1. Acorns Investment App Review After 4 Years
  2. What you MUST know about Acorns Investing
  3. I Invested $10 Per Day Into Acorns For A Year… Heres The Results
  4. Acorns Just Made a Massive Change! (3x more fees!)
  5. Should I Use The Acorns App For Investing?
  6. Double Your Money – Never Use Acorns – Do This Instead
  7. Acorns Review 2021: 1 Year Update

Acorns Investment App Review After 4 Years

hola mi gente welcome back to the,channel my name is sean this is we are,investing a channel thats dedicated in,investing and personal finance on,todays video we are going to be doing a,review on the acorns investing,application ive been using this app for,more than four years and to get to the,bottom line i am still using it and,there are some features that i,absolutely love and probably could not,live without they have become so,fundamental to my investing strategies,and allow me to invest in the stock,market that if i was to not have this i,would lose out on a ton of money but,there are some features that i do not,like as well and i use acorns in a very,particular way now my way might not be,your way because im an active investor,i do a ton of research regarding the,stock market i like picking individual,stocks and individual etfs so my,strategy might not work for you but if,you like investing in the stock market,acorns is a great way to start and if,you want to learn more about how you can,invest in the stock market how you can,find individual stocks to invest in then,definitely consider subscribing to this,channel because thats a lot of what we,talk about once you subscribe also,consider hitting that notification bell,so that youtube will notify you when i,upload more videos and also please,consider doing us a huge favor by,smashing that like button to help with,the youtube algorithm now if at the end,of this video you like what you see with,acorns and you want to use this,application just know that i am going to,be providing a link down below in the,video description if you sign up with,that link down below you will also be,helping out the channel because that is,a referral link but i am not being paid,by acorns this is a self review acorns,is giving me nothing these referral,links are available for anyone if you,sign up with acorns you will get the,same referral link but with that being,said lets dive into the app and im,going to give you my overall opinions,and show you whats good and whats not,now im doing this on an android device,its going to be the same on an iphone,you just have to download the app from,your app store now this is the home,screen when you log in this is the,screen youre going to see and as you,can see right now i have 184,that might seem like a low amount for,having this account for four years but,its not because i constantly withdraw,money from here you will see later in,this video how i use acorns personally,and in this home screen if you scroll,down you can earn more money there are,companies that will give you cash back,essentially in your acorns account if,you use them with a linked card so if,youre ever looking to see if you can,find deals you can hop on acorns and see,what companies are giving cash back for,instance chewy and uber eats are giving,two percent to your acorns account if,you use those companies and you buy,products from them you also have,milestones itll tell you how much you,invested over the last 30 days and you,can do scheduled deposits now me,personally,i have a scheduled deposit of a hundred,dollars every month that goes into,acorns you can also view your roundups,now roundups is extremely powerful and,probably the main reason why i use,acorns because i cant find a simple,application that allows me to round up,money like this so that i can invest,that money in the future it essentially,creates a penny bank it essentially,creates a safe place for me to,accumulate money so that i can invest in,the future its mindless its seamless,whenever i buy anything it rounds it up,to the next dollar and that change is,then converted into an investment,account where then i can decide how i,want to invest that money but because i,have roundups when the time comes when,the stock market dips and i need money i,can hop on over to acorns its doing the,work behind the scenes as i just live my,regular life and then i can extract that,money and put it into my taxable account,in td ameritrade and thats why my,portfolio right now in acorns is so low,because i dont really keep money in,here for long i just let it accumulate,and then when theres a dip i buy the,stocks that i want to buy because i am,an inve because i am an active investor,but if youre not an active investor you,dont want to pick stocks then you can,just leave it in acorns and let it do,its thing and if you scroll down more,this is basically the end of the home,screen so were going to scroll back up,to the top and im going to hit on my,invest which has 184 dollars and here,youre going to see some more,information and the settings that i,personally use now my portfolio is set,for aggressive so the money that i do,have in here is going to be investing,primarily in stocks its going to be an,aggressive style because im still young,i dont need to be less aggressive just,go all in on stocks while youre young,because youre going to get the best,returns as you get older and you want,less risk you can diversify into bonds,and other fixed assets and if i click on,the portfolio you can see exactly what,im invested in,55 of my portfolio is in large company,stocks 10 in medium company stocks 5 in,small company stocks and 30 in,international and if you come down here,below you can see exactly what etf,youre investing in the large company,stocks is voo thats the vanguard etf,that follows the s p 500 and depending,on what kind of investment strategy you,use if its aggressive if its moderate,and less risky you will see what kind of,ets or what kind of stocks and bonds you,are purchasing within acorns now the,next important thing and probably the,most powerful thing with acorns and the,main reason why i use it is the roundup,settings now you can see that my roundup,settings are set to automatic i have a,multiplier i have a 2x multiplier and i,have whole dollar roundups to the next,dollar so if i buy something that is,worth one dollar exactly im gonna round,up and that purchase is going to be two,dollars but that extra dollars is going,to go into my account until it hits five,dollars and then its going to convert,into into the portfolio so your roundups,work in five dollars chunks once you,have enough money saved up in your,roundup to hit five dollars its then,converted over to your portfolio and,youll see in your bank statements that,you have these five dollar charges,thats to go into acorns now my roundup,multiplier is 2x so essentially lets,say i buy something thats a dollar,fifty to round up to a whole dollar is,50 cents but i have a multiplier of 2x,so its gonna round it up an extra,dollar so that one dollar fifty cent,purchase is going to end up being two,dollars fifty cents with one dollar,going into an investing account and the,great thing here is you can link it to,many cards you can link it to a credit,card you can link it to a debit card you,can link it to a visa mastercard amex,whatever you can link whatever you have,to acorns and do these roundups and its,in here where youll change your,settings so lets say tomorrow i want to,have 3x all i do is click 3x and i hit,save i dont want to do that so im not,going to go through the process but when,youre setting up roundups this is the,screen youre going to want to be in now,i also have it set up for reoccurring,deposits so i deposit a hundred dollars,every single month on the last day of,the month i let this money just,accumulate in acorns its invested in,large company its invested aggressively,in those etfs that we showed you theyre,lower risk but they are stocks and then,and depending on how those stocks,perform i will get either a return or i,would lose money but its still safe,because im investing in a basket of,stocks and then when i see stocks that i,love stocks that i want to invest in,personally i will withdraw money from my,acorns and put it into my taxable,account to buy them individually because,im an active investor and thats what i,like to do and thats what works best,for me because i put the time and wor

What you MUST know about Acorns Investing

whats the guys histogram here so okay,everybody Im listening you guys have,been asking me non-stop to make a video,about acorns investing and Ive been,ignoring it for quite a long time until,today so here it is were gonna be,talking about acorns investing and you,guys know me when I review something,like this I go all out Im up until 2:00,I am Im reading all of the boring fine,print,Im immersing myself in the nuances of,the product and Im doing my best to dig,up as much dirt on the company as I can,and that I did and all I ask is,repayment for all of the relentless,hours that Ive spent researching for,this video staying up way too late and,drinking way too much iced coffee is,just a gentle tap of the like button,just a very firm tap and youll be good,to go okay,there we go thank you so with that said,this is acorns investing and today were,gonna be going over all of its unique,quirks and features and then were gonna,be giving it a graham score and yes,Graham the type of guy to make a Doug,DeNiro joke on his YouTube channel all,right so my not so funny jokes aside,what is acorns investing well the basic,premise here is that theyre an app that,helps automate your investing and I,would say the most notable perk within,their app is really within the roundup,feature this pretty much just lets you,invest the spare change from everything,you spend by rounding up every purchase,to the nearest dollar and then investing,that difference so for example if you,spend three dollars and 50 cents of a,cup of coffee,you can give acorns the option just to,round that up to an even four dollars,and then invest that difference of 50,cents on your behalf and then you can,apply this to pretty much every single,one of your expenditures and its very,easy to see how this can add up very,quickly you also have the option to use,whats called their roundup multiplier,which lets you multiply your spare,change up to ten times so if you have 50,Cents left over on your cup of coffee,you can basically multiply that by ten,times and invest up to five dollars on,your behalf without even thinking about,it they also give you the option to set,up recurring investments on a daily,weekly or monthly basis and again the,entire purpose of this app is really,just to help automate your investing and,do it consistently,theyll also let you see real time what,your investments could be worth,depending on how much money you invest,and how often you invest so again all of,this is really just getting you to see,the long-term now in terms of exactly,what you and,they say that your investments are,diversified across more than 7,000,stocks and bonds and automatically,rebalance when the market fluctuates so,basically theyre just investing in,broad funds that track the market very,similar to the Vanguard index funds that,I mentioned all the time on this channel,and when it comes to this acorns is,whats called a Robo advisor and this is,definitely gaining a lot of popularity,lately with companies like wealthfront,and betterment and m1 finance to name a,few and a robo advisor is exactly what,the name alludes to its basically an,automated software that picks your,investments for you based on a small,subset of questions that you answer,depending on how long you want to invest,your money for like if you need your,money in five years and just want,moderate low-risk growth wolven here you,go theyve got a predetermined fund for,you to invest your money in or on the,other hand if you want high growth,potential and you dont intend to touch,your money for over 20 years then they,have another predetermined fund for you,to put your money in or theyll just,tell you to smash the like button if you,havent done that the first time so,depending on your answers to the,questions theyll match you with the,fund that will align to your goals all,without ever speaking to a financial,advisor or a youtuber now in terms of,simplicity I gotta say its very easy to,do and it takes a lot of the guesswork,out of investing now I do however have a,few small issues with this which we,should just get into right now I dont,want to keep anyone hanging first I,think its very important we discussed,my least favorite word in the entire,u.s. dictionary and that would be the,word fees I cannot stand the word fee it,just gives me shivers which is a shame,by the way because they really like the,word free and theyre so close together,if you just take out the are and Im,done and as you should expect acorns is,not a free service and you should know,exactly how much theyre going to be,charging you unless youre a college,student in which case it is free in,which case this doesnt apply to you so,if we go to my computer and we see the,pricing tier well see that the basic,tier begins at $1 per month so with this,well get the automated investing where,they round up every charge to the,nearest dollar and then invest the,difference you also get access to the,Robo advisor which helps pick your,investment fund you also get access to,whats called grow magazine which sounds,to me like the name of a marijuana,magazine but you know whatever youll,also get,money which is basically a collection of,retailers that will invest a small,percentage of your sale on your behalf,so kind of reminds me a little bit of,the Chrome extension honey except the,money you save is just automatically,invested then if we take it up a notch,and you double your monthly payments all,the way from $1 to $2 you get all of,what I just mentioned plus whats called,acorns later which is basically just,their version of an IRA and then finally,if youre feeling kind of spendy one day,if youre feeling a little bit you know,luxurious if you feel like you just want,to make it rain you can spend $30 a,month and get all of that plus their,checking account with a debit card,forgot to mention that but now with that,said lets go into the value perspective,of all of this and whether or not this,is actually worth it and this is where I,get really nerdy I get so into this sort,of stuff you can tell my excitement just,went from a six Im at a 12 now this is,what happens when I get to a 12 I get so,into this stuff and again for this video,lets just make this very clear that all,of this is just my opinion and you,should never take financial advice from,a YouTube or making videos in their,garage so lets start this with the $1 a,month automatic round up investing,feature now first of all I want to,mention that this is free for any,college students under the age of 24 so,if this applies to you then theres no,downside it doesnt cost anything just,do it now on the other hand if youre,not in college and youre just using,this for the roundup feature to invest,the difference heres where things start,getting a little bit iffy lets just say,you have 50 normal transactions in a,month and through that you invest $50,into the program well in that first,month a one dollar charge would equate,to you losing two percent of your money,right off the top like you need to make,a twenty four percent return in the,first year just to break even on your,$50 investment assuming thats costing,you $1 a month which lets be real,chances are its probably not gonna,happen like even if youve invested a,thousand dollars worth of spare round-up,change paying $12 over the course of a,year would equate to a 1.2 percent loss,on your money which thats a lot in fact,you need to have three thousand dollars,invested with acorns just to match what,you can get already from a vanguard,index fund which charges you zero points,four percent and then you also have,fidelities index fund which basically,just charges you nothing now on the,other hand if this is for a person that,wouldnt have saved or invested anything,anyway if it werent for the acorns app,then I absolutely think that a twelve,dollar loss is worth saving more money,than they spent if that is that type of,person but I do have to mention that if,anyone has less than three thousand,dollars invested then a

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I Invested $10 Per Day Into Acorns For A Year… Heres The Results

whats up guys my name is caleb and in,todays video im going to show you my,results from investing every single day,for an entire year on the acorns,platform so lets jump right into it so,first off i just wanted to mention that,i know my title says i invested 10 a day,however that 10 is the average for this,year so far so i actually invested more,than 10 on certain days and other days i,invested less it just kind of depended,on what happened throughout the year,because this year has just been crazy,for me but according to my history,overall i started the year out with,about five to seven dollars a day and,then sometime in about may i increased,it to uh twelve dollars a day and i kept,it like that until about august and then,i bumped it up another dollar to,thirteen dollars a day and i recently,just put it back down to five dollars a,day a few weeks ago just so i can do,some extra christmas shopping and stuff,like that so it averaged out to about,ten dollars a day because as you can see,here if i click on the recent activity,it says my total contributed for 2021 is,just over 3 300 and if you do 10 a day,for an entire year that should be about,3 600 so with the six weeks left in the,year i should be hitting pretty close to,that mark so without further ado lets,jump right into the portfolios here,because this is where it gets really,interesting so here is my overall,performance for the last year i am up,about 16 ive seen this drop as low as,12 percent and ive seen it be as high,as 21 throughout the year but its been,averaging in kind of like the 15 to 18,range for the most part it says im up,850 on the year and the all time im up,over a thousand dollars out of the six,grand that i have total so thats pretty,nice i have an overall 20 return which,is beating the typical average annual,return of the s p 500 by about two times,this is not typical weve had one of the,biggest uh and best market recoveries in,history so keep that in mind but i just,wanted to show you what im invested in,here so if you look at my percentage,breakdown in my portfolio this one is in,the roth ira account through acorns and,i chose the aggressive portfolio so,there is only four different etfs that,im invested in and there is no bonds,involved in this portfolio so as you can,see right here im investing 55 percent,in large company stocks 10 percent in,medium 5 and small and 30 in,international companies now im just,going to show you what uh etfs are,actually being invested in here so the,first one im invested about 55 in the,vanguards s p 500 index this is under,the ticker symbol voo and this one has,had a pretty good return throughout the,year its up uh 32 and we started out,the year with this one being at about,320,or so and its increased over a hundred,dollars so far so thats been excellent,we did have a big dip about two months,ago maybe a month ago or so for the most,part its staying consistent its going,in an upward direction which is nice now,the s p 500 if you guys dont already,know its a index that invests in the,top 500 companies in the united states,by market cap so this includes things,like amazon microsoft apple tesla google,facebook of course most of my money is,going to go into this now the medium,company stocks one this is under the,ticker symbol ijh and this one has had,an excellent return too so its up 35 on,the year right now we started out the,year with it at about 210 and its up 75,dollars as you can see here but as you,can see in the beginning of the year is,when we had most of the gains and if you,go to the sixth month we were only up,seven percent so its really not as high,most of those gains happen in the,beginning of the year now moving on to,the small company stocks we kind of have,the same deal here so a lot of the gains,were in the beginning of the year but,for the last six months its basically,just been trading sideways its only up,seven percent we started the year out,with this one sitting at about eighty to,eighty five dollars its up thirty four,on the year to a hundred and eighteen so,thats forty percent even though seven,percent is in the last six months like i,said and this is under ticker symbol ijr,now moving on to the last one here weve,got the international company stocks,this is the second biggest part of the,portfolio here so this one was at about,62 or 63 dollars at the beginning of the,year its up about 10 bucks now to 73 um,which comes out to about 15 and this one,has really been trading sideways for the,last six months so even though its up,15 on the year on the six month its not,even up a single percent its at about,half a percent right now and its only,gained 38 cents in value other than that,yeah i mean the portfolio is is,performing pretty well um i think that,its really beneficial to be investing,every single day because then youre,getting a slice of every day of the,market so when youre having a bad day,in the market then your dollars have,more buying power you can get more,shares per dollar whereas when the,market is high youre getting less,shares per dollar because of the fact,that youre unable to predict this no,matter how good you think you are i,think investing daily is great because,if youre investing like monthly or,weekly you might miss those really good,days where the markets like at a really,good deal so the other thing i wanted to,mention here was the dividend so if i go,back to the recent activity i have 62 in,dividends that ive earned so far which,is honestly not bad now if i can find,the uh most recent dividends ill show,you how much that one was it looks like,right here weve got the most recent,dividend was on october 4th at about,9.50 this is from the large company,stocks portfolio this is cool because i,only have 6 grand in the account so 10,bucks doesnt really seem like that much,and neither does the 62 but it really,adds up over time and it definitely has,been getting noticeably bigger because,when i first started this acorns account,when i would get dividends itd be like,maybe a penny or five pennies or like 25,cents when i hit my first few hundred,dollars so seeing a single dividend all,the way at ten dollars is really awesome,now i have a couple of goals that im,trying to meet by the end of the year,the first one obviously is i want to get,out of the five dollars a day thing that,is the lowest ive had it this entire,year so far and i want to bump it up to,10 or 12 again by the time christmas is,over and then i want to start out next,year trying to max out this account,because with the roth ira if you dont,already know you can only contribute 6,dollars per year to this account so that,comes out to about 16 and a half dollars,a day so if i can get even like 15 a day,that would be great i really want to max,out this account uh in 2022 because this,year ive only about done 60 or so of,the cap on that but ive beat last year,by almost double so im off to a pretty,good start there so thats kind of what,happens when you invest daily into,acorns 10 bucks a day on average i,really just love acorns because it,allows you to invest daily like i said,and not a lot of platforms do that the,other thing i wanted to mention here is,that what you can do and what ive,started to do recently is you can do,this thing called value averaging so,its similar to dollar cost averaging,but its called value averaging and you,basically are investing more when the,markets down and less when the market,is up now here is the voo stock chart on,weeble and i just wanted to show you,kind of what i mean so notice how this,chart is basically from april to now of,this year as you can see its like,pretty consistent for the most part but,then every so often we have this little,down spike that comes down and hits this,red line right here so basically what i,do is ill periodically look at this i,dont look at this like every day but,like you know once every week or two and,if its touching this red line or looks,like its about to cross it thats when,ill inc

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Acorns Just Made a Massive Change! (3x more fees!)

i just got an email from acorns and they,are making major changes to how theyre,structuring their investment accounts,theyre gonna either force me to,completely stop investing with them or,pay,three times more than im currently,paying this video will go over,exactly what the changes are what that,means for anyone currently,investing with acorns and get a little,sneak peek of their promises for the,future,acorns has made a name for themselves by,being the best,investing app for beginners hands down,the service is the easiest to use and is,the most helpful out of anything else,offered today,i think that the way theyve made their,app is incredibly streamlined how you,invest,is super easy you just pick one of their,three subscription tiers,how aggressive or how conservative you,want to be deposit money,and thats it youre done unlike a lot,of popular investing apps nowadays,you did have to pay for the subscription,thankfully the fees have always been,really low one dollar,three dollar or five dollars per month,totally doable for most of us,and theyve always been those flat fees,so its not like its a percent of,assets under management or something,like that,its really low and really simple the,investments themselves are built by,experts that acorns hired and all you,have to do like i said is just pick your,risk level so if youre kind of,intimidated and you want to be really,conservative you just pick the one,called conservative ive been investing,with the one thats the most aggressive,so i picked that one and theres a few,in between that spectrum too,over the last like year and a half that,ive used acorns its always been really,easy to recommend,its super simple it gets you,diversified right off the bat and i,really like the service all that has,been packaged up,for a really low price but thats now,changing,acorns gives a handful of reasons as far,as why theyre upping their price,and so ill review those now they say,that since theyve started in 2014,theyve never raised their price but,theyve added more features,added more staff and theyve added more,cost their second justification,is that this added revenue that theyre,gonna get from making us pay more money,is so they can add more services that we,as their users actually want to me this,is a little bit questionable because,those of us that are affected by this,clearly want to only pay one dollar per,month so heres hoping the changes will,be worth it their final reason for the,bump in price is that most of new,users signing up now are picking that,three dollar or five dollar per month,tier anyway so they,just deduce that hey most people must,want those features they dont even want,the one dollar per month account anyway,and personally i cant help but notice,that this change is happening,right before they plan to go public as a,company this is acorns,theyve filed for an ipo and theyre,gonna do that towards the end of this,year,and my hypothesis is that this whole,price bump is just to make the most of,this upcoming ipo,theyve got most of their revenue coming,from subscription fees if they can jack,up those fees a little bit more,get another bump in earnings that looks,really good on paper to anybody whos,evaluating them to invest in them then,maybe when that happens they get a more,favorable,initial stock price they get even more,money to keep to have to buy a yacht,with or to actually put into the,business,so my guess is that they decided to roll,the dice and,gamble with the backlash that theyre,probably gonna get from this and its a,marketing move overall to raise a ton of,money,later this year but well see what are,the changes that are happening until now,acorns has had three levels of like,subscription tiers and the corresponding,fees to choose from acorns lite,is their one dollar per month level and,its a taxable brokerage account and,thats it,very simple very clean and enough for,most people to actually get started,investing im a huge fan of just getting,started because i think that critical,first step kind of breaks the seal,and now youre an investor now its easy,to get another account to invest more to,do all these other positive things and,you got started thats thats the whole,impetus for all this,ive personally used this tier because i,already have retirement accounts,elsewhere and,why would i pay for more than i need,its been perfect the next tier is three,dollars per month and its called,personal and that gives you both the,taxable brokerage account like in the,one dollar level and it gives you access,to retirement accounts in the form of,iras it also gives you access to acorn,spend which is like their checking,account,debit card combo which of course links,to your investment account and then you,can do their whole roundup thing and do,that whole jazz the final subscription,level,is the most expensive and its,all-inclusive so its got everything,from the previous two,plus its got access to investment,accounts for kids,per that email that i got today from,acorns the rug thats being pulled out,from under us,is that cheapest one dollar per month,acorns light option that i have been,using,[Music],for me its always been the easiest one,to recommend because who cant afford,one dollar per month like if you can,afford to invest you can afford one,dollar per month,and now its going to be completely,cancelled going forward the only options,anyone will have to invest with acorns,is the three,or five dollar per month level thats it,and they assured me twice in the email,that i got that i wouldnt have to take,any action and they will do all the,upgrade for me well thanks guys of,course you can take more money from me,that yeah i can,i can trust you to do that but there is,a way to not have to pay more they say,right here in the email that if youre,having,economic hardships to contact them by,september 21st when this is gonna roll,out and they will honor your request,if you do click on it then the link,leads you to this website where you just,enter the same email that you have,registered with acorns,and then they apparently dont bump up,your price im not experiencing economic,hardships which im so thankful for,so i wont be emailing them what options,do we have now that this change is,happening,well i think that we have three possible,options first we can say adios to acorns,and we can just move our money elsewhere,if youre just using like the taxable,account only,and you dont want to pay more if you,dont want access to iras,and youre not willing to lie about,having an economic hardship just go,start investing with a different service,theres a bunch of other ones out there,that are totally free,if anyone comes to me and wants to,invest without fees and wants to pick,their own investments,i always mention m1 finance its still,really cleanly designed its not quite,as easy as acorns but its close,it has no monthly fees and you pick a,mix of things to invest in by creating,your own pie,or you can pick from the ones they,already have for you to choose from i,made a two year review video about m1,finance thats linked in the description,for you so you can go check that out if,youre interested the second option,is we can do nothing and just get bumped,to the three dollar per month tier this,isnt,a horrible option for most people i,think a lot of people could probably use,an ira if theyre just using a taxable,account an ira is great,and an extra two dollars per month or 24,per year is likely not actually gonna,make a significant difference to most,people so if you want to keep using,acorns thats totally an option,our third choice is to just go all in on,acorns,yeah i said it if were sticking around,anyway,and youre interested in setting up kids,with investment accounts why not just,condense it all,into acorns that five dollar per month,family plan adds the option for,custodial accounts that you can open for,your kids,and these specifically are utma or ugma,accounts and what that means is,that legally 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Should I Use The Acorns App For Investing?

[Music],whitneys with us,in las vegas hi whitney how are you,im well how are you better than i,deserve whats up,thank you for taking my call so i just,had a question so im,debt-free besides my mortgage i actually,just bought a house,um i contribute i match my companys,401k,and i just started go um contributing to,our ira,good i was wondering if you were,familiar with or,you know of the app acorns ive been,also like putting money into that,and i was just wondering your views on,that if thats a good,if youve heard anything about it if you,would suggest doing that or,no well the premise is that its,small amounts that go in correct yeah so,itll it can round up like connected to,your bank account but i also put in,money out you know a couple hundred or,if i have,extra i try to put it in but is it you,know something that would be good on,i feel like it is just like an s p right,it just follows the same,market but youre not putting enough,money in there that it matters i mean,ive got a coffee cup um an old coffee,cup that,sits on my dresser and i put the change,out of my pocket in it,but its not going to make me rich right,but its something it kind of grows i,mean no it doesnt its not going to,make me rich its just,its a coffee cup full of change what,makes me rich is what youre doing on,the other stuff when youre putting,thousands of dollars in your 401k in,your roth iras,not nickel and dime roundups right,okay so its almost just kind of just,like its a joke,yeah it is because its a small amount,and if you put in a small amount,even if it did really well its going to,end up being a small amount,the the only danger with it is it makes,you feel like youre actually doing,something,right right and thats laughable would,you suggest getting like with the smart,investor pro and then starting like the,mutual funds that you said,if you want to put more into investments,you need to do real,investing and put a put a substantial,amount in,what would you say is like a substantial,amount i mean i mean,youre putting 15 of your income away,and youre in baby step four right,yes so you would not put more away now,other than kids college unless you have,a more if you have a mortgage to pay off,do you have a mortgage to pay off,i i have a mortgage yeah then you need,to be putting all extra nickels and,dimes towards the mortgage,above 15 of your income towards,retirement,so let me tell you this is not just dave,ramsey so lets back up,okay that theres a reason that im,telling you that and,if you understand the reason maybe itll,be helpful okay we did the largest study,you probably heard me talk about it a,thousand times,ever done on millionaires in north,america over 10,000 millionaires were surveyed the,typical,plan that came out of that was the vast,majority of them,they had two major components of,becoming millionaires they were,investing,steadily a large chunk of their income,like 15 percent as an example,into their 401ks and roth iras the,second thing they did was they had a,paid for house,those two items added together made up,over a net worth of over a million,dollars,for the vast majority over 80 percent of,them followed that plan,and out of 10 000 of them that we,interviewed,the number that said that they became,millionaires because,they saved nickels and dimes with acorn,was precisely zero,right okay but would did you say once,that,investing in your 401k you should only,go up to what they match,and then you know do an ira yeah you,should do if you should do,match first roth second traditional,third,does your 401k have a roth option yes,okay then you would do your 401k with,roth take the match,if your does your 401k have good mutual,funds in it to select from,that i dont know i would have to look,okay if theyre good mutual funds you,max the whole thing out,and if that doesnt get you to 15 then,you can reach over into a roth ira in,addition,to get you up to 15 of your income but,the best thing you can get as a match,the next best thing you can get,is tax-free growth which is roth the,next best thing is tax deferred,growth okay so match beats roth beats,uh traditional okay right exactly thats,the deal so,you know take that match for sure and,and then look at the,mutual funds if theyre decent mutual,funds just load that 401k up,what what is your income um,im in sales so it varies but 90 to 110.,okay you could you could be done with,your 15 than in a 401k,okay yeah you dont have to reach you,wont have to reach over the roth if,your 401k has good options because you,can put 15 000.,401k allows up to 19 000 some change,this year,so youre youre fine yeah you can do it,all right there and i imagine youve got,decent options in that 401k,most of them do now theres a few of,them out we run into are lousy mutual,funds but most people do a pretty good,job of putting a decent selection in,there,the four types we talk about growth,growth and income aggressive co but you,dont really need a side,investment fund you need to be throwing,those side dollars thats a mortgage,thats my point its a distraction dave,its good marketing theyve made people,think oh this is really wise,and youre just not the roi in it it,becomes a distraction,well yeah its,you know if you plant a few kernels of,corn,youre going to get not much corn right,there you go if you plant a few acres,youre gonna get a couple of trees yeah,yeah,but if you want a whole forest boys and,girls okay you want the tree farm,you better plant a lot,big money in tree farms dave so i hear,oh i got a friend of mine thats mega,wealthy he bought tree farms years ago,told me i was an idiot for not doing it,and he is looking like a genius,hes growing gold bars out there right,now dead gum lumber,its not just a metaphor it turns out,theres actually gold bars with branches,i mean theyre just,unbelievable lumber prices are oh my god,thats the truth he was already a,billionaire and he is twice over not,just because of stupid trees,its unbelievable im so mad at him

Double Your Money – Never Use Acorns – Do This Instead

hey whats up youtube im zeke and,welcome to the dream green show quick,fact 67 of you guys that are watching,this video right now are not subscribed,so go ahead subscribe to the channel so,you dont miss out on any future videos,but in this video im going to tell you,guys why i am stop im going to stop,completely using acorns im about to,close my acorns account and im going to,show you guys how im going to invest my,money from acorns to make even more,money in the future other than letting,it sit inside that account and basically,it do not much of anything for me but,just cost me extra money im gonna go,through all the pros and cons of acorns,but at the end of the day,uh this is not gonna be an app that i,recommend anymore on this channel so,its a bit of how can you transition,from acorns to a better platform to make,even more money in the future and its a,kind of a video its kind of a rant to,show you guys why im not going to use,this platform anymore and how im going,to invest my money into,google and im going to show you guys,exactly why im investing into google in,this video so so make sure you stay,throughout the entire video so you dont,miss out on any crucial information guys,im talking about this one move right,here,just based off its statistics over the,last what 80 something years based off,of statistics,this move can make me maybe,almost three four five times the amount,of money i could make it by just keeping,it in acorns so hopefully i can triple,my account just from doing this move,that im about to show you guys in this,video but before we dive into this video,this video is brought to you by weeble,sign up now by clicking the link down in,the description and deposit any amount,of money one penny if you want to and,youll receive three free stocks valued,up to three thousand three hundred,dollars with those three free stocks you,could keep them inside the platform and,decide to use it or you could sell those,three free stocks and withdraw all of,your money guys its literally free,money do not miss out on this amazing,opportunity also im gonna leave a link,in the description to coinbase that is,by far the easiest way to buy and sell,cryptocurrency right now youll receive,a 10 free dollars worth of bitcoin by,using my code down in the description to,coinbase but enough talking guys lets,go ahead and dive straight into this,video,[Music],welcome back dreamers here we are on my,acorns account right right now i have,nine thousand seven hundred and six,dollars inside of my acorns account i,have my portfolio set on aggressive,automatic times two and i invest ten,dollars every single friday now this is,the the this is the thing right here it,costs to use acorns it costs up to five,dollars a month sometimes even more to,use acorns and especially if youre,early investor just investing with your,pocket chains that five dollars would be,maybe 10 15 20,of your portfolio so for the first year,or so youll be losing money just from,them over charging you im going to show,you guys how to do the exact same thing,that acorn is is doing with your money,and you can do it completely free so,here we go on portfolio now this is the,aggressive this is the most aggressive,acorns will invest your money this is,the most aggressive they would invest,your money and we take a look at what,theyre investing in on aggressive 55 is,in large company stocks 10 percent,medium company stocks 5 small company,stocks and international company stocks,if you look at the bottom on up the,ticker symbols ix us,uh tickets on by ijar medium company,stocks is ijh and this is the largest,percent of your portfolio large company,stocks 55 percent and they are just,investing into the ticker symbol,v-o-o-v-o is a etf that tracks like the,top 500 companies in america so it is it,is the standard loud when people say im,going to outbeat the market theyre,talking about vro can you can you,outperform vro or can you underperform,vro so that is like the standard guys,voo so theyre going to take um your,pocket change and invest it into vo so,if you guys just wanted to do that so if,you guys want to do that on weeboo or on,robinhood you can do that yourself im,going to show you guys how to do that in,just one second but basically theyre,just investing your money into the etf,via oh that is not aggressive at all,youre gonna if youre on this channel,youre not trying to retire in 60 years,youre trying to retire quicker than,your parents retired right so otherwise,you want to be on this channel trying to,figure out how to make money um quicker,than 60 plus years but yes you would,just investing into vo thats the,standard 30 40 50 years youre gonna,have a million dollars for sure because,uh vr,historically speaking does go up six to,seven percent every single year so we go,so we take a look back and just go to my,portfolio and scroll down a little bit,um in the last 30 days um i invested 226,dollars but thats from a little bit of,referral so my roundup so every time i,swipe my card my roundup is on times two,so thats,51.16,so we go right here 51 divided by 30,days,thats theyre investing a dollar and 70,cents of my roundups into the market,every single day which is fine im fine,with that and i invest forty dollars,every single um month and two acorns so,so basically i invest around two dollars,and seventy cents a day into the ticker,symbol vo so let me show you guys,exactly how to do that on um robinhood,so that you dont have to spend your,money on acorns in order to do the exact,same thing all right so here we are,robin hood tickle symbol v-o-o this is,the exact same thing theyve been,investing to over the last five years,that up 83 like i said its a pretty,solid etf but its not really that,aggressive its just,the market is not aggressive at all so,what you could do you could hit trade,hit buy,and you at the top right where it says,shares you want to click that and hit,recurring investment so if i know that,on acorns my pocket change every time i,swipe my car and im investing around,2.70 a day i can show you that i can,invest into the market every monday,through friday every day right there the,exact same way and then once you have uh,select your payment account you can,invest that same one dollar into vro if,you want to that same two dollars into,vo if you want to but me just for the,sake of this video im gonna let this,run for the next year or so just to show,you that i could do the same thing,acorns and do you make more money than i,would putting this five dollars in,acorns because they are taking a,percentage of my portfolio because it,costs to use acorns and this way is,actually free guys and,im bringing this to all these,subscribers because i want a lot of,people do not have thousands of dollars,to invest they have a small account and,theyre trying to grow that small,account and acorns is in a lot of it up,and i only like to refer to you guys,great apps to use like um robinhood,weeble um moomoo i would only refer,those apps to you guys because i use,them and i trust them and other people,that use them also dont have many,complaints about them at all but ive,been seeing a lot of complaints about,acorns and my emails and i really have,to dive deep into it and see that a lot,of people with small accounts is is not,really worth your time especially if you,could do it on a platform like robin,hood completely free doing on weibo,completely free so here we go im going,to hit review swipe up,and just like that guys every single day,im going to invest into vr05,im going to save a whole bunch of money,then i would have invested into acorns,and let me show you guys what im going,to do with my acorns money when i,withdraw the nine thousand dollars im,going to come over to tickle someone,g-o-o-g-l which is google right now i,have two shares google is having a 22-1,stock split right so that means for,every one share that you own of google,theyre going to give you 20 shares and,then divide the price in by 20 right

Acorns Review 2021: 1 Year Update

hey whats up guys who come back to my,channel layout sjabloon met g-star,in deze video om hun biedt valk,ingebouwd investing in die eekhoorns a,game of een ander en vézelay video for,this can do the math mijn stad in beste,videotip winkel checken kanaal de video,en ga bril maar vervolg van zero,toegang tot al zijn alles in lastige,hier en at&t om daarmee per folio mai op,na over fictief op te zijn zoals een bv,en we de keep up till you guys,wangfujing week per week zou historie,als het de video markup and holding,in maar van de creeper fooien en onze,woede is een maar wolf grey en koud dus,video ander biedt van mag alleen beste,om onze taal zijn hours in the eekhoorns,aap en mijn experts moet die e-course,apps of voor,in de passagier de gas en olie stoornis,en vestigen by you go en haar stoel veel,het begin er perfect een oude zal ook,heerlijk heb nooit die hadden starmark,een work-out in 5,arno op mijn ruskus en zo een corsa boos,argumenten by view huis dat is super,easy to use and is perfect voor,beginners,je kan ze in te stellen sajna voor,economie go check out de link in de,video description below a song of,schreeuwen kort my phone think i see how,this app works een real-time er meer,explosies syco over een best moeilijk en,right now en nu acht duizend dollars zou,een iphone us mi6,en terry 3 signs and zowel met de trap,hier,you can go around a one-time of,vertrouwen zo tussen de main like,feature de je kunt u met de money,glasgow de profi og so far for you have,and grass ofzo of die een kwestie van,koliek is ie daa the persoon,is in the large company staat watjes die,al zo je kind devotie word je manier,sconto risicos och adressen die stak,prik stem de schaduwen in deze blog geef,ik u syrische vrouw,maar first i started my ribbeltjes in de,middel hier,picasa die naam adres koers en zul je,king kfc hou de prik stijl en nieuwbouw,de kunnen getting into small compris,staat,short time us by de voetballoser ding,site a,dus als er geen more more experience een,barbie huid een ander investments,alerte biologie more aggressive expert,chauffeur porfolio like this solex op is,nieuw roundup settings heb de sector,merk en de beste easy way to invest in,de aapjes,pensioenen duurzaam sjors professor,pioenen suites kunnen zetten en vol,gadgets en daarmee,nu proberen de manier dat de growing and,growing your account,ze hadden zeer aromatische en door,hebben boten pryor eddie murphy is dat,zij hadden vrouw natuur de nieuws dollar,je kunt dubbel axor massaud size follow,the signs,je kunt rounded up to six and then dat,de die centen comptabilité why so,adorable puppy love you if you come to,buddha kinderen juda niks applicatie die,hebben weer curry in vessem en soepen de,sideshow,paar dollars wensen week anne shirley,aan deze release is up to you can change,dat twee,wat number je moet op je com pollev,heeft u kip pc en wii two weeks on,friday je kind user dura vermeer het is,worden de duurzaam dingen lopen,mogwai curse of the morgans is tso,activa discussie navada onze voeding,simpel mijn dus nu al koppen koffie en,nachos weekly picos your business,kunnen white foto zullen sounddesign oké,dit is mijn weekly investment and sit on,going to buy a cup of coffee en zo dat,soort a star de we fotos en videos,politicus of im just gonna go inside my,bank account aan is dit unieke notie van,wat member and to be jannes hier vandaan,de emmertjes auto but surely dollars of,my verderop bij de rue du weten,star is een beginner en sommige hebben,gehoord cambodja een kas een risico,witte snor ziggo dome adapters bisetti,babys die kassen goede keuze,sint paulus paulus mijn therapie paulo,17 cent en de game boy oh boy oh boy oh,boy oh boy oh oh en ik een see all my,reset tv albert india zodat soepel,havelte use and you can see that might,go faster,is als je ego doet en nineteen bouwhuis,mijn dubbele is is mijn douwes en for,the to send someone at inbev factorys,en roundup,voor fotos en fotos van bamboe for my,gosh en haar not taking a en die manier,van deze council for any pc and feel,right now i just print roy fotolijst,peace and realize,het negende uur in sandys ex ze wat,printf of box en we de pin,exact 2012 en je uien om boos en vesten,en als een hours ago,softclose ik een c en een naar porno,toys for boys,prezi de russen die statement zeer,vader is file file alles aan de super,easy does de bye bye ander december to,you for download sally forth en zo,ik denk dit is een very easy way te,kunnen en vest,in this case the performance login to do,so im using oh en les saisons,s en raina marconis en ned higgins msx,allers,en van game is erg ondiepe die dollars,en een key point 2% zo,dance for the great team persoon is crew,die politicus die vier kampeerders july,10 paar markeer de,dat is een cup challenge to have a naar,adalar,en dit is een ding dat je spin like het,is puur marcelle dagblad wine time in,afrika de vader en lekker zijde is om je,live dollars aan het groeien als een,mooi basic olie of course i gekozen de,moor grass7 hebben bonus van mark,profiel gotta get volgende partij of,christmas ik in poland apen die al,radicaal is in de rekken liggen in 2d,and of course de mooie muis de more,games kunnen vermeden paasvuur ik die,persoon is naar barra do lichaam,php java de arrenslee en this app is,super easy to use,je kunt zie de interfaces bril je nou,is een simpel en ethiek over de bodem,week is ideaal om bij rubriek tuin en ik,een deze karretjes,word ik pak money en zo belangrijk om,die stad selling dat is moslim viola and,you can also see how to pass en het,en de geur spreektaal alsof al die,dingen in afrika,irma mariposa p3 die arbeid hij had not,on those seeking caraïben ze te loaden,screen zou er is al de brands like new,balance in hier en daar,uw er iets is in heer palmer,disney plas olie guitar leopard allemaal,de van personen jazz en jool,paasshop intrusion guess i get those,personeel dat money back in the coast,therapie in geurkaarsen lescargot,arnoud een lapje for this deathlok,cyborg een woord kan het een sniper ze,limonade us in this feature a few of my,boys,elsewhere met my case credit card,eschenbach easy familie mijn het maar,het kort bij all means i feel like i did,a,die tank like this is een komeet voor,youtube in thuis en daarvoor doe daar en,hier,ilayda league met de shows you live in,vesten voor dames in de laatste rebase,en de sjofar roundup sorry guys to your,purchase of mee maar vooral op twee drie,zal is een edius en sofa en winter,ricciardo worse than i gonna go into the,ja k of zo het is een just elektronisch,en zadar,city center de timing was een vrouw van,zoutzuur een kinderlijk paleis en de de,pyes paarden houden en dan de koe,feature met een die er is en je kunt de,video content chauffeur,projections zo this level cargo,investment projection tussen tussen,projections zien hou op je smartphone,sjofar acteur make up en jurk en 12.000,nou is bij diëters hem die was en zo dit,is wat mij meer keuring fouten alles op,week in alsof we terwijl dat zo,toewijzen aan de vesting in eekhoorns,als je scroll bar casi,wordt vaak de bol en je nou we de douwe,mount en was mijn reis met mijn sns en,like comment wanneer produceren,dit is cambodja kamp chaamseweg en de,codes sieraden word ik kom slank,investment,money we doen dingen ballen die pitcher,jullie me know what means,wanneer je een component reus of dubbel,in zijn,denk sargasso het is een ai suite kanaal,zie je dan de standaard picoway,was een quick brengt al die economie,games for growth and coins,zo om de pros iping dit is super easy,to use and in this absoluut grey tot,beginners,ik denk dit is expression grape op je,bodyguard van by jerry,of john oog houden en flash bonus,criticus het is mijn sopje purchases is,super easy you just any,en van get any model is de lidl lidl,after that i could become a bigger,tekenen lawaai en silicium en doe dan,moet je deze kou en ml over 14 pc zodat,really great,en zo je vitamientjes mensen maskertjes,en mark check for this profile also be,aldaar kunnen,concept eur 15 per se

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