1. 5kfunds review – is it legit way to get a loan for bad credit score or scam? *Important information
  2. $5,000. Loan for Bad Credit – Minimum 500 Credit Score!
  3. Financial Literacy | $50,000 PENFED Personal Loan in 48 Hrs! Bad Credit OK NO PROOF OF INCOME!
  4. Up to $4500 Bad Credit Loan | Personal Loans for NO CREDIT (or BAD CREDIT) | No consigner required
  5. Up to $36,000 Bad Credit Loan | Personal Loans for NO CREDIT (or BAD CREDIT) | No consigner required
  6. No Credit Check Loan Up to $10,000 Instant Approval Same Day Funding!
  7. $15,000 Personal Loan In 24Hrs! No Hard Pull Pre-Approval!

5kfunds review – is it legit way to get a loan for bad credit score or scam? *Important information

hey guys welcome to my youtube channel,im scam advisor im making a video,about different websites im checking,them and finding whether theyre legit,of us are they not and todays video is,about the website called,5kfunds.com lets figure out whether,this website is good for getting loans,or its a bad choice,so i already checked this website and i,can tell you that this website is pretty,old it has been working since 2015,but it doesnt mean that this website is,good for getting a loan,because i already tried to apply for a,loan on this website,and when i was applying for a loan this,website,asked lots of very personal information,for example it asked me my social,security number,also this website asked me my bank,information,and what is the weirdest part is when i,put all this information,of course i put some fake information on,this website but when i put,information on this website it shows me,that,my request is processing and after that,i simply got to another website to,uploads.com,so basically all these information that,i put on this website it doesnt matter,because,eventually i got to the real lender,that requires to put this information,again and what is,very important is that if you scroll,down to the bottom of this website,youll see the reminders it says at,5kfunds.com is not an,offer or solicitation to lend and that,the website only provides a service as,and is not an agent or representative or,broker of any lender,also it is very important that it says,that the website collects,personal information provided by you and,forwards it,to partners in our lender network and,also what is important is that it says,that,by submitting your request you,acknowledge agree,and asterise that your information may,be sent to lenders,and or third-party partners on your,behalf so basically this website,is legit because it doesnt promise you,that you will get,a loan uh when you apply on this website,uh what is even worse is that this,website promise you that you will,receive some messages phone calls,voicemails from different,lenders if you apply with this website,so if you apply with this website,you most likely will receive lots of,spam from different lenders,and also you will give up your some,vital information to this website so in,my opinion,it doesnt look like a good idea to,apply with this website,its much better to find some real,lender,and apply there but not on 5k,funds because its not the first,websites that i see,that works like that it just collects,personal data,and promises nothing please write in the,comments whether you,used 5k funds.com how you found this,website,and what was your experience with it,anyways thanks a lot for watching this,video till the end i hope that they,helped you in some way,i wish you a great day and goodbye to,you

$5,000. Loan for Bad Credit – Minimum 500 Credit Score!

whats going on youtube welcome back to,another edition of currency counts where,i cover all things money from how to,save money make more money side hustles,and everything in between in todays,video im gonna cover a bad credit,lending product thats loaning up to,five thousand dollars in personal loans,yes you heard that right with this,product you dont need perfect credit,you dont even need good or fair credit,this company is lending up to five,thousand dollars for people with bad,credit and best of all theres no hard,pull on your credit report lets check,it out,so before i begin i notice a lot of,people are dropping off the video once i,tell you what the product is so im,gonna wait to the end of the video to,tell you what were actually covering,just kidding im not gonna do that but,id actually like you to watch the video,because i go over terms and things that,youre actually going to want to know,about the product before applying watch,the whole video its free so the product,were reviewing today is called credit,ninja and credit ninja lands 300 to 5,000 for people with bad credit the best,part of all is that they dont go off,for your fico score credit ninja goes,off of another credit scoring system,called clarity and with clarity they go,off a bunch of different factors not,just your fico credit score so youre,more likely to get qualified for this,loan with bad credit so im here at,their website creditninja.com so right,off the bat on top where it says,personal loans you would think theyd be,three different types of products,personal loan bad credit loan and online,installment loan but if i click on bad,credit loan it doesnt really give me,anything all its telling me are the,different types of loans but not saying,that these guys actually fund these,types of loans so you cant pick a,personal loan a bad credit loan or an,online installment loan they only offer,one credit product a personal loan if,you go up top to where it says apply now,this is where youre gonna actually,apply all you need to apply,is youre gonna create an account enter,some information theyre going to give,you your funding amount and your rate,once you accept now theyre going to run,a hard pull on your credit report after,you accept it from there youre going to,get funded in as little as one business,day so i will make the statement that,this loan,is for emergency money nothing else but,emergency money this is for something,that youre going to need to pay off,quick you need that quick cash because,the apr is going to be pretty high on,this since they do qualify people with,bad credit alright so lets get into,some of the fees of this loan first,glance i was excited at presenting this,product because it was offering loans to,people with bad credit but now that i,see the apr it kind of took the wind out,of my cell lets check this out the aprs,are starting,at 199,i dont even think thats legal is that,legal personal loan interest rates,typically range from 5 to 36,on top of all that theres a five,percent origination fee which means if,you get approved for a two thousand,dollar loan youre going to get hit with,a hundred dollar fee just for taking out,that money a 12 to 18 month loan term,and 199,to a,349 percent apr yes not 1.99 no 199,to,349 percent obviously its going to,depend on your state different states,have different caps on interest rates,but theyre going to give you that high,end of the spectrum so all you need to,qualify for this loan is be at least 19,years of age yes 19 not 18,a credit score of at least 500 a bank,account proof of income and your driver,license and thats it okay so quick cash,easy approval bad credit this is it but,if youre looking for a longer term loan,this is not it if youre looking for,something with a high credit limit this,is not it this is emergency money only,thats it thats all you want to use,this loan for all right so there it is i,hope this video helped you out dont,forget to check out all my other credit,product reviews but hold on dont go yet,if you want to make 75 dollars by,opening up a check account all you have,to do is click the link in my,description sign up for chime and once,you make a deposit totaling 400 youll,receive 75 into your account absolutely,free for doing nothing else but,depositing money into your account so,click the link in the description right,now thanks for watching check on the,next one,[Music]

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Financial Literacy | $50,000 PENFED Personal Loan in 48 Hrs! Bad Credit OK NO PROOF OF INCOME!

welcome back to the channel ladies and,gentlemen so in this video were going,to talk about how you can get a 50 000,personal loan and how you can get,approved without having to show any,proof of income were also going to talk,about the requirements in what credit,bureaus they actually check for you to,actually get approved for this loan also,if you want to see more videos like this,about personal credit,business credit and business grants,make sure that you subscribe to this,channel hit the bell icon to receive,notifications on when i release new,videos also,if you find this video valuable make,sure that you go ahead and like this,video comment down below if you have any,questions also if you would like to,learn how to get as much funding for,your business as possible i have a,webinar here that you can watch to learn,more about business credit and business,funding how to get money for your,business even if you are a startup go,ahead and check this out after the video,link will be in the description and in,the pinned comments,okay so you can get approved for this,particular personal loan if you are a,pin fed credit union member if you are,not a,member of pin fed you want to definitely,go ahead and apply,they may pull your credit it may be a,soft pool in order for you to get,approved for their membership now when,it comes to this particular personal,loan,they are checking experian and it is,going to be a soft pull it will not be a,hard pull so you dont have to risk,getting a hard inquiry on your credit,report because if you do have too many,hard inquiries on your credit report you,can be denied for loans lines of credit,and things like that,if you have too many hard inquiries even,if you have a,high credit score,banks will deny you and financial,institutions will deny you if you have,way too much,inquiries because it makes you look like,youre desperate to get funding or,desperate to get credit so this,particular loan starts off at a 4.99,apr,now you can use this loan for debt,consolidation home improvement,transportation,medical and dental expenses as well as,life events like if you need to pay for,a wedding,so on and so forth so their terms do go,up to 60 months,the loan goes up to fifty thousand,dollars,you can pay this off early,there is no origination fee there is no,hidden fees and a big thing is you can,also get this loan without having to,show proof of income they go off of,stated,income so you can go ahead and apply for,this loan,and also,be able to not show proof of income they,will be checking experian and theyll be,doing a soft pull so you really dont,have anything to risk if you feel like,you can qualify for this loan so once,you do that you can select from,pre-approved offers you will not have to,wait very long to get the the loan if,you are approved you should be able to,receive a direct deposit of the funds,within 48 hours so now when it comes to,your credit score i would recommend that,you have at least a 650 now anything,under a,700 credit score usually is considered,from fair to bad credit now also keep in,mind just because you have a 650 does,not mean that you will get approved so,say for instance you have between a 650,and a,689 credit score and youre looking to,get,50 000,this is pretty much showing you,what your payments and your,estimated annual,apr would be,so if you stretch this out to 60 months,youll be looking at,at least an eleven hundred dollar per,month payments on a fifty thousand,dollar loan so thats something to keep,in mind if you are,under a seven hundred credit score this,is what your payments could look like,now again,this is an estimate it is not guaranteed,that you will get this type of,payment range and this type of,annual apr,you can kind of play around with this,calculator to get an estimate so if you,had between a 690 and a 759,you could possibly lower,the payments would be possibly a hundred,dollars per month less and thats what,the fifty thousand dollar loan as well,as a,payment term of 60 months,and then,if you have over a 760,up to an 850,this is an estimate of what your,payments would look like,so again you can check your rate without,affecting your score they will do a soft,pull also these personal loans are,unsecured you do not have to submit any,type of collateral or anything,for these personal loans they have,stated that in the faqs right here,so you dont need to put up any type of,collateral like your house or your car,to secure the loan,there are no application fees,and in order to apply for this loan you,do not have to actually be a member to,apply but you will,need to become a member,if you are approved for the loan and you,want to accept the loan and from my,understanding anyone can actually apply,and become a member of pin fed credit,union so all you have to do was,would be to go to join now and you can,join within three easy steps so it says,right here that anyone can become a,member is open to everyone so in order,to become a member all you need to do is,have five dollars for an initial deposit,for your savings account you can open up,a checking account if you want to but,you at least need to have a savings,account with them it is worth actually,signing up with them because theyre one,of the top actually i think they may be,the second largest,credit union in the united states they,also have a lot of benefits that they,offer they have great loan products and,stuff like that so,it is worth going ahead and signing up,with them and here is some of the,discounts that they offer if you were to,get a car through them they offer,gap insurance mechanical breakdown,protection they have a car buying,service you get discounts,with different,insurance companies auto insurance,companies you get car rental discounts,when it comes to your finances you get,discounts on different software like h r,block software or actually theyre in,office tax prep and then the turbo tax,software you get a discount with that as,well so they have a lot of different,discounts that they offer through their,membership,so,if you found this video valuable,make sure that you like this video,subscribe to this channel hit the bell i,kind of receive notifications on when i,release new videos,also,make sure that you comment down below if,you have any questions thank you and i,will see you in the next video,you

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Up to $4500 Bad Credit Loan | Personal Loans for NO CREDIT (or BAD CREDIT) | No consigner required

whats going on youtube welcome back to,another edition of currency counts where,i cover all things money,from how to save money make more money,and everything in between,now one of my goals of this channel is,to provide information to people with,bad credit,and help them make the right decision,into a better financial situation,along with showing you the best bad,credit products to boost your credit,score,i also cover bad credit products that,you might want to stay away from,this being one of them,[Music],now the product were going to be,talking about today is called elastic by,republic bank,and what elastic is its kind of like,a payday loan its kind of in that same,family its not a credit card,its not a bad credit credit card its,not an actual payday loan because you,dont have to show,a proof of employment the only thing you,do need to be qualified for this card is,the active checking account,now the credit limit is going to be from,500 to 4 500,and if and when approved you can have,funds deposited in as little as one day,so lets go over a little bit of how,this actually works so you apply for the,credit line,lets say youre approved for a thousand,dollars you have that thousand dollar,credit line but youre not going to get,that whole thousand deposited into your,account,you can request a whole thousand or you,can request,500 100 900 up to your max credit limit,so lets do a little bit of an example,here if we,applied and got approved for a thousand,dollars were gonna go to a thousand,dollars here,were gonna have a five percent cash,advance fee,and were gonna get 950 deposited into,our checking account thats gonna be,bi-weekly were gonna go semi-monthly it,doesnt change but if you request,to make that payment monthly look at,what happens it goes up to a 10,cash advance fee which would be a,hundred dollars and you would receive,900 so lets check out whats really,going on here so you borrowed a thousand,dollars and youre paying every month,your first payment is going to be 170,right here so your carried balance fee,is going to be,70 they dont call this interest they,call it a fee,but what it is is actual interest youre,paying 170 dollars and,only a hundred dollars is going toward,your principal,so every month or 10 payments you got 70,70 it starts going down here 50,50 30 so your fee would be,350 plus your 100,fee over here for your cash advance fee,so youd end up paying,one thousand three hundred and fifty,dollars and remember you didnt get that,four thousand you got nine hundred,so youre paying four hundred and fifty,dollars in fees,for that thousand dollars that you,borrowed so lets say you got approved,for,forty five hundred dollars this is where,it really takes the cake,so for forty five hundred dollars,theyre gonna charge you,450 in fees,right here just to take out your money,look at that carried balance fee thats,crazy high,and your total number of payments or the,total dollar amount of payments is six,thousand,one hundred and ten dollars which is,huge,thats like two grand youre paying in,interest right there or fees rather,so i understand sometimes people get in,situations to where they need quick cash,but i wouldnt go with something like,this this is an alternative to a payday,loan which you dont have to verify your,employment,but its still in that payday loan,family to where,theyre just charging you ridiculous,amounts of interest so just to recap,anybody with any credit situation can,qualify,for this loan maybe you wont qualify if,youve defaulted on a previous payday,loan but for the most part youre going,to qualify for the loan,you get a credit limit of 500 up to 4,500,they do report to experian you can get,your funding in as little as 24 hours,besides that id probably look for a,different alternative to quick cash,so thats all i have for this video i,wanted to make it short and sweet,thanks for watching if you havent,already please consider subscribing,dont forget to check out,currencycounts.com for more information,on rebuilding your credit how to make,extra money side hustles and everything,in between,thanks for watching check on the next,[Music],one

Up to $36,000 Bad Credit Loan | Personal Loans for NO CREDIT (or BAD CREDIT) | No consigner required

whats going on youtube welcome back to,another edition of currency accounts,where i cover all things money from how,to save money make more money side,hustles and everything in between now in,todays video im going to cover a,personal loan that you can receive up to,35 000 even with bad credit and best of,all its instant approval so lets get,right into it,this channel is all about getting out of,debt staying out of debt and setting,yourself up for a good financial future,but understanding sometimes we need,quick cash we need to pay our bills i,want you to be informed up to what,youre actually going to be paying if,youre going to be taking out loans like,this anyway the product were going to,be talking about today is called lending,point and lending point offers loans,from two thousand to thirty six thousand,five hundred dollars now right off the,bat im going to tell you the apr is,going to be pretty high because they do,qualify people with bad credit these are,not im going to make my life better,loans or i want to do some renovations,on my house loans these are i need quick,money now to pay my bill loans so,whatever you can do to avoid a loan like,this please do it but if youre going to,do it anyway might as well know the,numbers might as well know the terms of,what youre actually going to be paying,lending point has an apr of 9.9 percent,to 35.9 percent and terms from 24 months,to 60 months you can borrow 2 000 up to,36 500 this loan has an easy,qualification process youre going to,check your rate youre going to enter,all your information once you finish,your application theyre going to send,you instant approval best of all when,you submit your application theyre,going to do a soft pull and then with,that soft pull its not going to go on,your credit report so theyre going to,give you terms theyre going to tell you,you qualify for a thousand you qualify,for 36 000 whatever it is once you,accept those terms theyre gonna make a,hard pull on your credit report and that,will show on your credit once you accept,the terms of the loan an account,specialist will call you and ask you for,some additional information you have to,submit your id you have to submit your,bank statements and your check stubs,once thats done and you get final,approval youll have funds deposited,into your checking account in one,business day and the actual lender of,this loan is going to be finwise bank or,first electronic bank both are utah,chartered banks whenever you see utah,chartered banks you might want to think,twice or take it with a grain of salt,because,banks chartered in utah usually have,looser regulations so they can charge,more in apr so what do you need to,qualify for this loan you need a credit,score of at least 580 at least 20 000 in,annual income and a debt-to-income ratio,of less than 40 what that means is if,you have an annual income of twenty,thousand dollars you cant have more,than eight thousand dollars worth of,debt one thing to know is that there,might be an origination fee of zero to,six percent depending on what state,youre in so for example if you get,qualified for ten thousand dollars there,possibly can be an origination fee of,six hundred dollars whats that fee for,well just for taking off the loan so now,you know why having good credit is so,important you think people with good,credit over 700 get origination fees of,600 well maybe if youre buying a house,right but not for a personal loan or not,for a credit card thats right there,seesawing on predatory allegedly,allegedly predatory 600 origination fee,if you go to 36 500 just imagine what,that origination fee would be on that,one thing id say thats okay about this,loan is that its not auto draft they,dont automatically pull it from your,checking account you actually have to go,into your account and make payment,either through the app through the phone,or through your account online they do,report to two of the three major credit,bureaus which is experian and transunion,another thing thats okay about this,loan is that you can request up to 14,days of delayed payments with no fees,also you can request loan modifications,throughout the life of the loan for,example if youre about halfway done,with the loan and you want to lower your,payment you could extend your payment,date maybe another six months another,year and thatll lower your payment but,you also got to remember if you do that,youre going to end up paying more in,interest in the end of the loan so lets,go here to this very fine print at the,bottom here and were going to show you,what youre actually going to be paying,for this loan so a 10 000 loan,for a period of 48 months at 23.72 apr,and an origination fee of six percent,will have a payment of 324.48 per month,see right here theyre not even telling,you what youre actually going to be,paying theyre just telling you your,payment so thats one of the tactics a,lot of these companies use they want you,to look at the payment of what youre,going to be paying per month but they,dont want you to look at the terms they,dont want you to look at how much,youre actually going to spend,throughout the life of the loan so lets,go through another example here a three,year term at 36 months at 23.4 percent,with the loan amount of 15 000,would be a monthly payment of 584,dollars and you might be saying wow 584,bucks for 15 gs not bad at the end of,the loan youre gonna pay,six thousand,twenty four dollars in interest and,thats not even including if you modify,the terms of your loan so if you want to,lower that payment after a year and a,half two years you can do that but,youre gonna end up paying more in,interest so right here this ten thousand,dollar loan for 48 months which is four,years youre paying,324 dollars and 48 cents but how much,are you actually paying youre probably,gonna end up paying another six grand in,interest or five somewhere around there,just in interest thats thats,ridiculous again thats why you need to,have good credit ask yourself what can,you do with six thousand dollars besides,give it to the bank so what else can i,say about this loan product here we,pretty much covered all the bases 580,credit score 20 000 in annual income,debt to income of less than 40 percent,you get funded 2gs to 36 500 terms of 24,to 60 months,so again if you can avoid a loan like,this please avoid it but if you need,quick money,instant approval right here the only,thing is youre gonna have to actually,talk to somebody after you submit your,initial application and youre approved,theyre gonna give you a call submit,that extra information you need and,youre done so let me know what you,think of this video this is my third,video of these bad credit personal loans,im really not sure if i should continue,with them because i believe im,promoting them and thats not what im,trying to do im just trying to give you,options or show you different options,that are out there and show you what,youre actually going to be paying for,these loans again if you can avoid it,avoid it at all cost but these are the,options that are out there people are,going to do what they need to do so let,me know what you think check you on the,next one,[Music],you

No Credit Check Loan Up to $10,000 Instant Approval Same Day Funding!

welcome back to the channel ladies and,gentlemen in this video im going to,talk to you about a,personal loan that you can get up to ten,thousand dollars and you wont have to,actually have any hard,credit checks on your credit to get,pre-approved so were going to talk,about the application process,and what you can do to get approve what,documents they,that they need so you definitely want to,watch this entire video from start to,finish because this,is going to be a video that could really,help you out if you need,a loan right now to help build credit or,if you need a loan,for emergency purposes or something like,that you definitely want to watch this,video and also as a special bonus,im going to be giving you some,information,about how you can get another line of,credit to,help build your credits and its another,instant approval line of credit that you,can get,approved for within minutes its going,to be with a,application that you can download on,your phone so you definitely want to,watch this entire video,to get all of this information and also,if youre not subscribed make sure that,you subscribe to this channel and hit,the bell icon,to receive notifications on when i drop,new videos because i do drop videos,frequently throughout the week,on personal credit business credit and,ways to make money online,and also if you find this video valuable,make sure that you hit that like button,so this particular company is called,opera turn,this company provides affordable and,quick personal loans,and you can get approved for a loan even,if you have,bad credit so so you can get approved,for,this loan within minutes and they also,do,same day funding i believe if its,if youre applying monday through friday,you can get money,within a couple of hours so if you need,a loan and have a limited,credit history or even have no credit at,all,theyre here to help theyre going to,let you know if you qualify for a,personal,or secured personal loan within minutes,so you get a pre-qualification without,doing a hard credit check,its not going to affect your fico score,whatsoever,so its a alternative to payday loans,and title loans you can get a loan from,300 which is the minimum all the way up,to,10 000 dollars and their aprs are capped,at 36,which is kind of high but the higher,the interest rates are the lower the,credit score so if you have a low credit,then youre going to probably get a very,high interest rate but,this can be something that you can use,to help build up your credits,so that you can get better loans in the,future,so again you can get qualified within a,couple of minutes,theyre here to help you establish your,credit and you dont have to pay back,the loan,within weeks like payday loans you can,pay back the loan,in monthly payments also lets talk a,little bit,about the secured loans because if,they are not able to approve you for a,unsecured loan they also have secured,personal loans,and thats going to allow you to use,your car as collateral,and that is pretty much like a title,loan i believe,and you have to own your car you cant,be making any payments on your car,it cant be financed so it has to be,paid off in order to use,your car as collateral i believe okay so,lets talk about,what you actually need to have in order,to get approved so you need to have,your id proof of income proof of address,and four references for your application,so thats for the regular personal loans,for the secured,personal loan youll need the vehicle,title registration,drivers license and some pictures of,your car,also um they offer some credit cards as,well,if you want to check that out i am,leaving a link down in the description,below this video so do do offer credit,cards,a visa card thats going to help you,establish,credit so i believe this is only,available to a certain,amount of people if you get an offer for,this credit card you also can apply,for this as well now as far as,applying for the personal loan goes,youre going to need to,lets go back to this main page youre,gonna need to put in your zip code and,click on get started,its gonna take you to this page you can,select what you want to,apply for so the personal loan or the,credit card and they do have auto loans,as well,put in your zip code im not sure why,they asked you to do that twice,you can actually do it on that page or,you can click get started up here,but its going to take you to this page,either way so youre going to,just click on go or you can call,them if you want more information if you,have any questions about the personal,loan,you can call them for any one of these,loans if you have any additional,questions but if you just want to apply,youre going to click on go,okay so this is how youre going to,check to see if youre pre-qualified is,going to take you to,this page here youre going to,select no for this question and youre,going to be able to go,to this page thats going to ask you,general information about yourself your,finances,and your income and then youre gonna,get pre-qualified so once you do that,youre going to,also create your account and,everythings going to be saved,so that you can have access to your,pre-qualification and then,youll be able to apply for their other,products if you want to,so thats pretty much it for op return,theyre pretty much,straight forward again you can get up to,ten thousand dollars,its no hard credit check on your um,credit,its not going to affect your fico score,whatsoever to see what youre going to,be able to get qualified for now after,that you will probably have a hard,credit check once you accept the loan,and go,through everything else now as a bonus i,am going to show you,another website now this is for iphone,users,this particular app is going to help you,build credit and its,no uh credit check really is based upon,your cash flow and based upon the amount,of money that youre earning,theyre going to be looking at your bank,to see how much money is coming,in and theyre going to give you a line,of credit,based upon that so if you are,apple user youre going to be able to,sign up for this by going to the app,store and searching for grain or you can,just go on your,computer or on your phone type in,trygrain.com,and click on this button to download the,app,if youre on android youre gonna have,to join the waiting list because its,not available as of yet,so this is how it works youre gonna,sync your current debit card and use,grain,as you would use a credit card grain is,going to analyze your income and,instantly offer you a revolving line of,credit,so youll be able to get an answer,within minutes of connecting your bank,account,and they analyze everything theyre,going to be able to give you a line of,credit i believe the highest,line of credit is a thousand dollars so,theyre basically going to give you,a cash advance based upon your,income and youll just pay back whatever,you use,the next month or within a month its,also recommended that you pay it,earlier than that because they do have,interest so this is just another,alternative to get some funding to get,some extra,credit to help you build up your,personal credit,if you have bad credit and youll be,able to get,12 apr if you have auto payments set,up so if you connect your bank account,and you set up auto pay,for them to automatically draft whatever,you use from the line of,out of your account youre going to get,a 12 apr,so definitely try grain if you would,like,to get another line of credit instantly,within a couple of minutes,to help again build your credit up the,link is going to be down in the,description if you enjoyed this video,please make sure that you like this,video,subscribe to this channel hit the bell,icon to receive notifications make sure,that you hit that all notifications,section once you hit that bell,so that you can get all of the,notifications for all of the videos that,i release,so that you dont miss out on any,information,thank you and i will see you in the next,video

$15,000 Personal Loan In 24Hrs! No Hard Pull Pre-Approval!

hello everyone i hope you guys are doing,well,i wanted to bring you some information,on how you can get,a 15 000,loan within 24 hours with,a company by the name of personify fan,financial um if you are,interested in this kind of content on,credit uh how to improve your credit,loans and credit cards offers please,consider,subscribing to my youtube channel make,sure you get,this video a thumbs up and also turn on,your notifications,so you can get the notification anytime,i upload,content just like this so im bringing,you guys,information on some loans because i have,a lot of people reaching out to me,because um,you know in this financial climate,people have been laid off in the past,and,just starting to get their bearings and,they need,a source of uh actual,aid just to help them pay their bills,to get them through this tight spot so,this company,is not solely looking at your credit,they consider your income and you,need very minimal requirements,for this loan that you can receive,within,24 hours all you will need is a source,of,income a checking account and,a few details about yourself,now this company is,not only based on making decisions off,of,a algorithm their whole approach,is more of a human approach to lending,they take consideration of different,variables,to actually give you more approvals,so um one thing that you will know,about this company uh your fees,is dictated in uh with the state,that you live in and your terms and,conditions,are also dictated by the state,that you live in so,uh not all states,are able to actually,use this company so you will,need to know um if your state,is eligible for a state that they are,licensed to lend in in order to find out,you will go to the state uh information,by state,prompt and select your state um there,are some states,that they clearly do not offer this loan,in,one of them is california uh new york,new jersey just to name a few,so you want to make sure you,select your state so you understand what,the terms,and conditions are for this loan,but one of the great uh things about,this loan,you can get pre-qualified for the loan,without a hard,inquiry pull now that,is a pre-qualification let me repeat,again,its a pre-qualification,and what would happen is,you can be pre-qualified,but if you accept the terms and,conditions and you,review the loan and you are interested,and move forward to move forward with,the loan,they will do a hard pull so,keep that in mind now in order to apply,you will click on the apply button,and it will take you to the,application you will have to,enter in your full legal name,also your email address and your zip,code,this enter in your pre-qualification,code,is only if you have one if you dont,have one,you make sure you check the box that you,dont have one,and this will not pre uh prohibit you,from moving forward also keep in mind,you want to use an email that you have,access to many people um,have email addresses that they currently,cant get into,you want to make sure for this next step,that you can get to your email because,theyre gonna send you a confirmation,so at this point you will put in your,information,and also this email address that you,enter here,is where theyre gonna send you the,approval,and many of them is same-day approvals,on the day that you apply and it said,you can get your funds sent to you in,one,business day now the next step,once you get that email,confirmation you want to make sure,that you go through the next,step the next step is to check your,email,and you will hit the link and you will,come,here and you will have to make sure you,enter in your information uh,you have to enter your first name and,last name,and also your zip code information,your residency type whether you own a,rent,your primary phone number and your date,of birth,and your social security number in order,to,get pre-qualified so if,you are a person in a tight you need to,be able to get this loan you want to,make sure,that you go forward and,find out what the terms and conditions,is,and to make sure that you read the,information,many times when you get personal,installment loans,keep in mind most likely youre going to,pay,a higher uh interest rate in order to,really qualify for that loan i will,put the details and the link,in the description of this video so stay,tuned,i will be bringing you more content,like this so those that are in a tight,or those who simply are looking for,a personal loan either to,pay some additional bills pay off credit,card,bills or planning on to,invest that money that personal loan,make sure,you read the terms and conditions also,if you like to,go to my website we also will leave,that link in the description where we do,offer credit letters and packages,we are offering a free heart,inquiry removal package for absolutely,free,at our webs website so make sure,that you check it out in the link below,and i will,be talking to you soon bringing you more,content,enjoy the rest of your day

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