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  5. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Review
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Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Review

– [Daemon] How long has it been since weve had a chance,to jump into a cool fighter jet and blow stuff up,without having to memorize a thick flight manual?,Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown brings the welcome return,of a series and a genre thats been long-absent,from gamings mainstream.,But while it delivers a fair amount of fun flying,and exciting dogfights, AC7 often feels impenetrable,because of its obtuse story and lack of info,for new and returning players.,The exciting arcady gameplay that kept Ace Combat going,from 1995 to 2014 is still present and a lot of fun.,Youll blow up bombers, chase down ace enemy pilots,,and dismantle enemy bases one missile at a time,across a wide array of scenarios and landscapes.,While you can pick it up and play at a basic level,,dogfighting in Ace Combat is,and always has been surprisingly complex.,There are tricks and advanced maneuvers to figure out,using the advanced turning controls,that bring lots of nuance to the combat.,Theres also a fair bit of strategy in planning your attack.,Maximizing your efficiency is crucial,,because you are always under the gun,,either due to a time limit,or simply because you have a lot of planes to splash.,Given that, and that were all out of practice,since its been almost five years,since the last Ace Combat game,,its baffling how little Ace Combat 7 offers,in the way of refresher training and tutorials.,Even on easy, the difficulty meant for those,who are new to the Ace Combat series,,there are just a few text prompts in the opening missions,to explain the most basic controls.,That said, you will look good,during all your trial and error learning,,because even though Ace Combat 7 plays,like a game from the previous decade,,its meticulously-detailed jets and landscapes,look shiny and new.,And, like Forza Horizon 4 and Just Cause 4,,Ace Combat 7 features,impressively-detailed weather conditions.,Not only do these events give each mission a sense of place,,but weather hazards like strong wind and bolts of lightning,can make flying treacherous.,While there is a lot to like about its look and feel,,Ace Combat 7 leans way too heavily,on its nonsensical story.,A suicide-squad-like team of prisoner pilots,conscripted into a war,sounds like a perfectly-light and breezy excuse,to get you in the air,,but its overwrought and hard to follow.,Worse, you cant really avoid it.,- [In-Game Character] Drones? Are you kidding me right now?,Jesus, this is the kind of shit that really chaps my ass.,- [Daemon] Even if you skip the cutscenes,,theres a heaping helping of exposition,in every mission briefing,and a steady stream of inane commentary,from your squad mates and mission commands,during each level.,You need to pay attention to all that dialogue,,because it sometimes provides context,that will help you understand your mission.,Even then, goals and rules arent always clear.,And, too many of the 10 to 15 hours worth,of campaign missions are tedious escort,or stealth objectives.,That kills some of the momentum,from the more exciting missions,,where you blow up a base or dogfight skilled enemy pilots.,Though the campaign is the main draw,,Ace Combat 7 also has an engaging,,if not always satisfying, multiplayer mode.,Whether youre in an eight-player free-for-all,or team-based dogfight scrum,,dogfights in multiplayer games tend to play out,much slower than those in the campaign.,Its easy to dodge an incoming missile,,but your targets dodge just as well,,so its tough to land a hit.,Given that every round is just five minutes,,its definitely possible to come away with a loss,that feels like you were just in the wrong place,at the wrong time.,Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown,is a great-looking arcade flight combat game,,and zipping over high-quality terrain,trying to establish missile locks and evade pursuers,can be a lot of fun.,But, the experience often gets weighed down,by its weird and convoluted, but persistent, story,in poor communication of objectives.,Its enough to prove that theres room,for this series to make a comeback,,though this game probably wont be the one to jump-start it.,For more on Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown,,check out the first 15 minutes of gameplay.,Plus, youll find more high-flying explosions,in our reviews of Just Cause 4,and Battlefield 5s multiplayer.,And for everything else, stick with us right here at IGN.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – Before You Buy

were back with another episode of,before you buy that show would give you,some straight-up gameplay and our first,impressions of the latest games,releasing and today were talking about,Ace Combat 7 Skyes unknown this is,gonna be a quick one but a lot of you,guys have been asking me for this one,and rightly so because its been a long,time since the last Ace Combat game hes,combat six came out in like 2007 and,this one is hailed as a return to form,of sorts and man oh man does this game,have like a really great fan base Im,gonna be honest though Im a newcomer,here totally late to the party this is,my first Ace Combat game but after,playing just for a while I immediately,understood that on the surface to an,outsider it might just look like just,another random flight military game its,actually way way more than that and its,good Ace Combat feels like a perfect mix,between hardcore flight simulation and,something a bit more arcadey and fun,you gotta chew on this analogy a bit but,it really does feel like how the forts,of horizon games find a perfect blend,between hardcore realism and being able,to have fun and do cool at the same,time now there is an assisted mode kind,of and an expert mode to choose from,its up to you franchise purists will,definitely insist on expert mode and,thats totally fine it should be but,its also just good to have the option,for people who arent good with flying,in games or just need some accessibility,but yeah in all honesty expert mode is,the way to go but the name of the game,here is getting mission briefings and,flying up with your squadron and doing,war stuff whether its bombing runs,dogfights or some other stuff Ill get,into its always an action-packed affair,whether its like you know machine-gun,fire or using rockets or homing missiles,you shoot your way through a whole,campaign that is actually packed with,story yeah what Ive learned is that Ace,Combat is as much about story and,adventure as it is flying around Top Gun,styles which says a lot because I really,like Top Gun,but you dont really get Top Gun here,you get something quite way more,distinctly Japanese but also pretty,awesome and interesting the story here,is actually quite dense and will keep,you interested you know throughout and,actually a quite ballsy manner,tell stories around your missions,involving other characters as well its,just you know a ton of cool dialogue and,exposition from your radio while youre,in the air when characters chat in via,radio you get these cool character,portraits with their over-the-top code,names and their handy dialogue,voiceovers and totally remind movie a,little bit of Metal Gear Solid and the,story itself is a total drama that is,absolutely you know kind of corny at,times but it is an emotional tale and,like I said earlier it will keep you,interested its pretty engaging thats a,really overused word but it is now one,combat element in the air is I really,like this is that the clouds almost work,kind of like as a cover,you can disappear in them to break,missile locks but the trade-off is,sometimes the weather has been and can,mess you up and you generally always,just have less visibility when youre up,there but hot damn flying in clouds,really shows how good the graphics are,here this is the first Ace Combat game,on Unreal Engine 4 and it makes all the,difference the game is about slick,visuals and effects all flying by at a,blazing pace but also the music is,freakin kick-ass super high budget and,like really high quality theres a good,amount of variety in the gameplay too,theres wide-open country sides where,youre blasting anti-aircraft guns and,supplies on the ground theres stealthy,night sections where you gotta fly low,chases above city skylines or in-between,canyons and mountains fighting drones,superweapon airships the boss battles,with like you know legendary pilots that,you got to face off against and then,theres intense weather stuff like,lightning storms or sandstorms then,theres so many different scenarios like,taking off from the ground sometimes,refueling midair or by landing and,resupplying with stuff and shooting off,into a fight again it just feels like,they thought is everything it can be,nice and challenging to now get ready to,play a lot though because checkpoints,dont seem generous and youre gonna end,up losing and having the replay a whole,long section its not always as bad as,it sounds though cuz the core gameplay,is just so fun progression is pretty,solid too with the currency to earn and,spend on new planes and special weapon,types and its fairly deep you know it,gives you something to work towards and,the menu music for this stuff is really,great in low key,stuff that I like the game itself just,feels robust like from the gameplay,sequences to the preflight briefing,interactive planning map that you can,mess around with to the ability to watch,entire replays of your flight from,whatever angle you want the robustness,goes even further with some like pretty,well thought-out online multiplayer to,it lets see you stuff that you earn and,unlock in the main game but it kind of,levels the playing field and you get,team deathmatch an eight player regular,deathmatch and they play short and,intense plus theres also psvr support,which to be honest here in the office we,didnt get to test too much but it works,and its only a few missions I wish it,was supported for the whole game but I,get thats a big ask but still what Ive,learned in this brief before you buy,video is that Ace Combat is an awesome,series and now Im gonna go play the,other ones I am really sorry to those of,you out there who wanted a comprehensive,deep hardcore fan review but neither,myself Falcon or Andrew really have any,experience with the series Tom did help,us record the gameplay though shout out,to him regardless what I can say though,is that if you have even a vague,interest in like aerial dogfighting type,of games I think Ace Combat 7 is,honestly like one of the ones that are,absolutely worth checking out all those,realistic ones with no exciting story or,cool music throw those in the garbage,and just play Ace Combat Im kidding but,not really I dont know this is it,before you buy you know it works by now,I give you some pros some cons and its,a personal opinion and now I want to,hear yours down in the comments are you,a fan of this series what is your,favorite Ace Combat game and now that,its been out this video is a little,late what do you think about Ace Combat,7 if youre playing it I want to know,anything youre thinking down in the,comments hit us up but if you enjoyed,this video and maybe learn something and,clicking that like button helps us out,we really appreciate it and if youre,new as always you should subscribe and,click the notification button because we,put out videos every single day but as,always thanks for watching well see you,guys next time,radar confirmed spare 15 has come out of,the clouds sure just flew into her,thunder cried without even blinking,why you can finish them off

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Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Console Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

its up everybody this is Carrick with,ACG and as always its my continuing,mission to give you reviews that arent,two minutes long or filled with,sponsored bullcrap you know right now,they say that almost 70% of people hate,their job in America guess what Im all,30% on the other side because today Im,reviewing Ace Combat 7 skies alone from,Bandai Namco for the ps4 and Xbox one,its out On January 18th and Windows on,February 1st and of course Ace Combat,continues the series wacky story with,fighter jet game with an arcade base,wouldnt have the lead characters name,be trigger in here triggers fighting for,their land and Namcos never settled for,the Ace Combat games to just be about,two Jets hightailin it through smoke,thicker than kenny loggins 1986 mullet,gel instead youre quickly and falsely,accused of an attack and for that youre,sent to a jail then promptly put right,back into a jet in the worlds fastest,criminal rehabilitation treatment plan,ever seen its been more than ten years,since the last new Ace Combat game came,to us lets see how this one does shall,we as always if you liked the video,maybe subscribe so heres my review for,Ace Combat 7 Skyes unknown screw the,hard deck digital kelly mcgillis and the,satisfaction ascend in enemy pilots into,this spirit zone graphics are up first,an Ace Combat looks good how good at a,distance it may not be the most enviable,of titles though the environments look,stunning but the first time you get up,close and hangri into the backend of an,enemy may can turn them into a death,blossom only then fly right through,whats a mix of jet fuel human innards,and vehicle parts you realize just how,impressive a reflection of explosive,violence this game is then take that,moment and multiply it by about 24 in,the larger fights and its like flying,through New York fireworks display at,Mach speed and the fireworks somehow,want to eat you really the game is,stunning from incredibly soft looking,volumetric clouds that dot some of the,levels to the couple of insane bosses,that Ace Combat has always been known,for the game strives for an over-the-top,presentation of air combat while still,extolling some of the virtues of a more,realistic lighting system now this,results in an almost hyper realistic,look think Red Dead sunsets and you sort,of get the idea in some of these levels,all the 20-plus Jets are finally modeled,in the first time you pull a hard G,during a turn and the air condenses,across the wing mixed with that shake,and rattle of the stress put on the,parts it is awe-inspiring and yes you,still have missile cam where you can,hold on to the fire button and trace,forward with your missile watching it,slam into the enemys structure or,missing by hairs breathy and I think,they did a perfect balance here where,ace combat skirts the line and its,ability to shower you with otherworldly,effects that most realistic games dont,real airplane combat many times is,actually an inches game played out,stretched into hundreds of miles with,missiles launched prior to Ida eye,contact with the opposing force but not,ace combat ace combat shrinks the,encounter space to a Titan ring of,Anarchy painted into the sky by missiles,whispering by you every second you,hammer and back and forth between,positive and negative Gs like your,balance in a checkbook its not a sim,never pretends to be a sim and instead,offers an almost dead or alive versus,Virtua Fighter kind of stance in the,airplane combat Department but that,doesnt mean its all high-flying turnin,and burnin excellence here there is some,elbow grease showing first the train,while much better than past entries does,have a couple pop in issues that are,very noticeable on ground focused,missions,also unlike planes it seems like all the,ground elements have one skin change,between perfectly fine and completely,[ __ ] dead and you can see that many,times while playing and taking out,any non-flying enemies additionally the,anti-aliasing or really lack of it is a,bit noticeable here with some shimmering,acrost a number of flat played out jet,parts its not horrid its just,sometimes a little bit odd-looking,also when flying in the clouds for some,reason both in game and in the replays,your cockpit is not affected by the,clouds resulting in what looks like this,line cylinder of dark glass when,watching it far off in the replays its,rarely noticeable but it is there now,when it comes to performance the ps4 and,the Xbox bounce around below 60 frames,per second trying to hit it while the,extra power and the ps4 in the Xbox one,seem to be aimed at getting that to be a,far steadier balance hitting 60 most of,the time I would have loved to have seen,all these be locked but overall it still,works really well lastly lets discuss,VR because my god first despite the,blurriness that exists inside the PS VR,headset that I have at times likened the,resolution to splattering to cams,tapioca pudding on your face and then do,in a bird box challenge these guys got,it almost completely right first the,instruments with some deft programming,and design theyre all readable easily,which in some games that actually isnt,true additionally it has the easiest and,most carefree sense of immersion Ive,seen in most video games that have any,kind of VR component because when you,blast in the clouds like youre trying,to start your own weather pattern based,on the main LOM convict maneuver the,water clouds the outer canopy in amazing,droplets think the effects of the Metro,series on your goggles and you sort of,get an idea here the world around you,escapes into a grey nothingness and then,if you continue flying through the,clouds ice begins to layer the edges of,your cockpit further reducing what is,basically damn near 2200 vision already,and that immersions increase by adding,in this auto minded vibration of the,machines that are currently being pushed,by barely controllable rockets anyway,and that increases as you go faster and,faster you have a sense of immersion,that few games and VR systems do its no,vie of Odyssey pro or rift and some of,the better VR titles there but it is,stunningly close and ace combat does,nothing but improve due to it being in,here it still fights the very low,resolution of the VR helmet make no,mistake but man pretty ace anyway when,it comes down to a presentation is,always this fine balance between the,requirements of gameplay in the,purgatory of pushing the envelope and,how you present your game world Ace,Combat 7 does an incredible job aimed,keenly at that main focus could the,trees look a little nicer yes could the,vehicles have more skins yes,I would have loved to have that locked,FPS on the consoles at all times even,though it doesnt drop that often but my,god it honestly is outstanding to look,at even with those small issues sound,music and voice each one,lúcia satellites thats how come every,now and again I try to bust out and,every single time his damn dogs would,drag me right back and lets do music,here first so this is pretty good but,never really seems to attain the lofty,moments of some of the past titles which,are hard to hit anyway with a unique,flavor all its own though it actually,does not get overshadowed in fact it has,this subtle flavor to it that at times,reminds me of old Miami Vice TV shows,with a snappier percussion and a good,amount of cymbals with a faster tempo,than I originally expected when compared,to say some of the starting elements of,the Top Gun score you can see that,impressions have carried over from there,to here and it works really well I just,never felt that even with the ending,moments in boss fight style battles it,really nailed the excellence of the,prior Ace Combat series but your mileage,is gonna vary here with an assorted,series of more dance and techno inspired,bits during mission briefs choosing,weapons or Jets it is a well-rounded,package throughout voice first I have,found that even with a princess murder,plot and a ragtag group of Flyers with a,ven

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Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Review in 2021 – Is it still worth it?!

the famous arcade combat flight video,game released,its last installment ace combat 7 skies,unknown back in 2019,so with this game now a bit over two,years is it still worth it in 2021,whats up everyone and welcome to a new,video my name is omar with real gamer,review and today we are reviewing,ace combat 7 skies unknown almost 2,years,after its release if you are watching my,channel for the first time,a like and a subscribe would be hugely,appreciated,without further ado lets get right into,it,like the rest of the ace combat series,ace combat 7 skies are known,for goes a realistic flight model in,favor of faster,arcade-like gameplay and i would guess,probably,they do that for the sake of giving more,accessibility to the players,and widening the fanbase of the game as,other flight combat sims like digital,combat simulator for example,is not everyones cup of tea and those,games have a pretty steep learning curve,which can be frustrating to some players,you can choose as well between novice,and expert control,settings choosing the first will make,the controls even easier which i dont,recommend,as actually the expert control is easy,to learn,and play even with the regular,controller also the expert control,settings will enable you,to execute realistic aircraft maneuvers,such as rolls and high g,turns which are pretty fun and not,available in the novice control settings,the game features a number of 28,different aircrafts,with an additional six as downloadable,content,unless of course you already buy the,deluxe edition from the beginning you,will get access to all the aircrafts,as with previous entries in the series,most of the aircrafts,are licensed from real world although a,set of fictional super planes are also,included progressing the career mode,will earn you an in-game currency,multiplayer modes as well will let you,earn in-game currency,the in-game currency is used to purchase,additional aircrafts,equipment and new weapons through attack,tree you begin the game with the f-16c,and you will be able to use some other,aircrafts after progressing a bit into,the campaign,for free instead of using the currency,that you earn to purchase them,each aircraft is equipped with standard,missiles,for both air-to-air and air-to-ground,warfare,as well as another special weapon each,aircraft,also carries a limited supply of flares,that can be deployed to evade missiles,in critical situations special weapons,differs depending on the aircraft itself,special weapons are used as well to,boost an aircrafts ability to carry out,air-to-air or air-to-ground attacks,you can purchase upgrades from the tech,3 that may also be used to boost the,performance of the aircraft beyond,its base performance such as improved,engine parts,or airframe parts to enhance its speed,and survivability,respectively only eight upgrades may be,applied,at any time weight limitations limit the,number of a specific type of upgrade,that,can be applied for the first time in the,series cloud,interfere with aircrafts hindering the,players vision,and targeting systems when passing,through them also rendering laser,weapons,ineffective due to light refraction in,addition in some levels aircrafts,briefly stall after staying in a cloud,for too long,and lightning strikes temporarily,disrupt controls and sensors,and some clouds as well may cause,freezing effect,which will cause the plane to stall if,you fly inside them for too long,during the single player campaign while,completing a series of combat missions,there is a story told as well you are,also given an,in-game briefing prior to combat,missions where youll be informed of the,success parameters,expected opposition terrain features and,weather conditions using a 3d map,display,different missions of the campaign,contain objectives like destroying,various,air and surface targets as well as,accomplishing specific mission targets,like,unmanned planes ai controlled wingmen in,different aircrafts will accompany you,through most of the missions providing,exposition and potentially shooting,down some of the enemy planes of course,like most ais,in most games you will be doing most of,the hard work,over the course of the single player,campaign you may choose to engage in,some additional extras such as,in-flight refueling or landing on an,aircraft carrier if you are not,interested,or you think they are a bit challenging,these extras,are skippable but bear in mind that they,will offer,additional points if you accomplish them,there is an inside camera that shows the,control panels for different aircrafts,but most of them are only visual the,story takes place in a fictional setting,shared by other games in the series,following the events of ace combat 4 and,ace combat 5,basically it starts with rising tensions,between two fictional countries,and it culminates when one of those,countries launches,a surprise attack on the other with a,massive number of combat drones,and the campaign story goes on from,there i dont want to go into a lot of,details for the sake of spoilers but,overall the story is decent,[Music],in the multiplayer you get to choose to,play it regardless of any progress made,in the single player campaign,the multiplayer mode includes team,deathmatch and battle royale modes,both modes are players player where,players shoot down enemy aircrafts to,earn points,against a timer the two modes differ in,that team death match involves two teams,of four players,each whereas battle royale has no teams,after aircraft has been destroyed youll,be respawned,in the map after a few seconds when the,time limit is reached,the team or player with the greatest,score is declared the winner,a pretty basic multiplayer mode but it,is still a great one,this part is where the game really,shines although its a bit over two,years but the graphics and visuals still,looks pretty good in 2021,even on consoles with the game running,on most consoles at 60 frames per second,the game is the first of the series to,use unreal engine 4,and it simply looks amazing with very,detailed and sharp visuals,that are pretty realistic the only thing,i noticed in some levels which was,slightly annoying that it has a bit of,pop-up textures,especially in levels that contains a lot,of trees,although im playing the game on the,highest settings on pc,and since we mentioned the pc another,very good point that ive noticed,is that this game is very well optimized,for the pc as im hitting a bit over,100 frames per second on the high,settings with 1440p resolution,using an rtx 270 super of course for the,best visual experience i would recommend,playing this game on pc,as for the console still you are getting,a very good experience visually the game,also supports,playstation vr and there are a few,special missions specifically for that,mode,to the music on audio part this game has,some pretty good audio effects when it,comes to the flight combat missiles,weapons and of course,different aircrafts engines and weather,audio effects,the game features as well a few nice,music tracks,nothing extra special for that part in,my opinion,unfortunately i cant feature any,in-game music in this video,but as always ill leave you with a few,clips to judge the audio effects,yourself,three remaining,mage2 they have a lock on you,lets do the human thing,whyd they pull it out,he escaped into the clouds up,nice kill one remaining,looks like they werent ready for a,fight,this time around ace combat is back to,its really good quality despite,the not so good installment that came,right before i would totally recommend,giving this game a try,if you are into combat flight video,games and,are looking for an arcade one rather,than the very realistic flight sims,out there especially that you might be,able to get it at a discounted price,nowadays as its a bit over two years,old now all right time to wrap this up,thanks for watching and if you enjoyed,this video or you learned something then,leave a like subscribe,and ill see you in the next o

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Review

[Music],theres more to war than just weapons,and politics ace combat is a series that,showed us just that hitting its stride,in the early 2000s with an enchanting,mix of jet fighting and human melodrama,but in the past decade its entries,suffered from putting less importance on,in signature stories it dropped four,games worth of fictional law in favor of,real-world locations traded pathos,formic yzma and attempted to add,cinematic blockbuster bombast to the,clinical nature of flying jets all at,the cost of losing its identity,thankfully Ace Combat 7 Skyes unknown,brings the series back on course and is,a significant return to what it was in,its prime a thrilling interpretation of,modern aerial combat that also tells a,war story with heart a conscience and,personal stakes the narrative of skies,are known dives back into the fictional,series universe last seen in 2007 and,deals with the conflict between the,familiar powers of the ocean federation,and the kingdom of Arusha you play a,silent faceless ocean pilot who will go,through some changing allegiances but,half of the plot actually occurs in,cinematics that run parallel to and,separate from your actual missions and,come from the perspective of seemingly,minor plays around the periphery its a,war story that pivots with the actions,of its small cast of characters as much,as it does military victories and leans,heavily into themes of the human,condition the graves of fabricated ideas,like nationality borders and cultural,identity as well as the ethics of,advancements in technological warfare to,be clear there arent many nuanced,discussions to be had between the,pronounced personalities of the cast,this is a drama first and foremost radio,chatter is filled with bold statements,of ideology,and sometimes it feels like theres a,naivety in the writing for entirely,different slightly juvenile reasons how,penal is this penal unit you ask this,place is a [ __ ] its regularly hammy,and melodramatic but the entire endeavor,is so wide-eyed and earnest so,enduringly heartfelt and ultimately,optimistic in nature that its easy to,let yourself be swept up and moved by it,all larger-than-life voices amp you up,over the radio when youre flying into a,Saudi adding an infectious passion to,affairs they remind you what youre,fighting for and sometimes make you feel,bad and question your actions the,overlapping conversation would be a,little distracting when youre trying to,dodge a missile but its that vital,human element that keeps you really,invested in this game about shooting,down planes but thats not to say that,the aerial combat in ace combat 7 is,anything but superb the fundamental,actions of chasing down enemies at high,speeds out maneuvering them to line up a,clear shot or banking hard to avoid an,incoming missile while your dashboard,beeps and flashes wildly at you is,enough to keep you on the edge of your,seat constantly your focus lies solely,on your plane and your surroundings,theres a variety of familiar factors to,take into consideration while flying but,a significant new element is clouds and,the tangible risks and possibilities,they invite juking into a bank of clouds,can break missile locks and give you the,element of surprise but come at the cost,of reduced visibility the possibility of,icing up your plane and hindering,maneuverability and even things like,strong wind currents and lightning,strikes messing with your ability to,keep control of your jet clouds are,legitimately useful strategic,considerations on top of just being a,pretty thing to admire and they make the,skies of Ace Combat 7 a more interesting,place to be theres also an impressive,variety of distinct scenarios across the,games 20 campaign missions generally,the scope of most battles are quite,large and require you to split your,attention between different kinds of,skirmishes across the map with a broader,objective in mind but many missions also,come with unique challenges that make,for some memorable moments dogfighting,in a thunderstorm at night stealth,Canyon runs an avoiding huge area of,effect blasts in the middle of a busy,battle are some enjoyable standouts,the games few boss style encounters are,a highlight – as you go,against impossibly good a spiders and,the games white whale super weapon,there are a few scenarios that arent as,exciting however hunting the trucks in a,sandstorm and chasing ICBMs grew tiring,pretty quickly and the games final,challenge is a tricky exercise in plane,maneuvering that feels like it,necessitates multiple retries by design,which puts a damper on an otherwise,grand finale,the act of retrying will inevitably come,with a pang the resentment to since,checkpointing in skies are known is,sparse checkpoints typically only occur,at the halfway point of a mission and,its common to get twenty minutes into a,battle before failing to hit an,objective and having to start from the,very beginning this can get frustrating,in the tail into the campaign where,threats are more abundant and moral,endless and the overall demands are,higher granted there is a lightning,versus on score performance and your,mission score persists even if you need,to retry from the halfway point but a,little more generosity wouldnt have,gone astray Ace Combat 7 features are,straightforward peer to peer online,multiplayer component featuring 8 player,deathmatch and team deathmatch modes,dogfighting with other human beings is,certainly a lot more challenging and,phonetic and because matches are only 5,minutes in length they consistently feel,fast paced and full of excitement the,planes and equipment you unlock as part,of the campaign carry over to,multiplayer and vice versa but,everything has an assigned value and,youre able to play matches that have a,limit on how much you can bring which,helps keep a level playing field online,sorties also feature a weighted scoring,system where leading players are clearly,marked and have a higher score value,attached to their destruction in my,experience its an idea that works well,in practice stopping you from being a,target if youre doing poorly and,keeping you on your toes if youre doing,well the PlayStation 4 version of skies,are known also features an exclusive VR,mode consisting of an Ace Combat 4,inspired mini campaign there are only 3,missions and their objectives are less,complicated than those of the main,campaign but even so the experience of,flying from the cockpit of a plane is,engrossing the feeling of speed and,height is literally dizzying the ability,to freely look around and track a target,with your gaze is terrific and the,active pitching and rolling your plane,is so effective at eliciting a feeling,of actual g-force and I personally had a,hard time doing more than one mission at,once without breaking out into a,nauseous sweat its a shame that theres,no option to play the main campaign in,VR the head tracking and free look alone,would be incredibly useful but the mode,is a great addition nonetheless good,aerial combat is important for a game,involving jet fighters but its a given,quality for ace combat skies are known,burst a beautiful photo realistic world,entertaining mission variety and a,reason to get excited about clouds but,most importantly it carries a,you devotion to the history and stories,of its fictional universe and with that,it brings back the human emotional,center that makes it remarkable Ace,Combat 7 is a fantastic return for a,series that is at its best when it wears,its heart on its wings Ive gone from,being a little girl to well still a girl,just older but now I was all alone,wherever the souls of my gramps and his,pals are flying,I hope its peaceful,[Music],you

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – A Brief Review (2019)

all right so heres my theory about most,of you watching this video I reckon,about 80% of you alike oh yeah,Ace Combat I remember that game from the,ps2 right they made a sequel to that,well first of all the series didnt,start on ps2 it started back on the ps1,in 1995,[Music],and secondly they didnt make one sequel,to it they made sixteen with this game,Ace Combat seven being the seventeenth,Ace Combat game ever but I feel you Im,like you I have not played a single Ace,Combat game since shattered skies on the,ps2 its been 17 years since I played an,Ace Combat game holy [ __ ] Im getting,old now I had no intention whatsoever of,reviewing Ace Combat 7 because I,honestly just thought the series was,some dumb rkd fighter jet game and since,that wasnt my jam I was like meh,whatever but in the lead-up to the,release a whole bunch of Ace Combat,fanboys were spamming my Twitter feed,being like oh my god Ace Combat best,game ever so I checked out the subreddit,and what I found was an extremely,engaged passionate community of people,who have loved the series for over 20,years,very few franchises have lasted that,long so clearly there had to be,something to all of this so I got in,touch with Bandai Namco Ive got a,review copy I booted it up I sat down,and I thought alright lets just hope,this isnt too boring,[Music],having spent about 25 hours with Ace,Combat 7 I get it now this is a,remarkably well-constructed video game,the key point I want people to take away,from this review is that in addition to,being a superb flight sim Ace Combat 7,is also a superbly designed video game,with its level design objective design,strategic choices and difficulty curve,being absolutely on point so much so,that even though this game drove me,absolutely insane at times and I wanted,to throw my controller at the TV,I came to deeply respect this game you,can tell the developers have been making,this sort of game for 20 years because,each component is pulled so tightly,across the entire canvas of the game but,that probably doesnt make any sense yet,so lets start from the beginning lets,talk about what Ace Combat actually is,ace combat is not a realistic flight,simulator game its much closer to,starfox than it is to Microsoft Flight,Simulator though it does mainly use real,world aircraft and technology most of,the craft your fly looks straight out of,Top Gun though there are some more,experimental aircraft you gain access to,as you progress through the unlock tree,the game has a campaign mode a,multiplayer pvp mode and a VR mode which,unfortunately is exclusive to the ps4,for at least a year after which time PC,will get it Xbox users you guys can play,it on hololens when it comes out just,joking that things never coming out the,campaign has 20 missions which will take,you around about an hour each and 3 VR,missions which run for about 30 minutes,each so youre looking at around 25,hours ish of gameplay before you head,into multiplayer in terms of,replayability theres a big unlock tree,where you can grind out new planes and,upgrade parts and after finishing the,campaign I reckon I unlocked about a,quarter of whats on offer the intention,is to continue playing each mission at,higher difficulties and earning higher,ranks to earn more currency to unlock,everything all told theres a lot of,value in this product for the $60 price,tag and if youre into what its doing,then theres absolutely no way in hell,youre gonna feel short-changed I played,with a ps4 controller which is sort of,ok however some button combinations,require the pressing of both right and,left shoulder buttons at the same time,so something like a,Gulf controller with buttons on the back,really helps the best solution though is,a joystick which you can get for,consoles as well given how much I,enjoyed this game I really wish Id,gotten a joystick first because I think,I would have enjoyed it even more but as,I said a controller works just fine as,well so thats the basics lets talk,about what makes acecomm bat fun at its,core Ace Combat delivers what no other,game on the market does a flight,simulator that gives you the joy of,piloting a billion-dollar piece of,technology while aiming to shoot down,other billion-dollar pieces of,technology and its free of all the,boring simulation [ __ ] that most of us,just dont enjoy for enthusiasts they,already have their other games and their,lounge room cockpits and whatever we,just want to sit on our couch do a,barrel roll lock on with missiles and,fire away Ace Combat gives you this,freedom and it feels awesome the,relationship you develop with the games,controls is a very important one to,understand and appreciate the first and,most important thing I will tell you is,that there are two control schemes one,of them is the real one and the other,one is reserved for that polygon,journalist playing Doom and that other,guy playing cuphead this easy mode,control scheme removes the yaw and pitch,control so you can play the entire game,with the right joystick and this is just,the worst way to experience this game,you have so much less control over what,youre doing and everything feels way,less satisfying I tried the basic [ __ ],control scheme for the first two,missions while I get the hang of things,and then I tried the expert after that,and then I went back and redid the first,two missions again because I was so,disgusted with myself for ever having,used that novice control scheme I think,Ive made my point here lets move on I,came to develop a great affection for,East combats controls they really do,feel very smooth and responsive at all,times its difficult to make this point,in a way that resonates let me just use,the example of Spider Man on ps4 if,youve watched the spider-man movies you,get a sense of what it would be like to,web sling to the streets of Manhattan,and then the game just perfectly,delivers on that its just perfect,its the same with Ace Combat and the,joy of flying a fighter jet you pick up,the controls and through every barrel,roll and last minute pull up and,nosedive and bombing run you just feel,completely connected to the aircraft and,you start to get a sense of its weight,and how it move,now it shifts with your maneuvers and,what each craft is capable of this,feeling is augmented with the games,upgrade system in addition to each plane,having its own baseline stats you could,also buy and install upgrades that,change the way your aircraft performs,generally these are either in the,manoeuvrability or the firepower,departments and since you can only have,so many upgrades installed you need to,choose which to invest in do you want to,be able to barrel roll faster or turn,left and right quicker or accelerate and,decelerate more rapidly and the impact,of those upgrades can immediately be,felt when you apply them its not just,window dressing and in some missions it,can have a very real tactical,implication on your mission but well,come back to that later so right now,youre probably thinking cool its a,flat team game where the controls dont,suck yes but theres a lot more I,[Music],[ __ ] hated Ace Combat 7 for about the,first third of it then in the next third,I started to understand it and by the,last third of it I really respected how,well its missions were designed let me,be super clear about this this game is,really hard like oh my god this game,pushed me in a way that few games have,ever pushed me but like all great games,I realized along the way that each,failed mission was entirely my own fault,and that there are at least half a dozen,things I could have been doing,differently to improve my chances of,success we need to break down this,difficulty thing because its actually,the most fascinating part of Ace Combat,for me and its the reason I came to,respect it so much theres so many,layers to its difficulty and each of,them are so precisely tuned that it,always feels like youre carefully,threading a needle during each objective,the first thing to discuss is the pre,mission

Ace Combat 7 Analysis – A Love Letter to Strangereal

hello everyone sneak adiyae I have not,really been in the mood for making,videos lately but I did kind of promise,this one backing the ACE combi overview,and as we all know I always deliver on,my promises except when I dont but I,had a good reason for waiting so long,this time Ive been waiting for all the,DLC to be released,yeah thats why so here we are,we finally have every bit of a scum bot,7 content to digest and take a look at,this will hopefully be a pretty thorough,analysis so lets begin by the way is,gonna be massive spoilers for everything,[Music],Ace Combat 7 was announced all the way,back in 2015 and was originally intended,for a winter 2017 release but was,delayed to 2018 and then delayed one,last time to 2019 making it the first,main line Ace Combat game in 12 years,and you fought Devil May Cry had it bad,I posed a question at the end of my,series retrospective video would a c7 be,the game that returns the series to its,glory days is this the game that would,be the true successor to the ps2 games,well Im still playing it like a year,after it came out so I guess the answer,is yes theres no dumb gimmicks like,dogfight Mode holding it back,this is 100% classic Ace Combat,mechanics with extremely tight gameplay,in physics but its not without its fair,share of faults that holds it back from,being truly perfect a common criticism,made by reviewers was that the story,didnt make any sense which is bizarre,since the story makes perfect sense,however when I think these people are,referring to isnt the story itself but,rather how its told and this is perhaps,the games greatest downfall to explain,why its necessary to explore the appeal,of these games and what makes them so,great,obviously dogfighting is really cool but,theres more to it than that,Ace Combat games have traditionally had,a large emphasis on mission pacing the,mission structure is a lot like the,tracklist of a musical album each track,is ideally there to complement the one,that came before it after it and the,tracklist as a whole almost every game,begins with a stray air-to-air mission,against some bombers this acts as a,tutorial stage since the bombers cat,dogfight and pretty much have to watch,his missiles blown into pieces from here,we have a mix of air to ground and air,to air missions the longer multiple,objective based missions from ac6 are,thankfully absent here this is much,closer to the missions featured in the,ps2 games such as the timed score based,destruction missions from a c4 and the,ever-popular escort missions between,these though are a variety of gimmicky,missions that really help enhance that,traditional pacing I was talking about,we have the old classics making a return,such as the ravine flight that they,stole from area 88 the Flying Fortress,boss fight and the absolutely essential,tunnel run the tunnel run is something,that happens in almost every Ace Combat,game it involves an extremely dangerous,flight for a tunnel to destroy something,that could not otherwise be destroyed,its mainly used right at the end of,when the action is at its climax this is,so deeply ingrained into the series at,this point that not having one feels,like a cheap ac7 brings back this,tradition with its own unique twist,however all of these are things weve,seen before and there have been some,criticism that points to was this game,lacking in innovation and simply being,more of the same Id argue that that,wouldnt be a bad thing considering how,long its been since the last real game,but its also not even true ac7 brings,an absolutely fantastic new mechanic to,the table that both complements your,formula and innovates it Im referring,to the turbulence and weather mechanics,an inexperienced pilot may find,themselves losing their bearings while,flying through the clouds your missiles,lose accuracy your aircraft becomes,unstable and you can even ice up if you,spend too long in there this isnt just,added realism however its also one of,your main obstacles during certain,missions the most memorable example of,this can be found in my favorite mission,which has you flying through a valley,while being blown by strong winds if,that wasnt enough the second half,introduces lightning into the mix which,can strike your aircraft and send you,off course this mission is also your,first encounter with enemy ace Mihai and,what follows is an intense dogfight,through treacherous weather lonely do,all of these elements make for a,visually striking set-piece but an,engaging bit of gameplay as well the two,will finally come together in a,they couldnt in the salt horizon the,weather is an added layer of intensity,to these early fairly intense duck,fights it gives a sense that enemy,pilots arent your only hazard during,missions youre also up against the,elements well almost every mission has,some clouds for you to fly through most,of them dont have fun there are,sandstorms,its a mechanic that adds variety to the,campaign missions without being too,gimmicky or annoying which brings us,back to that fantastic mission pacing I,mentioned earlier its like an album of,great songs sometimes quite literally,because this game has a really damn good,soundtrack,each mission is visually distinct in a,way that you dont often see in a game,with photorealistic graphics theres a,great use of colors and scenery that,makes every area distinct and memorable,not to beat that dead horse once again,but its much more interesting than the,boring grays and browns that littered,assault horizon in terms of gameplay ec7,is perfect in its pacing however this,doesnt quite extend with storytelling,which as I mentioned earlier is its,greatest downfall this is an important,area to analyze because a c7 is more,than any of a game in this series a,sequel it assumes you have prior,knowledge of strange Ryo and have at the,very least played AC 4 and 5 its a,culmination of over 20 years of games I,can imagine it will be slightly,overwhelming for first-time players and,thats ignoring all of the other,information the game throws at you and,expect you to remember the plot of a c7,is difficult to surmise for this reason,alone the game begins with a virile Mead,an aircraft mechanic who is thrown into,prison for accidentally breaking wartime,aviation laws about five minutes after,the kingdom of Arusha launches a,surprise attack on osya lets get,sidetracked but can you really get into,trouble for something like that when,theres reasonable doubt that you didnt,know nevertheless shes taken to a phony,airbase with the penal military squadron,osya have become so desperate for good,pilots they started to send convicts on,legit military operations our role is,not our pataga nest however at least not,the one we take control off in a similar,vein to previous games we play as a,voiceless protagonist named trigger a,man who is framed for the assassination,in Holland the hero of the,circum-pacific war and the man who,spearheaded the construction of the,space elevator osseous former president,mr. farlan trigger is sent to the 444,squadron along with a virile and a,myriad of OVA convicts this is the,premise that was sold during much of the,games marketing a ragtag band of,misfits who have no choice but to go on,almost suicidal missions this is a great,idea as it allows for a lot of,interesting radio banter between the,characters one of the things that Sirius,has always done really well,each character is therefore different,crimes so they all have their own,clearly defined quirks we have the guy,obsessed with gambling the anarchist the,fraudster and so on my favorite of these,is full band the guy who just cannot,stop talking about classified,information leading to some interesting,friction with the awacs,the fret of solitary confinement is,mentioned so often in this part of the,game that it almost feels like a running,joke after jumping solitaire want to,give back this whole story is just,fantastic but unfortunately its a poor,representation of the game as a whole,because its o

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