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  2. 2021 Subaru Forester Review | BIG Changes for 2021
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2021 Subaru Forester Review: Subarus Goldilocks | CarGurus

as you may know cargurus is based in new,england,and as you can see i have a beard,and if youve watched enough of these,videos you may have also realized that i,listened to,this one band from vermont way too often,and when im not doing this i like to,spend my time biking or skiing or,camping or hiking,so its about time we added a subaru to,the mix,now this is the 2021 subaru forester and,for those of us living in massachusetts,well we have been seeing these things,come down the highway from vermont and,new hampshire and maine,for over two decades yet every time,subaru updates the forester it gets a,little,bigger it gets a little heavier it just,gets a little less reminiscent,of that adorable little toaster of a car,that we all fell in love with in the,late 90s,so before we decide if the latest,forester is worthy of the cult-like,following,that subaru has developed over the years,were going to ask you all to subscribe,to the cargurus youtube channel,and how once youve done that well we,can get crunchy,the forester competes directly with cars,like the ford escape,the honda crv and the toyota rav4,but you see the shoppers that i,generally talk to are kind of peculiar,they dont tend to cross shop the,forester against those other vehicles,instead it seems like theyre always,cross shopping the subaru forester with,other subarus its always the subaru,crosstrek,or the subaru forester or the subaru,forester,or the subaru outback and as it turns,out,the forester is kind of the goldilocks,choice between those two other subarus,the profile is much more similar to that,of a regular,compact crossover than it is the,crosstrek or the outback because you see,it has plenty of ground clearance but,its also,not that long now if you get a premium,trim or above,this spoiler comes standard and trust me,youre going to want a forester with one,of those it looks way better with it,than it does,without it step up one more trim level,to the sport trim,and you get blacked out wheels or you go,with the limited trim and then you get,these,these are 18 inchers and they look way,better than the 17 inch wheels,you get on the premium or the base trim,those look like they belong,on the lunar rover the one made by lego,youre also probably going to want to,buy a forester with these,roof rails just keep in mind theyre not,the fancy roof rails that you get on an,outback that have that swing out,mechanism for the crossbars,so if youre going to put a bike on top,of your forester you got to buy the,crossbar separately,subarus thrive in the great outdoors not,the middling indoors now sure,the interior of the new forester its,not offensive but it also wont,blow you away for instance theres not,really a,good place for your phone mine doesnt,quite fit up here and then,there are things like like this little,cubby back here ive been putting my,wallet there that might work for you,assuming youre not carrying a george,costanza sized wallet,now on the bright side literally the,visibility in here is,phenomenal the a-pillars are thin the,windshield is huge,and the side windows dont suffer from a,high belt line,the leather seats in this limited trim,are comfortable if not entirely handsome,but even the cloth seats in the lower,trims are really impressive,theres plenty of leg and headroom for,rear seat passengers and i love that the,premium trim,only the second highest on the trim,ladder that includes things,like the panoramic moon roof heated,front seats reclining rear seat and,keyless entry those are some of my,favorite features,and its great that subaru doesnt,insist that shoppers pay for a limited,or a touring trim in order to get them,cargo space is great too 28.9 cubic feet,behind the rear seat and 70.9 max,are competitive figures and frankly not,too far off the outback,but the outback is long and trust me it,takes a little,getting used to when it comes to,parallel parking whereas with the,forester,i mean this thing feels like you could,squeeze it in anywhere,in terms of tech and infotainment its,all handled by subarus starlink,infotainment system,lower terms get a six and a half inch,touchscreen whereas the limited and,touring trims get this 8 inch unit,optional in the sport the 8 inch screen,definitely looks better but its not a,massive,upgrade i actually like this more than,the big flashy portrait oriented screens,you can find in the newer outbacks,because it doesnt try and cram,quite as many functions behind the,touchscreen interface,i mean we have buttons here just the,right number of buttons and we have,these knobs and frankly,the tuning knob is fantastic its so,quick and accurate now the base stereo,is pretty low rent it only has four,speakers and moving up to the premium,trim,only adds two more speakers a rockford,fosgate option is available for 645,dollars and this premium harman kardon,system,is part of a 1695 dollar package with,navigation,reverse automatic braking and a heated,steering wheel,if you pay for the touring trim that,option package comes standard,driving the forester brings a little,good news and,a little bad news the bad news,theres only one engine offered on the,2021 forester and its,not the engine we want this two and a,half liter horizontally opposed,four-cylinder engine,is the same youd get in a non-xt trim,outback it makes 182 horsepower and 176,pound-feet of torque mated to a,continuously variable transmission,now in the outback we say its slow,its underpowered its not up to the,task and were right,and subaru knows were right otherwise,it wouldnt offer the 2.4 liter,turbocharged cylinder in the outback xt,models,but the good news is that the forester,is lighter than the outback,theres a little less work for that,little two and a half liter,four-cylinder to do,and its shorter wheelbase makes the,forester feel a little more,nimble theres no escaping the cvt,although,it is better than some i would still,100 percent prefer a traditional,automatic but,it does not seem like subaru is gonna,make that wish come true,anytime soon steering is good,reasonably direct turn in isnt sharp,but it doesnt feel sloppy,theres plenty of body roll and while,the suspension rides soft,the car definitely bounces a bit on the,rough stuff,i will say having spent a lot and,i mean a lot of miles behind the wheel,of a 10 year old subaru,im always impressed by how the company,has really,damped down a lot of that road feel,vibration particularly through the,steering wheel,yet they do it without making the,steering feel,numb we mentioned the sport trim before,it gets a couple of sport driving modes,but the hardware is all the same,in this car sport means appearance not,performance,and of course we cant talk about subaru,without talking about,all-wheel drive its the brands bread,and butter and in the 2021 forester,it is as good as it has ever been with a,set of snow tires,you wont get stuck and if you live,somewhere that doesnt get snow,head to your local dealer and see if,they have any incentives available,because subaru often offers good deals,to get people to consider their,all-wheel drive cars,in places where all-wheel drive isnt,needed,subaru loads up all of its forester,models with tons of advanced driver,assistance features,courtesy of the camera-based eyesight,system,adaptive cruise control lane centering,automatic emergency braking,all that comes standard on the forester,if you buy a sport,trim or above subaru also gives you,blind spot monitoring now thats an,option on the premium trim but its not,available on the base trim,i also really like the fact that the,forester gives you this little alert,when the car in front of you pulls away,like if youre at a stoplight and your,car is saying,come on keep driving you know stop,looking at your phone were moving here,what i dont love is that the adaptive,cruise control system in this car beeps,at you,every time a car enters into your path,its like i get it its adaptive cruise,control you dont have to,notify me every time just slow down the,car a litt

2021 Subaru Forester Review | BIG Changes for 2021

[Music],what is up you guys welcome back to,another one if you were new to the,channel i am gold pony i do do car truck,suv reviews,on youtube and today we are in the new,2021 subaru forester courtesy,of apple subaru in york pa for more,information on their inventory please,feel free to check out the link,in the description box below and so as i,am sitting at this red light wanted to,check this subaru forester out today,because,several changes actually for the 2021,model year of course,excellent resale value really with any,subaru in general for that matter,great reliability you could check out a,consumer reports magazine to see that,specifically the forester has amazing,reliability and of course with subarus,you have the very best all-wheel drive,system,in existence and that has been proven so,having said all that what do you guys,say lets just go ahead and jump right,into it and as always,lets start with pricing so as you can,imagine there are actually several,different trim levels for the 2021,forester first one being the base setup,starting at 24,795 premium for 27,795 sport for 29,five 395. limited for thirty one,thousand three ninety five and lastly,the touring,starting at thirty four thousand eight,hundred and ninety five dollars but i,will say regardless of trim level that,you go with,power plant on the forester is going to,be the same powering this beast is going,to be a 2.5 liter direct injected,horizontally opposed subaru boxer,engine putting out 182 horsepower at,5800 rpm,176 pound-feet of torque available at 4,400 rpm,power sent to all four wheels of course,through a linear tronic cvt,with paddle shifters actually if you go,with the sport trim level and up thats,how youre going to get them and we will,be testing those out,in a little bit here but do what also,mention with that sport trim leveling up,though you also will get a seven speed,manual mode for the cvt if you were to,go with those specific trim levels so,thats kind of interesting so,well give that a shot of course as well,so like i said we will be giving that a,shot ill let you know how that manual,mode actually feels but,0-60 time comes in at approximately 8.5,seconds with mpg numbers coming into 26,in the city,33 on the highway taking regular,unleaded fuel,but so before we test out anything in,the forester i did want to mention there,are actually some driving modes,that do come standard on this one as,well they will include sport,and intelligent those two buttons are,going to be located on the right side of,the steering wheel steering wheel,mounted controls there,essentially what they will do is adjust,things like the shift points and the,throttle response as well so lets go,ahead and push sport,and it did immediately downshift for me,so it is going to hold the rpms in a,much higher level,giving you more power on demand so,thats going to be useful over merging,onto the highway things like that and,then you can just hit the i,intelligent mode and that will put it,back to its normal driving mode,essentially but,having now said all of that like i was,mentioning there is a seven speed manual,mode here so what we are going to do is,push the shifter all the way to the back,and to the left,that is going to give me that manual,mode right now it is telling me i am in,that seventh gear so it is going to,display the gears,within the digital portion of the gauge,is right in front of you there so,im excited all that lets just go ahead,and find a straightaway here and lets,test out the paddle shifters keep in,mind,this is a cvt or continuously variable,transmission so,theres not really gears to shift,through but we are going to see how well,it actually simulates that shifting in,the end so,lets go ahead and give it a shot here,we go,didnt shift nice,huh thats kind of good it really,simulates a,regular automatic transmission quite,well like it was winding out the rpms,and it did not shift for me so,it really is a true manual mode thats,pretty cool like the subaru did that,giving the driver a little more control,so,i like it anyways lets go ahead and do,a quick little acceleration test here i,think i found my spot,in three two one yeah,well theres that cbt,its not bad its definitely not the,quickest thing in the world if you want,quick go with the subaru wrx or,something like that but,its all right its just all right well,say that i wouldnt have minded if the,subaru forester came with maybe a,turbocharged engine perhaps,maybe with a nice little hood scoop,feeding air into the top mount,intercooler something like that would be,pretty freaking sweet,on a forester but nonetheless because,you have this engine you are going to,get better fuel economy,and of course better reliability than a,turbocharged engine as well but,not the quickest thing in the world but,anyways to go along with that,acceleration test as,always braking is equally important and,so up front you will find 11.6 inch,ventilated,front discs in the back 11.2 inch solid,rear disc,and actually for the sports from,leveling up that gets bumped up a little,bit to 12.4 inch ventilated front disc,so almost a full inch larger in the,front,when you go with that sport trim,leveling up at least in the back still,11.2 inch solid rear disc for those,shrimps but all in all when it comes to,the 60 zero stopping distance thats,going to come in at 129 feet for the,forester but thats with the regular,brake setup if you were to go with that,up size brake setup it actually then,comes in at 118 feet which is,very respectable for that one tiguan,comes in at 131,honda hrv comes in 116 so its kind of,right in the middle of the pack,unless you go with that larger break set,up with the sport trim leveling up and,then you really get some very good,braking and i will attest to that,absolutely no issues,with the braking feel in my short test,drive today whatsoever so im definitely,a fan there,touching on suspension and handling up,front youre gonna get an independent,strut type front suspension with the,stabilizer bar,in the back double wishbone type rear,suspension once again with the,stabilizer bar but,perhaps what impressed me the most right,off the bat i could instantly tell with,the forester,is the steering feel its wonderful its,absolutely wonderful its definitely,on the weightier side of things so,therefore it instantly points you in the,direction that you want to go,typically with suvs youre going to find,a lot of loosey-goosey steering feels,which definitely isnt my favorite so,with the forester it almost feels,more along the lines of a sports car so,the steering feel is,absolutely wonderful on the forester i,will say that,when it comes to ride quality is pretty,much as expected i mean we got a lot of,road imperfections in pa so ive been,hitting a lot of them but,its as expected certainly not the,smoothest drive but its not the worst,either so its pretty much,on par for the course i guess you could,say then touching on cabin noise thats,perfectly fine as well i get a little,bit of engine noise when they really hit,the gas but other than that the forester,is actually,pretty well insulated that will say that,i was at highway speeds for quite a bit,and not a whole lot of exterior wind,noise coming into the cabin again its,just that engine noise when you really,hit the gas thats not necessarily a bad,thing in my opinion actually enjoy that,but,touching on visibility this is really,where the forester really shines,absolutely amazing visibility of course,thats due to its shape being a little,more boxier in nature but you can see,wonderfully out the back so when it,comes to visibility the forester is,certainly,on point but that about rounds out the,performance segment of this review guys,lets now go ahead and take a look at,the,exterior of this brand new 2021,subaru forester all right so here she is,you guys the new 2021,subaru forester this is the limited trim,by the way,finished in crystal black silica for,anybody who is curious but lets go,ahead and sta

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2022 Subaru Forester review: Facelifted midsize SUV arrives in Australia, up against RAV4 and CX-5!

look at that,its the new subaru forester,looking as rugged and practical as ever,its like the hiking boot of cars,driven by adventurous people who,probably think weather like this is,awesome so what were going to do here,in this review of the forester range is,find out if its all just looks were,also going to look at its practicality,and whats under the bonnet,how safe it is,ownership costs the price and features,fuel economy,and what its like to drive,now those are the time codes right there,feel free to flick through it just find,what you want and if youre watching on,youtube down there are the chapter,markers as well now if you want to read,the full review go to carsguide.com,and give us a like and subscribe,subscribe,the new subaru forester looks just like,the old one but thats because its not,really new its just a few updates you,see when the pr people say the changes,are subtle,you know they are,subtle so theres a redesigned grille,redesigned headlights bumper and fog,lights too,see heres the old one and this is the,new one,its still rugged and practical looking,with that bulgy bonnet and wheel arches,the chunky roof rails and side skirts,and the big windows and its all over,boxiness,the forrester is 4.64 meters end to end,which is about your thumbs length,longer than a rav4,there are new colors autumn green,brilliant bronze,unhappy blueberry and cascade green now,theres no unhappy blueberry its just,cascade green the forester we have here,is the top of the range 2.5 is well get,to the rest of the range in a moment but,for now lets go inside,not much has changed in the foresters,cabin its still a feast of layers and,textures,now the cabin of the forester is not,pretty its pretty busy i mean just have,a look at this there are over 50 buttons,in this cabin alone the steering wheel,is covered on them and its buttons,underneath them and down by your knee,theres a screen at the top here for,your fuel economy the angle that your,car is on the wheels that are doing the,driving your fuel economy and down here,youve got the media screen,for whats playing the only thing thats,simple really are the climate control,dials but everything else is really over,the top were talking over the top the,textures and the layers or the materials,that are used is intense i mean it can,be all summed up by this door look at it,youve got some type of rubber material,here which feels like its off a,amphibian youve got this plush material,here,youve got plastic hard plastic down,here its just a mess,dont talk money,lets talk money,the subaru forester range starts with a,2.5 i it steps up to the 2.5 il and,above that is the 2.5 i premium theres,a 2.5 i sport the 2.5 by s that we have,today the hybrid l and the hybrid s,yeah its about as clear as something,thats not very clear but whats pretty,straightforward are the prices those are,the prices right there and you know what,its pretty good value for money,compared to the rivals those,are more affordable prices than say a,sportage now lets talk standard,features,now all subaru foresters get that top,screen that little one at the top there,they get that eight inch media screen,there they get tinted rear glass they,get led headlights and led running,lights they get dual zone climate,control they get this a proximity key,and they get push button start that is,really good value did you know that most,of the rivals dont start adding a lot,of that stuff until you get higher in,the range so yeah great value now if you,want leather seats like these,oh,these uh you need to step up to the top,of the range 2.5 is thats this car the,rest of the foresters come with fabric,seats if you want heated seats you only,need to step up to the second car above,the entry car thats the 2.5 i l and you,get these heated seats for the front and,passenger seat in the front as well,stuff like sat nav power sunroof all,that type of stuff they come in as you,go higher up through the range,the subaru forester doesnt just look,like its practical it really is,practical look at the size of that,doorway i mean you could just walk,straight in there,yeah sure the interior is a bit busy,looking but its very practical look how,much legroom ive got im 191,centimeters tall and that sits in my,driving position its very good now,there are cupholders in here two there,two in the front on all subaru foresters,and look at these door pockets theyre,massive theres also directional air,vents on all subaru foresters and usb,ports in the back too there are map,pockets galore in the back of the seat,backs the only problem is theres,nowhere to put my phone up front its a,bigger phone and the space under the,dashboard is not really large enough to,fit it theres also no wireless charging,either hmm thats a bit of a fail,do you want to see the boot lets look,at the boot,one of the advantages of being shaped,like a shipping container is that it,gives you a very big boot look at this,no its not one of those its one of,these,yes,the foresters boot is bigger than many,of its rivals it fits all of the cars,guide luggage all foresters also get,these chunky,roof rails,[Music],the forester was given the maximum five,star and cap rating back in 2019,all grades come with aub blind spot,warning lane keeping assistance rear,cross traffic alert grades above the,entry car also have reverse aeb and a,camera system which watches you make,sure youre paying attention also listed,under safety equipment is gesture,controlled temperature adjustment,thats silly wanna see under the bonnet,[Music],pretty simple here youve got a petrol,engine and youve also got a hybrid,system this is a petrol engine its a,2.5 liter four-cylinder its a boxer,engine that means the pistons dont do,this,they do this,they punch out like a boxer there are,advantages to a boxer engine uh the main,one is that its got a lower center of,mass because its lower in the engine,bay and thats good for handling,the other advantage is that it sounds,really good you know youve heard of wrx,before they go,and thats the sound of a boxer engine,those are the outputs right there for,both the petrol engine,and also the hybrid system,now transmission its a cvt,that stands for continuously variable,transmission and look im not a major,fan of them but this one,this isnt too bad,well subaru forest is our all-wheel,drive and its a very good all-wheel,drive system i know ive looked,they also have an excellent ground,clearance of 220 millimeters did you,know the new kia sportage only has a,ground clearance of 181 millimeters,so that all-wheel drive system with this,ground clearance makes the forester far,more capable off the road than most of,its rivals,that means my body is exactly 220,millimeters thick,all right lets go for a drive,because you know the driving parts,pretty important too,um one of the very first things that,youll notice,about driving the subaru forester,is how good the driving position is um,these seats are great they fit me but,theyre also quite snug,so i feel supported,you sit at a good height,the steering wheel feels great,but the visibility is is fantastic these,really tall windows,in the forrester means that,its like being on a bus,and those rear windows are huge and,thats just made parking,so much easier in the city but on a road,like this its also good for being able,to see through a corner theres no,problems with visibility whatsoever,and that rear window too,is pretty big,a couple of its rivals have got these,really sleek rear windows and they look,great from the outside but from the,inside its like looking through,ned kellys helmet,the steering as well i think steering is,really important in the car you i mean,you shouldnt be thinking about it but,if you are then then theyve got it,wrong the great thing about this,steering is that its so accurate its,weighted so well and it feels really,natural its great steering in this car,now lets talk about the ride,its its super comfortable as i,mentioned before not only does it feel,pla

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2021 Subaru Forester Review // Its all about utility

weve got the subaru forester and wed,like to thank doc,stetter subaru for lending us this,vehicle to review,all right subaru putting the u in suv,putting the u in subaru andrea whats,under the hood,of this forester a 2.5 liter,four-cylinder match for the cvt,182 horsepower and 176,pound-feet of torque it comes standard,with all-wheel drive,what it doesnt come with any longer is,the optional turbocharged engine the xt,and that was a big hit more here in,canada than the united states,actually thats our hot topic thats,coming up so make sure you stick around,for that,but right now were going to find out,what do you get with a base model,forester what are the key standard,features,in canada the forester comes standard,with a 6.5 inch touchscreen,apple carplay and android auto heated,cloth seats,six-way manual adjustable driver seat,rear seat ventilation led headlights,17-inch wheels a spare tire rear seat,reminder,and eyesight driver assist technology so,weve got this,x-mode dial here what do we need to put,it in we need to put it in,s for subscribe and if you can hit the,notification bell youll be notified,when all the videos drop and then you,can watch them,we do five videos a week the most,important ones are what were doing,right now the couple car review we drop,one every wednesday afternoon,we put another one out on saturday so if,you want to find out when the videos are,going to drop behind the scenes get a,question in,its motormouth underscore andrea for,andreas instagram,and mines motormouth underscore auto,and the links are below,this video is brought to you by carcass,canada get the dealers cost list of,rebates plus discounted interest rates,use the promo code motormouth to become,an expert member and get extra searches,the link is in the description below,weve got the sport trim,its under 36 thousand 000 it comes with,the black rail,black wheels theyre 18 inch it also has,orange accents throughout the exterior,and the interior well get to that in a,moment,now the one thing about the foresters,when they updated this model they,focused on what they did really really,well,huge windows people often ask whats the,best vehicle for outward visibility,well youre looking at it yeah and big,doors you want to get your kids,in and out youve got car seats this is,the perfect family vehicle,they have the mirrors on the door not in,the a-pillar there so you get all of,that extra glass,and then when they redid this model they,made the trunk opening,square and you can get a lot of stuff in,there you can see me putting a set of,golf clubs in the back its just amazing,the amount of space and subaru for,overall cargo capacity is number one in,this class the rav4,very close second so if you want a lot,of,utility in your vehicle this is it i,dont think youre going to find a,better compact suv with this kind of,functionality yeah for sure,and when we move into the interior space,youve got the orange stitching as zach,said in some orange trim,throughout this sport model comes with,an inch touchscreen,its got a heated steering wheel heated,seats even the second row seats recline,youve got a power tailgate and this,sunroof,it comes with a lot of great features,for the price point yeah we were talking,recently about the cross track and a,fully loaded crosstrek,is oh only thirteen hundred dollars less,than this trim,i know and the only thing youre giving,up between a fully loaded crosstrek and,this,is leather seats in the crosstrek cloth,in this but all the other features,you get but you dont get a big pan or,roof and a crosstrek you dont and what,i like about this,is the fabric seats they are more,premium looking theyre textured,and look at the door panels zach it even,has the fabric it carries,over there i think that it looks a,little bit more elevated and sporty well,that was a major goal i,had the opportunity it was great to go,to japan actually if you,see me driving on this course yeah in,japan,thats the actual cycling track for the,olympic games,which are just about to start cool so,thats where they held it but they folk,they told us the focus of the interior,of this latest,forester was they had the functionality,down yeah they needed to add a bit more,comfort and i think theyve done that,with better seats,more soft touch materials padding on the,doors the center console and all that,in this sport trim we even get the power,seats,power receipt not this cc manual over,there zach for you,yeah you know whats also impressive is,the rear seat leg room this thing is,very spacious and with the big tall,square roof its very,open its comfortable and big youre,right zach it offers a lot of second row,legroom,its the tucson though that offers the,most in this class that new tucson is,quite nice yeah really long really large,big cargo area,is there anything we could improve on in,here andrea what do you think,i think you know what for the price at,like you said around thirty six thousand,dollars yeah what else do you really,want,no i i think that its very good if you,want leather seats youre gonna have to,move up to the top trims to get that,um you want to have a power passenger,seat to make it a little bit more,comfortable for your passengers,top trim again and if you want heated,rear seats,back up there to the top trim see you,always pick,what you think is the best value trim,are we in it is it the sport,we are in it i think it offers the most,for people,if you dont like this orange trim you,can go with the touring which is one,below,it offers a lot of great features as,well and you get silver trim and,silver stitching all right lots of,questions lets get at it and some,coffee,time now for questions coffee and cars,your questions from instagram between,this,and the rav4 which would you choose do,you want to go first,well the biggest thing is the,continuously variable transmission with,the rav4 you get an eight-speed,automatic,its really tough uh i would say that,this is maybe a little bit more,comfortable,and a nicer ride yes the rav4 but it has,an eight-speed automatic i mean,thats the thing thats the thing some,people are just not willing to get a cvt,at all so i think the rav4 would be,their pack but what i like about this in,this sport version that were driving,compared to the trail,is its less money and you get a lot of,the same features that you get in the,rav4 trail,for less you dont get a panel roof in,canada you can in the us but not in,canada yeah so we get it on this,is the forester only suitable for the,adventurous lifestyle,or will you be happy with it for normal,everyday commuting as well,for me normal everyday commuting its,been awesome,its summertime we dont have any snow,but i think it would really give,people the confidence in snowy,conditions,this has 220 millimeters of,ride height i think its quite good for,those kinds of conditions,zach are you going off-roading the news,flash is that,the vast majority of people with all,vehicles even people who buy jeep,rubicons,drive them on road so theyre designed,more for that theyre more capable,off-road but yeah,on-road is fine subaru always markets,its brand as outdoor adventure does this,forester actually have real off-road,capabilities good question,well back to your 220 millimeters of,ground clearance the most in this class,so you get better ground clearance than,most you get arguably the best all-wheel,drive system,with the symmetrical all-wheel drive,system it comes standard with,x-mode which is a low-speed enhanced,traction and stability control system,so back to the the jeep rubicon youre,not going to get,central locking differentials like you,would in a jeep like that,but if youre wanting a compact,crossover utility vehicle that has,good off-roading this would be it yeah,its very good isnt it,we havent gone off-roading with it but,i have i have i did,yeah heres me driving it in japan look,at the video of me,and im driving with the right-hand,drive that was fun good,and thats it thanks for all your,questi

2021 Subaru Forester // More Loveable than EVER! (new standard features)

whats going on youtube so the outback,is subarus most recognizable model but,a lot of people dont realize that the,forester has actually,outsold the outback so far this year,which makes,this its number one product now for 2021,subaru is following up on that success,by adding even more standard equipment,and some new features across all of the,trim levels,so with that being said lets go ahead,and see whats new,and if you should pick the forester over,all the stiff competition,[Music],so starting out here with your exterior,design,weve got the sport trim of the forester,which makes things look quite a bit more,aggressive than the standard forester,model,so what youll notice up here in the,front is your blacked out grill,here which definitely blends in nicely,with this black paint,and you also have the cool orange accent,down here at the bottom,which does carry on throughout the rest,of the exterior,now if you got any of the other trim,levels you would have a chrome accent,that runs through here,now coming over here to your headlights,this is where were going to see some,changes for 2021 and thats the fact,that subaru is now giving you,standard full led adaptive headlights,so thats definitely basically unheard,of in the class to have standard,adaptive abilities to your headlights,and in addition to that super is also,throwing in fog lights now on the,premium trim level and above,so thats new to that trim level i did,forget to mention it up in the front but,since subaru does pride itself in having,more off-road capability than average,you do have 8.7 inches of ground,clearance which is actually the same as,what you have in the outback,but anyways as far as the wheels are,concerned youve got,basically a different choice for every,single trim level so you have a 17-inch,steel wheel on your base model and a,17-inch alloy on the premium,then when you go up to any of the other,three trim levels they they have 18-inch,alloys,all three of them with different designs,and moving up to the mirror subaru does,give you heating on all but the base,model,and new for 2021 blind spot monitoring,is now included,as standard equipment on the sport trim,level and above,and finally you also have available auto,dimming,now walking around to the rear design of,the 2021 forester youre not going to,really see any changes back here this,year,however that said this sport trim does,have quite a bit,to spice up the rear design compared to,the other different trim levels,so you do have a black accent on the,sport however you cant really see it on,this black,model and then as far as your tail,lights these are going to be the same,tail light so you get on any of the,other foresters,so you have an led brake light the turn,signal and reverse light are,incandescent though,then dropping down the sport will add,this orange accent as drew mentioned in,the front,and you also have an exposed exhaust,pipe on the right side,now of course this is a subaru and this,segment is very family focused,so they have thrown in their entire,eyesight safety suite across,all of the trim levels thatll be,advanced stuff like adaptive cruise,control,pre-collision braking lane keeping,assist auto high beam headlamps,and if you go for the touring trim it,will also throw in rear auto braking,well guys the sport forester on the,outside of course has some pretty cool,elements to it,but now lets go ahead and check out the,inside where i know they put quite a few,different things in there as well,and before we do all that hit that,subscribe button down below,so just like on the outside subaru is,adding more standard equipment for 2021,uh this time in the way of the smart,entry system its now been brought down,to the premium trim so all but the very,base model will have the smart,entry system and push button start,so to get inside the door just grab,behind the handle since there is a,sensor,and taking a look inside of this cabin,of course this is the same cabin you,come to expect from the forester,plus since we have the sport trim level,we get all the extra sport touches,so going into our different interior,color and material options you do have,quite a few,so your base and premium trims those are,going to come with cloth seating and,your choice of black or gray,and then when you get up to this sport,trim level thats where youll have the,gray,sport cloth seats with the orange,accenting that matches,all the orange accents throughout the,rest of the cabin,then when you go up to the limited trim,level thats where youll have real,leather in your choice of black or gray,and then the touring trim level also has,real leather and black,or an exclusive brown,now turning over here to your door trim,youre going to see the same materials,from the seating reflected up here so we,have a leather wrap material across,all the armrests with the orange color,contrast stitching detail,and then this portion here is finished,and the same cloth as the seat,again with another stitching detail as,far as your windows are gonna be one,touch auto up and down for your driver,and your passenger,moving down here to your seats we have,the 10-way power adjusting seat with,two-way lumbar support,this is standard on all but the base,model,and then like i was already mentioning,we have the cloth and leatherette,combination seats here,with the orange accenting i definitely,like the way these look,so weve always liked the quality of,this cabin since this new generation,debuted and of course that does carry on,for 2021,so across our upper dash we have a soft,touch plastic,we also have the double orange color,contrast stitching detail,and kind of a perforated leatherette,material below that,we have some silver trim as we move down,you also notice some more leatherette,again with this kind of perforated,material and more,color contrast stitching and everything,in here does fit together extremely well,now like i was already mentioning newly,standard this year you now have push,button start on the premium trim level,so first taking a look at the gauge,cluster here this is your typical subaru,setup so its mostly analog but you have,a 4.2 inch multi-function display right,there in the middle and you can cycle,between different types of things,related to like your trip information,and your range however where most of the,information is contained is going to be,up here with this secondary 6.3,inch display this is included on the,sport trim level and higher,and you just press the info button on,the steering wheel to cycle through a,really wide variety of information,including things with your all-wheel,drive system,even things like weather and bluetooth,now heading back to the steering wheel,of course we have electric power,assisted steering,and it is nicely leather wrapped on all,but the very base model,as far as the wheel itself it is going,to be manual tilt and telescoping across,the entire range,and if you want heating you can get that,if you choose the fully loaded touring,model,all right so now lets go ahead and roll,into interior storage thats very,important for a family vehicle such as,this,so well start out underneath our center,console here when we open this up youll,see that it is a very nice size,quite deep and there is a felt line down,at the bottom,when we grab out the coupons youll see,this large stack is going to fit in here,absolutely no problem so definitely,coupon approved,now in front of that weve got a little,slot here we also have two very deep,adjustable cup holders and then up in,the very front here we have a large,storage,area with two charging usbs an aux jack,and,a 12-volt outlet,now coming back here to the shifter you,will notice here on the sport trim we,have the orange accenting that goes all,around it,this itself is a traditional style,shifter so youre just going to pull,back for drive of course,and then bump over here to the left if,you want to do some manual shifting,through the simulated gear changes,and you can also do so with you

2021 Subaru Forester Sport Review – Good Little SUV, But Dont Be Fooled By The Name

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Tweaks For 2021, Subarus Best Seller Gets Better | 2021 Subaru Forester

[Music],if you didnt know it the subaru,forester is currently the best-selling,subaru in america,and sales of the forester are climbing,faster than pretty much,any other compact crossover in the us,right now i think its easy to,understand why the forester is,relatively attractive,it starts under 25 000 has a ton of,standard equipment including,standard all-wheel drive something that,we dont find in pretty much any of the,competition,for this model year subaru has given the,forester a few tweaks and today im,driving the sport trim,which in subaru speak means the slightly,more off-road capable version,this is the model with the dual mode x,mode system now if you want something,thats the next level of capability you,might want to take a look at the subaru,outback wilderness or,stay tuned because the rumor mill is,telling us that the forester will be,next,to get the wilderness trim however,details are not finalized on that,nothing is official from subaru,so we dont know exactly whats going to,go on under the hood whether for,instance the forester might get the,turbocharged engine out of the outback,wilderness,youll have to wait a little bit later,for that one of subarus changes for,2021,is that all trims now get the steering,headlights which previously was an,optional feature on the forester,aside from that the front end looks,exactly the same as when this model,launched a few years ago,one thing youll really notice when you,approach the forester is that the front,end is still quite low to the ground,thats due to the engine design of this,vehicle,it contributes to the high fuel economy,by giving this a more aerodynamic,profile,the front grille is pretty similar to,every other subaru currently on sale in,the us,because this is a sport trim we have,some orange accents all the way around,right down there,we have led fog lights on each side but,you will notice that there are a few,little corners cut here and there like,the incandescent turn signals up front,and out back,deciding which features end up in a new,vehicle and which features dont is an,interesting process but remember,that the forester has standard all-wheel,drive so obviously theyre going to be a,few features that you might find in the,competition for a similar price tag,that you wont find in this model but,generally theyre not going to be,all-wheel drive,so things like the led turn signals up,front and in the rear perhaps more,elegant accent lighting etc youll find,that in some of the competition,but youre gonna have to give up the,standard all-wheel drive system that we,find in the forester in terms of overall,length the forester is right in the,middle of this segment this is almost,exactly the same size as the new hyundai,tucson,and the honda crv so this is longer than,something like the current generation,kia sportage its expected to grow,but its not quite as long as some of,the longest options that are really,stretching the boundaries of what a,compact crossover can be,this is a solid two row vehicle so no,third row right back here like you find,optional in the volkswagen tiguan,but youll notice that the profile is,definitely recognizable as a subaru,definitely has a bit more glass going on,here than we find in some of the,competition,but not quite as much glass as we found,in previous generations of this,that really had that terrarium look to,them we still have a longer hood profile,than we find in the competition however,at the bottom of the rear bumper we find,more orange accents an exhaust tip over,there on that side,and youll certainly notice a more,vertical rear hatch than we find in some,of the competition,the turn signals and the backup lights,are incandescent back here,although this could change if subaru,adds a wilderness trim to the forester,lineup,at the moment in the us we have just one,engine its a two and a half liter,four-cylinder,boxer engine thats the reason the hood,is so low and youll notice that the,engine actually sits reasonably below,the hood as it is,this engine uses a horizontally opposed,piston design hence the name boxer,because,the cylinders are moving sideways from,one another rather than all in a,straight line across the front engine,bay like we find in the rav4 or crv,that results in a lower center of,gravity but it does result in a bit more,weight being up front in front of the,front axle,in terms of architecture of design this,is actually quite similar to audi,quattro,in the a4 a5 a6 a7 etc because the,entire engine is in front of the front,axle,and this uses a longitudinal,transmission much like a rear wheel,drive vehicle,that transmission is a continuously,variable automatic transmission again,all wheel drive is standard,and the front differential is integrated,into the casing for that transmission,this engine produces 182 horsepower and,176 pound-feet of torque,its not the most powerful engine in,this segment and as well talk about,later,this ends up being one of the slowest,options but fuel economy is among the,best at 29 miles per gallon,combined one interesting twist with a,lot of subarus offerings,is that even though all-wheel drive is,standard fuel economy tends to be a bit,more competitive with the two-wheel,drive competition,a feature that i appreciate but is,increasingly rare is that this hood,opens to almost 90 degrees,if you like changing your own oil or,working on your own engine this is a,really handy touch,when it comes to modern driver,assistance tech the forester has all the,systems youd expect,but they operate differently than most,of the competition youll notice that,there is no front,radar sensor integrated into the bumper,instead subaru uses a stereo camera,system,positioned behind the windshield on the,inside of the cabin looking forward,that gives the car depth perception much,like human eyes have,that gives us adaptive cruise control,with autonomous emergency braking,and lane keeping assistance also,available is a driver monitoring system,that will actually monitor your face,via some sensors right there in the,cabin a blind spot monitoring system,with rear cross traffic detection and,reverse autonomous braking,bearing in mind that you will find,slightly more adjustable seats in the,mainstream compact crossover segment,i found this seat to be among the most,comfortable at least for my body shape,this is a multi-way power driver seat in,the sport trim with a two-way adjustable,lumbar support 4-way lumbar,is available in some of the competition,and we have a tilt telescopic steering,column with a pretty decent range of,motion,as far as my body type goes i find these,seats to be more comfortable than what,we find in the honda or the toyota but,depending on the trim youre looking at,these are pretty comparable to what we,see in the nissan rogue,a big back seat is certainly one of the,reasons that you might want to get the,subaru over a lot of the competition,with 82.7 inches of combined legroom,thats front row plus second row,this is one of the roomiest small,crossovers in america now when you look,at that chart on the side of your,screen youll notice that this is the,equal of the new and much larger hyundai,tucson,and a little bit below the ford escape,but theres an asterisk there because,the escapes numbers dont seem to be,grounded in reality,sometimes ford appears to be using a,different measuring system for legroom,than some of the competition,so i suspect in a real world this is,actually roomier,than the escape so is the tucson i would,say if you are looking at putting,rear-facing child seats in your compact,crossover you would definitely do well,to put the subaru on your shopping list,not only do we have more room for those,rear-facing child seats here but the,rear doors also open,a little bit wider actually than the,front doors that makes getting in and,out of the rear especially with child,seats an awful lot easier,if i scoot all the way over to the right,side of the vehicle this front seats all,the way back in its tracks i stil

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