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The Truth about 72 Sold & Getting MORE…

youve seen their 1 million commercials,on tv and radio and online now learn the,truth about 72 sold,[Music],if youve watched tv or any sporting,event or listened on the radio to any,channel or gone online where they to a,service that shows ads im sure youve,seen ads for 72 sold,theyre a local brokerage here in,arizona and theyre just like any other,brokerage but they,use what they call a revolutionary new,model for selling homes and its been,very successful for them and theyve,done a great job of marketing even my 16,year old son,recites their ads back to me when he,sees their billboards so,but i wanted to take a minute and,explain,what their system is,and ive had a lot of people ask me as,is this a good alternative or whats the,deal with what 72 sold is doing so lets,jump into it and ill explain what the,what it is theyre doing the 72 sold,model is this,they are going to put market your,property for 72 hours and then youll,have an opportunity to review any offers,that you have seen at the end of that,period they typically list a property on,wednesday or thursday and,they schedule an open house on saturday,for,any interested buyers to come and take a,look at your property,this is a good approach because it,limits the amount of time that you as a,seller are going to have to have your,home ready for potential visitors,it also,you know exactly when those people are,going to come theres no surprise calls,for hey,a buyer wants to come show your home and,they can be there in 15 minutes so,there it eliminates that uncertainty of,when the showings are going to be it,also brings all of the buyers together,in one window of time so that they can,see how many other buyers theyre,competing against in a hopes and hope,that,theyre going to bid higher because of,that frenzy that auction type mentality,of hey we want this house and we we know,all theres all this competition we have,to bid higher,there are also some downsides to this um,when you show up to that busy open house,um ive had buyers that were intimidated,by that and,they,ive had a couple that pulled up we saw,the competition and theyre like you,know what we cant compete with this um,so,it,by pushing everyone into one showing,window it can scare off some buyers,so youre,may in turn end up with limited less,offers than you would normally get with,a traditional showing approach,another aspect is,if a potential buyer is not available,during that one hour or one and a half,hour,showing open house window on a saturday,then they miss out and are not going to,have an opportunity to see the home and,potentially make an offer,if thats the case then as a seller,youre not,your property isnt available to the,full market of buyers so,someone that could be offering more than,what youre getting from the people that,do come in that small window,you may be missing out so theres pros,and cons to this for sure,and honestly this is not a,an approach that,is only unique to them,ive used this approach myself and weve,been doing it for quite a while actually,and this is a great approach during a,sellers market,the other thing to consider about 72,sold is,the nature of their advertising,im sure youve seen the commercials,with all the different sellers that have,used them talking about how they got,more well,if you really pay attention to their ads,theyre pretty vague and,saying that you can get more,well you can only sell a house one time,so,its hard to say if you would get more,by using one particular agent or another,it,and honestly theyve been probably the,biggest benefactor of our sellers,market since the beginning of the,pandemic,every home is getting strong demand and,its not just their model that is,creating this strong demand for sellers,so,every home that is listed now that is,not crazy overpriced or has huge,problems is getting,lots of interest and multiple offers,most likely so,there is an argument that maybe,this isnt a unique situation to them so,it will be interesting to see when we,get back to a more traditional market if,we ever do,how it will impact this,three days on the market and then review,offers model plays out,im not here to bash 72 sold ive had,several clients ask me about them and i,wanted to take an opportunity to share,what i know about what they do and how,its really not that different than,the rest of us seasoned agents are,approaching this current sellers market,and how were getting our clients home,sold and getting them top dollar as well,if you have any questions about,selling your home and what i might do,for you or potentially using 72 sold,reach out to me and we can have a,conversation about what that looks like,for you,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],you

72 SOLD (simple) Listing Tips

[Music],the trying meets with 72 sold in this,video im going to give you four tips to,sell your home for more money and these,are tips that ive learned taking my,buyers out to different homes and also,going into my listing consultations,this is getting way too long lets just,get to it number one make sure you have,a clean door when your buyers walk in,now when your buyers come in thats the,first thing that theyre going to see of,course theyre going to see the,landscape of the home and im sure,youve seen a million videos on curb,appeal but its really important make,sure that the door itself that the,handle works that its not all janky,that um theres not chips in the wood or,chips in the door or just black marks on,the door and this happens to everybody,you know you kick a door you just leave,that mark for a while and you dont,clean it so typically you can just wipe,it with a rag or in some extreme cases,you might have to repaint the door but i,think its definitely worth it so number,one make sure your door is looking good,number two the lighting in your home,lighting is very important its,important in video its important in,photography why shouldnt it be,important when youre listing a home so,make sure that all your lights work that,the house is,bright and its not dimly lit you want,to make sure and this is the most,important point that all of your light,matches so what i mean by that is that,its all the same color temperature you,dont want to have like one room be,daylight bright white lights you know,that cooler temperature theres the,whole temperature gauge thing same color,and then you go into the room next to it,and you have like you know the the,softer kind of warmer light so its kind,of clashing with each other make sure,that,your lights are all,the same color,or if theyre not that its just a,pendant light that has a different color,and then number three,make sure your light bulbs are all,working ive seen so many homes where,walking with the client and the light,bulbs arent working try to turn on the,chandelier and its not working look at,this this is a beautiful chandelier i,have up here if the light bulb wasnt,working it would be bothering me and it,shows pride of ownership it shows you,care about the house so make sure the,lights are working,number three,make sure that the ac,return vents are all clean and even the,vents that are pushing the air out so,make sure all the vents are clean,theres nothing worse than looking up at,a ceiling and then seeing,like kind of a dirt that goes around the,uh the vent its really just,makes it feel like the owner did not,take care of the home thats a dirty air,vent right there that would not pass,inspection and number four,once again going in with pride of,ownership make sure that all the walls,are like free of all those,marks that the kids put on them now my,son walks into my house or rollerblades,into the house a lot of times he kicks,the baseboards he kicks the walls hes,got dirty hands hes putting his hands,all over everything thats white i dont,know why i think he does it,intentionally to like mess with us but,hell just come in you know hell wipe,his hands on the windows thats another,thing walls and windows make sure that,theyre all clean just take a rag most,of the stuff you can get off by just,using a wet rag if you need to have a,little bit of paint thats fine go grab,a you know a paint can from home depot,theyll match your color real quick and,just go over it with some paint but make,sure that all the walls are clean and,clear of debris and guys all of these,all four tips are gonna show pride of,ownership theyre gonna sell your home,for a lot more money and if you are,interested in listing your home check,out the link below well give you a free,consultation get your price,have a phone call with us have us meet,you in person whatever works well tell,you why you shouldnt sell to your,ibuyer and how we can make things a lot,easier for you and get you more for your,house hope to see you soon,[Music],you

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72SOLD Program Details | 72SOLD – Northern Virginia | 72SOLDNOW.com | Sell Your Home in 72 Hours

hi this is Greg Hague founder and CEO of,72 sold and if you are thinking about,selling your home Id like to talk to,you right now about the 72 sold program,72 sold system is the only way to go so,72 sold program is designed with one,goal in mind everything we do is,designed to increase the probability,that your home will sell at higher price,there are four main components to the,system and Id like to find those to you,right now first one is what we call,front loaded marketing now what that,means as compared to what is done in,traditional real estate is a traditional,real estate agent might list your home,for maybe 90 days and their mindset is,to sell it over that 90 day period now,that is a mistake and let me tell you,why because once a home has accumulated,a few weeks on the market buyers start,to wonder while I wonder why it didnt,sell and even if they like your home,theyre going to offer less because they,figure well its been three weeks and,nobody bought it so its so important,not to have a view of selling your home,over 90 days but rather to identifying,all the best buyers for your home right,now right after you decide to sell,within days after you make that decision,and we have designed a process where we,are able to identify the very best,buyers for your home quickly within days,after you decide to sell it involves the,way we market your home the way we do,photos the way we write copy what we say,to buyer agents and buyers but it is so,important that that be done and I hope,you can see that by going all in having,an urgency mindset identifying the best,buyers for your home quickly how that,would increase the probability that your,home would sell at a higher price think,number 2 we do is we identify these,buyers unlike traditional real estate,agents unlike traditional real estate we,dont show them your home one at a time,we dont show your home to them one at a,time instead we schedule one time how,much more convenient for you typically,on a Saturday maybe for 60 90 minutes we,schedule all the appointments for all,the buyers to see it then,and were in a Kovac 19 environment and,we want to do this responsibly so rather,than putting them all in your home at,the same time we have one or two come,through and then we have the others wait,outside six to nine feet apart but they,see social proof that your homes,popular and desirable they see that,theres a competitive environment they,know theyre not going to be able to,steal this home make a lowball offer and,this creates an urgency for them to act,as they can see your homes gonna sell,and then the other thing we do is we,give them a deadline so that first day,that 90 minutes when well show your,home to buyers thats the first day of,the 72 hours the second day typically a,Saturday the second day might be would,be the Sunday and thats where we talk,to the buyers talk to their agents,answer any questions they have and then,we tell them all deadlines Monday get,your contracts get your offers in,because our sellers can evaluate offers,on Monday and intense youre not,obligated if it intends to sell the home,on Monday that is so unlike traditional,real estate where buyers just keep,looking and they dont feel any urgency,and they dont have any deadline to act,and the combination of getting buyers,excited identifying them quickly low,dates on the market and then creating,the social proof and competitive,environment urgency to act hope you can,see how that increases the probability,that your home would sell it at a higher,price now the third thing we do that is,very different than traditional real,estate is in traditional real estate,there is no big competitive environment,theres no big experience theres no,like this is the weekend when this home,is going to sell since we have that and,we get all these buyers excited we sell,many of our homes prior to the launch,but as were identifying the best buyers,for your home we tell them they just say,oh my gosh what if I can see it early,and all the stuff we pull the ones that,are really great and we even check with,their lender make sure that they in fact,can afford your home and theyre,pre-qualified we then say to them blue,maybe just maybe our seller would let,you see the home early and buyers,oftentimes will pay full price for your,home just to head off that weekend,competitive and barber you see that,doesnt exist in traditional real estate,there is no such thing and we are able,to sell a significant number of our,homes at or over our sellers asking,price to the absolute best buyer who we,make feel important and make an,exception and let them in early thats,the third thing we do we call it selling,homes before the launch then it is a,powerful tool and I hope you can see how,that increases the probability again,this ability to possibly get a buyer to,pay up for your home prior to the launch,that that increases the probability you,end up with thousands more for your home,and the last thing is we perceptually do,something thats never been done in real,estate before as I said when I started,buyers look at a home and look at how,long its been on the market and they,mentally discount the price if its sat,on the market for a while even a matter,of 10 or 12 or 15 days they wonder what,winter why nobody else bought it we are,able to create the perception even,though we will have market at your home,for eight or nine or twelve days and,then we have the launch if we dont sell,it prior to the launch we create the,perception in a buyers mind because its,true that when they see the home its,day one its day one because even though,its been in MLS and being market for,eight or nine or ten days they know that,that day of the launch the day theyre,seeing the home is the day that,everybody else is seeing home for the,first time and of course if they buy it,before the launch they know that,nobodys seen the home so its like day,one – some days so this is huge this day,one perception had again increasing the,probability that your home will sell at,higher price and thats what the system,is all about its kind of funny people,say to me because Im well-known for,having developed this so Greg you know,so this is all about selling homes in 72,hours right and I say actually no,sometimes we sell before the 72 hours go,out of homes we sell during the 72 hours,a few homes it takes us after that,because we have to Ward buyers a little,bit harder this isnt about that,is about using that 72-hour process to,accomplish one goal which every cell in,the country once mode and that is to,sell their home at a higher price now,are we getting it done well in our,longest term largest markets in 2019 our,home sold seven point one to eight point,eight percent over them on MLS average,in March of 2020 in the midst of the,most challenging months probably in real,estate and economic history our home,sold ten point five percent over the MLS,average in that month by the way in our,longest and largest term markets 56,percent of our home sold at or over,thousands over the sellers asking price,thats how good this is and its also,why weve been featured on ABC CBS and,NBC new shows as well as in Forbes the,bottom line is if youre serious about,selling your home and you want to not,only have a more convenient experience,but you want to absolutely increase the,probability in multiple ways that your,home will sell at higher price then I,will tell you for sure this is the gold,standard this is the Bluebird in a world,of taxis this is the Tesla electric car,Tesla in a world of Forbes this is the,way to go if you want a more convenient,experience and you want to sell your,home at the highest possible price,[Music]

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Keller Williams Realty Partners with 72Sold

[Music],hey everyone how you doing im nick,baldwin and ive got my trusty sidekick,thats right youre my sidekick today,tristan ive got my trusty sidekick,tristan armada say hello tristan hows,everybody doing today,i thought youre gonna say hello tristan,hello i was i was but i decided against,it,all right well we are here today,interviewing a pretty awesome guy his,name is greg haig he is man hes been in,real estate for a very long time he was,the son of a real estate agent so its,definitely in his dna he was an attorney,he built a number of brokerages,throughout the years and now hes the,owner of 72 sold,and they grew,that brokerage from 11 agents to now,over 400 in just a few short years with,10,market share and the reason were here,with greg today is because keller,williams and 72 sold have teamed up to,bring the 72 sold,system and model,to keller williams agents and so,kw agents across the country are going,to be able to leverage this awesome,system thank you for being here greg oh,its my absolute pleasure uh ive,followed you guys youre awesome and,really excited to uh to the interview,today thank you both,yeah well thanks for being here im,going to just kick it off with the first,question um its a simple one im not,going to throw you any curveballs,when,did you come up with the 72 sold system,and why did you come up with it,well i could give you one of two answers,so ill give you both,and,answer number one is when i actually,first got into real estate in the 70s,i struggled like most new agents to get,listings,and then i came up with a program,that i started marketing in cincinnati,because as a new agent nobody would list,with me i was losing to all the top,producers so i thought maybe if i market,and present a program,instead of myself,that id have more success so i came up,with a home selling program not like 72,sold today,and all of a sudden i listed the next 10,homes in a row sellers couldnt resist,it and i thought oh my gosh,i learned then in the 70s how much,easier it was to set yourself apart,by promoting a program instead of me as,a person im another realtor i just do,it better in other words,my whole idea was dont say i do the,same thing better just say i do,something totally different and boy look,at how much better it is so that was,what got me started with a number of,programs over the years that is uh i,think not i think i know has been the,number one driver of the real estate,firms that i have built and theyve all,been successful,and that is of course,what 72 sold is about its about real,estate agents having a program to market,that sellers cant resist,and then when they get out there,presenting a program to sellers and the,sellers say oh my gosh why isnt,everybody doing it and i teach that,youve got to have a program that after,you explain it to sellers they say to,you youre always looking for them to,say to you oh my gosh thats so much,better than the way its normally done,why isnt everybody doing it its,inevitable so 72 sold itself i started,about four years ago,but it is one of many programs that i,have launched uh over the years,oh tristan youre muted nick you wanted,to say something,yeah i was just going to say i was,looking at your sales numbers for this,past month in listings,and it must be working because youre at,around 900 listings sold,this,month alone which is oh no last month,alone,which is,pretty awesome and speaks volumes for,the system itself,our uh our company has grown,uh 300 a year uh for the last few years,this year is no exception even in a,tougher market and we all know the,market has gotten more difficult our,listings are significantly greater each,month our sales are as well and again,its all driven by the program we market,the program our every one of our 400 and,i think 36 i believe 436 agents is,trained on the program and so were all,saying the same thing doing the same,thing were congruent were a team it is,not everybody doing their own thing its,everybody doing the same thing and,helping each other do it better and yes,its working extremely well,so what makes the program so unique,because every everyone can jump in and,throw on a program together but what,makes yours stand out why are you having,so much success,well thats the interesting thing youre,right tristan everybody could come up,with a program and so ill talk about,ours in a moment,but the whole real concept there is why,dont they you know what you see mostly,in real estate and ive taught this you,know,there are a lot of a huge number of,creative smart people in this industry,what do we have 1.4 million realtors,give or take i mean there are a lot of,really smart people and yet they just,seem to go out and listen list and sell,homes pretty much,the same way and i know there are,variances and so youre right about that,why why dont why doesnt everybody,thinking every day,heres the business as it is now i want,to be an uber i want to totally do the,same thing get people from point a to,point b but i want to do it in so much,difference so much better way so so,number one youre right i think,everybody should be thinking about that,way that way instead of saying,im the better realtor i think everybody,should be saying ive got the better,program the program leads it i follow it,up i deliver it im secondary the,program is first and thats not what,most people do so youre right,and what really sets our program apart,well you know a number of things,the foundation of the 72 sold program is,that i built this on the four,psychological drivers,that fortune 500 companies use in their,marketing sales department,so everything we do from the time we,start marketing a home,is built around creating social proof,scarcity,fear of loss and then opportunity,and there if you look at apple computer,tesla all these fortune 500 companies,that have brilliant marketing,departments and ive studied what they,do in marketing i love marketing,and you see that all of them take those,four psychological drivers the things,that make buyers want to buy more,buyers want to pay more what weve done,what they do and what weve done is,weve built a program,from the moment somebody signs our,listing agreement that leverages those,force social proof social proof is,making sure that any buyer or buyer,agent who reaches out,feels like this home is popular,desirable theres other people looking,at it and that is from the very first,call we get my agents are trained to,make sure they send that vibe that this,is the popular hot home on the market,thats social proof scarcity thats the,big one,thats the center piece of everything we,do,one of the things i teach is that when,our agents do the walk through when they,first go over on the listing appointment,that they talked to the seller what is,it about this home that you didnt know,when you bought it what have you learned,and youve been here that buyers,wouldnt know that would make this,unique make it a one of a kind the,neighbors,the neighborhood the uh the um the views,the sunset what are the things that i,can say when im talking to buyers and,buyer agents where they will say to,themselves oh my gosh this is really a,special property this is a one of a kind,all the way down to why the sellers,selling you can actually,not just use a home but you can use the,situation these sellers,are selling for this specific reason and,they have prioritized of course they,want to get a fair price,but theyve prioritized making the move,and doing it quickly over getting every,last nickel,even saying that,to a buyer agent creates kind of a,scarcity like wow this is one of those,rare sellers who my buyer really can,have an easy transaction and make a fair,buy so thats that scarcity we are,really focused from what we write in the,public comments to the way we do photos,like i i shoot my agents if they put too,many photos out there the idea of photos,on mls and photos and marketing is not,to sell a home its not to show a home,the idea of photos is to get a buyer or,bu

72 Sold listing presentation

good morning john,how are you good good thank you so much,for calling in im here to um help you,list your home,and i just kind of wanted to give you,some differences between what we do at,72 sold versus traditional real estate,would you agree that theres different,ways you can sell your home that might,be conducive to you as a seller to get,the most amount of money for your home,absolutely so,the way we do it john is a little bit,different,we try to create an environment where,people are going to want to come into,your home,and see that theres a lot of people,that are interested in your home,so would you agree that if you saw a,whole lot of people at home that thered,be a lot of interest on the home,yes yes versus if someone were to do,traditional real estate and they just,show one home at a time youll walk up,maybe no ones at the home you dont,know how many people are there you dont,know if you can make a an offer that,might be less than what maybe you could,get but if you walked into a very,competitive environment and youre a,buyer,would you agree that you would say well,if i want this house i probably need to,pay a premium on this house look at all,these people that are interested in the,home i can see that so thats why we,have this innovative program,and how we do it john is we come in and,we get all your pictures taken,with a professional photographer were,going to um set a launch date for you,and its going to be a date thats,convenient for you typically saturdays,are the best just because thats when,the most amount of people are out were,gonna pick a two or three hour window,that works for you and your family um,and at that point were gonna have,someone here,that will come in and they will know all,about your property so when the buyers,come in theyre going to get information,on you,um on your home and maybe some things,that that you cant see so john what are,some things about this house that maybe,i cant see,um but a buyer would really see a value,in an increased price based on things,that you have at the home here we have,several different filter systems,throughout the house we have a filter,for the water coming in we have the,ro in the sink we have a stop water,softener as well okay what about the,neighborhood,um,parks areas nearby there are a couple,different parks that are nearby okay and,then we also have,across the street we have somebody that,cant build because theres a,over a quarter of a mile of,kind of,land that cannot be built on because,theyre running a canal through there so,basically nobody can build to the west,which is kind of cool thats awesome,thats a really great selling feature so,maybe if someone walked in with an agent,that didnt know that,um that could be a big difference would,you agree,as far as having a whole lot of people,come in and having one person there that,knows everything about the house that,can sell that for you,maybe they think that maybe a,development could go there um they might,not have the same value of your home,versus someone whos at the home all the,time while people are showing your home,to say thats a great value thats a,premium,price that we may be able to get you for,your home or a traditional real estate,market maybe they that agent wouldnt,know that would you agree that would,really be helpful for your home that,would definitely help yeah and that,would give you a premium price for your,home because maybe another agent didnt,know that right so we also have done a,lot of research on the psychology of,people and why they make offers the way,that they make them right and so thats,why we want to create a frenzy we want,to create people all coming into the,home at the same time to create a,bidding war for you um so its really,important for us to have that launch at,that time and then we know at that point,john we can get you offers all at the,same time so if you were to do,traditional real estate someone comes in,the first day they make you a great,offer right and you think wow this is a,really good offer maybe ill just take,this one but had we waited a little bit,longer,maybe you know you would have gotten a,better offer so the way that we,streamline that is we have everyone come,in everyone has to have their offers in,by a certain time were able to get all,the offers in front of you at the same,time so youre not debating should i,take this offer what would another offer,look like would that be a better offer,would you agree john that that would,make you a lot more money on your home,knowing that maybe you could have all,the offers up front at once that would,be nice that way not happen to see them,all the time right or have the debate,right do i take this do i not take this,am i gonna lose this buyer that kind of,thing right,so thats the idea around how we are,different than traditional real estate,so,um what wed like to do next is kind of,talk about the comparables in your,neighborhood so ive pulled three,different homes for you john that show,why this home would be in in the data,um showing why this home would be priced,the way the data shows okay so one thing,is data another is the market which that,may drive us more money hopefully thats,the goal and thats whats been,happening so this home here in this home,here in this home here sold for yada,yada yada so i dont have to do that,exactly so um so you can see john based,on this uh con you know the data shows,that your house will probably sell,somewhere between say 580 and 5.95,is that kind of what you were thinking,john i was hoping for a little more,just because of how hot the market is,okay no problem no problem so what we,can do is we can we can do it a couple,different ways what what were you,thinking price wise i was thinking at,least six ten six ten okay well youre,definitely in the ball park john so i,dont think thats too far out of the,way i think we could definitely work,something up like that and start it,there um so you have a couple options we,can start at 610 and see where we go or,if you want to start on the on the you,know just under 5 600 like 599 and see,if it bids up that might drive in a,little bit more traffic rather than,someone that might you know be at 610,they might be able to go more a lot of,people in the market know that they have,to pay more than what the asking price,is right now,so its up to you we can start at 610 if,youd like but strategically if youd,like to start at 5.99 we can do that as,well what do you think would be best for,you on that idea well whatever would,drive the most,to get my house,yeah okay perfect so lets start it at,5.99 um so is there any questions you,have for me well i do have another,realtor coming a little later this,afternoon perfect no problem so what we,can do for you john is we dont want,that realtor to feel like theyre being,left out by any means so what we can do,is we can actually um give you in the,contract we can write her name in for,you and if she were to sell the house,for you we will give her full commission,that way you have the ability to use,both of us you get the 72 hour sale if,she brings in a buyer shes gonna love,that because shes gonna be able to make,the full commission if she brings in a,buyer so on her contract we can go ahead,and get it signed today and then put on,the bottom that if she were to say sell,your home from you that she gets full,commission how does that sound thats,fine ive never really met her though it,just a friend of a friend referred her,to me thats okay well shell be happy,to know that when she comes in if she,sells the home john she gets full,commission shes not really leaving her,out you dont have to feel bad when you,see her and say you know hey i i you,know didnt list with you you can say i,was thinking of you at the time and you,know i wanted to make sure you were,taken care of so i have a provision,written in my contract that states if,you sell my home you get the full,commission not just,part of the commission shes going to,get the full c

Who is 72 Sold?

so i hesitated a little bit in doing,this particular uh video but decided,ultimately to go ahead and do it because,i believe,um that there truly needs to be uh,transparency,in real estate no matter whos involved,in it,for a real estate brokerage a,salesperson you know for the people,involved,i truly believe that there needs to be,transparency so,one of the things i would the main thing,i wanted to chat about today is,just the company that calls himself 72,sold you have to have lived under a rock,for the last year probably,to not have heard of this company what,they are,is just a marketing company that grew up,out of,uh this hot market that we are in so,when you contact 72 sold,they dont buy houses they dont they,dont sell houses they dont list houses,they are just a marketing company and,when you contact them,ultimately you are sent to,hague partners which is the real estate,company the greg head,the guy thats you see standing up there,talking that he,owns and runs and they are the ones that,then come out to your house take a look,at your house,and they talk about that they are doing,things the not traditional way well they,are doing things the traditional way,because,just like any other reputable real,estate company,we go out we take a look at peoples,houses we tell them,what we believe the market value of,their home is,and ultimately list the home put it on,the market,work to get as high a price as we can,and and watch over the deal,and have it close and everybody walks,away with a win-win,um so in this particular situation uh,what they are doing,which is again no different than were,doing is theyre listing a home,uh theyre putting on the market for a,very short period of time you may have,less than a day,for anybody that wants to take a look at,it to come and take a look at it,and make an offer now as you can imagine,that theres a sense of urgency there,because you have all of these people,standing outside waiting to get into,this house,and everybody sees everybody else out,there and it creates this,urgency and and so they get offers on,these houses,i can tell you that all across the,phoenix valley its almost 70 percent of,all houses,are going for over this price so its,not unique to them,we are all able to do that and with the,marketing,and and things that we are doing uh all,real estate companies across the valley,its the same we are listing homes they,are typically going for,over asking price sometimes way over,asking price,and its not necessarily because there,is too much demand,theres just no supply of homes and so,that has caused what we are now seeing,so i want everybody to understand uh,truly whats going on,uh you do have choices if you choose to,go with with uh the 72 sold and list,your home with,with hague partners more power to you i,dont have any big problem,with that but i just want people to,understand what it is theyre doing how,theyre doing it,and that when they talk about you know,doing it,a different way that theyre not doing,it traditional way they are doing it the,traditional way,they do it the way that we have done it,for over 60 years as a company,of listing homes selling homes having,happy buyers happy sellers,and everybody walk away with it with a,win-win we are just in a very unique,market right now so i thought id throw,that out there if you have any questions,comments id love to hear,those on this particular situation but,but yeah just know that you know in a,year or two,down the road as this market levels off,and its more of a level playing field,youll probably see 72 sold begin to,diminish because,it really only works in a market like,the one we are in,and so they will evolve into something,else but in the meantime all the rest of,us neighborhood realtors that have been,there to serve you over the years,well continue to be here and continue,to do our best to get you a home sold,for people so,i hope that helps and thanks for taking,a few minutes to listen to this and,again if you have any questions comments,let me know

What is 72 SOLD?

hi guys as everyone know the interest,rate is just going up and up this year,it was from two to three percent in the,beginning of this year to about low 70s,right now six High six and low sevens,right now and it seems like the fair are,not slowing down the rate anytime soon,because the consumer index is doing,great the PPI is also doing great and um,holidays coming a lot of people will,still be shopping so it doesnt look,like the fair is slowing down anytime,soon as the interest rate gone up a lot,of buyers actually get out of the market,because they could no longer afford for,some of the houses with similar prices,its kind of the buyers overall,um affordability drop a lot and a lot of,buyers sitting on the curb of the market,tries to watching wheres the market,going and also a lot of buyers are,renting right now the rental market is,actually doing great a lot of people,might say that inventory decline because,the holidays are coming yes normal in a,normal season where holidays come and,inventory will decline but this year it,just declined more drastically and also,since the threat is not gonna slow down,raising the interest rate by next,January February come the price is not,going to improve the price is actually,going down more so in essence its,actually better to sell your house now,than waiting for the spring Market,because,tan is the essence really its the more,time passing by the more inventory is,going to build up the more lower the,price youre gonna get well at least in,the short run in the long run if you,could wait until six seven years later,to sell your house then its the market,is always going to turn around again so,as the real estate agents we always try,to educate ourselves and equip ourselves,with the best skills so in no matter,which Market we always try to get the,best price for our sellers,now recently I just helped partner up,with 72 sold,foreign,[Music],welcome to wealth building Wednesday my,name is faiyen a real estate agent from,Keller Williams and I work in central,New Jersey if you havent liked or,subscribe to my video please press like,And subscribe so you might say what is,72 sold 72 so its actually its a,leading National home selling program,which helps sellers to get higher price,than normally if you sell without 72,sold its actually featured in Forbes,Magazine in ABC and MBC CBS and also,its uh any major radio stations you,probably see like TV commercials and,that this program is combined with,selling and psychology basically it,helps the sellers to get more price for,their homes and statistics shows that,nationally in 2020 they were able to,sell 8.4 higher than MLS data shows and,also in 2021 they were able to get,sellers 10.9 percent higher than MLS,data shows and also in this year 2022,they were able to get 12 so their,selling method is proving and a lot of,my colleagues have used their program,its actually very effective so now Im,gonna go to into more detail to tell you,what is 72 sold,now as sellers you all wanted to get the,best price for your house,but do you know that pricing is very,very important a lot of the sellers,think that I wanted to get a higher,price so lets say the home is worth,about 450. they want to price us 460 or,470 because they feel like this wiggle,room for the buyers to negotiate for the,price but they actually in reality it,doesnt work like that in reality as you,can see from the chart the course of,days on the market the longer your your,house is on the market the less the,price youre gonna get for your house so,um if your house was sold between zero,to seven days you probably will get a,hundred percent of your price if your,house was sold between eight days to 14,days then you probably only get 90 of,the price and as days go by the more,your house is sitting on the market the,less price youre gonna get so its very,very important that we price the house,according to the market price now I,tried to price a little bit higher so,you could negotiate and downwards it,doesnt work like that or also another,thing is that the longer the buyer of,seeing a house and they try to give you,offer the longer it took them to give,you the offer the less the price youre,gonna get so if one day after showing,they give you the offer right away you,probably get 99.2 almost close to,listing price right and then,um if as the time go by your the price,youre gonna get for the house the offer,is just gonna be a lot lower so 72 sold,have resolved these issues first of all,the one number one thing for the house,to sell is the pricing strategy you,really need to get the pricing correct,in order for your house to sell at the,Craigslist uh quickest way and also get,the most price uh 72 so,um help agents not only doing the,traditional of method research for a,housing price and also thats a complex,strategy that we use try to price the,house,and also um that provide uh 72 hour,showings for the,72-hour weekend showings option and we,also create opportunity showings for,interested buyers so its also a seven,step showing process where the listing,agent always there when for showing the,listing agent walked through the buyers,tell the buyer the backstory of the,house tell the buyer of the sellers also,tell pointing out the hidden features,the benefits of the house,and um this the listing agent is there,to ask for the feedback and,right there and also creates opportunity,purchase options for the buyers if they,are interested and the listing agent,will use intelligent counterfeit,counter offer strategies and um,treats the buyers like a VIP and also,help the seller get the best price that,they could,and basically it resolved these two,issues and Im very excited to use this,program and I know this program works,its actually you can see it in the,commercial in their reviews and not only,that I actually have a few colleagues,who tried it um astrology and try the,options to sell it these things they,actually sold a lot faster than the,traditional,housing selling housing strategy so Im,really excited no matter which Market,you are in as long as we are equipped,with strategy and skills we should be,able to get you the best price so if you,are thinking about selling your house or,even thinking about you might want to,pull your house on the market please,reach out to me I will explain to you in,more detail 72 sold step by step how are,we gonna sell your house so please give,me a call I will to help you out and um,hopefully I will see you soon talk to,you bye,[Music]

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