1. Acana Cat Food Review (We Tested It)
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Acana Cat Food Review (We Tested It)

hey everyone its mallory here with all,about cats and in this weeks video,were taking a look at the cat food,brand akana,[Music],so lets start off with a little bit of,background on akana so akana is one of,the brands created by a company called,champion pet foods it started out as a,small company serving farmers around,alberta and has since grown to be,canadas biggest pet food manufacturer,and theyre now exporting foods to over,70 countries worldwide so champion pet,foods has a couple of brands one is,origin and then the other is acata which,were going to be talking about today so,canna is positioned as kind of the,cheaper alternative to origin and both,of these brands have kind of the same,core values,they have really three main selling,points so the first big thing about,these foods is that they are supposed to,be biologically appropriate so they are,intended to,honor your cats needs as a carnivore,secondly uh these foods are supposed to,include carefully sourced ingredients,and then thirdly,their goal is to never outsource so,recently,akana introduced a line of canned foods,for dogs and those are manufactured by,an outside manufacturer but all other,acana foods are manufactured in champion,pet foods facilities by champion pet,foods again akana and origen are often,seen side by side and are being compared,to one another,akana is ultimately just a bit lower in,meat inclusions and a bit cheaper were,going to talk more about origin in a,future video but again this is all about,acana so,the next thing i want to talk about is,how these foods are made,so again sourcing and manufacturing,quality is a big part of the account of,brand so all of these foods are made,either in kentucky or in,alberta canada so where youre getting,these foods from really depends on where,youre located in the world so if youre,living in canada europe or asia youre,going to get a can of foods from that,north star kitchen located in alberta,and then if youre in the united states,anywhere in central america or anywhere,in south america youre going to get,them from that dog star kitchen in,kentucky the formulations are a little,bit different depending on which,manufacturer youre buying from im,going to be focusing on foods made in,that dog star kitchen in kentucky in the,united states so according to the,company acana makes an effort to source,local ingredients whenever possible they,try to get ingredients located within 48,hours of the facility get it transported,to their facility and then store these,ingredients fresh whenever possible and,these fresh ingredients are kind of a,big part of the akana,brand so weve talked a bit about,akanas sourcing manufacturing practices,and next i want to discuss their recall,history so a can of foods have never,been involved in a recall to my,knowledge however that sister brand,origin has,so prior to 2009 all raw or lightly,cooked foods imported to australia were,required to undergo this gamma or,radiation treatment it was intended to,kill off any pathogens or,microbial contaminants that could be an,issue however,it ended up destroying more than just,those microbial contaminants in origin,food and instead it depleted the foods,vitamin a and so this led to serious,illness in several cats who ate origin,food in australia as a result there was,a recall and origen ended up just,discontinuing their exports to australia,australia ended up discontinuing this,particular treatment for these imported,foods and origin resumed exporting food,to australia so you can get origin cat,food in australia right now uh at any,rate uh thats the only recall in,champion pet foods history but its not,the only kind of controversial thing,thats happened uh,and involved champion pet foods so in,2018 there was a lawsuit a class action,lawsuit filed against champion pet foods,and it was all about misleading labeling,so testing by the clean label project,found that the foods had levels of,mercury cadmium arsenic and lead that,they claimed consumers would not expect,to be in the food and which were not,disclosed on the packaging they also,found that it contained bpa which is,very often,found in traces,in pet foods however this case was,eventually dismissed by the minnesota,district court uh just earlier in 2021,and they basically said that no,reasonable consumer would expect that,these labeling claims are biologically,appropriate and various other claims,they would not assume that this meant,that the food didnt have these heavy,metals,so again eventually that case was,dismissed it still doesnt tell us,whether or not these levels of heavy,metals specifically were,harmful,but we do know that they were,within the recommendations,or maximum levels set by the nrc so if,youd like to learn more about this you,can read,champion pet foods nice white paper on,the topic which goes in depth on all of,these components that were found in the,foods and talks about the maximum levels,that have been established and why these,might be present in the food theres,still a lot of questions about the,presence of these heavy metals in pet,foods theyve been found to be pretty,high especially compared to human foods,and there are definitely valid questions,about the way that we,look at these,heavy metals and potential toxins in our,cats foods,um ill put links to a number of,different studies that delve a bit,deeper into this topic as it is it is,pretty interesting and then something,thats more of a customer experience,issue than anything else is that after,they open their dog star kitchen in,kentucky it seems like there was an,increase in complaints about cats,getting sick after eating the food or,just having negative reactions to it so,its unclear if this was actually,something going on with the food or if,it was just that cats who had previously,eaten food manufactured at a different,location were having,a different reaction to the new food,because it was a sudden change its hard,to say,overall though customer reviews seem to,be pretty positive about akana its a,popular brand i have noticed a number of,complaints about cats not liking the,food,personally my cats ate it and,i found that the palatability seemed to,be okay,however forest who generally does like,kibble,was a little bit,slower to eat the account of food she,seemed just a little bit less,enthusiastic about it than other foods,so,given that the,recipes do tend to have some kind of,inconsistent ratings i do feel that this,is possibly a slightly less palatable,brand compared to a lot of the,competition but even with reading,hundreds of reviews and trying the food,for yourself you cant fully understand,whats going on with this food without,taking a look at the recipes evaluating,some ingredient lists,and evaluating the nutrition offered by,these foods so all account of foods are,dry products they only offer kibble and,these are kind of divided into two,categories so you have the regional,recipes and then you have kind of a new,lineup of recipes the regionals recipes,are all 75,meat ingredients before processing and,then the,newer recipes are,65,meat except for the kitten food which is,70 meat so a little bit of a lower meat,content on those newer recipes the foods,are going to contain what they would,consider to be,nice biologically appropriate ratios of,muscle meat organs and cartilage so,thats not something that were seeing,in a typical food,outside of animal byproducts so its,nice to see clearly named organs like,chicken liver,things like chicken heart,cartilage thats very nice to see,and then were also seeing that these,foods are made primarily from fresh or,raw meat then of course in addition to,meats youre going to see a combination,of legumes and grains added to,hold everything together were also,seeing a variety of fruits and,vegetables and then these recipes also,contain probiotics which could,potentially help to support digestive,health and just overall well-being,were seeing a good combination of,animal fats and then were seeing s

Acana has wet cat food! Let’s review it

بشكل عام ، ما زلت أعتقد أن هذا منتج جيد خاصة بالنظر إلى أن هناك,العديد من الأعضاء المفرزة والكثير من البروتين المتنوع وهذا في الواقع ما يأكله رماد قطة أمي,الآن ، إنه صديق خنزير صغير ، إنه جيس وجريشو وأول أكانا,مبللة المنتجات الغذائية التي سننظر إليها هي وصفة كبد الضأن ولحم الضأن ، لذا فإن المحترفين هنا هو كلمة,وصفة في اسم المنتج تخبرنا أن تركيبة كبد الحملان تتراوح بين,25 و 94.9٪ مجتمعة مقارنة بمنتج يسمى مع كبد الضأن ولحم الضأن أو,نكهة كبد الضأن ولحم الضأن ، ستحتوي هذه الوصفة بالكلمة على المزيد من تلك,المكونات المسماة الآن بالنظر إلى المكونات ، فإن المكونات السبعة الأولى كلها تعتمد على اللحوم,وهناك مجموعة متنوعة من البروتينات ، لذلك هناك دجاج لحم ضأن ولحم بقر لذلك هذا محترف لأن,هناك الكثير من تنوع البروتين ولكن يمكنني الانزلاق في خدعة هنا لأنه إذا نظرت فقط إلى,اسم المنتج في الجزء الأمامي من العلبة ، فلن يكون لديك أي فكرة عن وجود نحلة f and chicken في,هذا المنتج ، لذلك من المهم قراءة جميع جوانب الملصق وأيضًا لفهم,معنى كل شيء لأنه للوهلة الأولى إذا نظرت إلى الجزء الأمامي من العلبة وشرائها فقط في,ذلك الوقت ولن يكون لديك فكرة عن المكونات الأخرى ، وربما لا,تحب قطتك اللحم البقري لا تحب الدجاج ، لذا اقرأ الملصق بالكامل مرة أخرى ، من فضلك هناك مؤيد آخر هنا هو أن جميع,المكونات تم تسميتها على وجه التحديد لذلك كبد الضأن ولحم الضأن ، وهناك أيضًا عضوان مفرزان,لذلك هناك كلى لحم الضأن يوجد كبد خروف ويوجد كبد دجاج ، لذا مرة أخرى لدينا مجموعة متنوعة,في كل من البروتينات وفي أعضاء الإفراز ، وهو أمر رائع أيضًا يقولون أن هناك,مرق اللحم بدلاً من الماء الكافي لمعالجة الماء بالطبع والرطوبة ضرورية للحياة,ولكن إذا كنت إذا كنت تستخدم المرق ، فستحصل على بعض المعادن والإضافات الأخرى أكثر من,مجرد الرطوبة ، وهو أمر رائع آخر هنا وهو أنه لا توجد سمكة تحتوي على حوالي 10٪ من الكربوهيدرات في,أساس المادة الجافة وهو الحد الأقصى للكمية التي تريد رؤيتها يمكن أن يكون أعلى,وقد يكون أقل وهذا مجرد تقريبي لذا فإن الخلل هنا في هذا المنتج هو نسبة البروتين إلى الدهون,بشكل مثالي سيكون لديك نصف كمية الدهون مقارنة بالبروتين ، لكن لحم الضأن بشكل عام هو مجرد,لحم دهني ، لذلك من المتوقع أن يكون اليقطين هو الذي يوفر الكربوهيدرات ، فهناك,صمغ الفاصوليا وصمغ الغوار ، وهي عوامل تكثيف تضيفها معظم الأطعمة الرطبة بحيث تحافظ على,شكل الباتي وآخر يخدع أن هناك قائمة طويلة من المغذيات الاصطناعية وبصراحة ، هذا,يعيب كل نوع من أنواع طعام القطط التجاري ، لذا بشكل عام ما زلت أعتقد أن هذا منتج جيد,خاصة بالنظر إلى أن هناك العديد من الأعضاء المفرزة والكثير من البروتينات المتنوعة,وهذا في الواقع ما يأكله رماد قطة أمي الآن ، إنه أصبع صغير حتى الآن ، لقد,رأيته فقط عبر الإنترنت وفي Petco ، لذا أخبرنا في التعليقات حيث رأيت نوعًا من,طعام القطط المبلل حتى الآن أين نشتريه ، المنتج التالي الذي سنلقي نظرة عليه هو,وصفة لحم البقر والدجاج والتونة ، لذا فإن المحترفين هنا مرة أخرى هي وصفة الكلمة هذه ، لكن هنا لدينا ثلاثة,بروتينات مختلفة تم تسميتها في هذا المنتج ، لذا فهذه البروتينات الثلاثة لديك ما بين 25 و 94.9 ٪,مجتمعة في هذا المكون ، أول ستة مكونات هي جميع مكونات اللحوم ، وهناك,مجموعة متنوعة من البروتينات ولحم الدجاج والتونة ثم زيت السلمون أيضًا عندما نستخدم التحليل المضمون,للحصول على عدد تقريبي من الكربوهيدرات ، فإنه يصل إلى الصفر. على الرغم من وجود اليقطين فيه ، لذا,ربما يكون هناك كمية صغيرة جدًا ولكن مرة أخرى هذه الأرقام تقريبية دائمًا الآن سلبيات هنا هي,أن هناك الكثير من الأسماك والقطط ، إنه خدعة لأن القطط غالبًا ما تصاب بإدمان على الأسماك,وهذا ما يسبب أكل الخنازير و تمامًا مثل المنتج السابق ، هناك الكثير من,العناصر الغذائية الاصطناعية ، الحساب التالي لطعام القطط الرطب الذي سنلقي نظرة عليه هو محاسن وصفة الدجاج والتونة,هنا مرة أخرى هي وصفة الكلمة ، المكونات الخمسة الأولى كلها يحتوي هذا البروتين على,الكبد ويحتوي أيضًا على صفر بالمائة من الكربوهيدرات وهو مرق دجاج رائع بدلاً من الماء ،,كما أنه يحتوي على نسبة بروتين إلى دهون مثالية,. من أجل الطاقة ، لذا فإن العيوب هنا مرة أخرى تشمل الأسماك التي يمكن أن تسبب,انتقائية في تناول الطعام بالإضافة إلى أنها تقول مرق عظام السمك بدلاً من توضيح أي نوع من الأسماك,يوضح أن هناك تونة فيه باعتباره المكون الثاني ولكن بعد ذلك عندما يتعلق الأمر,بمرق عظم السمك يقول فقط مرق عظم السمك ، أي نوع من الأسماك يمكن أن يكون حرفيًا أي نوع من الأسماك,، لذلك هذا خطأ لأنك تريد التأكد من أنك تعرف بالضبط ما يوجد في طعام قطتك ومثل,المنتجات السابقة ، هناك عوامل تكثيف والكثير من العناصر الغذائية الاصطناعية أعطني,إبهامًا متعدد الأصابع لأعلى إذا كان هذا مفيدًا حتى الآن حتى يتمكن المزيد من آباء القطط الذين يتطلعون إلى ترقية طعامهم المبلل,من العثور على هذا الفيديو ، شكرًا جزيلاً على الحساب التالي لطعام القطط المبلل هو السلمون,والتشي وصفة الكين ، تحتوي هذه الوصفة على وصفات تمامًا مثل غيرها من المكونات الخمسة الأولى,كلها عبارة عن بروتينات تعتمد على اللحوم ، لذا فهذه ميزة كبيرة مرة أخرى ، حيث يستخدمون مرق الدجاج بدلاً من,الماء فقط ويتم تضمين كبد الدجاج هنا في كمية الكربوهيدرات التقريبية على من المحتمل أن يكون أساس المادة الجافة,15 مرة أخرى من اليقطين ، فهناك الكثير من الأسماك تمامًا مثل السمكة السابقة,ومرق عظام السمك ليس محددًا وتريد التأكد من أنك تبحث عن,مكونات مسماة على وجه التحديد كان من الممكن أن يقولوها مرق عظام السلمون بدلاً من مرق عظام السمك لأنه,يطلق عليه وصفة السلمون والدجاج ، لكنهم قالوا للتو مرق عظام السمك ، لذلك إذا لم يعرفوا,أي نوع من الأسماك التي يستخدمونها ، فربما لا يكون هذا هو أفضل جودة ، ومرة ​​أخرى ، فإن القائمة الطويلة من,العناصر الغذائية الاصطناعية مرة أخرى ، فهذه مشكلة مع كل نوع من طعام القطط التجاري أكانا يحتوي على,طعام قطط رطب آخر يسمى وصفة التونة والدجاج ، هذا واحد له نفس الإيجابيات والسلبيات مثل الأنواع الأخرى,ولكن مع هذا النوع ، فإن السلبيات تفوق الإيجابيات بالتأكيد باستخدام هذا المنتج ،,تمت تسمية الأسماك قبل المكون الآخر ، وسيحتوي المكون الأول الذي تم تسميته على أكثر,من المكون الثاني الذي تم تسميته في المنتج ، لذا أقترح,وصفة لحم الضأن ولحم الضأن والدجاج والتونة والدجاج والتونة بدلاً من ذلك مرة أخرى ، يحتوي على طعام قطط مبلل آخر,يسمى وصفة الدجاج والسمك الآن ، هذا واحد يحتوي على سمكة غير وصفية في اسم المنتج ،,لذا رأينا سابقًا دجاج وسمك سلمون أو دجاج وتونة ، هذا الطعام يحتوي فقط على دجاج وأسماك,لذلك ليس لدينا أي فكرة عما يقع نوع السمك ضمن نطاق التكوين هذا ، ولكن ربما لأن لديهم,بالفعل منتجًا يسمى الدجاج والتونة ، ولهذا السبب أطلقوا على هذا اسم الدجاج والسمك,لأنه إذا نظرت إلى المكونات ، فهناك تونة مذكورة في المكونات ولكن سأقول أحد المحترفين,هنا أن هذا الشخص الذي يمتلكه هذا المحدد والآخر لا يمتلكه هو القلب ، لذا فإن هذا,يتضمن قلب الدجاج ، والمنتجات السابقة التي نظرنا إليها لا تشمل القلب ، لذا أود أن أقول,إذا كنت بحاجة إلى واحد العلبة الإضافية للتنوع ، هذا أفضل من الأنواع الأخرى التي تحتوي على الأسماك,، وفي الشهر الماضي قمت بمراجعة طعام القطط الرطب الأصلي الآن ، كلاهما لديه خيارات طعام قطط مبلل ، يمكنك,مشاهدة هذا الفيديو مباشرة عبر ميا ، شكرًا للمشاهدة التي تخبرنا أن الحملان والضأن تحرير الكبد

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The Downfall of Orijen and Acana

hey everybody and welcome back to my,channel for those of you new here hello,my name is Skyler I am a certified dog,trainer and pet nutritionist a couple,days ago news broke that the parent,company of origin and a can of pet foods,Champion Pet Foods was bought out by,Mars Mars is a large corporation that,already owns a bunch of other pet food,companies most notably they own Iams,Royal Canin and pedigree now Mars has,brought Champion Pet Foods into the mix,and this can potentially be concerning,to some pet owners when I heard this,news I obviously went on social media,and let you guys know in case you are,feeding Champion pet products and you do,care that they were acquired by Mars and,the number one response I got besides,brownie face emojis was what does that,mean so todays video is explaining what,it means when a pet food company is,acquired by a larger company kind of the,tracks and the steps it takes to get to,that point and what this could,potentially mean for the future this,video isnt meant to totally bash,Champion Pet Foods origin akina its,also not meant to bash people who still,choose to feed those Foods because,ultimately these foods are still,significantly better than a lot of the,other Foods on the market especially,those that are readily available at a,Petco in this case however there are,some negative side effects to being,acquired by a large company that I think,are worth discussing whether you are,feeding these Foods or you are feeding a,different food that may have the,potential of being acquired at some,point in the future Champion Pet Foods,has two different brands underneath them,they have origin and a Cana which is one,that you might be familiar with they,make both cat and dog food and they,first started making pet food in 1985.,Champion was originally an independent,family owned business in Alberta Canada,and one thing thats important to note,that plays into the grandstand that was,Champion Pet Foods is that Canada has a,higher standard of how food is grown and,prepared and slaughtered than we do here,in the US so generally the rule of thumb,is that if pet food comes from Canada,its likely to be of a higher quality,than its American counterparts obviously,thats not the case for All Brands and,theres plenty of examples of that not,being the case however thats just the,general kind of benefit of a Canadian,pet food company versus an American one,and this definitely plays a role in the,downfall of champion Pet Foods now,Champion Pet Foods marketed themselves,as the worlds best pet food to the stay,thats still their tagline and quite,frankly for a long time,they absolutely were Champion Pet Foods,really prided themselves on their,specific sourcing they had really high,protein and animal protein specifically,content in their foods and for their,origin line they had a whole prey model,which means there was no meat meals in,their Foods it all came from a real,fresh meat Source especially at the time,when these Foods were being made that,was pretty unique and even again to this,day still pretty unique to have that,whole prey model in a kibble over the,years this Champion was getting more and,more popular among pet owners they added,an investment group investment groups,are often necessary for small businesses,because you need money to make money and,not everybody has that initial money in,this particular case they brought in an,investment group and over the years it,got to the point of that Investment,Group owned more percentage of the,company than the original family,themselves so even though Champion Pet,Foods was family owned it was not family,owns the majority and makes all of the,decisions because the Investment Group,took over a larger percentage they got a,little bit more pull in what happens and,that again plays a role into what,happens later on in the story in 2016,Champion opened a brand new,manufacturing facility in Kentucky and,this is where things started to get a,little bit dicey for Champion origin and,a canine became really really popular in,the states so it makes sense to have a,manufacturing facility in the states so,its not having to travel as far from,Canada and all of the food sold in the,United States began coming out of this,Kentucky facility everywhere else in the,world the 90 countries that champion Pet,Foods supplies still comes from the,Canada facility now this raised a couple,red flags among some pet owners because,like I said in the beginning Canada has,a higher standard of quality of their,products how things are raised how,things are slaughtered than we do here,in the US so while it was not by any,means guaranteed that some things were,being a little box here in the states it,was a possibility and it could,absolutely be legally allowed and so,that raised a couple of red flags for,some pet owners a few years later in,2019 Petco announced that champion Pet,Foods origin in a Cana were going to be,sold in their stores and this is another,red flag for a lot of pet parents,the shift into Petco stores raised some,concerns for a couple different reasons,first of all up until this point they,only sold to Independent retailers this,is for a variety of different reasons,you know helping out the little guys the,mom and pop shops the independent pet,stores by only selling to them helps to,keep them in business we also have a,level of employees at those stores,arent always more educated on nutrition,and the products in their stores than,like Petco PetSmart employees but they,are able to get additional training from,the brands that tends to not get the,same amount of training from the big,guys so you do potentially have more,educated staff but kind of the biggest,concern is that once you go into a Petco,your Market becomes much much bigger,with small independent Brands they,typically sell to small independent,stores because if they were to let the,people buying their food get too big,their foods gonna have to drop in,quality because supply has to meet,demand and you know if youre only,getting,your chickens from Joe down the street,who raises them in a chicken Penthouse,and takes super good care of them and,theyre really high quality chickens,he might not be able to support an,additional million bags of food sold,youre gonna have to find a new source,of your chickens its not going to be,that same high quality that you started,with and this was a really really big,concern with origin and akina going into,Petco is this great food,might have to lose a lot of its quality,around the same time they also changed,their packaging and who doesnt love new,packaging for a new store a new era of,your company and the answer is educated,pet consumers we dont like packaging,changes those are usually very,concerning I am a sucker for packaging,honestly a lot of like treats especially,that I buy still buy the healthy ones,but if they come in cute packaging that,is going to make me choose one brand,over the other Im a sucker for,packaging but when I noticed that,packaging changes on especially Foods,thats an immediate red flag for me,because I know the formulas change most,companies arent just randomly changing,their packaging because they think itll,be fun and fresh and new because that,takes so much money and unless you have,a real reason for doing it most brains,are not going to spend a bunch of money,on a new designer to make new bags to,slowly Fade Out the old bags and just,create this whole entire mess the real,reason is often a formula change now pet,food companies have six months after A,change is made to the formula to update,that change on their packaging this,means that if all of a sudden your pet,stops eating their food or something,seems different and six months later a,new packaging comes out and it says new,fresh new design same whatever,probably switch their formula that six,months ago when your pet noticed and,were just now finding out thats,totally legal by the way thats like a,thing thats just normal part of the,indust

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Pet Nutritionist Ranks Cat Foods | Purina, Orijen, Fancy Feast, and More!

hi everybody and welcome back to my,channel if you are new here hello my,name is skylar,i am a certified dog trainer and pet,nutritionist,today we are going to be doing a tier,list,ranking a whole bunch of different cat,food brands,now this is not a list of all of my,favorite brands in fact this is more of,a list of some of the best,and some of the very worst kibbles in,the industry,so keep that in mind while we go through,this video,i would also like to make sure that,everybody is on the same page here,kibble is not the best diet to be,feeding your cat or dog,or any animal kibble was originally,created for the,convenience of the pet owner and not,necessarily with,whats best for the cat or dog in mind,that being said,the more wet food that youre able to,add whether it be canned raw,or cooked meat the better and adding,those things to a kibble diet is going,to make it much more well-rounded,much more nutritious cats are also,obligate carnivores which means that,they need meat in order to survive their,body cant produce some of the essential,amino acids they need to live,and they have to therefore get it from,the things that they eat if you would,like to learn,more about biologically what a cat,should and should not be eating,i do have a video all about that that i,will link above and as well as,in the description now a couple of,disclaimers,just because the food is not on this,list does not mean that its a bad food,it also does not mean that its a good,food,my goal with these lists is that you,listen to me kind of talk about each,food,and pick up on some information that you,can then apply to whatever food youre,feeding in the future,we are also not going to be diving into,any of the,recalls or ethics of the company,or any of the sourcing practices,necessarily in this particular video,i do go into those topics during my deep,dive review videos,i have a couple of those here on this,channel that you can definitely look out,for ill link them,up above and in the description but this,is purely just,looking at the packaging and the,ingredient panel the things that you,would see when you walk into a store,and you start doing some base level,research on a food,we are also going to be touching on some,veterinary and prescription foods in,this video,and again i am purely looking at these,as,someone with some pet nutrition,background,and analyzing them as a food as,what it is i would love to go into a,whole separate video about,vet foods and my opinions on them but,again thatll be a completely different,video,if you would like to see that be sure to,give this video a thumbs up and leave me,a comment down below,um just so i can maybe bump it to the,top of my filming schedule,so with all that said lets go ahead and,take a look at our ranking system,so right at the very very bottom here we,have the pee pee poo poo,and this is gonna be food thats more,suited,for chicken feed than for feeding your,cat,this level is all gonna be really really,crude ingredients,like corn wheat soy by-products,these are all probably going to be,larger companies that dont have as,great sourcing as some of the,independent companies and these are,going to be foods that again are,predominantly corn versus,the meat that these obligate carnivores,need to survive,the next level that we have is yucky,this one is,a step up from the pee pee poo poo foods,these still do,include corn wheat soy and by-products,for ingredients that we like to avoid,but these ones might have meat,as the first ingredient and have these,other four ingredients,a little bit farther down on the,ingredient panel which makes them a,little bit better,but i would still not recommend feeding,foods in this level next up we have,cheers cheers are going to be great,entry-level foods,to kind of get you started into this,world of feeding your pet better,these foods are typically corn wheat soy,and by-product free which we love to see,thats like our bare minimum here on,this channel,but these foods also come from larger,companies and with that,comes less control over sourcing not as,great sourcing,and a lot more recalls and that kind of,stuff which again,were not going to go too far into this,video but i do want you to be aware of,that and then we have,oh hell yeah oh hell yeah is kind of my,base level of foods that i typically,recommend to people when im doing,nutritional consults,these foods are typically independent,which means they have a little bit more,control over their sourcing and their,ingredients,theyre all going to be meat first foods,theyre going to be very high quality,these ones it does not mean that they,have never had a recall,but being in this tier and being that,their independence and being that they,have a little bit more control over,their sourcing,typically means that they are less,likely to have a recall so thats good,to keep in mind,next at the very tippy top we have,chefs kiss this does not necessarily,mean that these foods are better than,the ones no hell yeah,these are just ones that i especially,like the ones that,do something cool or something kind of,out of the ordinary something that sets,them apart,and so these ones i do want to give just,a little special spot to show off,all right so jumping right on in we are,going to start with fancy feast,this particular fancy feast is the,gourmet dry cat food,with savory chicken and turkey were,only going to be looking at the first,five ingredients in todays channel just,because those first five make up the,bulk of the food,and can tell us a lot right away about,the quality,of course companies could be hiding some,less than desirable ingredients past,those first five,but today its just a general overview,were only gonna be looking at these,first five ingredients,so first five for fancy feast we have,ground rice,poultry byproduct meal corn gluten meal,beef tallow naturally preserved with,mixed chicopherals,and whole grain corn so first and,foremost we have a poultry byproduct,meal,when byproduct meal isnt even named,thats like an,extra red flag so youre gonna hear me,mention afco a lot and afco rules,this is because afco is the organization,that decides,what goes into pet food how you can name,things in pet food,different wording that has to be used,and the fda doesnt necessarily have any,control,over pet food so usda,fda they work kind of in conjunction and,partnership with afco,but what afco says is what goes,according to afco meat byproducts dont,have to be slaughtered,so this is where we kind of get into the,4ds the down dead,dying and diseased that can potentially,be in pet foods,this does not mean necessarily that any,of the brands im going to be talking,about,use these 4d meats in their foods but it,is something that i want to make sure,youre all aware of that could happen,and could be totally legal according to,afco,so thats why byproducts especially,raise red flags,now when you get into unnamed byproducts,thats when it gets even,a little weirder for example here we,have poultry byproducts,this can be basically anything with,feathers and all mixed together,if you see chicken byproduct at least,you know its all chicken,when you see poultry you dont really,know what kind of animal it is,and then we have whole grain corn and we,have corn gluten meal,corn turns directly into sugar in the,pets body,it would be like giving a kid a whole,bunch of pixy sticks right before bed,having a bunch of corn is not only no,nutritional value,and not digestible in the pets body,just think of yourself when you eat a,cornicob how do your stools look,pets can digest it even worse so corn,we just like to avoid we dont like corn,in our foods,this food also uses the with rule again,this is a afco regulated thing,the width rule means that the,ingredients in this case,chicken and turkey only need to make up,about three percent of the food,and so using that information we can,kind of gauge,how much meat and how much of the,advertised meats are actually in those,foods,so in this case

The Top 7 Best Dry Cat Foods of 2022 (We Tested Them All)

hey everyone its mallory here with all,about cats and in this weeks video im,going to be going over my top seven,recommendations for the best dry food of,2022.,[Music],over the last several years ive done a,lot of cat food reviews so on the all,about cats site there are over a,hundred cat food brand reviews and ive,personally tested out dozens of brands,over the last year weve also sent off,over 20 different recipes to a lab and,at that laboratory they did a number of,tests on each of these recipes including,a microbiological test a nutrient,analysis and,testing for heavy metals and so based on,all of that research and testing i,wanted to bring you an updated list for,2022 um sharing the recipes and brands,that i think are going to be the best,this year there will be video navigation,so you can jump to reviews of specific,brands and ill be segmenting each of,these reviews based on specific needs so,you can jump to,my pick for the best food for weight,loss for example or the best food if,youre on a budget hopefully thatll,help you to kind of pick through the,video and get to exactly what you need,so with that said lets jump on into my,top 7 recommendations if youve watched,our channel before youll know that,generally were recommending a low,carbohydrate diet maybe 10 carbohydrates,on a dry matter basis or less,and generally you cant really find that,in a dry food so dr lcs clean protein,does something different from the,majority of dry food brands and keeping,that carbohydrate content quite low in,the analysis i got from the lab we found,that the food was seventy percent,protein nineteen percent fat and just,three percent carbohydrates which is,practically unheard of in dry cat food,they accomplished this by using gelatin,as a binder instead of using any kind of,starch and this manages to keep the,carbohydrate content really low thats,going to make it a good choice even for,cats who have diabetes and while of,course no dry food is going to deliver,the moisture your cat needs this is,certainly a more species-appropriate and,meat-rich choice,than the vast majority of dry foods on,the market the food is also intended to,have highly digestible protein sources,so this particular recipe features,chicken as its first ingredient and,contains some dried egg product and then,it also contains pork protein isolate,which is supposed to be a highly,digestible source of protein in addition,to this chicken recipe you can get it in,turkey salmon,and rabbit recipes but ive noticed that,all of them contain multiple proteins so,theyre probably not going to be the,best choice if your cat has any food,sensitivities um to the ingredients,included at eight dollars and fifteen,cents per pound this food is pretty,expensive and the price has gone up over,the last year or so so if youre looking,for something a bit cheaper its,probably not going to be the best choice,and in that case i would recommend my,budget recommendation which is kirkland,signatures,maintenance cat chicken and rice cat,food so while this food isnt perfect,and there are two kind of big issues,with it one is that its high in,carbohydrates and the other is that it,seems to be manufactured by diamond,which is a huge cat food manufacturer,one of the biggest,companies in this industry,and which has been involved in the,number of recalls in the past aside from,these two issues uh the food is offering,several things that youre not generally,finding in a budget-friendly food one of,them is that it includes clearly named,proteins so were seeing chicken at the,beginning of that ingredient list as,well as chicken meal were not seeing,generic animal byproducts or meat,byproducts these ingredients that dont,really tell us whats in the food and,then were also seeing some nice added,ingredients like probiotics that were,not typically seeing in,uh budget to your cat foods if you live,near a costco store and you have a,membership its going to be pretty,accessible so as for nutrient,composition our test found that it was,41 protein 16 fat and 43 carbohydrates,on a dry matter basis again thats quite,high in carbohydrates so thats not,going to be ideal but again considering,the types of ingredients that theyre,using it seems like it is a pretty good,choice compared to other budgeteer foods,and again affordability is really this,foods main selling point so i found it,on the kirkland website for a dollar 48,a pound but the price is going to be,significantly lower if you can find it,in a local costco wholesale kind of on,the opposite end of the price spectrum,is my top recommendation if youre,looking for an air dried food which is,seaweeds mackerel and lamb,air dried food this is a new zealand,made brand and their foods are known for,really low carbohydrate content high,inclusions of meat ingredients overall,theyre just offering way more species,appropriate nutrition compared to a,typical dry food you can see on the,ingredient list that the food contains,mackerel lamb lamb tripe and lamb liver,so its offering a variety of organs,that we seldom see in cat food outside,of byproducts,and so this is offering a really,rich variety of species appropriate,meat-sourced nutrition overall the lab,test results looked good,because it contains some fish i noticed,that some of those heavy metals were,coming up a little bit higher,but again this seems to be kind of,typical for a fish-based food,and then the nutrient distribution was,looking pretty good as well so according,to this test the food was 50 protein 38,fat and just 2 carbohydrates on a dry,matter basis my cats didnt really like,this particular recipe they preferred,the chicken recipe from seaweed and a,number of other varieties are available,from this line and all of them offer,kind of similar nutrition this food is a,bit more expensive than the others on,this list at about 22 dollars uh and 80,cents per pound quite expensive but you,will be feeding your cat a bit less of,it,not enough though to make it no longer,an expensive option its quite a pricey,dry cat food so youll have to decide if,thats going to be worth the investment,for you if youre trying to help your,cat lose weight uh you might like tiki,cats born carnivore chicken and egg,recipe like a lot of tiki cats wet,recipes this food is a little bit lower,in fat and a little bit lower in,calories compared to,comparable products and it tends to be a,relatively good option if youre trying,to help your cat to lose weight now i,really wouldnt recommend dry food in,general for weight loss wet food tends,to be a lot more satisfying it tends to,work a lot better for weight loss but if,you do want to use a dry food uh careful,portions of this recipe could be a good,option there are a couple of recipes in,the born carnivore line this particular,one contains debone chicken and chicken,meal as its primary ingredients cats,tend to,like this recipe it tends to be pretty,appetizing,and in my tests from the lab everything,looked okay and the nutrient,distribution came out at 52 protein 18,fat and 18 carbohydrates,on a dry matter basis so overall this,nutrient distribution is looking pretty,good definitely on the lower fat side,but also on the lower carb side which is,pretty nice at 4.49 a pound this food is,kind of expensive but i would say its,kind of moderately priced,for this kind of so-called natural,premium marketplace my next,recommendation is going to be my,favorite ethically sourced um recipe,there are some brands that are taking,extra steps to make food that uh is held,to a slightly higher standard than the,competition and one of those brands is,open farm so its a relatively new,canadian brand and they offer a,relatively,small selection of dry foods in a number,of recipes,all of which are held to,pretty,stringent standards when it comes to,sourcing so all of their suppliers are,held to a certain set of standards,according to a number of different,organizations this particular recipe,contains wild pacific salmon ocean white,fish meal

Worst cat food brands – avoid these!

did you know that one cat food manufacturer is  responsible for 11 different cat food brands?,guess what? these manufacturers  make junk food for humans!,hey friends its jess and  jericho from caticles.com  ,here to teach you how to feed your cat better.,before we get into the worst  cat food brands to avoid,at the end of the day you are responsible for your  ,cat and you have the option to  feed or avoid whatever you want.,just like these manufacturers have  the option to produce these brands.,im here to give you the facts and those  facts are based on these four things.,number one cat food manufacturer. so not just the  ,brand but whos actually  manufacturing the product.,two aafco product name rules.  the product name rules tell us  ,the minimum requirement of the named ingredients.,number three aafco ingredient definitions.  ,a lot of these worst cat food  brands have mystery ingredients.,and number four the approximate carb amount  based on the guaranteed analysis numbers.,by the way the nrc says that carbohydrates  are not essential to the diet.,in fact many holistic veterinarians say that  carbohydrates promote hunger and weight gain.,all pictures in this video were taken by me  at my local grocery store at pet food stores.,so if your brand isnt listed that doesnt  necessarily mean its the best cat food.,some brands just arent at my  grocery store or the local pet store.,so you should still learn how to  read cat food labels properly.,the first worst cat food brand  manufacturer is mars pet care.,im sure youre familiar with their products m&ms  tasty bits combos chocolate bars frozen foods.,do you think these foods are healthy for us?,lets take a look at their cat food brands.,heres royal canin aka a veterinarian  ,recommended cat food brand. this  particular product says oral care.,theres no named ingredients so that means we  dont know the minimum requirement of meat.,and here the first five ingredients are  ,chicken meal corn brewers rice  chicken fat and wheat gluten.,first of all meat meals are rendered meats.,according to a crs report to  congress rendered meats can include  ,four 4 meats which is dead  disease dying and disabled.,according to the guaranteed analysis the  approximate amount of carbohydrates is 46%.,46% thats almost half!,three of the first five ingredients are  corn brewers rice and wheat gluten.,these are all sources of carbohydrates.,side note amylase is an enzyme that  breaks down carbohydrates. cats  ,cannot produce amylase in their saliva.,therefore cats cannot break down  carbohydrates in their mouth.,this product is marketed as oral care but half the  ingredients are carbohydrates. if cats cant break  ,down carbohydrates in their mouth how can this  high carbohydrate food be good for their teeth?,heres another worst cat food  brand manufactured by mars…,these are marketed as treats but i  cannot believe this it actually has  ,feeding instructions on the label.,youll see a huge mars petcare  on the back of the label.,the product name is tasty chicken flavor.,according to aafco product name  rules any product that has the  ,word flavor in the name has a zero  percent minimum requirement of meat.,and the next rule up says three percent is the  ,minimum requirement and those product  names have the word with in the name.,so we know that this particular brand has  anywhere between zero and two percent meat.,the first five ingredients  include chicken by-product meal  ,corn animal fat brewers rice and wheat flour.,interesting that the first five  ingredients of this brand is  ,very similar to the first brand that we looked at.,the approximate carb amount on a  dry matter basis is 37 percent.,other brands in mars petcare include sheba iams  whiskas nutro and the treats called greenies.,next on the worst cat food brands  are manufactured by nestle.,and this is the manufacturer that  i mentioned in the beginning. so  ,theyre responsible for 11 different cat  food brands that are on the market today.,and remember each brand has several  different products under that same brand.,nestle as you may know manufacturers  cereal drinks and chocolate for humans.,heres friskies which is  created under the purina brand.,the product name here is with beef and gravy.,so that word with means the minimum  requirement of beef is three percent.,our next rule up is 25 minimum  requirement. so we know that  ,this product has somewhere  between three and 24 meat.,isnt that crazy? food intended for obligate  ,carnivores has less than 25  percent meat in the product.,our first five ingredients include water meat  byproducts beef wheat gluten and chicken.,so the very first meat ingredient that  we see here is a complete mystery.  ,meat byproducts what kind of  meat? what kind of byproducts?,byproducts are also rendered meats so that means  ,it can include 4d meats dead  diseased dying and disabled.,jericho doesnt like 4d meats.,even worse that crs report to congress said  ,that rendered animals can include  dead animals from animal shelters.,and we have absolutely no idea  because it only says meat by-products.,thats a dangerous mystery!,even though this is a wet food the approximate  ,amount of carbohydrates on  a dry matter basis is 23%.,heres purina one this is our first 25%  minimum requirement of meat rule so far.,and the first five ingredients include  chicken liver broth pork lungs fish.,three out of the first five  ingredients are a complete mystery.,what type of liver? what type  of broth? what type of fish?,give me a polydactyl thumbs up  if you get what im saying here.,by the way did you notice those fancy  label claims premium natural grain free?,i cover this in another video but premium and  natural mean absolutely nothing in feed law.,and grain free does not mean carb free.,so this particular food that  says grain free is actually  ,approximately eleven percent  carbs on a dry matter basis.,you might think that thats low  but compared to two percent the  ,approximate amount in the cats natural  diet thats a 450 percent increase!,heres purina pro plan which  is a veterinarian recommended  ,brand. the product name fits under the 25 minimum.,but here we have lamb and  rice in the product name.  ,so that 25% minimum is lamb and rice combined.,the first five ingredients are lamb  ,rice corn gluten meal dried egg  product and soy protein isolate.,now im sure youre saying meat is the number  ,one ingredient. how can this  be the worst cat food brand?,yes meat is the number one ingredient however  ,the usda says that muscle meat is  approximately 75% moisture aka water.,kibble is cooked and pressurized three times and  the finished product is only 10 percent moisture.,so most of that first ingredient of meat is  gone by the time the kibble hits the bag.,the next two ingredients are carbohydrates and the  ,approximate carbohydrate amount on the  dry matter basis here is 27 percent.,jericho can i have a kiss? thank you!,this particular product says  for sensitive skin and stomach  ,but how can it be good for sensitive stomachs  if cats arent designed to digest carbohydrates?,other brands in this manufacturer  include fancy feast beyond  ,deli cat muse kitten caboodle kitten chow  and cat chow and all purina products.,by the way im talking about kibble and wet  foods made by these brands and manufacturers.,next worst catholic brands are  manufactured by jm smucker.  ,jm smucker also owns companies  like dunkin donuts crisco and if.,heres rachel ray nutrish. the product name  here is chicken and potato recipe. so thats 25%  ,minimum requirement of  chicken and potato combined.,the first five ingredients are chicken chicken  meal dried peas pea flour and turkey meal.,again we see rendered meats that  can include 4d meats. the other two  ,ingredients are carbohydrates. again  grain free does not mean carb free.,the approximate carb amount of this  product is 39% on a dry matter basis!,heres meow mix wet cat food.  the product name rule here

Orijen has wet cat food! Lets review it

لذا فإن orijin هي بالتأكيد واحدة من أفضل العلامات التجارية لمجرد أنها تستخدم الكثير من اللحوم,والأعضاء الكاملة والكثير من التنوع والبروتينات ولكن حتى الآن لم يكن لديهم سوى طعام جاف ولكن الآن أصبح,orijin أخيرًا طعامًا رطبًا حتى الآن شاهدت فقط طعام القطط المبلل orijin في petco,وأيضًا عبر الإنترنت على موقع Petco الإلكتروني ، لم أجده في أي مكان آخر باستثناء موقع orijin,الرسمي ، لذا أخبرني في التعليقات عندما تجده حتى أتمكن من إضافة بعض الروابط,أدناه يا أصدقاء إنه jess و Jericho وأمي اشترت بالفعل بعض طعام القطط الرطب من orijin,بعد أن أخبرتها أنني رأيت أنه كان هناك لذا اختبرته مع قططها واليوم,سنراجع ما أفكر به حول طعام القطط هذا ، لذا اشترت أمي البط والدجاج يدخلان,طعام قطط أوريجين ، لذا فإن دخول الكلمة هنا يعني أن هناك ما بين 25 و 94.9 في المائة من البط,والدجاج مجتمعين ، لذلك هذا اسم منتج جيد لأن هذا هو أقصى ما ستراه,مع تلك المكونات المسماة أي شيء آخر من ذلك مثل الكلمة مع أو نكهة ، سيكون,هناك أقل من ذلك ، لذا فهذا مؤيد هناك حق الدخول في اسم المنتج,، والمزايا الأخرى التي أراها هي أن المكونات السبعة الأولى كلها عبارة عن بروتينات حيوانية ، لذلك هذا,رائع حقًا إنها كلها على وجه التحديد تم تسميتها أيضًا وتشمل القلب والكبد ، وهو أمر,مدهش آخر وهو أن هذا المنتج المحدد من البط والدجاج لا يحتوي على أي سمكة,محترفة لأن الكثير من القطط تصبح مدمنة على الأسماك وهذا يسبب انتقائية في تناول طعام آخر,وهو أنه منخفضة الكربوهيدرات ، لذلك عند استخدام التحليل المضمون للحصول على,كمية تقريبية من الكربوهيدرات ، تحصل على حوالي 2.5٪ ولكنني أقول أنها ربما تشبه صفر بالمائة لأنه لا,توجد مكونات كربوهيدراتية على الملصق ، لذا فإن دخول البط والدجاج هو الذي تأكل قطة والدتي من تشارلي,في الوقت الحالي ، عادةً ما يكون تشارلي صعب الإرضاء بشأن الأطعمة الجديدة ، لكنه اختار هذا على,الفور الآن أود أن أقول أنه من أجل السلبيات ، هناك قائمة طويلة جدًا من العناصر الغذائية الاصطناعية و بالترتيب,، سترى هذا في الكثير من الأطعمة التجارية للقطط ، لكن من المزعج قليلاً أنها,موجودة في هذا على وجه التحديد لأنها تضيف الكثير من المكونات الحيوانية بما في ذلك القلب والكبد,، ولا توجد عظام في هذا ، فهناك فقط مرق العظام يمكن أن يضيف بعض المعادن النزرة ولكن من الناحية المثالية,سيحصل القط على الكالسيوم من العظام ، وهناك عيب آخر هنا وهو نفس الشيء مع جميع المعادن,وهو أنه يتم طهيه ومعالجته بشكل مثالي ، فإن قطتك ستأكل طعامًا نيئًا طازجًا وليس,طعامًا معلبًا ، أنا متأكد من ذلك كثيرًا منكم متحمس لأن orijin أخيرًا لديه أطعمة رطبة للقطط ،,تابع واكتب في التعليقات orijin أخيرًا قد تبلل بعض النكهات الأخرى التي ستراها في المتجر تشمل,الدجاج والسلمون أن دخول الكلمة هو نفس الحد الأدنى لمتطلبات الدجاج والسلمون,الجمع بين هذا المكون ، المكونات التسعة الأولى عبارة عن بروتينات حيوانية ومرة ​​أخرى تم,تسميتها على وجه التحديد ، كما أنها تحتوي على صفر بالمائة من الكربوهيدرات على أساس المادة الجافة ، ولها نفس سلبيات,المنتجات السابقة التي بحثنا عنها في لكنني سأضيف أيضًا أن هذا الشخص يحتوي على,مرق عظم سمك غير محدد ، لذلك عندما ترى شيئًا مثل مرق السمك هذا نوع من الغموض ، ليس لديك أي فكرة,عن نوع الأسماك التي يستخدمونها وربما لا يفعلون ذلك تعرف على نوع السمك الذي يستخدمونه,لأنه يشير فقط إلى مرق السمك بدلاً من مرق السلمون على سبيل المثال ، ثم الخروج من هذا النوع,من الأسماك التي يمكن أن تسبب صعوبة في تناول الطعام ولكن يمكنك استخدام هذا لصالحك على سبيل المثال إذا كانت,قطتك حاليًا تناول طعام بنكهة السمك ويكون من الصعب إرضاءه عند تقديم أطعمة جديدة ، فربما يمكنك,استخدام طعام القطط الرطب هذا أو طعام القطط الرطب الذي يحتوي على الأسماك ويمكن أن يساعد قطتك على,التعود على تناول مكونات ذات جودة أفضل تعطيني إبهامًا متعدد الأصابع إذا كان هذا مفيد حتى الآن,حتى يتمكن المزيد من الآباء الذين يتطلعون إلى ترقية طعام قطتهم من العثور على هذا الفيديو ، شكرًا جزيلاً لك,، كما أن لدى orijin أيضًا مدخلًا أصليًا الآن ، يحتوي هذا الشخص على كلمة دخول والتي تتناسب مع,نفس القاعدة ولكن مع هذا لا يوجد مكون مسمى لقد رأينا مع الآخرين البط,والدجاج ثم الدجاج والسلمون ، هذا واحد يقول فقط أصلي ، لذلك ليس لدينا أي فكرة عن اللحم الذي,يلبي هذا الحد الأدنى من المتطلبات ، هذا المكون الأول هو بروتين حيواني ومثل المكونين,الآخرين تم تسميتها على وجه التحديد وأنا أحب أنها تشمل القلب والكبد,وهناك صفر في المائة من الكربوهيدرات على أساس المادة الجافة ولكن كما ذكرت من قبل هذا الحد الأدنى,من المتطلبات ، ليس لدينا أي فكرة عن ماهيتها وأريحا مثل أنني لا أهتم حتى النكهة التالية التي,ستشاهدها من طعام القطط الرطب من أوريجين هي سمك السلمون ولحم البقر ، لذا فإن هذا واحد له نفس,قاعدة اسم المنتج ، هذا واحد يحتوي في الواقع على أول 11 مكونًا كلها بروتينات حيوانية ، لذلك هذا,هو أول واحد يحتوي على المزيد من البروتين الحيواني فيه ، ومع ذلك ، أود أن أقول إن العيب,هنا هو أن غالبية هذه البروتينات عبارة عن بروتينات تعتمد على الأسماك ، لذا مرة أخرى نفس الإيجابيات,والسلبيات مثل المنتجات الأخرى التي نظرنا إليها ، لكنني أود أن أقول إن هذا البروتين محتمل Y هو الأقل,تفضيلاً في رأيي لأنه يحتوي على الكثير من الأسماك فيه ومرة ​​أخرى يمكن أن تسبب الأسماك صعوبة في تناول الطعام,وهذا سيجعل الانتقال إلى طعام خام أو رطب أفضل جودة أكثر صعوبة بالنسبة لك ولكن,في نفس الوقت التنوع هو المفتاح الذي تريده للتأكد من أنك تقوم بتغذية,قطتك بمجموعة متنوعة من البروتينات ومجموعة متنوعة من العلامات التجارية لأنك لا تعرف أبدًا ما الذي سينفد من المخزون ،,فأنت لا تعرف أبدًا ما إذا كانوا سيغيرون الصيغة تمامًا وتريد التأكد,أن لديك خيارات متعددة في متناول اليد عندما تحتاج إلى إطعام قطتك ، فقط تأكد من,التركيز على تغيير واحد في كل مرة لا ترغب في رمي الكثير من الأطعمة المختلفة على قطتك,دفعة واحدة ، فقد يتسبب ذلك في مشاكل معدية ولا تفعل ذلك. لا ترغب في جعل قطتك مريضة أو متوترة,، يمكنك مشاهدة هذا الفيديو مباشرة فوق مواء للحصول على علاجات القطط الصحية التي تكون مفيدة جدًا عندما تكون,قطتك من الصعب إرضاءها ، يمكنك استخدامها لإغرائها لتناول الطعام أكثر قليلاً بفضل المشاهدة

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