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  2. Michael B. Jordan, Chanté Adams, Dana Canedy on Making Movie “A Journal For Jordan” | The View
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  7. A Journal for Jordan movie review

A Journal for Jordan – Movie Review

denzel washington is back on  the big screen but this time  ,in the directors chair as he is directing a  brand new drama military film starring michael  ,b jordan and shantae adams so the big question is  is this movie worth checking out on the christmas  ,weekend the vacation or is this just a  big skip lets find out in the review,welcome back film fans this is lets be real  brad today in the channel i want to talk to  ,you guys about the brand new drama military film  called a journal for jordan a journal for join is  ,a movie that i was able to check out a whole  month early on veterans day last november as  ,ive been waiting a long time to be able to review  it under the embargo and now that im able to be  ,able to talk about this movie i have to say that  this movie kind of sucks i had a whole month to  ,think about this movie and just to ponder did i  even enjoy this movie because there are aspects  ,of it that i do think are pretty good but in the  end result of me thinking about this movie was  ,just that this is a boring lifeless lifetime movie  that should not be released in theaters as i was  ,quite embarrassed to be able to say that i went  to go see this movie as early as i did i went out  ,of my way to check out this advanced screening in  boston so lets just dive right into my negatives  ,first and were gonna start right with the runtime  this movie clocks in at two hours and 11 minutes  ,and i cant even believe that this movies  that long considering that this movie it just  ,drags the entire run time as im just wanting  this movie to move forward but there are so  ,many repetitive scenes that just feel like they  were rinse and repeat for so long as this movie  ,doesnt feel like it has a lot of substance to it  so i dont understand why this movie needs to be  ,two hours and 11 minutes one of the other  massive negatives i have with this movie  ,that i have already been talking about is that  this movie just feels like it has no purpose  ,i understand that all the people in this movie  were real people and that this memoir that michael  ,b joins character left for his son was a real  thing and that seems really special and unique  ,but the biggest issue with the movie is that it  focuses itself on being this lifetime romantic  ,story instead of the actual tragedy of this  situation and i know i get it you got to be able  ,to to have this relationship i know thats kind of  the whole point of the story but i feel as though  ,this movie should have been focused on michael b  jordans son rather than the relationship between  ,the two of them because i find everything with  the sun way more interesting of not having a  ,father lost to military combat and never actually  meeting him because he died before he was even  ,born or while he was a baby i cant even remember  of course this movie has to be about michael b  ,jordan and shantae adams because thats why people  are going to be buying a ticket for this movie and  ,its just quite disappointing that you just didnt  have that parallel storyline going on overall guys  ,a journal for join is a movie that i just didnt  care about at all i know ive said it like five  ,times in this video i dont know whos counting  but this movie just doesnt leave an impact on me  ,whatsoever at all michael b john and shantae adams  do deliver pretty good performances for what they  ,are given do you ever want to see it or you just  dont because if you like this kind of movie then  ,youre just gonna go see it no matter what i have  to say so im just going to be giving a journal  ,for join a strong 4 out of 10. thank you guys  so much for checking out my review and i want  ,to know down below in the comments section what  are some of the smaller december movies that you  ,guys are going to be trying to check out before  the year ends i cant wait to hear about it down  ,below but before you guys check out this video  dont forget to hit that subscribe button leave  ,a like if you want to and ring that notification  bell so i can see you all in the following review

Michael B. Jordan, Chanté Adams, Dana Canedy on Making Movie “A Journal For Jordan” | The View

michael b jordan whos co-starring with,chante adams in a journal for jordan,based on a writer dana kennedys real,life before and after losing the love of,her life in the iraq war take a look,i slept well,shes like whoa,now you hmm you need to put all that,away,i have not had my coffee yet,i remember,you like it black right,yes i i do,all right so im gonna need you,to,get up,get in the shower and get dressed,im gonna go for a run,but i want to see more of your city,okay,i dont want to see more of your city,[Applause],now dana youre like more than a big,deal youre the first black person to,had a major publishing house youve won,a pulitzer you wrote the book upon which,this film is based and we talked a bit,about your your beautiful story with,your your late love charles who i think,everyone falls in love with both of you,uh by the end,um as as whoopi uh mentioned he passed,15 years ago,you were present for the entire filming,now a lot of that is,probably probably a beautiful lovely,homage but theres a lot of pain and,its your like were watching it and,crying,this is your life how was that for you,well i feel incredibly blessed by all,this and um,i i actually dont feel like its about,me at all uh this is about my charles,and our son,and i i also wanted to show people,both an example of patriotism and of,fatherhood but also of resilience,that as hard as it is you can get,through uh tragic situations if you just,hold on,um until you get to the other side of it,its not an easy thing to do but im so,blessed to have these beautiful people,in my life in our with our story and i,have to tell you,funny thing you they showed the clip uh,with him doing the push-ups we had a,screening for these uh amazing women,and one of the women comes up to me and,shes like tim when i walked in here i,had a perfectly good marriage,my husband who wakes up in the morning,he just goes to work on the video,you dont do push-ups first,and serve me coffee,and know that i like it black,just so wonderful thank you for sharing,your story um with us um shantae you,were just youre such a wonderful actor,thank you thank you for sharing your,talent um i loved you in the photograph,thank you uh all of us did i think,roxanne roxanne yeah as well um youre,about to make your broadway debut,congratulations thank you you played,dana in this film yeah its not your,first time right playing a real person,but what was it like to do that when,this subject matter is just so precious,um and she was physically there,with you yeah watching yeah um i thought,i was nervous throughout the audition,process but i dont think ive ever had,as much anxiety as i did before our,first phone call just because i knew the,weight that the project held and i knew,what charles meant to her i read her,book through and through front and back,and i just wanted to make sure that i,was going to do the story justice but,she reassured me constantly that i was,the person for the role,and i reassured her constantly that i,was going to bring 110,every day um and so we created our,beautiful story together yeah,and i love her,now this is for michael and shantae you,played opposite each other in in the,majority of the scenes which must have,been so difficult for both of you but,what do you think,people would be surprised to know about,each of the other one you can start what,would we be surprised hear about i think,people would be surprised to know,because we can do this,michael is such a goofball hes so silly,people sexiest man alive,loves prank people,love to play jokes on people um we were,filming a scene in central park and i,drank way too much water i had to rush,back to my trailer michael saw me,rushing to my trailer hopped in front of,me and wouldnt let me go in my chest,absolutely,all these people in central park staring,at me yelling at you um but no it was it,was great the story ends there,well ill pick up where she left off,because its not where it ended it ended,later on during the production she uh we,are so we had trailers at base camp so,we got trailers at base camp and like,literally run into the bathroom is a,thing you know what im saying because,it was in the winter it was freezing,cold you know you had to be on set but,there was no real bathrooms on set so,you had to go to your own trailer,so,and i was on a diet too so i was like i,was eating a lot of different stuff,because he needs to lose so much weight,thats right,i got a tone up tone up so anyway i was,running running back to the trailer and,i go into my bathroom that i thought was,my bathroom and its literally duct,taped,the entire toilet,someplace else find someplace else,so me and me and my barbara my boy is,literally were unraveling this toilet,and we couldnt get the tape off fast,enough so that was shes a goofball,lifetime denied prankster this one,this one hell never be trusted,thats how you do it thats right and,thats how you do it i started when she,finished it you know what and i i bow to,her every time i see it thats right,and shes going to carry it with her,you know its the best thing its the,best because thats what you get thats,the thats the release that you get,because when youre working with hard,material,you know its like i didnt mean it like,that,you know i tried to juggle,[Laughter],you know what listen this this movie is,so,[Music],im so sorry no,this story is superb and thank you for,for allowing,it to be brought to all of us,and shantae and michael that you know as,actors you all are at the top of your,game and its fantastic,a journal for jordan has some special,sneak previews this sunday and opens,nationwide on christmas day and you know,what yall,youre the members of our studio,audience today and you are going home,with a copy of the book,thats right

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Jaal (Part 1) Ullu Web Series Review | A Journal for Jordan Hindi Movie Review

तो कैसे होगा सुलू की वेब सीरीज जो की चाल,पार्ट–18 चुकी और दूसरी हॉलीवुड फिल्मों,से जो कि एक रिलेटिव पर आधारित मूसै तो,पहले हम बात करेंगे उन लोगों की बेटी चाहे,के बारे में तो हमें स्टार्टिंग में,दिखाया जाता है धीरज नाम का एक शख्स और,उसके सामने बैठी होती है एक खूबसूरत सी,लेडी अब धीरज है उसे भाभी कहकर बुलाता है,और दोनों जो यह बोतल घुमाने वाला गेम,खेलते हैं बच्चों वाला गेम नहीं अगर जो,जीता सामने वाले को जो कहेगा वह करना है,पड़ेगा समझ रहे हो ना मेरे कहने का मतलब,क्या है समझ रहे हो समझदार हो यार फिर गेम,शुरू होता है और जितने के बाद अब दोनों के,बीच में जो है यह सब हो जाता है अब यह,होने के बाद जो है मैं कंफ्यूज हो जाता,हूं कि सच्ची में क्या यह दोनों देवर भाभी,है लेकिन बाद में पता चल ही जाता है कि,दोनों देवर भाभी नहीं है बल्कि जज के,सामने जो लेडीस बैठी हुई और वह जिसे भाभी,के रहा है वह दरअसल उसकी बीवी है अपनी,बीवी और बाहर हुए दो जो अपनी बीवी को भाभी,कहकर प्यार करता है और यही बात जो है उसकी,बीवी को पसंद नहीं आती है धीरज के पिता जी,होते हैं जिनकी बहुत सारे उम्र हो चुकी,होती और भी होता है और दोनों जो है अपने,पिताजी को फोर्स करते हैं ज्यादा बाद अपने,नाम कर देने के लिए क्योंकि उसके पिताजी,की उम्र हो चुकी होती है कब तक पक जाए कह,नहीं सकते लेकिन उनके पिताजी जो है थान कर,बैठे हुए तो है कि वह जब ज्यादा जो उसके,नाम ही नहीं करेंगे कारण कारण कि दोनों,निठल्ले होते हैं एक नशेड़ी होते हैं और,आज के समय में अगर आप कुछ नहीं करते हो और,ऐसे इस पर घूमते रहते हो तो कोई भी पिताजी,जो है ज्यादा अपने बेटे के वैसे बेटे के,नाम नहीं करना चाहेगा तो कुछ करोगे तो ही,आपके पिताजी आपके जमीन पर जमीन जो आपके,नाम करने वाला है और यही कारण है कि उनके,पिताजी जो है जमीन उन दोनों के नाम करने,के लिए तैयार ही नहीं है घर में जो है इस,रासलीला चलता है जहां धीरज की बीवी जो है,विजय के साथ और विजय के बीच हुए धीरज के,साथ चलते ही रहता है यहां तक कि उनके पिता,जो भैया यह सब चीजों से पीछे नहीं हटते,मौका देखते ही वह भी छक्कड़ या,शिक्षण कहूं लगाने के लिए तैयार हो जाते,हम ड्राय हो चुके हैं लेकिन जवानी चढ़ी,हुई लेकिन जैसे कि मुल्क वेब सीरीज का नाम,है चावल उन नेताजी की मौत हो जाती है अब,यह किसने किया है बहुत सारे जो है खुलते,हैं वह यहां पर लेकिन यह जो राज खुलने,वाले हैं और उनके पिताजी को किसने मारा है,धीरज के पिता जी को यह जो जाल फैला कर रखा,हुआ है न कि किसके लिए और किसने फैलाया है,यह सभी जो यह पार्ट 2 आएगी तो यह खुलने,वाला है बाकी इसमें जो है दलों के वेब,सीरीज में शुरू से अंत तक जो है वह सभी,चीजें भरी पड़ी है और यह कंफ्यूज कर देगा,आपको लेकिन आप जो ढूंढ रहे हो उलूक बेसिस,में मिल जाएगी ताकि हम बात कर लेते गाइस,दूसरी मूवीस की जो कि बिल रिलेटिव पर,आधारित की मूवीस है हॉलीवुड मूवी से और जो,कि एक डिजिट पर आधारित है जिसका नाम है यह,जनरल आफिसर डा नाम का एक शख्स होता है जो,कि जरनल होता है और वह जो है अपने साथियों,को अपने से शांति सैनिकों को जो है,ट्रेनिंग दिखता है ताकि वह जो अपने आपको,सुरक्षा कर सके बढ़ते से दुश्मनों से,लड़ना है यही उसका काम है इसी दौरान जब वह,वापस आता है अपडेट छुट्टियां बिताने के,लिए अपने एक जो साथी होता है जो कि उम्र,में उन्हें बहुत बड़े होते हैं उनके साथ,जो यह बर्थडे पार्टी होता है वहां पर जो,टर्न जो है आता है वहां पर उसे उसकी,मुलाकात जो है दाना नाम की एक खूबसूरत सी,लड़की से हो जाती है और दोनों यह करीब आ,जाते हैं और कैसे-कैसे कढ़ी बनाते हैं,उनके बीच में जो नजदीकियां कैसे बढ़ती है,यह रिलेटिव पर आधारित है तो कोई मसाला तो,मिलने वाला नहीं है वहीं रिलेटिव है जो कि,यह जो धन की जिंदगी में हुआ था कैसे हो एक,लड़की से मिलता है कैसे उनके बीच,नजदीकियां पड़ता है और एग्जाम में जो धन,जो कि जरनल है उसके साथ क्या होता है यह,आपको देखने के लिए मिले गई तो कोई,ओवरइटिंग मसाला नहीं कोई ऐसी स्क्रिप्ट तो,है नहीं कि इसमें आप एक डायरेक्टर जो है,वह कुछ भी डालकर हुए इस मैच के एक मसाला,मुझे बना दे ऐसा तो है नहीं जो जो धन की,जिंदगी में जो रेप हुआ था वहीं रिलेटिड,हुए आपको इसमें देखने के लिए मिलेगी बाकी,करूं तो यह था आपको यह रोशन कर देगी इस,में इंटीमेट सीन भी थोड़ी-बहुत है तो आप,संभल कर देखना और इसे जो आई एम टीवी पर,5.6 की रेटिंग मिली अब बात करते हैं साउथ,कोरियन राम है जिसका नाम है अंडर रिकवरी,जो कि बहुत बेहतरीन रामायण लेकिन मैं इधर,से बेहतरीन नहीं कर सकता क्योंकि देख कर,लगता है कि और आप कहोगे कि देखकर क्या,लगता है तूने दिखाने यह तो भैया मि देख,में नहीं देख पाया कारण कारण यह है कि जब,मैं वीडियो बना रहा था तो यह ही के एपिसोड,अपलोड हो रहे थे अभी तक यह जो है चार,एपिसोडों है बाकी और लोड हो रहा है तो अभी,मैंने नहीं देखा है तो इसके लिए माफ़ करना,लेकिन साथ को रेंज और बहुत बेहतरीन ड्रामा,लग रहा है तो आप जाकर ट्राय कर सकते हो,बाकी गैस बाद में तो मैं इसे देखने वाला,हूं तो मिलते हैं अगले विडियो में पाए

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Denzel Washington, Pulitzer Prize-winner Dana Canedy talk A Journal for Jordan l GMA

[Music],back here on gma live in times square we,are thrilled to have our next guest in,the studio with us oscar winning active,producer director extraordinaire denzel,washington ladies and gentlemen,but wait,theres more pulitzer prize winning,writer david kennedy,best-selling memoir a journal for jordan,has now been turned into a movie that is,directed by mr washington dana its so,good to see,see you both i mean the memoir came out,of what 2000 and,2000 and you all have really gotten to,know each other over the years you have,taken your time with this and thank you,for that what was it about the journal,that stuck out with you todd black is my,producing partner we worked 20 some odd,years,uh and dana can tell the story better,than i he he approached you,15 years ago 15 years ago,you tell the story,he bought the right he did to the story,first he did and um,then came and told you about it while i,was writing the book and then you and i,started a dialogue where,i said you know the main thing is that,there is a real jordan he was three,years old at the heart of this and,denzel invited us to the set of uh one,of his taking the pelham one two three,yes,im sorry yeah no you though,so take it to pelham of one two three we,were shooting god rest his soul uh,tony scott and todd my partner brought,dana and three-year-old jordan,to the set,and he was curious about everything and,i picked him up and well first of all,somebody wouldnt put him down im like,he doesnt tell the story the same way i,do okay,he said the boys shoes the bottom of,the boys shoes had never touched the,ground he said you carry him everywhere,but then he carried him all day,so and he and i fell in love yeah,and i fell in love and,you know,she,i cant really say its just,such a beautiful love story,and,a never-ending love story because jordan,now is 15. 15.,he came to the premiere,with his boys,tuxedos,all good students yes,but what was he wearing,on his feet it always,he was wearing his fathers shoes oh,thats great he fits them now oh wow,theyve been on a shelf forever,and he used to clump around on him when,he was a little boy i say one day baby,one day,youll fit him and i forgot to get dress,shoes for him for another event,and he i hear him come walking in the,living room and i look and i see these,shoes and i was like oh my god he didnt,say a word he just looked at me they,were his dads shoes,we talked so much look aint been the,title of the movie um but this is very,much as i watch it its a love its you,alls love story youve had a chance to,see the movie right i mean what did you,think this is your love story thats up,on the big screen,i am incredibly humbled by this and,grateful,and,you know denzel and i spent a lot of,time talking,uh and one of the things i said to him,as i got to know him is were no longer,characters to you were people and you,can see,palpably in the performances of mike and,shantae and how denzel led this,that he made it personal and and it,shows so im just grateful to share the,story i think you know there are hard,moments in it but its also funny its,uplifting i think its the perfect movie,to see,in the holidays with the people that you,love take them in see it and then hug,them when you come out and for people,who are not familiar with your story yes,just give them a synopsis my charles my,fiancee died in combat in iraq in 2000,6 when jordan was only six months old,and he wrote a 200 page journal to him,power prayer how to choose a wife and on,the last page a letter that essentially,said this is everything i could think of,to teach you to be a man if i dont make,it home he had 30 days left and he was,killed,and i needed to do something with my,grief so i wrote about it thats an,amazing if i could listen to you talk,about this all,all morning long what an asset it must,have been to have dan on set,yes,i think we should be enough,i did and he was gracious,beautiful story,i was uh in prayer early in the morning,went down to arlington,and started i would always call on,charles i think what do you want me to,do where where where should we be,group of deer are under a tree,i say okay well shoot the scene over,here charlotte,walked over the deer looking at me like,they werent,concerned i said well im gonna shoot it,right here theres nobody was out there,its like four in the morning i called,dana,said all these deer showed up and that,tata,and i said youre kidding i thought he,was joking i said the last time i took,jordan to visit his father,in the in the cemetery we were met by a,group of deer,wow,he showed us where he wanted to showed,us where he was he did and were going,to show everybody a little bit of a clip,right now here it is,dana thank you,i love you,i love you too,you guys want another sex,yes,its a boy,[Music],oh whats up little fella how you doing,this is papa,i knew it was before i knew it,what a beautiful cast they really,brought out the story so remarkably well,and michael b jordan was here last week,and he said you directing it was like,watching it was like a master class,so how was it to direct mr jordan,hes about to direct,now creed iii hes going to find out,no weve been talking and hes like,another son to me and uh just a bright,lovable intelligent hungry,young man and uh he said hes never,worked so hard since he started working,on this pre-production yeah i had the,opportunity to do a master class with,one of the greats you know joel cohen,in preparation for journal for jordan,and just try to share a little bit of,what i know and what ive learned with,uh michael b hell be fine,can we just say your proud mama is right,over there shes in red as well miss,penny,[Laughter],such a such,look at the joy,i know hes directing now i should have,known that mr washington would would,direct her over here,but i know how proud you are of your,daughter and of this production and,thank you thank you denzel dana miss,penny and we want all,we want people to know that a journal,for jordan is its perfect christmas day,its christmas day and its about,service sacrificing letting people know,what families of our service people what,they go through bless your heart,well hey there gma fans robin roberts,here thanks for checking out our youtube,channel lots of great stuff here so go,on click the subscribe button right over,right over here to get more of awesome,videos and content from gma every day,anytime we thank you for watching and,well see you in the morning on gma

Dana Canedy Shares Story Of Resilience Captured In A Journal For Jordan

joining us now dana kennedy dana im not,even to question one and im already in,tears you and i have known each other,for a long time and i know your,incredible son jordan,tell us about,this personal story isnt just your life,story you call it a mission what is your,mission with this project,needing something to do with my grief to,get through it,uh but later became something else which,a message that i hope the book and the,movie sends about resilience and being,able to get through tragedy in time the,day charles died i collapsed on the,floor screaming i didnt know how i was,going to get up,and fast forward you know were happy,and jordan is 15,and,resilient himself and an amazing boy and,so i hope people will see that even in,your darkest moments if you hold on you,can get through but beyond just us i,hope theres a message and a reminder,about american patriotism,you know,charles,served happily and gladly for our,country for our constitution and our,ideals for all of us as americans and so,many soldiers do that and to remind us,that we are the united states of america,and if we cannot live up to that ideal,then we should change our name,you write that he was the most honorable,man you have ever known but you also,said he was the most complex what do you,want people to know about him,any long-term relationship has ups and,downs,and i wrote in the book very honestly,about him because i didnt want people,to think our relationship was a fairy,tale it was perfect it was real it,wasnt perfect but it was the best,relationship ive ever had in my entire,life and in fact,you know i had young girls reading my,book who one in particular wrote to me,and said i now know how to choose a,husband and all over this country women,are using the hashtag find your charles,its just a reminder not to lower your,standards to find a a spouse a partner,who is who is loyal and kind and patient,and above all charles wrote themes in,the journal that i dont think he knew,he was writing his love of god,his,pride in military service and the,expectation that jordan respect women as,he did,you gave him that journal what prompted,you to do that,i was in a store shopping for a gift for,a friend and i saw the journal and i,thought i was five and a half months,pregnant and i thought you know what if,something happens to him over there id,at least love for our baby to see the,words i love you and daddy on a page and,i thought that might be the only way,that will happen and so i bought this,journal thinking he would write a page,or two because charles was incredibly,quiet and reserved and shy,and uh and he became obsessed with this,journal he filled it up with 200 pages,the power of prayer how to treat women,bible verses he made an exercise program,for him how to deal with when you get,your heart broken everything and on the,last page wrote a letter essentially,saying this is everything i could think,of to teach you to be a man,if i dont if i dont make it home,and what does this journal mean to,jordan now you said hes an,extraordinary boy hes becoming a man,he is he is in fact he wore his fathers,shoes for the first time to the premiere,of the movie thats how much of a man,hes becoming in the shoes fit,and i remember when he was little he,used to clump around in the living room,and then and i would say to him one day,theyll fit baby one day and they fit,now and when i got off out of the car,from the red carpet for our premiere,jordan was standing there waiting for me,and his dads shoes uh but in terms of,the journal you know itll mean,different things to him at different,points in his life there are some funny,entries now that he loves to read but,you can imagine it will mean something,else to him on his wedding day and,something else to him you know when he,becomes a man and i tell jordan all the,time youre having an ongoing,conversation with your father that many,people whose fathers are living dont,have with with their kids,that is absolutely true this isnt all,just red carpets and premieres though it,is an incredible beautiful story that,were saying oh my gosh this is amazing,but its also so difficult youre,re-reliving,this horrible loss in your life your son,losing his father what is this like for,you,oh stephanie its up and down you know,mostly up,im getting hugs from people all over,the country which is,so wonderful and,people like you and others who care,about our story keeps me uplifted the,day when we were shooting scenes in,arlington cemetery was,uh,one of the worst days of my entire life,really but,the pain is worth it to tell the story,which you know im not telling just for,us i i dont speak for any other,military families but but my own but i,have heard from families who say thank,you for giving folks an up-close idea of,what its like to be in combat you know,um the decisions that families have to,make that you dont often think about,and so,if i have to make myself a little public,or go through some pain reliving some of,this its worth it for,the beauty of of the story and sharing,it with so many people im im honored,to do it,dana i am so proud of you i love you,thank you and i am grateful for you,merry christmas,[Music],you

A Journal for Jordan ** Movie Review *** Spoiler Alert ***

you know what i thought of i go to the,movies every week so i have to tell you,guys what i think,i am back to do another movie review,movie that i just recently went to go,see,you love action then this is a movie,that you need to see it is so good you,guys im telling you,[Music],hey you guys i am back for another movie,review now after watching this video if,you like it go ahead and give me a,thumbs up if you want to see more of my,videos go ahead and hit subscribe and if,you like denzel washington movies,michael b jordan or anything you want to,talk about in movies go ahead and leave,that in the comments for me now you guys,the movie that i saw was a journal for,jordan that is the new michael b jordan,movie thats directed by denzel,washington,and,at first glance you look at it and you,say you know what this is just a movie,about love you know its kind of like,why am i sitting on a loveseat i aint,in love it doesnt matter because its,not just about that its about having,loyalty and dedication to other people,outside of yourself its about having,your purpose in life and thats what it,was his purpose is the story of dana,kennedy and what she was she was an,editor at the new york times doing her,career for so long she finally wanted to,have a family she wanted to be in love,but shes just been so busy we all know,those workaholics and she ran into,michael b jordans character which plays,charles monroe king now mind you this is,a true story and you know they fell in,love and the thing about it was that she,had to see how much he cared about other,people because he was a sergeant in the,military and he was dedicated he was,dedicated to his soldiers he was soldier,first and he thought of his self second,he thought of others before himself of,his relationship,second outside of being a soldier so a,couple of times in this movie im,yelling im like theres no way i would,stay with him doing stuff like that yes,but you know what it does show in this,movie that sometimes you have to,tolerate other people if you love,somebody youll tolerate their,imperfections youll work with their,imperfections and thats what i did like,about this movie its not just about,yourself betty white just passed not too,long ago and the main thing she said in,one of her interviews is that you have,to think about others that was her,secret of living so long because if you,only worry about yourself that gets old,really quick so going back to this movie,i mean she had to learn a lesson too,that it wasnt only about her and their,relationship she had to realize that,this man is in command of over 105,soldiers and his dedication is to them,he was never going to leave anybody,hanging and he was never going to not be,there for another fellow officer you,would say okay dont tell me the end of,the movie but you know what you can look,the trailer and see what the end of the,movie he passed away and he left this,journal for his son jordan and the thing,thats gonna make you cry because if you,got heart thats pumping blood youre,gonna cry during this movie because he,left the journal to tell his son 104,page journal telling his son of what,type of man to be and it was a complete,opposite not the complete opposite but,it was trying to correct the things that,he did wrong in life he didnt know if,this was going to be his last day or,this was going to be his last tour but,he did know that he loved his son he,loved his girl but first and foremost he,loved his country and he loved his,fellow officers so he wanted to make,sure that he left that in a journal and,left us in something rather than just,the flag that they gave you or just,memories and pictures he wanted to leave,him something that hell know that this,was written directly to him and i think,thats the best part about this movie um,the fact that it is based on a true,story that is their real names she,worked since she worked for the new york,times she was able to get it published,after getting it published she got such,a good response she went ahead and made,it into a bestseller and i just think,that its wonderful i think its,wonderful to see,people actually showing i think its,wonderful because i feel that this movie,needed to be made sometimes we forget,the sacrifices that other people make to,keep us safe whether you agree with the,war or iraq or different things like,that you can look at firemen you can,look at policemen a lot of people put,their life on the line to keep us safe,and were not entitled we act so,entitled yeah thats what theyre,supposed to do thats their job yeah but,its kind of hard to do things like that,its kind of hard to always put others,in front of yourself and thats what,this movie shows you i think denzel did,a great job at directing it it wasnt,boring it basically just showed,relationships and you know relationships,are ups and downs what i did like about,it is that this happened in the late 90s,going into the 2000s the new millennium,so they didnt have so much social media,and what i liked about them not having,social media it reminded you of what it,is to date somebody it reminded you of,what it is to really date somebody to,wait for them to come to the door before,you see them you know everybody just,wants to do the face time and it showed,you its kind of like a guideline or it,kind of reminds you of what its like,when you first fell in love with that,person or if you like somebody the,butterflies that you get and i think,that thats a really really cool part,about this movie and it does show you,that sometimes you can find people when,youre not even looking and thats what,happened you can find love when youre,not looking it also shows you about,being in touch with yourself your heart,because sometimes when were heartbroken,head or any other thing that happens in,your life we begin to get cold our heart,begins to get really cold and we dont,want to let other people in but you know,what if you dont feel that pain and if,you dont open up and let other people,win youll never feel loved and youll,never feel joy again and thats what i,really got from this movie youre going,to enjoy it its going to make you think,about not just him but other loved ones,or other fallen soldiers that have died,trying to look out for other people,because he actually dies on a time that,he didnt have to be there he did,something he volunteered for this,particular duty that he did and he ended,up passing away and you know you look,and youre like oh thats so messed up,but he saved so many other peoples,lives and the fact that he left that,journal for jordan his son,is the best part about this so with that,being said ill see you next time,[Music]

A Journal for Jordan movie review

[Music],well hey there movie fans welcome back,to movie review mom today ive got a,real tear jerker for you the movie im,reviewing is called a journal for jordan,this dramatic movie based on a true,story opens next week on christmas day,december 25th 2021 the movie is rated,pg-13 and its a little bit of a long,film at 2 hours and 11 minutes long im,going to give you an overview in a,nutshell where ill point out things i,liked didnt like ill share some movie,lines themes worth talking about and,even a couple of movie recommendations,for other films that are sort of similar,that you might also like,and,tips for parents,so in a nutshell directed by two-time,oscar winner denzel washington this,heartfelt film is a dramatic romance,although it crosses the line on what is,appropriate for a rating of pg-13 ill,talk more about that in my section about,tips for parents the movie is based on,first sergeant charles monroe king who,before hes killed in action in baghdad,authors a journal for his son,intended to tell him how to live a,decent life despite growing up without a,father,to pay respect to our current military,denzel washington visited fort irwin in,california um in september 2020 to do a,meet and greet with the soldiers and,their families,one of the writers is dana kennedy who,the story is about and who also wrote an,article anna book based on her real life,experiences virgil williams wrote the,screenplay so here are some of the,things that i really liked about this,movie first of all i could not be a,bigger fan of michael b jordan hes,excellent in everything that he does the,audience that i watched the press,screening with was also filled with fans,theres a scene where you see a naked,backside of the very buff actor and so a,lady in the audience lifted up her hands,in the air and yelled yes and started,clapping her hands which of course made,the entire audience crack up,it is no joke that michael b jordan is,incredible eye candy and a very powerful,actor to prepare for his role,he did a little bit of boot camp at fort,irwin to see what it would actually be,like to be charles and go through his,experiences in the military shantae,adams is lovely as michael b jordans,romantic interest the movie really,focuses on her part of the story as she,was the one left to raise their son as a,single mother jalen christian hit the,jackpot by landing his very first movie,role directed by,denzel washington,in the title role of jordan jalen found,an instant connection with the character,who gets called names because he doesnt,quite look black,or white and doesnt have a father,around he stated quote i know its my,lifes purpose to represent and tell,stories that will inspire people to,embrace all the sides of who they are,while not having to pick just one the,message of this film does just that end,quote his next movie is with dwayne,johnson in the dc comics black adam,some of the filming was done in,washington dc at arlington cemetery but,its not listed under the locations in,the credits for whatever reason,arlington cemetery is a sobering place,that every american should try to visit,as an expression of gratitude all of our,fallen soldiers who were dedicated to,protecting americas interests,i was intrigued by two scenes in,particular that showed jordans fathers,presence coming from the other side of,death i was hoping,i dont want to give you any spoilers,but i was hoping that the story would,actually feature more of those moments,and take the movie into a deeper dive,but the film didnt really linger there,i couldnt find the name of the baby who,plays the very young toddler jordan,but he was totally adorable and i wanted,to see more of him but we actually also,get to see jordan grow up a little bit,so thats pretty cool theres some humor,peppered throughout the film which is,always welcome and then guys take note,of how to be a gentleman dana kennedy,noticed that charles monroe king was,walking on the outside of the sidewalk,whenever they walk together in order to,protect her from any oncoming traffic,thats how its done,so i didnt even know this was a thing,until i was a teenager and i was an,exchange student in mexico and so my,exchange sister hooked me up with her,boyfriends best friend so that we could,go on a double date i remember it was,dark outside at night in the hot summer,and we were walking on the sidewalk,heading to a restaurant or wherever it,was we were gonna go and there were,cockroaches everywhere,now this,date of mine was trying to be a,gentleman but i was completely oblivious,and i started jumping around to avoid,all of these cockroaches because every,time i landed on one you would hear the,crunch of its shell it was disgusting,and so i was like jumping around going,and this poor guy was trying to be a,gentleman and was bouncing around you,know in and out of the street and,finally my exchange sister said trina,hes trying to be a gentleman and i was,like what,i mean im embarrassed to say how,clueless i was but forever after,i think of this guy fondly for trying to,be a good gentleman and ive tried to,teach my sons the same thing i have four,sons by the way,so other than the two leads all of the,co-workers friends and family members in,the movie look like real everyday people,they were actors but i appreciated that,it wasnt just a big glam fest,the introduction at the very beginning,of the movie shows very fast-moving,moments of the couples life,perfectly representing how fast our,lives really do fly by and the older i,get the more i feel that,and finally i got to take a friend with,me to watch the press screening she was,really taken with the movie she cried,while she tried to point out all of the,beautiful moments and messages of the,film and i admit i got a little,teary-eyed myself now with all of that,praise there still were some things that,i didnt quite like about the film first,of all the movie focuses,far more time on the relationship,between this father and mother and not,on the journal itself which is the title,of the movie,technically there are two journals one,written by jordans father and the other,by jordans mother the idea of the,journal itself is briefly shown at the,beginning of the film and then not,really developed until the very end of,the movie there is some cliched dialogue,which surprised me,and the story is very slow moving i,wanted it to get to the contents of the,journal way sooner that it did and again,the movie really focuses on this,slow-moving developing relationship,because the story is about a father and,a son i wondered why denzel washington,didnt insist on casting his real-life,son whos a very talented actor john,david washington in the role of charles,monroe king i kind of searched online,looking for answers to why that didnt,happen and didnt really find out why so,if you know the reason comment down,below and let me know because i would,have loved to have seen that,now let me give you some tips for,parents first of all i think denzel,washington has been in so many rated r,movies that hes forgotten what a pg-13,movie should look like theres a lot of,sexual content in this movie that i just,think is an inappropriate for 13 year,old children for example you see a man,fully naked from the rear you see a,topless woman,from the side,you see a couple in bed several times,with a lot of skin and some rolling,around action and facial expressions of,ecstasy and talk of boobies and lots of,conversation about sex the story,features an unmarried couple and their,relationship that results in an unwed,pregnancy,a woman holds a vibrator and theres,some discussion about that a woman leaks,breast milk onto her shirt theres talk,and portrayal of marijuana usage theres,a gay man whos one of danas co-workers,use of,now i dont even want to tell you what,the words were but a couple of really,offensive words you can see what i wrote,on my written review at movie review mom,theres also some other profanity and tv,footage of the towers during 9

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