1. RIP JEEP! 2021 Ford Bronco Review
  2. 2021 Ford Bronco | Review & Road Test
  3. 2021 Ford Bronco Brutally Honest Review by Jeep Owners
  4. After Owning It Six Months, These Are All The Things That Went Wrong (And Right) With My New Bronco!
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  6. New Ford Bronco review: better than a Land Rover?
  7. The New Ford Bronco!

RIP JEEP! 2021 Ford Bronco Review

[Music],im jacob im yuri were going for a,[Music],drive,[Applause],[Music],a real 2021 ford bronco wild track,without launch control,brake boost,[Music],not bad at all horsepower and torque 310,horsepower,400 pound-feet of torque from a 2.7,liter ecoboost v6,and this one only comes in automatic,where the smaller motor that is,available,comes in manual as well yeah and this,only comes in 10 speed and i believe,its also shared with the f-150 so why,did i call this a real bronco jacob well,because we already drove the bronco,sport and,everybody that weve ever talked to that,isnt a car person,thinks that the bronco sport is the,bronco thats based off just normal ford,suvs and this,is a full-on jeep wrangler competitor,its a body-on-frame,truck of an suv yeah and its got big,tires a lot of off-road stuff,should we start with the looks yeah we,should because it looks amazing we have,it in wild track spec,which also includes the sasquatch,package which is an off-roady package,and thats how you get,the huge tires and the huge fender,flares yeah so this has the 35-inch,tires you get the wider fender flares,you get lifted bilstein suspension,you also get locking front and rear,axles and this wheel tire combo,is as big as a four raptors wheel tire,combo yeah exactly the same size 35-inch,tires,315 70 17. and what would be the,continental recommended tire for a new,real ford bronco the terrain contact,80. i just want to address some of the,clicking that youre hearing in the,background of the video because,its actually the roof i think ford had,some issues,with some manufacturing of the roof so i,think theyre still working on that,theyre probably going to solve it but,right now if you get one of these you,might hear some clicking from what i,believe is the roof,do you like the look of these wheels i,really like the look of these wheels,they fit,on the raptor as well but whats cool is,there are steely versions in different,models that you can get maybe not all,the sizes,yeah because these are bead lockable,rims yes theyre really,lockable wheels be lockable wheels okay,we should move to the front and then,weve got a very similar grille,and front end to the bronco sport yes,except this is the real real,the cool one that everybody wants,because it has the led headlights and,the white bronco lettering as well,and depending on what trim you get,youre not gonna get like full outline,daytime running lights which could,suck yeah because shout out to kitchener,ford who lent us this vehicle they,actually had another bronco,sitting right on the lot different spec,did not have,led headlights on the outside just the,inner part where the turn signal is yeah,i think,its a must to have this and big shout,out to kitchener ford if you need to get,a ford,youre booking a ford gt oh you want to,get maybe a bronco a bronco use focus rs,maybe a bronco sport mustang mach 1. you,know we love that go there,yeah sure because they hooked us up with,this bronco for review and were keeping,this one on the road at respect to them,because,its a dealership yeah we dont want to,beat up a car that theyre selling to,someone else,exactly thats the press car in which,case well beat those cars up oh yeah,but then theyll get sold for like a,really good deal,yeah thats corporate yeah not a,dealership okay so back to the car uh we,also popped the hood on this one sorry,truck because everybodys gonna get,angry,uh the engine bay looks kind of crazy,just a bunch of stuff everywhere no,plastic cover which is kind of cool,yeah kind of cool but also kind of like,yeah yeah,and then on the hood we also have these,kind of markers for where our fenders,are you can also tie stuff to them tie,them to the roof use it as like an,off-roady thing which will basically,like,keep tree branches and stuff away from,the windscreen and then we got a big,beefy metal bumper up front so im sure,we can hit a bunch of stuff and theres,a whole bunch of bronco bolts there too,yes and then theres also accessories,that you can get onto this one you can,also get like a whole bush bar and stuff,like that,we dont have a front plate on here,thankfully because they dont look very,good with front plates apparently,yeah i saw that the front end looks,really really good absolutely,killed it yeah it looks great i did,drive by a jeep i gave him a wave,he waved back but then secretly under,the door i gave him one of these,yeah yeah give him the middle finger oh,no im just kidding,and then uh from the side view this is a,four door you can also get these in two,door,yeah its really nice that you can get,every single trim level in two or four,door even though there are so many,confusing trim levels,and then roof wise weve got the bronco,version of the freedom tops because,these two things can come off,that can come off and then the whole,back car can come off you can also get,like a soft cloth version that kind of,comes over the top,and its pretty cool because it is like,right in line with how a jeep works,exactly they they saw what jeep was,doing copied it and just made it better,its like you know the thing like youre,copying your homework kind of what was,your theory that there uh fords getting,back at uh,jeep and dodge for the t-rex yeah,because the trx kind of beat,out the raptor at least in this current,form and then on to the rear end,weve got really cool outline tail,lights love them yeah the outline,taillights look really good,they kind of look jeep-ish just like,pretty much like the wrangler,and then we have the spare tire on the,back exactly like wrangler and we got,the camera,in the reverse sticking out of that rear,tire compartment which makes for a very,clear 360 stitching and reverse camera,which is very nice,and we also have a hard button for the,front camera that we can use while were,driving which is great yeah having a,front camera button is like the best,feature for big trucks,so overall the looks of this thing are,stunning uh yeah i would say they killed,it it is a very good,jeep competitor that looks different,enough and,suits the bronco name much better than,the bronco sport but the broncos sport,also looks,really good and will trick a lot of,people who dont realize what a real,bronco is yeah but this has so much road,presence like,it just it looks perfect in the spec,with this color as well,yeah i need to see some in real life,without the sasquatch package and the,big wheels to the side but i think,i saw one without it and you have to get,this if you dont go for this yeah its,like you have to,yeah and this also offers 35-inch tires,from the factory,unlike jeep but they also just started,recently offering that as like an,aftermarket package but anyways im,going to send this into cliche corner,and see what this is like yeah i mean,were on big 35-inch tires it handles,like a truck like,its way better than a wrangler on road,this is actually shockingly good,compared to a wrangler for normal,driving or whatever but when we sent it,in the mojave,and the diesel one i feel like those,sends through cliche,were very good very very good with the,rubicon package through cliche but for,daily driving this is,so much better like this feels like a,regular car much less of a,on frame suv and then this one does not,have lane keep for the highway stuff,it has lane departure assist or whatever,so its not lane centering,nah that kind of sucks but i guess its,kind of understandable but then also,jeeps not going to have that either so,right but this has adaptive cruise which,is really nice yeah,so were cruising at about 50 kilometers,an hour 27 miles an hour i actually,didnt know the conversion,floor for me downshift lag but,that turbo picks up pretty damn good and,thats in sport mode which puts you into,four automatic but you can go to too,high once you enter support mode yes so,when its in too high its in,rear wheel drive just like a truck but,that sound can we talk about that for a,second because,its very rumbly ugh its not very good,its like th

2021 Ford Bronco | Review & Road Test

im not 100 sure when ford snuck into my,brain inspect the almost perfect bronco,that i would pick myself but they did,and now i get to talk about it,but im not going to in the way that you,might expect or frankly what i really,want because this review is going to be,predominantly a road test,every ford bronco owner whether its two,or four doored are going to be driving,on the road yes even for a storied,off-roader that is a very important part,of a vehicles dynamics,lets start with the basics the bronco,only comes as a four-wheel drive vehicle,and there are two engine options,available,standard and the one that im driving,now is a 2.3 liter four-cylinder,ecoboost engine,which gives you decent power numbers,if you put in premium gas those numbers,increase,so how that translates on the road id,say,decent the turbo takes a little bit of,time to spool up but once you get going,it really does cruise very nicely,that torque number helps you get up to,speed quickly enough and of course when,you are off-roading that will really,help you propel over some rough terrain,in the low part of the rev range,the second engine a 2.7 liter turbo v6,is actually my engine of choice here,thats the only thing i would have,changed in this tester,so yes the bigger engine definitely,makes the bronco heavier,perhaps a little bit less agile but i,think most people are not going to,notice that you know when i drove them,back to back i definitely felt a,difference in not just the bigger power,but that torque number so for me,you know thats a place where i really,would not be willing to compromise and i,would 100,opt for the v6,but getting that engine you will have to,compromise your fuel economy performance,will take a hit and probably a bigger,hit especially for those trucking,off-road the manual transmission is only,available with the smaller,engine so i think that was a really,interesting choice on fords part but,when i asked them about it they said,that they didnt expect the take rate to,be really huge with the v6 and the,manual theyre not ruling it out if,enough people want it they will make it,so i think that means that you have to,just keep asking them,lets talk about that transmission for a,second so its a seven speed,transmission thats six regular gears,and then a crawl gear now that crawl,gear is really for doing off-roading and,honestly has,a crazy crawl ratio,94.77 to 1 which basically means the,broncos pretty much driving itself,on the road of course youre not going,to be using that crawl gear no not even,in rush hour traffic though,but the manual gearbox on the bronco is,solid the throws are a bit long but its,smooth and easy to operate,i am stunningly surprised at how much i,like how the bronco drives on the road,now the first thing that i notice is the,steering it is one for the wind column,you know i love the weight of it theres,not a whole lot of play in the center,when im driving for long periods of,time i dont feel like i need to babysit,it and now that doesnt mean that im,not paying attention but what it means,is im not making a ton of corrections,if im driving especially at highway,speeds and as a result by the end of the,commute youre not going to be,absolutely exhausted because youre,constantly having to pay attention to,exactly where you are on the road,for such an off-road capable vehicle the,bronco displays good on-road composure,its got a comfortable ride no not suv,like there is some body roll around,turns which id expect but its not,overly worrisome,ford absolutely nailed both the standard,and more advanced haas off-road,suspension to me the bronco is a very,livable daily driving experience,so the different drive modes on the goes,overall terrain,system the goat modes a lot of those are,going to be used for off-road driving,but you can use eco,normal sport mode even a slippery when,it gets to be a little inclement weather,and now what those will do is adjust,things like throttle mapping the gear,ratios when youre using the automatic,as well as the steering weight but i,think for normal mode or sport mode,which is where you kind of may be during,your commute i really think ford has,struck an excellent balance between,those three,so in spite of how sweet it smells there,are a couple of thorns on this rose,so im having a hard time finding a ton,of fault with the take my money now,bronco but one of them is cabin noise,when youre at speed im going 60 miles,an hour now it is incredibly loud in,here i can literally hear whistles,coming through cracks in the roof so if,a serene cabin is something that is,really important to you,then perhaps look at maybe the broncos,sport that doesnt have a removable roof,see i kind of feel like im yelling at,you guys right now,and im really not,i mean,i can hear whistle i hear whistling,i cant whistle,but the trunk can,the trim availability for the bronco is,like ordering off the cheesecake factory,menu there are six available starting,with the base model to the big bend and,then heading past the black diamond the,outer banks is the one that you get if,youre looking for interior luxury,comforts the badlands is the off-roading,specialty version and then theres the,wild track which ford calls their baja,bronco,so all of those trim levels can come,with a bunch of different packages one,of those being the sasquatch package,which is really for the hardcore,off-roader you get 17-inch wheels that,are bead lock capable 35-inch tires,front and rear lockers and also that,haas off-road suspension system which in,my opinion is absolutely the crown jewel,of the bronco,however i think the sweet spot truly is,the black diamond i think it has plenty,of stuff for you to be,really successful and capable off-road,while still being an excellent on-road,driver and its gonna cost you about 40,grand,and i didnt even mention the awesome,steel wheels you guys theres so much to,talk about this video could easily be an,hour,lets switch gears for a second and come,inside during this transitional,interlude you could be subscribing to,the kbb youtube channel,when it comes to the interior i really,appreciate,fords design here its very utilitarian,its very simple but in a really modern,way i think everything really works in a,functional sense take these auxiliary,switches here there are six of them this,is going to be great if you want to,upgrade with some aftermarket parts you,know i think ford has really taken into,consideration a huge group of buyers who,are really going to want to customize,when you spend some time in it and look,more closely but the minimal starts to,look a bit flimsy yes another thorn,folks,so there is a lot of plastic in here,which you know thats understandable to,me but i think theres also some,construction issues that may be a little,more concerning,this is a little bit loose,the dash doesnt feel like its really,kind of secured in here now when you,start banging this around off-road stuff,is just going to loosen up even more and,then start rattling and contributing to,that noise inside the cabin so lets say,kind of an economy of,construction and materials on the,interior,i understand that this is an expensive,vehicle and yes i can see that ford,needed to save money somewhere as,theyve put so much other great stuff,into this truck,and im not saying its a huge problem,but i am saying be aware of what you get,in great off-roading tech and capability,you might sacrifice a little bit in,interior quality,standard on all broncos youll get an,8-inch touchscreen with apple carplay,and android auto technology there are,some good safety features as well,including automatic emergency braking,and a pre-collision warning,you also get a tilting and telescoping,steering wheel standard the higher up,you go on the bronco food chain the more,bells and whistles youre gonna get,including body armor for all that,off-roading that im not doing brush,guards different graphics for different,trim levels tow hooks dual zone climate,controls a larger 12 in

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2021 Ford Bronco Brutally Honest Review by Jeep Owners


today were going to take a walkthrough,of this brand new,jeep bronco oh wait its not jeep is it,this is my first chance that ive had to,go hands-on with a brand new ford bronco,i want to go through ive got a list of,stuff that i want to check out,personally and give you guys my opinion,on on the brand new ford bronco and why,i think its the most innovative,off-road vehicle,so far,[Music],so theres lots of technology and,interesting new features on here which i,want to go through and youve kind of,been discovering some of them yeah now,that youve owned it for what a day,i think less than 24 hours,but i mean my favorite is the donut mode,[Music],okay so the first thing that weve been,looking at is the 360 degree cameras,yeah like that is what a useful feature,for off-roading right like thats,to see whats around you everything,thats around you thats unheard of,so where is the carpet in this thing uh,it doesnt have any which is awesome it,comes with these nice rubber floor mats,which are removable it did come with,carpet floor mats in case you want them,but they came in the back in a plastic,bag which is where they will stay in my,garage this is the whole,interior is rubber so you get mud in,there,snow uh whatever,easy to wipe out rinse out does it have,drain plugs oh i dont know i dont know,lets take a look yeah it does theres a,theres one right there and you dont,see unlike the jeep you dont have to,worry about the um,you dont have to worry about removing,the carpets there i can im touching,snow and it locks in place not pressure,fit how about that thats pretty much,thats uh jeep take notes how about,those seats,man these are actually theyre not,leather theyre uh theyre like this,marine grade vinyl but good for,off-roading my the first thing i noticed,when i drove one of these,was that these seats are about 10 times,more comfortable than the rubicon seats,and this is the arbitrary number that i,just throw out there to sound impressive,im going to hop in the drivers seat,and check these seats out for myself,oh wow that is uh so you notice it,doesnt like press up on on above your,knees like the jeep seats do which kind,of cuts off the circulation and long,drives at least i mean i havent taken,this on a long drive yet but it just,feels more comfortable it feels softer,too the headrest is a little bit more,forward so it actually,like it feels ergonomic the headrest in,the wranglers is so far forward that it,hurts my neck when were driving i dont,know it just doesnt go high enough and,im six foot two its always hitting me,in the back of the head where where this,one is its softer and its not as,pointy and its a little bit more,vertical this i immediately noticed is,way more comfortable,close the door here,warm this is a cosmetic thing but i,really like that the roof is black,instead of white yeah it just feels more,its got kind of more of a premium feel,i feel like really weird talking about a,vehicle i feel like im on jay lenos,garage or something you can pay more,money in the wranglers to get like,carpet on the right i have that yeah but,its only like not as good it would be,like in this section for example whereas,this is just this feels nice,youre right the black top uh definitely,makes a difference on the inside and,its not bright and glare the other,thing i noticed is it isnt really,echoey in here the wranglers and the,gladiators when you dont have a lot of,stuff in them get really echoey with the,hard top without the lining or anything,like that i never thought of that and,this isnt echoey at all which is going,to make a big difference for shooting,video im not going to show you guys all,the same things that every other channel,showed you im just trying to give you,guys some of my personal feedback as a,wrangler owner a jeep owner theres lots,of little things that im really liking,so far so heres the 360,camera yeah so why do we hit this and we,okay wow there we go yes you get the,full 12-inch uh rear view full view and,then weve got the forward cam,oh is that a forward cam what is that i,think so thats so yeah theres your,bumper so you can see where your wheels,are lining up yeah if youre going,through an obstacle or something like,that yeah and then whats this but what,is going what is that what does that,mean youre showing tires that is like a,is that a top is that the front or the,rear oh you know what that is thats the,cameras on your mirrors showing you,where each tire is going,what oh thats actually really useful,because if youre on on like a tight,trail or youre rock crawling or,something you can see where your tires,are you know what i would use this all,the time if youre going and trying to,get really close to a rock or lets say,like a cliff edge i feel like this is,cheating,this is a chico okay enough about the,camera system weve got auxiliary,buttons up top but look theres six of,them which would be really handy to have,a couple extra you know whats really,cool i was looking at this handle,and this is removable which gives you,mount points i bet you companies are,going to come out with uh accessories,that you can mount here like imagine,like some kind of tablet or laptop,holder you could,you could screw onto here thats cool,i remember because this handle is kind,of useless i remember them talking about,lots of stuff as un like you can unbolt,it i think if theres a bronco screw on,it if the if theres a logo,a bronco logo on this scroll its an,accessory yeah you can unbolt it you can,see it says all over the place uh,accessory ready,theres a little bronco written on the,bolt which means its a removable,accessory,yeah so i mean again youve got mounting,points here because these handles,like yeah i guess if youre a passenger,these are kind of nice but for the,drivers side,im never going to touch that ive got a,steering wheel i dont like that the,handle is down below i like that the,jeeps put the handles up above to grab,it makes more sense and pull you into,the jeep so i think this im not a big,fan of but like its got nice rubber,grips on it obviously you can remove it,because its got the bronco logos on it,that was the first thing i noticed when,i went to jump in here i went to go grab,right up top well you could put your own,handles on oh no you cant theres no,space on the side of the roll bar here i,just realized this you cant wrap a hand,like you know those handles you can get,on amazon,you cant do that here because the door,sits flush against it,thats right yeah so im sure someone,will theres actually therell be,another,so i bet someone will come out with,something that bolts onto here are they,bronco bolts,well i just watched light brights video,and they have the soft top did you see,how the soft top was flapping up and you,could put your hand right that was,brutal that was uh i dont think the,soft top is,a great option on these broncos,i really like the look of the hard top,on them i think it just looks,so much cleaner and i would definitely,get a hard top if youre getting a,bronco im not a fan of the soft top but,lots of people are getting them with,soft tops because they had a lot of,issues with these hard tops starting out,hello and then hello im out here,how easy was that ton dude um,its the same as the jeep ones,there we go if shawn and i can figure,the roof out anybody can,so weve got all the regular stuff here,weve got sway bar disconnects weve got,lockers front and back what is this,thing here donut mode oh thats the,donut mode that was the donut mode,i think im going to get a label thing,and im just going to label this donut,mode yeah well get some stickers made,up yeah i like that they put the windows,down here so thats something else,instead of up here yeah its very very,hit the windows right here,much more accessible,um and youre not trying to,you know mix it up with everything else,and it leaves room for this giant screen,did you tell them about the cool little,wireless charging thing here no so sean,just figured it out

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After Owning It Six Months, These Are All The Things That Went Wrong (And Right) With My New Bronco!

hey tommy can you believe it weve owned,this bronco now for almost six months we,bought it on july 23rd and in this video,were going to talk about everything,thats gone wrong with it yeah thats,right but more importantly were going,to talk about everything thats gone,right with it because theres a lot to,really love about it yeah one of the,things thats gone wrong with it is this,uh its a part that we recently replaced,uh because i backed the bronco up into,this garage how much do you think it,cost to replace this 25,you are wrong sir we will tell you at,the end of this video how much it cost,so like i said on july 23rd we bought,this bronco because a viewer of ours tim,uh basically called us and said he had a,reservation would we be interested in,getting his bronco in exchange for doing,some really great work for a local,charity well a national charity yeah so,he wanted,us to bring some recognition and some,support to the ronald mcdonald house,which is a great organization that helps,support families of uh folks in need,for example if theyre like kids are in,the hospital theyll help support the,family so this is a great organization,and we said sure and weve had this,bronco now for quite a few number of,miles in quite a few number of months,yeah 4,526 miles to be exact and if you want to,support a great charity check out the,ronald mcdonald house thank you tim this,video is brought to you by,manscape.com you know i love manscape,because they give you tools solutions,for the three odor zones the body butt,and balls they just launched their new,lawnmower 4.0 waterproof electric,trimmer and now you can get it with the,ultimate manscape experience when you,purchase their new performance package,4.0 bundle this is an all-in-one kit,that includes all the tools to perfect,your body grooming experience from your,morning shower to late night be ready,for anything moments,after your shower be sure to apply,manscaped crop preserver ball deodorant,a quick absorbing clear drying,moisturizer lotion for all day,protection for that midday refresher be,sure to pack your cropped reviver ball,toner spray with cooling aloe vera and,anti-inflammatory properties the new,performance package 4.0 bundle now,includes their new weed whacker nose and,ear hair trimmer for a limited time you,can get two free gifts the shed,travel bag and the manscaped,anti-chafing,boxer briefs,dont wait until next year go to,manscape.com and use my promo code,fastlane car to get 20,off plus free international shipping,plus two free gifts join the manscape,movement today the performance package,4.0 it says it all your body and balls,will thank you,and the day after we took delivery of it,you actually took it off-road yeah so,weve done a ton of off-roading so 4 000,miles probably doesnt sound like a huge,number but its been 4 000 very hard,miles this has been a camera support,vehicle for a lot of our off-road,adventures weve done plenty of awkward,adventures with this being the star and,its been overall an extremely solid,vehicle well first of all lets talk,about those off-road adventures we took,it off-road and compared it to a,wrangler and of course a defender now a,lot of you are wondering what happened,to the defender well we have to pay for,these vehicles somehow and so after we,did that video we sold the defender to,in essence pay for this vehicle uh and,uh,then after we took it off road with the,defender you actually went to our friend,steve and got a lifted defender and,compared it as well yeah so we did some,even harder trails with that against a,lifted wrangler and a lifted defender,and we really pushed it to its limits,but its been off-road many many many,more times since then as a support,vehicle and its been very very,impressive off-road yeah i would say a,standard from the factory rolling down,35s this is as good as it gets i mean,ford really knocked out of the ballpark,when it comes to not only the kind of,the right mix of,classic bronco looks with modern styling,but also with their ability to add all,the off-road features that serious,off-roaders want now one of the things,that happened right away tommy was we,had the hard top and we took it,on the road coming back from colorado,springs where we bought it and it,sounded like there was a little dwarf,mining above my head you want to talk,about that yeah so we did have the it,was called the mic the mold in color top,and it was the version 1.0 since then,they have released a 2.0 and they have,also issued a,a recall on the original tops so we,ordered our second top,well return the first stop hopefully,get that second top here soon and then,well be able to let you know if the new,version of the mic top is better yeah,and the way that we saw that was with,this,our friends at bestop,gave us,the soft top board and its been a,really good top i really like the look,of it uh you know its got this really,nice plastic here uh its just a really,solid piece of soft top engineering its,a little bit louder than the hard top,but in general its really good now the,cool thing about the bestop is if you,get the factory soft top you get the,bronco wave as its called which is this,ripple in the rear quarter window but,the best top has a better in my opinion,bonding process that holds the window in,place securely and firmly so theres a,nice flat look so one of the advantages,of getting the best top as a aftermarket,accessory so about uh a month ago we,took this bronco and compared it to a,lifted wrangler actually two lifted,wranglers and when we got back we were,here in the garage and tell me what did,you notice coming out of the front,uh shock of the bronco but we had a,little puddle underneath the front left,shock which meant that probably,something in the shock had gone bad but,we brought it to our local dealer and,had them diagnose it and they agreed to,replace the front left shock yeah lets,talk about that so ive got the numbers,right here uh they did it under warranty,which was great which was which was,great without us having to you know,say anything about like you know video,or threatening it was great they just,they just covered under warranty uh the,entire cost for that tommy was guess how,much uh 500 bucks 735,and that included an alignment so thats,if we had to pay out of pocket yeah,thats what we would have but they,covered it at a warranty which was good,yeah and then of course the other issue,that we continually have with it and we,still havent fixed actually we havent,tried to fix yet because its an,intermittent issue is sometimes ill be,driving along whether its with the,heater on or with the air conditioner on,and the hvac will go full blast itll,just turn on completely and then theres,no way to control the fan speed without,actually turning the hvac off and back,on okay so thats thats interesting can,you turn it down manually fan speed nope,it just goes the fan goes all the way to,11,and you cant manually turn it down you,have to turn everything off and then,turn it back on basically reboot it and,it happens like on the highway after the,cars been warmed up and it happens with,both the air conditioner and the heater,on but apart from that it has held up,extremely well so this engine is the 2.7,liter twin turbo v6 this is of course a,first edition bronco with the sasquatch,package its got the,10-speed automatic transmission and the,engine itself uh everything associated,with the engine be it the turbos the,transmission all of it has been flawless,no check engine lights no trouble codes,of course we live up here at altitude,weve driven it to 12 13 000 feet and,its been perfect all right so here i,promised to tom what the heck i did to,this bronco so while i do that once you,go inside and see what kind of fuel,economy were getting i can cycle,through that and ill tell you what,happened so i was backing this bronco up,into this garage,this time its my fault and uh come on,back here with me,and basically,i hit the edge of the garage right

This is the Only Ford Bronco Review you Need to Watch

okay so before we get too deep into this,video i know youre already upset,because youre like no thats not the,cheapest bronco the bronco sport is the,bronco sport is barely a vehicle you,know when you were a kid that little,tykes car that was red with the yellow,roof thats more of a car than the,broncos sport so this is the cheapest,bronco sasquatch that you could possibly,buy i have the sticker right here lets,read it off forty thousand eight hundred,and forty dollars it has 300 horsepower,it feels nice,this car,is massive,like the pictures that they showed,online when the bronco was coming out,and then all of a sudden the sport was,on the roads was truly disappointing,this delivers it has enough power,to make it not feel like a pig nobody,wants to drive a car thats a pig and,this car is not a pig theres plenty of,space this thing is nuts its huge this,is the four-door version they also offer,a two-door version which the wheelbase,on the two-door is about 10 inches,shorter,the tires are massive i think theyre,33-inch tires and the car just has this,square look,partially digital dash showing my speed,and then theres also a speedometer on,the left side this thing is crazy and,its also a convertible so were going,to drop the top here shortly but what a,great car to have in arizona and there,is a uh,4×4 squared by mercedes-benz that would,be more fun it just happens to cost over,two hundred thousand dollars so forty,thousand dollars for this im okay with,that price because i feel like from the,factory thats a lot of car has all,these off-road capabilities yes theres,a lot of plastic in this car seats are,just mesh cloth but who cares thats not,why youre buying this car youre buying,this car so you can act like youre one,day going to take it off-roading youre,not,youre not but,someday you might just want to drive,over the curb and down through the grass,and and you can do that when youre in,an suv like this,you can mob,i have a bmw m2 i cant mob in that,thing is it cool yeah its cool but im,not mobbing this,if i go into the opposite lane of,traffic people will get out of the way,because i will run them over,so,this is a really cool car im excited to,be reviewing it today im driving over,to my buddy colbys house to uh show him,this car now to any of you who are in,phoenix or traveling to phoenix this is,a turo car so the owner reached out to,me said hey would you like to drive my,car just give my turo a shout out i said,yeah no problem im considering doing,turo myself so he said no problem so if,you want to rent this car the link is,down in the description below youre,able to rent this car youll be one of,the only broncos driving around in,arizona these are still very rare out,here so awesome you guys get to,experience this car as well hey i mean,fees might go up on this car generally,when i sit in a car,values up,so just how it is yeah so in this review,were going to be talking about the,exterior the looks of the car were,going to go over the interior and then,were going to go over driving dynamics,im not going to be able to take it off,road or anything like that but im just,going to give you my general perspective,of it my initial view of the car is just,what it needs to be comes with all the,off-road capabilities to where if youre,someone that doesnt like to do,aftermarket stuff you dont have to but,if you do want to do aftermarket theres,going to be a massive aftermarket for,the bronco lets get into it also some,of you may be watching the video right,now and youre like why does ben look,more attractive the reason is because,that new merch,is out so,should be right under the description of,the video i mean i got fake tesla we got,the retro gatorade logo i mean we got,mores coming too,so go ahead and grab yourself some the,holidays are coming no ones gonna get,you gifts get yourself a gift,and support your boy but anyways grab,yourself a shirt the quality is good and,you know,look you you get to like that people are,like oh whats that be like oh its the,largest youtuber on the platform im,friends with them,you can say that lie to the people you,care about so driving this car just my,initial review so i got on it a little,bit,so right now im flooring it,nothing too exciting,what i will say though is i drove the,ram trx and while that thing rips and,its actually very fast you lose a sense,of speed when you have tires that are,this large and the car is lifted up in,the air so having a sense of speed is,very different however the power is good,for this being the base model when,youre half throttle and just putzing,around town you dont feel like you have,to floor it to get the car moving so,its peppy when youre going at normal,speeds,also visibility in the car is great,youre sitting up here even though the,windshield isnt very big it doesnt,feel squat when you sit down in like a,chevy camaro youre kind of like peeking,out you cant see anything and here the,visibility is great again this is the,four-door version i cant speak to the,two-door but im sure its similar back,seat ill do some testing im six feet,tall so well be able to sit in the back,and see what that looks like,seats are comfortable and the car just,kind of bounces around,i see why people love these types of,cars theyre not looking at fuel,efficiency or theyre not looking for,the car to be a daily driver theyre,looking for someone to go have fun with,the family in,and this thing definitely delivers on it,its just fun its funny you put the top,down youre in a convertible youre,listening to music im happy that the,bronco is back and this edition of it is,how it always should have been that,sport is such nonsense like i dont know,why they waste their time on it but i,see a lot on the street so people are,clearly buying them its wide,but the visibility of the front haunches,make it easy to drive because youre,able to see okay am i in my lane because,its so square,almost vomited,because its so square youre able to,kind of get a really good idea of where,you sit,so,yeah its nice air conditioning works,well see what else this,wagon has,exterior easy fuel capless filler,why would you even list that,fender tie down hooks thats the gut up,there in case you need to tie anyone to,the front of your car sasquatch package,so the base package on this is thirty,three thousand nine hundred ninety five,dollars and then it has the sasquatch,package which is four thousand nine,hundred ninety five dollars so that,includes the 35 inch tires 17 inch black,aluminum ring front axle locking,differential soft top floor liners its,basically like the owner said its the,cheapest sasquatch he could have gotten,and i gotta say if im getting a bronco,im getting this off-road package i,dont know why youd get any other one,like this is,you know what the bronco is i guess,unless youre really you know for sure,youre not gonna be off-roading it then,you know get the street version but this,thing looks sweet its fun to mob around,like if im you know in my m2 i have to,take certain curves at an angle to make,sure i dont bottom out this thing i,would just drive through my neighbors,house,i would drive straight through their,house and then just park what are they,gonna do yeah so driving dynamics of the,car,feels nice so now on to the interior,also shout out to drew thank you for,letting me you know review and drive,your car around i appreciate it like i,said i took a big risk back in february,earlier this year 2021 i quit my job i,was a medical device sales rep very,lucrative,job but ultimately to me it was you know,im empty at the end of the day i hated,it i was ready to,you know and so drew thank you for,reaching out letting me review this car,it helps me out with content i,appreciate you guys supporting the,channel like you have since i quit my,job and done this full-time its been,great ive been able to get my income,back up to,what it was when i was a device rep and,its its only going to go further and,ultimately for me its not abou

New Ford Bronco review: better than a Land Rover?

this is the new ford bronco and driving,one of these in the uk is a little bit,like somebody from birmingham,wearing a cowboy hat,here yeah,anyway,in this video im going to tell you all,about this new bronco talk you around,the exterior the interior see how,practical it is test out some of its,tech take it for a drive and of course,im going to launch it to see how quick,it is from north to 60 miles an hour,anyway im at watson and youre watching,cowboy wow,wow buying a new car then head to car,wow and my team will help you find your,next car at a fair price car wow your,one-stop car buying comparison site,lets start this video by talking about,the design of the new ford bronco so,just like the original its all square,and boxing very off-roadery and you have,the bucking bronco little emblem,there weve got a proper full-size spare,wheel chunky rear bumpers as well and,toe points and,tail lights which are like the original,but obviously theyre led because its,all modern so as you can see this is the,convertible version with the soft top,you can get a hard top with removable,roof panels also this is the four-door,you can get a shorter two-door version,but all of them have this really chunky,design like youve got running boards,which i cant run on and this one is,called the outer banks and that means,instead of black,wheel arch covers and door mirror caps,who have body colored personally i would,rather have it with the black because,the contrast looks really good on this,car in terms of wheel sizes the biggest,wheel size is 18 inches which may sound,pretty small but actually youre getting,a lot of tyre yeah because this is an,off-roader in fact you can get huge,off-road tyres for this thing now you,might be wondering what the hell are,these things look at these these there,look what are these for,it says maximum load 150 pounds i think,this is for tying down some dead animal,youve just shot to show it off to all,the other people,thats what they do in america,anyway,you can tell what car this is it says,bronco across the front and the grille,design is reminiscent of the old car as,are the headlights theyve been,modernized obviously here at the front,this ones got,our,solid metal bumper,and theres these points where you can,tie things to maybe a winch as well and,this one has the upgraded,metal,under tray so you can bash off boulders,when youre off-roading,some impressive car apparently this is,the first bronco to arrive in the uk,its been imported by clive sutton now,the starting price if you want a bronco,from clyde sutton 45 000 pounds they go,to 85 000 pounds and that includes,everything thats your tax your shipping,any modifications in order to drive in,the uk it even comes with a three-year,warranty which matches fords warranty,now if you want to see more about the,american cars that clive imports check,out the link in the description in fact,go on his website have a look through,some of his stock and let me know here,in the comments of some of the other,cars hes got youd like me to film here,on the inside the bronx has a very,chunky off-roader feel to it so youve,got a flat-faced dash with bronco,proudly written there and down here this,little plaque that says design and,engineered in dearborn michigan lovely,also all the controls are super chunky,apparently thats so that you can,operate them while wearing gloves now,its quite a warm day today so i dont,have any gloves so im going to have to,illustrate that by using these cups,as makeshift gloves so can i operate the,controls look oh yeah i can use the,climate the stereo you can turn this,knobby here,can i start it with,my cup gloves yes i can and can i put it,in drive,come on i can put it in drive look you,can use it,all while wearing,cup gloves,thats what i call professional motoring,journalism,lets continue so obviously being an,off-roader you might be going over some,rocks so you end up swaying about the,place so look theres a grab handle,there for your passenger theres also,another grab handle here as well to help,you get in and out of the vehicle the,steering wheel is big and chunky youve,got your bucking bronco on it there,also theres various buttons on the,steering wheel so you can control the,digital drivers display so youve got a,normal analog speedo but then theres,lots of information just displayed on,the screen here the only problem with,the screen is that the animations are so,slow,and such low resolution that it sort of,reminds me of teletext,do not tell you text this is a little,clip of it its like pre-internet,internet,yes,other features in here of note,this doll here,the goat modes geo 80 it doesnt stand,for greatest of all time theyre,obviously playing around with that,stands for go over any terrain,hell yeah,well well see about that a bit later on,shall we or at least try to now lets,move on to the infotainment system so,this gets fords latest sync system so,its the same that you get in the mackie,but obviously youve got a slightly,smaller screen its generally pretty,easy to use its a nice system quite,like it as for the driving position yeah,theres lots of adjustment in it which,is good,so even a little brits can get comfy,behind the wheel and see out of the big,bonnet and you get lots of adjustment in,the steering wheel as well obviously the,americans need to push the steering,wheel back because of their big bellies,sorry americans im only joking were,probably fatter than you now here in the,uk to tell you the truth as for storage,look these door bins may look rubbish,but theyre actually pretty good,you can fit big bottles in them theres,some more storage under here with the 12,volt socket there,some more storage there with your usbs,youve got normal usb and usbc,and theyre not as i showed you earlier,look cupholders oh another thing to note,is this,look at that massive rear view mirror,yeah i just realized it looked like an,absolute twist in this hat oh another,think ive noticed this switches for,auxiliaries like if you want to put,lights on the top of the vehicle to,startle your prey at night you can,control them with these i like the way,that theyre not blanked out if you,havent got them fitted you can still,play with them although they do sound a,bit cheap,stop playing with the mat stop playing,here in the back seats of the bronco,there is plenty of knee room theres,also lots of foot room as well because,the front seats are jacked up quite high,so you can really stretch out,more importantly though there is plenty,of,hat room yes its designed for people in,a stetson and if youre american and,youre commenting again actually matt,thats not a stetson,stop here all right just stop it in,terms of quality well youve got some,softy bits here on the doors which is,nice but then the rest of the plastics,are a bit cheap feeling same situation,in the front really and these handles,feel nasty and theyre quite wobbly do,you know what the quality in here isnt,as good as a mercedes g wagon now a,g-wagon is more expensive but a top end,one of these in the uk is getting on for,g wagon money yeah now down here youve,got some usb ports there look usb there,and youve got a plug socket so you can,plug in your laptop if youve got an,american adapter theres also the window,switches there why are they there,and not on the door,its because you can remove the doors,and then if you remove the doors how you,going to operate the windows,actually you wont need to because the,doors are,anyway i want to show you this lets,move on,the rear windows do go all the way down,now for those of you who spotted,cameraman guys reflection in the window,give yourself a pat on the back youre,clearly very observant and guy,say hello to the viewers,guys really cringing now behind the,camera guy if ive got to wear a stupid,hat you can do a silly wave its just,part of car wow right lets talk about,the boot so,its a nice big size easily enough room,for two fine young men,[Music],also,its very square so its easy to pack,there

The New Ford Bronco!

thats called trail turn assists its,meant to get you out of like sticky,situations one of the wheel locks to,give you something to kind of pivot on,kind of like the dead leg dance,this is the new ford bronco,[Music],all right lets start with the basics,the first thing youll notice is that,this car looks like its something,straight out of jurassic park but ive,driven it around and its smarter than,that its like its like a modern,jurassic park the older broncos became,kind of like an iconic car so what four,did is they brought it back lets start,with the front because that is my,favorite part of the exterior right what,you get,is a super unique look,with bronco,written all through,like right down the middle you have,these led lights,which actually cut into the headlights,which are super super cool but this is,not how all broncos look because the,amount of customization you can do on,these things is crazy theres seven,different trims on the bronco alone you,have the base bronco the big bend black,diamond outer banks badlands wild track,and the first edition the one that we,have today is the badlands the most,off-road capable bronco out there and it,has a bunch of different features it has,its own badland suspension it comes with,a rock crawl mode which i think is super,cool and it has these super sturdy,bumpers at the front and at the back,which is designed to go in tricky places,prices for the broncos start at about,thirty thousand dollars but can go up to,sixty thousand for the fancy pants that,want to own the first edition but,theres only gonna be three thousand and,five hundred of those right lets,continue with the car theres a lot to,show you these things right here,these are 33 inch tires and with the,sasquatch package you can actually bump,these up to 35 inches so the back is,pretty cool but a little observation,just an opinion is that it doesnt seem,that,that obvious that its a bronco if you,come from like the back dead back,i mean,yeah look you have the bronco logo over,here,but its like black on black you never,really see that from far away theres no,real like cover that says bronco from,the back some people out there would say,that kind of looks like a jeep not from,this angle im talking about from like,the back i do love these like wrap,around tail lights its super cool like,vertical theres a lot of verticality,going on in the back right the light is,here then you got the handle there is a,top secret hidden feature in the back,which is my favorite part,when youre getting close this is a,spare wheel but this,is actually a camera,you would never think of a camera being,here right ive never seen that anywhere,and thats pretty cool to be honest when,you open the back like this,and as you can see weve already been,driving it around you can open it this,far but you will not be able to open the,top right it kind of just does this,which is no bueno so what you got to do,is you have to open it up,past 90 degrees lets see if i got this,yeah i think it can go even further,thats like unnecessarily open almost,right its just alive once its this,open you can actually now lift that up,like that and you have a pretty spacious,back weve already occupied it,you get a little sneak peek of what im,talking about weve put some of the roof,panels here in the back because,we made this thing,like a little convertible a little 4×4,convertible more hidden features when we,open this up like that,you have the history,of the bronco up here to kind of remind,you,that you know youre youre you know,youre a piece of history so this is the,first ever that was the u13 that was the,u14 and thats the u15 and this,is the brand new one all right i want to,talk about the door because i havent,been as excited about doors in a long,time before that youll see that we have,our little,badlands badge boof you know you own a,badlands you are better than others,anyways first when i open the door,youre going to see that this thing,stays in place,you see that i can actually you know,that gets pretty close thats like,within a finger you know if you had a,tubby finger youd actually jam yourself,here youll see that there are no window,buttons on the door either the window,buttons are actually right here in the,middle,right there,so what does it all mean you know the,buttons are in there this thing doesnt,move thats because you can actually,remove these doors they literally give,you a tool kit and all you got to do if,you come in here,is youll see it says lift,that tells you where you lift from,and you have a couple of screws over,here i think its three screws in one,pole you just do it like that and you,can literally lift it and because this,door has no frame youll see that it has,no frame its much easier to store you,can actually pop these in the back,and you got yourselves a little a little,wild animal to tame the wilderness all,right so come inside come inside were,going to leave the doors on first thing,that youll notice about this interior,is that it feels,like i said like a little bit of a,jurassic park car the interior is super,rugged and its designed to be easy to,clean you know after youve driven it,through mud and stuff everything is very,like rough rugged materials right you,have like this rubber here you have this,handle uh i dont think anyone would,ever be driving like this or you can,hold on to it when like you know looking,at dinosaurs you know like,[Music],right once youre inside youre going to,see that youre greeted everywhere with,like bronco stitching and bronco writing,you know youre in the bronco you you,have to remind your passengers that they,are being driven in a bronco you have,your big ford you know kind of like,plaque which actually looks like the,grill you know these are like the,headlights its the same as the front,which i think is actually super cool,built at michigan assembly plant so just,to remind you that this thing is,american and you even have the american,flag right here to remind you again,that this was made in america because,ford wants you to know that this was,built for tough built in america the,land of the free and the home of the,brave so lets turn it on this is the,start stop,right,everything comes to life and youll see,that you have this screen coming up and,whats cool about this screen is that,this is actually the front camera and,you can actually click it here so if,youre doing like a rock crawl anywhere,you have like direct access to whats in,front of you if you have a big ass rack,right there you might not see it from,here because the bumper is pretty high,up right but with this you can actually,see it all the buttons are very sturdy,and very physical you see how theres no,theres no nonsense going on you know,these are all very you know physical,you know clickable and even here these,are for your differential locks if it,rains from the from the outside and this,gets wet its not going to be a problem,the way that i activated the trail turn,assist was with this button right here,youll see that it has a little arrow,and here,you have this wheel which says goat,modes its not greatest of all time,modes its for goes over all terrain,modes right and you actually have seven,of them with the badlands if you go here,youll see that when i turn this wheel,sorry if i turn this wheel like this,youll see that actually goes through,you know like normal driving mode gonna,get a zoom in on there you wanna see,this trust me its actually pretty cool,eco you say you know here you have like,a little a little sphere with plants,some leaves,slippery you know you got some water and,some drops now,you have mud ruts even has like little,little rocks at the top,its just well designed in general i,think it looks actually super cool sand,rock crawl also want to talk about the,fact that this is completely open like,that no joke i could remove this entire,roof both panels in less than maybe 30,seconds just pull like that,you turn like this,you turn like that,you turn like th

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