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AccuBow Review

hey archery talk this is Lucas and today,Im here to offer up my long-term,thoughts after a couple of months of,playing with the accubow training device,this is a device I first saw at the ATA,show in 2017 when it first came out and,I saw it again this past year about six,months ago at the show and had a new,addition to it which was an available,phone mount so you can hook up your,iPhone device to it and they have an app,that they made that they can call I,think they called a virtual reality,training app that will allow you to use,this bow to simulate target shooting or,hunting situations and the like so its,a I thought I asked I thought itd be,fun for me to do a little review of this,as a training device and ask those guys,to send one over and they did and so,here we are um but before we get down to,that a little bit well talk about what,this cost the active oh I believe,retails for about one hundred and fifty,dollars American,and I believe the accessory mount here,is another thirty five dollars that that,initial one fifty if you want to get,that comes with a dilute mount which uh,tried so that I have over here and it,comes with a laser sight right there and,a site level and basically everything,everything you need to just shoot the,boat building missing is if you want to,use the if you want to use the virtual,reality kind of training app is a the,phone mount the bow is fully adjustable,from ten up to 70 pounds of draw weight,and thats said thats thats actually,pulling away because think of it more,like a recurve bow rather than a,compound bow so when you draw this one,here you know Im probably holding here,maybe thirty pounds not a lot but youre,holding all that way to the full draw,its going a little bit more you just,turn the handle,and theyre holding that much more in,keep going keep going on and on up to 70,pounds and if you like if youre just,getting started shooting a little bit,less weight you just hit this button,here,turn the handle back down,now youre shooting really as low as ten,pounds of weight even at my Drollet,you got my longer drawing so its a good,thing to use even the kids can use a,realistic my daughter will play this,thing when she wants to now and again as,well so any really a little kid to full,grown out can use this thing as much as,they like I thought I got this mainly,because I live in the city I live right,in the middle of the city so I cant,shoot my bow on my property at all,well the authorities will be called I,get shooted in the basement if I want to,but my basement is really low so I cant,really shoot in there I shoot my garage,a little bit but its only as big as a,garage not all that big so I thought,this would be a nice little addition for,some home training as I get to my club,about three days a week if I can to,shoot and otherwise Im just not Im not,getting the reps in so this allows you,could kind of stay in archery shape more,or less easily all year round just by,playing with this thing for 15-20,minutes a night if you want to the laser,sight on it is really kind of cool you,just turn that on and then go against,the white wall or something and then go,it draw Im just trying to hold a steady,as you can at full draw you can just,kind of I would assume just after enough,use of that then the you get less and,less movement of that laser sight in,there and hopefully theyll let you,become a steady or shooter they say its,a potential cure for target panic Im,not sure if thats the case or not but,it but it is an interesting training,tool anyway I believe the u.s. archery,team is this is their official training,device of the u.s. archery team for Im,not sure well exactly exactly that,means but I guess they use it but I have,no other reports on that beyond that the,other boat self again it looks looks,very much like a compound bow you know,these are these simulate wheels even,though the hold is much more like a like,a recurve because youre holding full,draw weight and it builds up as you as,you draw the bow back I thought I would,use it at home a lot after everyone else,went to bed the only the main issue I,have with using that in the house you,know and where I thought I was made,watch TV and shoot the bow is that its,just a little bit louder than I would,have thought so you draw this thing back,and yeah this is only this is not very,heavy right now,drop-back it makes quite a bit of noise,and were outside you do that in the,house,unfortunately gonna wake up a wife and,kids sometimes they dont know they,probably wont appreciate that,thats my only real issue with this bow,but if you go outside or go in the,basement or go in the garage it really,doesnt make a nice little training tool,for you to get comfortable like any,piece of gym equipment which the accubow,really is I did not end up using it,quite as much as I hoped I would,initially when I first got it but thats,really on me you know think of it like,like youre having um I dont know a,stair climber or something like that in,your house and eventually those things,is tending to become furniture racks and,this hasnt become that for me yet but I,can I can see it happening if Im not,careful so I really should train with it,more I just can tend to be a little bit,lazy once I get at home I might like to,have a beer at night and chill out watch,the show watch a game instead of,training archery its kind of on me its,all my laziness but uh doesnt say,anything about what the tool itself,overall this is a very kind of cool,training device in that I do like it,quite a bit and a friend of mine who has,just recently had soldier shoulder,surgery and has been able to shoot his,bow for six months or so now Im gonna,lend this to him shortly and hell start,using this to try to build up to using,his full bow again so itll back it down,to ten pounds and just start hopefully,training slowly with it so hes ready to,shoot his hunting go again so maybe he,can come out with me again in the fall,that is the hope but for the time being,thats thats really about all good to,say but the Anki boat the the app itself,is really quite cool I dont I tend to,when Im shooting in the target version,I tend to miss low on it all the time,not sure why but then when I shoot real,targets at my club anyway six oclock is,my usual miss so its probably on me I,havent tried the hunting out enough,Ive not built up enough Accu bucks they,call them on here too for that half,because most mostly I dont use use it,the app version so while its cool and,the app itself is free to download,I really just use this more just to work,on pulling and build up build up my my,shoulders of the days Im not shooting,thats my goal anyway when I do use it,but for those people who want to use the,app we like that help but a little bit,of motivation there are some games you,can play on there which is you know,which is kind of cool in its own right,and its at school is designed to the,app itself the graphics are pretty,rudimentary at this point but I would,imagine as more people get it and they,put more development in it into it its,gonna look better and theyll offer more,a different kind of course ismail offer,a 3d course or something down the road I,dont know,well hopefully see something new at the,ATA show coming up this January 2019 but,for now thanks so much for watching,archery talk if you like what youre,seeing please like share and subscribe,head over to the archery talk YouTube,and Facebook channels for more videos,from us thanks so much

Virtual Archery with Accubow 2.0 – Review

good morning you all today from a,different location this is the,so to say youtube studio of my,girlfriend where she does her,organic lifestyle hummus scentsy videos,but today we talk about the akubo i,dont know,if many of you know this item,there is already the second iteration so,it is 2.0,ill show you quickly what you get with,it so it comes nicely in a simple plain,box,pretty straight forward then its,mounted to this,cardboard so akiba 2-0 virtual archery,foldable limbs we get there try me laser,strength training,virtual practice anywhere anytime,foldable limbs i mentioned it already,its adjustable from 10 to 70 pounds,made for all ages the acupuncture,is right now when you check on the,website they have summer sale the 2-0,is 172 dollars free shipping,in u.s and a bit shipping costs its an,interesting device its quite heavy so,what does it do first of all,technical features it has foldable limbs,so you can fold the bow if you want to,doesnt fold up that small as a handle,looks a bit,fancy has a rubber bands here and with,these ones here,you can adjust the strength and what you,need to care,theres kind of like the knocking point,the knocking point should be in the,center,of this um,strings topper here then you have here a,level if you want to,and here is a small laser pointer for,strength training because even,if you dont want to do something youre,on your lockdown you have nothing to do,with this one you can practice strength,training we need to put this one more,down like this so,three fingers and up to 70 pounds and,this thing draws,which was interesting for me up to 34,inches so you dont have to raise a,poundage very high,and you can practice here some really,easy or,going whatever you want to do with it,so but this is not where the fun stops,this is where the fun,starts what you need for it is an app,the akubo app you download it,this thing has no batteries nothing in,it,and ill show you know how it works this,is the akubo app,and what you have there start shooting,customize both side leaderboards,in a purchase this is one thing,unfortunately you have to do,settings and tutorials uh we go to the,later start shooting,then you have target shooting bow,hunting,fishing archery golf and you can build,your own course so,how does this work you simply mount your,phone,in the holder like so,now we go target shooting we use,whatever,movies and then what you see,you have the screen recording and you,see me look at this,now you need to find your target my,target is,over there so i can shoot of course,three fingers,all right go back there that you see me,i can shoot three fingers,point to this target and it only reacts,on noise,so once i let go boom,of course it shows what you did,this clamp is pressing on the volume,button,which is annoying so,and we try our luck again again,over there is my target you see it on,the screen recording,you can adjust the sensitivity on the,right side,boom and then one thing,happened to me already when i unbox it,what i dont like is these rubber,stoppers here for the string,they simply fall off another good thing,because then its max,even more so you see that i hit the,target and what you can do is now,you can rotate and see exactly what you,hit,fancy huh this is what you can do next,time when youre locked and you see how,many arrows you have left so,ah we do not thumb release because you,can,a little bit more boom and you can do,your,volume is coming out these,clamp is not good for my phone okay so,forget this volume rocker on the right,side continue,shooting what i want to exit now so what,you can do with this thingy,show you you can now customize i shot,without,pin then you can put one pin three pins,five pins but i dont do this because,im a traditional archer you have,leaderboards later on you sign up and,you can do all this leaderboard stuff,whatever,and you have your inner purchases in the,settings you can choose your body height,and the wind and whatever,and you have tutorials but we dont go,there so we go back to our shooting mode,and what you saw now,in target shooting you have we did this,novice then you have olympic archery,looks like this see and then you turn,around where you find the target,its over there you shoot at 70 meter,distance,exit we have,3d sport vegas these are,these targets theyre over there you see,and we have,yeah this is a 3d target shooting which,is nice and there you can choose,elk deer turkey we shoot elk,and i hope it will work now most,probably we need to find another,contraption so now we go 3d hunting look,at this you see me,running around like an oh look there is,one,lets see the distance is always written,so you can guess when you dont have a,pin,boom i missed why,why because i dont want to yeah ignore,the volume rocker,and then you see here even,so then you have continue shooting and,you can shoot your other elks obviously,so when youre done you go out here,and you can do not a lot more you can do,bow hunting,only midwest classic is open the rest is,locked you can buy them so if you want,dangerous game you can buy it costs 290,or something,so its not yeah and we have poor,internet connection i have no internet,connection,so midwest classic would look like this,so you stand now there,and theres somewhere this poor deer,standing and then you shoot it,oh now its moving look at this,and i missed and now the ah so,one thing bugs me is these foam stoppers,here,now the other one came off thats boring,so you need to secure the most probably,a bit better so i missed this proof,very much but you know what you get the,point,exit so what would you have else,uh pull fishing,you can shoot in your backyard pond,but you need to know that you have to,aim lower than obviously so you see the,fish down there,touch the screen and then you see,how you hit this poor fishy okay you get,the point,and so on so you can do a bit of fishing,can you go back please hello,and sometimes the app is a little slow,so what you can do then is,archery golf which you need to pay for,it and you can set up your own,course archery course very interesting,this costs,290 something or 390 each then you can,set all the other games free and have,fun,but i think its a nice thing only,secure these,rubber thingies here with more super,glue or put something more on it that it,dampens this,thats a little annoying and you see,sometimes when you adjust here,the noise already thinks that you shot,again and it registers a shot for,nothing,well now of course when i wanted to show,so and then we do a thumb release one,more time short distance,because we can look you can do all your,forms you want,and what you can do string twist,and katara oh look now the arrow went a,little to the right,could we do it again,look at this thats annoying,170 80 dollars,please fix this cubo this is boring,find a different solution that this,rubber doesnt always come off here this,phone,thats really annoying for the rest its,an interesting idea,you only use your phone app so you this,thing,by its own requires no battery so thats,fun,what else you can do i told you theres,a laser pointer you can turn it on then,you can stand there with your 70 pound,and see how steady you stand with the,laser pointer pointing somewhere,the distance at the wall thats fun its,an interesting idea i think its not,completely there where it for me could,be,so here you can fold this thing down if,you want to put it in a backpack,and then its easy set up again,obviously so you clamp these thingies,down there,down there and down there and youre,ready to go always make sure that this,thing,is kind of here in the middle it came,already off there was a loop on it,if you shoot with a release but this,after two shots test shots you came,already off so,theres room for improvement its an,interesting thing when you want to,practice at home when you want to have a,little fun,this thing is a little unbalanced in,your hands when i hold it like this,on my pressure point the top comes off,and when th

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VIRTUAL Bowhunting w/ Accubow Green Mantis – How it works & GamePlay

what is up guys welcome back to the,channel Dylan grab your extreme,Outdoorsman if you guys are new here to,the channel make sure to go hit that,subscribe button for me help me at 24,000 subscribers I would really,appreciate it but in todays video the,video is actually sponsored by akubo and,if you guys have not seen these bows,they are freaking awesome theyre a,great way to shoot your bow whether,youre inside,um if its crappy conditions outside you,can still shoot your bow and get,practice with it and I do a lot of,fishing so Im always traveling and,everything so I cant have my real bow,Im on the road with me shooting it and,everything in hotels and everything and,with this akubo it allows you to be able,to pull back and shoot this bow you can,dry fire this in with your normal bow,you cant dry fire it itll mess it up,so with this akubo I really like it you,can do holds with this and it allows you,to build build up your shooting muscles,sewing that big buck is headed your way,you can hold your bow back for a while,and when he comes in shooting range you,can drill him so I like to do holds with,this and also,um Ill show you real quick this pops,out so when youre traveling,you can bend this up and everything you,can bend it all and throw it in your,backpack so thats a really cool feature,for the akubo I really like that uh,whenever Im traveling I always throw it,in the truck and stuff so and its,really I really think thats cool with,this one not all the Aki balls do that,but this is the the green mantis one and,one of my favorite colors is green so I,really like this one and all so it has a,laser right here so if youre shooting,in the house or just trying to keep your,bow steady on a Target you can use that,laser and try to keep it super super,still because its really important when,youre shooting that big buck to get a,really good shot on them and also it has,a little level right here so to make,sure youre keeping it super level and,youre shooting it just like on my,normal bow theres a level when Im,shooting I just got done shooting my,normal bow I shot it for about 30,minutes to an hour at 20 30 and 40 yards,but now Im in here Im gonna do some,holds with this bow,and you can increase or decrease the,poundage with these right here you just,do that and it fixes it so,Im not exactly sure where to put it,right there but,I think thats good but honestly in,todays video Im just breaking down the,accubo showing it to everyone on my,YouTube and Im going to show you guys,how to screen mirror it on your TV to,where you can play all kinds of games,and everything I think its pretty cool,they just came up with a new update on,the app theres so many different games,you can play theres zombie games I,really like that one Ive been playing,it a lot theres deer hunting bow,hunting duck hunting all kinds of stuff,so quickly Im gonna show you guys how,to set this up,so first off guys youre gonna get your,phone and go to this feature right here,on your phone and click screen mirror,and click your TV,so right there youre gonna click your,TV and now its linking to the TV and,then after that once it links,youre going to want to go over to the,accumo app,so its linking it takes a second to,link,so right there you want to go to the,accubo app click the app,and then watch the TV itll link,straight to the app,and then you put,your phone right on the bow right there,the holder and you can shoot,its just really fun guys theres all,kinds of different games you can play,and everything so,um Im gonna set it up so you guys can,watch me play a couple games so now that,were in the op Im gonna click start,shooting,and theres a bunch of different games,theres target shooting bow hunting,arcade bow fishing or build your own,game Im gonna do Bow Hunting and select,and theres a bunch of different theres,midwest classic African safari Dangerous,Game Alaskan Adventure a bunch of,different different games or different,Wildlife that you can shoot but Im here,in the Midwest Im gonna do deer hung,and then on my normal bow its a one pen,its an HH and a,so,lets see if we can shoot any bucks,looks like theres a turkey right there,and this is a really cool gift for,anyone any younger kids getting into,getting into bow hunting its almost,Black Friday so they got some deals,coming and also its almost Christmas so,these are really cool Christmas presents,all right theres a doe right here,15 yards lets see if we can shoot it I,guess Ill go for the turkey,kill shot,turkey non-vital hit,all right lets see if we can shoot a,deer theres a deer right here a big,buck,oh there he goes,so this app is really cool guys all,right guys this dough is right up next,to me,nine yards,shoot it right there,white Aldo non-vital Hood,thats a kill shot to me,lets see if we can shoot a buck,theres a bucket,22 yards,oh there it goes its walking maybe lead,him,Ah thats too far away,hes in the brush,theres a big buck,Kill Shot monster buck Longshot,nice,all right gonna exit that game and show,you a couple other games theres,Ill do arcade,and well do zombie,see if we can shoot a couple zombies,all right,theyre all common,theres a bunch of them,theres one at 30 yards,hit,see if we can shoot this one,hit kill,[Applause],all missed,oh I wasnt looking Juan got me,foreign,couple more shots,here comes on,kill shot,kill shot,theres one,ran out of arrows,all right guys well Im gonna exit that,but I just wanted to quickly go over the,ah you both show you everything about it,and these things are really cool make,sure to drop a comment below what you,guys think,um theyre pretty neat and theyre,really cool to bring on the road with,you,um like I said I like to do a lot of,holds where you just pull it back and,hold it for like a 30 seconds even if,you want to or a minute just try to hold,it for a while it really builds up your,muscles its a really good workout but,that pretty much wraps up todays video,just wanted to quickly cover it for you,guys and hopefully you guys like this,thing but well see in the next one,[Music]

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AccuBow 2 0 Review

all right folks heres the deal,i just got an accubo,im going to unbox it right now,but this video is probably going to be,shot over several days so i can really,get a good feel for the unit,all right,pretty excited,so first impressions out of the box,i actually picked up an accubo,years ago when they first came out and,it was not as nice as this they have,really improved the product,i can tell just when i pick it up so,there is a place for your smartphone to,mount there,its got like,a game,you can use it just for strength,training and for for archery but you can,also use it as a game which im actually,kind of excited for my kids to try that,out,so you want the even you want it to be,tightened evenly on both sides,so,i just went all the way out just to try,to,get a sense,and thats you know partly intended to,keep your d loop in the middle,you can kind of feel which ones tighter,and which ones looser,theres a little laser thing on here too,so,like when youre at full draw you can,turn that on,and just see,you know how how well youre holding,steady,now obviously its going to feel more,like a recurve or longbow in the draw,because,it doesnt have you know cams or wheels,for let off,but,as far as the actual strength training,and you can,you dont have to worry about dry firing,it because,uh you know you cant do this with a,regular bow,um,let me see where do i have my release,now there is a thing here where you,could put in like a stabilizer,i would probably even just put in a bow,sling or put a bow sling on it just to,create that feel because when youre,shooting you dont want to be gripping,the bow you just want to have that hand,relaxed,and you dont want to get in the habit,of grabbing at the bow like that,you can just leave your fingers gently,around so that its not going anywhere,i feel like the bottom needs to get,right into here,and then to loosen it you just push that,button in there,and then obviously too for storage,this bow does,now have the ability of folding down,like this,so that you know for transporting it,things like that,now i am brand new with using this uh i,did have it hit my wrist right here,so i would probably just make some,adjustments,so that doesnt happen like what,happened is and this just continued to,travel forward and probably hit my wrist,through the,shot process i have a very long draw,length,so thats gonna impact that,well im gonna i gotta probably get the,app and mess around with this some more,so i might even have a different color,shirt on when i uh do some more video,recording but i want to give this a more,thorough test,so that i can give you more feedback but,im pretty excited to have this,just to you know even keep the muscles,you know in tune for archery when you,cant shoot,all right its been probably a week or,so since i started filming this video i,have been playing around with the accubo,a little bit im starting up the app,right now on my phone so that i can put,it on the bow and just show you,it has options you can shoot at targets,you can like hunt with it so there is,some fun,components there,that itll also get kids and stuff like,that interested in,and let me actually while thats booting,up let me go ahead and put this on the,bow,okay so the app is opened up im sorry,for some of the glare lets move that,aside for a second you got options um,you can start shooting theres bow,battles,versus other people things like that,lets just start shooting im just going,to do that for right now,a list here,target shooting,bow bow hunting,arcade bow fishing,and then build your own range lets just,pull up the target shooting here as an,example so once that menu is open you,have other options,olympic archery joad navis three spot,vegas and 3d target,shooting so lets um,lets see i would say a lot of people,are going to be doing like 3d target,shooting lets pull that up,so you can do elk bear turkey and,whitetail lets do whitetail,now you can pick what kind of site one,pin three pin five pin i shoot with the,five pin site so im just gonna go ahead,and select that,and now its going to pull that up im,sorry again for the glare,okay so it does ask you to be quiet so,that it doesnt interfere with the,sensitivity of it you have to actually,turn around to get to where the animals,are,and in order for me to shoot these deer,i have to face this way,alright so i took that shot and,hit the vitals there,it says long hit and it kind of shows,you where your arrow hits so that gives,you an idea of that let me okay while i,was actually,showing that i got a phone call so i had,to,get back lets take a look at like,target shooting like a olympic style,select olympic archery,lets just do a one pin sight,the archery range unfortunately,i have to hold the bow this way for you,to for me to be able to see it so thats,one thing its a neat component its,difficult for me for videoing right now,is that,you actually have to face the direction,where,um it portrays like the target,and so um in order for me to,do this,target id have to point the bow at you,hold on lets just try it,so my shot hit a little bit low,i just held the uh sight on the target,there,and probably what needs to happen is i,just need to hold higher,all right so i finally hit the target i,hit it high,i dont know if you can see it on there,so its interesting how,my first couple shots were hitting low,so i just kept holding higher and so my,pin you know was above the target in,order to hit the target 70 meters its a,good distance for olympic style archery,so theres a lot of different things you,can do you can actually do a hunt,let me go out let me go out and try that,you can do different things im just,going to do midwest classic lets try a,three pin,maybe well get lucky and ill be able,to,point out a deer while you can see it,okay,i hit i hit my tear and it triggered it,so there was a deer walking across the,screen there,okay so i shot a deer hes about 30,yards out,it says long shot its actually a good,hit i was trying to be quick before it,started moving so anyhow,um so theres the component of the game,let me take this off because some people,think this is just a game its really,not so,let me go ahead and this is a handheld,thumb activated handheld release so,lets,draw back an anchor,so let me i mean in the um the game,part that i was just playing you can do,it with a release i was just doing it,with my fingers just,so theres less moving parts but lets,say i wanted to practice for for hunting,season,theres also a level up in here,so i havent um hooked it up yet theres,a little laser dot thing that you can,turn on,here and,you know you can when you pull back you,can see how steady youre holding like,on the target and that helps you train,to hold the bow,you know and aim steadily,so um,its good for training your muscles,i know when i havent been shooting and,it gets close to hunting season and i,pull out my belts like,you know my muscles forgot,what it was like so,having something like this,you know you can stay,keep the muscles in tune a little bit,better and i dont need to go out to an,archery range i can just pick this up,take like 10 15 shots in a day,you know even if im not trying to be,real critical with my shooting i just,want to give my muscles exercise i can,do that,and again it folds all up i do like,having this so im like i like,i like it again you can also you can,crank it up and tighten it up lets just,let me just crank it a little bit,so you can make it as tight as you want,and i think it goes up to 70 pounds i,believe,and,that would be a holding weight now when,you if youre a compound shooter like i,am youre not holding 70 pounds youre,holding,10 15 20 pounds so keeping it low,so that it has the same amount of weight,at full draw will simulate a compound in,that regard so ill probably keep it a,little bit on the lower side,and practice for compound shooting with,it,you can do whatever you want but ill,provide links for one of these in the,description section if you want to che


[Music],this thing really is a good tool,try any releases,keep in shape,keep accurate,acubel lets talk about it one year,later,okay i thought id do a follow-up video,on the accubo 2.0 i get a lot of,questions get a decent amount of views,so thats good,and a lot of people ask me do you like,it do you still use it,yes i still use it do i use it as much,as i thought i would no,especially when its nice i just shoot,in my yard you know but,i gotta say that this thing is really,handy this time of year here in the,winter because i got to work at stock i,come home at stock i dont get a lot of,practicing during this time of year so,this things really handy i do have the,app,i do use it,but i usually use this just a,muscle memory i have a couple of,releases if i get a new release i try it,you know just,just go through all the motions its,really good that way it really is a good,training tool,and just to keep your muscles,semi active you know in shape but,recently,my strength stop broke off,so,i contacted them i sent them a picture i,was gonna they have a couple i was gonna,buy it,and i said listen this fell off which,one should i get,and they said its all under warranty,well send you out one right away i was,like thank you not only that they sent,me a new string too,with the d-loop and everything theyre,going to want to send you a new string,also you had it for over a year,i was like really,that means a lot so accubo,company really stand by their product,their communication with them is,phenomenal they sent me email,requesting and credit card information,because i did pay for the shipping but,the parts were for it,and they sent me everything shipped you,know really good communication,stand by their product because i really,didnt think it was under warranty,anymore but it was and they sent me,everything plus additional parts,so accubo 2.0 yes i still use it out of,over here i really really like it,if youre recovering from an injury or,you just want to keep in shape,you really cant get to practice a lot,this thing is really really really handy,so accubow company,good company and i stand by that product,and that that means a lot it really does,and this things pretty cool,pretty cool so thats it richie bullets,a little follow up to this thing,and i really like it i mean you can,really adjust the pondage on here has no,let off so when youre holding youre,holding some heavy weight,so its good for training that way,building up strength muscle memory so,richie [ __ ] broadheads the accubo,2.0 still using it,and this company and really impresses me,take care boys and girls

Accubow Review – Best training tool??

arent you tired of the weather not,cooperating when you want to shoot your,bow lets get into something that might,be useful for you,whats up everybody and welcome back to,outdoor gear my name is Aaron bottoms,and today were going to get into,something thats geared to our bow,Hunters but also is fun for the family,friends for events if you like games all,of that all wrapped into one what Im,talking about what Im talking about is,the accubo now this is going to be,geared to our Hunters but if you like,archery if you want to get better at,shooting whatever it may be this is for,you now theres a lot of aspects to this,and a lot of cool features and well get,into that well even get into actually,shooting it and see what its like but,what I want to touch on is the features,of it so this is in the green mantis,its kind of a cool pattern but youve,got adjustments up here so you can go,from 10 to 70 pounds so if you push this,button down and turn this knob itll,tighten up your band or you can go the,other way and loosen your band,like so,the biggest thing is to keep this Loop,right in the center no matter how tight,or loose you get it but theres two,aspects to it you can either crank it up,to what your bow setting is theres no,relief so when you draw back youre,holding all that weight and your,strength training or if you want to,practice your form like I need to so,that I do the same shot same placement,put my face and my rest where it needs,to go all that stuff you want to crank,it down to a good weight for you where,you can pull it back hold it for a long,time and release in the same form every,time,and then you practice on the game you,practice shooting you practice target,shooting whatever it may be another cool,feature is that it breaks down so if you,pull these latches back you can fold it,in and flip it over got your other one,pull this up,pull it around and then it folds down,onto itself and now youve got a,portable piece of equipment throw it in,a bag put your loop around it youre,good to go and when you get to work,somewhere where you can practice you,unfold it,foreign,put everything back together,oh,and youre good to go,so another couple cool features if you,got a laser pointer here turn that bad,boy on you draw back you keep on your,target,and you hold keep yourself steady keep,it where the dot stays on Target and,just hold it there so thats for,strength training another thing thats,great about it is you can take your,stabilizer which is this one I have,laying around,you can screw it on in there,so you get a good weight its not a very,heavy bow,and now youve got your stabilizer,thats going to help you out a little,bit more,to keep everything nice and stable like,you are when you shoot your regular bow,thing about it is doesnt have to have,an arrow its not going to break off or,fall off,dont get too used to it because what,you do need to put an arrow on there,when you actually shoot your real bow,so the bow itself weighs only about five,pounds without anything added on like,your stabilizer or anything like that,so thats not real heavy,its not most bows are pretty light,nowadays so its probably going to be,about accurate to whatever bow youre,using uh if youve got a shorter framed,bow might be a little bit different but,again this is for training purposes the,nice thing about it is theres no link,on here on stopping you from getting,your rest were usually position it on,your bow so what I like to do is use my,actual release so Ill put my release on,when Im practicing with this so I get,my string place where I want it to in,the corner of my mouth like some people,like to do and Ive got my proper form,every time I release I keep the same,shoulders height keep the shame arch in,my my arm keep everything the same so,when I release Im using the proper form,so lets actually get into the app,itself and start shooting all right so,one thing we need to do I have a newer,iPhone its a little bit bigger so its,pretty tight in here and I would like to,also mention that there is a level on,here so if your phone is small enough or,if youre strength training and youre,just holding that red dot on a Target,and youre going to release with your,proper form all that stuff you can use,this level right here to make sure that,you are properly in line now with a,phone in there you cant see it and Ill,tell you that now but maybe with a,smaller phone Im not sure I have the,massive iPhone so I gotta squeeze it on,in here,as best I can,and it Clips in but barely so,lets switch over and Ill show you what,were looking at here all right so you,go to your accubo 2022,itll open up,and youve got some cool features in,here that we can highlight and look at,all right so you can create an avatar,thats all fine and dandy male female,whatever you want to be,and you can design them skinny muscular,stocky Im stocky obviously,and you can make them look like whatever,you want you can change clothes blah,blah,all that fun stuff,not a big deal,but if youre into that great,lets get into shooting so you can,target shoot well start with that,were gonna go to,um well just do novice you got zero pin,one pin three pin five pin it on your,preferences you shoot one one pin do it,with one pin I shoot with probably about,three pins so Im gonna go three pin,all right,if you talk too loudly,you can disrupt it so were sitting at,20 meters,up around 20.,and perfect shot,another thing you can do while were,talking about it your sensor level,over here on the right you can see it,going up and down and I keep mine pretty,low just because I want it to,feel as soon as I release,so I get it again in the right place,continue shooting a little low,and again I got this cranked down,because I want to practice proper form,and make sure Im hitting where I want,to hit,get myself balanced here again I cant,see the level but Im going to trust,that,Im good,so there you go,lets move on to something different,here,now you can go to Olympics you can go to,Arcade play some different games here,lets see what weve got going on,weve got extinct Hut dunk cunning,Zombie Arcade lets do zombie for fun,and the cool thing about this is,As you move,your body,it picks up on where things are so,obviously I cant turn around too far,but Ive got a zombie at 34 30 yards in,closing,looks like I missed,Gotta Move quicker than that,lets put it on his chest there Im,gonna die up,got hit see thats the downside of being,in this short space here,but now that I know what Im doing,foreign,got them there,put it out at 44 yards,got them there,probably need to turn around oh yep this,guy right here,got him,Gotta Move quicker than that oh,hes behind the bus I got him,didnt think Id hit that shot,gotta get the release on turn around,there he is,she sorry,gotcha anyway you get the gist,fun little game out of arrows but main,menu,so youve got a lot of cool features,um the biggest thing for me is I want to,see how kind of realistic were looking,here so lets go Midwest Classic,and itll show you,where you hit so hes at 14 yards so,obviously if I put it right on at 20,yards it should go high so if I put it,right on his lungs,it says long shot,okay,great,now Im aim Im aim Ill put it right on,30 yards so if I put it at 30 yards Miss,so though,if hes real close its kind of accurate,in a way I mean its still a video game,youre still going off of sensors so,well turn down here shoot this turkey,23 4-5 but in the grass Miss,okay well Im gonna get that turkey he,says its 29 yards so,Miss again,and its funny because its probably me,but I cant see him this Bucks way too,close get out of here dude,so I put it on a 20 yard pin at eight,yards,Im gonna miss,its neither here nor there,all right turkey at 21 yards if I put it,right on those uh chest 20R pin long,shot great,so its pretty neat but Im just kind of,quick firing lets go to something,thats a little bit more but if you can,bowfish,lets do that backyard pond because why,not one pin I like having a pin,all right it sa


whats going on guys grant here going to,be doing an accubill review,i recently just got this,accubo 2.0,and uh,fell in love with it its great for,training,or when its cold out or the weather is,bad you dont have an indoor range just,to have some fun shooting some animals,so uh,quick review of the bow,the weight goes from 20 to 70 pounds,which is a big range and i love it i,dont really have it at high up poundage,right now,because i like to work on my form more,and,ill notice more playing this game that,you you hold your i like to hold my draw,length more or not sorry not my drawing,i like to hold it hold it back longer,just to work on holding the bow back and,um,so this is how you adjust,your draw weight,pushing this button and you can turn,this dial,and all you have to do is make sure this,d loop is,measured in equal in the middle with,this stopper which it is,and,thats how you do that and theres a,level on this and this is where your,phone goes,and uh the draw length is just basically,what you,you want it to be,pulled the whole way back you know,whatever your drawing length is one,thing thats nice about this is,theres just on both sides i wont do,both sides but you push this up,you can pull that down and this just,closes and its good for putting in your,bag or something when youre traveling,one thing i like about this is,how similar it is heres my,heres my hoyt spider,the weights pretty much similar this,might be a little bit heavier but,if you want to get a look at its kind,of,little bit shorter than the hoyt spider,but uh,very similar i think were gonna get,into some shooting here im gonna show,you some,different game modes theres a lot of,game modes on this app which is sick all,you have to do is get the accubel app on,your play store or app store,it supports both uh apple and android so,lets get to shooting,so one thing you guys might be wondering,is how is this how does the air go off,on the app when its just by your app,not really connect to the bell so what,it does is youll see on here theres a,sensitivity level you can change it but,when i let go of the string it hits this,back stopper and depending on the,sensitivity and how loud this is and the,arrow goes off on my phone,so were going to do start shooting,well start with bow hunt theres a,bunch of different game modes there,were going to start with the midwest,classic,heres my favorite part look at this,you can change your pins you can even,customize the yardage im going to keep,mine at 20 30 40. uh i rock with the,three pin so were going to keep that,and uh theres the thing im going to,clip in here,well hit done oh yeah yeah real close,well start out by taking her oh,long shot,look at that big buck going down too,well continue shooting,this turkey over here yeah,where was that,too high,he was closer so yeah i use a 20-yard,pin,should have used should have shot a,little low on him,clip back in here,well see what else we got,theres a small guy,nothing behind me,well take this dough we need some,little meat in the freezer,i hope shes moving the big bucket close,shes gonna stop,hard shot quartering away,big buck down lets go,all right so im gonna back out of this,see look see how i started talking then,it,shot im gonna back out of that well,try some new stuff here,archery golf that takes forever but that,is really fun,uh bow fishing well do a little,backyard pond just to show you what it,is im gonna go with the one pin here,thats set for 20 yards just make sure i,know what its said at,want to clip in says aim low all right,going underneath my boot,look at that shot right through it,got a five there it doesnt tell you,what,where are you headed basically but,is that one though yep shot that when,that one,and i even aimed though,oh theres a misfire,said i headed down,all right,one more here,barely got it but hey,its money so theres a fishing one,well let me hit score in there for a,second,so now were gonna go,lets do a little target shooting well,do a 3d shoot here for you,well do,well do turkey turkey season coming up,do a little turkey shooting here,and we got some big turkey here,well go with the 20 yarder,this is tough to see these turkeys man,hard shot in the turkey for 20.,next ones 40.,another hard shot with the 40 yard pin,im on a roll,this ones going to be tough see theres,a misfire its talking too much,this ones gonna be tough,i cant even see,i shot above it were gonna,you notice what im doing here my,phones kind of smaller so i have to,like get a little close to see whats,going on,all right so we shot a little high,i shot low there,one arrow left,see if we cant get this money maker,here,where is that still a little low right,below it non-vital but uh hey,then once youre out of arrows you just,keep playing again or you get main menu,go battle which is i havent tried that,yet you can um,play against other people online which,is cool the ag you go i havent really,tried the espn update i havent really,tried uh,that one as much because that one you,need more space you can actually walk,around and try to find the animals which,is cool,but um,yeah thats basically the iq bell,great training,i mean really trying to work on my form,one thing i like is how the animals are,360 around you because you have to move,make sure you keep your feet set,and theres some times where im moving,i completely forget to keep my feet set,so i think im gonna definitely,be a lot better once uh deer season,comes around or just shooting the summer,just off of this so i definitely,recommend it,and uh,yeah thats all i got,share this around uh if youre,interested in getting ones that i got to,accubill 2.0 i think theres two of them,so uh yeah go,go take a look and uh,make sure you subscribe to first take,outdoors turkey content coming soon we,got,about six weeks five weeks till,pa opener i know im gonna take a trip,down to maryland which i believe is,halfway through aprils the opener so uh,i think lance and i are gonna take a,trip down there so were going to,begin some turkey content out here real,soon so thanks guys hope you enjoyed the,video subscribe like,and share it

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