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  3. 80 Day Obsession Weekly Obsession Episode 10
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  6. 80 Day Obsession Review- Not affiliated with BeachBody- my results, experience, and what to expect
  7. Beachbody 80 Day Obsession Review + Results (diet included); not a coach

Honest BeachBody Review (Anti-MLM) + 80 Day Obsession Review (What To Expect)

Im gonna be honest with you guys I was,nervous to start Beachbody because for,one I didnt agree with a lot of things,that you know the coaches did I didnt,agree with MLM stuff and things like,that but I decided that doing it for me,was going to be better than not doing it,for someone else,[Music],basically friends will go back to my,channel my name is Malin call for this,is called scampers this video is a,little bit out of my comfort zone its,not something that I would typically do,but I wanted to come in here and give,you my honest thoughts honest opinions,you guys know why you put on the video,its a video focused on Beachbody I am,going to be another video thats more,focused on me in my personal journey so,Im gonna upload these at the same time,so whenever youre done with this video,the next video will be in the I button,and Im also going to link it for you in,the description box so a little bit of,background on myself I am 25 years old,Ive never had a gym membership I have,always wanted to be the type of person,who likes working out but I was never,that person until my sister introduced,me to something called bar so I went to,bar for a little while and then my,husband join the airforce and we moved,to Mississippi and all we had there was,an apartment gym so I did that for a,little while I didnt know what I was,doing but I felt good because I was,doing something at least and then we,moved to California and since this is,our home this is where were gonna be,staying for quite a while I knew I,either wanted to do a gym membership or,classes or something and so I actually,went on Instagram just like my go-to for,everything and I asked people what they,did what they liked and then I also said,that I was considering Beachbody which,brings us to this video so Im gonna be,talking about Beachbody and I know there,are so many conflicting opinions on this,I hope that you can keep the comments,really really respectful Im gonna give,you my full honest thoughts opinion I,have some thoughts I have some opinions,but I missed it I cant tell you what it,is why I never joined before why I,finally decided to join and my first,impressions of it I started using it it,was like mid to late October and its,currently February Ive done 18 a,obsession and then a couple of other,programs so first thing were going to,talk,Beachbody and then the second part of,the video is going to be me talking,about any day obsession how do I get you,ready for that time stamps are going to,be in the description box and in the,comment section down below so check,there and then also Im going to be,doing a little Q&A at the end I asked,you guys if you had any specific,questions up each buddy and Im gonna be,answering those too so lets see if we,can get this video all right first,things first I feel like most people,have an idea of what Beachbody is its,an online database of workout programs,thats what it is thats the bread and,butter thats what they do Im gonna,show you guys how much I paid right here,these are their different like plans and,memberships I paid $99 for the entire,year I noticed some that might be,nothing I noticed some that might be a,lot depending on how much you pay for a,gym membership etc etc but for me I feel,like $99 was absolutely worth it I also,feel like I should mention if you have,someone who is a coach who has been,messaging you which please stop cold,messaging people because we all hate it,if you have a coach or somebody thats,been messaging you and saying hey Joe my,team do this bootcamp a you know like,200 plus dollars for it I would say,thats kind of a ripoff and thats just,my honest opinion because you can get,everything in the app for $99 you can,use it on your laptop you can use on,your iPad you can use on your phone and,its 99 dollars for the entire year when,you pay that extra price for a coach,youre paying for a couple of other,things that to me are not really worth,it so I did not want to be involved with,any of the like Beachbody coaching any,of that stuff and then Id like the MLM,stuff I just wanted to do something that,was good for me and even though it has a,bad rep Im glad I did it to be honest,with you guys,so yes Beachbody is an MLM and that was,one thing that I was really nervous,about in the beginning because I didnt,want to be associated with any of that I,just wanted to do something that was,good for me,so why didnt I join sooner Ive known,about this for forever we all get,messages on our Instagram hey girl why,dont you join my team hey girl I saw,you watching my stories I hate that part,of Beachbody and to be honest I think,the bad reputation from Beachbody,doesnt come from beach by itself it,comes from the way that its being,promoted by other people and not every,coachs like that my coach is my friend,Chelsea over at teaching in pearls I,know her as person I trust her honestly,I didnt join because I hate the way,that coaches try to acquire you in fact,I hate that they are even called coaches,at all and I really hope Im not,offending anybody because I totally,support you doing whatever you have to,do make your money girl but I dont like,the way most coaches go about acquiring,their team and I dont agree with the,fact that theyre called coaches and I,know it sounds so bad but you dont have,to know anything about fitness or,nutrition so really I feel like they,should just be called ambassadors I feel,like its a little bit deceiving but I,just dont like the cold messaging I,dont like the pic friendliness and not,every coach does this but a majority of,them do and they give a really really,bad reputation so I didnt like that and,then I also didnt like how its not,just Beachbody its Beachbody and then,your Shakeology,and then your cupboard and then your,this and then your that and its just,like one big money pit and you feel,pressured into buying so many things,that you may or may not need or may or,may not want so thats why I didnt join,Beachbody but I obviously bought,Beachbody because its worse today,youre having this conversation so I was,actually debating between a gym if I,wanted to do something at home or if I,wanted to do it like free workouts,theres a ton of free workouts on,YouTube theres a ton of free content,and to be honest I decided that being,able to workout at home was going to be,a huge factor for me I wanted to be able,to get my workout in even on days that I,didnt feel like it and having that,extra drive to the gym wasnt something,I feel I felt like doing so on the other,hand that can also be kind of a,double-edged sword because,its at home its a lot easier to say no,again it is $99 if you buy like the year,membership they cant break it up for,you,but I felt like that was enough for me,to actually want to use it because if I,pay five dollars for something Im like,oh its just five dollars but if its,$99 like thats a significant chunk of,money so it was enough for me to,actually want to use this thing that I,invested it and not only that but I,invested in some equipment as well well,talk about that a little bit later but,the biggest reason that I decided to go,with Beachbody was because I wanted an,actual program,I did not want random workout I feel,like most of us at one point or another,have tried like a random YouTube workout,and yes theyre good workouts but I,wanted something that was specifically,designed by professionals I wanted,something that you know I could come,back to every day something that was,gonna push me and something that was,gonna make me feel successful I wanted,to do a program so if thats something,youre interested in Beachbody has a ton,of programs now lets talk about my,first impressions with it I was really,surprised when I downloaded the app,because Id never seen it inside the app,before so Im actually going to go ahead,and show you what it looks like so were,in the home time right now on the bottom,it has like a feed of like Instagram,posts things to encourage you to drink,Shakeology mostly then if we go o


I never want I feel like Im gonna cry,but I never want a woman to feel bad,about her body and not feel comfortable,in her own skin or in her clothes whats,up you guys and welcome back to my,channel so today is a really exciting,video because this is a long awaited,video you guys have been requesting this,on instagram on my facebook and here on,youtube so i am finally going to address,how I lost weight how I lost inches and,what how I started my fitness and health,journey this year I just want to say a,couple disclaimers hey I am NOT a,professional or a doctor or a,nutritionist or any of those things so,everything that I tell you is just my,journey my experience I am kind of,nervous because I feel like this is like,a personal and like a touchy subject for,some people or at least for me because,Im like opening up and talking about,everything my name is Lindsay for those,of you that dont know today I am going,to be touching on the workout program,that I did the nutrition and kind of my,back story on why I started and wanted,to lose weight if youre new to my,channel please consider clicking the,subscribe button I would love to have,you here Id look at a lot of lifestyle,videos I am trying to incorporate some,more fitness and health videos along,with my cleaning and organizing and my,daily life family blogs so stay tuned,for all of that fun stuff,and subscribe if you are new so I did,make a few notes here just so I make,sure I dont forget anything a lot of,you guys did ask me questions so Im,gonna kind of you guys always ask me,questions so Im gonna kind of touch on,those so I scooted you up a little bit,so the first thing Im gonna say is that,I am a yo-yo dieter so I am somebody,whos been heavier and been on the,thicker side or a bigger belly and just,out of shape and Ive also been somebody,who was fit had muscle Ive been back,and forth my whole life there were years,in high school where I was overweight so,then there are times I had was,skinny when I was like partying in my,late teens to 20s I was partying I,wasnt taking care of myself I was very,very unhealthy it wasnt a healthy thin,it some people call the term like skinny,fat where you wear thin people but we,have no muscle mass right after me and,Shannon got married last year,me and him both gained weight like a lot,of weight please follow my Instagram if,you guys are interested in any of this,because I posted pictures of where,Shannon was and where I was and kind of,where we got in the year and weve only,been married a little over a year so we,gained weight really really quickly last,summer and just kind of sat on it until,this year so there were a few times like,last the end of last summer we got a gym,membership I popped in there once a,month ran on the treadmill went home not,consistent at all in January the,beginning of January me and Shannon had,a Vegas plan trip for just me and him I,was so unhappy with myself I was in,Vegas I did not wear a dress I brought,dresses the dresses I had to buy dresses,to even bring with us to Vegas because I,knew I didnt fit my dresses I have had,for years so I was buying bigger jeans I,bought different outfits and you guys I,went to Vegas and I wore a big flannel,in Vegas I wore a hoodie in Vegas like,literally we wore hoodies and sweaters,and like not cute ones but like covering,our bodies because we werent feeling,comfortable obviously some of the bad,feelings I felt besides not feeling,comfortable in my clothes I had low,energy I was dealing with depression on,and off I would want to stay in bed,wheres feeling in the world is buying,clothes or buying an outfit at the store,and then coming home and feeling like,youre not secure enough or confident,enough to put that on and actually wear,it and I have that feeling so many times,its not really about the size of your,clothes the size your jeans or any of,that if you wear size small medium or,large its not about that its about how,you feel like if youre not feeling,amazing and what you wear or you dont,feel amazing in your skin then you have,to make it,in the nutrition that I did to change my,lifestyle and lose weight was the 80 day,obsession program that is how I lost,weight and started feeling good about,myself my coach the person that got me,into Beachbody she was kind of reaching,out to me for about a year before I even,moved to Arizona so she was on it she,was like we have these challenge groups,we have these home workouts they would,rock for you because youre seeing a,whole mom you can do it right in your,living room with your kids and you guys,I kept ignoring her like I was nice I,would chitchat with her and like thank,you thinking I dont know Im not really,ready like invest in myself or oh you,know I dont want to pay anything right,now I dont have pay anything extra,thats expensive something came over me,an epiphany came over me and I was ready,to change I was so sick of how I felt,and I was ready to get up and do,something about it I signed up for the,80 day obsession program I got all of,the equipment that you need for it I,joined the challenge group that she was,trying to get me to join I basically,woke up and dedicated myself to press,play the first day day one of the,program the first month youre not,changing your body youre not doing,theres not like extreme results the,first month necessarily of working out,yes a lot of people can lose weight,during the first month but everyone is,different so for me it wasnt like,extreme changes in my body it was how I,felt it was how happy I was that I did,something for me that Im doing,something for me that Im getting up Im,Im I have this new routine where I,include my workouts where I am even if,Im tired Im not even if Im tired and,not motivated Im gonna stay determined,Im doing this 80 days and Im not,giving up for me I think actually saying,yes to finally joining the program just,took me to realize if this program,worked for others it could work for me,what do I have to lose this is a program,that I did 480 days earlier this year to,lose weight so this is what Im talking,about now I am doing different things,right now to maintain weight to grow,muscle and to trying out different,things,and my health and fitness journey that I,will be sharing with you guys or I have,shared with you is a little bit in,previous videos so basically what the 80,day obsession is it is a program that,was designed by autumn capris she is a,Beachbody instructor shes been doing,lots of programs through Beachbody and,Beachbody is a home workout program if,you can take the workouts to the gym but,you dont need to and thats what the,best thing about it is you stream all of,your videos right from home is 13 weeks,it is six days a week,about 45 minutes to an hour long videos,I want to be honest and tell you about,the eating obsession also in kind of how,I felt about it so I of course it helped,me lose inches and help me,burn fat I actually grew up booty so the,program is focused on booty abs and arms,I believe booty abs and something else I,think spooty outs and arms it focuses on,that and yes if you want to grow a booty,and thats one year number one things,definitely do that program it will do it,the other thing too I do want to mention,though is that I wasnt a fan of 6 day a,week workouts I had completed it I did,it and I was excited about it when I was,doing it but after I did it that is one,reason why Im not doing it again is,because I dont want to work out six,days a week for me for my schedule being,a mom and just me personally I dont,want to have to commit to six days a,week to start this program you will get,the equipment as far as loops which are,like the booty bands you put them around,your thighs to work out and they put,more resistance on your exercises,there are sliders which sliders are,amazing you guys that helped my core so,much I love sliders you have to have,your own weights at home you have to,have some dumbbells or Bowflex or,whatever split up into three different,phases

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80 Day Obsession Weekly Obsession Episode 10

on this episode of weekly obsession,dont look back and wish that you had,done your workout you want a good booty,work I cant believe this in 60 days,none of us miss were just having fun I,feel like everybodys so in the groove,that the workouts are flying by we want,you to find the strength to keep going,bottom pushes us in thats definitely,helping me get over my plateau you have,to trust that its a process and know,that theres going to be stumbles along,the way you dont give up you work,through it thats how you overcome it,[Music],the second week of every phase its like,oh weve done it we should remember I,feel like I just remember being hard the,second week of the phases,it feels like I should remember exactly,what comes next and needs work out but,theres still learning curve last week I,felt kind of like I was on a decline in,terms of my energy core for week one it,was a little difficult just because,theres so many aspects to each exercise,its crazy how fast you adapt because,now you know whats coming you know this,is going to be death its going to be,super hard and then when you prepare,yourself for that it always seems easier,yes make it,bird if youre modifying stick with,Kerry shes doing it standing swing it,squeeze it back come on guys,I dont really approach Monday different,than any other day of the week if you,want to be as successful at this program,you dont take the weekend off to get,off your game thats why we have a,workout on Saturday its why I say,stretch and do self-care on Sunday,because you keep yourself in that mode,of taking care of yourself this struggle,Im in today is gonna be the strength I,feel tomorrow,whoo Bridge up and face three autumn has,added a lot of glute bridges to some of,the exercises we were just doing kind of,laying flat in previous phases and in,doing that I definitely feel my core,engaged much more I actually really like,that aspect of phase 3 well see you,guys tomorrow our meal prep game has,gotten so strong for ourselves and were,doing it so quickly now then now weve,started doing like all meal prep for our,kids too its like last night when its,time to make them dinner it was so much,less stressful than it normally is and,then like we were packing their lunches,and were like the whole fridge is just,like all meal prep food its not even,just groceries its like great we do,have so many options and the food that,Im eating is really good like its,satisfying and Im enjoying it I was,spending so much money eating out first,of all Im having a lot of fun preparing,my food and Im saving quite a bit of,money any time I eat out Ill be like,you know if I like spend a certain,amount of money of the grocery store,this is a pretty high percentage of that,for one stupid meal its cardio hello I,want you to find the strength to keep,going throughout this in,your workouts choose to do hard things,because you can deaf,right now theyre so easy when I first,started doing the ducks in phase one egg,was barely bending my knees now phase,three comes around and I am like banging,my knee on the ground because Im so low,hey its refeed day this is the third,refeed day and I do have to say I am,excited I get more yellows Im excited I,just get more food because I love to eat,we go like get up there make those legs,burn its flying by move around and,breathe,[Music],my third refeed was really good it was,like a moment for me to realize you know,I am gonna be able to enjoy my sweets,but its nice to know like I can stop,that was like leaving it I was like I,could stop right now but just normally,yeah it was easier to plan for it yeah,like I felt like this time for Rieti day,was like last time I had my my notes in,front of me I was like oh my gosh what,am I gonna have never lie to think about,it and this time I was just kind of like,alright Im I know I get poor yellow Im,gonna have a waffle Im gonna have bread,and Im gonna have one sweet treat okay,boom Im good its like everything in,this program like the more you do it the,more you get the hang of it like you,were kind of saying it makes you realize,that you need to satisfy your sweet,tooth its good to do but by the end of,the day I was kind of over the sweet,same so youre not gonna go as high as,you go when youre using both legs we go,down up awfully and then you guys turn,the toes out dont look back and wish,that you had done your workout a wish,that you did more in your workout give,it your all right here after a refeed,day I definitely noticed a difference in,my energy level during the workout my,endurance feels a little stronger and,Im able to push a little harder,you guys remember though in phase one,when we got to our heavy day and we were,lifting like 20s and our forums were,giving out on us like no now with that,30s and 40s and were like got this you,are holding heavy weights it is small,muscles in your forearm theyre working,make sure when you go get your massage,you say hey can you rub my forearms I,think theyre doing a lot of work too,you are working out hard and where your,muscle grows and where all the beauty,and the magic happens is when you sleep,right here is when were breaking it,down its when we sleep that it all,repairs and recovers cant believe its,day 60 already cant believe that we,only have 20 more days its so crazy I,never should add another month to it,that would be great I actually cant,believe these sixes here Ive made so,much progress Im excited I think its,fun I actually wanted to last a little,longer I cant,in sixty days none of us have missed it,sounded really hard and challenging at,the beginning to think about making that,eighty day commitment but you feel so,good and you feel so strong and your,energy just increases every week and,honestly its going by so fast and I,feel like it gets easier and not harder,I just want to keep going were just,having fun I feel like everybodys so in,the groove that the workouts are flying,by its day 60 I dont even know how we,got here but were here,[Applause],it is hard that the first move of total,body core is surrendered to shoulder,press because its such a full body,movement and youre not really,completely warm yet,sit up Bridge up pull it in flip it I,dont know my favorite move is the half,Turkish you get up into the push-up,because I feel like Im a Cirque de,Soleil performer this is probably the,most complex move of the entire program,I introduced all three of those,movements to you in different ways,individually and thats how you build a,complex movement pattern we started with,regular push-ups we started with,renegade rows we started with a half,Turkish getup where you didnt lift the,hips up off the ground I put them all,together but I didnt do it till phase,three because you need enough strength,and stamina to do it these are not one,that you can rush the moves of phase,there are definitely more complex,especially more complex on phase one but,I like moves that have a lot more going,on because you have so much to focus on,and I feel like it goes by faster even,though youre working really hard got a,challenge yourself if it doesnt,challenge you not gonna change you,bridges and you have two bands yeah holy,beasts it I curled two bands because I,have three weeks maybe to go why not,push a little bit further you have to,trust that its a process and take it,step by step and know that theres going,to be stumbles along the way and there,will be plateaus along the way you dont,give up you work through it and thats,how you overcome it it was really fun to,practice our meals because we always try,to get as much hang time as we can,higher okay no I got you its really a,challenging move and the longer you hang,up there the less your thighs have to,work and that is a good thing jumping,makes me um freak out a little bit yeah,when you find that hang time and its,like a couple second break even though,youre upside down whos ready for,cardio,I love cardio core because its just,super high intensity you can really push,yourself its just

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80 Day Obsession Weekly Obsession Episode 1

this is weekly obsession a quick preview,of what you can expect in the next week,of a two-day obsession so every weekend,you can see whats ahead and stay,connected to all the fun,behind-the-scenes stuff happening,between autumn and the cast their,challenges will be your challenges and,together youll work to stay on track,check it out and prepare to become,obsessed on this episode of weekly,obsession we dont quit on ourselves we,are obsessed with finishing it pull it,in look at how much sweat we are working,hi my biggest challenge area for my body,is my bike whose butt is on fire in,80-day obsession it isnt just about,what you eat its about when youre,eating it you ever hear of pineapples,its their safe word I imagine a bikini,body in my head and I just wanted like,get there oh yeah the heart rate will go,up today its a new workout program that,youve never done before youre gonna,feel it,[Music],this program is really different from,the other programs that I have put out,because this is the first time I get to,interact with everybody just like I,would if they were to step into the gym,and hire me to be their personal trainer,which means its never the same workout,because Im gonna change your rep,schemes Im gonna change the weight that,youre using Im gonna change the order,and the structure of each of the,workouts and how the moves go together,and theyre never gonna feel the same,please,lets meet everybody starting over on my,left we have mr. Donald Stamper with us,Im 32 years old and my whole life Ive,never felt good about my body mostly my,midsection feeling a little bit doughy,Ive always felt really defeated when I,was trying to work out so I really see,at the end of the any days Im gonna,feel like Ive honored myself in my body,and Im gonna feel good about it jasmine,is my powerhouse I want to see changes,in my body and my stomach I really want,my obliques to be more defined here on,the sides if I could build the outsides,of my glutes more I have problems,building the outside areas of my glutes,like here I think the biggest thing for,me is the nutrition no one has really,explained to me what I need to be eating,when I need to be eating so the,nutrition I think is the part thats,really gonna change me in my life,Richardson is in the back areas of my,body that I find the most challenging,Id have to say my core only because I,just since it like I believe that I can,you of course not gonna get shredded if,youre just eating burgers the fries I,couldnt leave my big sis out of the,program so Kaylee is joining me called,my biggest challenge area for my body is,my bike I mean Id like it to be tongues,and lift it I mean Im 40 I have two,kids so I think thatd make me feel a,little more confident I feel like Im at,this point,my life now Im like okay Im ready to,see what can I really do Katrina is back,there with us Ive never really been as,shredded as I want to be I feel like I,always have that layer of fat that I can,never really get rid of even if I do,dedicate myself to something I feel like,I usually hit a plateau in 80 days and I,look in the mirror I want to just see,shredded abs and my lifted booty Kari is,my modifier so if at any point in the,next 80 days you need to modify she is,your girl watch her being a modifier,means that if youre not at the fitness,level that everybody else is to do the,regular workout you can kind of take it,down a notch and build yourself to get,to that level the reason why Im so,excited for this program is because I,havent made myself a priority in a,really long time as a single mom and,constantly putting everybody else before,myself Im really out of place where Im,starting over and I want to start over,with my best self are you ready squat up,I dont want you to rush this left right,down think about your shoulders,contracting towards your hip bones,thats the motion if youre committing,to 80 days youre committing to the,nutrition youre committing to all of it,then make the commitment to yourself to,invest a little bit in weights and have,the variety and the option but at the,end of the day if you dont you just do,what you can with what you have come on,you guys I want you to say yes when,everybody else would say no for this,program were gonna need these bad boys,yellow was like the green is medium and,the blue is heavy,check for rips in your band I know its,day one do a little inspection give it a,little tug whats happening on there,Donald it happens,fix it and jump back in there were,plenty of moments throughout the workout,that I just wanted to stop but just,realizing its hard and its supposed to,be so just keep going when youre,working with things like bands it,happens they roll they move dont get,frustrated by it take a second adjust it,after a few days of working with them,youll find like the sweet spot on your,body where it stays in place stay one,just give it a minute,adjust when you need it pull and twist,abs in,what in the body out the hardest,exercise for me today was probably,renegade rows youre stabilizing youre,balancing youre twisting,Im hurting too you know like in Fifty,Shades of Grey when when shes like no,dont do that right when youre like I,dont want to do it anymore you just,yell pineapple you ever hear him called,pineapples its their safe word they,want to be done I would have liked,everyone to have listened when she said,pineapples because I was ready for a,break but we pushed through day one its,just its a lot of them muscles I,havent worked out before were talking,about 80-day obsession meal plan and,just how all of this is gonna work for,you guys since youll be going through,it for the next 80 days so you guys all,have packets in front of you it really,is quite simple to follow but just like,anything else theres a learning curve,so the first week is probably gonna be a,little bit of a fumble and like oh what,am i doing and theres gonna be,questions so thats where you can refer,to the video or to your coach and then,you start to fall into the swing of,things in 80-day obsession it isnt just,about what you eat its about when,youre eating it and thats where the,timing comes in so not only will I be,saying heres your containers Ill be,saying heres the exact containers that,youre matching together and heres when,youre gonna eat them the way autumns,laid it out its like eat this at this,time I mean I really cant get much,simpler and you have lists to match up,to all the containers I feel like it,takes all the guesswork out,today is booty day one of my favorite,days maintain that squeeze at the top,as you press the knees open so Kari has,her chair shes just gonna hold on for,balance and by the way shes not gonna,grip the chair shes not holding on for,dear life lift and squeeze and down good,so you see this is a small little motion,so shes isolating her butt muscle look,at how much sweat guys we are working,theres so many times they want and,theyre just like put my leg down and,take like a five-minute break but I feel,good that I pushed through look at,Richards and hes just dripping onto the,mat hes working so hard I think its,important like I have a button Im,cueing to so if I want to look good,my butt is part of looking good so I got,to work it out that feeling of finishing,it is so much better than that moment of,release that you get when you quit and,good shake it out last night I was,eating dinner and my kids were in bed,and I was like scarfing down food before,I was putting him to bed and my daughter,comes back comes over me and shes only,two and shes like whats that now that,Im doing this meal plan Im an eating,healthy food around my kids my children,are asking me hey whats that eight can,I have some of that and theyre eating,more vegetables theyre eating better,because Im eating better today is,cardio core so the only equipment that,you need is your sliders these are the,strength slides and these are really,cool because they engage your body in a,new way these actually come off so you,can use it on car

Autumn Calabrese Q&A For 80 Day Obsession

hi guys and welcome to our call Im Ruth,srong Im going to be introducing our,guest speaker this evening Im very very,very excited to introduce her autumn,Calabrese who is the creator of 21 day,fix 21 day fix extreme hammer and chisel,country heat and coming soon 80-day,obsession I could not be more excited to,learn from her I hope you guys are ready,to learn absorb take it all in myself as,well as our Tina and Ashleigh and Carrie,had the privilege of being in her test,group and just an insane program I know,a lot of us have all started on 21 day,fix 21 day fix has changed our lives,taught us how to eat helped us overcome,all of our yo-yo dieting and all of,those things so we couldnt be more,excited to have you on their call,tonight autumn and Im gonna pass it,over to you and you can take it away,well thank you hi hope everybodys,having a good night thanks for tuning in,let me ask you Ruth is this all coaches,or coaches and challengers coaches hand,challengers okay great so Ive been,doing a bunch of calls why do all of,them different and what I have found to,work the best because obviously we are,at a point where theres so much,information out there now about a TA,obsession and a little bit of what it is,the time nutrition a little obsessed now,so what has been working best is if you,guys have questions and either route if,you have a list or if people want to,type questions into the chat it seems to,lead us to really good places and sort,of cover the questions that everybody is,still looking for answers to instead of,sort of me just repeating like wheres,the program and here you know so its up,to you we can do it that way if you want,otherwise you tell me whats best for,you guys if you want to start and kind,of tell because I know when I started,this program coming from my pass of,trying to grow a booty and trying to do,all these things hearing how this,program came to be gave me a lot of,confidence in regards to the time and,effort and what you found while,developing this so if you want to start,at that and Im sure the questions will,come piling in through there and,we can kind of hit on those how does,that sound yeah so obviously I think,over the years people have always heard,me talk about like working on growing my,glutes which in my family they all laugh,at because we are a family known for our,booties but the funny thing was is when,I started competing I actually kind of,lost mine,the second I cleaned like my nutrition,up because I was a dancer my whole life,so I could eat a little bit different,like I could be a little bit more dirty,but I was dancing so often that like I,stayed pretty lean and the second I,really cleaned up my nutrition up and,started eating clean it didnt have,maybe extra carbs or dirty carbs or,things like that uh my booty shrunk so,it was always a work in progress for me,but to be perfectly honest thats not,really where the program came from at,least not for me it wasnt about mindful,or my results because that is something,I can work on all the time you know when,Carl presented the idea to me for Carl,it was hey lets do a bun a program,those are the two big things that,everybody wants to work on female Ys,right and so he was like lets do it and,I said you know thats great for me as a,trainer I sort of look at it a little,bit differently like the aesthetics come,but theyre not my number one priority,for you guys because heres the thing,you can get a great body from doing a,number of different things and and that,sort of thing but for me when you say,glutes and you say core work what that,tells me as a trainer is these are two,major muscle groups that are no longer,functioning the way theyre supposed to,so we sit on their butts all day long,which means our glute muscles arent,firing properly if at all anymore and,same thing with our core muscles we sit,all day were slouched over were not,sitting up tall their sin against our,core doesnt work both of these muscle,groups when they dont work properly can,lead to back injury and hip injury and,knee injury and all these other things,and theyre like foundational muscles in,how your body moves your glutes,literally propelling forward through,life theyre what help you walk there,would help you run climb stairs sit down,and stand up you need your core support,- in every little thing you do whether,you realize it or not so as a trainer,for me it was really important to create,a functional training program that was,going to get these muscles working again,because if they dont work,you cant shape them train them grow,them or do anything else anyways and,that honestly is I think what like so,when people are like oh I dont like the,way my butt looks its flat from sitting,all day or it doesnt have the shape,like how do these fitness competitor to,get the shape you guys they get the,shape because theyve trained their,muscles to fire properly and that is one,of the biggest things that I learned,even for myself I have a bunch of,injuries from dancing my whole life all,the way from when I was a kid up there,being an adult I have injuries that come,from not even when I was dancing I had a,hip a serious hip injury when I was five,years old that caused a lot of issues,so for me my glutes werent working,properly,not because I was necessarily sitting,them all day but from my body being out,of alignment and not necessarily doing,the right exercises to get them working,first so for me when I went into,creating the program and trying to,figure out okay whats the best way to,go about strengthening these muscles,getting them turned on strengthening,them and then shaping them right because,obviously that is a goal like of the,program is to to shape them and make,them more lifted and that sort of thing,these were the things I was taking into,consideration I also hate hate hate,seeing fitness experts on social media,post things like doing the squat,challenge to grow and shape your butt,its that trailer its a lie its not,writing squat sir your lives are an,assister muscle in a squat theyre not a,prime number so you know you do enough,squats obviously your butt is helping in,that movement pattern so sure it will,help a little bit but wouldnt it be,nicer if I told you you could lay on,your back and do hip thrusters and,actually get way more out of it because,you can and youre gonna do a whole lot,of them in a any day obsession to get,that muscle firing so that was the other,thing I was man-like as a fitness expert,to get the right information out there,to people so there really are if that is,a goal that you can at least attack your,bowl appropriately and with something,thats going to help get you there,and thats why we use things like the,loops and the sliders because those two,pieces of equipment its not about them,looking fun or looking cool those two,pieces of equipment really allow me to,target and and go in deep and isolate,the muscles so isolate your gluts or,isolate your core or any other muscle,group that I so choose to use those two,pieces of equipment on and thats what,really works so for me when I started,when I started working on the program,over a year ago the first thing I said,was like Im gonna throw out everything,that like be sort of seed like I said,popular in social media and magazines,about squats and da da da all this stuff,and I was like Im gonna just try,something and I started with like I said,things on the ground like glute bridges,and heel presses up and down in these,little moves that would really isolate,the muscle group and it was funny,because I would I would do these and I,would sort of like create mini workouts,to see how they were working and I would,get up next day and be like oh my god my,glutes have not felt like this and for,maybe ever like it would be so sore,and Id be like oh I got a nice little,pump going yes thats working and thats,how like when I create a workout program,I really am the first guinea pig of the,program I test I try it out I see how it,works and then

80 Day Obsession Review- Not affiliated with BeachBody- my results, experience, and what to expect

hey yall welcome back to biblically,blonde in this video im going to go,over my review of 80 day obsession,and tell you what ive been up to this,summer so keep watching,alrighty yall welcome back im so,excited,to make this video when i started 80 day,obsession in june i,had this video in mind and i couldnt,wait to,actually share my experience and go,through everything,so before we get started whether youre,a subscriber or not let me just be very,clear and upfront i am not a beachbody,coach,i have no affiliation with beachbody i,literally,have nothing to do with them besides the,fact that i bought beachbody on demand,i dont own any of the products like,shakeology or any of their workout gear,all the workout stuff that i bought for,80 day obsession,i bought off amazon its not even,beachbody,logo or anything and i i dont even have,a coach,im not on any teams nothing so this is,an honest review,from someone who just wanted to do one,of the workout programs and so i hope,that helps in,wanting to know if you should do it or,not because i know a lot of the times,with,the marketing and the um i think what,are they called the,mlms or whatever that,things get a little skewed and you dont,know if this is a real review or someone,just trying to like influence you and,sell you a product and so you can know,with me,literally no affiliation with them just,someone,who bought on demand and wants to share,her experience,alrighty so to get started before i go,into my review i just want to say,that this summer of 2020 has just been,really life-changing for me if you,follow me or not,i had a miscarriage in,may of 2020 and at the time of my,miscarriage i was one of the heavier,weights ive been,i started my weight loss journey um for,this time i should say my weights been,up and down my whole life,but i started it in january i lost about,15 pounds from january to march,i got pregnant in march and it really,wasnt my focus i was just very elated,and happy as my first pregnancy,and so weight loss wasnt really on my,mind,i didnt really go up or down while i,was pregnant,like i said wasnt something i was,focusing on and then unfortunately i did,suffer,the miscarriage and so i spent about a,month just physically healing from that,deciding okay what was the next step for,me,and through doctors recommendation and,my own,physical and spiritual healing we,decided not to immediately start trying,for another baby,i was going to take three to four months,and just really heal,spiritually heal emotionally and heal,physically,and so thats where i came to the 80 day,obsession,kind of thing so 2020 you know kovitz,going on,and prior to covet i had a gym,membership because i was on my weight,loss journey,and i love the gym ive always like i,said my weights been up and down ive,been 100 pounds,and ive been 180 pounds ive been the,whole spectrum my whole life just up and,down,and most of the time i go to the gym,ive just always been a gym goer i dont,really like at home workouts or,i hadnt up until that point and with,coven and everything and being pregnant,i just knew gyms were not for me i,didnt feel comfortable,and honestly im not really that,comfortable with even going back now i,just dont see myself going back to a,gym,for a long time and so i wanted,something that,i could be physically active in,now along with that i wanted something,that i could actually challenge myself,on,it was really important to me that i had,something that was a summer long program,that i could check off every day that i,could give my focus to,you know like i said i was i was trying,to heal physically spiritually,and emotionally from the miscarriage and,so for me it was,really important that i had something to,focus on every single day,and so i looked at beachbody on demand,and i saw this 80 day obsession,and i thought you know what i did some,research i looked into it i watched a,whole bunch of youtube videos on what,you needed and whether or not it was,worth it,and so i decided to go ahead and give it,a try,and so what i did was i went to on,demand uh beachbody on demand which,i have hulus or um i have um,i have roku and so i just have the app,on the roku,and i watch it in my living room on my,tv,and i believe theres different i only,bought the three months because i didnt,know if i would even like it,so i bought the three months worth which,i believe was 39.99,and i said all right there was no,commitment all i i didnt i would cancel,it at the end of three months at the end,of 80 days if i didnt like it,or i would renew it if i did and so that,was that was,skin in the game i did buy the supplies,which ill go over later you do need a,few things,but that was basically my journey in,deciding to do this i wanted something,during the summer to be able to say i,checked off to keep my focus on i also,did,side note run during the summer that was,my own personal journey ive always,wanted to run its one of my dreams to,be a runner,and so while i did 80 day some of the,days if i wasnt going to work or if i,had a day off like on a saturday or a,random day i would go and run but it,wasnt like a part of my program,okay so now that i kind of talked about,why i decided to do it,i want to tell you what it is before i,do a review and what you need,so if youre unsure of what 80 day,obsession is it is a workout program,through beachbody that actually is a,little bit longer than 80 days because,you have sundays off,so it is a 80 day workout program the,hours are the,workouts are about an hour long,sometimes theyre a little shorter at 40,minutes but,none go over an hour its through on,demand so its an at-home workout,and its through autumn calabrese there,is a nutritional aspect of it,i personally only followed the nutrition,the second half of the program and i,didnt even follow that nutrition i,followed my own personal nutrition guide,so i wouldnt even say that i followed,adams but arm does have hers but i,didnt follow any sort of diet the first,half,the second half i followed a clean,eating diet that i just,decided myself i would eat clean so i,didnt follow that aspect but there is a,time nutrition aspect to it if you would,like and that is available if you do,purchase,beachbody on demand the workouts are all,different,theres three phases and each phase,lasts four weeks and then you have peak,week at the end,it all totals up to 80 days you have,sundays off which is perfect for me,because i do believe in taking,the sabbath day the rest day and so,it worked wonders monday through,saturday i worked out,i got my workouts in and then i rested,on sunday,the workouts are all different even in,the phases,and so each phase has different sets so,the first week,you do each workout,15 reps and then you repeat it one more,time over,the second week you do each workout ten,times,by three or three by ten um,the third week you its different and,then the fourth week its different so,you are repeating the same moves for,each phase but the way you do it is,different so you dont plateau and it,just keeps you guessing,i love the fact that every workout is,filmed live there are no repeat workouts,every single workout is,different so that kind of is basically,what 80 day obsession is,it is a more advanced level but there is,a modifier so there were times where i,did,use the modifier and then there were,times that i didnt,what you do need for 80 day obsession is,sliders,so i bought these off amazon you can use,them on carpet or hardwood,and you just get two of them and,honestly im really glad,i bought these ill use these um even,when im not doing 80 day sessions so,this was a really good buy and i think,these were only like 12 or 15,at most so not very expensive you also,need a,set of resistance bands or resistant,loops whatever you,call them in three different sizes so,small,medium large or heavy light medium,whatever you want to call them you can,pick these up anywhere beachbody does,sell them on their website but honestly,i did i bought these off amaz

Beachbody 80 Day Obsession Review + Results (diet included); not a coach

[Music],i just want to look like a snack,not like i ate all the snacks hi guys,welcome to my channel my name is giselle,and today im going to be reviewing the,80 day obsession from,peach body so if youre ready its time,to get obsessed,[Music],so lets talk about the lady who created,80 day obsession,[Applause],what the hell is her name,this lady the one that brought us 21 day,fix,21 day fix extreme nine week,control freak and also country heat and,probably some others,we cant forget about her infamous,containers that nobody wants and nobody,like,why did i do that i still need these,this program is,taped in real time taped,is it taped if its,not on the vhs anyways its,recorded in real time which is pretty,cool so we can see,the changes that the cast go through,even though we dont really want to see,the cast go through a change,some of these people are really ripped,like why are you even here,um yeah it it makes me feel bad about,myself like the guy with the six-pack is,getting a 12-pack while,im just struggling to breathe through,the program itself so speaking about the,cast it is a little awkward,with them um autumn she kind of,makes it more awkward because she keeps,telling them hey guys,just just talk to me tell me something,and they never talk,so its kind of weird and even when they,do talk you kind of feel like youre out,of the loop because you cant hear them,because theyre not microphoned,and its show when they do talk and they,make a joke,i never felt like i was part of the joke,like so if you do plan to get the,beachbody app,um or the on-demand i should say that it,does tell you if it is,beginner intermediate or advanced 80 day,obsession,is intermediate um but i feel like a,beginner,could do this program if they wanted to,you just gotta go slow,maybe do the modified moves theres no,shame in doing the modify moves i did,the modify moves,autumn also goes on her knees,so the only real problem with modifying,the moves is that the camera person,for some reason forgets to show the,modifier,and when they do the partys over and,youre like,am i supposed to rewind now and do the,move,now that i know the move because if its,me,im not rewinding and doing the move im,moving on to the next move so maybe next,week when i remember,i will modify do the workouts are,already 45 to an hour long im not gonna,spend more time,than i need to so heres a quick tip for,you because i know you guys all like the,tip,[Applause],alright so my tip is to write things,down autumn does not write,down in her videos and,she she gets into a problem with this,because shell be like oh,im gonna lift 15 pounds and then when,we have to repeat,the move shes like what pounds did i,use,what pounds what weights did i use and,its like it just looks messy like,not messy but it just doesnt look good,and,as the famous tony horton another,beachbody coach,would say is he a culture anyways he,would be like,write down because if you dont know,what you did you wont know what to do,so youre gonna need a mat a dog,that will constantly be on that mat,seriously got a set of five,eight 10,and 15 pounds of weights but i also used,a 20 and 45 pound,kettlebell these are your sliders,you will hate these we also have two,sets of resistant loops i have the,elastic and fabric ones,the fabric ones i use mainly for,exercises,around the legs and i will demonstrate,why,i have both,okay so im going to show you the,difference between an elastic band,and a fabric band so,the struggle is real,so this [ __ ] keeps rolling on me,and god forbid after doing,exercise it just rolls,meanwhile,fabric one,no problem no rolling,oh im already tired doing this,a foam roller is optional you only need,it for one workout,but you can replace it with the,stretching workout,all right so were going to talk about,the d word,diet im not going to go into great,detail with it im not a nutritionist or,a dietitian,i dont know if its good for you i,dont know if its healthy but basically,my understanding is that youre in a,calorie deficit so obviously youre,gonna,lose weight if you stick to it,the containers are basically to help you,to stay on track so youre not eating,too many,purples or reds and not enough green,which isnt the story of my life green,is vegetables i hate vegetables,and it was a struggle to eat four,containers,of green for me so with beachbody it,also comes with,a lot of advertisement for their,supplements,they do sell,what is it the powder they do sell,protein powder to you,or any supplements i didnt buy any of,that,i dont think i needed it,i have my own protein powder which works,fine,it tastes good i cant stand,protein powder thats like i want to say,dusty but like it gives you that grainy,taste and i know some people break out,with,certain proteins and yeah,so i wouldnt waste my money on,shakeology,i would probably get a protein powder if,youre gonna use one,somewhere else so during the program,autumn does,advertise some of these things like,energize and hydrate,i dont know i find it kind of silly,hydrate come on,like drink your water why a pill,how is a pill gonna hydrate you i mean,yeah but thats all i have to say so i,didnt,use it i did do the container diet i,wanted to give it a fair shot and see,will it work will i be hungry if i,didnt i was not hungry some days i,actually didnt eat all my containers,um not because i thought like i,shouldnt eat that day,i was just not hungry so i wasnt gonna,force myself to eat,i did learn from the containers but i,dont think the containers are,completely bad,i did learn to mix it up a little more,it taught me i need more vegetables in,my life basically but i knew that,but with the green containers forcing,myself to eat more veggies,i think was a good thing okay so its,the moment that weve all been waiting,for its the results,um please be kind i am a little shy,about my results i am my worst critic,so i dont need you to criticize,i will show my day 0 and my 80 day,and at first i did not get the ulala,sensation that i wanted,so what i when i really saw,the change was when i put day 0,end of phase 1 phase 2 and day 80,all together thats when i actually saw,the gradual change and,i could see where i changed also,pictures and the scale do not give you,the whole picture,pictures and pictures dont give me the,whole picture but it also,its important to look at your,measurements so,thats where i saw biggest change,was the actual measurements so lets,just go,one by one so the first one is,chest so i started at 37.5,inches and went down to 36 inches so im,not mad about that i only lost an,inch and a half but only an inch and a,half,if we did centimeters itd be a lot more,yes,okay and the next one would be,arms i went from 11.8,inches to 10.5 inches so,excuse me i dont think youre ready for,this gun show,and next is my waist so,waist was 33,inches to 29.5,inches so quick math,three and a half inches so thats not,bad i mean,i gotta give myself some credit there,that was pretty good,um hips was 41 to 40,no 41.5 to 40.5 inches so one in one,inch exactly and then my beautiful,thunder thighs,went from 25.5,to 22.5 so,thats a pretty big i think,change and at the end they also make you,calculate your total inches so i went,from 186.7 inches,to 172 inches,so thats a total of 14.7 inches so,thats pretty good,[Music],so lets talk about in diablo in scale,yeah um so we are not besties,um i started at 159.2,pounds and ended up at,148.6 i know what youre thinking,i mean its still 10 ish pounds what is,it,10.6 pounds and i should be proud of,that,the only reason i was kind of like upset,about it was because,at the end of phase two i was actually,147.2,so i i went up a little bit but,im just telling myself that those,thats thats muscle its muscle girl,youre fine youre fine,all right so now its down to final,facts so is this,a 10 out of 10 would recommend to a,friend,[Music],i dont know its probably like a seven,out of ten it wasnt all bad,i lost some weight i lost some inches i,got stronger it was just a littl

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