1. 818 Tequila REVIEW | Is Kendall Jenners 818 Tequila Worth it?
  2. Kendall Jenner sent us her 818 tequila to try out!
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  5. Kendall Jenners 818 Tequila Review – The Tequila Hombre
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818 Tequila REVIEW | Is Kendall Jenners 818 Tequila Worth it?

818 tequila owned by kendall jenner is,just the latest celebrity tequila to be,hitting the market and making waves and,there have been so many different,celebrities coming out with tequilas,recently that the markets getting a,little crowded and even so 818 has still,been able to make waves and headlines,and on social media though not always,for the best reasons,but in this video im going to be giving,you a complete overview on 818 tequila,going to be tasting both of these,expressions and then im going to give,you my honest opinion on both of these,bottles,so kendall jenner for whatever reason is,a highly influential person uh whether,you agree with it or not she has a lot,of pull in todays social media age and,so when she launched this tequila brand,everybody was talking about it and,excited to get their hands on it but it,hasnt really all been roses like i,mentioned before theres been a lot of,issues with this brand basically from,the moment that she announced there have,been issues a lot of different people,have been calling it a cultural,appropriation due to some of her ads and,just,overall helping to contribute to a kind,of detriment in the agave market and,thats not just on her its its,actually a larger issue with all of,these celebrity-owned tequilas but i,dont really want to talk about that in,this video if youre interested,subscribe to my channel and that is one,of the upcoming videos i will be making,going over the the impact of celebrity,owned tequilas on the agave market but,in this video i want to stick to,specifically what is inside of these,bottles and is it worth your time and,money so lets get into it oh and if at,any moment you are enjoying this video,make sure you comment over here and,hitting that like button just so that,can spread to more people i really,appreciate it so lets start with the,bottles um ill be honest with you they,kind of look a little generic i i do,generally like the little square feel to,it but the graphic design on it its not,really eye-catching its not really,interesting to me at least but youre,not here to have a conversation on,graphic design now are you so,lets get to uh talking about these,bottles individually i have here the,blanco and the reposado they do make an,anejo which i just couldnt get my hands,on for whatever reason they didnt have,it at the store that i bought these um,but lets start with the blanco this,bottle came in at about 56 58,uh where i bought it and ive heard that,it actually can be a little bit more,expensive depending on where youre,buying it lets pop it open and well,give it a sip and well go from there,all right lets uh,give it a little sip here,doesnt smell too harsh smells a little,sweet,[Music],honestly the the taste for me on this,its a little,its a little harsh but overall its not,too terrible to drink i feel like if you,were to put this in a mixer or make a,margarita out of it it actually wouldnt,be too too bad um it doesnt burn all,that much,and it has a little bit of a sweetness,at the end that does round it out a,little bit its not terrible but for the,price that youre paying,there there are some questions raised,there,or at least there should be in my,opinion all right lets move on to the,reposado this one cost me about 62,dollars and while thats not unheard of,in the tequila market,especially because good tequila does,rain go up in price,it is pretty high up there because there,are a lot of cheaper tequilas out there,so lets give this one a little sip,[Music],overall theres a lot of sweetness its,very very,sweet it almost feels um like cotton,candy in a way like it just reminds me,of cotton candy and you have that burn,but ill be honest it doesnt taste all,that much like a tequila in my opinion,should um its easy to drink ill give,it that i mean i could sip this and,it doesnt burn too much and its easy,to drink even on its own it has that,overall its like a caramelly almost,cotton candy kind of flavor i dont know,if thats what i would look for in a,tequila but im sure some people out,there might enjoy it um again like i,should say 62 for tequila its not too,bad its not the worst overall pretty,sweet easy to drink a little bit of a,burn and you get that underlying tequila,flavor,i personally have just a little bit of,an issue with that over sweetness i,dont necessarily want that in my,tequila but im sure some of you may,enjoy that because it might be easier to,drink now that weve kind of tasted both,of these expressions lets talk about,who this tequila is for based on what,ive seen so far it really just seems,like theyre just trying to ride the,celebrity tequila wave and using kendall,jenners star power to help sell this,tequila and if youre a fan of hers and,you want to try it ill be honest with,you theres probably worse tequila that,could have been made and done uh for,this kind of thing um i do think they,maybe put a little bit of effort into it,maybe not the most effort so now lets,get to the point of this video,is 818 tequila worth your time effort,and money in my opinion if youre a big,fan of kendall jenners or you love the,kardashians are there worse tequilas out,there that you could be drinking yes and,so therefore if you want to support them,or you really really love them you could,prob you could probably find this,enjoyable it could probably become a,pretty good stable on your bar shelf or,you could order this out wherever you,are and you will probably enjoy it but,in terms of value for what this is and,what they represent i cannot recommend,this tequila at all quite frankly,the price for both of these bottles are,just way too expensive for what they are,and theres so many better tequilas out,there within the same price range,just two very very easy options that i,just have on my back bar is you have uh,the tromba uh reposado which cost me,about like 36 dollars a bottle i think,something along those lines,and its it has its a fantastic,reposado it has that earthy agave flavor,that im accustomed to from a good,tequila and so i find that this to just,be a much better tequila for half the,price even if it isnt the most high-end,tequila out there but where there is a,high-end tequila out there that puts,this to absolute shame is the uh,fortaleza reposado fortaleza is uh,widely regarded as one of the best,tequilas on the market the people who,make this they do this 100 the right way,um they are family owned distillery and,they take make sure theyre taking care,of their agave the right way they do,everything correctly and their product,is just absolutely spectacular and the,part that really kills me on this is,that this cost me 63,this cost me 52. i the fact that this,right here is probably the best reposado,ive ever had and it costs 10 less than,this,i i i cant recommend this i just cant,like this theres no com theres no,comparison in my mind between these two,bottles this is like an overly sweet,candy,cotton candy flavored tequila drink,whereas this is a really well made,reposado tequila and,you know i really enjoy tequila i really,enjoy it as a a spirit and so for me,thats why this just isnt worth,anything but like i said if you love the,kardashians and you love kendall jenner,who am i to judge you if you want to buy,it you know it tastes okay its not the,worst tequila ive ever tried but if,youre looking at it from a value or,quality of whats inside the bottle,perspective man i theres so much better,that you can do out there there really,is but there you have it that is my,honest opinion on 818 tequila and you,might be thinking did he really spend,over a hundred dollars just to tell me,not to buy it yes yes i did so that you,dont have to if you enjoyed this video,mean the world to me if you consider,subscribing i do have that upcoming,video on the issues surrounding,celebrity owned tequilas but thats,enough for me ive got some tequila to,drink not these,im gonna be drinking this and well,catch you in the next one cheers,[Music],you

Kendall Jenner sent us her 818 tequila to try out!

whats going on everybody today is super,exciting because we get to review,kendall jenners 818 tequila,they sent us this exclusive box i,believe is one of one ive never seen,this before,for johnny drinks so were gonna open,this up today theres some goodies in,here,we may even make a drink so lets see,what we got check it out,little history about 818 they have won,16 tasting awards including the best,reposado tequila,the platinum award chairmans trophy the,triple gold,top 100 spirits double gold gold medal,innovation award all this good stuff so,supposedly,its pretty good wow were going to put,that to the test here,first thing we notice on the box here,they give you a little lock,and the code im gonna have to assume,the code is 818.,oh thats good it makes sense perfect,that works lets open this thing up,look at that so it comes with three,different tequilas a little bit of a,wow some cars here unlock into the world,of 818.,i believe this note is from kendall,herself um welcome to 81a our,award-winning tequila from jalisco,mexico our ultra premium tequilas made,from the highest quality 100 blue weber,agaves,enjoy our rich anejo smooth reposado,and french blanco uh it is,tequila its an experience that can be,accessed anywhere at any moment enjoy,with a pinch of salt or maybe a slice of,lime,kendall and the a118 drink stuff,so here we go you guys see this,can you see this cool wow,you should smell this spice smells,awesome wow,im gonna pull it out lets see we got,some dried limes,well i have a nice shaker here all right,whats in here limes,all perfect this is wow so,cool what else is this oh check this out,oh these are shot glasses,these are uh ceramic look at that right,is that ceramic or,clay call that clay right thats clay,thats good here hold on,oh look at this salt cool yeah this is,the fruit thats sweet,first time opening up the box so were,just trying to rummage through here,cool this stuff smells awesome,now this is the real test so what what,do we what do we think that is,and i dont mind being you know wrong,but im not going to say what i think it,is so ill come back to that breathe,smells like tequila that is for sure,whats the nam on this one lets see,1137 for all you tequila snobs out there,the nom,three seven okay here lets do a little,lets try the out of these clay im,gonna try it out on the clay,so were not gonna chill these uh no i,dont want to chill this one yet lets,just try this,straight raw yeah okay,all right so this one is what the extra,anejo,oh okay smell it first its interesting,no salt no lime wow its also early in,the morning so this may,you know sway our uh our opinions here,oh thats good that is good that is,actually smoother than i thought it was,gonna be a little nervous i gotta be,honest,smelling it um i just had some orange,juice so but this the taste is super,smooth,but it does have that bite to it which,is uh lets just try it out,i wanted to see if the glass was really,that clay was really uh affected or not,you know,i dont think so but i do really like,the way it tasted out of that,thats good stuff that really is huh,there is i think,do you think the clay changed the taste,at all it definitely changed the,the taste and the effect uh you know on,your my lip and,certainly my mouth but uh that was kind,of cool you know i did like it because,it reminded me,and this is gonna sound but it went to,cabo many years ago,and in the room that i stayed there was,a clay,pyramid with their homemade tequila and,they had served it out of,the clay shot glasses like this so that,is actually reminisce,of that for me i liked it yeah i did,okay,so whats next now blanco you know the,bronco is,just purely purely out of the distilled,process,and theres no real aging to it right so,it doesnt sit,in a barrel this is how it comes out,white i want to chill it,okay im just going to chill it a little,bit,it smells harsher completely different,because its again,its straight out now i know what im,doing with this im going to do a little,salt,this is not a fair no afterwards dont,worry about it all right cheers,you do it that way,thats good this is going to be perfect,for the next strat i take which is going,to be with a piece of lime and some salt,i agree,need some of that yeah without a doubt,we could use it,okay so this may not be the salt thats,designed for it because it really,probably goes on a rim of a glass,but which way we do this first we lick,it sip it lime it,right so pick it,[Music],wow,thats like a mini thats like a mini,cocktail right there that was really,good,okay good for that you want to try it,that way here,[Music],very good probably should have started,with,the blanco but,get the idea good stuff,the wine for me is harsher than the,tequila,i enjoyed that okay whats next,all right and last but not least,whats the difference between reposado,anya hill and blanca oh well its the,aging process,actually uh anejo was aged the longest,about one to three years,reposados a couple months and then,blanco isnt really aged at all,thats right white white dog right out,of the,well right out of the distilling process,right okay actually i want to do,i want to try on the clay pot again too,the clay,shotguns both okay,but yeah this is so authentic yeah for,some reason,drinking out of these this is really,different and i think uh,you should try it yeah try drinking a,peel out of different glasses like this,yeah,um very earthy really good yep,its good stuff its a thumbs up for me,all three is really good whats your,favorite one whats the consensus um,im making a drink with this,i am sipping this all day long,probably neat i dont even think i would,put a i dont think i put an ice cube on,that,and this one i would i would chill it,and i would do something with the glass,maybe salt the glass,have a some some lime influence on it,but theyre both,really good so you know youre going to,make a youre going to make an,experience out of,any one of these three bottles any which,way you like and and theyre all very,good,i cant say anything other than the fact,that i enjoy them its tough,thank you good tequila thank you thank,you kendall for personally sending this,to us,meant a lot to you yeah thank you,kendall sorry ive never,met you before kendall but im johnny,drinks and nice to meet you kendall im,sure well meet someday,uh so that is it guys that is a review,of 818 tequila well be back soon for,more good stuff,drink reviews awesome cheers

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Bartender Reviews Celebrity Tequilas

drink responsibly please,drink whatever you want,dont serve me that though hey guys my,name is danny taylon i am the owner of,the mia blanca mescaleria and today we,are going to be reviewing,these celebrity tequilas so the first,one were going to go ahead and try we,do have santa tequila by sammy hagar and,van halen and guy fieri this tequila,used to actually be adam levine with,sammy hagar so this is santa tequila,fino and its a blanco one of the top 20,tequilas in the world,lets see,bottles all right i should pour it out,like he hasnt looking like,it smells like hand sanitizer so i mean,doing a panda make why not you know i,guess,oh,thats gonna be a no so it is an 80,proof tequila did guy take us to flavor,tone he did not all right guys so next,up i hate to do this because i love him,this is nick jonas is a villa one i mean,its villa but villa one and he did this,with john barbados it says its life as,it should be clear bottle no story,nothing just i guess to the point so,lets try this one out,all right so,theres not much of a smell to this its,kind of just there it has the smell of a,rubbing alcohol but very very very light,no um sorry guys i love him but this was,not it look at the jumanji cast rolling,the wrong dice all right guys so next up,we are going to try with all this these,accolades behind her i wish i had braids,on and a hat and i was in a horse,pulling up miss kendall jenners 818,tequila blanco she says they work,closely with local family-owned uh forms,and jalisco to bring you the smoothest,most natural and best tasting tequilas,possible only the highest quality,ingredients are used in this creation,they all say that so she basically says,that the reason why she named a18 right,here in the water is because its home,to her,but the earth is home to all of us,i guess she heard the backlash on,putting in a person that was mexican,behind her but this is one of the things,that we actually need to touch base in,just because the person is brown does,not mean that thats some sort of,affiliation with it being a good tequila,or anything like that it turns into one,of those cash grab moments if youre,getting backlash for something and its,something that you can fix just learn,about it,all right so with this 818 im reading,this and it says that its smooth,and natural,but theres no smell to it all right,lets i guess lets try her cheers,do you guys like cereal or marshmallows,this tastes like marshmallows,how long does it eat some water,theres a lot of sweetness to it kind of,only makes me wonder what is being added,to this it almost has like this cinnamon,taste to it,do better all right guys so next up we,have,motorcycle diaries george clooney,casamitos i see this being ordered a lot,this is the only tequila that i can,actually say someone has not been do you,have george clooneys tequila like its,actually been like do you have cost,amigos bottle is in it whatever it says,that its tequila 100,yeah these shots are getting to me,why do you order this,i knew it all right so the bottom of the,bottle says notes of a smooth vanilla,finish,guys,drink whatever you want to drink but if,your tastes like vanilla what are they,giving you this just came out am i,pressed a thousand percent adam levine,with his wife but hottie just made a,tequila,kelly rosa callie rosa has no story on,it but if you go to the website you will,actually see that it is a mexican fusion,blended with a california lifestyle what,the hell does that mean i have no, idea you guys know this song,that sugar song when i read the,description thats what i felt like this,was like papa bottom like,so he did this tequila with a tint in it,uh he said he ate it in some barrels to,get that tone,did you though,oh you guys so this is kind of cute this,is their bottle their bottle is actually,nice their,top is all glass look at you adam levine,he said victorias secret money where on,the tops girl,cheers,yall,so it has this smell like tarty its not,pungent its just tarty,oh damn okay uh um uh i just swallowed a,flower what im so confused its very,very floral but it smells tarty but it,doesnt taste like what it smells would,i tell you guys to try this,yeah but to try it because i want to,know like yall are tasting the same,thing if you wanted to buy this sip it,neat dont dont blend it in a cocktail,it seems to have like some sort of like,balance to where you wouldnt need to,add anything to it its different its,different like i cant even tell you,if i like it yall this top though is,really cute,he released two so he released a uh rosa,and this uh,this one is set to be in a barrel for 18,months theres supposed to be some sort,of a toffee and vanilla which is like,what i hate the most vanilla any tequila,yall,it smells like starbucks,[Music],sorry guys,cut real quick,guys,guys i knew it i knew it trust your,instincts adam,adam,bahati,i mean if you want to go buy something,thats going gonna do the trick i,suppose but the trick is gonna be is,just gonna numb your mouth the smell is,different from the taste the smell is,like okay starbucks whats up lets wake,up but then its like wake the up,thats not the wake up i wanted,so ranking you know on the presentation,i mean i would just give it to adam to,be honest like its gorgeous your bottle,is nice its an aesthetic theres an,aesthetic to this tasting wise though,this one is the most memorable i,honestly thought i was gonna grill it i,dont know im tasting flowers thank you,for watching let me know how you guys,feel about these if you so happen to,find them at a bar so you dont have to,like spend on the bottle go for it,people want to say that its cultural,appropriation and things like that i do,believe that celebrities can work to,help out granted i get it its your,first time but this is what i mean when,i say that people should actually,research it takes years to do something,like this,[Music],you

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hey guys welcome back to another video,today we are reviewing the Kendall,Jenner 818 tequila if you guys have,already watched videos on my channel you,probably already recognize my beautiful,panelists when I wanted to do a panelist,I thought of choosing someone who has no,idea about tequila and someone whos an,alcoholic,Im gonna do the finger outing comment,down below,on my right the first panelists we have,is Mel herself,and on to my left we have my other,beautiful panelists hey its been a,minute yup its been a minute and were,happy to be back so lets just Dive,Right In who wants some tequila,oh my God does this mean that were,doing three shots back to back yeah one,yeah lets get it yep so lets go into,the little details of Kendalls tequila,even though I didnt do any research on,how she does it what Barrel she uses,blah blah you probably dont even give a,[ __ ] we just want to know is this gonna,[ __ ] you up or not so the first one we,have,how much percentage is this [ __ ],100 Agave what yeah when it comes down,to each and every tequila I found these,at Total Wine theres only three which,is the blanco the reposado the Anejo it,starts from 45 55 and then sixty five,dollars just to give you guys an idea of,price range and product so when it comes,down to packaging I would say that its,very Indie I wouldnt say that its,something that you would like take to,someones house if it has like a nice,gift unless theyre like orange,but what do you guys think its cute,right I think yeah its cool but yeah it,doesnt look like its bougie or yeah,like a nice gift or anything and 818 is,that just like the area code because oh,L.A yeah,were Italy [ __ ],yeah so thats true we can relate with,like if its in like random like,Columbus Ohio yeah theyre probably like,what is 818 yeah its our area code so,all right so this is all Im guessing,Agave Azula yep we got all the dinosaurs,so that means that theres no crazy,sugars that makes you have a crazy,headache,um but were gonna really put it to the,test and see how it tastes what a,freaking professional over here what the,hell bro dead ass why do I know this on,the top of my head you have to compare,this in 1942. okay this is gonna be a,uncommon opinion but nothing special for,me about 19. I mean I dont really like,I need to feel it like that but I cant,tell any alcohol put it in front of me,Ill drink it,dude for me 1942 is hyped and it still,gives me a headache and a hangover so,well tequila gives me a hangover and,period like in general,for me it depends on the tequila but,lets get to opening okay so who needs,scissors when you have nails,topper open,[Applause],okay lets get a wafting wafting,it smells kind of sweet it does hmm,this is actually no yeah it smells good,not bad all right pour up ladies,its like what do I do first so just,line them up okay wait when it comes,down to pouring up should we take the,full shot or what you dont take,[Applause],[ __ ] [ __ ],Im not too much of a Blanco girl but,well see,thats so hypocritical Im not too much,of a white girl but I mean like white,white tequila try it I dont know I,dont like white tequila I dont know,I gave it away you guys when we drink it,lets not Chase it lets see how long,no I dont like Chase sandwich well,youre gonna have an easy way in this,one lets try it all right Cheers Cheers,Cheers all right ready ready,okay,Im gonna chase it thats smooth wait,not bad [ __ ] its not bad,its not bad like I could have gone,without the Chaser I never go without,you its good its kind of sweet yeah no,its good wait what kind of uh its like,water,okay,okay [ __ ],water flooding no its good,okay,yeah,[ __ ],maybe some time let me just warm my,belly up real quick not bad you guys hey,I kind of I kind of mess with this I,honestly yeah I didnt really tequila,repulses me,um,or you repulse it or I will post it this,wasnt too bad huh it wasnt bad and you,said this is like 45 the worst one wait,thats the worst one,I just dont like white Tequilas oh I,like them dork,about them already are you sorry,freaking lightweight give me one second,okay I missed drinking every single,[ __ ] day,okay,wait 45 how do you guys feel can you,like feel something I could feel,something,is shot,this [ __ ],I swear I swear on my life I dont feel,anything my stomach is warm and its,like tingling yeah like I feel warm I,feel good,its like [ __ ] you dont pour me a shot,all right next up rubbishado when I burp,like I can smell it,is that good I dont know is that good,I dont know I kind of liked it wait I,need a verb too,pop it pull it up up,oh,yeah,no how does it smell,oh,it smells like sugar why are you taking,such a deep look yeah shes like smelly,yeah it does it smells like sugar it,smells like sugar what those are wrong,oh my God this smells really good,Smells Like Sugar it was like it smells,like a cookie,Talk of the girls your king is straight,out of the bottle like it was a water or,something yeah but you want me to do it,foreign,[Laughter],Loki the blanco tasted better I mean,smelled better really,this smells stronger,oh what is this its too strong [ __ ],really,good maybe,if you have a big mug collection right,you can take one of them,shot glasses she needs a mug are you,okay,no forgot to mention if youre not over,21 do not indulge at the beginning I,know they should know better yeah and if,you are over 21 enjoy responsibly all,right next up Reposado if I drink,tequila it either has to be Reposado or,Anejo so lets take this one today,cheers ladies cheers,oh my God now are you cheers Im good,I dont think this bitchs eyes are,watering,are you drunk no I know I really uh,nauseous,lets take this one do we take the full,thing or half it Im taking the fool,I kind of want to like taste down you,guys dont taste it yeah but okay dude,lets just all right lets try to do,this without uh jerseys,Im gonna take half,foreign,I like the white one you like the white,one,that one was smoother yeah it was way,long ago was smoother yeah but you know,the deeper you go the darker you get,what,[Applause],stronger,oh,my taste is like,heavier I like that one better it has,like a,do you taste the smokiness yeah right I,like yellow butter yeah if you dont,like that strong tequila taste yeah I,would say the white one but if you like,the taste of tequila which is why why,would you like the taste of tequila,next why did you even think I was a good,candidate for this dude you are perfect,your hair and dont you just got your,nails done I need to feel so all right,do the honors pop it,all right definitely that one was way,you pass me the freaking takudo thingies,oh hell yeah oh whatever those are I got,you oh yes I need a little break,all right okay,[Applause],we dont waste alcohol,oh my God,[Applause],good,she just took it like water said give it,oh shes like literally I cant smelling,test,hows it smell like huh,what you cant smell it smells like,perfume what but this its getting,stronger as we go,right,I wasnt wrong with you guys it smells,more like a coffee plant yeah it went,from like like slightly yeah and this is,like more like stronger and when we say,sweet we dont like its not lollipops,up in here this smells like a different,type of oil right it smells like I dont,explain it yeah it smells like like,um those those candies or cakes that are,infused with a rum or some [ __ ] oh those,little chocolates chocolate candy,bro you want to hear a story all right I,think this is where I got my taste for,alcohol from when I was young I found,out those I do thats Lids had alcohol,in it and I would purposely gold,scavenger it out of the cabinet and like,my parents found me in the kitchen like,my dad heard me giggling in the kitchen,and he was like whats wrong with her he,went to the kitchen I was like five,years old and he saw a whole box of them,like half of it was gone and I had eats,in it yeah same thing I had literally,taken the chair put it got it out of the,cupboard and ate half of it and my dad,said I was like laughing,my God thats

Kendall Jenners 818 Tequila Review – The Tequila Hombre

in this episode were going to be taking,a look at and doing a tasting review of,kendall jenners,eight one eight tequila blanco and,laranejo right here on the tequila,hombre coming up,next,[Music],hello and welcome to this episode of the,tequila hombre where today were going,to be taking a look at and doing a,tasting review of kendall jenners,tequila 818 tequila were going to look,at the blanco and the anejo today and,see what theyre all about now i want to,talk about uh one thing in general i,know kendall jenner has gotten a lot of,um,bashing and stuff where theyre talking,about cultural appropriation,and um and how a tequila brand needs to,be a,mexican and onward to mexico well thats,not true okay and theres a lot of,brands that are here in the u.s that are,not owned by,by mexicans okay but they are made by,mexicans,so you know shes not doing anything,thats cultural appropriation that,anybody else isnt doing,all right so well go on the details of,um how this tequila is made i didnt put,a graphic together ill just kind of,tell you guys about it and um and then,well go into some deta go into the,tasting and do an honest,unbiased review now ive got nothing,against kendall jenner um i think what,shes accomplished is great and the fact,that shes,hasnt really done much of anything,besides um profited off of the keeping,up with the kardashian,uh tv show and her um,exposure to fame through that and,through having you know,bruce jenner or now caitlyn jenner as a,father so its worked for her and you,know god bless her good for her im glad,shes able to make a living and stuff,doing that ive got nothing against her,and ive got nothing against her coming,out of the tequila line but i want to,give you an honest opinion and some,honest information about what this brand,is all about so lets not waste any more,time lets get into it now,all right so some interesting things,about how this tequila is made its made,like a good tequila would be made okay,they uh for this batch which is comes,out of cofrodia,they do um make a,uh they do cook the agave using ornos,which are stone brick ovens which is,great they use a tohono for extraction,which is great they um for distillation,they used uh,stainless steel,oh copper pot stills which is great,and they ferment in stainless steel,tanks which is great but something,really interesting has happened now,and it could mean that theyre trying to,lower the price um for kendall so she,can make more money on it its moved to,a different,distillery already its just came out,and its moved to a different distillery,distillery 1660,uh which doesnt produce anything right,now but it has a diffuser so,um interesting to see whats going to be,happening with the brand with that um,but lets get into see whether its,worth drinking anyways so lets not,waste any more time lets get into the,tasting portion of this episode,all right so some interesting things,about how this tequila is made its made,like a good tequila would be made okay,they uh,for this batch which is comes out of,cofrodia,they do um make a,uh they do cook the agave using ornos,which are stone brick ovens which is,great they use a tohono for extraction,which is great they um for distillation,they used uh,stainless steel,oh copper pot stills which is great,and they ferment in stainless steel,tanks which is great but something,really interesting has happened now and,uh it could mean that theyre trying to,lower the price um for kendall so she,can make more money on it its moved to,a different,distillery already its just came out,and its moved to a different distillery,distillery 1660,uh which doesnt produce anything right,now but it has a diffuser so,um interesting to see whats gonna be,happening with the brand with that,um,but lets get into see whether its,worth drinking anyways so lets not,waste any more time lets get into the,tasting portion of this episode all,right going up top to the port cam as,usual ill be using the denver and lily,agave glass,so lets go ahead and pour a little bit,of this tequila in there and,check it out,all right,all right i think thats gonna be enough,all right lets not waste any more time,lets go up and see what it looks like,in the glass,all right taking a look at this in the,glass,it coats the glass nicely you can see,the legs,and tears forming on the glass,so it looks like its got a nice viscous,mouth feel to it lets see what we get,on the nose on this,all right its got this really funky,kind of smell to it,its very floral and its got um,definitely picking up some,some cinnamon and baking spices its,very grassy,and um,kind of grassy and swampy,funky kind of smelling,and its got kind of a floral um,floralesque perfumey kind of nose to it,its uh kind of interesting all right so,lets see what we get on the flavor,profile,its very thin,um,flavor wise,but youre definitely picking up some,cooked agave,uh,its,very perfumey and like floral perfumey,um,not a hot a lot of,um,complexity to it,im picking up a little hints of vanilla,coming through on it too,but its very thin its theres not a,whole lot to it,um complexity wise,and its really thin so um,how would i rate this,um,i would give this to agave okay its um,is it something that i would buy and,keep on my shelf,um not for the not for this price and,yeah and theres so many other things,you can get that are that are better,than this,um its not bad if you have to have it,if youre a kennel jenner fan and you,have to have it um its not horrible,okay if youre a person that does shots,and really doesnt care about the flavor,of it just doesnt want to do,lemon and salt with it itll work okay,but if youre a connoisseur or somebody,who really enjoys the flavors that um a,blanco tequila offers this thing is,gonna leave you wanting more okay so,its very thin and not a whole lot to it,um this would be good for a beginning,tequila drinker who,um kind of just wants to get used to,tequila first,because its very bland its very thin,all right so um there you go to agave um,now i want to show you something a,little interesting um im,i took the aniejo and put it to the,additive test,and now to explain this to you,with tequila,um with the inejos and the reposados,they can add stuff to them to make them,taste,better and more appealing make them,smoother um they can add glycerin and,what they call smoothing additives and,they can add flavoring additives like,vanilla and caramel and stuff like that,to take a tequila that is subpar and,make it taste sweet,and good but it doesnt taste natural,okay so what i did is i took there inejo,and i put it to my in my additive test,and im going to show you what happened,right now,all right so here we are were going to,be doing the additive test on,kendall jenners 818 tequila anejo,so were going to pour a little bit in,the pan first,there we go get it to simmer,and see what we get,all right we are getting down to the,point where,you can start seeing the additives its,actually sticking to the pan,you can see the spots like right there,where,um,the additives are sticking to the pan,but its getting to the point now where,its,all the alcohol is burning off and were,getting the water off so itll show us,the additives in this,if there is any which i believe theyre,starting to believe there is because of,the spots that are showing up on the pan,but well see,all right so uh were getting down to,the end here,you can see theres some spots where,some stuff is sticking to the pan,already but my kitchen smells like uh,vanilla cupcakes,so that is a good sign that theyre,using flavor additives in this,um but lets see what we get uh stuck to,the pan to see what we get as far as,smoothing additives in this,all right here we go were all done and,if you look at the pan you can see areas,like here where theres none of the uh,um additives are stuck to it but if you,look at here you can see,the glycerin and stuff thats stuck to,the thats still on the pan here and if,you swipe your hand across it see how,you can see the


[Music],hello everybody welcome welcome back to,my youtube channel im boring susan and,todays video,i am talking about the kendall jenner,818 tequila,look at heres two of the bottles and,then i have the nejo over here as well,im gonna review the tequila today i,have a couple to compare it to as well,in,the range theres obviously so many,tequilas out there i couldnt include,like all of them but i picked,some good ones to compare it to so that,you can get kind of a contrast and see,how it fits in the collection of,tequilas,also just a quick disclaimer i,definitely dont know like,all there is to know about tequila ive,been learning a lot about it since,um getting into 8-1-8 but i know theres,a couple other channels on youtube who,have reviewed this who are more of,the spirits and new releases of alcohol,from,really anything on youtube so if you,want more of that review check that out,that will not be this video,this is more of just trying it and,seeing how it rates got mixed reviews,actually because some of the expert,people were like uh this is a passable,tequila whatever the ones on youtube at,least,um but then it also got some rewards but,im like how much of that has to do with,like a pay-to-play kind of situation,um who knows i mean thats all kind of a,gamble i dont know all that information,um but i wanted to try it and see,because i know right now i think its,only out in california still,so it hasnt hit all the states yet and,even globally i dont know exactly what,theyre doing,[Music],this is the only one that ive tried so,far i have a lot of tequila to go,through so you know this is a fun what,is it like wednesday,to do which we love okay im also,outside so if you hear like the windy,breeze just you know feel the moment you,know were outside were drinking,tequila were having a good time you,know you know the tea,okay im gonna pour some into here not a,lot i dont need,we got a lot to go through my favorite,so far in the blanco family is the cos,amigos i think thats,such a smooth tequila so its kind of a,hard one to compete with in this,category,so lets see lets try this one,okay so its its good its good i would,say its uh,light i know a lot of the other reviews,were talking about if you like the real,taste of like tequila tequila like the,agave,that this doesnt exactly reflect that,um im not quite sure im,to be quite honest i dont really,exactly know what agave is like but i,assume,it still tastes like tequila to me um,i think this is nice my only thing with,this one compared to the cos amigos,is it has more of a like zesty,notes at the end that give it a little,bit of that like,you know sometimes you get that tequila,face youre like thats the only thing,with this one,this one is also retails for 35 dollars,ill put it up here or is it 45.,thats the thing too depending on where,i went depending on the price so some of,it was 35 some of those 45,its around that price point for this,one this is nice though i like it i,think i drink it i do think this would,be really nice mixed with other,uh like in with a margarita or even ive,seen people do it with like moscow mules,which i think would be interesting,so thats as far as the 818 blanco and,then we will also compare it to the cost,amigos which is in the same price point,i got a little dawn,romeo lets try this one first because,this ones really cute um this one also,retails for about 35 dollars so im just,gonna drink it out of this because,no one else is drinking any okay,i feel like they smell kind of similar,okay lets try a little bit,oh but this one has a stronger,like front that its like the same,endnotes as,blanco i will say this one probably,tastes more like the traditional agave,it definitely had a stronger front so i,feel like if youre doing shots of this,one like that,no no no or you know you mix it with a,drink or whatever i think itd be fine,but,then we throw in the cos amigos and,well lets throw it in and see what,happens okay im gonna put a little bit,in here,oh thats a little more than a little,bit see,oh my gosh i even have oh i even have,orange oh my gosh let me get my orange,tequila and orange if you havent tried,it you have to its amazing,oh see this this,so mild like so mild and i know some,people talk about additives in tequila,because theres a certain amount that,they dont have to put on the labels,so we didnt exactly know i think the,cost amigos is the best one in the,blanco family,i would say that the 818 comes in second,um in comparison this ones just so,smooth so easy,this,divine like are you joking,such a beautiful tequila so okay so then,whats the rating of the blanco i would,give the blanco,three out of five i think its a its a,good tequila ill definitely drink it,its gonna be better mixed i think is,really where its gonna be at because if,youre wanting to do,you know take a couple shots be done,with your alcohol uh for the day than,like cos amigos is your guy,uh but maybe if you want something cute,in a mixed string i would say a1hq,i like her um i definitely like it,better than like patron ive tried,the green label and ill like that one,and i dont like that one,so i would say its more mild so if,youre looking for something thats not,going to be too in your face,big big tequila then 818s your girl,lets try the blanco excuse me i should,probably say which one the blanco,lets move on to reposado,[Music],818 reposado which is the second in the,lineup this one retails for,45.55 it really depends i thought bevmo,did have better prices but then i was,like bevmo,says its ten dollars more and then just,prices at 10,down and its actually like the same,price as retail so thats kind of silly,but,lets open her up give her a taste i,havent tried this one yet so im,excited,lets give her a light pour okay were,tasting you know were not,doing shots today darling were doing,half little baby ones,this is supposed to be uh generally,speaking when you do a reposado its,supposed to be in the oak barrels for,like,six to eight months something around,that again im not an expert but thats,where you get the,the darker color and its supposed to be,a little more flavorful so well see,i know ive also tried uh talking about,cosmicos ive also tried their reposado,and i didnt like it,so i think i might not be a fan of this,uh,category compared to the blanco so,thats just for reference for personal,purposes i might rank it a little lower,i think but lets try it okay cute,oh oh my gosh okay never mind that was,really good what,that was super easy very mild,i can taste a little bit of like an,oakiness to it,oh my gosh maybe i was wrong maybe i,just dont like that kind of reposado,okay so reposado in my opinion is,definitely better than the blanco,oh my gosh that one was really good it,has,its just a bit sweeter it also has uh,its just,also like mild i would say thats like,the best way to put it if its not like,too intense of a tequila but it still,like counts as tequila,which is nice so again i think thats,why its great for people who maybe,youre not like the biggest drinker or,youre not into like,super hard alcohols or you want,something thats gonna like taste good,and not taste like gasoline then,here it is,[Music],ive heard really nice things about the,casadores,reposado as well it has the little,can you see that bad boy so lets give,this one a taste test and compare it to,the other one,um i believe these are also around the,same price ill put the price of this,one up here,im not quite sure but i think its,around the same price as this reps auto,if not maybe a little cheaper,oh my gosh that was really good too,wow as i take i took i didnt take that,much thats what i wanted to taste it,you know,okay so those are definitely different,though the,this one has definitely more in it i,would say they both probably have,additives in it because it tastes like,multiple things and definitely on the,sweeter side overall,this one though this ones definitely,smokier,oakier you know and then this one,was a little bit

Kendall Jenners Tequila Brand is Ruining Lives: The Problematic Rise of Celebrity Liquor

in February of 2021 model slash famous,person Kendall Jenner announced the,launch of 818 tequila a new small batch,brand that she assured us was the result,of over three years of tireless research,and honestly I cant think of a single,business venture that would be more on,brand for Kendall Jenner who has been a,bona fide tequila Aficionado for so many,years that she simply never bothered to,mention it in a single interview or TV,appearance you can ask any of her,closest friends who have been briefed on,the project and theyll tell you that,Kendall has always been known for how,she goes on and on and on about her,passion for tequila within private,conversations that nobody can fully,disprove I mean sure coincidentally,celebrity tequila has been exploding,over the last four years with Brands by,George Clooney The Rock even Nick Jonas,bringing in millions of dollars but,believe her her Kendalls decision to,sell tequila goes way beyond that it,also blends perfectly with her not like,other girls pick me Persona that she,uses to stand out from the other,Kardashian Jenner sisters and allows her,to say things like Kylie has makeup,Chloe has fashion and Im just like the,Tomboy whos over in the corner talking,to the guys about tequila and listening,to old school hip-hop Im like such a,dork and a nerd and a dorky nerd but,like in a way that also sounds kind of,superior to other women I dont know,um Im a weirdo well I hate to say it,Kendall but youre more like your,sisters than you want to believe lets,look at the facts even within a year of,launching the brand we see all of the,Kardashian Classics profiting off of,cultural appropriation and the,destruction of Natural Resources using,your name plus slick branding to sell,overpriced garbage and our favorite,having your mom concoct expensive PR,stunts to help support the false,narrative that this familys success is,based on Merit rather than privilege you,know what maybe youre right and if all,of us could have just tried a little bit,harder to be born rich and then also,marry Rich we would be able to end,poverty just as quickly and easily as,Kendall ended racism with her magical,Pepsi of instant police reform so a grab,a poor person and pour them a drink,right before exploiting them for labor,and pillaging their culture to make a,cool Instagram reel because were,looking at the problematic history of,Kendall Jenners 818 tequila brand on,todays intoxicating installment of clip,breakdown,[Music],hello television viewers my name is Nick,and thank you so much for joining me,once again on my channel for another,installment of clip breakdown this is,the playlist where we dive into our,favorite movies TV movies and other such,content here on the web and chop it up,into pieces like an agave plant if,youre one of the people who has to get,their hands dirty making Agave not,Kendalls sister and we look at each,clip and we decide if its an ethical,business practice or something that the,Kardashians are doing if youre watching,this video the same week it came out Im,currently in Mexico and it was looking,at pictures of that country that led me,to an article about the problematic,nature of 818 tequila something that I,was aware of back in February of 2021,but its continued to be a storied past,that right up to the lawsuit for,copyright infringement and just a lot of,cringy content over on the drink818,Instagram but before we get into it make,sure you give this video a big thumbs up,if you want to see even more clip,breakdowns on problematic companies or,Kardashian Jenner issues but most,importantly if youre new to my channel,I would love to have you click that,subscribe button and right over here,that way you never miss new videos from,me I upload two new ones every week Ive,also got merch and a patreon where you,can access bonus content new enamel pins,stick them in your skins so lets go,right back to the source of Kendall,Jenners launch announcement of 818,tequila which if youre like me totally,caught you by surprise because not only,did I not know that Kendall Jenner was,doing a tequila brand I dont think Ive,ever even heard her talk about tequila,or drink a beverage with tequila in it,forever as long as shes been on Keeping,Up with the Kardashians but hey I guess,you dont have to say everything out in,public so maybe she really was a tequila,fan that just never talked about it at,least thats what I would say if I was,giving her the benefit of the doubt but,I didnt have a chance people started,calling out a sense of inauthenticity,with this brand from the First videos,this is the very moment Kendall,finalized the recipe that she was going,to go with for the final product theyre,both strong but this is a little less,strong okay okay heres what we have so,far for the tasting notes strong along,with an aromatic strongness that unfolds,against a delicate bouquet of strength,blossoms,incredible work Kendall your expertise,is really shining through its like I,can hear how you cultivated this tequila,wisdom by spending days in the soil of,an Agave field with your bare hands I,mean not that you really did that,because you but Im trying to mood board,for the promo shoot hey how big of a,sombrero are you able to wear before,toppling over specifically while riding,a horse also do horses have accents,because our horse needs a Mexican accent,for the promo shoot not only is um the,word strong not an actual tasting note,and pretty vague overall so if thats,the kind of vernacular shes using to,finalize her recipe its got to be a,little uninformed people also pointed,out something I would have never noticed,shes sipping this tequila from a high,ball glass and watering it down with ice,most experts on tequila agree that the,best glass to taste it from is a Copita,or tulip shaped glass and meat because,if youre adding ice its gonna mess,with the flavor that much I knew I guess,they use that cup because the Copita,glass is used because it has the,expansive middle that allows the,aromatic compounds to gather and then a,narrow top that concentrates the aroma,at your nose drink smells and cup shapes,its so fascinating like theres no,[ __ ] way my nose cares about what the,middle of the glass looks like but you,thats your thats what you say I want,to know how many of you watch the new,Kardashian show on Hulu because I used,to get sucked into Keeping Up with the,Kardashians but not the new one so Im,thinking of maybe just doing a whole,marathon and I know just what Im gonna,use I can now have a stunning home,theater experience no matter where I,feel like binge watching and if that,sounds like something youd like to see,then you want to check out the sponsor,of todays video nebula the makers of,the worlds first pocket-sized Cinema,from The Trusted company anchor Im,talking about the ultra portable capsule,laser projector nebula is famous for,portable projectors and theyre the,first brand to harness Laser Technology,to give you some of the brightest and,clearest images that youre able to take,with you wherever you go capsules laser,is way brighter and easier to use than a,standard LED projector and even better,its also much smaller capsule laser,projectors are about the size of a soda,can thats why tens of thousands of,people already rely on capsule 1 and,capsule 2 for impromptu meetings Outdoor,Adventures home theaters parties but it,gets even better Im so excited that I,got my hands on the capsule three,capsules third generation has improved,and enhanced its features over the other,two in every way possible its,chromecast compatible and super easy to,cast real-time images from your phone or,browser and it has Android TV 11 so you,can easily connect the streaming,services you already have compared to,ordinary LED projectors the capsule 3 is,1.8 times brighter with 300 Lumen and,1080p resolution you can see that its,even noticeably brighter than the,capsule 2 which has 200 Lumen and 720p,resolution capsule also has a longer,battery life intelligent e

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