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2021 Lexus RX350 Review | NEW Standard Safety

[Music],what is up you guys welcome back to,another one if you were new to the,channel i am goldpony i do new car truck,suv reviews,on youtube and today we are in the new,2021,lexus rx 350 courtesy,of bobby ray hall lexus in mechanicsburg,pa for more information on their,inventory please feel free to check out,the link,in the description box below and so,wanted to check this one out today,because of course,it is a lexus it does have above average,reliability according to consumer,reports which is a heck of a start,lots of new standard safety as well for,the 2021,rxl ill get more into that later in the,video of course and so in this video i,will be testing out and going over,everything about this one from,acceleration to braking the steering,feel,ride quality sound system exhaust clip,rear legroom all of that fun stuff so,having said all that what do you guys,say lets just go ahead and jump right,into it and as,always lets start with pricing and so,there will be a few different,configurations you can go with for the,rx350 first one being the base setup,starting at forty five thousand one,hundred and seventy dollars rx 350,all-wheel drive for 46 570,then there is the f sport for 48 650 f,sport all-wheel drive for fifty thousand,fifty dollars,black line special edition for 49 335,and black line special edition all-wheel,drive for 50,735 dollars but regardless of trim level,that you go with the power plant on the,rx is going to be the same,powering this beast is a 3.5 liter,naturally aspirated,v6 putting out 295 horsepower,at 6300 rpm 268 pound-feet of torque,coming in at 4700 rpm power sent to,front wheels,or all wheels through an eight-speed,automatic with paddle shifters which you,guys know we will of course be testing,out,in a little bit here 0 to 60 time comes,in at approximately 7.3 seconds,with mpg numbers coming in at 20 in the,city 27 highway for the front wheel,drive,19 in the city then 26 on the highway,for the all-wheel drive but,then before we do any kind of paddle,shifter acceleration test in the rx 350,here did what i mentioned,the drive modes drive mode selector is,going to be located directly behind the,cup holders they will include,normal eco sport and sport plus,adjusting things like the shift points,the throttle response and the steering,sensitivity as well and so,having now rambled all of that off to,you guys what do you guys say lets go,ahead and find a straightaway,and lets put the paddle shifters here,to the test first did want to mention if,you push the shifter all the way to the,back and to the left,that is going to give you that full,manual shift mode allowing me full,control over the shifting so therefore,that is what we are going to do lets,find a straightaway lets see how,quickly,these paddle shifters will react for us,here all right in three,two one go whoa,[Music],oh holy cow,all right paddle shifters theres a,delay to them without a doubt didnt,expect them to be,quick reacting quite honestly this is a,luxury suv after all but wow that,acceleration,that took me by surprise this is the nav,sex i most definitely didnt expect that,i mean,nav sixes can be quick but this was dang,quick definitely not going to have any,issues with merging onto the highway i,guess that kind of counts as our,acceleration test as well because,that was fun that acceleration was fun,paddle shifters not really but the,acceleration,that was nice i like it but so anyways,to go along with that acceleration as,always braking is equally important so,up front you will find 12.9 inch,ventilated front discs,in the back 13.3 inch solid rear disc as,far as that 60 to zero stopping distance,goes,comes in at 123 feet which is plenty,respectable for the rx as far as braking,field goes no issues there its not,spongy or squishy or any,anything like that so no issues with the,braking feel on this thing touching on,suspension and handling up front youre,going to get an independent mcpherson,strut front suspension,in the back independent double wishbone,type rear suspension,front and rear stabilizer bars did want,to mention though in addition to that if,you were to go with the f sport trim,level you will also get tuned front and,rear performance dampers as well as my,very favorite,adaptive variable suspension why is that,one my very favorite because,it gives you the very best of both,worlds let me tell you why actually,monitors each shock absorber,individually adjusting to the road,imperfections giving you that very,smoothest ride possible but,it also tightens up the suspension,during heavy cornering giving you better,handling then,as well so whenever there is an option,for that adaptive variable suspension no,matter what manufacturer it is,i always like to recommend that one,because you really can tell the,difference at least i can really tell,the difference,night and day at this point between if,you were to get the variable suspension,versus if you were to not get it so it,is a big difference in my personal,opinion but,in the end the ride quality on this,particular rx that we have today,is amazing i dont know if its because,ive been testing non-luxury,suvs lately but the ride quality in this,rx is,brilliant well done lexus as expected i,guess but,also cabin noise thats another thing i,immediately noticed the only thing im,really getting as far as cabin noise,goes,is the birds chirping which isnt a bad,thing to me i dont know i got bird food,in my backyard its really not a bad,thing so,cabin noise is wonderful the rx is,definitely isolated you dont hear a,whole lot of exterior wind noise coming,into the cabin you guys could probably,tell i am driving,right now and there isnt a whole lot of,noise coming in so thats definitely a,good thing,as far as steering feel goes you can,adjust it based on the driving modes,that you put it in so if you prefer a,heavier feel to the steering,just put it in that sport mode and if,you dont take it out of the sport maybe,you can get a looser feel to it so,really gives you the best of both worlds,i guess you could say yet again and as,far as visibility goes i could see,perfect it really is quite good when it,comes to visibility on the rx so,no issues there whatsoever but in,addition to that you also get,rain sensing windshield wipers coming,standard on every single trim level,essentially what that is,is whenever the rx detects any kind of,mist or rainfall its going to,automatically turn on these windshield,wipers for you its kind of like,automatic headlights its just one less,thing you have to worry about so thats,definitely a big plus as well,and in addition to that if you wanted a,head-up display for even better,visibility,that goes for 600 it is optional but,thats gonna project your speed and,speed limit up onto your windshield as,well as some safety features as well,better helping you keep your eyes on the,road so again assisting with visibility,there too,but that about rounds out the,performance segment of this review guys,lets,go ahead and take a look at the exterior,of her brand new,2021 lexus rx350,all right so here she is you guys the,new 2021 lexus,rx 350 finished in eminent,white pearl which is a 425 dollar paint,option by the way in case anybody was,curious it,is a pretty cool paint color especially,when you get up close but lets go,ahead and start up front on this one,first one to mention a little bit on the,f sport side of things although we dont,have it there is a s sport specific,front fascia if you were to go with that,trim,also f sports specific front grille then,as well,but led headlights do come standard for,all trim levels across the board it does,come with the automatic feature as well,meaning,when it starts to get dark at night,those headlights are going to turn on,automatically for you then there,led daytime running lights also coming,standard but did want to mention an,optional headlight configuration called,triple beam led headlights,that goes for sixteen hundred and,seventy five dollars that not only gives,yo

5-Minute Reviews – 2021 Lexus RX 350

[Music],[Music],welcome back guys were here with a 2021,lexus rx 350 base model,for 2021 the rx exterior looks mostly,unchanged still a very good choice when,searching for a luxury mid-size,crossover or as some may call this an,suv it does look sportier than the last,generation with its sharper lines and,more aggressive looking accents youll,notice a better looking grille than the,2019 base model thats because in 2020,they rolled out with a new grille that,bridge the gap between the base trim and,f sport package this may make base model,buyers happy but a bit unfair for f,sport owners because their car is a,little less distinguishable the base,comes standard with 18 inch wheels which,is small by todays standards when i,first started driving i remember the,average wheel size was 13 to 15 inches,how times have changed this one actually,has the upgraded 20 inch split 5 spoke,alloy wheels the color you see here is,atomic silver which goes great with,phillips beard lets hit the road and,see what this thing can do,[Music],as with most rxs you get a quiet cabin,and soft comfortable ride this year the,rx gets an upgraded suspension which,should limit body roll a bit but not,quite as sporty as f sport package,[Music],hahaha,[Music],as expected we did feel lots of body,roll when entering hard turns the,suspension changes were noticeable,though lets see if theres any,difference between normal and sport mode,when going from zero to sixty,[Music],actually this might be as quick as kims,[Music],[Music],we average 7.5 seconds for both normal,and sport driving modes thats not bad,considering its a 3.5 liter 295,horsepower v6 typically sport mode,doesnt affect your 0-60 time lets head,on back and take a look at the interior,we have the parchment new lux interior,with matte bamboo trim seats are,perforated heated and cooled theres a,small glove compartment on the drivers,side,center console gives a large deep,storage with a removable top tray inside,youll find a 12 volt socket and two usb,ports here we have your drive mode,selector infotainment touch pad cup,holders phone holder slot another 12,volt socket two more usb ports and a,wireless charging pad,a standard 8 inch display now with touch,screen 8 inches seems small but gets the,job done for most rx owners,back seats are comfortable and offer,vents plus a couple more usb ports if,you are unsure about back seat room,dont you worry two full-grown men can,squeeze in there without too much effort,now lets take a look at my favorite,feature the trunk,this one has a nice big trunk with,another 12 volt socket on the left and a,couple levers on the right for laying,down those seats underneath the cargo,mat is your spare tire a storage cubby,and carjack,so what do we think about the 2021 rx350,theres a reason its been the best,selling luxury mid-size crossover year,after year quality interior parts quiet,smooth ride enough room for passengers,and cargo sufficient power and good,looks and now for some bloopers hey we,have the lexus 2000,,2021,all right welcome back guys today we,have the lexus,rx2021 lexus,what,damn,[Laughter],yeah tattoo,its on video right right,today we have the 2021 lexus rx350,all right i hope you enjoyed our video,this week i hope you found it,entertaining thanks for watching please,like subscribe and turn on that bell,notification see you all next week

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2022 Lexus RX 350 Review.. Final Chance

welcome friends to the 2022 lexus rx 350,review towards the end of this video i,will show you how to take 8.5 off msrp,on a 2022 rx350 if you are genuinely,interested in purchasing one and its,going to be through a company known as,lease companion for right now lets go,through some of the changes for 2022,what this vehicle is well get into the,exterior and then the drive so what you,need to know is 2020 was the year where,most of the major changes happened for,the lexus rx they hollowed out the sway,bars for the front and the rear so they,made it more lightweight but they,reinforced the bushings they made the,suspension actually a little bit stiffer,and you might think that thats actually,a bad thing but you know what they have,not lost the ride quality this vehicle,still rides amazing either with the,18-inch wheels like you see here or even,with the 20-inch wheels,and even with the f-sport models they,all ride amazing for 2020 and up but,they really do handle a lot better i,even did a comparison with the audi q5 i,think that video is already up right now,and honestly,this rx is not far off from that audi q5,in terms of handling thats how good,theyve made these things,give you a quick demonstration right,here,brakes are soft but handling wise,theres hardly any body roll and thats,what they focused in on they wanted to,reduce that body roll where people dont,get car sick but people arent being,swayed around the car doesnt feel like,its going to flip over so thats the,big change for 2020s and up for 2022,ill have all the,minor changes listed here on the screen,for you to to go over and read but one,of the things i really like is,pretty much all the safety features,including blind spot monitoring rear,cross traffic alert all that is standard,and those are pretty much the only,safety features i truly care about so,im glad to see,that being standard here and with that,lets go ahead and lets talk about this,exterior now many people either love or,hate this design,and i can see why i mean it is kind of a,weird looking vehicle,but when you get it in the right spec,like the f sport models genuinely look,amazing,or even the luxury models with the,20-inch wheels they really do have a,nice,upscale look and demeanor to it but as,you see it here this is kind of a more,basic model i mean its not basic its,definitely got some options on about,seven grand worth of options because,technically the rx starts at around,forty six thousand dollars thats for,the front wheel drive model i dont,recommend getting that i would at least,pay 48 grand get the all-wheel drive,because it just makes sense for an suv,like this and it helps with the residual,value as well we dont have the optional,20s on here the 20-inch wheel so we have,the 18s and,ill talk more about how that makes a,difference in the drive its not a,drastic one but technically 18 should,ride a little bit better and these,wheels dont look terrible for what they,are,but if you want to,make the rx look at the best you really,have to get the 20-inch wheels or even,get the f-sport model overall this suv,is about,192.5 inches long total,so it should be able to fit in most,peoples garages quite easily im fully,aware that a new 2023 rx is out,however i think a lot of people theyre,in love with this v6 engine im not,against the 2023 model i actually like,the way that looks as well,but i really need to test it out for,myself i think the hybrid could,genuinely be a great suv for most people,to buy if it is as smooth as the es 300h,hybrid that i have tested out as,literally one of the smoothest hybrid,vehicles ive ever driven and if the new,rx 350h is anything like that then i am,all for it,sure this v6 is smooth it actually,sounds pretty good not in a crazy way,because the is-350 rc 350 gs350f sports,they all have this kind of sound tube so,it really,amps up that induction noise which adds,a ton of character this rx clearly does,not have that but in a subtle way this,does sound pretty good especially,compared to most four cylinders four,cylinder turbos etc but anyway im sorry,back to the looks we dont have the,triple beam headlights on here thats,around a 1 600 a 2 000 option again its,those little things that really complete,the look of this vehicle we dont have,that here we do have,led daytime running lights but we have,halogen bulbs for the turn signals for,the front and the rear but you let me,know your thoughts in the comment,section below about the looks of this,car do you like it do you hate it do you,like the new 2023 model more let me know,but lets finally lets talk about this,driving segment now all right the,biggest highlight with this rx and why,so many people want to buy this,particular model,before they stop making it completely is,because of this three and a half liter,v6 engine,tried and true engine produces 295,horsepower,267 pound-feet of torque,and gets up to speed effortlessly i know,lexus claims that the 0-60 time is like,7.9 seconds or 7.7 seconds if you get,the front-wheel drive this feels much,quicker than what lexus states the 0-60,to be even car and driver tested this,car at 6.7 seconds over a second,quicker than what lexus claims and,really the spec sheet is the biggest,negative with lexs cars lexus,themselves are totally just neutering,themselves for no reason by quoting much,slower 0-60 times than what they need to,spec sheets really make a vehicle sell i,mean thats really all people care about,i mean even at 6.7 seconds all the,german cars do around five and a half so,its still slower than the european,vehicles in its class,but theres something that the spec,sheet can never tell you and i keep,saying this in all my reviews and thats,obviously character you cant put,character on a piece of paper i honestly,its its hard to even,describe it to you through this video,but i tried my best in the q5 versus rx,video that i did yes objectively the q5,is pretty much better in every,conceivable way maybe aside from,the size difference like i said in the,video the rx really has character not,just in the way that it drives but also,in the interior space which ill get to,later,but the rx genuinely just talks to you,more its more communicative vehicle in,fact it actually bothers me when people,say that lexus cars are boring to drive,when they are the only cars that,actually offer some level of,communication to the driver many people,reviewing these cars miss the point in,fact most people just say that these are,just,rav4s and highlanders with a lexus badge,on them thats,totally not the case i mean,people fail to understand this concept i,mean the difference between a toyota and,a lexus is genuinely the gap between,heaven and earth i mean theyre just not,even in the same dimension these two,vehicles toyotas for the most part they,genuinely feel like tin cans most of,them,in in a weird way toyotas are enjoyable,in their own tinny fashion,thats besides the point but,the lexus cars feel nothing like that,okay from a refinement standpoint this,is a very silent machine especially,around town at like 55 miles per hour,that type of speed this does have double,pane glass up here in the front very,quiet its only when you get it up to,the highway speeds you get a bit of wind,noise but its mostly just a little bit,more tire noise that keeps getting,amplified again thats only at like 80,miles per hour,other than that this is so quite so,smooth pretty much rivals,and its pretty much the exact same as,the audi q5 i tested in terms of how,quiet these cars are the steering weight,is so perfect its so well balanced and,like i already mentioned the handling is,great we do have here the 18 inch wheels,is it a huge difference between this and,the 20s absolutely not you hardly even,feel the difference,once you tack on the the headlights the,the 20s the mark levinson package i mean,youre pretty much adding like an extra,five to seven thousand dollars on top of,what this car already cost which is that,fifty five thousand dollars and

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2022 Lexus RX350 Luxury Edition Best Lexus SUV Ever!

مرحبًا يا جميعًا ، Brock Frady هنا يساعدك على الاستمتاع برحلتك. في فيديو اليوم ،,سنلقي نظرة على سيارة 2022 الرائعة لكزس RX350. هذا الشيء مميز جدًا لأنه يحتوي على,الحزمة الفاخرة. هذا الشيء لديه MSRP بقيمة 61،175 دولارًا وأنا متحمس جدًا لتجاوز السيارة بأكملها من,أجلك. سنلقي نظرة على الخارج والداخل. بالطبع سننتهي,في مقعد السائق حيث سأريكم كيف تعمل جميع الأزرار وأود أن,أقول شكراً جزيلاً لكم لـ Flow Lexus of Greensboro في جرينسبورو بولاية نورث كارولينا لإتاحتها,الفرصة لتصوير هذا رائعة لكزس RX350 وسأحرص على ترك جميع معلومات الاتصال,Flow Lexus of Greensboro بما في ذلك موقع الويب الخاص بهم في مربع الوصف أدناه.,أحد الأشياء التي أحبها تمامًا في هذه السيارة هي المصابيح الأمامية,ثلاثية الشعاع LED. يمكنك أن ترى أن لديك أشعة ثلاثية. واحد اثنان ثلاثة,وصمام ثنائي الصمام الثنائي الباعث للضوء هو ما ترمز إليه LED وهي لا تصدق على الإطلاق. أنت تعرف,متى ترى هذا الشيء على الطريق. رقم واحد لأنها فائقة السطوع ولكنها في المرتبة الثانية ،,عندما تكون خلف عجلة القيادة في هذه السيارة وتقودها في الليل ،,فإن ما يمكنك رؤيته حقًا أمر لا يصدق. لديك أيضًا ميزة تسمى التسوية التلقائية الديناميكية.,يمكن أن ترى المصابيح الأمامية حول الزوايا في الليل ، كما أن التسوية التلقائية الديناميكية تسمح,للمصابيح الأمامية بالتحرك لأعلى ولأسفل والتحرك لليسار واليمين عندما تبدأ تشغيل RX350 بحيث,يتم ضبط المصابيح الأمامية على الطريق حيث يجب أن تكون حتى تتمكن من الرؤية وحتى,لا تعمى الأضواء الآخرين أيضًا. شيء آخر عن المصابيح الأمامية هو حقيقة أن,هذه الأشياء بها أشعة عالية أوتوماتيكية. إذن ما هذا هو أنه ستكون هناك كاميرا موجودة,هنا على الزجاج الأمامي ويمكنها في الواقع تحديد متى تقود سيارتك يمكن أن تحدد,مثل الأماكن المفتوحة أو إذا لم يكن هناك أحد يقترب منك في حركة المرور أو إذا كنت خلف شخص ما .,إذا كان الأمر كذلك ، إذا لم يكن هناك أحد في الجوار ، فستعمل المصابيح الأمامية الساطعة تلقائيًا حتى,تتمكن من تعظيم إمكانات المصابيح الأمامية ، حتى تتمكن من رؤية كل شيء من حولك.,لن تصدق مدى فاعلية مصابيحك الأمامية في الإضاءة العالية التي تساعد في الواقع,عندما تتجول في المدينة لأن الكثير من الناس يستخدمون الضوء العالي فقط,عندما يكونون في طريقهم في البلد بعيدًا عن أي شخص آخر. يتيح لك ذلك استخدام الضوء,العالي طوال الوقت إذا لم يكن هناك أحد في الجوار. ميزة رائعة ورائعة. الشيء الآخر الذي أحبه في,هذا على وجه الخصوص مع الحزمة الفاخرة هو ترقية العجلة التي تحصل عليها. هذه عبارة عن,عجلة من سبائك الألومنيوم ذات 10 برامق ولكنها تحتوي أيضًا على لون خفيف. إنها ليست فضية. إنه ليس شديد,السطوع ولكنه ليس شديد السطوع أيضًا. انها مجرد نظرة فاخرة جدا لها.,والسبب في ذلك أنه دعا سبائك الألومنيوم 10 تكلم عجلة لأن ترى هناك مثل على شكل حرف V,على طول الطريق حول. وهناك 10 من هؤلاء ، إما بشكل V أو A اعتمادًا على الطريقة,التي تنظر بها إليه. هذا أيضًا يجلس على عجلات Michelin Premier LTX. هذه أيضًا طين,وثلج لذا فهي كلها طقس. هذه إطارات 235 55 r20. يُطلق على اللون الخارجي لهذا الشيء,اسم Nightfall Mica وكلما اقتربت منه وسنفعل ذلك في غضون ثانية ، يبدو أنه,يمكنك الوصول إلى الطلاء. ربما يمكنك رؤيته هناك ولكن هذا اللون جيد جدًا.,خاصة عندما تكون شخصيًا ثم ها هو اللون الداخلي بلون الكراميل. هذا لطيف جدًا,وكذلك الجلد الموجود في هذا الشيء يسمى الجلد شبه الأنيلين. يتعلق الأمر,بتلوين الجلد نفسه. إنه يجعلها أكثر من ذلك ، إنها تشعر بمزيد من الفخامة حيث,يمكنك بالتأكيد إخبار الجزء الداخلي المصنوع من الجلد شبه الأنيلين في أحد هذه الأشياء مقابل,الجلد العادي أو حتى اللوكس الجديد. خاصة أن تلك المادة الاصطناعية ولكن هذا قد اكتسب,إحساسًا رائعًا بها. وإليك لقطة للباب هناك حيث تم وضع كل شيء بشكل جيد جدًا,معًا. وبعد ذلك عندما تضعه في تركيبة مع المظهر الخارجي الأزرق بالنسبة لي ،,فهذه نظرة جميلة على هذا الشيء. إذا كنت معتادًا على أي من مقاطع الفيديو الأخرى الخاصة بي ، فأنت,تعلم ما هذا هو مفتاح Lexus الرئيسي لـ RX350. على القفل العلوي ، تحت هذا الفتح ،,تحته امسك الباب الخلفي. تحت ذلك تعليق إنذار الذعر. ثم لديك أيضًا,زرًا صغيرًا هنا على جانبه ويقول الضغط. عندما تضغط على ذلك في الجزء العلوي منه,، يخرج مفتاح مادي ويمكنك أن ترى أن هذا هو المفتاح الذي سيتم استخدامه فقط في,مقبض الباب في حالة نفاد بطارية المفتاح. طالما كان لديك مفتاح التشغيل الخاص بك على شخصك,في جميع الأوقات ، يمكنك تشغيل أي جانب من جوانب RX350 ولهذا سنلقي نظرة على,الباب الخلفي الآن. أعتقد أن الطريقة الأكثر شيوعًا لفتح الباب الخلفي هي الضغط على,الزر والإمساك به في الخلف. ومن ثم ستظهر الباب الخلفي. لاحظ,أن لديك مصابيح LED في الجزء الخلفي من هذا وذلك لأنه يحتوي على الحزمة الفاخرة. يمكنك,أيضًا المشي حتى المصد وإلصاق قدمك تحته وسحبه للخلف في غضون ثانية تقريبًا,وسيفتح ويغلق الباب الخلفي أيضًا. لكنني أعتقد أن هذه ربما لا تزال طريقة المدرسة القديمة,للضغط على الزر الموجود على جهاز التحكم عن بُعد لفتح الباب الخلفي لأعلى ولأسفل. ألق نظرة في هذه اللقطة على,مقدار المساحة الموجودة في هذا الشيء وذلك مع طي الصف الثاني. وأنت تسير أن,نرى هنا أن لديك غطاء تونيو القابلة للإزالة، وأنا حقا مثل كيفية كبيرة هذا الجزء هو.,هذا في الواقع نمت. هذا في هذا الاتجاه ، يمكنك أن تأخذ هذا ويمكنك فقط تثبيته,هناك. عليك أن تفعل ذلك على كلا الجانبين ومن ثم سيسمح ذلك بإخفاء,الجزء الخلفي من السيارة تمامًا أو أنك تعلم بالإغلاق كلما أغلقت الباب الخلفي الخلفي.,بحيث يمكنك حتى لا يرى الناس في النافذة الخلفية ما قد تحمله,في تلك المنطقة. ثم يمكنك فقط أن تأخذ ذلك ، اتركه. يمكنك أيضًا إزالة هذا,عن طريق سحبه للخارج والذي سيسمح لك بإزالة غطاء صندوق الأمتعة الخلفي هذا.,الشيء الآخر الذي أحبه حقًا في هذا المقعد الخلفي هو أنه مقسم بنسبة 40/20/40,بحيث يمكنك طي الجزء الأوسط من ذلك المقعد الخلفي وحمل أشياء طويلة ولا يزال لديك راكبان خلفيان يتمتعان,براحة فائقة هناك في الى الخلف. شيء آخر سوف تراه,يقول الحبل العلوي هناك. وهذا هو المكان المناسب لك لتثبيت ما يصل إلى ثلاثة مقاعد أمان للأطفال,في الصف الثاني. رائع جدا. مجموعة الأزرار الصغيرة التي ننظر إليها الآن,ستكون لمقعدك الخلفي القابل للطي. هذا هو الصف الثاني من المقاعد ويمكنك أن ترى,على اليسار تقول L ثم على اليمين تقول R. وستقوم بالضغط على الجزء السفلي من مفتاح,التبديل هذا على أي من الجانبين من أجل طي الصف الثاني تمامًا مسطحًا ، ثم ستدفع الجزء,العلوي من هذين التبديلين إلى اليسار واليمين. لطي المقاعد للخلف للخلف ،,اضغط على تلقائي بلمسة واحدة . لذلك هذا رائع حقًا. يمكنك دفعه مرة واحدة انتظارًا,لتأكيد الصفير ثم يتم طي المقعد تمامًا من تلقاء نفسه. دعونا نلقي نظرة على ذلك.,رائع جدا. ميزة رائعة. أنا أحب ذلك إذًا يمكنك أن ترى أن هناك زرًا بالأسفل هنا,على الجانب. يمكنك فقط سحب هذا الدفع للخلف والاحتفاظ به لثانية ثم تركه,وسيقوم بطي أي جزء بشكل مستقل حسب الجانب الذي تدفعه. هناك,بالطبع واحد على الجانب الآخر أيضًا. إذا لم يكن أي شخص يمتلك سيارة لكزس من قبل وكانوا,يلقون نظرة على أحد الأسئلة الأكثر شيوعًا ، فلماذا هم هادئون جدًا. ترى هذه المادة,هنا. يبدو أنه يشبه الطين تقريبًا وقد تم طلاؤه عليه. حسنًا ، هذا في الواقع,شريط من مادة امتصاص الصوت ، وإذا رفعت هذا ، فسترى أنه يتناسب جيدًا مع,هذا. إنها تبقى على هذه اللوحة إلى الأبد إلى أه تحت الإطار الاحتياطي هناك. ترى أن,هذه في الواقع مواد مبللة للصوت وكل هذا موجود على الجانب السفلي من السيارة,وداخل السيارة داخل هذه الألواح ويمكنك أن ترى هنا أن لديك مواد مختلفة,تمسك هذه الأشياء معًا. هذه أيضًا مادة مبللة للصوت تبدو هناك. ترى من,حولك أن هذا هو أكثر من تلك المادة المخففة للصوت ولأن ضجيج الطريق,يأتي في هذه اللوحة ويتم امتصاصه بواسطة هذه المادة هنا. سبب آخر لكون,هذه الأشياء هادئة للغاية ، دعني أوضح لك هذه الحيلة الصغيرة هنا. سأضغط على الزر,مرتين هنا على الإشعال حتى يعمل على تشغيل النوافذ. حتى نتمكن من تحريك النافذة لأسفل,حتى تتمكن من رؤية الجزء العلوي منها. لذا تحقق من هذا. ترى أن هذا هو في الواقع,زجاج مزدوج اللوحة ، لذا فهو أكثر سمكًا من مجرد لوح زجاجي عادي في سيارة عادية,. يمكنك أيضًا أن ترى أن هناك مثل سلسلة من التلال تمتد فوق هذا اللوح الزجاجي هنا. انها,غامض قليلا هناك ولكن هناك هناك يبدو في الواقع الملطف المواد. هذا لوح مزدوج ،,قطعتان من الزجاج وبين هذا الزجاج عبارة عن صفائح عبارة عن مادة مبللة للصوت.,وهذا يساعد على منع ضوضاء الرياح عندما تقود على الطريق في هذا الشيء. إنه رائع جدًا,وبالمناسبة ، كل الأشياء المخففة للصوت التي أريتكم إياها للتو في صندوق السيارة,كلها موجودة في الأجزاء الداخلية من هذه الألواح أيضًا كما نسيت هذا. هناك مادة إضافية,صغيرة إضافية هنا. الآن هذا ليس على جميع المركبات ولكن هذا بالتأكيد على RX350 كما,سأريكم هنا. إنها مثل مادة محسوسة موجودة في آبار العجلة. لذلك ترون أن هذا في,الواقع نوع من المواد ذات اللمسة الناعمة هنا وهو مقاومة من الواضح أنه,مقاوم للعوامل الجوية ومقاوم للطين والحطام وما إلى ذلك ولكنه يشبه مادة مغطاة بالسجاد,وهذا يساعد بشكل كبير. أحب المقعد الخلفي لأي سيارة لك

2021 LEXUS RX350 SUV PROS/CONS Detailed Review

[Music],hi everybody welcome to the video,surprise of the day today on look at the,2021 lexus rx 350,pros and con review before you get,started please remember to hit the,subscribe button,the bell icon will be notified new,videos and i really appreciate that,thumbs up,thank you very much in advance so first,of all i want to thank,lexus of pleasanton for offering this,vehicle for me to test drive and also,film at the same time so this is a very,great vehicle and,lexus plus it has it so eminent white,pearl is the color this particular,vehicle,very nice color in particular it has a,little sparkle to it if you get close,and it is a premium paint color so its,going to be a little bit of charge for,that this one is the all-wheel drive,model with,upgrades you can see over here were,gonna do a quick walk around this,vehicle,and this is probably the model that most,people will probably buy,you know compared to say the f sport or,maybe the hybrid people would buy that,one but this definitely is the one most,people look at,buy led headlamps and daytime running,lights are on this vehicle in the front,over here theres no fog lamps,im not a bit disappointed in that but,thats the case with this one,um compared to the older model the,refreshing 2020.,so this one does have the 20-inch wheels,you can see over here,thats the upgrade by the way so you,have to pay more for that,but its definitely worth it if you want,a you know a little bit more firmer ride,compared to say,the 18 inch wheel is going to give you a,light softer wide in particular,right so you can notice that the led,tail lamps over here,and you also have the dual chrome,exhaust tips over here it looks really,nice in particular,and you know you got chrome on the back,of the vehicle you got chrome on the,door sills,and its going to be a very reliable,vehicle and it looks really good and it,comes out a different color,my favorite color is a ton of silver,this was eminent white pearl i mentioned,before,its not a bad color at all so you know,pearl,for lexus is always in advertisement you,can see its one of the,the better colors that people like to,choose in particular,right so yeah theres a new spindle,grille design you notice the front,the decoration is a bit different,so lets take a look at the the hood,over here,the engine compartment you notice this,nice insulation,keeps the noise out the compartment on,the left side you got the,abs system you got the wiper fluid and,also the ac system the,the lines over there and you also have,the,a little bit more to that is the right,you got the,engine oil engine is 3.5 liter 24 valve,295 horsepower at 6300 rpm its a six,cylinder,naturally aspirated torque is 268 pound,feet at 6700 rpm,this engines on many vehicles and its,going to be a very reliable engine so,time tested transmission is a hp,shiftable automatic,all right so this one is a 8-speed so,a lot of people love and hate that one,so im not going to go too much details,in that,mpg is 19 city 26 highway 22 combined,you can see the battery is also in the,front of the vehicle easy to maintain,you also have the engine filter also in,the front you can actually,do it yourself and change it you use ow,20 motor oil and you know the the engine,bay is really big a lot of room to work,if you want to maintain your own vehicle,or you could bring it to your dealer,and such or your mechanic to help you,maintain this great vehicle,so thats the the view of the engine,compartment okay next were going to do,a look,uh starting with the drivers side door,here first thing youll notice,is the matte walnut trim its just very,beautiful,its a darker trim that matches the,interior you can see over here,you also have the chrome door handles,with three different settings for the,seats over here,and uh you know below that youre gonna,have the,the power mirrors the power locks and,also the,power windows with some chrome accents,below that you also have storage,area so you can put some maps or,wherever you want to put paper,or you know a bottle of water here you,have some options,pretty much i see most of them have the,high beam the,under open the hatch and also you have,the heated steering wheel,and the view camera so the view camera,theres the primary ramping view,so here you know so theres all the,storage compartment over here we can put,some coins for change,and below that you also have the,the engine bay release button i guess,the cover,for the hood and we have new lux leather,and,these seats uh have also lumbar forward,and back,uh putting standard overall on the lexus,so lulux leather is not a generic,leather but it lasts longer with lower,maintenance,and it looks really good over time so,you know if you spill water or something,on just wipe it,it will not be like leather that you,know needs a lot of care and,you know a lot of cleaning over time so,thats something to note,you can see the visibility out of this,vehicle is very good,uh you went through the a-pillar the,b-pillar and even through the back there,is a little,spot thats a little hard to see but if,you have the backup camera,and you want a panoramic view camera,that makes it easier,put your foot on the brake hit the start,button to start and that button is going,to be a little bit different,um starting 20 by the way so this is a,2021 model,navigation is a 12.3 inch navi screen,with trail,premium audio so thats upgrade this one,doesnt have the mart leveson sound,system you can see that but the video,works just as well apple carplay and,android auto but you need to plug your,phone in,so you can see the the dash,over here all the lights will come on we,start the vehicle,and they go off and you have the paddle,shifter and you got a nice,matte walnut trim on the steering wheel,which is very nice to feel,so on the left you have the voice,controls the phone controls uh the,volume for the video,the different modes they toggle through,the radio,on the right youre going to have the,the dash controls lane trace assist,collision mitigation,and you can see the the temperature the,gas,also on the dash and a little bit too,on the right you got the clock you got,the radio you got the climate control,system theres a place to put your phone,over here,thats a slit and also a phone to charge,you a button over here you could turn it,on to charge you have a key charger if,you have a,apple or android phone you could just,put it in there,it should charge for you if its,compatible right you got the brake hole,the ventilated seats,you still have the shift gate which is,great you got the cup holders you got,just the height,i mentioned before in the other videos,touchpad,something new gone with the mouse here,you got usb,and also a charger port uh here you got,the glove compartment of course,and here theres a little accented,chrome piece,and its filtered not very big but,definitely would do in most cases,so of course you have the the rear view,mirror over here,you got the lexus connect safety connect,you also have lights over here,so some visor tests one two three,bam that thing goes all the way to the,end its a 10 out of 10.,so and this one doesnt have the,pararamic sun roof but,you know this one would do and its a,lower cost if it breaks you got the,paranormal one if it breaks gonna be,very expensive to replace,so i mentioned before these seats are,looks and feels really great soft to the,touch,but theyre not leather which is great,because you know the latter ones dont,last that long so keep that in mind and,these are in black,um theres actually uh this vehicle says,five people,three comfortably uh in the back and two,in the front,of course and the spindle grille pattern,has changed in this particular model it,has the also,the headlight washers and were also,looking at the 20-inch michelin,tires over here so this one came with,the michelin tire which is really a,great thing,235 55 are 20 michelin tires,wow so those looks really nice so lets,take a look at the front,passenger as you can see the the chrome

The 2021 Lexus RX 350 F-Sport Blackline Edition is a Trendier Looking Luxury SUV

over the last 20 plus years the lexus rx,has developed a reputation for itself,for being plush,for being comfortable and above all,being luxurious,now however those strengths have led,lexus to become the best-selling,luxury vehicle here in the states,especially the rx lexus last year,managed to move,a little over a hundred thousand units,here in the states despite the pandemic,it used to be the best-selling vehicle,in america the best-selling luxury,vehicle but that title was technically,taken away,from with tesla with their model 3. now,i do want to point out those same,strengths of the rx have also allowed it,to become synonymous with it being a mom,car so as you can see,for 2021 lexus has sent me over a new,model this year this is the rx,350 f sport in a new black line special,edition model lexus is only building,about a thousand of these,for the us market and as you can see,from its styling differences from the,black wheels the black accents this new,grecian waters exterior color,it seems like lexus is trying to spice,up the rx a little bit,in preparation for an all new generation,which you should expect,for the 2023 model year now in addition,to this new special edition lexus gave,the rx some pretty significant changes,for 2020. so if you guys are in the,market for this rx which i imagine a lot,of you are,has lexus managed to give the rx enough,changes in order to appeal to a younger,audience,stay tuned to find out,[Music],so in my rx video last year i basically,told you guys to avoid the,l model because even though it gives you,a tiny third row seat it is,useless for even children and the rxl,just has these really odd proportions,it was basically a car that dealers were,complaining to lexus that they needed,and lexus delivered by stretching the rx,by around four and a half,inches so now for this video im going,to focus primarily on,the rx 350 obviously the regular one,because this is the one that lexus,you know brought to market over 20 years,ago and it continues to sell really well,i mean,last year like i said they sold over a,hundred thousand units last year,and even though this wasnt technically,the best-selling luxury car in america,it is still one of the top selling,luxury vehicles that title now belongs,technically to tesla with the model 3,although some of you may argue that the,tesla is not a luxury car its a premium,electric car,but regardless what is going on with the,appeal of this rx why do so many people,continue to buy,this vehicle now i first want to start,off of course with just the,overall feel of this car yes the rx,remains a plush vehicle yes it remains a,comfortable vehicle yes it remains a,somewhat luxurious vehicle i mean the,interior im not going to,you know go too much into detail with,this make sure you watch my review of,the previous or,of my rx video last year to see that but,basically this,black line special edition model gives,you some niceties like these black,seats with the whites uh the white,contrast,you know accents and the blue stitching,i really like the interior,color combination of this one uh this is,very trendy the black and white with the,blue it looks great however in terms of,luxury,this definitely does not feel like its,at the top of the class anymore i mean,lexus gave us the 12.3 inch or an eight,inch as standard this is optional,its now a touch screen they moved it,forward a little bit so you can sort of,reach this you can see for me,its kind of a far reach for me you can,see theres also apple carplay and,android auto although it is not wireless,uh lexus isnt doing the wireless in,this vehicle and you know the steering,wheel is still very old its a power,tilt telescoping wheel the horn,has a probably a pretty nice meaty sound,to it so uh it sounds pretty much,the same as the last highlander that i,drove and the gauges havent changed you,have that f sport inspired,or lfa and style expired gauge cluster,where it doesnt move in this vehicle if,i push this button here,it doesnt actually make the tack move,like you find in some other lexus models,but overall the seats are pretty,comfortable the back seat offers 38,inches of legroom so thats still very,good,as a two-row vehicle this still very,much excels it has a plush ride quality,it has good visibility you have lexus,safety system 2.0 as standard its not,the newer 2.5 system,and it doesnt work you know as well as,a lot of its main luxury rivals im,primarily thinking about like the,genesis gv80 which is around the same,price as this car lexus has a lot of,work to do now there is still a next,generation coming,for 2023 now it was going to be a 2022,model,but now theyre saying its a 2023 model,but on the outside,the rx i dont particularly think it is,aged very well,now i want to remind you that this,generation came out back in 2016. it is,the fourth generation of,the lexus rx and back then when i first,saw this car i wasnt particularly in,love with the styling i think its a,little bit much especially in the f,sport with this massive,predator grill however let me know in,the comments below if you guys think,this has aged particularly well,i personally think lexus needs to soften,things up a little bit but also make it,a lot more modern for the next,generation version i want to point out,of course some styling changes for the,black line special edition model the f,sport grille here,has a black surround that makes it look,again a little bit more aggressive you,still have the premium triple beam led,headlights really,the front fascia of this car is,interesting to me but i dont like,these fake vents that lexus has put,between the headlights and the led fog,light housing i think this is just not,necessary,they could have done without this little,plastic piece here thats just kind of,adding a little bit,too much less is more thats what i hope,lexus is going to do for the next,generation model this grecian waters,exterior color is definitely my new,favorite color on the rx,sadly it is only available on this,special edition model and only a,thousand of them are going to be,available,here in the states from this angle you,can really see the aggressive lines of,the new rx or the refreshed rx i,especially think it looks best,in the shorter wheelbase the standard,wheelbase model the l stretches it like,four and a half inches,and i think it looks really odd,especially when you look at the side,profile now the black line special,edition of course gives you some black,accents like the black,mirrors you have that little graphic,along the rocker panels you have the f,sport badge,but really i think what really ties it,in together for me are these black,uh 20 inch wheels theyre wrapped in 235,wood tires these wheels definitely make,the car look a lot more aggressive,now at 192.5 inches long some would say,the rx,is the perfect size for a lot of empty,nesters or just families who dont need,a third row seat because the back seat,the second rail offers around,38 inches of legroom you can see the,rear has the usual f sport treatments,here you have this kind of black chrome,here and there you have this more,aggressive rear diffuser for the bumper,theres those,fake exhaust trim pieces back there that,kind of mimic,a dual exhaust piece where the muffler,is not actually connected to that,but overall the car just looks great in,this color now im surprised to see that,lexus doesnt offer like a black painted,roof thats something you cannot you can,get on a lot of toyota products,um you can also get a pano sunroof on,this model,but not the l version so thats,something to keep in mind now the cargo,area is a confusing aspect for me,because,when i looked on lexuss media site the,company only says you get around 16,cubic feet of space and if you fold down,the second row,theyre saying 32 cubic feet of space,that looks like a really bad typo for me,because,this to me looks like 32 cubic feet of,space and if you fold down the second,row you get around,69 cubic feet of space just under 70. u

Heres Why The 2020 Lexus RX is The Top-Selling Luxury Vehicle in America

if youve ever wondered what the,best-selling luxury vehicle in America,has been for the last decade and a half,the Lexus RX has comfortably held that,title for years now for 2020 Lexus is,making some pretty extensive updates to,their bestseller changing the front and,rear styling updating the interior tech,features revising the suspension but,above all adding this delicious shade of,Dorie green pearl that was not as,graceful as I thought so if you ever,wondered what continues to make the rx,the best-selling luxury vehicle in the,States,thats what were here to find out after,Im finished eating,[Music],so typically I start out these reviews,with an introduction then we go into the,exterior walk around interior theres,like a whole schedule that I usually go,through with every video but I thought I,would mix it up a little bit to kind of,keep you guys on your toes so Im gonna,start off this video with driving the Rx,because lets be honest here,people buy a lexus RX for several,reasons but the number one reason has,always been its plush and cushy ride,quality and Lexus actually said that,they tweaked the suspension on the 2020,model to give this car better handling,and an even cushy ride quality now,sitting in these seats I have to say,that the RX still offers one of the most,plush seats that you can sit in the,leather is really high-quality feeling,theyre really soft really supple really,supportive the car has a really soft,floaty ride quality that a lot of buyers,in this segment really really appreciate,the even this model here with the,20-inch wheels still has an amazingly,smooth ride quality the visibility in,here is also really nice you can see out,of it very well its very quiet in here,I mean this particular one here is the,hybrid version which means it has the,ability to Front on electric power alone,up to about 20 miles an hour so right,now its showing Evy mode over there and,the tachometer so were just cruising,along with no engine and if you put your,foot down just a little bit though this,is the older three motor hybrid system,from Toyota and Lexus so it doesnt,really allow that much cruising on,electric power alone as soon as you put,your foot down a little bit you can hear,the gas engine turns on to provide,additional power for this vehicle,basically if you always wanted a smooth,and serene luxury cruiser the RX has,always been that vehicle to fit the bill,and this new one with the new tuning for,the suspension the tweaks to the,steering and this is an even more plush,car handling wise I wouldnt say this is,any sporty-er the RX has always been a,really soft and just numb feeling car,and its still kind of the case even,with the tweaks to the suspension so how,vehicle drives is always important but,the other part where Lexus is really,doing well in terms of their reputation,has always been interior quality so,lets look at some of the changes that,Lexus has made,for the 2020 model so another area where,Lexus is very much well known for can be,found when you look at their really,plush interiors especially the Lexus RX,this interior has long been the standard,in terms of build quality in terms of,luxury in terms of just overall,refinement now the door there I was,surprised didnt really have that solid,of a thunk there was actually a slight,rattle too so that wasnt really nice to,hear now looking at the rest of this,cabin I have to say if I was looking at,this interior back in 2010 I would be,very impressed with the design but today,in 2020 I have to say this steering wall,looks pretty old it even has kind of,this old-school wood the wheel itself,does have some really nice leather I,like the bronze color that you have in,the Lexus badge but as you can see here,very old Toyota cruise control stock,theyve been using this little piece,here for like the last 20 years the,window controls one touch for all four,they actually do have a nice high,quality feel and the materials in here,are pretty good although I will say some,of the competitors from Europe have,really stepped up their game and have,real more leather stitching real,aluminum real wood the Lexus has some,real wood trim but Im not really the,biggest fan of the way the loo would,trim looks the aluminum trim look that,you see here is actually not real its,just a silver painted plastic but,overall I think there could be more,stitching on the door panels and on the,dash here its got some faux stitching,but I think that it just has a look that,really reminds me of the early 2000 eras,its almost seems like Lexus hasnt left,that now the biggest change that theyve,done for 2020 is this infotainment,system what theyve done it theyve,actually pushed the screen a little bit,further its a twelve point three inch,display this was the first Lexus model,to get this large display it it actually,matches the size of the Toyota,Highlander the new version and the,biggest edition they finally made this a,touchscreen so of course we all kept,complaining about the horrible remote,touchpad interface and Lexus has finally,made this thing a touchscreen which,really is the biggest addition that they,could have added for the longest time I,dont particularly love the interface,still for example if you push the menu,button down here it brings you all your,different usual sources and whatnot,going back to the car play thats kind,of where this thing really looks,impressive because it takes up the,entire screen,but overall I do find that the screen,even though they pushed it forward is,still a little bit too far back for my,reach with my short arms now putting the,vehicle into reverse you can see there,is a full 360 camera with this car now,if you push this button here on the left,side when its not in Reverse itll,actually give you a cool little,panoramic view a perimeter scan showing,whats exactly around the vehicle now I,will say the competitors do offer a much,more brighter looking screen the screen,for its for some reason looks pretty dim,but I really like the 360 perimeter scan,overall the size of the screen is good,but I do think that its still a little,bit too far especially for somebody who,has short arms like myself and over here,you still have this wonderful Lexus,touchpad here that looks like a mouse,pad or a trackpad that was on your,computer the shifter here looks like it,came out of a car that was you know from,10 years ago because it is although some,of you may prefer the traditional,shifter instead of those electronic ones,theres a little place here you can put,your phone unfortunately I dont see any,wireless charger in here that would be,nice to have theres a little bit more,storage over here youve got two USB,ports and then this area here has some,very soft leather which is nice and if,you open this up you can see pretty deep,storage area this is the connector for,the apple carplay or Android auto you,need to plug it into this particular one,here the seats are also very plush,thats what Lexus are very much known,for you bought this really soft cushy,leather the seats are heated and cooled,heated in the second row but if youre,looking for things like ventilated seats,in the second row,Lexus does not offer that you do get at,least a heated steering wall and above,me theres just a standard sunroof for,some reason Lexus doesnt offer a paino,sunroof on this car which is funny,because Toyota offers it on the new,Highlander so I imagine that the next,generation rx will get that feature keep,in mind weve got an all-new version of,the RX coming for 2022 until then this,one here still has some pretty nice,features but you should know that it,doesnt feel quite as roomy and its,still kind of mashed with or meshed with,a newer technology here and then an,older design to the dashboard into the,overall steering wheel the one thing I,thought to mention was the sound system,from that clip the 15 speaker Mark,Levinson in this car is pretty good its,basically on par with the best is youre,going to get from the Germans it real

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