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  5. A Classic Horror Story Netflix Movie Review
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A Classic Horror Story Netflix Movie Review

man netflix is really cranking out the,horror movies this summer its time to,talk a classic horror story,what is up netflix fans welcome back to,my channel i saw the title of this movie,and i said,what is this dont know why i said that,because its in the name but were going,to talk about it spoiler free of course,and lets get into it so,five carpoolers travel in a motor home,to reach a common destination night,falls to avoid a deadly animal carcass,they crash into a tree,when they come to their senses they find,themselves in the middle of,nowhere the road they were traveling on,has disappeared,and theres only a dense forest and a,wooden house,in the middle of a clearing which they,discover is the home of a spine chilling,cult,what is the love child of mitsumar,a little bit of your next a little bit,of wrong,turn and one movie in particular that,im going to mention now this isnt a,spoiler but its something that,could inevitably give away the tone so,if you dont want to know what the tone,of this movie is,turn away right now cabin in the woods,and i say that because,this film is trying its best to be,self-aware and in the know hence the,name,of the kind of movie its trying to be,and all of this is building up,sometimes a bit too obvious like,sometimes a bit too on the nose,throughout the first two acts,even though there are some great aspects,of this film and some great aspects of,the first two acts,they get about as dark and as terrifying,as you could possibly imagine,and the level of torture horror,gruesomeness gore it is so intense,at points in the movie but not just,visually,right more so what characters are having,to go through,and at one point where one character is,surrounded by a lot of other people and,heres where the mid samar comparison,comes in,very reminiscent to midsummer by the way,but its all,strategic well get to that here in just,a second but man,it is just its almost devastating to,see what some of these characters,go through in the movie now it does,start out in a very,calm manner and it really feels like a,bit of a,wrong turn rip off at the beginning,because they get stuck they get lost,they dont really realize where they are,and these freaky things start happening,to where,our characters that we had grown to kind,of,get on board with in the first few,scenes we get to know,just enough and i think thats what a,good horror movie does it it tells you,just enough about a character,because you know you dont want to get,too connected because you never know,whos going to make it,to the end of the movie and thats kind,of the case here but as we progress,it starts to become so obvious,because of the constant not only,exposition but just,beating you over the head with a certain,idea and,theyre trying to do this thing,throughout the movie and i noticed this,where,you know a character will do something,or say something and its almost like,the screenwriter was like yeah nobodys,going to realize this its going to be,this huge twist at the end,and there is a twist at the end theres,a twist that i suspected,but then theres a twist on that twist,that i didnt love the execution of,and when we get all of those things,fully realized and,the movie ends i looked at those final,few scenes and i said,i dont think they wrapped this up in a,way that felt fully,satisfying now were there great moments,throughout if youre a hardcore,horror fan and you love the gruesomeness,of something like this and all of the,movies that i mentioned,because again it is strategically,implementing,those things im not going to call it a,rip-off because of where this movie goes,but those things definitely work when,theyre happening but its,all about how they wrap everything up at,the end here,and unfortunately a classic horror story,fell flat towards the end which causes,me to lower my score i dont think it,fully takes away from the experience,because,i got a lot here from the horror genre,and theres definitely enough to like,but man there were there were some,really disappointing elements,in the third act for me so before i give,you my score what is the best horror,movie youve seen this year and if you,like these netflix reviews,be sure to drop your thumbs up down,below while the final twist,falls short strategically pulling from,other films pays off with some great,moments,in the first half this is an okay,italian horror film to watch on netflix,im going a solid,60 with my score and also let me know,did you watch,the dubbing or the subtitle i started,out dubbing i,always try to do that just to get a feel,for it and then of course i want the,subtitle route,thats the way i prefer all right guys,youre the best let me know whats,coming out on netflix this weekend that,you would like me to review,um its getting a little freaking here,because these lights man they just,theyre freaking me out and i dont like,the noises all right,ill see you soon

A Classic Horror Story – Movie Review

i feel fine i just dont really,understand whats wrong,no im not hot im not sweaty throat is,fine,no cough no runny nose i dont get it i,just i dont understand,why pass short for possibly yeah its,possible theres something wrong with me,mentally,ill probably have to get a second,opinion,okay all right thank you thank you,doctor okay,yeah i love you too bye,its weird that he said i love you more,weird that i set it back,well i dont have any symptoms and the,doctor doesnt have a diagnosis for me,so i guess im just gonna have to accept,reality,i saw a netflix movie that i actually,enjoyed a classic horror story is the,newest,exclusive i believe to hit netflix maybe,its not an exclusive maybe maybe i,shouldnt even give him the credit here,i think it is though i saw a little bit,of the trailer with my wife a couple,nights ago and we were a little taken by,it so we thought all right lets give it,a shot its a,its a horror movie which always sounds,like im saying a horror movie,either way im cool either way im fine,with it we jumped in,i will warn you right out of the gates,its a foreign film so there is,subtitles,although i do think you can get the,english dubbed version but i dont roll,that way i dont like english dubbed,versions,i went with the reading i did not notice,it after,10 minutes not even i i didnt i didnt,care theres not a ton of dialogue,its very visual theres a theres a lot,going on,its kind of a mind gamish thriller,slash [ __ ],i dont want to give anything away on,this movie because there is a big,mystery,element to it and it reminds me of a lot,of other films you know its got the,mid-summer,stuff going on its got you know texas,chainsaw,and if i really go into details of why,or if i say anything else im gonna,spoil stuff so,im gonna keep it mom in case youre,actually gonna watch this thing,now i will also say this i looked on,imdb and this things currently sitting,at like 5.7 or 5.9,so its not getting like praised its,very much,my opinion and not a overall consensus,you know critics arent agreeing with me,or i should say the,the audience isnt fully agreeing with,me on this one it runs quick,its only an hour and 35 minutes long,doesnt have,cheap jump scares i dont think theres,even one,its got the psychological angle to it,youre thinking while youre watching it,youre wondering how things are,happening how they are,it doesnt have too many too many,frustrating character moments,or decisions there are some where i,thought to myself like,really dude youre gonna do this right,now it does have some of it i wont deny,that,although i cant give stuff away but,theres theres a lot of explanation for,the reasons why things are happening the,way they are too the reason why people,do the things they do,there is an explanation so when its,done it will be,less frustrating and its actually,something you could watch again,i could watch it again and see the film,from an entirely different lens,which is a which is a pun but also true,im not italian so its hard for me to,judge if the actings good in this,based on how theyre saying things but,visually,they look like they were doing a good,job acting i believed that they were in,dire straits i believe the situation was,was pretty grim,i didnt see any of the moments,happening before they did it kept me on,my toes,there is some gore theres definitely,some gore for for those that want to see,that,not a lot but there theres one or two,parts where i was like oh my god this is,this is aggressive so its not for the,faint of stomach,after an extended period of absolute,trash,being piled out onto netflix this was a,breath of fresh air for me this one,stuck the,landing now again i apparently am in the,minority a little bit based on that,score,im a little disappointed by it i think,that theres probably a lot of people,that didnt,appreciate it the way i did or fully,understand what it was doing,or maybe im just you know copying out,to having bad taste here i dont know my,wife liked it too,i recommend it give it a shot especially,if youre you know looking for something,scary or something that gets your,stomach,churning a little bit i think this will,do the job for you if youre a parent,wondering if your kid can watch it,absolutely not this is too gory its too,graphic,i mean some kids are more mature than,others but i would say,hold off until theyre at least 13 for,this one if i were to give this an,arbitrary,score i would say 8 out of 10 deer heads,please let me know if you saw it in the,comments if im way off base or if im,spot on with this one,like the video if you thought i did a,good job providing you with a review,and think about subscribing to the,channel because im posting content,constantly,its getting pretty wild over here on,adam does movies,thank you again for watching the video,make sure to subscribe to adam does,movies if you havent already,you can check out my second channel adam,olinger where i talk about non-movie,related stuff,in a very stupid low-key way im also on,twitch at edamalinger you can find me on,tick-tock at adam does movies,and you can support me on patreon at,patreon.com,you guessed it adam does movies

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PERJALANAN TRAVEL YANG BERUJUNG MENGERIKAN !! Berhati-hatilah Jika kalian menumpang Travel Online

[Musik],gigi,chicwish Noah live you want on your,phone,[Musik],hai hai,[Musik],Hai Hai guys Kembali lagi bersama gua di,sakahayang review By the way apa kabar,para pecinta horor Story semoga kalian,baik-baik saja ya Pada kesempatan kali,ini sekaya akan mereview sekaligus,membahas sebuah kisah horor biasa tapi,luar biasa eh gimana ya pokoknya cerita,klasik tapi memiliki ending yang tidak,disangka-sangka karena seperti judulnya,Film ini berjudul a classic horror story,2021 meskipun judulnya klasik tapi,tenang aja film ini masih fresh karena,dirilis Bulan Juli kemarin di netflix,daripada penasaran dan banyak cincau,bajigur Mari kita langsung saja ke,pembahasannya dan seperti biasa jika,kalian suka dengan channel ini silahkan,subscribe saya biar gak ketinggalan,video menarik lainnya dari sakahayang,film ini diawali dengan penderitaan,seorang wanita yang terlihat sedang,disekap entah apa yang sebenarnya,terjadi wanita ini pun menderita banyak,luka dan dipenuhi darah Tak lama,kemudian orang misterius datang dengan,membawa martil jumbo untuk menggenjot,wanita malang itu kirim guys,dan film pun baru dimulai,kemudian Sin beralih ke sebuah tempat,paling bergengsi Buat para anak muda,menongkrong yaitu ojo Neo Cafe nomero,cabang Italy gua kasih bocoran ya si,Rossi pun demen nongkrong disini,kemudian terlihat seorang wanita cantik,yang bernama Elisa ia ditelepon sang,Bunda untuk secepatnya pulang ke kampung,halaman karena besok Elisa harus operasi,atas penyakit rahim yang dideritanya,ternyata si Eli satu lagi hamil tapi,karena rahimnya bermasalah mungkin,karena over gabrud ya dokter,menyarankannya untuk melakukan absorb,sisasi terlihat Elisa pun sedih dengan,dirinya yang gagal menjadi seorang bunda,meskipun bapaknya gak tahu siapa Hai,Tak lama kemudian Elisa mendapat pesan,dari seorang sopir mobil yang bernama,Fabrizio karena namanya kepanjangan kita,sebut saja ia Febrian dimana ia dan,penumpang lain sudah menunggu Elisa di,luar kafe singkat cerita Febri yang,seorang vlogger situs triple Zet,mewawancarai Elisa dan beberapa,penumpang lain untuk dijadikan konten,setelah sesi wawancara singkatnya Febri,pun OTW,[Musik],ditengah perjalanan Febri memberikan,servis jamuan berupa bir bulan kepada,para penumpangnya jamuan itu pun membuat,seorang pria yang bernama Mark langsung,menyambarnya saking lezatnya minuman,tersebut merek Nawari Elisa yang dari,tadi cuman bengong saja harga and im,melihat Mark yang terus memaksa Elisa,pun menurut saja untuk sekedar,menghargai tawaran Marc,tanpa terasa perjalanan mereka semakin,jauh memasuki hutan yang lebat nan luas,sambil ngisi waktu Mars membaca koran,tentang korban kejahatan di hutan,tersebut Lalu Febri menjelaskan bahwa,itu adalah ulah dari kelompok mafia,penguasa daerah ini smartphone melihat,berita Seorang walikota yang terus,berusaha mengatasi masalah tersebut Tak,lama kemudian misteri Elisa yang dari,tadi diam saja akhirnya terungkap Oh,ternyata ia pengen muntah,melihat Elisa yang muntah marcedo ya,nabok menganggap Febri kurang lihai,menyetir lalu Mark bergegas untuk,menggantikan Febri yang menjadikan sopir,jelas seorang dokterpun rasa takut,karena kondisi Mak yang sedang oleh,malah pengen jadi sopir,singkat waktu malam pun tiba maaf Yang,Masih menyetir ternyata lancar-lancar,saja,meskipun ia sedang mabuk usut punya usut,ternyata maka adalah top Global gusion,mulator Wow pantas GG kemudian Maret,penasaran dengan sebuah alat yang,terpasang di telinga Febri lalu Febri,menjelaskan bahwa itu adalah alat bantu,untuk mendengar karena saat ia masih,bocah Febri pernah congean dan berujung,budek atau tuli terlihat maupun Z,mendengar penyakit yang satu itu lalu,tiba-tiba,[Musik],bangkai kambing yang berada ditengah,jalan membuat mobil mereka akhirnya,nyocol ke pohon hingga membuat mereka,pingsan,I like esokan harinya Elisa yang baru,sadar mendengar jeritan jantan dari Mark,rupanya Maaf mengalami patah tulang di,kakinya sementara yang lain berusaha,memberikan pertolongan dengan peralatan,seadanya lalu si dokter menyuruh Elisa,untuk segera menelpon ambulans akan,tetapi panggilan telepon tidak bisa,dilakukan karena di lokasi mereka tidak,ada sinyal lah masalah klasik kemudian,Elisa kaget saat jalan yang mereka lalui,semalam tiba-tiba menghilang Mereka pun,langsung memeriksanya keluar rupanya,mobil sudah berpindah tempat,aneh sekali saat mereka kebingungan,Elisa melihat sebuah rumah di sekitar,mereka yang memiliki banyak Toa di,halaman rumahnya lalu ia mengajak yang,lain untuk meminta bantuan,namun sialnya di rumah itu tidak ada,orang si dokter pun menyuruh mereka,kembali ke mobil untuk melanjutkan,perjalanan Hai mungkin,Ibu sedang tapi sialnya mobil malah,mogok lah masalah klasik lagi nih,ternyata Mereka pun cekcok dan saling,menyalahkan lalu daripada terus cekcok,Gak guna si dokter bersama Febri,berusaha mencari bantuan ke dalam hutan,meskipun terdengar aneh Masa minta,tolong ke hutan kan,kita not terlebih ketika sedang asrukan,di tengah hutan si dokter dan Febri,menemukan tiga bebegig lengkap dengan,kepala Bagong yang berjajar Disana pun,tertulis sesuatu yang memiliki arti 3,Kesatria kehormatan atau bisa disebut 3,Kesatria terhormat Mereka pun yakin,bahwa kepala Bagong tersebut adalah,sesajen dari sebuah ritual Karena Mereka,takut dan udah terasa ngagibrig ngeri,Febri mengajak si dokter untuk segera,kembali ke mobil,Hai,senyum di sisi lain Eliza merasa heran,karena pintu rumah tadi kini sudah,terbuka dirasa ada seseorang Ia pun,langsung mendatanginya lagi dan saat,berada di dalam rumah Elisa tidak,menemukan siapa-siapa rumah yang seperti,milik seorang pemburu ini memiliki,banyak Foto orang-orang bertopeng aneh,entah kelompok atau geng apa mereka lalu,tiba-tiba,Halo apakah ada orang Elisa pun,mengeceknya namun tetap saja tidak ada,siapa-siapa dan hanya ruangan yang,memiliki banyak lilin romantis enggak,horor ia kemudian ia merasa heran dengan,lukisan-lukisan aneh dan menyeramkan di,ruangan tersebut,singkat cerita Febri yang mengetahui,rumor tentang daerah ini Berusaha,menjelaskan semua lukisan tersebut,menurut kisah dari neneknya ketiga tokoh,dalam lukisan itu adalah 3 Kesatria di,zaman dulu yang berasal dari dunia yang,berbeda,saat kelaparan melanda seluruh negeri,mereka menjanjikan kemakmuran asalkan,ada yang mau menjadi tumbal dalam sebuah,ritual aneh keadaan yang sulit membuat,orang-orang dengan terpaksa memberikan,seorang tumbal yang diinginkan mereka,demi perut apapun bisa jadi tumbal,bahkan satu negara pun bisa jadi tumbal,sekelompok orang-orang sengklek ritual,mengerikan pun dilakukan di mana orang,yang menjadi tumbal kholidah dan kedua,telinganya tak sampai disitu kedua,matanya pun dicungkil dan Sejak saat itu,kehidupan orang-orang pun menjadi lebih,baik akan tetapi Semua orang menjadi,pengikut ketiga Kesatria itu setelah,mendengarkan kisah dari Febri seorang,wanita yang bernama Sofia menganggap,semua ini Cuman kelakuan orang iseng,saja yang cuman ingin menakuti,orang-orang kemudian si dokter mengajak,mereka untuk bermalam di mobil saja dan,melanjutkan mencari bantuan esok hari,singkat waktu malam pun poek mereka yang,masih terjebak di hutan menghabiskan,waktu di dalam mobil lalu Febri merasa,bahwa nasib mereka seperti cerita film,horor yang selalu dibahas channel,sakahayang iapun takut jika tiba-tiba,muncul sikopet Rawa cubluk mendatangi,Mereka,kemudian Febri yang kebelet tumpul,langsung menuju royoq didalam hutan,tanpa,juga Febri melihat sosok manusia,bertopeng aneh yang sedang anteng,melihat burung pipitnya disaat bersamaan,si dokter dan yang lain mendengar,jeritan dari dalam rumah dirasa orang,tersebut butuh pertolongan Mereka pun,memeriksanya,dan saat berada di dalam rumah Febri,yang tadi melihat orang aneh langsung,menyuruh mereka untuk bersembunyi di,loteng Sesampainya di loteng mereka,menemukan seorang bocah perempuan yang,ditutupi jerami entah apa yang sedang,dialami bocah tersebut ketika melihat,potongan lidah di dalam toples Mereka,pun yakin bahwa itu adalah lidah bocah,tersebut,kemudian Elisa melihat beberapa oran

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A CLASSIC HORROR STORY (2021) Ending Explained

[Music],hey whats up everybody welcome to found,flicks on todays inning explained were,looking at the italian metaflick a,classic horror story we follow a group,of five people traveling by camper who,are then thrown into a world of terror,after they crash into a tree once they,recover they find out that the road they,were driving on has been replaced by an,impenetrable forest along with a creepy,wooden house thats not good you know,its kind of funny when i was putting,this on i was like oh an italian horror,movie you really dont see too much of,that nowadays a far cry from the heights,of jello back in the 70s and 80s turns,out that the filmmakers apparently have,the same idea on their mind as well and,er in a sense it really feels like,trying to recapture and bring back,italian horror to life as the title,suggests it really leans into several,obvious homages and cliches from classic,horror movies that came before it where,it perhaps falters is that while it is,amusing pointing out its many references,in particular it owes a lot to various,folk horror flicks the problem is it,doesnt really elevate itself beyond the,tropes there is a potential reason for,this baked into the story but it still,does feel perhaps a bit cheap in that,sense it also diverts into an overly,meta direction particularly in the end,it kind of changes the overall feeling,of the movie and what it initially,seemed to be going for evolving more,into a statement on modern society it is,intriguing but it does maybe feel a bit,out of left field to me regardless there,is a lot i enjoyed about this one and it,also does get quite confusing as more,details are revealed that even has ties,weirdly to the origins of the mafia and,i was like okay along with leaving our,final survivor with a very open ending,so lets check out a classic horror,story breaking down the story including,the history of the cult and what theyre,all about how i interpret our survivors,outcome along with explaining the,meaning behind the very meta ending,were immediately presented with a,grisly situation that sets up the danger,at hand in the seemingly idyllic,countryside a girl is chained to a table,looking pretty beat up footsteps are,heard approaching along with a loud,scraping noise someone in a robe is,wielding a massive mallet and comes to,her bringing it down crunching her skull,a bit yikes we then meet our random,group of strangers that have the bad,luck of winding up in the death cabin,themselves led by elisa we dont really,learn too much about any of our,characters but we at least understand,that she is pregnant and her overbearing,mom has forced her to get an abortion,telling her that she cannot afford to,have a baby to butter her up she offers,to buy her a new wardrobe to which elisa,weakly agrees telling her ill see you,tonight a notification comes in that,its time to join her new buddies a,rusty rv pulls up honking and she leaves,her full sandwich behind showing us,shes obviously a little troubled about,her situation the sweaty driver fabrizio,does taped introductions for each of the,passengers telling them to say hi to the,viewers so that they will grow to like,them more but they are mostly muted in,their responses theyre on their way to,his hometown of calibria we learn and,im like is this normal in italy just,getting an old rv with a bunch of random,ass strangers i guess so passing the,time with the trivia game on one,question regarding pennywise fab proves,that he knows his stuff correcting that,he doesnt tactically feed on children,but their fear smart kid he then offers,everyone some brewskis which mark in,particular is stoked about beaming that,he just earned himself a five-star,rating in the paper theres a story,about a mother and daughter having gone,missing and we find out that the mafia,is in the area theres more than one,around it turns out the lady mayor of,the town is quoted as specifically being,auntie mafia and the others river on her,appearance asking if she resembles a,lasagna lisa starts gagging and theyre,forced to pull over for her to ratchet,on the side of the road ricardo takes,the opportunity to leave a voicemail to,what sounds like his estranged wife,asking her to try and work things out,and to be reasonable for some reason,mark wants to take over driving even,though hes been drinking the others,give him guff about it and he invites,ricardo to take the seat but he,strangely doesnt have his drivers,license with no further argument he,takes the helm fab and mark bond over,some bullying encounters they had when,they were children and chuckle about how,teenagers think violence is cool or,something just like in a bad movie,appropriate they toast to good movies,and seeing a dead animal in the road fab,grabs the wheel sending them careening,right into a tree elisa comes to later,hearing muffled shouting and mark got,injured in the crash seeing that his leg,is severely broken they get it set with,help from dr ricardo and then attempt to,call emergency services yet no one has,any phone signal which is odd you should,always be able to get through to 118 the,equivalent of 9-1-1 obviously ricardo,decides to go up the road to look for,help yet after looking out the window,theres strange news there is no road,somehow their car was moved to a,completely different location than where,they crashed they spot an ominous,looking cabin nearby and then passed by,a setup with speakers along with a,floodlight sophia knocks on the door and,it appears that nobodys home they play,the blame game about the crash going,between mark and fab but ricardo scoffs,the bigger problem here is they somehow,wound up deep in the woods not like they,fell out of the sky you know he decides,to try and find the road and to his,chagrin fab forces himself to tag along,knowing that they have to head south in,the interim sophia and elisa get to know,each other a little better sophia has,her own jewelry line showing off a tacky,heart ring that she made she asked if,she thinks the wreck was indeed marks,fault and alisa doesnt think so,promising her that hell be fine fab,keeps incessantly babbling about a,horror movie he recalls where the people,found themselves trapped in a kind of,limbo but ricardo hushes him an,annoyance telling him to focus on the,road they then stumble across an,obviously ritualistic display of three,stick figures wearing red sashes also,adorned with several animal heads the,sign reads the three nights of honor,ricardo wondering if its something,satanic fab tells him yeah more or less,how does he know he warns that they need,to leave now especially after noticing,all the animal heads are fresh at the rv,alisa notices the cabin door is now open,and decides to investigate theres still,no sign of anyone inside and she pauses,at the deer head now knowing for certain,this is the same location from the,beginning which certainly does not bode,well for them she takes in a wall full,of old looking pictures featuring people,wearing various masks a noise from the,back sends her to another room with,candles all over the ground the others,join her at the display and fab clues,them into what this is all about it,involves a legend of also mostroso and,caragnoso that was my excellent italian,accent three brothers from another world,a long time ago people then were dying,of starvation and the brothers promised,to save them on the condition of them,providing a sacrifice in return the,villagers choose a victim and then,prepare the ritual they cut out their,tongue then ears and finally their eyes,with their blood spilled the village is,rid of hunger over time the people,became the brothers flock essentially,becoming worshipers of them this too is,also strangely tied to the actual,origins of the mafia those brothers were,indeed part of its founding there is an,urban legend involving that as well,pretty sure it didnt involve any,ritualistic sacrifices though maybe i,dont know alarmingly its starting to,look like the group is their

A Classic Horror Story Netflix Movie Review

with all the horror movies coming out,this month it seems like its no longer,christmas but rather halloween in july,and when i saw the movie poster and then,the teaser for the italian netflix,horror movie,a classic horror story i was intrigued,and a little excited,[Applause],five strangers traveling in southern,italy become stranded in the woods where,they must fight desperately to get out,alive,im not sure if this is a normal thing,but for this movie a group of strangers,is sharing an,rv to get to their destination theyre,picked up by the driver and it seems a,bit like one of those group uber,situations so they drive along and,traverse through the mountains on the,way to their respective destinations,with some that are going to a wedding,some are on their way home and then,others are just,on their way to visit family an accident,occurs and they find themselves stranded,when odd and disturbing things begin to,happen now the atmosphere is creepy with,the dark woods,a foreboding cabin in the middle of the,forest and a strange,dark red lighting with sirens sounding,in the distance,the camera angles are also used,effectively in setting up feelings of,just,unease and discomfort and there are some,cool shots also,that at times make us more than voyeurs,and turn us into participants,so as i watch this i got so many vibes,from different horror movies,there are elements from wrong turn the,ritual,some of funny games bits of your next,and frontiers and even,mid-summer and there might even be,slight feels of the wicker man,and a scene from once upon a time in,hollywood now the setup for this is good,and even though i was pretty certain,of what the scenario was going to be the,film still produced a surprise with a,scene change,theres also quite a bit of squirm,inducing gore body stuff always tweaks,me out,and this contains some that just made me,wince and i liked where this film was,trying to go,but unfortunately there are so many,things that work against it,for one the story was obvious from about,10 minutes in,i mean i kept hoping that there would be,some really great twist but one just,never came,sure once or twice it managed to,surprise me with a scene or an action,that i wasnt fully expecting but on the,whole,every bit felt telegraphed because id,seen it all in the other movies that i,had listed,the characters are pretty bland and not,developed at all also,making it really difficult to be,invested in whether someone survives the,ordeal and its not really even able to,produce much suspense that would then,build chills or scares the scenes change,quickly which again prevents the story,from crafting anything that could make,us,even a bit afraid so at the end of the,movie there is a sequence that makes it,feel like the movie is self-aware,it pokes fun at itself but is that,really the point,is there a social commentary hidden here,i mean is it commenting on violence or,on the desire of society to see the,violence,and i can see it a little bit on the,latter point but when it does its,blatant and then its not well executed,if you have to explain the message,outright how effective were you really,in the storytelling,i want to believe that this is trying to,be a commentary on the publics desire,for,violence to showcase how crazy it is,that in one sense,the world abhors the amount of violence,and terror shown on the news,but then at the very same moment cant,wait to see the next great slasher story,come to their screen in the vein of,entertainment this dichotomy could be,greatly examined and built out,but instead the story treats the,audience like children,and attempts to spell out every single,detail its like the story had all this,exposition that it wants to get out,but cant manage to finish the sentence,and had this not borrowed from so many,different horrors,it may have been more effective in its,terror but one trope after another makes,its way onto the screen,breaking any sort of tension or,scariness that may have been building,i got more distracted at trying to,picture all the movies this steals from,than whats actually going on in the,scenes and had the commentary been more,clever in its delivery,rather than relying on stealing so much,from other films in order to make its,point,which then it painfully has to explain,line by line,this may have worked as an effective,message to society all in all this is,more a squandered effort and poor use of,95 minutes,the atmosphere camera angles gore and,imagery,all work to build something that was at,least ominous and,could have been terrifying but instead,gives us a lazy and stolen social,commentary,i wanted to like this and had been,really looking forward to it,unfortunately were sometimes let down,in life and this just happens to be one,of those times,theres no sex or nudity a ton of,profanity and some very brutal,and gnarly violence i give a classic,horror story,two out of five couches so what movies,or shows are you looking forward to,seeing in the coming weeks let me know,what you want to watch in the comments,below,if you enjoyed this review please give,it a like also dont forget to share,and subscribe im chris this is movies,and munchies,thanks for couching with me

Netflix Horror Movies Have Hit a New Low (A Classic Horror Story Review)

so as you all know for most of august,and september uh your girl was tkod,with an ear and throat infection and i,decided to use this newly gained free,time to not work on content whatsoever,but to binge watch netflix for two weeks,and in my sick delirium i decided to,give the movie a classic horror story a,chance because i saw like screen caps of,it on twitter and im not gonna lie it,looks really pretty and as a normal,person does i see something pretty and,full of gore and i go to find it on,netflix so i watched it and when i,finished it i just kind of sat there in,awe i sat there in awe as i realized,that the only thing this movie brings to,the table is looks because the actual,meat of the movie was straight up boring,garbagio not hot garbage because ill,give it credit for certain things but,its bad enough that rotten tomatoes,even agrees with me when i say that its,bad so i figured to kick off good old,spooky season that we could talk about a,classic horror story so you guys dont,have to watch it yourselves because,honestly youve got to have something,better to do for an hour and 35 minutes,then watch this the movie starts with,your typical cold open a womans,shackled to a table so we know shes,gonna die its honestly unimportant but,i will admit it looks rather nice so i,[ __ ] with it we got our nice little,opening credits scene and immediately,cut to a clip of a girl puking and her,name is elisa and spoiler alert shes,the final girl of the story but i mean,thats rather obvious given the fact,that on the call she took from her mom,we hear her mention not being able to,afford having a kid because shes still,on trial with her job and all that and,thats why she needs a certain surgery,shes pregnant shes clearly got that,baby on board plot armor so we all know,that shes gonna make it through the end,of this movie hence shes our final girl,by the way for those of you who are,wondering why theres subtitles on when,im showing any clips from the movie,that is because the film is completely,in italian for the most part and much,like lieutenant aldorrain i do not speak,a lick of italian bonjourno so i need,subtitles i bet you do too its cool by,the way on the phone call with her mom,the mom discusses like having an,abortion all that but the way that she,kind of like incentivizes doing it,its,a little odd to me like listen abortions,can be a rather emotional experience i,mean elisa over here is literally,looking like shes kind of like,rethinking the whole process but,motivation through outfits just a little,weird to me to be honest just a little,weird in this next part we basically,learned that elisa is doing a carpooling,thing to get to her parents house and we,now get to meet the people who are going,to die in this movie since they lack the,baby on board plot armor you have,fabrizio who has his little travel vlog,thing,big casey neistat fan obviously want to,see the coolest thing ive ever seen in,an airplane seat sofia whos dating mark,who just screams american tourists,the dudes not even american hes,actually british but it just screams,american tourists to me because he is,like such a [ __ ] and i guess in my,brain despite being an american i assume,that americans abroad,are [ __ ] and are like mark and then,the mysterious ricardo who just wants to,get where hes going and thats all,there really is to him for now the next,few scenes are just backstory and,character development which theres a,lot scattered throughout this movie and,let me tell ya its absolutely not,subtle its very boring its very drawn,out and honestly kind of unnecessary at,most points for example this one just,gives an example as to how much of a,dick mark is and that is it but during,the character development elisa is sick,because you know i want a baby on board,and when theyre getting ready to hit,the road again mark just takes control,of the wheel and decides that he should,drive drinking be damned what are you,doing im taking over maybe youre drunk,yeah i drive better when im drinking,very normal very reasonable behavior,from mark totally not trying to make the,viewers dislike this guy whatsoever,im not even gonna lie to you guys for a,second this is the most that were gonna,see from mark in this entire movie,because you know,and they just make him so unlikable that,i know that when his death comes im not,gonna [ __ ] care anyways during marks,drunk driving session fabrizio and him,strike up a conversation and you see,fabrizio reach towards his ear that he,put a thing in earlier because it starts,ringing now i know this may not seem,important but keep this in mind for like,an hour from now its gonna become,important way later down the road,dont forget this keep the singer memory,okay while thats going on a goats just,dead in the middle of the road so,fabrizio grabs the wheel to make mark,swerve out of the way but uh,yeah clearly that doesnt go well they,wake up the next morning confused as,[ __ ] because they realize they have,absolutely no signal when trying to get,help because marks lake is,absolutely busted and theyre in the,middle of nowhere which is super spooky,because they hit a tree off the road and,now theyre nowhere near the road now,while there may not be a road theres a,creepy house just kind of there and sure,enough its the one from the beginning,so we all know that clearly we are in,for some [ __ ] in the next hour or so so,at this point the non-injured guys are,going out to see where the [ __ ] they are,and just elisa and sophia are just,chilling and vibe in the car marks,there hes not dead yet but hes like,gonna be soon in the meantime we see,ricardo and fabrizio doing some more,character development regarding,ricardos daughter,and then they run into some spooky,effigies in another pretty shot again,when i said that the pretty shots in,this movie are what made this movie a,step above hot garbage i actually really,mean it but ricardo and fabrizio bolt,out of there after they realized the,blood on the animals are fresh five,animal heads five passengers in the,fabrizio fun bus ooh how spooky while,this is going on they cut to elisa,checking out the house because the door,to the house is conveniently open now so,its plot advancement time so after,hearing a loud gun in the house elisa,decides for some reason to go check out,the thud because she has that baby body,armor i guess and knows she cant get,killed and she finds an altar dedicated,to the legend of oso nostroso and,carcenoso as fabrizio describes it taken,carcanoso i dont know italian im,trying my best here basically to,summarize it its three dudes that kind,of came around to these starving people,and said hey uh we can like feed you and,keep you like you know nourished you,just gotta give us a sacrifice and the,sacrifice is made up of eyes ears and a,tongue its at this point that all the,characters kind of realize that theyre,kind of [ __ ] now,except fabrizio whos just,being fabrizio,truly mark may be an [ __ ] but the,dude is saying what everyones thinking,at least fabrizio goes to take a piss,and during that elisa and sophia go to,check out the house yet again because,they apparently heard a scream come from,there now i dont know how they could,hear the scream from apparently the,house from inside their distant camper,and be able to exactly pinpoint that,its from the house and not,anywhere else in the surrounding wooden,area let alone where they would choose,to go back into the house because i mean,theres a creepy ooky spooky altar in,there not gonna lie you should have died,the first time you went in there elisa,so i wouldnt risk it again so they go,into the house and would you look at,that they found an attic door for the,first time since theyve been inside,this place i just think its interesting,that weve been inside this house like a,good bit now and were still discovering,stuff because the first time elisa was,in there she decided to go to where,there was probably imminent danger with,a loud noise over a

A CLASSIC HORROR STORY (2021) Explained | Movie Recap

[Music],[Music],all righty ladies and gentlemen,welcome to the horror mine where we,explain your favorite,mysteries thrillers and horror movies,my name is vic shy and this week ill be,going over the newly released netflix,italian horror film,a classic horror story the film has a,seemingly very conventional lord dare i,say,classic horror movie plot but takes a,surprising and refreshing turn that left,me very satisfied with what i saw,ill be going over the entire plot as,well as explaining that twist ending,that probably,left some people very confused as always,i hope you all enjoy this video and if,you do,let me know by hitting that like button,as i would really appreciate it but,without further ado,sit back and relax and join me as we,explore the mysteries and horrors,in a classic horror story our movie,begins staring at the handsome face of a,deer on the wall we are treated to a,very nice italian song in a not so nice,shot of a woman,bound and gagged on an apparent torture,table an unknown individual enters the,room and approaches her with a large,mallet that gave me huge out of stupa,ptsd,we see someone watching the horrified,woman from a hole in the wall and just,as she is about to get her head bashed,in,we are saved by the opening title,sequence although im sure she wasnt,[Music],we meet our main character eliza,portrayed by italian actress matilda,ludz who i recognize from the brutal,2017 french rape and revenge film,revenge,she also has a striking resemblance to,the mother of dragons herself,amelia clark elisa is pregnant and is,experiencing a bad case of morning,sickness she has a phone conversation,with her mom and we are told that she is,scheduled to have an abortion tomorrow,something she clearly isnt comfortable,doing,she is briefly distracted by a painting,on the wall of women believed to be the,saint francis of a [ __ ] which,foreshadows later events in the film,elisa is hitching a carpool ride in an,rv with four other people,driver and movie buff fabrizio couple,mark and sophia,and dr ricardo fabrizio records their,introductions on his iphone and says,its for his travel blog,and ladies and gentlemen we have a road,trip,cue the mandatory overhead shot during a,trivia game we get a nice little,reference to stephen kings it where,fabricio shows off his knowledge of pop,culture,mark then busts out the alcohol courtesy,of fabrizio when uses peer pressure to,have pregnant elisa drink along,since the group is having a good old,time wouldnt it be the perfect time for,an,overhead shot with ominous music,foreshadowing their impending doom,[Music],thanks movie fabrizio tells mark about,the indrangata,an italian mafia family from the region,of calabria where he originates,we see a newspaper clipping headlining a,missing mother and daughter possibly,linked to the mafia,mark also makes fun of the local mayor,but fabricio tells him that shes helped,half the town out of poverty elisa,begins to feel sick again and runs out,into the woods for some fresh air the,tree shes leaning against has a thin,red streak on it possibly signifying,that this is a not so random location,ricardo gets out and leaves the mother,of his child a voicemail trying to,smooth things over,a drunk mark then decides that,fabricios driving is too,slow and thinks it would be a good idea,for him to get behind the wheel to speed,things up,after a slight protest the group,actually let him get behind the wheel,which is baffling but how are things,supposed to go to [ __ ] without obviously,bad decision making,come night time mark and fabricio have a,conversation about him aspiring to be a,filmmaker while everyone else is asleep,in the back,we see mark getting a little sleepy and,as they pass an upside down deer,crossing sign fabrizio is visibly,bothered by a loud ringing in his ear as,he is about to take another sip of beer,he takes his eye off the road and,doesnt notice a dead goat in the middle,of the road,fabricio quickly takes a hold of the,steering wheel and the rv crashes into a,tree,just remember folks its not alcohol or,sleepiness but dead goats in the middle,of the road that cause car crashes,it is now daytime and elisa wakes up,from the crash as the rest of the group,attempt to stabilize marks broken leg,everyone attempts to contact emergency,services but sacred horror movie rule,number 12,states that these shall not have,reception service,they soon realize that their rv is now,mysteriously located in a field in the,middle of the woods,marx said that this is impossible as he,is sure he crashed into a tree,just a few meters away from the road,they then find an abandoned cabin in the,middle of the woods shaped like a,shurdiken,clearly at fault mark says that its not,his fault but exhibit a and b,would state otherwise ricardo tries to,go look for the rodent fabrizio tags,along saying that they should go,south because he grew up in places like,this sophia shares a tick tock with,elisa trying to show how funny and,likable mark is but im sorry,no amount of weak characterization is,going to make me feel bad for him while,walking through the woods ricardo and,fabrizio come across some sort of shrine,with three figures made of sticks and,weighing red capes called the three,knights of honor,the decapitated heads of three pigs and,two cows are displayed in front of the,figures,possibly having a sinister implication,for our five group members,elisa makes her way inside of the cabin,which we see is the location from the,films very first scene,she sees several creepy pictures on the,wall of people wearing masks seemingly,made from tree bark,she then comes across an altar which,tells the legend of the three nights of,honor,oh so mastroso and carcanoso a story,that fabricios grandma told him as a,child,the legend tells of three brothers,deities that came from another world,one brother has no eyes the other no,mouth,and the other no ears the brothers,appeared long ago during a time of,famine and starvation,and promised to save the people in,return for her sacrifice,the people offered a human sacrifice who,had their eyes ears and tongue,cut out in turn the oso brothers fed the,people and ended their hunger however,they unknowingly became like a herd of,animals to the brothers,set to continuously offer up a sacrifice,to keep from being hungry,damn grandma im trying to go to sleep,not be scarred for life,back inside the rv fabrizio brings up,the fact that all of the events leading,up to their current predicament,perfectly resembles a classic horror,movie,and then proceeds to go out into the,woods alone to take a piss,he hears a noise in the woods and then,sees two masked individuals,staring right at him the group hear a,girl screaming coming from inside the,cabin and go check it out,fabrizio suddenly appears in the group,hideout in the attic leaving mark alone,in the rv,they find the little girl inside of a,pile of sticks whose tongue has been cut,off and left inside of a jar,everything suddenly turns red and sirens,begin blaring outside,they then see mark being dragged out of,the rv by several masked individuals he,is brought into the cabin,and strapped down onto the torture table,using the large mallet they break both,of his feet,misery style the masks they are wearing,resemble the faces of the three knights,of honor,his torturers then bust out a,contraption that they bought off the,discount jigsaw store and place it,directly above marks head the group is,forced to watch and listen to his cries,of agony as metal rod slowly pierce both,of his eyes to his death,as marks killers exit the cabin the red,lights and sirens are shut off,they take the little girl out of her,stick prison and run off into the woods,they find another clearing in the woods,with several broken down abandoned cars,and realize that they arent the first,people that this has happened to,elisa finds out that the little girls,name is kiara and she writes down that,they arent actually located inside of a,forest,they hear the sirens

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