1. 2021 Nissan Versa Review | Starting at UNDER $15K!
  2. Versatile Versa? | 2021 Nissan Versa SV Review
  3. 2021 Nissan Versa SV – POV Review – Best sedan under $20k ??
  4. A Focus On Value, Not Price | 2020 Nissan Versa
  5. 2021 Nissan Versa Review
  6. 2021 Nissan Versa SV POV Test Drive & Review
  7. 2021 Nissan Versa review

2021 Nissan Versa Review | Starting at UNDER $15K!

[Music],what is up you guys welcome back to,another one if you are new to the,channel i am gold pony on the new car,truck,suv reviews on youtube and today,we are in the new 2021 nissan versa,courtesy,of hanover nissan in hanover pa for more,information on their inventory please,feel free to check out the link,in the description box below and so if,you value your money let me tell you,guys this one,starts at a price of under fifteen,thousand dollars and ill get to the,pricing in a second here but,that also includes of course the new car,warranty being three year thirty six,thousand mile bumper to bumper,five year sixty thousand mile power,trains its one of those deals almost do,you want a used vehicle with no warranty,or do you want a new vehicle with a,warranty,starting at under fifteen thousand,dollars but anyways in this video i will,be testing out and going over everything,about this one from acceleration to,braking the steering feel ride quality,sound system exhaust clip all of that,fun stuff so,having said all that what do you guys,say lets just go ahead and jump right,into it and as always,lets start with pricing id say there,will be three different trim levels for,the new 2021 versa first one being the s,starting at fourteen thousand nine,hundred and eighty dollars sv,for seventeen thousand seven hundred and,ninety dollars and lastly the one we,have today,being the sr starting at eighteen,thousand three hundred and,dollars but regardless of trim level,that you go with the power plant on the,versa is going to be the same,powering this little beast is a 1.6,liter naturally aspirated inline four,cylinder putting out 122 horsepower at,6300 rpm,114 pound-feet of torque coming in at,4000 rpm,power sent to the front wheels through,your choice of either a 5-speed manual,which does come,standard on the s that is going to be,that trim level below 15 000 or,a cvt which you can get on the s trim,level but it comes standard on the other,two trim levels but,all in all zero to 60 comes in at,approximately 9.7 seconds which were,going to test out in a little bit but on,paper,that of course aint all that quick but,mpg numbers coming in at 27,in the city 35 on the highway taking,regular,unleaded fuel but so that before we do,that acceleration test i do want to,mention something to you guys there is,actually a,sport mode on the versa and that button,is actually hidden,just underneath the shift knob there,its going to be a horizontal line so,you cant even see it from the driving,position it is that hidden but,it is there so thats why i have to,mention it because it is hidden but,anyways that of course is going to,adjust things like the throttle response,and the shift points so,having now got that out of the way what,do you say lets go ahead and hit that,button and it did immediately downshift,for me so it is going to hold the rpms,at a much higher level giving me more,power on demand and now that is done,lets go ahead and find a straightaway,lets put this thing into the test and,lets see how quickly we can get up to,speed,all right i think this is gonna be a,straightaway here we go,well you can hear it but yeah its,definitely not the quickest thing in the,world and honestly,if you did one a little bit quicker the,centrist price range isnt that far off,you could always try that,um thats the car i just got done,driving and that is noticeably quicker,of course than the versa here but,yeah its not the quickest thing in the,world ill just put it that way but to,go along with that acceleration as,always,braking is equally important and so up,front you will find 10 inch ventilated,front discs in the back eight inch solid,rear drum brakes,which by the way do come standard for,every single trim level but that does,give this one a six to zero stopping,distance of 124 feet which,is plenty respectable still thats,pretty average i would say for sedans of,all sizes really so,its not that bad as far as breaking,feel goes its not that bad not as nice,as the center i recently got done,driving but,its certainly not bad at all so no,issues with the braking touching on,suspension and handling,up front youre gonna get an independent,strut type front suspension in the back,torson beam rear axle front and rear,stabilizer bars as well as far as ride,quality goes,as i am hitting probably the most bumpy,road in hanover right now,its not bad ill say you can definitely,feel more of the road than i did in my,test drive of the center i literally,just got done driving so,i will say that as far as steering feel,goes its pretty much as expected not,the heaviest steering feel in the world,but,i would say its definitely more on the,loosey-goosey side well just put it,that way so wouldnt minded a heavier,steering feel in the versa but,as far as cabin noise goes its okay,its not that bad ive definitely heard,worse i will say if you were to go with,like a kia rio or a hyundai accent,you got more cabin noise in those as,opposed to here,in the versa so i do commend nissan for,that youre not going to of course get,the most serene cabin in sub-compact,cars like this one but,having said that its not bad i wont,say that but anyways touching then on,visibility i can see,perfectly fine out the back absolutely,no issues there,whatsoever thanks to the shape of this,one but,that about rounds out the performance,segment of this review you guys lets,now go ahead and take a look at the,exterior of our brand new,2021 nissan versa,all right so here she is you guys,finished in electric,blue in case anybody was curious of the,exterior color name we had on this one,here,so let me go ahead and start up front,chrome v-motion front grille is going to,come with the s and sv trim levels,however,that will get switched up to a dark,chrome v-motion front grille which is,currently what you guys are looking at,of course for the sr trim level in case,anybody was curious but then,to the sides halogen projector,headlights coming with the s and sv,trims automatic feature of course coming,with that as well meaning when it starts,to get dark at night those headlights,will turn on automatically for you there,led daytime running lights also coming,standard with that but then if you jump,up to the sr that we have today,youre actually going to get led,headlights which is pretty darn cool,its going to give you extra,illumination at night of course,with led signature lighting to go along,with that and just blow it off fog,lights you guys can see at the bottom,portion of that front bumper then as,well which is pretty darn cool its an,awesome look i gotta say but anyways,that about rounds out the front lets go,ahead and make our way to the side of,the versa here,and so now since we are around to this,side of this one black window surrounds,do come standard,power adjustable side mirrors do come,standard for all trim levels if you go,with the s or sr trims youre going to,get,gloss black finish to those side mirrors,that of course is what you guys are,looking at right now,body colored finish however is going to,come with the sv trim level then,also heated side mirrors with led,integrated turret signals if you were to,go with the sv,or sr black door handles with the s,otherwise youre going to get body,colored door handles,with the sv and sr of course then take a,look down at the wheel configuration,15 inch steel wheels with covers for the,s trim level,16-inch aluminum alloys for the sv and,17-inch,aluminum alloys then for the sr and that,of course,is what you guys are looking at right,now one more thing i wanted to mention,you guys can see,there is a floating roof line finished,in gloss black towards,the back of this one then as well but,now speaking of,lets go ahead and make our way to the,back of this one and so a bit now since,we are around to the back,body colored shark fin antenna all the,way to the top,just below that rear spoiler is going to,come with the sr trim level of course,youre going to get some trim level,badging back there,as we

Versatile Versa? | 2021 Nissan Versa SV Review

[Music],alrighty hey everyone join me in,checking out this 2021,nissan versa sv it is going to be the,enterprise black,with the premium black cloth interior,part of your sv package,and then up front notably you will see,your standard,ford collision alert with pedestrian,detection automatic braking,you also do have high beam assist and,lane departure alert,so that is going to be standard across,the board even at the,sub 15 000 price point which is amazing,um,standard features that are being pushed,out to even these value,oriented vehicles but with this being,the sv youre going to have things like,these alloy wheels riding on continental,pro contact tires theres going to be,16-inch alloys,rear drum brakes on this i really do,like the finish on them,and then around back we do have parking,sensors and a rear backup camera,typical nissan fashion plenty of space,inside,60 40 folding your seat fair to say that,this has more room than,my 3 series has then you do have a,temporary spare tire and jack,all of your owners manuals over there,even a trunk lid liner which is a neat,touch,even a little carbon fiber like splitter,down here which is,nice coming in as far as rear seat room,you can see this is the premium cloth,interior fixed headrest and no armrest,on this one,you have one single map pocket over,there as far as door panel materials go,all of its kind of run-of-the-mill hard,plastic,very reminiscent of the previous,generation versa as well,just some cloth covered plastic power,windows and your bottle holder,but coming in behind my five foot nine,driving frame do you have plenty of room,foot room underneath the seat as well,since there is no power,so those motors arent anywhere,coming over here on your side mirror go,ahead and see that we do have some blind,spot monitoring certain,indicators they are body color also no,sunroof but we do have a nice shark fan,antenna for the sirius xm,its going to be a six-way manual driver,seat i am lacking a little lumbar,support id love to have that that we,can,customize but then again this is a very,value-oriented vehicle,carpeted mats are still in it with,around 3000 miles,or 3 700 miles so close to 4 000 miles,um its good to see that the floor mats,are still here and the manuals,it is going to be a tilt and telescoping,wheel also,and then you do have the partial digital,cluster so go ahead and put on the brake,button to start you can see a little,start animation,start over there and we do have that um,3757 in terms of mileage weve put about,600 miles on this so far,well be returning it later this,afternoon its done a lot of driving,its done sanibel,to orlando orlando to tampa tampa back,down to sanibel,so its definitely been up for the job,as you can see,this gauge cluster is very customizable,theres that 750 miles averaging 37,miles a gallon,which is amazing thats why you buy this,type of car as far as your,audio and then you do have the tack here,which is um what ive been choosing to,leave it on with a digital,speedometer do you have your gas gauge,down there,it is a urethane wrapped wheel you do,have your four-way d-pad for that,partial digital cluster,you have crews as well as your bluetooth,and voice commands,and this head units been a peach as,well so it is going to have apple,carplay,and android auto i presume i dont have,an android to test that out,but the um carplay works great there is,individual,um volume controls for the navigation as,well as audio,and you can go into your camera you have,the rear camera right here with,trajectory,guidance lines speaking of which this is,the cvt,continuously variable transmission and,it does mimic gear shifts,low gear down here couldnt quite find,sport mode but sport mode is going to be,this extra little button right there,thats ancillary,and then your single zone manual climate,control with your,zones fan speed and temperature with,free circuit ac right there,you do have the complementary clorox,wipe that i really do like that,enterprise is including,considering the circumstances the only,um,real omission on this interior that is,kind of frustrating for those longer,trips,is going to be the lack of an armrest,right here let me go back wide angle,so you find yourself kind of resting,your arm after you put on crews or,something like that and it just kind of,falls even farther because there is no,armrest here,i assume that is an option i remember on,the previous generation it was a dealer,installed option,you have some charging usbs though back,there for the rear seat passengers,and then cup holders plenty of storage,as well,but hey its honestly been up to the job,as,a highway commuter i mean when we were,passing through mexico crews on,88 upwards of passing hitting 90,92 95 it was really up for the job,while getting 37 miles a gallon which is,amazing,now i will say anything above 80 there,was a faint rattle over here it sounded,like metal on metal so it wasnt a,plastic rattle,which is a little concerning when we,start hearing metal rattle thats a,little bit worse than just like a,plastic door panel rattling,so thats the only thing notable and i,assume that with only 3 000 miles um the,rattles will begin to get worse here,but i also would love to see some maybe,a little led lighting up front would be,a nice touch especially with this being,the sv trim,retailing probably close to 18 grand,its very clear that no ones going to,be paying that but also,with nissan trying to be on the up and,up in terms of,brand image that would be a great,addition but this is the 1.6 liter,i4 122 horsepower just to the front,wheels and that cvt nothing,groundbreaking here,that definitely is a steel hood as well,no aluminum,but hey this has been up for the job,its been a great rental here,in um the west coast of florida,youll remember that i did go to key,west,earlier in the summer and this has kind,of been a similar trip just on the west,side so we went tampa,treasure island back down to sanibel,orlando for a day and such like that so,no worries we are responsible with all,the pandemics wearing our mask and such,like that but also living our lives,which i,do suggest you guys do as well but we,wont get into that,um that wraps it up for the 2021,nissan versa sv black on black,its been a trooper im sure its got,plenty of rental miles ahead of it,hopefully its up for the job but thank,you guys for watching id love to hear,your thoughts down below in the comments,see you in the next one bye now

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2021 Nissan Versa SV – POV Review – Best sedan under $20k ??

[Music],all right folks you are watching,downshift pass,my name is chad and thank you for,checking out another one of my reviews,now if you are new here welcome to the,channel if you are not new here welcome,back to the channel,and lets hop right into todays review,were going to be taking a look at this,2021,nissan versa sv,all right guys lets go ahead and start,with the styling of the nissan,versa here now starting with the front,end nissan gave the versa,its emotional geometry design language,now im not 100,sure what that actually means but i will,say that i am a fan of the styling of,this car,now on this sv spec you have halogen,headlights as well as incandescent turn,signal now nissan does offer an led,setup up front as well as in the back,but you have to step up a trim level to,the sr model to get that,and of course you cant miss what nissan,calls is the motion grille which brings,it more in line,with the rest of the nissan lineup,thats going to be,this right here and then on this,particular trim level you do have a,blacked out,and dark chrome on the front grille as,well,and down below you do have some rocker,panels that extend out as well that,looks pretty good on this car,overall i just think this is a really,good design that they came up with,for this car now moving along to the,side here,im noticing some inspiration from the,ultima in the styling,especially with that floating roof,design that you see there in the back,now on this nissan set they push the,wheels out further on this generation,and speaking of wheels lets go ahead,and take a look at these 16 inches,which is actually an upgrade from the,standard s,model now these rims are shot on,continental top its going to be a 205,55 size tire and again a 16 inch rim,here,that is the largest rim size that you,can get now design wise on the rim i,dont really love it or hate it just,glad that,it doesnt have a hub caps on this you,do have this front,brakes as well as drums in the back abs,all around,you do have led turn signal as well,on the uh mirror here which is a nice,surprise for the class,and overall from this angle you can tell,the car is lower longer and wider and,they close the wheel gap down there that,you see,which on the previous generation it was,just so well known for,and this electric blue metallic color i,think it looks really good it adds a,little bit more,character to the car here now taking a,look at the back of the versa,uh its more of that emotional geometry,design link as told by that boomerang,style tail lights and to me again its,just reminiscent of a little ultima,especially back here,all incandescent lighting back here as,well on my particular tester again if,you want led,youll have to step up a trim level to,the sr and coming along to the bottom,here,youll notice some faux carbon fiber as,well,and down below that is a hidden exhaust,pipe,you do have a nice body color diffuser,back here as well not sure why you would,need that on this car but,again this is really for the styling,element of the vehicle you also have,some rear parking sensors back here as,well which again is just nice to see,on this class of vehicle but tell me,what you guys think down below of the,styling of the nissan versa i think it,looks exceptionally well especially for,a car,in his class nissan really tried their,hardest to make this car,an emotional experience to look at and,to drive and i really wanted to see if,they succeeded in that,but lets go ahead and take a look at,the trunk switch all right guys and,getting access to the trunk you can,either use your key or there is,a lever on the inside of the car but as,we gain,access to the trunk here i mean not too,much to look at in this particular,vehicle,nissan says that you get 14.3 cubic feet,of cargo capacity back here,which is a little less than some of his,rivals like the honda fit the chevrolet,sonic,but those are also hatchbacks so that is,to be expected,still plenty of room back here easy,ingress and egress as well with this,very wide opening,and the rear seats do offer up a 60 40,split fold as well,the only way to fold those seats down,would be on the interior,now under here you do have your clear,tire and all of your,items that you would need to change a,tire now lets go ahead and take a look,at whats under the hood,alright folks so taking a look under the,hood of the 2021 nissan versa,standard on all three versa grade levels,is what nissan calls is next generation,1.6 liter four-cylinder engine which is,rated at 122 horsepower,and 114 pound-feet of torque which is an,increase,of about 12 percent over the previous,generation,and you know what for some s gs for,some fun,lets go ahead and take a listen to what,this 1.6 liter sounds like,[Music],[Music],now if you think that engine sounded,really good go ahead and hit that,subscribe button,if you think it could sound better go,ahead and hit that subscribe button but,make sure you hit that notification bell,as well so you can be notified when i,have a better sounding,engine here for you now this engine is,matted to a cvt,transmission of course nissan does not,seem to want to get rid of that,which nissan lovingly calls the x-tronic,itll hit 0-60 in a sluggish 9.2 seconds,but again youre not buying this car to,win drag races the real race,of this car is really at the fuel pump,where it gets about 32 miles per gallon,in the city,40 miles per gallon on the highway for a,combined 35,miles per gallon its about middle of,the pack for this car as far as the,competition goes,lets go ahead guys and hop into the,interior all right folks stepping into,the back seat of the 2021 nissan versa,i mean again this is a subcompact not,much to see back here,but you have plenty plenty of space,nissan says you have,37 inches of rear seat leg room as you,can see under the front seat,you have a lot of space to put your feet,should you need some additional space,you do have nice knee room as well i,have the drivers seat in the position,that i would be sitting in,again i am five eight and i can sit back,here in relative,comfort now i have the passenger seat,all the way back if you have it all the,way back its not going to be as much,space back here but,again still really good space for this,size of car you also have,access to two usb ports back here as,well,which is closer to the front seat but if,you have a long enough cord you wont,have any problem,connecting your devices to it of course,you have your power windows back here,not automatic one touch or anything you,do have seat map pockets,as well as cup holders in the rear seats,as well all really hard touch plastics,but again,this car starts at 14 000 uh you do have,side airbags in the rear which is a,really really nice feature,no middle c armrest or anything like,that you can really tell this car is,about maximizing,safety as well as technology not,necessarily 100,comfort but lets go ahead and hop to,the front seat all right folks so,hopping into the front seat of course,you have nissan,standard key they have been using this,key i swear since probably 2003 or,something,now on this one you just have your lock,unlock trunk as well as a panic button,no remote start or anything on my,particular tester,but lets go ahead and hop into the,front seat,and start it right up now as you can see,you have a nice digital dash over here,which i,absolutely adore i dont think any other,car in this class has that you have a,nice little animation when you start the,car up,[Music],which is really neat and i love how the,speedometer goes to right about 105 or,so which is probably the top speed of,this car,but the interior of this car again,nissan said they wanted to evoke emotion,as well as a higher grade somewhere you,wouldnt have a problem,sitting in and i can tell you they,actually really succeeded in that i love,the color combination,in my particular tester with this white,and black now this looks like its,stitch leather but its actually,also a very hard plastic hard plastic,here t

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A Focus On Value, Not Price | 2020 Nissan Versa

[Music],the Nissan Versa has been a polarizing,little vehicle in America for quite some,time thats mainly due to its mission as,trying to be one of the most affordable,vehicles in America not just in terms of,overall acquisition cost but also in,cost to operate but this versa the,all-new 2020 Versa is trying to take a,different tactic here I have long held,that the main sales proposition to any,new car in America can be boiled down to,four different categories luxury,performance value and price performance,and luxury are pretty easy to explain,obviously something like a Corvette or a,Porsche 911 sells on their overt,performance something like a,mercedes-benz s-class or a Bentley or,rolls-royce they sell on luxury the,previous generation Versa was one of the,few vehicles that fell into the price,category was the Versa a little bit,cheap on the inside did it look a little,bit funny on the outside yes to both of,those but it was frequently the least,expensive vehicle in America and often,the least expensive to own and operate,in all sorts of independent metrics this,Versa is trying to sell on value and,that is the amount of stuff you get on,the inside and outside for the price tag,of the vehicle which is an all-important,approximately 20% higher than the last,generation Versa and of course Im just,talking about MSRP the actual,transaction prices of this generation,Versa are likely going to be,significantly higher because the last,generation Versa was frequently,available for under or around $10,000 in,America most of this generation Versa,however seemed to be going for around,seventeen to nineteen thousand dollars,on the Nissan dealer lots and they dont,seem to be carrying as many of the,absolute based rims as they did before,youll definitely notice that up front,where we have a much more stylish and,much more feature-rich front-end LED,headlamps are available we have fog,lamps down below in this particular,model and we have a radar sensor behind,that Nissan logo because we get a lot of,Nissans latest active safety systems at,least available in the Versa but the big,difference youll notice up front is,that this looks an awful lot more,stylish than the last generation model,this is almost 2 inches wider its over,2 inches shorter to the ground in terms,of overall roof,right definitely making this more like a,mini Nissan Altima or an int mini Nissan,Maxima then the cartoonish sort of,vehicle that it was before now I always,thought that the Versa was a little bit,cute and its cartoonish proportions but,a lot of folks didnt really think so,let me know what you think about that,down there in the comment section below,since the vs. target market is,first-time new car buyers or young,buyers I really appreciate the fact that,Nissan has gone out of their way to put,some of their latest active safety,technology into those trims of the Versa,makes them an awful lot more accessible,to those affordable car shoppers we get,pedestrian detection with autonomous,braking thats definitely something that,we dont find in most of the other,entries out there even entries that,include some of the basic autonomous,braking features Nissan giveth and,Nissan taketh away so will we have that,pedestrian warning feature we dont get,Lane Keeping assistance like we do find,in some of the competition we do however,have backup sensors and reverse,autonomous braking with rear cross,traffic detection those are things that,we dont find in most of the competition,even available for 2020 the Versa grew,about two inches in overall length,bringing this up to 177 inches total,this is one of the longest subcompact,vehicles available in America and its,so long that in other countries you,might even call this a midsize but in,America this is still significantly,shorter than the average midsize sedan,and still notably several inches shorter,than the average compact sedan in,America but it is significantly larger,than some of the competition this is,four inches longer than the Ford Fiesta,which has now been discontinued in,America for 2020 and eight inches longer,then its sort of direct rival the mid,CBC Mirage sedan the Mirage sedan unlike,the Versa is still trying to sell on,over at price so this is a much more,premium looking vehicle on the inside,and outside but the price tag is now a,little bit higher from the side profile,you can really see what Nissan has done,in terms of the overall roofline theyve,really dropped it a lot closer to the,ground that definitely makes this look,more sleek and remove some of the,cartoonish properties it had before but,unfortunately it does reduce rear,headroom when it comes to tires and,wheels these are the SR trim wheels so,youre gonna find wheels that are a,little bit different on the SV and S,trims and in the S trim youre gonna get,narrower tires those will affect braking,scores and handling ability so,definitely keep that in mind we have 205,with tires on the S,and s are moving to the rear the mini,Altima styling continues sir we have,headlamps with the distinctive Chevron,theme that matches what was going on up,front these are incandescent tail lamps,just as youd expect in the vehicle with,this price tag those parking sensors,right back here which are again very,unusual in a entry-level subcompact car,in America and then we have a backup,camera right there under the Nissan logo,pretty subtle spoiler right there on top,because we are in the SR trim in the,United States theres only one engine,offered in the Versa its a 1.6 liter,four-cylinder engine thats a retuned,version of the one we had in the last,generation Versa it produces 122,horsepower and 114 pound-feet of torque,slight increases in both of those,categories versus the 2019 model year,transmissions remain a five-speed manual,transmission in the base model only that,gets you 30 miles per gallon combined or,this particular CVT that bumps things up,to 35 combined if youre after one of,the most fuel-efficient vehicles in,America thats not a hybrid this is,definitely going to be one of them,overall front seat comfort is pretty,good for the subcompact segment Im,going to give these seats 9 out of 10,points,I do find these a little bit more,comfortable than what we see in the,outgoing Ford Fiesta or in something,like the Kia Rio although I do find the,Kia Soul and the Nissan kick seats to be,a little bit more comfortable up front,even in this top-end trim we dont have,a power adjustable drivers seat we,dont have any adjustable lumbar support,at all but as we typically see from,Nissan the cushioning is very,comfortable its just that these seats,are not as adjustable as the next,category so if you move up into a Sentra,you will find things like power seats we,do have a tilt telescopic steering,column however with the decent range of,motion popping into the backseat we find,about the same kind of legroom that we,find in every other subcompact sedan in,America that is to say a little bit less,than the average compact car but the,difference is smaller than you might,think for instance this is only about,one inch overall off of something like,the Corolla Nissans renewed focus on,overall styling for the Versa means that,we do get less headroom back here than,in the previous generation model or in,the average subcompact in America so if,I try and put my head back there to the,headrest I do have to Crane my head,incredibly to one side in order to fit,back here youll definitely find more,usable room in the back seat of the,average subcompact hatchback in America,whether were talking about the Nissan,kicks or something like the Kia Soul the,relatively compact dimensions are off,if I scoot all the way over to the right,seat where this front seat is all the,way back in its tracks and as you can,see I just cant fit back here very,easily its also worth noting that if,you plan on putting a rear-facing child,seat behind an adult you wont find as,much room as in Nissans larger sedans,the rear seats fold in a 60/40 fashion,wh

2021 Nissan Versa Review

[Music],where are you you little beauty,[Music],i know youre out here somewhere,[Music],what do we have here hey,i think were on the right track,[Music],what was that,[Music],crikey there she is,thats one majestic beast,a rare breed if there ever was one not,too,close you dont want to spook it wow,in a natural habitat no lets go have a,[Music],look,the death of the small car at least in,this part of the world is a bit of a,chicken or the egg debate,are automakers killing them off so they,can be replaced by more profitable,crossovers or are people just not,interested,in buying them anymore now personally i,think its a little bit of both,but that doesnt change the fact that,more are dying with each passing year,but nissan isnt ready to give up on the,segment just yet and it has given us a,new versus sedan,even though it just killed off the micra,hatchback but what i want to know is how,much you have to sacrifice in the name,of affordability,[Music],for more expert car reviews dont forget,to share our channel and subscribe so,you can catch some of this,and maybe even a little of that,cars like this really are an endangered,species these days so its a bit of a,surprise,to see a brand like nissan bringing a,new one to the market here,and dont forget we just lost the,hyundai accent in canada,for 2021 but really thats where i see,this thing,picking up both in price and in practice,theyre pretty similar cars overall,now i will say that nissan is employing,one of the oldest tricks,in the book because there is a base trim,that starts at right around 18 grand,before attacks that does,include the freight fee but thats for a,car,with a manual transmission and i dont,think many of you out there are gonna be,interested in that,thats just to keep the advertised,starting price as low,as possible so if you do want the,automatic transmission youre gonna pay,about 1500 bucks more,and the base trim is the only one that,comes with that,manual theres a cvt in all three trims,its just that the top two,its standard and its optional in the,base one,now when you look at that price its not,that cheap compared to the nissan micra,that used to be available in canada but,there is,way more to this car than that thing,ever had especially in the base model,just take a look in here,ive got power windows and locks and air,conditioning thats stuff we kind of,take for granted these days but it,wasnt included in,the base micra and you do get it here,and you also get some good stuff like,front and rear auto braking forward,collision warning with pedestrian,detection,you can even get lane departure warning,and blind spot monitoring in here,thats pretty impressive considering,this is a,very basic subcompact car,now as im sure you would expect nissan,didnt fill the base trim with creature,comforts,so you dont get heated seats or apple,carplay and android auto but the brand,also found,some other efficiencies in here and they,are pretty funny just take a look at,this flimsy little armrest here,not only is there only one on the,drivers side but you dont get one at,all,in the cheapest trim which is pretty,hilarious,but good news i am driving the fully,loaded sr trim,so i get that arm rest as well as this,upgraded paint job,for right around 23 000 bucks before,attacks and to put that into perspective,thats about the same as you would pay,for the cheapest,version of the slightly larger sentra,with,an automatic transmission and heres,another way i was thinking about it,earlier,this week now i once upon a time was the,proud owner of a 1998 toyota tercel,it was about as sexy as a pair of cargo,shorts but as far as economical,transportation went,its as good as it got especially back,in those days,if you wanted to buy one of those new,the cheapest one would set you back,right around 13 000 bucks but that was,for a car that didnt even,have airbags now adjusting for inflation,using the bank of canada,calculator because im the journalist,and my brother is the accountant well,thats about,20 000 today now take a look at that,in context with this versa its actually,pretty good and just think about how,much more car youre getting here,im not just talking about features,either im talking about the,fundamentals of this thing,this is just a lot more car and a lot,better of a car,yes it is a lot bigger than that tercel,was but it just feels a lot more,substantial and,stable i know again the size is a part,of that but the point here,isnt an apples to apples comparison,its that nissan didnt skimp out,on the basics here as far as safety goes,as far as drivability goes this thing is,really impressive heres a case in point,just take a look at this steering setup,now it wouldnt be unreasonable to,expect some bump steer in a car like,this you know that sensation,when you go over a pothole or a bump in,the road and the steering veers,violently to one side,theres none of that here it actually,feels really nice,and solid the way it cruises around it,is very,impressive the way its packaged and yes,i know thats a testament to modern,power steering systems just as much,as it is to this car but again it just,goes to show you that nissan didnt,cheap out,on the basics and the other thing this,has going for,that the duracell didnt this isnt,terrifying to drive on a windy day,and my tercel driving over a bridge with,strong gusts of wind,was really like cheating death it had,those tiny pizza cutter wheels,and it would just blow all over the,place but this just cruises around with,so much confidence,and then theres all kinds of features,that didnt even exist back then or you,could only get in more,expensive cars touch screen infotainment,apple carplay and android auto heated,seats blind spot monitoring,those lane departure and collision,warnings there is a lot to like about,this car,and the evolution of the sub compact is,fully,on display here its also a little bit,of fun to drive,since its so small and nimble and id,even go as far,as giving the engine some credit now it,only makes 122 horsepower,and 114 pound-feet of torque and yes,this sr does have a continuously,variable transmission,but it really makes the most out of,those,numbers my only real complaint is that,the cvt,is very buzzy when you get on the gas,but there is more than enough passing,power here theyve done a great job of,engineering this thing where it doesnt,feel,especially gutless and if you need just,a little bit more pep there is a sport,mode with this button,here thats hidden on the gear selector,and thatll spike the revs a little bit,if you need,just a little bit more juice to get,around some slower moving traffic,is this thing going to win you any drag,races thats a resounding no,at least not unless youre up against a,big guy in a pedal car,but i dont think any of you out there,actually think that thats what this was,built for all of you know,that this is basic transportation that,doesnt,burn much gas and it does a really good,job there,officially its rated at 6.7 liters per,hundred kilometers,but earlier this week i headed down in,the high fives,without even trying no i didnt have it,in the sport mode but i wasnt drafting,transport,trucks either i was just cruising around,the way i would on the daily commute but,a word to the wise,if your drive to work is more than about,half an hour youre gonna notice some,serious issues,with this drivers seat forget lumbar,support or heat,foam density is a drivers best friend,and this thing is like moving away,in the middle of the school year and,having to start all over again,it is bad and i know im a big guy but,it has nothing to do,with my size its just so thin its very,cheap you can tell thats one of the,ways,that nissan cut costs in this thing in,another way,theres no folding armrest in the back,seat and theres only one cup holder,on the back of the center console for,your passengers to fight over,bit of a strange choice but there are,bottle holders in,either door the other thing about that,bench seat well it does fold

2021 Nissan Versa SV POV Test Drive & Review

here we have the 2021,nissan versa this one comes in the sv,trim level and the color is brilliant,silver,on graphite cloth interior,and the powertrain is going to consist,of a 1.6 liter naturally aspirated,four-cylinder engine,made into a continuously variable,transmission,so theres a front there have your,halogen headlamps,and then down here we have 16 inch,aluminum wheels,and here you have the controls for power,door locks windows and mirrors,and theres your drivers seat there,gonna hop back here,and for this to be such a tiny car,really not bad leg room,im 63 and even though my head is,pretty much touching the ceiling im,still able to sit back here,so really nice they were able to,maximize,leg room space and then you also have,two usb charging ports there,lets go ahead and check out the trunk,space next,so pretty good size space for such a,small vehicle,and then to fold the seat down you just,pull up on this,itll fold flat and then you can just,lock it back into place,and theres the passenger seat there,well just take a quick look at the,engine,and theres that 1.6 liter,but now onto the drivers seat,so here we have the radio you have am fm,xm radio along with bluetooth audio and,you also have apple car playing android,auto as well,so thats the home screen layout there,and theres your backup camera,and then down here you have your climate,controls,you have a usb and aux input there along,the 12 volt,and for your shifter just hit this,button back here,reverse neutral drive then your low mode,theres your parking brake cup holders,and then your center console cubby just,hit this button here,you have a little space in there and i,like how they left that little,slot there to put quarters in so if you,have a toll or something its nice to,have those,stowed away,theres the back seat,and there you have your glove,compartment with your owners manuals,and then over here you have your,gauge cluster controls,you can go through all that and then,your volume controls,or your tracklist radio station controls,here,and then over here on the right side of,the steering wheel you have your cruise,controls,and then your bluetooth controls here,and theres another close-up of the,gauge cluster,theres your push button start,finally heres your key fob,but next were gonna go ahead and take,this versa sv out on the road see how it,does on the streets,so right off the bat pretty good,acceleration for this kind of car,especially with it not being turbo i,didnt struggle,getting up to speed,but i can also tell the vehicle is very,easy to maneuver,mostly due to its size,but i like the steering feel as well,its pretty precise,so,and i like how the vehicle is not as,noisy as i would have expected it,to be,[Music],so now were going to go ahead and take,it on the interstate,im gonna open it up just a little bit,so pretty good fuel mileage coming down,the interstate even though im doing,75 im still getting probably 35 to,40 miles per gallon,and ride quality is actually pretty good,especially considering the vehicle as,well,even at a high speed like that,and i really like how nissans putting,these flat bottom steering wheels in a,lot of the cars because they really do,help,keep a grip on the steering wheel,[Music],and honestly for a car that stickers,right under twenty thousand dollars this,is,a really good buy for something thats,just,decent transportation,its not crazy fast or agile or any,crazy features but it it gets the job,done,and it definitely saves you when it,comes to,the pump,[Music],so,and this is going to bring me to an end,of my review the 2021,nissan versa sv

2021 Nissan Versa review

[Music],[Music],here we are with a little bit of a,surprise uh we have the nissan versa,and uh the reason why im doing a review,on this car is because my wifes car,was at the body shop she had a deer run,into her,uh you know we got it back theres some,other problems with it so its back at,the body shop and uh,why not take advantage of having the,rental car uh and do a little bit of a,review on it so the 2021 nissan versa,this kind of fits in a little bit of the,economy,class,i do believe it has a 1.7 liter engine,um it doesnt seem slow by any means,really,um,but,you know,its not i guess its not the fastest,car in the world either,um,you know one of the things with this car,uh that i noticed right away,and actually hold on well just do a,quick acceleration,[Music],so it really has you know it really does,wind up,which you do get out of a four-cylinder,but that one is really working,it and thats what it you know and,thats fine you know if if it if youre,looking for an economy car thats fine,college student uh or you know you want,to be a daily commuter that,you know you put on a decent amount of,miles this thing gets about 40 miles of,the gallon,and of course that depends on you know,the weather and that type of thing in,the winter youre going to get a little,bit worse,um you know so thats where were kind,of at but i guess one thing i was gonna,i was gonna say i noticed right away,was when you get in,this car,there is not a lot of room for your head,for getting in,and really i guess not a lot as youre,sitting in there um do i feel like im,going to hit my head no,uh,maybe coming in if im not paying,attention but as im sitting in the seat,no,um it has an ample amount of space for,driving im five foot eleven,uh you know,i guess american size is what ill ill,i i keep referring to you know im not,tall but im not really short um,average sized uh,person i guess,or american size a little you know you,can take that how you how you want yes,the seed seems to be pretty comfortable,i do have it all the way back right now,um i dont know that i would have enough,to,fit,room to fit behind myself,uh in this car,um hopefully i can get a video with a,walk around on it and,you know put that together in this video,you know it drives good,it was a little bit pushed around by the,wind this morning on the way to work,uh i dont think its an overly heavy,car i think this thing uh,the curb weight is,well under three thousand pounds,um,but theyre you know it like i said it,is it is what it is,uh,being an economy-minded,vehicle,i guess i cant say you know after,driving it a little bit i cant say this,would be a horrible place to be,um,it is kind of interesting it has some,styling cues that are kind of,interesting where you have the flat,bottom steering wheel here,hopefully you can maybe see the,tachometer there its interesting,because,the tachometer is digital is a digital,display but to the right of that for,your speedometer that is analog,um,i mean they both have an analog readout,but one is projected on the dash,digitally,over,analog with uh you know,a conventional gauge so thats kind of,interesting,um,the other thing i did come to learn is,that oh better stay in my lane here and,it is flashing at me that i went over my,lane it was telling me that i went over,my lane there,so thats a good thing,um,is it does have a kind of a hidden sport,mode button,uh if on the back of the shifter theres,a little round button you kind of gotta,bump your finger into it to know its,there um like i said it is a rental i we,dont own it so its not something that,i,set and look through the owners manual,or research deeply into,the world of nissan to figure out whats,going on with this but it does yeah it,has a sport mode,you can barely know that its there it,does bring up the rpm about a thousand,rpm when you push it to give you a,little bit more torque,uh,if you i guess,want to feel sporty in a,economic,1.7 liter car,uh it does have uh,from looking at the mirror uh,blind spot monitoring uh,i havent,had that come on yet because ive only,been on a two lane,um,but,its not i guess its not bad you know,what i i dont think its really like a,family car type thing,you know unless you had in you know two,people and one kid that would work out,pretty good but after you get past that,its probably gonna get a little cramped,um,it does however have a decent sized,trunk which is a good thing you know so,thats the thing if youre buying this,as a second vehicle,or,that you know or somebody like i said a,college student or whatever,you want to have a little bit of storage,space because your car breaks down it,gets hit by a deer you know you can go,to your if you go to a second vehicle,you want to be able to have room to get,all the groceries and,you know throw the kids backpacks in and,stuff like that now im not saying that,they cant you cant fit the whole,family in here because,you probably could,you know,um,if you had to and thats what youre,looking for if youre looking for an,economy car something that can get the,job done,uh it may not be convenient,as youd like it to be,but,you know it does what it needs to do,uh what i want to have the family in,here every day,uh definitely not i dont know how that,goes they make seven seat,cedar vehicles for a reason,um thats why we have our outlander and,well do a review on that one when we,get it back from the body shop,uh if anybodys looking for,a cheaper,uh decent seven seat vehicle,uh the mitsubishi outlander that thats,not too bad,uh again thats kind of a economy-based,vehicle but were getting off subject,here we are on the nissan versa,uh and,you know it,its a fairly good car you know these,the one thing is the hvac button here or,switch for where you want,the air to flow it is hard to see what,selection you have it on so you kind of,gotta,turn it to where you can see,see that and uh,but you know is that the worst thing no,not really uh one of the other things,that i noticed on the way to work this,morning was i didnt have control over,the high beams it has automatic high,beams and to today on the way home i,noticed that when i go to put the high,beams on the high beams actually come on,so it must think that its a little bit,darker than it was this morning maybe it,is i dont really think that it is,um but i guess thats something,that,you dont want to have to tell somebody,about if they were to use your car,or that type of thing,hey this is uh what youre gonna get,when you try and use the high beams you,may or may not get the high beams,you know thats,we were all used to push forward or or,or pull back to get the high beams,you know on,probably 99 of the vehicles out there,unless you were driving something that,was,quite a bit older and you still had a,vehicle where the high beams were on the,floor and you had to step on that switch,uh that is a thing uh for you younger,people out there that that you used to,have to put your,foot over a switch and push down on it,for the high beams um so but in todays,modernized world thats not something,that we,really think about too much and nor,should we really have to explain it uh,like i said maybe im doing something,wrong um,with that,uh but,you know overall the visibility is good,the mirrors are good it drives good um,it is what it is for an economy car and,if thats what youre looking for this,wouldnt be so bad um and its not bad,dont get me wrong so there you have it,thanks for watching,okay and welcome back we are again,looking at the 2021 nissan versa heres,a little look at that four cylinder,engine which i have to make a correction,is a 1.6 liter,uh when you do go to open up the hood on,this car the prop rod drops from the,hood it is not located down on the,fender at all something to keep in mind,as i just found out,so kind of take a look at that looking,okay so here we are again with the 2021,nissan versa,and we can take a little,walk around the outside here,and,you know its not a bad looking car um,for something thats i

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