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2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L (inc. 0-100) review: Why I wouldnt buy this SUV…

gday im paul this is one of the,biggest suvs ive driven in a while its,the new jeep grand cherokee l which,means its a long boy,there is actually a bigger version of,this its called the grand wagoneer and,while we dont get that in australia,that actually sits on a body-on-frame,chassis this ones unibody but this is,still absolutely enormous this competes,with things like the hyundai palisade,the toyota kluger amongst others this is,the top specification its called the,summit reserve what a fancy name price,is just over 115 000,thats too expensive the entire range,kicks off at just over 80 grand today,were going to do a detailed review of,this car so if you do want to skip ahead,to other parts of this review you can,use the time codes on the screen or if,youre on youtube you can scroll down,and use the chapters below and if you,havent done so already subscribe to our,channel press the bell icon because,thatll tell you every single time we,drive one of these,[Music],lets talk exterior design so youve got,five external colors to pick from all,but white is gonna cost you,seventeen hundred and fifty dollars,which is a lot of money but i guess it,is a lot of paint that you actually need,to put on the car um i love the design,of this im not gonna lie i love the,front i love the back it really just has,fantastic proportions,down the front here youve got that,trademark,seven pillar jeep grille jeep logo up,the top there and a camera built in just,here for your 360 camera radar down the,bottom there and then this piano black,section i really like just the way that,it looks i dont know tough and stylish,at the same time they havent,compromised any of that sort of jeep,ruggedness in terms of the design it has,a real presence in person as well it,turns a lot of heads so it is quite an,impressive and imposing vehicle out on,the road over here in terms of your,headlights full led headlights with,headlight washer down the bottom there,youve got front parking sensors as well,whip around to the side,now this rides on 21-inch alloy wheels,this is an interesting setup because,this particular spec has air suspension,it has semi-adaptive damping as well so,it should mean that it actually rides,nicely out on the road this actually had,some ride and handling tuning work done,here in australia prior to the launch of,the car so uh it should be tailored for,our roads there the summit reserve has,body colored,wheel arch guards there a little sort of,side locator lamp grand cherokee,lettering down the side there as well in,terms of ground clearance this being the,top spec and having the adjustable air,suspension it can rise up to 276,millimeters of ground clearance which is,actually pretty decent and that improves,your approach and departure angles as,well which ill run over later,over here you have piano black up the,top there and then you have a camera,built into here plus that uh indicator,in the wing mirror youve got these,chrome sort of chrome s garnishes up the,side of the car there and then a black,roof which i think looks fantastic roof,rails there privacy glass and then come,around to the back now around the back,here youve got a set of led tail lights,the summit reserve badge just here real,exhaust outlets hidden under there now,another interesting element here youve,got two sets of cameras so youve got,this one up here and that also has a,little washer built into it as well and,youve got this one down here as well,that has a washer as well so,when the weather is like this and the,back gets all dirty you dont need to,actually stop the car to clean your,cameras you can just give them a squirt,and they all become clean theres a,brake light integrated here plus shark,fin aerial at the top yeah let me know,what you reckon about the design in the,comments section below i do want to,point something out and you may have,noticed this as weve been going around,the car here but some of these panels,just dont line up like have a look at,this this is out of alignment there on,this side here that paint or whatever,the sort of wrapping on this is is,bubbling and around other parts of the,car as well the panels are out of,alignment so i dont know if thats just,this vehicle uh it doesnt have all that,many ks on it but it is pretty,disappointing to see that it has been,assembled to look like that if i was,paying 115 120 grand for this id be,pretty disappointed with the way this,appears at the moment in terms of the,panel alignment so inside the grand,cherokee l,this looks nice so lets start off with,the key here it is here so youve got,unlock lock you have a remote start,function a boot function and then on the,back there you have jeep this is a,proximity sensing key so you can leave,that in your pocket,grab the door handle once youre inside,you have a push button start just up,here,so this actually all just looks really,stunning to me and in the summit reserve,you can get this interior color as well,and it really just blends nicely with,that walnut wood grain trim along the,dashboard there the only downside is the,seat is already getting pretty dirty and,this car is done all of 4 000 kilometers,so that is worth keeping in mind if you,do go for one of these exotic seat,colors you really do have to stay on top,of keeping it clean otherwise its going,to look like a you know a 40 year old,truck by the time youre done with it,along the top of the dashboard there,that looks great as well so its sort of,leather material lined youve got these,materials down the side there that are,soft to the touch a good spot to lean,your knee on and then you get more of,that wood grain trim along the doors and,the diamond quilt stitching there as,well so it is really beautifully,presented and i think um you know this,actually looks very much like its worth,its price tag but,when you do take a closer look there are,some things here that stand out that im,not a huge fan of,there is piano black all over the place,and again its only four thousand,kilometers old but its all scratched up,and its just impossible to keep clean i,really dont understand why they keep,using that type of material and then in,addition to that some of the the build,around here isnt fantastic so these,things are just sort of loose around the,steering wheel this stuff here squeaks,when youre moving it around this is,really hard to open you have to kind of,push it in really hard for it to,do anything and this one here when you,close it you have to really get into it,as well so its disappointing there that,this um yeah i dont know it just,doesnt feel like theyve gone to enough,testing here to make sure this is,durable over time which is just a little,bit disappointing but uh it is what it,is i guess now what about your touch,points so this here is soft to the touch,soft on the door as well how soft is it,well weve got our durometer weve,tested the main surfaces in this cabin,if you want to see how this car compares,to others that weve tested before have,a look at the link in the description so,i kind of mentioned the build quality,stuff just before but our usual shape,test has that sort of wobbling a little,bit in the center there but the rest of,this feels fairly solid and our door,test get ready for some beeping,yeah it feels really nice and solid when,you open and close the door lets talk,about infotainment now this is one of,the standout features of the grand,cherokee l its basically the newest,version of jeeps uconnect infotainment,system that infotainment system has,generally actually been pretty good and,this is just the latest and greatest,version of it um now how big is it so,10.1 inch display it appears here you,then have a screen ahead of the driver,as well that ill run you through,briefly and that displays 10.25 inch so,this is your home screen you can,configure what appears here on the home,screen and make it look exactly how you,want it to look,pretty sort of easily the thing i find,interesting is they obviously didnt do,the

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee review // Amazing capability

weve got the all-new jeep grand,cherokee loaded with everything in it,lets check it out,[Music],wow its got a hemi,all right lets get into it whats under,the hood of this and what else can you,get a 5.7 liter v8 engine with an,8-speed automatic transmission 357,horsepower and,390 pound-feet of torque now the base,engine is the trusty 3.6 liter pedestar,v6 with an 8-speed automatic 293,horsepower and 257 pound-feet of torque,all vehicles sold in canada come with,all-wheel drive however on the base,model you can get rear-wheel drive or,all-wheel drive there is also a plug-in,option called the four-by-e with,375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of,torque we are driving the antidote to,the plug-in hybrid the v8 im surprised,they didnt send us that one it would,have been nice to drive the four by e we,did drive the wrangler and i quite liked,it and i think were moving towards,electrification so that would have been,nice but this is fun all right uh what,do you get with the base model what are,the key standard features the base trim,comes with an 8.4 inch touchscreen with,uconnect 5 a 10 and a quarter inch,digital gauge cluster heated cloth front,seats 8-way power driver seat a heated,steering wheel 17-inch wheels a spare,tire led headlights and led tail lights,blind spot monitoring and rear cross,traffic alert and quadratrac 1 4×4,system weve got this mode selector we,have rock sand snow auto sport what are,we going to put it in you got to put it,in s for subscribe and if you can hit,that notification bell youll be,notified when all of our reviews drop,and then you can watch them and we do,this the couple car review twice a week,the first one drops on wednesday we drop,another one on saturday so make sure you,subscribe hit the bell but also follow,along on instagram its motormouth,underscore andrea to get a sneak peek,whats going on behind the scenes for me,its motormouth underscore auto and the,links are below this video is brought to,you by canada drives shop online for,your next used vehicle and enjoy the,convenience of two-year door delivery,and the confidence of a seven day love,it or return it guarantee visit,canadadrives.ca to learn more so the,grand cherokee straddles mainline,vehicles and then luxury which is the,one they sent over here but what i love,about it they all still drive like,trucks and jeeps they sure do this has,got three 4×4 systems available so,whether you are dealing with heavy snow,in your daily commute or you decide to,go off-roading this is very capable,weve got the top trim the summit,reserve and this has got the quadra,drive 2 4×4 system it also comes with an,electronic limited slip rear,differential and air suspension now air,suspension in this class is not common,and what theyve added for 2022 is you,get the air suspension but you also get,adaptive dampers included in that and,then the terrain settings that we talked,about well take it out of subscribe now,and just put it in regular uh but the,thing is that this is a very capable suv,a lot of vehicles that this competes,against look the part this one is the,part and you can get all of these extra,systems on the trail hawk and above,trims thats worth pointing out they,brought a trailhawk version of the grand,cherokee out for 2022 for people that,really need to use the all-wheel drive,capabilities so air suspension does a,couple of things andrea it can make it,more comfortable it can make it sportier,you can also raise it up to do deep snow,going on scottish trails that sort of,stuff with the air suspension the grand,cherokee is capable of 24 inches of,water fording and it gets 11.3 inches of,ground clearance without it 8.4 inches,of ground clearance so the air,suspension is a unique market,not many people will buy it but its,kind of a cool thing ive always been a,fan of the grand cherokee its been one,of my favorites for style it still has,that rugged and bold look to it i think,the front grille looks great im not a,big fan of the front of this i think if,you changed the jeep grill and put in a,ram grill it looks kind of pickup trucky,a little bit from the front but thats,just me i think the overall look of this,thing from 10 pieces away it looks,exactly what youre expecting from jeep,its classy its rugged its all of,those things combined you decide i,wouldnt order it in rental car red,myself but uh but i do appreciate the,way it looks this summit reserve trim,has got the platinum chrome accents it,has 21 inch wheels standard or only 17,inch i think youd have to upgrade on,that it looks quite beefy with the,larger wheels so we have a great hot,topic coming up about is this vehicle,moving up market to compete with brands,like say bmw or mercedes-benz and i,would say with this top trim,look out germans this is fantastic the,fit and finish in here is beautiful,weve got a full leather interior with,orange stitching in the summit reserve,model and then theres the tack its all,new weve got a 10.1 inch touchscreen in,the center a 10-inch which is an,interactive passenger touchscreen and,then a standard 10 and a quarter inch,digital driver display it really is,first rate you know uh fca formerly,chrysler used to have plastic fantastic,interiors and theyre like reformed,smokers yeah theyve gone so far the,other way now this rivals anything from,any other brand at this price point in,fact considering the price it might,actually be better the only thing i wish,is that it offered more trims within the,interior this has got a wood trim some,of the base trims from what i can see,online come with black but i dont know,if its high gloss black it would be,nice to see some brushed aluminum or,maybe even a darker wood,so dimensionally this is a bigger grand,cherokee how much more room do you get,up front youve got an inch more front,leg room okay heres me getting in the,back seat now the grand cherokee is now,available with a three row version,called the l this is just the five,passenger model so theres plenty of leg,room in here is it bigger than before,its the same size really a tiny bit,more than what you got in the previous,model but when you open up the cargo,area at the back there is an enormous,amount of cargo capacity and it was no,problem for carry-on on a cooler yeah,and it is bigger than the previous model,whether its overall cargo capacity or,space behind the second row its not,best in class some of the competition,does offer more space so andrea whats,the best value trim the limited trim for,just over sixty thousand dollars,canadian in just over forty seven,thousand dollars u.s thats where youre,gonna find leather seats heated front,and rear seats a wireless charger and a,power liftgate what i also like about,that trim is you can add packages to the,trim which include getting the 10.1 inch,touchscreen trims below that you cant,have that as an add-on so the limited,trim is definitely the way to go time,now for questions coffee and cars your,questions from instagram i really like,the grand cherokee my family has owned,numerous stillantis vehicles and weve,always loved them i think the only,downfall of the grand cherokee is the,question of reliability as delantis is,not necessarily known for their,reliability well things are improving,over at stalantis fca chrysler whatever,you want to call it,they are moving up in quality scores,dodge is right near the very top,jeep isnt as strong but its getting,better gd power released its 2022,dependability study and jeep has a below,average rating which isnt great close,to where mercedes-benz is but the 2021,grand cherokee gets a predicted quality,and reliability score from jd power of,84 out of a hundred but thats the old,model it is its not this model yeah so,that model came out in 2009 its ancient,and they perfected it as they went along,interestingly i um,used to have a radio show here in,vancouver and i interviewed dave sargent,from jd power and i always asked him at,the end personally not on on the show i,said what are you driving right now

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2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee | A Real SUV

[Music],do,[Music],[Music],inside the all-new jeep grand cherokee,two row and when you get into one of,these for the very first time you can,tell jeep has put a lot of effort into,shedding their once deserved image of,subpar interiors and for the most part,theyve done a good job making this feel,like a far more special cabin and when,you think about it they have the,unenviable task of making the grand,cherokee all things to all people and,theyve built it to compete in a wide,variety of price points the grand,cherokee starts in the high thirties and,ends at nearly eighty thousand dollars,and when you look at the interior space,purely from an ergonomics perspective,theyve done a good job theres a lot of,glass which means you have good,visibility theres good headroom in this,thing the receipts are very comfortable,for both full-size adults and children,and the trunk space is very competitive,for its segment and on top of that the,load floor is nice and low which means,it should be easy for you to get your,things in and out of it when it comes to,the summit reserve the front seats are,very comfortable theres a ton of,adjustment theyre heated cooled and,massaging and the general storage of,this cabin is quite good your door cards,are quite deep you have a huge center,console area and your glove box is,enormous when it comes to the way you,actually interact with this vehicle,thankfully unlike many other competitors,jeep has not moved to haptic feedback or,touch everything the control structure,is largely physical whether it be your,steering wheel controls your hvac or,infotainment controls speaking of the,infotainment they have moved towards,android automotive which gives them some,flexibility when it comes to ota,security and speed the menu structure,for the infotainment system is also,quite logical your gauge cluster in this,car is all digital which is either a pro,or a con but theres a ton of auxiliary,information in it if youre off-roading,using this thing to tow or if youre,just curious and what your truck is,doing,really my only complaint with this cabin,other than the proliferation of piano,black materials found throughout is the,audio system and at over 70 thousand,dollars you have the right to be picky,in short we have the audio engineer that,we use test the system objectively and,its not gonna win any awards,[Music],now to expand out a bit on some of,jacks discussion about the audio system,and some of the negatives there seems to,be a purposeful decision here to ramp up,the base to unbelievable levels that,combined with what seems to be poor,subwoofer quality you have this,boominess in here the bass is always,overwhelming even if you dial down the,bass eq a bit its just not enough it,sounds like you have cotton balls in,your ear all the detail has been,destroyed and its a its a bad thing,because all the other testing looks good,and you can tell theres potential here,maybe this is something they can tune,out in the one of the otas to kind of,smooth that out or give you some,subwoofer control or to get rid of that,purposeful curve that they put in the,last thing to talk about is some of the,attention to detail and quality when you,first look at this youre like man they,did a great job here this is the some of,the best stuff theyve ever done in,terms of design style material choice,you have alloys you have wood veneers,everythings tied together theyre soft,touch materials it feels like a high-end,space but some of the attention to,detail and touch points is lacking in,terms of quality and this is little,stuff they could fix over the over time,its not a deal breaker things like on,the steering wheel the controls here,have a huge amount of deflection on the,side and this trim piece is constantly,creaking when youre using it the,armrest despite the high quality leather,feel and the softness when you go to,release the lever to pull it up it feels,like they used a two cent plastic piece,this release is so sharp from the,molding that they didnt smooth out its,like why spend all this money on other,parts and then sheep out here where,places youre touching the piano black,is all scratched up because this is a,high input area where your fingers are,always turning so this whole ring is,scratched up underneath it i mean,theres little things like this in,different spots and you just wonder like,you know they can fix this stuff and,hopefully they will but the last thing,to talk about is all the ui design and,the infotainment the,main screen is all digital the center,stack screen is digital the passenger,has their own screen and theres two,fire tablets in the back or amazon fire,tablets with individual remotes the back,screens are ultra quick its like what,you expect on a tablet the usability of,the screen quality is great and you can,stream basically all your favorite,content and then you can mirror a lot of,that to the passenger side its blocked,out to the driver with the polarization,on it so when you look at it on the,passenger side you see everything but,the driver is not distracted and with,network streaming to the center screen,and the passenger side its nice on road,trips that you can use it but there are,frames dropped there is some lag because,its not real time like it is in the,back seats but jack had the opportunity,to talk to the lead ux designer and kind,of get his philosophy on how did how he,designed this interior space,[Music],so im vince gallante im the global,head of user experience and so basically,what my team does is all the design of,things on the screen so how they look,how they work,um and how theyre you know how do we,create an experience within the car so i,hear youre also responsible for my user,experience when it comes to actually,having a physical control structure in,the car so why in the,modern age of 2021 did you decide not to,go to all touch everything okay so,you would think that the the ux guy,would want to put everything on the,screens right but driving a vehicle is,is very different than operating a phone,or a tablet especially a jeep so we want,to make sure that if were going to put,something on the screen it wants to be,something you can get to in one or two,presses at the most,but theres just some things that are,better as a physical control so the,volume knob i use as an example,like when im driving my car i reach,over i touch it,the easiest,easiest way to change the volume you can,feel it you know where its at you dont,even have to look,you have a lot of screens in this car i,think with seven screens which,whats the mentality behind that sure,yeah you yeah there are so theres a lot,of displays in here theyre all 10 inch,displays and you would think like you,said that thats gonna make something,thats very distracting well actually,its the opposite so think about if you,had a whole family in this car so we,weve put the information in front of,the driver thats all of the things you,need where speed navigation,music the passenger screen actually,can help send navigation the driver can,help do device management for the driver,but they can also control the rear seat,entertainment,so,you know what were actually doing by,that is distributing the experience,across the cabin so actually taking,tasks away from the driver that maybe,the kids in the back are screaming you,know,pause the movie change the movie do this,the passenger can actually take care of,that for the driver so they can focus on,the road so the displays theoretically,in this cabin are,limiting the amount of distraction that,the driver has to deal with if the,cabins full of people absolutely yeah,and it really comes down when we design,the experience for this car really,focusing on whats important for that,particular seat,we are looking at the jeep grand,cherokee on the lift however,because i was in cabo with uh some of my,fans,i sent jack to moab where you got to,have a,grand old time with this tell me about,it yes i got to interview the chief,engineer david whos

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2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk Review and Off-Road Test

for 2022 jeeps very popular two-row suv,the grand cherokee is all new well today,were going to check out all the,features and then were taking it to our,test hill thats coming up right now on,driving sports tv,[Music],the jeep grand cherokee is one of the,most popular suvs you can buy that,offers both comfort and off-road,capability the model were looking at,today is one that i would personally,pick this is the 2022 jeep grand,cherokee trailhawk,like jeeps other trailhawk models this,has everything you need to climb a,mountain,it comes standard with jeeps quadratrac,2 4-wheel drive the select terrain,system front disconnecting sway bar,under body protection air suspension,that provides up to 11.3 inches of,ground clearance and all-terrain tires,it also has the trademark trailhawk red,recovery hooks very important,our test vehicle was loaded with a,number of extras including the luxury,and advanced groups panorama sunroof,upgraded infotainment and a passenger,side touch screen,prices you see it here 60,645 u.s dollars including destination,it is interesting to note that this,color bright white is the only color you,can get without a surcharge you want,white you want black you want black on,black yeah youre going to pay an extra,395 dollars personally i wouldnt get,all these extras even a base trail hawk,is nicely equipped for just over fifty,four thousand dollars,now a quick note about pricing we did,notice that currently on jeeps website,the pricing is different than the,pricing they provided us so use this,pricing only as a guideline,under the hood is jeeps 3.6 liter v6 it,is good for 293 horsepower and 260,pound-feet of torque it is connected to,an eight-speed automatic transmission,and you can only get the trailhawk trim,with four-wheel drive,if you need more power a v8 is also,available,epa rates this setup at 19 miles to the,gallon in the city and 26 on the highway,towing capacity is now 7 200 pounds,now lets talk about the tires,the standard tires on this trailhawk are,goodyear wrangler territory ats they are,mud and snow rated and they are a 265 60,r18 fitment now the lugs on these look,pretty wide so i think theyll be fine,in like muddy type situations although,theyre clearly not deep mud rated also,they do not have a peak designation,meaning that theyre not going to be,good for deep snow but its spring in,the northwest so we dont have to worry,about that today,in the back of course there is a,hands-free lift gate wave your foot,and boom there you go,behind the second row theres 37.7 cubic,feet of cargo capacity with the second,row folded youre looking at 70.8 cubic,feet overall and yes it is enough to,sleep in if i want to stretch out i have,to be diagonal if i hunker up a little,bit i can be on the side which is,important of course if you have the back,full of gear,under the floor,is a spare tire but it does not match,the tires on the vehicle,so its kind of useless,you also get a 12 volt dc socket and a,power push button to close it,okay see how this fits,in the second row theres a lot to talk,about first this massive panorama,sunroof just lets in so much light the,seats are pretty comfortable the leather,is nice,a little on the firm side but not too,bad down here i get three stages of heat,on the seats on both outboard positions,and then for power theres lots of,options here i get an ac socket because,there is a built-in inverter i also get,usb-c and usb-as as well as my own,vents i get a privacy screen,what else do i get oh yeah,fold down arm rest with integrated cup,holders and i can even tilt,the seat back,if i want to be more comfortable,yeah this is cool i like this i know my,kids would definitely like,this oh yeah this is familiar it looks,just like all the newly updated jeeps,the compass has this new interior the,wagoneer has the interior and now the,grand cherokee now of course the grand,cherokee l actually premiered this new,chassis and interior that is only,available as a three row this is the,first time this has been available as a,two row and personally the two row is,more interesting to me,maybe it is to you too maybe thats why,youre watching lets power it up,now i see we have a digital gauge,cluster that is now standard on the,trailhawk version of the grand cherokee,and uh i like this interior i think it,looks great,however so much gloss black and this,vehicle has,3927 miles on it and its already,scratched to kingdom come uh,little tiny micro scratches that are,only going to get worse as this vehicle,ages its just not a good look,looks fantastic at the dealership but as,soon as you roll it off,yeah not so good now this vehicle comes,with an option that you just dont see,very often granted mercedes offers it,and jeep offers it on some other higher,end trims but this is the first time you,can actually get a grand cherokee with a,passenger side screen so lets check,that out before we get into all of this,one of the more important things to,understand is that this screen can,pretty much only be viewed by the person,sitting right here when youre sitting,in the drivers seat its polarized to,the way that basically its all black,likewise even if youre just a little,bit to the right it gets dark very,quickly,up down perfectly easy to view,so were going to take a look at what we,have here theres not a lot to be honest,we can control audio we can control,video input from the usb and we can also,control hdmi there is an hdmi input if,you want to watch movies up here,although that said,lets look at this so if im sitting,here in a comfortable position that,display is there this is an iphone 11 to,make the iphone 11 the same effective,size for viewing,i have to hold it here,realistically youre going to hold the,phone up here which is a larger,perceived screen size than this thing,over here so you cant just look at the,screen size and go oh thats bigger than,my phone because as it gets further away,obviously it gets smaller so im not,sure this is the best way to enjoy,entertainment its kind of cool as a,concept in execution just like with the,mercedes els that also has a passenger,side screen,i just dont really see the point,so its kind of fun but is it really,necessary i really feel you should spend,the money elsewhere like buying a,full-size spare that matches the other,four tires that is going to be way more,important in day-to-day living than that,screen is,but i guess if you have everything else,add that on knock yourself out,just doesnt really fit my use case,scenario,now the seat here is pretty comfortable,i get lots of power adjustments i can,also save to memory positions and its,not only heated it also has ventilation,clicking up here,i can also turn on the steering wheel,heat as well,one thing i do like about this is that,jeep didnt go crazy with their,touchscreen they didnt put everything,into the touchscreen i still have,complete control over my aircon down,here i have my seat and steering wheel,heat and cooling down here and then up,here i have some of the more car,specific stuff i have the auto start,stop lane detection traction control,parking sonars which are important,theres also a physical push button up,here to turn that passenger screen on,and off,of course i also get a physical,volume and tuner knob as well,so this touchscreen system we bought,earlier this year a jeep compass that,basically looks the same just smaller,and the system i actually really like it,it just was a little bit on the buggy,side every once in a while i would need,to reboot the system now the nice thing,unlike gms vehicles this one if it does,have an issue you can reboot it you just,hold down the power button for about 10,seconds and itll reboot you can do that,also while its driving now since ive,had this vehicle for filming i have not,had to reboot it yet so,ive found that apple carplay which is,wireless on this has worked just fine,he says,with it not actually connected huh okay,its not even showing up in device,manager anymore 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The Grandest Cherokee Ever | 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review

[Music],generation after generation there is one,constant with jeeps grand cherokee its,been a runaway success for jeep and it,is currently the best selling entry in,the mid-sized suv and crossover segment,in america and i think its easy to,understand why whether youre looking,for class leading towing ability class,leading off-road ability class leading,luxury content features gadgets gizmos,or the only available v8 left in this,segment theres a jeep grand cherokee,for you and now for 2022 if you want,three rows theres a jeep grand cherokee,l but thats a different video because,today were taking a look at the new,two-row model redesigning an icon like,the grand cherokee is no small task it,needs to look instantly recognizable as,a jeep and a grand cherokee but also,look modern and different from the,previous generations so theyve given,this a bit of a nod to the past with a,grill that actually tilts forward at the,top the upper portion of the grill is,about three quarters of an inch further,forward than the bottom portion of the,grill its also a little bit smaller,than jeep seven slot grilles of the past,have been because we have this large,cooling area down there at the bottom of,the bumper as youd expect we have full,led headlights up top full led fog,lights below as well an all new grand,cherokee does not happen very often so,jeep had to make sure that the platform,that they designed for this generation,was ready for the future including,electrification there is a plug-in,hybrid system available already under,the hood of the two-row grand cherokee,expect that likely in the three row,model at some point soon also expect,this 5.7 liter v8 to be discontinued at,some point likely replaced by the inline,six thats launching in the grand,wagoneer contrary to earlier rumors this,grand cherokee platform was specifically,designed for the grand cherokee this is,actually not related to anything else in,the stolantis portfolio there were some,initial rumors that perhaps it would be,based on the alfa romeo platform that,underpins the julia and the stelvio but,they said that that didnt end up,working quite right for the off-road,mission of the grand cherokee and it was,a little bit too small and it didnt,really support the plug-in hybrid that,they needed to put in the grand cherokee,so they scrapped that it may share some,minor design characteristics in terms of,suspension geometry and crash structure,with the alpha but its purely,coincidental with a total length of just,over 193 inches this is about one inch,shorter than a highlander and about two,inches longer than the forerunner but,versus most of the entries in the,midsize segment youll notice we have,this really long hood profile and thats,mainly where the extra length comes from,in order to accommodate the v8 engine,the inline six engines that we might see,in the future and of course the rear,wheel drive drivetrain if youre looking,for a rear wheel drive entry in the,mainstream segment its pretty much this,and the ford explorer but the two,vehicles are quite different decades ago,there was certainly an intense grand,cherokee ford explorer rivalry but over,the last few generations jeep has made,the grand cherokee more and more offered,capable whereas ford has really focused,on on-road driving dynamics in the,explorer they even had a front-wheel,drive generation tossed into the mix the,explorer has gone back to a rear-wheel,drive unibody design like we find in the,grand cherokee but ford chose not to,give it features like disconnectable,sway bars or two-speed transfer case or,an adaptive air suspension or lockers of,any kind all of which you will find on,the grand cherokee now in terms of,design back here we have slim led tail,lights theyre connected by this little,black trim strip right there across the,hatch in the bumper down here on the,summit model we find dual integrated,exhausts and things will change based on,the variation of grand cherokee you get,there are a ton of different trims,including the more off-road capable,trailhawk trim which is going to give,you recovery hooks front and rear and,improved approach and departure angles,ground clearance is going to vary based,on the trim level you get the steel,spring suspension that is found on the,base model gives you 8.4 inches of,clearance the adaptive air suspension on,this model bumps that up to 10.9 inches,and if you have the trailhawk model with,the v6 or the v8 then that will go up a,little bit further to 11.3 this air,suspension is a little bit different,than the previous generation grand,cherokees air suspension because this,one will not only adjust the height it,will also change the damping,characteristics of the suspension,something that we did not find in the,last generation model at least for the,moment the grand cherokee has three,different engines under the hood the,base engine is a 3.6 liter naturally,aspirated v6 producing 293 horsepower,that will get you 22 miles per gallon,whether you choose rear-wheel drive or,all-wheel drive and that is the engine,youre going to find on the vast,majority of grand cherokees optional is,this 5.7 liter v8 but you will find this,only in trailhawk overland and summit,trims also only with four-wheel drive,this is going to drop that fuel economy,considerably down to 17 miles per gallon,this produces 357 horsepower and 390,pound-feet of torque and if you want to,tow over 7000 pounds this is the engine,you have to get meaning you do have to,get trailhawk overland or summit trims,theres also going to be the 2-liter,plug-in hybrid system available 270,horsepower plus a 134 horsepower,electric motor giving you 375 horsepower,total now depending on exactly what,youre doing you may or may not get,better fuel economy with that 2-liter,plug-in hybrid version highway fuel,economy is actually going to be a little,bit better in the 3.6 liter v6 if you,want to know more about that base v6,engine thats the one that i spent most,of my time driving when this vehicle was,launched last year its no secret that,jeep and their parent company are really,trying to aggressively improve their,fuel economy numbers which is likely why,theyre limiting this v8 to the top end,trims only but it also is probably why,were going to be seeing the inline six,engine under this hood eventually one,thing that i was really interested in,noting here is that the v8 engine has,moved a little bit further rearward and,a little bit lower in the body versus,the last generation grand cherokee the,front two cylinders are just barely in,front of the front axle the next two,cylinders are practically right on top,of the front axle the rest of the engine,is entirely behind it of course the,transmission is back there as well,another interesting twist the drive,shaft for the front axle actually goes,through the engines oil pan in order to,help lower the engine down thats a,trick we find in a lot of luxury,vehicles,as before a strong reason to choose the,grand cherokee over the competition is,for its towing capability the lowest tow,rating happens in the plug-in hybrid,version thanks to the added weight of,the battery but that will still tow six,thousand pounds which is where the vast,majority of the competition tops out the,v6 bumps that up to 6 200 pounds the v8,up to 7 200 pounds which is class,leading unless you start considering,something like a land rover or a range,rover some of those models will go a,little bit higher than the grand,cherokee there are certain design,synergies between towing and off-roading,ability which is why we find such a high,tow rating in the grand cherokee back,here we have a 2 inch receiver 4 pin and,7 pin wiring harness connections and you,can block this off with a trim panel if,you dont want to see your receiver all,the time a lot of folks think of the,grand cherokee as the american range,rover and that notion is not misplaced,we have very adjustable and very,comfortable front seats both the driver,and front passenger seats ar

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee | MotorWeek Road Test

motorweek is made possible by,lucas oil,tirerac.com,and rockauto.com the fifth generation,jeep grand cherokee climbed a new ground,last year when it debuted with first,time three-row seven passenger seating,as the grand cherokee l,well a lot of the jeep faithful thought,the gc was just fine with room for only,five so now theres a new one for them,too,[Music],while it was great of jeep to offer a,third row for those that need it for,those that dont the real 2022 jeep,grand cherokee has finally arrived its,116.7 inch wheelbase is shorter by 5,inches enabling better off-road,maneuvering and lets be honest it just,looks better too,traditional face of course but the body,is a little more sculpted and the roof,increasingly tapered to improve,aerodynamics by necessity otherwise,still classy rugged looking and every,bit of grand cherokee,same engine choices as the l for,starters standard 293 horsepower v6,optional 357 horsepower v8 but with the,additional option of the 4 by e plug-in,powertrain from the wrangler,our tester was packing the 3.6 liter v6,and its 260 pound-feet of torque plus,the standard eight-speed automatic,transmission and outfitted in trailhawk,trim which for the time being is,exclusive to the two-row gc,for max towing youll want the,heavyweight punch of the v8 capable of,pulling 7200 pounds but this v6 isnt,that far off at 6200,there are three different 4×4 systems,depending on trim and available quadra,lift air suspension that gets the gcs,hard parts up to 11.3 inches off the,ground plus the trailhawks new sway bar,disconnect allows for more wheel,articulation than ever,trailhawks also come with goodyear,wrangler all-terrain tires on 18-inch,wheels unique off-road camera displays,quadra drive 2 active transfer case,select speed low range off-road cruise,control,steel skid plates red tow hooks and of,course a matte black anti-glare,treatment on the hood,also new for this generation gc is,complete front axle disconnect which,happens automatically if the vehicle,senses no need for four-wheel drive,we planned on exploiting all the grip we,could find at mason-dixon dragway this,pentastar v6 and 8-speed combo has been,around for quite some time now but,incremental updates have been made over,the years and this trailhawk weighs in a,few hundred pounds less than last gen,so it still feels plenty strong off the,line and surges to 60 in 8.2 seconds a,tenth quicker than before,smooth and steady from there completing,the quarter mile and 16.1 seconds at 86,miles per hour,considering its off-road prowess the,trailhawk expectedly felt a tad,cumbersome through our cone course but,with the increase in size jeep has gone,to great lengths to not only reduce,weight by using a lot more aluminum in,the chassis and suspension but to also,get that weight lower by mounting the,engine more than an inch lower in the,chassis itself,the softly sprung off-road spec,suspension does translate into some nose,dive under panic braking but not as bad,as some stops averaged a good 120 feet,while there are options to take the new,grand cherokee to higher levels of,luxury than weve ever seen before,trailhawk keeps things a little more,familiar yet still showcases new,features like the slim downed air vents,and the wealth of real estate taken up,by screens stylantis continues to,improve their easy to use uconnect,infotainment system with faster,operating speeds than ever and a great,looking 10 inch display,plus as in the grand cherokee l theres,an auxiliary display available for the,front passenger as well,it may not have as much room inside as,the l but theres more space over last,gen for both people and cargo,37.7 cubic feet in back expands to 70.8,with the rear seat backs folded,trailhawk additions include ventilated,front seats with suede accents,navigation and nine speaker alpine audio,standard safety features are quite,comprehensive including full speed,collision warning with active braking,and active lane management,government fuel economy ratings for the,v6 trailhawk are 19 city 26 highway and,22 combined we saw 20 miles per gallon,on regular thats an average energy,impact score with use of 13.5 barrels of,oil annually and 6.8 tons of co2,emissions,not much of anything is getting cheaper,these days so no surprise to see a,slightly higher base price of forty,thousand one hundred twenty dollars,thats two grand less than the grand,cherokee l,with your choice of five or seven,passenger grand cherokees plus so many,options when it comes to fitment you can,basically get whatever experience youre,looking for,from stripped-down basic transportation,to over-the-top luxury with off-road,dominance in between,thats just part of what makes the 2022,jeep grand cherokee so special,[Music],[Music],you

The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Is Jeep Going Electric

this is the new 2022 jeep grand cherokee,4 by e and its jeep going electric now,its not fully electric instead this is,a plug-in hybrid with an electric range,of around 25 miles and then a gasoline,engine backup but thats a big step for,the grand cherokee and today im going,to review it,before i get started be sure to check,out cars and bids which is my enthusiast,car auction website for cool cars from,the modern era now with free listings,you can list your car and auction it on,cars and bids for free and pay no,listing fee or commission for the seller,and weve had some great sales recently,including this cadillac ct5v blackwing,which sold for a hundred and sixteen,thousand five hundred dollars this,wonderful porsche cayman sold for fifty,five thousand dollars and this great c8,corvette sold for just under a hundred,thousand dollars weve done great with,c8s on cars and bids so if youre,looking to buy or sell an enthusiast car,from the modern era cars and bids is the,place to do it with daily auctions and,great selection at carsandbids.com,so lets talk grand cherokee four by e,jeep redesigned the grand cherokee last,year and theyre committed to expanding,its appeal and so that has meant a,longer version with three-row seating,called the grand cherokee l and now this,a plug-in hybrid model the grand,cherokee four by e and today im going,to review it first ill take you on a,thorough tour of the four by e and show,you all of its interesting quirks and,features then ill get it out on the,road and drive it and then ill give it,a doug score,all right im going to start the quirks,and features the new grand cherokee 4 by,e with undoubtedly its most important,component and that would be the,powertrain because this is the first,grand cherokee to be a plug-in hybrid,meaning that you can plug it in and,charge the electric motor and it can,drive on fully electric power but then,theres a gasoline engine backup that,will kick in and carry you longer,distances and you can put regular gas in,the car so lets talk about the numbers,this has a turbocharged gasoline,four-cylinder that makes 270 horsepower,but obviously it also has a neat,electric motor as well and when the two,are working in conjunction this has an,amazing,375 horsepower and,470 pound-feet of torque those are huge,numbers but its important to point out,that the two are not working together,for all that long the epa says the,electric range of the grand cherokee 4,by e is just 26 miles meaning you go 26,miles and you fully depleted the,electric motor and then youre on gas,power alone but when the two are working,together you got big power and you got,big acceleration in fact jeep says the 0,to 60 for the 4 by e is as low as 6,seconds which means that this is,actually quicker 0 to 60 than the grand,cherokee powered by the 5.7 liter hemi,v8 this thing with its turbo,four-cylinder electric hybrid setup is,faster which is a pretty impressive feat,not only considering its a turbo,four-cylinder but also because this four,by e is about 500 pounds heavier than a,v8 grand cherokee but the extra power,more than makes up for it now one,interesting thing about the electric,power situation in the new grand,cherokee is that you cant technically,run solely on electric power at your,choosing what i mean by that is a lot of,plug-in hybrid cars have an electric,mode you can go into and then run,completely on electric power until the,electric power is gone and then the gas,engine kicks in not the case here the 4,by e has an electric mode you can see it,right here you push this button and you,go into electric and then you are mostly,running on electric power but if you,floor the accelerator or want more,acceleration the gas engine will kick on,even in electric mode so if youre in,electric mode and you want to stay fully,electric you got to kind of feather the,throttle you cant floor it or else it,will automatically come out of electric,mode which is an interesting thing about,this car one other interesting thing to,point out under the hood is this little,diagram here which is actually a little,map of detroit its intended to be kind,of an easter egg and you see 313 and a,star which is the detroit area code jeep,showing some hometown pride for detroit,in this little hidden spot on the,plastic under the hood but anyway more,to cover about the new grand cherokee 4,by e before i get into the little quirks,and features and one interesting thing,is actually a bit of a drawback with the,four by e and that is you cant get it,with three row seating one of the cool,things about the new grand cherokee is,they offer a long version with three row,seating but thats only available with,the gasoline engine meanwhile another,cool thing about the new grand cherokee,is theyre offering this plug-in hybrid,four by e model but thats only,available in the shorter body style with,two rows seating so unfortunately you,have to choose whether you want the,third row or the plug-in hybrid which is,kind of a shame but next lets talk,about pricing the four by e starts,around sixty thousand dollars compared,to a standard grand cherokee which,starts around forty thousand dollars but,the 4 by e offers a lot more standard,equipment compared to a regular grand,cherokee including four-wheel drive all,4 by e models come with four-wheel drive,standard you cant get it with two-wheel,drive now these can get pretty expensive,if you want them to the top end summit,reserve model starts around 75 000 which,is real luxury suv territory but thats,how theyve priced the 4 by e it is,worth pointing out that you can get a,federal income tax credit if youre in,the united states on the grand cherokee,4 by e which lessens the blow of its,initial cost a little bit but heres the,thing about the new grand cherokee it,might be pretty expensive in these top,level trims getting into luxury suv,territory but when you climb inside a,top trim new grand cherokee you are,sitting in a luxury suv this is a summit,model which is very high up in the trim,range easily in the 70s and it is,incredibly nice in here you can see,beautiful flat wood on the doors,stretching over to the dashboard,absolutely gorgeous aluminum trim,basically everywhere you look which,looks fantastic great trim in this,interior you look on the seats you can,see beautiful perforated leather with,gorgeous quilted stitching and this nice,brown color that looks great and you,have that same quilted stitching on the,door panel as you can see absolutely,gorgeous and other contrast stitching,all throughout the dashboard and,basically everywhere else you look this,is a seriously nice luxury suv interior,in fact its nicer in here than it is in,my new land rover defender which is,ostensibly a luxury suv well heres a,jeep a basic mainstream brand and it is,gorgeous in here and there are a lot of,fantastic luxury car touches in this,interior for example the driver assist,technology this jeep will steer for you,brake accelerates and it does it,masterfully this is one of the very best,driver assist systems that ive used,frankly it works great and its easy to,use because the steering wheel is,capacitive touch meaning you can just,let your hand rest on the steering wheel,and it will know that youre there and,youre monitoring you dont have to like,jiggle it or look at a camera you can,just rest your hand and it will steer,although admittedly it wont make lane,changes for you which is a bit of a,drawback but otherwise a fantastic,driver assist system now behind the,steering wheel you also have a fantastic,system in this gauge cluster screen,which also works wonderfully it is,tremendously configurable and you can,adjust it to show basically whatever you,want in the full screen of the gauge,cluster i complain often that most,brands dont have enough configurability,in this gauge screen well this one will,let you change anything and show,anything that you want to prioritize,which is really useful and helpful i,love how nice it is this gauge clu

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