1. 2022 Subaru Forester | Review & Road Test
  2. Updated 2022 Subaru Forester review // Plus, new Wilderness trim!
  3. 2022 Subaru Forester SUV review (inc. 0-100)
  4. Best SUVs off-road: Top 12 medium SUVs compared – some fail to make it!
  5. 2022 Subaru Forester – Last of Its Kind (ENG) – Test Drive and Review
  6. 2022 Subaru Forester review: Facelifted midsize SUV arrives in Australia, up against RAV4 and CX-5!
  7. 2022 Subaru Forester Review | Better than a Toyota RAV 4? | ON and OFF-ROAD Tested!

2022 Subaru Forester | Review & Road Test

for 2022 the subaru forester receives a,mid-cycle refresh just in time to do,some adventuring,as long as i get my shoes dirty,first lets queue up that refresh,graphics,so good,now ill explain that the refresh,includes a revived front end with,restyled headlights and grille stronger,roof rails and updated camera for,eyesight driver assistance systems,similar to the outback this model year,now debuts the wilderness trim which,gives the forester more off-road,capability and honestly looks pretty,good,lets see theres a slight half inch,suspension lift raising ground clearance,to 9.2 inches,matte black body cladding and wheels,this anti-glare strip on the hood trim,specific grille these cool fog lights a,skid plate,and of course the wilderness badge,because you want to let everyone know,youre about that wildlife,oh my god,the forester being subarus best seller,this wilderness trim adds some extra to,its lineup fans of this compact suv will,still appreciate its wide opening cargo,area yielding 26.9 cubic feet,and with the rear seats drop 69.1 cubic,feet,theres also convenient lights and hooks,for lighting and hanging,and theres available underfloor storage,and our wilderness trim,actually has a spare tire because you,never know how hard youll be,adventuring,now if youll excuse me i gotta check my,twitter,retweet,for storing smaller items there are,multi-level pockets on the front seat,backs a decently sized center console,area cup holders with a removable,divider perfect for my huge bike danger,phone and a phone den thats too small,for my huge phone but has adjacent usb,ports,with its generation of improvements the,core qualities that forester enthusiasts,appreciate are still here,huge windows for great visibility a tall,roof for outstanding headroom even with,the moonroof and accommodating rear,seats,and even at 64 i fit back here just,fine i have a good amount of leg room,sitting behind myself my feet can slide,under the seat and the seat backs,give a little recline so you can get a,little bit more comfortable and i love,that the back of the front seats are,soft thats great and one thing adding,while im back here,is that you get rear seat vents and two,usb ports but,it doesnt come on the base trim,it should really just come standard come,on subaru,up front seating is comfortable and the,driving position is commanding,toss sun visors to keep out the sun,interesting texture on some areas but,soft materials where you need them and,on the wilderness trim theres startex,waterproof seats,and waterproof seats are great because,when youre adventuring youll never,know when things can get messy and on,the seats youll see subaru wilderness,and they have orange stitching that goes,with a lot of orange or i should say,gold stuff in here its gold everywhere,its gold on the steering wheel on the,shifter,on the floor mats,on the x-mode knob its even gold on the,roof,its there,in its least expensive form a base,forester starts at just under 26 grand,not including destination charges,standard features include two usb ports,automatic climate control automatic,headlights and a 6.5 inch screen with,easy to use starlink infotainment system,with apple carplay and android auto,smartphone integration correspondingly,the interior also has intuitive controls,that are straightforward and simple to,operate with a couple exceptions,these buttons are hidden from the driver,and the steering wheel controls for the,gauge cluster and dash mounted screen,can be confusing,however with a little effort you do get,used to it but while were here let me,actually show you the front-facing,camera on the screen up top,which is good but i wish they would have,placed it on the larger screen at the,bottom,but i get it its in your line of sight,and it does get the job done,now how do i change it,there we go,every forester gets subarus symmetrical,all-wheel drive system the active torque,vectoring can adjust how much power goes,to each rear wheel with the all-wheel,drive system and its tall ground,clearance combo the forester out suvs,most of its competition for altered,throttle response their subarus,intelligent drive settings but for x-mo,which gives you additional drive modes,for better traction youll have to,spring for the premium trim,[Music],and a big part of what makes the,forester so popular is its road manners,i mean it drives like a car but its an,suv you get these big windows giving you,great visibility and steering even,though its a bit light is very,responsive and that all-wheel drive,system when youre throwing this into a,corner keeps you nice and planted but,when you get up to speed it is a little,bit of wind noise but overall,the forester is just a joy to drive,thanks to the all-wheel drive system,composed handling and reassuring brake,feel youll be confident to take this up,to your next adventure,these components make up for the lack of,power propelling the forester which is a,naturally aspirated 2.5 liter boxer,4-cylinder engine making 182 horsepower,linked to a cvt yep cvt offering driver,selectable ratios,when giving it gas the cvt reacts,quickly to bring your revs up but the,power delivery is rubbery and the cvt,tries to emulate traditional gear shifts,of an automatic transmission but all i,hear is droning and loud cvt noises,yeah,bottom line full throttle acceleration,produces reasonable get up,keeping you safe on the road is subarus,standard suite of driver assistance,technology dubbed eyesight which,includes adaptive cruise control,pre-collision braking system lane,departure and sway warning and lane keep,assist,theres also available automatic,emergency steering new for 2022 which,works at speeds up to 50 miles an hour,to help with evasive steering maneuvers,if you plan on towing the wilderness,trim can tow up to three thousand pounds,while all other trims will only do a,modest fifteen hundred pounds,fuel economy for the forester is decent,for all trims except the wilderness trim,thanks to its slightly different,transmission setup which is tailored,with more of a focus towards off-road,work fuel economy is less efficient,however if you want to maintain some,efficiency in your wilderness the,standard automatic start stop feature,can help by shutting the engine off when,youre not in motion saving fuel but i,gotta warn you when youre ready to move,this thing isnt the smoothest,yeah im gonna cut this off right here,all right,ascending the trim ladder youll find,features such as keyless entry blind,spot monitor with rear cross traffic,alert power tailgate panoramic moon roof,heated seats 8 inch infotainment screen,and dual zone climate controls,for visual aesthetics consider the sport,trim coming in at a little under 30 and,a half thousand dollars it has orange,accents throughout black exterior trim a,roof spoiler and 18 inch wheels,or theres our wilderness trim which,includes all of its off-road oriented,features and all-terrain tires starting,at 33 520,choose the of the line touring trim with,its leather upholstery premium audio,system and heated steering wheel youre,looking at close to 36 grand,before looking to grab a subaru its,good to consider alternatives such as,the nissan rogue chevy equinox or the,honda crv,for more off-road offerings theres also,the toyota rav4 trd off-road jeep,cherokee trailhawk and mazda cx-50,even with hard-hitting competition in,its segment the subaru forester,continues to maintain its cult following,[Music],now with the wilderness trim not only is,it roomy and practical with all-wheel,drive,but its rugged and ready for that next,adventure so are you ready to live that,wildlife,im out of here let me call my agent,[Music],you

Updated 2022 Subaru Forester review // Plus, new Wilderness trim!

were in snowy vancouver a rare snow day,here perfect subaru forester weather,lets go for a ride,oh boy,you know in movies they have continuity,errors yep youre going to notice a,major continuity problem with this video,because outside right now theres snow,on the ground but when we got this car,we shot it what was it andrea well it,was a beautiful sunny day all right so,youre going to see the car in the sun,but were driving in the snow,all right andrea whats under the hood,of this forester a 2.5 liter,four-cylinder engine matched with a cvt,182 horsepower and 176 pound-feet of,torque standard all-wheel drive no,longer a turbo no longer a manual some,people lament that for sure but you do,get a lot of stuff with this vehicle,lets get into our key standard features,heres what you get on the base trim a,6.5 inch touchscreen a 4.2 inch,multi-information display apple carplay,and android auto manual driver and,passenger seats cloth upholstery heated,front seats power adjustable foldable,and heated door mirrors led headlights,and led tail lights 17-inch wheels and i,say driver assist technology and x mode,with hill descent control,a big dial here says x mode what are we,going to put it in you got to put it in,s for subscribing if you can hit the,notification bell youll be notified,when all of our reviews drop and then,you can watch them and we do this the,couple car review twice a week the first,one drops on wednesday we put out,another one on saturday and make sure,you follow along on instagram as well to,find out whats going on behind the,scenes its motor mouth underscore,andrea for me its motor mouth,underscore auto and the links are below,this video is brought to you by car cost,canada get the dealers cost list of,rebates plus discounted interest rates,use the promo code motormouth to become,an expert member and get extra searches,the link is in the description below,now we recently put out a video of our,top five favorite compact utility,vehicles the card is up here and the,forester makes the list yeah it offers,such a great drive it feels smooth the,cabin is quite quiet when you accelerate,on the highway and you try and pass the,vehicle i can hear the engine matched,with a cvt but then it comes right down,i think its great for the city and some,people will say about the power it,doesnt have enough power the only time,i felt there was a lack of power was,passing on the highway how would you use,that well the the thing about a cvt is,it has its pluses in its negatives so,you get a bit of that motorboat effect,as you mentioned when youre driving on,the highway but off the line you can,make what is essentially the first gear,really short so you get that launch,right away in the city and driving in,everyday situations i find it works,really really well and you know i would,like the turbo engine but i can see why,they sell so many of these and you know,what i did i just popped it into manual,mode and i used these paddle shifters,when i had to do a quick pass and i,found that it gave me that boost of,power that i needed it does mimic how,many gears seven right seven and the,wilderness has eight were going to talk,about the wilderness as well because,theyve come out with a new trim thats,their more off-road capable vehicle a,little bit more wildernessy the forester,wilderness offers half an inch more,ground clearance than the other models,it has improved gear ratios for off-road,performance a re-tuned suspension all,new front and rear bumpers 17-inch matte,black finish off-road wheels and,yokohama geolander tires,it also comes with a full-size spare,tire if needed it has exterior body,cladding and rear differential skid,plates it comes equipped with a front,view camera improved dual function x,mode all weather soft touch water,repellent upholstery and more towing,capacity of up to 3000 pounds it also,has a strengthened roof rack that can,hold 800 pounds so if you want to put a,tent up there you can so this is a 2022,model and subaru has given it a refresh,its a mid-cycle refresh now from a,distance you might not notice but there,are some changes the exterior is a,refresh grille front fascia led,headlights and a new fog light cover as,well i think it looks better weve got,the premier trim that top model its got,some chrome accents throughout and 18,inch wheels and it looks fantastic with,this green also theyve refreshed the,back with a lower valance that makes it,look a little bit more rugged i think,theres a minor tweaks but i think,theyre improvements what hasnt changed,is the functionality of this vehicle,youve got large windows large doors to,get kids and car seats in and out of,this vehicle animals yeah a huge cargo,door its really really well thought out,there is no better compact utility when,it comes to the functionality aspect,these windows maybe its not being,picked up too well on camera but theyre,huge and then you add in the panel roof,i dont particularly like them andrew,loves them but i can see the appeal with,this because you feel like youre kind,of in a fishbowl a lot of people are,concerned about outward visibility this,is where you should start they do a,really good job well i like the seating,position in this forester i feel like i,kind of sit up and over the dash it,gives you a great view in all directions,and then you go on to the inside and,were both pleasantly surprised now its,only been like six months since we drove,the previous version of the forester but,every time i get in i always note that,the level of materials that they use and,the way its put together is kind of top,of this class the only one that beats it,might be the cx-5 for mazda yeah and the,new tucson thats also a beautiful,interior i think that the seats are,fairly comfortable in here im a little,disappointed that theres a 6.5 inch,standard touch screen i think that it,really should have the standard eight,inch touchscreen that you dont get,until you move into those higher trims,but you do andrea you get the little,screen above that theres a quick,information readout on certain models it,gives you a forward-facing camera we,dont get it with this one so theres,some extras that are added in here,theres no fancy digital instrument,cluster im okay with that i find them,kind of gimmicky myself but a lot of,people like them yeah and some people,were saying oh my gosh some of these,knobs and switches in here seem like,theyre from 1999 but guess what they,really work and the other thing is,when you put your seat warmer on theres,just a little switch its a mechanical,switch yeah so every time you get in the,vehicle your seat warmer is always on,how good is that hey if you want to be,like prince and party like its 1999,this might be your choice the thing is,its well designed so the volume knobs,are big the heat controls are big you,can work this stuff with gloves on when,its cold were in canada but andrea if,you dont want to do that what else can,you do gesture control yeah well on the,limited and premier trim those two top,trims you get gesture control so you can,control the climate now this is how it,works if you put okay,you said works well see if it works,okay well nobody said it was going to be,quick okay ill tell you that so what,you do is you put your hand up,there it is yeah and what it does is it,raises the temperature,up two degrees,celsius yeah yes now if you want to,bring the temperature down by two,degrees you go like this,now this is the one that we cant get,working,so,every time that we go like this we keep,raising our temperature but we cant,bring it down let me try let me try,fight the power oh it went down,anyway let me try it again fight the,power,got it,[Music],now im not sure if thats quicker or,easier than me just reaching here and,turning it down that is much easier yeah,i want a party like its not about you,put it on low i want to party like its,because yours kept turning it down now,were freezing we want to go back to,1999.,all right andrea always goes

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2022 Subaru Forester SUV review (inc. 0-100)

gday im paul so the last time we drove,the subaru forester um i didnt really,like it all that much it was the hybrid,model but theyve just updated it and,this is the non-hybrid model which i,think im going to like a whole lot,better this is the top specification,non-hybrid subaru forester and today,were going to do a detailed review of,it this one here is priced at just under,45 000 but if thats a bit too much the,whole range kicks off at a little over,35 grand this competes with things like,the toyota rav4 the hyundai tucson the,kia sportage you have a lot of,competitors to pick from there if you do,want to skip ahead to other parts of,this review you can use the time codes,up on the screen there or if youre on,youtube just scroll down and use the,chapters below and if you havent done,so already subscribe to our channel and,press the bell icon that way youre,going to find out every single time we,drive updated cars,now lets talk about the exterior so,youve got nine external colors to pick,from and heres something fun theyre,all free of charge so you can pick,whichever color you want and theyre not,going to sting you any extra for it so i,mentioned that this is the update it,really is just a bit of a minor facelift,but generally with subaru when they do,facelifts they tend to kind of pull and,prod at it and you can see there the,headlight cluster in this bottom section,looks very,different to the previous forrester but,it does mean that you get this sort of,standard black grille here with the,piano black elements down the bottom and,then an intake there for cooling big,subaru logo just there and i like this,finish down the bottom its kind of a 3d,textured finish which splits it apart,from this top section it gives it a bit,of a rugged sort of adventure of vibe,which is what you want from your subaru,over here at the headlights youve got,full led headlights with an led daytime,running light fog lamps down the bottom,there a little bit of a chrome garnish,come around to the side here youve got,your 18 inch alloy wheels so its got,that diamond cut finish on the outside,and then the piano black finish on the,inside the 18 inch alloy wheels are,pretty modest here on the top spec given,that,some of the cars in this segment are now,going 19 and even 20 inches so it does,mean you get a bit more profile there on,the rubber theyve done some work to the,ride uh also the engine mounts as well,so ill be keen to see how that actually,transforms this car out on the road the,last one that we drove was a hybrid and,i wasnt really all that impressed with,it lets hope that this one is slightly,better,cladding there because off-road youve,got 220 millimeters of ground clearance,which is fairly big for this segment a,lot of the time theyre under 200 mils,so you could in theory do a bit of light,off-roading but if you are doing,anything more serious youre going to,want some meatier tyres than these sort,of highway terrain tyres,up the top here youve got this sort of,satin finish on the wing mirror there,with the indicator built in chrome,elements around the doors youve got,roof rails a sunroof tucked into there,privacy glass and then come around to,the back now around the back here its,not led tail lights look at this youve,got incandescent globes in there um i,think were at the point now where we,can well and truly be using led across,the entire car incandescent globes,require replacing more often and i think,its just better to just get rid of them,and go led all together forested down,the bottom there and then youve got,subaru and all-wheel drive a bit strange,given the whole range of all-wheel drive,but its there to remind you just in,case you forget youve got a shark fin,aerial there and then a little spoiler,built into the rear what do you reckon,about the design do you think theyve,given it a modest enough update or do,you think something a little extra was,required let me know what you think down,there were inside the forester lets,start off with the key so you have lock,unlock its the subaru button boot and,then on the back it is blank a little,bit of garnish on the side its a,proximity sensing key so you leave that,in your pocket once youre inside you,got a push button start now what about,your design um look i think that given,this as an update it would have been a,really good opportunity to introduce the,big screen out of the outback i think,that looks really cool in the center,there instead theyve stuck with this,eight inch screen now across the range,so,i think i could have gone to a little,bit more effort there um the other thing,that kind of concerns me longer term as,well if you look at the new kia sportage,the new hyundai tucson look at those big,wrap-around screens here weve just got,the eight-inch screen the screen up the,top and then a small screen ahead of the,driver so theyve kind of kept with that,old-school traditional look as opposed,to going to something new which i guess,is fine it suits their buyers but just,something to keep in mind outside of,that though i really like the materials,theyve used around the cabin so,everything around here is soft or,rubbery and it means that if you are,going for longer distance drives you can,rest your legs and knees on these,surfaces and they just give you a bit,more comfort while youre out on the,road so big bonus on that side in terms,of your touch points really nice and,soft there in the center and soft on the,door as well how soft are they well,weve got our durometer weve tested the,main surfaces in this cabin if you want,to see how this car compares to others,that weve tested before look at the,link in the description,what about build quality,feels really good,very nice and solid and finally the door,test,yeah it sounds really nice and solid as,well okay lets talk about the,infotainment system so eight inch color,touch screen you have shortcut buttons,down the bottom as well it is joined by,another screen up the top there and one,ahead of the driver but ill run you,through those two separately built into,the infotainment system is native,navigation so its a tomtom system it is,a little bit laggy you can see there as,im sort of moving around it takes a,little bit of time to catch up to what,im doing and then on the radio front,you have am fm and dab plus digital,radio this particular spec has an eight,speaker harman kardon sound system,pretty decent sound system so if you are,into your sound you will need to go for,the top specification that gets that,sound system you do also have smartphone,mirroring built in both apple carplay,and android auto theyre both wired ill,show you what apple carplay looks like,there it is so,a tiny bit laggy as it sort of moves,through those screens but it does take,up the full screen there and it looks,pretty good you also have voice,recognition that works both with the,native infotainment system and also when,your phone is paired and this is what,android auto looks like,click there so full screen integration,again but same story with apple carplay,its just a tiny bit laggy as you try,and go up and down there but look it,really isnt the end of the world now,the screen up the top there it serves a,couple of purposes so using this button,here on the steering wheel you can,actually go through all of the different,menus to see a fuel economy trip,computer you can do a clock,theres some off-road settings and also,safety settings up there as well but,when you are driving itll act as a,reverse camera in addition to the side,view camera so pushing the side view,brings that up and ill run through a,bit more detail on that when we talk,about our parking section and just above,that is actually a set of cameras that,can look at your face recognize who you,are and then apply your car settings or,alternatively it can also act as a,driver attention warning as well so,pretty intelligent setup and the screen,is easy enough to see from the drivers,side finally there is a screen here,ahead of t

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Best SUVs off-road: Top 12 medium SUVs compared – some fail to make it!

gday im paul every time we publish a,medium suv review you guys are asking us,can you do an off-road one show us how,far they can go off-road well thats,what ive done today so we have,assembled all of the best-selling medium,suvs in australia with the exception of,the mghs that unfortunately wasnt,available and they wouldnt allow us to,use the dealership car and the renault,collios which unfortunately wasnt,available as well so both of those cars,wont be in the video today now this is,going to be a long video so if you do,want to skip ahead to other parts of the,video you can use the time codes on the,screen or if youre joining us on,youtube you can scroll down and use the,chapters below now if you havent done,so already subscribe to our channel and,press the bell icon so im going to be,doing more of this sort of stuff and,thats going to tell you every single,time one of these is published but lets,get cracking,welcome to our first test so youve,arrived at your summer home and there is,a muddy bog to get to the other side,will your medium suv get there so what,are we testing here this is a test of,ground clearance and also how well the,car is going to be able to deal with a,bit of angle so were going to reach,about 20 degrees of lift on the side,here as the cars come through its nice,and soft down the bottom and very muddy,so its going to be a good test of not,only the tyres and how much traction,they have but exactly how the car deals,when it does have that angle and how the,ground clearance affects its body when,they reach the center though this is,where were going to test how rigid the,chassis is and what i mean by that is,two diagonal tires are going to be off,the ground and two will have contact,with the ground what that does is put,the chassis under stress were going to,then try and open and close the drivers,door vehicles without a rigid chassis,youre going to have metal on metal,contact because everything is slightly,out of place thatll be a good test to,tell us how strong the vehicle is before,we move on to our next section,unfortunately youre not home and hosed,just yet because youve got another bog,hole here this comes up on a bigger,angle which means we have another,opportunity to scrape the underside of,the car and potentially get it beached,not fun and its also very soft through,there as well full of leaves so it will,really require a little bit of pace to,get the car through once we get to this,next part though were going to kick a,wheel up in the air and reach full wheel,articulation this is going to be the,ultimate test of the traction control,system and also the four wheel drive,system because you only have two tyres,that have contact with the road the,cars then going to figure out how to do,everything else on its own accord its,also worth pointing out that each car,has a slightly different wheelbase and a,slightly different weight distribution,so while their rest positions may differ,a little bit the end result should be,the same but were not done just yet we,have one final test,welcome to log mountain join me on a,journey to the second cone up here as i,struggle to find my way up and realize,im incredibly unfit now log mountain is,going to be all about traction and what,this is going to do is really give us an,idea of how the cars progress through,these uneven terrains were also going,to try and stop the cars at one point to,see how well the traction control system,can deal with moving it forward the,bigger suvs that we test here such as,land cruiser discovery were able to,stop them hit the throttle and its able,to sort itself out in terms of the,electronics itll be interesting with,the medium suvs because they dont have,things like diff locks and grunty,engines like the land cruiser and,discovery do so im looking forward to,finding out how they go up here then,what well do if they pass or fail the,test of stopping im going to try go up,with a little bit more pace just to make,sure they can actually get to the very,top and then theyll come straight back,down before we get started i wanted to,mention that this is a super light,off-road test its nothing too crazy but,its consistent and it gives us a point,of comparison ill also call out that if,the car has an off-road setting weve,picked the most suitable mode before we,get started speaking of which lets get,cracking,[Music],okay it is jeep compass time now it is,worth noting this is the trailhawk its,trail rated and that means that its met,jeeps you know off-road standards over,there in the states they have a certain,test course that cars have to be able to,go through to meet uh the trail rated,standard now this has its a bit,deceiving theres a four-wheel drive low,button but its not actually a proper,four-wheel drive low range all it does,is it uses the cars existing gearbox,and gearing to simulate low range,similar to what the amarok does you then,have a four-wheel drive lock button,which distributes 50 of talk to the,front and rear um so im going to engage,full drive low thats the most,aggressive setting youve also got then,a section here for enabling four-wheel,drive modes im going to put that into,mud this is the most hardcore four-wheel,drive here in the medium suv segments i,am expecting this to do pretty well,all right well get it through our,seesaw and come to a stop here for,our door flex test which is about,there,oh,oh thats,thats not good,so,yeah basically the door is is stuck um,it is,hitting metal on metal as it opens and,closes and then when it does shut unless,you slam it really hard it sits open a,little bit so obviously when the body is,in this full flex condition and if i,roll forward even a little bit more,when its in that full flex condition,its obviously not rigid enough and its,flexing just a little bit there stopping,that door from opening and closing,properly so yeah pretty disappointing,that the most off-road focus car here,doesnt have the rigidity to to be able,to close its door properly or open it,okay lets move through to the next,section,this actually feels like it hasnt,tapped on anything it has a stack of,ground clearance so it means that its,sort of cruising through all this stuff,all right here we go,line it up now with our tyre in the air,there it is just there were teetering,so im going to get off the brake now,and just roll onto the throttle and,well see how well it performs here,its actually already doing a really,good job as i roll out of the brake i,can feel it already trying to move,forward ill give it a bit of throttle,now,oh that is effortless that is really,impressive it just got through that,without any problems so it basically,just engages the rear axle it manages,any slip on the rear axle all on its own,and look to be honest i would have,expected it to do that anyway being that,it is trail rated okay log mountain,lets give this a shot,all right throttle feels good,very consistent the rides actually,pretty good coming up here as well,lets get it wedged,okay here we go so it is wedged lets,see if the electronics can sort it out,it feels like its doing something fine,just give it just a little bit of luck,there,its,okay so its just come up with a message,saying four wheel drive system,temporarily unavailable service four,wheel drive system,not very good um okay so ill go back,down and ill try going up again,uh this time ill just stay in the,throttle and lets see what it does,whether the full drive system is,actually working at the moment or not i,dont know,i have a feeling it might not be because,i can feel just the front wheels,slipping,this all right lets stay in that,okay there we go we made it up so yes,momentum is key but the electronics,couldnt get it above our little ledge,there and then in addition to that it,threw up a warning message about the,full drive system not working so yeah,pretty unimpressed about that given this,is or should be the most capable,four-wheel drive here that came up with,those errors its worth calling out

2022 Subaru Forester – Last of Its Kind (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

for many years suvs are what you buy to  hold your family and to show how stylish and  ,adventurous you are unless you drive a subaru  in that case youre just practical in thrifty  ,this is the facelifted fifth  generation subaru forester,i admit the last time i sat  behind the wheel of a forester  ,was at least 10 years ago and that  was still the second gen model  ,later on i was driven in the third or fourth  generation model once or twice in terms of  ,design the forester became even more function  over form which has its good and bad sides,the subaru forester is like a pair of jeans  like a hoodie a t-shirt and some sneakers  ,which i tend to wear most of the time its  not because i think its particularly stylish  ,its just appropriate for the job i have to do  its all good and well to look like youve just  ,exited a gentlemans club but i think only agent  007 can pull off physical work in that attire  ,because without several people on the  set to do all the heavy lifting for me  ,this is actually physical work as far as  practicality is concerned the forester is what vw  ,used to be the tailgate is electrically operated  the boot volume is 509 liters my measurements  ,seem to confirm that by the way in the widest  place the boot is almost 160 centimeters wide  ,and between the wheel arches there is 110  centimeters the depth is almost 91 centimeters  ,by the floor there are shopping bag hooks  a 12-volt socket levers to fold the rear  ,seats because the boot is quite deep the cargo  cover is mounted closer to the opening and the  ,remaining quarter of the boot length is covered  by a loose piece of fabric on expandable rods  ,brilliant because when you pull the cover  out you dont have to detach the rear part  ,and the entire cover fits under the boot floor  despite the additional traction battery yes in  ,europe we get a hybrid forester because of  missions all this looks and feels thought  ,out just like the buttons not just to close  the tailgate but also to lock the car and  ,the car doesnt beep at you just because youre  closing the tailgate i wish toyota thought of that,of course doors cover the sills after all a subaru  drives on tarmac only between dirt roads obviously  ,in the back there is decent legroom and  headroom as well its clear the subaru  ,designers dont think much about aesthetics  and just add whatever they are told to  ,like this usb port flap thing i dont know why the  flap is here maybe to protect the ports from water  ,in case you decide to drive through a stream  there are air vents the side seats are heated  ,there are also isofix anchor points with rather  curious covers there is storage in the door bins  ,and there are pockets in the back of the front  seats separate pockets for mobile devices as well  ,there are cup holders in the armrest but there is  no ski hatch but lets face it a super owner has  ,permanent roof rack on which they carry everything  from additional children to two by fours  ,the subaru forester cockpit is the  swan song for physical switchgear  ,the forester has most driver aids and safety  systems like in any modern car it has three  ,independent displays and all  this can be controlled with about  ,40 buttons and switches around the steering wheel  add another 10 or so for the climate control and  ,another 10 for doors and mirrors and stuff i  mean this is as good as it gets without getting  ,into more advanced customization this is why  bmw invented the idrive by the way the knob  ,on the tunnel is not like i drive its for  the x-mode all-wheel drive system controller  ,more about that in a moment the instrument panel  consists of analog gauges and a display in the  ,middle it shows onboard computer data which  can be toggled with a couple of switches on  ,the steering wheel another switch is for the  display on top of the center of the dashboard  ,some of the information is repeated other data  is unique to that second screen like all wheel  ,drive or climate control information and then  theres the third display for the infotainment  ,system this is independent of the other two  displays its mainly for the media it can also  ,show apple carplay and android auto i appreciate  subaru decided to leave physical climate control  ,switchgear rather than moving these settings  to one of the displays under the display and  ,the climate control panel there is a smartphone  copy which is unfortunately too small for modern  ,smartphones in it are two usb ports a 12v socket  and a three and a half millimeter auxiliary input  ,remember those and then there are two cupholders  and an average size storage under the armrest  ,the glove box and the door pockets are also  average size next to the x mode selector there is  ,also a camera button beside the reversing camera  on the main infotainment screen there is also a  ,view from the passenger side mirror camera which  shows the front wheel on the smaller display above  ,very useful for maneuvering close to  the curb or going over some obstacles  ,an interesting quirk it seems subaru has  run out of space over the drivers knee  ,so a couple of driver 8 buttons  ended up next to the sunroof button,in europe the subaru forester doesnt  have much of an engine to talk about  ,its a two liter 150 horsepower boxer with 194  newton meters of torque this is a mild hybrid  ,but subaru doesnt add the extra 12 horsepower and  66 newton meters delivered by the electric motor  ,beside the sailing mode if youre very gentle  with the throttle you can kind of crawl in  ,electric mode in traffic or during some parking  maneuvers all on very short distances obviously  ,subaru claims the forester will use about 8 liters  per 100 kilometers combined and this is realistic  ,the declared 0 to 100 kilometers per hour time  of 11.8 seconds can be beaten in intelligent  ,as well as sport mode thats this button on the  steering wheel but the forester is no speed daemon  ,remember this before you start overtaking that  lorry the forester weighs almost 1700 kilograms  ,thats on par with a hybrid toyota rav4  which has similar external dimensions but  ,is more powerful and much quicker than the  forester the forester on the other hand wins  ,with its 22 centimeters ground clearance and  all-wheel drive but is it really that good  ,in my diagonal approach test the forester didnt  even pretend it can go over the obstacle in  ,normal mode i stop halfway and try to get going  again to put strain on the oval drive system  ,you cannot disable the traction control  completely regardless of the mode  ,in x mode for normal mud and snow the forester  didnt even budge only in deep mud and deep snow  ,x mode i managed to rock it and get going again  ,the deep mud and snow x mode clearly  limits how much traction control intervenes  ,perhaps grip your tires would also help but i  had cars with lesser off-road pedigree do much  ,better on this test but lets assume you actually  bought a subaru to drive mainly on flat tarmac  ,until you need to overtake the forester has enough  mid-range grunt the visibility is fine the car is  ,relatively easy to maneuver this additional camera  thing really helps when there is no 360 view sound  ,proofing is average until about 100 kilometers  per hour above that it gets pretty loud inside  ,regardless of the type of road youre on the  driver aids work well im not a fan of the  ,beeping warning sounds id rather have some sort  of vibration on the steering wheel fortunately the  ,warning sounds are not too obtrusive the lane  keeping assist feature not only makes sure you  ,keep your hands on the wheel but it also monitors  where youre looking and reminds you to look ahead  ,the driver aids work well enough in and out  of the city price of the subaru forester  ,started 34 990 euro for the trend trim  this is the top platinum trim for 43  ,990 euro skip options like the harman kardon  audio system leather seats satnav 18-inch  ,wheels and the panoramic roof and ac

2022 Subaru Forester review: Facelifted midsize SUV arrives in Australia, up against RAV4 and CX-5!

look at that,its the new subaru forester,looking as rugged and practical as ever,its like the hiking boot of cars,driven by adventurous people who,probably think weather like this is,awesome so what were going to do here,in this review of the forester range is,find out if its all just looks were,also going to look at its practicality,and whats under the bonnet,how safe it is,ownership costs the price and features,fuel economy,and what its like to drive,now those are the time codes right there,feel free to flick through it just find,what you want and if youre watching on,youtube down there are the chapter,markers as well now if you want to read,the full review go to carsguide.com,and give us a like and subscribe,subscribe,the new subaru forester looks just like,the old one but thats because its not,really new its just a few updates you,see when the pr people say the changes,are subtle,you know they are,subtle so theres a redesigned grille,redesigned headlights bumper and fog,lights too,see heres the old one and this is the,new one,its still rugged and practical looking,with that bulgy bonnet and wheel arches,the chunky roof rails and side skirts,and the big windows and its all over,boxiness,the forrester is 4.64 meters end to end,which is about your thumbs length,longer than a rav4,there are new colors autumn green,brilliant bronze,unhappy blueberry and cascade green now,theres no unhappy blueberry its just,cascade green the forester we have here,is the top of the range 2.5 is well get,to the rest of the range in a moment but,for now lets go inside,not much has changed in the foresters,cabin its still a feast of layers and,textures,now the cabin of the forester is not,pretty its pretty busy i mean just have,a look at this there are over 50 buttons,in this cabin alone the steering wheel,is covered on them and its buttons,underneath them and down by your knee,theres a screen at the top here for,your fuel economy the angle that your,car is on the wheels that are doing the,driving your fuel economy and down here,youve got the media screen,for whats playing the only thing thats,simple really are the climate control,dials but everything else is really over,the top were talking over the top the,textures and the layers or the materials,that are used is intense i mean it can,be all summed up by this door look at it,youve got some type of rubber material,here which feels like its off a,amphibian youve got this plush material,here,youve got plastic hard plastic down,here its just a mess,dont talk money,lets talk money,the subaru forester range starts with a,2.5 i it steps up to the 2.5 il and,above that is the 2.5 i premium theres,a 2.5 i sport the 2.5 by s that we have,today the hybrid l and the hybrid s,yeah its about as clear as something,thats not very clear but whats pretty,straightforward are the prices those are,the prices right there and you know what,its pretty good value for money,compared to the rivals those,are more affordable prices than say a,sportage now lets talk standard,features,now all subaru foresters get that top,screen that little one at the top there,they get that eight inch media screen,there they get tinted rear glass they,get led headlights and led running,lights they get dual zone climate,control they get this a proximity key,and they get push button start that is,really good value did you know that most,of the rivals dont start adding a lot,of that stuff until you get higher in,the range so yeah great value now if you,want leather seats like these,oh,these uh you need to step up to the top,of the range 2.5 is thats this car the,rest of the foresters come with fabric,seats if you want heated seats you only,need to step up to the second car above,the entry car thats the 2.5 i l and you,get these heated seats for the front and,passenger seat in the front as well,stuff like sat nav power sunroof all,that type of stuff they come in as you,go higher up through the range,the subaru forester doesnt just look,like its practical it really is,practical look at the size of that,doorway i mean you could just walk,straight in there,yeah sure the interior is a bit busy,looking but its very practical look how,much legroom ive got im 191,centimeters tall and that sits in my,driving position its very good now,there are cupholders in here two there,two in the front on all subaru foresters,and look at these door pockets theyre,massive theres also directional air,vents on all subaru foresters and usb,ports in the back too there are map,pockets galore in the back of the seat,backs the only problem is theres,nowhere to put my phone up front its a,bigger phone and the space under the,dashboard is not really large enough to,fit it theres also no wireless charging,either hmm thats a bit of a fail,do you want to see the boot lets look,at the boot,one of the advantages of being shaped,like a shipping container is that it,gives you a very big boot look at this,no its not one of those its one of,these,yes,the foresters boot is bigger than many,of its rivals it fits all of the cars,guide luggage all foresters also get,these chunky,roof rails,[Music],the forester was given the maximum five,star and cap rating back in 2019,all grades come with aub blind spot,warning lane keeping assistance rear,cross traffic alert grades above the,entry car also have reverse aeb and a,camera system which watches you make,sure youre paying attention also listed,under safety equipment is gesture,controlled temperature adjustment,thats silly wanna see under the bonnet,[Music],pretty simple here youve got a petrol,engine and youve also got a hybrid,system this is a petrol engine its a,2.5 liter four-cylinder its a boxer,engine that means the pistons dont do,this,they do this,they punch out like a boxer there are,advantages to a boxer engine uh the main,one is that its got a lower center of,mass because its lower in the engine,bay and thats good for handling,the other advantage is that it sounds,really good you know youve heard of wrx,before they go,and thats the sound of a boxer engine,those are the outputs right there for,both the petrol engine,and also the hybrid system,now transmission its a cvt,that stands for continuously variable,transmission and look im not a major,fan of them but this one,this isnt too bad,well subaru forest is our all-wheel,drive and its a very good all-wheel,drive system i know ive looked,they also have an excellent ground,clearance of 220 millimeters did you,know the new kia sportage only has a,ground clearance of 181 millimeters,so that all-wheel drive system with this,ground clearance makes the forester far,more capable off the road than most of,its rivals,that means my body is exactly 220,millimeters thick,all right lets go for a drive,because you know the driving parts,pretty important too,um one of the very first things that,youll notice,about driving the subaru forester,is how good the driving position is um,these seats are great they fit me but,theyre also quite snug,so i feel supported,you sit at a good height,the steering wheel feels great,but the visibility is is fantastic these,really tall windows,in the forrester means that,its like being on a bus,and those rear windows are huge and,thats just made parking,so much easier in the city but on a road,like this its also good for being able,to see through a corner theres no,problems with visibility whatsoever,and that rear window too,is pretty big,a couple of its rivals have got these,really sleek rear windows and they look,great from the outside but from the,inside its like looking through,ned kellys helmet,the steering as well i think steering is,really important in the car you i mean,you shouldnt be thinking about it but,if you are then then theyve got it,wrong the great thing about this,steering is that its so accurate its,weighted so well and it feels really,natural its great steering in this car,now lets talk about the ride,its its super comfortable as i,mentioned before not only does it feel,pla

2022 Subaru Forester Review | Better than a Toyota RAV 4? | ON and OFF-ROAD Tested!

[Music],its the 2022 subaru forester 2.5 i s,and this is obviously the pick for doing,stuff,like going out here its main competitors,are the toyota rav4 and the mazda cx-5,its a medium-sized family suv its,practical its sensible and this is it,in its latest generation and im here to,walk you around the exterior features,the interior features and take it for a,drive off-road and on-road to let you,know if you should buy it consider it or,just straight out leave it with that out,of the way my names cameron this is,product review cars,lets get into it now if you want to see,us test more,family cars off-road just like this or,any other new car reviews make sure you,hit that subscribe button because its,the best way to show your support for,the channel if you have any questions or,have anything to say about the video,jump into the comments because ill see,them and ill read them and ill be down,there replying to them,so lets talk pricing this is priced,from 44 190 before on roads its the,second most expensive forest you can buy,because the hybrid sits above this so if,you really want a hybrid theyll cost,you just about 47 thousand dollars for,the range topping model now lets talk,exterior features first of all you can,see the eyesight cameras up on in the,windshield those are your safety systems,for this car and theyre pretty useful,we have this blue paint we have led,daytime running lights we also have led,headlamps which actually turn with your,steering wheel at night which is pretty,cool so theyre cornering headlamps,youve also got foresters stamped into,the headlight cluster headlight washers,on these nodules on the bumper this is,the easiest way to tell it between the,pre-facelift model and this new model,are these sort of new designs on the,bumper which is kind of interesting,youve also got a black grille and you,have some silver accenting down the,bottom and some fog lamps in the bumper,now the side profile of the forester is,as iconic as its ever been but its a,bit more smoothed out in this later,generation youve also got 18 inch dual,tone alloy wheels wrapped in bridgestone,rubber youve got some matte silver wing,mirrors and some matte silver proper,metal roof rails up top some chrome,around the windows youve even got this,plastic cladding with some silver,accenting around the wheel arches and,the side skirts which is a bit more,playing into that off-road theme that,subaru is so well known for around the,back we have these crab claw looking,rear tail lights i actually like how,they look quite a lot we have a cool,roof spoiler we have two badges around,the back subaru and we also got the,forester badge as well we have this rear,bumper which has silver accenting along,the bottom continuing with that theme,and we have one exit for the exhaust and,heres what that sounds like,now the subaru forester 2.5 is comes,with a power tailgate which actually,operates quite quickly so just watch out,for that in the back we have 498 liters,of boot space with all the seats up and,if you want to fold them down you get 1,740 litres all quite generous for a,medium-sized suv and thats helped,thanks to this boxy shape that the,subaru forester is so well known for,below the boot floor there is a full,spare now the interior of the new subaru,forester may look like an overload of,buttons and screens but,there are some reasons for it one,is to control your safety systems two is,to control how you drive this car and,three is for your infotainment that is,really the breakdown here and look you,may be someone who loves this amount of,buttons uh or you may be someone who,hates it because some other brands are,doing the complete opposite and really,reducing the number of buttons they have,in the car meanwhile subarus like how,many can we fit in here because there,are 19 including the paddle shifters on,this steering wheel alone i really like,how this interior is built and presented,its got cool stitching on the doors,with some dual tone leather work youve,also got that same effect happening up,here on the dashboard and through the,center stack here as well and,its a very nice interior to be in,especially with this stitched leather,steering wheel and these leather seats,the seats are nice and comfortable,theyre heated they have a dual zone,heating and they are electric so it does,feel like youre in a premium product,here in terms of what we have in front,of us we have two analog dials and a,digital display just for your trip,information basic information like that,uh the analog dials yes they feel a,little bit older in a car like this,digital is probably not too far away for,the next update for the forester the,center screen here its a non-laminated,display so you can actually see the,glass over the actual touchscreen,display so it feels a bit weird from,this angle sometimes it feels like,youll think its not actually touching,the screen and sort of touching the,glass on top thats the only issue i,have with it otherwise very easy to use,and operate really just used for apple,carplay and for your reversing camera,youve also got another screen up here,which is like an additional trip,information display it also shows you,information for when youre off-roading,its an interesting little cluster up,there i dont know if its entirely,necessary still but people seem to love,it what i would like to see is the giant,cool vertical screen they have in the,subaru outback thrown in the middle here,we have our hard controls for the,infotainment system below that we have,our climate controls we have a nice,little pocket to put our phone and some,usb ports there our shifters here as,well uh it feels a little bit uh weird,with the gloss plastic it just feels a,little bit cheaper thats not too much,of an issue we have our controls for our,x modes which are off-road modes below,that and we also have some more buttons,there to control our electronic,handbrake and also for auto hold overall,its a really nice interior and i really,also like this harman kardon sound,system really punchy really clear and a,great way to listen to your music,something i didnt really expect from,subaru,back seats in the subaru forester are,excellent i have plenty of knee room,plenty of feet room and plenty of,headroom with someone whos five foot,eleven if your torso is a little taller,you might feel like getting closer to,that roof as an adult but for kids or,anything like that or any adults below,round six two you should be pretty good,back here we have two usbs to charge in,the back and we have these interesting,map pockets we have a general sort of,giant map pocket but it looks like,theres a secondary one for like a phone,and some other small items which i,really like and it feels nice and,practical back here center armrest nice,and comfortable and it looks nice with,this gloss black trim its the only time,i really think gloss black looks good is,only subaru armrests,the main competitive appeal that the,subaru forester has over its competitors,is its off-road capability her,symmetrical oil drive this one comes,with some x modes for snow and dirt and,deep snow and mud and its got stuff,like heel to sink control and its got,some cool little graphics to tell you,how many degrees of tilt or how many,degrees forward and backwards youre,going so there are some things here that,makes this a little bit more appealing,than just your run-of-the-mill,suv so this is why im starting the,driving section on our off-road proving,ground so,what do we have we obviously have our,all-wheel drive system we have some,bridgestone tires and they havent been,deflated from their normal road use so i,just wanted to see what this is like if,you just tour off the road drive off on,a track and then drive back on the road,thats sort of the appeal that subaru,has so im not adjusting the tire,pressures for this test and then,additionally we have a 2.5 liter petrol,flat 4 motor underneath the bonnet which,is 136 kilowatts and 239 newton meters,of torque

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