1. Trading 212 review – 2022
  2. Trading 212 Opens Again – Should You Sign Up?
  3. Trading 212 Review 2021 – The Best Investing Platform?
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Trading 212 review – 2022

[Music],trading 212 was originally started in,bulgaria in 2005 and it entered the uk,market in 2016 as a forex trading app,its now ranked number one in the uk,with around 15 million downloads and,more than 200 000 reviews trading 212,lets users invest in shares etf cfds,gold and crypto currencies and you can,do that in an iso all in one place now,theres also an option to practice,investing first with a virtual fifty,thousand pounds which will appeal to,some people it offers more than three,thousand shares in etfs that can be,invested in from as little as one pound,including shares in companies listed in,the uk germany america netherlands,switzerland and madrid which is more,than what you can do with free trade for,example which only offers shares in the,uk and the us trades with trading 212,can be placed with zero commission,unlike some other investment platforms,that can charge up to 12 pound for share,dealing im talking about some of the,big ones in the uk perhaps like,interactive investor hargreaves lands,down etc but there is a 0.15,fee on all trades of stocks or etfs that,are placed in a different currency to,that which is held in the customers,main account there is a minimum,investment of one pound which is,actually goes up to 10 pound if you are,setting up a bank transfer and users can,opt to trade in pounds euros or dollars,now you can even trade in fractional,shares portions of a stock that may be,more expensive than you can afford in,full so you might want to say for,example own part of an apple share,because you couldnt afford to buy one,in its entirety now trading 212 does do,cfd trading and there is a minimum,deposit of 10 pounds and no withdrawal,fees but do be aware of the 0.5 currency,conversion charge so long as you place a,trade in the same currency as the one in,your account you wont be charged any,fees regardless of currency conversion,and for those who want to invest inside,an isa then trading 212 also offers a,tax-free stocks and shares iso product,with no admin charges trading 212 also,states that it executes withdrawal,requests from all accounts within two,business days,and this can be done both on the app and,through its website on top of all this,trading 212 has a series of video,tutorials to help amateur investors,learn the basics and terminology of,investing as well as the more,complicated strategies such as cfds but,be aware 67 of retail investors lose,money when trading cfds now more,experienced investors may want to,upgrade to a trading 212 pro account and,they can only do that as long as they,meet two of the following three criteria,now you need to have traded on cfds or,forex in a significant size previously,and that means an average of ten times,in each of the previous four quarters,with trading two one two and or other,providers secondly you need to hold an,investment account that exceeds five,hundred thousand euros and the final,criteria is you need to have worked for,at least one year in the financial,sector in a position that means you have,a proven knowledge of how cfd trading,works now upgrading to pro is free but,users will be waiving some of their,features that provide protection for,retail users namely risk warnings and,commission disclosures the benefit of a,trading 212 pro account is that you can,actually access higher levels of,leverage that means borrowing money to,be able to invest now that means that,these accounts should only be considered,if you are an experienced or,professional trader trading 212 is fully,regulated by the financial conduct,authority and you are protected up to 85,000 pounds if trading 212 becomes,insolvent but of course any investment,decisions that you make are done so at,your own risk and share prices are just,as likely to go down as they are to go,up that is not covered under the fscs,protection now trading 212 app has a,rating of four and a half stars out of,five on the apple store and four out of,five on google play its the most,downloaded trading app in the uk and,many reviews cite the good design and it,makes investing fun whether thats a,good thing or not ill allow you to be,the judge of the few negative reviews,most complain about the account,verification issues and not being able,to successfully withdraw funds although,the majority reviews are very positive,trading 212 alternatives include other,trading apps out there such as free,trade and etoro the latter is much more,expensive while the former doesnt offer,cfds which i personally think is a good,thing so for those who are getting into,trading then perhaps have a look at free,trade plus you do get a free share worth,up to 200 pound when you sign up you can,find links to both reviews of etoro and,free trade in the show notes below this,video if you want to know more about,trading 212s fees features and more,importantly the latest offers then head,over to our review on the manage the,message website at,managethemes.com and again well put a,link to that review in the notes below,this video,[Music],you

Trading 212 Opens Again – Should You Sign Up?

hey guys its sasha trading212 have just,reopened in the uk after 19 months of,being close to new customers so should,you go and sign up to one of the,cheapest brokers out there or is there a,good reason to avoid trading to one two,and what the heck happened because it,sure is weird when an investing platform,stops taking on new customers all,together for a year and a half well here,is everything that you need to know,about trading 2 what happened and my,take on the reopening of one of the most,popular new brokers in the uk and europe,back in january 2021 trading 202,suddenly stopped taking on new accounts,it was the peak of the covet field,global investing frenzy as new investors,flooded in with their stemi checks in,the us and furlough money in the uk and,on the 28th of january 2021 the gamestop,short squeeze saga hit its peak as the,share price skyrocketed to over 500 or,125 dollars split adjusted in todays,money thats about 3 000 up in under a,month and completely coincidentally and,in no way related to the gamestop saga,and everything else going on at the time,on exactly the same day trade into one,two stops taking on new accounts for a,completely different reason the reason,that trading 202 gave at the time was,that they needed to scale up their,infrastructure and expand the customer,service team as weeks months and years,rolled by the cynic in you would,probably wonder how long it takes to,hire a few more customer service staff,and upgrade your cloud hosting package,and you would perhaps wonder whether,maybe the issue was something else now,some people on youtube suggested that,upgrading a server is an unlikely excuse,for a fast growing company to completely,stop taking on new customers for several,months and the far more likely scenario,is that you know maybe the company had,run into issues with the regulators who,stopped them from taking on new accounts,because the uk arm of trading 202 maybe,was not separate enough from the,bulgarian parent company and didnt,satisfy fcas funding requirements now,at the time this may be sounded strange,because trading 212 first became,extremely popular because it was a,completely free platform but credit,where credit is due trading 212 went to,work fixing these issues first trading,2010 got their broker license in cyprus,which was granted in march 2021 and,shortly after that in august 2021,trading 202 reopened to their european,customers so that got resolved,relatively quickly the uk regulators,though are a little bit more probing,than their cypriot cousins so trading,torn 2 had to put in a little bit more,work to reopen in the uk and it took a,year longer first the uk ceo nick,saunders left in march 2021 and was then,replaced by a brand new entire boardroom,trading 202 hired seven new company,directors into the uk arm from september,2021 to august 2022 and will apparently,have 70 staff based in london by the end,of september and it sounds like they,have now ticked whatever boxes it was,that they needed to take with the fca,and theyve now reopened registrations,for new accounts a few days ago and here,is the shameless plug for anyone who,wants to sign up and try the platform,and you can go and use the link in the,description to get yourself a free share,worth up to a hundred pounds now you,need to sign up and make a deposit,within 10 days to get your free share so,make sure you adhere to the terms now,the question is,should you go and sign up well there are,a few things to consider first it sure,looks like trading 212 had some issues,in the past and their communication was,maybe lacking somewhat as they didnt,really give any meaningful updates,whatsoever or explain anything to their,customers about what was happening with,the company maybe they had good reasons,why you know its not a good look if,there were issues that they were,resolving but it looks like trainings,want to have now resolved and fixed all,these issues and are back in the game,the company makes a good amount of money,with their cfd product this is a trading,product where you can gamble on,short-term movements and stock prices,and there is a legally mandated,disclaimer that every company that,offers these has to show which says that,most people who try cfds lose money and,this is exactly how trading 212 makes,their money so on the one hand trading,202 offers you a very cheap and simple,investing product but on the other hand,they can afford to do that because they,know that a proportion of their,customers proportion of you will,eventually go and gamble with playing,cfds and lose their shirt the good news,is that while some other investing apps,are trying to figure out how to break,even though this business model seems to,make trading to undo a decent enough,amount of money that they can continue,offering a relatively cheap service for,the investing in isa products i also,have to give trading to one two props,for taking criticism and,addressing their issues unlike some of,the other platforms that cry like babies,the moment someone dare say something,bad about them i am sure that trading,212 did not like the criticism at the,time that was coming from many different,directions but instead of trying to,silence that criticism and perhaps take,advantage of being a big spender on,youtube to attack the channels they,didnt like they did not do that and,instead let the criticism come and works,to fix their issues and improve the,platform so again credit where credit is,due this is pretty good but hey a lot,has happened since trading toronto have,closed down there are now other,platforms in town offering more,competition trading 202 only charges you,0.15 foreign exchange fees on every,transaction you make that isnt in your,home currency so pounds in uk or euros,in the eu so if you live in the uk for,example and buy you a stocks youll have,to pay the 0.15 every time you buy or,sell a stock and that can add up over,time but there are now platforms like,light year where you can go and buy,those same us stocks completely for free,for transactions of up to 3 000 pounds a,month and yeah i have an affiliate link,for the like here in the description as,well i have an affiliate link for each,and single one of those platforms and,you can get ten dollars if you follow,the link and use my code blah blah blah,but light here only offers us stocks on,their platform and trading two on two,also let you invest in etfs uk stocks,and stocks from other countries so that,is quite a big benefit and if you want,to buy an etf priced in pounds on,trading to one two then you dont have,to pay anything at all no fees,whatsoever so investing in the s p 500,is completely free and better still,trading 212 also offer an icer which is,also completely free so if you just want,to invest in the s p 500 inside an icer,which is probably the best option for 99,of people out there we all know it and,we all dont do it then trading 202 is,still completely free to go and do that,to invest in the s p 500 insider nicer,and trading 202 are the only investing,platform in the uk that let you invest,in the s p 500 inside an isa completely,for free while also offering you the,option of buying individual stocks if,you want to and that is a very important,point to make unfortunately if youre,not based in the uk or the eu then,registrations are still closed you still,cant go and sign up and there is no,update as to when or if they will reopen,trading 202 is not supported at all in,some countries like the united states,but if you live in many other countries,around the world or if you are a penguin,in antarctica then you can sign up for,the waiting list for whenever,registrations do reopen for full,disclosure i still have a bunch of my,money sat on the trading 212 platform i,have used a number of different,platforms over time and i still have,money on some of them and i still have a,relatively decent chunk invested with,trading 212 in various different,accounts mostly because thats where i,previously held m

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Trading 212 Review 2021 – The Best Investing Platform?

whats up you guys sasha here ive,recently made quite a few videos about,training to one two and i have,personally used them for quite some time,now,so i thought it is about time for me to,do a comprehensive,in-depth review telling you everything,there is to know,about trading two one two now in this,video im gonna go through all the,quirks and features of trading two one,two im going to dive deep on,all the good things there is to say,about it and there is a lot of those,things to talk about,but im also later on gonna mention some,of the bad things some of the things i,dont like about trading 202 and some of,the things that i think you should be,aware of so make sure you,keep on watching for that bit if you,want to get the most comprehensive,picture because up front ill tell you,some of the,more popular some of the more,interesting things but some of the,quirks some of them,lesser known bits im gonna get to just,a little bit later now ive worked in,the finance industry my entire career i,started out working as an analyst in a,big american bank,and i went to progress through to over,the last six years being an advisor and,consultant to some of the worlds,largest finance companies so hopefully,this review will come at a slightly,different angle maybe from a slightly,different point of view to some of the,others that you might come across now,having said that,i am not a financial advisor if you do,need financial advice i cant provide it,to you,and you need to go and look for it,somewhere else now that ive got that,out of the way let me get to the most,important bit,first why should anyone go and pick,trading 212 and the answer is simple i,recently did,a review of all the different investing,apps that are available in the uk,i actually focused on only the best ones,but told you why i dont like and dont,recommend some of the others,and in that review trading 202 came out,top,they came out to be the best one in my,opinion in the uk,and there are really good reasons that,im going to get to in just a second but,the really interesting thing is,that trading 212 know themselves that,they are the best,investing app in uk by some martian,because unlike everybody else so all the,other investing apps when they go and,compare themselves to their,competitors they will show you,themselves again some of the old-school,kind of established old companies that,dont do the new fractional shares or,the new apps or,the fee free trading or anything like,that trading 212 dont trading 202 when,they go and show you how,they fare against their competition they,literally show you their main,competition they show you free trade to,show you revolut and they show the same,hardwares lands down that everyone else,does as well,so that you can get a genuine,understanding of where they stand,that is a really good sign that means,they really rate themselves and they,think,that they can do much better than,everyone else now to answer the most,personal question yes trading 212,is completely entirely 100 free to use,there are no deposit fees there are no,management fees there are no monthly,fees there are no transaction fees there,are no forex fees there are no spread,markups,and there are no any other kinds of fees,that you might,think of there is no premium version of,the account which you have to pay in,order to get access to features that the,free one doesnt,give you now having said that there is a,small disclaimer that is,there are some fees if you are trading,in the cfd side im going to get to that,in just a second but for the regular,investor,for the person who just wants to put,some of their money in the stock market,for the long term,theyre not doing some kind of,aggressive day trading leveraged trades,or anything like that,the isa account and the general,investment account are entirely free,there is one charge that they recently,introduced,that i wanted to mention in this and,that is you have to go and pay for,deposits,if you are making them using card or,card like,tools like google pay or other things,like that now thats not,that big a deal because the first 2 000,pounds worth of,money that you put in is still,completely free even if you use a card,but,any money after that will attract to 0.7,charge,but there are other options like just,doing a regular bank transfer which is,completely free,for you to do and trading 2 will not,charge you any fees if you do it that,way so,there is an alternative method for,depositing your money which is,completely free so i still think that,completely free monica stands,but even better than just being,completely free,trading 202 actually offer you a free,share if you sign up using my link in,the description below,and if you go and sign up by clicking,that link and filling in all your,details you will get a free share worth,up to 100 pounds given to you,absolutely for nothing just to get you,started all you have to do is sign up,and deposit the minimum amount which is,one pound now why is trading 212 so,great in my humble personal opinion,let me tell you first they offer the,three different types of accounts that,you can have with them and you can open,one or two or all three it is up to you,two of them that i mentioned are for,regular investors,the general investment account and the,stocks and shares isa account,the stocks and shares isa essentially,allows you to go and invest in the,market without having to pay,any capital gains tax or dividend tax or,any other tax that you might think other,than regulatory compulsory taxes like,paying stamp duty or the withholding tax,on the us dividends and,other such like things but im not gonna,get into the details of that thats just,general invest in terminology,if you want to go and be able to invest,money then withdraw it at some point in,the future and not have to pay tax on,whatever,the gain in that investment has been you,can go and open an isa account there are,a bunch of rules that you need to be,aware of im going to link a video in,the description below where i go through,those in a bit more detail but anyway,there is a cfd,option as well this is for experienced,professional,traders this is not for people who dont,know what theyre doing,this is not for people who arent very,experienced in investing,and know exactly what managing the,different leverage positions means and,exactly how you should operate it,so i would not recommend personally,anyone who doesnt really know what it,is theyre doing,that they go and open one of the cfd,accounts or trade it,you should only go there once you are,experienced but anyway lets park that,for now,im going to talk about the isa account,and the regular investment account from,now on in terms of the rest of this,review,in these accounts you have access to,over 10 000,different stock ctfs funds and all kinds,of other assets,you can go invest in that is huge they,have risen,massively over the last few months they,have been adding them month after month,sometimes in really huge batches and you,can now go invest in 10 000 wares just a,few months ago it was only 3 000. it is,way more than any of their competition,offers it theres more than twice as,much as you can get on free trade and,its something like 13 times as much as,what revled offers,so youre definitely going to be spoiled,for choice in terms of things that you,can go and invest your money in but,probably their most valuable and most,useful and most liked feature is their,fractional shares now what fractional,shares mean is that you dont have to,have the full amount of money that you,need to go and buy one share of any,particular company you can go and spend,much less than that in buying just,portions of it it means that you dont,own a full share and it means that when,dividends are distributed you only get,that relative fraction of the dividend,but thats not material because that,means that you have,access to investing in large numbers of,different companies without having to be,incredibly rich to do so,you can go

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How To Use Trading 212 App In 2022 | Investing For Beginners!

whats up guys in todays video im,going to be giving you a full,comprehensive tutorial,of the trading 212 app in 2021 now i did,a trading 2-2 tutorial video about six,months ago,however a lot has changed on the app,since then so this video is very much,gonna be a little bit of an,update but as well i will go through the,basics of the trading two on two app,along with some of its newer features,like the trading two on two pies the,auto invest feature fee changes and so,on but before i do so guys my name is,mitch i post all kinds of videos on,investing and the stock market if you do,enjoy content like,that hit that big red subscribe button,down below as well drop a like on the,video guys it really really helps out,the channel,with that being said lets dive straight,into it now for those of you guys who,havent come across trading 202 before,in essence they are a commission free,investing app who are regulated by the,financial conduct,authority and they are backed up by the,financial services compensation scheme,so in essence theyre held to very,similar standards so that are some of,the larger financial institutions now,when youre looking to set up an account,with trading two on two there are three,different account options which arent,to be confused so you have the invest,you have the cfd,and you have the trading two on two isa,accounts now generally speaking the isa,and the invest account are generally for,the same purpose,however they both do have slightly,different tax implications,as well as different funding measures on,them too so firstly lets talk about the,isa account which is the accountant,which i personally use on trading two on,two which is also known as a stocks and,shares isa now the icer account has a,maximum funding limit of 20,000 pounds per tax year however it is a,tax-free,investing account now one thing thats,probably worthwhile clearing up here is,that you can only actually invest into,one stocks and shares isa per tax year,the next account is the invest account,now the investor count you can invest in,a limited amount of money,into that account however you will be,subject to capital gains tax,now there is a tax-free allowance on,capital gains of 12,300 pounds which is something to bear in,mind however do bear in mind i am not a,tax advisor so its probably worthwhile,consulting one if youre unsure of the,capital gains in which youve made on,your trading 212 portfolio along with,potentially other assets in which you,may also own then finally you have the,cfd account which stands for contracts,for,difference and it is an account thats,predominantly used for day trading,whereby individuals are looking to take,advantage of leverage to either buy or,sell,different financial instruments such as,stocks the fx market as well as,commodities too now im personally not a,day trader as i said before i do use the,trading 202 isa accounts and thats what,im going to show you around the,interface of,during todays video so well talk a,little bit about how to fund the account,how to actually buy and sell stocks,well talk about the auto invest,features as well as the investing pies,too i will very much try to give you,guys an,end-to-end tutorial on how everything on,the app works,and if thats something that tickles,your fancy stick around for the whole,video so that said lets dive on to the,laptop and lets open up the trading two,on two app so as you guys can see this,is the web app,version of trading two on two whereby,you can see the full,interface of the app itself now once,youve obviously opened an account the,first thing that youre probably going,to want to do,is actually fund the account with some,money so what youll need to do is come,over to the top right hand side,youll then need to go on to manage,funds youll then need to deposit funds,within your account however do bear in,mind that trading two on two as at the,fourth of january 2021 did actually,change some of their funding policies so,moving forward unless you use an instant,bank transfer or a normal bank transfer,any of the other options like the credit,or the debit card apple pay,google pay or skrill will now incur a,0.7,fee that is applied after youve,deposited two thousand pounds or more,now for me personally i set up the,instant bank transfer to avoid paying,that point seven percent fee,using open banking and if thats,something that youd also like to set up,i did recently create a video on it,which will leave down in the description,below now once youve obviously set up,your account and youve funded it with,some money the next thing to look at is,the account value and this is where,youll be able to see,how much of your iso utilization youve,actually used up for me personally its,been 37,with me personally investing just shy of,seven and a half thousand pound this,year but not only that youll also be,able to see the free funds in which you,have available which is all of the,uninvested money in which you have in,the account along with the portfolio,value two so as a currently i have 190,pounds worth of free funds with a,portfolio of just over 11 000,pounds then once youve got those,deposited free funds within your account,the next thing that youre probably,going to want to do,is actually start to invest in some,stocks so if you can go into the search,bar,here and you can see a whole list of,different stocks which,are available to invest into and there,are several thousand different stocks,across,multiple different markets from over,here in the uk to over in the u.s,to over in europe as well that you can,actually invest into,now if you wanted to you could also,filter that list of stocks down to the,most popular stocks you can also look at,dividend stocks growth stocks high,volatility stocks,low volatility speculative stocks or you,can simply browse,the full list of stocks which they have,on the platform however lets say you,wanted to be more of the passive,investor,they also have a number of etfs in which,you can invest into too,such as the ishares global clean energy,etf the vanguard s p 500 etf,or the ishares electric vehicles and,driving technology etf and many many,more,many of which ive mentioned on this,channel in the past so theres a whole,array of stocks in which you can invest,into and just to kind of give you guys,uh some insight into the some of the,stocks in which i have within my,investment portfolio,a lot of the stocks actually within it,right now are actually the accumulation,of free shares in which ive got from,you guys using the link down in the,description below which will give you,one free share on the platform,valued up to 100 pounds however you will,be able to see by looking at some of the,larger amounts within the portfolio is,where im more actively investing so,weve got the likes of amd,weve got amazon weve got apple,astrazeneca,facebook surprisingly i actually havent,invested a single share in general,electric myself however i still have,managed to accumulate,94 shares from you guys using the link,down in the description below along with,multiple other shares within this,portfolio tesla obviously being a,standout,which has now gone over a hundred,percent return on investment weve hit,the home run on that one and when you,scroll down right to the bottom you can,actually bring up,your full portfolio allocation which is,fantastic for those of you guys who,actually want to,rebalance your portfolio perhaps,quarterly or annually,because it gives you the percentage,breakdown of each of the stocks in which,you have and the overall weightings,within your investment portfolio now,obviously when youre looking on the app,and youre trying to do a little bit of,research in terms of the stocks in which,you want to invest into for the purpose,of this example lets just click on,apple because thats the one thats come,up,you can also see a lot more detail about,the company itself so when you click,into the company details,tab it will give you a little bit more,information about som

Can We Really Trust Trading 212?

so after months away in its finally,happened trading 212 are back open you,can register for the platform sign up,all of that but should you I mean lets,be honest the platforms reputation has,taken a huge hit after closing its doors,and failing to provide any real credible,explanation as to why I wasnt going to,make a video talking about this mainly,for two reasons number one I feel as,rough as toast at the minute Im,honestly dying of some aggressive lurgy,and number two I think instantly jumping,on the reopening of 212 can seem a,little bit transparent and come across,like you just trying to cash in on free,share incentives from your audience and,I didnt really want to do that I didnt,want it to come across in that way so I,was just going to leave it and not,really speak about it I said my piece in,the last video I made about this where I,speculated on their issues and gave my,thoughts on the lack of communication,and what seems to have been issues with,the way their business was structured,here in the UK from a regulatory,standpoint but in the last 24 to 48,hours Ive received about 15 to 20 DMS,messages comments asking me what do I,think about trading 212 and do I think,its safe for people to sign up does,this like thing that you hear on YouTube,that about four percent of the people,who watch your content actively engage,with it that means if I get a load of,messages about one topic I know that,probably hundreds potentially thousands,of people who are all wondering the same,thing so I think its worth me just,sitting here and giving a recap on what,I said before and kind of what my,opinions are on the 212 platform now so,yeah thats why Im sat here and thats,what were going to talk about today,lets just start with the big one what,the hell has been going on for the last,18 months why did one of the biggest,investing apps in the UK just stop,accepting new customers the public,excuse was that the GameStop event,remember that caused so many people to,flood to 212 they simply couldnt handle,the influx of new customers they then,had to shut the front door and it took,them nearly two years to figure out how,to open the thing again and while this,is just speculation and none of its,confirmed it quickly became apparent,that it probably wasnt a scalability,issue that was causing them to not,onboard new customers and there was,potential that it was more to do with,regulation you see trading 212 was,started in Bulgaria and as such they,operate a business from Europe and then,they have a separate legal entity here,in the UK again this is me just,speculating but maybe the FCA the UK,regulator looked at this UK entity and,said there wasnt a clear enough,distinction between it and the European,business and thus it didnt meet the,criteria to be regulated and authorized,by the financial conduct Authority if we,take a look at the filings for 212 UK we,can see that after closing the front,doors to new customers they brought in a,load of new people into the UK company,they literally put together a brand new,board of directors made up of uk-based,Highly experienced Finance Professionals,for example Philip Parsons was,officially appointed on the 2nd of,November and is the Chief Financial,Officer his background includes a senior,role at Vanguard or Gary Dixon who is,appointed as a non-exact director and,specializes in audit risk and compliance,I mean thats just two examples Ive,linked the filings below for you so you,can check out the others if you want but,it seems clear that 212 felt they needed,to bring a load of people into this UK,entity which maybe suggests that the FCA,did think that the UK arm wasnt defined,enough and needed its own team needed to,be ran as an individual T to comply with,the regulations here in this country,again just pure speculation from my past,I have to admit that closing your front,door so new customers is a really bad,look but lets say there was an issue,with the regulator the regulator said,you cant onboard new customers until,you sort this out whatever issue there,was has now clearly been sorted out,because they can open the front doors,again if its the case that 212 just got,so big that they caught the attention of,the regulator or the UK officially,leaving Europe meant the FCA came in and,said look were not happy with your,current structure we think that the UK,arm really represents a shell company,and everythings been run from your,European arm and what we want is a,clearly defined structure here in the UK,that we can regulate I think thats a,good thing for investors I think its,reassuring that the UK arm is now more,robust with its own management team that,are UK Finance Specialists I also think,its worth pointing out that no point to,trading 212 lose their ability to trade,here in the UK and existing customers,for existing customers the service,continued without skipping a beat there,was no issues for anyone that I already,had the app installed and were using it,on a day-to-day basis the biggest issue,I have with 212 is the communication,around the whole matter as the reason,enough were just too busy was also met,with like a radio Silence from them and,I completely understand why a lot of,people will be sat there going I just,dont trust them now because for me,communication is a real important,component of that trust but I also want,to offer an alternative perspective,based on an experience Ive had with 212,that people watching this wont have had,just some food for thought 212 are very,much guilty of a lack of proper and,transparent communication around this,issue but one thing two on two are not,guilty of is trying to control the,narrative and conversation around them,online on platforms like YouTube there,are loads of videos just speculating on,what is going on with trading 212. some,are more scathing than others some are,downright brutal but 212 as far as Im,aware never once tried to get any of,those videos removed or control that,narrative they let people sit there and,talk about the brand and you know,communicate and 212 is only failing in,that its not getting involved in that,conversation going actually this is,whats happening and this is why they,did that on their four room but not many,people use the Forum theyve got a,YouTube channel where nearly a million,people subscribed to it and they didnt,post a video for 18 months I mean its,just a bad look and they could have used,that platform and channel just to,address some of the concerns and put,peoples worries to bed but the main,point Im making is they didnt try and,control the narrative online lets,instead compare that to one of their,biggest competitors who I know for a,fact used our influence with YouTube to,pull videos that were critical about how,they were handling a promotional,incentive on their platform now if,misinformation has been spread on,YouTube I think a brand has every right,to ask for a video to be pulled and Im,not going to comment about what is,misinformation and what isnt with,certain aspects of these incentives with,other brands but I just know that one,company used that influence to pull,those videos off the platform whereas,trading 212 just sat there and let that,conversation happen now like I said I,cant comment on the videos of other,creators or what isnt misinformation or,not but what I can do is talk about my,own personal experience that Ive had,with 212 when communicating with them,Ill give you an example I made this,video about trading 212 in which I,speculated on their issues and was,critical about the way theyd handled,certain aspects of the closing of their,service I didnt want to just sit there,and spout a load of accusations without,any substance so I approached trading,212 and said this is the video Im going,to make these are the points Im going,to make what you think what you have to,say to that they came back to me with,comments thanking me for allowing them,to be involved and at no point did they,try to influence what I was going to say,in

Is Trading 212 still safe?

trading two on two blew up in 2020 as,the UKs fastest growing investment,broker this led to a lot of speculation,about the future and the safety of,trading 212 as an investment platform,not only that some of the similar,American Brokers have struggled during,2021 as investors have exited the market,and its meant that theres less fees,and trading available to make any money,off we overdid It On hiring and spending,the costs have gotten out of control if,you talk to investors and now I need to,know if trading 212 is having similar,issues because the evidence says it,should be my names Paul and in 2019 I,started investing with trading 212 and I,do my best to make myself feel safe that,trading 212 is taking care of my money,properly I try to do a deeper dive as I,can and then record it here to help me,make sense of it all I do the same due,diligence maybe even more were trading,212 that I do with my normal everyday,stocks and today I have their yearly,accounts and theres some good stuff,and some worrying stuff,[Music],the suckers going up Ive got to warn,you now that this could be a long one,theres a lot of stuff to go through,here so if you want to see the short,summary just go to this part of the,video and you can see my opinion and,whether Im keeping my money in trading,212. but first disclosure I do this,research because I want to make sure,that trading 212 is the right place for,my money I have my life savings invested,with trading 212 and other than that I,have no association with them whatsoever,the only money I sometimes get from,Trading 212 is from the free shares that,I get when somebody signs up through the,link in the description below its a,link that anyone can share with their,friends if you have a trading 212,account and if you get someone to sign,up to trading 212 through your link you,and them get a free share up to 100,pounds so if youre thinking about,signing up to trading 212 through this,video then please feel free to click the,link in the description below and get,your free share up to 100 pounds but Im,gonna warn you now that Im going to be,very honest about trading 212 in this,video and you should do your own due,diligence on your stock broker and,remember in investing you can always,lose money in all sorts of ways if were,clear lets get to the statements okay,so this is the trading 212 group limited,statements this is the overall holding,company of all of trading 212s entities,SO trading 212 has in this entity the,trading 212 UK limited company the,trading 212 limited company thats,registered in Bulgaria the trading 212,markets limited company registered in,Cyprus and Im actually gonna go have a,visit to this site sometime soon and see,if I can get in there and see if its,just a shell company Im pretty sure it,is and most of the companys assets are,moved through either the United Kingdom,or Bulgaria and of course theres,trading 212 Europe which is registered,in Germany that one of course is being,closed I think thats a tax thing its,also worth remembering that these dates,only go up to the 31st of December 2021.,unfortunately limited liability,companies in the UK do Post their,earnings about a year late thats,because its not a publicly traded,company but we do still get a lot of,information about trading 212 from these,accounts its also regulated by the FCA,so it has to include a little bit more,information I believe and we can see on,a year-on-year basis Revenue was 30,million in 2019 it was 124 million in,2020 and its grown again to 139 million,in 2021 so this company over the past,two years has grown quite significantly,and they State again profit after tax,has improved from 7 million to 10,million quite a small jump in comparison,to the 73 million of profit that they,gained in 2021. that I cant deny is,extremely positive they are both growing,on their revenue and their earnings that,is however in a great year theyve also,changed up their management team they,took on the new CEO monkey boundary in,2021 I think it was May and mucked,himself has added a CFO a new CFO and,also a new chief of operations who has,worked quite heavily with mucked in the,past so mockhead seems to be bringing,over a team that hes very well used to,which is largely a good thing I suppose,but I have no real information on how,good these guys perform because they are,quite small time managers as it were,much bigger than me obviously but I just,cant find too much information on them,in number five theyve also hired a lot,in the UK I think theyve grown to about,70 people this may be a good thing and a,bad thing we have to look ahead into,their accounts but considering the,layoffs that are going on in the tech,sector at the moment particularly in,Robin Hood and coinbase this could be,something that comes for trading 212 as,well and they could be letting some of,these people go they may have already,but considering theres only 70 people,in this small company and lets face it,most of them are customer service staff,who are batting off Wall Street better,whove lost all their money on cfd,Trading,its very possible that they will keep,most of these people on board trading,212 like every other company thats,issuing financial statements has to,outline their possible risks mainly for,the customer in this one but also to,their individual shareholders their,private shareholders it highlights that,its vetted big on mobile technology,where a lot of the other investment,companies in the UK havent quite gone,that way or indeed set up anything even,half as good and to be fair I support,that I think trading 212s user,interface is easily the best one out,there Ive tried hagers Lansdowne Ive,tried a little bit of free trade and,wasnt really into that but trading 212,to me has always been the easiest and,and the best one out there and perhaps,the most important risk especially to,retail Traders like me especially in a,downturn is the liquidity risk liquidity,risk is how quickly they can get your,money out and if theyre able to pay for,your shares to buy and sell them back to,keep my money safely FCA requires,trading 212 to keep my money in,segregated accounts that means its in,accounts that they cant get a hold of,and they cant get to the money and use,that for any debts or buying maybe some,houses in the Bahamas the accounts look,as expected nearly 139 million in,Revenue up from 124 million the final,profit for the year is nearly 73 million,and thats a massive jump again from 10,million theres obviously a lot of money,thats been saved here and we have to,look a little deeper into their accounts,to see how theyve just made this,massive jump in profit because it isnt,from the revenue theyve only made 14,million more Revenue so theyve,obviously made some Cuts somewhere in,here that has allowed them to make a,little bit more profit one thing I,didnt like about this and is a little,bit worrying is that trading 212 seems,to have taken on some debt they seem to,have taken on 7 million in debt in 2021.,trading 212 has usually and quite,famously told us that they have no debt,and that for any company any stock that,I would buy is a huge plus its very,hard to go bankrupt when youve got no,debt the question will be for what,reason have they taken on the debt how,long are they going to need it and can,they pay it off really as soon as they,can hopefully they wont need to take on,any more and we might get onto that in a,little while but this is the first olive,green flag its not quite green but its,also not quite a yellow flag its it is,debt lots of companies have debt and,its not that much debt especially in,comparison to how much theyre earning,its certainly nothing in comparison to,how much cash they have so Violet is a,bit of a worry that theyve taken on,debt maybe unnecessarily its still not,that bad because that gives me that,extra feeling of safety as a customer of,a small Finance Company training212 also,very nicely breaks down its expenses,staff costs have actually doubled from

Trading212 Stockbroker / ISA Platform Review 2022

hey guys so with trading two one two,sort of opening up to the world again i,thought id do a little review and,overview of the platform so if youre,looking for a new investment broker for,the year then certainly one to consider,if youre interested in signing up of,course there is a referral link in the,description below,you can sign up and get free share if,you use that link and ill get a free,share as well,um see what you get it might be might be,good might be not but yeah feel free to,use that link,they produce this little table here,which is sort of quite handy just for,comparing fees and that sort of thing,and so they put har griefs lands down,uh right here next to them i think,partly just to sort of make themselves,look good its a little bit flattering,to them uh so youve got like instant,orders,and free and unlimited of course uh,hargreaves lands down charge sort of,1195 a trade which,doesnt make them very competitive over,on the right hand side youve got free,trade which i guess is their sort of,main competitor,some of these figures are a little bit,out of date now free trade have sort of,made some some changes to the platform,that a lot of people arent particularly,happy with so its even,slightly worse than this um but yeah so,the icer is free with trading two one,two and sort of three pound i think its,five pound a month now with,uh free trade so theyve got that going,for them uh no markups on the spreads,thats,not really allowed in the uk,um,theyve put foreign exchange fees none,on this table i think its an old table,before the,fx fees were introduced so well come,back to that um stock selection is very,good uh sort of nearly up there with,hargreaves lands down really i think,theyve got over 10 000 no,um etfs as well very good,fractional shares uh you almost forget,that companies like hargreaves landstone,dont actually offer fractional shares,so,yeah you can buy sort of,small amounts of very expensive stocks,uh you had sort of,amazon and google for example were over,two thousand dollars uh before they did,their stock splits so if you wanted to,buy sort of,a couple hundred pound maybe of one of,those stocks it wasnt possible on sort,of platforms like hargreaves landstone,um but yeah trading 212 and free trade,uh only for the us ive always offered,sort of,fractional amounts of those shares which,is pretty good,and yeah they offer sort of a number of,markets that some of the others dont so,you can buy sort of,chair shares directly on the german and,french exchange and that sort of thing,so,thats quite good,um yeah and theyve got a web,application which uh free trade have no,sort of introduced as a premium feature,which seems a little bit strange,uh its not really a premium feature you,would have thought it would be there,from the beginning but yeah so thats,sort of a general comparison with some,of the competition,so just quick look at their home page,they sort of say they have 1.5 million,clients now which they have had for a,while because they shut down for a,little while due to overwhelming demand,uh three billion pounds in client assets,which is pretty good,uh the bigger brokers like sort of,hargreaves landstone i think have closer,to,50 billion pounds in assets so,trading 212 i guess are trying to take a,piece of that,which is fair enough uh pies well come,back to when i look uh inside the,platform,uh yeah invest as little as one pound on,fractional shares,and then yeah so just sort of say they,are fca,financial conduct authority regulated,and,fscs,financial services compensation scheme,uh protected up to 85 000 pounds so,thats for the,cash side of things and then,the,stocks are obviously held in uh client,segregated accounts and yeah that would,be a little bit different if anything,were to happen to them they sort of,backed up by,uh interactive brokers on the back end,its not quite as simple as you would,just get 85 000 pounds you would have to,probably,go back to interactive brokers,but,yeah thats the sort of protection side,and of course you can invest in a stocks,and shares isa which is the main thing,most people are going to want to do keep,yourself free from capital gains tax and,dividend tax and 24 7 support on a sort,of web chat service which is quite good,and so youve got the three platforms uh,sort of general investment accounts,stocks and shares isa and then probably,to be avoided by,most people is the cfd side so this is,contracts for difference,uh generally where sort of most people,end up losing their money uh trading as,they say with leverage,and sort of shorting stocks so betting,on stocks going down and that sort of,thing,uh this is the sort of the risky side,and,essentially uh this side sort of people,losing a lot of money and paying a lot,of fees is what keeps the invest and i,society so cheap and commission free so,some people will think theres a bit of,a,moral issue on that um but,its up to you really,just a quick look at some of the more,sort of specific fees so,uh youve got a,deposit fee and now when using credit,and debit cards so this is one to be,sort of avoided i would say by most,people you can deposit 2 000 pounds,worth,using sort of,credit or debit cards or google or apple,pay and then after that youll be,charged 0.7 percent on every transaction,so,would say sort of try and get into the,habit of doing a general sort of bank,transfer,its very good so if they do instant,bank transfers up to,sort of a limit generally with your bank,or sort of general bank transfers which,can sort of take you know an hour or two,or so up to a day obviously if youre,doing it on,on a weekend for example um but,yeah if you can put up with that sort of,time delay then its always best to be,doing a general bank transfer to,avoid these fees,so your isis subscription limit,obviously is 20 000 pounds per year same,as any other icer which is good,and youve got the currency conversion,charge which is new uh also,called an fx fee or a foreign exchange,charge if you see it on,other platforms uh you wont often see,it on other platforms they do tend to,sort of hide it a little um but 0.15,of a trade of a foreign stock for,example so if you buy any,uh uk stock youre not going to pay this,but any sort of us stocks that youre,buying,youll pay 0.15 percent of the,trade amount,when you buy and sell so this is amongst,the lowest,in the industry free trades is 0.45,i dont know if they,show that on the table here yes this was,sort of,no fx fee but hargreaves landstone is,one percent,and yeah i think some of the other,brokers are generally more,nobody is,currently as cheap as uh trading two on,two except uh interactive brokers which,do charge a very low fee,but they have sort of trading fees and,so its not commission free for the,majority of stocks so,overall i would still say trading 212 is,the sort of best value on fees no,commission charges at all as they say,and so thats pretty good,and so then lets have a look around the,platform itself so,you can have it in light and dark mode,just as a sort of,a quick look i tend to have it in dark,mode,but youve got the sort of,account value up the top this is me sort,of logged into my isa,they give you a nice sort of quick view,of any sort of free cash that youve got,available and your,portfolio value and they sort of put,that in a,little pie chart,they show you how much of the icer of,this year that youve used so,youve got out of 20 000 pounds for the,year ive currently used 3,300 pounds so itll give you just sort,of a little,progress bar and how much youve got,until so 6th of april 2023,for this year,so thats pretty good and you have your,current sort of portfolio value,on a little graph you can still see,from various uh different time frames,you can see the,invested amount here so if you can scrub,back over,various points in time and itll tell,you how much you had invested at that,point and sort of the,current return um obviously a lot of,this is down with the,uh poor sort of stock performance over,the la

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