybe the steering doesnt,let you feel the road quite as well as,you can in something like a say out lion,which is a more overtly sporty car but,really it cares about that Im massively,impressed with how this car handles now,then its time for the car why five,annoying things about this car the,steering wheel controls just felt a,little bit chea

2018 Honda Civic Sedan: FULL REVIEW | Touring, EX-L, EX-T, EX & LX

the last generation Civic was met with a,lukewarm reception so in 2016 when it,came time to redesign it they werent,messing around now were on the new,generations third model year and even,though it has seemed minimal changes,since then it is still one of the top,products in the class like always our,review is going to cover all civic,sedans starting at the LX and going up,to this loaded touring example almost,every brand has an entry in this segment,so lets go ahead and see if the Civic,can continue to thin them off,[Music],we would like to specially thank gates,Honda for allowing us to come out and,film this review if you would like to,find out more information about their,dealership and large inventory of,Hondas then check the video description,for both their physical and web,addresses,so just like last year Honda continues,to offer this smart entry key fob on all,but the LX thats also the only trim to,do without remote start,before we check out the interior well,quickly talk about the power trains,notice that in the last clip I said,powertrains,and thats because theres several,different flavors you can get the Civic,in what we are looking at is the,upgraded option standard on the ext EXL,and touring it is a 1.5 liter,turbocharged 4-cylinder making 174,horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque,the other engine for the lower trims is,a 2 liter naturally aspirated,four-cylinder engine producing 158,horsepower and 138 pound-feet of torque,most terms will come standard with a,continuously variable transmission but a,six-speed manual is standard on the LX,and ext besides for extra power the,other benefit of choosing the turbo,engine is better fuel economy the vast,majority of you will pair it with a CVT,and that combination Nets you a stellar,rating of 32 city 42 highway 36 combined,the base engine with CBC gets 31 city 40,Highway 34 combined and as Hugh manual,model slot and slightly below their CBT,counterparts,so now that weve covered what powers,the Civic lets move on to the exterior,design,[Music],the only change Honda is reporting for,2018 is slightly increased prices so,obviously that means the styling is,unchanged,the grill continues to be Chrome on the,top and matte black on the bottom for,all shrimps that chrome nicely extends,over the headlights which in this case,are fully LED with an acura like,appearance every other trim comes with,halogen projector beam headlights but,the same LED daytime running light and,down below youll find a fog light on,extn,up,moving to the wheels Honda actually,changes them out for nearly every trend,on this Touring we have 17-inch alloys,with a fancy contrast design but both,EXT and EXL also have 17-inch alloys,with a similar design going for e.x,downgrades them by an inch and going for,LX makes them 16-inch steel wheels with,hubcaps the brakes are 11.1 inch,ventilated discs in the front and 10.2,inch solid discs in the rear and the,tires are all seasons coming up to the,mirrors all five trims will enjoy body,color and power adjustment but the LX,wont have heating you also still have,the lane watch camera even though recent,Hondas have been getting rid of it,backing up to the side view the Civic,continues to be the sleekest profile in,the class its length of 182 inches is,right in line with competitors but to me,it looks longer because of the sloped,design in regards to safety this family,sedan excels it received the highest,rating of good on all the Insurance,Institutes tests including the new,passenger small overlap test it does,however miss the Top Safety Pick,criteria due to a poor rating for its,headlights additionally all civics can,option on the Honda sensing suite of,active safety features which include,automatic emergency braking lane keep,assist and adaptive cruise control with,low speed follow these cost $1000 on,every trend besides the touring where,their standard,moving around to the rear youll,continue to find the nearly fastback,design a small lip spoiler comes on the,ext and above and it bumps right against,the unique taillights whether or not you,like the design they are LED and look,futuristic finally at the bottom you,have dual exhaust but they are hidden,behind the bumper,all civic sedans have a small 12.4,gallon fuel tank but the stellar fuel,economy keeps that from being a problem,as equipped our turbo with CVT combo,its 446 miles of range falling to 421,miles with the base engine,well that covers the exterior so now,lets move on to the spacious cabin so,looking inside the Civic the interior is,the same one weve grown to love over,the last two years EXL and touring come,with leather seating in either this,black gray or the ivory color we have,last year the other three terms share,those same color options both cloth,seating instead whatever seating,material you have is also reflected on,the door trim so we have leather,everywhere you might touch we also have,silver trim and even the top part is,padded the driver and passenger windows,are fully automatic the drivers seat,will be a way power adjusting on models,with leather seats six way manual,adjusting otherwise,so looking around the interior it still,strikes me just how nice everything,looks and as far as the actual materials,are concerned they are among the best in,the class this is the only hard piece,and everything else up top is high,quality soft touch plastic in the middle,there is some more silver trim and,stitched soft touch plastic all the,other parts are hard touch as expected,but everything feels very solid and fits,together well on all but the LX press,the button to start after you do this 7,inch display will start up on all but,the LX which has a 5-inch display,instead,these gauges are yet another thing that,only the LX is excluded from they have a,futuristic look to them and the center,part acts as a multifunction display it,contains all the standard a fare of,expected things the steering on every,Civic is nicely weighted electric power,assistant but the wheel is leather,wrapped on only the EXL and touring the,left hand buttons are basically for all,the entertainment functions and then the,other side is for adaptive cruise and,Lane Keeping Assist the entire wheel,does tilt and telescope but it is never,heated this button or a right turn,signal activates Lane watch what this,does is show you a high quality video,feed of your side including your blind,spot you also have distance markers to,give you some idea of the spacing so,moving on to storage this is one area,the Civic stands far above the,competition Honda always does something,unique in this area and in this case it,has sliding layers once you slide the,pieces out of the way it is impressively,deep sliding the cup holders back,reveals yet another one and also a USB,port,up in the front there is another giant,bin with a wire passed through that goes,down to this huge empty space below,there is another USB port and a 12 volt,outlet somehow the Civic managed to give,you all that space without going to an,electronic shifter behind either is also,a sport mode and a Lobo but there is,never any manual controls or paddles,once in Reverse a standard backup camera,appears on the screen every term except,LX has these dynamic guidelines and you,also have three different angles,next to the shifter every term will find,an electronic parking brake and a brake,hold feature which is really handy at,red lights moving up to the climate extn,up will have this dual zone automatic,setup and the rest will have single zone,automatic now not wild about this setup,since a lot of the controls have to be,accessed by pressing the climate button,fan speed in zones are things I access,frequently so this seems like something,that would be annoying and distracting,you do have physical buttons for the,three-state heated seats also on ext and,above now lets hear the Tourings,premium audio system,[Music],[Applause],[Music],the southward is pretty impressive for a,vehicle to decide,unfortunately Honda hasnt go

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Start Up And Review | 2018 Honda Civic EX-T Review

today we have the 2018 Honda Civic EX,turbo edition with the 1.5 liter turbo I,used to drive a Honda Civic for a couple,of years and I got it solely on the fact,that it was economical it was pretty,inexpensive and I could rely on it this,one you get the same thing except its,way better so lets check it out,[Music],before I get started I want to thank,Honda cars of Rockwall in Rockwall Texas,for letting me make this video possible,theyre very generous to let me show you,the Civic Ill be sure to put all the,information down below in the,description box if youre in the DFW,area please be sure to check them out,and they will take care of you hey guys,thank you so much for tuning into this,review of the 2018 Honda Civic DX t aka,the turbo Edition if youre new to my,channel please check out some other,videos I try to post at least one per,week as we move around back Hondas got,this distinct C shaped headlights love,them or hate them its what they all,have no backup camera is standard here,theres a little camera down by the,license plate this is a blue color what,do you guys think of it its kind of an,electric blue I think it looks pretty,nice standard on this trim are 17 inch,wheels,16 inch is standard on the base model,but you do get 17 here and up Ill show,you inside but right over there is the,Honda lanewatch camera more on that in a,little bit we do get daytime LED daytime,running lights would you not get LED,headlights unless you go for the top,trim level,these are projector-beam halogen,headlights though so they should be,sufficient down below you do get fog,lights as well what do you guys think of,the exterior I apologize if you can hear,the wind it is pretty darn windy out,right now this does come with smart key,access it does have push-button start if,youre close to the car you just stick,your hand in the door handle and then it,will unlock for you you can push the,button to lock it lets move inside now,that Im inside the Honda Civic its a,pretty comfortable place to be I,wouldnt necessarily call it really,comfortable but these seats do the job,you know its about what you would,expect for a car of this class right,here we have a pump to move the seat up,and down you can just pull up on it and,it will lift the seat otherwise theres,no power adjustability you can just,recline and scoot it forward manually in,order to get leather seats or power,youd have to move up to the EXL,steering wheel right here the lever is,quite a ways down but you do get a good,amount of adjustability with this,steering wheel at five foot nine I have,plenty of head space I have a little bit,above me and this model doesnt even,have a sunroof starting over at the door,we have a somewhat soft material up here,a cloth material here as well as your,armrest which is not very padded it is,soft though you do get automatic power,automatic power windows for the driver,and the passenger your mirror controls,right over there your button to pop the,trunk and your hood pop button right,there storage in the door is about what,you would expect in a car of this class,you do have a bottle holder that is not,very large just a small bottle and small,storage back here we do have the smart,key system that does mean that we have,push button start foot on the brake push,the button starts right up and you can,see the nice digital display right here,you get a digital speedometer as well as,the digital,tachometer right behind it even the side,gauges like the feel and the temperature,are digital as well theyre in the,center screen you can differentiate what,you see right now you see average fuel,economy and we havent even driven in,here so dont let that you know dont,let that number for you you can see the,temperature down below the time your,current trip if you go to the steering,wheel and you see the pages button right,there you can push that to move through,a few different things that you can,access here such as your fuel in your,settings your music your phone and some,messages as well,the steering wheel is leather wrapped as,well as the shifter would you get,steering wheel controls for your audio,and I just showed you the information,display right up there you have your,calling features in your voice,activation down below wonderful thing,about this if you ever have been in some,older civics or even some older Hondas,youll notice that these start to wear,out this actually has a plastic coating,on top of it,that is clear so it will never ever wear,and lose its marking over on the right,side we do have the cruise control,settings this does have automatic,headlights and fog lights as well we,have a sliding visor as well as a vanity,light right there this model does have a,sunroof,sunroof controls to open and tilt are,right up there next to the regular,lights this does not have a sunglasses,holder up there or garage home link,system,this is a traditional flip for the night,vision mirror it is not automatic,dimming over all the the cabin is a,pretty nice look you know you really,dont expect to see something like this,in a lower-end car such as the Civic and,the e^x model this is not even a Touring,model as we go to look at this,touchscreen this is 7 inches and it does,look pretty nice its a little bit of a,tablet style but it still has some,integration involved you do have Honda,Lynx main system right here but you can,plug in your smartphone and access,Android auto or apple carplay to where,you can see different things on your,phone if youre not familiar with it,just look up another YouTube video for,it theres a lot that you can do with it,such as you know view your podcast your,messages and access other apps that are,on your phone climate control is a,little bit of a bugger here it is dual,zone automatic which is nice but lets,say you dont want it to be on automatic,for for it to hold the temperature lets,say you want to turn you get in your car,and you want to turn the fan up really,fast right away in order to do that you,have to hit the climate button and then,you have to hit the touchscreen so if,you have gloves on and its freezing out,youre out of luck with that,and then to get back out of it you can,either hit Otto or you have to go back,to the climate button and manually,adjust it yourself so youll probably,want to keep it on the Otto most of the,time anyways when you adjust the,temperature you can see up there on the,top left of the screen as well as the,passenger over here if you move that one,it will change,otherwise you can hit sync to make them,both the same we do have cloth 3-tiered,heated seats for the driver and the,passenger right over there moving over,to the side we have our glovebox,it is not locking but it is pretty good,size to store quite a bit in there one,really cool feature you can somewhat see,down there sorry its a little bright,but there are actually two little spots,for you to feed some wires through the,back to where you can have maybe your,phone sitting there and charge it from,behind there without those wires getting,in the way,behind it is where you can plug in for,your apple carplay as well as a standard,12 volt outlet heres the leather wrap,shift or that I told you about this is a,CVT transmission it does give you a,sport option and a low option there are,no paddle shifters in this car however,if you do shift into reverse you do get,a standard backup camera that is with,guidance lines and it actually has a,wide-angle view normal view and a,top-down view looking straight down from,the bumper you get Hondas brake hold,button electronic parking brake econ,button to help you with the economy and,basically preventing you from gunning in,around town and wasting gas as we move,further back we got Hondas center,console right here my water bottle does,fit in this second cup holder which is a,little bit larger than the first one,this ones a little skinnier it does,still fit but its a tight fit these are,not adjustable cup holders so youll,have to deal with you know maybe a camp

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Should You Buy One? 2016-2020 Honda Civic (10th Generation) Review

hey everybody hows it going this is,Josh from Kingdom Auto its been a while,but thank you for tuning in today were,gonna be reviewing a 10th generation,2018 Honda Civic so lets go so to start,things off this Honda Civic is the brand,new 10th generation vehicle this is the,sedan they came with a in a coupe body,style just the 2 doors a sedan and they,also came back out with the hatchback as,well which is kind of neat you know,people have been saying that theyve,wanted the Honda Civic hatchbacks back,for a while and I guess Honda finally,listened you get all of the new bells,and whistles of the new Civic and yet,you get a little bit extra room with the,hatch in the back and kind of like a,classic look I know that Honda used to,make quite a few hatchbacks back in the,day you know even when they first,started all the way up until I think to,about 2005 they stopped making the,hatchback they continued making,hatchbacks in Europe but they they,stopped doing it here in North America,and now theyve come back out with one,so its nice to see now apart from the,SI and the Type R you got two different,engine choices with these civics they,give you the option of a 2 liter,naturally aspirated engine and they give,you an option of a 1.5 turbo most of,them come with the 2 liter naturally,aspirated engine but you do get the ext,and I think the Touring which come with,the 1.5 turbo engine in terms of power,and torque with the 2 liter engine you,get 158 horsepower 138 foot-pounds of,torque,and with the 1.5 turbo you get 174,horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque,so you are going to be getting a,noticeable difference in power with the,turbo and touring models simply because,of that little turbo and the 1.5 liter,engine the economy in the tenth,generation civics has actually improved,quite a bit over the nine 10 so both,with the 2-liter and with the 1.5 turbo,the economy numbers are around the same,well do around 30 around 28 to 30 in,the city,and around a close to and above,sometimes 40 miles per gallon on the,highway apparently and now we do have to,take into consideration the fact that,with turbo engine specifically if you,drive them hard and youre in boost all,the time you know those numbers are,gonna be out the window but if you drive,them very economically I think you will,be able to achieve those numbers and,that goes for any car but more so with,vehicles that are turbo because when,youre in boost the engine has to work a,lot harder and as a result of that,youre gonna be using a lot more gas so,thats just something to consider with a,turbo engine but Ive got to say you,know we do have the econ mode here and I,can report that this car specifically,has been doing or around those numbers,actually especially when driven well and,in the Eco mode here too which is a,really cool feature to have so miles per,gallon definitely a plus for these cars,you know theyre right up on par with,what you want to see with an economy car,of a small economy car in todays world,and definitely a plus for this car as,well and I should also mention that both,the 2 liter and the 1.5 turbo can run on,regular gasoline thats a really big,factor because I know that with a lot of,turbo vehicles you have to put premium,gas in them whereas in this car,obviously premium is recommended but you,can run regular unleaded fuel so thats,another benefit of these engines as well,as that they are able to do that on to,the next topic which would be,maintenance slash reliability the,maintenance is is you know very standard,as to what you would see on previous,generations of Honda Civics you know it,is still a very easy vehicle to work on,there is actually a lot more space in,the engine bay with this generation,which is really really nice you know,with the ninth and the tenth generation,sorry my apologies the 8th with the,eighth and the ninth generation civics,they made the hoods tiny on those things,and they also really cramped the engine,bay is too,I mean youre still seeing that in this,generation but the hood is massive Ill,make sure to get a picture of it for you,guys but when you open the hood you get,the whole engine bay expose which is so,nice because it actually allows you to,get into the engine bay and work on it a,little bit more its a lot more open and,even though its still a pretty compact,engine bay at least the hood opens up a,lot more so that youre able to work on,the components a lot easier you dont,have these you know these these big,quarter panels earlier your fenders kind,of really intruding into the engine bay,which is a really nice thing to have Im,really glad they did that and in terms,of maintenance everywhere else on the,car its very much like a standard Honda,Civic its you know its easy to work on,things underneath the car its its very,easy to take apart put back together you,know very traditional very traditional,Japanese engineering pretty much what,youre gonna see across the board so,definitely pluses in my mind theyre the,one thing I would mention is that these,cars come not only standard but also,available with a lot of a lot more tech,options you know one of them being the,camera on the right door there well,every time you go to signal you have a,screen that pops up here you get a,backup camera as standard your entire,gauge cluster display here and also your,screen to has all transferred over to,digital or elements of digital screens,here so thats definitely something to,consider when it comes to you know,potential issues down the road I mean,the more technology you put in a car the,more potential issues you open yourself,up to but thats the same with every car,I mean the markets are going this way,now so everybody has to keep up so I,dont have any problems with any of this,at all I think this is great I think,this this really really cool big digital,tachometer is fantastic I think this the,screen here that the touch screen here,that you have is is really good I think,the interior is very very well laid out,I think this all looks amazing I think,its its leaps and bounds of an,improvement over Hondas of previous,generations previous years I think,theyve done a really good job with that,I really like being here you know its a,very very nice nice place to be and,thatll lead me into interior in a,moment but in terms of the fact that,there are more things to potentially go,wrong I mean we cant deny that just,because of the fact that we have more,technology in these cars now in terms of,common problems fortunately I can report,that there havent been any of these,problems to have plagued this car at the,moment there are only two really big,ones so these are things that you really,really want to watch out for if you were,to look at buying one of these cars one,of them is the specifically the turbo,engine the 1.5 turbo engine was having,problems with unburned fuel getting into,the oil and thats a really big deal,thats not something to be taken lightly,thats an issue that can cause a ton of,problems down the road,as big as the fact that you know people,might need to start replacing the entire,engine components and the engines,themselves had to do with the cars,running really really rich on cold,starts and this is also more of a cold,weather problem then when these cars are,being driven in warmer climates so you,know mid to southern states and whatnot,I dont think you guys would really have,to worry about this problem but when we,get up here in Canada and you know,northern states and whatnot definitely,something to be looking into because,thats a big deal so people were,complaining about smells of unburned gas,in the cabin they were complaining about,misfiring on cold starts and they would,also get a check engine light that would,appear on the dash because there would,be too much oil in the in the engine so,it would throw a co2 throw a check,engine light on your vehicle those are,three symptoms to pay attention to,although Honda Canada and Honda USA have,released you know multiple 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2020 Honda Civic review – better than a VW Golf? | What Car?

this is the Honda Civic and in this,review were going to tell you,everything you need to know about this,family car and if youre interested in,buying one head – what car calm and see,how much money we can save you and,remember to subscribe to our YouTube,channel so that you stay up to date with,all of our latest video reviews now,pretty much every new Civic brings with,it a comprehensive design overhaul and,theres no exception with this 10th,generation model it makes it stand out,in a class thats very competitive its,rivals include the Volkswagen Golf Ford,Focus and Vauxhall Astra but arguably,there arent many cars in this class,with a particularly inspiring design so,does the Civic have the upper hand here,well vote in our poll what do you think,is the best-looking family car is it the,Honda Civic or the Ford Focus Toyota,Corolla or Vauxhall Astra the Civic has,a decent interior it might not feel,quite as plush as a Volkswagen Golf and,thats because there arent as many soft,touch materials in here but it does feel,well screwed together so you definitely,wont feel short-changed the driving,position is fairly low but the gear,lever is within easy reach as are the,aircon controls the seats are,comfortable and theres quite a lot of,side and thigh support and great news,theres adjustable lumbar support,electrically adjustable lumbar support,on fr trim and above as standard the,only tricky thing is altering the back,support because you have to sort of use,your weight to adjust it its a little,bit fiddly but you get there in the end,and theres plenty of movement backwards,avoid so whether youre tall or short,you should be able to find a good place,to sit visibility is slightly hampered,by those kupe like styling for example,over the shoulder is quite hampered,however you do get a reversing camera as,standard on fr and above and all trim,levels come with front and rear parking,sensors something that a lot of rivals,would charge you for and even though you,do sit quite low seeing out at junctions,and roundabouts isnt an issue this,infotainment system is simply one of the,worst systems of any family hat,the seven-inch touchscreen has a,disappointingly low resolution and is,inconveniently angled upwards so it,tends to reflect the Sun very easily,were still the menus are complicated,the system is often sluggish to respond,and even tweaking the volume is,frustratingly fiddly well at least apple,carplay and android auto saved the day,somewhat with this system and that comes,as standard on SR trim and above now,from the outside the Civic looks fairly,compact but theres actually plenty of,head and legroom even if you are taller,than me which is not difficult cuz Im,five foot four and a half six footers,well definitely find that there is,enough space in this car in terms of,storage there is a door bin which can,just about hold this bottle and theres,some more storage here theres a cup,holder here and if you slide this and,till that back weve got a healthy snack,and a decent sized glovebox moving to,the back is a bit of a mixed bag its,not legroom lets see issue because that,is plentiful its this sloping roofline,that eats into head space especially if,youre six foot tall and with these,windows pinching in it just feels a,little bit claustrophobic back here and,the previous generation had really nifty,seats that could fold up and then you,could use it for extra storage but,theres no such practicality tricks with,this car Headroom isnt brilliance then,but boot space is impressive its bigger,than a Volkswagen Golf although smaller,than Skoda Octavia its also low to the,ground and easy to access,bear in mind if you go for sport or,Sport+ those models come with a,different exhaust and that eats into,boot space by about 10 percent but how,expensive is the Civic and whats it,like to run one these are the key things,you need to know about buying and owning,a Honda Civic the Civic is priced in,line with a Volkswagen Golf which means,its cheaper to buy than an Audi a3 and,more expensive than both the Skoda Scala,and Vauxhall Astra if you want to buy on,a pcp finance deal then the good news is,Honda is quite competitive on its PCP,Finance deals,out of the engines its the 1 litre,turbocharged thats the most,fuel-efficient and emits the least co2,so thats the one that we recommend for,company car drivers and for private,buyers as well although it is worth,noting the engines in rivals that are,similar are more fuel-efficient SR trim,is our pick of the lineup it gets a,seven-inch touchscreen leather bound,steering wheel and gear knob adjustable,lumbar support and a reversing parking,camera this car comes with a three-year,90 thousand mile warranty which is,similar to its rivals but with a higher,- limit because most of its rivals come,the three year 60,000 mile warranty,theres an impressive amount of safety,kit fitted a standard automatic,emergency braking adaptive cruise,control lane departure warning lane,keeping assistance traffic sign,recognition and intelligent speed assist,the Civic may have a limited range of,engines but theres not a bad one among,them all you really need is the 1 liter,turbo charge which it has 124 brake,horsepower theres plenty of pull and,low revs and it does the nought-60 – in,10 27 seconds the equivalent engine in,the Volkswagen Golf and Audi a3 does,perform a little bit better and thats,because the Civic is a heavier car,naturally with a 180 brake horsepower at,this 1.5 litre petrol does have more low,down pulling power but when driven on,the road there isnt a huge amount of,difference actually the 1.6 diesel only,has 118 brake horsepower so isnt it,going to feel particularly fast although,it does have good fuel economy so its a,good choice amongst company car drivers,meanwhile the six-speed manual gearbox,is light and has a positive action and,the brake pedal feels a little bit spot,now the Civic doesnt ride as smoothly,as a golf but its pretty comfortable by,class standards and all trims apart from,e^x Sport Plus and prestige come with,passive dampers which offer a largely,settled ride and dont get too caught up,with potholes meanwhile the Pasha trim,levels ride on adaptive dampers meaning,you can stiffen and soften the,suspension at the touch of a button,bumps are dealt with suitably well in,the softer setting but switched to the,firmer mode and you can feel too many of,the roads imperfections as they pass,beneath the car broadly speaking the,Civic handles reasonably well for a,family car but some of its rivals that,do handle better tackle a corner with,any vigor however and you wish the,steering weighted up more consistently,to help you gauge how well the front,tires are gripping thats the main,reason the Civic isnt as fun to drive,as the Ford Focus for example,its also a bit noisier than a golf or,Audi a3 that one liter engine is a bit,walkest when you rev it hard,and although the 1.5 litre is a bit more,refined and restrained it will cost you,more to buy an own and then when you get,up to motorway speeds wind and road,noise its not particularly intrusive,however an Audi a3 or involves like a,golf is definitely a much more peaceful,Cruiser so the Civic cant match the,best cars in its class for performance,handling or refinement and its a shame,that infotainment system is so poor but,its got a big boot distinctive looks,and its good to drive so if youre,thinking about buying one head – what,car calm and go to our new car buying,section and see how much money we can,save you or any of its rivals again we,can save you plenty of money and make,sure you subscribe to our YouTube,channel and click on the bell icon so,that you will get a notification with,every new video that we upload

2018 Honda Civic LX Review & Drive – Best First Car?

[Music],[Music],hello and welcome back to oversteer auto,reviews here i have the 2018 honda civic,ex,lets break this car down and complete a,review,underneath the hood you will find the,2-liter naturally aspirated 16-valve,in-line 4-cylinder v-tech engine this,engine produces 158 horsepower and 138,foot-pounds of torque,those numbers will get you to 60 and,10.8 seconds with the front-wheel drive,drivetrain,and cvt automatic transmission moving on,the wheels you will find the standard 16,by eight and a half,five spoke wheels keep in mind the air,quotes because these are not actual five,spoke wheels,these are simply hubcaps on top of the,steelies,on the side of the vehicle since this is,a base model there is no keyless entry,but honda has done something which,definitely makes up for it,here they have geniusly placed the,roadside assistance number on the driver,side mirror,so that you dont have to reach inside,your drivers handbook in order to reach,their roadside assistance number in my,opinion this makes no,sense whatsoever because you will,probably never need it see most people,usually know how to change the tire you,really wont run into any mechanical,problems,since hondas are so reliable,since this vehicle does have a four,cylinder engine is relatively light,and very aerodynamic you get 31 mpg in,the city,35 on the highway and 42 combined,all of that connected with a 12.4 gallon,gas tank,moving on to the rear you will see the,very clean and simple design of the,honda civic ex,i believe the ex trim level the lowest,one is very much,under styled whereas the highest level,the type r is very much,over styled on this trim level we do not,even get a spoiler or even a lip spoiler,here we have the honda logo along with,the civic bench,back here we dont have anything very,special except for the a-pillar line,which runs all the way through,the taillight on the lower portion we,have a reflector on each side,and a signal exit exhaust which is,covered by the rear bumper,moving onto the trunk i actually found,out that theres not enough space,for me to fit in the trunk safely,therefore unfortunately there will not,be a trunk test today,however i cant show you how big the,trunk is by fitting,a car seat in here,here we have a toddlers booster seat,you can see that it effortless,effortlessly comes in to the trunk,and it fits well you could probably fit,two grocery trips in here,along with that seat now inside the,trunk you will find,underneath this panel you have a full on,jack stand,and tools to change a tire if needed we,also have the full size spare which is,just a sealy without hubcaps,very good now most people also wonder,what this thing right here,is in most modern vehicles this is if,someone were to be kidnapped one would,push this slash,and the trunk would open automatically,so that the person could get out,and be free one really funny but quite,annoying thing about the honda civic,relates to the license plate light so,youd think that based off its shape,and its location it would be a trunk,opening latch,but it turns out that its not i,actually spent about five minutes,figuring out why this thing wouldnt,open,until i looked underneath and saw that,its actually light,good playing honda moving on to the rear,seats i will now show you their,capabilities,im five foot eleven have the seat,position to the way id be seeing if i,was driving,i have about lets say six inches of,knee room and about four to five inches,of headroom thats pretty good for the,compact sedan market,its relatively boring back here except,for this very intriguing stripe,on both of the seats all the door panels,we have blank,switches for the window controls and,lock and unlock buttons,on both sides we also have a small cubby,large enough for a 500 ml water bottle,and a small umbrella one thing that,disappoints me about most honda sedans,of this generation,is that the rear seats dont get any air,vents,come on honda no air vents for your rear,seat passengers,thats a monstrosity ill not climb in,now first of all right off the bat ive,got to say that these seats have really,nice bolstering,on the door you will have all the window,controls along with mirror adjustments,and the same size cubby as you find in,the rear on the door you also have the,lock button which controls all the locks,for all of the doors this is a base,model with the radar cruise control,option therefore we have our radar,cruise control options,over here on the right side of the wheel,on the left you will find the call,infotainment and volume controls over,here you will see the forward collision,warning off,along with the lane departure warning,off and a track and control off button,thatd be really fun if you want to put,skid plates in the rear of the vehicle,and have some fun in this car recently,ive been in a lot of vehicles and some,of them had really complicated drive,select systems,ive got to say this is probably one of,the easiest to use here we have park,i pull up on the latch and put it in,reverse,vehicles in reverse up the latch again,neutral,again drive again sport,and leisure mode pull it back,and pull up the brake very easy,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Laughter],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],so,right out of the gate we will complete,an acceleration test a small,10 to 45 mile an hour pull,husky,not bad as expected from a 2 liter,engine,here we have a query road with some,bumps the civic does have smaller,wheels with a thicker tire profile so it,does a really good job at soaking them,up,road tire and wind noise really arent,too bad,however you will hear some creaking from,the interior door,and trim panels,so,[Music],turning left onto a busy road you will,get a feel for,the off the line performance,[Music],now we will be turning left for a slight,incline test of the vehicle,[Music],[Music],in the end i believe honda did a really,good job designing this car as an,everyday commuter,there are some issues with the interior,quality but what more can you expect,at this price range overall good job,from honda i wanted to touch base on,regarding the honda civic was that its,a really good first car,i say this because its relatively,inexpensive and good on fuel,on top of that theres lots of,modification potential for the vehicle,itself,its relatively inexpensive in the sense,that you can find these in the used,market range,in the pacific northwest for around 16,to 18 thousand dollars,for about fifty thousand miles on the,car itself,on top of that modification lists go on,and on this is the naturally aspirated,variant which means that theres lots of,space for a large turbo,you add the large turbo reinforce some,of the internals for example the rods,the camshaft the rod bearings the piston,heads and whatnot,and with the proper tune you could be,pushing from somewhere in the 400 to 600,real horsepower range,that is really good and on top of that,you have lots of potential,for wheel modifications and,i really like this honda civic i say,that because it checks all the boxes,that are needed,for a good car those are good styling,etiquette power numbers a well-made,interior good reliability overall,and most importantly bluetooth audio,this vehicle has all of those,in the base trim and that is why i,believe that this honda civic,is the best compact sedan on the market,you

Honda Civic vs Hyundai i30 vs SEAT Leon 2018 review – which is best| Head2Head

family hatchbacks theres a huge amount,of choice out there and plenty worth,considering,beyond the obvious options from Ford,Vauxhall and Volkswagen but which is,achieved between the new Honda Civic the,recently revised SayIt Leon or the new,high-end I a 30,hes our three cars which are,effectively doing the same thing but in,very different ways to help you decide,which of these three is best for you Im,gonna critique their designs inspect,their cabins its a little bit,frustrating actually see how practical,they are fit and test well they like to,drive Im impressed with how this drives,but first lets see which one is kindest,on the wallet right were going to talk,numbers,so you need to concentrate you dont get,confused okay so this I start at 17,000,pounds this is the 1.4 liter turbo,petrol in premium trim with lots of kids,on it and that is twenty two thousand,seven hundred pounds and now we come to,the sale outlay on so that starts at,seventeen and a half thousand pounds,this is the fr tech once again with lots,of kids on it its got the 1.4 liter,turbo petrol engine its 22,000 pounds,and that brings us on to the most,expensive car here it is the Honda Civic,so it starts at just over 19,000 pounds,this is the 1 liter turbo petrol its an,extreme lot so get on it again but its,twenty three thousand seven hundred,pounds now if you click up there you can,go to co-locate UK you can configure,ideal car and dealers will come back to,you with the best prices they can do so,you can get better offers without having,to haggle or from the comfort of your,own home brilliant eh now lets talk,style theres one car here that,certainly has dashing looks on its side,say it knows how to design a,sharp-looking car the line shows many of,its parts with a Volkswagen Golf,its just dressed up in a sporty,exterior because after all the Spanish a,more flamboyant than the Germans and I,love a bit of flamboyance that just a,little bit – Louis spends if all that,toiling has made me dizzy,I can think of something thatll sober,me right up the old Arthur Z had its own,identity this one though its just like,an amalgamation of,other car designs so the overall shape,its like a Peugeot 308 the grille is,sort of Audi s can the detail within the,grille is not the pin effect to get on,certain Mercedes I mean if you were to,look up the word generic in the,dictionary you probably see a picture of,this car in fact that joke was a generic,as the cars design if there was a,section in the dictionary for mad as a,box of frogs and its pretty likely that,the Honda will be the first entry this,Civic is easily the most distinctive,looking of the three cars a lot the,overall shape but theres just a little,bit too much a necessary black plastic,for my liking for instance this big part,of the buckets as though someone found a,kayak paddle and just stuck it I dont,go well that fills that gap perfectly,its horrible,at least you cant see the outside when,youre driving and the parts of the,Civic that you look up from behind the,wheel and much easier on the eye the,Civic is definitely the nicest sitting I,really like the interior design its,interesting I especially like the way,theyve integrated the screen into this,center console it looks really really,slick,if only the actual infotainment system,itself was as slick as it looks,mmm Garmin sat-nav aftermarket and the,rest of the menus are not that easy to,navigate thats a little bit frustrating,actually its hard to think of a rival,with a worse system its difficult to,use the graphics are clumsy and loading,times can be painfully slow its a shame,when the rest of the cabin is just so,nice so how does the sayers compare the,controls nicely laid out qualitys,decent enough it just all seems a little,bit dreary though I mean even its that,far version with some red tip bits just,doesnt seem to lift my mood its the,same with infotainment screen so yeah,graphics are just a bit on the dark side,at least its easier to use though dingy,graphics aside the Leon has one of the,best infotainment systems in the class,and it helps it to be very easy to live,with whats less useful are the cubby,spaces there okay but theres one or two,silly touches which havent been thought,through like the cupholders that get in,the way of the gear lever and no center,armrest in the back the Civic is the,best but could be spaces at the three,theres a huge glove box and a central,bed and a range of clever spaces to hide,smaller items including a little shelf,behind the floating – the i30 does well,though it has an enormous glove box and,the front door bins can hold a couple of,bottles and is plenty more positive to,take from the I thirties cabin one,advantage of that bigger blue screen,bezel is at the space for physical,shortcut buttons around the screen which,make it dead easy to use the graphics,are really clear and overall its a much,better system than the Hondas and its,almost as good as a science car for,instance all the controls nicely laid,out easy to use qualitys strong as well,and theres lots of soft touch materials,about the place the only problem is is,this huge stuck on screen with this,massive fat bezel I think thats gonna,age about as badly as I have but what is,the i30 like in the back the back seats,of this Hine die 30 are perfectly fine I,mean adults they can have enough space,the only slight problem are the foot,wells,theyre a little bit on the small side,so your feet and a little bit cramped,thats all ya know do with three people,and those chrome foot wells can be a bit,of a problem the center seat is also,quite perched and its the tightest of,a3 for shoulder room but its roomy,enough here in the back of the say alone,there are a couple of things though it,does feel a bit dark and dingy even,though youve got this white roof lining,and the runners for the chair in front,do get in the way via feet so you end up,kind of hurting your toes on them,theres also quite a big hump in the,center floor so the light on is a little,bit of a squeeze with three people in,the back its a shame because except for,that – the SAS is really spacious its,comfy as well there is one small problem,though its the way this roof just kind,of dips down there so if you want to put,your head against the headrest oh yeah,end up in your head against that part,theres loads of legroom decent foot,room and of the front seats and the,cabin is the widest here so its the,best for carry three people in the back,at once unless that is your passengers,are really tall on the subject of size,fitting a child seat in the back of the,Civic can be a bit of a pain the rear,doors dont open very wide and the,isofix mans are obscured behind the seat,cushions in contrast the layouts ISOFIX,brackets are hand,hidden behind removable covers and the I,30s fold out of the way you might need,to slide the front passenger seat,slightly forward in both of these two,cars to make space for a really bulky,child seats but otherwise theyre both,better than the Civic so can the Honda,recover any ground when it comes to,carrying peoples luggage theres some,nice features here in the Civic speed,for instance theres loads of underfloor,storage and then theres this particular,thing look at it what could this be,believe your life its actually the lok,of a look tada,is not just smart but its huge – at 478,liters the Civic has got one of the,biggest boost in the class and its much,larger than both a high owned eyes and,the seance the flexible low cover means,that theres just enough space for two,loads and two small suitcases in,comparison the hand I can hold just one,large suitcase and a small one plus a,couple of soft bags theres a few handy,features in the hind III thirties boot,for instance this one has a ski hatch,and a false floor you can raise up no,thing thats a bit annoying is you think,that the parcel shelf will just about,fit under there so you dont have to,leave it behind before lifting it up but,look at this does it fit does it fit fit

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