1. I Went To ABBA Voyage – Heres My Thoughts!
  2. ABBA Voyage Review – July 2022
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I Went To ABBA Voyage – Heres My Thoughts!

yesterday i went to the abba voyage,arena and watched abba live at least,thats what it felt like now i wanted to,do a review of my experience going to it,and what i can take away not only from,this from like someone who actually,likes abba point of view but also just,the music industry going forward before,i do get into the view here is a couple,of clips that i got from yesterday night,as a little montage before i do the,review,[Music],[Music],[Music],so yeah where to start so lets start,with the actual arena itself i actually,thought the arena was very impressive,especially on the inside its a really,nice looking music venue even though,this venue is completely dedicated to,albert i could totally see in the future,that if abba were to sort of move on,from the arena that it could definitely,be used for other music but the overall,vibe there was absolutely amazing,everyone was dressed up for albert as,you can see we have costumes which were,made by someone we went with by the way,if you can tell us where these costumes,are from abba fans in the comments below,id be very impressed like it was just,such a good vibe there the food alcohol,was quite cheap considering its london,so that was another really good bonus so,yeah it felt a really good vibe the,merch was a little bit of an eye,watching price i i can see why they,didnt put the actual prices on the,merch but the merch was really cool as,well there was all sorts it was almost,like there was something for everyone,which is kind of a lot to say fabulous,music obviously because the people i,went with was dressed as abba when we,got there we got a lot of photos taking,the bus which was a interesting,experience like but its fine because i,had sunglasses on so i just feel like i,was hidden from everything so thats,fine you know it was again it was really,good everyone was like really up for it,so if were talking about the actual,performance they say not to take any,photos of videos but i did manage to get,a couple of quick shots which,ill show to you right now,but somewhere else and start to finish,the overall spectacle was absolutely,amazing one thing that i could really,take away was how mind-blown i was at,how real it felt especially at the start,when the avatars raised from the stage,the sort of perception that theyre,there is just absolutely insane they had,these massive screens at the sides which,showed the avatars and if you looked at,that you could tell that they werent,real people but if you just ignored that,and looked straight at the front of the,stage you really thought that i was,actually over there and you know it made,the experience even more better because,there was actually parts when i thought,i was actually watching abba on stage,and it was just amazing like all the,songs as well they sounded incredible,the band i have to give props for the,band which were on the left hand side of,the stage if you look at the stage they,were absolutely insane very good,musicians all of them and it was just so,tight like the performance and also the,lifetime as well was very impressive it,gave a real live feel especially when,apple was singing it sounded like live,vocal or not pre-recorded which is,exactly what you want to help for the,experience so we were in the standing,area and you know what like it was quite,a big open standing area and in the,background there were some couple of,balconies where you could go with,parties to dance to and im sure that,probably cost a little bit more but it,definitely looked like they were having,a lot of fun and the stage itself was,really big and went back but you could,see the screens up at the start the,lighting display in the stadium,throughout the performance was very,impressive to say at least they had,dangling mirrors uh which constantly,moved during the performance and also,when you had the eclipses they literally,moved in front of you on stage and it,was really cool so there was a lot of,thought that went into performance so,its very impressive just from a lying,point of view the performance itself of,the avatars was very interesting because,they actually did costume changes,throughout the set and they talked to,the audience as well so it was their old,cells talking through these avatars but,again that was really nice to add to,sort of live performance value because,then you actually felt like abba was,there even more and you know if i had to,have one criticism from the entire,experience id say that there is stages,when they adapt to doing music videos,instead of them performing live on stage,whether its because they like obviously,it probably takes a lot of time to make,these avatars for certain songs but i,just feel like that when these music,videos came on to sort of have a break,from the live avatars it sort of felt,like everyone went from through like,full energy for abba to sort of like,okay and it almost felt like a break or,like an interval between songs so as,much as i liked it you know what would,have made this experience even more,incredible is if it was just a complete,live performance it was just abbott on,stage the whole time because you know,thats what performance is but again im,not discrediting that from the whole,experience because it was just so,impressive the the avatars and actually,seeing them live and seeing that theyre,real people on the stage it really gets,you thinking what the future in music,could be like right now the only thing i,can think of is when is there going to,be a queen version of this or the b,tools or the rolling stones theres so,many different directions you go to,technology and abba have been the,innovators of this like it has to be,said abba have really done a lot now for,the music industry going forward and i,think that really has to be appreciated,how impressive this spectacle actually,is overall a really great night and as,for the set list the setlist has all of,the other classics on there they have,two songs off the new album uh dont,shut me down and i still have faith in,you uh the only complaint i have about,setlist is they didnt have super tubes,on there but that i have heard is,because theyre going to be adding songs,through out the year maybe or in the,next year theres definitely going to be,more songs getting added obviously,theyve got a massive catalogue of songs,so to for one set list you cant have,every single apple song on there that,you like so that leaves the door open,for a setless change on this abba voyage,which basically means that youre going,to be coming back for me one of the most,impressive parts of the actual,performance was the end when it they,played dancing queen and they sort of,went off stage and like came back on for,an encore the winner takes it all and,theres this massive choir that came on,behind him and then they lowered through,the stage again and like it was just,amazing listening to the winner takes it,all live you could really sort of get a,live feel from the vocal and it was just,such an amazing atmosphere at the end,and you can tell that everyone really,enjoyed the performance which makes me,very confident that if you went there,you would not be disappointed with the,overall experience when you do leave the,venue though you do get one of these,cool badges,for the first voyage so yeah that makes,me think that theres definitely going,to be a second set list coming or,edition so you can go a second time the,reason theyve said first but again its,cool you get these actually actually,got two so yeah if you want one,but yeah overall i had an absolutely,amazing night and what better way to,spend an even just dancing to some,really feel good music there was so many,good classics on there and it was just,absolute enjoyment to watch and now im,actually quite exhausted this morning,the morning after so yeah if youre an,aba fan and you have not gone to abba,voyage yet i highly recommend that you,do it is an absolute once in a lifetime,experience until this technology gets,more implemen

ABBA Voyage Review – July 2022

good afternoon and welcome to a richard,and paul,midweek special,yes,were here to give you our review on,abba voyage,and if youre new to our channel because,youre interested in abba we are abba,fans and we have talked about abba,before havent we paul we have we have,yeah and um we do a regular show called,sunday chat sunday chat,filmed in this style,except this is an abba voyage chat,isnt it why is it not about voyage,because the word is voyage i think,is french i know i like the ridiculous,id like that it sounds a bit weird,so,weve seen abba somewhere else havent,we,when we were in the car a couple of,months ago,sorry we saw it on the back of a truck,oh there is a truck company called abba,trucks or abba haulage isnt that i know,bizarre it is rather sultry this,afternoon ive noticed,dont you mind if you say so yeah im,feeling rather harsh and sultry are you,having a hot flush after your coffee,maybe but lets get on with the show so,welcome bloody welcome thank you for,tuning in,and thank you for subscribing to our,little channel its a cult channel,isnt it paul complete culture im a,cult and youre a con absolutely were,all cults,lets get on with the show the first,thing,to really say,is thank you,really and i know youre sick,yeah because of the songs youre singing,and all the joy that theyre bringing,who can live without it i ask in all,honesty,no seriously ive watched a few reviews,of abba voyage,abba voyage found it a bit not man yeah,um abba voyage,um and ive seen a few reviews and ive,watched a few bits and pieces and not,one time not one person,has actually considered saying thank you,a to abba for providing the music in the,first place and to the,producers of the show the technicians,the engineers,and above all the cleaners the staff the,staff at the arena you know because they,were all incredibly polite,very helpful,did their jobs with a smile which i,noticed you know visibly so clearly very,well trained stars and also i think none,of them were born,at the time that abba was around,absolutely because like,most of the hospitality industry um,theyre all very young yeah but you know,did the job excellently,so thank you,to the whole crew of abba voyage and the,aber arena,for providing such a great experience,thank you and also thank you to most of,the,audience for not getting their phones,out yeah were getting on to that later,paul thank you,thank you yeah apart from the ones that,we told off yeah,so,were going to try not to,fill this with too many spoilers because,as paul just said the request of the,producers is that people dont film,clips and ive noticed quite a few clips,on youtube which im surprised havent,been taken down yet,the only real clip that you need to,watch is the official trailers that have,been produced because that gives you a,sort of,slight idea of what happens,um,but doesnt spoil it nothing really,prepares you for the experience no and,doesnt i think also its its good to,acknowledge that we do feel extremely,privileged to be able to have afforded,to buy the tickets to go,in the first place so we do acknowledge,that you know though i think tickets are,available from about 25 pounds or,something im not quite sure where but,um,if you can get them yeah do,well yeah lets lets move through the,order of the show i dont know what the,author of the show is,um so,were not going to provide too many,spoilers we might talk about a couple of,highlights,and also we wont be,showing any clips because we didnt take,any clips i took one photograph,of the arena before the show started,which ill just show you,um and as you can see its a beautiful,beautiful arena,um,but what you see,in that photo,doesnt really give you much of an idea,of whats going to happen,no at all,um which of course it didnt at the,beginning of kate bush either did it no,it didnt absolutely and there are sort,of similarities with the show before the,dawn another voyage in some ways i think,i think the i think quite a few of the,people the creatives behind it must have,been to see,kate well i think also i think,you could describe abba voyage as a,theatrical production,because i think one of the the producers,i think is a theater producer,yeah one of the guys um girls,no,theres a guy that ive seen interviewed,i cant remember his name,um i do apologize,but i think hes a theater producer so,lets ask the question,um,what is abba voyage,what is it well,its the show,without the music,um in its own custom arena,and i say that because ive seen these,comments oh is it on in the west end,will it be going to birmingham no it,wont be it wont be going to the west,end it wont be going to birmingham but,it might go to birmingham unless the,whole thing is dismantled and rebuilt,which it can place which it can be,replicated yeah or replicated this is a,custom built arena for the abba show,only and its quite small its only,three and a half thousand,and,i think thats a really good size for,what this is yeah um because it really,does,yeah it kind of feels like it feels sort,of intimate in a way even though it is,quite expansive in size i mean its a,large stage yeah yeah its enormous um,you know so,its a,i would say its an experience,its an experience abba voyage a rather,than a concert,um yeah so its a custom-built arena,when you arrive we we travel to pudding,mill lane which is the dlr station,directly next door yeah literally next,door literally over the road,when you arrive,its quite an impressive building,we were meeting up with my sisters and,my niece and her friend,and we met them outside the arena and,and went in,so when you go in youre greeted by very,pleasant styles what about outside,what it looks like,well people can see that online its,quite easy to google i know but they may,not have googled it i think its a,rather impressive building,but google it yeah and it it must have,taken a while to build,six years in the making isnt it well,the whole project is six years in the,making the building isnt um but i love,the,theres,its its obviously it has the icon of,abba on it,and um i love the way that it was,interwoven in the slats of all the,wooden things yeah its quite hard to,describe yeah its like google it yeah,but still still you come down so we were,on the dlrs he said and then i went he,got a good view he had his back to it,and i went oh there it is,and you turned around you went,abba,like that yeah you did and um,so as you walk in theres a large area,with,merchandise stalls a cloak room,food and drink offerings,and obviously it was packed full of,people and it was very noisy with people,yeah it was quite noisy their excitement,of being there,so we immediately had headed for,merchandise because my sisters wanted to,get a piece of merchandise,um,i wouldnt say that the merchandise is,horrendously expensive,but its certainly not cheap although,there were smaller there were smaller,offerings like key rings and badges and,things like that,and again very pleasant staff,very nice to deal with,we had some food yeah because we arrived,in good time,to be able to do this i think the arena,opens about an hour and a half before,um the show starts and we went for a,matinee at three oclock yeah so we went,in there about half one ish quarter to,two,had some food bought some merch we had,i had a vegan hot dog i had was,delicious i have to say falafel on,hummus salad which was really nice,and an water infuser,the essence of abba,in a lovely aluminium,abba voyage bottle which is refillable,recyclable and refillable yeah yeah,i think the important thing is,refillable because thats what it says,on the bottle,okay lets go with what it says on the,bottle yeah yeah lets get it right yeah,whoa so warm,um,anyway so we ate was good we ate and,then they announced whats the deal with,what was the important thing toilet,break toilets,theyve got toilets toilets nice and,clean,did you go to the toilet ive been to,the toilet yeah i didnt go to the,toilet i deliberately didnt drink much,water no no but i i yes so i i w

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hello voyagers,so good morning to all,we um i did a clip yesterday um,about uh waiting to get to spain to,collect my thoughts and everything but,ive seen lots of your comments,saying we cant wait to hear so were,going to do it now but also look at,these two,do you remember,from the we are the live stream lads,this is my husband bernard forbes you,may remind remember in the live stream,he was sitting behind and playing tetris,ordering,ordering every record on the planet,those of you who have seen the the,you know one when i start to cry and,everything he was behind tapping away on,his ipad thats because he was ordering,and crashing the site,to get the stuff actually during the,live stream and this is yogi who was,sort of um to the side of me as well and,then there was another chap as well who,was looking at me as if i was mad,thats his husband but he unfortunately,hasnt been able to make it to london,but uh hes been watching all this stuff,as well so,this video contains spoilers,so if you are avoiding the internet,which ive i mean ive tried it before,and it never works if youre trying to,avoid the internet so that you dont get,certain mentions of songs and things,that have happened we we had a,discussion about what we should be,talking about and it seems pretty common,now that a lot of stuff is out there a,lot of people know whats in the show,and everything so we feel comfortable,that we can discuss what we saw what we,felt and everything as as well,so,husband um,is a fan kind of because,otherwise were divorced,how would you describe your your,association with alberta and the fans,okay just for all im just a standard,above listener since im 43 years old so,theyve been always,a part in my music choice but im not a,big fan i mean i dont,i like their music i dont know the,background the history i was just,attending the show to have fun and they,really enjoyed it,but um,so yes so,he referred to being infected by me,into fandom so that was from the paper,review video which ive also posted so,basically we arrived on the 25th,and,we were lucky enough to get premier,tickets in the dance floor area so thank,you,to the management for inviting us were,very honored um,so we yes we did attends the premiere we,were dressed up to the nines we were,very very smart and we were in the dance,floor area in the very very middle which,is the best place i think to be so,theres a little tip for you not right,at the front but stand back a little bit,because,its a 360 experience and so you want to,be back in the middle really um,i mean,you you you were also saying no youve,got to come a bit more over a bit more,you know sort of ushering a certain to,be bang central,so,um,the arrival in the area i mean it was um,just,i mean people come from australia united,states sweden germany holland uh,argentina bulgaria bulgaria you know,from everywhere everybody came to see,this show its in the custom-built arena,and it is um,groundbreaking thats all i can say,um bernie is quite sort of techy with,things like that and weve also got a,friend that does lighting for other pop,acts and he said that its quite uh,astonishing the stuff the the sort of,things that theyve done so well um,dive straight in so we went into the,arena,and theres this kind of eerie,eerie music sort of in the background as,people are assembling the beginning of,the show,and uh you can you can hear bits tiny,bits of abbas,abba music but its been put through,filters to sound sort of,spooky and whatever and then the,back projection of a forest a forest no,and im sure i saw a little deer or,something jumping through,you know so its,there are so many tiny little subtle,things which is you know why ive seen,it three,times we could pick it i mean ive been,three times its been twice and youve,won twice as well so i went on the 26th,27th 28th,you went on the 26th 27th and then i,went 27-28,so so weve all seen it more than once,and everything so if you want to add,anything im not going to do all the,talking here um just,be prepared for a great evening,or afternoon,the,arena is not very big um you have the,exact figures,maximum maximum three thousands about,one thousand four hundred or so down in,the dance area youre not crushed in you,can move about so you know theres,plenty of space to to dart around and,have a bit of a just prepare to have,good time take comfortable shoes with,you because you will be dancing,regardless and then the seating area is,about two thousand something so i dont,it all,which is good because its not wembley,arena which is fifteen thousand it would,have been you know really,three little four little pinpricks in,the in the the distance you actually,anywhere youre sitting doesnt matter,where youre sitting theyve thought of,you you will have a fantastic view and,that brings us into what i would say,the lighting i think is,is is one of the things because what we,were told by savannah and ludwig is to,bring the physical into the digital and,vice versa so that you dont after a,while you dont realize that,what youre seeing is a,its not a projection its not a,hologram,um it is something new and,something that we still do,we still havent posted out how it works,um after seeing the show several times,weve been really observing the small,details and you have really really the,sensation that their life on stage,for um they are three three-dimensional,there are some they go with depth,without uh saying too much you see them,moving on stage and you have the,sensation that really on stage live,and especially the light the effects on,the movements of the clothing everything,is just perfect they even disappear in,the shadow you can see just about see,them standing at the back while they,well free dragnet is doing their solo,part but you see the rest of the group,you know they walk i thought the funny,bit was when benny came out at the,beginning and did a little chat,uh to the people he he looked just,he just looked as if he was,on this stage so what i tended to do and,what i was finding myself doing was,looking at the central part which is,where the avatars are actually live,and then there are also very huge,screens either side which you can glance,up at as well which are giving you,alternative angles of the same shot,which brings you to think that thats,all been coordinated with extra cameras,as well to give everybody im sorry,about hands are covering your faces um,is to bring different angles in,of the same shot so as if a cameraman,was going around you get side angles,its what happens in this big event but,the camera men arent their opposition,with one word youll be enjoying a real,life concert like youve been 40 years,ago in one of their live concerts back,at that time this was for me as a,standard uh,fan you know not a great fan just a,guy who enjoys their music i had the,sensation that im on live concert an,hour and with the two new songs even i,had the sensation they performed in life,so um youll have great fun lets read,lets,talk about uh,so i mean everybody knows the set list,so again its spoilers uh im ive often,said that the the visitors which is the,first song um that basically was quite,quite unknown to sorry shall we say the,hen party people they wouldnt ask for,the visitors but im glad they put it in,because its very eerie entrance and,also its quite apt that were back in,this kind of soviet oppression,period now with the russia thing um so i,think they possibly are doing a kind of,things like were here we are again all,you know,in that kind of but um it was it was a,great i mean the way they come up,from the bottom,you know i mean one when they come up,and and youre still not sure what,youre gonna see and then you see what,you see you just think wow oh my god,they are right there,like i kept i was going i was having,like a little episode theyre there,you know and um,you know so so thats the first i mean,the its a really banger you know and,remember its a live band doing the,music,with the vocals so the coo

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hey,hi everyone dance then he queen tano,here the internets busiest music nerd,and its time for a review of the new,abba album voyage this is the first,album in 40 years from the legendary,swedish pop outfit abba whose biggest,hits helped define the disco landscape,of the 70s and pop music internationally,for decades to come its kind of funny,to think of the staying power that,abbas music holds today considering how,unceremonious their hiatus was when that,began in the early 80s its as if the,band kind of evaporated along with the,dancing queens and bell-bottoms of the,1970s as the first i guess steps of the,new wave era was ushered in but in 2021,their classics are now classic and their,appeal is uh transcending generationally,celebrated across the board critically,as well so what better time to come back,and everything about this return so far,feels and looks big from the promo,rollout to the title of this lp the,cover art that looks like you know were,about to launch off into space and the,uh,i i guess maybe space themed suits the,band is uh,dawning in some promo pics i saw so,everything about this new record and,abba at this point is is gesturing in a,really grand way,so considering that like why is the,album itself why does voyage feel so,meager with 37 minutes of material,spread out among 10 tracks its not,exactly a gargantuan project which i,guess is fine because ultimately the,real issue is is that the record isnt,all that fun and dont get me wrong its,been four decades i did not expect abba,to just pick up exactly where they left,off in the disco era on a brand new,record though there are points on this,thing where the band is very much,dabbling in the past like on the jaunty,piano rock of just an ocean or the,sparkling and wondrous instrumentation,as well as vintage dance floor grooves,on dont shut me down which are also a,highlight these tracks in my opinion are,as abba as abba gets sure it may not,have that fuzzy nostalgic 70s aura,around it but all of the basic,components as well as good songs are,there at the core of these recordings,the rich instrumentation the chipper,soaring vocal harmonies but there are a,number of tracks on this very trim,project that i found to be either very,underwhelming or um just straight boring,so of course in the track list here i,expected there would be at least a few,like euro pop cuts but i didnt think,they would be so mild like on the track,when you danced with me which showcases,this vague collision of sequence new,wave grooves and an irish or a scottish,jig its quaint its bright its hopeful,its upbeat but simultaneously its,idyllic in a way that comes off sort of,sterile then with a ode to freedom as,well as the intro track to,the record instrumentally anyway it sort,of sounds like abba is trying to write,national anthems for all of scandinavia,some real salute to the flag type beats,i truly just couldnt get into the,instrumental palettes and compositions,of these tracks even if i enjoyed the,sentiment uh in the lyrics of them like,when the band finds beauty and wonder in,the existence of bees on the song,bumblebee or again on the opening track,which very much seems to be,thematically,a commentary on the return of the band,having faith in each other in their,ability to,come back artistically and musically,its an expression of of love for one,another and the bonds that they kind of,share on account of you know this band,and their lives together over the years,its a really triumphant and heartening,song in that way but the instrumental,still sounds like im about to watch a,really bad nature documentary then 40,years later i mean the band really has,some guts to put the song little things,on here which is by all means a,christmas song so you guys are gone for,like four decades youre returning,youre coming back,and youre hitting fans with like a,christmas banger which,instrumentally and thematically i think,throws the entire lp off so yeah theres,really some tracks on this thing that i,dont think go over all too well or come,off a little stiff a little awkward uh,maybe over orchestrated as well sort of,like were getting a hit of the bands,beautiful theatrics musical theatrics,that is but without that pop edge to you,know take the edge off a little bit or,really give it some impact which if they,continue to drop records into the near,future i hope we hear the return of from,front to back on an album i hope we hear,i guess more balance between the,orchestrations and more of a pop,sensibility cause with voyage that is,just severely missing feeling a strong,five to a light six on this one,transition have you given this album a,listen did you love it did you hate it,what would you rate it youre the best,youre the best what should i review,next hit the like if you like please,subscribe and please dont cry hit the,bell as well over here next to my head,is another video that you can check out,hit that up or the link to subscribe to,the channel anthony fantano,voyage abba,forever

A TRIUMPH! ABBA Voyage Concert Experience – New Impressions + Q&A!

hey so,last week i gave you my very first impressions  about the abba voight show experience  ,and some of you might have noticed i was  somewhat emotional so i went there again  ,for a second time friday evening for the  official first performance and i want to  ,talk a little about that today and also answer  some of your questions that you had last time  ,so on that very first night i was as i told you  in the front row right in front of the stage  ,and on that friday evening i had a seating place  in block c front row immediately in front of the  ,dance floor area so this time i could observe more  to the left i could observe to the right in front  ,of me back and center i could really explore the  whole atmosphere sit down relax and really take  ,it all in and this experience really confirmed my  first impressions this show is a triumph it is a  ,triumph not only technically but emotionally  and artistically it truly is an incredible  ,artistic achievement and i also realized again  this really is a pure about production and what i  ,mean by that is it is like with their music you  sometimes need to listen to it more than once  ,to really get it to really fall in love with  it and the same goes for this show there are so  ,many details so many layers and i can say that  both shows are really identical to each other  ,which was good in a way so i could take in all of  those details and the sequence of songs is really  ,flawless there is an incredible flow there is a  concept that you dont really know what it means  ,but it feels like having a meaning it  has something to do with greek mythology  ,with rebirth and there is also a lot of variation  as i told you last time not one performance is the  ,same sometimes the avatars are on stage sometimes  they are on the big screens and sometimes  ,there is something completely different and the  atmosphere on that second night once again was  ,just phenomenal already with this entire opening  section the crowd went wild they went crazy and  ,one of the biggest receptions in the  entire show was for the two new songs  ,which artists can do that i mean  artists who have been around for decades  ,and who are creating new music and performing  those new songs in concert it usually does not get  ,this big a reception as their classic material but  it was completely the opposite those two new songs  ,they really got one of the biggest receptions  it was one of the highlights of the show  ,and you know im thinking its it  is impeccable what they did for us  ,they really did everything and so much more than  we could ever ask for and it still feels like a  ,big big dream and so many of you had questions  for the show and for the sound for the avatars  ,for the concept and i want to go through some of  them now so pablo louise asked in your opinion  ,which are the best seats to fully enjoy this  incredible show can anyone else help me decide  ,maybe someone can give their input because  i can say that i cant really answer that  ,because i havent checked a receipt its that  simple but what i can say is that i was front row  ,in front of the stage and i was on that very first  row in block c and both times i experienced it  ,probably the way i should experience it i mean  when i was really in front of the stage you  ,just turn around and you can see the entire  atmosphere and really take it all in as well  ,so my impression also from what people told me  from their different seeds is that no seed really  ,probably has any disadvantages to the other  seeds the next question was from alexio verdo  ,and he asked tell us some more about the fans  reactions did they enjoy their worldwide meeting  ,this coexistence were their happy smiling faces  afterwards did they shed a tear yes yes and yes  ,but again i cant speak for every fan of course  if they enjoyed it but my general feeling is  ,that judging from the overall atmosphere they  were beaming with those avatars with the music  ,and with this completely out of this world  experience we were beaming as one as if we  ,too are in a completely different world  for 95 minutes thats really how it was  ,alf calzon asked how many songs so there are  20 main other songs but there is more in the  ,beginning in the end and also in between we will  talk about that in the next video philippe chan  ,asked did you feel that abba recorded new  vocals for the old songs or did they use  ,the original vocals and mixed them  into new live versions of the music  ,so the vocals are all taken from original studio  recordings but sometimes there are vocal parts  ,from those original recordings that were never  released before and that are now incorporated  ,into the show simon pharma asked how good was the  band in replicating the albums sound that one  ,is interesting because since the vocals  are taken from original studio recordings  ,the band is kind of bound to  reproduce the album sound and rhythm  ,and really this was as close as you could  get to the original recordings but its not  ,a copy its basically really a perfect mixture  of original studio recordings and live feeling  ,and i can also say that the sound was very loud  graphic jack asked did the avatars feel convincing  ,not only generally as people but as the  individuals themselves did they dance and  ,move as the band members did back in 1979  or were they somehow slightly different  ,so this is a yes and no answer in my personal  opinion and there are many moments when they do  ,feel like the original members on stage one  example is the performance of sos which was  ,also released on social media as a small snippet  i think they move as close as possible like the  ,original members would be moving on stage but  there is also a somewhat futuristic approach to it  ,which i really loved that was one of my personal  highlights so in these cases the avatars feel  ,futuristic and you should try to understand the  avatars as a new form of abba like an alternate  ,reality which again as i said i really enjoy it  and it is definitely believable and i also want to  ,stress once again that they really look as if they  are on stage three-dimensional and everything is  ,absolutely impeccable senten asked were there  any aspects of the show that you didnt like  ,i wouldnt say that there is an entire aspect that  i didnt like however as i said last time already  ,be aware that in my personal opinion the  avatars are avatars they are not real persons  ,but very often they are so convincing that you  really believe or you i should say tend to forget  ,that they are computer generated however there are  only two things that really make us aware oh they  ,are avatars and one of them is the eyes especially  in close-ups when you see them on the big screen  ,the eyes very often look kind of lifeless  but on some moments they look astonishingly  ,real as well so im very sure that this is an  aspect that they are able to work on in the future  ,and the second aspect concerning the avatars is  when they speak to the audience that really works  ,extremely well too and the audience go along with  it but there are some moments when the dialogue  ,has a pause and basically agneita or whoever  is talking is waiting for an audience reaction  ,however very often the audience has already  reacted and the pause of that dialogue is still  ,going on and then she says thank you so much  or whatever else and those are those moments  ,when you realize oh hang on this is not real  but again you realize it in those moments so  ,for i would say 70 80 you really tend  to forget kind of that they are not real  ,and as i said these things can be worked on and  i still have to say that they are abbas avatars  ,its a very unique feeling another aspect  i was somewhat confused in the beginning  ,had to do with the band but not with the band as  such not at all they are marvelous they really are  ,but it has to do actually its very fitting to the  next question fr

ABBA Voyage review, Is it worth Seeing?

just under a week ago i got to go see,abba voyage live in london i think since,then ive had a pretty good amount of,time to process whats happened and kind,of gather my thoughts together so in,this video im just gonna explain what i,thought of it and kind of just,everything about it that i could tell,from it,okay so first of all i have to address,the stadium the stadium was oh it was,just,better than i could have ever expected i,was expecting a smallish stadium because,you know they built it purely for abba,which i think is really cool,um so i wasnt expecting anything,massive it only seats around about 2 000,people i think i read up,but it was completely and utterly,amazing it was 360 lighting,there was a nice little area before you,actually go into the stadium itself,which i thought was really awesome,and it was just so cool because the,lighting in there was it made it look,bigger than it definitely was because,you go in there and you think oh its,actually moderately small and then when,the lights go down,and they turn on the leds i guess so,its so amazing because it goes right,around you wrapped around the stadium,above you beneath you it was not beneath,you but above you and it was just a,really cool thing and i definitely think,the stadium gave it most of the,atmosphere and made the show what it was,which i think is really cool,so next i think im going to go on to,the topic of the prices so the alcohol,and the drinks and the food and that it,was it was actually quite cheap much,cheaper than i expected like we had a,couple next to us and they were bringing,in,full bottles of alcohol and they got it,for something like five pounds which i,dont i dont really know im underage,definitely drink so i dont really know,if thats cheap so you guys have to tell,me that but it sounded cheap because it,was a massive bottle of what they bought,in and five pounds i think thats pretty,good price,um but yeah thats some really good,prices for the drinks and the beverages,and um ill tell you what the merch,that was not cheap um,that that kind of its kind of one of,those things where you look at the merch,and youre like oh thats really cool,how much oh no i dont even look at that,but um i definitely think its worth,getting something like a t-shirt or,something if you go i didnt um because,i like my money um but i can understand,why its expensive because obviously god,its only 50 pounds a ticket which is so,cheap for what you got in the show let,me just point out after i finished,watching i said to my parents 50 pounds,for a ticket it should be much higher,because it was so cheap,and,you get so much out of that show,honestly its like watching a full-on,movie um and seeing an abba concert and,theres a live band there which i also,have to give credit to because the live,band were amazing,and and they even did like a little solo,bit where it was just them and i thought,that was so cool and,you get in like a massive like three for,one deal with that show honestly,it is incredible,all right so next up we have to talk,about the staff that work there they,are they were so funny they really were,they were,they i feel like they just loved it they,just loved it themselves because like we,was watching the show and all my mom,could point out throughout the duration,of the show near enough was that there,was a security guy down on the bottom,bit why the standings almost because we,was in like the seating zone by the like,we call them the gods,because theyre quite high up but they,werent and um there was this guy down,in the bottom like obviously,doing his security stuff but throughout,the whole show he was just dancing and,clapping and singing and he was having,the time of his life,no reference and um it was oh it was,just so amazing to see like the staff,love it as well but speaking at the,start they do they are quite strict on,the no 5000 videos rule i dont know if,it was like this on every night because,i wanted to get some photos and videos,when i was there and i would have done i,would have got a lot more because i,really wanted to put loads in my last,abba voyage video,but there was i swear to you there was,one security guard because we were sat,like in the middle of like one of the,rows and the um seating area and there,was this guy theres a steward and he,was just walking up and down the wing,the whole show just watching arrow in,that row and he was like constantly left,and right watching us making sure we,werent taking photos and videos,and i feel like you you have a better,chance of getting photos and videos,going there if you go in the standing,area because in the standing area,especially if youre in like the middle,of the standing area no ones gonna push,through loads of people until you put,your phone away arent they like it just,doesnt happen so i think thats why a,lot of people are getting quite good,photos and videos um but i would not,have liked to be in the standing area,not at all,um because,im not a big peoples person especially,when it comes like massive groups of,people and there was massive it was just,like a massive group of people and they,were all so tight together and it just,looked like they didnt have any,breathing room and i didnt like that,um,but that being said the atmosphere with,the amount of people there the,atmosphere was just great i think the,stadium made the atmosphere the show,made the atmosphere the avatars made the,atmosphere,um and by avatars obviously minhaba um,you couldnt even tell they werent real,to be fair if you was like when they pop,up on stage which was really cool if he,was looking like dead on at them and not,on the sides because on the sides it,showed the avatars like close up as if,there was a cameraman there and if you,dont look at those sides and just look,at them you wouldnt know it wasnt them,and i think some people behind us,thought it was actually them because,they were going raving mad,um but then on the side you can kind of,you can tell its not real but you do,forget about it because you just think,youre going to see an avid concert,which you are you are going to see and,have a concert,and i think it was just so well put,together so well thought through,everything was so well done and,im in a dilemma im in a really really,big dilemma so i need some help with,this,because i want to go back i really do i,want to go back,and i want to do it again because i,thought it was incredible,but will it spoil it,for myself and what i mean by that is,ive seen it once it was incredible so,if i go back again i know whats going,to happen,so is it just going to be boring,i dont know,thats what im thinking its my process,of thought but i probably will end up,going back because i want to take a few,of my friends and my girlfriend because,its diamond scene and then abba fans,and it is amazing,but no i would definitely highly,recommend going,so that pretty much concludes the video,for today i feel like ive touched based,on most of the important things or,things that i think are important and,i just,it was amazing i know ive said it,enough times i know i keep saying,amazing its like my word im gonna,pattern it joking im not but it was it,was just a really incredible show and i,loved every second of it and i,definitely recommend going because if,you if youre an avid fan even if youre,not an apple fan if i wasnt an albert,fan i went im an abba fan,its pretty cool and i dont my mind,does not change very easily im very,stubborn so something can make me change,my mind,you know its good and it was really,good so thats definitely going to end,the video for today if you havent seen,my last other video definitely go check,it out it shows the run-up and the end,of me going to see the other concert and,getting there in the train etc and um,yeah hopefully you like this video today,if you did dont forget to like and,subscribe and if you have seen my last,video i know i didnt show the very,expensive item but i am going to do a,full video on the very ex

ABBA Voyage Show “A Concert Like No Other” (My Thoughts)

[Music],hello,welcome back to the channel right again,before i start,i want to thank each and every one of,you that um commented on me last video,um records i collected while i was away,from youtube for a year with some great,comments uh thank you all for that um,its been quite nice actually doing the,odd video i said theres nothing set in,stone im not doing them regularly you,know just when i feel like it but,i had to do this one today,a concert like no other,right let me start from the beginning um,christmas gone,a few of the girls chipped together,and bought the wife,tickets to go and see the new abba show,that was coming out i think it was may,this year,uh abba voyage,um,in london,so,i bought,the wife the album abba voyage,so she could get a little bit familiar a,little bit of fue,with some of the new songs and the show,was going to be actually on the wifes,birthday,which was the 24th of july,sunday just gone,so it was going to be two of the girls,and the wife,now one of the daughters ended up,booking a holiday double book so she,couldnt go so,wifey was going to take one of her,friends and one of her daughters,well on the day on sunday,on my wifes birthday um,we all thought it was a 7 30 show,so we looked at the tickets,lastminute.com um and it was three,oclock in the afternoon show,one of the door the other daughter,couldnt go,she couldnt get a babysitter for a,little whos only two years old,so the wife said do you want to come,i did have a few bits i was gonna do but,i said why not lets go now i didnt,know nothing about this show,so,and im not the biggest abba fan i think,this is the first time ive ever done a,video,on the channel about abba now dont get,me wrong,i grew up with abba you know im 56,years old,abba was a big part of my it was part of,my soundtrack to my life you know,growing up in the 70s,you heard aber a lot you know mamma mia,and all the other songs dancing queen,theyre always around you know like,madness like the beatles theyre the,soundtracks of your life,so anyway,we went uh i said yep well go,sunday we all polled into the car made a,wife and a friend,and we drove to stratford uh it was a,queen elizabeth park in stratford so,about 40 45 minute drive from here not,too bad but you can actually get a train,to london,uh and then go on the docklands light,railway and it takes you down a pudding,mill lane i do believe it is something,like that and literally you get out of,the train station and its there in,front of here,now i was kind of blown away when i got,there because theyve actually purposely,built this arena,just for the abba show because like i,said i knew it was coming i see bits and,bobs on the internet but i didnt really,pay a lot of attention to it,um,so we all got there lovely nice and,early and it shows the show was bang on,at three oclock so we got in quite,easily and,it is crazy this place yeah they call it,the departure lounge right and thats,where you get your,your food if you want to bite louie i,grabbed the beer,uh and the wife got a little bit of,merch you know shes got a rabbit scarf,or whatever,and then we went into the arena,and that was like something ive never,seen before ive been to a lot of,different arenas ive you know been,abroad to see shows,but this was absolutely amazing it was,huge,and it was like,weird shape really it was like three,sides so youve got the back,and the two sides and then youve got,this,stage that was mahusiv it was huge,um,so we found our seats we was to the side,and up but because it was purposely,built because of the screen,um,i dont think theres a bad seat in the,house youve got dancing booths,um because were actually going to go,back,loved it that much,were actually going to go back,but theyve actually got,a seating area you can pay for and a,little dancing booth uh so its a,capacity of uh three thousand,um fifteen hundred on the dance area at,the front of the stage and then,obviously the seating area around this,show has apparently has been five years,in the making,and so weve got our seats and theres,this massive screen,65 million pixel screen,yeah,huge,um and he had um it looked like free,screens where theyve done it and he had,a little woodland area and he had snow,falling and he had a bit of music,playing i do believe hes called skull,gang,this i wont play much because you know,youtube they get all funny about it but,anyway,that was a sort of like kind of plan and,thats how he opened up that prior to,the show,a voice comes over and says you know no,phones no recording lets keep this,illusion magical you know so,people actually put their phones away,which i think was terrific yeah i took a,couple of photos and a selfie um,when we first got in there just for the,thing but you got so many shows up,lately its been ridiculous you go a,show and everyones got their phone out,how often do you actually watch them,videos you know,yes its nice to say yeah i was there,but get a selfie put your phone in your,pocket,and have the experience,but im not telling you what to do,thats just what i do you know no,problem sitting there recording it,youll be able to see it later on on,youtube anyway or it will come out on,dvd or streaming,how often do you actually watch him,videos and youre missing the moment,while youre holding the screen that,screen up,youre missing the moment,thats just my opinion anyway,in the arena,theres all these lights hanging off the,ceiling 500 of them i do believe,actually sort of hanging down theyre,like long,well 500 likes hanging down,and,the show starts,um i cant remember the first song that,comes on but then it was uh visitors,but,the,theyve got avatars now,its quite funny actually you know,remember the movie avatar and how they,did it they had like motion capture pads,and theyd capture the movement and the,expressions of uh the people in it well,these are a stroke on that its a take,on that i mean,avatars not avatars,but ive got to say guys,the band,abba,and this is abba not as they are now i,mean listen theyre in their 70s now,this is in 1979 abba when they was in,their prime they were young,they come out the stage im not joking,it was like they were there,its not holograms i mean weve all seen,elvis do you dream of selling,day on and thats amazing,this is something else,this is something else um,and the show starts,and the light show i think with the 500,lights that is in the arena and the,lights that are incorporated on the,screen with the abattas,in front of the lights and around the,lights,its mind-blowing,it is absolutely mind-blowing they did,they only done a couple of songs from,the new album which went down a treat,they were brilliant but it was hit after,hit voulez-vous summer night city mamma,mia,waterloo,you name it that,it was beautiful it was absolutely,beautiful and theyve got a band there,as well like 10 piece 12 piece band,something like that down there in the,left hand side,and it kind of beefed them up a bit,now whether there was actual recordings,of the songs because they some of them,sounded very similar to the songs that,we all know and love,and some of them sounded slightly,different so i dont know if they had,recordings from the old days that,theyve incorporated into this show i,dont really know that much about it,but ive never seen a show like this in,my life,i havent ive got to see pink floyd and,their light shows are,unbelievable,um but this surpasses anything ive seen,before,now i think its only in london at the,moment but apparently this building with,abba written on the side this stadium,that theyve built for this show,apparently can be flat-packed and moved,on,im hoping and praying it stays in,london for more than a year that its,supposed to,im hoping to go back in october,november time and get a group crowd of,my friends to go and actually get one of,them dancing booze you know and have a,little booth to ourself because ive got,friends that i really want them to have,the experience and i kind of want to,experience,it again with a

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